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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 09/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Wars: Episode I - Battle for Naboo
    An FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
    Version 1.02
    E-mail: cyricz42@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. FAQ
    3. Royal Security Force Craft
    4. Enemy Forces
    5. Strategies
    6. Mission Walkthroughs
       Mission 1 - Escape from Theed
       Mission 2 - Neimodian Plunder
       Mission 3 - Naboo Bayou
       Mission 4 - Smuggler Alliance
       Mission 5 - Hutt's Retreat
       Mission 6 - Disruption of Comm 4
       Mission 7 - Glacial Grave
       Mission 8 - The Andrevea River
       Mission 9 - Sanctuary
       Mission 10 - Search for Captain Kael
       Mission 11 - Borvo the Hutt
       Mission 12 - Liberaton of Camp 4
       Mission 13 - The Queen's Gambit
       Mission 14 - Panaka's Diversion
       Mission 15 - Battle for Naboo
       Secret Mission 1 - Trade Federation Secrets
       Secret Mission 2 - Coruscant Encounter
       Secret Mission 3 - The Dark Side
    7. Secrets
       A. Bonuses
       B. Secret Missions
       C. Passcodes
       D. Hidden Ships
       E. Pushing for Platinum
    8. Legal
    9. Credits
    10. Update History
    11. The Final Word
    1. Introduction
    Hi!  Welcome to my third FAQ!  This FAQ is for Star Wars: Episode I -
    Battle for Naboo.  I'm a big Star Wars fan, so this is gonna be a lot
    of fun for me to write.  Oh, and don't mind if I go off on these
    wild tangents about the Star Wars universe.  I have a habit of doing
    so... ^_^
    This FAQ is primarily for the N64 version of the game, but, by request, 
    I've included codes for the PC version, as well...
    Down to business, I say!!!
    2. FAQ
    Q: What is Battle for Naboo?
    A: Battle for Naboo is the latest Star Wars combat sim developed by
    Factor 5, a division of Lucasarts, purveyor of all things Star Wars.
    It's based on the occurences in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and
    focuses on the actions of one of the members of the Royal Security
    Force (RSF).
    Q: What accessories are used in this game?
    A: This game supports the Rumble Pak and the Expansion Pak.  Note
    that the Expansion Pak is not required, but, like all games that
    support it, it is recommended.
    Q: Why don't you have Bronze and Silver Medal requirements?
    A: Someday I may add those, but I feel it's a matter of the fact that
    you don't normally strive for Bronze or Silver anyway.  You'll want
    to be going for the Gold, because if you don't, then you will have
    to later...
    3. Royal Security Force Craft
    There may not be an official army on Naboo, but that doesn't mean
    you'll be skimped on the craft.  Battle for Naboo provides you with
    a wide range of killin' machines for your pleasure...
    Flash Speeder
    Appearance: A green speeder vehicle.
    Primary Weapon - Blasters
    Secondary Weapon - Concussion Missiles (6)
    This is a fast and agile speeder.  It's lightly armed and armored.
    The blaster weapon is a dual mount on the nose that fires singly, and
    the missiles pack a light punch.  It's good for missions that
    require you to move.
    Heavy STAP
    Appearance: A weird-looking bicycle-type thing.
    Primary Weapon - Blasters
    Secondary Weapon - Concussion Missiles (8)
    It's a little faster, and a little more agile than a Flash Speeder,
    and it has a few extra missiles, but that's about all that's good.
    This thing can't take the heavy hits at all.  If you have the
    option, go for something better.
    Police Cruiser
    Appearance: Looks like a blue N-1 Starfighter.
    Primary Weapon - Blasters
    Secondary Weapon - Proton Torpedos (8)
    This will be your first air fighter.  It's no N-1, but it'll do in a
    pinch.  Its blasters are a dual mount on the nose and fire singly.
    Proton Torpedos are stronger than standard Concussion Missiles.
    Naboo (N-1) Starfighter
    Appearance: A thin, yellow, almost sculpted starfighter.
    Primary Weapon - Blasters
    Secondary Weapon - Proton Torpedos (10)
    Basically an upgrade in every way to the Police Cruiser.  Faster,
    more agile, better shielded, better stocked.  You'll be using it a
    Trade Federation Gunboat
    Appearance: A white boat with guns mounted on top.
    Primary Weapon - Blasters
    Secondary Weapon - Projectiles (6)
    This is an interesting craft.  It hasn't got the best handling in the
    world, but what can you expect from a stolen ride?  The blasters are
    dual firing, so you're packing double the punch of any other craft.
    The Projectiles have no self-propulsion, they just fire in an arcing
    manner.  Not the best secondary weapon, but, since it explodes like
    a bomb, it has its uses...
    Gian Speeder
    Appearance: A gray speeder.
    Primary Weapon - Blasters
    Secondary Weapon - Heavy Laser
    This speeder trades agility for power and armor.  This is a very nice
    piece of ground equipment.  The primary blasters have dual fire for
    extra punch, and the heavy laser has unlimited shots and hits quite
    hard.  If you hold down the secondary fire button, you can charge up
    the heavy laser.  Watch as the icon in the upper left changes color.
    Once you have sufficient power, let it rip.  Definitely good for
    making holes in tanks.
    Naboo Bomber
    Appearance: An N-1 Starfighter with a few more attachments.
    Primary Weapon - Blasters
    Secondary Weapon - Bombs (6)
    A much slower aircraft than the N-1, the Bomber is meant for heavy
    attacks on ground targets.  The blasters fire the slowest of any
    craft, but the bombs can really cripple ground-based enemies...
    4. Enemy Forces
    The Trade Federation, and the forces of Borvo the Hutt can make life
    miserable for your average Naboo citizen, but you're a tougher
    Here's a breakdown of the disparate enemy forces you'll be facing.
    NOTE: I only covered things which are direct threats to you or people
    you're trying to protect.  I'm not going to bother with Shield
    Generators or any kinds of non-shooting emplacements.
    Battle Droid
    Battle Droid Officer
    These guys are the grunts of the Trade Federation.  They're a
    formidable opponent to the average Joe, but, if you've seen the movie
    you know they're just lightsaber fodder.  Since you don't have a
    saber, you're going to have to settle for a blaster bolt.  One will
    do nicely.  There's really no difference between a regular droid and
    an officer, just the color of their armor.  Since most of your
    fights with these guys will be in speeders, you even have the option
    of just running them down instead of shooting, although you'll suffer
    minor damage.
    Also known as Droidekas, these guys were pretty nasty in the movie,
    and it's pretty much the same here.  The way to deal with these guys
    is to hit a few times with blasters to weaken their shields.  They'll
    drop their shields, and then roll to a new place.  To take them down,
    you need to hit them in the second or two that their shields drop.
    Do this, and the Destroyer will be twisted scrap.
    AAT (Tank)
    Found in most levels, Tanks can be your worst enemy if you're in a
    speeder, or a ground nuisance if you're in a fighter.  They're
    sluggish, and not very fast to fire.  Sometimes, taking out tanks is
    the only way to get through a mission, since you'll sometimes be
    protecting refugees...
    STAP Droid
    These droids ride the odd-looking attack platforms called STAPs.
    They're really nothing more than guns on propulsion systems.  They
    can't take more than one or two hits.  The absolute largest problem
    with these guys is that they're small and fast, making them
    exceedingly tough to hit.  That's why I call these guys the Accuracy
    Droid Starfighter
    The mainstay of the Droid fleet, you'll be facing a lot of these
    guys, and you better learn how to take them out, quick.  Best way to
    accomplish this is sliding in behind them close and letting them
    have it.  You can try for deflection shots, but it's really tough on
    these craft; they're quite small.  Another pain about them is that
    they're really, really accurate with their shots, and they fire
    quite rapidly, so if you go head-to-head with one, you're gonna take
    a hit or two.  Go head-to-head with ten and you can kiss your ship
    Droid Bomber
    A somewhat larger and slower ship than the Starfighter.  These guys
    can take a few extra hits, too.  Whenever there are ground targets in
    the area (which there will be if the Bomber shows up), take them out
    first, because the Bombers will, obviously, be aiming for them.
    Depending on the mission, Bombers can carry simple impact bombs, or
    they can carry proximity water mines.
    Just like the Gunboat you can drive, only it sticks to lasers and
    doesn't bother with the projectiles.  These guys are more or less
    tanks on water.  They're not as durable, but they pack about the
    same punch.
    Laser Turret
    Much smaller and more accurate than the turrets of Rogue Squadron
    days, these guys can be a real pain, real quick.  Take them out from
    a distance if at all possible.  They can be placed on land or in the
    water, so keep a sharp eye out.
    Missile Turrets
    Perhaps not as evil as their Rogue Squadron counterparts, these guys
    don't fire as often, and the missiles aren't terribly accurate, but
    they're still very dangerous and should be taken out before other
    Proximity Mine
    There are three varieties of these.  The space variety, the
    atmosphere variety, and the water variety.  The first two look and
    act almost the same, except the space one fires lasers.  The water
    variety just sits in the water.  All mines have one common trait: Get
    close and they'll begin to home in on you.  When they get close
    enough, they'll explode.  Fire from a distance.
    Hutt Fighter
    When you go after Borvo the Hutt, you'll have to face his contigent
    of fighters.  These fighters aren't very fast, but they can take a
    lot of hits, and they're as accurate as your standard Droid fighter.
    Be cautious.
    Hutt Laser Turret
    Quite a bit boxier than the Trade Fed's turrets, these things are a
    bit easier to take down.
    Heavy STAP
    Just like the Heavy STAP you yourself can pilot, this thing isn't the
    best piece of equipment on the planet.  You'll only find them in one
    level, so they never have a chance to become as much of a pain as
    regular STAPs or Tanks...
    MTT (Droid Transport)
    These guys are heavily armored, but lightly armed.  They're largest
    reason for existing is so they can deploy a large group of droids on
    an enemy.  Take the Transport down before it can do so.
    There are other targets that will shoot back, but these ones I'm
    skipping are unique and specific to missions.  I'll get to them in
    each mission, so that we don't spoil the surprise...
    5. Strategies
    Tips for Survival
    Number one tip for facing Starfighters: Don't go head on.  You'll end
    up losing in the long run.  Whenever you're faced with a bunch of
    fighters bearing down on you, hit the quick turn (R button) and juke
    around, presenting yourself with a tough target.
    Also, make use of the quick turn and break off on any kind of attack
    whenever you're sure that a droid's lasers are on you.  Better you
    take longer to destroy the target and survive than get shot down.
    Did I mention the quick turn (R button)?  Not only is it useful for
    avoiding enemy fire, but also for speedy 180's in case you wanna make
    a quick turnaround, or don't have a lot of room.
    Don't forget your secondary weapons.  Sure, you only have a limited
    amount on most craft, but those things can save you a lot of time
    and grief with their extra punch.
    Go out of your way on missions to look for the bonuses.  These things
    can make a big difference when you're going for medals, especially
    the blaster and shield upgrades.
    Trust in the Force.
    Tips for Medals
    Know the level like the back of your hand.  Know where all the
    enemies are, where they come from, who/what they're after, their shoe
    sizes.  Know the progression of the level.  If there's a bonus, make
    sure you know exactly where it is.
    If my Gold Walkthroughs don't make any sense, read through my
    Survival Walkthrough as well.  I base my Gold strategies from my
    survival strategies, and there may be multiple ways to go about a
    mission, so make sure you read that walkthrough so that you can
    follow my lead...
    Don't fire unless you're absolutely sure you'll hit the enemy.
    Accuracy will be your biggest demon in the race for the Gold Medal.
    Be sure you have as many bonuses as possible.  Some, especially the
    Advanced Shields, Blasters, and Cluster Torpedoes will be a great
    Friendly Saves are different for each level.  They could be your
    wingmen, or the craft you've been assigned to protect, or they could
    be just civilian buildings.  Know who's what in this respect,
    because it can sometimes make all the difference between a Silver and
    a Gold.
    Lastly, I'll mention the Cluster Torpedoes a LOT in my Gold
    walkthroughs.  Note that you can't get these until you score at
    least a Silver in all missions, and, to this end, the Silver can be
    tougher than the Gold.  If you're REALLY having problems, let me
    know, and I'll see how I can help out...
    6. Mission Walkthroughs
    For each of the missions, I'll split it up into several parts...
