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    Master Artisan Guide by Talhavin

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Master Artisan Guide
    Version 1.0
    .Index     /
    1- Version History
    2- Races
    3- Artisan Skills
     3.1- Novice Artisan
     3.2- Engineering
     3.3- Domestic Arts
     3.4- Business
     3.5- Surveying
     3.6- Master Artisan
    4- Elite Professions
     4.1- Architect
     4.2- Weaponsmith
     4.3- Armorsmith
     4.4- Droid Engineer
     4.5- Tailor
     4.6- Chef
     4.7- Merchant
    5- Bazaar/Player Stores
     5.1- Selling
     5.2- Buying
    6- Tips and Advice
    7- Frequently Asked Questions 
    8- Copyright and Author's Note
    9- Credits
    .Introduction    /
    Artisans are the crafters of Star Wars Galaxies. They can
    craft items of any category, although cannot make all the
    items of each category. They can make basic clothings pieces,
    but require the Tailor profession to extensively cover the
    whole clothing category. An artisan can make any basic item
    but lacks the skill to make the better items. To make those
    items, you will have to take on a specific profession. Those
    professions are: Chef, Tailor, Architect, Weaponsmith, 
    Armorsmith, Merchant and Droid Engineer. Master Artisans are
    players that have covered each 4 skill trees of the profession.
    Now, on to the goods.
    1-.Version History     /
      May 16: 1.0 - Created the FAQ 
      June 18: 1.5 - Finished the Elite Professions section
    2-.Races    /
    Any race can take on any profession although some can be very
    difficult with an inadequate race. Each race has its advantages and
    disadvantages. Stats are determined by the "HAM" bar (Health,
    Action and Mind). These three categories each have two sub-categories.
    Health has Strength and Constitution. Action has Quickness and Stamina.
    Finally, Mind has Focus and Will. Artisans need Action for sampling
    and a small amount of Mind for surveying. Here is the list of each race
    with its stats. You'll noticed I don't list Health as I find it irrevelant
    for Artisans unless you intend to have a fighting profession too.
     Humans: Humans are, well, humans. Their skin covers from white to black.
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  Every human has a +15 crafting. Humans start with 900 Action
             and 1000 Mind. They make good crafters with good stats as well
             as their +15. Humans are an excellent choice for Artisans
             and the best choice if you do not intend on sampling for resources.
     Bothans: Bothans are humans with a dog-like face. They have 1100
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  Action and 1000 Mind. They make good Artisans. Their
              high Action bar allows them to sample for an extended
              amount of time before tiring. They do not get any crafting
              bonus which is their only disadvantage. Bothans are a good
              choice for Artisans who will rely on sampling resources to craft.
     Mon Calamari: Mon Calamari have human bodies with a big fish-like
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  head and eyes on its sides. Their skin can be almost
                   any color. They begin with 800 Action and 1200 Mind.
                   Their Action is low but their Mind is very high. I
                   would recommend Mon Calamari as Artisans since they
                   have +10 weapon/structure assembly. Their disadvantage
                   is that they have a low Action bar and can't sample
                   very long. They are a great choice of race for the
                   Artisan profession.
     Rodians: Rodians are humanoid alien-like people. They have big eyes and
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  antenas. They have 1000 Action and 900 Mind. They have a very
              good Action bar. They can therefore sample for a long time before
              tiring. They also have the benefit of +10 weapon assembly,
              making them good weaponsmiths. They are a good choice for the
              Artisan profession.
     Trandoshans: Trandoshans are big, reptilian creatures. They begin with 800
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  Action and 900 Mind. They have both a low Action and a low
                  Mind bar. I wouldn't recommend Trandoshans as Artisans. They
                  are the worst choice for this profession. Take them as fighters
     Twi'Leks: Twi'Leks can have almost any skin color and have long "ears"
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  called. They begin with 1050 Action and 1000 Mind. They aren't
               such good choice since they have don't have any special crafting
               features. They do have a good Action bar though.
     Wookiees: Wookiees are tall, massive humanoids creatures covered in fur.
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  They have 1000 Action and 1000 Mind. They are not so bad as
               Artisans but I wouldn't recommend them because there are many
               better races out there for crafting professions. Wookiees are
               much better at fighting. They are not a good choice.
     Zabrak: Zabraks are humans with many horns covering their heads as
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  well as tatoos on their face. They have 1100 Action and 900 Mind.
             They are a good choice, just behind bothans and humans although
             they do not get any special features for crafting.
    Humans are the best choice if you do not intend on extracting many resources.
    They have +15 crafting which is a definite plus. Rodians are also a good
    choice if you intend on sampling for resources. 
