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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Joe Momma

    Version: 1.68 | Updated: 11/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              Battlefield 1942 FAQ/Walkthrough
                              by Joe Momma
                              Version 1.68
                              Created: December 21, 2002
                              Last Updated: November 27, 2005
    ***Read the FULL e-mail policy for my e-mail address***
    This FAQ won FAQ of the Month for March 2003!
    If you keep up with this guide, read the updates section.
    Have a specific question? It's probably answered in the Frequently Asked
    Questions area. If it is not, go to File/Find on your browser and type in the
    word you're looking for.
    A quick thing about version numbers:
    If I add a hundreth to the version number (.01) then it is a minor update. If I
    add a tenth (.1) then it is a major update. If I add a .05 to the update then 
    it is in between.
    To find a section easily, just highlight the entire chapter and copy/paste it
    into find. So, if you want to quickly get to the section on scouts, highlight 
    "4.2 - Scouts", copy it, and use it in the find command in your browser.
    ***NOTE: If you have e-mailed me in the past couple of months, then your
    contribution has NOT been added. I seriously apologize for this, but it is out
    of my control. My e-mail account got seriously screwed up and I cannot even
    log into it anymore.***
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
      1.1 - The Author
      1.2 - What you should have to play the game
      1.3 - What specs will I need? by Panda man
      1.4 - Shortened Client Commands (including an in-game buddy list) by KenZoe
    2. Updates
    3. Maps: Descriptions, Tips, and Strategies
      3.1 - Pacific Maps
      3.2 - Eastern Europe Maps
      3.3 - Western Europe Maps
      3.4 - North Africa Maps
      3.5 - Italy Maps (Road to Rome only)
    4. Classes
      4.1 - General Infantry Tips
      4.2 - Scouts
      4.3 - Medics (a personal favorite)
      4.4 - Anti-tanks
      4.5 - Assaults
      4.6 - Engineers
    5. Vehicles
      5.1 - Ships, landing craft, and subs
      5.2 - Land Vehicles
      5.3 - Airplanes
        5.3A - I don't have a joystick! Do I really need one?
        5.3B - How to dogfight & bomb accurately
        5.3C - Handeling tight situations - Tips that every pilot should know
        5.3D - Taking off, landing, dealing with anti-aircraft, and general flying
        5.3E - The Five Types of Planes
      5.4 - Artillery, Stationary Machine Guns, and Anti-Aircraft Guns
    6. Counters
      6.1 - Destroying Land Vehicles
      6.2 - Sinking Ships
      6.3 - Destroying Aircraft
      6.4 - Killing infantry
      *** More on Counters Coming Soon ***
    7. General Tips and Things to Keep in Mind
    8. Fun things to do (a cool section, check it out)
    9. War Stories (send them in)
    10. E-mail Policy (you MUST read this before sending me an e-mail)
    11. Poll: What do you think of my guide?
    11. Contributors & Credits
    12. Frequently Asked Questions
    13. Basic Knowledge (for newbies)
    14. The Road to Rome (Expansion Pack)
    15. Disclaimer 
    1. Introduction
    In this FAQ I basically get into a bunch of advanced strategies, skip the total
    obvious, and go over most of the basics. It is well organized and pretty easy
    to read. This guide is more directed towards profecient players rather than
    total newbies who just got this game. I suggest that if you just got this game
    you should go play it and experience a lot of it for yourself before you read
    this guide, because it may seem confusing to you. Still, there's a basic
    knowledge section (section 13) that you should read.
    What makes Battlefield 1942 so unique is your ability to drive around 35 of the
    greatest vehicles from World War 2 - from the powerful B17 Bomber to the
    stealthy submarine to the erm...quick and explosive (at least in this game)
    jeep. If you don't have this game and are considering buying it, I wrote a
    review on this game on GameFAQs that I suggest you read.
    Although most people will play the game, think "I need some help using this
    tank," go here, read about tanks and close the FAQ, I suggest you look over
    things that you do a lot (such as read over the scout tips if you're often a 
    sniper). You never know when there may be a useful tip that will help you a lot
    more than you expected.
    I started this FAQ for several reasons, in case you care:
    1. It was near Christmas time. When all the new players that got this game for
    Christmas get here, I knew the message board was going to be flooded.
    2. I don't like seeing the same question pop up a million times, ex, "How do
    I use artillery?"
    3. I was waiting for Christmas at a vacation house with nothing better to do.
    This passes the time quicker than you'd think.
    So...we're here to learn about a game (oh yeah!) and we're going to have FUN,
    got it!?
    There is a good link that I have recieved from an e-mail (and I found it on the
    message boards a few times), telling the damage of each weapon to each vehicle.
    Here it is: 
    It's a little technical. It is very accurate.
    1.1 - The Author
    Well...my name is Joe Momma. I've had this game since the multiplayer demo was
    released, and I played it just about every day up until somewhere around the
    end of 2004. I worked on this guide about 10 minutes every day. It's gone a
    long way since it was released just after Christmas in 2002. My public names
    were (GFAQs)jÓ£ MðmMå or just jÓ£ MðmMå. I know the game inside and out, and
    have just about mastered every aspect of it, so I'm trying to put it all in
    this guide.
    Offline, I'm your every day Joe Schmoe. I'm a senior in high school this
    year. I like to hang out, play games, sports, and work out. I play football
    (fullback, linebacker, kicker), and run track (sprinting and throwing), both
    for the school. I have about a 3.4 GPA this year. I've been into video games
    since the Super Nintendo (I played the NES once in a while) and I've been into
    online games since I got a 2D MMORPG called The Realm, which is still around 
    Ok, I know nobody really cares. I could probably link to a porn site right here
    and I'd never get caught.
    1.2 - What you should have to play the game
    Well, you need the 1.6 patch. The patch comes with three maps, Coral Sea,
    Operation Aberdeen, and Battle of Britain. If you like Battlefield 1942, then
    you should also buy the expansion pack, the Road to Rome. It adds 6 new maps
    with around ten vehicles and two new armies. It's pretty good, considering that
    it only cost $20. Secret Weapons, the other expansion pack, is also out. It's
    $20, and it's ten times better than RTR. 
    You need the 1.6 patch to play online. You can always get the most recent
    patch at the above link.
    If you don't own this game yet, download the Multi-player demo (found off of
    the same website). The single player demo is a waste of time, and it actually 
    makes the game seem pretty bad anyway. Keep in mind that the multiplayer demo
    has many bugs that are addressed in the real game since it's only version 1.1.
    Also, some pretty lousy servers are found in the demo, but there are a TON of
    good ones in the real game, such as the EA Official servers. I personally think
    that if EA hosted two servers in the demo (they host about 40-50 in the real
    game, and they're absolutely lagless), they would get a lot more copies sold.
    Also, Desert Combat is out. It's a very popular mod that can be found all over
    the community. It's a pretty good mod. Eve of Destruction, another great mod
    based on the Vietnam War, is also out. You can download them here:
    Besides, most of the BF1942 community has them anyway.
    1.3 - What specs will I need? by Panda Man
    ****This section was contributed by Alex Schwanke (Panda Man from GameFAQs), so
    all due credit goes to him. This section was updated as of version 1.57 of this
    Minimal (Box specs)
    Windows XP/ME/2000/98
    500Mhz Intel Pentium 3 or AMD Athlon
    128MB Ram
    CD-Rom Speed 4X
    1.2GB Avalible
    32MB Direct3D and Hardware Transform & Lighting capable Video Card with
    DX8.1 driver
    DX8.1 compatible sound card
    Notes about minimal requirements:
    If you seem to get the blue and black problem, it's because your graphics card
    cannot do HT&L, these problems happen if you hava TNT2 or older video card. If
    you just meet the minimal requirements, likelyhood is that your gonna have one
    hella laggy time even on the lowest settings. Fact is, you're gonna need to
    Recommended (Box specs)
    800Mhz or faster Pentium 3 or AMD Athlon processor
    256MB Ram
    16X or fast CD-Rom drive
    64MB or greater supported Direct3D and Hardware Transform & Lighting 
    video card
    Notes about recommended specs:
    These specs are more like the minimal requirements, if you pass these specs you
    should be able to play to game smoothly on the lowest settings.
    Video Cards
    Geforce 2/4MX
    Radeon9000 (performs no better then GF4MX, sometimes less)
    Playable specs
    1.2Ghz or better Intel P4 or AMD Athlon processor
    384MB ram
    128MB Video card such as GF3 Ti, Radeon 8500+ (not 9000!)
    Sound doesn't really matter unless you have a desire for it
    Notes about playable specs:
    With specs like these you will be able to play the game decently with low to
    medium detail. Radeon9000's fall under the recommended specs, since they
    perform more like GF4MX's.
    Video Cards
    Radeon 8500/9100
    Geforce3/Ti 200, 500
    Geforce FX 5200 (Apparently so)
    Enjoyable specs
    1.6Ghz-1.8Ghz Intel P4 or AMD Athlon XP(, 1700+, 1800+ Etc) processor
    512MB DDR, RD ram
    128MB Video Card
    Notes about enjoyable specs:
    Well, you're all set to play this game great on medium to high settings!
    Video Cards
    Geforce4 Ti 4200 128MB/64MB
    (Not the Ti4400, the Ti4200 can easily be OC'd to higher speeds then the
    Ti4400, even with its stock cooling)
    Perfect Specs
    2.2Ghz-3.06Ghz Pentium4 or AMD Athlon XP(2200+, 2400+ etc)
    512MB-1024MB Ram (DDR, RD)
    128MB Video Card (Not Matrox Parahelia)
    Notes about perfect specs:
    Well, the game looks damn pretty on my computer, and this is with 70+ FPS with
    full settings.
    Video Cards
    Geforce 4 Ti 600
    Radeon 9700Pro
    GeforceFX 5600/5800 Ultra
    What if I have a mixture of good and bad parts?
    Alright, when I first posted this guide I got complaints on how I hated 
    the MX and 9000 cards. This is my opinion and I think they are crap. Some
    people have a mixture of good CPU, bad ram, and so on. Basically, to play the
    game you need to have atleast SOMETHING good, and you will need 256Ram. I've
    noticed that the most important thing is the Video Card and not the CPU, which
    is needed more if you want to play against those smacktard  bots.
    Good CPU (1.6Ghz+) + slower video card (Geforce 2/4MX) + 512MB+ Ram = 
    Okay/fine performance
    Slower CPU (1.2Ghz+) + Super video card (Radeon 9700PRO) + 512MB+ Ram = 
    super performance
    Thanks to Dice for making the game
    Thanks to EA (pricks) for publishing the game
    Thanks to Joemomma for making the FAQ
    Also thanks to all those guys at Gamefaq's PC and BF1942 boards, that 
    includes you Leedeaton.
    - Panda man (Alex Schwanke) (s-wan-kee) (Yes I'm German)
    ****The above section was contributed by Alex Schwanke (Panda Man from
    GameFAQs), so all due credit goes to him. This section was updated as of
    version 1.52 of this guide.****
    1.4 - Shortened Client Commands (including an in-game buddy list) by Kenzoe
    Tild (The key right above tab, ~) brings up your console menu. So, to use the
    below commands, while playing in the game just hid your tild key (~) and it
    will show up. At the end of this section I'll wrap things up so you can
    quickly add people to your buddy list. Since these are client commands, it
    means that you can use them any time as a player. These shortened commands are
    new as of the 1.31 patch.
    ****The below section was contributed by KenZoe on the GameFAQs message boards.
    All due credit goes to him. KenZoe now wrote a more detailed FAQ on client
    commands, which can be found at this same site.****
    Let’s say that you wanted to kick a player called “I kill for planes” and has a
    player ID of 9 - he has been TK’ing for planes all map and thus is at an
    impressive -42
    The server doesn’t have an admin so what can you do???
    Easy, just open the console and type kick 9 to start a poll/vote.
    - You will now see a yellow written message about a vote being initiated, along
    with the player ID that is being voted for and the current and required amount
    of votes for the kicking to have an effect.
    - Over the next minute or so you will (perhaps) see and incline in the number
    of votes casted, don’t be surprised of you don’t though, since most players
    haven’t got a clue about what to type to cast their vote.
    - If the number of required votes are fulfilled, rejoice over your success of 
    kicking a n00b
    [in some battles you might want to type the command for a team vote only, since
    sometimes the other team don’t mind you having the worlds biggest team killer
    on YOUR team - in these cases just use the command KT #]
    As for voting, in case someone else started the vote, the commands are just the
    kt # for a pure team side voting 
    kick # for an all server voting
    The same system is what is used for voting for maps, here you’ll still have to
    use the lm (list maps) command in order to get the ID number for the wanted map
    ***Commands List***
    I’ve decided to only list the most useful client commands, e.g. I haven’t
    listed the new admin-commands since these are next to useless to the common
    gamer! [since you’ll need to be an admin to use them, and most users are just
    logging on to a server. I've also left out text size commands]
    I’ve listed them like this:
    “New input command” = “Old input command”
    Effect on the game
    Client Commands:
    These commands can be used outright with no need for adding numbers or
    follow-up questioning:
    lp = game.listplayers 
    This one is the base for most other functions in the game, remember this one
    - and by request: use page up/down to scroll up and down through the players!
    lm = game.listmaps
    lists the maps in order of appearance on the current server - good to spot RtR
    maps if that’s what you don’t like!
    ftk = game.TKForgive
    Only used on stuntservers or if a buddy (GFAQ’er) killed you!
    ptk = game.TKPunish
    Should be used every single time you get TK’ed!!!!
    Most servers are running either of these as a standard, but just to be safe -
    punish the **** who killed you - I haven’t been able to find a default number
    of punishes needed to be kicked (I think it’s 5 punish', since I got a guy
    kicked on a Swedish server two days ago)
    buddylist = game.buddylist
    Look at your current buddy list
    ignorelist = chat.ignorelist
    Look at your current ignore list
    Client 'Toggle' Settings:
    Toggle means that you should either type in 1 or 0 in order to
    activate/de-activate the feature.
    Fps 1/0 = console.showfps
    Show you current FPS
    hud 1/0 = game.usehud
    Remove the HUD (mini map, ammo and health symbol)
    oldtext 1/0 = chat.oldChatListStyle
    After getting used to the v1.3 message system the old one seems weird!
    But try it out, I’m sure that the new one will still look better!
    Client Argument Commands:
    “Listen carefully children”, since these are not used enough in this game! 
    All of these are used in combination with numbers found in either the “lp”
    (list players) or “listmaps” (list maps) command:
    Vm # = game.voteMap
    start a vote using the number found in “listmaps” - other users will vote too,
    just don’t expect a map change since not enough users know these commands!
    Kick # = game.voteKickPlayer
    Lets the entire server vote for a player to be kicked, just don’t expect the
    other team to approve - since they are winning!
    Kt # = game.votekickteamplayer
    Let your team vote for a player on your team to be kicked, let’s try it in
    tonights game!!!! *LOL* [since we might just be enough to pull one off!?]
    Ab # = game.addPlayerToBuddyList
    Find the number on your mate, and he’ll now light up green on the maps.
    Rb # = game.removeplayerfrombuddylist
    Does what it says!
    Ignore # = chat.addToIgnoreList
    Experiencing message spam..??!
    Not anymore, just add the user number who is doing the spam and you’ll never
    hear from him again! [Sniper-wannabes can just add all 63 players for all their
    anti social needs!!!]
    unignore = chat.removeFromIgnoreList
    Does what it says!
    Joe Momma I know that you are already at work updating your brilliant FAQ, and
    as always feel free to take any parts of the first paragraph that you need - I
    just love to see my name on print!! :o)
    But I’m sure that the common gamer will also benefit from these new/easier
    console commands - this is at least a good start to kicking most TK’ers ass’
    (since most servers have a max amount of punish’s!)
    All the information in this thread can be further studied at the page below;
    The only thing that isn’t my own work though, is the actual console commands.
    So copyright laws are still in effect! :o)
    Enjoy!!!! :o)
    ****The above section was contributed by KenZoe on the GameFAQs message boards.
    All due credit goes to him. The below section is written by Joe Momma, the
    author of this FAQ. KenZoe now wrote a more detailed FAQ on client commands,
    which can be found at this same site.****
    To make things less confusing (not that they really are already), here are the
    simple steps to add a buddy list:
    1. Look at the scoreboard. With the addition of the 1.4 patch, every player has
    a number by their name. Look at the number of the player or players that you
    want to add to your list. Let's pretend the player is #24.
    2. Type in "AB 24" without the quotes in your console (the ~ key). Again, 24 is
    just an example. The number is the number of the player that you find when you
    type LP in the console.
    The player will turn green on your map, minimap, and in game if he's on your
    team. His messages will also be green, as well as when he kills or gets killed.
    This is a pretty cool feature, and especially useful if you are playing a game
    with a friend and you want to stay with him, since the maps are so huge.
    2. Updates
    1.0 date: December 22, 2002. File size: 59k
    Made the original FAQ.
    1.1 date: January 16, 2003. File size: 79k
    I looked over my FAQ, and I noticed it was kind of rushed. I noticed I had only
    5 tank tips, although, not to brag, I am incredible with tanks. I fixed a lot 
    of things, although there is much more to come.
    - More strategies for classes and vehicles, particularly tanks.
    - Various fixes all over the place.
    - A contribution for anti-aircraft fire from our good friends, Jack and Chris.
    - Added Battle of the Bulge and Omaha Beach to the map strategies list. Only 10
    more to go... :-/
    - Added the War Stories section.
    1.2 date: January 31, 2003. File size: 120k
    An unexpectingly large update, increasing the file size to 120k. Don't 
    expect me to come out with Road to Rome information for a few more weeks. I 
    have to play the game first before I can come up with good enough strategies 
    with everything. I can't just pull information out of my ass.
    - Added the Basic Knowledge section.
    - Added a section for specifics on planes. (The Four Types of Planes)
    - Added the Counters section. This is a huge section, and I strongly suggest
    you take a peek. It sure took some time. More is coming on that section in a
    future update.
    - Added Market Garden and Bocage to the Map Strategies section.
    - Started off the War Stories section with a story of my own.
    - Handled a few contributions.
    - A little touching up here and there (more tips for planes, more Frequently
    Asked Questions, etc)
    1.21 date: February 1, 2003. File size: 124k
    Oops. Minor error on version 1.2. I added Eric43 to the contributions section
    but forgot to add his contribution, lol. Sorry Eric. -_-
    - Fixed a couple errors.
    - Added Eric43's contributions.
    1.31 date: February 11, 2003. File size: 150k
    Just a few things added. The Road to Rome is out and I'm playing it. I won't 
    come out with a full overview of the Road to Rome for a little while. Give me 
    a few weeks to enjoy the game. -_-
    Read section 14 for some first impressions.
    And in case you haven't figured it out, if I add a hundreth to the version
    number (.01) then it is a minor update. If I add a tenth (.1) then it is a
    major update. If I add a .05 to the update then it is in between.
    - Added Road to Rome impressions.
    - Added a bunch of more tips and strategies to the maps section, especially to
    the Pacific maps. They were kind of rushed when I first made them.
    - Added the first Road to Rome info in section 5.3D.
    - Planes section improved.
    - Added Berlin to the list of Map Strategies. 9 down, 13 to go...
    - Killing infantry section added. I strongly suggest you take a look at it.
    - As always, a few touches here and there.
    1.41 date: March 20, 2003. File size: 209k
    Let's just call this the Map Update. The maps section has gone through a huge
    improvement. Read below.
    A lot more information on the Road to Rome maps. Whether you have the expansion
    or not (get it, damnit. It's $20 with some great maps and most servers are RTR
    anyways.), you should read the maps section to get a good idea of what you
    should be doing.
    - Improved all map strategies by adding an air, land, and sea section for both
    teams, if they apply. Each side also has specific team strategies if it's a
    map where it isn't totally balanced, such as an assault map.
    - Handled a few contributions, including a ton of additions to the War Stories
    - As usual, handled a few errors and added to a few things.
    - Added many RTR maps: Monte Cassino, Operation Husky, Operation Baytown,
    Anzio, and Salerno. I just have to finish Baytown and add Monte Santa Croce,
    and then do other maps...bleh.
    - That little section for newbies has been improved a bit.
    - Added 6-8 more fun things to do.
    - Maybe this doesn't count, but I made map strategies in pictures for the
    strategies I felt couldn't be explained well in text. The links are here:
    (1.68 update - both are now dead. Meh)
    You can expect a few more sometime soon.
    More tips will be added to these added maps in the next update, which will
    hopefully be within 3-10 days (it should be 1.46 so it should be a decent sized
    update) Operation Baytown really needs work, and I kind of lost interest while
    writing it. ;p
    I really don't know when I'll add the RTR vehicles. They are so incredibly
    stupid (minus the new bomber plane and maybe that apc tank thingy) that I
    really would just love to skip them completely. I won't though, they just won't
    come out for a while.
    For anyone who wonders when I'll finish this FAQ, it will probably be sometime
    in summer, assuming another expansion isn't coming out. It's unlikely that
    another one won't, though, which is a good thing as long as it doesn't have as
    many pointless vehicles as RTR.
    1.42 date: March 21, 2003. File size: 215k
    This version is no big deal, the main purpose of this was to announce that Dice
    released a new map, Operation Aberdeen. It's a decent map based on tank
    battles, much as how Coral Sea is based on air battles, only you win the normal
    way, not by doing something special (in Coral Sea's case you sink the carrier).
    You can download the map here:
    Anyway, on with the changes:
    - A few additions to the bombing section for airplanes.
    - Finished Baytown. I only have Monte Santa Croce left for the Italy maps, then
    I'll probably work on the North African ones.
    - Added information on the new map (above).
    - More fixes than usual, such as rewording things and adding more information.
    I'll probably come out with the information on Operation Aberdeen in a little 
    As far as the progress on the FAQ goes, it's near complete. Still, I don't
    think it'll be done until summer. All I need left are the following:
    - Finish the maps. There are quite a few...I still need to do the five North
    African Maps, three Eastern Europe Maps, and an Italy map. I wouldn't be
    surprised if there's another map or two coming out in the near future.
    Hopefully the next one will be an all naval battle with a few planes.
    - Finish the counters section. This is boring as hell, that's why I don't think
    I'll be done it for a while.
    - Finish the vehicles section (add the Road to Rome vehicles).
    - Any information on a probable expansion pack in the near future. This could
    be the big one, since it's pretty likely another one will come out.
    - Add any contributions.
    1.47 date: April 4, 2003. File size: 233k
    I told you guys another expansion was coming out. The new one, called "Secret
    Weapons" has been announced. You can find information on it at
    It's hard to believe that it's April already. Jesus. For the record, this is
    the first "medium" update. The next update will probably add Monte Santa Croce
    and a few desert maps.
    Well, on with the updates:
    - Changed the specific types of planes section from 5.3C to 5.3D and added a
    section about flying, taking off, and landing in 5.3C.
    - As usual, a few fixes, such as in the counters section.
    - Added a small handful of map tips to the RTR maps.
    - Added a general infantry section. This has been eating away at me for a long
    time, so I decided to add it. I really like how it turned out, I recommend
    reading it.
    - Added a poll section about what you think of my guide. It would really help
    if I got some feedback, because it would help you guys out if I knew what I'm
    doing right and what I'm doing wrong.
    1.57 date: May 11, 2003. File size: 279k
    Well, a pleasant surprise arrived in my e-mail. I won $50 for this FAQ for
    being one of the five FAQs of the month of March. The money is nice, but don't
    think I'll stop updating or anything, because I did not write this FAQ for that
    purpose. I'm going to buy the next expansion pack to this game with it.
    Sorry I haven't updated for a while, I've been busy. I might look into making
    smaller updates, concentrating on the maps section, while fixing other things
    - Added a section about me. Nothing too fancy, it's hardly worth mentioning.
    (section 1.1)
    - Panda man sent in a new version of his specs guide. (section 1.3)
    - KenZoe gave me a list of shortened client commands on the message boards. The
    most notable things are punishing teamkillers and an in-game buddy list that
    actually makes players on it green on your map, so you can track them down very
    easily. (section 1.4)
    - I wrote another war story. Long one. It was a great clan match between two
    very good clans that I felt I had to add. (section 9)
    - Go check the map section below. I added the capture points in all the Pacific
    maps, how to defend and attack them, and how they're useful. Go take a peek.
    I'll add the rest later. It's very time consuming, especially on maps that I
    hate (cough...guadalcanal) (section 3.1)
    - I realize that people may find the above addition a little too much to read,
    so I put a line of ****'s to seperate the sections in the map strategies, to
    make it easier for them to skip. Still, you should read them anyway, because
    they have some crucial tips in them.
    - JESUS CHRIST. A LOAD OF CONTRIBUTIONS. AHH. Oh, and thanks for contributing.
    1.67 date: March 20, 2004. File size: 332k
    ***NOTE: If you have e-mailed me in the past couple of months, then your
    contribution has NOT been added. I seriously apologize for this, but it is out
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    It's been a while. I lost interest in this FAQ for a while, and just now
    decided to work on it again. I don't know how far I want to go with this FAQ
    anymore. I'm probably going to eventually cover the class/vehicle tips, but I'm
    doubt I'll finish up the maps. Nobody really cares as much about the maps as
    plain old tips. The 1.6 patch is out.
    Battlefield: Vietnam is out. If the problems are fixed and the game is patched,
    then I expect to write a guide for it. It will likely be smaller with more
    useful information. Don't expect it for a while, though.
    The updates will be based more on infantry/vehicle tactics than maps. I realize
    that many people care more about getting better with a certain weapon/vehicle
    than learning specific strategies to maps. Besides, writing about the maps is
    DAMN tedious. Besides, I looked at my old dogfighting tips and realized that
    they aren't so great nowadays. The strategies worked when I wrote them (when
    battlefield was full of crappy players), but they ONLY work against new players
    now...So I fixed them up...and they are probably among the best tips you will
    find on the internet about this game. Because I kick ass like that.
    I apologize to anyone who contributed and didn't get a response, and wondered
    where the hell their contribution went, since I haven't updated for almost a
    year. More important, I apologize to the people who contributed after my e-mail
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    - KenZoe sent me an updated version of his console commands guide. He also
    wrote a guide of his own on GameFAQs. (section 1.4)
    - Added the defense/offense/usefulness flag strategy thing to a couple maps.
    - Fixed many, many tips, and added many more.
    - I added a section on maneuvering in dogfighting, and also did some of the
    dogfighting section again. I like the way it turned out...go look at it.
    (section 5.3B)
    - I also added a thing about the specifics of each fighter plane.
    (section 5.3B)
    - Added a useful "What to do during certain flying situations" in the plane
    section. (section 5.3C)
    - Small but useful Anti-aircraft section added. (section 5.3D)
    - More, better infantry tips added, and certain ones fixed up. Actually, a lot
    were added, all scattered throughout the infantry section. I suggest that
    everyone reads the 1v1 tips in the general infantry section.
    Anyway, I'm glad I finally updated. This guide has been eating at me for a
    1.68 date: November 27, 2005. File size: 334k
    WTF? I wrote a FAQ for Battlefield 1942?
    Just fixed up a few things. Some tips were really old, some were even flat out
    wrong...such as proning when a bomb is going to hit you. Don't do that, that
    gets you killed, haha. Note that I started this FAQ after owning the game for
    only three months, so I didn't know that at the time. That's my excuse.
    Anyway, Battlefield 2 has been out for a while, and the expansion is out as
    well. They are both very good. My only real beef with them is the maps in the
    original (though Special Forces has some really awesome maps, perhaps the best
    overall set of maps out of any BF game or expansion), and the overabundance of
    vehicles that are way too powerful against infantry. Anyway, BF:V is trash and
    has been all but abandoned. Don't get that game. I don't think I'll write a BF2
    guide because there's another one out that's currently 170k and looks to be
    pretty decent. I'm also lazy and don't have the same amount of time that I did
    when I started this FAQ (I was a freshman in high school). No need to waste my
    valuable, precious time.
    I don't think I'll update this FAQ again in years. So I'll see you guys in
    2008 or something. Toodles!
    3. Maps: Descriptions, Tips, and Strategies
    This section, obviously, deals with all the maps in Battlefield 1942. If you
    want to be a good player, you must learn the maps. I will go over a description
    of each map, followed by tips and specific strategies. These strategies are
    based more on the player playing them rather than the entire team, since in 
    public servers you will find that not your entire team will cooperate. That's 
    not to say that some won't listen, but not all will.
    The map strategies assume you're playing with 24-64 players on multi-player.
    They are most suitable for games of 32 players.
    3.1 - Pacific Maps:
    (Midway, Wake Island, Coral Sea, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal)
    Description: Ah yes, the turning point of the Pacific part of World War II. The
    Allies sunk four major Japanese Aircraft Carriers in this battle, forcing them
    to turn around. In case you're unaware, four is a lot of Aircraft Carriers. The
    Japanese sunk one Allied Aircraft Carrier. A good trade for the Allies.
    This is a map based around naval battles. It consists of a strategically
    located island in the middle, containing an airbase, a couple defguns, and an
    anti-aircraft gun. Both sides have a submarine, an aircraft carrier, two
    destroyers, and a battleship. The island starts neutral, and the opposing sides
    start at opposite sides from each other.
    - Guard your airbase like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, that thing is
    important, especially if your aircraft carrier is sunk.
    - Try not to go out in the battleship (big ship) alone. If an enemy sub finds 
    you, good night. Get a destroyer or a submarine to come along with you.
    - If your teammates are not cooperating and will not go with you while you
    capture flags in your ship.
    - If you want to be a shmuck, you can get in a landing craft and capture the
    sea flags that way.
    - You have to be very close to the flag to capture the airfield. Since your
    opponents can be inside the building a little while attempting to capture the 
    point, you can easily shell them out with a grenade thrown into the door.
    - Although this map is quite balanced, the Japanese are closest to the worst
    part of the island: the bunker. The Allies are closer to the airfield, which is
    easily ten times better. Take advantage of this.
    - If you grab ahold of a plane in the early game, you should use it to
    paratroop on the island. It is much faster than taking a landing craft and
    landing on the island. This is especially true if you're on the Axis side,
    since they are farther away from the airfield than the Allies.
    - Axis: Japanese ships are much more powerful than Allied ships. Japanese 
    Destroyers have two extra guns in the back, and their Battleships have much
    more firepower than the Allied Battleship. Keep this in mind when facing off
    against another ship.
    - Pilots and sailors should sink the enemy carriers as fast as possible. This 
    will eliminate enemy aircraft from the sky as long as they don't have the 
    - You might want to move your aircraft carrier to the edge of the map. It will
    last much longer this way, since the enemy will expect to find it exactly where
    it starts.
    - Try shelling out enemies on the island with ships. Just beware of defguns and
    enemy ships sneaking up on you.
    - If you find an enemy sub, keep in mind that you can sink him with a torpedo
    Capture Points: There are four capture points in this level. This is the only
    official map to have capture points in the sea, so it's important to have a
    good navy on your team. Usually, ships will capture this point then sail away,
    so there's not much of a fight for them.
    The Sea Flags: I'd list these seperate, but they're almost the exact same. The
    only difference is their location and the fact that one is closer to the other
    team. Anyway...usually you'll only fight for this once or twice. Both teams
    usually race for these in the very start, and that's the main fight. 
    - Usefulness: You only need these points to drain your opponents' tickets. You
    cannot respawn on these.
    - Defense: If you decide to defend these things, you shouldn't stay over the
    actual flag with your ship. Instead, you should face the opposite direction of
    the flag's location (example: if it's the north flag, face south) and be on the
    lookout for other ships. It also would be a nice idea to just sail around in
    - Offense: Nothing much to say, here. If there's actually a ship guarding it,
    then you have yourself a fight. If not, it's yours. Just don't sail by it, you
    usually need to pretty much stop when you capture the flag. Some people take
    this flag by using a landing craft, others may jump out of their airplane and
    sacrifice themselves to take it.
    Airfield: Your traditional airfield. It has a few houses on the other side that
    can be used by the enemy, or by snipers. A bunch of useful vehicles spawn
    around here. It has anti-aircraft guns that can be used against tanks or planes
    invading. It also has a hangar where torpedo planes respawn.
    - Usefulness: This is the most important spot in the whole map, so as you can
    guess, it's the most guarded. Its most important use is to spawn torpedo
    - Defense: First off, the flag here has a very small radius. The most common
    way for enemies to take it is by hiding inside the building right next to the
    hangar. You can usually kill them by chucking a grenade inside. Some people may
    hide behind the sandbags, and some like to hangar camp with a tank. Use the AA
    guns to your advantage: against tanks, infantry, or planes. Take cover inside
    buildings if this point is being shelled out by a ship, and keep in mind that
    the ship will spawn landing craft that the enemy will use to get to shore.
    - Offense: Hide inside the building and be prepared for enemies to come from
    either door, including grenades. Stay alert, and never attack it openly. Before
    you even get to the flag, you should walk along the sides of the beach to avoid
    - Usefulness: Having this place is one step closer to the airfield. Just like
    all points on head-on maps, of course, it drains enemy tickets.
    - Defense: This place is often shelled out with ships. You can hide inside the
    house or inside the bunker. Watch for landing craft appearing out of nowhere
    on your map, because that means an enemy is coming.
    - Offense: The best way to capture this flag is to prone right outside of the
    bunker on the side that's facing the water, not on the side where everyone can
    see you. If you are using a landing craft, go right for the bunker and prone.
    If you're walking here, you can cross the bridge or you can cross through the
    river. I recommend the river since it's less obvious, just don't get caught.
    You can toss a grenade inside the bunker to wipe out anyone inside.
    The strategy is quite obvious, just take the points in the sea and keep the 
    island. If you had to pick between the sea and the island, keep the island. 
    The island is the key to winning. You shouldn't switch from someone capturing 
    and holding the island to someone who goes for the sea flags in one match, so 
    keep that in mind. Try to use your fellow sailors to your advantage, by 
    sticking with each other.
    If you are a pilot, you should sink the enemy carrier. The first objective for
    even a pilot should be to take the airbase, since it spawns torpedo bombers. If
    you are not comfortable with torpedo bombers, then you should try to get the
    dive bomber and bomb the carrier until it is destroyed. The enemy rarely even
    notices the carrier being sunk, so you won't have much resistance.
    If you are a sailor, then you should go for either the northern sea flag or the
    southern sea flag as fast as possible, hopefully with naval support, and then 
    go after the enemy ships on the exact opposite side of the map from your naval
    starting points. It is extremely helpful when your team is the only team with 
    planes in the sky (in other words...when you sink their Aircraft Carrier).
    If you are an infantry you should take a landing craft to the airfield as fast
    as possible, or even a plane. From there you can attack the other flag on the
    island, you can sink some ships with your brand spanking new torpedo planes, or
    you can simply defend the island. If you camp in the hangar with a tank, you
    are nearly unstoppable when defending the airfield. Keep in mind that most
    people taking the airfield are hiding in the building nearby.
