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    Weapon/Enemy Guide by White_Pointer

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/14/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Doom 3 Weapon and Enemy Guide
    Copyright 2004
    Version 1.1
    Written by White_Pointer
    e-mail: whitepointer@blood-sports.net
    Contents of this Guide:
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Legal Information
    3.0 About the game
    4.0 What’s in this guide?
    5.0 Weapon Guide
    6.0 Enemy Guide
    7.0 Weapon/Enemy Strength Charts - Knowing what weapon to use
    8.0 Acknowledgements and Credits
    1.0 Introduction
    Doom 3 isn't one of those games that requires a walkthrough, all of the levels
    are pretty linear and it's almost impossible to get lost. So what the next best 
    thing? A Weapon and Enemy FAQ! 
    2.0 Legal Information
    This guide is intended for personal use only. No profit can be made from this 
    guide under ANY circumstances, it is to be used for non-profit only. This guide 
    will ONLY be hosted on Gamefaqs, unless you have my written consent to publish 
    it on your own site and you MUST e-mail me to request my permission to use it. 
    Please explain in your e-mail what the theme of your site is, the approximate 
    amount of unique visitors you receive each month and what materials the site 
    covers. This guide may not be altered in any way, shape, or form.
    3.0 About the game
    If you haven't heard of Doom 3 by now you've been living under a rock (and it
    would make me wonder why you are reading this guide) but to give a bit of 
    background information on it, Doom 3 is the third iteration of the Doom series 
    of games, developed by id software (that's "id", as in "The Wizard of id", it
    is NOT an acronym). Doom and Doom 2 were released over 10 years ago, and 
    finally, we now get Doom 3, complete with a revolutionary new graphics engine 
    and unmatched atmosphere. Doom 3 is essentially a re-telling of the story from 
    the original Doom - You are a marine stranded on Mars trying to fight through a 
    demon infested base.
    4.0 What’s in this guide?
    This is not a walkthrough of the game. Rather, this is an in-depth FAQ about the
    available weapons in the game, as well as the enemies you’ll encounter along the
    way. The weapons have a description and a ‘how to use’ guide, and the enemies 
    have a description and a ‘how to kill’ guide ;) Basically, just some quick 
    strategies for defeating the enemies you’ll face. I have used the “official” 
    names of enemies where I can, but have used my own names for some enemies where 
    id haven’t provided them.
    5.0 Weapons
    5.1 FISTS: (Default Key Map: 1)
    Go bash some demons with your fists! Fight like a man! Or don't, and say you 
    did. You'll impress your friends.
    As expected your fists aren't very useful for much. Occasionally you can run 
    across a corpse that you might want to make sure is actually dead so it doesn't 
    get up and chase you as a zombie, and your fists can be useful for that. 
    Otherwise, forget it, I don't even think you can break glass with them.
    5.2 FLASHLIGHT: (Default Key Map: F)
    This is an essential part of your inventory and its main use is funnily enough,
    to help you through the dark hallways of the Mars base. It also doubles as a 
    surprisingly powerful club for tight situations.
    Of course, you'll find it pretty difficult to get through the game without the
    flashlight so you can see where you are going. As far as using it as a weapon
    is concerned, Use the flashlight to break glass, or to whack corpses on the 
    ground to make sure they are dead. When push comes to shove it can also be used 
    as a semi effective weapon against some of the lesser enemies in the game.
    5.3 PISTOL: (Default Key Map: 2)
    The first firearm you receive, the pistol carries bullets which come in 
    12-round magazines. It fires quite quickly and doesn't lose much accuracy 
    when firing at distant targets. It's not overly powerful, but it gets the job 
    Obviously you won't have a choice early in the game, you basically need to use 
    it on everything. Once you start picking up other weapons though, the pistol 
    is still great for taking down zombies and trites to conserve ammo from your 
    more powerful guns, and it's also good for blowing up barrels from a distance.
    5.4 SHOTGUN: (Default Key Map: 3)
    The classic shotgun uses shells as its ammunition and can carry 8 at once. 
    The shotgun is incredibly powerful at close range and can take down many 
    enemies with just one shot. However its effectiveness decreases the further 
    away the enemy is, its rate of fire is slow and its reload time even slower.
    The shotgun is incredibly useful, so much so that it will most likely be 
    your weapon of choice throughout the entire game, despite its slow rate of 
    fire and reload time. It packs a very powerful blast, and if you are 
    walking along a dark hallway and you aren't sure which gun to equip, the 
    shotgun is usually a good choice.