    3-.Artisan Skills      /
    The Artisan profession is composed of 4 skill trees. They are
    from left to right, Engineering, required for the Architect, 
    Weaponsmith, Armorsmith and Droid Engineer professions. Domestic
    Arts are required for either Tailor or Chef. Business is required
    for the Merchant profession and finally Surveying which does not
    lead to any elite profession. 
    If you intend on becoming a master Artisan, you'll need to learn 
    each of the 4 skills in those 4 trees. Experience is gained as 
    "General Crafting Experience" for Engineering, Domestic Arts and 
    Business. This experience grows simultaniously for the crafting 
    trees, and once it hits the required amount to learn a skill, it 
    can be used on any of the three skill trees. Once that skill is 
    learned, the experience used disappears from the two other trees 
    not yet learnt.
    An important thing to know when one is an artisan, is that upon
    learning certain skills, you will obtain schematics. These allow
    you to make new items. Many skills also provide skill modifications
    (Ex: +15 surveying, therefore your surveying skill will improve).
    3.1-.Novice Artisan   /
    I strongly suggest you start your character as an artisan, therefore
    you will begin with the skill "Novice Artisan". If you do not start
    your character as one, you must seek an artisan trainer and pay him
    1000 credits. (Note: You CANNOT learn this skill for free from other
    players!) This skill gives the following mods and schematics.
    Mods: Armor Customization +20
          Artisan Assembly +20
          Artisan Experimentation +20
          Clothing Customization +20
          Surveying +20
    Schematics: Barrel, Grip, Survival Knife, Generic Crafting Tool,
                Fishing Pole, 6 and 10 Sided Dice, Chance Cube,
                CDEF Rifle/Pistol/Carbine, Type 1/2/3 fireworks,
                Flora/Solar/Wind/Gas/Chemical/Mineral/Water Surveying Tool,
                Generic Melee Weapon Kit(Power-up), Wookiee Hide Jerkin,
                Spiced Tea, Travel Biscuits, Bofa Treat, Small Glass,
                Simple Shirt, Casual Shoes, Casual Pants
    Abilities: Surveying and Sampling
    Requirements: 15 skill points
    3.2-.Engineering   /
    Engineering I... Mods: Armor Customization +20
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Artisan Assembly +10
                           Artisan Experimentation +10
                     Schematics: Wood Staff, Twelve/Twenty/One Hundred Sided
                                 Dice, Coupler, Muzzle, Droid Battery, Type 
                                 4/5 Fireworks, Food and Chemical/Clothing and
                                 Armor/Structure and Furniture/Weapon, Droid
                                 and General Item Crafting Tools    
                     Requirements: 500 General Crafting XP
                                   2 Skill Points
    Engineering II... Mods: Armor Customization +20
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Artisan Assembly +10
                            Artisan Experimentation +10
                      Schematics: Weapon/Armor/Droid Repair Tool, Configurable
                                  Dice, Bone Armor Gloves/Boots/Segments, 
                                  Reinforced Combat Staff, Grenade Wiring Kit,
                                  Scope, Type 10 Firework
                      Requirements: 1000 General Crafting XP
                                    3 Skill Points
    Engineering III... Mods: Armor Customization +20
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Artisan Assembly +10
                             Artisan Experimentation +10
                       Schematics: Bone Armor Helmet/Right Bicep/Left Bicep/
                                   Leggins, Dagger, Type 11 Firework, Mines
                                   Explosives Kit, Deed for Personal Mineral
                                   Extractor/Micro Flora Farm/Wind Power
                       Requirements: 3000 General Crafting XP
                                     4 Skill Points
    Engineering IV... Mods: Armor Customization +20
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Artisan Assembly +10
                            Artisan Experimentation +10
                      Schematics: Heavy Axe, Bone Armor Chest/Left Bracer/
                                  Right Bracer, Deed for Personal Natural
                                  Gas Processor/Personal Chemical Extractor/
                                  Personal Moisture Vaporisator, Stock, 
                                  Grenade Explosives Kit, Type 18 Firework
                      Requirements:6000 General Crafting XP
                                   5 Skill Points
                     Title Obtained: Engineer        
    3.3-.Domestic Arts   /
    Domestic Arts I... Mods: Clothing Customization +20
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Artisan Assembly +10
                             Artisan Experimentation +10
                       Schematics: Aitha, Fiberplast Panel, Blob Candy,
                                   Carbosyrup Exo Protein Wafer, Shorts,
                                   Wrinkled Pants, Headwrap, Plain Robe,
                                   Clothing Repair Tool, Wookiee Arm Wraps,
                                   Simple Waist Wrap
                       Requirements: 500 General Crafting XP
                                     2 Skill Points
    Domestic Arts II... Mods: Clothing Customization +20
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Artisan Assembly +10
