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Reviewed: 06/30/03 | Updated: 06/30/03

SWG? MMOG? What? Galaxies IS Good...

Alright first things first. I have never played another massively multiplayer online game, so Star Wars Galaxies if my first, and first review in ages.

I first started following SWG right after it was announced, my posts were in the first 4 topics the board had. But then I read it wouldn't come out for a while, so forgot about it untill 2 weeks ago when the beta's were ending and it had a release date. The time flew by, the release date was here, and I managed to snag one of 3 copies EB had left.... at NOON time, the game almost sold out with pre-orders alone.

Let's review.


The graphics are great, one prime example is that during a hunt one afternoon, the city we were in got dark, and in the midst of a battle with some Tuscan Raiders, we had to stop to admire the moon, and shifting clouds. The citys look great, and on Naboo, the water and dreamy atmosphere fits perfect. The players look pretty good, no block or polygon shaped people.


The only reason I gave it an 8 is because I can't hear the blaster sounds anymore >_<, but I did the first day and they sounded good. All Star Wars music is good, and here is no exception.


There is soo much to do, anything less then a 10 is wrong. Want to make the weapons soldiers use, be a Artisan/Weaponsmith, how about making their armor, you can also acquire such jobs as: Dancing, Animal Taming, Hair Cutter, Bounty Hunter, Jedi, Sniper, House Maker, Diplomat, and a lot lot more. And you can pick more than one, like right now I'm a Artisan/Scout/Medic.

Since there is so many different jobs, it's hard to review, but each job is different, and has different requirements, and certain ones are a lot more fun than others.

The best bet to get a review of the gameplay is by visiting the boards and asking. Like I said, I love every part of the game play, from crafting to combat.

FUTURE: Bright.

With space expansion coming in 2004, and 3 big developments being made now (player cities, vehicles, and being able to ride tamed animals) this game will only get better.

There is going to be so much involved in this game, it's best to get some practice now, so you don't get left behind.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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