• Unlock Everything

    Make a new profile with "REBELLION" as the name.

    Contributed By: EXanadu.


  • Unlock Judge Hershey and Judge Anderson in Multiplayer Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Judge Andersoncomplete Arcade: Zombie Apocalypse with a Judge Dredd ranking
    Judge Hersheycomplete Arcade: Public Relations with a Judge Dredd ranking

    Contributed By: nyiaor2.

  • Unlock Multiplayer Characters

    Complete a chapter in Story mode to unlock additional characters for Battle (Multiplayer) mode.

    You can earn one of five ranks when you complete a chapter. From lowest ranking to highest ranking: Cadet, Rookie, Street Judge, Senior Judge, Judge Dredd.

    Earning a rank will automatically unlock any characters available at a lower rank. If you get a Street Judge ranking you will also unlock the Cadet and Rookie characters.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Business Femalecomplete Icarus Labs, Rookie ranking
    Business Female Undeadcomplete Smokatorium, Senior Judge ranking
    Business Male Undeadcomplete Smokatorium, Street Judge ranking
    Cadetcomplete Halls of Justice, Judge Dredd ranking
    Casual Femalecomplete Smokatorium, Rookie ranking
    Casual Malecomplete Smokatorium, Cadet ranking
    Casual Undead Femalecomplete Undercity, Rookie ranking
    Casual Undead Malecomplete Undercity, Cadet ranking
    Charred Skeletoncomplete Deadworld, Cadet ranking
    Cult Assassincomplete Mean Streets, Judge Dredd ranking
    Cult Guardcomplete Undercity, Senior Judge ranking
    Cult Priestcomplete Undercity, Street Judge ranking
    Cybergoth Acomplete Mean Streets, Cadet ranking
    Cybergoth Bcomplete Mean Streets, Rookie ranking
    Dr Icaruscomplete Icarus Labs, Judge Dredd ranking
    Eldster Female Undeadcomplete Resyk, Senior Judge rating
    Eldster Male Undeadcomplete Resyk, Street Judge rating
    Female Cult Disciplecomplete Mean Streets, Street Judge ranking
    Female Hoodcomplete The Docks, Senior Judge ranking
    Female Hood Inmatecomplete Nixon Penitentiary, Rookie ranking
    Female Psi Judgecomplete Deadworld, Street Judge ranking
    Female Punkcomplete Ryder Mega-Mall, Cadet ranking
    Female Punk Inmatecomplete Nixon Penitentiary, Senior Judge ranking
    Female Scrawlercomplete Halls of Justice, Rookie ranking
    Female Vagrantcomplete The Docks, Rookie ranking
    Hospital Workercomplete Clooney Hospital, Cadet ranking
    Judge Deathcomplete Deadworld, Judge Dredd ranking
    Judge Fearcomplete Undercity, Judge Dredd ranking
    Judge Firecomplete Smokatorium, Judge Dredd ranking
    Judge Mortiscomplete Clooney Hospital, Judge Dredd ranking
    Judge Ricocomplete Deadworld, Senior Judge ranking
    Large Undeadcomplete Ryder Mega-Mall, Street Judge Ranking
    Male Cult Disciplecomplete Mean Streets, Senior Judge ranking
    Male Hoodcomplete The Docks, Street Judge ranking
    Male Hood Inmatecomplete Nixon Penitentiary, Cadet ranking
    Male Judge Undeadcomplete Resyk, Judge Dredd rating
    Male Psi Judgecomplete Deadworld, Rookie ranking
    Male Punkcomplete Ryder Mega-Mall, Rookie ranking
    Male Punk Inmatecomplete Nixon Penitentiary, Street Judge ranking
    Male Scrawlercomplete Halls of Justice, Cadet ranking
    Male Vagrantcomplete The Docks, Cadet ranking
    Med Judgecomplete Nixon Penitentiary, Judge Dredd ranking
    Med Judge Undeadcomplete Clooney Hospital, Rookie ranking
    Necruscomplete The Docks, Judge Dredd ranking
    Regen Workercomplete Icarus Labs, Cadet Ranking
    Resyk Workercomplete Resyk, Cadet rating
    SJS Judgecomplete Ryder Mega-Mall, Judge Dredd Ranking
    Skinny Undeadcomplete Ryder Mega-Mall, Senior Judge Ranking
    Suit Acomplete Halls of Justice, Street Judge ranking
    Suit Bcomplete Halls of Justice, Senior Judge ranking
    Tek Judgecomplete Clooney Hospital, Senior Judge ranking
    Undead Hospital Workercomplete Clooney Hospital, Street Judge ranking
    Undead Resyk Workercomplete Resyk, Rookie rating
    Vampire Femalecomplete Icarus Labs, Senior Judge ranking
    Vampire Malecomplete Icarus Labs, Street Judge ranking

    Contributed By: nyiaor2.

  • Unlock the Arcade levels

    Complete a chapter in Story mode to unlock an Arcade level

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Block WarComplete Chapter 1: The Halls of Justice
    BreakoutComplete Chapter 8: Smokatorium
    DeMarco PIComplete Chapter 2: Nixon Penitentiary
    Escort DutyComplete Chapter 10: Undercity
    FugitiveComplete Chapter 3: The Docks
    Night ShiftComplete Chapter 4: Ryder Mega-Mall
    Public RelationsComplete Chapter 5: Icarus Labs
    RiotComplete Chapter 6: Mean Streets
    Training DayComplete Chapter 11: Deadworld
    Visiting HoursComplete Chapter 9: Resyk
    Zombie ApocalypseComplete Chapter 7: Clooney Hospital

    Contributed By: nyiaor2.

  • Unlock the Cheats

    complete an Arcade level with a Judge Dredd ranking to unlock a Cheat

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Deformed Modecomplete Arcade level DeMarco PI
    Ghostcomplete Arcade level Night Shift
    Headlesscomplete Arcade level Riot
    Infinite Ammocomplete Arcade level Escort Duty
    Infinite Lawmetercomplete Arcade level Visiting Hours
    Infinite Medi-pakscomplete Arcade level Training Day
    Low Gravity Ragdollcomplete Arcade level Block War
    Mirror Worldcomplete Arcade level Walter's Wobot Wampage
    Pinheadcomplete Arcade level Fugitive
    Touch of Mortiscomplete Arcade level Breakout

    Contributed By: nyiaor2.

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