    Wake Island
    Description: Wake Island is an extremely small island found, of course, in the
    Pacific Ocean. Used as an airbase, the Allies attempted to build defense on 
    their island, but were unfortunately attacked and captured within several days
    by the Japanese. The Japanese made all surving Allies POWs, and were reportedly
    very brutal to them.
    This is the map from the multiplayer demo, and my personal favorite. The 
    Allies start with a poorly defended island, while the Axis have to siege and
    capture it. The Axis start with a Destroyer and an Aircraft Carrier.
    - As Axis, don't go overboard attacking the allied airbase. It is the most 
    defended area on the map, and you will have an extremely tough time taking it 
    alone. If you go, you need several teammates to go with you, preferrably in 
    - If you're the axis, don't let that aircraft carrier get sunk. Use the anti 
    aircraft guns, use your wrench, anything. Planes are a key point to winning as 
    the axis.
    - At the same time, if you're allies, bomb that aircraft carrier like there's
    no tomorrow. If your enemies have no planes, you will have an easier time
    guarding the island.
    - As the axis, try bringing your destroyer around to the allied airfield.
    Proceed to destroy every plane that spawns there. Be an engineer of course,
    and mind that defgun that may be pointing right at you!
    - If you use the defguns, shoot the ship a few times. Once he starts aiming at
    you, run. He will destroy it eventually.
    - Anti-aircraft guns destroy tanks. Several anti-aircraft guns around the
    airfield can be aimed low enough to destroy those tanks harrassing your base.
    - As the allies, if you want to just defend the island, then you should find a
    spot with a medical area, and just guard the area as a...*gasp*...assault.
    - Keep in mind that in many points, you can capture the island from the side
    of the hill rather than being on it.
    - In the airfield there several guard towers. If you use these guard towers
    the right way, you are in great position to be sniped or shot down by a regular
    assault. Instead of using the machine guns on these towers, climb up to the top
    and prone down. As enemies pass by, you can shoot them down with your gun. This
    is an extremely effective strategy against infantry. They will not expect it.
    - You can use the same strategy above as an anti-tank. As the tank comes by it
    will most likely be exposing its rear. You can shoot the back of the tank with
    the bazooka for a one hit kill. Keep in mind that more keen players will notice
    where your shot came from and may kill you from there, so stay alert.
    Capture Points: There are five capture points in Wake Island. They're all very
    useful, especially to the Japanese. ALWAYS attack these points the less obvious
    way, which is to walk along the beach itself to get to them. The enemy will
    look for you if you're going the obvious route.
    The Southwest flag: This place is usually defended a moderate amount by the
    Americans. It's a great place to take since it gives your team good position,
    cover, ammo and health refills, and a free tank.
    - Usefulness: Read above. Probably the best place to take first if you're on
    the Axis side.
    - Defense: Just stay inside the buildings. There's health and ammo nearby if
    you need it. I'd recommend being an assault if you're Allied, but just a medic
    if you're Japanese. Watch out for enemies walking along the beach. There's an
    AA gun behind this place that can be used to kill tanks and planes harassing
    - Offense: As with every point in this map, you should get to it by walking
    along the beach. Take cover inside a building and kill enemies from there if
    you want to take it.
    Landing Beach: This is the beach between the airfield and the southwest flag.
    It is defended poorly by most Allied teams, but it's also hard to defend when
    it's captured.
    - Usefulness: Very little. The main reason to take it is because it's an easy
    capture, so you can get reinforcements to help you capture the southwest flag.
    - Defense: Bleh. You can hide inside the bunker, but you should prone on the
    hill instead. This place is annoying when it comes to defense because the flag
    has a high radius.
    - Offense: Toss a grenade in the bunker. Prone on the hill. Kill infantry
    around that area. It's that simple. Of course, this is assuming there's any
    enemies guarding this flag in the first place.
    Airfield: This is the most defended area in the map. It spawns a fighter, a
    dive bomber, and a torpedo plane. It's the most important spot to have, and
    it's hard to defend since the flag has a very high capture radius and there
    are buildings all over to hide in.
    - Usefulness: This is the Allies' source of planes. If this point is taken,
    their plane supply is cut off. It's also nice to have if you're an Axis since
    you'll get twice as many planes.
    - Defense: This flag has a huge radius. There are several ways to defend it:
    1. Hide inside one of the many buildings and kill infantry as they go by.
    2. Climb up the guard towers and prone inside, and kill people as they go by.
    3. Let the plane campers do it.
    - Offense: Hide inside buildings and kill people as they go by. You'll usually
    need reinforcements when you try to take this point. No matter what you do,
    take cover inside the buildings.
    The North East flag: 
    - Usefulness: Not much more useful than any other point, but it provides great
    cover. This place is probably defended the second most by the Allies in the
    beginning of the map.
    - Defense: As usual, hide inside the buildings. This place also has a huge
    capture radius. You can place landmines on the bridge if your enemies have it,
    and if you're Allied, you'll have to watch out for landing craft. Search the
    beach area if it's being taken, because sometimes people take it from the beach
    - Offense: Walk along the sides of the beach to get to it, and take it from the
    back. You can take this point by just hiding on the beach, although it isn't
    very safe.
    The North West flag (the village): 
    - Usefulness: This place spawns a tank, so if you get this place, you can get
    a tank out of the deal. It's easy to keep an eye on enemies coming towards it,
    but if they actually get to it, it's hard to find them.
    - Defense: Ugh. There are a ton of buildings here, and your enemies can hide
    in them all. If you're guarding this place and it becomes neutral, I'd search
    for the sides first, since that's usually where the enemies come from. Anyways,
    hide inside the buildings. You can place landmines or TNT on the bridge.
    - Offense: Same as defense, almost. Hide inside the buildings and keep in mind
    that the enemies will be searching for you. Take the bridge only if you have
    reinforcements, and if you don't, take the river.
    Axis: Take the island as soon as possible to stop the loss of your tickets. It
    doesn't matter where, but you shouldn't attempt to take the airfield early. The
    south flags are usually guarded the least in the start (especially the beach),
    so try taking those first. If you can get in a plane, jump out of the plane to
    take a flag. From there, defend the area you captured until other players start
    spawning out of it. If you're in the mood to be cursed at by the Allies, read 
    tip #4.
    If you take the beach first, immediately go for the most southwest flag. The
    beach is the hardest point to defend on the map, so you may only be able to
    keep it long enough to take another point.
    If you are a pilot, bomb the living crap out of anything you see. Try to take
    the dive bomber (The AchiVal) and bomb tanks, infantry, planes taking off, etc.
    Supporting your teammates as they capture flags is a must. If a tank is
    searching for your teammates while they attempt to capture a flag, it is your
    job to destroy the tank.
    As a sailor, you can do three things:
    - Move the aircraft carrier out of harm's way, and then sail in the destroyer.
    - Keep the aircraft carrier where it is, manning the AA guns and racking up
    the kills.
    - Get in a destroyer and either shell out bases as your teammates capture them
    or read the tip above about destroying the airfield.
    Allies: Defend what you can. It is hard to patrol the entire island, although
    using a jeep makes it easier. Don't bother guarding the airfield in the
    beginning; all those plane campers will do that for you. Use grenades to shell
    out the axis hiding inside the buildings.
    Once the Axis capture a flag, you should try to take it back as soon as you
    possibly can. You usually cannot do this without either controlling a tank,
    having teammates backing you up, or being sneaky about it (such as walking
    along the beach instead).
    As a pilot you should NOT bomb the carrier right away. The most important thing
    you can do is to destroy landing craft and infantry going for your flags.
    Later on in the map, if you have a dive bomber or torpedo plane, you should
    sink the carrier or the destroyer. Most people sailing in destroyers are
    defenseless against planes, but some may shoot back and even hit you with their
    Coral Sea (download)
    Description: The "Christmas map" that Dice Software released as a present. This
    map is completely based on air (with a total of 24 planes at once), and is 
    rather different than the standard conquest maps. You must defend your aircraft 
    carrier, for once it is sunk, you lose. This map comes with the 1.4 patch, but
    it was released before it came out.
    - Defend, defend, defend. The obvious choice is to be an engineer. Repair your
    ship as much as humanly possible. Don't forget about the AA (anti-aircraft)
    - If you choose to attack, then the first target you should go for is the
    defgun near your aircraft carrier.
    - You can be a sniper and snipe all the hapless plane campers. Crash your plane
    and land on the island near their aircraft carrier, and snipe away.
    - Eliminate all enemy planes BEFORE they become a threat to you.
    - Destroy the defgun facing your carrier. At the same time, you should also
    use these defguns to your advantage. Be sure to jump out before it is bombed.
    - Once your opponent's carrier is sunk, jump out of your plane and scream talk
    commands to your enemies, just for the hell of it. :-P They can't hurt you, and
    you can't hurt them since you're both in water.
    - Read the anti-aircraft gun section on how to destroy planes with AA guns. If
    a plane is passing by and you simply cannot hit it, you need to read this
    section. It is crucial to this map.
    - Some players like to do nothing but guard the nets so that the enemies cannot
    climb up and deal some damage. This is actually an effective way to get kills.
    You can either do this as a medic or as an engineer by placing one pack of TNT
    on each side. As the enemies climb up, blow them to hell. Engineers seem less
    practical in this case, but they can also keep the carrier around by repairing
    - There's a small trick I found in this map when climbing a net. If you climb
    high (about 60-90% of the height of the net) and jump off, holding forward, you
    will still stay on the net and be able to climb much faster. The game will
    think you're falling.
    - Read below for the best way to attack the carrier.
    - People who man the American AA guns are often victims of bullets from planes.
    The American carrier's AA guns are more vulnerable to bullets. Good players
    know this and take advantage of this.
    Capture Points: There aren't any capture points in this map, so I'll count the
    carriers as them.
    The Carriers: The heart of your team is your aircraft carrier. If it's sunk,
    you lose.
    - Usefulness: Well, it's your only spawn point, if it's sunk you lose, and it
    spawns planes...so I'd say it's quite useful.
    - Defense: Man the AA guns, repair it. Learn to shoot AA fire in the AA fire
    section (5.4). Enemies often land on your carrier and you will have to kill
    them, so keep on the lookout for them. Personally, I like to fly around in a
    fighter and shoot down all the enemy airplanes, with AA fire backing me up.
    Works like a charm.
    - Offense: There are two good ways to attack the carrier. Going head on and
    bombing it like 90% of the people is just stupid, because you'll be shot down
    in a heartbeat.
    1. Hug the water. I really mean it, stay very low, just know that the slightest
    move down will likely make you crash. While hugging the water, aim your
    crosshair over the guy in the AA gun. He can't hit you, and you can hit him
    easily. From here, bombs away.
    2. Attack by flying over the runway, the long way. You can avoid a lot of AA
    fire this way. Here's one of those famous Joe Momma diagrams:
    --> ::::::::::::::::
    The arrow is your plane, the :'s are the aircraft carrier. That's the way you
    should bomb it if you want to avoid more AA fire.
    You should either defend your carrier, or you should be attacking. If you're
    attacking, be wary of the enemy anti-aircraft guns. You should take the dive
    bomber (plane with 30 bombs) to destroy the carrier. Keep in mind that the
    carrier takes the most damage when you bomb it in the middle. Also, hug the
    water to avoid AA fire.
    You can also take the islands with the anti-aircraft guns on them, and shoot
    down planes as they pass by.
    If you're defending, I already mentioned what to do.
    Iwo Jima
    Description: Iwo Jima is an island near Japan in the Pacific Ocean. The
    Japanese were expected to die, and were told that if they killed ten Allies
    before they died, then they did their job. Much like in Omaha Beach, very few
    Allies in the front line survived. The Japanese could see the Americans
    perfectally, while the Allies landing on the beach could not see the Japanese.
    It was very much like a mini D-Day. This is the island where the famous "flag
    picture" was taken. More information can be found here:
    This map is very similar to Wake Island, although, in my opinion,
    it is not as good. The allies must siege the Japanese island and capture it.
    However, the hills of Iwo Jima make it more difficult for the allies.
    - Allies: Unlike Wake Island, the airbase is fairly easy to get. The best way 
    to get this point is to sail the landing craft to the larget hill (on the map,
    the hill is south of the airfield). From there, attack the airfield, but don't
    be so open about it.
    - Allies: The beach is somewhat difficult to get if your opponents are 
    half-smart, but it is extremely important since it saves the allies time from
    traveling and the axis cannot capture that point.
    - Axis: You should probably defend the beach from the start. The bunkers right
    above the beach contain stationary machine guns that are certainly useful for
    ripping apart the allies on the beach.
    - Allies: Try sniping these machine-gunners. You can snipe them off the
    landing craft if you have to.
    - Axis: If you use the defguns, shoot the ship a few times. Once he starts 
    aiming at you, run. He will destroy it eventually.
    - Axis: If you're going to use a plane, sink the aircraft carrier. With planes,
    your enemies are unpredictable and can parachute down from anywhere they want.
    Besides, the aircraft carrier usually isn't defended too well on this map for 
    some reason.
    - Allies: Try sniping off a ship, such as the aircraft carrier.
    - A defgun near the hill (near the hill, not on it) is facing the sea. However,
    it has a good range, so you can turn it to the left and face the hill with it.
    Attack the hill to support your team as they go up the hill and attempt to
    capture the flag. It may be destroyed eventually, but make sure you destroy all
    threats that you can, such as the tanks on the hill, the defgun on the hill,
    - To guard the airfield, you can take a tank and put it on the platform (the
    thing that automatically repairs you as you stay on it) and just sit there.
    You will have little trouble guarding it. Just watch out for planes and sneaky
    engineers planting dynamite around your tank and setting it off.
    - To take the airfield you should take a tank if it's available, then camp out
    on the platform.
    - Allies: I actually suggest that you do not take the beach. The Axis love to
    camp the beach as infantry and with tanks, wearing down your tickets faster
    than they should be worn down.
    Capture Points: There are quite a few, so it gives the Allies a good
    opportunity to take flags.
    The Northern Hill: This place is a popular place for snipers, especially around
    the bunker. It spawns a tank and has two anti-aircraft guns and a defgun,
    although the defgun is usually blown up before it's put to good use.
    - Usefulness: Great place for shooting down planes stupid enough to come by.
    It's also easy to defend if you put enough effort into it.
    - Defense: The enemies can only come up from the "ramp" leading to the rest of
    the island. They can actually come around the sides once they get up most of
    the ramp, but most don't. You may want to place TNT on the ramp, or just be an
    assault or medic hiding in a bunker or rubble attacking them. The flag has a
    large radius and is often harassed by planes, although the battleship usually
    can't even hit the hill.
    - Offense: You pretty much need reinforcements unless there's noone there.
    Walk up the ramp and walk along the sides, but don't plan on lasting long of
    there are several enemies there. Take cover behind the sandbags.
    The Beach: If you're Allies, you usually shouldn't bother with this point until
    you have a few other points in the map. It saves transportation time, of
    course, but it gives the enemies a bunch of kills. Remember, you CANNOT TAKE
    THIS POINT BACK as the Axis.
    - Usefulness: It reduces transport time for the Allies, and racks up kills for
    the Japanese.
    - Defense: Man the machine guns. Use a tank to destroy landing craft. This
    place is barely even attempted to take.
    - Offense: Sigh...only take this point as an American if you already have
    several capture points on the map, because if you only have the beach and no
    other point on the island, your enemies will concentrate their power on this
    area and you'll likely be killed as you respawn. Of course, this makes other
    points more defenseless, so you can capture the beach and take another point.
    The Middle Two Points: I'm too lazy to list these seperately, since this whole
    "list all the points on the map and how to defend them and attack them" process
    is quite time consuming in itself.
    - Usefulness: Err...they drain tickets and you can respawn there? Nothing too
    - Defense: Both have bunkers you can hide in. The one on the right, however,
    has a bunker, but it isn't close enough to the flag.
    - Offense: Err...I don't know. Just kill the guys in the bunkers, make sure
    nobody is nearby, prone, and take the flag. Nothing new.
    The Airfield: A very important point. See below.
    - Usefulness: The usefulness should be obvious by the name, but as if spawning
    airplanes wasn't enough, it also spawns two tanks! It has a million AA guns
    around it, and it has a repair platform. This is the singlemost important spot
    in the map. If you need to guard one spot, guard this one.
    - Defense: Quite simple, actually. The biggest problem is an enemy tank managing
    to get onto the repair platform. Since the capture radius of the flag is very,
    very small, the enemy can only hide inside or around the building. Sneak up on
    the enemy. If there's a tank, do anything you can do to wipe it out. TNT will
    destroy it, and if you can get to the AA guns before he can get to the hangar,
    you can take him out.
    - Offense: Wipe out anyone that can be an instant threat to you. If you don't
    have a tank, you can do two things. There's an advantage and disadvantage to
    1. Hide inside the building. This is where the enemy expects you to be, but you
    can take cover from snipers on the hills.
    2. Hide outside the building. Move back and forth if you do this, so snipers
    don't catch you. They tend to love the hills. You can usually catch enemies by
    surprise this way, and kill them.
    Axis: The best strategy, and the one I use the most, is to defend the beach
    rather than to sink the carrier or whatever. Grab a stationary machine gun
    inside the bunkers above the beach and just wait for your opponenets to arrive
    to you. Chances are, a few tanks will be backing you up.
    Later in the game, when the island is taken, do what you can to get the points
    back. Remember that the allies are often sneaky; they will learn that they
    can't land their landing craft at the beach so they will go around and try to
    take the northern hill instead. They may even jump out of planes as well. Try
    to defend your airbase if possible.
    You may also want to defend the northern hill or the southern hill, right by
    the airfield. Read the tip above about guarding the airfield. Anti-aircraft
    guns come in handy for the first few minutes, especially on the north hill
    and the airfield. Use them efficiently.
    If you grab an airplane, bomb or shoot the Allied landing craft. Both ships
    have AA guns, so they are barely an option (although people rarely defend the
    carrier in this map). Destroy infantry that you find on the shores attempting 
    to capture flags. If the beach is taken by the Allies, then it is a great way
    to rack up kills and wear down their tickets.
    Allies: Although it is rather difficult, take a point as soon as possible. The
    points in the middle of the island are easy to take but are hard to keep. If
    you don't want to attack the airfield (read the tips), then you should probably
    go for the middle flags. Do not take the beach unless you feel you need to. The
    northern hill is the toughest point to take in this map, unless you take it
    early (even then it's still quite tough, though).
    Ships should just act as artillery or shell out enemy positions. Nothing
    special here. A good ship will effect the outcome of the match.
    In the air you may want to paratroop or bomb, depending on the scenerio. If you
    find a point that is not well defended, you may want to bomb it and then
    paratroop to take it. If you do not, check the map and support your teammates 
    as they take flags.
    Description: My least favorite Pacific map and one of my least favorites in
    general. No side has an advantage in this map, so it is very well balanced. On
    the east of the island both teams have two destroyers and a submarine, although
    ships are not as important in this map as the other maps. This map also
    contains two spawn points with hills on them the are important to keep and easy
    to defend. Each side also has an airfield.
    This is one of the least strategic maps in the game, besides the great strategy
    that I came up with.
    - You'd be surprised by how many people don't bother with the ships. This is no
    problem, just take your destroyer and proceed to destroy every ship they have.
    Keep in mind that if you position yourself correctly, you can attack with the
    front cannons, and then switch positions to attack with the rear cannons as
    - If you manage to sink all your enemy ships, go around the island (don't beach
    the ship, especially around the allied base), and just blow up as many planes
    as you possibly can. This will get you many kills, and it will seriously
    enhance your team's chance of winning. Prepare to be attacked by an angry tank
    though, so be an engineer.
    - If you decide to fight on the land instead, then try taking the outpost
    (midwest of map). It is generally forgotten about by most players, but is
    quite hard to defend. If you defend it, you should camp inside the guard tower
    and prone.
    - The village is tough to get, and is attacked the most. You should let your
    teammates get it. If you decide to, you should probably be an anti-tank and
    take cover inside the buildings.
    - Snipe people up on the hills. It racks up kills if you can do it efficiently
    - Snipers are extremely common in the hills. You can usually find a couple and
    get a few kills added to your record.
    - The hills are easy to defend, and for that reason, are hard to capture. Try
    using stealth (being sneaky) when climbing the hills. You should throw grenades
    first before you climb up the hill, but do not run up the hills while throwing
    them, because there's a good chance you'll run into someone with a gun.
    - If you have a plane, bomb the hills for some easy kills. There are often
    enemies just waiting there and can easily be bombed. Even if you don't kill
    them with the bomb, they usually get thrown off the cliff and die from that.
    Capture Points: There are four. Two are on hills, and are rather difficult to
    take if people are guarding them.
    The Hills: Keep in mind that I am talking about two different capture points
    here. The hills are close to both team's main spawn point. They are easy to
    defend if you know what you're doing. If the enemy team has more flags than you
    do, then this place is usually poorly defended. You may find a sniper, and
    that's it. Both have a bunker, an ammo crate, and a tank.
    - Usefulness: Nothing really, besides, of course, draining tickets from the
    other team. Snipers like to snipe from here. One tank spawns here.
    - Defense: Heh. They're easy to defend, even against tanks. Both have an ammo
    crate, so you can hide behind the bunker and spam grenades against a tank.
    As for infantry, just find them before they find you. A simple grenade may
    knock them off the hill and kill them. You have the height advantage...use it
    - Offense: Watch for grenades, and watch for infantry coming down the hill. As
    I said above, if the enemies have more spawn points than you, then this place
    is often poorly defended. Snipers are sometimes found here, so just knife the
    bastards. You shouldn't use a tank...it's probably better to take this place
    as an infantry.
    The Village: This is one of the most attacked spots in the game. It is often
    BOMBARDED with tank shells. This is where the fighting takes place, baby.
    Being a village, there are many buildings here to take cover from.
    - Usefulness: Yeah, it spawns a few things. It spawns at LEAST a medium tank, a
    light tank (artillery), and a jeep. It's also in the middle of everywhere, so
    it's good transportation.
    - Defense: You can plant TNT and mines over the entrances, since tanks are the
    problem here. Hiding inside a building with a bazooka is also effective. Just
    watch out for infantry, they sometimes make it here too. They're usually easy
    to spot.
    - Offense: You better get your team here. Unless you know it's poorly defended,
    if your team isn't going for this point, you shouldn't, either. Try to be an
    anti-tank, or at least have anti-tank support. Hide inside the buildings, of
    The Outpost: This place spawns a tank. It's out in the middle of nowhere, by
    the hills.
    - Usefulness: As I said, it spawns a tank. It's also in the middle of all the
    other flags, so it's good for transportation.
    - Defense: Err...this place is hard to guard. It has a guard tower, however,
    that you may want to hide in. Since there are many hills around, you may be
    plagued by snipers or by infantry headed for this base. Also, tanks tend to be
    a problem.
    - Offense: Your best bet here is to clear out the place with your gun, and then
    try to capture the flag. In case the enemy respawns while you're taking the
    flag, pick a convienient point so you can get the first shots in. This place
    usually isn't defended well; most people take it and go.
    Well, I kind of listed the whole strategy on the tips section, but whatever.
    If you're going for the sea: Read tips #1 and #2. Subs won't do a thing against
    planes for obvious reasons, so pick a destroyer and be an engineer. If you
    don't want to confront the enemy, go around the island instead of straight
    If you're going for the land: Read tips #3, #4, and #5. You should start at the
    main base (the one with the "No" sign over the flag, meaning the opposite team
    cannot take it). Take a vehicle such as a tank or jeep, pick the medic or 
    assault as your class (in other words, pick the medic), and attack.
    If you're in the air, there isn't much to do besides the usual bombing of tanks
    and shooting of planes. However, you should check your map once in a while to
    see what flags you need to bomb. If there's an enemy flag and there's friendly
    infantry and tanks attacking it, you should bomb the flag to support your
    teammates. Read the tip about bombing the hill.
    3.2 - Eastern Europe Maps
    (Berlin, Stalingrad, Kursk, Kharkov)
    Description: The fall of Berlin is one of the most important battles in World
    War II. This map takes place in 1945 when Josef Stalin pushed his Soviet army
    ahead of the rest of the Allies to learn the secrets of Hitler's nuclear
    program. Obviously, Stalin wasn't much of an friend to the rest of the Allies.
    Of course, the Soviets didn't magically teleport into the middle of an alleyway
    in Berlin, but this is only a game.
    I'm starting to really love this map. People complain of grenade spamming, but
    I think you just need to know how to avoid them. This is an all-out tanks and
    infantry combat map, although the tanks never last too long. There are a ton of
    buildings to hide in and tell ghost stories in. Infantry can often be found
    hiding in the buildings.
    - Allies: You should attempt to take the first Axis flag as quick as possible.
    If you do not, the Axis will eventually spawn camp you to death.
    - The closest flag to the Allies' main spawn point is often plagued by enemies
    hiding in the ruined building overlooking the flag. Infantry often go here to
    capture the flag, but it also can be used for defense.
    - Being a sniper is a key way to get murdered.
    - Take cover from the buildings. Infantry running in the middle of nowhere will
    get killed extremely quickly.
    - There are many buildings to hide in. Throw grenades at spawn points to 
    hopefully kill infantry as they spawn.
    - Axis: A common strategy is to spawn camp the Allied base with a tank or with
    grenades. This is annoying to the Allies and racks up kills for you, but it
    only works if it's their only flag left.
    - Engineers can place landmines in the middle of the alleyways to block the
    enemy tank advance. TNT works very well, too, just try to hide it. Of course,
    you'll have to hide.
    - Do not be an anti-tank unless there is a tank spawn camping your base. You 
    will no doubt run into enemy infantry and be killed. 
    - Engineers can plant dynamite over a spawn point, waiting for enemies to spawn
    there. When they spawn there, set it off. Don't abuse this; only use it to
    capture the flag.
    - If you have a tank, be prepared to jump out. Tanks don't last too long unless
    they're used as support for infantry in this map.
    - Since enemies are very close together, grenades are a good idea to use.
    - Buildings provide incredible cover in this map. It's fun to hide inside a
    building and ambush incoming enemies. Often times, if you can aim well, you can
    take them out before they can even react!
    - If you're in the alleyways, you'll have to keep an eye out for grenades. The
    best way to avoid grenades is to either stay out of the front lines if you're
    in the alleyways, or by staying in buildings. Since you'll most likely want to
    be active and capture flags, keep in mind that a grenade's fire is completely
    cancelled out by even the smallest wall, if you're behind it.
    Capture Points: There are four spawn points, three of them capture points. The
    Soviets start with an uncapturable spawn point (don't ask me how they magically
    assaulted Berlin from the alleyway), while the Germans start with everything
    else. It can get pretty ugly for the Soviets if their base is grenade spammed
    to death, so you want a flag quickly.
    The Point Closest to the Russian Base: I forget the name, but this is easier,
    - Usefulness: It stops the Russians from being in the hole that they dig
    themselves into if they don't capture a flag within the first few minutes. It's
    very important in the early stage of the match.
    - Defense: There are ruined buildings all around this place. You can hide in
    them and easily pick off enemies trying to come in. Just make sure nobody
    sneaks up on you.
    - Offense: The flag is hard to take if enemies are trying to stop you. The
    radius of the flag is quite small, and fortunately, there are sandbags to stop
    grenades. No matter what side of the sandbags you choose to be on, watch for
    enemies inside the destroyed buildings right above you. Also, if a grenade is
    thrown at you, you must quickly jump on the other side of the sandbags so you
    don't die from the explosion.
    The Middle Flag (bottom left corner): This can be an annoying flag to keep. I
    recommend you don't spawn here unless it's important, because people tend to be
    killed by an explosive as they respawn here.
    - Usefulness: It's in the middle of both other capture points, so it's quick
    transportation to them. Otherwise, it's only important for the Russians to have
    so they aren't spawn camped.
    - Defense: I like to defend this place from inside the building near it (the
    one where you can see the windows of when you spawn). It's best to guard the
    entrance of the building, then, when you notice that there's trouble there,
    just turn around and gun down the enemies from the window. You can also ambush
    enemies on the way from the alleyways.
    - Offense: There are quite a few things to hide behind. I like to kill
    everyone, prone, and capture the flag. People who respawn usually won't see
    you, and grenades as well won't kill you (most of the time).
    The Farthest Back Flag (bottom left corner): This place spawns a tank or two.
    It's the main spot for the germans.
    - Usefulness: If the Soviets have this point, they have more tanks. It's
    important for either team to have, since it supplies tanks.
    - Defense: It's pretty easy to find enemies trying to take this point, but
    grenades are not the way to kill them. Get them with your gun.
    - Offense: Your best bet here is to clear out the place with your gun, prone,
    and shoot enemies if they respawn while you're trying to take it. Having allies
    with you certainly is helpful.
    Axis: Although theoretically you should be guarding what you can, you will find
    that this simply just doesn't happen naturally due to how many times the
    average player dies in this map. From the start you should spawn at the point
    SECOND closest to the Allied base, and kill any Allies that happen to get by
    your front line. Recapture flags as they're taken, and ambush enemies as they
    walk by.
    If the Allies cannot get any flags, try to spawn camp their base with a tank
    or with grenades. Just don't let anyone get by.
    Allies: Capture what you can as quickly as possible, to stop the tickets from
    going down. Make use of grenades, especially when capturing the first spawn
    point. If you can sneak by the enemy lines well enough, you may want to
    consider taking a spawn point farther back in the map. This is a good
    distraction for the enemy because other spawn points will be less defended and
    earier to take.
    Stalingrad, Kursk, and Kharkov Coming Soon.
    3.3 - Western Europe Maps
    (Omaha Beach, Battle of the Bulge, Market Garden, Bocage)
    Omaha Beach
    Description: The famous D-Day map that everybody loves. This map, much like
    many D-day maps for most games, is extremely imbalanced in the Axis' favor.
    It's still a great map though. The Allies have a tank, a jeep, and a destroyer
    while the Axis have bunkers, defguns, machine guns, and tanks. Of course, the
    Axis have a huge terrain advantage; the allies must go climb two heavily
    guarded hills in order to win the map. Loud explosions and sudden death 
    characterize the combat here.
    The town at the end of the map is when the map gets the most fun, if you ask 
    - Allies: Don't move the destroyer. If it is being attacked, repair it. Just 
    do not move it, you will piss your team off, and it will make them have to
    travel farther.
    - Axis: You can destroy the destroyer if you wish, which will totally screw out
    the Allies, but if it isn't going down, then stop trying. You should use most
    of your shells on the infantry trying to land there. If you do try to sink
    the destroyer, then hide behind something, like a landing craft, or better yet,
    a cliff.
    - Axis: The beach is very dangerous. You should try to avoid being seen if you
    go down there.
    - Allies: Sneaking by is the key. To the right of the second hill is a "ramp", 
    (it's made of dirt) as you probably know. If you go to the right beyond the 
    bunker and beyond the house, you will reach the end of the map. If you keep
    walking beyond the house (you will be out of bounds for a few seconds), you 
    will be farther into the town and can get to the third capture point. It is
    hard to explain this without pictures, but most players already know of this
    trick anyway, so you're bound to come across it.
    - Axis: Do not man the machine guns. There are more snipers than infantry in
    most Omaha Beach battles, so they will snipe you the second you get on the
    - Allies: Don't be a sniper. They are good for taking out machine gunners, but
    once there's more than 2 of them, they are useless. If go ahead and be a sniper
    anyway, at least call for artillery.
    - Allies: You can take cover from the beached landing craft and the hill on the
    right side of the beach.
    - Both: Try calling for artillery. If you MUST be a scout as the allies, then 
    call for artillery on the bunkers. If you're an axis, you can call for 
    artillery on the beach so the defguns can attack the beach.
    - Allies: You can launch yourself up the second hill with a few packs of
    dynamite. It is an easy way to take the third flag and ultimately win the
    - Axis: Being an engineer is a smart idea. You can plant dynamite on the hills
    and set it off as allies walk by. Extra ammo and life can be found in the 
    - Defguns can be blown up with bazookas. If you're allies, blow them up. If
    you're axis, repair them.
    - Allies: When you try to take the bunker flag, it is possible to jump over the
    trenches and prone above them. It's a little risky, but hey, the whole capture
    process is pretty risky anyway.
    - (Submitted by Eric43) Axis: If you have a bunch of snipers (especially if 
    it's a 64 player server) sniping at the beach, getting an APC and parking it 
    nearby is convenient for snipers to reload easily. It won't spontaneously 
    combust because (hopefully) everyone is using it often for ammo and health.
    Capture Points: There are three points in this map. Each one is extremely
    important to either team's survival.
    The Beach: The Allies must take this beach in the very beginning, or they will
    have a hell of a time winning the match. It's very useful, since it saves the
    Allies a ton of time, so that they don't have to take landing craft to the
    - Usefulness: The Allies need to take this point immediately. If not, as said
    above, it will be nearly impossible to win. It's very, very useful. Seriously,
    if the Allies don't have the flag by the first two minutes, 90% of all Axis
    teams grab a pair of balls and camp at the beach, making it nearly impossible
    for the Allies to win. 
    - Defense: The Axis can take a player, rush to the flag in the beginning, and
    hide there. That way, the Allies won't even be able to take the flag, and
    reinforcements will arrive for the Axis. The best way to defend this as the
    Germans is to simply hide somewhere, so that the Allies can't take the flag.
    - Offense: Go right for this flag. If you're controlling your landing craft,
    give your team 5 seconds to get in, then rush the beach immediately so you can
    quickly get the flag before the Axis get there. Usually, getting the beach flag
    is not a problem, but sometimes the Germans can get there faster than the
    Allies can.
    The Bunkers: This is a bunch of trenches and bunkers that you see in D-Day maps
    in just about every WWII game. They are difficult for the Allied team to get
    to, but are easily defended if you know what to do.
    - Usefulness: It brings the Allies even closer to winning, and if they have the
    flag, they stop losing tickets. Very important. It also contains a medium tank.
    - Defense: There are many ways to defend this place. These are some of the ways
    to do it:
    - Take a defgun, and blast anyone who comes up the ramps.
    - Hide inside the bunkers, and gun down any enemy that comes by.
    - Defend the east ramp (it's east if you're facing the beach, but it's west
    on the map) by hiding inside the bunker and gunning down enemies. You should
    be a medic, since there are no ammo or life refills inside the particular
    - Throw grenades like a random dumbass, go back, and get more.
    - Place two packs of tnt on the ramps, and set them off as enemies go by.
    You can man the machine guns, but you're 95% of the time sniped.
    - Offense: While getting to the ramps, you may want to jump up and down while
    moving, so snipers have a hard time hitting you. Once you're on the ramp, watch
    out for grenades headed your way. You may want to be a medic so you can heal
    yourself after every encounter. Once you get up to the top of the ramp, you'll
    want to immediately dive into the bunkers. From there, there's two ways to
    capture the flag, and you'll probably want reinforcements, because it is very
    hard to do on your own against a decent team. Two areas of the bunker allow the
    flag to be captured...one is a thin "alleyway" (where the flag is) in the
    bunker where you can be gunned down from either direction. The other is a
    "square" in the bunkers, where you can prone in one of the corners and still
    capture the flag.