    5.5 MACHINE GUN: (Default Key Map: 4)
    You should acquire this gun fairly early in the game if you actually 
    explore properly, and it's a great alternative to the shotgun. The Machine 
    gun uses clips for its ammo, and can hold 60 in one magazine. Its rate of 
    fire is fast, and it's still very accurate even from a distance. It does 
    tend to eat ammo pretty quickly though.
    Useful up close, useful from a distance, the machine gun is a great 
    all-purpose weapon, and has a pretty quick reload time too. It makes short 
    work of the smaller enemies and is still useful on many of the larger ones as 
    well. Its rate of fire and accuracy should be all the incentive you need to 
    use it. Just watch your ammo consumption.
    5.6 CHAINGUN: (Default Key Map: 5)
    Effectively an upgraded machine gun, the chaingun's ammo is picked up in an 
    ammo belt and it fires a constant stream of armour-piercing nails at the 
    enemy in 60-round doses. Its rate of fire is roughly 2 1/2 times the rate of 
    fire of the machine gun, as a result it chews up ammo about 2 1/2 times faster. 
    It's accuracy also drops the further away you are.
    The chaingun is a great short to medium range weapon that can be used to mow 
    down a whole group of enemies in one go. Even the toughest enemies can't take 
    too much punishment from it before they drop. It uses up ammo VERY quickly 
    though, and it's not terribly effective from a distance. Save this gun for the 
    big dudes, or when you're surrounded in a room.
    5.7 GRENADES: (Default Key Map: 6)
    The ultimate explosive weapon, you can pick up 5 of these at once to carry a 
    maximum of 50. They pack a pretty big punch and you can throw them a pretty 
    good distance, so use them well. They bounce off walls and along the floor and 
    explode on impact. If they don't hit an enemy they'll explode themselves. You 
    can actually hold them in your hand and let them go when you want to time the 
    explosion. Make sure you listen to the sound they make and let it go before it 
    explodes in your hand.
    The smaller enemies won't be able to take more than one grenade to end their 
    measly existence. The bigger guys will need several of them, but you can throw 
    them pretty quickly so this shouldn't be a problem. Just twist, aim and throw. 
    Also great for disposing of an enemy you just KNOW is hiding around the corner.
    5.8 PLASMA GUN: (Default Key Map: 7)
    Fires a constant stream of plasma bolts at the enemy and naturally uses 
    plasma cells as its ammunition. It can fire a round of 50 bolts before needing 
    to reload. It's a very powerful weapon that is particularly good against the 
    bigger enemies, and makes VERY short work of the smaller ones.
    Like the chaingun, you should be saving this puppy for the big guys you'll be 
    meeting. It has a fast rate of fire but the plasma bolts are somewhat slower 
    moving than the ammo from other guns, meaning the more agile enemies have a 
    chance to dodge the blasts. Like the other rapid fire weapons this also tends 
    to use up ammo pretty fast, firing at a rate a little faster than the machine 
    5.9 ROCKET LAUNCHER: (Default Key Map: 8)
    If you wanted big artillery, you got it. The rocket launcher is a huge weapon 
    that naturally enough requires rockets for its ammo, and you can shoot out 5 
    rockets before reloading. It's rate of fire is slow but it is incredibly 
    powerful and even the tougher enemies won't be able to take more than 3 or 4 
    direct hits. It's very much a distance weapon, don't try using it up close.
    Fire away at distant enemies that you want to blow to smithereens. Make sure 
    you take the slow firing rate and reload time into account though. Not really 
    effective in close quarters, you'll probably end up doing more damage to 
    yourself. Save this baby for the bigger guys and bosses, although it's always 
    fun to blow up the occasional Imp with it :)
    5.10 BFG 9000: (Default Key Map: 9)
    What's a Doom game without the BFG? This can be considered the super weapon of 
    the game. It basically fires out a huge ball of radioactive energy that damages 
    anything caught in its radius, and then explodes on impact doing huge damage 
    and basically killing anything bar the bosses. You can also charge it up and 
    shoot out an even more powerful blast, just don't charge too long or the gun 
    will explode - taking you along with it. Stock up on its ammo by collecting 
    cells, it can shoot 4 separate cells (without charging up) before requiring 
    a reload.
    There are several places in the game where you'll find a good use for the BFG,
    notably when you have a really tough enemy you need to take care of really 
    quickly. You'd basically want to keep this as a distance weapon and yes, it's 
    another one you should save for the tougher enemies in the game considering 
    you won't find a hell of a lot of ammo for it. You'll need to charge it up 
    to take down the biggest demons.
    5.11 CHAINSAW: (Default Key Map: 0)
    The chainsaw is back! This baby makes short work of almost every enemy in the 
    game, the catch is it's a melee weapon so you'll need to get right up in the 
    demon's face to use it. It's worth it though because it's VERY effective in 
    slicing them to pieces. It doesn't require any ammo to use, just whip it out, 
    pull the rip-cord and get ready to slice and dice!
