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Reviewed: 12/03/01 | Updated: 12/03/01

The greatest Worms game yet!!!

I've ALWAYS been a fan of the Worms series... From the original Worms, and on, the series has gotten better and better with each new release. This one actually had a few problems though... When it was released, alot of players who played Worms: Armageddon often said that this version was just that game, only with tiny add-ons. But that just isnt so... the new additions are a little hard to spot originally, I'll admit, but once you realize what they are and what they do, you'll wonder how you ever did without them. However, if you are going to buy this version, I suggest you go online and download the WWP scheme editor as well. Do this, because certain menu options were actually REMOVED from the game, like the ability to set indestructible terrain, but the scheme editor fixes that entirely. So no problems there.

New features:

Wormpot: Easily the best new feature here. Set up to look like a slot machine reel, you select a special game setting in each box, and the 3 combine to become the settings for the game. All of these are ''special'' settings... not things that you could just set in the options menus. Stuff like ''slippy mode'', where the land is extra slippery, ''Earthquakes'', where an earthquake hits every few turns, and my personal favorite, ''Points for Weapons'', where you get 100 ''points'', and must use these to purchase different weapons for your team (this is done when you first create your team, and stays with your team permanantly, but you can go back and change it, of course). You really have to plan ahead when you do this. 100 points isnt very much, and you have to make sure you have a balanced set of weapons you can work with. This mode brings back the stratagy of the original worms: you have a limited number of weapons, and sometimes, when you are low, you might have to improvise, and use weapons in ways that you wouldnt think of otherwise, like building a stairway with a bazooka. Also, you never know what weapons your opponents are set up with, so you have to plan for every possibility if you want to win.

The new missions are also great... much more well done, and much more difficult than the ones in W:A. My favorite is the one where you have to grab a jetpack and fly around, trying to dodge the ultimate weapon, Armageddon. Whats more, you can download the new Mission Editor to create your own missions. Awesome.

2 player missions are a neat addition, but I dont see them much in online play...

Wormnet is..... Ok. The problems left by the hackers back in W:A are, for some reason, still there... like the rankings system, which is NOT up. so everyone just crams in one room. I wonder if they will ever fix it? But of course playing online is AWESOME.

Go buy this game for yourself... you wont be disappointed. There are many new features that I did not mention here, but I'll leave them for you to find on your own. Dont try looking for cheats, though... there arent any.

If you get onto Wormnet, look for me, Im ''SINISTRO'' on there, of course. But dont bother challenging me unless you are very good. See ya there!

My Rating of Worms World Party: 10/10 (buy this game NOW!!!)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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