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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Matthias99

    Version: 0.87 | Updated: 03/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    	Produced by Matthias99
    	Version: 0.87
    1. Introduction
    2. System Requirements and Game Information
    3. General Gameplay Questions
    	I. Technical Questions
    	II. Control Questions
    	III. Gameplay Questions
    4. Controls Reference
    5. Tactics
    	I. Infantry
    		A. Infantry Controls
    		B. Infantry Classes
    			i.   Scout
    			ii.  Assault
    			iii. Medic
    			iv.  Anti-Tank
    			v.   Engineer
    		C. General Infantry Tactics
    	     		i.   vs. infantry
    	     		ii.  vs. AFVs
    	     		iii. vs. ships
    	     		iv.  vs. planes
    			v.   Capping Flags
    	II. Ground Vehicles
    		A. Controls
    		B. Transports
    		C. AFVs
    		D. General Ground Vehicle Tactics
    	III. Ships
    		A. Controls
    		B. Transports
    		C. Gunships
    		C. Carriers
    		D. Subs
    		E. General Ship Tactics
    	IV. Air Vehicles
    		A. Controls
    		B. Fighters
    		C. Fighter/Bombers
    		D. Heavy Bombers
    		E. General Air Tactics
    			i.  Air-to-Air
    			ii. Ground Attack
    	V. Artillery
    		A. Naval Artillery
    		B. Fixed Artillery
    		C. AA Guns
    		D. Spotting
    	VI. AI
    6. Maps
    	I. Western Europe 
    		A. Battle Of The Bulge
    		B. Bocage
    		C. Operation Market Garden
    		D. Omaha Beach
    	II. Eastern Europe	
    		A. Berlin
    		B. Kharkov
    		C. Kursk
    		D. Stalingrad
    	III. Africa
    		A. El Alamein
    		B. Gazala
    		C. Operation Battle Axe
    		D. Tobruk
    	IV. Pacific
    		A. Guadalcanal
    		B. Iwo Jima
    		C. Midway
    		D. Wake Island
    7. FAQ Version Stuff / Legal Stuff / Contact Info
    You can reach a particular section quickly by searching for its section number.
    For instance, search for "6.II.C" for the writeup on the Kursk map.
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my first official GameFAQs FAQ.  This covers the EA Games/DICE      
    release Battlefield: 1942, a WWII-themed multiplayer first person shooter 
    released in the summer of 2002.  This guide covers version 1.31 of the game 
    (if you have the base retail version 1.0 or version 1.2/1.3, you can visit 
    www.battlefield1942.com to get the update).  The most recent version of 
    this guide can be found on GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).
    This guide does *not* yet cover the "Road To Rome" expansion pack, but it
    will at some as-yet-to-be determinted point in the future (when I actually
    get RTR and have time to write everything up.  Anyone who wants to contribute
    such a writeup would be greatly appreciated and will get full credit.)
    Just to get a few things out of the way: I'm Matthias99, sometimes better 
    known as just Matthias, or [BOGS]Matthias.  I tend to write in a first person 
    style, where I'll talk directly to "you", especially when I'm talking about 
    tactics.  There's contact information for me at the bottom of this, next 
    to some brief legal disclaimers.  I try to be a nice guy, generally; I'm 
    almost always willing to talk to you if I have time and you try a nice 
    approach.  I'll even take criticism, assuming you can point out some way to 
    actually improve things rather than just griping about what I'm giving away 
    for free.  But don't expect a reply if you're rude or demand that I do 
    things; I'm hacking this guide together in my limited spare time, and I don't 
    have enough of it to deal with morons.  :P
    This guide is broken up into a number of sections.  The most important two are 
    "Tactics" and "Maps".  If you're looking for instructions or tips on how to 
    play, try "Tactics" (or "General Gameplay Questions" for how to do things that 
    aren't part of actually playing the game).  The "Maps" section contains 
    detailed breakdowns of each of the game's 16 maps, tactics for fighting on 
    either side of each one, and some historical background information.
    One more thing: there are a few pieces of ASCII art in here illustrating some 
    tactics, so you probably want to view this in a fixed-width font such as Arial, 
    or a program like Notepad.  If all the characters in the next four lines are 
    the same width, you should be fine.
    2. System Requirements and Game Information
    This game was produced by Digital Illusions CE (DICE, www.dice.se), a game 
    company in Sweden which has generally produced smaller titles in the past.  
    The game is being distributed by Electonic Arts (EA, www.ea.com), and the 
    official site can be found at www.battlefield1942.com.
    System Requirements:
    OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
                   Minimum                       Recommended
    CPU:           500 Mhz P2/Athlon             800+Mhz P3/Athlon
    RAM:           128MB                         256+MB
    CD/DVD:        4x                            16x+
    Disk Space:    1.2GB+
    Video:         Requires DirectX 8.1+
                   32MB, Hardware T&L            64+MB video card
    Sound:         DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
    Video Cards Supported:  Nvidia GeForce FX/2/3/4/256
    			ATI Radeon 7500/8500/9XXX
    			Matrox Parhelia
    Other video cards MIGHT be supported, if they support DirectX8.1
    and have Hardware T&L.  Most older cards, like the RIVA TNT2, do NOT work.
    Online play:   56k modem                     Broadband internet connection
    NOTE: On a modem connection, you can't play on servers with > 16 players due 
    to the way their network code is structured.  You may also have poor 
    performance on servers with lots of players if you only have the minimum 
    system requirements.
    The game runs acceptably (albeit with somewhat low graphical detail) on my 
    866Mhz P3 with 256 MB of RAM and a GeForce2MX.  I'll keep you posted when I 
    upgrade my system.
    Update: Runs pretty good at medium detail settings with an 866Mhz P3 and 
    a GF4Ti2600.
    Update: Mmm, runs great on an Athlon 2400+ with 512MB and a GF4Ti2600, 
    even cranked up all the way.
    3. General Gameplay Questions
    3.I Technical Problems
    Q: Ack!  My game crashes/doesn't work/can't join servers/other random problem!
    First, make sure you meet the technical requirements.  The game will NOT work
    with older video cards that don't have hardware T&L, and performance will be
    pretty crappy on a system near the low end of the spectrum up above
    (especially in multiplayer games).
    Second, get DirectX9 and the latest drivers for your sound and video cards.
    This fixed the problems I had when I first installed the game.
    Third, upgrade yourself to version 1.31.  You can't join upgraded servers
    without it.  A few people have reported problems with it, but it really 
    seemed to help my lag, and things seem more stable in general.
    If your game was working and suddenly stopped working, you should undo 
    whatever it is you did to your computer.  Yes, you did something.  No, I 
    don't believe you when you say you didn't change anything.  I've worked in 
    tech support.  You can try reinstalling the game if you *really* believe you 
    didn't touch anything.
    Q: How well will this game run on my computer?
    Well, if it meets the minimum requirements, but just barely, it will probably
    run pretty slowly.  If you meet the recommended requirements, it should run
    alright.  If you have a very fast computer, it'll probably run very well.
    If that's not detailed enough for you, well, you can try asking around, or
    download the demo from www.battlefield1942.com and see for yourself!
    Q: Do you have to pay to play online with this game?
    No.  There is no monthly fee to play BF1942.  You *do* need an internet 
    connection, and, as one board member pointed out, you also have to pay
    for electricity to run your computer.  :P
    Q: What's 'ping'? (I didn't think this was a common question, but I've seen 
    it a lot on the GameFAQs boards)
    'Ping' is a measure of how good your connection to a particular game server 
    is.  Your 'ping time' or just 'ping' is the number of milliseconds it takes 
    for a message to go from your computer to another computer and back (1000 ms 
    = 1 sec.)  The higher this number is, the more 'lag' you'll have while 
    playing.  Values over 200-300 make playing the game very difficult (since 
    you're seeing what happened 1/4 of a second ago, and your movement commands 
    take 1/4 second to get to the server and take effect).  Modem connections 
    will be, at best, around 200 ms, while broadband internet (cable modem, 
    DSL, etc.) can get much lower (down to around 50ms or less if the server is 
    close to you).  There isn't a whole lot you can do to lower ping, other 
    than playing on a server that's closer to you, or getting a better internet 
    connection.  Note that a low ping does not guarantee good performance from
    a server, especially with >32 players!  If the *server* doesn't have enough
    bandwidth to send data to all the players fast enough, it will lag even if
    you have a low ping.
    Q: What's that colored icon to the left of some of the servers?  Can I play
    on them?
    That icon is an Italian flag (Red/White/Green), and it means the server is 
    running the Road To Rome expansion pack.  AFAIK, you can play on it without
    owning the expansion, but only if they're using the maps from the regular
    game (that is, the ones covered in this guide).
    Q: I keep getting a "corrupted data" error when joining servers!
    Most likely, you're trying to join a server that's running a mod or a different
    version of the game.  In newer versions of the game, servers running older 
    versions will be greyed out.  If you get this error *all* the time, you may 
    need to reinstall the game.
    Q: What's a mod?
    A "mod", short for "modification", is a user-created addon that changes some
    aspect of the game.  Some are very simple, such as changing the amount of 
    damage that weapons do.  Others are much more complex, and completely change 
    the game's weapons, vehicles, maps, and gameplay.  You have to download a mod
    before you can use it, and it will only work on a server which is running that
    mod.  If you try to play on a server running a mod when you don't have it, 
    you'll probably get the "corrupted data" error message described above.
    3.II Control Questions
    Q: How do I <Open my parachute/Open the landing boat doors/Take a screenshot/
    Other random control-related question>?
    You read the manual, or look under "controls" in the Options menu and see what
    button to press, or you look at Section 4, which lists all the controls.
    Q: How do I switch sides?  How do I switch classes?  How do I choose where 
    I'll respawn?
    All of these things can be done from the map/menu accessed by hitting Enter 
    while you're playing.  You can click up where it says "AXIS/ALLIED" to 
    switch to that team, you can click on the name of a class to become that 
    class the next time you respawn, and you can click on an available spawn 
    point (the white dots next to the flags on the map) to make yourself appear 
    there the next time you die.  If you're in a hurry, you can click the 
    "Suicide" button to kill yourself and reappear a few seconds later (or 
    longer, if the server is set that way) at your selected location and with 
    your selected kit (note that this counts as a suicide and reduces your score
    appropriately).  You can switch classes *without* dying or suiciding by 
    grabbing a dead player's gear (press 'G' while you're standing near the pile
    of equipment that appears next to someone when they die).
    Q: Can I use a joystick to fly planes?  How do I set it up?  What kind of 
    joystick do I need/should I use?
    Yes, yes you can.  It's very easy to set up, once the joystick has been
    installed.  As long as it shows up in "Game Controllers" in Control Panel, it
    should be ready to use.  Just go into the "Controls" menu in the game, click
    on the control you want to set to the joystick, and move the joystick in the
    direction you want to have control that thing (or press the joystick button
    for things like firing guns).  Most any regular joystick will work fine; you do
    *not* need a big, fancy, $50 stick with a throttle and 8-way hat switch and
    10 buttons.  The game unfortunately has very little support for advanced 
    features like force feedback and extra buttons and throttles, so it won't do
    you much good anyway.
    Q: Why does my plane crash every time I take off?
    Either you're not piloting it very well, you jerked the mouse or joystick to 
    the side while you were still near the ground, or you took your hand off the 
    throttle.  You may also have a lot of lag, which makes piloting very 
    difficult.  Try the "Air Vehicle Tactics" section (5.IV) for some pointers.
    Q: Is there a 3rd person view?
    Not on foot.  When you're in any vehicle (land, sea, or air), you can press 
    F9 for the first-person view, F10 for an external view from behind the 
    vehicle, and F11 for an external view looking backwards (unless the server 
    disables external views, but I have yet to see one that has, since it doesn't 
    offer much of a tactical advantage).
    Q: How do I send voice messages?  Is there voice chat built in to this game?
    There's no voice chat in the game, but there are a large number of canned 
    voice messages you can send to your teammates (you can't send voice messages 
    to the other team).  There's a menu option (under "Audio") to choose whether 
    the messages are sent in your team's native language or always in English 
    (though the text message that is sent along with it is always in English).  
    These are shown at the top of the screen (unless you press F8 to toggle it 
    off), and each requires that you press two function keys in sequence (ie, for 
    "Negative", press F1 and then F2, not F1 and F2 at the same time).  When 
    someone sends one of these, it plays the message, displays the message text, 
    and causes the person who sent it to flash yellow on the map.  
    Note: Repeatedly sending the same message is really annoying to your 
    teammates, as is sending "Enemy Submarine Spotted!" over and over in 
    desert maps.
    Please see Section 4 for the complete list of voice messages.
    3.III Gameplay-Related Questions
    Q: Why does my team instantly lose on the new Coral Sea map?  Our carrier 
    didn't sink!
    You need to upgrade to version 1.3 or higher.  It includes a fixed version of 
    the Coral Sea map that no longer suffers from this exploit.
    Q: Argh!  Someone's standing *inside* our carrier and shooting me!
    You need to upgrade as well.  Version 1.31 fixes this bug, as well as
    a wall-hack (a cheat that lets you see through walls).
    Q: Where are the submarines?  Where is the B-17 bomber?
    These vehicles are only available in multiplayer mode (NOT single-player or
    co-op mode).  Submarines are available on Midway and Guadalcanal.  The B-17 can
    be found on Bocage, Gazala (at the airfield in the NW corner), El Alamein, and
    Operation Market Garden.
    Q: What Game Modes Are There?
    Well, the manual describes it pretty well:
    1. Conquest: The goal of conquest mode is to reduce your opponent's tickets 
    to zero.  The current number of tickets are shown above the mini-map. These 
    tickets are a pool of lives shared by everyone on the same team. There are 
    two ways to reduce an opponent's pool of tickets: kill enemy soldiers or 
    capture and hold control points.  (This is by *far* the most popular game 
    mode online.)
    2. CO-OP: Co-Op mode pits players against or teamed with AI-controlled bots. 
    Players can join any side and are tied to the same rules as a normal 
    Conquest game.
    3. Team Death Match (TDM): A team melee game with the objective to minimize 
    your team's deaths while maximizing your opponent's.
    4. Capture the Flag (CTF): Locate and capture the opponent team's flag as 
    many times as possible within the time limit. Once your opponent's flag has 
    been captured return it to your home base and touch the flagpole to score. 
    Your side's flag must be on the flagpole. If the flag is dropped in route to 
    your home base a friendly player can pick it up by running over it. If an 
    enemy touches the dropped flag it is returned to the enemy base.
    Q: What's this "Tickets" thing?
    "Tickets" are essentially a pool of lives that is shared by your entire 
    team.  The number of tickets each team starts with is set by the map, and 
    can be adjusted up or down by the person running the server (to make each 
    game shorter or longer).  Most maps start with 100-300 per team.  You can 
    see the current totals in the upper right corner; Allies are blue, Axis 
    is red.  If your team runs out of tickets, you immediately lose (you'll 
    get messages to that effect as you start running low on tickets).  Your 
    team loses one ticket each time someone dies, and depending on the map, 
    you can lose or gain tickets in other ways as well (such as by holding or 
    letting the opponent capture certain control points).
    Q: How are people "ranked"?  What do the medals on the TAB score screen 
    Next to someone's name in the score ranking are several numbers.  First 
    is your "score", then your kills and deaths, and then your current ping 
    (lag).  You get 1 point for a kill, and you lose 2 points for TKing
    (Team Killing, i.e. killing a teammate) or killing yourself, and you also 
    get 2 points for converting a flag (1 for taking it from the enemy and 1 
    for getting it over to your side).  You do NOT lose points for dying.  
    You currently do not get any points for things like repairing or healing 
    teammates or destroying enemy vehicles (though of course you'll get the 
    points for anyone *in* the vehicle when it blows up).  The game's pretty 
    smart about awarding vehicle kill points -- if you cripple someone's plane 
    or tank, and it explodes/crashes before they can bail out, you still get the
     kill.  If you are one of the top three players at the end of a round, 
    everyone gets to see your name, and you'll have a medal (gold, silver, or 
    bronze depending on which place you were in) put next to your name during 
    the next round.  If you place multiple times in a row, you'll have multiple
    Q: What's the deal with Spawn Points?  Why can't I use some of them?