    The Town: This is usually the last point for the Axis. I love the fighting that
    takes place here, and I think that it makes one of the best battles that you
    could possibly have in this game.
    - Usefulness: The place spawns a heavy tank, and it contains the two defguns.
    It also contains the final elevation advantage that the Axis have over the
    Allies. If the Allies can manage to sneak by and take this flag, then the Axis
    team usually won't last much longer.
    - Defense: Easy. You can hide inside a building and kill enemies as they try
    to take the flag. The main problem may lie in tanks, in which case, you can be
    an engineer, and place landmines in the area that allows tanks to get through,
    and TNT in areas where infantry like to walk by. You can also man the machine
    gun in the house facing the alleyway with the beach spikes, and mow down
    enemies as they walk towards you. I also like to prone by the defgun on the
    left (it's the one on the left if you're facing the beach), and shoot down
    enemies that go by.
    - Offense: You want to spawn in the bunkers, and immediately start hugging the
    cliffs, so you're less likely to be shot. The alleyway with the beach spikes
    has a crate towards the end of it to the left that you can jump over, and get
    to the flag even quicker. No matter what you do, you'll want reinforcements.
    Axis: Obviously, you must defend the area. Try to get a tank and repair it if
    you can. If you only have the town left, and the Allies have the bunkers, the 
    Allies may be trying to sneak by off the edge of the map, so you may want to
    defend that. Either way, the strategy here is obvious, and there are no real
    special techniques, except planting dynamite on the hill and setting it off as
    the Allies go by.
    Some Axis teams like to take their two tanks down into the beach and sink the
    destroyer as quick as possible, while shooting landing craft. This is risky
    since the destroyer can see you quite easily and blow you to pieces. If you
    do this, you take cover behind the hill on the right and keep your eye out for
    engineers or something trying to blow you up with TNT or mines.
    Allies: Nowadays, the biggest problem is getting onto and capturing the beach
    flag. Make sure your landing craft is as full as possible and quickly get to
    the beach. Never stay in one point for too long because of snipers, but there
    WILL be Axis infantry and most likely tanks on the beach, so be prepared.
    Once you are done capturing the beach, get to the hills as fast as possible. 
    Really, you have little chance of surviving, so you need to get back to life as
    quick as possible and try again. Take cover from the things on the beach, and 
    you should be a medic so you can heal yourself and others. Shell out the Axis 
    in the bunkers with grenades, and if you capture the bunker flag and the 
    defguns become a problem, shoot bazookas at them. Read the tips section for 
    more strategies.
    If you manage to control the ship, do NOT move it. I've said this several
    times in this FAQ, but this REALLY applies to this map: A good sailor in the
    destroyer WILL effect the outcome of this match. You will not necessarily win
    because you have control of the destroyer, but destroying tanks and infantry
    guarding the beach sure as hell helps the rest of your team take the beach,
    and hopefully, the bunker.
    When using the landing craft, you may want to park it behind the hill so that
    you have more cover as you enter Omaha Beach. It can come in handy when there
    are numerous opponents camping in the beach flag, and you can barely even get
    Battle of the Bulge
    Description: The Nazis tried to buy time while building their nuclear weapons
    in 1945, and that's where this map takes place. This map is a personal
    favorite, although it is incredibly imbalanced in the Allied favor nowadays. It
    used to be extremely imbalanced for the favor of the Axis, but now they have
    much less tickets and the Allies almost always win unless the Axis manage to
    take all flags.
    The snow makes for some good graphics, combined with the detail of the terrain
    and the well placed buildings and trees.
    This map is all about tanks and infantry, but unlike Berlin and Stalingrad,
    you're not getting killed left and right. There is a jeep on a main road
    towards the bunker with the flag, but that's the only one.
    - Allies: Try to encourage your team to hold the windmill. Since the Axis only
    need one flag captured until their flow of tickets stops, it is imminent that
    every flag is held
    - Allies: Place mines on the bridges, especially the one near the Axis main
    base. Read the Allies strategy section right below for more details on my
    infamous strategy.
    - The church is very hard to capture, because you must be right next to the
    flag to capture it. Since you cannot be in the church, you are a sitting duck.
    To capture this flag, you should prone behind the sandbag walls (the two foot
    "walls" that look like stone) and hope you don't get shot. If you're defending
    this area, you may want to be an anti-tank and camp in the church, since tanks 
    are usually the biggest threat here.
    - Axis: Attack. The first two spawn points are rather tough to capture (the
    windmill and the foresty area across the bridge), so take the road to the
    flag by the small bunker. It is beyond the windmill, and is often undefended.
    - Allies: You have a ton of options when defending the windmill. You may want
    to be an anti-tank. If you're caught on the top of the windmill, you can jump
    out off the deck and parachute down to safety. If a tank is trying to capture
    the point, which happens often, shoot at the back of the tank then hide behind
    the windmill again. Rinse and repeat.
    - Since this map is so tank based, being an anti-tank is not a bad idea. 
    However, you should not go on the offensive without a teammate or two nearby
    because an anti-tank alone caught by an assault is bad news for the anti-tank.
    Try hiding behind bridges, so that way when the tank comes the his rear is
    facing you and you can easily blow it up.
    - If you decide to be an assault/medic, then you'll definately want to avoid
    tanks. Try walking along sides of rivers/buildings/etc to avoid being killed
    by a tank.
    - Allies: If you press ahead enough, and the axis have no spawn points except
    the one they start out with, you may find that your team is spawn camping their
    point with tanks. If this happens, it's a good sign, because it's draining
    their tickets like crazy.
    Capture Points: There are five points in this map, and they are very different
    from each other.
    The Windmill: This point contains a, you guessed it, windmill. It's on top of
    a hill, making it somewhat easier to defend, especially against tanks. The
    radius of the flag is very small.
    - Usefulness: This is usually the first point the Axis team goes after. It's
    important to stop the Axis from stopping their tickets from draining too early.
    Also, it's easy to defend (if you know what you are doing), and it spawns a
    medium tank.
    - Defense: Quite a few ways, and they're all pretty cool, especially as an
    1. As an engineer, you should place landmines around the area where the
    tanks come from. If the tanks come close to the mill, you can throw tnt out the
    window and blow them up. Also, one or two tnt packs by the entrance won't hurt,
    in case infantry come in. Remember that you can have 9 packs at a time, since
    there's an ammo pack outside of the windmill.
    2. As an anti-tank, you can look outside the windows and shoot tanks as come
    close. Tanks have a hard time finding anti-tanks here, since there are so
    many ways they can attack from (through the windows, around the mill, etc).
    Just watch for infantry.
    3. As an assault or medic, you can just guard it from infantry, and heal
    others. There is an ammo pack, so you can stand next to it and throw grenades
    at a tank until it's destroyed, but it's not as reliable as an engineer or an
    Remember that you can climb the steps to the top, jump out, and parachute down
    to safety.
    - Offense: There are a few ways to attack this place. One is from the bunker
    flag south of it, another is from the main German base, and another is by
    crossing the river. Once you get there, you need to clear out all the enemies,
    and hide inside the windmill by crouching under the steps. You should be very
    alert to any more enemies. Just because you took the windmill doesn't mean that
    there aren't any enemies still left.
    If you're attacking with a tank, then make sure you don't run over a landmine,
    and make sure your rear or side isn't facing the windmill. Try firing a couple
    shells into the entrance, just to make sure that there aren't any enemies left
    The Point Across the bridge from the Axis base: I know that I forget the name,
    but at least this one is descriptive. This point spawns a heavy tank, so it is
    imminent that your team keeps it. It's 90% of the time overrun by the Germans
    if the Allies don't know how to guard it.
    - Usefulness: It spawns a heavy tank.
    - Defense: Place landmines and TNT on the bridge. Infantry usually aren't a big
    deal here, but if they come, they usually cross by swimming in the river, so
    if you're an assault or medic, just kill them. If you're bored as an engineer,
    just start sniping with your rifle. 
    - Offense: If there's mines on the bridges, and you're in a tank, then you have
    to go around the long route (all the way around, through the church area, and
    down the road with the beach spikes). If you're infantry and it's blocked, just
    cross the river by swimming, and try to kill who you can, and hopefully get
    the flag. Again, if you're in a tank and you're at the flag, make sure your 
    front is facing where the enemies will spawn.
    The Bunker: This is just a bunker right next to the second bridge, leading to
    the church area. The flag radius is pretty small.
    - Usefulness: This is the least useful spot in the map, but it's a good target
    for the Axis in the beginning because they can stop their tickets from ticking
    early in the match. 
    - Defense: Relatively easy. Landmines on bridge, tnt by the bunker, and use
    your engineer rifle to snipe. It's quite a bit harder if your enemy has the
    church point.
    - Offense: If you're attacking from the windmill, you'll have to be careful.
    You'll be out in the open for a while, so try walking along the river. If
    you're coming from the church, swim across the river to get there. Once you're
    there, try to kill anyone you see, and hide in a corner inside the bunker
    itself. If you're in a tank, watch out for anti-tanks and engineers, because
    you're a sitting duck for them.
    The Church (St. Vith): This is a pretty cool place. It looks like a destroyed
    part of a town, with the church still standing. There is a circle of sandbags
    where the flag is. The radius of the flag is extremely low, so you're a sitting
    duck when you attempt to take the flag. The nearby houses make great ambush
    - Usefulness: Not particulary useful, since no vehicles spawn from here, but
    it's a great place to keep to stop tickets from going down, since it's so easy
    to defend. 
    - Defense: Again, the houses make great ambush spots. To capture this point,
    you have to be inside the circle of sandbags, so you're easy to kill. Tanks are
    usually the ones that capture this base, so you can annoy them with grenades,
    or blow them to hell with bazookas or tnt/landmines.
    - Offense: You're going to want some team support. It is extremely difficult
    to capture this one alone against your typical enemy team, because you'll have
    to stay inside the sandbags. Until you get to the sandbag circle, you'll likely
    have some firefights going. Once you get inside the circle, you should prone
    next to a sandbag and shoot anyone that comes by. If you're in a tank, watch
    out for bazookas (especially to the back of the tank), tnt, and landmines.
    The Tank Depot: This place is very important to the Allies, because it spawns
    many vehicles, such as APCs, artillery, and medium tanks. It has many repair
    platforms, and a graveyard. 
    - Usefulness: It's the allies' main source of tanks and apcs. If the axis can
    cut them off of this, they can easily overrun the allies with tanks, making it
    a downhill battle for the americans. It also gives good position to attack
    other spots, if you're axis. Keep this point, no matter what team you're on. 
    - Defense: As the allies, the best way to defend is to be an anti-tank. As the
    axis, the best way to defend is by being a medic/assault/engineer, since the
    axis aren't likely to run into many enemy tanks. This spot can be held from a
    corner in the nearby graveyard, so watch for enemies hiding there.
    - Offense: Infantry can come in through the graveyard, and kill any enemies
    nearby. Listen for tanks. If you're in a tank, just go in all gung-ho and
    shoot down any enemies. 
    Axis: Read tip #4. If you're having trouble with anti-tanks, try supporting
    your teammates instead of going out on your own. Again, tip #4 is important.
    Hell, you could even say tip #4 is god. OBEY TIP NUMBER FOUR, DAMNIT.
    You should try to get the repair station (the backmost Allied point). It stops
    the Allies from having most, if not all of their tanks, so you can kick their
    asses with an overwhelming amount of tanks. The windmill also contains a medium
    tank, and the bridge near the Axis base holds a heavy tank. You may want the
    bridge near the Axis base just to have another tiger.
    Allies: AND NOW...FOR JOE'S FAMOUS (or infamous, if you're on the Axis side...)
    When the round first starts, be an engineer. Now, spawn on the top right spawn
    point (the bridge by the axis main base) and try to take the heavily armored
    tank by your spawn point. If you didn't get it, you're not totally screwed,
    but it's much better if you can get the thing.
    Regardless, place mines on the bridge. Be careful when doing this because a
    sniper may get you. When enemy tanks come by, they will either see the mines
    and stop, or they will run over them and get destroyed. The ammo refill,
    unfortunately, is all the way at the bunker, but it's not a total problem. When
    you jump out of your tank to place more mines, be sure that there are no
    friends around that may take your tank.
    Of course, repair your tank after every encounter with the enemy. I once went
    on a 35-0 undefeated streak with this strategy, but it takes a lot of skill to
    do THAT well, so don't expect an undefeated streak. This can often cost the
    opposing team the match, which of course is good.
    This strategy effectively stops the Axis from crossing the bridge to capture
    the spawn point when done correctly. Beware of players that will cross the
    bridge to capture the spawn point without tanks. If that happens, you're in
    If you don't want to do Joe's famous strategy, then just play normally,
    guarding what you can. If the Axis take the backmost point, you should make a
    real effort to get it back, because it contains two medium tanks, artillery,
    and some APCs. Try to be on the defensive rather than the offensive.
    Market Garden
    Description: This map takes place in 1944 when the Allies performed a daring
    air raid. Paratroopers everywhere, it was chaos. Due to the lack of tanks, the
    Allies lost an embarassing defeat due to German Tigers and Panzers. Unlike
    Battlefield 1942, however, the Allies didn't have the world's most unreallistic
    landmines waiting there on the bridge for German tanks to drive by.
    I personally love this map. It has great graphics and great detail. It is a
    little imbalanced the Allies' favor, however. It is a tank versus planes map
    in a war-torn city with a cool looking bridge. The B17 is in this map, along
    with several other Mustangs (very maneuverable Allied Fighters). Enjoy.
    - Allies: Try to maintain your air advantage. Do not bomb the main Axis spawn 
    point, however, because there is usually a player or two manning the AA guns.
    - Allies: Even if you suck with planes, at least ATTEMPT to take out tanks! I
    absolutely cannot stand playing this map with a team that takes their planes
    into the Axis base, only to be shot down. It's better to have a pilot that
    needs to drop 5 bombs to take out a panzer than to have one that just gets
    destroyed by being a moron.
    - Axis: Since the Axis have tons of tanks, you should be an engineer.
    - Allies: Since the Axis have tons of tanks, you should be an anti-tank. Watch
    out though, because it's not like they don't have infantry as well.
    - Axis: Cross the bridge as fast as possible, and try to hold a position in
    the city so that the Allies cannot place landmines on the bridge. 
    - Axis: Keep in mind that there are two bridges. Many teams ignore the smaller
    bridge and only guard the bigger one.
    - Allies: You can climb up the top of the bigger bridge, and snipe off of it.
    You can also place dynamite below, waiting for an enemy to walk by.
    - Allies: If you have the B17, your first target should be the larger bridge.
    Axis tanks frequent the area.
    - Both: In the spawn point right by the larger bridge (right across the axis
    spawn point), there are two buildings you can enter. To the right of the road
    is the house, to the left is the bunker. Enter the house and you will notice
    that you can actually hide inside the house and capture the spawn point from
    there, so if the enemies come by and try to capture the area, they can only
    make it neutral. You can also get a good view of the bridge from the balcony.
    - Allies: The spawn point by the church starts you as a paratrooper. This
    effictively allows you to hold the church the entire game. Usually the biggest
    problem with holding the church is the Axis tanks that come by, so you may
    consider being an Anti-Tank.
    - Axis: A common strategy is to spawn camp the allied base with a tank,
    destroying any planes that appear. Who knows, you may get lucky and steal the
    - Allies: The axis have tons of tanks in this map. Try being an anti-tank and
    hiding somewhere safe, such as near or inside a building.
    - Axis: If you're a player who's huge on your K:D ratio, then take a tank to
    the church and camp away. Paratroopers are easy targets. Keep in mind that you
    have to lead your shots a little as they fall from the sky. Strategically,
    however, you shouldn't bother with the church.
    - The spawn points in this map have a huge capture radius. You can guard spawn
    points easy, you can hide in houses for the point right next to the large
    bridge, or you can hide under the large bridge to capture the bunker by the
    large bridge. You can even prone on the other side of the fence if you want to
    take the Church.
    Axis: Take the city as fast as you can. If you must, hide inside the buildings
    in order to guard flags. If you want to man the Anti-Aircraft guns to destroy 
    the Allied advantage, then do so. 
    If the Allies "mine up" the bridges, you should be an engineer so you can 
    remove the mines. Remember that you must crouch while using the wrench to
    remove the mines. Be careful when you do this, as you are a sitting target.
    You should try the common Axis strategy in this map: Spawn camp the plane area
    with a tank and even try to steal one or two if there's no enemies around. You
    will get killed eventually by anti-tanks, but if you keep on the move, you may
    not be killed very quickly.
    Allies: There are several things you can do here. Your number one priority,
    if you're on the ground, should be to stop the Germans from advancing too far
    into the city. By the time you get to the bridge, they'll have crossed it
    already, so you cannot place landmines on the bridge. Try being an anti-tank.
    If you're in the air, you should support your teammates as well as you can by
    bombing tanks that are a problem (such as one trying to capture the church,
    etc). If you're fortunate enough to get the B17, then as I said, your first
    target should be the cluster of tanks out on the main bridge. If you're playing
    a 32+ player server, then there's always 2-4 tanks there. You should also 
    eliminate artillery fire if you see it taking place (you'll know if you see a 
    Wespe, the German light armored tank shooting way into the distance. Just 
    destroy the tank or even the scout if you find him).
    If you manage to take the city, you need to be either an Anti-Tank or an
    engineer so you can stop the tank advance. If you're an engineer, mine up the
    bridge and place a few packs of TNT on it. Once you have support, this strategy
    becomes so imbalanced it's almost sick. ;p
    Then again, the Axis shouldn't let you do this well in the first place.
    Description: A very hilly map with more to explore than to fight in. Sometimes
    it's fun to just go off the normal course of fighting and just see the country-
    side. This map is very hilly, perfect for off-roading (see the fun things to do
    The combat takes place in a line, pretty much. The map is very linear. There's 
    usually over half your team in a line fighting the enemy team in another line 
    of tanks and infantry. Each side has planes, and the Allies have the B17. I 
    rarely play this map, unfortunately. It's not a bad map.
    - There are AA guns all over the place. At every spawn point there is an AA
    gun. Since planes are a huge part of this map, you should use them before they
    become a serious problem.
    - Axis: Destroy the B17 as fast as possible. It has a larger role in this map
    than any other map in the game. It is a huge problem and often determines the
    match, assuming their pilot is half decent.
    - Allies: Do what you can to protect the B17.
    - There are several bridges in this map. If you're an engineer, you can place
    mines all over the bridge. Be sure to place one dynamite pack so you can blow
    up infantry crossing the bridge.
    - Since you can go extremely off course in Bocage, you can actually go around
    the fighting and sneak behind the enemy. It takes a lot of time to go that far,
    - The hilly countryside and the frequently guarded spawn points make this a
    great map for snipers. Try to stay concealed by the hills or by buildings, 
    - Allies: If you have the B17, find a line of Axis and bomb away. You can often
    get over 5 kills per 8 bombs doing this if you line it up correctly.
    - Allies: The Axis main spawn point is a town. It is a great place to camp and
    kill unsuspecting Germans. There is a "house" that looks like a grain silo or
    something by the flag closest to the german base. If you climb to the top from
    the inside, you can shoot out of the peephole at the top.
    - There are about ten AA guns in this map. Keep this in mind as you fly around.
    Planes in this map usually don't last as long as other maps.
    - Since there are a lot of snipers, you never want to stand still.
    - In a fighter, you should shoot at enemies rather than bomb them. I've seen
    countless fighters crash into the windmill because they foolishly bombed the
    infantry rather than shoot at them.
    Axis: If you get access to a plane, you should seriously take out the B17 as
    fast as you possibly can. It is crucial to this map when used correctly. If you
    don't get a plane, it's not too big of a deal. Since the B17 is rather slow, it
    is a great target for AA guns. Read the section on AA guns (5.4) to learn how
    to aim them flawlessly, since it is extremely important to this shooting down
    the B17.
    After the B17 is destroyed, go on to capture the flags. Any class works great
    in this map when used correctly. An anti-tank will, obviously, destroy the
    tanks, an engineer can repair and mine up the bridges, a medic can heal and
    attack, snipers can pick off enemies defending their flags, and assaults can,
    well, assault.
    Allies: Go on to capture the flags as early as possible. Any class works great
    in this map when used correctly. An anti-tank will destroy the enemy tanks, 
    an engineer can repair tanks and place land mines on the bridges, assaults and 
    medics can attack (and heal, in the medic's case), and snipers can pick off 
    enemies from a distance.
    3.4 - North Africa Maps
    (Operation Battleaxe, Tobruk, El Alamein, Gazala, Operation Aberdeen) 
    Coming Soon.
    A quick guide on Tobruk:
    I created that. As of this update, it is not yet hosted on GameFAQs, but I'm
    trying to get it on there. I'll obviously write more about Tobruk later, but I
    figured a picture strategy would help. This picture took about 15 minutes to
    make, so you can expect some more in the future. I'll only really do them for
    assault maps, probably. I also made on for Monte Cassino, read below to find
    Also, a submitted strategy on Tobruk, by Gary Kipler.
    "Great strategies -- especially the counters.
    I wanted to add an (almost unfair) strategy that gives an even larger advantage
    to the Axis on the Tobruk map.
    Try to get the Wespe before anyone else and take it up the hill at the 6
    o'clock of the starting position of the Wespe.  Follow the path up the hill and
    drive up behind the machine gun at the far side of the clearing. In the
    mini-map, it's in the top left of box D6.  From there, you should easily
    support the assault on the first set of bunkers, and, with a scout helping,
    bomb the entire map from that position. The best part is how hard the enemy
    will have to try to actually shoot back. It takes a direct hit because shells
    go flying way over if they miss, and the only visible part of the Wespe above 
    the sandbag wall is its gun barrel.  Also, there is a ammo box right there, so
    the resupply is automatic.
    A mediocre counter for the Allies also involves artillery.  A perfect position
    for the Priest doesn't really exist, but the optimal placement is between the
    second line bunkers, right next to the ammo box and behind the semicircle in
    the sandbag wall.  Watch out, though, if the Axis quickly take the first bunker
    line.  Try and retreat into the northern section of town and get a scout to
    help out with targeting.  In order to counter the rear-guard attack on the base
    by the Axis, get one anti-tank to hide at the top of the hill near the
    switchback, then slide down the hill and shoot the tank from behind a couple
    times right before it's trying to make that sharp turn (i.e. the turret gunner
    will have trouble keeping aim while the tank is turning).  A backup strategy is
    to mine both paths immediately and set explosives on the repair depot.
    Except for the excellent strategy you already mentioned, the rest of the
    fighting is general desert combat."
    3.5 - Italy Maps (Road to Rome only)
    (Battle of Anzio, Battle of Salerno, Monte Santa Croce, Monte Cassino,
    Operation Husky, Operation Baytown)
    All new to the expansion pack, the Road to Rome, these maps are generally very
    well detailed but are very much alike. Planes are totally overpowered in these
    maps due to a lack of anti-aircraft guns, but there's nothing wrong with that
    as long as you're in one.
    Battle of Salerno and Monte Santa Croce are coming soon.
    Operation Husky
    Description: This is where your Italian campaign takes place. It's September
    1943 and the Allies decide to invade Italy, just for kicks. Little did the
    Allies know that the land in this area is ugly as crap! Jesus Christ it's ugly!
    It's still a great map though. Think of Omaha Beach only there's paratroopers,
    a kickass plane, ugly looking textures, a wider beach, less of a height
    advantage for the Axis, more capture points, and much more balanced. Aside from
    the Battle of Salerno, this is my favorite map.
    My favorite way to experience this map is either as the Allies paratrooping
    onto the beach, or as the Axis flying a plane. The plane is so rediculously
    overpowered in this map. I racked up a 66-3 record with the thing once.
    Update: I know I've been saying snipers are useless in this map, but that was a
    stupid thing to say. Now that I've played the map more and have more experience
    with it, I know that snipers are almost too useful.
    - There are only two AA guns in this map. The Mosquito bomber is pretty
    invincible as a result. The only thing the pilot inside the Mosquito should
    watch out for is the AA gun by the flag closest to the ocean. The one near the
    end of the beach is usually ignored.
    - Axis: Although the flag closest to the ocean is guarded by an AA gun, it is
    still the best target to attack if it is the only flag the Allies have.
    - Allies: Even if you shoot down the Mosquito, it will respawn quickly.
    Shooting it down won't really change the outcome of the match.
    - The bridge over the river close to the farthest flag back from the beach is
    very large and can be defended quite easily with a few mines and some tnt.
    Just watch out for infantry crossing the river the hard way.
    - Allies: Read the strategy section below for a unique and powerful strategy.
    - Allies: Try to capture spawn points as fast as possible to slow the ticket
    - Allies: The second farthest flag from the beach is somewhat easy to capture,
    if you're tricky enough. You should prone up the hill and avoid detection, then
    try to take the spawn point while proning and taking cover from the walls. Kill
    infantry as they spawn.
    - Axis: If you're bombing, you should bomb flags and vehicles on the beach. If
    the Allies only have one flag, then bomb the living crap out of it. You will
    rack up a lot of kills.
    - Allies: There is little advantage in paratrooping after you've taken two 
    flags. You should just spawn at the spawn point and go from there.
    - Axis: Some Allied players like to sneak by and capture the farthest back
    flag. If you don't care about having a low kill record, you can guard these
    places with a tank.
    - If your plane is shot down, it will respawn in about thirty seconds.
    - Axis: You can sink the destroyer quite quickly with the plane. This rarely
    does anything though, so your best bet is to bomb infantry and tanks.
    - Allied: Move your destroyer close to the beach so you can actually do
    something with it. It doesn't matter if it's beached, but you should have it
    so that the front and back cannons can both attack the beach.
    - There can only be one plane at a time in this map. Don't plane camp expecting
    another plane to appear unless you can't find a plane flying around on the map.
    - Allies: In some servers, your grenades and TNT will not damage you. The best
    way to take advantage of this is to blow yourself up hills. Read the Allied
    strategy section for more.
    - Allies: Snipers are useless. By the time you're in a good position to snipe, 
    your team is going to have a flag or two. The Axis, however, can make good use
    of their scouts.
    Axis: You should either spawn in the farthest back point of the map to attempt
    to get the Mosquito, or you should spawn rather close to the beach so you can
    fight off the hordes of infantry. Taking a defgun is a smart choice: it can 
    blow away infantry attacking the beach. Hopefully you'll have a decent pilot
    controlling the Mosquito, because he will be up there for a while.
    Some Allies like to sneak by the place and take the farthest back flag. They
    are usually on the hills to the right of the map (close to the out of bounds
    area) when they do this. You may want to guard the area with a tank or as a
    plain old infantry.
    Staying low and hidden is very important to defending this map. You shouldn't 
    go all out and attack the enemy, instead, you should prone and take cover from
    walls and such. If you have decent aim, you can usually help your team out 
    greatly by holding off infantry attacking the flags near the beach.
    Allies: There are a few strategies here. The most obvious one is to attack the
    beach. If you do attack the beach, you should stay low. Snipers like to hide
    in the hills around here, so you should either eliminate the threat, or you
    should stay on the move.
    There is a very good strategy as the Allies that a few people know about. From
    the closest flag to the water, there is a high hill that Dice doesn't want the
    Allies to go up. No problem, there are two ways to get up the hill. The easier
    way is to blow yourself up there with a grenade (if the setting is set so you
    can't damage yourself with explosives), or you can do it the legal way. If you
    choose to do it the legal way, then go alongside the hill beyond the flag
    second closest to the water, until you find the point where you can climb up
    the hill. It is not obvious at first, and WILL take some searching, and
    unfortunately, I cannot provide a picture...yet. I'll get to it later, just
    like I made one for Tobruk and Monte Cassino.
    Once you're up the hill you can go beyond the bridge (you should swim in the
    river instead of crossing the bridge so you're not seen) and capture the flag
    farthest back from the beach. It seriously helps your team out, and you will
    have access to a plane if the enemy one is shot down.
    Monte Cassino
    Description: Even though few people know it and many would laugh if I were to
    tell this to them, this map is huge on strategy. It may seem like another
    Berlin or Stalingrad at first glance, but it based around capturing a ruined
    monastary. This is one of the two maps where you can actually play as the Free
    French (and god, their Sten SMG kicks SO much ass!), so take advantage of your
    opportunity and play as them, damnit!
    If you don't want to use strategy in this map, and want to just go head on, 
    then you might as well make like the French and surrender. This map is hated
    by many, but loved by just as much. Most of the reason people hate it is
    because they just suck at it.
    Important Note: The pak40s (anti-tank guns) do NOT respawn in this map. This
    is extremely important to know while you siege the monastary.
    I made that. It provides a great strategy for the Allies.
    - Allies: Those anti-tank guns are a severe threat to you. Your first goal, no
    matter what, is to destroy the damn things. They will sometimes be repaired,
    and I haven't found a best way to do this besides shoot at the things with
    tanks. You may want to be sneaky and plant dynamite near them, but the chances
    of you not getting caught is quite low.
    - NEVER spawn at the flag closest to the enemy spawn point, no matter where it
    is. This map has a lot of spawn camping, so you have a good chance of dying the
    second you respawn from a grenade or something.
    - Allies: Take cover from the hills. There are explosions all over this place,
    but most aren't behind the hills.
    - Stay alert when you walk around. There is a ton of infantry going around
    corners, likely to run into you.
    - Allies: Read the strategy section to learn how to sneak into the monastary
    from the Allied spawn point.
    - Remember: The more flags your enemy has, the less reinforments they have
    for each flag. It is easier to take a flag if your enemy has many others than
    it is to take if they only have one or two left.
    - The monastary is very mazelike. There are tons of camping spots in it. It's 
    up to you to discover them all.
    - Axis: Keep an eye out for Allies trying to sneak by. There will be quite a
    few of them, most likely.
    - Axis: If you can manage to get to the hill to the left of the main Allied
    spawn point, it is a great sniping position.
    - Aside from the tip above, snipers are very useless in this map. You shouldn't
    be a sniper, especially if you're the Allies.
    - Allies: If you get the light armored tank, use it from a distance on the 
    anti-tank guns. They have a very limited range and the light armored tanks do
    tremendous damage, so it works out quite well for you. Try to get artillery
    going when your team gets too far away.
    - Axis: You may want to just stay in your prone position guarding the rearmost
    flag (in the monastary). There will likely be several Allies following the
    strategy map I've made, it's not a very uncommon strategy.
    - When you take a flag outside of the monastary, you should prone right next to
    the health pack.
    - The flags farthest away from you are the least defended. For example, let's
    say you have the back flag in the monastary and your enemies have every other
    flag. You can sneak out through the breach of the monastary, use stealth to get
    around the hills, and capture a flag that is defenseless. This way, your team
    will surround the enemy, making it harder for them to maintain flags.
    - The backmost flag in the monastary is quite easy to defend. Since your
    enemies need to climb the steps to capture it, you can camp on the steps for
    an enemy to come, and just shoot away when they get there.
    - If you're a scout, it's up to you to call for artillery fire. If you call for
    it, try to not get yourself killed, because then it's useless.
    - When you attack a flag, you should walk along the sides of the map rather
    than the middle. The middle is where everyone is guarding and spamming grenades
    - Grenade spamming is pretty common in this map. Watch out for them. 
    Axis: While your team is slaughtering and getting slaughtered, you may want to
    have some peace and quiet, with the occassional kill, guarding the last flag
    in the monastary so that those sneaky Allies don't get by and screw out your
    team. Again, look at the map I made. That shows how the Allies will come in if
    they sneak by you. You should hide in the monastary when the time comes to 
    defend it. Hiding means survival in this map.
    If you don't want to guard the monastary, then just be like everyone else, and
    continue with the slaughter. You may want to repair the pak40s since they don't
    respawn and are extremely important to holding off the Allies. Always keep an
    eye out for the French trying to sneak by you and capture the monastary, as
    illustrated in my picture below.
    Allies: I didn't make this for nothing. Go read it. It's a good way to show how
    to attack the monastary without getting in the front lines and getting killed.
    Anyways, that's about the only efficient strategy for the Allies. If you go
    head-on trying to capture flags, you need to stay with your teammates. You
    should also prone right next to the health pack when you're trying to take a
    The Battle of Anzio
    Description: This map is pretty cool, but it could use some work. The tanks are
    just awful, and the planes are overpowered, but I like the look of the city.
    Both sides get an airfield and another base, and there's two neutral flags in
    the middle, so it's basically a race for the middle. The map is pretty crazy,
    because I often find that my team captures the enemy airfield, only to have
    their own airfield captured shortly thereafter.
    This map is a pilot's dream. They have, in my opinion, the best plane in the
    game and they are nearly unstoppable because there are only two anti-aircraft
    guns. Those tanks are such easy targets for four powerful bombs. 90% of the
    time I play this map I'm in the air, because it's just so easy (and fun).
    - There can be two planes for each airfield at once, totalling up to four
    medium bombers.
    - The biggest threat to a pilot is other planes. Both AA guns are on the
    island, and people rarely ever deal with them.
    - If you get a plane, you should support your team by destroying tanks. It
    racks up kills and you get a lot of "thank you"'s and "nice job"'s.
    - No matter who you are, the airfield is the most important spot. It keeps
    enemy pilots from soaring the sky and if you're a pilot it will help you live
    - Until your team controls both airfields, you should focus on destroying the
    enemy planes trying to take off. Try to encourage your team to take the
    airfield. Someone will listen eventually.
    - You will find yourself going back for ammo a lot if you're a pilot. Fly low
    and slow (if you have a rudder and joystick) over the airfield. Only one
    airfield will work, so if you aren't getting ammo from one, try the other.
    - Snipers like to hide in the hills. You can simply scout them out and find
    - You shouldn't be a sniper in this map. They are pretty useless and get killed
    - In a tank, you are a huge target for the planes, and will likely be blown to
    pieces eventually.
    - The only real way to stop the planes is to either cross the river onto the
    small island in the middle and try to shoot them down, or to take both
    airfields. Taking the airfield prevents them from getting in the sky again if
    they get shot down, and it allows you to grab a plane for yourself.
    - Strategically, the flags in the middle are the least important and are quite
    hard to defend. However, they drain your tickets if you don't have them so try
    to keep them.
    - If you're stuck as an infantry and you decide to capture a spawn point, you
    should walk up the hills and stay up there until you get to the flag you want.
    This way, you're less of a target for tanks, and you can get a few kills
    sneaking up on snipers.
    - The buildings make great hiding spots.
    - If planes are REALLY bothering you, you can jump on the island with the AA
    guns. I don't recommend it, however, because you are then sniper bait. The best
    way to shoot planes down is to use a machine gun. If it doesn't destroy them,
    it will at least seriously discourage them from coming back to your spot.