    A. Overview: The plot as stated in the game, and a few general tips
    from me.
    B. Your Craft: The craft you are allowed to fly throughout the
    mission the first time, and after you've beat all the missions.
    C. Enemy Opposition: The enemy bad boys you'll be up against.
    D. Survival Walkthrough: Tips for your first time through.
    E. Going for the Gold: Tips for Gold Medal enthusiasts.
    Mission 1 - Escape from Theed
    A. Overview
    The Trade Federation has invaded Theed and you must escape.  You are
    ordered to aid your fellow officers as necessary and follow Captain
    Kael's commands.  Engage the enemy when appropriate, but do not
    endanger civilians.
    This is your first mission, and it'll require you to drive through
    the scenic streets of Theed.  It's not all that complicated, as you
    will generally have but one way to go.  Keep a cool head, and save
    your missiles for the Tanks that will show up.
    B. Your Craft
    First time: Flash Speeder
    After Endgame: Either Speeder
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Battle Droid
    Battle Droid Officer
    AAT (Tank)
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    Proceed along the city street, using the map as a guideline for both
    your objective and as a layout so you don't bump into things.  Shoot
    the Battle Droids as you go.
    After travelling a ways, you'll run into Captain Kael who has a
    weapons malfunction, and four Destroyers on him.  Shoot them all down
    and you'll continue on.
    The next thing you should take note of is a point where three droids
    are lined up along a wall, and each is holding a citizen hostage.
    These guys will count as Friendly Saves, so blast the droids near
    them to keep them safe.
    Shoot a couple more Destroyers on your way, and Captain Kael will
    have another problem, this time with his engine.  The road splits
    here.  To the left are a few Destroyers and Captain Kael, along with
    the way further on in the level.  To the right, a Tank is firing on
    all cylinders in front of an archway.  Go for the Tank first with
    BONUS ALERT!  A bonus on your first mission?  How generous!  After
    you blow the tank, swoop in behind the archway to pick up your first
    bonus: Advanced Shields.
    Go back the other way, and help the Captain with his Destroyer
    problem, and continue on, blasting the bolt buckets as you go.
    Eventually, you'll come to a left turn that has a little underpass
    before it.  The underpass has a bunch of droids in it, but the actual
    street has a Tank, among others, so opt for the underpass to save
    Keep going, shooting down groups of droids, and you'll end up in
    another plaza.  Kael will mention taking Heavy STAPs outside, but
    first you have to clear the plaza.  You'll have three Destroyers in
    the area, and a Tank will be coming in from an exit to your left.
    Destroy them all to complete the mission.
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              2:15
    Enemies Destroyed:   41
    Accuracy:           63%
    Friendly Saves:       7
    Bonus Collected:    Yes
    Lives Remaining:      3
    While not the easiest Gold Medal, this one is definitely not one of
    the hardest.  The basic idea behind this one is to keep moving.
    First, use the Gian Speeder.  The extra oomph from the Heavy Blaster
    will make short work of the Tanks.
    Second, don't be afraid to run down droids as opposed to shooting
    them.  You'll suffer a tiny bit of damage, but your accuracy will
    thank you later.
    Other than that, there's not much to say about this Gold other than
    just "Be good."  Know the level, and shoot as many droids down as
    possible without endangering your accuracy.  You shouldn't have a
    problem attaining the stats.
    Mission 2 - Neimoidian Plunder
    A. Overview
    The Trade Federation has taken control of the planet, and only the
    swamps appear safe.  Follow Captain Kael through the Naboo farmlands
    until you reach the swamps.  Protect any civilians and settlements
    threatened by Trade Federation forces.
    Okay.  You're in the fertile fields of Naboo for this mission.  For
    the most part, just follow Captain Kael, briefly breaking off to
    attack whatever and whoever.  These whatevers will mostly be STAPs.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Heavy STAP --> Police Cruiser
    After Endgame: Any Ground Craft --> Any Aircraft (must finish with
       Police Cruiser, however)
    C. Enemy Opposition
    STAP Droid
    AAT (Tank)
    Droid Starfighter
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    Follow the Captain and watch where he goes.  It's easy to get lost
    out here if you don't use your radar.  There are a lot of STAPs in
    this mission, so don't fire until you're sure you can hit the enemy,
    or you'll be wasting valuable shots.
    First, you'll be heading to the right of your starting point to take
    on a bunch of STAPs threatening a farmhouse.  Once you finish that,
    the Captain will ask you to take a STAP off his tail.  Do so, and
    keep following him.  Blast any STAPs that get near the two of you.
    You'll soon see a small cutscene with some STAPs taking out a large
    farming complex.  Once you regain control, fly there (it's on the
    radar) and terminate the three STAPs in the immediate vicinity.
    Kael will then tell you to defend the area.  A bunch of STAPs (about
    eight or so) will come from all directions.  My advice is to just
    pick one or two out there and take them out immediately, since they
    will all be on you at once.  Mop up the area.  You'll know you got
    all the threatening ones when you hear "Excellent!"
    Next, you'll see another small cutscene with Tanks on the bridge.
    Find Captain Kael and follow him.  He'll lead you to a road area.
    Three STAPs will come down from the hills to the road and Kael will
    start firing.  Hang back and you'll see two Starfighters coming
    screaming from behind the STAPs.  Pitch upward and blast the bogies
    out of the sky.
    Move along the road further and you'll get the announcement that AATs
    are incoming.  The first will be in front of the bridge.  Pump three
    missiles into him and finish it up with blasters.  Cross the bridge.
    About halfway, you'll notice two STAPs coming in.  Blast 'em, and
    then take out the Tank on the other side of the bridge with three
    more missiles.  Keep going towards the hangar dead ahead of you,
    stopping to drop your last two missiles on the Tank to your right.
    You can afford to use just two for this one, because he won't be
    facing you.
    Fly into the Security Hangar, where you'll be able to grab a
    freshly polished Police Cruiser.  Don't get too excited.  You're not
    going to be dogfighting just yet.  Just fly towards those bluish
    hills off to your right.  Those are the swamps.  Of course, if you
    run into one or two Starfighters on the way, you'll be forgiven if
    you drop them like a Hutt on a Vor...
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              5:00
    Enemies Destroyed:   32
    Accuracy:           48%
    Friendly Saves:      46
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    For being such an early level, this is a pretty tough Gold Medal.  I
    managed to get it with the Gian Speeder.  If anyone has any better
    vehicles to go with for this, I would sure appreciate it.
    Since you'll mostly be destroying STAPs here, let me just say that
    the easiest way to get one is to get behind it.  It'll be going
    straight, giving you time to line up your shot.
    Anyway, let's start at the beginning.  Take out the first two STAPs
    that are on Kael's tail.  Clean out the first farmhouse area here,
    using the Heavy Laser, if you can.  The reason for this is that if
    you use the blasters and miss, you'll get double the loss in
    Once you clean the first area out, you'll see red dots on your
    radar.  Fly directly towards those dots, where you'll find three
    more STAPs.  Take them out.  Kael should just about be complaining
    about a STAP on his tail.  Wax it, and clean up any other STAPs in
    the area (keep shooting STAPs until he cries for help).
    Once he rounds a corner to go left, three more STAPs will pop up out
    of nowhere and attack.  Take them out, and pop any others that show
    up on your scope.  Once you've finished all of them, head straight
    for the main farm, and park outside.  Wait for the cutscene to start.
    Once it's over, blast the three STAPs that have miraculously appeared
    in the area.  After that, immediately speed towards the river, and
    take out the two there.  Speed back towards the farm (left side) and
    take out the threatening STAP there.  Work your way around the
    outskirts of the farm blasting all the STAPs in the area.  Once you
    hear "Excellent!", you'll know you're done.
    You'll see the cutscene with Tanks on the bridge, now.  When you
    regain control, follow Captain Kael to the road.  Move ahead on the
    road and be ready when it turns left towards the bridge.  You'll see
    two more STAPs crest the ridge off to your right.  Attack them, and
    you'll also soon see two Starfighters follow.  Peck at them from the
    Soon, you'll reach the bridge.  Have your Heavy Laser charged up, and
    smack the AAT from afar.  Hop onto the bridge, charge up the laser,
    and deal with the two STAPs nearby with regular blasters.  Release
    the Heavy Laser on the AAT on the other side of the bridge and keep
    moving.  Go down the hill, and peg the last AAT with one more charged
    shot, and enter the hangar, jump into the Police Cruiser (that's
    POLICE CRUISER; it doesn't work if you take the Starfigther), and fly
    directly for the swamps.
    Mission 3 - Naboo Bayou
    A. Overview
    A trader village is hidden deep in the heart of the swamp.  Locate
    the villagers before it can be destroyed.  The traders may provide
    valuable information and allies to the Resistance.
    A light rain has settled onto the swamps, and this is your first
    true air combat mission.  You won't personally be in a lot of danger
    in this mission, so just keep calm and shoot straight, and you
    shouldn't have much trouble.  You will, however, be protecting Naboo
    citizens, so keep that in mind.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Police Cruiser
    After Endgame: Any Aircraft
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Droid Starfighter
    Droid Bomber
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    As you enter the first area, you'll receive a distress call from
    Rohan Wayside, a trader in the area.  His houseboats are under
    attack (They're thin and brownish) from Gunboats.  Take out the three
    boats in the area.  You may want to pull up after you destroy each
    one so you don't cling to the water while shooting.
    After you take the first three out, Kael will call fighters to your
    attention.  Actually, it's just one Starfighter and a Bomber.  This
    is your first true dogfight, and it's relatively simple.  Just get
    behind the two craft and shoot.
    Next, you'll get another distress call from Rohan, who'll call your
    attention towards a point where his boats are being attacked by
    fighters.  Three Starfighters and a Bomber will be strafing the
    boats.  Fortunately, these four all maintain a loose formation, so
    taking them out is as simple as getting behind them.
    Rohan will thank you for saving him, and mention that one of his men,
    Vedd Deviss, is pinned down nearby.  Follow Kael along the river.
    Soon, after the river makes a left turn, four Starfighters will show
    up on the Captain's tail.  They fly singly and spread out, but they
    fly straight, so they shouldn't be that big of a deal.
    After you dispose of the fighters, the radar will point you towards
    Vedd's hiding spot.  Don't head straight there, because there's a
    hill in the way.  Instead, follow the river until you come to a small
    branch which the radar beacon will become parallel with.  Take that
    route, and you'll soon be on Vedd's place.
    Vedd's surrounded by enemy Starfighters and Bombers.  These fighters
    are circling the area in no particular formation, and it gets pretty
    chaotic.  After you destroy a few, more show up.  None of them will
    specifically concentrate on you, but they will shoot if you get in
    front of them.  Destroy them all, about eight, and you'll finish the
    Rohan will mention a smuggler hiding out in the mountains to the
    north who might be able to help.  He sends Vedd out in his own Police
    Cruiser to help you out.  You're three ships now.  Things are looking
    up, eh?
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              4:15
    Enemies Destroyed:   19
    Accuracy:           30%
    Friendly Saves:       7
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    One of the easier Gold Medals to achieve.  There are no horrible
    constraints here, particularly if you use the N-1 Starfighter.  It
    would probably be best if you head out in the general direction
    ahead of Captain Kael.  He knows where he's going, naturally, but
    he's slower than you can be, so you can take the initiative and bust
    up the offending fighters early on.
    Mission 4 - Smuggler Alliance
    A. Overview
    Enter the mountains in search of the mysterious smuggler who could
    become a powerful ally in the fight against the Trade Federation.
    Clear the area of Trade Federation forces and assist any civilians in
    Another ground mission (your craft will be damaged and you'll have to
    grab a speeder in the opening cutscene), you'll be required to assist
    a transport in its run to safety.
    You'll be on your own for this mission as you, the Captain, and Vedd
    split up at the beginning to search.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Flash Speeder
    After Endgame: Any Ground Craft
    C. Enemy Opposition
    STAP Droid
    AAT (Tank)
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    As you enter the area, you'll see about five STAPs off in the
    distance.  These guys are terrorizing a farmhouse.  Destroy all five
    STAPs and you can move on.
    BONUS ALERT!  This isn't required to finish the level, but it's
    necessary if you want the bonus (and who doesn't).  After you
    destroy the offending STAPs, a civilian will hop out of the building
    and race for his speeder in a nearby garage.  He'll be quickly set
    upon by two STAPs.  Deal with the STAPs, and he'll tell you to
    follow him to his house.  Do so, and you'll eventually reach a small
    farmhouse with a large fence around it.  As he approaches, he'll
    drop the gate, allowing you access to the bonus inside.  Pick it up
    and move on in the direction of the radar.
