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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CGaston

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                             Heroes of Might and Magic IV
                                   Walkthrough v 1.6
                                   By: Chino Gaston
                                      May 14,2002
                                     100% completed
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Disclaimer
    III. Revision History
    IV.   Walkthrough
    V.  Appendix
         -The Basics
         -The Artifacts
         -Cheat Codes
    VI. Notes
      This walkthrough is COMPLETE. This walkthrough was made for the people out
    there who are stuck in certain scenario or simply need guidance.
    Any help or useful info may still be sent to me via e-mail I will give full
    credit to anyone who can contribute any useful info or tips
    I don't have any relations with NWC and/or 3do. I created this guide for people
    who want to get the best out of the wonderful game 3do and NWC published.
    This Document is 100% non-profit. You may put this up on your own website
    as long as you inform me this however may not be published in magazines, books
    or other material that produces profit. If you I do see this or if anybody
    tells me that my worked has been published without my consent I swear I'm
    going to hunt down that person who did it and sue his sorry a** to hell.
    Copyright Chino Gaston 2002.
    The most updated version of this guide can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    05/03/02 v 1.0 -First Edition covers only scenarios 1 and 2 of the
                    Chaos Campaign
    05/05/02 v 1.1 -Added scenario 3 and 4 for Chaos Campaign
                   -Added Cheats section
                   -Added location markers to the walkthrough
    05/08/02 v 1.2 -Completed the Chaos Campaign
                   -Added more Notes
    05/09/02 v 1.3 -Added scenarios 1,2,3 and 4 for the Order Campaign
    05/11/02 v 1.4 -Completed the Order Campaign
                   -Completed and added the Death Campaign
                   -Added "The Basics" Section
    05/12/02 v 1.5 -Completed and added the Might Campaign
                   -Corrected some miscellaneous typos
                   -Refined Walkthrough
                   -Added an Appendix section
                   -Added an Artifact section to the Appendix
                   -Moved "The Basics" section into the Appendix
                   -Moved "Cheat Codes" section into the Appendix
    05/14/02 v 1.6 -Completed and added the Life Campaign
                   -Completed and added the Nature Campaign
                   -Completed the entire Walkthrough (finally!)
                   -Re-arranged the walkthroughs
                               The True Blade
     This campaign is one of the easier types since you have at least 3 heroes
    per scenario, at least one town and the usual objective is to eliminate each
    other (think battle realms gone turn based). There are also a lot of side
    quests plus the XP caps are high for such easy missions. Also the Resurrection
    Ability of your Priests can save you a lot of money, so be sure to use this
    to your advantage. The carry over is also very good since you get to carry
    over TWO OTHER heroes beginning on the FIRST scenario. You also will be
    gaining a lot of heroes on the way so on an average mission you get to carry
    over around 5 heroes.
    CHAPTER I: The Drawing of the Blade
    Objectives: Defeat Normic and Caileen
    Lose Conditions: Lose Lysander
    Special: XP cap at lvl.18
    Carried Over: Lysander and 2 of your most powerful heroes with all Spells,
    Levels and Skills
     You start with 3 towns all with adjacent 2-way portals leading to your other
    towns. So you really don't need a caravan if you intend to use these three
    towns for the entire scenario.
     Send all your other heroes to Lysander and team them up. Head SE to a window
    of the magi (77,34) to reveal 3 QUEST HUTS, the PURPLE KEYMASTER and the BLUE
    KEYMASTER. From here head E to the shipyard (44,58) buy a ship then sail to
    the QUEST HUT. To complete the quest sail E.
    Eradicate (DO NOT LET THEM SURRENDER) all mermaids and harpies with a green
    flag. On the island with the harpies recruit at least 50 peasants if you want
    to complete another quest later on. Return to the QUEST HUT once you've
    eliminated all of the harpies and mermaids for your prize. Go N of the QUEST
    HUT and visit the oracle and dig for its treasure (6K gold). After you visit
    the oracle head W and visit the BLUE KEYMASTER. To the W of the BLUE KEYMASTER
    is a bunch of mermaids guarding a cove of odds and ends.
