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    Survival Guide by OrangeP47

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    			Battlefield 1942 Survival Guide
    Level 1 Misc. (done)
    Section 1A Guide Purpose
    Section 1B Legal Information
    Section 1C Updates
    Section 1D Contact the Writer
    Section 1E Approved Sites
    Section 1F Info Sorces
    Level 2 Vehicles (done)
    Section 2A American Vehicles 
    Section 2B British Vehicles 
    Section 2C Canadian Vehicles (with 1.6 patch)
    Section 2D German Vehicles 
    Section 2E Japanese Vehicles 
    Section 2F Russian Vehicles 
    Level 3 Classes (listed in order on spawn menu)(done)
    Section 3A Scout
    Section 3B Assult
    Section 3C Anti-tank
    Section 3D Medic
    Section 3E Engineer
    Level 4 Maps 
    Section 4A Eastern Europe Maps (done)
    Section 4B North Africa Maps (not started)
    Section 4C Pacific Maps (not started)
    Section 4D Western Europe Maps (not started)
    Section 4E Histroical Campain Info (comming soon)
    Level 5 Fun Suff (done)
    Section 5A Cool Things :)
    Section 5B Hero's Tails (Started forgot to put submit thing in lol sorry)
    LEVEL 1 Misc
    Section 1A Guide Purpose
    Hello there fellow BF1942 gamers. I made this guide because I saw that the 
    BF1942 general FAQs havn't been updated in a while. Instead of bugging the 
    writers of these I made up my mind to make my own FAQ. I hope this lives up to 
    the current guides as I've done my best to overcome my being lazy all the time 
    and give you a nearly complete guide. Hence The Battlefield Survival Guide was 
    born. You can see me online as GEN^Orange=*****=2nd
    Section 1B Legal Information
    Copyright 2005 John Proffitt
    See that? Thats the copyright. That means you have to ask me if you want to use 
    my work. Got it? So if you would like to use some of my work see Section 1D and 
    send me an e-mail. About 99 percent of the time I'll say yes so don't go do 
    anything stupid.
    Section 1C Updates
    7.10.2005 -version .72 started Roughly 30k, 72 percent of sections done, 52 
    percent of content done
    Heh well i put alot into this even if its only .72 so enjoy.
    8.1.2005 -version .83 Corrected some format problems, added the end sections 
    and other things left out due to rushing. Added more to finsihed maps. 82 
    Percent of sections done, 60 percent of content done. Will update weekly with 
    Hero's Tales with no update on version number. About 48kb.
    If your wondering how I get these pre 1.00 version numbers its by deviding the 
    number of finished sections by the total expected on the calcualter in 
    Section 1D Contact the Writer
    If you want to E-mail me a suggestion for the guide, Hero's stories, or 
    correction my e-mail is jack@wpfranklin.com Do not send me viruses or other 
    "little goodies" you may think up.
    Section 1E Aproved Sites
    Here is a list of sites that have permission to display this guide.
    In order of permission asked.
    Section 1F Info Sorces
    Got some help with outpost names from the offical website. If you have the game 
    you can go there with a link in your start menu.
    Level 2 Vehicals
    These are based on my experiance.
    Section 2A American Vehicles
    Ok here are the American Vehicals. They have a pretty decent group of vehicles.
    IMO there pacific fighter stinks while the European fighter is the best in the 
    game. Other then that theres not realy anything for the general summery. 
    Remember threw this level that vehicles are only as good as there user.
    Land (names will be there if i can remember what they are, otherwise its they 
    type of vehicle)
    Preist (mobile artillery)
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 2/5
    Speed 2/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Manuvering 1/5
    The Preist is a mobile artillery unit. That means its lightly armored and has a 
    huge gun on it. Needs two people to fire and move at same time. If a scout calls
    for artillery the gunner can alt fire to bring up a coordonate system to fire 
    long distance accuately. Also it seems to have a bit more armor then the wespe 
    but its not noticable.
    M1A3(i think) (APC)
    Armor 2.5/5
    Acceleration 3/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 1/5
    Manuevering 1/5
    APC is one of my favorites. Its usualy underestimated because it can't shoot 
    except a MG in a turret. This is used by ALL of the allied nations so it won't 
    be listed again. For more  see Cool Things 5A. I've descovered quite a number of
    "nice" things to do with them that are some what unconventional.
    Sherman (Medium tank)
    Armor 3/5
    Acceleration 2/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 3/5
    Manuvering 3/5
    The Sherman Tank is about middle of the road as medium tanks go. It does not 
    have any pros and cons. Besides the main position it has a turret gun but that 
    is rarly used.
    Wolverene (heavy tank)
    Armor 4/5
    Acceleration 1/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Manuvering 2/5
    The Wolverene is IMO the worst of the three heavy tanks. Its basicly a sherman 
    with a bigger gun and more armor but with less manuvering power because of the 
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 5/5
    Speed 5/5
    Firepower N/A
    Manuvering 3/5
    Ahhh my favorite vehicle the jeep :). The jeep is a car basicly with room for 
    two people. Its mainly used for transport or kamaking into tanks. If you want a 
    bit of firepower have someone jump on the back or from of teh jeep and prone 
    with a gun. Drive carefuly :)
    America is one of the two sides with ships.
