Review by ChineseAfro244

Reviewed: 07/03/03 | Updated: 07/03/03

In the galaxy of BETA

I love this game, beta was awesome, but this game is not what it could have been. Let me explain, beta is a test period, right? People are supposed to expect some bugs. This game was not ready, there are still a lot of bugs. This is not a polished version of the game but rather a paid beta.

Great, I never said that I hated the gameplay, or the way that its set up. I hate the way it was rushed and programmed. The gameplay is amazing, being able to interact with people, and your favorite stars from the star wars universe.

Screenshots dont show you this, but the ingame graphics are amazing and fluid. With the ability to customize your graphics it doesnt leave much to be desired.

Character Creation
Intense.... Amazing, fully customizeable, if you can dream it, you can probably make it.

The skills/proffessions in this game are in depth. XP may be hard to come by sometimes, but the proffessions are a lot of fun. There is one problem and note that I said sometimes about XP. Well heres the deal, things got a lot harder so you cant kill everything that you may want to on a hunt, but there are areas where low XP creatures spawn and is basically an XP pool. The big problem here is that you can master a proffession in 4 days if you play like a maniac.

Well thought out, perfect for this game. The only problem that I have with the controls is pressing SHIFT and a F# button for your secondary list, it should not make you walk instead of run.

The sound effects are good, but musically it leaves a little to be desired.

L-A-G the three letters of doom! Actually its not that bad, even for 56kers, just try to stay out of the cities fellow lag demons.

The magic word, the one word that can describe this game. Its buggy as all hell, us beta testers worked as hard as we could ironing out the bugs, well that didnt help. The patches taht they released at the end caused more complications. The first patch that you downloaded was an attempt to fix this problem. Patches are good, they fix the game, and so far they arent coming too often. Be mindful that the devs released a bad patch that messed up the game a month ago.

Good game, I like, and Ill play it. Problem is that its buggy, if you arent a hardcore fan of Star Wars. If you just want to play the game to play the game wait a few months.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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