    In a Conquest game, you can only use Spawn Points (sometimes called Control 
    Points if they can be captured) that your team currently owns.  Some points 
    (like the ones attached to ships) always belong to your side, but most of 
    the ones on land are associated with a "flag" that represents the ownership 
    of the point.  To "capture" a spawn point, you just need to stand next to 
    the flag (close enough that the flag icon flashes in the HUD) for about 
    twenty seconds while there aren't any enemies in the area.  The flag will 
    change from the opponent's side to a grey "neutral" flag, and then to your 
    team's banner (there are also voice and text messages broadcast to everyone 
    in the game each time a flag changes sides).  Once your team's flag is 
    flying, you'll be able to choose that spawn point for use.  However, if 
    there are members of both teams near the flag, it will stay at "neutral", 
    and nobody will be able to use that spawn point until you get rid of the 
    enemies or they get rid of you!  Note that this means if your team has no 
    spawn points, you can't respawn when you die unless someone on your team 
    captures one (and if your team has no spawn points and everyone on it dies, 
    you immediately lose).  Also, some spawn points can't be captured (usually 
    this is the base where your team starts out).  These are indicated on the 
    map by a flag with a "NO" (circle and slash) icon over it.  A few spawn 
    points (the landing beaches on Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima) start neutral but
    cannot be captured at all by the Axis team.  These are not marked in 
    any particular way in the game; you'll just be unable to capture them.
    Q: Why can't I hit anything?
    Read the "Infantry Tactics" section (5.I).  Try to shoot from a crouched or 
    prone position, and don't shoot more than once or twice in a row.  Either 
    that or use grenades or a tank.
    Q: I snuck up on someone and sniped them, and then they respawned and killed 
    me right away!  How'd they figure out where I was hiding?
    When you get killed, by default the game camera zooms out for a few seconds, 
    and then points directly at the person who just shot you.  This, of course, 
    totally gives away the position of anyone trying to be a sniper (although, to 
    be fair, in real life they'd figure it out pretty quickly as well).  You can 
    turn this off in the server options, so if you don't like it, try politely 
    asking a server mod if they can do so.
    Q: I was hiding in a dark corner, and someone shot me!  What's up?
    You may have noticed that when you look towards a player, their name and 
    team color is displayed (Allies are blue, Axis is red).  If somebody's near 
    you, and they look towards you, they'll know you're there even if you're 
    hidden in a dark corner or behind bushes, etc.  You can adjust how far away 
    names appear (which can be different for your teammates and opponents) in the 
    server options, so you might want to ask a mod if they'll change it if you 
    think it's set too far (the default lets you see names from *really* far 
    4. Controls Reference
    This section is a complete list of gameplay controls for Battlefield: 1942.
    A few common ones that people seem utterly incapable of figuring out:
    PARACHUTE: 9 (ie, the key between '8' and '0'.  You have to get out of 
    the plane first.)
    Dive/OPEN LANDING BOAT HATCH:      UP ARROW (hold for several seconds)
    Surface/CLOSE LANDING BOAT HATCH:  DOWN ARROW (hold for several seconds)
    All of these can be viewed and modified until "Controls" in the menu.
    NOTE: Most sets of menus in this game have multiple pages.  Click the arrows
    at the bottom of the page to go forwards and back.
    Enter/Exit Vehicle:     E
    OPEN PARACHUTE:         9 (yes, the number 9.  Press it *after* you bail out.)
    Chat (all):             K
    Chat (team):            L
    Scoreboard:             TAB (hold)
    Spawn Interface:        ENTER
    Full-Screen Map:        M (toggles)
    Zoom Minimap:           N (cycles through settings)
    View Controls (for all vehicles):
    Inside:                 F9 (press again in planes to toggle cockpit)
    Outside Rear:           F10
    Outside Front:          F11
    Flyby:                  F12
    Toggle Views:           C (this cycles through all of the above views)
    Pause:                  P (single player only, duh)
    Screenshot:             PRINT SCREEN (saves as .tga file in game directory)
    Toggle Tooltips:        DELETE
    Radio Commands 1-8:     F1-F8
    Move Forwards:          W
    Move Backwards:         S
    Strafe Left:            A
    Strafe Right:           D
    Jump:                   SPACE
    Walk:                   LSHIFT (you run by default)
    Pick Up Kit:            G
    Primary Fire:           MOUSE1
    Zoom/Secondary Fire:    MOUSE2
    Reload:                 R
    Next Weapon:            MOUSEWHEELUP
    Previous Weapon:        MOUSEWHEELDOWN
    Weapons 1-6:            1-6
    Crouch:                 LCTRL
    Prone:                  Z
    Throttle Up:            W
    Throttle Down/Reverse:  S
    Yaw/Rudder Left:        A
    Yaw/Rudder Right:       D
    Pitch Up/Down:          Mouse Up/Down (inverted by default)
    Roll Left/Right:        Mouse Left/Right
    Primary Fire:           MOUSE1
    Secondary Fire:         MOUSE2
    Toggle Mouselook:       LSHIFT
    Positions 1-3:          1-3
    Drive Forwards:         W
    Drive Backwards:        S
    Turn Left:              A (must be moving forwards or backwards)
    Turn Right:             D (must be moving forwards or backwards)
    Dive/OPEN LANDING BOAT HATCH:      UP ARROW (hold for several seconds)
    Surface/CLOSE LANDING BOAT HATCH:  DOWN ARROW (hold for several seconds)
    Primary Fire:           MOUSE1
    Secondary Fire:         MOUSE2
    Positions 1-6:          1-6
    F1 F1 - Roger!
    F1 F2 - Negative!
    F2 F1 - Request Pickup!
    F2 F2 - Send reinforcements!
    F2 F3 - Request Anti-Tank Support!
    F2 F4 - Request Naval Support!
    F2 F5 - Request Air Support!
    F2 F6 - Artillery Ready To Fire! (this indicates that you want someone to 
    place a scout camera for you)
    F2 F5 - Request APC!
    F3 F1 - Armor spotted!
    F3 F2 - Infantry spotted!
    F3 F3 - Unit spotted!
    F3 F4 - Ship spotted!
    F3 F5 - Submarine spotted!
    F3 F6 - Airplane spotted!
    F3 F7 - Scout spotted!
    F4 xx - Defend/Attack specific control point (game dependent)
    F4 F4 - Defend/Attack closest control point!
    (these are game dependent, ie, F4 F1 is a different control point on each 
    map.  It sends "attack" if you don't own the point, and "defend" if you do.)
    F5 F3 - Confirm defending!
    F5 F4 - Confirm attacking!
    F5 F5 - Roger!
    F5 F6 - Negative!
    F6 F1 - Wait!
    F6 F2 - Fire!
    F6 F3 - Hold your fire!
    F6 F4 - Fire in the hole! (about to throw grenade)
    F6 F5 - Medic! / Need Repairs! (if in vehicle)
    F6 F6 - Take cover!
    F7 F7 - Go! Go! Go!
    F7 F1 - Cover me!
    F7 F2 - Hold position!
    F7 F3 - Go for enemy flag!
    F7 F4 - Fall back!
    F7 F5 - Stick together!
    F7 F6 - Follow me!
    F7 F7 - Bail out!
    5. Tactics
    5.I Infantry
    You'll probably spend a lot of time in BF1942 walking around, so it's good      
    to know how to handle yourself.  You've got a lot of moves and a decent 
    amount of firepower on foot, but you're not too fast.  The biggest mistake 
    people make when they start playing is treating this game like UT2K3 or 
    Quake III, trying to run around like an idiot with guns blazing.  
    You won't last long like that, Rambo, so read up.
    5.I.A Infantry Controls
    Like most FPS games, you can move around, jump, crouch, and strafe.  In 
    BF1942, you can also go prone -- that is, lie flat on the ground and crawl.  
    To do so, press your Prone key (default key: Z).  Press 
    it again to stand up (takes a second or two, during which you can't move).  
    Going prone makes you harder to see and hit, plus it reduces the chance of 
    catching shrapnel from grenades or tank shells exploding nearby.  The 
    downside is you move pretty slowly.  Note that if you are running forwards 
    when you hit the Prone key, you'll do a forward dive into the prone 
    position, which is a quicker than pressing it while standing still (but it 
    throws off your aim).
    When it comes to actually duking it out, your equipment varies with the kit 
    you choose and the nation you're fighting for.  However, all your guns 
    basically work the same way: point and shoot.  The Primary Fire button 
    activates your chosen weapon, Secondary Fire toggles zoom modes in most 
    guns and lets you "charge up" grenade throws, and the Reload button reloads 
    your weapon (note: you must manually reload with most weapons when your 
    clip is empty, and if you reload when the clip isn't empty, you lose the 
    bullets that are still in your gun).
    You'll probably notice that your crosshair increases and decreases in size 
    as you move around or fire weapons.  The bigger the crosshair, the less 
    accurate your shots will be.  Your accuracy decreases as you run around, 
    drops significantly when you shoot, and plummets when you hold down the 
    trigger on an automatic or rapidly pump out rounds from a rifle or pistol.  
    Your accuracy increases when you stand still, recovers faster if you 
    crouch, and comes back even faster if you're prone.  So, if you want to 
    shoot accurately, you should shoot from a prone position, firing one or two 
    shots at a time and then waiting for your crosshairs to stabilize before 
    shooting again.  Firing on the move or emptying the clip of your BAR or 
    MP42 will result in you hitting air and getting gunned down rapidly by 
    everyone in the area.  Weapons in BF1942 are very accurate when used 
    properly, and it only takes one or two hits to drop someone, so it's vital 
    that you only shoot when you're forced to or you're sure of a kill, 
    especially when sniping.
    Version 1.2 added an improvement to your crosshair that flashes when one of 
    your shots hits somebody (since there's no blood, and thus little visual 
    feedback unless your target dies).  This also includes manned vehicles, 
    in case you're shooting at a plane/tank/etc, and also works for vehicle 
    weapons.  It will *not* flash if you're not actually doing damage, such
    as by shooting a tank with an assault rifle.  It also doesn't indicate
    if you're hurting somebody with splash damage (such as firing a tank shell
    into the ground next to them).
    Version 1.3 greatly decreases the accuracy of the Assault class weapons
    while you are moving, making it even more important to shoot from a 
    stable position.
    Version 1.3 also decreased the amount of damage done to planes by infantry
    weapons and AA guns (but not machine guns or other vehicle weapons) by 50%.
    Important note:  If you kill someone (or someone near you dies), they 
    drop a pile of equipment on the ground that hangs out for a little while 
    (maybe 10-15 seconds).  If you move near one of these and press the Pick 
    Up Kit key (default key: G), you'll change into the kind of infantry that 
    died there.  This can be very useful sometimes, but beware of picking up 
    an empty rifle in the middle of a firefight!  You'll drop your current kit 
    when you switch, in case you want to go back to it (though it will also 
    disappear eventually).
    5.I.B Infantry Classes
    BF1942 features five "kits" for infantry, each equipped with slightly 
    different weapons depending on which side you're on (I'll have more 
    information on those differences in a future version, I hope).
    5.I.B.i   Scout
    The Scout kit isn't any faster than the other soldiers, but you have 
    specialized weapons and equipment that's helpful for tracking enemy 
    movements and picking off distant targets.  You can also spot for artillery 
    (for more information, see section 5.V.D).  The downside is that your rifle 
    has a very low rate of fire, and you're practically useless in close combat 
    against anyone.
    I'm going to say this right up front: it is extremely difficult to be a 
    sniper in BF1942.  You are *not* Vin Diesel, so stop trying.  Distant shots 
    are very difficult (especially compared with something like Counter-Strike, 
    Quake3, or UT where the sniper weapons are 100% accurate even at extreme 
    range).  Hitting a moving target is near-impossible (as it is in real life).
    Once the enemy figures out where you are, you will not live very long unless 
    you are an amazing shot and they don't have any tanks around.  Also, if 
    you're hiding and shooting enemies from far away, then you're *not* capping 
    flags, and capping flags is how you win.  Killing 20 or 30 enemies over the 
    course of a game while your team is losing a ticket every 3 seconds is a 
    good way to have the best score on the losing team.  Despite all that, 
    you'll often see teams that are half-filled with snipers, and losing badly 
    because of it.  For some reason, this is especially prevalent on Allied 
    teams on Omaha Beach.
    Sniper Rifle
    Combat Knife
    Rifle: The Sniper Rifle features telescopic sights to help you "reach out 
    and touch someone".  Just press the Secondary Fire key to use them, and press 
    again to go back to the normal view.  You zoom out and back in automatically 
    after you shoot, although if you hold down Primary Fire, you'll shoot and not 
    zoom out and reload until you let go of the fire button (so you can see if 
    you hit or not).  Note that the rifle is hideously inaccurate if you are 
    moving or standing; crouch or go prone to make distant shots.  A headshot is 
    an instant kill, a body shot hurts a whole lot but won't kill an uninjured 
    player.  Remember the sniper's rule of survival: "one shot, one kill".  
    Note: (this applies to all weapons, but is most noticeable with the sniper 
    rifle) This game actually models ballistics, which means that your bullets 
    will fall downwards when you shoot at distant targets, so aim up a bit if 
    you're shooting at someone far away.  This also means you have to lead targets 
    if they're moving.
    Version 1.3 *significantly* improves the *clip* reload time (how long it
    takes to change clips when you hit the Reload key), but the time it takes
    between shots has remained the same.
    Pistol: Not a great weapon, the Pistol is, however, your only chance of 
    survival if someone gets close to you.  It has iron sights (press Secondary 
    Fire for a weak zoom).  Don't fire it too fast, or your accuracy plummets and 
    you can't hit anything more than two inches from you.
    Binoculars:  Lets you see things that are far away, with a wider field of 
    view than the rifle scope.  Use the Secondary Fire key to zoom in and out.  
    Press Primary Fire to set an artillery spotting camera (see sec. 5.V.D for 
    more information).
    Grenades: Grenades are extremely powerful.  They kill soldiers easily, and a 
    couple of them can blow up a jeep, or damage a tank or APC.  Hold Secondary 
    Fire to "charge" your throw (tap Secondary Fire to drop one at your feet, 
    hold until the meter fills to throw far), or press Primary Fire to throw them 
    at full strength without charging.  Grenades explode about three seconds 
    after you throw them.  Use them whenever you can; just don't blow yourself 
    (or your teammates) up!
    Combat Knife: A knife.  Sneak up on someone and press Primary Fire to knife 
    them in the back and kill 'em dead.  Not very useful otherwise.
    5.I.B.ii  Assault
    The Assault class is the best when it comes to fighting other infantry.  The 
    Automatic Rifle has lots of range, deals plenty of damage, and can fire 
    dozens of shots in rapid succesion before reloading.  You also have grenades, 
    which are useful against both groups of infantry and armored vehicles.
    Automatic Rifle
    Combat Knife
    Automatic Rifle: The Automatic Rifle features iron sights (press Secondary 
    Fire for a weak zoom feature), and can fire up to twenty shots (30 for Axis) 
    fairly rapidly before reloading.  It's much more accurate than you'd think at 
    first, and deals a ton of damage, as you'll realize the first (and second, 
    and third) time you get pegged in the head with one from fifty yards away 
    (though the Axis gun is somewhat less accurate).  Go prone and fire one shot 
    at a time for maximum accuracy.
    Version 1.3 significantly reduces the accuracy of the Automatic Rifle while
    you are moving.
    Pistol: Still mostly useless, the Pistol is a weapon of last resort.  One 
    time it can actually be handy is if you empty your rifle clip while someone's 
    charging you; pulling out the pistol is quicker than reloading the rifle.
    Grenades: See above.
    Combat Knife: Even more useless than the pistol in most situations.  
    I don't recommend using it.
    5.I.B.iii Medic
    The Medic has two big advantages: an automatic weapon, and the ability to heal 
    himself and others.  Neither of these should be overlooked; the Medic can be 
    deadly in the right hands.
    Submachine Gun
    Combat Knife
    SMG: The Submachine Gun fires pistol-caliber bullets at a rapid clip.  It's a 
    good cross between the Automatic Rifle and the Pistol, but it has much less 
    range than the former, and not much more power than the latter (ie, it takes 
    multiple hits to kill someone).  Fire in short bursts for maximum 
    Pistol: See Assault entry above.
    Grenades: See Assault entry above.
    MedKit: When the Medical Kit is out, you can press Primary Fire to heal 
    yourself or anyone in front of you and reasonably close by.  When you're out 
    of "ammo", you can't heal anyone, but it recovers gradually over time.  Use 
    this ability liberally.  Note: if someone uses the voice command that calls 
    for a medic, and you *are* a medic, they will be marked on your minimap with 
    a red cross.  Keep an eye out for them and help them if you can; they'll 
    appreciate it.