    Aircraft Carrer
    Armor 5/5
    Acceleration 1/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower N/A (though it does have AA capablities)
    Manuvering 1/5
    Those stats may look whimpy but belive me its not. It may be considered the 
    single most important ship there is because it spawns a figher and a dive 
    bomber. Its heavily armored and has four anti aircraft guns. It may take a while
    to get up to speed but once it is well... lets just say you can ram stuff 
    before they even know what you were doing. Good luck turning if they try to move
    though. (Note: Only use it to ram things as a last resort)
    Armor 5/5
    Acceleration 1/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 5/5
    Manuering 1/5
    Think aircraft carrier but with massive guns instead of planes. Watch out for
    subs and destroyers that get close. Both main guns can be used as artillery and
    it has two flak cannons on the side.
    Armor 3/5
    Acceleration 3/5
    Speed 4/5
    Firepower 2/5
    Manuvering 3/5
    The destroyer is best used to guard the carrier or battleship. Its faster and 
    more manuverable then the battleship but has less firepower. It has depthcharges
    to kill enemy subs by way of sonar. Its rear guns can be used as artillery. It
    has two machine guns on a tower to use aginst planes but you can't switch to 
    them with the number keys.
    Armor 2/5
    Acceleration (varries)
    Speed (varries)
    Firepower 2/5
    Manuvering 2/5
    The subs has two torpedos and can submearge if you hold down the up arrow. It 
    surfaces by the down arrow. If you submerge far enough you see a map as you 
    parascope is underwater. Submerged you accelerate slower and can't go as fast. 
    Its main job is to kill ships though watch out for destoyers and planes.
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 5/5
    Speed 5/5
    Firepower 1/5
    Manuvering 5/5
    This is the transport that spawns at the back of any surface ship.
    Patrol boat
    Armor 2/5
    Acceleration 2/5 (rated because slowing down is almost impossible)
    Speed 4/5
    Firepower 3.8/5
    Manuvering 1.5/5
    This is on the special Invasion of the Philipens map. It has torpedos and mines
    for use aginst the destoryer (or other patrol craft if your lucky). All of them
    have a MG that is more like the turrets on a Bomber. Some have sheilds for the
    gunner. If the Japaneese capture one of the harbors they can get patrol boats 
    too witch are basicly the same. If destroyed in water (meaning your not beached)
    a life raft appers with room for 2 but its helth deteriorates at about 1 bar 
    per 2.5 sec.
    Note Air units have extra stats. Also if you plan to fly alot I'd recomend you 
    get yourself a joystick.
    Mustang (European fighter)
    Armor 1/5
    Accleration 5/5
    Speed 5/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Turning 3/5
    Climbing 4/5
    Loops 4/5
    Rolls 5/5
    This is the ultimate fighter. Speed is its main advantage. Its matched aginst 
    BF109s so unless you stink at dogfighting all you need to worry about from them 
    is hight advantage.
    Corsair(Pacific fighter)
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 3/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 3/5
    Turning 2/5
    Climbing 4/5
    Loops 5/5
    Rolls 1/5
    Personaly I hate this plane. Its hard to keep it level and the zeros just eat it
    for breakfast. Its speed is average but the zeros are fast so you get the idea.
    However it can do some nice loops. I wonder why the mustangs arn't in the 
    SBD (dive bomber)
    Armor 2/5
    Acceleration 2/5
    Speed 2/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Turning 1/5
    Climbing 2/5
    Loops 1/5
    Rolls 1/5
    This is a decent dive bomber but still not as good as the japanese counter. The
    stats may look bad but thats pretty much how all of the dive bombers are.
    SBD-T (torpedo bomber)
    This is the same as the SBD exept instead of two bombs it has a torpedo.
    Armor 4/5
    Acceleration 1/5
    Speed 1/5
    Firepower 5/5
    Turning .5/5
    Climbing .5/5
    Loops .1/5
    Rolls .1/5
    Thats right those are decimal points. The B-17 is a (insert cuss word here) to 
    fly. But its worth it because it can drop up to 8 bombs at a time. You can bomb
    the living daylights out of the enemy with it. Be careful as if you get in.... 
    your a prime target for AA. Britsh have this too.
    Section 2B British Vehicles 
    The British basicaly have the same vehicles as the Americans with a few minor 
    changes. Only changes from American vehicles are noted here.
    Same jeep as America exept with a horn on the Battle of Britain level.
    Britain has no sea vehicles.
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 1/5
    Speed 2/5
    Firepower 3/5
    Turning 5/5
    Climbing 3/5
    Loops 2/5
    Rolls 3/5
    Instead of the Mustang or Corsair the British have the Spitfire. It is the best
    in turning but it slows at the slightest of moves and its stats are shown 
    Section 2C Canadian Vehicles
    Canada is only in one map... Liberation of Caen. Its vehicles are the same as 
    America/Britain exept for the following changes.
    Armored Car
    Same as jeep exept with a horn.
    Sexton (artillery)
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 2.5/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Manivering 1/5
    this is basicly a Preist execpt only one seat.
    The only sea vehicle Canada has is a commando raft. Its like a escape boat from
    the patrol boat. Too bad theres only a river to use.
    Canada has no planes.
    Section 2D German Vehicles
    German vehicles are overal above average in my opinion. The have nice tanks but
    not as nice as the Russians. There planes are pretty good too.
    Weisp (Moblie artillery)
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 2/5
    Speed 2/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Manuvering 1/5
    The Weisp is basicly the Axis version of the Preist. It is used by both Japan 
    and Germany.
    Hanomeg (APC)
    Armor 4/5
    Acceleration 1.5/5
    Speed 2/5
    Firepower 1/5
    Manuvering 3/5
    The German APC. Its like the M1A3 exept it is a bit slower and has more armor 
    (witch is basicly how all German Vehicles are).
