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    Console Commands by KenZoe

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 12/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Battlefield 1942 - Console Commands:
    A guide to the world of console commands 
    Copyrights August 23rd 2003 by KenZoe [Ken Zo] 
    - Content of this FAQ: -
    1.1	Copyrights & Version History
    1.2	Introduction
    1.3	Very Quick Kicking Guide
    1.4	Client Commands - You, The Common User
    1.5	Admin Commands 
    1.6	Alias Commands
    1.7	Battlefield 1942 Server Utilities
    1.8	FAQs
    1.9	Credits & Noteworthy "Thank You's"
    1.1   Copyrights & Version History
    This FAQ were originally created for use in Joe Mommas Battlefield 1942 FAQ,
    which is also hosted on this site, but as time grew and console/kick 
    threads still popped up once in a while, I saw the need for a permanent 
    Console Command FAQ in which you could just hand over the URL to new users.
    Therefore this text is protected by copyrights and are not allowed to be 
    hosted by any other sites than my own website (www.sitecenter.dk/kenzoe) 
    and GameFAQs!
    Any questions, permissions, corrections etc. for this FAQ can be sent to 
    me on the above mentioned URL under the "Send E-mail" link, 
    just make sure that you type in a good RE: describtion as it will be 
    deleted without reading it otherwise + add the word GFAQs into the subject.
    This FAQ was created over two periods;
    V0.1 was created a while after the official v1.3 patch was released for the 
    game, since this was the patch that introduced the new and much 
    shorter commands to the game. 
    Before this patch we were forced to learn the long and tedious commands that 
    took forever to write and even longer if you happened to misspell it.
    V0.2 was created/edited when patch v1.4 came out, this was when the new kick 
    system was introduced, at least it gave a better view over how 
    well your vote turned out.
    But other than a face lift nothing had really changed from earlier patches, 
    but now more people were actually using the console - and in 
    particular the "add buddy" system for the game.
    V0.3 is the current version and is only submitted because it was the only way 
    in which I could get back to working on it.
    So expect a v0.4 quite soon.
    v0.4 Boy did it take time for me to get working on this version. 
    Things as moving to a bigger appartment, Desert Combat and assorted PS2 
    games all kept me away from continuing the FAQ.
    [Writting it all and watching Notepad crash didn't help me either]
    But here it is, the biggest change has been the adding of the 
    Alias Commands and the fact that I had the chance to try out a lot of the 
    admin commands on the servers owned/co-owned with Vladeck.
    1.2   Introduction
    Welcome to my first attempt at contributing something permanent to GameFAQs.
    I'm a 24 year old Dane that has been playing this game since the early days 
    of the demo back in August 2002. 
    I bought the game after a quick video card update in September, and I have 
    been playing it, to sometimes insane levels, ever since.
    All this time I've been posting at the Battlefield Message board on GameFAQs, 
    and you can imagine how many "Where are submarines" and "How do 
    you lower the landing craft ramp" threads I've seen in my time!! ;o)
    In this time I've had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of other board 
    members, both ingame and IRL, and while doing so also had the chance
    of talking with these people at all time of day spanning users from more than 
    5 different countries (4 different continents).
    I've seen the rise of nearly all the mods, from the early beginning of great 
    mods like Desert Combat to dubious mods like the already forgotten 
    merge between Counter Strike and Battlefield called (Yup, you guessed it) 
    Counter Field!! 
    I started learning some console commands in back in version v1.1, but it 
    wasn't until v1.3 that I really started to learn (and use) these to improve 
    my own and my friends gaming experience - this being done by adding each other 
    to the buddy system or by simply kicking an unneeded player.
    Bottom line with this rambling is, I hope that you can use this FAQ and the 
    work I've put in it - and thus respect the copyright that was 
    mentioned in 1.1.
    1.3  Very Quick Kicking Guide
    [Since this is what most of the readers of this FAQ are interested in 
    I've decided to put in before all the other commands, but I'll be 
    mentioned later on too.]
    Let's say that you wanted to kick a player called "I kill for planes" 
    and has player ID # 9 - the situation is that he's been TK'ing for 
    planes all map and thus is at an impressive - 42 score overall.
    The server doesn't have an admin so what can you do???
    Easy, just open the console and type:
    kick 9
    - You will now see a yellow written message about a vote being initiated, 
    along with the player ID that is being voted for and the current 
    and required amount of votes for the kicking to have an effect.