    Combat Knife: see above.
    5.I.B.iv Anti-Tank
    The Anti-Tank infantry is, as the name implies, very good at blowing up 
    Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs, i.e. tanks and APCs).  You're not, however, 
    very good at directly fighting other infantry, so either avoid them or find 
    some Assault troops to back you up.
    Rocket Launcher
    Combat Knife
    Rocket Launcher: A single-shot, reloadable, shoulder-mounted launcher firing 
    shaped-charge armor-piercing anti-tank rockets (boy, that's a mouthful).  
    Very good damage against armored vehicles (and unarmored vehicles as well, 
    if you can hit a jeep or plane with it).  For maximum damage, aim for the 
    side or rear of a tank or APC, and try to hit at a 90 degree angle.  A light 
    tank takes one direct hit to the rear, two or three to the side, and four 
    or five to the front to destroy.  APCs are about the same, and heavy tanks 
    take one or two more shots than a light tank.  Don't even try to use it 
    against other infantry; they'll just laugh and shoot you (okay, okay, you 
    *can* kill a soldier if you actually hit them with the rocket itself; it's 
    just very, very hard, and even the pistol is more efficent).
    Pistol: See above.
    Grenades: See above.  Keep in mind that these are also pretty good at 
    knocking out vehicles, and are probably your best anti-infantry weapon.
    Combat Knife: See above.
    5.I.B.v Engineer
    The Engineer kit is a very interesting setup.  You have a decent (though 
    not great) anti-infantry weapon, and a variety of tools to make life 
    miserable for people driving vehicles.  You can also repair friendly 
    vehicles, which is a very useful trick!  No grenades, though...
    Bolt-Action Rifle
    Anti-Vehicle Mines
    Repair Kit
    Combat Knife
    Bolt-Action Rifle: This is the same rifle the Scout class uses, except 
    without the sniper scope.  It's just as accurate, so you can actually 
    snipe pretty effectively with it.  This weapon also does not lose
    accuracy as you move (or at least not nearly as much as everything else).
    Version 1.3 also decreased the clip reload time of this weapon (see the
    entry for the sniper rifle).
    Anti-Vehicle Mines: These deal a huge amount of damage to any vehicle that 
    drives over them.  One will vaporize a jeep or APC, and will even blow up 
    a tank if it drives directly over it at high speed.  Use them to cut off 
    bridges and other vital approaches.  If you place them carefully, you can 
    still get around them -- but they'll blow up anyone who just plows through 
    without paying attention.  It's possible to drive over them 
    veeeeeeeeeerrrrrry slowly without blowing them up.  Very mean Engineers 
    place them directly underneath parked vehicles so that they explode when 
    someone gets in and starts driving :).  These do *not* explode when people
    walk over them, but the explosion from a vehicle setting them off will 
    hurt infantry.
    Note: you can also defuse mines as an Engineer.  Just take out your Repair 
    Kit, crouch next to a mine, and "shoot" it to turn it off and pick it up.
    Also note that they blow up by themselves after a few minutes.  You can 
    only place up to 8 mines at a time (you can get more from ammo crates, but 
    the earlier ones will explode if you try to place more than 8).
    DetPacks: These are remote explosives that deal a huge amount of damage.  
    Press Primary Fire to drop one at your feet.  Once you've placed them, 
    press Secondary Fire to pull out the detonator, then press Primary Fire to 
    blow them all up (hit Secondary Fire again to switch back, in case you 
    don't want to blow them up yet).  They do about as much damage as a land 
    mine to anyone within a fairly large blast radius.  You can also use them 
    against vehicles -- they're much harder to see than landmines.  Especially 
    sneaky tactics include tossing them on top of APCs,Jeeps or planes, then 
    detonating when someone gets in.  Marginally useful as an anti-tank weapon 
    if you throw them on top of the tank or you can get it to drive directly 
    over them.  You can defuse detpacks by "shooting" them with your Repair 
    Kit, just like mines.  You can also only place up to 8 at a time.
    Repair Kit: When you have your repair kit out, you can patch up any 
    vehicle in front of you by pressing the Primary Fire key.  This includes 
    ships that you're standing on, but you won't be able to fully repair a 
    ship in one shot.  When you run out of "ammo", you can't repair anything, 
    but you gradually recover it over a couple of minutes (just like the 
    Medic's Medical Kit).  An engineer driving a tank, ship, or plane can make 
    that vehicle last a lot longer than normal.  Note: if someone uses the 
    voice command that calls for vehicle repairs ("I need a grease monkey!"), 
    they'll be marked on your minimap with a wrench icon so you can find them 
    easily.  You can also use your Repair Kit to defuse land mines and 
    detpacks, as described above.
    5.I.C General Infantry Tactics
    The most important thing to remember is that you have to fire carefully and 
    from cover if you want to live very long.  Also, try not to stand around in 
    the open unless you want some overacheiving Scout to hit you with his Sniper 
    Rifle, or some hotshot to run you over with his jeep or strafe/bomb you with 
    a plane.  This also means you shouldn't walk down open roads.  You don't go 
    any slower through grass and trees, so stay off to the side unless you want 
    to be mowed down.
    Andrei Pendle wrote in with the excellent point that you should always try
    to fight as a group when you're on foot.  A group of several soldiers 
    working together (especially if one of them is a medic) can take out many
    more enemies with many fewer deaths than the same people fighting alone.
    Use your minimap!  You can change the zoom on it by hitting the Mini Map Zoom 
    key (default key: N).  There are three settings: wide, medium, and narrow.  
    You'll probably want it zoomed out a bit when you're running around so you 
    can see which flags your team holds, and closer when you're fighting in a 
    group so you can see where everyone else is relative to you.  You can also 
    see the full-screen map (it's semi-transparent, so you can still see what's 
    going on around you) by hitting the Show Map key (default key: M) (hit it 
    again to put it away).
    Also, keep an eye out for ammo crates and lockers full of medical supplies.  
    There's almost always one of each in one of the buildings of a base (almost 
    every set of bunkers and outposts has an ammo crate, but generally only 
    larger bases have medical supplies).  Just stand next to an ammo crate to 
    refill your ammo, or next to a medical locker to heal yourself (an 
    ammo/health icon, respectively, will flash on your HUD when you're at one).  
    You can also call for a medic (F6 F5) and hope that one answers if you get 
    5.I.C.i vs. infantry
    Basically, the best way to fight infantry is to take them by surprise.  If 
    you're a Scout or Assault, try to crawl into a good sniping position and take 
    out a few enemies before they even know you're there.  Medics will want to 
    get a bit closer, so they can use their SMG to full effectiveness.  
    Anti-Tanks and Engineers should just stay away from other soldiers if 
    possible, or ideally keep some Assault types around to handle them.  The 
    mounted machine guns you'll find around bases can also be very effective; 
    just walk up to them and hit the Enter/Exit Vehicle key to get in or out.  
    The ammo's unlimited, but don't let the gun overheat or it'll jam.
    If you're interested, it takes two rifle or five pistol bullets to the body 
    to kill a soldier, or one rifle or two pistol bullets to the head.  One 
    grenade will kill anyone standing up within about 5 yards (you take a lot 
    less damage if you're crouching or prone), and will injure anyone within 10 
    yards or so of the blast.  Machine guns do the same damage as rifles, but
    AA guns do not affect troops unless you can hit them with the shell itself.
    A direct hit from artillery or a tank gun is an instant kill.
    5.I.C.ii  vs. AFVs
    AFVs (Armored Fighting Vehicles, e.g. tanks and APCs) are tough opponents.  
    If someone's manning the top machine gun of a tank or APC, try to pick them 
    off.  Otherwise, your options are essentially grenades, an Anti-Tank's rocket 
    launcher, or an Engineer's detpacks.  The best tactic may be to use mines or 
    your own tanks to keep them away in the first place!  If you have to fight, 
    try to get behind a tank to deal the most damage; it's also hard for them to 
    hit you if you get really close, since the guns don't depress far enough 
    (just don't get run over!).  You can also use a mounted AA turret in some 
    locations to take out tanks or APCs.  Just remember that rifle and machine 
    gun fire does *nothing* to a tank or to the front armor of an APC (though it 
    *can* sometimes hurt or kill the driver; there's a very small window in the 
    front that you can see through).
    5.I.C.iii vs. ships
    You can't really do much about ships from on land.  Just about the only 
    thing you can do is try to find a shore battery and start firing artillery 
    at them (altough if the crew is any good the first thing they'll do is to 
    blow up any artillery guns that can hit them).  Getting pounded by ships?  
    Try to get some planes, subs, or gunships to go take them out.  Daring 
    players can also steal an enemy landing craft and climb onto a ship (look 
    for ladders or webbing on the sides that you can climb).
    5.I.C.iv  vs. planes
    You have a few more options against airborne opponents than ships.  AA guns 
    are the best solution, but a good pilot will hit them with bombs almost as 
    soon as you get in them.  Any machine guns, including the ones on APCs and 
    tanks, can also be effective against low-flying planes.  In desperate 
    situations, you can even use an Assault infantry's Automatic Rifle to shoot 
    at fighters (it's less effective against fighter-bombers and all but useless 
    against B-17s, though).  If none of those options seem to be working, find a 
    fighter plane and chase them off.
    Version 1.3 reduces by half the damage that is done to planes by AA guns and 
    infantry rifles.  This basically means that AA guns and fighter planes are 
    the only viable options against enemy aircraft.  Note that machine guns did
    *not* have their damage reduced (as I erroneously reported before), so they
    are very effective.
    Version 1.31 slightly increases AA damage vs. planes (but not as much as
    it was decreased before).
    5.I.C.v   Capping Flags
    To capture a flag, you need to stay within the flag's "capture zone" for a 
    certain amount of time, while there are also no players from the other team 
    within the "capture zone".  You'll know you're close enough when a flag 
    icon appears on your HUD.  Distance from the flag doesn't seem to make a 
    difference, just as long as you're close enough to make the flag icon 
    appear (though some flags have a larger capture radius than others).  It 
    takes around 10 seconds to take a flag from "opponent" to "neutral", and 
    then another ten to take it from "neutral" to "friendly".  If players from 
    both teams are within the capture zone, or you leave the area before the 
    flag gets captured, the flag will just stay at neutral.  If you're a real 
    bastard, you can hide near an enemy flagpole (say, inside a building, or as 
    I saw the other day, *on* a building after parachuting onto the roof) to 
    keep it neutral, and as long as you stay alive, the enemy can't use that 
    spawn point.
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    5.II Ground Vehicles
    Ground vehicles are the most common things to drive on most maps, and also 
    quite a bit of fun.
    If a vehicle is destroyed, it respawns a short time later at the same place 
    it originally came from (the exact amount of time depending on the vehicle; 
    you get jeeps faster than battleships).  Note that the vehicles that spawn at 
    bases are always from the "side" that controls the base currently (that is, 
    the same base may spawn, say, both Panzer tanks and M4 Shermans depending on 
    who owns it).  A vehicle will *not* respawn until it has been destroyed, so
    you can take an enemy's vehicles away by stealing them and not letting them
    get blown up!
    Also, ground and air vehicles will self-destruct if left without a driver
    for a couple of minutes.  This keeps you from parking your team's (or the 
    other team's) vehicles in inaccessible locations and thus permanently 
    losing them.  It also discourages using them as personal transports.
    5.II.A Controls
    All the ground vehicles essentially work the same way.  To get into a 
    vehicle, just get close to it, looks towards it, and press the Enter/Exit 
    Vehicle key (default key: E).  When you get in, usually you'll be placed in 
    the driver's seat if you're the first person to enter (however, in some 
    vehicles, which side you're standing on when you enter determines where 
    you'll sit).  If not all the seats in the vehicle are filled, you can switch 
    seats by pressing keys 1-6 (1 is the driver's seat, 2-6 are the rest of them, 
    depending on how many additional seats it has).  Note that if all the seats 
    are filled, you can't switch spots unless someone gets out.  A seat which 
    is "exposed" means you can be shot at while you're in that seat, although 
    you usually have a better view.
    Driving uses a simple set of controls which are separate from those used 
    while you're walking.  Drive Forwards/Speed Up and Reverse/Slow Down move 
    you forwards and back, and Turn Left and Turn Right do what the names would 
    suggest (you have to be moving forwards or backwards to turn, however).  
    If you're in a gun turret, use the mouse to rotate it, and use Primary Fire 
    (and sometimes Secondary Fire) to shoot.  In some vehicles (like the jeep), 
    you can look around with mouselook without affecting the direction you're 
    going.  Vehicle machine guns have both limited ammo and a "heat meter" 
    that increases when you fire.  If it hits the top, the gun jams for a 
    few seconds, so lay off the trigger occasionally.
    To get out, just press the Enter/Exit Vehicle key again.  Again, exactly 
    where you get out depends on which seat you're in at the time.
    5.II.B Transports
    Transport vehicles are used mostly for getting around the maps, or for 
    hauling players into or out of combat zones.
    5.II.B.i Jeep
    The Jeep is a very simple vehicle which seats two.  It's very fast, quite 
    maneuverable, and hurts people a lot if you run them over.  However, it has 
    no weapons -- neither the driver nor the passenger can shoot -- and both 
    passengers are exposed to fire.  It's also quite fragile and tends to explode 
    if it hits anything at high speed or takes damage from almost any heavy 
    weapon.  You can transport additional people in the rear cargo area, but they 
    tend to fall out if you go too fast or hit things while driving, so be 
    careful.  Most bases come with a Jeep.
    Allies: Willys Overland Jeep MB.  Looks like a standard army jeep.  Comes in 
    varying colors to match the terrain.
    Axis: VW Type 82 Kubelwagon ("Bucket Car").  Looks like an old-fashioned 
    convertible car.  A little faster than the jeep, but not as good off-road 
    (it slides a lot more when going up hills or around corners).
    Seats for Jeep:
    1. Driver (exposed)
    2. Passenger (exposed)
    If you enter a Jeep from the left side, you'll be in the driver's seat, and 
    if you're on the right side, you'll be in the passenger seat.
    5.II.B.ii APC
    The Armored Personnel Carrier is a fairly slow, heavily armored vehicle that 
    seats six and sports a top-mounted machine gun for defense.  The APC also 
    has two unique abilities: anyone sitting in the passenger compartment 
    (seats 3-6) gets gradually healed, and anyone standing around it (as well 
    as any nearby friendly vehicles) has their ammo slowly refilled (this also 
    means that the APC itself will never run out of ammo).  It can take quite a 
    bit of punishment, and protects well against small-arms fire, but it won't 
    stand up to anti-tank mines or rockets, and even machine gun fire will bring 
    it down eventually (and can kill the driver from the front).  Many bases 
    include an APC.
    A neat trick if you're injured while driving is to hit '3' to duck into the 
    passenger compartment and get healed, then hit '1' to get back in the 
    driver's seat and keep going.
    Allies: M3 Half-Track.  A big truck with tank treads instead of rear wheels.  
    Green or Tan depending on which map you're on.
    Axis: Hanomag Sdkfz.251.  Looks more like a cross between a tank and an 
    armored car, with a larger set of treads than the allied APC.  Faster, 
    and better at climbing hills, but doesn't maneuver as well as the M3.  
    Machine gun shoots very fast (but overheats rapidly).
    Seats for APC:
    1. Driver (armored but very slightly exposed)
    2. Machine Gun (exposed)
    3. Passenger (health/ammo refill)
    4. Passenger (health/ammo refill)
    5. Passenger (health/ammo refill)
    6. Passenger (health/ammo refill)
    If you approach an APC from the driver's side (front left), you'll end up in 
    the driver's seat.  From the passenger side (front right), you'll end up in 
    the machine gun.  If you get in from the rear, you'll be in one of the 
    passenger seats.
    5.II.C AFVs
    Tanks are probably the most fun vehicle to drive, just because you get a big 
    'ol gun to shoot things with, and you can do a lot of damage in a short 
    amount of time.  However, you are *not* invincible in one; you are still 
    vulnerable to mines, grenades, anti-tank rockets, artillery, AA guns, air 
    attacks, and other tanks (plus you can flip them over in some areas pretty 
    easily, or drive off cliffs, etc.)  Light tanks all have two seats: a 
    driver/gunner, and an exposed machine gunner on the top.  The driver drives 
    the vehicle as normal, but also controls the turret with his mouse.  Primary 
    Fire shoots the cannon (good for vehicles, AA guns, etc.), and Secondary Fire 
    shoots the coaxial machine gun (good for mowing down troops).  The upper 
    machine gun gives you a much better view, and is well-suited for shooting 
    down attacking planes, but using it while enemy troops are nearby is 
    ill-advised (you're exposed, and you can't shoot people standing right next 
    to the tank).  Heavy tanks only have a driver/gunner, with no top-mounted 
    machine gun.  Most large bases include a tank or two.
