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"I've never been so excited about worms!!"

I went over to my friend's house to enjoy a movie, it was bad so we ditched it and resorted to his computer. I noticed a CD case with ''Worms World Party'' on it, asked about it, and 5 minutes later I was hooked.

Worms World Party is the 4th title in the Worms series. As a worm-battle-strategy game in which you command a team of bazooka-wielding worms, this is the most fun you can have with worms and your computer.

You fight at least one other of these ''worm'' teams, and the teams can have from 1 to 8 worms per battle. You can create your on team in-game and give them names, set their language (during the battle your worms talk and babble, it's quite funny), and change several other options.

In the battles, one team's worm will go, he can move around, choose which weapon to use (from grenades to a napalm strike, back to a shotgun) and fire his weapon. A worm from the other team will get to go next, and it keeps switching back and forth like this until there's 1 team of worms left.

You must use your environment to your advantage. For instance, if you're up on a ledge firing down at someone else whos stuck in a pit, they have nothing to do but take the damage. But make sure you don't get stuck yourself.

Story: 1/10
I didn't even bother to read the game's story, if there IS a story... but I don't really want one. It would make the game more serious, when it's supposed to be funny.

Graphics: 8/10
They are quite simple 2-D graphics with 3-D backgrounds. They're really funny looking too. Kind of cute :)

Sound: 8/10
What can I say except that they're war sounds. Kind of funny, cute war sounds :) And the worms talking is hilarious.

Lasting-Ability: 7/10
Yes there are infinite maps because they're randomly generated and you can make your own, but they DO get a little old...

Challenge: 8/10
The multiplayer-games challenge factor depend on where your worms appear, how good your opponent is, etc.

However, the 1 Player missions are difficult, I have yet to finish the first one. Some of the trainings are difficult as well.

Overall, I say you should buy this game because it's quite fun and it does make you laugh, quite amusing. I spent 20 bucks on it when I did go out and buy it, so I thought it was a good deal.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/16/01, Updated 09/16/01

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