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"Add-on or Patch ?"

It is hard to write a review of an add-on to a game without being a bit hares, most add-ons today fall into two categories

(1) They are just money making ploys by the software company
(2) The add-on is just a patch with areas of the game, which were incomplete at the time of the original release.

But Sudden Strike Forever fall more into the second category, the add-on does indeed enhance the original game, offering a much improved interface and computer Artificial Intelligence. You get the standard few extra single and multiplayer levels along with a full thirty new units.

Once again Sudden Strike is set during the World War II time period and offers elaborate Russian, German, French, American and British Missions. The fantastic depth of the game, the endless tactical opportunities and the magnificent game play will never cease to enthral you. Capture enemy fortifications; win the fight for possession of the buildings and call for paratroopers and fighter bomber reinforcements.

Game Play

Great once unit management have been mastered, the game has endless possibilities

9 / 10


Unbelievable, unbelievable, each weapon, shell and unit has a different sound dependent on whether it hits it target or missed, his a wall, the floor, whether the floor is desert, snow covered or a normal field.

9 / 10

Replay Ability

Once again Extraordinary, this game have everlasting play time, the actual game, the editor the only thing that could effect the replay time of this is that you could damage your CD due to over use.

9 / 10

Game : - Sudden Strike Forever
Platform : - PC
Genre : - World War Real Time Strategy

Best Bits

The introduction of the editor is the best bit of this whole editor, without the editor the add-on would not be worth purchasing. Other bits borderline on best bits, the introduction of the Great Britain military power.

Worst Bits

The fact that even the add-on of Sudden Strike Forever isn't complete, you need to download a 10MB + file otherwise many of the units will not work as intended.


+ Editor Included
+ Simplistic control system
+ Greater Online Support
+ Addition of Great Britain Military forces
+ Greater variation of levels and seneraors


- Still no Automatic Save
- Complex levels will scare off new comers.
- Creating a decent user created map will take at least a full week.
- The translation from German into English hasn't quite worked


A must have for any world war game lover or a real time strategy lover, this game has all the entertaining of command and conquer without the building and retrieval or resource materials, the addition of the detailed map editor enables you to create your very own wars, and battles.


Close Combat range, Command and Conquer

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/18/01, Updated 09/18/01

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