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Reviewed: 06/21/02 | Updated: 06/21/02

Worms Armageddon, where are you???

Worms World Party continues on the fantastic Worms series. Even after Team17 said that Worms Armageddon was going to be the last game in the series, there came another can of worms. This one was going to be a world party sensation. Team17, nice try, but this wasn't exactly the new Worms experience I was looking for. Even though I gave the previous Worms Armageddon a score of 10, I can't bash the bad points of this game enough. No wonder this game's CD has been collecting dust while my Worms Armageddon is being overused as we speak. Enough babble, let's see the categories:

Graphics 7/10
The graphics are quite nice in the actual play mode. It does remind me of the good days of Worms 2. All the animations are still smooth as silk. In a way, it's EXACTLY identical to Worms Armageddon. Maybe we could have something a little different? Well, maybe not. The 2D perspective is the standard for Worms games, and the graphics still are the exact same pixelized selves, so maybe a clone isn't that bad anyway.

Now the menu graphics are terrible. WAY TOO CARTOONY!!! Come on, the graphics that you see in the menus are so much like Barney! Cute, peaceful and non-threatening. Oh look, those worms are probably holding plush grenades and dynamite in the menus! Team17, unless you really wanted to make an impact on 5-12 year olds, maybe you should have made the graphics more war-like. Quite a disappointment. Indeed.

Control 9/10
What can I say about the control? It's still excellent with only a couple of minor flaws. The weapons still control smoothly, and your Worm motion still looks realistic. There is no lag in between the controls. One flaw though is that jumping can sometimes be crazy (especially when you have to jump across small gaps), leading to a miss and possibly a drowning worm. No complaints here!

Gameplay 6/10
This is where I wonder why Worms World Party was even released in the first place. The regular deathmatch and multiplayer modes are still great, with the strategy and timing of its ancestors. The area that takes 4 points off is the MISSIONS. Unlike the excellent ones in Worms Armageddon, the ones here are excruciatingly difficult and frustrating!

Missions like ''Apple of Your Eye'' are just plain annoying (mines falling from the sky. Ugh.) Missions like ''Pie Eating Piper'' is TOO HARD!!! It's almost impossible, because the CPU has a Concrete Donkey that he uses if you stray at least 5 pixels away from the blue chunk of terrain! I have completed every single mission, although not without help from a strategy guide.

Like I say, the missions are the only part of the gameplay. Everything else is good.

Sound and Music 9/10
The sound is still as godly as it was in Worms Armageddon. The worms (new soundbanks!), weapons and other things still sound terrific!

The music is good, as it features the tunes from Worms Armageddon. It also has a few new songs, which aren’t so hot, but they’re not bad. Which explains my score of 9.

Internet Play 8/10
WormNET2 is a way to play Worms World Party with other players around the internet. It’s nice, but it has one flaw that the original WormNET (Worms Armageddon Internet Play) had. You can’t see the players in the channels. So if you’re in a WWP clan, you won’t be able to see the wormers in the channels without actually entering the channel itself.

A good point about WN2 is that there is NO MORE CHAT LAG!!! Chat lag is the only really major flaw of WormNET, so WormNET2 gains an extra point for that.

Basic Points

+Good in-game graphics…
+Excellent control
+No more chat lag in WormNET2!!!

-…terrible menu graphics!
-Some depressing new music
-Team17 went downhill after this with Worms Blast. Darn you WWP, darn you.

Overall, this game is still a good Worms experience, but it doesn't have the charm of Worms Armageddon. WA is a better experience than this.

Until next time, Wormers.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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