    - Over the next minute or so you will (perhaps) see and incline in the 
    number of votes casted, don't be surprised of you don't though, 
    since most players haven't got a clue about what to type to cast their vote.
    - If the number of required votes is reached, rejoice over your success of 
    kicking a n00b
    [in some battles you might want to type the command for a team vote only, 
    since sometimes the other team don't mind you having the worlds 
    biggest team killer on YOUR team - in these cases just use the command KT #]
    As for voting, in case someone else started the vote, the commands are just 
    the same:
    kt #  = for a pure team side voting
    kick # = for an all server voting
    For both of the above the rule is that you must have around 1/2 of the voters 
    The same system is what is used for voting for maps, here you'll still have 
    to use the "lm" (list maps) command in order to get 
    the ID number for the wanted map though.
    1.4   Client Commands - The Common User
    **					       **
    **  I've listed them like this:		       ** 
    **  "New input command" = "Old input command"  **
    **  Effect on the game			       **
    **					       **
    *  Client Commands:  *
    These commands can be used outright with no need for adding numbers or 
    follow-up questioning:
      lp = game.listplayers  
    This one is the base for most other functions in the game, remember this one 
    - use page up/down to scroll up and down through the players!
    [Although this command lost most of its meaning with the v1.4 patch, when 
    player ID's were added when pressing TAB, it's still a good thing 
    to remember this command if you spend time at servers with more than 48 
    players as the last ones aren't shown at the scoreboard.]
     lm = game.listmaps
    lists the maps in order of appearance on the current server - good to spot 
    maps that you're not that fond of.
      ftk = game.TKForgive
    Only used on stuntservers or if a buddy (GFAQ'er) killed you!
      ptk = game.TKPunish
    Should be used every single time you get TK'ed, just get used to typing it 
    in the console before you respawn as it will give the TK'er an 
    extra spawn wave of waiting to spawn!!!!
    Most servers are running either of these as a standard, but just to be safe 
    - punish the **** who killed you - I haven't been able 
    to find a default number of punishes needed to be kicked (I think it's 5 
    since I've had players kicked after around 5 TKs on me.
      buddylist = game.buddylist
    Look at your current buddy list, although if you open the console when joining
    a server you'll see the console searching for the 
    names on the list too.
      ignorelist = chat.ignorelist
    Look at your current ignore list, this also transferres from server to server 
    after much complaining back in v1.3, where you had to type
    it in on each map (let alone a new server).
    *  Client 'Toggle' Settings: *
    Toggle means that you should either press 1 or 0 in order to activate/
    de-activate the feature.
    [As with all toggle commands 1 stands for show and 0 stands for hide]
      Fps 1/0 = console.showfps
    Show you current FPS as a number in the top left hand corner, it's easier 
    to see if you press F8 to remove the Voice Command buttons first 
    - just re-press to add them again
      hud 1/0 = game.usehud
    Removes the HUD (mini map, ammo and health symbol) 
    This is great for talking screenshots in combination with Free Cam or whenever 
    you wish to create movies as it'll remove everything from your view.
    [look for how to allow free cam under Admin commands]
      oldtext 1/0 = chat.oldChatListStyle
    After getting used to the v1.3 message system the old one seems weird!
    But try it out, I'm sure that the new one will still look better!
    * Client Argument Commands: *
    "Listen carefully children", since these are not used enough in this game! 
    All of these are used in combination with numbers found in either the "lp" 
    (list players) or "lm" (list maps) command:
    To any of them to have an effect you'll (as default) have to achieve at 
    least a 50% vote for whichever vote you initiate:
    On a 24-player server you need 12 votes to kick the TK'er - but if you use 
    the "kt" command you'll only need 1/2 of YOUR teams players to 
    vote for the kick (= 6 votes if the teams are even)
    [so more people should use the Kick Team Vote instead of the basic Kick 
    Vote, as the other team don't care if you're loosing]
      Vm # = game.voteMap
    Starts a vote using the number found in "listmaps" - other users will 
    vote too, just don't expect a map change since not enough users 
    know these commands!
    The map ID that is being voted for will show an the number of votes 
    required will also show
     Kick # = game.voteKickPlayer
    Lets the entire server vote for a player to be kicked, just don't expect 
    the other team to approve - since they are winning!
      Kt # = game.votekickteamplayer
    The best to use on small servers, and especially if you know some of the 
    other players on the server/team - since kicking will be soo 
    much easier as we proved on the Nvidia Montgomery server! *Lol*
      Ab # = game.addPlayerToBuddyList
    Find the number on your mate, and he'll now light up green on the maps.