    - The best way to get the northernmost spawn point (the Axis airfield) is to
    hide inside the trainstation. If you hug one of the walls you will still be
    able to capture the flag while taking cover. This cannot be done while
    capturing the main Allied bases, though.
    - Keep in mind that the flags farthest away from you are the least defended.
    In other words, if you only have your airfield left, and your enemies have the
    other five bases, you can sneak around them by walking around the hills and
    take an enemy airfield or something. If you do this, be sure to steal a tank
    to make it safer.
    Strategy: If you can't grab the first plane, then you need to race to the
    middle. You might want to consider being an anti-tank to destroy the pesky
    bastards, since infantry won't be a real threat here (unless the enemies jump
    out of the tank or something). Request reinforcements on your radio.
    Later in the game if you have only a flag or two and your team is being pounded
    on, you can sneak all the way around your enemies via the hills and get an
    airfield or something. Back flags are less defended than frontline flags.
    If you can grab the first plane, then bomb the crap out of any tank headed for
    the middle two flags. There will likely be an enemy pilot in the sky, so you
    might want to take him out, and bomb the enemy airfield to discourage the
    plane campers from getting the next plane.
    Dogfighting is important here. Don't expect to last long if you can't dogfight.
    Just remember that you have to lead your shots by a lot (read the dogfighting
    section for more) You want to stay on the tail of the enemy plane because it is
    very hard for them to turn around in these planes.
    The Battle of Salerno
    Description: This is my favorite Road to Rome map. Both teams start on opposing
    sides of a hill that has three flags on it. There are 3-4 repair stations on 
    the hill, two of those being spawn points. There is a capture point in the
    middle of the hill where most of the fighting takes place, but the twist is
    that you cannot respawn there, making the fighting less one sided. I have
    countless stories about the fighting in the middle flag point, I wish I could
    tell them all. This map is almost like king of the hill.
    Note: When I refer to the repair stations I mean the spawn points on the hill
    where you can respawn. They have repair stations right next to them, so it is
    pretty fitting. ;p
    - Some people like to grab jeeps and take the middle flag first. This is a
    no-no. Since you cannot respawn there it is nearly useless until both teams
    have the repair stations. If you take a repair station first, you can at least
    get some reinforcements.
    - Just like in all the other Road to Rome maps excluding Husky, the biggest 
    threat to a pilot is other planes. The only AA guns are on the middle point on 
    the hill, but the player controlling them is usually killed.
    - If you get a plane, you should eliminate other planes and tanks.
    - When capturing the repair stations, you should be like most players and drag
    a tank to the repair platform so you're nearly invincible. Just watch out for
    landmines or TNT that may be placed on the platforms.
    - If you want to guard the repair station, you might want to be an engineer and
    mine the repair platform since assaults and medics cannot do anything to tanks
    camping on repair platforms. If you run into an enemy infantry, you should
    already have TNT layed around the area so it shouldn't be a big problem.
    - Stay low when you're attacking the middle flag. If you stay with your
    teammates you should do fine.
    - This map is a sniper's dream. Take a look at the landscape and I shouldn't
    have to tell you why. If you do decide to snipe (a great way to defend the
    middle capture point against infantry) then you should take cover inside bushes
    or lay along the side of hills. If you're on a hill but out in the open then
    you will probably get killed.
    - If you have a plane, you should quickly scan for snipers and bomb or shoot
    - The anti-tank guns can be used against infantry coming out of their spawn
    point. Since anti-tank guns do little damage to infantry, however, you will
    need a good shot to kill them.
    - Some anti-tank guns are very limited in their horizontal range.
    - If you take the repair station near the enemy base, keep in mind that it is
    very tough to defend. Infantry and tanks will plague you until they get the
    flag back.
    - As usual, never stand still. THE SNIPERS WILL GET YOU. RUN.
    Strategy: Go with the flow. There isn't much of a rush to get to the flag here,
    so you and your teammates can capture the flag together. There's no need to
    take a plane and jump out to capture a flag, or drive a jeep as fast as
    humanly possible.
    You will normally have one repair station, while the enemy team has the other
    repair station and the middle is either team's. The middle is the key to
    winning in this map, so you should be attacking/defending it as much as you 
    possibly can. If your team somehow manages to take the entire hill, then
    you should guard the repair station closest to the enemy base, since that will
    be attacked the most.
    Air strategy is nothing special in this map. You may want to harass the enemy
    main spawn point (with the "no" sign over it) so they can't get planes in the
    sky. You may want to bomb tanks as they go up the hill. You may just want to
    YOUR ENEMIES' BASE. It's up to you.
    Operation Baytown
    Description: This map is my least favorite Road to Rome map. It would be good,
    but I think it would simply be much better without those damn airplanes. It's
    aggravating to travel a lot (there is a lot of travelling in this map), only to
    be killed by someone tearing you to shreds with bombs. The anti-aircraft guns
    really suck, they are in awful positions and half-decent pilots know not to go
    in the area where they can hit.
    I guess it's ok. There are a bunch of snipers, and the middle island is pretty
    cool. I will say that it's a great Capture the Flag map, but you rarely see
    that anywhere.
    - If you manage to get in a fighter, you have to destroy the bombers. It is
    your job as a fighter to destroy other planes, because your friends on the
    ground 99.9% of the time cannot.
    - Having an airfield is extremely important. It's best to have two so your
    enemies can't have planes, but that's easier said than done. Blame it on the
    plane campers.
    - If you capture the beach on either side then you better stay prone, because
    it's a slaughter if the enemies above decide to grenade spam.
    - If the enemy captures the beach, and you have the flag above it, give 'em
    hell until they cough it up. You should just stay prone as an assault and shoot
    away, since there's medical crates nearby anyways.
    - There are a few landing craft in this map. It's not very useful, but it can
    get around the island if you can't get around the island yourself.
    - This map is sniper city. Never stay still unless you need to lay down and aim
    at someone.
    - If you decide to snipe, you should take at least some cover from rocks.
    - The middle island is pretty cool for ambushing people. You can hide behind
    some rocks and shoot infantry that wander in your direction.
    - Try to stay away from the edge of hills. If a bomb drops near you and doesn't
    kill you, it still has the threat of knocking you off the hill.
    - If you're a pilot, then you should read the strategy section below.
    - If you're caught from behind in your plane and you're not in a fighter, you
    may want to consider flying off the edge of the map a bit to lose the enemy. Of
    course, don't go so far off that you can't get back and you die. This tactic
    often loses the enemy since they don't want to follow you and risk dying
    Strategy: There isn't much strategy to being an infantry/tank besides capture
    points, get killed by imbalanced airplanes, etc. Watch out for snipers, and try
    ambushing enemies in the island. Try to get the enemy airfield if possible.
    Pilots: Try to get the first planes. If you get a fighter, then you're kind
    of like the Anti-aircraft guns for your team, since the ones on the ground
    can't do crap. If you get the medium bomber, prepare to BOMB THE CRAP OUT OF
    EVERYTHING. The middle island is a great place to find tanks and bomb the crap
    out of them.
    There will likely be an enemy pilot in the sky, so you might want to take him
    out, and bomb the enemy airfield to discourage the plane campers from getting
    the next plane. When you bomb the airfield, mind the AA gun. The one in the
    British airbase has a better position than the one at the Italian Airbase. You
    may just want to bomb it before the enemies can get to it since they usually
    don't get on it until you show up.
    You will probably find yourself in a lot of dogfights with your opponents.
    Since it's very hard to get the enemies off your tail, you need to make sure
    that you're behind your enemy, not the other way around. Dogfights are crucial
    to win since they're what prevents your enemies from destroying friendly tanks
    that can capture flags for you.
    Some pilots like to paratroop to the enemy airfield immediately, so it
    eliminates the threat of enemy airplanes. If you do this, you should bomb the
    plane campers and jump out and use a tank (if there's one there) to capture the
    flag. When you capture it you should take off in the next plane that spawns and
    fly over the flag, destroying enemies as they try to retake it. If there's no
    tank lying around, then come back later when there is one.
    4. Classes
    Each class in Battlefield 1942 is unique. An engineer will help out his team
    by repairing their vehicles, while a scout will use their sniper rifle to
    pick off enemies from a distance. All have their own disadvantages and
    advantages, and all tactics will be listed here.
    4.1 - General Infantry Tips
    Well, I finally added this section. Look over it, no matter what class you like
    to use. Of course, read the tips on each individual class too. This section
    really doesn't get into class specific tips, hence the name.
    Generally, infantry are the weakest yet most important thing to have in every
    team. Their main use is to capture flags, although each class has their own
    When you run around as an infantry, you should stay together with your
    teammates. Jeeps and the machine gun position of tanks provide good
    transportation, but keep in mind that you're a good target for everyone once
    the person controlling the tank stands still. Proning seriously reduces your
    recoil, so if you have an automatic gun, you should prone when attacking
    enemies at a distance. Learn voice commands so you can command your friends,
    such as "Follow me!" and "Stick together!", or else you may be a little
    Recoil is a huge thing for assaults and medics. Read below about the crosshair,
    it's very important for learning how to aim. Crouching and proning seriously
    reduces recoil, and moving increases it dramatically, especially with the
    assault's rifles.
    Taking cover, especially when you're in the middle of a bombing raid or
    something, is very important. When you're headed towards a flag, you should
    always take the side route. For example, say your team has the northeast flag
    in Wake Island (the one north of the airfield), and you want to take the
    northwest flag (the village). You shouldn't go head on and take the bridge,
    you should go around the borders of the beach and swim across rather than take
    the bridge. From there, you can hide inside a building to capture the flag, and
    kill people as they go by. People LOOK for the people taking the obvious route,
    so the not so obvious route is usually poorly defended.
    There's a little myth that proning will reduce damage if a bomb is dropped near
    you. This isn't true. In fact, proning increases the damage of the bomb. If you
    are about to be bombed by a plane, just stand up. Usually a near dead on hit
    will be survivable you have full health.
    Scouts are a large problem to infantry. If you discover a sniper nearby, you
    should say "Enemy Scout Spotted!" on your radio (F3, F7), hopefully someone
    will listen. The best way to handle scouts as a medic or assault is to charge
    is to charge them. Runleft and right and jump up and down, so that way it's
    hard for them to hit you. If you're a medic, you should heal yourself while
    charging them. Once you get close enough, they'll usually throw grenades at
    you, so be sure to dodge them. If you're a scout or an engineer (they have a
    rifle very similar to the sniper rifle), you should try to beat him at his own
    game. Remember, you shouldn't stay still too long, because you're a huge target
    for snipers.
    Every infantry unit has three grenades, excluding the engineer class. Grenades
    are very powerful against enemy infantry, they will always kill in one hit
    if the enemy is close enough. If you jump while throwing a grenade, and aim
    upwards, they will go farther. Also, if you hit your secondary button, you can
    drop the grenade right next to you. If you do this, you better run, since in
    many servers your grenade will kill you. The fire of a grenade is completely
    canceled out by the smallest of walls. If a grenade is thrown in front of even
    a simple ammo box, and you're behind it, you most likely won't get killed. If
    a grenade is thrown at you, just run away from it.
    Engineers are great at setting booby traps. They can also be used much like
    snipers and are great at defending spots. Read the engineers section.
    Health and ammo crates are all over the place. These places are vital to your
    survival. Health cabinets are inside buildings in the original 16 maps, but
    ammo boxes can be anywhere. Health crates are in the Road to Rome expansion
    pack only. They're basically ammo crates only they refill life. If you're
    defending a base, you should find a base to defend with at least an ammo crate,
    so you can restock and reload.
    Tanks are a problem to most infantry. The most obvious choice for destroying a
    tank is to be an anti-tank. If you be an anti-tank, you should hide in an ideal
    spot and fire at the back of the tank when it's turned around. Read the anti
    tank section for more. The most common way to destroy tanks is to throw
    grenades at it. Grenades really annoy tanks because they deal a bit of damage
    and they push them around a little. Landmines are great for blocking tanks, if
    you set them in a place where they either won't see them, or they can't get by
    because the path is too narrow (such as on a bridge). If a tank is camping on
    a repair platform (or in one spot) you should just blow it up with dynamite.
    If you have no other options, call for anti-tank support or air support in your
    Planes are a pretty big threat to infantry, and an even bigger threat to
    vehicles. If a plane is harassing a base on a hill, such as the ones in
    Guadalcanal, you should be careful, since the explosions of the bombs can knock
    you off the hill and kill you that way. The best way to destroy planes is to
    shoot them down with a machine gun or an anti-aircraft gun.
    Infantry can do nearly nothing to ships. You can try to man a defgun, tank, or
    plane and destroy it that way, but then we wouldn't be talking about infantry,
    now would we!? The best advice against ships is to just hide or take cover from
    them. Buildings provide very good cover.
    Learning to read your crosshair is VERY important. The closer together the
    lines of your crosshair are, the less recoil you'll have. This is why when you
    shoot a gun the crosshair tends to go crazy. If you hit an enemy, your
    crosshair will change from the + sign to this:
    - -
    If you're shooting at an enemy and you're not hitting him, it's probably
    because you're not "leading" your shots. Since this game doesn't calculate
    bullet damage on the player's computer, unlike Counter-Strike, your bullets
    often miss a moving target if you're aiming right at him. Instead of aiming
    right at a moving enemy, you should aim in front of him a little. Keep in mind
    that if you do this at a distance while proning you can kill him within 2
    seconds, especially with a Bar 1918, the insanely powerful allied assault
    When you kill an enemy, you may find that it's useful to pick up their weapons.
    The default key is the G key. This can be great if you want their gun (such as
    a bar 1918), or if you temporarily need their kit (such as killing a medic and
    healing yourself with him, or killing an anti-tank and using its bazooka to
    destroy an enemy tank coming by). You should be careful when you do this,
    because you're a sitting duck if an enemy comes around and shoots at you.
    There are many options for defense, but scouts are not one of them, sorry. You
    may want to be an assault or a medic to be good against infantry. Anti-tanks
    are obviously good against tanks if you're well hidden, but the problem with
    defense as an anti-tank is when the guy jumps out of his tank and guns you
    down. Engineers are scouts without the scope, but with more ammo and with tnt
    and landmines. Engineers are usually the best pick when you have an outpost
    that allows you to see far and that tanks harass.
    Capturing and defending flags is very, very important. When you attempt to
    capture a flag, you generally want to stay low and watch out for any enemies
    that may respawn in your face. If you can get a tank, then take it and watch
    out for anti-tanks.
    The below are more advanced 1v1 tactics.
    It's DAMN important to sidestep when in a close encounter with an enemy. If
    you turn the corner and an enemy assault is in your face, and you're also an
    assault/medic, you need to sidestep left and right to avoid his shots. The more
    you change direction, the harder you are to hit. Moving forwards occasionally 
    while moving left and right randomly is often a winning combination, but NEVER
    move backwards no matter what. Aim your shots correctly, and you can win almost
    every close encounter with an enemy.
    Also, try to throw your enemy off. If you're strafing left and right and your
    enemy has gotten the hang of it and is shooting in the middle of where you're
    strafing, then try moving to the right for a few seconds for once, and then
    start strafing again. Strafe fights (when both players are strafing randomly
    and correctly) usually last around five seconds unless one player is lucky.
    At mid or slightly long range 1v1 encounters, I like to take a few steps to the
    left, crouch, fire a few shots, step to the right, and repeat. It throws a lot
    of players off. Do NOT follow a pattern, you may want to move left, crouch,
    shoot, move right, crouch, shoot, then move right again. Be random so that your
    enemy does not know which direction you're going to move in. The most common
    way players deal with mid-long range encounters as medics and assaults is to
    simply prone. This isn't always bad, but if you follow the above tip, you'll
    usually win (as long as you can pull it off correctly), especially since you'll
    likely be hitting them in the head. Do not stay still for more than a second
    though, or else you'll be hit by too many bullets.
    4.2 - Scouts
    Ah yes, your standard sniper. All scouts start out with:
    - A sniper rifle. It has 3 clips of 5 rounds each, adding up to a total of 15
    - Binoculars, to see farther and call for artillery. (we'll get into that
    - 3 grenades.
    - A knife.
    - A pistol.
    Compared to the other classes, scouts are the least strategic. Although they
    can have their uses, most scouts are just there to pick off enemies and rack 
    up some kills to their record. If you want to be a good scout, you must master 
    the sniper rifle. And before I get into the rifle, please, if someone requests
    that you spot for artillery, please do it. Too many people ignore this request
    and just continue sniping.
    Let's go over a few things about the sniper rifle, shall we?
    The basics: First off, you cannot be moving and fire the rifle to get an 
    accurate hit. You should either prone or crouch, preferrably, prone. Aim your
    dot exactly on a player that is not moving and just fire. The sniper rifle is
    accurate enough that you can snipe several hundred yards away and still get a 
    dead acurate shot. Wait about two seconds before you fire your first shot, 
    because the momemtum of moving will make your shot less accurate if you do not.
    Oh yeah, and common sense, pick a somewhat hidden place when you find your
    sniping spot. Any idiot knows you can't snipe in the middle of a field and
    expect to survive for too long.
    Where to hit: Aim for the guy's head. It takes two shots to the body to get a
    kill, but only one to the head (yes, that helmet is just part of the model, it
    has no strategic advantage).
    How to deal with enemy snipers, and how to detect the threat: First off, once
    you learn how to detect the threat, you will be able to deal with it in a
    split second, you just have to know what to look for. If you hear a single
    shot land right by you, then you know you're in for trouble. If you get shot,
    and you lose about 60% of your life, then you have been hit by an enemy
    The best way to deal with this is to immediately get back on your feet and
    start moving. Make sure you aren't moving in a pattern. Remember, the enemy
    knows where you are, but you don't know where he is. Use either your scope
    or your binoculars to find the enemy sniper. When you find the chimpanzee, 
    briefly crouch and take your shot. Although the chances are that he will win
    the battle, this is your best chance besides running away.
    Sniping a moving target: This isn't Counter-Strike. There is no AWP, and
    there are no one-hit kills (besides the head shots). In order to hit a moving
    target you must "lead" your shots. If your enemy is moving right, and he's
    quite a distance away, then aim and fire the rifle about 2 feet in front of
    him. If all goes well, you will hit him. This takes practice; you cannot
    just learn it by reading what I say.
    If an enemy catches you up close: Use your pistol. When you use the 
    pistol, you generally want to stand still. Although any experienced player 
    knows that if you're standing still while fighting in close range you pretty 
    much have a death wish, it is generally the better idea since it reduces the
    recoil and increases the accuracy of the pistol. 
    Some players use their grenades instead, but this only really works against
    Sniping off of ships: Yes, this can be fun in maps such as Iwo Jima and Wake
    Island. Pick a good position on your ship, prone, and fire away. It obviously
    helps if the ship is not moving.
    Be careful when you kill someone: In some servers, it will give away your
    location when you kill them. Be extra cautious and move a little every time you
    get a kill.
    Best places to snipe: Snipe people on the gunner of tanks, spawn points, plane
    spawn points (nothing like sniping a bunch of plane campers), stationary
    machine guns, etc. All are great targets for you, god of snipers. The general
    idea in finding a sniping spot is to find an area where people can only see
    you where you're looking, so you can cover less area in fear of being shot.
    Artillery: Use this! A scout who just snipes for kills is near worthless. Call
    for artillery! Use your binoculars, and once it says in the radio "Artillery
    ready!", then if someone else is in an artillery weapon, it can be bombarded
    easier. Good artillery spots are spawn points and such. Nothing makes you cough
    up a flag faster than having artillery pound on you as you spawn there.
    4.3 - Medics (a personal favorite)
    Read the general infantry tips for more on this class.
    Why are medics a personal favorite, you ask? Simply because you can heal
    yourself after the battles. Medics are seriously underrated. If you are
    willing to give up long range accuracy from the assault, and maybe just
    a slight bit of power for the ability to heal yourself and others, then
    be a medic. Medics are best used in the hands of a skilled player, you
    may not be able to heal yourself if you die all the time.
    Medics start with:
    - An automatic rifle. They all have 5 clips of 32 rounds.
    - A medical kit. It heals yourself and others.
    - 3 grenades.
    - A knife.
    - A pistol.
    Here are some general things to keep in mind when you are playing as a medic:
    Your main weapon: This thing isn't as bad as most players think. They generally
    have less recoil than the assault's rifles, and only slightly less power. It 
    may take an assault 2-3 hits to kill you, while you kill him in 3 or 4. This 
    may sound bad to you, but let's put it this way: 
    You're an assault and you fight another assault. You kill him, but he takes
    off 80% of your life. You now have 20% of your life left, and when you meet
    your next opponent, he kills you before you can even touch him because you
    have such low health. Besides, if you're a better player (and hopefully this
    FAQ will make you one), you'll be able to kill the assault.
    The damage of the medic guns are all the same. 30% to the body, 50% to the
    head, but a big decrease in damage at a distance. I'm not going to list the
    medic guns because they're so similar. The main differences are that the Sten
    SMG in RtR is quiet, the Thompson has a higher recoil but faster firing rate,
    and the Russian/Japanese MP18 is about the same as the MP40.
    If you're a medic, as long as you know how to use the gun, you can just heal
    yourself after every 1 on 1, so that way you're good as new for the next. 
    Trust me, I have gone on undefeated streaks in Berlin/Stalingrad because of
    this tactic.
    Your medical kit: This thing has a limit to how much you can use it at once.
    It has "juice" that goes down as you use it, but slowly recovers. You heal
    your teammates much faster for less juice than it cost to heal yourself.
    Teamwork: Heal your teammates. If they call for a medic, heal them (unless
    the situation is too risky). The percent sign next to a teammate's name is
    their current health, so keep that in mind.
    "Spray and pray": Yeah, this term was used in Counter-Strike, but it
    applies in this game too. If you're up close to an opponent, you should waste
    your entire clip on him at once, unless your crosshair is getting too wide.
    This doesn't work for everyone, as some people find it better to just fire
    several shots, rest, fire several more, etc...but pick what is best for you.
    Just about any given good player, however, will unload his whole clip into a
    person at close range.
    - (Submitted by Eric43) "Here's a cheap little tip that's imporant if you're an
    assault or medic. If you're running somewhere and enemy infantry comes into
    view from a distance and he's not shooting at you right away, get to the ground
    (prone) and start shooting small bursts at him. (Or if he's close enough, you
    can shoot without stopping) Being on the ground improves your aim by keeping
    the little aiming cursor closer together while shooting as apposed to standing
    or kneeling (in other words, it reduces recoil). If you can't crawl, then
    crouching is alright, but being on the ground (proning) does make your aim
    Leading your shots: If the enemy is moving left and right, you should lead your
    shots a very small distance ahead of them. They will more or less walk right
    into them.
    Reading your crosshair: The closer together the lines of your crosshair are,
    the less recoil you'll have. This is why when you shoot a gun the crosshair
    tends to go nuts. If you hit an enemy, your crosshair will change from the +
    sign to this:
    - -
    Sidestepping: It's DAMN important to sidestep when in a close encounter with an
    enemy. If you turn the corner and an enemy assault is in your face, and you're
    also an assault/medic, you need to sidestep left and right to avoid his shots.
    The more you change direction, the harder you are to hit. Moving forwards
    while moving left and right randomly is a winning combination. Aim your shots
    correctly, and you can win almost every close encounter with an enemy.
    4.4 - Anti-tanks
    Ah, the infamous anti-tank. Anti-tanks are meant to, you guessed it, destroy
    tanks. In other words: stop using that lousy bazooka on infantry, you fool. You
    sometimes find people who specialize in anti-tanking who can aim their bazookas
    well against infantry, but it's not nearly as good or reliable as an assault
    rifle. Anti-tanks tend to rack up a lot of deaths and few kills unless they're
    smart and can efficiently support/be supported by their teammates.
    The anti-tank starts with:
    - A bazooka. This is not the bazooka in MOHAA, people. The only way to kill
    infantry with it is to have a direct shot.
    - 3 grenades.
    - A knife.
    - A...you guessed it...pistol!
    Keep these in mind when you are an anti-tank:
    Bazookas do piercing damage. They are meant to destroy tanks, not people. Shoot
    one in the back of a medium tank, it's gone. If you want to kill an infantry
    with a bazooka, you have to hit them dead on with the rocket. The explosion
    does next to nothing.
    Aiming: You must aim slightly up above the tank. The farther away the tank is,
    the higher up you have to aim. Practice makes perfect, and fortunately for you,
    it won't take much practice. Just know that it's hard to hit tanks from a huge
    Where to hit the tank: The back is the weak spot for ALL tanks. However, it
    will take several hits to the back to destroy a heavily armored tank. A medium
    tank (the kinds with the gunner hole up top) will be destroyed in one shot.
    Also, If you cannot hit the back (hitting the back is rare unless you have the
    tank by surprise), then hit the treads! The treads take massive damage as well.
    Not as much as the back, but a good amount nonetheless.
    Hiding: Be sneaky. Anti-tanks rely on stealth to survive. Hide behind or inside
    a building, or you don't stand a chance. If you just shoot a rocket at the
    front of a tank, you will be killed. Simple as that.
    If an enemy catches you up close: Shoot them once with your rocket launcher,
    and then whip out your pistol. When you use the pistol, you usually want to 
    strafe left and right randomly.
    Know when to fire: You either want your first rocket to kill the guy, or at
    least seriously damage him. Don't just fire at the front of the tank and run,
    or else he'll know you're around and be more alert. If he doesn't know you're
    there (and he shouldn't), then either make sure your first shot either takes
    out a large chunk of his life, or destroy him.
    Positioning: When hiding, you should be positioning yourself so that you will
    be facing the back of a tank and can hit it in a one-shot kill (assuming it's
    not medium). For instance, you can hide behind a bridge in Battle of the Bulge
    to get that one hit kill you're looking for. If you do not destroy the tank
    in one shot, then immediately duck for cover after you fire the shot.
    Your position is given off by the rocket that you shoot, especially with the
    1.4 patch. As long as the enemy was looking at your rocket fired at him, there
    might as well be a big red arrow pointing at you, because your position is
    totally obvious. Try moving around a bit to hit it some more.
    4.5 - Assaults
    Read the general infantry tips for more on this class.
    I don't hate this class as much as I used to. Assaults have high powered
    weapons, usually with a bit of recoil. They are great for distances. I choose
    the assault class when I know that I'll be fighting at distances often.
    I will admit that I grab a Bar 1918 (the rifle of the Allied assault) almost
    every time I get a chance.
    If you're new, and want a good class to start out as, then you should probably
    pick the assault class. However, it's a good idea to get in the habit of being
    a medic.
    Assaults have:
    - An automatic rifle.
    - 3 grenades.
    - A knife.
    - A pistol.
    The weapon: There are many different assault rifles now. They include:
    - The Russian DP: A good weapon while proned, has a large 47 bullet clip, but
    its main flaw is that it does exactly 33% damage to the body. This means that
    if your opponent is at full life, it will take four shots to kill. He'll only
    have 1% of his life left on the third shot, though. This gun has a somewhat
    high recoil and gets unweildy if you fire it for too long, if you're not
    proning. Its accuracy is pretty decent.
    - The German StG44: I've started to like this thing more recently. It will
    take three body shots to kill. It's a great close range weapon. Its recoil is
    high, and it takes time for its recoil to go down when crouching, but in the
    right hands it can be deadly. 32 bullets a clip. Decent accuracy.
    The American (also used by the British and French) BAR 1918: This used to be
    the best weapon in the game, without a doubt. A while back, though, they
    decided to weaken it. Its accuracy could use some work, it will likely take a
    while to kill people at a distance. 20 bullets a clip.
    The Japanese Type99: Awesome weapon, without a doubt. Just like the BAR,
    there's only 20 bullets per clip. However, its accuracy, damage, and lack of
    recoil is amazing. This is my favorite weapon in the game. If you crouch, its
    recoil will die down very quickly, so you can quickly crouch and shoot at
    someone without a delay.
    The Italian Breda Modella (RTR Only): Incredible while proning, good while
    standing/moving. This thing has a slow fire rate and only 20 bullets a clip,
    but a lot of power is packed into it. It has just about no recoil, and a tiny
    shake when proning and shooting.
    Know your role: The whole idea of an assault is to...well...assault. YOU should
    be the one in the front lines, or at least supporting tanks. You'd be surprised
    by how much infantry support some tankers need, whether they're good or not. A
    tank and a good assault are a deadly combination.
    Know when to use the grenades: Don't be the guy in the front lines throwing
    grenades, it's an easy way to get murdered. Use them to shell enemies out of
    houses, destroy tanks, etc.
    Blow up enemy planes: A full clip of an assault's rifle can destroy a plane
    taking off. Even if you do not blow it up, a pilot inside a plane with its
    wings shot off will not likely want to fly it, and if he does, he will not get
    very far. Just be careful, when that pilot jumps out, he's bound to be angry.
    "Spray and pray": Yeah, this term was used in Counter-Strike, but it
    applies in this game too. If you're up close to an opponent, you should usually 
    waste your entire clip on him. The only time you don't want to do this is when
    your recoil is so high that you can't even hit him.
    Defense: Assaults are great for defending spawn points. If you are in a spawn
    point that is being constantly attacked by the enemy, then defend it. Of
    course, don't stand out in the middle of nowhere, at least hide near or inside
    a building.
    Health: Call for medics and get life from the medical kits whenever possible.
    If you kill an enemy medic, take his kit and heal yourself with it, then take
    yours back (actually, you should be a medic, damnit) and continue on.
    - (Submitted by Eric43) "Here's a cheap little tip that's imporant if you're an
    assault or medic. If you're running somewhere and enemy infantry comes into
    view from a distance and he's not shooting at you right away, get to the ground
    (prone) and start shooting small bursts at him. (Or if he's close enough, you
    can shoot without stopping) Being on the ground improves your aim by keeping
    the little aiming cursor closer together while shooting as apposed to standing
    or kneeling (in other words, it recudes recoil). If you can't crawl, then
    crouching is alright, but being on the ground (proning) does make your aim
    Leading your shots: If the enemy is moving left and right, you should lead your
    shots a very small distance ahead of them. They will more or less walk right
    into them.
    Aiming: If you see an enemy moving at a distance, you should prone, aim your
    bullets a little in front of him if he's moving. The Bar 1918 has deadly
    accuracy when you do this. Some assault guns have a lot of trouble with their
    recoil, and this seriously reduces it.
    Reading your crosshair: The closer together the lines of your crosshair are,
    the less recoil you'll have. This is why when you shoot a gun the crosshair
    tends to go nuts. If you hit an enemy, your crosshair will change from the +
    sign to this:
    - -
    Sidestepping: It's DAMN important to sidestep when in a close encounter with an
    enemy. If you turn the corner and an enemy assault is in your face, and you're
    also an assault/medic, you need to sidestep left and right to avoid his shots.
    The more you change direction, the harder you are to hit. Moving forwards
    while moving left and right randomly is a winning combination. Aim your shots
    correctly, and you can win almost every close encounter with an enemy.
    4.6 - Engineers
    A cool class, if you ask me. People love players who repair their nearly
    destroyed vehicles, or can stop an advance of tanks by placing landmines all
    over the bridge. Expert engineers are often among the best players in the game.
    Engineers require stealth and sneakiness. Good fun.
    An engineer's kit contains:
    - A bolt action rifle. It is similar to the scout's rifle, except it cannot
    zoom in nearly as much and it is less accurate.
     -OR- An m1 Garand or Type5 rifle in Pacific maps.
    - 4 land mines.
    - 4 dynamite packs.
    - A knife.
    - A pistol.
    - The all-mighty wrench. Unfortunately, the wrench repairs things only. You
    can't attack the enemy with this thing.
    And now for the TIPS! Oh yeah!
    The bolt action rifle: This thing handles much like the sniper rifle. While it
    is not always totally necessary to wait a few seconds before shooting, if you 
    crouch and wait a few seconds, the shot will be more accurate. Just like with
    every other gun, if he is moving, you need to lead your shot. The engineer's
    rifle is like a mid ranged sniper rifle. It doesn't have a large zoom and isn't
    as accurate as the sniper rifle, but it is just as powerful and holds more
    ammo. It takes two good shots to the body, three to the legs, and one to the
    head. You generally want to aim for the body unless he's standing still. There
    are exceptions, however.
    Keep in mind that the bullets of the bolt action rifle will go anywhere between
    the lines in the crosshair, so it is not as accurate as a sniper rifle. Usually
    the bullet will end up near the center, so it's not that big of a deal.
    The semi-automatic rifle: Oh god, I love this thing. It absolutely HAS to be
    the cheapest weapon in the game. These only appear in the pacific maps, and
    there are two different variants: the American M1 Garand and the Japanese
    Type5. The Type5 has 10 shots, can be reloaded at any time, and has three
    clips. The M1 Garand has 8 shots, can only be reloaded at the end of the clip,
    and has four clips. Both are EXTREMELY accurate (you can tell just by looking
    at the crosshair) and do a ton of damage. Their damage is clearly lower at
    higher distances, however. 
    Proning with these guns reduces the kick of the weapon by a lot, and makes it
    a quicker killer as a result. However, if you can aim well enough, these guns
    kill so fast that proning really isn't required. If you're up close, it will
    take you only body two shots to kill an enemy. A guy with an automatic weapon
    will have an advantage, but you can still make it up.
    How to deal with an up close encounter: Shoot him once with the rifle, finish
    him with the pistol. Sometimes you can just plant TNT and set it off. The
    engineers have it easier up close than the anti-tanks and scouts do, although
    it is still rather difficult. If you have the semi-automatic rifle, then just
    use that, or your pistol if you run out of ammo. Be sure to strafe with the
    semi-auto, unless the accuracy is an absolute necessity (it always is if the
    enemy is at a medium or farther range)
    The wrench: Just like the medical kit, the wrench has "juice", that it loses
    while being used and slowly recovers. As of the 1.6 patch, the wrench has
    50% less juice. I have no idea why they decided to do this, I personally think
    it's stupid.
    Landmines: Don't be one of those dumbass engineers who thinks they can put
    landmines in the middle of nowhere and think they'll actually get a kill. Your
    opponents aren't that stupid (well, most, at least). Put these things over the
    curve of a bridge, so that way the enemy tank cannot see them until it is too
    late. You can also place them all around in places like Stalingrad. Also, a
    common tactic nowadays is to rush a tank with a landmine, and place the
    landmine on the tank. This often times kills both of you, but it is sometimes
    Landmines can be used strategically to block tanks. For instance, you CAN put
    them in the middle of nowhere, say, between two buildings in Berlin, and the 
    tank will simply go around. This is usually frustrating to the person inside.
    Keep in mind that landmines only work on vehicles. TNT and mines are a great
    combination, since you can set the TNT off on the people trying to clear your
    Dynamite: It only takes one dynamite to kill infantry, so try placing it where
    it is not very noticable and blow it up the instant the enemy walks near it.
