"A quality FPS, for the hardcore and the masses."

This is a great game. Basically, what a FPS should be. The single player is ok, and the multi player is the ultimate. Some people say the AI is bad, but, this isn't the early 90's, most people take advantage of the multi player capabilities of games.

Story: The story is not very original for a World War II game, you are a soldier who is selected for difficult missions. Each single player mission is based on a real battle. The expansions even feature video clips from World War II of the battles that you are about to play.

Score: 7/10

Graphics: They are very nice considering the low requirements. The game is beautiful, yet runs well on most systems, this is rare in new games. I have played MOHAA on medium settings with a TNT 2, and it looks beautiful on 800x600. Luckily, you can run it on faster machines, and have even better graphics. I also have run it with a 9600XT with everything on high, and it is comparable to Unreal Tournament 2003 and Battlefield 1942.


Sound: The sound is also amazing, during multi player games with 50 people, you feel like you are in a battle. Especially with surround sound, it is very clear and detailed. There are also very few glitches with the sound, unlike in most games.

Score: 8/10

Controls: The controls are very easy and highly customizable. The default ones are fine, however, you can easily change them to the way you would like them. You can even buy custom keyboards, although I have never used one.

Score: 10/10

Single Player: The single player is a bit lacking...
The AI is kind of lame, and everything is scripted. You can still go and spend 20 minutes having fun shooting Nazis, what's not to love. The expansions improve the single player though, Spearhead has great single player, as does Breakthrough.

Score: 8/10

Multi player: The multi player is by far the best of any game. I have spent hours playing with 50 or 60 other people. It is incredibly fun when your team starts using tactics. The only bad part about it, is voice spamming, and cheats. There are very few cheats, and they usually get booted, but, you still have to put up with them for a few minutes. The multi player is also relatively lag free, if you find a server close to you and most people in there have broadband. LAN games are also fun. Spending hours with 5 or 10 friends, trying to kill each other, is great fun.

Score: 10/10

Re playability: I bought this game the week it was released, I still play this every weekend for a few hours. Once you have the expansions, you will have lots of new maps and weapons, and better single player. Between the single player of the expansions, and the multi player, you can play this for months, to years.

Score: 10/10

Glitches: There are only a few glitches in the game that actually affect average players. Some maps allow you to get under the map and shoot people without them knowing, and some maps allow you to crouch while using mounted machine guns so that you cannot be shot. There are also only a few patches, they are all relatively small files, too.

Score: 8/10

Overall: This is a great game. If you like FPS's, buy it. You can buy the deluxe edition for $30 if you look. It is well worth the money. This is one of the few World War II first person shooters, that is actually fun.

Score: 10/10

Go and buy this game, you will love it. After a few hours, you will be hooked.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/10/04

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