Review by XarrinNM

"Once again in the galaxy far far away..."

I have played many different types of MMORPGS from Diablo 2 to Planetside and beyond. But nothing has been as pioneering as Star Wras Galaxies.

Gameplay: 9

Unbelieveable gameplay, there is just so much to do that you couldn't possible do it all in a year. So many different paths to choose from Bounty Hunter to Chef it's truly unbelieveable. The character creation is phenominal and your able to tweak every possible thing about your character short of toenails. People eo;; say that there isn't a REAL story holding it all together but I realized that thats the point! You ARE your own story (yes this does require imagination at times). The job system is great and you can be almost whatever you want to be and whatever you want to do, want to open a shop? GO AHEAD! want to kill random people? GO AHEAD? want to become a jedi and fall to the dark side and kill everyone in the universe!? GOOD LUCK!(nobody knows how to become a jedi yet but it is possible) Only thing is that I do feel at times like I have no real purpose being alive but just very very occasionally.

Graphics: 10

I've never seen better graphics in my life for PC, only final fantasy 10 beats this graphics and thats on PS and is a much smaller world (SWG has like 8 planets and it takes at like a full day to run from one end of the planet to the other)

Support: 8

They are trying they're best but I feel at times they're just letting small easily fixable things be left alone, but they do patch like everyday, which can be seen as a good or bad thing, but with any online game your not going to be able to fix everything

Lag: 6

Only reason this game didn't get a 10, if you walk into Mos Eisley on Starsider (even though im on Scylla but this is hear-say)I expect that every 3 steps you walk = 10 seconds of pure game stopping lag. But once you get out of town everything is great. You DEFINITELY need a top end computer to run this game.

Lasting Appeal: 10

Considering theres no real story that means theres really no end, you can do whatever you want whenever you want and it doesn't ever have to stop. Only problem I have is getting bored occasionally when fighting but usually I just go back to town and get some help to kill harder stuff

Overall: 9

Unbelieveable game with a lot of potential, I just hope the DEV's realize this potential and work it to they're advantage, but if not, this game will also fall to the online game virus of a 5-6 month lasting game. Hopefully the DEV's learned they're leason from all other failing online games.

It's a definite must buy for Star Wars fan and non fans alike, a very good game that never ends until you want it to. Hopefully I'll see you ingame and may the force be with you! (you know I had to end with something corny :P)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/03, Updated 07/09/03

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