    PanzerIV (medium tank)
    Armor 3/5
    Acceleration 3/5
    Speed 4/5
    Firepower 3/5
    Manuvering 3/5
    This is my favorite medium tank. Its faster then a sherman and a bit bigger. Its
    size doesn't hamper manuvering.
    Tiger (heavy tank)
    Armor 5/5
    Acceleration 2/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 5/5
    Manuvering 2/5
    The tiger is hard to drive. Its speed isn't that great either. However it has 
    nice armor and firepower so if you can get to the American wolvereens then their
    in for a tough fight. The Russian Tanks can contend with the tiger just fine 
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 4/5
    Speed 5/5
    Firepower N/A
    Manuvering 3/5
    Kubelwagon translates to bucket car. Its alot like the jeep except it isn't as 
    good at offroading so you should use the roads with this. If ya want go 
    offroading go steal a jeep.
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 3/5
    Speed 4/5
    Firepower 1/5
    Manuvering 2/5
    Instead of kubelwagons in the map "caen" the Germans have a motercycle. It isn't
    as easy to handle as a jeep or kubelwagon but it has a MG42 on the back so at 
    least you can fire out of it.
    There are no German ships in this game.
    BF109 (fighter)
    Armor 1/5
    Accleration 5/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 2/5
    Turning 3/5
    Climbing 5/5
    Loops 4/5
    Rolls 3/5
    The BF109 is the German fighter. Its a favorite plane of many players (including
    myself as its the only fighter I'll fly) of varing skill levels. It can 
    outclime all the other fighters witch is good as its the only way you can kill a
    Mustang in bocage. The bombing is a little off on it as it seems it harder to 
    hit things with the bombs if you bomb like you do in other fighters. (could 
    someone send me some info on this problem?) Also you have a great advantage over
    the British spitfires in North Africa. You can do several stunts in the air and
    hardly lose any speed. The Spitfires on the other hand will run out of speed 
    and crash if they try to follow you move for move.
    Stuka (Dive Bomber)
    Armor 1.5/5
    Accelration 3/5
    Speed 2.5/5
    Firepower 3/5
    Turning 3/5
    Climbing 3/5
    Loops 1/5
    Rolls 1/5
    The stuka is a decent dive bomber... untill you try to do any fancy manuvers in
    it. It is basicly middle of the road but your in serious trouble if an enemy 
    fighter is on your tail. I have never lost an enemy once he got on my tail in 
    this. I highly suggest that you have a tail gunner to keep fighters off your 
    Armor 3/5
    Acceleration 2/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Turning 3/5
    Climbing 3/5
    Loops 2/5
    Rolls 2/5 
    This is only in one map, Battle of Britain, but its way better then the B-17. It
    has three gunner instead of two. Its like 10 times more manuverable and can 
    even do loops and roll if you try hard enough. Only down side is it drops six 
    bombs instead of eight.
    Section 2E Japaneese Vehicles
    The Japaneese excel at sea and air vehicles. There ships tend to have a few 
    extra cannons then the Americans and there Zeros can eat up opposing Corsairs.
    However there tanks leave somthign to be desired. In the first release alot of
    there land vehicles were borrowed from the Germans and even now there artillery
    still is.
    Scout Car
    Armor 1/5
    Acceleration 4/5
    Speed 5/5
    Firepower N/A
    Manuvering 2/5
    This is simmaler to the Canadian Armored Car but it has no roof. It comes with a
    horn :D Other then that its basicly just a normal car.
    Armor 2.2/5
    Acceleration 2.5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 1.5/5
    Manuvering 3/5
    My Favorite APC. This is the second vehicle patches have changed from borrowed 
    German vehicles (origionaly the Japaneese had kubelwagons). It has an open roof
    at the back but instead of a turret it has 2 MGs, each facing out the sides of
    the APC. This is the best APC for the roadblock stratagy in Cool Things 5A.
    Chi Ha (Medium Tank)
    Armor 2/5
    Acceleration 2/5
    Speed 3.5/5
    Firepower 2/5
    Manuvering 3/5
    This is a sad excuse for a tank. Low armor, small gun, and kinda lurchy when 
    moving. Good thing there are no Heavy tanks in the Pacific maps or you'd would
    be totaly beat. When playing as Japaneese steal a sherman if you can, it will 
    save your life and you will be better able to protect your team.
    Japaneese ships are the same as the Americans basicly with extra cannons.
    Zero (fighter)
    Armor 1.5/5
    Acceleration 4/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 2/5
    Turning 3/5
    Climbing 3.5/5
    Loops 3/5
    Rolls 4/5
    The zero is an excelant plane that compleatly tears up Corsairs. Its probaly the
    2nd best plane only toped byt the Mustang. If American try to steal one.
    Ahci-val (Dive bomber)
    Armor 2.75/5
    Acceleration 3/5
    Speed 2.5/5
    Firepower 3.5/5
    Turning 3/5
    Climbing 3/5
    Loops 1.75/5
    Rolls 2/5
    For a dive bomber this is extreamly manuverable. This is my al time favorite 
    plane. I can out dog fight most anything unless the other player is more 
    experianced. It can come with a Torpedo just like the SBD.
    Section 2F Russian Vehicles
    Well the Russians have few vehicles but they have cool artillery and powerful 
    The Russians use the same jeep as Britain and the US.
