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"This isn't Star it?"

Alright, I feel that in order to write an accurate review, that one must play the game for a sufficient amount of time. After 2 months, I feel that I've seen what Star Wars Galaxies has to offer...and believe me, it ain't pretty. Here goes...

Graphics: 5
The graphics in this game are pretty good. The detail on the individual character is very impressive, and structures seem well-detailed as well. The downsides to the graphics consist with glitches. I particularly enjoy when all of a sudden the enemies start floating and the assorted flora decides to levitate 10 feet above the ground. Another problem is that the terrian is not revealed sufficiently from a distance. This can lead to hazardous encounters and cheap deaths, as one might run right into a Krayt Dragon that wasn't on the monitor just 5 seconds ago.

Sound: 4
The sound in this game is extremely frustrating. The sound effects sometimes will die out for no reason, and what your left with is a silent shooting laser blaster. That's not very impressive. Also, the incredible lack of music is a little absurd. Playing a 45 second clip of music every once in awhile is just not cool. Also, the choices of music don't even include some of the classics, such as the duel of the fates.

Gameplay: 3


Well, the first 2 weeks of this game, I found Combat to be a blast. I was experimenting with new weapons and deciding what my character was going to fight with. However, this grew old, quickly. Combat got repetitive. It became apparent that no matter what weapon I used, I'd be doing the same thing, over and over and over. It soon became more of a chore, and I found myself bored to tears. I hated Everquest, and Star Wars galaxies tries, they ''try'' to imitate the Everquest combat system. (red = run like hell, green = pitifully easy) I also began to grow tired of missing enemies 3-7 times in a row for no apparent reason. there is also a frequent bug that involves the enemies killing you in 1 hit for no apparent reason. Trust me, when your fighting a worrt and it does 612 dmg in 1 swing, you get VERY pissed off. Also, due to the constant patches, you can never truly get ''set'', because the devs will either nerf your skills/weapons/tactics for no apparent reason.


Mother of god if your not brought down to your knees begging for mercy from Star Wars Galaxies, than nothing will break you in life. This game has more problems than a crackwhore who hasn't had a fix in a week. I figured to help players who are considering buying this game that i'd list some here.
---Disappearing houses and guild halls. They completely vanish for no apparent reason, and everything inside them is gone as well.
---Inventory sweeps. Everything that your player owns in the bank, has equipped, or in their inventory vanishes. You won't be seeing those items again either.
---''Broken'' classes. This is a load of ****. A game that is delayed for 2 years, AND put through beta testing should not have a class that does not work. That's just slack programming and poor attention to detail.
Those are some bugs that I have experienced in the last WEEK of playing this game. There are tons more minor ones, but I don't have enough space to list them all. Mark my words when i say this is by far the buggiest game I have played since Anarchy Online.

***General gameplay***

Boring. That's the only word needed to describe Star Wars Galaxies. There is literally nothing at all to do in this game other than level up, fight faction battles, and grind. That's it, you've just seen SWG. There are more ghost towns in this game than populated ones, and the populated ones are so laggy it's better to avoid them anyway. Most of your time playing SWG will involve the following:
---Tedious gathering/crafting. If you want to be any sort of builder, you'll be gathering materials and crafting the same, worthless, useless item 300+x, just for 1 skill level. This is truly my definition of a living hell.
---Healing in cantina and medical centers. That's right, you will be forced to walk into a lag-hole to be healed if you are injured or killed in combat. However, due to the excess amount of Ghost towns, you'll more than likely have to go out of your way to get treatment unless you become a medic yourself.
---Grinding Combat experience. Anyone who says that you do not have to grind this experience is a LIAR. Considering that if your actually going to be able to kill anything, you must have a decent level of combat experience. The only way to do this is grinding, and it's long, painful, and slow.
---Chatting. That's right, you can pay 12.95$ a month for this game and chat with other people. Oh wait, that can be done for free? oh whoops...
The most common thing you'll hear the diehard fanboys of this game say is ''the game is what you make of it''. Well, I think it's self-explanatory that a diehard fanboy is going to make the best out of the worst. But if you'd like the truth, find out how many people quit this game after they used up their free month. Numbers don't lie...This game is missing essentials for an MMO, and that's just inexcusable for a game delayed 2 years.


This game possesses one of the least enjoyable environments I've ever been presented with in a game. People are constantly coming into town bragging how they have discovered ''the lastest exploit'' in the game. Towns are also plagued by spammers, beggars, and liars. Frankly, when I play this game, I don't feel Star Wars, I feel tired. You won't get the dark, action-packed, intriguing Star Wars feel, you'll get the same old generic MMO feel. Sure, you'll run into familiar faces, like Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt, but most of them are boring and lack a sense of interaction.

***Customer Support***

Inexcusable. Ridiculous. SOE and the Star Wars galaxies team makes it very evident that they do NOT care about you, their glitchy game, and any problems that their customers may face. I am appalled by the apparent attitude demonstrated by the CSR in this game. There have been people banned for /telling them a problem. Maybe people wouldn't have to /tell them their problem if they would respond within 1 week, but they don't. It took 3 weeks for a problem I had to be corrected because of the sheer idiocy and incompetance of the CSR. I had experienced a bug in which all my money had vanished when i tried to bank it, and the CSR would not repay me because ''they had no proof''. However, if a screenshot, my character's personal log, and their database don't give them ''proof'', then **** them. I promise you if you buy this game that you will learn that the devs and the CSR in this game don't care at all about anyone's problems but their own.

***Replay value***

I started 1 character the day I got this game, and I have stuck with him since. there are multiple reasons for this.
1. It takes so, SO MUCH time to do anything with a character, that having more than 1 would require that you play 24/7.
2. After starting off and grinding through a character the first time, there is absolutely no way in hell that you'll want to start another one, unless you like being bored.
3. You'll realize that even if you make a different character, with a different profession and a different attribute setup, that you've been here before. No matter how pretty the game tries to make it seem, it won't take long for one to realize this game is pure grinding.
I can promise you that you will start off loving this game and lose interest quickly. Especially once you Master your trade, as there is literally nothing for a character who has used up all his skill points to do. This game has no secondary minigames, nothing at all a player can do for fun. That's just uncalled for.

Overall opinion

This is a game that started with lots of potential, and just didn't capitalize on it at all. You just don't take everything that people love about Star Wars and remove it from the game, that doesn't make a good game. this game might get better with time, but I won't find out. I got ripped off the first time through, and I won't make that mistake again by paying for an expansion pack. Frankly though, a game should be good at release, not 6 months later.

Hell no. Unless your a diehard Star Wars fan (that means you have the action figures, the posters,.....the collectible card game, etc.) you might, MIGHT want to buy this game, but I think you'd be happier with Jedi Academy of Knights of the Old Republic. If selling casual shoes seems more enticing to you than wielding a lightsaber, then this game is for you. But for the average gamer who's looking for a sturdy reliable game packed with fun and action, avoid this game at all costs.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/04/03

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