    Extremely useful if you can get close enough to the enemy to use it. Probably 
    not the best option against airborne attackers or those baddies that attack 
    you from a distance. Get up close and go crazy.
    5.12 SOUL CUBE: (Default Key Map: Q)
    You'll find this elusive weapon fairly late in the game, and it's probably the
    single most powerful weapon in the game. It takes down any regular enemy with
    just one blow, however its use is limited. Before using the soul cube, you 
    need to "charge" it up by destroying 5 enemies (ANY 5 enemies, with ANY 
    weapon). It'll tell you to "use us" when it's ready, and when you let it go 
    it'll kill the nearest enemy and replenish your health.
    Very useful, use it whenever you have the opportunity to. Sometimes you may 
    want to wait a while after it's charged to use it on a really big enemy, but 
    generally it's a good idea to use it straight away. You'll often find yourself 
    in the situation where it's your only source of health replenishment.
    6.0 Enemies
    Now for the part everybody’s been waiting for, the enemies!
    This is split into several parts, based on the types of enemies you’ll 
    6.1 - Zombies
    6.2 - Small Demons
    6.3 – Large Demons
    6.4 - Airborne Demons
    6.5 – Bosses
    Right then, here we go!
    6.1 ZOMBIES
    These poor souls are the former citizens of the UAC Mars facility. Now they are 
    rotting corpses that want to take a bite out of you (and you'll sometimes see 
    them taking bites out of each other too). Deal with them with your pistol, a few
    good shots to the head should be all they need. Once you have enough ammo, one 
    good close range shotgun blast should see the end of them as well. Not a big 
    threat really, but they have a habit of popping out of walls in enclosed areas. 
    Sometimes they carry various tools to club you with so be wary of those. You'll 
    know a zombie is around from the distinctive "Ugggghh" sound they make (if you
    have ever played Resident Evil it sounds almost the same as that). You'll meet 
    zombie citizens regularly at the beginning, and they eventually get less and 
    less common until they stop showing up.
    These zombies are the former marines that guarded the UAC base. Now they are 
    intent on doing the opposite. You'll often run across these guys in groups and
    they do seem to have a bit of brain left because they tend to duck behind 
    objects for cover. They usually carry shotguns or machine guns, occasionally 
    you may run across the odd one with a pistol or a riot shield. The best way to 
    deal with them is the machine gun or pistol since you'll normally be engaging 
    them at a distance and you may need to duck for cover yourself. In the few 
    situations you'll meet them up close the shotgun makes short work of them. 
    The presence of a zombie marine is telegraphed by a noise that sounds like 
    a voice talking through a walkie-talkie. As with zombie citizens these guys 
    will show up less and less until you don't meet them anymore.
    These guys want to do one thing - slice you apart with their chainsaw. They 
    aren't terribly fast moving so you should be able to dispose of them without
    too much trouble - just don't let yourself be cornered by one because the 
    chainsaw is just as effective on you as it is on demons. Shotgun or Machine 
    Gun is usually the best option, or you may want to take them on at their own 
    game and chainsaw them yourself. Chainsaw zombies don't really make any sounds 
    to alert you of their presence, they stand motionless, usually in the dark or 
    around a corner or inside a wall and wait for you to get close enough. You'll 
    hear them start up their chainsaw when they see you though. You'll run into
    Chainsaw zombies in several areas of the game, but they aren't very common.
    These former soldiers have been demon-ised by Doctor Betruger and are quite
    a handful. They are stronger than other zombies and have a tentacle for one 
    arm that they use to attack you with. The first time you meet these guys 
    you'll probably be scared senseless, because they are VERY aggressive and 
    move A LOT faster than any other enemy up to that point in the game. They 
    run at you and leap into the air, launching their tentacle arm at you that 
    actually stretches so it can hit you even when you are not close to them. 
    Try not to let these guys get too close, pummel them with the machine gun 
    before they have a chance to leap at you. Also be aware that they aren't 
    afraid to jump down from higher ledges to get to you either. You'll know 
    a Commando Zombie is around by the heavy footsteps they make, and when they 
    spot you they usually yell "Die!" or "You will die!". Commando Zombies will 
    start showing up at the Monorail.
    Chaingunner Zombies are basically Commando Zombies, except they carry a
    chaingun and can take more punishment before they die. Unlike Commando
    Zombies, Chaingunner zombies will keep their distance and fire at you,
    usually ducking behind some cover while they reload their gun. They are
    surprisingly accurate with their shots, and can dish out a lot of damage 
    very quickly. I would advise you also find some cover yourself and poke 
    out periodically to fill them with machine gun ammo. Sometimes you'll hear 
    them walking around in much the same way as Commando zombies but more 
    often they'll just be standing there, waiting for you to come into their 
    line of sight. When they see you they'll yell "Die!" or "You will die!". 