                              Artisan Experimentation +10
                        Schematics: Dough, K-18 Rations, Crispic, Caf, Metal
                                    Fasteners, Plain Short Robe, Hide Boots,
                                    Tree-Dweller's Hood, Wrapped Skirt,
                                    Shortsleeve Jacket, Shortsleeve Shirt
                        Requirements: 1000 General Crafting XP
                                      3 Skill Points
    Domestic Arts III... Mods: Clothing Customization +20
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Artisan Assembly +10
                               Artisan Experimentation +10
                         Schematics: Weighted Wookiee Pullover, Casual Jacket,
                                     Leather Gloves, Multipocket Belt, Two 
                                     Pocket Belt, Caramelized Pkned, Kanali
                                     WafersJawa Beer, Ruby Bliel, Work Slacks,
                                     Pocketed Work Pants, Soft Undershirt
                         Requirements: 3000 General Crafting XP
                                       4 Skill Points
    Domestic Arts IV... Mods: Clothing Customization +20
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Artisan Assembly +10
                              Artisan Experimentation +10
                        Schematics: Weighted Wookiee Hood, Labour Jacket,
                                    Travel Pack Jaar, Starshine Surprise,
                                    Light Additive Large Glass, Frock,
                                    Wrapped Boots, Administrator Robe,
                                    Maiden Dress, Teltier Noodles, Shoulder
                                    Strap, Dustcrepe, 
                        Requirements: 6000 General Crafting XP
                                      5 Skill Points
                        Title Obtained: Homemaker
    3.4-.Business   /
    Business I... Abilities: You can now place access fees on your buildings, 
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ              therefore people entering your house/store will 
                             be charged a fee of your choosing.
                  Requirements: 500 General Crafting XP
                                2 Skill Points
    Business II... Abilities: You can now place premium auctions on the bazaar.
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ               This allows you to place a star next to you auction,
                              making it more visible, although it will cost you 
                              additional credits.
                   Requirements: 1000 General Crafting XP
                                 3 Skill Points
    Business III... Mods: Hiring +10
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          Vendors +1
                    Requirements: 3000 General Crafting XP
                                  4 Skill Points
    Business IV... Mods: Hiring +10
                   Requirements: 6000 General Crafting XP
                                 5 Skill Points              
                   Title Obtained: Businessman
    3.5-.Surveying   /
    Each skill learned increases the range when you survey, the chance
    to succeed, and finally, the numbers sampled.
    Surveying I... Mods: Surveying +15
                   Requirements: 500 Surveying Experience
                                 2 Skill Points
    Surveying II... Mods: Surveying +20
                    Requirements: 2500 Surveying Experience
                                  3 Skill Points
    Surveying III... Mods: Surveying +20
                     Requirements: 5000 Surveying Experience
                                   4 Skill Points
    Surveying IV... Mods: Surveying +25
                    Requirements: 10000 Surveying Experience
                                  5 Skill Points
                    Title Obtained: Surveyor
    Surveying is the main source of resources. Unless you buy them or
    have a harvester, you must sample for resources. To survey, you must
    have the device you need for the specific type of resource you want.
    (Ex: Water surveying device surveys for water) As an artisan, you
    begin with many surveying devices. Use the device and select the
    resource you wish to sample. A list of percentages will appear on
    the mini map unless there is no such resource in the area, in that
    case, it will say so. Go near the highest percentage (No need to be
    exactly ON it, it will sample around the same percentage anyways).
    Then, click on "sample" you will begin extracting the resource of
    your choice. Depending on the percentage, you will extract bigger
    quantities of resources. Each percentage also has a color. The color
    represents the maximum number of resource you can extract from that
    location. Turquoise means almost full while grey means that they
    were all sampled. Red and any variant of the precedent colors mean
    inbetween quantities. 
    Surveying and sampling is quite tedious, that is why I recommend
    buying or using harvesters. Both are quite expensive for beginners.
    For more money, see the advice section. (7. Tips and Advice)
    3.6-.Master Artisan   /
    This is the last step before you achieve your goal of become a Master
    Artisan. You'll need Apprenticeship XP, which is obtained by teaching
    another player a skill you possess. You must not absolutely teach
    Artisan skills to others to get this XP, you can teach anyone other
    professions and it will accumulate in the same pool. You must have the
    skill you want to teach.