    TNT is also great for ambushing tanks. If you place 4 sticks of it to the side
    of a commonly used road, where it is not very noticable, and set it off when
    the tank goes by, you will kill it.
    Engineers are the key on the sea: If you plan on taking a ship around for a
    nice relaxing cruise of death, then pick the engineer. If your boat is damaged,
    repair the thing. You can't repair a boat as an assault. Occasionally the
    captain of the ship may have to defend himself against pirates, but that's no
    longer a problem as an engineer since they get a very powerful weapon in the
    Vehicles: If you plan on using a tank, ship, plane, etc, then you definitely
    want to be an engineer. Their ability to repair their own vehicles is extremely
    useful when you've just won a tank battle and you're damaged.
    Stealth: Just like scouts and anti-tanks, Front line engineers usually have to
    rely on stealth to survive. It's always fun to hide inside a building and set
    off TNT while enemies walk near it.
    Support: I consider engineers to be the second line class. You rarely want to
    be in the front of the lines as an engineer, because the assaults will have to
    support you. 
    Defense: Engineers are the best class at defending most spawn points. The
    engineer can have up to 9 dynamite and 9 mines at a time if they go back to
    reload, so keep that in mind since most spawn points have ammo refills in them.
    While you have a place "mined up", try taking a tank to defend your spawn
    point. Repair when needed.
    LANDMINES AHEAD!!: If you see an enemy landmine, crouch and use your wrench to
    remove it. It adds another landmine to your collection. Also, if you're
    absolutely certain that an enemy engineer isn't keeping an eye on his TNT, you
    can remove TNT from the ground as well.
    A Cheap trick for the Dynamite: If you aren't killed in a few seconds, and you
    are confronted by enemy infantry, you can throw a pack of dynamite near them
    and quickly set it off. This sometimes hurts you on servers with self splash
    damage on, but the important thing is that it kills them. It takes longer to
    switch and set off the TNT than it did before to reduce the cheapness, but this
    is still a pretty good tactic.
    Reading your crosshair: The closer together the lines of your crosshair are,
    the less recoil you'll have. This is why when you shoot a gun the crosshair
    tends to go nuts. If you hit an enemy, your crosshair will change from the +
    sign to this:
    - -
    5. Vehicles
    Ah yes, the vehicles, the only reason Battlefield 1942 sells so many copies.
    Vehicles are a very important role to winning your battles. It's great to have
    a plane backing you up as you and two other tanks take as much ground as you
    can possibly take. Since I can't think of anything really witty to say, all I
    can say is that every vehicle has its disadvantages and advantages.
    5.1 - Ships, landing craft, and subs
    Unfortunately, the ships are only in the pacific maps and Omaha Beach, so there
    are more levels without ships than there are with ships. However, good sailors
    can often give their team major advantages by backing them up, etc. Here are
    the five things you will encounter on the sea:
    Aircraft Carrier: Not much to say here, really. You pretty much defend these
    things, shoot down other planes with it, or take off planes with it.
    - Move the aircraft carrier out of harm's way. Try to move it near the edge of
    the map, so that way the enemy has a hard time finding it and bombing it.
    - Remember, you can magically switch between points when manning the
    anti-aircraft guns on the sides. If you hit 1, you can control the ship. If you
    hit 2-5, you can select different positions on the ship. This is especially
    useful when the plane you're trying to shoot down moves out of the range out of
    one gun, so you can switch to another gun.
    - Don't plane camp.
    - Aircraft carriers have a ton of life, so repairing it will only fill its
    health back up a few notches.
    Destroyers and Battleships: Your fighting ships. I prefer the destroyer over
    the battleship, because I'm good enough to shoot down planes with the cannons
    of a destroyer, and because they can destroy subs while battleships are as good
    as dead versus submarines, unless they have support from a submarine or
    - In the destroyer or battleship, it is best to be an engineer. This way, you
    can repair your ship when it's damaged. 
    - When you meet an enemy, park near him so that you can attack with your front 
    cannons, then hit 2 and attack with your rear cannons at the same time. This 
    works best as the japanese, because they have more rear cannons in their 
    - Aim for the middle of the ship you're attacking. Attacking the front or back
    does absolutely nothing.
    - To use depth charges as a destroyer (the little bombs you drop into the water
    to destroy submarines), run right over the blinking dot on your radar. Once the
    back of the destroyer is over the dot (the submarine), bombs away.
    - The destroyer has an endless supply of depth charges, so don't be afraid to
    use them. Ignore the 10.
    - If you find an airplane bombing you in a battleship, hit 3 or 4 to appear on
    the respective side with the flak cannons (anti-aircraft guns). They totally
    destroy planes, although they lack a crosshair.
    - If you're a retard and you fall out of your ship somehow, then jump on the
    net to climb back up.
    - Sink the landing craft as soon as you sink the ship. Almost all sailors try
    to evacuate, and this is how you get the final kill.
    - Do not get too close with the battleship. They have a minimum vertical range,
    and cannot aim too low. At the same time, take advantage of this as a
    destroyer. If you are not sunk, park as close to the battleship as possible
    and attack. If you find a battleship aiming at something else, such as an
    island, then park next to him before getting his attention and shooting him.
    - Seriously, stay near destroyers if you can as a battleship. Decent submarine
    users go right for battleships because they are totally defenseless against
    Submarines: Hmm...it seems nobody is any good at using these. I have yet to see
    a submarine that has sunk my destroyer. Subs are difficult to use, and I
    suggest you totally skip even using them, since they're only in two maps and
    they're not very important anyway. I rarely have the chance to try a sub, but
    here goes:
    - Do not submerge until you see the map. Submerge until you're JUST ABOVE the
    point in which you're underwater and see the map. Don't worry, you can't be
    attacked by cannons.
    - Torpedoes regenerate, but you can fire only 2 at a time.
    - Stay at a distance from destroyers. You may either want to run away from them
    or just shoot at them.
    - Lead your torpedoes if you're shooting at a moving target.
    - Go right for the enemy battleships (the big ships with guns). They are
    defenseless against submarines, unless they have another sub or a destroyer
    right next to them.
    If you don't know how to spawn on a sub, just click on that single dot in the
    sea in either Midway or Guadalcanal. It will spawn you on the submarine, as
    long as nobody else has it. By the way, there are no subs in single player.
    Landing Craft: Argh, matey! I'm a dumbass who wants to land on enemy ships in
    an attempt to blow them up with my dynamite! Argh! I do nothing but prone on
    your ship and try to scare you by firing shots in random directions! Yarg!
    Yep, your typical pirate. Sink a ship, watch out. If your aim is good, you can
    hit the landing craft for a kill, but if not, you better keep on the move, for
    that dumbass pirate is coming for you! Too many players try to hop on your boat
    with a landing craft. It seriously does nothing. You cannot sabotage an enemy
    ship, so stop trying now.
    On the other hand, if you use landing craft correctly (as most players do, it's
    not hard to hold forward), you will get to your destination swiftly. Not much 
    can be said about the landing craft, really, but here are a few tips:
    - If you want to be a pirate, read the fun things to do section. I warn you,
    being a pirate is simply retarded.
    - Do not open the hatch until you're about to exit. Opening the hatch makes
    the thing make crazy turns.
    - Hit 2 to jump to the machine gun, to kill people in bunkers or to attack
    - If you have a plane coming up from behind you, quickly move left or right to
    get out of the way so you're not bombed.
    - Don't open the hatch until you're about to get out. It affects your turning.
    Well, that's it for ships. I'll let you figure out the aiming part. It takes
    no time to get the hang of it, but it takes work to master.
    5.2 - Land Vehicles
    That's right, the land vehicles, damnit. This includes heavy, medium, and light
    tanks (known as mobile artillery), the erm...rocket jeep (which is only in two
    of the russian maps), the jeep, and the APC.
    The tanks: Pretty much anyone's favorite ground vehicle, the tanks are a huge
    part of nearly any battle. I know a lot about tanks, so here goes.
    - If you know a plane is about to bomb you, then try to change direction. The
    bomb will not directly hit you most of the time.
    - Moving back and forth is extremely important. You'll often want to have the
    side of your tank facing the enemy. Change direction as much as possible. The
    less predicatable you are, the better chance you have of surviving. At long
    ranges, I like to stop, shoot, and then move forwards or backwards randomly
    right before they shoot their shell.
    - Hitting the treads on a tank does the maximum damage (besides hitting it on
    the back)
    - Never expose the rear of the tank to an enemy. Your tank takes the most
    damage in the rear. A medium tank can be destroyed in one hit by it, while a
    heavily armored tank will take several hits, but more damage none-the-less.
    - You should sometimes just back people up as a tank. In certain situations 
    and maps, such as battleaxe, you should stay back rather than go up front and
    get blown to pieces from 5 rockets coming from 5 different directions.
    - If you plan on using a tank, be an engineer. Yes, it's important, for the
    same reason being a medic is important (read the medic's section).
    - In mobile artillery, you should definately stay back. Since it requires a
    seperate driver from the gunner, you will have a hell of a time getting
    anywhere with it. You should only use this as artillery (see the artillery
    section). Light tanks do huge damage with their guns, wiping out infantry in
    its radius rather than push them around with a chance of killing them like the
    medium or heavy tanks.
    - If you're in the #2 position of a tank, jump out as soon as the thing
    stops moving.
    - Try not to stay out in the open. A plane could swoop by and bomb you if you
    - The best way to shoot down planes is to use your secondary machine gun in
    the #1 position of the tank. Stay on the move when they start heading for
    you, so that the bomb misses. This has a very limited vertical range, though,
    so if the plane is high in the air and you think it's safe outside, switch
    to the machine gun position (the #2 position) and gun him down quickly.
    - Never stay still when confronting an enemy tank. Staying still allows the 
    enemy to keep attacking the exact same spot and getting a hit. However, if
    you're moving, you must both re-adjust. Unless you're the only one hitting
    the enemy tank, and it's a long distance, keep on the move.
    - Aim in front of the tank if it is moving. This will lead your shots.
    - Take advantage of having a heavily armored tank, if you have one. In a fight
    with a medium tank, there is no reason you shouldn't win. Try to make sure the
    front of your tank is facing the enemy at all times, because it does very
    little damage when it's hit.
    - Although these places are scarce, some areas in maps will automatically
    repair your tank when you go over them (such as hangars and certain platforms),
    and sometimes your ammo, as well. If you want to seriously piss off the enemy
    team, drive a tank into their hangar and take advantage of the repairs and
    ammo from the thing, while destroying anyone coming by. Very cheap, especially 
    considering hangars are always near plane spawn points.
    - When repairing tanks, or any vehicle for that matter, move left and right
    while repairing so you are not bait for a sniper. Also, you should repair on
    a safer side. If the enemies are in front of you, then repair the back of the
    tank and move left and right in different patterns.
    - Hiding behind hills with a tank sometimes can work well since an unsuspecting
    enemy may have the tank's rear facing you. This is only possible in some levels
    though, such as Battle of the Bulge, Tobruk, and Aberdeen.
    - Tanks have a sometimes aggravating minimum vertical range, such as when
    you're on the top of the hill or a bumpy area when there's an enemy close to
    you but below you quite a bit. You can usually hit them by aiming your tank
    down the hill a bit and then aiming for them.
    - When you're staying in one place for a while, you should check for enemies,
    especially engineers with the F10 and F11 keys, to see in front of you and
    behind you. Some love to sneak up on you and blow you up. Also, don't stay
    still for too long.
    - Different tanks have different arches to their shots. The sherman and tiger's
    shells tend to go up, then down quicker than a panzer's, so you have to aim
    higher with them to hit your target.
    - Use your tank to its advantage. Panzers are awesome at long range fighting,
    due to their easily aimed shots. Tigers should get real close and blast the
    enemy away.
    A tank strategy submitted by DaYoshiraptor:
    "Tank Charging: Most players, upon grabbing a tank, either:
     A)Sit back, tell  everyone they have an artillery ready, and
    wait for a scout to spot for him/her 
     B)Hate teamplaying, so go slightly closer to an enemy base, sit back, and 
    start shelling the enemy base from 100 meters away. *yawns*
    Look at the tank. Ask yourself: What is a tank? A tank, is a massive armored 
    vehicle with a big-!#$@ing gun mounted on the front. You are practically
    invincible. Put the pedal to the metal, go full throttle, guns-ablazin' 
    Right now you're probably thinking 'Someone's gonna take a bazooka and shove 
    some rockets up my wazoo!'. Well, try this: hit tab. Look at the enemy team 
    roster. Count the amount of anti-tanks. Chances are, there's less than three.
    So how do you defend against all the crazy infantrymen throwing grenades every
    direction the moment they see your tank coming? Well, I remember the only time
    I ever saw someone besides me use a tank charge. They drove straight into the
    middle of out base, and what happens? Every single infantryman throws all of
    their grenades in the general direction of the tank. Most players couldn't 
    throw a grenade straight if they're life depended on it. Now, there were
    about  ten men on my side in that base. Multiply that by three. That's how
    many live grenades were now laying around the ground on our base. Five seconds 
    later and we were all dead. The tank had died too, but in the process, ten 
    infantrymen had died. IMO, the tank was effective.
    One of the best parts about tank charging is the sheer element of surprise. I
    remember the first time I used it. The map: Battleaxe. The enemy had captured 
    all of the outposts, and we were holed up in our base, helpless to the 
    spawn-camping $#%!@#$s. At one point (after my tenth death in two minutes of 
    playing) I grabbed a tank. At this point, I'm pretty angry. What can one
    lone tanker do? What would the enemy not expect? Then the word pops into my
    head: Kamikaze.
    A moment later, I charged down the cliff, slaughtered five infantrymen, and 
    destroyed two tanks. I almost took the first outpost; unfortunately, a small 
    army of infantrymen armed with bazookas respawned. Hey, I almost made it."
    Jeeps: Jeeps are the quickest way to get from place to place, excluding
    airplanes. Jeeps are used for either transportation or for crashing into
    - If an enemy plane is coming from behind you, move to the left or right a 
    little right before he bombs you to avoid being bombed and blown up.
    - If a tank shoots the ground near you, you will briefly swirve out of 
    - Be a jeep kamikaze. Try ramming your jeep into the back of a tank to blow it
    up. Of course, jump out in the last second.
    - You can kill people by running them over with a jeep.
    - You can kill plane campers on your team by running into them with a jeep, but
    by jumping out the second before it hits them. Please do this. Just don't go
    out of you way to do it.
    A tip submitted by George Aranzaso:
    "Jeep as a tank.
    You can ask a teammate to stand on the hood of the jeep you are driving (don't
    press E just jump on the hood). He can then lay prone or crouch and fire away
    with his weapon at anybody passing by (great for drive by shootings). I think 2
    people can fit on the hood and maybe on can jump in at the back.
    I once killed 2 jeeps in one shot with the bazooka while doing this. Met them
    head on and almost hit us I just fired at the last second and boom 2 flying
    dead jeeps.
    This strategy can also be used on tanks ( good luck getting on top of one).
    Imagine an M4 with a load of infantry on its roof. Just like in war when
    soldiers used to ride tanks for transportation.
    You can also ask your local friendly engineer to place a whole load of dynamite
    into your jeep and then you can head straight into the center of an enemy base
    or massed troop formation and tell him to blow the dynamite. 
    When using grenades against tanks try to throw the grenade under the tank.
    It causes more damage."
    A tip submitted by Mr. Pink's Ghost:
    "Whenever there is a tank you just can't get rid of find either a troop
    transporter or a jeep. As an engineer, put all four TNT packs inside of the
     On a jeep, put it in the right front seat.
     On the (APC), by the gun on the top.
    Drive to the nearest tank (on the APC, be careful so the TNT doesn't fall out)
    and exit before it hits.  This must be done so it doesn't actually crash, but
    parks by it.
    As soon as you get out, press the detonator.
    I have had 100% sucess rating with this with full health tanks."
    Rocket Jeeps: Fine, I know they're called Stalin Organs, but "Rocket Jeep"
    sounds so much cooler! They get a little difficult to aim, but they're best
    used on the hills in Kharkov shooting at the enemy base. No real tips here,
    just know that they're destroyed easy and that it's actually probably easier to
    aim in third person (F10 by default). They can also be used for artillery
    Rocket Jeeps are often used by top players to camp spawn points from a long
    distance. Try bringing one near a spawn point, aiming it accordingly, and
    firing away. They destroy infantry extremely easily.
    APC: There's a unique strategy to APCs that nobody really tries out. Apcs are
    good, but when you have a full apc that gets blown up by a tank, it's not so
    - Try being an engineer. Drive around, and then when you find the enemy, hit
    2 to switch to the machine gun and gun them down. If you're hit, simply hit
    3-6 to regain your life and ammo. Repair the APC if it's damaged. Rinse and
    - If you're traveling, do not use the machine gun position for transportation.
    Instead, use the 3-6 positions. 
    - Remember that being in the back of an apc gives you ammo and life refills.
    - Back up your teammates assaulting a base with an APC. The APC has decent
    armor anyway, so you'll know when it's about to be blown up.
    5.3 - Airplanes
    This section concentrates more on tactics when you actually know how to use
    the plane rather than teaching you for the first time, although there are a few
    newbie tips thrown in here somewhere.
    General Plane Tips:
    - When turning, you will notice that your plane will tilt to the side. Use the
    roll keys to balance it out.
    - If you dive bomb in the fighter, pull up before you release the bomb.
    Otherwise, you will fly into the bomb you dropped, and you will kill yourself
    if the server settings have selfdamage on.
    - Learn where the bombs fall when you drop them. Remember, the closer, the
    - When you bomb ships, bomb the middle of the ship.
    - Torpedo planes are hard to use. You must be nearly level with the water and
    drop the torpedo so that it's headed right for the ship. It usually goes under
    destroyers, but it easily hits battleships and aircraft carriers. Torpedoes do
    more damage than regular bombs (yes, there is a difference. Bombs explode in
    water, torpedoes travel in it and do more damage).
    - In the B17 (the big plane that drops many bombs at once), or any plane for 
    that matter, bomb strategic points instead of an uncapturable spawn point, 
    such as flags in which your allies are trying to capture.
    - Flying low over your airfield will replace some ammo in your plane. Try
    flying slower to get more ammo.
    - Dropping a bomb ON, not NEAR, the back of a medium armored tank will always
    blow it up in one shot. It will usually blow up a heavy tank in one shot, too.
    - Light armored tanks can be shot instead of bombed. Do this if this is easiest
    for you.
    - Try shooting infantry instead of bombing them if you're in a fighter. The
    bullets kill infantry in one shot as long as you don't hit them in the leg. If
    there's a lot of infantry in one area, then bomb them and shoot at them. 
    - When an infantry is proning, it maximizes the damage of the bomb. I always
    bomb proning infantry, because it always kills them.
    - If anti-aircraft fire is being shot at you (the "clouds" in the air that
    have about the same height as your plane), then you should immediately turn
    away. Bombing an anti-aircraft gun head on is a sure way to get yourself
    killed, because you are extremely easy to hit.
    I honestly can't think of more mistakes that newbies make, #1 was always the
    biggest one for me when I was learning. If there's anything you think I'm
    missing, and I know I'm missing things, then e-mail me. See my e-mail policy
    5.3A - I don't have a joystick! Do I really need one?
    No. However, those people that you see bombing every tank that enters their
    sight, or shoot down enemy planes with ease, or both at the same time all have
    joysticks. The chances of you getting to be a good pilot with no joystick is
    very slim. You can be decent, however, and if that's fine with you, then here's
    my controls before I bought my stick.
    You may find them bad, but it gives you a general idea. I found myself reaching
    over the keyboard a little, but it was fine with me. I never quite bothered to
    change them.
    Up arrow key: Up
    Down arrow key: Back
    Left arrow key: Left
    Right arrow key: Hm...you guessed it...right.
    4 Numpad: Roll left. Very important to balance your plane out when you make a
    6 Numpad: Roll right. Very important to balance your plane out when you make a
    5 Numpad: Bomb.
    2 & 0 Numpad: Accelerate.
    8 Numpad: Shoot.
    My guess is that it sounds like hell to you, but it worked very well for me.
    Even if you don't pick my controls, the general idea is that you want to use
    the mouse to turn the plane if you want to be good at dogfighting, or the
    keyboard to turn if you want to be good at bombing. Of course, you can also buy
    a joystick and be good at both. They're $10-$120.
    I HAD A Logitech Wingman Force Feedback 3d, and I decided that it is just
    awful. DO NOT BUY FORCE FEEDBACK, no matter what. I bought a Microsoft
    SideWinder Precision 2 and it is better in EVERY WAY. It is $40, and I love it.
    Your joystick should also be tight, meaning it wants to go back to the center
    when you push it in any direction. The tighter, the better. You want a joystick
    with throttle control. The keyboard is simply not acceptable for speed control,
    because you need to hold the key down with your free hand. Your free hand
    should be the one switching the views (F11 to see where your bomb went, F12 to
    see what the enemy is doing in a dogfight if he's out of your normal sight,
    5.3B - How to dogfight & bomb accurately
    Bombing takes a ton of time and practice. This section outlines the general
    ideas and is still very helpful, but I can't bomb things for you. :-/
    ***Most important part to bombing***
    The basic principle to bombing, what I always tell people who ask me for help,
    is to simply point your crosshair at the target then pull the crosshair up, but
    still ligned above it. Fly straight at the target, and the rest is timing.
    Bombing is simple once you get the timing down. You usually want to at least
    make a small dive on the target, and you NEVER want to be too close to the
    ground. The timing is different if you fly straight at the target rather than
    diving directly down on it. Remember that diving almost directly down on a tank is
    how you avoid its machine gun, since even the secondary machine guns cannot
    aim very high up.
    Before you can bomb, you need good control over your plane. If you're new to
    the game, especially flying, then this will likely be your biggest roadblock
    against being a good bomber. Practice flying around until you have a good feel
    for the controls, and then follow the above paragraph.
    Other Bombing Tips:
    - Stay somewhat high up. If you're caught behind from another plane, then
    you'll need the altitude to do certain moves. When you drop the bomb, dive down
    a little and pull up right before you drop the bomb. If you don't pull up, then
    the bomb will hit the plane. This could kill you in some servers, or it can
    make you just waste the bomb, instead.
    - In certain maps, such as Kharkov and Kursk where there are many trees, you
    will generally want to stay higher up.
    - It's best to come at your enemies from behind, because if you come from the
    side they can move forward or backward and attempt to avoid your bombs.
    - Dive bombers are much better at bombing. They have 30 bombs and can drop 2
    bombs at once. They are also slower so you can take your time when bombing.
    - The B17 is for carpet bombing. It lets you drop 8 bombs at once for a reason.
    Just pick a decent target first, don't be a moron who just drops bombs in
    cities for no reason. Carpet bombing a flag that you know will be heavily
    populated by the enemy is the best idea. For example, if you're allied, and you
    drop all your bombs on the city in market garden, and the axis have the city
    and the allies having the church (making the city a frontline flag and heavily
    populated), you should get a few kills.
    - Dive bombers (the planes that drop two bombs at once) are much better at
    bombing than fighters (the planes that drop one bomb at once). Try to get a
    dive bomber when you're going to bomb targets.
    - It is smarter to learn how to bomb in First Person mode, without the cockpit
    view. This way, you can bomb and dogfight at the same time. Besides, it's
    easier to line up with your target in first person mode.
    - When you bomb tanks, you should approach them from either the back, the
    front, or the sides to nail them. DO NOT come from them diagonally, because
    they are quite harder to hit, especially if they're moving.
    - To drop a torpedo, fly parallel (fixed by Jarret Peterson) to the water, and 
    stay very close to it. Drop the torpedo into the water towards the ship you 
    want to hit. With all luck, you will hit the ship and do a large chunk of 
    damage to it (more than regular bombs). Dropping a torpedo on the ship rather 
    than into the water at the ship does much less damage.
    - Torpedo planes can destroy submerged subs. It's fun as hell, since the sub
    can't do a thing.
    - Even fighters can drop bombs near jeeps without being totally accurate and
    still them with one bomb.
    - Look on the map (M by default) to check what flags are yours and what aren't
    so you can pick your points and attack accordingly. I find it easier to use the
    big map than the minimap. Of course, turn off the big map when you're actually 
    bombing. This is actually an advanced strategy that a lot of the best pilots
    use to back up their team. Make sure your map transparency is up there so you
    can still see where you're going.
    - If you have a joystick, and you find that your plane is moving to the right
    or left while taking off without you touching it, try setting the spring
    strength to its highest, and try calibrating the joystick. You may have to
    calibrate the joystick every few times you play the game, depending on the type
    of joystick. This is only really a problem with force feedback sticks.
    - If you're in a B17 or Mosquito/BF110 bombers (medium bombers), then when you
    bomb, you can spread your bombs out less by diving down at your target, and
    drop the bombs while you're diving. Just make sure you come up.
    - Sometimes tanks shoot at planes with their machine guns. Usually, they'll be
    in position 2, leaving them exposed. You can shoot down the guy in the machine
    gun position shooting at you, and then proceed to bomb the tank. You only get
    once chance to do this and you'll take heavy damage, most likely. The best way
    is to attack them is to take them out when they're not looking, by staying high
    then dive bombing straight down on them.
    The most important thing you can do is to play the game. Flying takes a lot of
    time and patience, but you'll get it eventually.
    When you're flying around in your plane, bombing a base, and enemy plane
    bullets fly by you, what do you do? Well, you have several options:
    Fly away and get support: If dogfighting isn't your thing, then attempt to fly
    away from the plane shooting you. You usually want to fly near a flak cannon
    (stationary anti-aircraft guns) that you know is manned by a teammate. Assuming
    your teammate only has the slightest clue as to what he's doing, he'll at least
    shoot at the plane chasing you and scare him off, if he doesn't blow it up. Be
    sure to keep changing direction if the plane stays on your tail (for example,
    move left a little, then right, then down, then left, but still go to where
    you want to go), because you will otherwise be shot down very easily. Always
    report that you see a plane in your radio, and that you need the appropiate
    support (usually air support, but maybe reinforcements if there's a tank that
    can take him).
    Dogfighting: Before you EVER take off in a plane, you should ALWAYS check your
    ping first. If it is very low, you will have to aim closer to the plane then if
    it is high. 
    Dogfighting Tips:
    - If you are behind the enemy, do not let him get behind you. This does not
    mean you want to follow him into every move, though. If a plane can loop better
    than yours, then you do not want to follow it into a loop. Do the move that
    you think is the most appropiate. 
    - If the enemy is turning, shoot your bullets in front of the plane, so that
    way the plane flies into them. If you are relatively close, you can easily
    hit them. 
    - Never fly in a straight line if you have a plane on your tail. Immediately
    pull off an evasive move, or else you're a sitting (or flying...hahaha, no)
    - If the enemy is flying in a straight line, he's a very easy target.
    - If you are chasing slower planes, such as a dive bomber or a B17, and you 
    have a throttle, you may want to slow down to stay on his tail. Make sure
    you're not being trailed by an enemy plane, though, or it will be a fatal
    - Dive bombers generally want to avoid dogfights, since they cannot turn
    nearly as well. The best thing for them to do is, well, divebomb.
    - NEVER shoot at an enemy plane for the hell of it, or if you think you may
    only get a shot or two at him. He can get your position, turn around, and shoot
    you back.
    - Do not shoot at your opponent from a huge distance. He may even turn around
    and go right for you, and you won't be able to do much about it because you
    won't be able to hit him at such a distance.
    - Use the rear view once in a while to check for enemy aircraft behind you.
    - If the plane you're attacking is better at dogfighting than yours, you should
    either not shoot at him in the first place, or shoot him down right away. For
    example, if you're in baytown and you have a Medium bomber and you're shooting
    at a fighter, he can turn around much easier than you can and shoot you down
    very quickly.
    - Just like with infantry, your crosshair will indicate when you hit an enemy.
    If your crosshair looks like this:
    - -
    Rather than the normal (a + sign), then you hit the enemy.
    - Try not to stay too close to the plane you're shooting down. It's aggravating
    to shoot down an enemy plane, only to crash into its debris. Besides, I
    personally find it easier to aim at a large distance.
    - If you're caught from behind in your plane and you're not in a fighter, you
    may want to consider flying off the edge of the map a bit to lose the enemy. Of
    course, don't go so far off that you can't get back and you die. This tactic
    often loses the enemy since they don't want to follow you and risk dying
    - It's generally best to stay as high as you can while dogfighting. This way,
    when you turn, you don't smack into the ground and you can dive easily to
    regain some lost speed.
    - You usually have to be at the same angle as the plane you're shooting at in
    order to hit him. Sometimes you can hit him if your wings are 90 degrees rather
    than having a wing higher than the other, but it's rather difficult.
    - Before you EVER take off in a plane, you should ALWAYS check your ping first.
    If it is very low, you will have to aim closer to the plane then if it is high.
    - When you turn your plane, you should turn it to the point where if you turn
    it any further, it will lose altitude. This way, you can make your sharpest
    turns. Most people don't know how to make their sharpest turns, you may even
    find a BF109 beating a Spitfire, the king of turning, this way.
    THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF DOGFIGHTING: Aim where your opponent is GOING to go.
    The slower the plane, the less you have to lead your shots. Dogfighting takes
    practice, especially the aiming. You have to aim a lot more ahead than you
    probably think. Think of AA guns. You have to aim a LOT ahead with those. It's
    somewhat the same with dogfighting. Your ping seriously affects this.
    There's more to dogfighting than just aiming. If you're in front of a good
    pilot, it will be hell to get behind him. If a plane is behind you, there are
    several good ways to turn around and go after him. I cannot BEGIN to tell you
    how important the cinematic view is (F12 by default) for dogfighting. It allows
    you to see your opponent's every move, keeping you a step ahead of him at all
    Note: All of these tips are directed towards fighters. Most will work with
    other planes.
     1. In some cases, you will want to simply turn to the left or right and do a
    tight circle. This sometimes gets you killed, but then again, being trailed by
    a plane in the first place is more dangerous. It is sometimes the only option
    you have, depending on how high your plane is in the air when you're shot at.
    Good pilots will rarely let you get away with this, so this is a real gamble
    here. Simple turns ARE a decent move, however, if you're not in the sight of
    his crosshair.
     2. Stay very high. When you're shot at, do a split S. A split S is when you
    flip the plane upside down and pull up on the joystick, thus making the plane
    go right side up and go in the opposite direction in a matter of seconds. Think
    of the letter C (which is actually where it gets is name, but I guess the
    "split S" sounds better than a "C") This often loses him completely, since he
    can't see you make the turn and doesn't know which way to turn himself. Also,
    it gives your plane a ton of speed. This is usually the best move, because not
    only are you very hard to hit while doing it, but it gives you several options
    once it's pulled off. You can go and do another loop, you can turn, or you can
    do other things.
    A split S looks like this:
    The only time you'll really have a chance of killed when doing a split S is
    when the plane is really far below you. It takes very good aim, but it is
    3. Do a loop in the air (go straight up and make your plane dive) and turn in
    another direction while doing it. You're slow as you go up, but when you dive
    down, you'll gain speed. Some planes suck at loops, and this move should be
    avoided in most cases. You should only ever do this move if the plane you're
    dogfighting can't see you, or if he's behind you and you're right in his face
    with a low altitude.
     4. Do a corkscrew move (rolling in one direction), then dive and make a sharp
    turn. This works because the pilot behind you will think that you're changing
    direction, so he will be misguided and shoot somewhere else. Just don't roll
    more than once, or else the pilot will get what you're doing and can kill you.
    Remember, altitude is the key to dogfighting. The higher your plane is, the
    larger your advantage is. Why? For two main reasons:
    - If you were to dive down, you would gain a lot of speed, making your turns
    temporarily sharper, so you could take out the plane easier.
    - It's hard as hell to take out a plane that's much higher than you without
    REALLY losing speed and possibly stalling.
    - It's very hard for a guy below the other plane to see him, so he may be
    killed unexpectantly. Yes, he can use his mouselook, but that's annoying.
    In many cases, you really shouldn't try to lose your altitude advantage until
    you're sure you can take the guy out.
    If you want to practice dogfighting, go play Coral Sea and grab a fighter. You
    will seriously become a much better pilot after playing that map for a little
    while, assuming you're not getting killed left and right by planes bombing the
    crap out of you as you respawn. Also, you can try the dogfighting mod, but
    good luck finding a server for it.
    Also, you should know your plane's stats, so you can do manuevers
     BF109 (German Fighter)- Can climb pretty well, but turns extremely poorly.
    Also, for some odd reason, the bombing is different from every other plane.
    You have to drop the bombs before you drop them in other planes. Loops are a
    bad idea to do with this plane. The bullets are also pretty strong. Its
    bullets aim way above the crosshair. Also, this plane keeps its speed/momentum
    extremely well, and you can do a bunch of crazy moves and still move at almost
    the same speed as you first started. When dogfighting in this plane, you want
    to gain the altitude advantage. Climb when the plane you're dogfighting cannot
    see you, though. This is a very popular plane among veterans. My only beef with
    it is the bombing. When I face experienced dogfighters that are in this plane,
    they almost always go for the altitude advantage, because it climbs so well.
     Corsair (American Pacific Fighter)- The wobbliest of the planes. Its sharp
    rolling makes it very wobbly. It can turn pretty decently, and its strength
    seems to be its loops. I love doing loops with this plane, but if you do too
    many, the plane will stall. It stalls easier and the stalls are nastier than
    most planes. The bullets are pretty close to the center, but they're not
    perfect. Overall, my least favorite plane.
     Mustang (American European Fighter)- The best fighter there is...if you can
    control it. This is a combination of raw speed and turning, making it the best
    fighter out there. It's matched against inferior german bf109s, making it look
    even better. It's easy to bomb the bastards and get the hell out of there, or
    totally do circles around the bf109s. You'll have to get used to its speed,
    though, as you may over/undershoot some people when you first try it. The
    aiming is right in the middle of the crosshair. Do not let the bf109s gain a
    higher altitude than you, because that's their main chance of killing you.
     Spitfire (British Fighter)- This thing turns like a dream. The main problem
    with it is how damn quickly it slows down. It climbs and turns extremely well,
    but it's EXTREMELY easy (if you can aim) to destroy one that's low and has been
    bombing, since it moves so slowly. Regardless, this plane has many fans, and
    its top speed is good, but it slows down quickly. The bullets aim slightly
    below the crosshair.
     Yak9 (Russian Fighter)- This is not a bad plane at all. It is pretty fast, and
    turns well. In the maps that it's in (kursk and kharkov), it always outnumbers
    the german BF109s 3 to 1. The bullets aim at the center of the crosshair. I
    like this plane. It's very stable and is among the easiest fighter plane to
    use. It's basically a zero only a little worse.
