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"The dream game for Star Wars fans"

In November 2005, Star Wars Galaxies had a major revamp, named the NGE (New game enhancements). Such updates included removing the turn-based battle system, and (more disappointingly) less professions. This review is based on the NGE, and not the previous version.

Story - 9/10

Star Wars Galaxies is based just after the destruction of the first death star, or after ‘A New Hope'. It starts off with you being captured onboard an Imperial space station. Han Solo comes to rescue you, and you must escape the station. After fighting off Imperials, you board another space station, but not an Imperial one. Here, you train yourself in your chosen profession, and get grips with the game. When you are ready, you fly down to Tatooine, and then the game truly begins. You can now do whatever you want, anything. You make your own story - it can be as exciting or as boring as you want. Because there are no restrictions, and it can go your own way, the story gets a 9 out of 10.

Graphics - 9/10

The graphics in SWG are very, very nice. Models and scenery are very detailed with a high polygon count. The effects are very good - lasers look just like from the films. There really isn't anything to complain about, apart from one small problem - scenery sometimes disappears, leaving just the sky and characters visible. But, this doesn't happen very often, and it goes away if you just move from that place. Graphics score 9 out of 10.

Sound - 8/10

Both the sounds and music in this game are surprisingly good - it's just a shame that there's a lack of it. The quality of the sounds is great, and the music is brilliant. But, there's just too little of it. Sometimes, you there's total silence. Music only plays during events, such as battles, or times of the day. But, if there was any more of it, I think it would be too much. The sound department scores 8.

Gameplay - 8/10

SWG is fantastic in places, but occasionally, gets quite boring. But most of the time, you have great fun. As you read from earlier in the review, you can choose your own profession. These are - Jedi, bounty hunter, smuggler, officer, commando, spy, trader, medic, and entertainer. The trading profession is a little different from the others, as you can choose from three types. Each type can choose a specialty that it deals in.

But, onto the main part. You buy your equipment from the bazaars. These are where other players put items up for sale. You can sell your own unwanted things here, or give them to junk dealers, who give you quick credits. You can do missions from other people, or hunt to gain experience. When you level up to certain levels, you get rewards. These are mainly skills and special moves, but you sometimes gain new abilities and get new items. Most items that you get require a certain level to be used, for example, a very powerful rifle can only be used by people of level 80 or higher. You can travel to other planets to explore. You can challenge other players to duels. There is so much to do, I really can't list it all here.

But, unfortunately, sometimes it gets a little repetitive. Leveling up requires you to do a ton of battles, and it can be waaayyy too tiresome. And, in some missions, you are told to go somewhere, but are not told the location of it. This gets very frustrating, as you either have to explore the whole planet (or even the galaxy) to find the place, or you just play until you find it by accident. Despite these problems, the great amount of fun from this game makes the gameplay earn a score of 8.

Replay value - 9/10

There is so much to be done on SWG. There's nothing to stop you from coming back, as this game never, ever ends. Leveling up to the maximum level also takes a long time, much much more than a few months, maybe even several years, depending on how much you play it. Replay value has a score of 9.

Story - 9/10
Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 8/10
Gameplay - 8/10
Replay value - 9/10

Positive points:
+ You create the story
+ Brilliant fun at times
+ Great graphics

Negative points
- Can get very tedious and repetitive
- A distinct lack of music

Overall score - 9/10

For Star Wars fans, this is the dream game. Rather than sticking to a fixed story, you can do whatever you want. For some though, the long leveling process might be a bit too long-winded, and that may put some right off of SWG. But, if you are patient, and don't mind this, SWG is a very fun and rewarding game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/02/05

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