    Stalin Organ/Katshin... somthing like that (mobile artilery)
    Armor .8/5
    Acceleration 3/5
    Speed 3/5
    Firepower 5.5/5 (lol realy it is 5.5/5)
    Manuvering 2/5
    MAN THIS THING ROCKS! Its basicly a pickup truck with a rocket lancher on the 
    back. It has huge firepower as it fires a rocket that is like 1.5x the normal 
    artillery strength and it fires 6 at a time. Plus its quicker as its on a truck
    not a tank bottom. However it is slightly easier to destroy.
    T34-?? (medium tank)
    Armor 4/5
    Acceleration 4/5
    Speed 4/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Manuvering 2/5
    This was the most advanced tank of WWII and its stats show. Its the fastest tank
    (well T98 is tied i guess)and has the best acceleration. Its got nice firepower
    too. Good thing half the maps its on are open enough to take advantage of the 
    speed. It does seem a bit hard to stear though.
    T34-?? (heavy tank)
    Armor 5/5
    Acceleration 3.5/5
    Speed 4/5
    Firepower 4/5
    Manuvering 2/5
    Personaly i don't notice much of a difference between this and the other tank. I
    prefer the other one for the MG to shoot at planes. However if you like armor 
    over speed you may wanna pick this.
    The Russians have no ships.
    Yak (fighter)
    Armor 1.5/5
    Acceleration 3/5
    Speed 4/5
    Firepower 2/5
    Turning 2/5
    Climbing 3/5
    Loops 2/5
    Rolls 2/4
    The Yak is a decent fighter. Its got some speed but every thing else is medocre.
    On the 2 maps its on it outnumbers the BF109s 3 to 1.
    Level 3 Classes
    Section 3A Scout
    Sniper rifle, Knife, Pistol, Granades, Binocluers
    The scout is basicly someone who goes solo and snipes/spots for artillery. It is
    the best for long range combat. The sniper rifle is bolt action and has a 
    scope. You need to lead your targets if moving and aim farther up if the target
    is far away. The knife is used by all classes. It is a last resort weapon used 
    at point blank range. Only use it if your out of ammo or in the case of the 
    scout if your snuck up on when sniping. The pistol is a short range weapon all 
    classes use but is important to the scout because he can be snuck up on. It 
    holds around 8 shots and isn't too accurate. Granades are used by all but one
    class and are a 'anywhere near' weapon. This means throw it near an enemy and 
    unless he gets far away it will kill him. Also this is effective aginst tanks 
    and other vehicles. Alt fire for a power meter on your throw. The binoculers are
    used to spot for artillery. Alt fire to zoom in and click to call for 
    artillery. A scot is useless without this.
    Section 3B Assult
    Assult rifle, Knife, Pistol, Granades
    The assult is the class to use if you need to charge all out and gun down some 
    heavy opponates. The assult rifle is fully automatic and has alot of recoil but
    if you prone you can be accurate (if you care about accuracy, I don't). The 
    assuly rifle can damage lightly armored vehicles like jeeps, artillery, and can 
    even take out a plane with a full clip to the propellers. The assult doesn't 
    realy need a pistol or knife unless theres no ammo crates about but granades can
    be valuble for softing up the enemy before a charge.
    Section 3C Anti-tank
    Anti-tank rocket, Knife, Pistol, Granades
    The anti-tank is made to destroy armored vehicles. Other than that he can't do 
    much else though see sabatoging ships in the Cool Things section. The anti-tank 
    rocket does most dammage to the back or the treads of a tank. You need to aim up
    the farther the tank is away. Also you better hide as once you fire all the 
    enemy most likely knows where you are. That means the Knife and Pistol are 
    important to the anti-tank. Granades can kill tankers seeking revenge but I 
    usualy use them to finish a tank if I run out of rockets.
    Section 3D Medic
    SMG, Knife, Pistol, Granades, Medic kit
    The medic's main job is to heal but he has a nice SMG to defend himself with.
    Its not as powerful as the assult rifle but it'll usualy get the job done. If
    you need more ammo quickly switch to your pistol or if your desperate your
    knife. The Granades are helpful too. The medic kit is waht makes a medic. You 
    can heal yourself and others (if others in radius they get healed first). This 
    almost makes the medic more deadly then the assult because he can heal himself 
    after each encounter but the assult is still better for run and gun action 
    because hes more likely to survive to find somthing to heal him.
    Section 3E Engineer
    Bolt Action Rifle/Simi Auto Rifle, Kinfe, Pistol, Mines, TNT, Wrench
    The Engineer has so many uses I can't possibly descrive them all so I will list
    uses by weapons.
    In the Pacific Engineers get a simi auto rifle. They are acuurate and powerfull.
    You can simi auto snipe if you zoome in. Everywhere else engineers get bolt
    action rifles. They are exactly like sniper rifles execpt no scope.
    The knife is a bit imporatnt for engineers because they have rifles and pistols
    can run out of ammo quite qucikly.
    The engineer's pistol is important to his/her survival. Unless your in the 
    Pacific it takes awhile to empty a clip on your main weapon so many people fire
    once then switch to the pistol and fire. 
    I love mines. They are a insta-kill for any vehicle unlucky (or stupid) enough 
    to hit one. Place them on bridges, hide them on well travled routes, or place 
    them in obvious places to block traffic and hope the drive isn't another 
    engineer. Do not just place them randomly and hope someone hits something.