    Schematics: X34 Landspeeder, Speederbike, Swoopbike, Control Unit,
                Nemoidian Bird Cage, Micro Sensor Suite, Electronics
                Memory Module, Electronics GP Module, Power Conditionner,
                Energy Distributer
    Requirements: 620 Apprenticeship XP
                  6 Skill Points
    Total Abilites: Armor Customization +80
                    Armor Experimentation +20
                    Artisan Assembly +100
                    Artisan Experimentation +100
                    Clothing Customization +155
                    Hiring +20
                    Surveying +100
                    Vendors +2
    (Note: Those are all the abilities of the Artisan tree put together)
    I recommend the following areas to find players seeking training:
    there are a few crowded cities in each galaxy (Ex: Theed on Naboo,
    Coronet on Corellia etc.) Find the starport of the crowded city you
    found, and many people are usually in front of it. Many people also 
    hang out in cantinas, or in medical centers. I wouldn't suggest asking
    for money since no one will accept your services. Some people even
    offer money to others to train them! I wouldn't suggest that either
    unless you have money to give away. Just say something like "Training
    Artisan 3/2/2/3 for free near cantina!" The sections "?/?/?/?" are the
    skills in your skill trees, so 3-2-2-3 means you have Engineering III,
    Domestic Arts II etc. You could also shout it (/shout) so far away people
    can hear it. I also recommend saying your location ("near cantina")
    otherwise people won't know where to find you and even worse, find
    someone else while looking for you! Always be friendly with the people
    you train. If you are, you have more chances of getting a tip (A little
    bit a money). 
    4-.Elite Professions   /
    Once you have learned the 4 skills of one of the three crafting
    trees, you are given the possibility to begin one of the elite 
    crafting professions. You do not have to be master Artisan to 
    begin these profession. These professions require time and effort
    to master. Below you will find the role of each of these professions 
    and the type and amount of XP required to master the profession.
    4.1-.Architect     /
    Architects build houses, guild halls or stores for players in this game.
    Architects require great amounts of low-grade ore as well as a many of
    resources in fewer quantities to craft buildings. The Architect tree
    isn't very hard to master, even though it requires good amounts XP. 
    It requires 33,000 General Crafting XP, 1,408,000 Structure Crafting XP
    and 620 Apprenticeship XP. (Reminder: General Crafting Experience is 
    acquired by making any schematic an artisan has.) 
    4.2-.Weaponsmith   /
    Weaponsmiths are the weapon makers of Star Wars Galaxies. They can
    make any weapon (Except lightsabers). This profession relies on 
    selling its weapons as its main source of profit. Weaponsmiths are
    the only profession that have the possibility of making elite weapons
    such as Elite Carbines, T21 Rifles, Republic Blasters and much more.
    This profession requires Weapon Crafting Experience. This experience
    is acquired by crafting weapons. The total experience needed to master
    this profession is 896,000 Weapon Crafting Experience, 21,000 General
    Crafting Experience and 620 apprenticeship XP. 
    4.3-.Armorsmith    /
    Armorsmiths are the armor makers of Star Wars Galaxies. They can
    make almost any armor set (Except faction-exclusive armor sets).
    Armorsmiths are the only profession that can craft elite armor pieces
    such as Composite and Padded armor sets (And more...). This profession
    requires Armor Crafting Experience. This experience is acquired by
    crafting armor pieces. The total experience needed to master this
    profession is 716,800 Armor Crafting Experience, 16,800 General
    Crafting Experience and 620 apprenticeship XP. While still quite
    long to master, this profession requires less experience than it's
    weaponsmith counterpart.
    4.4-.Droid Engineers  /
    Droid engineers craft droids to help other players or themselves.
    Droids are like pets but don't need food to eat. Instead, they must
    recharge themselves on Droid Batteries which are crafted by Artisans.
    Some droids can fight alongside their master while others are merely
    helpful (Like the R2 Droid you get at the beginning). The required XP
    is called Droid Crafting Experience and is earned by using the skills
    of this professions. The XP required to learn Droid Engineer skills is
    very high. The total experience required to master this profession is
    of 1,228,800 Droid Crafting XP, 28,800 General Crafting XP and 620
    apprenticeship XP.
    4.5-.Tailor    /
    Tailors are clothiers and make clothes for other players or themselves.
    They have vast choices of robes, cloaks, pants, shirts and more. They
    require 19,200 General Crafting XP, 847,200 Tailoring XP and 620
    Apprenticeship XP to master. 
    4.6-.Chef    /
    Chefs make food. The main use of food is that is buffs you (Buffs mean that
    they raise your attributes such as Health, Action and Mind). This profession
    requires 19,200 General Crafting XP, 819,328 Food Crafting XP, and 620
    Apprenticeship XP to master.
