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"SWG Strikes back... from the lauch trouble that is"

First off, many of you may not recognize me. I spent most of my time on the AC and FFT board, and only have a single review thus far (Dungeon Siege if you really want to know). I'm one of those computer dorks thats been awaiting this game for months on end, and now that I finally got it, I check the boards here and see nothing but complaints. I really don't think the game deserves a bad review. People are just suffering from a sickness I like to call ''The game had a rough launch and I've never played an MMORPG before'' syndrome. (And yes, the servers are all down for an update or I WOULD be playing right now.)

Ok then, On to the review.

Launch: Its only fair we start the review with the first impression of the game. Lets face it, if you look at this game as most online games, the launch was pathetic. BUT, if you look at it as an MMORPG, it could have been much worse. People claim they should have bought more servers, etc. well here is a story for you. I live in Florida, and every summer we get hurricanes. Our power can go out for an entire day or longer. How many times do you see Floridians complain to their power companies that they should have been more prepared for hurricanes? ''We have had hurricane hits since the beginning of time! You guys can't be prepared to give me power during a hurricane?'' Thats what I thought. Sometimes things just go wrong out of your control. In SOE's case, it was hardware failure. To me the launch didn't go bad, as I was able to play perfectly that night. 6/10

Audio: Personally I am currently playing an entertainer, and loving every minute of my music. I love how they did the entertainer class, actually taking control of your music with flourishes and forming a band. Bravo.
About the other game music, the combat music sounds like it was ripped straight out of the Star Wars score, and is a nice warning that something is about to attack you.
The only thing keeping this down is the relative lack of music outside combat. 9/10

Video: First off, this review is done with a Geforce 4 MX 440-SE 64MB DDR. It might vary depending on graphic card.
The video to me was nothing new, and didn't strike me as 'In your face I have amazing graphics'. The graphics to me were very similar to EQ, with better avatar design.

But it didn't need to. Nobody really cares about how original the graphics are in a game like this. 8/10

Controls: If you don't like the setup, change it! 10/10

Gameplay: Ahhh, here's the big'un. Where to start? An MMORPG absolutely MUST get you to keep doing what your doing, lest you quit the game and the company loses your $15 a month. I'll give you my experience on the first few days of gaming.
-My friend and I were planning that morning, planning while we drove to the mall, and planning while we fought the sea of people during launch. We were planning up to the point where everyone discovered Mozilla and stopped using the lauchpad long enough to let us in :) We had it set, we were going to be artisans, and start a guild, cornering a market.
Then we check some forums and find merchant guilds of several people already beat us to it.
Character failure #1.

-He became a marksman and I was a medic. We set out for a little while, until I ran out of healing, and had to create more medicine. We both died. We gave up the combat life.
Character failure #2.

-I tried to create a bounty hunter, and I'm pretty far up the scout/marksman trees, but I ran across a guild the other day of 20+ people only a day away from becoming bounty hunters. No good, I want something fairly unpopular.

-Currently I'm training as a Tailor/Musician, and he a Chef/Dancer. I tell you it is more fun than the past three attempts combined.

/end of story

So the moral of that story is: I didn't like what I had thought I would. So unlike some people I know, I didn't dismiss the game as boring, stupid, insert crude word here. I sat myself down in my chair and I tried again. That is the beauty of this game. You can do literally anything, and the depth of each direction is so deep. You could craft this totally amazing weapon, and sell it to the guy 4 houses down without knowing. Using it he will kill a creature, take its hide, and trade it to the medic in New York for some healing, who might come into the cantina to relax from all the healing, and tip the Entertainer from California, who might buy one of your custom made outfits you made during you off-time of weapon building.

The sheer amount of player-to-player interaction and such a huge selection of career paths makes it really tough NOT to find something you like doing in this game.
That is... if your willing to take the time. Too often MMORPG noobs will complain they can't kill anything alone, blah blah. Remember, not many people are able to pick up a blaster and simply run around killing stuff. I see groups of people slaughtering otherwise impossible battles, and solo people offering to teach the level IV skills, so its not like its impossible to do.

If you want instant gratification, go play Diablo 2, if you want a fun, rewarding quest through your favorite profession, then play Galaxies. Gameplay score: 10/10

Lag and Latency: A small note about this. You are experiencing server crashes and heavy lag because everyone wants to play it at once. This is true for any game and even the Internet. Once people start going to work again, and staggering their game time, it will get better.

Ok then, so we apply the formula, Audio+Video+(Control /2)+(Gameplay*1.5)+misc(in this case the launch)

8+9+15+5+6 = 8.6 = 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/03, Updated 06/29/03

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