    Chaingunner zombies will start showing up when Commando zombies do.
    You'll only run across these guys every now and then and they really 
    aren't anything to worry about. They will normally run at you from around 
    a corner, flaying their arms wildly to try and put out the fire that engulfs 
    their bodies. Drop them with a well placed shotgun blast.
    6.1.7 HELL ZOMBIE
    As their name implies, you'll only meet these zombies in Hell and only in 
    one particular section. They are skinny and slow moving, and one good shotgun 
    blast should be the end of them, but there are a lot of them to deal with in 
    the section you meet them so make sure you don't get yourself cornered.
    6.2.1 IMP
    Your number 1 enemy in the game, Imps are back and are a lot meaner than 
    they were 10 years ago. Imps are humanoid demons that are dark in colour and 
    have heaps on eyes. From a distance, they'll form balls of plasma in their 
    hand and throw it at you, which actually travels in a parabolic arc, meaning 
    you can actually avoid them ducking and moving forward a little. Up close, 
    Imps will swipe at you constantly with their claws. They also have a nasty 
    little jumping attack they'll use from time to time, where they'll get down 
    on all fours close to the ground and leap at you. They especially like doing 
    this just after you've opened a door and scaring the crap out of you. They 
    have a tendency to show up just about anywhere - they can crawl along 
    ceilings, burst out of floor gratings, climb over barricades and jump out 
    of walls. They particularly like hiding in dark places. Taking them out 
    isn't too difficult. Watch for when they are charging up their fireball and 
    blast them with the shotgun. If the blast doesn't kill them, strafe to 
    avoid the fireball and blast again, they normally don't survive two shotgun 
    blasts. Watch out though, they can actually hold back their fireball if you 
    start moving too early and throw it at you right at the last second. When 
    you see them ducking down on all fours, strafe to the left or right to avoid 
    them as they leap at you and blast them as they get up. You know an Imp's 
    hiding somewhere when you hear a low, snake-like hiss. When an Imp sees you 
    they'll make a high pitched screaming roar. Imps show up throughout the 
    entire game, so always be on the lookout for them.
    6.2.2 MAGGOT
    These two-headed demons run along the ground really quickly on all fours 
    and swipe at you when they get close enough. They aren't terribly strong 
    and will go down with one shotgun blast, but they are incredibly fast and 
    have a nasty habit of running up on you from behind so you need to watch 
    your back. Sometimes they can also climb out of holes in the wall. You'll 
    know when one's around when you hear a short growl followed by the clicking 
    on their talons on the ground. Maggots will appear semi-regularly throughout 
    the first few areas of the game and sparingly after that.
    6.2.3 PINKY
    A giant half-demon robot, pinkies are essentially big demon dogs with 
    robotic hind quarters. They are very quick along the ground and can dish 
    out a lot of damage if you let them, but their bark is worse than their bite. 
    They don't take much punishment at all and will normally go down with 2-3 
    shotgun blasts. Your only real problem with these things is when they get 
    you trapped in a corner or against a wall because they really rip into you 
    very quickly. Just keep your distance and you'll be fine. Pinkies don't 
    really make any sounds, they tend to show up just after you open a door or 
    enter a hallway, where they'll let out an almighty roar before charging 
    towards you. Pinkies will show up every now and then (usually when you 
    least expect it) throughout Mars City and the Alpha Labs.
    6.2.4 WRAITH
    Wraiths are fast moving demons that are hunched over with sharp blades 
    on their forearms. They are essentially like Imps, without the fireballs 
    or the ability to jump at you. They do however have a teleport that they 
    use to get closer to you, and once they are close enough they'll attack 
    relentlessly and tear you apart if they have you trapped against a wall 
    or in the corner. They generally take more punishment than Imps as well, 
    but the shotgun is still the weapon of choice here. Wait for them to 
    teleport close to you and blast them as they materialise. A wraith makes 
    its presence known by a very aggressive sounding roar, then the 
    unmistakable sound of their teleporting. You'll start meeting wraiths at 
    the Enpro Plant and you'll meet them periodically after that, but they 
    get a lot more common in the Caverns.
