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"Starwars galaxies was supposed to be the most interactive game ever created; instead it is an now an example of when new ideas simply didn't work out."

I've decided to update this review since this game has shown its inability to pass the test of time. Most of the revolutionary games continue to gain players years after its creation. It seems now that players for this game just get scarcer by the day.

I had expected that a computer game costing $80 PLUS $15 a month [for Internet gaming] would be nothing short of exceptional. After all, the company had spent so many years developing what had been one of the most anticipated games ever. Fans around the country were crazy for it. The idea of putting thousands or even millions of people together into one giant system, and allowing them into a dreamlike world was so fascinating that some were already hailing it as the greatest game ever. Unfortunately, like Communism, which once had widespread appeal in the developing world, this game just doesn't work. Except, maybe, for the person who can't spend his time doing anything else at all.

The first day this game came out, me and my friend dashed to the local computer store [Fri's electronics] to purchase this game. Our exuberance was totally undiluted- yet within a month, we would be searching for another game- our initial impressions flattened, our pockets empty.

What had happened? Well, this piece of junk is an excellent waste of time. Indeed, in order to be good at it, you will have to throw away your life and out yourself into a virtual world that just isn't fun.


Let me be very clear now. This game is for anyone with an enormous amount of time on his hands. It is definitely not for the person who wishes to get started quickly and who wishes to play only an hour a day. StarWars: Galaxies is a time burn. It takes days and days for you to actually get into the game, and even then, bugs, glitches, and ''misdesigns'' threaten to worsen the game.

The only excellent part about the gameplay is that you get to have the unique feeling of being yourself. The days when the game designers made you choose from a collection of pre-made characters are gone. You will get to choose and tweak practically every single aspect of your body and clothing. Your eye color, nose design- heck- almost everything you can imagine- can be changed. At first you are a member of the imperial army; later you can choose your occupation.

Every person of a specific occupation gets to do a certain job. For example, the ''entertainer'' allow all friendly units to heal battle fatigue.

The main problem comes into effect now. This game has no specific purpose. You're simply just another person in a community of game players. You can choose to fight monsters to gain money and experience, but this game was oriented too realistically. Walking can take 30 minutes at a time [to 'simulate' the actual walking time from point A to point B] and the time spent to heal battle fatigue is simply atrocious. You might stay on one spot to listen to the entertainer -for 10 minutes at a time. In many instances, I even had to turn my monitor off and leave the computer to save time. But while my computer was off, I couldn't concentrate on what I wanted to do because my mind was still on the game.

Also, fighting monsters take too much time. You will have to spend so many hours to actually prepare that it quickly gets monotonous. Interactions with other game players also took a long time. Another interesting feature is that you will need to give other people 'tips' so that they will help you. For example, just to be courteous, you need to give the entertainer a tip for his playing of the musical instrument and his healing of your battle fatigue.

I won't go into all the other ''features'', but I will say that this game should be more idealistic. Not everyone has so many hours in a day to play a game; and waste so much time simply walking and do all the other boring activities that an imagined person must do.


The graphics were nice. The structures look real and has depth, but trees and other objects still abruptly comes into view when you walk forward. They should be visible from a distance. But the graphical effects were evident, such as the realistic swaying of the grass and trees.

The structures also look pretty authentic.


The sounds were nice, everything is done perfectly! The units and the entertainer's sounds are very good, the battle effects were also true.

I didn't like the game too much, it takes way too much time. My reasons are more explained in the ''gameplay'' section.


Only gameplay+graphics+sounds make a game. If any one of the components is missing, the game suffers. I guess the deficient Gameplay ruined it all.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/15/03, Updated 06/13/04

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