    Anoter nice (for your team) thing to do is place one on top of a tank or on the
    tread. As soon as the person moves *BOOM*. Also there is a way to place mines
    UNDER the tread so the second someone enters they blow up. This is usefull if 
    someone just hops into the tank to use the secondary gun to shoot at one of your
    planes. One of my favorite (and hardest to get away with) things to do is place
    one in a landing craft then hide. The second it lowers down the mine will fall
    with it and *BOOM*. Speaking of boats if you find yourself on a hostile 
    carrier, place a mine under the wheel of a plane. They will catch on eventualy 
    but when the do you can place some on the deck farther down. Many times the 
    enemy doesn't check the whole carrier before take off. This is EXTREAMLY useful
    on Coral Sea. Note: Mines don't hurt infantry.
    These are like mines but remote detonated. They unlike mines hurt infantry as 
    well as vehicles. Once placed right click to bring out the detonater. You can do
    many fun things with these. First on maps with landing craft place a few under 
    the water on beaches where landing craft are likly to uhhh... land. Then hide. 
    Once one pulls up press the button and you just got youself up to 6 kills. 
    Another nice trick is to place TNT in teh grate of a repair pad. The tank thinks
    its safe but no and long as you survie to press the button. Other then than 
    that you can place some in a vehicle and drive carfuly and park next to some 
    tanks and get out run and blow er up.
    Level 4 Maps
    Note: I'd like to say here most of my stratagies take the level of teamwork you
    pretty much only find in a clan that has a voice chat server. Stratagies given 
    will include how to capture each base, Stratagy for each team, an atleast two 
    backup plans.
    Section 4A Eastern Europe Maps
    Kursk is a pretty much liniar map on a Russian plane. Two outpost are in the 
    center and at each end is a main base. I don't play this one much so this 
    stratagy may be bad.
    Control points
    Bases (non captureable) - Each side has a base with planes and a few tanks and a
    jeep. The are pretty much identical but the russians have more planes.
    Sawmill - This is in my opinion the better of the two outposts. It spawns two 
    artillery (I love Russian arty :D) that come in very handy. Offence: Rush a jeep
    to the back and capture it right off the bat. Defence: Park a tank nearby and 
    blast any jeeps that come your way. Mine the two sandbag enterances to the back 
    keeping one of the arty there to blast any stray enemies won't hurt. Also you 
    will find many more people spawn here to play with the arty. Keep a few infanty
    IN the building for cover.
    Work Camp (I call it Tank Outpost so thats what I mean) - This has a heavy tank
    in a camo net. Hard to defend as there is little cover. Offence: Come from many
    directions as there is even less cover that protects form 2 ways. Defence: Keep
    some tanks nearby and have one arty cover it.
    Main Stratagy - Rush the Sawmill with a jeep and a tank. Have everyone else go
    for the other outpost. If you were fast enough you should have them captured 
    just as the first enemies arive. Have the majority of your forces at the tank 
    outpost and have a tank, arty, and a few infantry at the sawmill. Even though 
    the sawmill is more important it is easier to defend. If Russian use your pl
    Backup Plan #1 (they got the out posts before we did) - OK so you let them beat
    ya to the outposts. Shame on you. Well if you havn't sat here wondering what to
    do too long there is still hope. Preform a tank rush with some medics and maybe
    a anti-tank if your tanks are mainly destroyed. Have your remaining people 
    create a screen to block off any enemy from the sawmill who will try to flank 
    your atackin party. After you are able to capture the tank outpost have the 
    forces who atacked it attack the sawmill whilet the screen defends the tank 
    outpost. The force attacking the sawmill should atack for behind them for maxium
    effect. If you acomplish this you can switch back to then main stratagy.
    Backup Plan #2 (German only: They have our planes outnumbered, what do we do?) -
    Yes having your planes outnumbered is an annoyance isn't it. Well there are two
    ways you can fix this. A) You can put gunners on your meduim tanks to shoot at
    planes with the secondary machine gun or B) Sneek by in a jeep and steal one of
    theres before a piolet respawns and grabs it.
    General Tips
    - Use the trees for cover.
    - If flying stay high due to trees.
    - Due to this map being very linear you can eaisly get behind the enemy and
    cause chaos.
    - Keep the arty back or they will get blown up quite quickly.
    Stalingrad is one of the few head on maps that have majorly different starting
    locations (more on this later)and also one of the two urban warfare maps. Bfs
    Stalingrad reminds me of Call of Duty's SP map. The major action here will
    occur around the center flag in the railroad tracks. All of the vehicles spawn
    at the non-capturable bases so if you spawn at an outpost don't expect much 
    tank support unless you call for it on the radio. Also there will be alot of 
    n00bs trying to be an urban sniper. However you may actualy find someone who is
    good at it but thats rare.
    Control Points
    Western Railroad Station - (German non-capturable base) -  2 Panzer IVs and a 
    Kubelwagon spawn here. It has a mg for defence if you somehow get held up back
    here. I personaly like this location better becuase its closer to the outposts
    and you have a relitivly clear path there
    German City HQ - Its a tall building with a main enterance and a ladder going
    down from the back top floor. It has a health locker. Offence: Have a few guys
    run in the main enterance and up the stairs while a few people go up the back
    ladder. Defence: Have two people guard the ladder and 3-4 people in the windows
    in the front plus a sniper if ya want.
    Raliroads - The main focus of the map. Has nice cover and you can't drive a tank
    right up to it. One of my favorite things to do here is spam granades at the 
    enemy city HQ. Hold this and you basicly won if the enemy doesn't try anything.
    Offence: Throw a few granades over the rail cars then have 3-4 people attack 
    from each end. Defence: Put those 5 MGs to good use and mow some enemys down. 
    Don't forget to granade spam.