    6.2.5 TRITE
    Trites are spider-like demons with upside down heads, and don't pose 
    a serious threat on their own. However, they almost always attack in 
    groups where they will crawl out of gaps in the walls or lower themselves 
    down from the ceiling on webbing. They attack by leaping at you, which 
    can be from just about any distance they feel like. Make sure you don't 
    get yourself cornered by a swarm of trites or you'll be making a trip to 
    the quick-load key. The best gun to take trites out with is the pistol, 
    two-well placed shots will be the end of them. If you want to 
    do things a little more quickly though the machine gun also works well, 
    but they do sometimes have a habit of leaping to one side to avoid your 
    shots. The shotgun isn't recommended unless they are right up in your 
    face. You'll know trites are around when you hear a growl that sort of 
    resembles a heavy breath, then you'll hear little clicks as they walk 
    along the ground. Trites start showing up fairly early and continue to 
    make a nuisance of themselves throughout the entire game.
    6.2.6 TICK
    Ticks are essentially like trites, but with less hitpoints and without 
    the ability to lower themselves down on webbing. Like trites they attack 
    by leaping at you, unlike trites they actually explode when they hit you 
    causing much more damage. As a general rule, deal with them the same way 
    you deal with trites, you can tell the difference between ticks and trites 
    because they are darker in colour and their heads aren't 
    upside down. You'll start meeting ticks once you get out of Hell.
    6.2.7 CHERUB
    Part human baby, part insect, these things have got to be the freakiest 
    demons in the game and probably the freakiest thing I've seen in any game
    - period. They can't really fly, they more hop along the ground and use 
    their wings to jump further. They'll attack you by leaping towards you 
    and taking a swipe at you with their clawed hands. They can jump quite 
    a distance using their wings so you need to be wary of that, plus they 
    almost never attack you 1 on 1. Where you see one, there's bound 
    to be half a dozen more around the corner somewhere. They are agile 
    little things and will make an effort to try and avoid your fire too. 
    They'll go down with a close range shotgun blast, but you really don't 
    want to let them get that close to you, so you may want to try the 
    machine gun for a bit of distance action against them. The sound of a 
    Cherub is unmistakable - a baby crying/laughing coupled with the sound 
    of buzzing insect wings. You'll be freaked out the first time you hear 
    it, and you'll be even more freaked out the first time you see one. 
    Speaking of which, you can expect to start meeting Cherubs in the 
    Recycling Sectors.
    6.3.1 REVENANT
    Revenants are indeed a demon to be feared. They basically look like a 
    skeleton with glowing green eyes and armour (although apparently they 
    aren't actually skeletons, they just have transparent skin). From a 
    distance they'll shoot guided missiles at you, meaning you usually can't 
    strafe to avoid them. They will shoot two at a time too, doubling the damage 
    inflicted. Up close, they can certainly punch you very hard. To make things 
    even more complicated, you'll often meet Revenants in areas where there are 
    exploding barrels around making their missiles deadly if you happen to be 
    standing next to one. The weapon of choice is probably the plasma gun here, 
    because not only does it make short work of the Revenant but you can also 
    use it to destroy the missiles it fires at you. You need to aim pretty well 
    though because the missiles spiral through the air, making them difficult 
    to hit. You know a Revenant's around by their distinctive, high-pitched 
    squawk. They'll start showing up at the Monorail.
    6.3.2 MANCUBUS
    Mancubi are huge, fat, slow moving behemoths with something that looks 
    like a thin trunk (or some kind of breathing apparatus, anyway) and what 
    look like walrus-type tusks and huge blasters for arms. The fact that 
    they are so slow makes them an easy target but that doesn't mean they are 
    easy to take down. They can take an incredible amount of damage, and they 
    attack you by firing their arm blasters at you that not only cause major 
    damage on impact but cause splash damage if they miss. You'll often meet 
    several of them appearing one after another too. When you're taking a Mancubus 
    on make sure you use any available cover to try and protect yourself from 
    its blaster shots, and unload your fully-loaded plasma gun or chaingun on them. 
    Rockets also work well. A Mancubus makes a very low, resonating, frog-like 
    croak that echoes off the walls so if you hear that sound, you know one isn't 
    far away. You'll meet three in the Recycling Sectors, then you won't see them 
    again until you get into Hell.
    6.3.3 ARCH-VILE
    Arch-Viles are basically spindly humanoid demons with big fiery hands, 
    and are probably the most dangerous enemy in the game, because they can 
    spawn in any other demon they like to do their dirty work for them. The first 
    times you meet them they'll be spawning in Imps, Maggots and Wraiths, but 
    later on they can spawn in Revenants, Cherubs, and Hellknights. They aren't 
    completely defenceless by themselves either - quite the opposite. From a 
    distance they have a fire attack that travels along the ground and up walls 
    that does MASSIVE damage, and up close they'll pummel you with their 
    flame-covered claws which are equally as painful. They can certainly take 
    a beating too, and more often than not you'll see them appear on a ledge you 
    can't get to, making aiming at them a little harder. These guys are what you 
    should be saving your BFG for, a charged up shot will see the end of them at 
    far range, at medium range, 2-3 grenades will get the job done, or up close, 
    the chainsaw is surprisingly effective. The Arch-Vile will always manage to 
    spawn out at least one enemy (and late in the game, they'll always manage to 
    spawn out two enemies), but it's completely open to attack when it's doing so, 
    so take the opportunity to blast it immediately before it manages to spawn out 
    any more. Deal with the Arch-Vile first, THEN worry about what it's managed to 
    spawn out - if you were quick enough it should only be one or two enemies. Arch 
    Viles don't make a sound before you see them, they'll teleport in whenever they 
    like and start making your life difficult. You'll start meeting Arch-Viles 
    in the Delta Labs.