    Note: the machine gun turret on a light tank is *not* stabilized; that is, 
    when you turn the main gun, the machine gun rotates along with it.  So, 
    if you have a gunner up there, don't whip the turret around rapidly, or else 
    a) they won't be able to hit anything, especially planes, and b) they'll 
    probably get motion sickness and hate you.  Don't try to shoot at planes 
    with the coaxial machine gun; it just doesn't turn fast enough to track them.
    5.II.C.i Light Tank
    The Light Tank is quicker and more maneuverable, but it's a lot easier to 
    destroy, and its gun doesn't do nearly as much damage.
    US/UK: M4 Sherman.  It's, uh, a light tank, painted either green or tan.  
    It's pretty quick, but it can't take much punishment.  Usually the Allied 
    side has several of them (often more tanks than the Axis, since they're 
    individually weaker).
    Russia: T/34-85.  A boxy grey tank with a short gun.  Tough, gun does a lot 
    of damage.  Kinda slow.
    Germany: PzKfW Mk.IV Panzer.  A boxy, light-grey tank with a short gun.  
    Germany's tanks are very tough, but not as fast as their allied counterparts.
    Japan: Chi-Ha 97.  Camo-painted tank with a boxy turret and a small gun.  
    Lightly armored and equipped with a weak gun, the Chi-Ha is not a very 
    effective vehicle.
    Seats For Light Tank:
    1. Driver/Gunner 
    2. Machine Gun (exposed)
    5.II.C.ii Heavy Tank
    The Heavy Tank, unsurprisingly, is very hard to blow up, and its gun tears 
    apart other vehicles, but it has poor handling and acceleration.  There is 
    also no upper machine gun turret.
    US/UK: M10 Wolverine. An odd-looking, boxy tank with sloped sides and a 
    large gun.  Not really a heavy tank, this is a heavy gun mounted on an older, 
    obselete vehicle.  Good range and power, but relatively weak armor.  Attack 
    with it from far away for best results.
    Russia: T34/76.  A tan tank with a long-barreled gun.  Much tougher than the 
    M4 or M10, this can actually go toe-to-toe with multiple Panzers.
    Germany: PzKfW Mk.VI Tiger.  Squat, boxy dark grey tank with a very long gun.
    Extremely tough, gun is very powerful.  Watch out for these.
    Japan: None!
    Seats for Heavy Tank:
    1. Driver/Gunner
    Most of the time, you'll enter as the driver unless there's someone already 
    inside.  If you approach a light tank from the front right, however, you'll 
    end up manning the machine gun.
    5.II.D General Ground Vehicle Tactics
    If you are driving a transport vehicle, keep an eye out for people that need 
    a ride.  If someone near you is shouting "Wait!" or "Need Transport!", take 
    two seconds and pick them up; it makes things a lot easier for them.  You'd 
    want them to do it for you, right?  And if you're driving an APC full of 
    people, try not to hit land mines, drive off cliffs, or go to the wrong 
    place, okay?  But conversely, don't go spamming the voice channels just 
    because someone didn't pick you up or the boat you were in sank.
    In all vehicles, remember that you're still vulnerable to attack.  Watch out 
    for land mines; they're surprisingly hard to see from the driver's seat when 
    you're moving.  Try to take out infantry at a distance, where cannons and 
    machine guns are most effective; up close, they can surround you or hit you 
    with grenades and rockets.  If you find yourself trapped in a group of 
    infantry, just slam on the gas and get out of there, then try to turn around 
    and attack them.  If you stand still, they'll hit you with grenades and blow 
    you to pieces.  Also remember that the front armor on tanks is much, much 
    stronger than the sides or rear; it's better to take a rocket or tank shell 
    in the front side than to try to run away and get hit in the back.  You also 
    need to keep an eye out for planes, especially if there are some good pilots 
    on the other side.  Try not driving down roads (since they see and bomb you 
    easily), and shooting at them with a top-mounted machine gun -- they'll go 
    for easier targets if you keep injuring them.
    It's also possible -- and often very effective -- to steal enemy vehicles 
    and use them against the defenders.  Tanks usually get grabbed as soon as 
    they spawn, but people often leave APCs lying around, which you can use to 
    mow down troops (and/or to heal yourself if you get hurt).  People will often 
    not notice that a "friendly" vehicle has been taken over until it's too late.
    If you like driving vehicles, try playing as an Engineer.  Tanks last a lot 
    longer when you can repair them after a fight.  If you're not an engineer, 
    you can call for one if you need repairs (press F6 F5).  There are also 
    repair depots on a few of the maps (mostly the tank-heavy ones in North 
    Africa).  These are buildings with a flat, grey platform out front (often 
    with a tank that respawns on it).  Any vehicle sitting on the platform 
    (including planes!) will quickly be repaired back to full strength and will 
    have its ammo refilled.  Some airplane hangars also do this.  Sitting in one
    of these and slaughtering enemies as they respawn is not a very nice thing
    to do.  Hopefully a future update will make it so these only heal you if 
    you own the control point nearest it.
    5.III Ships
    Naval action plays a major part in a number of the game's maps, so you'd 
    better know what you're doing out there.  When used correctly, ships can 
    turn the tide of battle -- but be careful not to lose them, since that can 
    deal your team a crushing blow.
    5.III.A Controls
    Ships work almost identically to ground vehicles in terms of controls.  
    You can steer and drive them from the front position (position '1').  Just 
    keep in mind that ships accelerate, decelerate, and turn veeeeery slowly 
    (especially carriers).  Try to plan your moves in advance, and don't crash!  
    The light blue sections on the map are shallow water, which smaller ships 
    can fit into (until you get really close to land), but carriers and 
    battleships generally can't.  Ships which are beached generally *cannot* be
    moved; it's stuck there until somebody blows it up.  Beaching your team's
    carrier is a good way to make everybody really mad at you and lose at the
    same time.
    5.III.B Transports
    The only "transport" ships the game has right now are landing craft.  All 
    the larger ships (except subs) have two landing craft at the rear (just start 
    driving them to detach it from the ship).  They can hold quite a few people, 
    and there are six actual "seats" (driver, gunner, and four passengers).  
    They're fairly maneuverable for ships, but still pretty slow.  The engines 
    also make quite a bit of noise, something to keep in mind if you're looking 
    for a stealthy approach.  If you line up with the landing area and get up to 
    full speed, you can turn the throttle off and just drift in from a good 
    distance out.  
    NOTE: to control the doors, use the Raise/Lower Vehicle keys (default keys: 
    Up Arrow/Down Arrow).  Just hold the appropriate direction for a few seconds 
    and it should start to open or close.  Opening the hatch doesn't sink the 
    boat (bizarrely), so you can open it before you actually land (although that 
    does expose people inside to fire from onshore). 
    Keep in mind that landing craft are incredibly fragile.  Artillery are 
    dangerous, planes can cut you to pieces with their guns, and troops onshore 
    can nail you with machine gun or rifle fire, so get yourself from boat to 
    beach as quickly as possible.
    Allied: Higgins Boat.  The Allied landing craft that you've seen in every 
    WWII movie ever made.  Driver is exposed.
    Axis: Dai-Hatsu 42.  Works almost exactly the same, except the driver is in 
    an armored compartment.
    (although many people don't realize it, there are actually passenger seats
    in the landing boats, although there's little reason to use them)
    1. Driver (exposed for Higgins Boat)
    2. Machine Gun (exposed)
    3. Passenger
    4. Passenger
    5. Passenger
    6. Passenger
    5.III.C Gunships
    There are several classes of gunships (destroyers and battleships), but 
    they're all used in essentially the same way.  Ships pack the largest, most 
    powerful batteries of artillery in a mobile package that's hard to sink.  
    They're excellent at pounding onshore targets, and at sinking other ships.  
    Destroyers also have depth charges for knocking out enemy submarines.
    All the ships have two batteries of 2-5 main guns.  Some ships also have 
    anti-aircraft guns.
    All these ships also have landing craft at the rear (see above), and have 
    two spawn points permanently attached to the vessel (front and rear).
    Destroyer: USN Fletcher Class.  Two front light guns, two rear light guns.  
    Depth charges (unlimited ammo, but you can only fire 10 at a time before 
    reloading.  Press Secondary Fire to use them).  No built-in AA guns, but 
    there are two machine guns mounted on raised platforms in the middle of the 
    ship.  Effective, but you have to actually climb up to the gun to use it.  
    Features sonar (lets you see any subs or other ships within the range shown 
    on the map while you're driving the ship).
    Note: only the rear gun of the destroyer can be used with artillery spotting.
    Pressing Secondary Fire in the front gun drops depth charges instead.
    Battleship: HMS Prince Of Wales.  Five front guns (two light, three heavy), 
    four rear heavy guns.  Two built-in dual-barrel AA guns (seats 3/4).  
    Extremely heavy-duty ship.
    Destroyer: IJN Akizuki Class.  Two front light guns, Three rear guns (two 
    light, one heavy).  Same mounted machine guns as on the USN Fletcher.  
    Depth charges.  Sonar.
    Battleship: IJN Yamato.  Five front heavy guns, four rear heavy guns.  
    Two mounted dual AA batteries.  Toughest ship in the game.
    Seats for Gunships:
    1. Driver/Front Guns
    2. Rear Guns
    3. AA (if available)
    4. AA (if available)
    5.III.D Carriers
    Aircraft Carriers are potentially the most powerful of the ships available 
    in the game, assuming they're used correctly.  If you're not careful, they 
    tend to become very large targets and get sunk very quickly.  Keeping an 
    engineer or two on board to effect repairs and man the AA guns will make your 
    carrier last a whole lot longer.
    Carriers have two landing craft at the rear, and also respawn two planes on 
    the flight deck (a fighter and a fighter-bomber).  There are five seats: four 
    AA guns (front left, front right, rear left, rear right), and the driver sits 
    in the control tower, which affords a better view of the action.
    Each Carrier has three spawn points tied to it.  For the Allied carrier, the 
    first puts you in the driver's seat, the second is on the lower deck where 
    the landing boats are, and the third is on the flight deck next to the planes.
    The Axis carrier has the second and third spots flipped (that is, the second 
    spot is the planes and the third is the landing boats).
    Allied: USS Enterprise.  Spawns two Higgins Boats, an SBD-6 Dauntless 
    fighter/bomber, and an F4U Corsair fighter.
    Axis: IJN Shokaku.  Spawns two Dai-Hatsu 42s, an Aichi D3A1 Val 
    fighter/bomber, and an A6M Zeke "Zero" fighter.
    The new "Coral Sea" map features special carriers that cannot move and spawn 
    6 fighters and 6 fighter/bombers each, but are otherwise identical.
    Seats for Carrier:
    1. Driver
    2. AA Gun
    3. AA Gun
    4. AA Gun
    5. AA Gun
    5.III.E Subs
    NOTE: Submarines are ONLY available in Midway and Guadalcanal, and only in
    multiplayer mode.
    Submarines exist basically to sink enemy ships.  When submerged, they're 
    very hard to see and hit, and they can shoot torpedoes from very, very far 
    away.  Try not to be spotted by other ships; artillery and depth charges will 
    blow up submarines quickly.  Note that destroyers can see you on sonar if you 
    get close to them (and if you're in the sub and submerged, you'll hear the 
    sonar pings getting faster as you get closer to them).  Also, if someone is 
    standing on top of the sub, try not to submerge; they'll drown.
    To raise or lower the sub, use the Raise/Lower Vehicle keys (default keys: 
    Up Arrow/Down Arrow).  There are two depth meters; the one on the right shows 
    the depth you've set, and the one on the left shows the depth you're 
    currently at (it takes a few seconds for the sub to actually change depth).  
    There is also an oxygen meter that will diminish if you go below 1.75.  If it 
    empties, you're in trouble (though it refills automatically when you surface).
    Also, don't go below the red line on the depth meter - that's crush depth, 
    and you'll start taking damage below there.  If you're surfaced, you can see 
    what's going on around you, but you're vulnerable to attacks from other 
    ships.  When submerged partially, you can still see, and launch torpedoes at 
    other ships.  When fully submerged, you can only use the map screen, and your 
    torpedoes will go underneath other ships.  To hit smaller ships, you need to 
    be at a depth no greater than 1.0.  You can hit carriers and battleships down 
    to about 1.5.
    Note: torpedoes always launch from the front of the sub, which is labeled 
    with a yellow marker on the directional compass.  They do NOT shoot where 
    you're pointing the periscope (unless you're pointing the periscope forwards).
    Allies: USN Gato Class.
    Axis: U-Boat Type VII C.
    1. Driver
    5.III.F General Ship Tactics
    First off, don't forget to use your ships on levels where they are made 
    available to you.  It's amazing how many players will take the planes and 
    boats from a carrier and just leave it sitting there, undefended, to be sunk 
    a few minutes later (this is usually a very bad way to start off, especially 
    if you fail to capture an onland control point immediately).
    Also, you have to keep an eye out for threats.  You can't move ships very 
    fast, so planes and artillery can deal a lot of damage if they get close to 
    you (or vice versa).  Use AA guns and the mounted machine guns you'll find on 
    ships to keep planes away, and use the cannons on battleships and destroyers 
    to take out coastal gun batteries and other ships.
    Don't crash ships into land.  They'll get stuck.  And then you're in big 
    You *can* crash ships into other ships; depending on the relative size of them,
    this can be an effective way to sink an enemy vessel.
    5.IV Air Vehicles
    The planes in BF1942 are fun to fly and pack a punch.  However, there is 
    usually a fairly limited number of them, and you'll often see players just 
    standing around the airfield or carrier waiting for the people in the air to 
    get shot down so they can grab one (worse are the people that stand around 
    the airfield and shoot down their team's planes until they get one).  Don't 
    do that.
    Also, if you want to practice flying, do it in single player or create a 
    private LAN game where you can crash to your heart's content.  People expect 
    you to *at least* be able to take off and keep a plane in the air if you're 
    on a public server.  Many will expect you to be able to dogfight and bomb 
    things, too, but generally they'll only be really pissed if you keep 
    crashing them.
    5.IV.A Controls
    The controls for planes are fairly simple.  Press and hold the Throttle Up 
    key to go fast, let go of it for a bit to slow down (don't let go for too 
    long, though, or you'll crash).  Pitch up and down makes you climb or dive, 
    and you can pitch left and right to turn.  The yaw controls make you rotate 
    left or right, slowly, without tipping (this is primarily useful while lining 
    up to bomb or strafe ground targets, and in real life for compensating for 
    wind shear).  To turn fast, you want to slow down, pitch in the direction of 
    the turn about 45-60 degrees, and then pull up and yaw in the direction of 
    the turn.  To turn 180 degrees, you can also do an Immelman (do half of a 
    loop and then turn yourself right-side up) or Split-S (turn upside down and 
    then do an Immelman), but it's tough/impossible in the heavier planes 
    (and very, very hard without a joystick).  I suggest using a mouse to fly 
    and the keyboard to control the throttle and yaw, unless you have a joystick, 
    in which case you should use that, since it's a lot easier.  I haven't yet
    found a way to adjust the joystick sensitivity; it moves the plane
    as quickly as it is capable of turning.  Under "Controls/Air" in the menus, 
    you can change these settings and set whether or not the vertical controls 
    are inverted (by default they are).  To use a joystick, click on the thing 
    you want to control and then move the joystick/mouse in the direction you 
    want to have control that function.  If you're setting a control that goes 
    back and forth (like pitch or throttle), the opposite one will automatically 
    be set to the opposite of the direction you moved the joystick or throttle.
    They unfortunately don't have any support for force feedback or some 
    advanced joystick functions, but anything that Windows/DirectX recognizes 
    should work alright.
    If you're in the pilot's seat, use Primary Fire to shoot the machine guns, 
    and Secondary Fire to drop bombs.  The rear gunner uses Primary Fire to shoot 
    the machine guns (and no, you can't shoot yourself like in the third Indiana 
    Jones movie, so don't worry about it).
