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"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh man, did I love this game."

Okay, so we're going down to Reno for my Aunt's 50th birthday. We're gonna see a lot of family, but mainly, I'm looking forward to seeing someone who is actually my favorite cousin. He's really cool. So he shows me his new laptop, and he's going to give me some freeware games he got. Then I notice a folder called WWP. I'm all, "Dude, what's that?" He responds that it's a game by the name of Worms World Party. I brushed it off. Wasn't too awesome-sounding. Then I played it. Oh... My... God.... One of the greatest games ever. Allow me to elaborate:

Story 0/10
What story? You just take weapons of mass destruction (not to mention weapons of mass comedy) and blow the other team to smithereens. (It's actually not that violent. It's quite cartoony, but amazingly fun.)

Sound 9/10
I don't really think I have ever noticed music in this game, but the sound is pretty cool. Explosions sound like Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, and all that, and that's another thing I loved about this game. The voices are pretty squeaky, but they're supposed to be.

Graphics 9/10
Like the sound, this game has pretty dated graphics. This game's a 2000 release, and so pales in the face of the X-BOX 360 and all, but who cares? You can have the greatest graphics and crappy gameplay and no one wants to play it. You don't play a game for prettiness. You play it for fun!

Gameplay 10/10
For those of you who have read my other reviews for games like Majesty, I usually try to save this and replay value for last. Why? Because they are where the games I review really shine. For WWP, the gameplay is great. There are so many weapons, and the game you play is customizable in almost every single respect. Weapons, ammo *which you can make infinite. :)*, and all that. The sheer volume of weapons in this game is amazing. You can also use weapons for different ends, too. I like to use the blow torch to dig a tunnel where no one can touch me and then phone in air strikes on my enemies. Very Awesome.

Replay Value 10/10
Nowadays, I'm all about replay value. That's why I buy games like Bloodlines, Just about anything in the Final Fantasy Series, and games like that. The thing about this game is that it's all versus mode. You can do the missions if you want, but the main idea here is the versus mode, either between you and a human, or you and a computer. I love this game.

But or Rent?
Dude, seriously BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!! It's hard to find in stores, so I recommend or Really good sites to get your stuff.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/05/05

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