     Zero (Japanese Fighter)- This is my second favorite fighter. It is fast
    and maneuverable. There's not much else to say. It's noticably easier to handle
    than a corsair. The bullets aim for the middle of the crosshair. It's always
    pit up against a corsair, and it almost always comes out on top unless its
    pilot sucks.
    5.3C - Handeling tight situations - Tips that every pilot should know
    There are many, many situations you must be aware of when you are a pilot. If
    you can recognize them all, then you will have a much better chance of
    Normal flying circumstances are considered to be when the enemy has planes in
    the air, tanks, and the battle is generally even.
    Situation A: Normal circumstances. Bocage, you're Axis with a BF109. The Allies
    have one Mustang in the air, and you have both of your BF109s. By chance, the
    better of the Allies' pilots was triple teamed by AA, your friendly pilot, and
    a machine gun and was shot down. You don't want him to take off because you
    know he will become a big problem to everyone and that you likely will not be
    able to take him, but you want to support your team by taking out tanks.
    What do you do?: Remember that BF109s are famous for their climbing ability,
    so you definately want to climb high and dive on your targets. Fly high over
    the enemy airfield every 30-40 seconds and make sure that the pilot doesn't
    take off. Bocage is one of the maps where one simple mistake WILL kill you,
    because there are so many threats to planes. Constantly check your views for 
    threats, and bomb any tanks that your teammates spot on the radio, if you're
    free. Dive straight down over AA guns. This is a situation where you want to
    stay high enough that you cannot see the ground, and attack targets solely by
    your map and friendly radio commands. You should ignore strafing infantry 
    unless it is vital that one is killed, such as if one is sneaking by to capture
    a flag.
    Try not to get in a dogfight with the remaining mustang that will last more
    than 20 seconds, because it may give the better allied pilot a chance to get
    in the air. Try to get your other pilot to take him out, instead.
    Situation B: Operation Market Garden, you're Allied with a Mustang. The Axis
    have managed to push through and take everything but the church. Frustrated
    with your flying (hopefully), the axis decide to start using machine guns on
    their tanks and APCs to take out any plane, since the AA guns are too far away
    and easily avoided.
    What do you do?: Fly high in the fog and dive straight down on any tanks or
    APCs. Machine guns cannot point very high up, so a 180 dive will destroy them.
    Dive, kill, go back up into the fog, and repeat. Try diving from different
    directions to throw them off even more. 
    Situation C: Iwo Jima, you're Japanese and have a Zero. The allied ships have
    been sunk, and they're stuck to the beach. They can only spawn there with no
    other choice.
    What do you do?: Go nuts. Fly as low as you want, strafe who you can, and drop
    bombs to finish the damaged infantry. Remember that anyone proning (there will
    be several, to avoid the gunfire) will die with just one bomb, since proning
    and crouching increase bomb damage. Keep in mind that the Carrier may respawn,
    and that's when you should get back to flying normal since there will be planes
    to deal with.
    I may add more to this section later.
    5.3D - Taking off, landing, dealing with anti-aircraft, and general flying
    This is a part somewhat more oriented towards newer pilots, but it has some
    important tips for experienced ones as well.
    Tips on Taking Off:
    - This one is mostly for carriers, especially the American carrier since it has
    that little hole in the way of the fighter's takeoff spot. Hold the move up
    button (it's probably down on your joystick) the whole time, even when you
    just start taking off. This will allow you to get in the air faster and avoid
    obstacles such as holes in your way. Before I learned this tip, I often crashed
    into the hole in the American Carrier when I was taking off with a fighter.
    - In takeoffs where you have to move your plane to take off, such as when
    there's something in your way or in the American airfield in Wake, don't hold
    the left or right key for too long, or else your plane may swirve out of
    control. Also, try to move slower, if possible.
    - If you're about to hit something while taking off, then you should slow down
    or cut the throttle if you have one so you move backwards and can reposition
    yourself. You may have to jump out if you're too close and can't stop in time.
    General Flying Tips:
    - You may often find yourself turning endlessly in your dogfights, maybe even
    to the point where your plane becomes so slow that it sinks towards the ground.
    Stay high up in the air at all times. You should be so high that the ground is
    somewhat foggy, but you can still make out everything easily.
    - The best way to speed up is to make a quick dive. You'll obviously lose
    altitude, but it may give you the speed you need to get away from another
    - You should use the roll keys to turn, and balance out your plane so that
    the wings are even with the roll keys when you're done rolling. This is a very
    common newbie mistake that causes crashes the most. 
    - If you fly too high, your plane will stop. This can crash any plane if you
    cut off all your speed while getting up so high.
    - A good way to turn around is to do a loop in the air: Fly your plane upwards
    until it goes upside down. Then, use the roll keys to turn it rightside up.
    - If you ever need to move your plane backwards, especially to get into a
    hangar, always move it at a slow speed or else it may crash into a bump too
    fast and blow up.
    There's more flying tips below, in section 5.3A.
    Landing your plane:
    In order to land your plane, you need to slow down your plane to a very slow
    speed. This is very, very easy to learn if you have a joystick with a throttle,
    and it's still kinda simple if you hold down a key to make your plane move.
    If you have use a key to move your plane, then just let go of it a bit and hold
    it down to speed it back up occasionally.
    Once your plane is parallel with the flat ground, and moving slow, you can land
    it. Make sure it's going quite slow when you jump out, or else it may be have
    its nose stuck to the ground to the point where you can't get it off. The key
    reasons for landing your plane is to repair it as an engineer or by bringing
    it into your hangar.
    Always find a flat place with plenty of take-off room when you land your plane,
    or else you may not get it back up there. If you're trying to land a B17, you
    need a ton of room.
    Dealing with anti-aircraft:
    AA Guns can be quite annoying to pilots, especially in maps where they're in
    an abundance, such as Bocage. They can seriously rape any low flying plane, so
    as I've been saying, you need to be very high up in the sky. When they're
    shooting at you, you want to change your direction slightly. If you're going
    straight, turn your plane left a little. Usually the change is so slight that
    the guy manning the gun won't even see it. You can also do an upside down
    loop, and then turn and keep going straight.
    Often times, pilots will run from the AA gun and find a new place to harass. If
    the spot that the anti-aircraft gun is guarding is very important, though, you
    can take him out. But how do you do it without getting killed? Simple.
    First off, you need to get even higher up in the air then I've been saying all
    along. you have to be so high that the ground is totally foggy. You need to
    know where the anti-aircraft gun is on the map, since you won't be able to see
    it. Once the ground is so foggy that you cannot see it, he will not be able
    to see you, either. Fly over where you think the gun is, and once you think
    you're right above the gun, dive on it at 180 degrees, strafe it, bomb it, and
    pull up. He won't know what hit him, and AA guns cannot shoot directly up. This
    rarely ever fails, but it requires knowledge of the AA locations on the maps.
    5.3E - The Five Types of Planes
    In this section, I'll be a little more specific. As I mentioned earlier, there
    are five main types of planes: the dive bomber, the fighter, the B17, the
    torpedo bomber, and the medium bomber (Road to Rome plane). Read the tips 
    section above for more tips and strategy with these planes. This section only
    briefly goes over the five types (although it has a few strategies specific
    to the type of plane, especially the medium bomber).
    Fighters are great for destroying other planes, or shooting infantry
    down with their bullets. Since plane bullets kill infantry in one hit, it is
    not a bad idea to use your bullets instead of your bombs on infantry. Fighters
    are extremely maneuverable, so they can gain or lose altitude or turn with 
    ease. The best fighter is the American Mustang, found only in a few maps. It is
    VERY fast and VERY manueverable, and it's often pitted up against inferior
    German BF109s.
    Fighters can only drop one bomb at a time, and they have a limit of 15 bombs.
    The best pilots in this game use the fighters, and I've become a fighter fan
    myself. If you like fighters the most, you need to learn how to bomb as
    accurate as possible, because unlike the dive bombers and the B17, there NO 
    room for error in your bombing whatsoever, unless you're bombing jeeps or light
    armored tanks. 
    Dropping a bomb ON, not NEAR, the back of a medium armored tank will usually
    blow it up in one shot.
    Your role as a fighter is usually to shoot down other planes. Kill infantry if
    you're bored, or if you don't feel like shooting down other planes. -_-
    Until you get good with planes, you should probably use the dive bomber.
    Fighter Strengths:
    - Very powerful shots.
    - Extremely maneuverable.
    - Very fast.
    Fighter Weaknesses:
    - Can only drop one bomb at a time.
    - Gets destroyed by only a few shots.
    Dive Bomber
    This plane is a favorite of newbies and veterans alike. Bombing with a dive
    bomber is easier than a fighter for two reasons: they are slow so the pilot has
    more time to set up, and they drop two bombs at once. Dive bombers have a 30
    bomb limit, and can hold two people because they have a  tailgunner in the 
    back, although this is usually used for transportation.
    As the name suggests, you can dive bomb with a dive bomber, although I don't do
    it too much. The bombs of a dive bomber, unlike the fighter, have a lot of room
    for error. Sometimes when I bomb and they are rather off, they still kill the
    Dive bombers are somewhat easy to destroy by fighters, though. They are slow
    targets, and although they can take more damage than fighters, they are not
    maneuverable and get eaten up by an experienced pilot.
    The role of a dive bomber is to back up your team capturing a point by
    destroying any tanks or other vehicles/infantry they can see. If you are new to
    flying, you should probably learn with the dive bomber. Please learn offline,
    Dive Bomber Strengths:
    - Drops two bombs at once.
    - Can take more hits than a fighter.
    - Slow, so can take more time to set up a target.
    - Has a tail gunner, so it can be used to transport infantry.
    Dive Bomber Weaknesses:
    - Decent dogfighters eat them alive when caught.
    - Less firepower than fighters.
    - Very weak at destroying other planes.
    Torpedo Bomber
    Torpedo bombers are very similar to Dive Bombers, only they drop torpedoes
    instead of regular bombs.
    To drop a torpedo, fly parallel (fixed by Jarret Peterson) to the water, and 
    stay very close to it. Drop the torpedo into the water towards the ship you 
    want to hit. With all luck, you will hit the ship and do a large chunk of 
    damage to it (more than regular bombs). Dropping a torpedo on the ship rather 
    than into the water at the ship does much less damage.
    Torpedoes will kill infantry, but they are not as good as regular bombs. Often
    they will just throw the infantry around rather than kill them. You need a dead
    on hit, pretty much.
    Aircraft Carriers and Battleships are the easiest to hit with torpedoes.
    Torpedo Bomber Strengths:
    - Great at sinking ships if used right.
    - Can take more hits than a fighter.
    Torpedo Bomber Weaknesses:
    - Decent dogfighters eat them alive when caught.
    - Less firepower than fighters.
    - Very weak at destroying other planes.
    - Torpedoes don't work very well on infantry.
    - Slow.
    B17 Bomber
    Ah, yes. The plane that makes enemies and allies alike go "holy shit" as it
    goes by, carpet bombing an area until there is no vegetation or life left (ok, 
    fine, there is no real vegetation in this game). This plane has a distinct
    noise, so you can always tell when it's coming by.
    The role of the B17 is to just bomb the living...crap...out of everything.
    B17s are great at destroying several tanks, since they carpet bomb, dropping
    8 extremely powerful bombs one by one at a time, with a limit of about 56
    (I'm not totally sure the limit). Don't drop bombs randomly. You should drop
    them where you see infantry or tanks.
    When you take off in a B17, you should bring gunners with you. They can shoot
    down enemy planes as they try to attack you. A B17 with no gunners is perfect
    bait for even a Dive Bomber. Even if you have gunners, actually, an enemy
    plane will still probably take a huge chunk out of your life before it is
    shot down, because the gunners unfortunately do little damage to planes unless
    they really know how to aim.
    Gunners are usually used as transportaton, because they are pretty useless to
    the gunner. Most gunners don't care about the pilot, and since gunners barely
    ever get kills, they'll usually just jump out.
    Only the Allies can have this plane, although Axis can control it if they get
    lucky and find one laying around, especially in maps such as Gazala.
    Many teams go specifically for the B17, because it is so powerful and it looks
    so cool when it's smoking and gets blown up. A good B17 pilot can determine the
    outcome of a match.
    When B17s are destroyed, they are gone for several minutes, unlike the other
    B17 Strengths:
    - Extremely powerful bombs.
    - Can carpet bomb and ultimately destroy any tank in its way, with little
    - Has a TON of life.
    - Intimidating.
    B17 Weaknesses:
    - Gunner positions are very weak.
    - Slow speed and even slower acceleration.
    - Easy targets for planes and anti-aircraft guns.
    Medium Bomber
    New to Road to Rome, this is by far my favorite plane. Too bad it's only in
    four maps. A good pilot can use make this plane as devastating as the B17. It
    is a great support plane and only takes about 40 seconds to respawn. It is a
    pretty decent dogfighter with a good amount of life and good speed and
    handeling. Regardless, it is an extremely good plane for wiping out armor and
    The medium bomber is a great plane because it drops four bombs at once, 
    destroying tanks and infantry with total ease. The bombs have a better rate of
    fire than the B17. Also, the four maps that it's in make it overpowered due to
    the lack of decent anti-aircraft guns.
    When you drop bombs on your enemies, you should drop all four at once, rather
    than dropping them one by one. Also, try to stay high and dive down when you
    drop the bombs, because they will all land in one spot if you do. If you fly
    level when you bomb, you usually spread the bombs out way too much when you
    drop them, and sometimes don't completely destroy your target. Ammo is a 
    large problem with this plane, so you may find yourself hovering over your
    airfield looking for ammo a lot. A great pilot can be nearly unstoppable with
    this plane. My best records were 66-3 and 48-2 in Operation Husky and the
    Battle of Anzio.
    Fighters don't totally eat these things alive, but they will almost always beat
    them in a dogfight. Try to avoid the fighters.
    There are two versions of the medium bomber: the Mosquito and the BF110. The
    BF110, the Axis plane, has room for a tailgunner in the back, and has better
    turning, not to mention the cool shark painting on the front :-P. The
    tailgunner is pretty useless, but I guess it's better than nothing, for
    transportation at least.
    Medium Bomber Strengths:
    - Extremely powerful bombs.
    - Good firepower.
    - Has a good amount of "health".
    - Bombing can be better than the B17 in hands of a good pilot.
    - A decent dogfighter.
    - The four maps it's in make it overpowered due to the lack of AA guns in them.
    - The BF110 is very manueverable for a plane of its size.
    Medium Bomber Weaknesses:
    - Fighters can still destroy them in dogfights.
    - The Mosquito isn't very manueverable.
    5.4 - Artillery, Stationary Machine Guns, and Anti-Aircraft Guns
    Artillery- Only certain machines/vehicles can use artillery. For example,
    light armored tanks, defguns, battleships, rear cannons of destroyers, etc. In
    order to get your target, a scout must use his binoculars to get a target.
    Once a scout says "I need artillery fire!" on his radio, you can hit the
    secondary button while in the vehicle to take advantage. You will see the
    "picture" that the scout made.
    Now for the confusing part, a part that cannot be taught without experience.
    The yellow lines indicate where you're shooting at. As you fire (by hitting
    the primary, of course) the camera will move, showing you (more or less) where
    your shot went. If it's far to the left of the "picture" and a little up, then
    try moving it a few notches to the right and one notch down. This takes time
    to get used to, and again, you won't become an expert by simply reading this.
    Sometimes you are not able to hit the target that the scout is painting. It may
    be too far to the right, for example, if you're in battleship. 
    Anti-Aircraft Guns- As the name suggests, these are used to shoot down planes.
    The best all-out way to destroy a plane is if it's heading right for your
    AA gun, as a few simple shots to the plane will destroy it. However, if it's
    in the air going in other directions, read below.
    Here's a little guide from Chris D:
    I thought maybe I could give you a bit of help on the aiming of anti-air 
    guns. For me and my friends, regular battlefield players, we find the best 
    way to AA, is to shoot a good one or two inches (on the screen) ahead of the 
    plane you intend to shoot down. change how far ahead you shoot depending on
    a)The distance of the plane
    b)The speed of the plane
    You're gonna want to shoot further ahead of a fully accelerated plane, than a 
    plane thats just taken off. also, look for the puffs of black smoke, and 
    alter how far ahead you shoot, depending on if you see the black smoke 
    hitting the plane, or falling far behind.
    I hope this helps you with your guide (which by the way, is really good)
    Thanks A lot
    Chris D."
    Keep in mind that he means inches ON THE SCREEN, not game inches.
    Another contributor named Jack Cole e-mailed me with this mini guide:
    "Here is my way:
    I don't aim a little ahead, I usually aim very far ahead, about 3+ planes 
    lenghs ahead when they're a carriers lenth away. You can tell if your hitting 
    it when a DARK black ball appears. When your not hitting it a smaller one 
    appears and looks farther away. If you are leading but you just cant seem to 
    hit it, aim VERY VERY far ahead and just aim in that spot. The plane will cross
    paths with it and take at least some damage. When a plane is coming directly 
    at you, aim for the tip fo the left wing (the right tip in YOUR perspective). 
    If you're shooting infanty don't bother with any long range targets. When 
    they're medium or close range aim toward the right since the barrel of the 
    gun is left or the cross-hairs.
    Here is a tip for using AA guns on Aircraft Carriers:
    When a plane is to low to shoot at, switch to another gun on the same side of 
    the ship, so you can shoot the plane when it pulls up. 
    That's all I can think of. Hope it helps."
    Damn straight it helps. I now officially kick ass with the flak cannons. Jack
    and Chris, I love you both.
    Stationary Machine Guns- These are the easiest to explain, because there's
    nothing to them. Staying in one for a long amount of time is very risky,
    because a sniper will be aiming right at your head. However, they have their
    uses. They're especially good for shooting down airplanes.
    Machine guns overheat, so you can't use them too long. They also have recoil,
    although they have much less than automatic rifles. The best use for a machine
    gun is to nail groups of enemies, take down planes, or to sink landing craft in
    Iwo Jima. It's best to use these things until they ALMOST overheat, because
    when they overheat they take longer to cool down than if they almost overheat.
    There's a meter on the bottom right of the screen.
    6. Counters
    This is a section that goes over every single way that I can think of to
    destroy vehicles or infantry. This is a very useful section to most players.
    I will list an overview of strategies against a certain vehicle and then I will
    list all ways to destroy it.
    If you want to get technical with everything, then here is the site for you:
    The information is pretty accurate as of patch 1.2.
    6.1 - Destroying Land Vehicles
    Light Armored Tanks
    Light armored tanks are extremely vulnerable. They are mostly used for
    artillery, so it is very likely that the person inside the tank can't even see
    If you're in a jeep, just get out of the jeep and shoot it. If you're in a 
    tank, you can either go head on or you can try to sneak up on them. If you're 
    in a ship or a plane, blow these things away.
    - A bazooka will usually kill these things in one or two shots.
    - The Assault's rifles will destroy them.
    - Grenades will blow them up, although you should use your automatic gun if
    you can.
    - You can ram these things with a jeep. I don't see why you'd want to, but
    whatever. -_-
    - Tanks will destroy them with bullets or missles.
    - Planes can beat the crap out of these things. A fighter should shoot it, and
    a dive bomber can just bomb it. Of course, it can be done the other way around;
    a fighter can bomb it and a dive bomber can shoot it.
    - Fire from ships will destroy them.
    - Anti-aircraft fire, if aimed low enough, can also destroy them.
    - Stationary Machine Guns can destroy them.
    - Defguns can easily blow them up.
    - Machine guns on landing craft blow these things up, although I seriously
    doubt you'd be in this situation a lot. ^_^
    - The rockets on the rocket jeeps can also blow these things up.
    - If you're THAT desperate, you can kamikaze a plane into these fiends.
    - You can destroy them with landmines and TNT.
    Basically, anything explosive and automatic guns will destroy light armored
    tanks. Keep in mind that they can only turn so far to the left or the right,
    and they need to be controlled by two people in order to fire and move at the
    same time. They deal MASSIVE damage to tanks and infantry and you rarely see
    them in the front lines, unless the player inside is shelling out a base or he
    is just a moron.
    Medium Armored Tanks
    Remember, Medium Tanks are weakest in their rear. If you, as an infantry, are
    caught by a tank, you should hide as quickly as possible. If the tank is
    smoking, you can try throwing grenades at it, but this will give away your
    position. If you're an anti-tank, wait for it to go by and expose its rear
    before you shoot at it, unless it spots you first.
    If you're in a jeep, just drive away. If you're in a tank, you can either go
    head on or you can try to sneak up on them. If you're in a ship or a plane, 
    blow these things to hell.
    - A Bazooka will kill these things in one hit from behind. Try sneaking up on a
    tank from behind instead of just shooting it from any angle.
    - Grenades will harm them, and can also turn the tank a little. Grenades are
    good to throw when you find an enemy tank fighting a friendly tank, because
    they throw the tank off a little.
    - You can ram these things with a jeep from behind.
    - Obviously, Tanks will destroy them, but only with their missles.
    - The bombs from a plane will destroy it too. The shots from a plane, however,
    do not.
    - Fire from ships will destroy them.
    - Anti-aircraft fire, if aimed low enough, can also destroy them.
    - Defguns destroy them.
    - The rockets on the rocket jeeps can also blow these things up.
    - Being a kamikaze works. ;-p
    - You can destroy them with landmines and TNT.
    Heavily Armored Tanks
    Heavy Tanks are very durable with a lot of life. Like a Medium Tank, their rear
    is the weakest point. However, they can take a lot more fire than a Medium
    Tank. Guns do not hurt these things, stop trying. If you, as an infantry, are
    caught by a tank, you should hide as quickly as possible. If the tank is
    smoking, you can try throwing grenades at it, but this will give away your
    position. If you're an anti-tank, wait for it to go by and expose its rear
    before you shoot at it, unless it spots you first.
    If you're in a jeep, just drive away. If you're in a tank, you can either go
    head on or you can try to sneak up on them. If you're in a ship or a plane, 
    blow these things to hell.
    - A Bazooka will kill these things in several hits from behind. Try sneaking up
    on a tank from behind instead of just shooting it from any angle.
    - Grenades will destroy them, although very little. They can be used to turn 
    the tank a little. Grenades are good to throw when you find an enemy tank 
    fighting a friendly tank, because they throw the tank off a little.
    - You can ram these things with a jeep from behind, although it won't destroy
    it in one hit.
    - Tanks will destroy them with their missles. Aim for the rear.
    - The bombs from a plane will destroy it too. The shots from a plane, however,
    do not.
    - Fire from ships will destroy them, of course.
    - Anti-aircraft fire, if aimed low enough, can also destroy them.
    - Defguns destroy them. Usually, the thing destroys the defgun first, though.
    - The rockets on the rocket jeeps can also blow these things up.
    - Being a kamikaze will work. If the heavy tank has full life, however, you
    will not blow it up.
    - You can destroy them with explosive packs and landmines.
    These things aren't much of a threat. The only threat they have is someone
    manning the machine gun on the top and killing you with it. Keep in mind that
    they are a sitting duck when they do this, especially if they aren't shooting
    at you. Either destroy these things or steal them so your enemies cannot regain
    life or ammo from it.
    If you're in a tank, ship, or plane, just blow these things up.
    - A bazooka will kill these things in one or two shots.
    - The Assault's rifles will destroy them (I think).
    - Grenades will blow them up.
    - You can ram these things with a jeep. Don't do it, though.
    - Tanks will destroy them with bullets or missles.
    - Planes tear these things up. The bullets and bombs from a plane destroy APCs.
    - Fire from ships will destroy them.
    - Anti-aircraft fire, if aimed low enough, can also destroy them.
    - Stationary Machine Guns can destroy them.
    - Defguns can easily blow them up.
    - Machine guns on landing craft blow these things up. This is not likely to
    happen, of course.
    - The rockets on the rocket jeeps can also blow these things up.
    - You can kamikaze a plane into these fiends.
    - You can destroy them with landmines and TNT.
    The best way to destroy APCs is to simply use your gun or your grenades.
    The biggest threat of a jeep is that the driver can run you over with it,
    really. Not much of a problem, although it is tough to destroy a moving jeep.
    If a jeep is coming for you, take cover. Jumping out of the way and strafing
    to either the left or the right is the best way to avoid being run over.
    Sometimes you can kill the driver in the jeep before he kills you. If this
    happens, you still will have to move out of the way, because the momentum of
    the jeep can still run you over.
    If you're in a tank or other vehicle, the key is to just blow them up. Even if
    you shoot at a jeep with a tank and the shot lands near it, it will spin the
    jeep out. If a jeep tries to ram into your vehicle, jump out of the vehicle and
    move as far away as possible. You can reenter the vehicle afterwards if it is
    not destroyed.
    In a plane or a ship, jeeps are obviously not a threat. Just blow them up.
    - A bazooka will destroy these things in one shot.
    - Regular Automatic guns will destroy them.
    - Grenades will blow them up, although you should use your automatic gun if
    you can.
    - You can ram a jeep with a jeep. An eye for an eye.
    - Tanks will destroy them with bullets or missles.
    - Bullets and bombs from a plane destroy jeeps.
    - Fire from ships, as usual, will destroy them.
    - Anti-aircraft fire, if aimed low enough, can also destroy them.
    - Stationary Machine Guns can destroy them.
    - Defguns can blow them up if they can aim for the land.
    - Machine guns on landing craft blow these things up, although I seriously
    doubt you'd be in this situation a lot. ^_^
    - The rockets on the rocket jeeps can blow these things up.
    - You can kamikaze into these things with a plane. Good luck hitting them.
    - You can destroy them with landmines and TNT.
    Rocket Jeeps
    I know by now that they're called Stalin Organs, but I prefer Rocket Jeep. They
    look somewhat like pickup trucks only with missles on the top of them. Rocket
    Jeeps do incredible splash damage and destroy infantry like a charm. You will
    usually find top players camping a spawn point with these things, shooting at a
    distance. Bazookas work very well on a Rocket Jeep camper, if you can aim well
    enough. Infantry can use their automatic guns here, if they find themselves in
    this situation.
    If you're in a tank, again, blow these things up with your bullets or your
    missles, but be sure he isn't actually aiming at you. Keep in mind that Rocket 
    Jeeps cannot move and shoot at the same time unless there are two people 
    controlling it at once. Planes should just shoot or bomb them. Ships never find
    themselves against a Rocket Jeep, since they're only in two Russian maps. -_-
    - A bazooka will kill these things in one or two shots.
    - The Assault's rifles will destroy Rocket Jeeps.
    - Grenades will blow them up and turn them a little to the right or left,
    throwing them off course a little.
    - You can ram these things with a jeep if you have to.
    - Tanks will destroy them with bullets or missles.
    - Bullets and Bombs from planes destroy them.
    - Fire from ships will destroy them, but since there are no maps with ships
    and Rocket Jeeps, this isn't much of a tip.
    - Anti-aircraft fire, if aimed low enough, can also destroy them.
    - Stationary Machine Guns can destroy them.
    - Rocket Jeeps blow other Rocket Jeeps up.
    - You can kamikaze a plane into these...objects.
    - You can destroy them with landmines and TNT.
    6.2 - Sinking Ships
    Battleships, Destroyers, and Aircraft Carriers
    I put these three types of ships together because they are all sunk the exact
    same way. Infantry can't do a thing to any of these, but other ships, tanks,
    defguns, and aircraft can sink them. No matter what vehicle you are using to
    sink one of these, always aim for the middle of the ship. It does the most
    damage, and usually hitting the end of a ship does no damage at all.
    Planes should be cautious when attacking any of these ships. Aircraft Carriers
    and Battleships both have anti-aircraft fire, so they can destroy planes
    extremely quickly, although AA guns on Aircraft Carriers are usually not
    manned. A destroyer has two ways to destroy a plane: they can either switch to
    the machine gun position (you rarely find this. Their machine guns do little
    damage to planes and cannot be switched to with the 1,2,3,4,5,6 buttons), or
    they can actually shoot down a plane with their missles, believe it or not. (I
    was one of the first players who pioneered this strategy into the game, and
    trust me, it works) Either way, destroyers are the easiest to bomb and usually
    won't even attack back.
    Whenever you attack a ship with your plane, always fly by its long side. Don't
    attack it from the side, because if it has AA guns, they will hit you. It's
    hard to hit a plane that isn't coming from the side with anti-aircraft guns.
    Tanks need to find a well hidden spot to attack a ship. Usually, if you sink a
    ship with a tank, he is not a very good sailor anyway.
    Ships versus ships is pretty obvious. Just know that if you're in a destroyer,
    it is often best to sneak up on a battleship and getting side by side with it
    before attacking it, because it has a minimum vertical range and often won't
    be able to hit the destroyer.
    Grenades and TNT do nothing to ships. Stop trying now.
    If you find that the captain of the ship is repairing, and you're a sniper, you
    can snipe the captain as he runs out of the ship. This will discourage him to
    repair his ship, assuming it doesn't kill him.
    - Tanks can sink them with missles.
    - Subs can sink any of these three. Destroyers are the least vulnerable, but
    battleships and aircraft carriers are sitting ducks.
    - Planes can sink ships with torpedoes or regular bombs.
    - Fire from ships will destroy them, obviously.
    - Defguns can wear away at the life of these ships. Usually, however, the
    defgun is destroyed by the ship.
    - If you're desperate, you can kamikaze a plane into ships. It sometimes takes
    off a few notches of life.
    Very few things can destroy the stealthy subs. Subs are huge threats to
    Battleships and Aircraft Carriers. A Destroyer must sail over the sub until
    the dot on its radar in the very back of the destroyer before it drops the
    depth charges. I personally like to hunt for subs in torpedo planes and sink
    them with the torpedoes. It drives 'em nuts.
    - Depth charges destroy subs. The sub must be in the back of the Destroyer
    before the depth charges will destroy it.
    - Subs can destroy other subs with their torpedoes.
    - Torpedo bombers can destroy subs. It's actually not very hard to hit the sub,
    as long as they're in the water a bit. I've done it several times before, and
    it sunk the gorilla, too.
    - If the submarine has submerged, regular cannon fire from any vehicle with
    missles can destroy it, such as a tank or a ship.
    Landing Craft
    Landing Craft are usually not a problem to anything besides maybe infantry.
    Landing Craft are usually used when a ship is being sunk, so aim at the boat
    with your cannons.
    Planes are the #1 sinker of landing craft. Since landing crafts have machine
    guns on them, facing their front, it's a good idea to attack a landing craft
    from the sides or the back. Never face a landing craft head on, because its
    machine gun fire will seriously damage you if the player is smart enough to use
    For some reason, landing craft make an invisible explosion that kills everyone
    inside when they're destroyed.
    - A bazooka will destroy them. It takes several shots and good aim.
    - Regular Automatic guns will destroy them.
    - Grenades will blow them up, although you should use your automatic gun if
    you can. If you're close enough to throw grenades at a landing craft, you'll
    probably be killed in a few seconds anyway.
    - Tanks will destroy them with bullets or missles.
    - Planes can beat the crap out of these things. A fighter should shoot it, and
    a dive bomber can just bomb it. Of course, it can be done the other way around;
    a fighter can bomb it and a dive bomber can shoot it.
    - Fire from ships will destroy them. This is the main killer of landing craft.
    - Stationary Machine Guns can destroy them.
    - Defguns can blow them up.
    - Machine guns on landing craft can sink other landing craft. Sometimes you'll
    find yourself in a landing craft versus landing craft fight.
    - As usual, kamikazing into landing craft will work.
    6.3 - Destroying Aircraft
    This is a brief section. All planes are destroyed the same way.
    The B17, Dive Bomber, Torpedo Bomber, the Fighter, and the Medium Bomber
    Good pilots are extremely annoying to handle. They often destroy tanks and
    other helpful vehicles. Read the anti-aircraft guns section for a great way to
    destroy pilots with AA fire. Cannon fire from any vehicle can destroy planes,
    as long as they don't hit the plane in the bottom. Land vehicles, other planes,
    Destroyers, and landing craft are the biggest targets for pilots.
    The best way to deal with an experienced pilot is to never get caught in the
    middle of nowhere in the first place. Either that, or you can man an AA gun
    and hope he comes by. Infantry can use their automatic guns on planes to at
    least piss the pilot off and discourage him from coming back.
    If you ask me, machine guns are ten times better than anti-aircraft fire when
    it comes to shooting down planes. If you can aim the machine gun, (you have to
    aim quite a bit ahead) you can sometimes take out the plane in one run.
    - Anti-aircraft fire ruffs planes up. Read the AA section above for more
    - Machine guns off of any vehicle absolutely DESTROY planes if aimed right.
    - Other planes destroy planes.
    - Cannon fire from any vehicle can destroy a plane. It is hard to hit a plane
    with them, but it's a one hit kill if it doesn't hit the bottom of a plane.
    - Automatic guns kill planes. They are most effective when a plane is taking
    - If a plane is taking off, you can use the bomb of a plane to destroy it
    before the pilot has a chance in the sky.
    The B17 should be your first target of every match if you're on the Axis team
    on a map where the Allies have a B17. It is best to use a fighter to destroy
    it, but you can use an AA gun if it comes close to you.
    6.4 - Killing infantry
    You can kill all infantry the same exact way, but this is the best way to kill
    each individual class. Plane bullets, collisions (such as running them over 
    with a jeep or a tank), grenades, bombs, missles, flak fire (AA guns),
    infantry guns, machine guns, kamikazing, etc can all kill infantry. Landmines
    do not.
    This section will give general tips versus all infantry, despite saying "how
    to kill infantry". 
    Versus a Scout
    Scouts often wait for you to stand still, so they can snipe you in the head.
    Although some scouts can shoot you while moving (some are even good at getting
    a headshot while you're moving. They are by far the most annoying), the general
    tactic is to NEVER stay still. The only time you should stand still is when you
    know there's good cover (such as when you're hiding behind something), or when
    you're aiming at someone and need to prone or crouch to aim better.
    Scouts love to hide. They are often on hills or taking cover near other things,
    such as buildings or sandbag walls. They are often unprepared for anything you
    do, so you can even stab them if you wish, although quick reacting scouts may
    get up and try to shoot you.
    Since scouts use their sniper rifle's scope, they usually won't see you walk by
    unless you're right in their face.
    The best way to deal with a scout, if you're an assault or a medic, is to rush
    him. Fire several bullets at him, and realise that he has the edge in ranged 
    combat. Grenades may be tempting, but they usually don't work. Scouts are awful
    in close ranged combat, just watch out for him throwing grenades at the ground.
    Medics should heal themselves every time they are hit.
    If you're an anti-tank, try throwing grenades and hope you get lucky. An
    engineer should use his rifle from a medium distance and shoot away, never
    staying still. Another scout should find his opponent at a distance and simply
    aim for his head. The better scout almost always wins.
    Planes can easily find scouts hiding in the hills. Just bomb them. Aside from
    grenades, scouts can do nothing to vehicles.
    Scouts can call for artillery fire. If you see missles from the sky and you
    can't see the target, then it's likely that they're using artillery. In this
    case, the scout is usually nearby. Once the scout is killed, the artillery
    cannot see the target any more.
