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"One of the Best Sequel Ever"

Worms World Party – One of the best Worm Series Game

Worms World Party is one of the latest sequels to the Worms Series. The entire Team 17 project started from Worms 1, to Worms 2, then to Worms Armageddon and then finally to this. After this, Team 17 decided to drop the Worms system and started Worms Blast, which in my opinion is one of the worst Worms’s expansions sadly. Team 17 should have stuck to the old system and produce better Worms’s games.

Gameplay: 10
The game is incredibly fun. In store for you when you play this game is a bunch of wacky ground crawlers, which have no purpose in life except blasting each other’s off. In multiplayer, it’s even more fun! Trust me, nothing beats looking at your opponent’s face when you prod his worm down into the murky depths. Besides this, there are also weapons that will turn your opponent’s face green. Those weapons that are incredibly cool, and weapons that will send the worms flying sky-high that will allow them to snag the NASA award. It’s hilarious, and you’ll have tons of fun playing this game. I was so addicted to Worms; I even put my Internet nickname as something associated to Worms. My CS nick is Worm-ish Stomach, and my MSN Nick is the Millennium Worm!

Audio: 9
Worms World Party is really wacky! That’s the word to describe it! All the worms are hilarious, and if you don’t even laugh while playing this game, trust me, you need a doctor. The worm’s voice is cute, and some are so dead serious you’ll burst out laughing. Worms, serious? That’s a new one! They will scream, wail and say whatever you can think of when you hit them or blast them to the next planet. Explosions and blasts are normal during each turn. In fact it’s very likable.

Graphics: 8
Every single worm looks alike, which is one bad point. However, Team 17 soon covers that up with no trouble at all. Each worm is so cute, and they seem to do weird stuffs when they are not commanded. Worms will dig around the ground for dirt to eat; they will pluck their eyebrows and act as if they were moustaches! Worms will also curse each other; sending menacing stares that will make you roll on the floor laughing away. Weapons are also very goofily drawn, the dynamite seems to expand after each second and finally blow up. The holy hand grenade will echo a small prayer before it explodes, causing devastating damage.

Story: 5
No story involved in Worms World Party, which are a bad thing and a good thing. The bad thing is, there’s no storyline! You have no idea what you are made for, why you must kill each other, and why Worms can’t swim! However, it’s also a good thing ‘cause nobody cares! Each Wormer just aims to kill each other, no questions asked.

Replayability: 8
After 3 rounds or so, you seem to get bored and have the urge to quit. However, after 1 round, you definitely want to continue. One round isn’t enough! Mark my words; you need at least 2 rounds to satisfy your Worm-ish thirst! Besides, you may lose your first round, and get some payback on the second. Yea, get ‘em Bob!

Buy or Rent?: BUY
If you have enough Worms’s expansions up your sleeves already, you may want to pass this one up. Why? The reason is twofold, simply because there’s basically only new missions, some extra multiplayer missions and really goofy trainings to be added into this sequel. However, if you are an extreme Wormer, why not? That’s what I am, and I bought this game. It proved to be fun, really fun. Get this, wormer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/13/02, Updated 03/01/03

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