    You'll eventually reach another farmhouse area, which has even more
    STAPs.  Sykes will request permission to deal with them, but Kael
    tells him to move on, as there are too many.  You can, of course,
    take some shots if you feel like it, but you're going to want to keep
    After a bit of travelling along the road, you'll enter a cutscene
    where you'll happen upon a freighter under considerable fire from an
    AAT.  This is your smuggler friend.  A Gran speaks to you,
    identifying himself as Kol Kotha.  He requests your help.  When you
    regain control, demolish the AAT, and Kol will thank you.  Your job
    now is to protect the freighter as it runs down the canyon to safety.
    As you might expect, it's not going to be a free ride down the canyon
    for your friend.  You'll be on a causeway for this part.  There's
    almost always a serious drop off to your left, and at times another
    serious drop off to your right.  Keep an eye on the map for an
    outline of the causeway.  Also keep an eye on the map for your next
    objective: AATs.
    There will be about eight AATs lining the canyon while the freighter
    makes its run.  You need to take them out as you move along the
    canyon before they lay waste to the freighter.  If you keep moving,
    you'll have plenty of time to demolish the tanks.  A complication is
    present, however, in the form of STAPs.  There are at least 30 STAPs
    in the entire area patrolling set parts of the causeway, ready to
    fill you with blaster bolts.  Take out as many as you feel necessary
    to stay alive.
    Keep proceeding along the causeway, eliminating AATs as you go.  The
    last one is on a land bridge across the canyon.  Take it out and the
    mission will end.  You'll be addressed by another occupant of the
    freighter, Adela Tyché.  She'll explain that the owner of this
    frieghter is Borvo the Hutt.  Yeah, I hear you saying Hutts are
    gangsters.  We all know about Jabba.  Some of you may know about
    Bogga, Durga, and Zorba.  Well, it seems that this guy is against
    the Trade Federation just as much as you are, so you'll have to trust
    him for the time being.
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              6:30
    Enemies Destroyed:   31
    Accuracy:           37%
    Friendly Saves:       2
    Bonus Collected:    Yes
    Lives Remaining:      3
    Take the Gian Speeder for this mission.  A charged-up Heavy Laser can
    take out a single AAT in one shot, and you'll definitely need the
    armor that it provides.
    Time is not an issue, here.  You'll have plenty of time for taking
    the bonus from Speeder Guy.  Therefore, the bonus won't be an issue.
    Friendly Saves are also not an issue, as the two saves are Speeder
    Guy, and the Hutt's freighter itself.
    Enemies are a major factor, however.  You take out five STAPs at the
    first homestead, then the two chasing Speeder Guy, then the nine
    AATs.  That's a total of 16, meaning you have to take out 15 extra
    STAPs throughout the mission.  That may seem like a lot, especially
    since STAPs are such accuracy killers, but just concentrate, and take
    out the STAPs as they move toward or away from you so that they're
    the easiest shot, preferably away from you so you don't get hammered
    by their blasters.
    Watch your shields, too, because, like most Gold Medals, this
    requires you to have all lives remaining.
    Mission 5 - Hutt's Retreat
    A. Overview
    Now that Borvo the Hutt has joined the resistance, you must protect
    his vessel until he reaches his hidden outpost.  Once at the base,
    Borvo's own pilots will join in the fight against the Trade
    So, I hope you brought your parka, because you're going to the frosty
    mountains.  Borvo's ship will trundle down the canyon, and it's your
    job to keep the bad guys off his slimy butt.  An interesting tidbit
    about this mission is that it can potentially go two ways.  You can
    pick up a new craft a little ways into it, and fly a Police Cruiser
    for the rest of the mission, or you can stick with your Flash Speeder
    for the duration.  The mission will largely turn out the same, but
    the strategies will be different.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Flash Speeder --> Flash Speeder or Police Cruiser
    After Endgame: Any Ground Craft --> Any craft except the Bomber
    C. Enemy Opposition
    STAP Droid
    Proximity Mine
    AAT (Tank)
    Laser Turret
    Droid Starfighter
    Droid Bomber
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    Glide down the canyon, blasting the STAPs that'll pop up in the area,
    and follow the transport.  Your wingmen and the Hutt Transport will
    take care of most of them, but you can still pick up one or two.
    Turn left, and you'll almost immediately come upon a hangar.  What
    makes this mission special is that you have two choices.  You can
    go inside and take a Police Cruiser, or you can keep on going as a
    Flash Speeder providing ground support.  Either way you go, Vedd will
    show up with the opposite vehicle, so you'll be covered.
    Take the Cruiser: There'll be some STAPs off in the distance.  You'll
    probably be too far to take them before your wingmen can.  Continue
    on and you'll soon come upon a group of mines and a couple of
    Starfighters.  Shoot down as many as you can and you'll move on.
    Kol will mention turrets.  Your first turret will be on your left
    side on the ground.  Take it out, and the Transport will fly over a
    snowy ridge.  Follow, and you'll receive word of Droid Starfighters
    in the area.  There will be one at the beginning, soon followed by
    three more.  Take them all out, and you'll come across another
    minefield almost immediately.  Shoot them all down, and continue
    along the valley, where you'll be set upon by another one and three
    group of Starfighters as earlier.  Once you finish them, you'll
    crest another ridge to rejoin the main drag.
    Take the Speeder: You'll be able to take a few of the STAPs in the
    distance.  Shoot them down, then shoot as many of the mines as you
    can.  You can't get them all, but your wingmen will take care of it.
    Kol will mention turrets, and your first one will be off to your
    left.  Take it out, and then the Hutt Transport will fly over a ridge
    and you won't be able to follow.  That's okay.  It'll be fine, just
    turn right and you'll pass through a canyon full of jagged rocks.
    This, incidentally, is the reason the Transport couldn't go this
    way.  On your left soon will be two Turrets.  Take them out and turn
    right.  You'll find two more Turrets in this large area.  Scrap them.
    Both Craft: You'll get the call for incoming AATs.  Two will be
    rolling in from your left.  Take them out and continue along the
    valley.  (There'll be a few STAPs if you're in the Speeder to take
    out.)  You'll soon arrive at the Hutt's base, which you'll have to
    clean out.  There'll be about five Tanks if you're in the Speeder,
    and two Tanks and two Bombers if you're in the Cruiser.  Clean the
    place out, and Kael will suggest continuing on to the N-1 production
    factory.  Kol Kotha will join up with you in his own fighter.
    Fly on or drive on to the factory and, naturally, it'll be controlled
    by the Trade Federation.  Follow Kael's advice and don't shoot the
    buildings.  You're just taking out bad guys.  If you're in a Speeder
    there'll be about two Starfighters and six Tanks, and there'll be
    about six Starfigthers and two Tanks if you're in the Cruiser.
    Either way, there'll also be four Turrets in the area in each of the
    corners.  Clean it out, and you'll grab new Naboo Starfighters hot
    off the assembly line.  All right!  Now, it's time to make some REAL
    damage!  Oh, and a new pilot, Lutin Hollis, will join you here.
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              5:45
    Enemies Destroyed:   28
    Accuracy:           40%
    Friendly Saves:      14
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    You're going to want Cluster Torps for this mission, and you should
    take the Naboo Starfigther out of the first hangar.
    Basically, just proceed through the mission as outlined in the
    Survival section.  There are no real tricks to this.  The only
    help I could offer is where to fire the Cluster Torpedoes.  The first
    place would definitely be the first minefield.  The second would be
    after you crest the ridge, when the first group of Starfighters show.
    Not the first Starfighter, mind you, the first group.  Use another
    torp on the second minefield, and one more on the next group of
    When you get the call about AATs incoming, use another torp on those
    two.  It's better to torp them than waste time and accuracy on them
    with blasters.  Use another torp on the Tanks in the Hutt's base, and
    just use blasters on the fighters that come in.
    When you head for the factory, you should have three or four torps
    left.  That's more than enough to finish the mission with.  Use one
    on the Starfighters.  It's not even necessary to use them on the
    turrets, since you won't hit more than one anyways, and you risk the
    loss of accuracy with wasted torps.
    Mission 6 - Disruption of Comm 4
    A. Overview
    Borvo and Captain Kael plan to assault the Trade Federation base on
    Naboo.  However, before the attack can take place, you must disable
    the communications web controlling the target base.  Pinpoint and
    destroy the control comm satellite to disable the web.
    Your first space mission!  Hooray!  Well...  Don't cheer too much.
    This is one tough mission to survive...  You'll get grief from a
    whole bunch of starfighters, mines, turrets, and targets that take
    forever to shoot down...
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Naboo Starfighter
    After Endgame: Naboo Starfighter
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Proximity Mine
    Droid Starfighter
    Missile Turret
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    You thought it was cold in the mountains?  Now, we're in the vacuum
    of space.  As you approach the comm satellite, you'll notice one
    big blue sphere around it.  Kael will say it looks heavily shielded,
    but to take a few potshots anyway...
    Yep.  It's heavily shielded.
    Kol will mention that shield projectors may be in the area.  Your
    radar will point to a new location, about 60 degrees to the left of
    you.  Fly in that direction, and you'll eventually see a whole mess
    of red dots on your radar.  One of those red dots is a large
    rotating satellite thingy.  That's the shield projector.  The others
    are Proximity Mines.  These space mines fire a lot more often than
    the mines of the same kind that you saw planetside.  Take as many out
    as you can.  A few Starfighters will pop up as well.  Take out one or
    two, but remember that your objective is to blow the projector.
    Pump a couple of torpedoes into it, and hit it with blasters,
    afterwards.  It's going to take a LOT of hits, so keep it up.
    After you blow the first, the second will appear on the radar.  Take
    it out in a similar manner.  One of the somewhat annoying aspects of
    this mission is that your radar gives you a flat view of the area,
    but doesn't give you relative height, so if you get close to the red
    dots and still don't see anything, pitch up or pitch down to find the
    projector, because you may have risen or dropped in altitude, and you
    have a very high ceiling.
    Anyway, dispose of the second projector in the same manner as the
    first.  The problem here is that you'll have more fighters to deal
    with.  Take as many out as you can.  Once you finish with the second
    projector, continue on to the final one.
    The last projector will have a ton of Starfigthers around it,
    probably as much fighters as there are mines.  What's worse is that
    if you concentrate on taking them out, more will show up.  This gets
    really hectic, so take out the projector as soon as possible.
    Once all three are down, you can head back to the comm satellite.
    The shield is, naturally, gone, giving you an unobstructed view of
    the satellite, and of the six missile launchers on its shaft.  That's
    right.  You have six bloody missile turrets to deal with, in addition
    to any straggling fighters in the area.  This mission will probably
    cost you a life or two, so you should have no shortage of torpedoes
    by the time you hit this part.  You can try to take out the missile
    launchers, which will, in turn, weaken the satellite, or you can just
    pump them directly into the satellite in a quick attempt to blow it.
    Either way, you're going to have your work cut out for you.
    Once the satellite is down, your group will head back to the planet.
    Since you've just put a Trade Federation base out of commission,
    you'll have time to lay waste to it before they replace the
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              7:15
    Enemies Destroyed:   30
    Accuracy:           65%
    Friendly Saves:       4
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    This mission was made for Cluster Torps, so be sure you have them.
    The way I see this mission playing out is using two torps each in the
    first and second projector areas, and three in the third and
    satellite areas.  Fire the torps in the general proximity of the
    projector and you should hit it well, and also take out a few mines
    and fighters in the process.  One of the three you use in the third
    area should probably be reserved solely for fighters, to pick up some
    hits.  Advanced Blasters will make taking out the projectors a lot
    easier, too.
    For the satellite, fire your torps at the missile launchers for best
    results.  You'll hit them so hard that you'll severely weaken the
    satellite, making cleanup that much easier.
    So, the torps will cover both your accuracy and your enemy count.
    It's possible to finish the mission in under three minutes with this
    strategy, so time isn't an issue.  The four saves are your wingmen,
    Kael, Vedd, Hollis, and Kol.  The only big issue is staying alive,
    which could become dicey once those missile launchers open up on you,
    but the torps should cover that nicely.