    To take off, hold down the throttle until your plane goes from pointing up 
    to being level with the ground.  Then press Pitch Up (or pull down on the 
    joystick or mouse) to take off.  You may need to drive the plane around a bit 
    to get it lined up with a long enough airstrip for takeoff, or to maneuver 
    around obstacles on the ground (use the yaw controls to turn left or right, 
    and you can drive slowly in reverse by holding Throttle Down if you get 
    stuck).  Try not to hit anything during takeoff; you'll probably die.  
    Hitting a *player* on the ground will instantly kill them, and hurt the plane 
    a bit.  Also, try not to make any sudden moves to the side while taking off; 
    you can clip your wing on the ground and crash.
    Landing is actually pretty easy; just slow down and stay level (or pointing
    slightly upwards) until you touch down, then hold Throttle Down/Reverse 
    until you stop.  Sometimes it's easier from the external view (F10).  If 
    you land at an airstrip (where you took off from, or a carrier) your ammo 
    will be refilled.  On levels where there is a vehicle repair hangar, you can 
    pull inside (or onto the repair pad) to be repaired.  You'll also refill 
    your ammo slightly if you fly low and very slowly over a friendly airfield 
    or carrier.
    If your plane gets shot up and starts sputtering and crashing, it's probably 
    time to bail out.  Press the Enter/Exit Vehicle key to jump, and then hit the 
    Deploy Parachute key (default key: 9) to open your chute (you may have to hit 
    it a few times; keep trying until you see the parachute icon!).  You have a 
    small degree of control over where you fall (you'll drift slightly in the 
    direction you're looking), and you can fire guns and grenades while you're 
    coming down.  The physics of parachutes in this game are *very* forgiving; 
    as long as you open it when you're more than about 5 feet off the ground, 
    you'll land safely and with no damage.  This can be handy if, say, there are 
    people on the ground that don't want to let you drift down from above.  I 
    also hear that if you are holding down the Enter/Exit Vehicle key while you 
    fall, and you land directly on an empty vehicle, you'll be safely snapped 
    into the driver's seat instead of splatting on the ground.
    5.IV.B Fighters
    Fighters are light planes best suited for attacking other aircraft.  They're 
    usually the fastest and most maneuverable planes, but they also have the 
    least armor and are easily shot down.  Fighters can be identified visually 
    by having a single bomb hanging underneath, and a single cockpit.  They are 
    armed with light machine guns and 15 single bombs.
    US: P-51 Mustang (Eastern/Western Europe), F4U Corsair (South Pacific).  The 
    P-51 is a sleek, grey fighter with a red nose, while the F4U has a 
    distinctive gull-wing design (the wings bend down and then back up at about 
    the halfway point).  Both can take a good amount of damage, and are fairly 
    UK: Spitfire Mk VB.  A camo-painted fighter with oval wings and a sleek 
    design.  Very maneuverable, but can't take as much damage as some of the 
    Russia: Yak-9.  A stocky-looking camo-painted fighter.  Not a great plane, 
    but usually you have more of them than the Germans do of their fighters, so 
    gang up on them.
    Germany: Messerschmitt Bf-109e.  A grey plane with a yellow nose.  Very fast, 
    very maneuverable.  Poor range hurt it historically, but of course that's not 
    a problem here.
    Japan: A6M Zeke "Zero".  A white plane with red spots on the wings and tail.  
    Fast, maneuverable, and it has excellent guns.  Great at dogfighting.
    1. Pilot
    5.IV.C Fighter/Bombers
    5.IV.C.i Dive Bombers
    Dive Bombers are essentially heavier fighters with more firepower and less 
    speed.  They also have a second seat for a rear machine gunner.  They handle 
    similarly to fighters, but are much more sluggish.  Visually, they have two 
    bombs hanging underneath, and a larger cockpit with a second rear-facing seat 
    and a machine gun.  They are armed with heavy forward guns (they fire more 
    slowly but can damage vehicles and ships) and 30 bombs (dropped two at a 
    time, so you still get 15 shots).  Much more effective at knocking out 
    ships, tanks, and other heavy targets, but not so good at shooting down 
    planes.  Also, if you got this guide from cheatcc.com, they stole it from
    GameFAQs.  Just so you know.
    US: SBD-6 Dauntless.  A blue-and-white plane, looks a lot like the F4U but 
    without the bent wings.  Not as fast as the Aichi Val, but that actually 
    makes precise bombing easier.  Can take a relatively high amount of damage.
    Germany: Junkers Ju 87B Stuka.  A green and tan camoflauge-painted plane.  
    Slow, engines make a very distinctive noise.  A tough plane that's easy to 
    bomb with, but lousy at dogfighting.
    Japan: Aichi D3A1 Val.  Looks almost identical to a Zero, except bigger.  
    Very fast for a dive bomber.  Capable of dogfighting respectably, especially 
    with a rear gunner.
    1. Pilot
    2. Rear Machine Gun
    5.IV.C.ii Torpedo Bombers
    Torpedo Bombers are specialized machines used against enemy ships.  As such, 
    they are only available on maps with ships.  They can be identified visually 
    by having a single torpedo hanging underneath, rather than a bomb.  They're 
    otherwise identical to dive bombers, but are a bit slower at turning.  While 
    you can drop the torpedo directly on an enemy ship like a bomb, it's even 
    more effective when you launch it underwater.  To do so, fly as low, slow, 
    and level as you can (like practically hitting the water), and point yourself 
    towards an enemy ship.  Then, press Secondary Fire to drop the torpedo.  If 
    you did it right, it should travel through the water and then explode when it 
    hits the ship, doing a large amount of damage.  If it isn't working, then you 
    might be going too fast or flying too high, which can cause the torpedo to go 
    underneath the target or explode on impact with the water.  Practice on an 
    empty server to get the hang of it.
    Models: See above.  Identical to Aichi Val and SBD-6.
    1. Pilot
    2. Rear Machine Gun
    5.IV.D Heavy Bombers
    The B-17 Heavy Bomber is used for causing massive amounts of destruction to 
    enemy encampments or columns of troops and armor.  It is only available to 
    the Allies.  The B-17 can drop eight heavy bombs in rapid succession.  It 
    then needs about five seconds to reload.  (Some people have reported problems 
    in laggy games where it won't properly reload.  If this happens, wait for the 
    meter to fill up again and then you'll be able to shoot).  When the larger 
    ammo meter empties (8 loads of bombs, I think), you need to go back to the 
    airfield and land to get more bombs.  Try to stay high up and out of the way 
    of AA guns when using the B-17; it's no good at dogfighting, and it's easy to 
    hit.  It is highly recommended that you bring along 1 or 2 tail gunners if 
    you want to live long -- it has two machine guns mounted on it to discourage 
    attackers.  The lower gunner can also strafe ground targets.
    Seats for B-17 Heavy Bomber:
    1. Pilot/Bombardier
    2. Upper Tail Gunner
    3. Lower Tail Gunner
    5.IV.E General Air Tactics
    Generally, you want to have what pilots call "situational awareness" - that 
    is, you should know where the enemies, targets, and threats are at all times.
    Try not to let enemy pilots double-team you, and conversely you should try to 
    team up with another pilot to hunt enemies.
    First off, you can toggle the cockpit in first person view by pressing F9.  
    Turning it off makes flying a lot easier.  You can also switch to an outside 
    view of the plane with F10, or an outside rear view (so you can see if your 
    bombs/torpedoes hit) with F11.  I always crash when I use that view for some 
    reason, though.  Press F9 to get back to the cockpit view.  It can be helpful
    to map these views to the "hat switch" on your joystick if you have one, so
    you can quickly look behind you if you're getting shot at.
    Remember to stay away from manned AA guns, or try to hit them with bombs to 
    knock them out for a few minutes.  If you're attacking a ship, you'll take 
    less fire if you come at them head-on, but it's a more difficult target and 
    you can't use torpedoes that way.
    5.IV.E.i  Air-to-Air
    The best place to attack from is above and behind the enemy.  This gives you 
    a clean shot at the plane, and you can dive to accelerate and catch up with 
    them if they try to get away.  Try to strafe your guns across them while you 
    fire; you're more likely to get a hit that way.  It's easiest to hit bombers 
    while they're lining up for an attack, since they'll probably be going in a 
    straight line for a while at low speed.
    As of version 1.31, there is no longer a damage bonus for hitting the engine
    versus the wings of a plane (it used to do more damage when you hit the engine).
    I find it's easiest to shoot people down in first-person, but it can be 
    useful to use the external views if you're getting shot at in order to 
    figure out where they are.  Other people also swear by the external view 
    (F10) for bombing, but I personally think it's harder that way.  The rear
    view (F11) *is* useful for seeing if your bombs hit or not, but I tend
    to crash if I stay in that view too long.  :P
    If you have someone on your tail, slow down and make a hard turn to shake 
    them.  You can also pull a loop (pull back on the joystick until you've come 
    all the way around) to try to get behind them.  Flying low and fast near 
    trees, under bridges, etc. may also lose pursuers, but it's dangerous!  If 
    you're in a fighter-bomber or a B-17, try to have a rear gunner so they can 
    shoot down people who get behind you.  On that note: it's *really* hard to 
    hit attacking planes from a gunner's seat if the pilot is taking wild evasive 
    maneuvers and rolling upside down constantly, so take it easy if you have 
    someone manning those guns.  Most enemy pilots won't attack you if you have 
    a skilled gunner shooting at them.
    5.IV.E.ii Ground Attack
    Bombing can be tricky at first.  Because of your plane's momentum, the bombs 
    you drop will continue traveling forwards at the same speed as your plane.  
    So, you want to drop the bombs so that they hit the ground as you are 
    directly over the target.  This is the sort of thing that physics teachers 
    love to torture high school students with, so don't worry if you don't quite 
    get it at first.
    Observe terrible ASCII art showing bomb trajectories:
    (numbers indicate seconds since bomb release, '*'s indicate path of plane, 
    '-'s indicate path of bomb)
    |     -
    |        1
    |              -
    |                 2
    |                      -
    |                         -
    |                           3
    |                               -
    |                                 -
    |                                   -
    |                                    4
    |                                      -
    |                                       -
    |                                        -
    |                                         -
    |                                         *BOOM*
    As you can see, the bomb stays directly under your plane as it continues 
    moving fowards.  You can make bombing easier by flying lower or slower, but 
    this also makes you easier to shoot down.  You don't have much choice in a 
    B-17 (part of the reason why the Allies spent a huge amount of time and money 
    IRL making improved bomb sights), but fighter-bombers can use a more advanced 
    technique called "dive-bombing" (fighters can use it, too, but it's harder 
    to hit accurately with only one bomb rather than two).
    The basic idea is that you drop your bombs while you're diving towards the 
    target at a low altitude, just before you start to pull up.  This way, the 
    bombs have more downwards velocity and so spend less time in the air.  Since 
    the bombs fall just below where you point the nose of the plane, and they 
    take a lot less time to reach the ground, it's easier to hit small, mobile 
    targets like tanks and ships.  And since you're moving faster (and changing 
    altitude) while bombing, you're much less likely to be shot down.
    More ASCII art illustrating dive-bombing:
    (numbers indicate seconds since bomb release, '*'s indicate path of plane, 
    '-'s indicate path of bomb)
    *                                                    3
    | *                                                *
    |   *                                            *
    |     *                                        *
    |       *                                    *
    |         0                                2
    |         - *                            *
    |           - *                       *
    |             -  *                  *
    |               -    *         *
    |                 -       1
    |                   - 
    |                    -
    |                   *BOOM*
    Just be careful that you're not too close to the ground, or the explosion 
    will blow you up, too!
    5.V Artillery
    Artillery can be a decisive element in a battle.  Those racks of guns on the 
    destroyers and battleships aren't just for show, you know.
    5.V.A Naval Artillery
    Naval guns are probably the most powerful overall.  Their ammo is unlimited, 
    they can move around the map, and most ships fire them in groups of 2-5 at a 
    time, which can deal a ton of damage.  Combine with artillery spotting for 
    maximum effectiveness (they can shoot a *lot* farther than you can see).
    5.V.B Fixed Artillery
    Most maps with ships also have fixed shore-based artillery platforms.  These 
    are pretty much identical to the large guns on battleships, but each turret 
    only fires a single shell at a time.  Use them to keep enemy ships away, or 
    to blow up approaching landing craft.
    5.V.C Mobile Artillery
    There are a few mobile artillery units in Battlefield 1942.  Two of them are 
    howitzers, and the third is a mobile rocket launcher.  They all work pretty 
    much the same way.  There are two seats, a driver and a gunner.  Since you 
    probably won't be shooting on the move, though, they can be operated fairly 
    effectively by 1 person.  Just watch out for enemy tanks or troops that get 
    too close; these things don't have much armor.  Use them from far away and 
    with a spotter for best results (press Secondary Fire while in the gunner's 
    seat once someone has set a camera) - you can shoot much further than you can 
    see, almost halfway across the map on most levels, if you aim high enough.
    On some maps, there is a limit on how far you can shoot (probably to prevent
    you from hiding a battleship in the corner and using to bomb the enemy's base).
    US/UK: M3 Priest Howitzer.  A boxy green or tan thing with a short gun in the 
    front.  Shoots big 'ol shells that do a lot of damage to troops.  Less 
    effective against tanks unless you get direct hits.
    Russia: Katyusha Rocket Launcher ("Stalin Organ").  A mobile rocket launcher 
    platform that can fire salvos of six rockets rapidly before reloading.  Each 
    is about as powerful as a tank shell, and there is a slight spread, making 
    the launcher very effective against troops.  It can be effective against 
    tanks if you can catch them standing still and hit them multiple times.  This 
    thing has practically no armor, though, so keep it far, far away from 
    enemies; even an assault rifle will tear this thing apart!
    Germany: SdKfz.124 Wespe.  A grey tank with a large cannon mounted at the 
    rear instead of in the middle like most tank turrets are.  Another howitzer 
    cannon, it works almost identically to the M3, but seems to have even less 
    Seats for Mobile Artillery:
    1. Driver
    2. Gunner
    5.V.D AA Guns
    There are mounted AA guns near all airfields and scattered around most bases.
    Just walk up to one and press the Enter/Exit Vehicle key to get in.  These 
    fire explosive flak shells, which explode in midair and deal a lot of damage 
    to nearby planes.  The little black clouds you see when you fire are the 
    shells exploding, so you want those to hit the plane you're shooting at.  
    This means you have to lead them, but fortunately the timers are 
    automatically set for the height you're firing at.  If you don't understand 
    what that means, just aim in front of the plane a bit and try to line up the 
    explosions with it.  Dark bursts indicate hits, lighter ones indicate misses.
    In some areas, the AA gun is located such that it can also be used against 
    ground targets.  It's pretty effective against tanks.
    Version 1.3 decreased the "near miss" damage of AA guns by 50%, although
    apparently direct hits still do the same amount they always did.
    Version 1.31 somewhat increased the damage of AA guns (though not as much
    as 1.3 decreased them by)
    5.V.E Spotting
    To make the most of artillery, you really need to use it from far away.  So 
    far away, in fact, that the person sitting on the boat or in the mobile gun 
    can't actually see what they're shooting at (you can shoot targets half a 
    dozen "squares" away if you aim high enough or you're on a hill).  However, 
    the Scout can use their binoculars to set a targeting camera by pressing 
    Primary Fire while looking at a target (zoom in first if you're far away, 
    but not so close that they can't see where their missed shots are going).  
    This sets a camera that lasts for two minutes (or until the Scout that set 
    it dies), and also automatically sends the "I have a target for artillery!" 
    voice message to your team.  Try not to die after you set a targeting camera.
    If someone is broadcasting the "Artillery Ready For Barrage!" message, they 
    want you to set a camera for them.
    Note: you can only have one camera active per team.  If anyone sets another
    one (including yourself), this first will be destroyed and anyone using it 
    will get kicked back to the regular view.  Don't do that.
    To use the camera, first get in something that has artillery guns, and get 
    to a seat where you can fire the guns from.  If a camera has been set, there 
    should be a small flashing artillery icon next to your ammo meter.  Figure 
    out where the camera is (it's highlighted in yellow on the map), aim sort of 
    towards there (you may need to move the vehicle closer or turn it so it's 
    facing the right way), and press Secondary Fire to switch to the camera view.
    Now you're seeing what the Scout that set the camera was seeing.  The bars at 
    the left and top show the range of motion for your artillery, and after 
    you've fired at least once, they'll also show the settings where your last 
    shot was fired.  The icon on the edge of the crosshair display indicates 
    roughly where your weapon is located and which direction it's pointing in.  