    Russian City HQ - The exact same as the German City HQ but facing the other way.
    Stratagies are the same.
    Bombed Out Port - (Russian non-capturable base) - Spawns 2 heavy tanks and a 
    jeep. Has more ammo, health, and MGs but is farther away and you hafta go uphill
    and make several turns due to buildings to get to the outposts.
    Main Stratagy - You have it slightly easier if you play as the Germans as you 
    are closer. Send 2-3 ppl to your HQ and the rest to the railroads. Have the 2 
    tanks cover you as you capture the railroad. Don't bother with their HQ just 
    spam it :D with granades.
    Backup Plan #1 (You didn't get there fast enough) Ok so you wern't able to 
    capture the railroad and you don't know what to do. Don't worry lots of time 
    they won't guard their HQ so there is a opening you can take. Take 5-6 Infantry 
    and sneek around the outside of the city and assult the enemy HQ from behind... 
    up the ladder. Once you have it captured all the capturers should take up 
    positions in the forward windows of the enemy HQ and start blasting the living 
    potatos out of the railroads while someother teammates take up positions in the
    front windows of your HQ and do the same thing. Here you have two options. 1.
    You can just continue to smash them into oblivion and make there tickets drain 
    or 2. After about 30-45 seconds of the above stratagy have 3-4 people assult the
    railraod from each side.
    Backup Plan #2 (ARG! They pulled Backup Plan #1 on us) Ok heres one of the few 
    spots where I will tell you how to defeat one of my own stratagies. If the enemy
    team does get you in the afore mentioned situation there is a risky way to 
    defeat it. You'll only get one shot at it and it will only work maybe half the 
    time. First off have two people go back and get your tanks and have them atack 
    your captured HQ. Keep in the railroad untill you hear your friendly tanks 
    rolling along to atack then have EVERYONE atack your HQ. Hopefuly the 2 tanks 
    and almost your entire team will be enough to run out the isolated 6-7 people 
    who may be at your HQ. If you do manage to pull this off leave 1-2 people there
    to find any enemys who may still be there and have the rest of your team return
    to the railroads before they manage to take it over.
    General Tips
    - Use the hiding spots in buildings to your advantage.
    - Block roads enemies will travel with mines. You can lead then into a trap, 
    block a flag, or just rack up the kills.
    - Urban sniping is useful in small servers where people won't gang up on you.
    - As the axis you can pin down the Russians because there non-captureable base 
    is downhill from all the outposts.
    My favorite Eastern Europe Map. Its a bombed out city witch isn't urban and alot
    of choke points. This said there arn't that many stratagies. Its also looks like
    a well balanced map but there are small things that make it in favor of the 
    Control Points
    Russain Base (non-capturable) - This is in the South East corner of the map and 
    is where the Russians get pretty much every vehicle. Not very remarkable you 
    should try and get outta here as fast as possible. It is a bit closer to the 
    city then the German base.
    German Base (non-captuarable) - Exactly like the Russian base but farther away
    and as always not as many planes. It is in the South West corner across the hill
    from the Russain base.
    Karkov East - Some ruined city building provide some cover and it spawns a tank 
    for the owner. Also is a chokepoint leading into the main city as its right next
    to the bridge. Offence: You can tank rush or you can send infantry to sneek and
    hide in all the rubble. Defence: Infantry in the rubble is your best bet. If you
    are desperate you can mine up the bridge but this works both ways as you can't
    get to the rest of the points. Only do that if you have a ticket advantage and
    the timer is running down.
    Karkov West - Just like Karkov East but facing the other way. Also a chokepoint.
    Offence and Defence are the same.
    be a chokepoint like the others but it is vital to control this. Even losing 
    tickets you can win with this because of its position overlooking the town. It 
    is where the arty is and you can drive it on some roads that overlook the main
    bases and you pin them down if you have both the other points. Also whoever has
    this controls the air. The AA guns can shoot pretty much the entire map and can
    realy help the Germans stop being outnumbered in the air. I don't play much CTF
    but even the most n00bish player of CTF Karkov knows you need this to stop 
    people grabbing the flag and stealing a plane. Offence: You need to get this 
    fast as it is easy to defend. Rush it with a vehicle, preferably an APC as you 
    can take along 6 people. Thats enough to man both AA guns and have full crew on
    the arty, but you might wanna bring more because this spot is important. If the
    point is captured by the enemy then your best bet is to charge infantry up the 
    sides. You can always paradrop but you will be noticed and they have AA guns :P.
    Defence: Contrary to the other points, you WANT to mine the road leading up. Its
    the only way vehicles can reach you and you shouldn't take the arty down or they
    will die very fast. Have infrantry hide in the 3 building (these are intact).
    Main Stratagy - You'll have advantage here as the Russians as this is all about 
    rushing (say that fast and it sounds weird) and you are closer. At the start 
    IGNORE YOUR PLANES. Thats right even on 32 vs 32 your still going to need every
    person who can possibly shoot a gun in the city. Rush an APC up to the Hills and
    mined up the road there. Then Take the arty and start shooting at the enemy who
    should by now be comming up on there bridge. While this is happing everybody 
    else should rush up to the enemy's bridge but don't cross it. Instead have a few
    engineers mine it up while everybody else sets up defences. Leave one guy your
    bridge to capture that and soon you'll be draining enemy tickets like mad. This
    is where you can think about going back and getting your planes up. Up till now
    the AA gunners on the hills should have taken care of enemy planes.