     Rb # = game.removeplayerfrombuddylist
    Remove a player from the buddy list, another way of doing so is mentioned 
    in the FAQ section of this thread.
      Ignore # = chat.addToIgnoreList
    Experiencing message spam..??!
    Not anymore, just add the user number who is doing the spam and you'll 
    never hear from him again!
    [Sniper-wannabes can just add all 63 players for all their anti 
    social needs!!!]
     unignore # = chat.removeFromIgnoreList
    Remove a player from the ignored user list, allowing you to hear commands 
    and read text from this user again.
    1.5   Admin Commands - The Almighty Kicker
    This is were true power lies, here there is no need for puny votes or 
    debates on whether or not you suck enough - here it's simply goodbye!
    Be careful though, as power often corrupts!!!
    [Since I've never been an admin on a server these are somewhat untested, 
    so any feedback are very appreciated and will be given full 
    credit in any future opdates!]
    Good thing is that all these commands can be used when playing in single 
    player too, so this will give an easy way of trying out new mods/levels
    using the level change command - and taking some great pictures using the 
    freecam and remove hud commands.
    * Admin Commands: *
    These commands can be used outright with no need for adding numbers or 
    follow-up questioning:
      nm = admin.runnextlevel
    Changes the map to the next map in the server rotation
      rm = admin.restartmap
    Restarts the map, simply enough no?
    [mostly used for clan matches]
      banlist = admin.listBannedAddresses
    Shows the banned user list to the admin in the console
      Clearbans = admin.clearbanlist
    Does what it says
      pause = admin.togglegamepause
    If you for some freaky reason HAVE to use this command have a very good 
    excuse ready or expect a lot of users to leave your server!
      unpause = admin.togglegamepause
    Does what it says
    * Admin 'Toggle' Settings: *
     freecam 1/0 = game.enableFreeCamera
    Enables the free cam, this is required to shoot movies, "control" a 
    clan match and just for overall fun.
    Be careful though, since it's possible for a player using a voice chat 
    to infiltrate the other team and give away friendly positions 
    to the other team - I know that I'm guilty of such crimes on the Nvidia 
    server along with the usual crew! 
    So please feel free to kick users if they're "dead" for too long!
      tkban 1/0 = admin.banPlayerOnTKKick
    Changes whether a player is banned from the server if they are kicked 
    for to many team kills
      punishmode 1/0 = admin.TKPunishMode
    Changes whether or not players should receive a spawn waves delay 
    if they commit a team kill,
    E.g. if you have a 15 second spawn time you would get 30 seconds if 
    you team killed.
    1 is Punish TK where 0 is Forgive.
      mapvoting 1/0 = admin.enableMapVote
    Allows normal users to do map votes, some servers has this feature 
      kickvoting  1/0 = admin.enableKickPlayerVote
    Allows normal users to start of kick player votes, sadly there are 
    also servers that has removed this feature.
      teamkickvoting 1/0 = admin.enableKickTeamPlayerVote
    Allows normal users to start of kick team player votes, this should be 
    allowed on all servers - sadly enough it isn't.
      nosecam 1/0 =	admin.allownosecam
    Allows the nose cam when using planes, most servers are allowing this 
    except those that goes for the truly realistic feel
      extviews 1/0 = admin.externalViews
    Allows the external view points, again most servers allow this unless 
    you're going for true realism - which can actually be quite fun!
      autoteam 1/0 = admin.autoBalanceTeam
    Enables/disables Auto Teams, my personal favorite is off - generally 
    most users are fair enough to see when a team is vastly 
    overpowered and change side there after... if not, use some of the Admin 
    power and force them!!!
    * Admin Settings: *
      Tkspawndelay # = admin.spawnDelayPenaltyForTK
    The # is the amount of seconds that the penalty is for a TK is, so 
    put in a good round number and TK'ers shouldn't be a problem anymore.
      Tklimit # = admin.nrOfTKToKick
    How many TKs are allowed before getting auto kicked.
    If the punish mode is set to forgive you will need to use the "ptk" 
    command for the TK to be registred
      Remoteconsole 1/0 = admin.enableRemoteConsole
    Enable the console for other players to be admins on, e.g. if it's a 
    clan server and there are more than one admin running the show.