    One more thing: Scouts' rifles can be heard quite easily. They are very loud.
    If you hear the rifle, follow the general direction that you heard it in.
    Versus an Engineer
    People don't realize the power of the Engineer's rifle. It has the exact same
    power as the scout's rifle, except it has much less of a zoom and can still
    be aimed very accurately standing up.
    Engineers also lack close ranged combat weapons. Some will throw dynamite right
    at you and blow it up, killing you and harming them. Most will use their rifle
    all the way through, or use their rifle once then switch to their pistol.
    The biggest problem against engineers is that some of them are tricky bastards.
    I occasionally find an engineer that will use himself as bait, only to draw
    you closer into his dynamite packs.
    Tanks need to watch out for landmines wherever they go. Landmines are only a
    real threat in narrow spots, such as a bridge. Infantry cannot be harmed by
    an engineer's landmine. Engineers are no threat to planes unless they are
    taking off, and they have mines or dynamite planted near the plane. Engineers
    are obviously no trouble to ships, so a ship can find an engineer and rip him
    to shreds with little trouble.
    Snipers should keep an extreme distance from engineers, unless the engineer
    cannot see them. Engineers have a large advantage over the scouts up close:
    they can use their rifle, their dynamite, or their pistol.
    Assaults and medics can just rush the engineer. However, you should jump up and
    down since the engineer can still use his rifle. An anti-tank can use his 
    bazooka (if it explodes near the engineer, it will do some damage. If the 
    actual rocket hits him, he will die) and then use his pistol or grenades to 
    finish the engineer off.
    If you're an engineer versus an engineer, you should use your rifle. If he is
    close enough, you can try to old TNT trick, where you plant the TNT and blow
    it up immediately.
    Versus an Anti-tank
    Anti-tanks, no surprise, are made to destroy tanks. Tanks need to watch out
    for anti-tanks, especially the ones that hide. Unless an anti-tank hits a tank
    in the back, the tank can usually find where the anti-tank is quite easily and
    destroy him from there.
    Ships take no damage from anti-tank bazookas. Planes can be destroyed, but it
    is very rare and the bazooka has to hit the plane on the top.
    Every class pretty much has an advantage over the anti-tank. Assaults and
    medics absolutely destroy them, engineers have their rifles, and snipers have
    a long distance advantage. Anti-tanks often do one of the following:
    - They'll use their bazooka to try and kill you, and then attempt to finish
    you off with their pistol
    - They'll get fairly close and throw grenades at you.
    If you're an anti-tank confronting an anti-tank, you can do either one of the
    above tactics. They both work quite well.
    Versus an Assault or Medic
    Medics are becoming a more popular class nowadays. I like to think that I
    contributed to that, even though it's not true. :-/
    Assaults are still the most popular class. Both classes are pretty damn
    lethal. The medic usually is not a problem from a distance, but an assault
    rifle from a distance is seriously about as accurate as a sniper rifle.
    Assaults and medics can try to wipe them out early with grenades, but it
    usually does not happen since both classes are often on the move. It is
    usually best to simply confront them in a 1 on 1, letting the better player
    win. However, if you're an assault and you're confronting a medic, the common
    strategy is to prone and fire small bursts, especially at a distance. This
    wins 75% of the time against your average medic.
    Keep in mind that medic guns are less powerful than assault rifles, but they
    have less recoil.
    Engineers should keep their distance. Engineer rifles are very good at long
    distance shooting, and it only takes two hits to kill, so it is not a horrible
    option. Snipers, obviously, need to keep their distance. Anti-tanks are
    seriously in trouble here, and should use a teammate to kill the opponent. If
    a teammate is not an option, then try using your grenades I guess. Your life
    expectancy is about three seconds if you're caught in this situation.
    Assaults and medics do damage to planes with their rifles, but not much. They
    obviously do no damage at all to ships, and can only damage tanks with
    grenades. If you're in a tank and hear a grenade, turn to the direction you
    heard the sound from and look for the opponent throwing the grenade at you.
    7. General Tips and Things to Keep in Mind
    - Most important, your record is not everything. Generally, the higher record,
    the better the player, but a sniper will often get much less kills than a spawn
    camper or an all out assaulter. Play the game to have fun and support your
    teammates, not to be the highest ranked on lousy sites such as bfstats.com.
    - Strafing is the key to winning 1v1 infantry battles. See the general infantry
    section for more.
    - Please, at least try to give a damn about the objectives. Don't be the moron
    in the plane who keeps doing barrel rolls while his team is losing tickets. If
    it is neccessary, paratroop for a flag.
    - Running reduces your accuracy and increases your recoil.
    - You must parachute while being IN THE AIR, not IN THE PLANE. In other
    words, to parachute, hit the enter/exit vehicles button and then hit the
    parachute key.
    - The farther apart the lines on the crosshair are, the more recoil your gun
    has. Proning reduces this, and shooting many rounds at once will increase
    - Due to their explosive rounds, anti-aircraft guns can be used to destroy 
    tanks, as long as they reach low enough. This is incredibly useful if you find
    yourself in a situation where there are many tanks and an anti-aircraft gun is
    nearby, such as when you're trying to capture the airfield in Wake Island.
    - Do not sail ships too close to the island. You will beach it and it will
    become stuck. Since battleships are bigger than destroyers, they are beached
    easier and have to be even farther from ground.
    - If you kill someone, you may want to temporary use his class. For example,
    if you kill an anti-tank and there's an enemy tank nearby, quickly pick up his
    kit and use the bazooka on the tank, then take your kit back. If you're low on 
    life, and you kill a medic, take his kit and heal yourself, then take your kit
    back. You get the idea.
    - (Submitted by Eric43) "This is a very important fact that most people of any
    class should know for saving ammo. Every time you reload your gun, you throw
    the whole clip away instead of taking the extra bullets out of the clip and
    putting them in another one. I recommend that you only reload when you have
    less than a clip full of bullets left (with the exception of a Scout and an
    Engineer who should reload when their clips are empty) unless there's an ammo
    crate or an APC nearby or if you gifure you're gonna die soon anyway so
    conserving ammo wouldn't really matter. :) "
    - (Submitted by Eric43) "Here's a cheap little tip that's imporant if you're an
    assault or medic. If you're running somewhere and enemy infantry comes into
    view from a distance and he's not shooting at you right away, get to the ground
    (prone) and start shooting small bursts at him. (Or if he's close enough, you
    can shoot without stopping) Being on the ground improves your aim by keeping
    the little aiming cursor closer together while shooting as apposed to standing
    or kneeling (in other words, it recudes recoil). If you can't crawl, then
    crouching is alright, but being on the ground (proning) does make your aim
    More coming soon. I hate repeating myself, so most of the tips are already
    scattered throughout the FAQ.
    8. Fun things to do (stunts, bazooka sniping, etc)
    Oh yeah, here comes the fun part. Call me a prick all you want, but this
    section has some team-killing in it. Try not to be a total doofus about the 
    team-killing, please.
    Bazooka Sniping: As I stated before, bazookas do piercing damage, meaning they
    are supposed to destroy tanks, not infantry. You need to get a dead-on shot to
    really kill someone. 
    If you want to be a bazooka sniper, change your name to, well, Bazooka Sniper
    or something along those lines, and bazooka snipe. Pick a well-hidden area and
    snipe away. You usually get a few laughs from other players out of this.
    Oh yeah, and be sure to taunt everyone in whom you kill with this tactic. If
    you want a real challenge, try keeping a 1:1 ratio on your record with this.
    I invented this. ;p
    Be sure to taunt every player you kill with this incredible tactic.
    REMOVED - Killing plane campers: Plane campers have no priority in this game...
    unless they're good pilots. There are several ways to kill these fiends, even
    with team killing off.
    Run them over with a jeep: That's right, kids. If they're standing still, and
    you have access to a jeep, drive the jeep into them like you normally would to
    kill an enemy, only at the last second, jump out of the jeep. It will kill
    them ("Name" is no more), and you won't lose the two points for a team kill.
    Knock them off the carrier: If you're on a carrier, throw grenades at them. 
    The grenades will blow them into the water, and if he throws some back, you
    can have a good old-fashioned "grenade duel". Good fun.
    NOTE: These tricks no longer work with the 1.4 patch.
    REMOVED - Damn Omaha Beach snipers!: Sick of those selfish allied snipers in
    Omaha Beach who do nothing but lie down and wait for a kill, not even helping
    their team out? The simple way to kill them is to simply launch them in the
    air. This game has the world's oddest physics, so fortunately for you, if team
    killing is off, you can launch them with a few simple packs of dynamite.
    Obviously, you want to be an engineer. Drop 4 packs, preferrably in the same
    exact area by the sniper, stand back, and fire away. He will go flying into
    the air, and 85% of the time he will die. The other 15% of the time he will be
    smart enough to use his parachute. Remember, there are ammo refills on the 
    beach. I came up with this one too, although I wouldn't be surprised if 
    someone else does it. Oh yeah, you're supposed to be the allies. The axis
    won't even survive long on the beach, and it wouldn't be half as funny anyway.
    Radio Commands: If you want to be annoying, say stupid things like "Enemy
    Submarine Spotted" and "Requesting Naval Support" in desert maps, or "I need
    air support!" in Berlin. A lot of people know about this already, so you won't
    be the only one doing it.
    Be sure to shout out "Go! Go! Go!" as many times as possible when your
    teammates are next to you, or if you're the Americans, say "Roger that" in
    voice, not radio, because it sounds so funny. ;p
    Other favorites include saying "Roger that!" in radio, not voice, six times and
    then say "Negative!". You should say this after someone has made a request or
    something over the radio.
    People are starting to hate people who spam radio commands, so don't do it too
    Kamikaze: If you feel like wasting a plane, try ramming it into an enemy
    tank. This puts tears to your team's eyes when you ram the B17 into a tank or
    something. I usually only do it if I run out of ammo with the thing, though, so
    I rarely be a kamikaze.
    The best plane to kamikaze with is the fighter. It is very fast, and usually
    destroys even heavily armored tanks in one hit. Aim for the back of the tank,
    and try to aim in first person mode.
    Don't kamikaze into ships, it usually isn't worth it since you can't sink them
    in one hit.
    REMOVED - Launching Jeeps (Jeep Jumping): So, you want to jeep jump, eh?
    Fortunately for you, I am an expert on Jeep Jumping. There's really nothing to
    it, and that's why I'm an expert. -_-
    First off, you need at least one other player cooperating with you on this one.
    Team killing must be off. The best way to do this without interference (such
    as your team whining about wasting vehicles, or your enemies attacking you
    while you launch each other) is to get a bunch of friends together and make a
    password locked game. 
    The people launching the person in the jeep have to be engineers, planting
    eight (yes, eight, you can have eight dynamite at a time if you get a refill.
    Try bringing an APC nearby or stay near an ammo box. Be sure to use the APC
    every two minutes so it doesn't realisticly blow up for no reason) dynamite per
    person in pretty much the exact same area (or at least, very close). The
    dynamite needs to be placed on the bottom of a rather small hill. 
    And because I'm so kind, here's a little diagram:       ./
    The dot is the dynamite, the backslash is the hill. Helpful, no?
    The person driving the jeep needs to be going in a straight line, getting as
    much momentum as possible before the jump (in other words, try to make the jeep
    move as fast as you can before having it launched). As the jeep goes slightly
    by the dynamite, NOT on it, everyone must detonate their dynamite packs. If all
    goes well, and it really should, the jeep will go flying. The more players, the
    farther it goes.
    After trying this a few times, you will be an expert at it. Try it if you can.
    The best places to jeep jump are in Bocage, a rather hilly map, or Market
    Garden. To give you an idea as to how far a jeep can be sent with this trick,
    I once, with a group of about 6-7 other people, cleared the windmill in Market
    Garden being launched from the other side of the river. Of course, that was 
    about 40 packs of TNT, but you can do your own show with two players.
    (This picture may appear screwed up. For some reason, this happens when I
    submit it to GameFAQs)
    The king of diagrams strikes again. I was launched from the dot on the hill 
    near the windmill, and I was sent soaring over the river landing just over the 
    windmill, being killed soon after.
    The . is the launch spot, the ___ is the ground, the I is the windmill, the
    ---- is the water, the X is about where I landed...
    ...as if you even care.
    NOTE: This stunt has been removed by the 1.4 patch. Sorry kids. This part is
    here just for old times sake. -_-
    Head banging: I know it sounds retarded, but it can be fun. Every time you get
    into a jeep, start moving your heard back and forth, and it will appear as if
    you're banging your head into the jeep. Enemies find it funny when a person
    banging their head against the windshield runs them over.
    You might want to do this in third person, so it doesn't switch your view up
    and down as you bob your head.
    Here's a little movie that was posted on the message boards very recently, it's
    not quite head banging, but it's close.
    Off roading: Hey, why not? Be an engineer and get ready for some erm...off 
    roading action. Good maps to pick are Bocage and Operation Battleaxe, since 
    they have a lot of hills and area that is not really important. I prefer the 
    APC, but a jeep is probably more fun, although more risky since it blows up 
    more often due to its low life and high speed. Take your vehicle and make jumps
    by driving up hills at top speed and whatever else tickles your fancy. Oh my 
    god, I can't believe I just said that.
    What's that jeep doing in my house?: I bet you never thought of this one.
    Jeeps and APCs can enter buildings, so it's always fun to drive your jeep into
    the church, or other open buildings in maps such as Market Garden. I have never
    seen someone do this besides me, so I guess I can say I invented this one,
    too. :O
    Try ramming a jeep into Jesus in Market Garden or Battle of the Bulge. It's
    Boat Ramming/Tipping: What can I say, you need to take advantage of this game's
    incredibly bad physics. If you plan on ramming teammates, take your destroyer
    and hold forward and the direction the other ship is in and your ship will ram
    into the thing. It makes some great pictures, and often kills the people inside
    if you can hold it long enough.
    I took this picture. Orion and A.Cylum were the people inside the boat. They
    were being...(this is gamefaqs here...hmm...) morons (god, that was painful to
    say) with the ship, so I came up with a way to get them out. As you can see, it
    worked. Good fun.
    If you want to ram enemy ships, be an engineer and take an aircraft carrier and
    ram away. It has got to be one of the funniest things you can do in this game.
    Repair your carrier after you ram into the enemy, because it will take some
    damage. You CAN sink the enemies this way.
    Bumper Boats: Much like boat ramming/tipping, bumper boats is played with two 
    landing craft. You can often tip your opponent (or be tipped, for that matter)
    and see upside down into the water where you're not supposed to see. Try doing
    it in Omaha Beach. This is just...kickass when you have four or more people
    doing it. 
    Being a Pirate: I know I said earlier that being a pirate is just plain stupid,
    and that's because it is. But, what the hell.
    First off, you must turn on your caps lock. Your name must have "Pirate" in it,
    for instance, my name is Pirate Joe when I'm a pirate. You must be obsessed
    with walking the plank, saying "ARGH MATEY", "YARGH", and such. You also must
    make the fools whose ships you land on swab your poop deck.
    Pirates need partners. You should have a partner, and it has to be a pacific
    map, preferrably Midway or Wake. (Actually, it almost has to be Midway). Sure,
    partners aren't required, but they're more fun nonetheless. Sometimes you can
    pick up partners as you play along.
    Keep in mind that you cannot sabotage ships, so that's why it's so fun.
    So, to finish this section, pirates do the following:
    - Beach aircraft carriers, battleships, and yes, even subs if they get their
    piratish (err...yeah) hands on them.
    - Use landing craft to go to enemy ships via the nets.
    - Talk in all caps.
    - Search for buried treasure.
    - Tell their enemies to walk the plank, swab the poop deck, etc.
    My best experience as a pirate was when I got about 7 people on the axis (out
    of 16 players on each team) to immitate me. Of course, we lost the match
    because we were being a bunch of retards, but I was having too much fun to
    If you're in a map without ships, such as the desert maps, you should be
    talking about finding your treasure. Say things such as "ARGH, THE SCIRVY
    Stupid Bots!: Here's one submitted by Luke Fryer via e-mail.
    "Hi there.
    Good job on your battlefield 1942 guide on Gamefaqs.
    I thought I would request something to be added to your fun things to do guide,
    here it is-
    Before you start a game on single player turn all the enemy AI down to 10%, 
    everybody on the map start to run around like headless chickens, you should 
    get some laughs out of this. Also the AI sometimes gather in big groups. This 
    is a good point to lay down as much TNT as you can and watch everybody fly all
    over the place! (Stalingrad is the best map for this)"
    Being an all out retard: Occasionally, I change my name to Reign of Gorillas
    and say some stupid crap, talking in all caps saying that the gorillas will 
    maintain political influence, etc. If my team is losing, I ask, "HAS THE EMPIRE
    OF GORILLAS FALLEN!?" Yeah, I know this section is pretty stupid, I just felt
    like throwing it in there.
    Objectives: Call me stupid, but this is actually pretty fun if you give it a
    try. Pretend you have different objectives than most players. They can be
    serious or they can be silly. I like to change my name to "Saving Ryan's
    Privates" occasionally and talk about how Ryan's genitalia must be saved,
    because they have top secret war documents contained inside of them. Of course,
    there are no genitals to be found.
    Or you can have serious objectives, such as hijacking an enemy plane and
    killing at least five enemies in it. Or you can have an easier one: kill five
    people in clans before the round is over. 
    MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS: This can be damn fun! This is pretty much off roading -
    with tanks! Try going up hills real fast and seeing how much of an impact you
    can take! Be an engineer so you can repair yourself. Read the off roading
    section too.
    Also, try ramming into friendly or enemy tanks. Sometimes you can "climb" on
    top of their vehicle a little. Unfortunately, you can't really get on top, but
    it's still a fun thing to try.
    Airshow!: Good fun. Once you're proficient with the airplanes, announce that
    you are doing an airshow to everyone over a certain area in a map. Do swirves,
    a ton of barrel rolls, fly upside down over the ground, etc.
    The Human Cannonball: Haha. Fly a plane up as high as possible, jump out, then
    try to land right in front of infantry. It's funny as hell when you're walking
    along, minding your own business, then a man named the human cannonball lands
    right in front of you.
    REMOVED - TNT Jumping: Some servers allow you to blow yourself up with grenades
    and TNT and not take any damage from it, sending you flying. This is much like
    jeep jumping, only you're launching your character rather than a friend's jeep.
    This can be used to get very nice sniping spots, such as on roofs of houses.
    Unfortunately, you'll have the engineer rifle, which doesn't zoom in as far as
    a sniper rifle, but at least you'll have more ammo and a somewhat easier time
    NOTE: As of the 1.4 patch, you can no longer launch yourself or friendly units
    with explosions. Thus, this has been removed. :-(
    Engineer Pride: Nothing special here, just try being an engineer throughout
    the entire match, and see if you can get first, second, or third place without
    being in a vehicle. Of course, to most people, this isn't very special, since
    a lot of players are always engineers anyway.
    The black hole in Gazala: Hmm...some odd glitch. There is a "black hole" north
    of the Allied main base in Gazala. It's located on the hill in G1, in the
    midleft section. If you jump in it, you will get thrown back out. Pretty odd.
    Also, the not-so-well-known Joe's Hole is near the abandoned airfield. It's up
    a hill, and it's very large. It also spits you out, but not as much as the
    well known black hole. The location is Either B1 or A2, I forget. I think it's
    WE SHALL HAVE A SACRIFICE: Yes, the ancient gods of Gazala demand sacrifice.
    You must sacrifice at least one jeep a week into the black hole. If it is not
    accepted, they will spit it back out at you and you will be a failure. If it
    blows up, you will have good luck for the rest of your match.
    xXx Style: This one was sent in by Jon Andrianto:
    "Yo!!, I'm J3vo and I want to contribute one more fun thing to do in BF 1942..
    remember the movie xXx starring Vin Diesel? In the opening he launched a red
    corvette from a bridge, and then bailed out using a parachute? Now YOU can do
    it in BF1942 with jeeps! As far as I know, it's only worked in GAZALA as the
    Allies (or as the Axis if you can make it..), on the first Allied [capturable]
    spawn point (the HQ on the highest point on the map), you should see a
    bridge.. If you watch closely, you can see a narrow gap. Drive your jeep as
    fast as it can, and let it fly! When in mid air, jump from the jeep and hit the
    'chute' button if you wanna live.. the jeep will go KABOOM and you land right
    next to it.. Ask your friend to pick you up before you jump to make it just
    like the movie. I invented this!!"
    Addition from Joe: This is also a fun thing to do in Desert Combat, with the
    humvee (the replacement for the jeep). Drive the humvee off at full speed, but
    let go of the forward key. More often than not, you will land it without taking
    any damage. If you hold the forward key, you'll usually blow up. It's not quite
    the same as the movie, but it's also cool.
    9. War Stories (send em in)
    This is a section for everybody who wants to send in their war stories of the
    game. I find that these are extremely popular in many other FAQs for other
    games, so I decided to add the section. These must be either good or funny,
    such as you defeating the odds, or when you caused a chain reaction of tank
    explosions because you blew one up of them and others were nearby, etc.
    Read the e-mail policy and proofread.
    I'll start this section off with my own story, as an example of what I want:
    Submitted by: Joe Momma (the author of this guide)
    One Incredible Clan Match
    (A series of 8v8 matches for the TWL (teamwarfare.com) Ladder)
    We weren't sure how good this clan was, the Death Knights (for short, :dk:). We
    knew that they were 2-0 on the TWL ladder, which says quite a bit, but since
    this was our first TWL match ever, we were kind of inexperienced.
    The match was very long, about two and a half hours. The maps were Market
    Garden, Anzio, and Midway. The rounds were 25 minutes each, and each clan would
    play as each team once. In short, there were 6 rounds altogether.
    ***Round One: Allied, Market Garden***
    Being a pilot for my team, along with a fellow member called Strafe (Mystic
    Reaver on the GameFAQs message boards), we took off immediately. Twenty seconds
    after I took off, I bombed a tank with one of my many dead-on bombs, and
    destroyed it in one try. As my team fought back and forth for control of the
    city, I bombed many more tanks. I saved my team several times when they called
    for air support. When you practice enough and get dead-on bombings, it really
    pays off.
    Throughout the match, the city was fought for endlessly. Even though we had
    landmined the bridges for a while, they somehow got through. I had to parachute
    out of my plane to capture flags several times. They started shooting at me a
    lot with their tanks once they figured I was a serious threat to them.
    In the end of the first match, we won by about 70 tickets. I figured the rest
    of the clan match was going to be this way. Not quite.
    ***Round Two: Axis, Market Garden***
    Ouch. This round was an absolutely huge slap in the face. We were beat in every
    way. To keep it short, we attempted to take the city, and held it for a little
    while, but they drove us back and placed mines all over the bridge. By now, I
    figured by the fact that they could get so many reinforcements so easily that
    they were using teamspeak, or some other voice chat program.
    They beat us by about 120 tickets. Throughout a lot of it, we stopped trying
    and just got annoyed. We realised that this clan had the ability to beat us,
    and the match was just getting started.
    ***Round Three: Axis, Anzio***
    Again, we got our asses handed to us. We were in serious trouble. Being the
    main pilot for my team, I took off in my plane, and got shot down by a player
    named Grey Wolf. I didn't have time to realise that he was there, let alone
    turn. His aim was good. So was mine. He was my main opponent, and that was only
    our first real encounter. 
    We proceeded to get screwed up throughout the match. We took jeeps and
    attempted to take flags in the back, since we only had one most of the time
    (In case you don't have the Road to Rome, Anzio has 6 flags and 2 airfields.
    Go look at a picture of it). These attempts were ended in vain. It seemed like
    the clan had twenty players against us, but they obviously didn't. It was
    OBVIOUS to me that they were using a voice chat program, something that we
    lacked at the time. We used it the next couple of matches.
    If you know Anzio, you know that the airplanes practically make the map,
    especially since they're medium bombers and are very powerful. We were unable
    to get planes in the air, while two planes, several vehicles, and a few
    infantry absolutely destroyed us. We fought back as best as we could, but we
    were often getting killed as were spawned. We lost by about 90 tickets. The
    score was 1-2. We dug ourselves in a hole, and needed to win every match.
    ***Round Four: Allies, Anzio***
    Someone had to leave. Our former clan leader, CFSILENT, was conveniently in our
    IRC channel while we were playing. We were down a player, and he came in as
    a "ringer" (someone from another clan that plays for your clan). Even though he
    wasn't in the clan, he was allowed to play since his name was on our roster.
    We still had hope.
    I took off in my plane, and bombed a few targets going for our flags. We
    managed to get the two flags in the middle. So far, so good. Suddenly, while
    flying, I saw and heard a plane shooting at me. He hit me and did some damage,
    but I immediately turned the best way you could possibly turn (the point before
    you lose altitude...you make the sharpest turns that way), got on his tail, and
    shot him down within seconds. Unfortunately, it wasn't Grey Wolf. Not yet.
    After a few more minutes, I finally found Grey Wolf, the guy who shot me down
    without me getting a chance to fight back. I did the exact same thing to him.
    Not much he could do.
    We won this match. We limited them to only an airfield while we pounded upon
    them. I admit that I didn't do a great job of keeping the planes from taking
    off, but that's because I was destroying anyone that snuck outside of the
    little hole we dug for them. I got in a few dogfights, and won them all until
    the end. Within their last 20 tickets, they had two planes in the air and it
    looked good for them. Thank god the round ended. We won by about 130 tickets,
    which is good, since they beat us by about 90 the round before this.
    Midway was going to determine who would move up in the TWL ladder.
    ***Round Five: Allies, Midway***
    This was the closest match we've had so far. It was won by 2 tickets. I
    remember the score distinctively: 135-133 (we won by time). 
    I got out in a Corsair, the Allied fighter, and started wiping out landing
    craft. I got in many dogfights, and I don't recall losing a single one, even
    though Grey Wolf seemed as experienced as I was...in the air, at least. Maybe I
    was just better at turning than every one else. Most pilots that are very good
    can fly and do little else. Since I was an expert at land and sea fighting too,
    especially land, I really had that going for me if we ever lost our aircraft
    They had another pilot on their team. His name was noname. He was better than
    most pilots, but "better than most" does not mean a thing to the famous Joe.
    He certainly wasn't as good as Grey Wolf, let alone me.
    The islands were fought for, back and forth. I sometimes had to jump out to
    claim some flags, since my team was struggling to hold the island. I had to
    circle around the sea flags in my airplane to capture them. Good thing I did,
    because if I didn't, we would certainly lose.
    I was surprised to see that they barely used their navy. They didn't even
    attempt to sink our carrier.
    In the end, the score was 135-133 with the last 20 seconds counting down. Our
    tickets were going down because they had three flags and we had one. I made a
    sea flag neutral just in time. If I hadn't, the score would have ended as a
    tie or a loss for us.
    The score was 3-2. We wanted to win this, not tie it.
    ***Round Six: Axis, Midway***
    Finally, their team fell apart. They were getting annoyed when they were
    killed. We improved our strategy over the last round and started kicking ass.
    The airfield in particular was fought for constantly, especially since my team
    did a poor job of guarding it. I wasn't in a plane as much as usual, since I
    fought for the airfield a lot.
    I really can't remember much, but I know we won by about 40 tickets (which is
    a lot for a twenty minute round in midway), by time. The match was over and we
    were all tired, but we all wanted to talk about it in our chatroom. Both clans
    were very talented.
    Do you really think I'd post this story if we lost? Nah.
    Our team really learned a lot about the game, the maps, and eachother through
    that clan match. It was obvious to me after we adapted to their strategy and
    countered it well. 
    Submitted by: Joe Momma (the author of this guide)
    The Closest Match Ever
    (32 Player Match in Midway as the Japanese)
    As usual in Midway, I spawned as an engineer, took a Destroyer, and set sail.
    Unfortunately, I ran head on into a battleship and got sunk within the first
    three minutes of the game...doesn't happen much.
    As I chose the next respawn point I noticed that the other Destroyer, both
    planes, the Battleship, and the Submarine were all taken, so I decided to spawn
    on the Battleship as an engineer and help the crew out, since they appeared to
    be capturing flags with the Battleship.
    To my surprise, there were about 6-7 other players on the Battleship.
    On our way to capturing the flag in the sea, we ran into two Destroyers and
    an airplane. The airplane was a Dive Bomber, and as it swooped by and dropped
    the bombs on our Battleship, it nearly killed two of our crew. Seconds later,
    the aircraft was destroyed by our flak cannons. The destroyers were still
    pounding on our ship as our engineers repaired and our gunners gunned.
    Eventually, we sank both Destroyers with about 40% of our ship's life left.
    We went on to capture the northern flag while repairing the ship to full life.
    We even went on to sink the enemy Battleship that had sunk my Destroyer
    earlier. It was more or less revenge for me, even though I was just an engineer
    and wasn't doing much more than repairing the ship.
    Our team decided to camp the area where the Allied ships respawn. We ran head 
    on into a submarine and got sunk within minutes.
    Big mistake? Maybe. Little did the sub know (or care, perhaps), that as our 
    Battleship sunk, our entire eight man crew immediately took the landing craft
    and headed for the island. We took the island. The score was about 100-150, 
    with us losing. The Allies had the sea, we had the island.
    We fought on. We basically had the island most of the time and once in a while
    took a flag the sea to drain Allied tickets, until the score was around 20-20
    and the Allies took the southwest flag on the island.
    I watched as a destroyer came by our island, trying to shell us out of the
    airfield. Eventually the score came down to 1-6. We had one ticket left, they 
    had six. In other words, one death and we lost.
    Fortunately, someone managed to take a flag in the sea, draining the tickets.
    We controlled three flags: two in the sea, and the airfield. A teammate said 
    "Nobody die. Everyone just hide," and that's exactly what I did. As the Allied
    tickets went from 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 0, we had won an extremely
    close game. The destroyer that I mentioned earlier was trying to kill me to get
    the final kill to win it for his team, but I hid behind the sandbags.
    Pretty much everyone agreed that it was a good game after the match.
    Final Score: 1-0 Axis.
    (I'm serious.)
    Submitted by: Wuulfe Sylvanshadow
    Damn Tank!
    I wasn't in a real 'teamplayer' kinda mood, so I just hopped in a jeep and
    drove up the nearest path.  I ended up zooming right past an enemy tank, and he
    shot at me, I flipped around, and sped away (I couldn't repair, I was
    Assault... stupid Assault), further up this hill...
    I eventually turned and saw that I was at the top of a very steep hill, and I
    REALLY wanted to just fly down and jump the tiny hill in front of it (this
    would have ended with me looking back at our main base). I did, I flew down,
    hit the hill, and landed about 6 game feet from an enemy tank, which was firing
    upon my main base, through some trees (effectively concealing the tank).
    Well I wasn't going to stand for this (and at this point, my jeep in shambles
    and an enemy tank in front of me, I really wondered why I didn't choose [the
    engineer] like I normally do)... so I tossed all 3 grenades under him.
    *boomboomboom*... didn't kill him... hmm..
    By this time, the tank was wondering wtf was going on behind it. It began
    turning the turrent around, turning left.  I ran around it, going right.  The
    turrent stopped when it saw the jeep, and proceeded to blow it up.  Crap, my
    getaway car.  So now the tank was looking behind it, and I was in front of it.
    The Turrent swung right, I went left. Once I got around back, just to 'do 
    something', I shot my entire clip into the back of the turret (What else could
    I do?), the turret came around again, and I dropped into prone... the turrent
    spun twice, and faced forward again... 
    Now I was getting impatient, so I blasted it with my Machine Gun and pistol, I
    even knifed it.. the turrent swung again, and I ran with it... I made a full
    circle, and dropped into prone next to the tread...
    You may expect a great ending where I fearlessly blew it up using my knife
    alone, but what actually happened was that the tank shifted position by about a
    foot, and ran me over (low health to begin with)... *sigh*
    Joe's Comment: Yup, gotta love this game. Even though this guy was apparently a
    total moron and didn't know where you were in the first place, you shouldn't
    have unloaded an entire clip on him, it did nothing to him. Pretty funny story
    Submitted by: Wuulfe Sylvanshadow
    Jeep Kamikazes
    You spoke of weird physics, I like to call them 'FUN' physics :D  
    I went to grab a jeep (naturally), and some other guy spawned and hopped in...
    well, I figured he would get out eventually, and until then, I'd ride with him,
    so I go Shotgun... This guy is a total kamikaze, the way he drives (I was
    enjoying myself), he blazed down this hillside, and there was a german [jeep]
    headed our way, with the same kinda kamikaze driver... 
    Both cars were swerving, so I didn't think they would hit, and in a moment of
    genius, I got out, hoping to shoot the other jeep enough to get the guy to come
    out... I got out in JUST enough time... *BOOOOM*, BOTH jeeps exploded and did
    backflips from each other, each guys corpse flying off into the sky, and I was
    blown about 20 feet away, with absolutely NO health in my healthbar, laughing
    as hard as I could.
    Joe's Comment: Some players are nuts. I usually hate riding with jeep kamikazes
    because they don't even care about the second passenger, but this story proves
    that it can be funny.
    Submitted by: Joe Momma (the author of this guide)
    Surrender, Roundeyes!
    (64 Player Match in Midway as the Japanese)
    I was playing on an NVidia official server with a couple regulars on the
    message boards here at GameFAQs. When I joined, I noticed that there was only
    one plane in the sky on our team, so I spawned on the carrier and took off in a
    dive bomber.
    As usual, our little GameFAQs team was kicking ass and working very well
    together. I didn't have many problems with enemy planes, so I basically bombed
    ships and sunk tons and tons of landing craft. I was shot down flying over the
    island that was quickly being taken over by the enemy, and was forced to land.
    Nobody expects a pilot to be so good with a Thompson, but I sure as hell was. I
    killed about 6 Americans while trying to take the airfield back from a tank
    (who was actually a GameFAQs player on the other team) when the tank found me
    and blew me to bits. I respawned and took a fighter plane.
    Being the kickers of ass that we were, the score was about 700-50 when the
    Americans actually started to do something productive. I finally started to
    capture flags myself, rather than destroy landing craft attempting to capture
    The northern point in the sea was being captured by an enemy landing craft. I
    shot him down and jumped out of the plane, I didn't mind another death from
    "drowning" anyway. Fortunately, I didn't have to drown, because two friendly
    destroyers were heading my way.
    As I climbed the net of the destroyer, I saw a massive explosion. Guess who it
    was? A pirate. The moron thought he could blow up the ship with a bunch of TNT.
    Fortunately, I wasn't on the deck where the explosion was, so I simply shot the
    pirate down. Pirates make easy kills.
    From there I decided to take a landing craft to the shore, to meet up with my
    teammates since the island was reclaimed by the Allies (although they did a
    wonderful job holding the island throughout the entire game up until then), but
    I experienced the same frustration that my enemies had experienced when I was
    in a plane: I was shot down by an airplane.