    Backup Plan #1 (didn't get there fast enough) - Ok lets say you didn't work fast
    enough to do the main plan. Well there is a simple way to get around this. If 
    you take a look at the map you can see there is a bridge to the far North with
    no flag. I have NEVER seen anyone defend this bridge so you can send all you 
    have (may want to keep 3-4 guys attacking normaly so they don't catch on) go 
    that way and come out at a flag with maybe 1 or 2 guys if there pinning you down
    at your bridge. Of course if you don't want them to catch on you should go out 
    of there sight range. Ohhh and you can always try and use the planes but with 
    them having the hills you'll get shot down quick but maybe you can bail and take
    a flag before your plane explodes but then everybody will see you :P.
    Backup Plan #2 (paranoia) - As good as Backup Plan #1 sound, I've never seen 
    anyone do it as well but if you think someone may try it have a jeep with a lone
    engineer rush out, plant his mines, then drive back to help out. I doubt if you
    will need to check on your road block at all.
    Fun Plan #1 (pin them down in their own base) - Has your team been doing good?
    Do you want to toy around with them a bit? Then heres the stratagy for you. 
    Go about the plan as normal but have the max amount of people you can get to fly
    off and capture their bridge and put up heavy reistance. Immideatly drive ALL of
    your tanks up to there and shell away. Have the AA guns manned and the arty 
    pound them. Have contest to see who can get the most kills in one shot. See who
    can shoot all there planes in the least amount of time. Basicly just have fun
    beating them to smithereens. Ohhh and don't forget kamakazi contests :D.
    Backup Plan #3 (how to ruin the fun) - Well if you let it get to the above plan
    your team must not be very good but not all hope is lost. Have a few guys hold 
    them off while you try (keyword here is try) to take off and capture flags 
    behind them. Using this you can quickly turn the tables and have them begging 
    for forgiveness as you pin them down in their base.
    General Tips
    - Don't use planes until one team is stalled.
    - Once again when flying stay high there are lots of trees.
    - If your losing keep your troops out of site to decive the enemy.
    Ahhhh I love this map but hated writing the guide for it as the outposts have 
    hard names to remeber, let alone try to spell. As for the map its urban combat 
    again and most people agree its better then Stalingrad. Here there is even less
    room to manuver and most of the buildings are simi-intact witch can make cool 
    multi-leveled fights where one team is on the top floors of the buildings and 
    the other team has to root them out from below. This is the smallest map. It is
    only three city blocks in a L shape.
    Control Points (please excuse names, can you remeber the names on this one 0_o)
    The Allyway (Russian non-captuarble) - The Russains magicly apear in an ally. 
    Here we have two tanks and some MGs. The Russains need to get out of here fast 
    or they can be pinned down for the rest of the game.
    Brunnen Strasse HQ - The closest point to the Ally. Most of the time It is 
    inevitable that the Germans lose this. However if your lucky and keep this for
    more then a minute take adavatange of it and set up heavy defences.
    German Mitte HQ - This is the point thats on the right angle of the L. Most 
    atacking teams bypass this so its often your last stand. You don't want this as
    your last stand (not saying you can't be desperate and make a last stand if you 
    want to, just this isn't a very good stop to do it) as it can be attacked from
    two ways or more due to its location.
    Bemauer Stasse HQ - This is the farthest way point and is vital to the Germans
    because it has there one tank (whoopie what can one tank do aginst the whole 
    other team). Also the best spot to make a last stand. Above all do not let this
    spot fall.
    (sence this is a assult instead of a head on the way of presenting the 
    stratagies are a bit different)
    Allied Stratagy - Right off the bat take your infantry and have them capture the
    closet point. This is vital to stop you from losing tickets. Have your tanks go 
    and capture the German Mitte HQ. If done quick enough you can get those two 
    places before the Germans can get organized. Even though statisticly it may seem
    hard to take the last spot with everything they have camping it it isn't because
    they will be demoralized after you captured the first two outposts before the 
    56kers could even load.
    Axis Counter - Most people tell you to abandon the Brunnen Stasse HQ, but in my
    eyes, thats just unacceptable. It stops there tickets from draining and you 
    can't harras them as they go bye to your other outposts. I'm not saying its 
    vital to hold it untill the last and ignore everything else, I'm just saying it 
    realy helps if you put up some resistance here, even if it is just to slow them
    down. That being said have a fair amount of people spawn here and keep them 
    pinned while some other guys bring up your tank. This will slow them down enough
    to give your remaing team members time to set up some mine and varrious other 
    goodies. Not much else you can do but fight for your lives like what realy 
    happened and if you feal real daring tring to take back some of the outposts. 
    I'll get into other stratagies late if you can handle it but basicly normaly all
    you need to to is make them pay dearly for each inch of land and hope its enough
    to exaust there tickets.
    Allied Plan #2 (Sneak) - Quite simple realy. All you need to do is capture the 
    first outpost as usual but instead of heading for the German Mitte HQ sneak 
    around and take their other outpost. This will take away their tank and put them
    in the worst spot to only have one outpost. Just remeber not to leave the first
    outpost unguarded.
    Advanced German Plan - If you do manage to pin them down for more then a minute 
    or two you may wanna set up permanate positions. Have your tank camp at the 
    junction with some mines and a whole bunch of infantry. Remember theres an ally
    not wide enough for vehicles but the infantry can come threw. Get lots of your 
    guys up in the buildings at the end of it with guards at the stairs and the 
    chokepoint to the outpost. Awsome fighting takes place here. If you'd like an
    example of it check below in the Hero's Tales.