      Remoteadmin (password) = admin.enableRemoteAdmin 
    Enable a user to be an admin on a dedicated server, the 
    (Not preset) = admin.execremotecommand "command"
    After you're logged in you'll need this command every time you want 
    to use a command, do remember to use the quotation marks.
    [go look at 1.6 "Alias Commands" for an easier way to type the command]
      Votetime # = admin.votingTime
    Where # is the amount of seocnds in which you are alowed to cast your 
    map/kick vote in before the time runs out and the map/kick-vote fails
      startdelay # = admin.delaybeforestartinggame
    Number of seconds before the match starts, it's nice to have a few 
    seconds to chat/trash talk before the match starts - and this makes 
    sure that 
    there are enough of players online if the map just changed.
      rounddelay # = admin.roundDelayBeforeStartingGame
    Same as above, this just applies to the waiting time between two rounds 
    on the same map.
      timelimit # = admin.timeLimit
    Amount of seconds that the match should last, so get that calculator out 
    if you want it to last more than xx minutes!
      scorelimit # = admin.scoreLimit
    Guess this only applies for CTF (Capture the Flag) matches, can't really 
    say anything here since I've never played one of these in my time 
    with the game...
      roundlimit # = admin.setNrOfRounds
    Changes the amount of rounds on each map.
    * Admin argument commands: *
      akick # = admin.kickplayer
    This is the command that will make you a good/bad admin, use it too 
    often and you'll suck!
    Use it wisely and you can make sure that people will come again!
      ban # = admin.banplayer
    The ultimate n00b buster - be sure to only use this as the final solution, 
    since word tends to spread fast in gaming communities!
      message = admin.servermessage
    Gives out a server message for in yeallow for all to read, kinda like the 
    automated kicking message that's given when someone is kicked.
    1.6   Alias Commands
    With an imminent danger of making this entire FAQ obsolete I will now guide 
    you through the world of Alias Commands.
    In short, Alias Commands are the shorter versions that were introduced in 
    patch v1.30, e.g. "Kick #" is the alias of "game.voteKickPlayer #"
    So all of the above mentioned commands are Aliases for the longer/older
    commands that were before v1.30.
    Here comes the fun part;
    You can alter existing or even create your own/add new console commands, 
    as long as they are all 'real' commands in the first place.
    Take a look at the (default) folder in which Battlefield 1942 is installed,
    or simply use the following command line;
    C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings
    Notice that there's a file called 'AliasedCommands.con', try to open this 
    using any default text editor (e.g. Wordpad works perfectly).
    You will now get a list of all the Alias Commands, looking something like 
    rem - Client commands:
    alias listplayers game.listplayers
    alias players game.listplayers
    alias lp game.listplayers
    alias listmaps game.listmaps
    alias lm game.listmaps
    alias forgive game.TKForgive
    alias forgivetk game.TKForgive
    etc. etc.
    Now let's say that you don't want to type in 'Ignore #' everytime that you
    wish to add a player to your ignore list. 
    Simply find the command that you wish to change, in this case the command 
    called 'chat.addToIgnoreList'.
    [should look something like this; alias ignore chat.addToIgnoreList]
    Now change the 'ignore' (which is the default alias) to any word/letter of
    your choice - and then save the file as you would any ordinary text file.
    It's as simple as that.... but please read the rest of my FAQ too :o)
    If you wish to add a console command, yes there are some that do not have
    a default alias, you just follow the same system (except you add the entire
    line this time).
    Say you want to add an alias for committing suicide;
    Find the original command on any BF1942 site and cut'n paste it into the 
    'AliasedCommands.con' file.
    The final line should look like this, where [X] is the command of your 
    alias [X] game.suicide 
    alias suicide game.suicide 
    Or you can even make it as simple as;
    alias s game.suicide 
    Now you're ready to customize the console commands to whichever extend 
    that you wish, just make sure that you can remember which one you've 
    changed and which ones are still the default commands in the heat of 
    battle!!! :o)
    * If there are any questions about alias commands either catch me on the *
    * boards or send me and e-mail following the instructions in the 	 *
    * introduction of this FAQ						 *
    1.7	Battlefield 1942 Server Utilities
    Even though this doesn't really fit into a Console Command FAQ I would still
    very much like to promote the awesome Server Manager created by 
    'Black Bag Operations'.
    Although it's currently in hiatus, the v2.00 version is still the best 
    server utility out there at the moment, allowing the admin to customize 
    the server to an extend where the default EA version can't follow.
