"Quite possibly the greatest massive multiplayer game ever."

When i first heard of this game it was only a web page with a unrealistic release date and a FAQ section. I, not being a huge Star Wars fan, was not very thrilled about a massive multiplayer Star Wars game, until I read the FAQ. Once i read the FAQ it told about a game that was dynamic and different from the other cookie cutter MMORPG's on the market. Well for the most part that is true...

Gameplay - (8/10): If it was bug free I would of gave it a 10 out of 10 but because of having to relog or go out of your way because of many game halting bugs can get on your nerves.. Other then that the gameplay is unbelievable... Combat is more advanced that other MMORPG's, such as DAOC, by far.. Social players can find them selves in the local cantina healing, talking, and maybe playing interments and dancing. A Scout can harvest monsters organics and use tem for tents or traps or even to sell or craft themselves into clothing.. Artists survey and dig up minerals and can eventually build player houses, Guild halls and more!

Story - (10/10): Its Star Wars... The game takes place after the first Death Star is destroyed in A NEW HOPE but before the emperor is killed...

Graphics & Sound - (10/10): Sounds are overwhelming, the stomping sounds as your screen shakes as a Kayrate Dragon stomps away after defeating you. Alot of the music is the same music from the movies themselves and because of that matches the theme of where ever you are. The Graphics are even better, you own character can have such detail that the chance of 2 exact same people is nearly imposable, combine that with around 13 ways to equip clothing you will feel truly unique. Monsters look as real as they can be and make you feel like your right in the movies. The cities are beautiful.. Theed with the unbelievable looking waterfalls is in my opinion the most beautiful scenery in any game i have ever seen... I would of rather giving this category a 100/10.

Play Time - (10/10): As all MMORPGS the game really never ENDS, in SWG this is also true. Even if you do use all you skill points there is still so much you can do such as joining factions and soon to come player run cities!!! as well as the space expansion in the probably far future..

Replayability - (10/10): I was in beta and so far I have made about 4 marksman and gotten them all quite high, it never gets old, at lest for me. If it does, then start one of the other professions and have a completely new experience of healing others in a hospital instead of fighting others in the field or dancing in a bar. If you can unlock a Jedi slot then you can move on to something only the developers truly know about...

Buy/Rent- Well, you cant rent because its an MMORPG, and like almost all of the other MMORPGs you need to pay a monthly fee as well as the cost for the retail game. Nerveless I say buy it, it's something I believe will keep me entertained for months or maybe years to come...

Overall Score : 9.6 Rounded up to 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/29/03, Updated 06/29/03

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