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"A whole diferent world from Everquest"


Starting off, you don’t really have any idea, where you’re supposed to go, what you’re supposed to do, or even how to get experience. The starting tutorial only really tells you the controls (not that that’s not important, but it isn’t enough to actually play the game). As a novice, you’re almost helpless. You can barely kill the level one monsters right outside town if you’re a fighting class, and nothing at all if you’re not. As a non-combat class, getting XP isn’t all that hard, once you actually figure out how to do it. Each non-combat class has several different ways of gaining XP, each one only briefly mentioned in the manual or the Holocron (the in-game help system). Even once they do figure out how to get XP, they have very little way of getting money. Unlike fighting classes, they can’t take destroy quests, and the goods that artisans can make aren’t worth selling until they at least master their first skill tree, and usually not until they master a second. This game is also riddled with bugs, making the game crash constantly.
However, despite all this, once you get an idea of how to play and some cash in your pockets, this is a very enjoyable game. It’s much less repetitive than Everquest, and there’s many fewer people, and most of the game is based in and around cities, so if you like to explore, its not hard to find places no one has probably never been touched by anyone else.
The best thing about this game is that you aren’t necessarily bound to you’re original profession decision. You can take as many novice skills as you want, as long as you’re willing to pay for them, so you can multiclass or even switch careers halfway into the game


For an MMORPG, the graphics are excellent. The scenery is beautiful, but the best thing about the graphics is the character movements. All the movements and reactions are very realistic, and the flourishes that entertainers can perform seem to mimic real dances. I’ve even seen someone who looked like they were playing Dance Dance Revolution!


This game has some very realistic sound effects, and useful battle music taken straight from the movie that lets you know when something’s attacking you. However this game has no ambient music at all, so you’ll find yourself running around for hours with nothing to listen to.


I’m not going to give this game a story rating, because, as an MMORPG, it doesn’t leave much room for plot. You’re allowed to join the rebel or imperial factions and supposedly there are plot-related battles, but most people don’t follow the plot at all.


There are several different classes, so if you master or get bored of one class, you can switch to another, usually in the same character. However, you’re only allowed to have one character per server (to discourage twinking), so you’ll have to find new friends.


You don’t really have much control over most of the controls, but you can change a few. A big problem with controls is that you don’t have to hit Enter before you talk, so there are very few things you can bind. However, the default controls work very well, as long as you’re willing to get used to them and have two hands free.


This is a very fun game if you have a boom box handy and a few music CDs and if you’re willing to accept some early hell levels. This game isn’t nearly as time consuming as Everquest, and you have to pay less attention to it while you work on something else. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone as their first MMORPG, because you’ll probably get frustrated and never want to play an MMORPG again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/02/03, Updated 07/02/03

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