    When you fire (by pressing Primary Fire), the camera will pan briefly towards 
    your current location, follow the shell you fired to its destination, and 
    then return to looking at the target.  You can then correct your aim and 
    fire again until you hit the target, the camera expires, or you get bored and 
    hit Secondary Fire again to return to the normal display.  Sometimes you'll 
    be moved backwards a bit when you fire, so you may have to move the vehicle 
    occasionally to stay lined up.
    Artillery spotting is very underused!  If nobody will do it for you, you can 
    set your own camera and then get in a gun to shoot at things.
    5.VI AI
    The game's AI is vastly improved in version 1.2, but still has some serious 
    flaws.  The bots do respond to certain voice commands, though; you can order 
    them to attack a particular control point with (F4 FX), and if you call for 
    reinforcements (F2 F2), they'll start respawning at the closest point to your 
    position.  They're actually decent at driving vehicles (except when they get 
    stuck on bridges in heavy tanks...), but aren't so great on foot.  The game's 
    much better in multiplayer mode anyway...
    Version 1.3 makes the AI somewhat less shaky on foot; their ability to kill 
    you has increased somewhat, but they're not very good at tactics.
    6. Maps
    All map data pertains to the multiplayer version of the map.  Some maps have 
    differing numbers of vehicles in single player and multiplayer modes.
    All of these battles are based on historical events, but there is, of course, 
    no claim of actual authenticity.  I'll try to provide a little bit of 
    historical detail in each map description.
    Most of the maps are too big to fully describe in detail ("okay, there's
    some more sand over there..."), so I'll try to go over the control points, 
    victory conditions, what vehicles are available, and general strategies for 
    both Axis and Allied forces.  "Map Size" is the number of squares the 
    available area of the map fills.  If it's "split", ie 10/30, this means 
    that either a) there's only 10 squares of land and the other 20 are water, 
    or b) there's 30 land squares total, but most of the action will be 
    concentrated in about 10 (like on Bocage, where you can wander all over the 
    place but they basically only have that much space so people in planes can 
    actually turn around without going out of bounds).
    Speaking of out of bounds, don't go there.  You'll get warned, and a timer
    starts counting down from 10.  When it gets to zero, you start losing health
    every second until you die.
    Many thanks go out to www.bf1942.com for providing detailed maps showing 
    which vehicles are available at each base in every map.  You made this thing 
    a lot more accurate.
    6.I Western Europe 
    6.I.A Battle Of The Bulge
    December 16th, 1944 - January 16th, 1945.  The German army, growing 
    increasingly desperate, launched a surprise attack on Allied forces in the 
    heavily forested Ardennes region on December 16th, 1944, hoping to break 
    through a weak point in the Allied defenses and regain the upper hand by 
    stalling their advance across France and Germany.  Despite having almost 
    total surprise -- nobody expected them to launch a counter-offensive at this
     point, Allied commanders failed to realize the Axis tanks could move rapidly 
    through heavy forest, and the Germans had specially trained units that 
    impersonated US soldiers -- the gambit failed, and the Allies pushed through 
    only a few months later to capture Berlin and crush the Axis forces in 
    Western Europe.  "The Battle Of The Bulge" is a classic WWII movie treatment 
    of this offensive.
    Map Details:
    The Germans start with a single spawn point in the nortwestern part of the 
    map, which cannot be taken by the Allies.  The Allies have the other five 
    spawn points.  A river cuts the map basically in half; there are two bridges, 
    which are the only way for the Axis forces to get to all but two of the 
    Allied control points.  There is a lot of armor in this battle; much of the 
    fighting will consist of tank combat and attempts to hold the bridges.  The 
    Germans lose tickets slowly while the Allies hold their five control points; 
    the Allies lose tickets rapidly if the Germans capture them all.
    Total Control Points: 6
    Total Vehicles: 14 (7 light tanks, 2 heavy tanks, 2 mobile artillery, 2 APCs, 
    1 jeep)
    Map Size    (in squares): 15/25
    Recommended # of players: 16-32
    Axis Tickets (default)  : 200
    Allied Tickets (default): 160
    Control Points:
    1. German Base (cannot be captured).  Located in northern part of map, west 
    of the river.
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Boxes (2), mounted machine gun at front gates.
    Vehicles: 4 Light Tanks, 1 Heavy Tank, 1 Mobile Artillery.
    2. Outpost (West).  Located on the Western side of the map, overlooking the 
    German base.  This is the only control point the Axis forces can reach without
    crossing the river.
    Features: Ammo Box, Mounted MGs (3) on side of hill overlooking the base.  
    There is a medical locker, ammo box, mounted machine gun, and a jeep located 
    directly west of this base, in a small cluster of buildings along the road at 
    the bottom of the hill.
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank.
    3. Outpost (East).  On the Eastern side of the river, just past the northern 
    Features: Ammo Box, Mounted MGs (2) facing the bridge.  There is a medical 
    locker located directly east of the control point, at the end of the road.
    Vehicles: 1 Heavy Tank.
    4. Bunker.  Just over the bridge from the St. Vith control point, south of 
    the western outpost.
    Features: Mounted MG, Ammo Box.
    Vehicles: none
    5. St. Vith.  Located in the middle of the map, just over the southern bridge.
    Features: Mounted MGs (3) around the control point itself.  Ammo Boxes (3) in 
    buildings and a bunker just to the southwest of the control point.
    Vehicles: none.
    6. American Fuel Supply Depot.  Located at the southern end of the map.
    Features: Medical Lockers (3), Ammo Boxes (3), Mounted MGs (3).
    Vehicles: Two Light Tanks, 2 APCs, 1 Mobile Artillery.
    Allied Tactics:
    The Germans have more (and tougher) tanks, so you'll probably spend a lot of 
    time trying to blow them up.  Engineers and Anti-Tanks are very useful in 
    this map, obviously.  If possible, try to keep the Axis from taking and 
    holding the western outpost, since you can shell their base from there easily 
    if you bring up the M3 Priest from the supply depot.  However, it's more 
    important that you keep them on their side of the river.  Use your tanks to 
    hold the northern bridge, and try to get both of them mined ASAP.  If the 
    Germans make it to St. Vith, drive them off quickly before they can dig in 
    and capture all the points.  You're in big trouble if you let them get the 
    upper hand, so hold the river at all costs.
    Axis Tactics:
    You want to move rapidly and take the Allies by surprise in this map.  You're 
    bleeding tickets when you start out, so do everything you can to rapidly take 
    one of the northern outposts, probably the western one, before you lose too 
    many.  Blitz them with your tanks -- you start with five and will get a few 
    more when you capture the northern outposts.  If you take the western 
    outpost, you can use your Wespe to shell all the other bases from there if 
    you get someone to scout for you, which can make your life a lot easier.  If 
    the bridges get mined, have Engineers clear them so you can bring tanks 
    across.  If you can't get through the northern bridge, try outflanking them 
    to the south and taking the central control points if they're not defending 
    them.  You need to move quickly, before the Allies can get their act together 
    and set up a defense that will hold you.
    6.I.B Bocage
    (this map is not based on a particular historical battle, but rather a series 
    of similar skirmishes)
    June/July, 1944 -- the Allies began their march across France from the 
    beachheads established during Operation Overlord, but face stiff German 
    resistance in the French countryside as the Axis scrambles to contain the 
    invaders.  Hilly terrain and "bocage" -- thick hedgerows that provided cover 
    and inhibited troop and vehicle movements -- made life difficult for the 
    Allied forces.  However, they persevered, and had recaptured Paris by August.
    Map Details:
    This is a somewhat smaller map with an interesting mix of terrain and a 
    number of vehicles.  The Germans start with the spawn point in the northwest, 
    and the Allies in the southeast.  Neither of these can be taken.  There are 
    three other control points, and holding two of them will slowly drain tickets 
    from the opposing team.  There is a large river that separates the German 
    base and the northernmost of the three control points from the rest of the 
    map; there are three bridges you can use to get across.  One is at the 
    aforementioned control point, and the other two are to the north of the 
    German base, which you can reach by crossing the bridge *behind* the Allied 
    base and going all the way around the map that way.  A smaller branch of 
    the river cuts across further south, creating a number of natural chokepoints 
    between the two bases.  This somewhat offsets the German armor advantage here.
    Total Control Points: 5
    Total Vehicles: 14 (3 Heavy Tanks, 1 Light tank, 2 APCs, 1 Mobile Artillery, 
    2 Jeeps, 4 Fighters, 1 Heavy Bomber)
    Map Size    (in squares): 12/35
    Recommended # of players: 16-24
    Axis Tickets (default)  : 200
    Allied Tickets (default): 200
    Control Points:
    1. 2nd Panzer Division HQ (cannot be captured).  Located northwest of the 
    windmill bridge, past the bridge control point.
    Features: Medical Lockers (2), Ammo Box, Mounted MG, AA Guns (3)
    Vehicles: 2 Heavy Tanks, 1 APC, 1 Jeep, 2 Fighters
    1. Allied HQ (cannot be captured).  In the SE corner of the map.
    Features: Medical Lockers (2), Ammo Boxes (2), AA Guns (2)
    Vehicles: 1 Heavy Tank, 1 Light Tank, 1 APC, 1 Jeep, 2 Fighters, 1 Heavy Bomber
    1. Bridge.  Just outside the German base, on their side of the windmill bridge.
    Features: AA Gun, Mounted MG
    Vehicles: none
    2. Windmill.  Actually located on the Allied side of the windmill, just past 
    the second bridge.
    Features: AA Gun.  Medical locker and ammo box in windmill on hill directly 
    west of control point.
    Vehicles: none
    3. Sawmill.  Located SW of the windmill bridge.
    Features: AA Gun, Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 1 Mobile Artillery
    There are also a few ammo boxes in houses along the long road that goes all 
    the way around the eastern side of the map and leads to the north entrance to 
    the German base and the rear entrance to the Allied base.
    Allied Tactics:
    The key here is to keep the Germans cooped up on their side of the river.  
    The bridge between the "Bridge" and "Windmill" control points is a natural 
    choke point, so you shouldn't have too much trouble holding it.  Use the M3 
    Priest artillery and your tanks to blow up anything that tries to cross and 
    to shoot at anyone holding the other side.  Mines can also be very 
    effective.  Keep an eye out for enemies that try to sneak around the long 
    way -- they're probably best dealt with from the air.  Just keep the Germans 
    on their side of the river and you'll win eventually.  And remember: every 
    enemy trying to be a sniper is one less enemy trying to capture flags.
    Axis Tactics:
    You *must* get over the river if you want to have a fighting chance.  If the 
    Allied defense is too strong to punch through to the Windmill, a daring 
    tactic is to paradrop soldiers from your fighters behind the Sawmill control 
    point and try to capture that.  You also have a better position on the upper 
    bank to snipe at enemies or to shell them, but remember that if you don't 
    capture another flag past the bridge, you'll slowly lose tickets until your 
    team loses, no matter how many soldiers you kill.
    6.I.C Operation Market Garden
    September 17th, 1944 -- Allied forces launch a daring aerial attack on 
    several key bridges in Holland, hoping to secure critical supply and 
    transport routes to continue their push towards Germany (as well as 
    surrounding and cutting off the German forces still in Holland).  They were 
    unsuccessful, but the 1st Airborne held the Arnheim bridge for almost four 
    days, taking heavy casualties in the process, before breaking out and 
    retreating.  The movie "A Bridge Too Far" covers this in far more detail.
    Map Details: 
    A large map for a large operation.  This is one of the few maps where the 
    Allies have clear air superiority, so they'd better use it to counteract the 
    Germans' heavy tanks.  Holding 3 or more of the central control points will 
    slowly drain tickets from the other side.  The start of this map is generally 
    a mad rush to capture as many as possible, and then often bogs down in the 
    middle as teams fight house-to-house for the upper hand.  It'll take a 
    coordinated offensive effort to push the enemy back on either side.
    Total Control Points: 6
    Total Vehicles: 19 (5 light tanks, 2 heavy tanks, 2 APCs, 1 Mobile Artillery, 
    6 Jeeps, 2 Fighters, 1 Heavy Bomber)
    Map Size    (in squares): 8/32
    Recommended # of players: 32
    Axis Tickets (default)  : 200
    Allied Tickets (default): 240
    Control Points:
    1. 2nd Panzer Division Field HQ (cannot be captured)
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Boxes (4), AA Guns (5), Mounted MG.  There is 
    another medical locker just on the German side of the smaller bridge.
    Vehicles: 3 Light Tanks, 2 Heavy Tanks, 1 APC, 1 Mobile Artillery, 2 Jeeps
    1. Allied Airfield (cannot be captured)
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Boxes (2)
    Vehicles: 4 Jeeps, 2 Fighters, 1 Heavy Bomber
    The Allies have an additional spawn point located near the church.  If you 
    spawn here, you parachute into the battle (which is pretty damn cool).  This 
    point cannot be captured or taken away (since there's not a flag there).
    1. Church
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 2 Light Tanks
    2. Arnheim
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Boxes (2) (both to west/nw of control point)
    Vehicles: none
    3. Stone Bridge (the small one)
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box.
    Vehicles: none
    4. Arnheim Bridge (the big one)
    Features: Ammo Boxes (4), Mounted MG in bunker overlooking bridge
    Vehicles: 1 APC
    Allied Tactics:
    The Germans have more and much stronger tanks than you do, so you'll have a 
    lot of trouble fighting them head-on with your Shermans.  The obvious place 
    to hold them is the two bridges, so try to get there ASAP and get them mined.  
    You should also use your planes to knock out as many of their tanks as you 
    can; bombing their base is a good idea if you can do it without getting shot 
    down by the 5(!) AA guns around it.  Try hitting their tanks on the bridges 
    if you're a good dive-bomber.  If you can neutralize their tank advantage and 
    hold them at the bridges, it's an easy win.  Otherwise it's tough fighting.  
    However, the terrain offers limited visibility, so try to get behind enemy 
    tanks and bazooka them from the rear.
    Axis Tactics:
    You've got all the tanks here, pretty much (5 against 2), so your objective 
    is to get them into play for you.  The Allies (if they're even remotely 
    organized) will inevitably mine the two bridges, so bring along engineers to 
    disarm them, or try to storm across quickly before they can get them set up.  
    Always keep an eye out for planes; you're a sitting duck on the bridges, but 
    it's harder to hit a small target once it's hidden between buildings in the 
    city proper.  If they start using the B-10 against your base, use the AA guns 
    to shoot it down.  If you can shoot down their fighters, things will go a lot 
    more smoothly for you.
    6.I.D Omaha Beach
    June 6th, 1944 -- D-Day.  The Allies' top-secret plan for an amphibious 
    assault on France, "Operation Overlord", comes to fruition.  Through 
    misinformation, the Germans are led to believe the attack will take place 
    further north at Calais, while overcast weather masks the approach of the 
    troops.  However, the air and naval support the Allied forces were expecting 
    largely failed to make an impact on German defenses.  Thousands of soldiers 
    died taking the beaches of Normandy, but it was already the beginning of the 
    end for the German forces.  The classic movie "The Longest Day" treats 
    Operation Overlord in considerable detail, and Omaha Beach itself is featured 
    in many other WWII movies, most recently "Saving Private Ryan".
    Map Details:
    A small, claustrophobic map that devolves into incredibly intense combat 
    pretty quickly.  You should all know the drill on this one: the Allies will 
    try to hit the beach hard and then claw their way up the hill, while the 
    Germans will do everything they can to stop them.  While the Axis holds the 
    two upper control points, the Allied team slowly loses tickets.  There's 
    not a whole lot else to say about it.
    Total Control Points: 3
    Total Vehicles: 5 (1 Heavy Tank, 2 Light Tanks, 1 APC, 1 Jeep)
    Map Size    (in squares): 8
    Recommended # of players: 8-16
    Axis Tickets   (default): 200
    Allied Tickets (default): 300
    Control Points:
    1. German Garrison
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Boxes (3), Mounted MGs (6), Fixed Artillery (2)
    Vehicles: 1 Heavy Tank, 1 APC
    2. German Fortified Positions
    Features: Medical Locker (east bunker), Ammo Boxes (2), Mounted MGs (4)
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank
    Destroyer (cannot be captured.  Tied to ship.)
    Features: Guns.  Lots of guns.
    Vehicles: 2 Landing Boats.
    3. Omaha Beach (cannot be captured by Axis)
    Features: none
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 1 Jeep
    Allied Tactics:
    You've gotta advance as quickly as possible, since you start out with no 
    land-based control points and you're losing tickets to boot.  Once you're on 
    the beach, try to snipe the machine gunners who are shooting at you, or call 
    in artillery from your destroyer to soften them up.  You do have a light 
    tank, so try to use it to punch through to the second line.  Once you're up 
    there, there isn't much to say; it's a tough fight to take the German base no 
    matter how you do it.
