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"Looks Can Be Deceiving..."

When my friends told me about this game, it sounded great. Before I bought it, I looked into it a little, and all the screenshots and stuff made this game look even better. I thought that I could imagine myself in the Star Wars universe, that I could become a Jedi, that I could I could do everything in the movie, etc. After playing this game for a month, I have discovered that I was completely wrong.

At the beginning, you have to create a character. There are lots of options here, so no two characters are alike. You can choose basic aspects, like height and weight, and then very detailed aspects, like eye shape, nose length, ear size, etc. If the rest of the game was as good as the character creation part, this game would be great. Unfortunately, the character creation part is about the only good part of the game.

Next, you select a starting profession, which leads to other, more advanced professions.

After that, you enter into the galaxy, with absolutely nothing. First, you admire the beautiful graphics, realistic Star Wars sounds, and then decide that you need a better computer to run the game. You are given a series of “tutorial” missions, which give you an idea of what to do. After that, you're on your own. That's when the game goes downhill.

To advance in a profession, you need to gain experience. You gain experience by doing something related to the profession. Artisans gain experience by crafting items, brawlers gain experience by fighting, medics gain experience by healing, etc.

However, you will need to make money to buy better equipment. That's where the mission terminal comes in. You go to the mission terminal, choose a couple missions, and go do them. If you do a mission related to your profession, you get money for completely, and you get experience. Sounds good, right?

It's good for a little while, until it gets repetitive. You do missions, gain exp, gain credits (the Star Wars currency), gain skills, move to a tougher area, and repeat the process all over again. You do this until you've mastered the profession, and then do this all over again with a different profession. It gets boring very quickly (at least to me).

After a few weeks of doing this, you will become very powerful in your profession. You can kill tougher monsters (and other players), wield more powerful weapons, use more devastating skills, and stuff like that.

It sounds like a lot of other games, except there's a couple “twists.” First of all, your stats don't improve as you gain exp. They stay the same. The only way to improve them is to go to a “Doctor” who can “buff” your stats up to 4 times their original value, for a price. These buffs last about three hours. So, to get the most out your money, you have to play for three hours at a time. If you aren't completely obsessed with this game, and only like to play a couple hours at a time, you will be wasting money. But, if you want to get anywhere, you need buffs. Kind of puts you in a tough situation, doesn't it?

So, as of now, we have a game like most others, where you gain experience to get more powerful, and when you're more powerful you can fight tougher monsters, which give more experience and better rewards. Because of the system where you pay to get your stats temporarily improved, instead of getting them improved when you gain experience, it makes it worse then other games. If the game was like I described it, it would be an 8, out of 10.

But then there are the glitches.

Every game has glitches. But hardly any games have this many glitches, especially after the game has been out for almost a year. Some of the reviews I had read warned me about the glitches. However, those were written a long time ago, so I just assumed that they would have been fixed by now. I assumed that Lucas Arts employed people who were competent enough to fix these problems. Now, I realize that I made some pretty stupid assumptions.

This game features Speeders, like in the movies. They enable you to get places a lot faster. At least, they are intended to enable you do that. However, with all the glitches, such as disappearing while you are riding them, and dropping you off 100 yards from where you choose to exit, and warping back a few hundred yards, it would almost be quicker just to walk.

Then it gets worse. Out of the nine missions I completed in one day, I didn't get payment for six of them. That's right, I only received payment for one third of the missions I completed. This is due to a glitch. Unfortunately, the people who are supposedly paid to fix this game haven't fixed it yet, and they won't refund the 30,000 credits that I rightfully earned. Considering that now I only have 60,000 credits, I sure could use an extra 30,000.

And, judging from the stories I've heard from other players, I got lucky. Some people have lost incredibly valuable weapons, some have lost their houses, with everything in them, and some have even lost experience. This shouldn't happen.

There are thousands of PC games that don't require a monthly fee, and they don't feature 5% of the bugs in this game, or if they do, they are quickly fixed. Almost a year after this game was released I am getting screwed over due to the incompetence of Lucas Arts.

I'm going to compare Lucas Arts to Blizzard. Blizzard thoroughly tests their games before releasing them. They make sure that all the known bugs have been fixed before they release it, and after they release it there are very few bugs, and hardly ever any major ones. If they do catch one distributing the game, they are quick to release a patch that solves the problem. Lucas Arts has failed to do any of this. They must have completely skipped over the testing phase.

Instead of fixing the game, Lucas Arts releases new dungeons to explore, which only add more glitches. While it is nice to know that they are adding on to the game, I would much rather have a functioning game then a constantly expanding game.

To sum it all up, the only reason why you should get this game is if you really, really like Star Wars, and if you won't be bothered if you get screwed over due to a glitch. If you aren't obsessed with Star Wars, and if you don't want to worry about losing everything you've worked so hard to earn due to the incompetence of Lucas Arts, then I wouldn't recommend this game. That's why I feel this game deserves a 5/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/30/04

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