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"A Good Game, But Suffers Balencing Issues"

When Battlefield 1942 was announced I was very excited, I mean the ability to fight in the great battles of World War 2 from the comfort of a tank or flying around on a plane delivering death from above was mind blowing to me. Indeed, I got much of what I had hoped and expected in the game but certain aspects, which will be explained in detail later on, kept me from playing it daily.

I'll start off with the sound; whenever I play this game I always feel like cranking the sound waaaayyyy up so that my ear drums practically explode from all the shells and explosions, now THIS is the war your Grandpappy fought. The voice actors are on the money, you can tell exactly which ones are British, American, Russian, German and Japanese and by playing the game you pick up a few words in foreign languages that may be in use one day (ie, Medic!)

The sound also plays a very important part in the gameplay, if you hear a the engine of the plane, you know to take cover or you'll end up pushing up daisies, likewise if you hear the turret of a tank blasting away, you'll know to break out the Bazooka and grenades and fire away.

Moving onto graphics, I can play this game at a Medium/High resolution on my P4 2.8 GHz Geforce 5600 with 512 RAM very smoothly. It is not a high end machine, but even with my computer you can make out all the details in a soldier, like his facial hair, his eyes blinking and even pockets in his uniform. The Vehicles and weapons are fairly accurate, the most hardcore Warbuff will find some minor imperfections, but the casual player will have no real problem

The basic Gameplay of Battlefield 1942 is as follows- there are two sides, Axis and Allies duking it out on a large battlefield in which both sides must
try to deplete each others tickets. Tickets can be reduced by killing an enemy (every enemy you kill takes away a ticket from that team) When you capture a base, the enemy tickets will slowly reduce. The game is over when all the tickets are depleted on one side or until the timer runs outs.

The Single-Player includes a campaign which basically ties all the maps in a row so that after one map is finished, the other starts. The Bots are incredibly stupid in Single Player and are only useful for getting to know that maps and practicing your flying skills. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME FOR THE SINGLE PLAYER. I cannot stress this enough. This game was purely made for Multiplayer.

The maps are spread out across four theatres, Russian, Pacific, Europe and Africa. The African theatre is arguably the worst theatre in the entire game.
It entire dominated by Snipers, Tanks and Planes; leaving the average Joe Infantryman screwed over dying ever 20 seconds or so. The other maps are much
much better, you will have a complete blast desperately shooting planes with your AA gun, as they bomb the base all around you. You'll have a blast
conquering a base as you and your other tank buddies and blow soldiers sky high. This game can be incredibly fun.

Note the Word can

Battlefield 1942 is one of those games that gets made or broken by the kind of people that play it because this game is meant to be played online. Most of
the time you will find one pilot totally dominating the entire server. Use an AA Gun you say? That would work but even on maps which are focused on airplane combat there are only 2-4 AA guns in the entire map, making it insanely easy for any person that has a joystick to get into a plane, fly around and rack a few dozen kills without ever getting shot down.

Another problem is with tanks, they are fairly overpowered as a single tank can easily destroy the toughest defences. Use a Bazooka you say? Most people are so worried about kills that they simply will not use a Bazooka even if their own Mom was about to be blown to bits by a tank. There is very little teamwork so almost everyone simply chooses the biggest gun and blast away until they die.

There are 5 classes, but they could ditch the entire class system and no one would notice. The Snipers never help the team out, Medics rarely heal anyone
besides themselves, Engineers plant landmines in the stupidest places or never ever heal a vehicle unless they are in it. Good Anti-tank soldiers are rare,so most of the time you will be at the mercy of a tank pounding away at your bases. The Assault class is what most of the team will play, so you'll be pretty much screwed if you need a sniper to pick off an MG or if you need to destroy a tank thats blowing your base to pieces.

Overall, if you want a World War 2 Online experience with planes and tanks and total freedom, Battlefield 1942 is for you; however if you're like me and can't stand that fact that planes and tanks pretty much dominate the game, you'll want to steer clear of this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/05/05

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