    German Fun Plan - Here is a way to have fun and annoy the Russians while wearing
    them down. To make it work to its fullist you should abandon the first outpost 
    (just like I told you not to do) and having about 3/5 of your army take up spots
    in all the buildings like you would to set up defence on the back ally in the 
    advanced plan. Granade spam, take pot shots, and ambush tanks among other things
    and quickly they will find themselves short on tickets. Ofcourse keep 1/5 at 
    each of the other two points incase you miss someone. :D
    General Tips
    - Use the top floors of buildings to your advantage.
    - Mine up vital junctions to route enemy tanks.
    - Dyno ambushes work great too.
    - When pinned down, go around. (that rymes :D)
    Level 5
    Section 5A Cool Things - pointless things that are just fun :D
    Black Holes - Ya everybody knows about these but if you don't look behind the 
    British Airfield in Gazala. Experement with it its more fun then me telling you 
    :D. Also in The Invasion of the Phillipeens map on some of the water passages 
    (not ones you walk in ones that are deep enough to swim) if you look down in a 
    few places there are things that lookexactly like the one in Gazala (too bad you
    can swim down and take a look)
    Wing Walking - Have some one fly a plane while you get on the wing. As long as 
    they don't turn fast or anything you can stay on for a while. You can stay on 
    real good on the B17 and maybe the German heavy bomber in the BoB map(havn't 
    Turbo Mod - This mod is fun if you want to n00b around a bit. Jets on everything
    so you fly jeeps around, get carriers on an island, and cause all sorts of utter
    chaos. I think you can find it at www.bf1942files.com
    Jeeps with guns - Have a few people ride on the hood of a jeep and you can 
    preform CoD stlye drive by shootings in addition to making work for the road 
    crews cleaning up road kill.
    (Feel free to submit your own)
    Section 5B Hero's Tales 
    Before we start feel free to send in your own stories by emailing me at my 
    adress up there in section 1D. Just insert these few simple things at the start
    to make my job easier and your submitions will only be edited for language (I.E
    changing words to **** and what not)
    Title: (What you'd like your story to be called)
    Name: (Who submited)
    Size: (2 vs 2, 5 vs 5, etc , doesn't have to be exact)
    Side: (axis, allies, Americans, etc)
    Type of game: (conquest, Capture the Flag, ETC)
    Feel free to submit stories from mods, expansions,or even SP I just won't 
    comment on them as don't have them. (I do have SP its just odd to submit one
    from it :D)
    Here are some examples from me and my friends to give you an Idea of what to
    Title: Straing Runs
    Name: OrangeP47 (me :D)
    Map: Invasion of the Phillpeens
    Size: 4 vs 4 (about)
    Side: Jappaneese
    Type: Conquest
    This was back in the good old days when my clan had members. One of the first 
    times we played when I was the leader. All four of us were held up at the 
    airfeild and the Allies were comming from all directions. Me and a Corperal were
    waiting by the runway hoping a plane would show up. One did and we got in. I got
    tail gunner unfortuatly because with my joystick I can dogfight with the best of
    them but I love tailgunning none the less. The poilet wasn't that good and 
    agreed to just set me up for straifing runs. On our first pass I Didn't fire 
    just gathered recon and noticed that two were comming along the bridge, one was 
    out in the harbor on a PT boat, and one was already landed over there so the 
    poilet lined me ip for an attack on the boat. As we came up the poilet fired and
    bombed from far away witch realy didn't do anything but aperently scared the guy
    and he jumped out into the water and I had a clean shot at him and scored one 
    kill. In the mean time our two team members took out the two coming across the 
    bridge but the third guy got them and was running around the flag trying to 
    capture it. He saw us comming and ran into a building so on our next pass the 
    poilet set us up straight over the doors. As we went over the guy hid inside and
    I didn't get a shot but I fired anyway in rage and apperently the bullets went 
    thew a windown and got him. We both didn't understand it but I was happy for the
    kill any way :D.
    Title: House to House
    Name: OrangeP47
    Map: Berlin
    Size: 20 vs 20
    Side: Russian
    Type: Conquest
    Well me and my friend from the clan arrived late on this server to find that 
    ourteam had been pinned down. Luckaly they were very team orented and soon
    we had 5 or 6 guys following us threw the back ally. We made it to the first 
    outpost but found they had their tank there and in two shots we were all dead. 
    (note to self, don't bunch up) Well they figured out we were going that way so 
    they figured they didn't need their guys guarding the back outposts so they set 
    up shop in the building at the end. (I guess thats where they came from, it 
    seemed all their other guys were still where they were before) Before long we 
    were pinned back there so we got our sniper to snipe a few of their gunners in 
    the windows. He got a few but the rest hid inside so all the other guys and me 
    ran up there. Well guess what the gunners got over being chickan and poped 
    their heads back out to fire and took out a good half of us. That left me and 
    three other guys. We were all assult exept for one medic so he went in last. We 
    secured the first floor fast and got healed. Next we threw our granades up the
    stairs and charged in. For once I was glad I was near the end cause the first 
    two got mowed down but I took the rest out with my gun as the guard reloaded.
    Luckaly for me and the medic he was the only guard on that floor. The medic ran
    off to clear the other stories but I was about 5 of them out the windows on the 
    outpost side. I decided it was worth it and the Russian assult gun could handle 
    it. (I love that gun :D) So I walked over and got four outta five but the fifth
    hid. So I was sittin there for a few seconds reloading when guess what now, the
    tank is still there and I get blow to shreds. Not a good ending but this is 
    here to give you an idea of the backally combat.

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