    Everything from the usual amount of tickets to the lengt of spawntime if
    commiting TKs can be altered, as well as allowing other admins access to 
    the server manager (and even limiting their access to the different options)
    1.8    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: I've added a player to my buddy list, and now I want to remove him 
    for different reasons?
    A: Find the folder bearing your username in the path called (default):
    C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings\Profiles
    Here you'll need to open the *.con file called "BuddyList", just delete 
    the names that you need to and save the file again.
    Q: I am an admin on a server and I am having problems kicking players and 
    generally using the admin commands, what am I doing wrong?
    A: First thing is that you have to make sure that you're logged in on the 
    server, should it be a rented server and not just a server that's running
    on your pc (look above for the 'enable remote admin' command).
    Entering admin commands in the ingame console can, as both Vladeck and I
    found out on the GFAQ servers, be really tedious!
    What you have to do is add the command 'admin.execremotecommand "command"' 
    into your 'AliasedCommands.con' file, picking an easy to remember word as 
    the new command (e.g. command or something like that).
    What you have to do now can get quite anoying if you're trying to kick/
    change several settings;
    [I'll type the commands and then explain what happened]
    Admin.execremotecommand "admin.kickplayer #"
    Or using the above mentioned alias/shortened commands;
    Command "akick #"
    In short you have to enter the 'admin.execremotecommand' command every
    time you wish to use your admin powers, followed by the command on the 
    thing you wish to change (including the " " around the command/alias).
    Even worse if you're running on a rented server, since now you have to add 
    the line for enabling remote admins everytime.
    [making it look like this]
    Remoteconsole 1
    Remoteadmin (password)
    Command "akick #"
    So if you're renting a server, make sure that it has some sort of server
    manager installed, since the above could get quite tirring after the first
    3-4 kicks!! :o)
    1.9	Credits & Noteworthy "Thank You's"
    Sites that have aided me greatly in creating this FAQ are:
    An awesome FAQ that has been hosted on a few different sites, so the above 
    adress might change at some point - if so please notify me and I'll 
    update it as needed
    First of I would like to thank Dice Scandinavia for developing this awesome 
    game, without it I would never have seen the massive potential 
    that on-line gaming has to offer!!
    Next in line comes my friends in real life that willingly offered to spend 
    their time, and my money, playing this awesome game back in its demo days 
    in early/mid August of 2002 - GeDDeTH, Flenne and Stuffe - this one is 
    for you!
    In a strong third place comes the people that has enhanced my online gaming 
    experience the most, people that defied bed times and time zones to 
    play this awesome game despite of the fact that it was either way past 
    their bedtime on a work night or leaving the Mrs. to her book and TV-shows!
    In alphabetic order from my IM buddylist:
    Leedeaton - First "underage" player to get my respect, 	     
    and first to remove my "prejudice" about 14 year old gamers!		             
    Mandingo  - The grand old man of the GFAQ Team Games, started using 
    Roger Wilco/Teamspeak with Mandingo back in March - sometimes ending up 
    having so much fun just talking and browsing the internet that we forgot 
    to play the actual game.         				     																	         *
    Osakaaet  - Original creator of the GFAQ team games, and 	     
    always good for at least 10 hours of Battlefield a day 	     
    during the Spring of 2003!
    Have been BF-less since he moved back to Japan though. :o(     					     
    Vladeck   - The one user that has walked more miles around	     
    the defense gun at Midway than me!!			
    Is the one user, right after Osakaaet, that has heard me using the highest 
    amount of profanities during our TeamSpeak sessions!
    As with Mandingo, sometimes we got so carried away that we never played the 
    All of the above have all been a great source of fun and ammusements in Roger 
    Wilco and IM sessions, along with me having a real kick out of 
    any "accidental" TK'ing of your asses!! 
    Other "Thank you's" goes out to players/GameFAQs posters such as:
    Sabrekorn - Still the greates player player I've had the pleasure of 
    playing with on a steady basiS!!
    Jello - Great player that lost his gaming privileges after getting married 
    during the summer... we hope to get you back soon bro'!
    Mr. Clark, Toxickill, Griswald, Octavio, Mystic Reaver and the rest of the 
    200+ players that have joined at one point during the team games!
    Further thanks will be credited, once they reply, to the Danish Battlefield clan
    called Basserne for their assistance in some of the admin command codes.
    Their site and info about them can be found at their site: 

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