    6.3.4 HELLKNIGHT
    The ultimate hell-spawn warrior, the Hellknight is a massive beast that should 
    have you running for cover. See the thing on the front of the Doom 3 box? 
    That's a Hellknight. They are essentially huge Imps, without the agility, so 
    they won't be climbing up walls and jumping at you - not that they need to. 
    They are capable however of jumping down off a higher ledge to get closer to 
    you. They are incredibly strong, and they throw out a blue fireball which does 
    a lot more damage than the Imp's orange one and also has a much bigger splash 
    radius. Up close they'll rip you to pieces when they swipe at you. Taking on 
    a Hellknight is no easy task but treat it the same way you'd treat an Imp, 
    just on a much larger scale. Strafe to avoid its fireballs (make sure you're 
    not backed against a wall though) and constantly fire at it with the best 
    weapon you have. The Plasma Gun works well, as do the chaingun and rocket 
    launcher, and you can always use the BFG as a last resort. Most of the time 
    Hellknights will burst out of walls or show up in some other way that scares 
    the crap out of you, so it's difficult to know when to expect one to show up. 
    If you listen carefully though you can hear their breathing, which sounds like 
    a huge lion with a throat infection, if you can create that sound in your head. 
    They also roar pretty damn loudly when they see you, and they are so big they 
    make the ground shake with each step they take. You'll meet two Hellknights 
    just before you are thrown into Hell, then they appear semi-regularly after 
    6.4.1 LOST SOUL
    Lost Souls are hideous disembodied heads that fly through the air propelled 
    by flames. If you look closely (or if you look at screenshots) you'll see 
    they actually have artificial metallic, pin-sharp teeth. They aren't terribly 
    strong, but travel very quickly and tend to travel in large groups, trying 
    to surround you and attack from all sides (including above you). They'll 
    attack you by flying straight at you with their mouths open, and they actually 
    inflict some painful damage when they bite you. The weapon of choice here 
    would probably be the machine gun, it's fast, its accurate, and they'll only 
    take a couple of hits before you send them back to hell. The shotgun can be 
    used if you wait for them to fly at you from a distance (they fly in a straight 
    line when they are attacking) but you'll need to wait until the absolute last 
    second to blast them. You're better off not taking the risk and taking them 
    out with the machine gun before they get that close. You'll know Lost Souls 
    are around when you hear a spine tingling high pitched scream. Lost Souls 
    will start showing up at the Enpro plant.
    6.4.2 CACODEMON
    A Cacodemon is effectively a big floating mouth with a little skinny body 
    that you probably won't notice. They'll attack you by spitting a yellow flame 
    at you from a distance, and up close they'll try and take a bite out of you. 
    Cacodemons aren't too hard to get rid of since they move so slowly, but they 
    are pretty annoying considering you'll rarely meet just one at a time. The 
    best weapon to use here is the shotgun, 2-3 good blasts and that should be 
    the end of them. The machine gun is also useful against Cacodemons. Don't bother
    with more powerful weapons, they aren't worth it (and the Plasma Gun doesn't 
    seem to have much effect on them). Cacodemons float around silently but when 
    they see you they'll emit a snapping growl noise. You'll meet them fairly 
    consistently throughout the game.
    6.5 BOSSES
    6.5.1 VAGARY
    The mother of all of the Trites, the Vagary is a huge spider with the body 
    and head of a human. Up close, she'll slash at you with razor sharp claws. 
    From a distance, she uses telekinesis to hurl these spiked ball things at 
    you that are scattered around. Her telekinetic attacks are almost impossible 
    to predict, so you need to be completely focused on the fight to see those 
    spiked balls being lifted off the ground and thrown at you so you know when 
    you dodge them (constantly circle strafing doesn't work I'm afraid, she can 
    throw them into your movement path). When you meet her as a boss at the end 
    of the Alpha Labs, you should have found the Chaingun so unload that on her 
    and keep it constant until she dies, doing your best to avoid the spiked balls 
    and making sure you don't get too close to give her a chance to slash at you. 
