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"In a Game far..far..away"

Here we have possibly the most anticipated game in the history of gaming! Star Wars Galaxies, the game where can live your life in the Galaxy so far, far away. We were told that this game would be just like living in the movies. We could choose sides in the famous conflict or even stay neutral. We could fly space ships, barter with Jawas over druid prices, and run smuggler missions for Jabba the Hutt himself! Never mind the lofty goals of becoming a Bounty Hunter or a mighty Jedi! What a game this was going to be!

Finally June 26 arrives and I run to Gamestop to get by Collectors Edition of this “dream” game! Never having played a MMORPG game before I didn’t know what to expect but hey, it’s Star Wars so it can’t be all that bad. Sure, I had seen the complaints about Everquest and games like it but I honestly believed that I wouldn’t care about those issues in THIS Universe!

Sadly, I was horribly wrong. I take my sweet time creating a character (which is one of the best parts of this game), choosing a planet to live on, and filling out pages of info in order to join this 15-dollar a month Star Wars lifestyle! Finally after a short tutorial I was on my new planet and ready to play. I began walking around, walked around some more, found a bank to deposit my measly credits into (not even enough to SAVE your game!) and encountered a Wookie. Thinking I could be like Han Solo I reached out to speak to my co-player and he said Warrrr Grrrrrr Ewwwwww Garh. Yep, it just so happens that until you figure out how you learn to understand the Wookie language NO ONE can speak to Wookies besides other Wookies! While this sounds cool it’s not. You can forget having a cool Wookie on your team until you learn the stupid language.

Lets see I thought to myself. What’s next? Maybe I can walk around some more! So I venture outside the City limits and some Lizard Faced man begins to shoot at me. Surprised I shot back and thought I finally found something to do! But no, Lizard man kills me in about 4 shots. You see for some reason certain characters just hate you and will try to kill you if you get anywhere near them. You don’t know why, and you never will. You’re to avoid their “space” if you want to live. After your “incapacitated” you are forced to lie there for 90 seconds. When you “regenerate” you have a hair width of life on your life bar. If on your way out of this hostile area your seen by an enemy again guess what? Another easy kill for them while you lie there another 90 seconds. After three of these “incapacities” you die and are re-cloned at the nearest cloning facility. If that’s 100 miles the opposite direction well that’s just too bad for you!

Thinking I should find other things to do in order to avoid the Lizard men I decided to attack hostile butter fly’s and womp rats to gain some blaster points for my character. Well guess what? As a newbie in this game you’re not powerful enough to defeat a Womp Rat on your own! That’s right, you could have the biggest, baddest looking brawler in the game but if you take on 2-3 Womp Rats without back up your DEAD!

After expressing these issues on a message board I was told to just go to the mission terminals in the game and take the “delivery” missions! This way I could be a Star Wars mailman to earn credits with little to no danger. So back in I went to do my new job until I had enough credits to upgrade my skills and kill a Womp Rat! I found an artist who wanted me to deliver some papers to an old friend of hi who lives in the woods. Easy enough, right? WRONG! I was killed four times on my way to this guy’s house way, way out in the woods. After my third death I had to be re-cloned taking me way back to the opposite side of the City! I had to walk across the entire City and back through the wilderness once again. After finding my location (I ran like hell away from all enemies) all I found was my beacon light telling me I was where I was supposed to be! I wanted to dance. However this guy I was to find was nowhere to be found. I climbed a mountain but he wasn’t up there. I looked in a valley but he wasn’t there either! So I did all this and it was for naught! As I continued to search for this idiot I was attacked by 3 little rabbits and KILLED again!

I was then told that I should build a team to accomplish missions! I naturally asked who got the credits for a mission if a team accomplished it? The answer? The entire amount is split amongst your team. Now, being that the “mail man” missions pay next to nothing how is this any fun? Let’s add the fact that some missions require you to walk a real life 30-45 minutes to complete and you have possibly the most irritating game design ever! Yes folks, you have to walk everywhere in this game. The vehicles are supposed to be coming with an upgrade one day, but until then it’s walking! Wait, someone is going to say something about the “shuttle” flights. Well, shuttle flights cost CREDITS! Until you walk to enough missions to pay for rides your out of luck! Even when you can afford them, if you ever want enough credits to buy yourself so much as a Swoop Bike you had better be saving your credits.

Now for the story.

You’re some refugee that the Empire captures and accuses of smuggling. When they see that they were wrong they give you a few credits and allow you to chose from a few planets to live on that they will drop you off on.

What? You expected more? Well sorry, that’s the story right there!

Graphics are solid but a low-end machine is either not going to run this game or have it stuttering all over the place. Make sure you check the minimum requirements on the side of the box before you buy this game!

The controls are good. Nothing amazing but the mouse, and keyboard work fine. Menu shortcuts are a lifesaver as well. You can change tons of settings to your liking as well. Be prepared to turn up the brightness when the sun goes own though because it gets very, very dark.

Replayability is extremely high in this game. There’s my one positive for sure. I mean it will take you hours and hours of game play to build a character strong enough to kill a butterfly! All this would be great if the things you had to do in order to level up were FUN! But in my opinion they are not fun at all. The hours I have put into this game (over 15) were some of the most boring hours of my life. I have had more fun reading old magazines in waiting rooms. But if you like long, long walks in video games, teaming up with 10 guys to beat one butterfly, and not having enough credits to save your game then by all means run out and get this game now!

Look, I am one of the biggest Star Wars fans you will ever come across. I have thousands of dollars in Star Wars collectables. I go to the Midnight shows of the prequels and didn’t think Episode One was all that bad! But this game is just pure boredom. I hear it supposed to get much better down the line, but if I have to play as the weak, poor, pathetic little man I am now for WEEKS or MONTHS until it is I say no freaking thanks!

Where is the best Star Wars Experience? As my title tells you…in a game far, far away!


Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/28/03, Updated 06/28/03

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