    Axis Tactics:
    You won't be able to keep them off the beach, but you *can* sink their 
    destroyer with your artillery guns, which will help a lot (and can even cause 
    them to lose if you can do it before they take the beach).  A decent Allied 
    team will almost always make it up to the second point despite your efforts, 
    but you should be able to cause unacceptably high casualties between your 
    tanks and APC, the mounted machine guns, and a whole lot of grenades.  If 
    they do take the second point, try to push them back with your armor; you're 
    in a pretty lousy position once they get off the beach, even if there is a 
    good choke point leading into your base.
    6.II Eastern Europe	
    6.II.A Berlin
    April 23rd, 1945 -- Russian forces have fought their way to the German 
    capital of Berlin.  Axis forces in the city are still holding out, in what 
    turns out to be the mistaken hope that they can surrender to the US rather 
    than the Russians.  Meanwhile, the US and UK have agreed to let the Soviets 
    take Berlin while their forces remain outside the city.  The Red Army 
    advanced through Berlin block by block, fighting for every inch, and 
    eventually trapped Hitler in his command bunker, where he committed suicide 
    on April 30th, 1945.
    Map Details:
    This is the smallest BF1942 map, encompassing just a few city blocks in the 
    heart of Berlin.  The Russians start off to the north, at the end of a long
    street that cuts the map in half.  This base cannot be captured.  The Germans
    have three bases to the south, which they try to defend.  This is like 
    Stalingrad to the nth degree, since there's so little room.  You'll be 
    fighting your way through pretty much every foot of this map.  Note: many of
    the ammo boxes, etc. on these levels are in buildings and/or upstairs.  Look
    around if you can't find them.
    Total Control Points: 4
    Total Vehicles: 4 (2 Light Tanks, 1 Heavy Tank, 1 APC)
    Map Size    (in squares): 9
    Recommended # of players: 8-24
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    1. Southeast Axis Base/HQ
    Features: Medical Lockers(2), Ammo Boxes(5), Mounted MGs(3; 1 directly in 
    front of flag, 2 on NW corner of block covering the approaching streets).  
    There is an additional Medical Locker on the SE corner of the next block to 
    the west. 
    Vehicles: 1 APC
    2. Northeast Axis Base
    Features: 1 Ammo Box
    Vehicles: None!
    3. Southwest Axis Base
    Features: 2 Ammo Boxes
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank
    4. Allied HQ
    Features: 1 Ammo Box, 2 Mounted MGs (one covering front door, one around the
    back facing the side street leading to the rear entrance).
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 1 Heavy Tank
    Allied Tactics:
    Tactics?  What tactics?  This map is straight urban combat.  Try to keep your
    team together, and advance slowly, with your tanks backing you up.  This is 
    pretty much the only map where the Allies have an armor advantage on the Axis,
    so press it.  Take 1 point at a time, probably saving the SE one for last.
    The Germans have good defensive positions, so if you try to assault all their
    points at the same time, you'll just die over and over and over... and then
    not have enough tickets left to push through for the win.
    Axis Tactics:
    You're going to die.  A lot.  Unless you're *amazing*, you'll be running smack
    into a Russian soldier every 30 seconds, since their tactics will be rushing
    you and trying to drive you back.  Use that APC and tank for all they're worth,
    and don't forget about those machine guns!  Sure, you'll probably get sniped 
    in a minute or two, but you can completely wipe out an assault wave in just a 
    few seconds.  This map's a battle of attrition; make the Allies pay enough for 
    each flag, and they'll be wiped out by the time they back you into a corner.
    6.II.B Kharkov 
    (several battles were fought around Kharkov, so I'm not sure exactly which 
    one is represented in BF1942)
    October 24th, 1941 -- German forces are in the midst of "Operation 
    Barbarossa", a full-scale invasion of Russia launched in June of 1941.  The 
    seemingly unstoppable German blitzkreig has swept across the outskirts of 
    the Soviet Union with little resistsance; Minsk, Smolensk, Novogrod, and Kiev 
    have already fallen, and Leningrad is under seige.  Three Soviet armies ran 
    directly into the advancing German forces outside of Kharkov -- and Russia 
    lost over two hundred thousand troops in two weeks before the city fell.
    May 12th, 1942 -- As the winter of 1941 began to thaw out, the Russian 
    forces, who had used the badly-needed break in the fighting to regroup and 
    reinforce their troops, launched a counter-offensive designed to push the 
    Germans back from the towns and bases taken in the fall.  Almost a thousand 
    Russian tanks were sent in, and although they broke through the German line 
    in several places, they had spread themselves too thin.  The German 
    counterattack destroyed or captured most of the Soviet forces in the area, 
    leaving the Axis with a clear line to the vital port of Stalingrad.
    Map Details:
    This is a fun, mid-sized map with a lot of varied terrain, a good mix of 
    vehicles, and plenty of action.  You've got artillery.  You've got tanks.  
    You've got planes.  You've got bridges.  You've got infantry fighting 
    through the ruins of a Russian town.  You've got a hill to assault.  
    You've got rivers to cross.  Who could want anything more?  Pluses 
    include good balance, a largely symmetrical design that doesn't favor one 
    team over the other, and plenty of opportunity for teamwork.  Look forward 
    to some great games on this map.
    Total Control Points: 5 (hold 3 to drain tickets)
    Total Vehicles: 18 (6(!) Light Tanks, 4 APCs, 2 Jeeps, 2 Mobile Artillery, 
    3 Fighters, 1 Dive Bomber)
    Map Size    (in squares): 18
    Recommended # of players: 32-64
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    1. Axis Base
    Features: 1 Medical Locker, 1 Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 2 Light Tanks, 2 APCs, 1 Jeep, 1 Fighter, 1 Fighter-Bomber
    2. Allied Base
    Features: 1 Medical Locker, 1 Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 2 Light Tanks, 2 APCs, 1 Jeep, 2 Fighters
    3. NW Outpost
    Features: 1 Ammo Box, 1 Mounted MG (facing bridge)
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank
    4. NE Outpost
    Features: 1 Ammo Box, 1 Mounted MG (facing bridge)
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank
    5. Hilltop Outpost
    Features: 1 Medical Locker, 1 Ammo Box, 3 AA Guns (on hillside)
    Vehicles: 2 Mobile Artillery
    This map is very even, so there aren't any great tactics for one side in
    particular.  *Immediately* take the bridge outpost on your side, and try 
    to get someone up the hill to capture that one as well (it may be worth 
    sacrificing a plane to get someone up there before the other team does).  
    Move your tanks up into the middle of town, and try to pin the enemy 
    back in their base.  Mining the bridge leading to their side can be very 
    effective, as you'll likely take the hill easily if they can't get their 
    tanks into play.  Sneaky players may want to go around the long way to 
    the north and take the second bridge over to try getting a jump on the 
    enemy from behind.  Controlling the air helps a lot -- a few good pilots 
    (or control of the hill and a few good AA gunners) can easily turn the 
    tide of battle here, as the teams' home bases have no AA protection!
    Allied Tactics:
    The Germans have slightly better tanks than you, but it's not so much of 
    a disadvantage that you can't make it up.  Play smart, use the buildings 
    as cover, and bring along engineers to repair you.  Try luring enemy 
    tanks into the fire zone of another tank or an Anti-Tank infantry.  You 
    also have two fighters to their one, so try to gang up and shoot down 
    their planes, or take control of the hill and its complement of AA guns.
    Axis Tactics:
    Your advantages here are somewhat better vehicles, so a few smart tank 
    commanders can really help you out.  If you can hold the center with 
    two tanks, the third can sneak around the long way and either flank the 
    enemy armor, or head to their base and do annoying things like keeping 
    any planes from taking off and killing any enemies trying to leave.  
    Your bomber is a great plane, but the Allied fighters will tear it apart 
    if they gang up on it.  Try to shoot them down, since the dive bomber 
    can blow away the Allied tanks if you give it a good pilot.
    6.II.C Kursk
    (two major battles were fought around Kursk)
    November 3rd, 1941 -- Continuing their sweep across western Russia, the Axis
     forces pressed onwards from Kharkov, and next set their sights on Kursk.  
    The Soviet forces did not hold out long here before the German tanks rolled 
    over them.
    July 5th, 1943 -- After their failure at Stalingrad, the German forces had 
    regrouped and were being pushed hard by Hitler to launch a new offensive 
    against the Soviets.  After a German defeat at Volga and their successful 
    recapturing of Kharkov, the Soviet and German forces came together in a 
    massive battle outside Kursk.  In almost a week of heavy fighting, the Axis 
    forces lost nearly a thousand Tiger tanks, shattering their hopes of moving 
    further on the eastern front.  It was to be the last major offensive Hitler 
    launched against the Soviets.
    Map Details:
    This is a fairly popular map, as it isn't too big and there are a fairly 
    large number of vehicles for the size (plus planes.  Everyone loves planes.)
    Makes for quick games where almost everyone gets to drive something at some 
    point, plus if you die it doesn't take too long to get back in the action.
    Total Control Points: 4
    Total Vehicles: 17 (4 Light Tanks, 3 Heavy Tanks, 2 APCs, 2 Jeeps, 2 Mobile 
    Artillery, 3 Fighters, 1 Fighter-Bomber)
    Map Size    (in squares): 10
    Recommended # of players: 16-32
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    1. Axis Base (cannot be captured)
    Features: 1 Medical Locker, 1 Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 2 Light Tanks, 1 Heavy Tank, 1 APC, 1 Jeep, 1 Fighter, 
    1 Fighter-Bomber
    2. Allied Base (cannot be captured)
    Features: 1 Medical Locker, 1 Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 2 Light Tanks, 1 Heavy Tank, 1 APC, 1 Jeep, 2 Fighters
    3. Work Camp (western)
    Features: 1 Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 1 Heavy Tank
    4. Sawmill (eastern)
    Features: 1 Medical Locker, 2 Ammo Boxes (2nd by AA gun), 1 AA Gun
    Vehicles: 2 Mobile Artillery
    Allied Tactics:
    You have essentially only a few objectives here: keep the Axis from taking 
    the Work Camp (western point), as two Tiger tanks makes for tough fighting, 
    and use the 1(!) AA gun on the map to shoot down their bomber before it 
    kills all your vehicles.  This map's pretty cramped, so you'll find that 
    you're running into Axis tanks all the time.  Mobile Artillery can help 
    sometimes, but it's hard to find a good spot to shoot from where they can't 
    hit you back!
    Axis Tactics:
    Press your tank advantage here.  Your side of the map is a bit more open, 
    so try not to let the Allies slip past you and start attacking your base.  
    Both points have good reasons to take: The Work Camp gives you a second 
    Tiger tank (always a good thing), and the Sawmill comes with an AA gun that 
    will make short work of any Russian planes trying to bomb you.  Get a good 
    pilot in your bomber, take out the Allied air force, and then pound their 
    tanks into scrap metal.  The rest is cake.
    6.II.D Stalingrad
    August 19th, 1942 - February 3rd, 1943 -- Stalled outside Moscow by the 
    brutal winter weather in late 1941, German forces in 1942 turned their 
    attention further south, in an attempt to cut Russian supply lines by 
    capturing the vital port of Stalingrad.  The city lay under constant siege 
    for more than six months, as the Russians poured more and more troops into 
    the battle in a desperate attempt to hold the line.  The winter weather in 
    1942 again worked to their advantage by crippling Hitler's armored units, 
    but much of the city still lay in ruins by early 1943.  Eventually, the 
    Russians forced back the invading German army, though at a terrible cost.  
    Still, Stalin had won: between defeats here and at Moscow, Operation 
    Barbarossa had failed.  The recent movie "Enemy At The Gates" details 
    the (mostly) true story of a heroic Soviet sniper fighting in this battle.
    Map Details:
    I keep trying to like this map, because I've seen it work well, but, 
    frankly, it's *way* too easy for the Germans to lock the Russians down in 
    their base if they take all the other control points.  Despite the very 
    large size of the map, there are essentially only two ways out of the 
    Allied base: through the buildings to the west (which will be swamped with 
    Axis soldiers and probably a tank if they take the northern point), and to 
    the southwest along the railroad tracks (leading directly into 3 machine 
    guns, a spawn point, and probably another tank). If the map was a little 
    longer vertically, and the Russian base wasn't stuck in the very corner, 
    it would probably work better.  Despite all that, it's *still* fun (as 
    long as you don't get trapped), with plenty of house-to-house infantry 
    action.  Snipers will have a field day, as long as the server turns off 
    showing you who killed you, as there are literally dozens of second and 
    third story windows to shoot from, and dozens of unsuspecting targets down 
    Total Control Points: 5
    Total Vehicles: 6 (4 Light Tanks, 2 Jeeps)
    Map Size    (in squares): 22
    Recommended # of players: 32-64
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    1. Axis Base
    Features: 1 Medical Locker, 2 Ammo Boxes, 3 Mounted MGs (covering entrance)
    Vehicles: 2 Light Tanks, 1 Jeep
    2. Allied Base
    Features: 1 Medical Locker, 1 Ammo Box, 1 Mounted MG (facing RR tracks)
    Vehicles: 2 Light Tanks, 1 Jeep
    Note: there are Ammo Boxes scattered all over the place on this map.
    There is also a Medical Locker in the NW corner.
    3. Northern HQ
    Features: 1 Medical Locker
    Vehicles: None!
    4. Railroad Tracks (Middle)
    Features: 1 Ammo Box, 5 Mounted MGs (facing NW,N,NE,E,S)
    Vehicles: None!
    5. Southern HQ
    Features: 1 Medical Locker
    Vehicles: None!
    Allied Tactics:
    Get out of your base ASAP and capture the upper control point.  Hopefully 
    you can get someone in a jeep down to the middle one as well (though watch 
    trying to drive over the tracks; you can tear up your vehicle pretty bad).
    Once you get out, it's pretty much infantry fighting between buildings.  
    Stick together in groups for the best chance of success.
    Axis Tactics:
    If you can somehow (through Allied ineptitude) take the northernmost 
    control point before they do, you've practically won, since you can easily 
    contain the Russians in their base for a long, long time.  Otherwise, try 
    to use your tanks to maximum effectiveness, and keep your soldiers in 
    groups so they have a better chance of survival.
    6.III Africa
    6.III.A El Alamein
    October 23rd, 1942 -- Field Marshall Rommel, "The Desert Fox", had just 
    stormed through Gazala and Tobruk with the Afrika Corps, and was aiming to 
    capture the Suez Canal.  However, numerous setbacks began to affect him at 
    this point -- increased British air support in the area, a shortage of fuel 
    for his tanks, steady attrition of his forces, and a refusal by Hitler to 
    supply fresh soldiers and equipment (due to his desire to press the Soviet 
    front).  British commanders were intent on holding a strong defensive line 
    established at El Alamein, knowing that failure here would leave Egypt and 
    the vital Suez Canal in the hands of the Germans.  They succeeded, and this 
    battle was the turning point in the North African campaign.
    Map Details:
    Total Control Points:
    Total Vehicles:
    Map Size    (in squares):
    Recommended # of players:
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    Allied Tactics:
    Axis Tactics:
    6.III.B Gazala
    May 26th, 1942 -- while the British Eighth Army had pushed the German forces 
    back in late 1941, the Afrika Corps was back on the offensive throughout the 
    spring of 1942.  British forces had dug in around Gazala, placing 
    fortifications and minefields to slow the German advance, but poor leadership 
    in the Eighth Army and a series of tactical blunders led to another crushing 
    defeat at the hands of "The Desert Fox".
    Map Details:
    Total Control Points:
    Total Vehicles:
    Map Size    (in squares):
    Recommended # of players:
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    Allied Tactics:
    Axis Tactics:
    6.III.C Operation Battle Axe
    June 14th, 1941 -- Armed with a new shipment of tanks, the British Eighth 
    Army planned an offensive that would push the Axis forces back from Libyan 
    border posts and relieve their siege of Tobruk.  However, while the Germans 
    were outnumbered, their superior artillery and tanks enabled Rommel to not 
    only hold his positions, but to knock out more than 75% of the British armor 
    in only three days of combat.  The Eighth Army would need a change of command 
    and nearly six months to regroup before finally launching a successful 
    offensive in the winter of 1941.  Operation Battle Axe had failed.