    Mission 7 - Glacial Grave
    A. Overview
    The comm satellite has been destroyed, temporarily disabling at
    least one Trade Federation base.  Attack the sleeping base, destroy
    all Trade Federation weapons, and capture a Gunboat for the
    This can be a hectic mission.  You'll have a bunch of emplacements to
    go after, and they won't skimp on the fighters, either.  You'll have
    your wingmen to absorb some of the fire, so stick with them as much
    as possible.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Naboo Starfighter --> Trade Federation Gunboat
    After Endgame: Any Aircraft --> Trade Federation Gunboat
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Laser Turret
    Missile Turret
    Proximity Mine
    Droid Starfighter
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    All right.  The idea of this mission is to slam down a Federation
    base, and then go undercover in a Gunboat.
    When you first arrive, the base will be inactive.  You'll face three
    platforms in succession, each one has a Missile Turret and two Laser
    Turrets.  Take them out as quickly as possible before they become
    active (which will happen about 30 seconds after you begin the
    mission).  Go for the Missile Turrets first, naturally...
    Right after the third platform is a minefield which you have to take
    apart.  Do so, then follow your wingmen through this rough area.
    You'll come upon two more platforms, each with two Laser Turrets.
    Eventually, you'll reach a place that's a bit more heavily defended.
    This place has four Laser Turrets surrounding a platform (some in
    the water), as well as several starfighters.  There is also a Missile
    Turret off to the right of the area, which will pound you if you
    don't take care of it quick.  Your priority of cleanup should be as
    follows: Missile Turret, Laser Turrets, Starfighters.
    Once you finish the area, regroup with your wingmen.  You'll fly
    around through the area.  As you fly to the mountains behind the
    well-guarded platform, you'll come across a group of four
    Starfighters, and, shortly beyond that, a small outpost with two
    Laser Turrets.  You can take them out or just avoid them.
    Your group will double back around the area, and run into another
    group of Starfighters, a small minefield, and, most dangerously, a
    Missile Turret firing at their back.  Hold back as they enter this
    area, and pound the Missile Turret while they play chicken with it.
    After a little more flying around, you'll come upon a REALLY well-
    guarded platform.  This one's got everything but Missile Turrets
    (thank the Maker).  You'll face four Laser Turrets on the platform,
    a half-dozen Starfighters flying around, several mines hovering
    above the platform, and even a few Gunboats in the water.  All you
    need to destroy are the four Turrets, but you'll want to take out as
    much of everything else as possible.  Kael will say "Move on!" after
    BONUS ALERT!  As you leave the area, your group of fighters will fly
    in a valley off to the left.  You'll want to go to the right.
    You'll come upon a small outpost that has four Laser Turrets and one
    Missile Turret defending it.  You're gonna take some serious hits
    here, but it's worth it.  Blast the round structure in this outpost
    (it takes a lot of hits), and the bonus, Advanced Bombs, will be
    revealed.  Grab it.
    Continue on the valley to rejoin your group tangling with another
    small outpost.  This has three Laser Turrets surrounding it, and two
    Gunboats in the water nearby for support.  Take them out at your
    discretion and move on.
    You'll FINALLY reach the last outpost in this next area.  This area
    has a Turret in the water, two more on land, and a Missile Turret on
    a tower in the back.  There are Gunboats launching from a hangar,
    that's being projected by a Shield Generator sitting to the right of
    it.  Further on, there's a dam guarded by two Laser Turrets.  Take
    all the Turrets out, and slap some laser fire on the Generator.
    Once it blows, Kael will tell you you've "just been drafted into the
    Trade Federation".  Ha ha...  Funny...  Swing on into the hangar and
    you'll be able to select a Gunboat.  Jump out into the water,
    eliminate anything else hanging around in the water, and blow the
    dam with your lasers.  Proceed through the dam, and you'll see a few
    water mines.  You don't have to take them out, as the last
    cutscene will start as you get close.  You'll continue on down the
    river, but Kael and your wingmen will get sidetracked with incoming
    fighters.  You'll be on your own as you proceed down river towards
    the prison camps.
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              8:00
    Enemies Destroyed:   63
    Accuracy:           55%
    Friendly Saves:       4
    Bonus Collected:    Yes
    Lives Remaining:      3
    Like many other medals, the two big things here are staying alive and
    knowing when to use Cluster Torpedoes.  Staying alive will take some
    fancy flying, avoiding missiles and the like.
    Here are good places to use the Clusters:
    One on the third platfrom before the minefield, aiming for the
    turrets, but hoping a couple will curve towards the mines.
    One or two in the first well-defended area with fighters.
    One or two in the second well-defended area with fighters and mines.
    One in the bonus area.
    One in the final area with the Gunboats.
    As you can see, this doesn't add up completely to 10, so you'll have
    a few extra.  You can use some on groups of fighters, or threatening
    Missile Turrets.
    With the Clusters, accuracy and enemies should be no problem.  The
    four Saves are your wingmen, and that's not an issue.  Time's not a
    problem either.  You'll have plenty of leeway to wander around and
    shoot up some bad guys, or to take evasive action if things get too
    Mission 8 - The Andrevea River
    A. Overview
    The Trade Federation has established labor camps on the banks of the
    Naboo river.  Liberate these camps and defeat the Neimoidian slave
    This level is all water.  The Gunboat handles lousily, but you're
    going to have to put up with it.  Move slow and take your time
    throughout this level.  You'll also be on your own, and there's no
    one in particular to protect.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Trade Federation Gunboat
    After Endgame: Trade Federation Gunboat
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Proximity Mine
    Laser Turret
    Droid Bomber
    Missile Turret (inactive)
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    One of the cool things about this level is that there's NO background
    music for the first part.  You'll just have swamp wildlife chirping
    in the background (what passes for crickets and bullfrogs on Naboo).
    Keep an eye on the radar for as much of this level as you can.
    You'll oncoming obstacles there a while before they show up on
    Proceed down the river.  Shoot the mines that are in your way, and
    DON'T get too close to them.  If you do, they'll lock onto you and
    blow up, causing major damage.
    There are also several Laser Turrets lining the river banks.  They're
    almost always hidden behind a small land mass.  There are a couple
    of ways to take these guys out cleanly.  One way is to toss a
    Projectile over the land mass to blow them.  The other is to is to
    watch their firing patterns.  They fire two shots in rapid
    succession, then they break for a second before firing again.  You
    can use this small window of time to hop out in front of them and
    nail them.  It's risky, but it's your choice...
    Anyway, poke along down the river, blowing mines and turrets.
    You'll soon come to a break in the river.  You can go either way.
    The split only lasts for a minute or so, and both ways contain an
    equal amount of turrets and mines.
    Once the break rejoins, you'll see a small cutscene, where a Bomber
    flies out.  Sykes will request for backup, but Kael will yell at him
    to calm down.  The Bomber thinks you're a Neimoidian escaping the
    battle.  Shoot at it, and it'll attack...  Leave it alone, and
    you'll be fine.
    Anyway, proceed down the valley ahead, shooting mines, and you'll
    come upon the outer prison camp.  Since you didn't shoot the Bomber,
    the Laser Turrets aren't active.  They won't be until you open fire.
    On your left will be a Power Generator (short cylindrical structure),
    and three turrets strewn about.  Directly to your right is another
    turret on a piece of land, and ahead to your right is a mimicry of
    the left side: a Power Generator and three Turrets.
    Your objective is to shoot out the two Power Generators.  If you're
    looking for hits, of course, you can shoot out the Turrets.  Doing
    so will give you a lot less grief for the Generators, but the
    Generators trigger the moving on of the mission.
    Once they're blown, a Gunboat will try to make an escape and warn the
    main camp.  Although it would be a good idea to take out that
    Gunboat, you're going to end up alerting the main camp anyway, so it
    doesn't have to be priority one...
    Anyway, you can follow the Gunboat, and it'll start dropping mines
    behind it.  This is the #1 reason not to follow too closely, else
    you get nailed by the mines.  You can blow it up if you shoot it
    enough, naturally, but if you're gung-ho about it, you may want to
    consider using projectiles instead of blasters.
    About halfway through the chase, a second Gunboat will be alerted.
    This one will follow behind you and start slapping you with its
    blasters.  You can slow down and take out this Gunboat, which is much
    easier done than the first one, or you can continue on.  It's your
    choice.  Just be careful about taking too much damage.
    Well, after a bit more of this chase, you'll end up at the gates of
    the main compound, guarded by a Turret.  Shoot down the Turret and
    enter the Complex, where all heck will break loose.  Bombers will
    drop their payloads in an attempt to hit you, Gunboats will be
    deployed to intercept you, and the Laser Turrets all over the place
    are ready to hammer you into scrap.  Fortunately, Vedd will come on
    the line, saying he'll come in to provide air support, but only if
    you take out all the Missile Turrets in the area.  You've got half
    the Trade Federtaion shooting at you, but what the heck!  You can do
    it, right?
    Fortunately, the Missile Turrets are ground-to-air only so, you won't
    have to worry about them firing at you.  Just get rid of them.
    Now, some people would tell you to keep moving throughout this entire
    area if you hope to survive, but I disagree.  Your greatest threats
    are the Laser Turrets, and I feel the best way to take them out is to
    stop and shoot them the very moment they come into view.  It's likely
    that the Bombers won't hit you, and the Gunboats do minimal damage
    compared to the Turrets.  Just hang just out of range of their
    blasts, and you'll be fine...
    So, proceed slowly through the camp, blasting Turrets of all kinds.
    Once you hit the last Missile Turret, Vedd will fly in and lay waste
    to the Generator powering the camp.  The prisoners will be free.
    Vedd mentions that the Hutt has been picking up prisoners with his
    transports, but is one short.  Looks like you'll have to get these
    prisoners to their rendezvous point.
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              7:19
    Enemies Destroyed:   49
    Accuracy:           50%
    Friendly Saves:       0
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    Never has the need for staying alive been more apparent than here.
    Time and Enemies take a backseat to staying alive in this mission.
    Probably the only thing you'll want to work to maintain is your
    Accuracy, and heck, if you can't be accurate, you're not going to
    stay alive anyway, so those things go hand-in-hand...
    Basically, shoot down all the mines, shoot down all the Turrets, and
    you should have no problem with the enemy count...
    This is one that relies on your own skill, and I can't really provide
    more help than that.  To that end, this is probably one of the
    toughest Gold Medals you're going to strive for...
    Mission 9 - Sanctuary
    A. Overview
    The rescued civilians are now in your care.  Escort them to the
    rendezvous point in the northern ruins.  Destroy any Trade Federation
    forces that threaten your mission.
    You'll finally be able to ditch the Gunboat in this mission.  This
    mission is a classic "protect the weak" scenario.  You'll have a
    small cluster of houseboats, and later, landspeeders, which you'll
    have to protect with everything you've got.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Trade Federation Gunboat --> Naboo Starfighter
    After Endgame: Trade Federation Gunboat --> Any Aircraft
    C. Enemy Opposition
    AAT (Tank)
    Droid Bomber
    Droid Starfighter
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    Entering the area in the Gunboat, you'll have problems right away.
    AATs will be spilling out of a tunnel ahead and to the right of you.
    This tunnel's your first priority.  Toss all your projectiles in its
    direction, and you should block it...
    Now, you have the attendant AATs to take care of.  There are about
    five of them dotted around the shore.  Take them out with your
    blasters.  Vedd will then tell you to head towards the security
    hangar nearby.  Head in and grab a Starfighter.  Once you emerge,
    take out the AAT right in front of you, with a Torpedo if you so
    After you finish that, you have some downtime while you wait for the
    houseboats with prisoners to load into speeders at the hangar.  You
    can fly around the town in the area and shoot down some Tanks and
    Bombers, or you can fly down the canyon, where you'll have an
    advance shot at the fighters which will be coming after the speeders.
    The first wave of fighters (four Bombers) will come out just after
    you get the call to watch for fighters.  Take them out as soon as
    possible.  After which, four Starfighters will fly down the canyon.
    Take them out as well.
    When you reach a part of the canyon that breaks right, you'll see a
    platoon of five tanks lying in wait in the area.  Hit 'em.  Hit 'em
    GOOD!  I know it's tough in an aircraft, but you gotta take them all
    out or your precious little speeders will become bantha fodder.
    There's another flight of four Starfighters in the area as well.
