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"A sloppy transition into a 3D world..."

G.I. Combat is a real time strategy game that takes place in a totally 3D enviroment. Made by the same people who made the Close Combat series, this game kept the same concept, but was poorly done. G.I. Combat takes place during World War II and it is historically accurate, weapons and all. The game is filled with different types of infantry, armored units, and neat features such as artillery fire. Very similar to the Close Combat series, which was practically perfected, they decided to turn the game into 3D. This transition caused problems and just isn't as high quality as the 2D.

Gameplay: G.I. Combat is a real time strategy game where you must capture positions on the battlefield from the enemy. If you are familiar with the Close Combat series, then let me be the first to say, nothing has changed. Victory will be yours if you deploy your troops tactically and move them strategically. If you lack realistic strategy, you will lose many troops. The artificial intelligence is unforgiving. Its not very smart, but its good at killing your troops. Prior to going into battle, you pick your troops. You have a limited amount to pick, so make sure you have the most effecient squad. From there, you deploy them on the battlefield. Then you must move them and take the enemy positions and when enough men have died and you have all the positions, victory is yours. Be smart, don't move your troops blindly across the field with no cover fire. Also, conserve ammo! Numerous times have the majority of my team ran out of ammo.

Story: The story is set during WWII. You can also be on either side of the battle.

Sound: The sound is very realistic. Even when there is no fighting going on, you can still hear the distant rumble of bombs, guns, etc, but when you do get into a firefight, it is excellent. The gernades going off, the exchange of fire across a field and the screaming...its very well done. The explosions, the voices, the guns, the sound effects, everything sounds nice. Put your headphones on for this game...

Graphics: The graphics are okay. All the vehicles and units are represented nicely. The trees are done okay. However, the bushes and other landscaping graphics are not. Bushes are represented by a thin green wall which has barely any 3D modeling whatsoever. The units look good and the animations are realistic. People running, people walking, people going prone, people crouching, people burning, people dying, it all looks nice. All together, the graphics aren't that impressive and aren't up to date with some of the games on the market now, but it is still good looking and gets the job done.

Flaws: The game resembles Close Combat a lot. However, its transition into 3D created problems. I can't put my finger on it, but its just not as fun as the 2D WWII games. The camera is also a problem. You will find yourself trying to get a good view of whats going on and instead of actually moving your troops. The last problem I encountered which really bugged me was the artificial intelligence. If you played Close Combat, then you probably know how stupid the A.I. can be. However, this game is much worse. The units are plain out retarded. Somtimes I would order them to a location and they would linger about twenty yards behind it. Then I would go just alittle bit farther to make them go to the desired spot, but instead they would go too far and out in the wide open for a machine gun to pick them off.

Replayability: Its replayability is all up to you. If you enjoy the game, then this game could last a really long time. However, if you don't like this game, then its over quick. You might not even explore deep enough to find out all its goodies. So it all depends on you taste and your tolerance.

Conclusion: G.I. Combat is a decent game. It is fun and enjoyable, if you like realistic combat. However, its not for everyone. If you really like games like this, then you might be able to tolerate its flaws. If you don't like this type of game, then stay clear of this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/24/02, Updated 11/24/02

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