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"(mom) havent taken a shower or slept in weeks!(son) BACK OFF groups dead and its up to me to annaliate these tuskin raders!!!"

When I heared about this game from my friend I thought..oh wow, another wasted star wars game..but then i started reading stuff on it and found out there was millions of choices on what you could become and things do do and explore and I said..sure why not give it a try. so after I waited about a month and finding out it cost about 14 bucks a month (which most reasonable ppl with jobs or parents could pay) and waiting some more cause it was not ready on its due date it was FINALLY out and me and my friend who was more excited about it than I was (he got up at 3 o clock) went to best buy right when it opend and got one of the last ones on the shelvs. (it seemed most the ppl waiting for it to open rushed to the same spot to get a copy) so there was a little bit of tension. blah blah I bring it home and DL it, boot it up

Character Customization-10/10

WOW! this is what you do before you start playing u customize everything on your character, his eye color,eye shape,nose,nose width, size of nose, ear size, lots of different hair, skin color , in some cases horn shapes and sizes, your weight, how buff u look. LOTS of choices and Your starting profession. you can pick from Artisan (makes buildings and crafts things) marksman (person trained with rifles pistols and other guns) brawler (trained in swords, unarmed combat,polearms and other melee weapons) medic (trained in healing other players entertaner (trained in dancing and playing music) scout (if you want to explore and make traps,) all of these evolve into different classes who can do alot of differnt things I was overwhelmed by this it took about me an hour or so to decide all of this.


im sorry i dont want to give too many 10's but all i can say is DAMN!!! even after i turn every single graphic detail down it looks so good!!! the water moves with the wind the grass and brush sway. its just great.


lol...the storyline is basically some ppl took you and your ship cause they thought u were smuggling illegial goods..they find that not so and they go ''ok im sorry now pick what planet we will drop you into!'' and you go from there

replay value-11/10

can I put that? anyway the replay value in this game is so high you wont believe this game its SO fun and a bit addicting because theres almost infinite options on what you an acheive and do. you can explore dungeons and barren wasteland for riches or do missions with a group of 20 and slay a beats 16 storys high. or simply go to a cantinas (hangout place where people dance and sing) and mess around with friends and talk.


This is real fun you can go around shooting the brains out of alot of things and move freely across the galaxy. to get money you have to do missions which means you go to a missions terminal and accept missions for pay. you can do these in groups or by yourself if your strong enough. it will usually tell you to destroy a certain thing or person.
theres lots of different missions types you can do. If you want to you can be a rebel or imperial (basically good guy or bad guy) if your one of each and have enough faction points in either one by dooing specific missions you can fight with other players who have points in the other faction. and the cool thing is both factions get there own themepark! I havent been to either one but I know its there. my friends say big wars are constently going on at each themepark like the rebels form big groups and attack the players in the imperial park.

overall score-10/10

This a great game! it is so worth your money! if you are not sure about it you can buy it and try it for 1 month free of charge and see how you like it. If you like to have fun, explore dungeons and different planets, and would like to become one of around 20 professions or even be a hybrid THIS GAMES FOR YOU!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/08/03, Updated 07/08/03

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