    Give them a good light show, then continue further on through the
    canyon.  Several Starfighters, and even a couple of Bombers, will be
    swooping around in this area in no particular formation.  Take out
    all that you can, or you can kiss your speeder buddies goodbye.  They
    only fly in a limited area (from the tanks to the entrance to the
    ruins), so once that area is cleared, you're all done, and the
    speeders are home free...
    BONUS ALERT!  Just before you reach the "entrance" to the ruins (it's
    got a little rockpile next to it), do an about face and you'll see a
    small ravine leading off from the main canyon.  You should see it on
    the map, too.  Follow it, and you'll reach a large area with a
    volcano in the center of it.  (This is actually a replica of Devil's
    Tower.  The level designer said he wanted to make a point of putting
    it in every game he makes.)  On the far side on the right, you'll
    see a small runway (parking lot, maybe?)  At the end of the runway,
    you'll see your bonus: Rapid-fire Blasters.  Snatch 'em up.
    So, your speeders (what's left of them, if you didn't do a good job)
    trundle into the ancient ruins, left by a long forgotten
    civilization.  It looks they beat all the other prisoners to the
    rendezvous.  But then, Hollis shows up with bad news: Captain Kael's
    Starfighter has been shot down.  Gavin leaves to check on his
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              7:30
    Enemies Destroyed:   30
    Accuracy:           45%
    Friendly Saves:       5
    Bonus Collected:    Yes
    Lives Remaining:      3
    Note that you need five Saves, and you only have four Speeders to
    protect.  There is, naturally, a way around this.  If you head
    towards the town, you'll see two Speeders trapped in a town square.
    A clock tower has been knocked over and is blocking its escape.  To
    liberate the speeders is a simple matter of blowing up the clock
    tower.  Naturally, this is what you do in your downtime while waiting
    for the folks on boats to load into the speeders.
    This is also a good time to take out a multitude of bad guys.  In
    addition to the Tanks that are threatening the boats, there are a
    few Tanks wandering around town.  Three are grouped together, making
    a delicious target for a Cluster Torpedo.  You'll also find a Cluster
    target in the several Bombers that are swooping around the town.
    Take them all out, and blow the clock tower so that the extra two
    speeders can make their escape.  The thing to watch for is that those
    two speeders will race towards the ruins at their own pace, and not
    wait for the other four.  Take this into account as you try to defend
    You'll not have a pressing need for Clusters in this mission, so feel
    free to take out all the groups of fighters in the canyon with one
    each, and use two on the AAT platoon.  You're probably better off
    using blasters on the singular ships in the last section of the
    canyon.  Once they're all down, head for the bonus and you should be
    all set.
    Mission 10 - Search for Captain Kael
    A. Overview
    Captain Kael has disappeared.  Locate his downed Starfighter and
    protect it at all costs.  The Trade Federation must not be allowed
    to capture Captain Kael.
    Another ground mission.  You'll learn some things about your Hutt
    ally here.  'Nuff said...
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Flash Speeder
    After Endgame: Any Ground Craft
    C. Enemy Opposition
    STAP Droid
    AAT (Tank)
    Hutt Turret
    Droid Bomber
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    All right.  You've got some STAPs ahead of you at the beginning of
    the mission here.  These few STAPs will turn into a whole BUNCH of
    STAPs shortly, so try to stay out of their firing range.  You can
    pass through these guys, and you'll get the call that there are
    Tanks on the bridge, two to be exact.  Blast them, with Missiles if
    necessary, then proceed through the area, taking out more Tanks as
    you go.
    Soon, you'll get a distress call from a mining colony under attack.
    There will be a whole mess of STAPs and a few Tanks harrassing the
    colony.  Ignore the STAPs.  Your targets are the Tanks.  They'll go
    straight for the small administrative building on the far side, and
    you'll fail if they blow it.
    Once you finish with the Tanks, the colony head will get a little
    indignant, and yell at you, telling you that this is a legal
    operation.  He'll refuse to give you any info about the captain, so
    you'll have to take it by force.  The Hutt Turrets in the area will
    open up on you.  Take them all out, taking as little damage as
    SUPER SECRET TRICK: In the middle of the colony is a structure you
    can drive under.  There's a strange energy field in there.  Drive
    there, and you'll discover that the power of crystals being mined
    strengthens your shields...  Pretty nice...
    While you're dealing with the Turrets, note the arrival of a few
    ground transports.  These guys won't shoot back, but you need to
    destroy them, as they're trying to make off with the crystals they
    mined there.  The three transports will arrive one by one, and you
    may have to wait around for the last one.  Once you destroy them all
    and all the Turrets, a new cutscene will start, where Hollis will
    tell you he found the downed Starfighter, and that it doesn't look
    Head in the general direction the radar's pointing, and you'll come
    across many more STAPs.  Take them out at your discretion.  You'll
    see some Bombers in the area.  They're also looking for the Captain,
    so take them out.  Tanks will also roll into the area, so scrap them.
    Once all the Tanks and Bombers are destroyed, you'll have completed
    the mission and will rush to the Captain's side...
    Kael, with his dying words, will tell you that Borvo the Hutt has
    betrayed you, and the people you rescued are going to be sold into
    slavery.  With vengeance fueling you, you'll head to your Starfighter
    and after the slimeball...
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              5:30
    Enemies Destroyed:   23
    Accuracy:           50%
    Friendly Saves:       0
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    Take the Gian Speeder.  Armor will help a lot with the Turrets, even
    with the shield regenerating thingy...
    Accuracy is what counts here.  The Tanks, Bombers, and Turrets won't
    cover all your enemies, so you'll need to take down a few extra
    STAPs.  Don't go nuts, though.  Fire only if you're sure of a kill.
    So, follow the survival walkthrough, shoot straight, and, naturally,
    stay alive, and you should have few problems.
    Mission 11 - Borvo the Hutt
    A. Overview
    Borvo has betrayed you.  He has killed Captain Kael and now plans to
    sell your people into slavery.  Pursue the Hutt and rescue the
    captive civilians.  Protecting the Naboo is your primary objective.
    Actually, your primary objective is kicking some Hutt tail...  The
    first part of this mission is straight killing, then a short
    protection circuit, and then more killing.  Simple enough, eh?
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Naboo Starfigther
    After Endgame: Any Aircraft
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Hutt Fighter
    Hutt Turret
    Proximity Mine
    Laser Turret
    Missile Turret
    *Hutt Transport*
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    You'll enter the first area ready for anything, and anything will
    certainly be ready for you.  The Hutts contingent of fighters is in
    place to intercept you, and this first valley where you dogfight them
    is also blanketed with Hutt Turrets.  Make short work of the Turrets
    first, then turn your attention to the Hutt Fighters.  Stay behind
    one and keep hammering it, but take evasive action if you find
    you're being fired upon.  Take it slow, and try to take as little
    damage as possible.
    Once all the fighters are down (Gavin will say "It'll take more than
    that to stop me!") you can cruise on through the valley, shooting the
    mines that block it.  Once you're through, Kol Kotha will show up.
    Is this your chance to prove yourself against the Hutt's best pilot?
    No!  Turns out Kol's on your side, now!  He's going to lead you to
    where Borvo's hiding.  While he leads, you're going to have to watch
    his back.  The way he goes will be different each time you follow
    him, but almost every way, you'll run into Laser Turrets on the water
    and one or two Missile Turrets.  Take them all out before they can
    take you out.
    Just to ground you, this whole area is one big valley, and there are
    several large islands in the area.  You won't be destroying all the
    Turrets in the area, which is a good thing, because there are a lot.
    In particular, stay away from the center of some of the bigger
    islands, because that's where most of the Missile Turrets are, and
    those will just ruin your day.
    BONUS ALERT!  Along the left side of this huge valley, there is an
    peninsula connected to both the water and the "wall" of the valley.
    On this grassy knoll, you can find an area with four weeping-willow-
    type trees closely packed and surrounded by a fence.  These trees
    are camouflaging a bonus token.  Pick it up, and you'll add Homing
    Torpedoes to your Broadway show...
    Personally, I'd go for the bonus AFTER you've assured Kol to safety
    in the Hutt's little enclave.  You'll be at the entrance, so just go
    around the walls of the enclave about 1/4 of the way, and head
    straight for the wall, where you'll eventually see the bonus area.
    Anyway, Kol will have a weapons malfunction, so he won't be able to
    attack the Hutt, but, once you enter his little lagoon, you'll be
    greeted by Borvo and Adela on the Transport.  She offers you a job if
    you stand down now.  Being the loyal soldier you are, you refuse, she
    orders the defenses to open fire.
    Okay.  The land mass the Hutt Transport's hovering over looks kind
    of like a five-petaled flower.  At each of the ends of the "petals"
    are two Hutt Turrets, and there are two Missile Turrets in the
    center.  If this weren't enough, about six more Hutt Fighters will
    launch and you'll have to tango with them as well.  Once you start,
    Vedd and Hollis will fly in to give you backup.  They'll tell you
    they're out of torpedoes, so you'll have to hit the Hutt's ship.
    If you have more than one life left, I suggest firing all your
    torpedoes at the Transport, then doing as much outside damage as you
    can, and when your next life comes up, use all your Torpedoes on the
    ship immediately to stop it.
    If you only have one life left, you're in for a nasty fight, fire
    your torps at the Missile Turrets in the center, then go for the Hutt
    Turrets on the outside.  You may want to ignore the Hutt Fighters for
    the most part, but if you feel like you can mop them up, more power
    to you...
    Anyway, once you hit the Hutt Transport enough, the whole back end
    (the part that was shooting at you) will blow up, leaving the command
    module to run off and limp back to Nal Hutta.  Oh, sure, I hear you
    going on about how you didn't give the Hutt his full justice, but
    just think...  It's gonna be a LONG limp back to Nal Hutta with his
    ship in that state...
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              5:30
    Enemies Destroyed:   35
    Accuracy:           42%
    Friendly Saves:       4
    Bonus Collected:    Yes
    Lives Remaining:      3
    Once again, staying alive's the issue.  You'll also have a little bit
    to work on with the enemies.  Specifically, you'll want to take out
    as much of the Hutt's personal guard as possible in the final part
    of this mission.
    For the first part, I suggest against using any Clusters.  If you
    feel you have to, at least make sure that the Torpedoes will have
    at least three targets to hit, preferably four.
    So, you'll want most of your torps for the last part.  Fire a few at
    the defenses around the base, taking out as many turrets as you can.
    You'll probably want to save three or four Clusters for the Hutt
    Transport.  The torps won't view the Transport as a higher priority
    than any other target, so make sure you're close when you fire them,
    otherwise they may curve towards other targets.
    That's about it.  Time won't be an issue.  Accuracy is a slight
    problem, but what you lose in the first dogfight can be made up in
    the final showdown.
    I'm not quite sure what the four Saves are.  One is Kol, and two are
    Vedd and Hollis, but the fourth is a mystery.  A third wingman,
    maybe?  Either way, you shouldn't have problems with the Saves
    Mission 12 - Liberation of Camp 4
    A. Overview
    The Trade Federation has imprisoned Naboo's most important leaders
    in the notorious Camp 4.  Reach the camp, take out the Trade
    Federation forces, and free the captives before reinforcements can
    This is easily the largest mission in the game.  It's actually two
    missions sandwiched into one, as you'll be able to tell by the brief
    pause in the middle.  You'll be under fire for most of it, as well,
    so stay sharp, and stay alive.  The prisoners are counting on you.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Naboo Starfighter --> Heavy STAP --> Gian Speeder
    After Endgame: Any Aircraft --> Heavy STAP --> Any Ground Craft
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Droid Starfighter
    Laser Turret
    Missile Turret
    Proximity Mine
    Battle Droid
    AAT (Tank)
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    You'll head out in the dead of... um... dusk for the camp.  You'll be
    looking for the camp, and you'll have no clue where to start looking.
    Stick with your wingmen, and they'll lead you into a canyon.  The
    sides of this canyon are dotted with emplacements, including a
    Missile Turret at the very beginning.  Let your wings enter first to
    absorb some fire, then let the guns have it.  There's another Missile
    Turret soon when you reach the end of this canyon on a high wall to
    your left.  Take it out before it drops you.  Afterwards, take out as
    many Laser Turrets as you can.  There will be a large Droid Carrier
    and Droid Starfighters will be spilling out of it in groups.  The
    fighters will fly away, so you don't necessarily need to take them
    out.  The Carrier will lift off and proceed back along the canyon,
    dropping a few mines as it goes.  You can destroy the mines, but the 
    Carrier takes FAR too many hits.  It can be destroyed, but it's not 
    worth it, as you'll be using up most of your warheads to do so.
