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    Maniac Mansion-Step by step to win
    1) Pick Bernard and Micheal
       a) Bernard
          1) Is afraid of the green tentacle
          2) Is the only one able to pick up the radio tube and 
             fix the phone
       b) Micheal
          1) Is the only one who can develop the film
    2) Have Dave or Mike open the front door with the KEY from under the 
    3) Send the character that opened the door walk to the mailbox and stand 
    4) Send the other two in.  DO NOT GO IN THE FIRST DOOR FOR AT LEAST 5 
    MINUTES!  Loot the house.
    5) SAVE!  Send the kid other then Bernard to clear out the kitchen.  Go 
    thru the next door, clear out the meat.  Go to the next room, clear out 
    all but the DEVELOPER.  Go back to the kitchen, fill the JAR with water.
    6) Go to the piano room, and park the CASSETTE TAPE (in the sliding 
    panel in the library, last panel) in the recorder for now.
    7) Open the security door now and whenever needed.
    8) Go into the first room, second floor, beyond security door, and open 
    the desk, taking the MANUSCRIPT.  The next one holds nothing of value.
    9) Send the character besides Bernard up the stairs.  Walk up to the 
    Green Tentacle, and give him the WAX FRUIT and the JAR OF WATER.  You'll 
    get the jar back, don't worry.  Open the door to the developing room and 
    go up the stairs.
    10) Open the first door and go in, picking up the DIME on the floor.  Go 
    up the ladder at the far left.
    11) Ignore the Tentacle.  Pick up the RECORD next to the stereo, and 
    pick up the YELLOW KEY next to the right speaker.  Go back thru the 
    hatch in the floor.
    12) Go to the forth door and clean it out (actually, the only thing 
    takeable is the SPONGE in the bathroom).  Use the Hunk-A-Matic.
    13) Swap to Bernard.  Send Bernard to the room with the radio and plug 
    in the RADIO TUBE.  Send him after the other kid to work out.
    14) AT THIS TIME THE DOORBELL SHOULD BE RINGING.  If any kids remain in 
    the hall, send them into a room ASAP.  Swap to the kid outside, and 
    target and pick up: the STAMPS, and the PACKAGE.  When Ed closes the 
    door, reopen it, and go to the right most Gargoyle.  Send the kid with 
    the YELLOW KEY and SPONGE downstairs to the kid pushing the Gargoyle.
    15) Go thru the door (the one with the SPONGE, NOT the one pushing the 
    statue.  Turn on the light and get the SILVER KEY, and go upstairs.
    16) Send both the downstairs characters all the way thru the dining hall 
    to the supply room.  Unlock the silver door with the SILVER KEY, and 
    give the SILVER KEY to the kid who was stationed next to the mailbox.  
    It is now valueless.  Send the guy with the SPONGE thru the door.
    17) Open and go thru the gate.
    18) Open the garage door.  (NOTE: You MUST have worked out on the Hunk-
    A-Matic to do this!)  Take the SHOWER HANDLE.  Open the trunk with the 
    YELLOW KEY.  Take the TOOLS.  Go back to the supply room.
    19) "Pick up" the DEVELOPER.  Yes, it always does that.  Send the kid 
    who pushed on the gargoyle to the ladder on the swimming pool wall.  No, 
    he won't go in.
    20) Send the kid with the SPONGE outside of the house.  PULL the bushes 
    on the right.  Use the TOOLS on the Grating.  Go into the grating.
    21) Walk until you find the green puddle of developer.  Use SPONGE in 
    the puddle.  Keep walking until you see a valve.  SAVE!  THIS IS HARD!  
    Open or Turn On Water Valve.  Swap to the kid next to the pool.  Have 
    him go down the ladder.  Watch or cut the cut scene, it is meaningless.  
    Pick up the RADIO.  Pick up the small, GLOWING KEY.  Retreat up the 
    ladder.  DO NOT MUCK WITH THE BUTTON OR NUCLEAR PUMP!  Go up the ladder.
    22) As soon as the guy is off the ladder and on to terra firma, Close or 
    Turn Off Water Valve.  Everything should be peachy.
    23) Send the character with the RECORD, not the OLD RECORD mind you, to 
    the piano room.  Put the RECORD on the Victrola.  Turn on the recorder.  
    Turn on the Victrola.  Wait until the vase shatters.  Turn off the 
    Victrola.  Turn off the recorder.  Pick up the CASSETTE TAPE.  Go to the 
    room where the chandelier hangs.
    24) Open the cabinet door if you haven't already done so.  Use the 
    CASSETTE TAPE in the Cassette player.  Turn on the player.  Wait until 
    the chandelier shatters.  Turn off the player.  Take the tape if you 
    want, it's useless now.  Take the OLD RUSTY KEY.