    You'll meet a couple more in the Caverns too, but they drop pretty quickly from 
    a BFG Blast or a few well placed rockets (and yes, even the soul cube works on 
    them if it's charged up). Just be a little cautious when you fight them in the 
    caverns, you'll fight two at once and there's a stack of trites tagging along 
    for the ride so you'll have your hands full.
    6.5.2 THE GUARDIAN
    The Guardian is an enormous red beast you'll come face to face with in Hell, 
    and he's called the Guardian as he guards the soul cube. The thing to note 
    about the Guardian is this...he is impervious to all of you attacks, so don't 
    bother shooting at him directly. He's also completely blind, and relies on the 
    little flying creatures called "seekers" (which look kinda like the Scrags 
    in Quake) to find his prey for him. The Guardian has two main attacks. Firstly, 
    it'll stomp on the ground and create a huge ring of fire that spreads across 
    the entire battlefield and hits you multiple times if you get caught in it. 
    His secondary attack is when you get caught in the seeker's searchlights. 
    He'll come charging towards you and attempt to ram you like a bull. Both 
    attacks should be avoided as best you can, but there are pickups around the 
    battlefield around the four stone blocks you can pick up for extra health 
    and ammo. Now, if you were paying attention, the soul cube actually tells 
    you the secret to beating him: Destroy the seekers. So, get rid of them. The 
    Chaingun is probably the best option here, the plasma gun's projectiles travel 
    too slowly and it gives the seekers ample time to avoid it. While you are 
    shooting the seekers though, don't for a second stand still, because once 
    you're caught in the seeker's light the Guardian comes charging at you. Remember
    you have unlimited stamina in hell, so keep your finger on the sprint button 
    and constantly sprint away from the seekers, keeping an eye on them so you can 
    fire at them as you are doing so. Once the three seekers are dead, the Guardian 
    will stop and a blue orb will appear above his head. Shoot that orb with your 
    Chaingun, Plasma Gun or Rocket Launcher but do it quickly, it doesn't stay there
    for long before he starts moving again and generates three more seekers. You'll 
    need to do this several times but eventually he'll kick the bucket and you can 
    grab the soul cube.
    6.5.3 SARGE-TANK (aka Sabaoth)
    This is what became of the Sarge once he was taken by the demons huh? 
    Automated and turned into a living tank. Well, as you might expect, this fight 
    is gonna be tough. First and foremost, the Sarge carries a BFG that he 
    constantly fires at you. That's right, it's a BFG, which means if you get 
    caught in the blast, it's instant death. It also radiates energy around the 
    blast which constantly drains your health if you are in its radius. Again, 
    if you did your homework and searched the base for those video disks about the 
    BFG, you'll already know that shooting at the projectile will cause it to 
    explode prematurely, so keep that in mind. In addition to his BFG, Sarge 
    travels around the platform, trying to mow you down and give you a good whack 
    with his cyber-arms while he's at it. There's health and ammo pickups around 
    the four pillars, but watch out for when Sarge passes one as he can cause it 
    to open up and emit jolts of electricity, which hurt a lot. You'll also need 
    to watch where you are going because there is boiling lava underneath the 
    platform that will kill you instantly if you happen to fall off the edge. 
    The best strategy is to pull out your plasma gun and let loose with a 
    constant stream of plasma, doing your best to avoid the BFG blasts, or shoot 
    at them should you so desire. Should you start running low on ammo switch 
    to the rocket launcher to finish the job. Don't use the rocket launcher from 
    the beginning of the fight though or it'll take you too long and you probably
    won't stay alive long enough to kill him. About halfway through the fight, 
    three little sections of wall will open up to reveal hidden caches of ammo, 
    health and adrenaline, which you will no doubt need at that point. Whatever 
    you do though, don't turn your back on him, otherwise you'll have no idea 
    where the BFG blasts are coming from. Keep your eye on him and keep firing 
    and you'll eventually put him out of his misery, and grab his BFG while 
    you're at it. You'll meet the Sarge-Tank in the CPU complex.