    Follow the Carrier back out, and you'll get a distress call about
    some farms under attack.  Two Starfighters and two Bombers are
    terrorizing a small farmland.  Deal with them, and then move onto
    another farmland, where another group of fighters is doing evil.
    This group has three Bombers and two Starfighters.  Mop them up and
    move towards a river.  Follow the river, and it'll end up in a
    canyon.  Canyons mean gun emplacements, and you'll have no shortage
    of them here.  Use your radar to find as many as you can and destroy
    them from afar if at all possible, before they hammer you.  There is
    one Missile Turret, and it will be on the right side of the canyon,
    so be aware.
    Now, you've reached the outskirts of Camp 4.  You'll see a small
    hangar with Turrets protecting it, Starfighters buzzing about it,
    and Gunboats supporting it from off-shore.  Take out the Turrets and
    the Starfighters and Kol will tell you to fly in to grab a speeder.
    Do so.
    Battle for Naboo will be right back...
    And we're back...
    That was a reference to the music stop/level split thing that
    separates the two parts of this level.  You'll be in a Heavy STAP
    now.  Speed towards the camp, and you'll see a couple of Laser
    Turrets guarding the wall.  Shoot them both down, and pick off the
    Battle Droid standing on the wall.  Do NOT shoot the transports
    trundling towards the gate.  These guys are prisoners and shooting
    them would A) Be mean, and B) Cut off your only access inside.  Wait
    until the transports get close to the gate, and it'll deactivate to
    let them inside.
    Once inside, straight ahead you'll see a group of three droids on
    Heavy STAPs come out to intercept you.  Fill them with blaster bolts,
    then go to the slope near the gate that climbs of the perimeter of
    this valley.
    About halfway up, you'll run into an AAT that will open fire on you.
    Take it out and keep moving.  Soon, you'll reach a midpoint up the
    hillside and you'll run into an encampment.  Two Laser Turrets will
    be at the walls, and AATs will be coming out of the main gate.  There
    will also be a few more Heavy STAPs riding around in the area, too.
    Destroy the Shield Generator to the right of the camp, then cruise
    inside and blast the door on the prison compound on the right side.
    This will release the prisoners and prompt you to move on.  It'll
    also stop the Tanks from coming out the small hangar inside the camp.
    Proceed further up the slope, and you'll arrive at the main camp.
    Shoot down the two Turrets flanking the gate, and you'll notice a
    Security Hangar inside and to the right.  By now, you're probably
    taking some pretty nasty damage, so scoot on in, where you'll be
    able to grab a new craft, a Gian Speeder.
    Once you're in the Speeder, use its Heavy Laser to start blasting all
    the Laser Turrets in sight.  There are two right in front of you, and
    one high on a cliff to your right.  There are another two further on.
    You're going to have to find a way inside the encampments on either
    side that have prisoners in them.  Around the back of the left-hand
    encampment, you'll see a bunch of stacked boxes next to the wall.
    There are a couple of Battle Droids standing in front of them.
    Blast all the aforementioned.  When the boxes blow, they rip a hole
    in the wall of the camp.  Glide in, and you'll see a Shield
    Generator, three prison blocks, and two Droid Barracks.  There are
    two Droids in front of each of the Barracks.  Shoot the doors of the
    prison blocks, and you'll trigger the release of two more each.
    Shoot down the Shield Generator, and you can leave this camp by the
    main gate and go into the right-hand camp as well.  You'll have a
    similar situation as the left-hand camp.  Three prison blocks, and
    two barracks complete with droids.  Deal with all the droids, and
    blow the doors of the blocks.
    Once you've finished that, you're going to need to bust through the
    next gate at the far end.  There's a generator for it, and it's in
    the back of the right-hand camp.  Go up the slope in the back and
    you'll soon come under fire from a Laser Turret.  Take out that
    Turret, and continue your climb.  You'll soon reach the top, where
    you'll find two Generators.  Don't go to fast, or you'll launch right
    off the side (and die).  Blow the Generators, and you'll be able to
    leave.  Race down the slope (again, not off the side, or you'll
    croak) and through the gate.  You'll slide down another slope, and
    you'll be caught in an ambush.
    There will be another small camp (no prisoners) in front of you, a
    small structure to your right, and further on down, the main gate.
    Take out any Turrets in the area first, then the Tanks that'll be
    causing havoc, then any little Battle Droids.  Soon, Hollis will fly
    in and bust open a wall in that last small camp.  Go inside, and
    climb another slope.  You'll reach a crest with a Laser Turret and
    the last Shield Generator.  Blow up both.
    BONUS ALERT!  Sure.  You could coast back down the hill and out the
    main gate to freedom, but you'd miss the incredible bonus in store
    for you!  Continue up the hill past the Generator's ruins (head a
    little to the left and hit the wall, because it's kind of tough to
    crest a little bump there).  Continue on to a little pocket in the
    canyon, and you'll find your delicious bonus just sitting there.
    Grab it, and Advanced Blasters will be yours.
    So, slide down the hill and out the main gate, and you're done!
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              7:00
    Enemies Destroyed:   67
    Accuracy:           50%
    Friendly Saves:      17
    Bonus Collected:    Yes
    Lives Remaining:      2
    Yes, you noticed that.  This is one of only two missions that allows
    you to lose a life and still get the Gold Medal.  It can be done
    without losing a life, but it's no mean feat.  The loss will most
    probably occur during the time you're riding the Heavy STAP.  If it
    occurs any earlier than that, consider restarting.
    There really are no "tricks" to this level.  One of the best things
    you can do, for both accuracy and enemy count, is to use Cluster
    Torpedoes on the Droid Starfighters exiting the Droid Carrier in the
    first part of the mission.  This will rack up a lot of hits.  Use
    Clusters for the groups terrorizing the farmlands, and those guarding
    the STAP hangar.
    Speaking of which, you MUST use a Heavy STAP for the first half of
    the second part.  There's no way around it, so suck it up.  Follow
    the walkthrough for the rest of the mission.  Stay accurate.  Stay
    alive.  Don't forget the bonus.
    One thing.  Instead of having Hollis blow the wall to the last
    Shield Generator, you can shoot the structure on the other side of
    the wall yourself, and that'll blow it open.
    Mission 13 - The Queen's Gambit
    A. Overview
    Captain Panaka and the Queen have returned to Naboo.  Rendezvous with
    Panaka and follow him to the Queen, where you'll learn Amidala's
    grand plan for freeing Naboo.
    Now, we're picking up with the movie.  This scene occurs after the
    Gungans agree to help the Naboo.  While plans are being made for an
    attack, you'll be sent to clear out a convoy that could make some
    serious trouble for the Gungan army.
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Gian Speeder --> Naboo Bomber
    After Endgame: Any Ground Craft --> Starfighter or Bomber
    C. Enemy Opposition
    STAP Droid
    AAT (Tank)
    Droid Starfighter
    Droid Bomber
    Proximity Mine
    Laser Turret
    MTT (Droid Transport)
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    As you race along the pristine Naboo plains, you'll come across
    several STAPs.  They're terrorizing the houses in the area.  Fry
    them, and the two Starfighters in the area.  After you take them out,
    you can move on, and three more STAPs will be causing havoc.  Take
    them down, and you'll speak to Panaka.  He'll tell you to move ahead
    to the south ridge, where you'll be able to enter the city.
    When you regain control, you'll spot the tail end of a convoy of MTTs
    and AATs.  The last AAT will knock down a pillar, preventing you
    from following.  Go around to the right, and you'll ascend, and get a
    distress call from Palmer, whose group is under attack.  Speed up the
    ridge and you'll see her under attack by a couple of Bombers and two
    AATs...  Finish off the AATs and you'll be able to enter the
    security hangar nearby, where you can take the Naboo Bomber.
    Fly the sluggish craft out and take a gander at that big ol' convoy.
    As you fly down this big canyon, you'll come across multiple Turrets,
    mines, and Starfighters.  Take out the Turrets first, then the mines,
    then any of the convoy craft that you can.  Bomb a few of the Tanks.
    You can take out the MTTs, but it will take a long time.  Your main
    objective is to stay alive here as you progress through this death
    trap of mines and Turrets.  Just stay alive long enough until you
    reach an area with pinnacle rocks.  Bomb each of the pinnacles, and
    you'll slow down the convoy.  Panaka will tell you that a commando
    group is leaving thermal detonators on the bridge.  Blow as many of
    the AATs as you can, then busy yourself with Starfighters.  Watch the
    commando vehicle as it arrives on the bridge.  As soon as it drops
    off its payload of detonators, lay a bomb on the bridge and watch the
    With the bridge destroyed, the convoy is stranded.  You'll grab a
    speeder and make your way towards Theed.
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              7:30
    Enemies Destroyed:   34
    Accuracy:           48%
    Friendly Saves:      10
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    Once again, staying alive is your primary objective.  Do this by
    keeping back from the Turrets and hitting them from afar.  Try to
    bomb the facilities that the convoy trundles through as well, to get
    multiple hits with one bomb.
    That's all there is to it, really.
    An alternate way of doing this is to take the Starfighter with
    Clusters.  You can use blasters to destroy the bridge with the bomb.  
    This is probably the easier way.
    Mission 14 - Panaka's Diversion
    A. Overview
    The Queen plans to enter Theed in a bold attempt to capture Nute
    Gunray.  You must create a diversion to distract the Trade
    Federation's forces guarding Theed.  Once Panaka and Amidala are
    within the city limits, travel to the Theed hangar and join the
    This, of course, occurs when all the good guys are storming Theed.
    The Gungans are dealing with the main droid force miles away, and you
    have to help storm the gates.  Just like the first mission, you'll be
    tangling with a force of Battle Droids, Destroyers, and AATs within
    the city.  You are to destroy whatever you can.  Sound like fun?
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Gian Speeder
    After Endgame: Either Speeder
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Battle Droid
    Battle Droid Officer
    AAT (Tank)
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    Blast through the first batch of Droids, pushing or shooting,
    whatever it takes.  Push along, and you'll eventually reach a plaza
    with two AATs.  One will be facing directly across from you, and the
    other on the right side of the plaza.  Finish both of these with the
    Heavy Laser, and proceed to the right, where you'll find the river
    splitting Theed.  Across the river, an AAT will be shooting at you,
    a few Droids will be off to your left, and two Gunboats will be
    floating along shortly.  Deal with the threats, and proceed along the
    side of the river and to the left.
    At this point, you'll see a cutscene where Palmer's pinned down by a
    group of Tanks and Destroyers.  Once you regain control you and Kol
    (the other Speeder) will come across a few blocked gates.  While he
    works on the gates, pound any Droid in the area to a cinder.
    After this area is clear, Kol will move ahead, and he'll start
    getting hammered by three AATs.  One behind him, one to the left, and
    one to the right.  Take out all of them for him and continue.  Keep
    pressing through the streets, taking out any Droids as you move
    along.  Soon, you'll arrive at Palmer's predicament.  Take out the
    two Tanks first, then hit the Destroyers in front of the soldiers,
    then the Destroyers elsewhere in the area.  Move on down the street,
    taking out two more Tanks on the way.
    Press on, and you'll soon end up in the Courthouse Plaza.  This area
    has two AATs, four Destroyers, and a whole bunch of Battle Droids.
    Mete some justice on these guys and you'll be able to proceed
    onward.  You'll have some commandos from Group Three on your team,
    who'll help you blow open a gate in Kelsea Plaza.  Speed over there,
    and you'll find the plaza is overrun with a LOT of Battle Droids,
    but only one Destroyer.  Take them all out, and the commando vehicle
    will park next to the gate, the commandos will hop out, and they'll
    set the charges on the gate, run away, and the gate will go boom.
    Drive through there, and you'll soon arrive at an archway next to
    Captain Panaka.  He'll tell you to slow down for an ambush on the
    Tanks.  Do as he says.  This is just for story purposes, but charge
    up your Heavy Laser anyway.  When he tells you to fire, hit the
    nearest Tank, then keep shooting until you destroy all four of them.
    Doing this will complete the mission.