    25) Go outside and look at the left bushes.  You should see a small 
    canister of UNDEVELOPED FILM.  In not, skip to step 27 for now, and 
    check back later.
    26) Have everybody meet on the fourth level of Maniac Mansion inside a 
    room somewhere.  Give the SPONGE WITH DEVELOPER and the UNDEVELOPED FILM 
    to Micheal.  Send Micheal to the third floor room.  Close the door if 
    you want, Mike will do it anyway.  Use SPONGE WITH DEVELOPER in the 
    developing tray.  Use the UNDEVELOPED FILM in the tray.  Stop or watch 
    the cut scene if you want.  You should now have Wierd Ed's Plans in the 
    form of PRINTS.  Hold onto that for a sec.  Open the door and meet up 
    with the other two.
    27) Give one of the characters the OLD RUSTY KEY.  Give the PACKAGE to 
    another kid.  Give the dime to the kid without the OLD RUSTY KEY, but 
    with the PACKAGE.  Send both of them to the third door.  Open the third 
    door, and send the kid with the OLD RUSTY KEY thru the door.  Walk to 
    the piggy bank and OPEN it.  It will shatter.  You may be able to out-
    run Ed, but don't bother.  Pass the scene and swap to the guy outside.  
    Send him into Ed's room.  Pick up the HAMSTER.  Pick up the PURPLE CARD 
    KEY.  Pick up another DIME.  Ed should be coming back soon.  Give him 
    the package.  Go outside.  SAVE.
    28) The infamous dream sequence.  Bring the kid in the clink back 
    upstairs to meet with the other two.  Give the hamster to that kid, and 
    send him into Ed's room to give him the hamster and make friends.  SAVE 
    again.  Now- Send the kid into the room with the man eating plant.  Hit 
    "F".  Move the cursor to the hatch.  DO NOT SAVE UNDER ANY 
    two dimes in the coin slot, and push the RIGHT button twice.  Yes, you 
    can't see anything of interest.  Now, swap to the other two characters.  
    Put them in Ed's room.  Send one into Edna's room (the second door from 
    the stairs.  You should be able to dodge Edna and make it up the ladder, 
    if not, don't worry about it, just send the last kid in and up the 
    Open the painting.  Swap to the character staring out the telescope.  
    Use the Really Powerful Telescope and record the numbers you see.  
    29) RELOAD THE GAME.  Do everything you just did save sending the kid to 
    the telescope.  Unless you think you can pick up the SAMLL KEY AND make 
    it up the ladder, just let Edna catch you and send in the last 
    character.  Pick up the key and head up to the painting room.  Open the 
    wall safe with the code you just got.  Pick up the SEALED ENVELOPE and 
    go downstairs.  Yes, Edna will catch you.
    30) The confusing part: There is one last puzzle before the fun begins, 
    and its not so hard.  Reveal the door in the room with the man eating 
    plant with the PAINT REMOVER.  Wow.  It is a useless room, isn't it?  
    Except for the window, and you don't have the right tool to open it.  
    The CHAINSAW?  No gas.  The Wierd Edsel?  Maybe.  If you get the gas out 
    of that, let me know.  The SPONGE should help.  Now, put the shower 
    handle on the shower and turn it on and off, recording the number you 
    see.  That is Nurse Edna's number.  Is it useless?  Give the PRINTS to 
    Ed.  He will meet you in the clink in ten minutes.  Clock five and call 
    the alien on the CB (read the wanted poster).  Let Edna get you and meet 
    the other two.  Unlock the padlocks with the GLOWING KEY.  Open the 
    outside door.  What?  Another?  The code is...
    Keys			What they open
    Key			The front door*
    Old Rusty Key		The prison door*
    Silver Key		The silver door
    Yellow Key		Opens and turns on the Wierd Edsel
    Small Key		The coin boxes in the video games
    Glowing Key		The padlocks on the outer door
    Purple Card Key		???
    * More then one need for
    Items			What are they good for
    Undeveloped Film		Wierd Ed needs them
    Flashlight		To see in the dark
    Old Batteries		For the flashlight
    Very Dull Knives
    Cassette Tape		To record songs
    Demo Tape		The Green Tentacle's demo tape
    Radio Tube		To use the CB
    Lettuce			To feed the man-eating plant
    Pepsi			To stop the plant from eating you
    Cheese			To feed the man-eating plant
    Ketchup			ditto
    Old Rotting Turkey	ditto
    Week old roast		ditto
    Canned Goods		ditto
    Glass Jar		To hold water in
    Tentacle Chow		
    Bottle of Developer	To develop the film
    Radio			To get new batteries
    Batteries		Extended flashlight life
    Faucet Handle		To turn on the shower
    Tools			To fix the phone; open the grate
    Wax Fruit
    Paint Remover
    Old Record

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