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Reviewed: 07/09/03 | Updated: 07/09/03

Excellent online game, Star Wars fan or not

Don't get me wrong this is an excellent game, its the only game that I ever play now. If I was to review this game just a week earlier then I would have given it a 10 for the fact that it was kept original. But, now that they have changed it and adding and have taken away new things, it really doesn't deserve as much credit anymore. People play video games for fun right? well then how come when I'm training in say scouting experience or artisan experience it seems more like a job? I don't see how anyone can get fun out of having to continuously kill enemies just for small amounts of experience when you need thousands just to progress to the next level. Although not all professions are like this, some of them do have this tedious game play.

Graphics- 10/10

Clear and crisp, the graphics are beautiful and fully detailed. Perhaps a very positive perspective on the game is the amount of detail that the creators put in. You can see little bugs scurry across on deserts of Tatooine which shows that they really wanted people to notice these cool features. You have the option of changing the graphics setting in game, and even on its lowest setting the graphics are still very nice and enjoyable.

Game play- 6/10

This is probably where for the most part, the game gets bad. Its fairly simple, you get to pick your profession in the game then you spend hours working on it, sound like fun? didn't think so. Many people will probably disagree with me, but seriously, when you have to make those hundreds of weapons and items just to get to the next level, don't expect to have a lot of fun doing it. Another reason this probably doesn't bother anyone that is because aren't most games like this anyway? take any game for example. There aren't any real new elements of game play in it, and your usually doing the same stuff anyway, which is why I gave this category a 6 and not lower.

Combat- 8/10

I for one like the way they have the turn based system of shooting back and forth. It adds depth to the game and makes searching for that special weapon more earning since you now have to take weapon speed and other such things into consideration. They also at least add different classes to correspond with what weapons your using, like guns for marksmen or swords and a lot of other weapons for brawlers.

Controls- 10/10

The controls really couldn't be much easier, its just as simple as anything else really, using the hoy keys to shortcut your abilities and items and using the mouse and arrow keys to move. They have it set up so that you can access all your options very easily.

Sound- 9/10

The sound is amazing, playing from a wide range of songs and tunes, changing from combat music to the beats of musicians is amazing. Most of the songs that you hear can be easily familiar to you from the movies, such as the 1 they usually play in Mos Eisely. Even hearing the creatures roar or other such noises themselves is very impressive.

Community- 10/10

Since the game is pretty much run by the players, it defiantly adds a new twist to online gaming. Since you cant sell or buy items from NPCs you look to the other people in the game for all your item needs. This defiantly adds a new element of online game play because you have to look into the Bazaar and the people for the things that you want and need, which defiantly adds the feeling that this is what an online game should feel like, helping eachother progress in a game.

Replay factor- 10/10

The wide range of professions adds even more to the game allowing you to explore each of them and have better understanding for what you want. Each profession has you learning new techniques and abilities to help you in the game. These professions can range from Creature Handler to Ranger and many more. This game will have you wanting to play it every second of the day.

Story- 0/0

There really isnt a story in this game, or in any online game so I'll explain this as best as I can. Your on a ship in space when your then taken hostage inside an imperial ship. Once aboard they tell that your clear to leave. From there you just pick a destination and the story unfolds the way you want it to.

Recommend: Yes. Despite the lack of enjoyment in certain game play, this game is amazing in every way possible. Even though the game play is still lacking over repetitive game play, there are still many things to do besides having to suffer it. Another thing that I like is that you really don't have to be a Star Wars fan or even have any knowledge of Star Wars at all to have fun in this game. If your looking into an online game, I'd defiantly say to give this game a shot.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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