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"4x4 offroad racing simulator... Hit or miss?"

Intro: Offroad racing has always been something to dream of, but now, this game makes wishes come true. With realistic trucks and realistic graphics, who could go wrong? It takes all of those two elements to make a great game doesn't it? Read on -

Graphics: They are indeed pretty good, but a geforce 3 is all it takes to run it at full settings. While each terrain differs, each one has its own share of glory and fame, but there are just some areas that should have been re-thought when they finished the game. Rain, fog, dawn, dusk, they have it all... its just that it needed more work.

Gameplay: You will be shocked with all of the vehicles there are to choose from and product parts and not to mention, race teams. Basically, you start out with $30 grand and you are expected to crawl to the top of the mountain and end up with a stellar race team. Sounds easy, but it is better said than done. You have to buy about 100 parts to have a competitive truck, otherwise the big rig SUVs and full size trucks pretty much bring you to a halt when they tap you. On top of all that frustration, there is only about a million things in the way on the track. Those would just so happen to include: Junked cars halfway out of the ground, barrels in the main groove, big round bails on the grooves again, construction vehicles... on the grooves, and much much more... in the groove. Turn after turn, you will be lucky to make a lap with out hitting whatever they have sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Sound: Each vehicle sounds pretty much the same. For each upgrade part in the engine category... the sound tends to change slightly, but in the end they all sound alike. The music gets to become repetitive, so mute helps there.

Controls: Not much to say here, but if you do not have a wheel with force feedback... this game is even more of a pain in the rear. 'Nuff said.

Replay Factor: Its pretty high actually, sooner or later you should become immune to the objects on the road/track. If and when yours truly can do it... maybe the rating would be higher.

Overall: For the money paid, $0... this game was worth trying to say the least. Getting around the lame objects on the track is one thing, but when you cant bump a different vehicle out of your way, but they can move you out of the way, it makes this game extremely frustrating. When it comes down to entertainment, this game gets a 4 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/12/04

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