    Map Details:
    Total Control Points:
    Total Vehicles:
    Map Size    (in squares):
    Recommended # of players:
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    Allied Tactics:
    Axis Tactics:
    6.III.D Tobruk
    June 21st, 1942 -- Continuing a string of victories throughout 1942, Rommel's 
    Afrika Corps moved on from Gazala to Tobruk, one of the few remaining 
    obstacles lying between him and his goal of securing all of North Africa.  
    While Rommel's earlier attempt to besiege the city in the winter of 1941 had 
    been halted by a successful British counterattack, the Allies would not be so 
    lucky this time.  The British forces entrenched here suffered more blunders 
    and miscommunications, while Rommell outflanked the Allied positions and 
    captured the port city.
    Map Details:
    Total Control Points:
    Total Vehicles:
    Map Size    (in squares):
    Recommended # of players:
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    Allied Tactics:
    Axis Tactics:
    6.IV Pacific
    6.IV.A Guadalcanal
    November 13th, 1942 -- Guadalcanal was one of the first land offensives to be 
    pursued by the US in WW2, although it recieved less attention immediately 
    than the situation in Europe.  US and Japanese forces in the area were 
    relatively evenly matched, and the US fleet was operating far from its 
    established bases.  The battle consisted of months of tough fighting in 
    combined land, sea, and air operations -- the Japanese did not withdraw 
    fully from Guadcanal until February, 1943.  The film "The Thin Red Line" 
    portrays some of the later operations on the island.
    Map Details:
    Guadalcanal is a fun map with a lot of vehicles.  It's bigger than it looks 
    at first, especially if there aren't a lot of players in the game.  Most of 
    the action takes place on the main island, which runs NW to SE in the middle 
    of the map.  Axis and Allies each have a base, and there are four control 
    points in the middle to fight over.  Much like the real battle, it's going to 
    be a long, tough fight to win this one, no matter how you fight it.  
    Controlling four points will cause the other team to slowly lose tickets.
    Total Control Points: 6
    Total Vehicles: 35 (10 Light Tanks, 2 APCs, 6 Jeeps, 5 Mobile Artillery, 
    4 Fighters, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 4 Destroyers, 2 Subs)
    Map Size    (in squares): 12/lots
    Recommended # of players: 32-64
    Axis Tickets (default)  : 
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    1. Axis Base (cannot be captured)
    Features: Medical Lockers (3), Ammo Boxes (3), AA Guns (3)
    Vehicles: 3 Light Tanks, 1 APC, 2 Mobile Artillery, 2 Jeeps, 2 Fighters, 
    1 Fighter-Bomber
    2 Destroyers, 1 Sub (cannot be captured, tied to ships)
    2. Allied Base (cannot be captured)
    Features: Medical Lockers (3), Ammo Boxes (3), AA Guns (3)
    Vehicles: 3 Light Tanks, 1 APC, 2 Mobile Artillery, 2 Jeeps, 2 Fighters, 
    1 Fighter-Bomber
    2 Destroyers, 1 Sub (cannot be captured, tied to ships)
    3. Northern Hill
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank
    4. Western Outpost
    Features: 1 Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 1 Jeep
    5. Eastern Base
    Features: Medical Lockers (2), Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 1 Jeep, 1 Mobile Artillery
    6. Southern Hill
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank
    Allied Tactics:
    The Allies seem to have a somewhat easier time of it on this map, mostly 
    because their base is slightly closer to the control points, and the northern 
    hill is easier to hold than the southern one.  There isn't a whole lot to say 
    about this map; it's pretty much a slugfest in the middle, although the naval 
    action can be very interesting as well.  However, since aren't any water 
    control points like on Midway, and both teams start with permanent land 
    bases, they're not as vital as in some of the other maps.  Use the hills if 
    you can to pound the eastern base and Axis HQ with artillery fire, and go 
    around the western coast to capture the outpost over there at the beginning 
    of the game if you can.  If you can sink their ships and get into position to 
    shell their base, the Axis team is basically screwed.
    Axis Tactics:
    The Axis team seems to be at a slight disadvantage on this map, since their 
    base and the southern hill are just not placed as well on the island.  
    Perhaps it's just that my teammates tend to screw around in the ships and 
    planes while the Allies kill us on the island itself.  I don't have any great 
    strategies for this map, except try to use artillery, as there are a lot of 
    mobile artillery units available.
    6.IV.B Iwo Jima
    February 19th, 1945 -- Everyone's seen the photo, the Pulitzer-winning one of 
    the American flag being raised over Iwo Jima by a troop of Marines.  What 
    they didn't show was the month of hellish fighting, soldiers clawing their 
    way inch by inch against a reinforced, heavily armed defensive garrison that 
    was absolutely ready for them.  The Americans needed the island to launch 
    attacks against Japan; the Japanese defenders knew that losing Iwo Jima would 
    be a crushing blow to their country.  Eventually, the Allies won.  But the 
    attack would take far longer than the US originally planned, and over 35,000 
    total casualties would be incurred.  
    Map Details:
    Iwo Jima is similar to Omaha Beach, but somewhat larger (or at least less 
    linear).  There are also planes and a few ships for you to use.  Other than 
    that, it's pretty straightforward.  The Allies lose tickets until they've 
    captured at least two control points on the island, and the Axis loses 
    tickets if the Allies capture four or more of them. 
    Total Control Points: 5
    Total Vehicles: 13 (4 Light Tanks, 3 Jeeps, 2 Fighters, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 
    1 Battleship, 1 Carrier)
    Map Size    (in squares): 9/lots
    Recommended # of players: 16-32
    Axis Tickets (default)  : 200
    Allied Tickets (default): 300
    Control Points:
    1. Northern Hill
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Boxes (2), Mounted MGs (5), AA Guns (2), 
    Fixed Artillery (1)
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank
    2. Upper Bunker
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box, Mounted MGs (2 overlooking beach, 
    2 facing down the road)
    Vehicles: None
    3. Lower Bunker
    Features: Ammo Boxes (2), Mounted MGs (5, overlooking beach)
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 1 Jeep
    4. Axis Base
    Features: Medical Lockers (2), Ammo Boxes (4), AA Guns (4), Fixed Artillery 
    (2, on north shore)
    Vehicles: 2 Light Tanks, 1 Jeep, 1 Fighter, 1 Fighter-Bomber
    There is a small cluster of buildings to the south of the main base with 
    another Medical Locker, 2 AA Guns, a  Jeep, and another Fixed Artillery 
    facing SE.
    The Allies start with no control points in their possession.
    Battleship, Carrier (tied to ship, cannot be captured)
    5. Landing Beach (cannot be captured by Axis)
    Features: None! (except lots of machine guns pointed at you...)
    Vehicles: None!
    Allied Tactics:
    Obviously, you need to get ashore and establish a beachhead as quickly as 
    possible.  Your best bet is probably to have a few people pound the machine 
    gunners with planes and the battleship's guns, while everyone else 
    frantically scrambles ashore.  It's a tough fight, since you'll most likely 
    get caught between the hill and the large (and often well-defended) Axis base 
    for most of the battle.  Try to take the middle two control points, then 
    launch an attack on the southern base, and then fight your way up the hill.  
    Use your planes and artillery to soften them up.
    Axis Tactics:
    You're probably not going to keep them off the beach, but you should do your 
    best to contain them there.  Use your fixed artillery and AA guns to keep the 
    ships and planes away, and man as many of the machine guns as you can to mow 
    down scores of Allied troops as they disembark their landing craft.  Tanks 
    are also very effective; just sit at the beach entrance and shell the 
    advancing troops.  Once they've gotten on the island, things shift gears; 
    you'll want to make sure you hold the southern base and its small army of 
    vehicles and planes.  Losing that will screw you majorly.  Try to stay on the 
    offensive -- you have a big advantage in being able to hit them from both 
    sides at once.
    6.IV.C Midway
    June 4th, 1942 -- the Japanese navy had engaged and beaten the US forces in 
    the South Pacific numerous times in 1941-42.  They were larger, 
    better-equipped, and fighting closer to home.  Japanese Admiral Yamamoto 
    planned to attack the tiny but strategic island of Midway to draw the US 
    navy into a devastating defeat that would cripple Allied efforts to turn the 
    war around.  However, US intelligence intercepted his plans, and instead of 
    being a defenseless atoll, Midway was surrounded by the US carrier fleet, 
    ready to ambush the would-be attackers.  In the largest aerial naval battle 
    in history, the US soundly defeated the IJN in two days of heavy fighting, 
    sinking four essentially irreplacable Japanese carriers while only losing one 
    of their own.  Weakened, Japan was never to truly take the offensive again 
    in the South Pacific.
    Map Details:
    Midway is almost entirely a naval battle; the only land is the tiny island of 
    Midway itself, which is barely big enough for a small base and an airfield.  
    There are also two control points located in the middle of the water, so you 
    basically have to use the ships if you want to succeed.  Hold 3 Control 
    Points to slowly drain tickets from the other team.
    Total Control Points: 4
    Total Vehicles: 21 (1 Light Tank, 2 APCs, 1 Jeep, 2 Fighters, 
    4 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Torpedo Bomber, 4 Destroyers, 2 Battleships, 2 Carriers, 
    2 Submarines) 
    Map Size    (in squares): 4/lots
    Recommended # of players: 16-32
    Axis Tickets (default)  : 200
    Allied Tickets (default): 200
    Control Points:
    The Axis team starts with no Control Points.
    The Axis team has 2 Destroyers, 1 Battleship, 1 Carrier, and 1 Submarine.
    The Allied team starts with no Control Points.
    The Allied team has 2 Destroyers, 1 Battleship, 1 Carrier, and 1 Submarine.
    1. Base
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box, Fixed Artillery (faces SW)
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 1 APC
    2. Airfield
    Features: Medical Lockers (2), Ammo Boxes (3), AA Guns (4), Fixed Artillery 
    (2, facing NE)
    Vehicles: 1 APC, 1 Jeep, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Torpedo Bomber
    3. Northern Water Flag
    Located in the middle of the ocean, north of Midway Island.
    4. Southern Water Flag
    Located in the middle of the ocean, south of Midway Island.
    Allied Tactics:
    You'll have a better chance of survival if you can take the central island 
    and its airfield; the Axis has better planes and a tougher Battleship.  
    However, your Destroyers are pretty good, and your Carrier can take more 
    damage than theirs.  Sink the enemy carrier for a big advantage.
    Axis Tactics:
    Your planes are better at dogfighting than the Allied ones, so try to 
    maintain air superiority by taking the Airfield and shooting down as many 
    Allied bombers as you can.  Other than that, it's a naval battle 
    extraordinare; your Battleship is the toughest vehicle in the game, so use 
    it to tear up their fleet.
    6.IV.D Wake Island
    December 11th, 1941 -- Japanese forces were closing in on the American 
    position at Wake Island.  The entrenched forces, trapped by the IJN, managed 
    to bravely fight off several Japanese landing attempts.  However, with a 
    limited supply of troops, planes, and munitions, the US soldiers eventually 
    capitulated after almost two weeks of bombing.  Despite all that, they 
    caused over 700 Japanese casualties while taking only 100 of their own.  
    However, the loss of Wake Island was sorely felt, as the US suffered a 
    string of defeats at the hands of Admiral Yamamoto and the IJN.
    Map Details:
    Another beachhead map, but this time it's the Axis that gets to do the 
    amphibious landing bit.  The island itself is shaped like a horseshoe with 
    the opening facing west; the Axis forces start on their ships to the west 
    of the island.  The Allies actually have a pretty fair shot at repelling 
    them, as long as they can keep air superiority and especially if they can 
    sink either (or both) of the Axis ships.
    Total Control Points: 5
    Total Vehicles: 21 (5 Light Tanks, 2 APCs, 7 Jeeps, 2 Fighters, 
    3 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Destroyer, 1 Carrier)
    Map Size    (in squares): 10/lots
    Recommended # of players: 16-32
    Axis Tickets (default)  :
    Allied Tickets (default):
    Control Points:
    The Axis team starts with no control points.
    The Axis team has 1 Destroyer and 1 Carrier.
    1. Northern Village
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 1 Jeep
    There is a Fixed Artillery (facing NW) at the tip of the peninsula; there is a 
    Jeep and Ammo Box there as well.
    2. Northern Base
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box, AA Gun, Fixed Artillery (facing NE)
    Vehicles: 1 APC, 1 Jeep
    3. Airfield
    Features: Medical Locker (in main building by Fixed Artillery), Ammo Boxes (3),
    Mounted MGs (3, in guard towers), AA guns (3, on southern shore), 
    Fixed Artillery (1 facing NW into harbor, 1 facing SE)
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 2 Jeeps, 1 Fighter, 1 Fighter-Bomber, 
    1 Torpedo Bomber (becomes another Fighter-Bomber if the Axis takes this point)
    4. Landing Beach
    Features: Ammo Box, Fixed Artillery (facing S)
    Vehicles: None for Allies, 2 Light Tanks for Axis
    5. Southern Base
    Features: Medical Locker, Ammo Box, AA Gun
    Vehicles: 1 Light Tank, 1 APC, 1 Jeep
    There is a Fixed Artillery (facing N) at the end of the peninsula, with a 
    Jeep and an Ammo Box next to it.
    Allied Tactics:
    Basically, keep them off the island!  The easiest places to attack are at 
    the aptly-named Landing Beach, and at the two western peninsulas (since you 
    don't have any spawn points near them), so do your best to rush some 
    defenders out there ASAP.  You have the upper hand in terms of air power 
    (at least as long as you hold the Airfield), so go after their ships right 
    away.  Sinking their Carrier can cripple them, and sinking both ships will 
    more or less kill them off (although they do come back after two or three 
    minutes).  The fixed guns at the western tips of the island can also sink 
    their carrier and destroyer if they don't move them (or shoot the guns).
    Axis Tactics:
    Get on the island, quick!  If they keep forcing you back, you can try an 
    aerial insertion behind their lines, or circling around to the eastern shore 
    in your landing boats, where they probably won't expect you to hit them.  And 
    for Christ's sake, move your ships before they get sunk by those artillery 
    guns!  Remember, you get a couple of light tanks if you take the Landing 
    Beach (the Japanese tanks aren't very good, but you need all the help you can 
    get here).  Use your destroyer and planes to pound their beach defenses until 
    you break through, and try to attack from multiple directions at once to 
    catch them off guard.
    7. FAQ Version Stuff / Legal Stuff / Contact Info
    FAQ Version 0.81 (1/26/03): First released version.  Includes general 
    strategies and writeups for 8 of the 16 maps (the Pacific and Western 
    European theaters).
    FAQ version 0.82 (2/10/03): Still only 8 maps written up, but includes
    updates pertaining to version 1.3 of the game.
    FAQ version 0.85 (3/13/03): 12 maps written up, includes updates for
    newly released version 1.31.  Those North Africa maps are so big...
    FAQ version 0.86 (3/17/03): Added some FAQs to the "questions" section.  Moved
    the controls reference to its own section.
    FAQ version 0.87 (3/19/03): Added a few more FAQs, fixed formatting problems
    that were introduced in my last update.
    BATTLEFIELD 1942 is a registered trademark of DICE and EA Games.
    BATTLEFIELD 1942 and all related materials are copyright 2002 DICE and 
    EA Games.  
    All other material in this FAQ is mine, and is also copyright 2003, except 
    where noted.  This FAQ may currently only be hosted on www.gamefaqs.com.  
    You may not sell, reprint, distribute, or reproduce this FAQ or the 
    information in it, in any way, without my express permission.
    Email Contact: Matthias99 brown edu
    Insert '@', then '.' for my email address.  Please put "BF1942" somewhere in 
    the subject line of your email so that I know what you're writing about and 
    don't delete it as spam (I auto-sort my email, so this is important).  I'm 
    happy to take corrections and suggestions on how to improve this FAQ, or 
    questions that you'd like answered in future updates.  If you can't write 
    clearly, maintain decent spelling and grammar, and demonstrate that you 
    actually read the FAQ (ie, you ask questions that the FAQ already answers), 
    don't expect a reply.  ;)
    NEEDED: Writeups and strategies for the other maps (I'll get to it 
    eventually, but if you're reading this and have free time...).  Any other 
    strategies (map-specific or otherwise) you can offer.  Questions you want 
    answered in the "Questions" category.  Anyone who owns Road To Rome and
    wants to write up the new stuff.  Anyone who wants to write up the
    differences between the different armies' weapons and vehicles.
    BF1942 FAQ by Matthias, v0.86, 3/17/03

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