    6.5.4 CYBERDEMON
    Yep, the last boss of the game is the infamous Cyberdemon! You'll know the
    Cyberdemon when you see it...it's a massive, half-robotic monster with a rocket
    launcher for an arm and huge ram-like horns on the side of its head. This thing
    must stand about 8 storeys tall. Big old Cyberdude has two main attacks. From a
    distance, he'll fire rockets at you that not only do big damage but knock you
    backwards as well. As a secondary attack up close, he'll try and step on you,
    and if you're caught under his foot, it's goodnight. When you see him you'll
    no doubt crap your pants, but remember what the soul cube said when you picked
    it up? "We are the key to defeating hell's mightiest warrior". Guess what? This
    be him, grasshopper! You should be fully stocked up on ammo considering the 
    first room was full of the stuff, but you won't be using any of it on the 
    Cyberdemon itself. It's a given you'll need to charge up the soul cube and throw
    it at him, and luckily for you there's plenty of Imps and Maggots crawling out
    of the hellhole in the middle of the battlefield to charge it up with. Because
    of the hellhole, the effects of Hell are the same here. Namely, you have 
    unlimited stamina, so keep your finger down on the sprint button. If you don't,
    the Cyberdemon WILL catch you and make VERY short work of you. Run around the 
    outside of the hellhole with your plasma gun or chaingun, and kill the Imps and
    Maggots that crawl out of it. I recommended the plasma gun or chaingun here 
    because you want to kill them as quickly as possible with the Cyberdemon 
    breathing down your neck. Once you've killed 5, the soul cube will be powered 
    up, so turn around and throw it at the massive monster bearing down on you. 
    There's 2 armour suits and a health pickup lying around the hellhole you can 
    pick up if you need them. Stay far enough away from the big guy though and you 
    shouldn't need them, the soul cube should replenish any health you happen to 
    lose. You'll need to repeat this process several times, then the Cyberdemon 
    will topple and you can sit back and watch the ending of the game. Hmmm...
    setting it up for Doom 4 perhaps? You'll fight the Cyberdemon at the Primary 
    Excavation Site.
    7.0 Weapon/Enemy Strength Charts - Knowing what weapon to use
    This section can be used for quick reference on what weapons are most effective
    on what enemy. These stats are based on which weapon takes down the enemy
    the fastest, plus conserve ammo from more powerful guns. So, don't expect me to
    recommend a BFG to take out a zombie. This has been made in an effort to help
    you decide what weapons you should have equipped as you make your way through
    the Mars UAC base. For example, If you enter a room with your Pistol equipped 
    and you get slaughtered by a Hellknight, you can reload from your last save and
    equip the most effective weapon to take down a Hellknight before entering the
    room again. If you follow this chart you really should never find yourself 
    running out of ammo, as long as you explore enough to find the ammo pickups. 
    The weapons are listed in order of keymapping.
    - When the shotgun is listed, it's going on the assumption that you are firing
    it at pretty close range considering it loses its effectiveness over distance.
    If you are firing it from a distance, you shouldn't be firing it!
    - When the Chaingun is listed, it's going on the assumption you are firing from
    pretty close range as well. It too also loses effectiveness over distance.
    - When the Grenades and Rocket Launcher are listed, it's going on the 
    assumption that you are firing from a distance, at least far enough away to not
    be harmed in the explosion.
    - When the BFG is listed, you'll need to charge it up for a one-hit kill.
    - The Soul Cube is obviously not included in this chart because it kills
    anything in one hit, except in the case of the Cyberdemon.
    7.1 Zombies
    Zombie Citizen - Pistol, Shotgun, Chainsaw
    Zombie Marine - Pistol, Machine Gun
    Chainsaw Zombie - Shotgun, Machine Gun, Chainsaw
    Commando Zombie - Machine Gun, Chaingun
    Chaingunner Zombie - Machine Gun, Chaingun, Grenades
    Flaming Zombie - Shotgun
    Hell Zombie - Shotgun, Chainsaw
    7.2 Small Demons
    Imp - Shotgun, Machine Gun, Grenades
    Maggot - Pistol, Shotgun
    Pinky - Machine Gun, Chaingun
    Wraith - Shotgun
    Trite - Pistol, Machine Gun
    Tick - Pistol
    Cherub - Shotgun, Machine Gun
    7.3 Large Demons
    Revenant - Grenades, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher
    Mancubus - Chaingun, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, BFG
    Arch-Vile - Grenades, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, BFG, Chainsaw
    Hellknight - Chaingun, Plasma Gun, BFG
    7.4 Airborne Demons
    Lost Soul - Pistol, Machine Gun
    Cacodemon - Shotgun, Machine Gun
    7.5 Bosses
    Vagary (first time) - Machine Gun, Chaingun
    Vagary (second time) - Machine Gun, Chaingun, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, BFG
    The Guardian (seekers) - Chaingun
    The Guardian (Blue Orb) - Chaingun, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher
    Sarge-Tank - Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher
    Cyberdemon - (Imps and Maggots to charge up the Soul Cube) - Shotgun, Plasma Gun
    Cyberdemon - Soul Cube
    8.0 Acknowledgements and Credits
    id, for making the game.
    id, for the information on their website and in the instruction manual.
    Myself, for writing this guide :) 
    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel free to 
    e-mail me.
    Copyright 2004 by White_Pointer

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