    I respawned with a record of about 17-3. The roundeyes were actually doing
    something! After the rest of the game, it was pretty amazing. All we had left
    was our carrier and a sub. I couldn't take an airplane since they were missing,
    so I used a landing craft. A GameFAQs player jumped in with me and we set sail.
    Now, two friends somehow fell out of the Aircraft Carrier, another one of them
    being from GameFAQs, and the other being someone we didn't know, but still
    was a team player. I had to go out of my way quite a bit to pick them up, but
    ultimately, it was worth it. We had four very good players on a landing craft
    ready to take the island back. It was about to be one of the coolest things
    I've done in this game.
    We eventually landed at the western outpost on the island. We immediately got
    off the landing craft, yelling "Fire!", "Go! go! go!", "Take Cover!", and so
    on. We pretty much just raided the place. We didn't even bother with grenades,
    it was all-out guns. We had killed six or seven enemies total and not a single
    one out of us four got killed! The enemy simply didn't expect it, we pulled it
    off so fast.
    The captured outpost was kind of useless, because the enemies soon captured
    another point, giving them a total of two flags. Since they had about 30
    tickets and we had around 680, we quickly killed 30 more of them, winning the
    match by a long run.
    Final Score: ~670-0 Axis.
    Submitted by: sgtpork
    Destroying the Luftwaffe
    (32 Player Match in Gazala as the British)
    The battle had been raging for about 10 minutes and I had been killed several
    times fighting for flags. After a respawn I grabbed a jeep and headed back to
    the front. I got turned around a bit in the winding desert paths and made a
    wrong turn. Instead of driving to one of the outposts I ended up just outside
    of the main Axis base. 
    I immediately started to turn around and get the heck out of there, since one
    man in a jeep is no match for constantly respawning soldiers with tanks and
    APCs. As I was turning the jeep I noticed an AA gun just down the hill from me
    on the outskirts of their base. I didn't see any enemies around, so I crept
    down the hill to the gun.
    I hopped over the sandbags and crouched near the gun, looking and listening for
    approaching soldiers, waiting for the sign that I had been spotted. I heard
    nothing. I stood up, manned the gun, and waited. 
    Moments later I heard the engines of an Axis plane roaring to life from within
    the base. The roar grew louder and and the plane appeared off to my left,
    leaving the base to go attack my fellow soldiers. With the enemy's own gun I
    took several shots at the plane. I didn't bring it down, but I scored several
    I hopped off of the gun and crouched again, waiting to see if the pilot knew
    what happened and reported back to the base that I was there. No one came. So I
    mounted the gun again and waited for another plane to come by.
    I stayed there for about 10 minutes, shooting Axis planes with an Axis AA gun,
    RIGHT OUTSIDE OF THEIR MAIN BASE! Every minute or so I would spot a tank or
    jeep leaving the base just 75-80 yards away from me, at which point I would hop
    off the gun and hide behind the sandbags until they left.
    Finally they figured out what was going on. I stood up and found myself face to
    face with a tank. That was end of me, but I had done major damage to their air
    attack from their own base.
    Joe's Comment: Very well written story, it's written as if the author was
    actually in a war rather than just a BF1942 player. ;p Sounds tense and fun.
    In your submission you said you think the map was El Alamein, but I'm assuming
    that it was Gazala from the description. By the way, AA guns hurt tanks, so
    you could have at least damaged the bastard before he killed you. -_-
    Submitted by: leedeaton
    Raiding Wake Island
    (Wake Island as the Japanese)
    This one time on Wake I had the best run I've ever had. I started off as an
    Allied assault at the village to get a jeep that was there, and just as I
    spawned I saw an Axis assault standing there. I walked up behind him, and
    popped 2 bullets into the back of his head. The flag turned grey, and I got 2
    points. I grabbed a jeep, drove down to the two Axis bases (south base and the
    beach), ran over a guy that was coming to the north base, then I jumped the
    jeep onto the landing beach via a little lip in between two trees just as they
    spawned there, and I ran over and killed at least 5 guys.
    I hopped out of the jeep and mowed down another 5 with my BAR, and grabbed the
    flag while another little squad took south base, but a few axis assaults took
    the North base then the village. So I hopped in my jeep to go to the bases they
    took, when I saw a bomber, so I drove over there, got in, flew off.
    I bombed the village, killed a guy. Then I pulled up as hard as I could, did a
    loop, and dive bombed the north base just as they all spawned there, my name
    filled up the little notification thing. killed at least a dozen of them. So I
    circled back around, saw a guy on the path to the airfield, flew right into
    him, he died. Almost hit a tree, so I bailed out, got to pull my chute so I
    didn't die. I snuck around to the defgun via the beach, laid there while I
    took out a few of them, then I was out of ammo. I went into the little building
    to get more ammo, then hid inside a house, flag turned grey, guy ran in, and
    saw me. He shot me twice before I emptied my clip into him, I was down to 50%.
    I got the flag, then ran to get some health. Some of my teammates respawned,
    and held off the axis from the village, I got my health, ran back out only to
    see a tank rolling my way. I tried to run back inside, but he fired a shell
    inside the building, killing me. I guess you had to be there :P
    Joe's Comment: ASSAULT!? AHHHHHHH. Well, it's not like you read my FAQ anyways.
    Anyway, cool story...although I kinda had fix it up a bit to make it more
    It's always fun to mow down people with jeeps.
    Submitted by: A p o l l o
    Air Wars
    (Gazala as the British)
    It was a hot summer day in the plains of Gazala. I was on the allied team and I
    had just spawned in the middle of the game for the 4th or 5th time. I took a
    plane to the Axis base, and got shot down by AA guns, but bailed over their
    hangar area, about 100 feet or less away. I went down to the hangar and I
    grabbed a plane, took off and flew straight for the abandoned airfield to grab
    a Spitfire. As I'm flying about 100 yards away from the airfield the trouble
    I figured out that an axis plane was heading to the same airfield as me,
    probably to grab the bomber, which I wasn't interested in since I had grabbed
    it several times before. He was hot on my tail and started lighting me up with
    his guns. I was about to blow up so I bailed right by the airport and
    parachuted down.
    The Axis airplane was making a turn around to finish me off, so I turned in
    his direction, luckily I had a [rocket launcher] on me, and I'm glad that he
    was diving straight down at me shooting furiously by my sides, just missing me.
    When he was about 50 feet away I launched the rocket. BOOM! Right into his
    propeller and blew him out of the sky.
    After I finished him off I grabbed the Spitfire that I had been going to get in
    the first place. I took off from the airfield and I guess he respawned pretty
    fast cause I head right towards the axis base to bomb it.
    When I reach the area of the hangar an Axis airplane had just taking off, I
    could see it in the distance, and he saw me too, but I was higher than him. So
    he started to go up and shoot the bottom of my plane. He was heading towards
    me but he was about 50 feet lower. I did not have time to go down and shoot at
    him, so I dropped a bomb, and luckily he flew right into it, and I blew him
    out of midair with a bomb.
    After that I reached my goal of repeatedly bombing their planes and anyone
    going for their planes.
    Joe's Comment: Haha, I'd imagine that guy was pretty frustrated when you shot
    him with a rocket and bombed him in mid-air. Great story.
    Submitted by: Dark Shadow X
    A Tailgunner's...Tale... -_-
    (16 Players in Wake Island as the Japanese)
    There we were, the Japanese, waiting for the planes to respawn so we could head
    over. About 4 of us, [rifles] in hand, looking around, waiting. All of
    sudden, we hear cannons. I look to the shore, and another shot is fired from a 
    beach cannon. It hits our aircraft carrier, the explosion knocking me back.
    Finally, an airplane appears, and one of my teammates gets on. I run for it and
    jump on as the tailgunner. We speed away, and as I look back, I see my fellow 
    teammates jumping into the water and boats as the [aircraft carrier] sinks. 
    Meanwhile, in the plane, I'm trying to find a target to shoot. All of a sudden,
    the plane starts to go down. I look at the bottom of the screen, and I realize
    that no one's in the cockpit flying the plane. I see a message from the guy who
    ejected, saying "BAIL!". But it's too late. As I head toward the beach, I
    quickly press E at the last minute. The plane explodes as it hits the sand.
    I'm lying there, with no health, near the base of the enemy. And they think
    I'm dead. 
    I quickly run up to the nearest control point, and I see my allies running
    towards vehicles. I jumped in the a jeep with a guy, and we headed off towards
    the center of the island. I jump out of the jeep before we get to the main
    village, as a tank comes around the corner and blows up the jeep. I run behind
    the buildings, around everything. I run for the planes. I look around, shooting
    at soldiers running by. All of a sudden, I see a jeep coming towards me. I try
    running away. I ran towards a hill, and looked down at the blue ocean below me.
    I turn around, and right before the jeep hits me, I jump out of the way. The
    jeep flies off the cliff, with the soldier in it, and explodes. I started
    laughing my ass off.
    Joe's Comment: Historical Fact- While the Japanese had plane kamikazes, the
    Americans had jeep kamikazes.
    Submitted by: Eric43
    (Coral Sea as the Japanese)
    One day, I was playing Coral Sea on Axis. I'm not too good at flying but just
    for the heck of it, I got in a plane and bombed the enemy carrier a bit before
    being shot down. Repeat a few times. Then when I was flying there again, I
    stupidly pressed "e" by mistake and fell out of my plane and parachuted into
    the water. Uhoh. I swam to the nearest island calling for a pickup, but thought
    it was impossible and I was doomed. But some guy said he would fly low and
    pick me up as I held down "e". I was like "how can you do that???" But I
    already made it to the nearest island and guess what? That same guy who said
    he would pick me up is there too. Guess he crashed too. So we wandered around
    like idiots pretending this is Gilligan's Island or Castaway and "looked for
    animals to hunt" and chopped at trees with our knives. Then we climbed up on 
    top of a hill and I slid down it while prone and hit my head and died. The end.
    Joe's Comment: Lol, that's quite a story. I love the little survivor part.
    Usually players know the risk of picking someone up from their plane, but they
    do it just for the hell of it.
    Submitted by: Carcrusher500
    (Desert Combat PoW as Coalition in Wake Island) 
    I was playing a PoW game on wake island with other GameFAQers and I was the
    PoW. My class was Spec Ops, so I took out my binoculars. I was brought to the
    south base where they forced me into a hut. The south base had alot of damaged
    vehicles around it from previous attacks. The only was out was sandbagged up.
    My two captors (BUnBUm and (GFAQS)El Homie) were standing guard in front of me, 
    next to each other. I was prone and switched to my MP5. I popped back up and
    fired in full automatic into the back of their skulls. Both of them were like
    "WTF? The prisoner is escaping!" and so on and so forth. I jump out of my cell
    and run to the nearest vehicle. It was a Humvee with about 1 1/2 bars of health
    left. I hop in and race off towards the defguns where there was another
    Humvee. I bailed out of the first and got the other one. My rescuer (Sgt.
    Vercetti) was running for me. He tried to jump in, but I accidentaly ran him
    over. I made it back to the base and we won. Anyway, we won the game.
    Joe's Comment: Cheater. -_-
    Most people reading this don't know what PoW is, it's a game for Desert Combat
    that requires a lot of cooperation. A guy is hidden inside a hut and must be
    rescued. Usually it ends in something like this.
    Anyways, nice story.
    Submitted by: RaZoR
    (Soldier 9 Realism Mod as Allies in Coral Sea) 
    I was playing Coral Sea on Soldier 9's realism mod, and i was Allied. When I
    managed to nab a plane from my savage teammates, I saw a Zero on my tail. He
    shot me a few times, and we had a long dogfight.
    Unfortunately, I was shot down, and I swam to the nearest island. It was the
    one with the defgun next to the Axis carrier. Thinking I might as well do some
    good, I manned the gun. 
    Amazing, I managed to shoot down every single plane i saw. after the air was
    Zero-free, I turned my attention at the carrier. I guess you might call this
    spawn-camping. Anyway, I destroyed planes before they could even take off. 
    We actually ended up winning. (they were winning the last 3 matches)
    Joe's Comment: Yeah, if your aim is good, this can get pretty annoying to the
    enemies. You're lucky they didn't try to snipe you.
    Submitted by: DaYoshiraptor
    The Armored Oasis
    (Soldier 9 Realism Mod as Allies in Coral Sea) 
    I was playing as the Axis on the map El Alamein. I had just taken the
    northwestern outpost, and hopped in a jeep to head to the eastern base. Being
    the crazy fool I am, I went offroad through the mountains. Naturally, within
    moments, I hopped out of my flaming jeep just in time to avoid a fiery death.
    I checked my map, and realized exactly where I was; on the edge of the desert
    in the middle of nowhere. I sighed, and began the slow journey to the nearest
    As I walked across the desert, I heard the sound of a tank rolling along
    behind me. I checked the minimap; nothing there. Musta been hearing things. As
    I walked along, I could hear it closer now; I turned around to see a British 
    light tank, clearly intent on running me over. My assault rifle was useless;
    and I couldn't solo a tank using grenades. Before the man inside the tank 
    could do anything, I rushed around the tank and hopped up to climb atop the
    tank and go into a prone position.
    The tank stopped; the man inside suddenly realized that I was no longer in 
    front of him. He switched to the gunner position, and from atop the tank
    I could see the gun on the tank moving left and right, up and down, searching 
    for me. He was surprised to find me not there, and stepped outside for a closer 
    inspection. This was my chance! I hopped inside the tank, hit the reverse, and
    then proceeded to crush him underneath my treads. I was happy with my new 
    aquisition: My trip would be much shorter, now that I had a ride.
    Joe's Comment: Wow, that guy is a retard. Haha...good work. Great story.
    Submitted by: [SEALZ]=B=KillSlice[Cpl]
    Secret Camper
    (Gazala as the Allies in desert combat)
    I was in Gazala and I was doing pretty good, shooting people down in my F 16.
    I decided that it just wasn't enough shooting planes down, I needed a more
    satisfying target, tanks.
    I kamakazed into the Iraqi base and spawned in the Allied main base, I grabbed
    the Humvee with the rocket launcher on top and sped off towards the airfield. I
    was about 1 coordinate away when my Humvee blew up, for no reason I thought. 
    Then I saw SOMEGUY [BMP] [SEALZ]=B=KillSlice[Cpl]. Oh brother, there was an
    Iraqi in a Humvee with an mg outside the airfield. Guess what I did? I became
    a scout (I was special ops), grabbed a jeep and set off towards the airfield
    again, but this time i stopped short. I climbed up on a hill and spotted the
    Iraqi for myself then I hopped in the jeep and drove like a madman back to my
    base. Luckily, there was a rocket-launcher-truck thing there. ( you know what
    I mean) I got in, and switched to the scout camera, I had about 30 seconds
    left on it, I aimed, and held down fire, moving my mouse in a little circle,
    peppering the area. BOOM! got him. I drove to the airfield and guess what???
    ONE OF MY TEAMMATES TOOK THE BOMBER!!!! That little mother...
    Joe's Comment: I rarely play desert combat, but I could understand what you're
    talking about. Err...not much I can say, but humvees kick ass. Sorry.
    Submitted by: [SEALZ]=B=KillSlice[Cpl]
    (Coral Sea as the Allies in a 32 player game)
    So I got into my Corsair and wandered out to the Axis carrier (what else
    are you suppose to do?)  So I'm flying down quite low to the deck trying
    extra hard to get the ducking Axis pilots-to-be when I actually land on
    the deck.  I was being greedy earlier and took off from my ship without
    a tailgunner, so I pressed 2 and jumped into the tailgunner postion.  I
    was playing on an EA server at the time, so needless to say I proceeded
    to go 35-0, the Japs tried everything, from rushing, to anti tank
    weapons, but like the beegees I kept stayin alive.  My teammates did a
    great job of bombing the piss out of the Jap ship without any Zeros in
    the air (I made sure no one took off).  As the sierns blared as the ship
    sank, I jumped in the pacific to cool off from all the hard work.
    Joe's Comment: :-\
    Poor japs.
    Playing again on an EA server (low pings, decent competition is the
    reason we usaully stay on EA) we raged war aganist a clan which occupied
    all 16 postions on the axis side and they were good.  Defguns shelled
    our ship realentlessly and playing with some pretty sucky people didn't
    help much either.  So only a few minutes into the game we hadn't gained
    a spawn point  and our ship was sinking, when repairs were futile my two
    other friends and I jumped in a landing craft and headed for what we
    call affectionatly "Lovers Lagoon".  It is a small beach right outside
    the deserters area on the right side...I can't remember the coordinates
    right now.
    Quickly the ship sank and our hopeless teammates were
    slaughtered leaving only us three (I a medic, Dmitri and John engineers)
    all alone in Lovers Lagoon until the ship respawned.  We set up mines
    and exploding packs all around, I was in the prone my weapon ready and
    fully loaded, Dmitri had his detenator in hand as he layed down inside
    the landing craft and John manned the machine gun.  We waited and waited
    but no German found us.  Soon the ship respawned and again it was now
    not only shelled by the defgun, but by 3 tanks on shore, quickly it sank
    all of our teammates died yet again.  We knew this was going to happen
    before hand, so we stayed at our postion and started giving instructions
    to our teammates using teamspeak (the L key on default layout).  But a
    few seconds later our exploding packs went off, we all held our breath
    because we knew we had probably been spotted...after a minute no one
    came, no shells we shot at us.
    Then a stupid noob using the k key to speak to all and says "move out of that
    beach and get the flag on the beach so we can spawn"...we had a chance aganis
    three panzers according to him.  Needless to say these experience clan BFers
    knew exactly where we were, and seocnds later a swarm of axis soilders cam
    floating over. John picked them off with the machine gun as they floated
    helplessly in the water, Dmitri and I too helped pick off the Krauts...we
    ended up killing 13 of them, now was our chance, we all made head way to the
    beach, we were able to get rid of the last remaining panzer with some
    exploding packs we got at the ammunition box and Dmitri and I patrolled
    in the abandoned panzers and took the beach point. The spawn a few
    moments afterwards and what seemed like hundreads of light green coated
    men appeared on the shore.  I'd like to say after all this that we went
    on to smash the clan and embrasses them and their mothers, but they were
    too good and the tickets were too low.  All three of us ended up leading
    our team and grabbing sports in the top 10 overall, not bad for not
    being in combat a good chunk of the game.
    Joe's Comment: Great story. VERY well written. Omaha beach tends to hold the
    best war stories.
    10. E-mail Policy (you MUST read this before sending me an e-mail)
    Contact me only as a must. I don't like sending e-mail, but I don't mind it if 
    it is important. Right now, my wishlist is: 
    - Your personal map strategies. If you do this, write about 3-5 paragraphs on 
    how to do your stategy. Don't just send in a few tips.
    - More general tips.
    - War stories. Make them good. Don't make them up. Read my War Story as an
    example of what I want.
    Make sure the topic is "Your BF1942 FAQ" or something like that. This guide is
    for GameFAQS and GameFAQS only - no exceptions. Do not e-mail me asking me if 
    you can place this on your site.
    You'll get credit for what you send in, as long as it's used. There's a 90%
    chance that it will be as long as it's decent in length and content.
    I'll accept your e-mail if you do the following:
    - Do not send me a seperate attachment, ever. I will not accept it. Your guide
    must always be in text sent through the actual e-mail.
    - Do not ask me a specific question about the game if you don't find it in this
    guide, such as "How much damage do bombs do to tanks?", that's what the 
    message board is for.
    - Do not put me in your address list. Klez viruses get annoying after the
    1000th time they've been sent to me.
    - PROOFREAD. I don't accept e-mails that look like my dog wrote them. Depending
    on how well written your guide is, I will proofread it myself accordingly, as
    long as there's only a few minor errors and the whole e-mail doesn't look like
    trash. Oh yeah, and please, watch your profanity. GameFAQs doesn't allow me to
    curse too much, and I don't want to waste my curse word usage on your e-mail.
    Hehe. Shit.
    My e-mail address is joepub35(add the at sign)yahoo.com.
    Last thing, finally, I may or may not respond to your e-mail. If I didn't
    respond, don't worry about it. It will still be in the next version unless it's
    unneeded or poorly written.
    11. Poll: What do you think of my guide?
    It's about damn time I asked this. Once in a while, people tell me my Strategy
    Guide is good, but I'm asking more specific questions now. Please take the time
    to fill this out, it will take a few minutes and will seriously help me make
    this thing better. Copy and paste the questions below and follow the
    instructions afterwards.
    1. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being best, what would you give my guide and why?
    2. Name two things you think should be improved in this guide and why.
    3. Name two things you like the most about this guide and why.
    4. What section would you like to see added?
    5. How much did this guide help you become a better player? What would you say
    you've improved in the most by reading this FAQ?
    E-mail this with the answers to joepub35(add the at sign)yahoo.com. Label the
    e-mail title: Your FAQ Poll.
    Thanks for your time. You won't be added to the contributors list, nor will you
    get a reply back, but this will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you to the few people who actually decided to do this. I seriously need
    more, come on guys. Roar. -_-
    12. Contributors & Credits
    If you contributed something, I accepted it, and it's in this FAQ and I forgot
    your name, please e-mail me. I deleted this section and redid it. I tried to
    find all the contributors and put them back in there, but I may have missed a
    Main Contributions:
    Alex Schwanke (Panda Man)..........................good guide on computer specs
    KenZoe....................................very useful guide on console commands 
    Eric Frichter (Eric43).......................several extra tips and a war story
    Luke Fryer..............................................added a fun thing to do
    Jon Andrianto...........................................added a fun thing to do
    Jack Cole....................................a short but sweet guide on AA guns
    Chris D...........................................another good guide on AA guns
    Gary Kipler....................................a very useful strategy on Tobruk
    George Aranzaso...................................added a guide on "tank jeeps"
    DaYoshiraptor..................................................a bunch of stuff
    War Stories:
    Wuulfe Sylvanshadow
    A p o l l o
    Dark Shadow X
    Thomas Szynwelski
    Most important credits:
    Joe Momma.....................................................FAQ Creator (duh)
    Dice Software.....................................................Game Designer
    EA Games................................................Game PUBLISHER, damnit.
    That's right kids, as much as EA would like for you to think they made the 
    game, they only published it.
    13. Frequently Asked Questions
    These are frequently asked questions from the message boards, and ones I
    sometimes run into in the actual game.
    Q: How do I use the parachute?
    A: You must parachute while being in the air, not in the vehicle. In other
    words, to parachute, hit the enter/exit vehicles button and then hit the
    parachute key.
    Q: How do I use artillery?
    A: Read section 5.4.
    Q: Where's a good place to get a joystick?
    A: You can get a good one for $30-$40 off of bestbuy.com. Your joystick should
    have throttle control and a twistable handle. DO NOT BUY FORCE FEEDBACK. 
    If you go to the store to buy one, and the store allows you to get a feel for
    the joystick before you buy it (my local Best Buy allows this), you should get
    one that feels very tight when you move it, almost as if it wants to move back
    to the center. The tighter, the better. It may feel funny at first, but you'll
    get used to it. I hear Siatek joysticks are pretty good, as well.
    I had a Logitech Wingman Force Feedback 3d (something like that), and I decided
    it REALLY sucks. DO NOT BUY FORCE FEEDBACK. I bought a Microsoft SideWinder
    Precision 2 and it is better in EVERY WAY. It is $40, and I love it.
    Q: These bots are total morons. Is there any way to make them smarter?
    A: Not really. You can add to the CPU time given to the bots, but it won't make
    them much brighter. It takes out performance from the game to add intelligence
    to the bots. With a higher CPU time, they tend to capture more flags and
    actually use ships.
    Q: How do I use ___________ or get better with it?
    A: Read my section about the topic you're looking for.
    Q: What's the best video card to buy for this game? I have a low budget.
    A: I'm no expert with computers, but I know video cards pretty well. If you
    have $50-60 to spend, then save up $30-40 more, because those geforce 2 mx's
    simply won't cut it. I know there are the people who argue that geforce 2 mx's
    run with game fine (and maybe for them, they do. They aren't horrible, but they
    won't last you long), but a geforce 3 ti200 or a radeon 8500 is much better.
    I (had) a Radeon 8500 (when I wrote this) and it ran the game pretty well.
    Geforce3 ti200s are about the same power for about the same price from a more
    popular company. You can get them for about $80-90 off the internet on sites
    such as pricewatch.com and newegg.com. Pricewatch is a price search engine and
    newegg is a low priced site that is decently quick and very trustworthy.
    ^ Note: All that info is old by today's standards. Today, any modern card
    that's $100 or more will run this game very well. I currently have an x850xt
    platinum edition. As you could imagine, it runs this game flawlessly.
    Keep in mind that prices at stores such as GameStop, EB, CompUSA (although
    CompUSA usually has lower prices than most retail stores), Best Buy, etc will
    be higher than sites such as newegg.com. I don't know why it's this way.
    Q: Should I buy this game?
    A: That, my friend, is what this link is for:
    Try reading GameStop or IGN for a more professional review (or mine...ahem).
    Q: How do you know if your plane has torpedo bombs?
    A: Torpedoes are long, skinny bombs with a yellow tip. They don't explode
    right away in water; instead, they make a trail. Torpedoes don't explode right
    away in water unless they're dropped near land, so if your "torpedoes" explode
    in the middle of the sea when they touch the water, then they're obviously not
    Q: Can I play this game with a 56k?
    Yes, but I doubt you would want to. 
    Q: I'm having technical problems with this game! What should I do?
    A: If the game was working fine before, but is now crapping out, try
    reinstalling the latest patch. If that doesn't work, reinstall the game, or if
    you installed something new in your computer, such as drivers, try
    reinstalling the old drivers. System restores are your friend.
    Q: Is there any site that will give me a specifics on weapon damage?
    A: Yes, right here:
    Pretty techinical, but as of patch 1.2, it is accurate.
    Q: I can never hit anybody with Anti-Aircraft guns. What am I doing wrong?
    A: Read the section on AA guns.
    Q: Where are the subs?
    A: They are only in the multiplayer versions of Midway and Guadalcanal. By
    "multiplayer versions" I mean playing the maps on standard multiplayer (not
    co-op or single player). Submarines are not in single player, for some reason.
    Q: Where can I find the B17 Bomber?
    In single player, it is only in El Alamein. In multiplayer, it is in quite a
    few maps, but there are none in any Pacific Maps, thankfully. Imagine a giant
    plane carpet bombing a Battleship. Bots do not take the B17 in single 
    player, so it is a good place to practice since on the internet it is unlikely
    you will get it anyway.
    Excluding Gazala, only the Allies have the B17s, although the Axis can steal it
    if they can get to it. In Gazala, there is an abandoned airbase with a B17 in
    it that the Axis are closest to.
    Q: What do you plan on adding to your FAQ next?
    A: The following are on the top of my list:
    - More vehicle and infantry tactics.
    - Finishing the Counters section by adding the best ways to kill certain types
    of infantry units.
    - Any contributions, especially War Stories.
    That's not all I'll add, they're just on the top of my list right now.
    Q: How do your update versions work?
    A: I'm surprised someone actually asked this question. The way I do my updates
    it the following:
    If I add a .01 to the version number, it is a minor update. If I add a tenth 
    (.1) then it is a major update. If I add a .05 to the update then it is in 
    Q: I can't find any players. When time do people usually play? 
    A: First off, if you can't any players whatsoever, and you have the lastest
    patch along and have hit the update button, then something's wrong. Try
    downloading the All Seeing Eye.
    People play the most at night, but there are at least 7,000 players at any
    given time, and the max I've seen (on the ingame browser, at least. ASE has
    several thousand more) is about 12,000.
    Q: I can't connect to ANY server. What's up?
    A: Try the following things in order. If one thing doesn't work, try the next:
    - Reinstall the latest patch.
    - Download the All Seeing Eye - http://www.udpsoft.com/eye/
    - Reinstall the game.
    - Get the newest service packs for windows.
    - If you're that desperate, you might want to reinstall windows or even get a
    new version.
    Q: Do you plan on writing a Strategy Guide for another mod?
    A: I have much more of a life than you'd think. This guide alone is eating away
    too much of my free time, there's no way I'm ever going to write about a mod
    Q: Are there actually cheaters in this game?
    A: Yes, but they're not nearly as widespread as people like to think.
    Here's an old story of mine:
    I was in the Battle of the Bulge facing a tank as an infantry. I wasn't an
    anti-tank, so I decided to just run in the church. I took cover in the church,
    but before I could have possibly been seen, I was shot at with a missle from
    a tank. It killed me. That was the only shot he ever shot at me too, so it
    wasn't like he was trying to shell me out of the church. I was looking right
    at the tank when I was entering the church, and he wasn't facing me.
    I figured, "oh, well it was probably just luck or a coincidince", but then a
    teammate said that he probably had some kind of "location hack" or something.
    Me and two other teammates agreed. I eventually met him again (he was still in
    a tank) and he shot at a guy who was hiding perfectly behind rubble. There was
    no way he could have seen him.
    Wall hacking has been fixed in version 1.31. Dice/EA even mentioned
    the exploit.
    There was also a no fog hack that is still around today. It's only usable in
    servers that allow clientside mods.
    Punkbuster stops most cheaters. I suggest you stay on Punkbuster servers.
    If someone kills you, don't call him a cheater and the "N" word...instead, tell
    him that he's good, if anything at all. You have no idea how tiresome it is to
    hear that you cheat in every other game you play. There are NO aimbots for this
    game. If the guy has good aim, it's his own doing.
    14. Basic Knowledge (for newbies)
    This is a section requested several times by e-mails. There isn't much to be
    said, as most knowledge is throughout the FAQ.
    Capturing Flags: When a flag icon displays, it means you are in a radius of
    either a neutral or an enemy flag. Staying in that area for about ten seconds
    will make it neutral, and staying in there for another ten seconds will capture
    the flag for your team, assuming there isn't another enemy in the area. You
    must kill all enemies in your area to capture the flag.
    Try being sneaky about capturing flags. Sometimes you can capture the flag in
    more hidden spots.
    When you're at an area, and the flag turns gray (neutral), it means an enemy
    is attempting to take it. Kill the enemy.
    Parachuting: To use a parachute, you must hit the parachute key (9 by default)
    while in mid air. You must fall for several seconds before you can use the
    thing, though, so you cannot jump off a small cliff and use your parachute
    key right away.
    In a plane, you must jump out of the plane first before hitting the parachute
    Destroyed Vehicles: If a vehicle is about to be destroyed, jump out of the 
    thing and maybe you'll live to see another day. Quite a few players don't do 
    Moving from place to place in a vehicle: By default, the numbers 1-6 will
    switch you to other positions in a vehicle. For example, on a battleship,
    numbers 1 and 2 will switch you to the cannons and 3 and 4 will switch you to
    the AA guns.
    Recoil: Stop shooting your whole clip out at once. The wider spread your
    crosshair is, the higher your recoil is. Fire shorter burts against enemies
    that are at a distance. It's pretty much ok to waste your whole clip on a guy
    fairly close to you.
    Crouching reduces your recoil a little, and proning reduces your recoil a HELL
    of a lot. Try proning when shooting at enemies from a distance.
    Radio Commands: Listen to them and use them. Learn them. Try to support your
    teammates when they call for help. Remember that if a player makes a radio
    command, it will give off his location (example: E6) and you look the grid on
    your map to see where he is. He will always flash yellow on the map for about
    10 seconds, so you really don't need to look at the grid.
    Planes: Read the planes section for instructions. Planes are often a huge
    problem to people just learning the game. Don't worry, everyone at one time had
    trouble with planes.
    Reading your crosshair: The closer together the lines of your crosshair are,
    the less recoil you'll have. This is why when you shoot a gun the crosshair
    tends to go nuts. If you hit an enemy, your crosshair will change from the +
    sign to this:
    - -
    This is useful to know when you're shooting at a ship or something from a tank,
    defgun, or another ship and can't see the explosion. It applies to anything,
    infantry, planes, tanks, etc, but I don't think it does that when you hit
    someone with a bomb from a plane. I can be wrong, of course.
    Leading Shots: You have to lead your shots. Unlike most other games, BF1942's
    hit system is determined by the server's computer, not yours. In other words,
    if the hits were determined by your computer, you could put your crosshair
    right over a moving target and still hit him, but since it determined by the
    server, you have to lead your shots to make up for ping. Read the infantry tips
    section. Leading your shots means that you shoot the bullet in front of where
    the guy is going. For example, if the enemy is moving left, aim your crosshair
    a little to the left of him when you fire.
    Sidestepping: This is the key to winning short - medium ranged infantry
    battles. Look at it in the general infantry tips section.
    15. The Road to Rome (Expansion Pack)
    This is not the section for all the new strategy on the Road to Rome. All the 
    new info will be added into the actual FAQ in the next few weeks.
    The expansion pack includes 6 new maps, 10 new vehicles (more or less. Only one
    is all that interesting/good), and two new armies: the Free French and the
    Italians. These armies have some new weapons, but they're nothing too special.
    Basically, it just includes 6 new maps with a few new features in them. It does
    not change the old maps, fortunately. I'd hate to see the new tanks in the old
    These are my first impressions on the Road to Rome. I wrote a review earlier on
    this game, so check it out. It's on GameFAQs.
    Note: The first impressions are OLD, I just left them there for nostalgia.
    First Impressions:
    The maps are as good as I thought they were, but the vehicles are not,
    unfortunately. Really, the only vehicle I cared for was the new planes; they
    drop 4 bombs at a faster rate than the B17 and are decent at destroying other
    planes. In fact, I went 66-3 with the thing the day I bought the expansion in
    Operation Husky, a D-Day type level where the Allies can paratroop or use
    landing craft to get to the beach and capture Italy.
    The maps are impressive. So far I think Operation Husky and Monte Santa Croce
    are the best. Monte Santa Croce is a king of the hill type battle, where the 
    Allies and Axis start on opposite sides of a river and must race to capture the
    seven flags on the hill first.
    That site gives a good overview of the features.
    The vehicles, weapons, and armies are nothing, though. Sure, it's cool to have
    the Italians and whatever, but it's nothing important (besides the story line
    of course). As I said above, the only new vehicle I care about is the new
    planes. The tanks are awful, they even have a small horizontal range. Annoying.
    The other "vehicles" are pretty much different versions of new or old things.
    A new stationary gun is the anti-tank gun, but it's nothing special. Think of
    a defgun only the person using it is exposed and it's meant to destroy tanks.
    16. Disclaimer
    Battlefield 1942 is trademarked and copyrighted by EA Games and Dice Software.
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2003 by Joe Momma under the GameFAQs copyright, and may 
    be printed out for personal purposes only. This document is not to be 
    plagarized. The only exception to plagarism is copying and pasting into a 
    personal file to make a print-out smaller. As for now, this FAQ is only to be
    found at http://www.gamefaqs.com. You may copy and print this document onto
    your computer for offline reference.
    Obviously, I'm not affiliated with Dice Software or EA Games. 

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