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"Our cries have finally been heard..."

For all you guys (or gals) who have always wanted to be apart of the Star Wars univserse, your dreams have come true. Star Wars Galaxies pretty much has it all, and what it currently lacks, namely starships, will be taken care of in the next expansion.

Graphics: 7

Depending on what kind of graphics card you have, this can be a very important part of the game. The weapons look very detailed, and character detail is also quite well. If you look close enough you can see freckles of the face of a Twi'leck.

As for the blasts of a weapon, they look pretty good, but I think that they could be just a little bit better. The night sky is very breathtaking, along with the moons. However the terrian does not appeal to me as it could be.


This is not the noticable part of Galaxies. However that does not mean it is horrible. I truely do enjoy the scores in the background, that we have all come to know and love as Star Wars fans. Blasters sound incredibly accurate.

Character sounnds are not all that noticable, but are respecetable none the less.

Server stability :7

Other than the opening problems that Galaxies suffered, they are pretty stabled now. Lag isn't to much of a problem, but I have a cable conn and I'm not sure what it would be like on somthing lower.

Character Classes:8

When you start the game, you have the choice of being either a Medic, Scout, Marksmen, Brawler, Entertainer, or an Artist. However they branch out into jobs like crafter, bounty hunter, smuggler, etc etc. Overall its a pretty good job done on it. However, don't except to buy the game an instantly become a jedi, because no one knows how yet.

Character Development: 9

This is one of the most interesting points of the game. You don't nessicarily level up like in games like Everquest, but just increase your skills to get to higher proffesians. For example, once my Twi'leck marksmen gets enough skills, he can either become a bounty hunter, commando, or squad leader.

Or if you are a craftsmen, and you build a rifle and sell it to someone, the more they use that weapon the more crafter expierence you get.

Overall Expierence: 8

The main reason why this game is an 8, is because there is just so much to do. Always another quest to be done, or an animal to hunt. You can even create clones. However, the game may not be as enjoyable if you don't have players to play it with, but usally it is easy to find someone to join up with.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/29/03, Updated 06/29/03

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