    You'll hop into the nearest Naboo Starfighter in the main hangar,
    and you'll be speeding out to face the Droid Control Ship oribting
    Naboo!  Bring it on...
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              5:00
    Enemies Destroyed:   68
    Accuracy:           50%
    Friendly Saves:       4
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    Your biggest concern here (after Accuracy, of course) is time...
    If you're methodical and blast all the droids, you'll get about 80 to
    90 kills, but you won't be under the time limit.  Shoot only those
    droids that you have to.  Make sure you shoot every last Tank,
    though, because they'll hammer both you and your fellow soldiers if
    you're not careful.
    Speed through the entire level, taking potshots at any Droid that
    comes in your sight.  You'll probably pass Kol and end up having to
    take down the gate yourself.  It's the price you pay for glory... ^_^
    At the courthouse, make sure you take out the Tanks and Destroyers.
    The Droids can take a backseat.  It's not necessary to take all of
    them down.
    That's about all the good tips.  The biggest place to watch for
    enemy fire, where you could lose a life, is at Palmer's predicament.
    The best way to survive is eliminate the threatening Tanks and
    Destroyers, then just take off without taking out the other
    Destroyers.  Finish off the two Tanks in the distance, then peel out
    for the Courthouse.
    Mission 15 - Battle for Naboo
    A. Overview
    Bravo Flight has been ordered to destroy the mammoth Droid Control
    Ship in orbit around Naboo.  You must target the Control Ship's
    weakest area.  Use your N-1 to disable the Control Ship's tractor
    beams and shield generator.
    The Gungans are locked in a bitter struggle with the droids.  The
    Queen is after Nute Gunray.  The Jedi are dueling with Darth Maul.
    Looks like it's up to you to take out that big thing up there.  This
    is another hectic mission.  You'll have many things firing at you,
    naturally.  Just keep cool and know where to go, and you'll find this
    mission may not be as hard as you first thought...
    B. Your Craft
    First Time: Naboo Starfighter
    After Engame: Naboo Starfighter
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Droid Starfighter
    *Droid Control Ship*
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    All right!  Time for some more space action!
    As soon as you fly out, you'll be set upon by ten Starfighters almost
    immediately.  They'll fly directly for you, so veer off to the left
    or right to avoid most of their fire.  Two more groups of five will
    come in from the left and right, so get between them so they don't
    waste you, then turn around and engage.  Shoot down as many as you
    can without dying...
    After you shoot down all of them, or three minutes have elapsed,
    you'll be taken to the Droid Control Ship.  This thing is BIG!
    Okay, here's the lowdown of the ship.
    As you face it, you'll have the two hangars in front of you, with a
    Tractor Beam Projector above and below each.  Droid Starfighters will
    be continually spilling out of the hangars.
    All around the outside of the ship, there are turbolaser batteries.
    They'll fire at you if you get in front of them.
    Atop the "arms" of the ship, and the main command pod, there are
    several dishes.  These do not attack, nor do you need to take them
    down, but they're good for extra kills.
    In the back of the ship, there are six more turbolasers.  These guys
    are nasty, and will batter you to pieces given half a chance...
    Okay.  Your first objective is to take out the remaining three
    Tractor Beam Projectors.  One of your wingmen already took out one.
    Just use lasers and you should be all right.
    Once that's done, you must take out the Shield Generator.  It's a
    thing not easily found by the passive observer.  In the back of the
    ship, there is one big dish.  That's NOT the Shield Generator.  Below
    and in front of that dish is the connector to the command pod.  The
    Shield Generator is THERE.  Shoot that thing and it should flash
    green where you hit it.
    Now, you can fly around in front of the Generator, getting shot at
    by the six turbolasers and dying, OR you can use my super not-so-
    secret tactic!  Fly around behind the large dish, shoot it into
    oblivion, and you have an unobstructed run at the Generator, and the
    turbolasers can't hit you.  Keep shooting at the Generator, and
    it'll blow up.
    Now, you're supposed to blow up the ship, but, if you've seen the
    movie, you know what happens.  That's right.  Little Anakin Skywalker
    flies out the of the exploding Droid Control Ship, and everybody's
    happy!  Time for the parade of Gungans!
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              6:15
    Enemies Destroyed:   22
    Accuracy:           40%
    Friendly Saves:       3
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      2
    Honestly, this is a pretty easy Gold to get.  In fact, I got a Gold
    on my very first completion of this mission.  Use the secrets I
    described in my Survival Walkthrough, try not to die more than once,
    and you'll be just fine.  You don't even need Cluster Torpedoes for
    this one.
    Secret Mission 1 - Trade Federation Secrets
    A. Overview
    Naboo commandos have taken over a Trade Federation facility.  A droid
    army has been dispatched to destroy the base before the secrets are
    exposed.  Protect the base until the commandos can be airlifted to
    This mission opens up after you get at least a Bronze Medal in every
    mission, which really isn't hard at all.
    The basic idea here is that you're defending a base, and later a
    Republic Cruiser, against a combined ground and air assault from the
    B. Your Craft
    Naboo Starfighter (You're already after endgame)
    C. Enemy Opposition
    STAP Droid
    AAT (Tank)
    MTT (Droid Transport)
    Droid Starfighter
    Battle Droid
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    You'll be placed right over the installation.  It'll be quiet for
    now.  Enjoy the quiet, because things are going to heat up fast.
    Straight ahead of you in the distance are 10 STAPs, 6 AATs, and 1
    MTT.  The STAPs will move around.  Three will try to sneak around
    back of the installation.  The AATs will plod directly for the base
    and open fire, and the MTT will get close, then drop its payload of
    about 25 Droids...  All the while, Droid Starfighters will be whining
    Keep cool.  Stay at the base.  Take out the first wave of
    Starfighters, then move to attack the seven STAPs that will be
    coming directly for you.  Naturally, you'll have a tough time hitting
    them.  Use Homing Torpedoes if you feel like it.
    After taking out a few of the STAPs, concentrate on the AATs, since
    they'll do the most damage.  Best way to tackle them is to pound one
    into scrap, then pull up, loop around, and attack the next one.
    After you've taken out the AATs, hit the MTT with all you've got.
    Once all, or most of the ground forces are neutralized, you'll need
    to deal with the fighters present.  There will be quite a few of
    them.  Like always, get behind them, and break if you come under
    After about two minutes, the Republic Cruiser will show up.  It'll
    sit on the base for about thirty seconds, then take off for the
    hills.  Defend it all the while.  Just keep shooting down as many
    Starfighters as you can, and the Cruiser should be able to make it
    to safety.
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              5:45
    Enemies Destroyed:   35
    Accuracy:           31%
    Friendly Saves:       4
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    You'll need the Clusters for this, definitely.  Use one Cluster for
    the entire first group of STAPs, then another two for the AATs, then
    another one for the MTT, finishing up with lasers where necessary.
    Use the rest of the Clusters on groups of fighters where necessary,
    and you should have no trouble getting the Gold Medal.
    The REAL problem is getting the Silver Medal, because you won't have
    the advantage of Clusters.  Basically, you're going to want to
    largely ignore the STAPs, maybe taking one or two out, and
    concentrate on the other ground vehicles and the Starfighters.  Try
    to use just blasters for the ground vehicles, to increase your
    accuracy, and only take shots on Starfighters when you're absolutely
    sure you'll hit.
    If you have any problems with this level, there's also a nifty
    secret.  There's an island to your left when you start the mission.
    Fly over to the island, and you'll find a Security Hangar, where you
    can change vehicles.  Sure, changing to the Police Cruiser or the
    Bomber would give you a slight disadvantage, BUT you'd have the
    advantage of an extra payload of Torpedoes or Bombs to use however
    you want.  (Thanks to themetroid for finding this)
    Secret Mission 2 - Coruscant Encounter
    A. Overview
    Darth Maul has attacked a Naboo delegation upon arrival at
    Coruscant.  Destroy the Sith Infiltrator before Darth Maul causes
    more damage.
    Yeah.  I know this would never happen in the movie, but hey!  You get
    to take down Darth Maul!  How many people can say they've had that
    opportunity, eh?
    This is one of those few times when you get a mission that's pure
    fun.  Your job is to chase Maul around a small section of Coruscant,
    trying to tag his very agile Infiltrator.  Good luck to ya.
    B. Your Craft
    Naboo Starfighter
    C. Enemy Opposition
    *Sith Infiltrator*
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    You'll start with the Infiltrator directly in front and to the
    right of you.  Chase after him and hit him as hard as you can,
    whenever you can.  Be careful tailing him, because he may
    periodically drop one of those Sith Probes he used on Tatooine, which
    will explode when you get near.
    That's basically it.  Darth Maul is an excellent pilot, and his
    Infiltrator is very fast and agile, so it's not going to be easy,
    but this is where your latent skill comes in.  You only have to shoot
    him down and you complete the mission.  Be careful flying around the
    city block, because he makes some daring turns and you may be
    facing a wall about three seconds before you notice it, then it's
    bye bye ship...
    BONUS ALERT!  The creme de la creme of bonuses.  The Homing Cluster
    Torpedoes are hidden here.  From your starting point and orientation,
    turn around 180 degrees and fly down.  You'll reach a lower area,
    lit by purple light.  Poke around this area, and you'll see the bonus
    situated between the bottom of a building, and a horizontal support
    girder.  Snag it, and finish off Maul...
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              1:30
    Enemies Destroyed:    1
    Accuracy:           43%
    Friendly Saves:      15
    Bonus Collected:    Yes
    Lives Remaining:      3
    This CAN be done without Clusters, but why bother?  You get them in
    this mission anyways...
    As you start, hit the brakes, and fire a Cluster directly at Maul.
    If you're moving too fast, some may miss or not track, and that'll
    be bad for your accuracy.
    Once all the torps connect, whip around and drop altitude to enter
    the bonus area (You'll want to have its position memorized).  Grab
    the bonus, then rejoin the fracas.  Fire another Cluster once you
    have a good shot, and the Infiltrator should drop like a Corellian
    after too much Whyren's Reserve...
    Secret Mission 3 - The Dark Side
    A. Overview
    Decimate all Naboo forces.  Take the controls of the Infiltrator and
    obey your Master!
    Oh, sure.  It's one thing to fly against Darth Maul.  It's another
    entirely to fly AS Darth Maul!  This mission pits you (on the side of
    the Trade Federation) against a bunch of Naboo forces.  It's not
    particularly hard.  Just worry about staying out of the line of fire.
    B. Your Craft
    Sith Infiltrator
    C. Enemy Opposition
    Gian Speeder
    Police Cruiser
    Naboo Starfighter
    Gungan Transport
    D. Survival Walkthrough
    Naturally, I'm not going to put the enemies here in the Enemy List
    and ruin the surprise.  Just assume that the aircraft are similar to
    Droid Starfighters if they had shields.  The Gian Speeder is like a
    smaller AAT, and the Gungan Transport is a waterborne craft with a
    single laser cannon, and is easily taken out.
    Right.  You'll come upon your poor AATs being turned into hamburger
    by the vicious Gian Speeders.  Slow down, and let the Speeders have
    it with your best laser shots.  After you clean them out, a few more
    will trundle over and around the hill in front of you.  Hit them as
    hard as you can, using Missiles if you think it'll help.
    Once you take out all the Speeders, you'll get a distress call from
    some Gunboats and Starfighters being mercilessly slaughtered in the
    nearby swamplands.  Speed over there, and start dishing out some
    trouble.  In the beginning, there will be several Police Cruisers,
    and a couple of Starfighters.  Take them all out, taking out Gungan
    Transports at your leisure.  Also, keep an eye on the big island in
    the middle.  There are four Gungans wandering around up there, and
    they're targets.  Liquify the vermin.
    Soon, you'll hear Panaka say "The Senate will hear about this."  This
    is a cue for a bunch of Starfighters to start flying in.  They'll
    come in waves.  Get behind the squadrons and fill them with laser
    fire, then take out the next squadron in the same manner.
    Once you take out all the aircraft, the mission will end, and you'll
    be able to use the Infiltrator in any battle you want that uses
    E. Going for the Gold
    Time:              7:25
    Enemies Destroyed:   39
    Accuracy:           24%
    Friendly Saves:      11
    Bonus Collected:     No
    Lives Remaining:      3
    This is the easiest Gold Medal.  How easy is it?  The first time I
    played the mission, I got a Platinum.  It's THAT easy...