    4.7-.Merchant    /
    Merchants can start stores. As an artisan, you can also make a store, but
    with this profession, you have access to more vendors (You can also customize
    your vendors), you can use merchant droids that will speak messages of your
    choosing and you have reduced costs for structures and vendors and for the
    bazaar. The pecularity of the merchant skill tree, is that it requires
    Merchant XP to learn Novice Merchant instead of General Crafting XP. It
    requires 5000 Merchant XP to learn novice, plus 400,000 Merchant XP and
    finally, 620 Apprenticeship XP to learn master. 
    5-.Bazaar/Player Stores     /
    In Star Wars Galaxies, players can trade items by clicking on each
    other and selecting "Start Trading" but most people use the bazaar.
    On the bazaar, you can hold auctions or simply sell your items 
    throughout the galaxy. You can also buy items for anyone. Therefore,
    even when offline, people can see your goods and buy them. The bazaar
    terminals are big and red. They are usually near the banking terminals
    (Green terminals) but can also be found in other places in a city.
    Bazaar terminals have a maximum price (for the items you place) of 6000.
    So you can't sell an item for more than that. You can't bid higher than
    that either.
    Player Stores are availible once you learn business III of the Artisan
    profession because only then can you hire vendors who will sell the items
    of your choosing. These stores are often found near city edges and are
    often grouped together. To start your own store, you must have someone
    build you a house (Or make it yourself) and make it public (To make it
    public, look at the structure management terminal then select privacy)
    then select a vendor, give him a name, and place him. You can then place
    items for sale without paying the normal 20 credits fee of the bazaar and
    you can also place prices higher than 6000.
    5.1- Selling: When someone buys something, you will recieve a message
         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  saying you sold X item for X number of credits. However,
                  selling items or holding auctions has a fee of 20 credits.
                  Be wary of that when you sell an item because if you place
                  a high price and no one buys it, you will make no profit and
                  merely lose 20 credits. Premium auctions cost additional credits.
                  You decide of the number of days your items remain, but the 
                  maximum is of 7 days. Keeping your items for sale for a smaller
                  time will not lower the cost of 20 credits. If your sale is
                  unsuccessfull, you can either leave it there and lose a potentiel
                  selling slot since you only have (X) sales at once, or remove it
                  from the bazaar of the city in which you placed that sale.
                  Many Artisans rely on selling 
    5.2- Buying: Buying is an important part of Star Wars Galaxies. You will
         ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  never find NPCs selling items in the bazaar. The items there
                 were either made by crafters or found in the wilderness by
                 players. Buying can facilitate the life of Artisans because
                 they can buy ressources there instead of sampling (Which
                 can be quite tedious) or placing a harvester. You can also
                 buy clothes, weapons, armor and much much more. After buying
                 something off the bazaar or after winning an auction, you cannot
                 use the item before taking it from a bazaar terminal in the city
                 it was placed for sale/auction.
    6-.Tips and Advice     /
     -To make easy money, do Artisan missions. These missions consist of 3 easy
      steps. (After taking the mission) Seek the person at the waypoint, build
      the object he requires (he gives the components, no need of a schematic),
      and deliver the object to a person in a far city. Some cities have
      particularly high profits for their Artisan missions. Mos Eisly artisan
      missions have a best money reward of 1300 credits per mission which is
      quite good. Here is what I recommend:
        1. Take two missions at the Mos Eisly artisan mission terminal
        2. Build the two items
        3. Go to Anchorhead (Where the missions end) in either shuttle
           or personal vehicule
        4. Give the items and return to Mos Eisly
        5. Repeat these steps for as many times as you need.
    7-.Frequently Asked Questions         /
    No questions asked yet...
    8-.Copyright and Author's Note        /
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
    I hope you found the information you were looking for while reading
    this FAQ. Feel free to contact me to give me additionnal informations
    you find you be appropriate for my FAQ. If anyone helps me, I will
    list them in the credits. (section 9-. Credits, just below) 
    E-mail: Talhavin@hotmail.com
    Player (On SWG): Coryn
    Server: Corbantis
    I play almost every day so it shouldn't be very hard to find me, I'm
    always on Tatooine, and mostly near Mos Eisley.  I'll be glad to help
    you. My shop is right next to Mos Eisley, if you want to come check
    the items I'm selling. (Usually houses, furniture and vehicules etc.)
    9-. Credits       /
    I would like to thank the following:
    CjayC - For creating GameFAQs. It is on GameFAQs that I learned about
    ŻŻŻŻŻ   this great game.
    The Star Wars Galaxies board - For helping me when I need help in SWG.

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