Review by radred2004

Reviewed: 04/18/05

Still the best Worms game in 2005!

Worms World Party is personally my favorite worms game. It has so much to offer. It has many more weapons than Worms 3D and Forts Under Siege! It has the best worms multiplayer mode! It is one of the most fun and funny games on a PC.

Story: 6/10

This game doesn’t really have a story, but instead it has some interesting missions to play. I don’t think this game needs a story, because it is still a great game without it.

Gameplay: 10/10

When you play Worms World Party, you may never want to put it down. Your mission is to destroy enemy worms using a variety of weapons. It is a war game where you play as worms. There are so many weapons to choose from. With weapon and utility crates, this game never gets old and adds more weapons and fun. Worms World Party is great for everyone’s difficulty level, as we practically create the game ourselves! You can edit how the terrain looks and choose from many different terrains, create your own team of worms, choose the weapons you want to play with, tell how much time you want to play for, and much more! There is also a variety of different ways to play like with Aqua Sheep, blood mode, and fort mode. Most of the weapons are easy to use and easy to choose from. The best part is multiplayer! Every team can have a total amount of 18 worms altogether, and up to 6 teams can play. Not only that, this game can be played over the internet for even more fun. Worms World Party definitely offers a better multiplayer mode than Worms Forts Under Siege in my opinion. I would say the only bad part about Worms World Party is that it isn’t 3D and the missions are not as great as Worms 3D. However, with so much more weapons and different ways to play, why does it matter? This game is hard to put down once you start playing it; it’s so addictive.

Graphics: 8/10

There is nothing extraordinary about the graphics. They don’t hurt the game, nor make it any better. Although, I think the graphics are very suitable to the Worms game and make it a classic. The weapon animations are also great, especially when there are huge explosions!

Music/Sound: 9/10

Just like the graphics, the music is okay. It’s nothing exciting. While you’re playing, you can hardly hear the music sometimes because of all the weapon explosions, but there is nothing bad about it. The sound and its effects are even better. After a team wins, there is a battle cry which is pretty cool. Also, the worms say funny things in different languages while you’re playing, and the explosions sound real.

Replayability: 10/10

As I said before, this game is very addictive. It has so many weapons and modes to choose from, that you’ll never get bored. You can edit the game and tweak the rules to add even more fun and replayability. This makes the game have one of the best replay abilities ever. You may never want to stop playing this game, as long as you enjoy it!

Overall: 8.6/10 rounds up to 9/10.

This game was worth the money to me. Before you buy Worms 3D or Worms Forts Under Siege, I suggest you try Worms World Party first. It’s way easier and way more fun. If you like the worms games and haven’t played this game yet, you should try it because you’ll most likely not be upset with this game. If you like battling or war games, definitely rent or borrow this game. However, if you want better worms missions, buy Worms 3D. Other than that, Worms World Party is the best.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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