    For the record, try to be as accurate as possible, even though you
    don't have to be.  Make sure you take out all the Gungan Transports
    and those four Gungans on the hill when you're in the swamp, because,
    once you take down all the aircraft, it's over.
    7. Secrets
    A lovely thing about this game is that it doesn't skimp on the
    secret stuff.  This game is packed with bonuses, secret codes, and
    whatnot to keep anyone busy for a while.
    A. Bonuses
    These are all listed in the Mission Walkthroughs anyway.  This is
    just for quick reference.  Remember that to have the bonus be
    activated, you have to complete the mission.
    Advanced Shields
    Effect: Your shield indicator will start at blue instead of green.
    Basically, your shields are stronger.
    Location: Escape from Theed - The second time Captain Kael requests
    your help, you'll have a road going in two directions.  From the
    right side, a Tank will be shooting at you.  Take it down.  Enter
    the area behind him, and you'll find the bonus.
    Advanced Missiles
    Effect: Your missiles hit harder.  Two will take out an AAT, as
    opposed to the usual four for normal missiles.
    Location: Smuggler Alliance - After you save the very first
    homestead, watch your map carefully.  You should see a green dot
    (besides yourself) on the map.  That green dot's a farmer who's
    running for his speeder.  Two STAPs will come in and attack him as he
    takes off in that thing.  Shoot the STAPs and follow him to his other
    farm.  He'll open the gate to the complex, upon the other side of
    which is your bonus.  You MUST do this in order to get the bonus, by
    the way.
    Advanced Bombs
    Effect: Bombs AND Projectiles will be stronger.
    Location: Glacial Grave - You'll face a platform in a valley which
    is heavily defended by mines, starfighters, and turrets.  After you
    finish the area (Kael says "Move on," and "Stay in formation."),
    take the right fork in the valley instead of the left that everyone
    else takes.  You'll come across a small outpost with five turrets and
    a building.  The bonus is inside the building.
    Rapid-fire Blasters
    Effect: Blasters fire much faster, but don't really do much more
    Location: Sanctuary - Once you reach the end of the valley, instead
    of heading into the ruins, turn 180 degrees around when you reach
    the entrance.  You should see a small pass in the land and on the
    map.  Go into that pass and you should end up in a large area with
    a volcano-type structure (This is actually Devil's Tower.  The
    designer says he wants to put it in every one of his games).  Around
    the far right side of the volcano is a runway.  At the end of this
    runway is your bonus.
    Homing Torpedoes
    Effect: Launch a torpedo, and it makes directly for the nearest
    target.  Simple enough.
    Location: Borvo the Hutt - After rendezvous with Kol Kotha, follow
    him as he leads you to the Hutt.  After he leads you to the spot,
    instead of entering the valley and attacking the Hutt, go around the
    outside of the valley almost 180 degrees.  At the "wall" of the
    area, you'll see a piece of land you can fly over.  Look on that
    piece of land for a cluster of trees surrounded by a small wooden
    fence.  The bonus is amidst that cluster.
    Advanced Blasters
    Effect: Blasters hit harder.  Very useful.
    Location: Liberation of Camp 4 - In the final area, you are forced
    to climb a hill to find the last Shield Generator.  Continue
    climbing after you blow the Generator, and you'll find the bonus
    along the path.
    Cluster Homing Torpedoes
    Effect: Fire a torpedo, and it splits into seven, each one finding
    a target.  One of the finest weapons in the game, and excellent for
    getting medals.
    Location: Coruscant Encounter - This is tough to explain.  If you're
    facing north when you start the mission, then the bonus is
    southeast and below you.  The bonus is in an area that's lit by
    purple light.  Poke around the area.  The exact location is under a
    building, between a horizontal support beam and the actual
    building.  You may want to devote an entire run to finding it and
    may just want to ignore your enemy for the time.  Just be sure to
    finish the mission, or you won't get it.
    B. Secret Missions
    Taking Medals in all of the missions is a good thing, for it opens up
    the way to a few extra missions.  These each have their own
    walkthrough, but here's the rundown of the secret missions.
    Get all Bronze Medals - Open up Trade Federation Secrets
    Get all Silver Medals - Open up Coruscant Encounter
    Get all Gold Medals - Open up The Dark Side
    Get all Platinum Medals - Unlocks Swamp Speeder
    C. Passcodes
    Not normally given out during the game, these codes can tweak the
    odds in your favor.  I strongly suggest you play the game the right
    way BEFORE entering the codes to maintain the challenge factor, of
    N64 Codes
    LOVEHUTT - Displays a picture of the crew.
    DRJEKYLL - Pretty freaky.  Using this code will distort the horizon 
    limit of the area you're flying in, making it appear wavy and bumpy.  An 
    easy way to get sick...  If you're looking for real fun, try using it in 
    Naboo Bayou or Andrevea River for some real freaky water effects...
    MEMEME! - Displays credits.
    PATHETIC - Gives you infinite lives.  Life counter stays at 3.
    EWERDEAD - If you get shot once, you're down.
    RUAGIRL? - All your ships are now in various shades of pink.
    OVERLOAD - Rapid-Fire Blasters
    ADEGAN - Advanced Lasers.
    DROIDEKA - Advanced Shields.
    CANTMISS - Homing Torpedos
    &OVRKILL - Cluster Torpedos
    KOOLSTUF - Allows you access to the Showroom, where you can view
       concept art.
    WAKEUP - Activates the Concert Hall in the Showroom.
    NASTYMDE - The game becomes significantly harder.
    TOOWEAK? - All regular missions will be open.
    BYENABOO - Opens missions up to Trade Federation Secrets.
    LEC&FIVE - Opens missions up to Coruscant Encounter.  
    *WARNING*: This code has the potentiality to screw up your game, 
       because it also opens stuff up beyond Dark Side, but it's buggy.  My 
       guess is that this code was never really meant to be found, and was 
       part of the debugging process.  Use caution when using this code.
    BADTEMPR - Opens missions up to Dark Side.
    TALKTOME - A VERY funny cheat.  This gives you commentary from the
       design team as you go through levels.  You'll get insights into
       how the game was made, and maybe a few tips along the way.
    WAKAWAH! - Unlocks all normal ships.
    SIENAR& - Unlocks the Sith Infiltrator.
    &&A!AT - Unlocks the AAT.
    RHUBARB! - Unlocks the Swamp Speeder.
    EOCOAROS - Turns the Gian Speeder into a Buick Convertible.
    PC Codes
    EOWXZGAS - Displays a picture of the crew.
    DRJEKYLL - Pretty freaky.  Using this code will distort the horizon 
    limit of the area you're flying in, making it appear wavy and bumpy.  An 
    easy way to get sick...  If you're looking for real fun, try using it in 
    Naboo Bayou or Andrevea River for some real freaky water effects...
    DIWMZIAR - Displays credits.
    LFZWKXAA - Gives you infinite lives.  Life counter stays at 3.
    CSXJMIAA - If you get shot once, you're down.
    RUAGIRL? - All your ships are now in various shades of pink.
    ABVUSEAY - Homing Torpedos
    UYCZNCAX - Gives all craft double missiles/torpedos/bombs
    JOBXXFAI - Allows you access to the Showroom, where you can view
       concept art.
    RECTVBAH - Activates the Concert Hall in the Showroom.
    GPAYQWAJ - Opens all levels except the bonus levels.
    FMRYLDAD - Unlocks the Dark Side mission.
    NIZWAGAO - Unlocks all normal craft.
    FRBPTDAY - Unlocks the Sith Infiltrator.
    RQORACAQ - Unlocks the AAT.
    XFIIYBAY - Unlocks the Swamp Speeder.
    D. Secret Ships
    Sith Infiltrator
    Appearance: Looks like an X-Wing's cockpit with a TIE Interceptor's
    Primary - Blasters
    Secondary - Concussion Missiles
    You can fly this craft in the 3rd secret mission: The Dark Side.
    After you get a Gold in every level, you can use it on any mission 
    except Trade Federation Secrets.
    The Infiltrator is quite agile and the blasters fire very rapidly.
    In atmosphere, the craft is the fastest vehicle available, but, for
    some reason, it's slower than the Starfighter in outer space.  The
    biggest disadvantage to this craft is the warheads are just missiles.
    Appearance: A hovering tank with a single big turret.
    Primary - Blasters
    Secondary - Projectiles
    After using the code to unlock it, you can drive this Trade Federation 
    tank in any area that allows you to use a Heavy STAP.  It's pretty slow, 
    but it has decent power, and you can use Projectiles on land with it.
    Swamp Speeder
    Appearance: Looks somewhat like a speedboat.
    Primary - Blasters
    Secondary - Heavy Blaster
    After snagging all Platinums, you can use this ship to your heart's 
    content on areas with water.  This means Andrevea River and Naboo Bayou.  
    It's pretty fast, and the lasers have decent power.  It operates much 
    like a Gian Speeder on water.
    E. Pushing for Platinum
    Yes, folks.  Platinum Medals DO exist!  I know.  I hear you all
    groaning (ANOTHER challenge)...
    Take heart!  There will soon be an In-Depth FAQ created by some of
    the greatest minds on the subject.  It doesn't exist at the moment,
    but be patient, and it'll manifest itself, and I'll link you to it,
    if need be.
    There are many personal reasons why I'm not including the Platinum
    requirements here in my own FAQ.  It's rather complicated, and I
    suggest you all not ask about it in the best interest of FAQ-dom
    Mission Time Kills Accuracy Saves Bonus Lives 
       1    1:38  49      84%     7    Yes    3 
       2    4:01  34      64%    65    No     3 
       3    2:43  21      59%     7    No     3 
       4    5:24  43      58%     2    Yes    3 
       5    3:38  38      56%    15    No     3 
       6    4:50  49      84%     4    No     3 
       7    6:03  77      89%     4    Yes    3 
       8    5:18  54      83%     0    No     3 
       9    6:12  49      62%     6    No     3 
      10    4:35  26      63%     0    No     3 
      11    3:39  42      74%     4    Yes    3 
      12    4:44  77      75%    19    Yes    3 
      13    4:06  55      56%    11    No     3 
      14    3:41  96      67%     5    No     3 
      15    3:51  41      78%     3    No     3 
    Bonus 1 5:27  68      50%     5    No     3 
    Bonus 2 0:23  1       68%    30    Yes    3 
    Bonus 3 7:15  40      25%    13    No     3 
    8. Legal
    This FAQ was made 100% by me, Scott "CyricZ" Zdankiewicz.  You may
    not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your own.  You must
    ask me before posting this on your site, and it must remain in its
    original text format.  I spent a lot of time on this.  Give me some
    Currently, the following sites have permission to post this FAQ.
    9. Credits
    CJayC - For putting this up on his site.
    themetroid - For the TALKTOME passcode.
    Nemesis - For the PATHETIC passcode.
    Acolyte Z 2000 - For the EWERDEAD passcode.
    lopper - For the DROIDEKA and KOOLSTUF passcodes.
    Gamesages - For displaying the NASTYMDE, RUAGIRL?, and OVERLOAD
    tuskenthug - For the WAKEUP passcode.
    Kami - For the Gold Medal Requirements for Battle for Naboo (the
    Zefram42 - For the Gold Medal Requirements for The Dark Side.
    themetroid - For finding the secret hangar in Trade Federation
    BenBT64 - For the DRJEKYLL passcode.
    The Robbler - For the LEC&FIVE passcode.
    GameWinners - For the remainder of the passcodes.
    Factor 5 - For taking a wonderful franchise and making awesome games
    out of it.
    Lucasarts - For the same, but in a broader sense.
    10. Version Updates
    Version 1.02 - 9/2/2001 - The remainder of the codes.
    Version 1.01 - 1/17/2001 - Corrections, and a new code.
    Version 1.00 - 1/13/2001 - Most everything you see here.
    11. The Final Word
    Ah...  This was definitely a lot of fun to write.  Well, this is my
    third FAQ.  Be sure to check out some of my other work (Perfect Dark
    and Ogre Battle 64) on www.gamefaqs.com.  They're good stuff, I'm
    I'll take just about anything you have to submit for me.  Send me
    passcodes, perhaps any better Gold Medal strategies than the ones I
    use, etc.
    If you DO decide to send me a better Gold Medal strategy, be as
    specific as possible.
    Okay.  That'll do it.  Take care, and have fun!

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