     Return to the mainland and go back to the window of the magi and go S to
    a QUEST HUT (81,44) to visit Adamus and gain a quest to retrieve an "Ankh
    of Life". Proceed S to the town where your Priest started off. From there
    Keep going S to an area with a bunch of buildings that walled in and guarded
    by crusaders (79,91). If you want to get the Ankh of Life it's to the NE of
    this area and is on a Venom Spawn (52,74). Once you have the Ankh of Life
    return to Adamus and you'll gain a new hero Proetho (lvl. 11 priest). Go S
    and return to the "walled area"
     From here, head S to another QUEST HUT (106,115). The Black Dragons can be
    located behind a BLUE BORDER GUARD (104,99) to the W. Once you take them out
    return to the QUEST HUT and claim your Dwarven Hammer. Return to where the
    Black Dragons were and go N and capture the TEAL PLAYER'S town (102,87) From
    here head SW to another town of the TEAL PLAYER (125,79). Caileen can usually
    be found in this town if she isn't then she should be within the vicinity.
    From this town go S through the QUEST GUARD and visit the PURPLE KEYMASTER
     Return to the QUEST HUT that hired you to whack the Black Dragons and claim
    your prize (Dwarven Hammer). Now go E to capture one of the RED PLAYER'S towns
    (95,119). Keep going E and you might pass by Normic (79,162). Just keep
    heading E until the path eventually turn N to another of the RED PLAYER's
    towns (65,123). Head NW of this town and fight off the griffins between two
    mountains and visit another QUEST HUT (85,105). Give the guy your Dwarven
    Hammer and he'll take down the wall that's guarding Normic.
     Return to where you spotted Normic and pass through the PURPLE BORDER GUARD
    (78,140). Defeat Normic and that will end this scenario!
    CHAPTER II: The Trials
    Objectives: Complete all of the Oracle of Dawn's Quests
    Lose Conditions: Lose Lysander or Proetho
    Special: XP cap at lvl.25
    Carried Over: Lysander, Proetho and 2 of your most powerful heroes with all
    Spells, Levels and Skills
     The QUEST GUARD in front of you requires a "donation" of 10,000 gold if you
    don't have the gold do NOT use the treasure chests to the E as money. Instead
    use them for XP. To gain some gold take the 2-way portal to go under-ground
    and capture the Gold Mine to the NW plus there's about 20,000 worth of gold
    to the S. Once you have the gold return to the QUEST GUARD and pay him off.
     Cross the bridge and head S until you reach the bottom right corner of the
    map. Claim the "Sword of the Gods" (37,74) then go N to the second QUEST GUARD
    (29,26). Give up the "Sword of the Gods" to pass through it. Head N and take
    the "Helm of Seeing" in the treasure chest then go W to a tunnel don't go
    down it yet but go S of it to get some really neat items and power-ups be
    sure to take Saint Ranan's Staff. After you take those head down the tunnel.
     Once under-ground, head E to the third QUEST GUARD (35,45). Give up "Saint
    Ranan's Staff and watch as Lysander gets torched (he he). Pass through and
    go SW to the final QUEST GUARD (65,36). It won't budge so take the 1-way portal
    near it you'll be transported near where the third QUEST GUARD was. Go N and
    enter the 2-way portal. Once you exit, open the Pandora's box and free the
    angel. Take the 1-way portal back to the final QUEST GUARD and pass through.
    Take the tunnel back to the surface and follow the path E. follow the path
    until it curves N to the "Oracle of the Dawn" (44,34). Once you visit her
    you'll finish the scenario!
    CHAPTER III: The First Step of Many
    Objectives: Find Desette
    Lose Conditions: Lose Lysander or Proetho OR attacking the "Glen Garrison"
    Special: XP cap at lvl.30
    Carried Over: Lysander, Proetho and 2 of your most powerful heroes with all
    Spells, Levels and Skills
     You start with a lot of units (sweet) group your heroes and units in whichever
    way you want. This scenario is very simple actually since the paths rarely
    split its actually a single road so just follow the trees, mountains and
    roads. You'll get to a prison (63,50) to the SE where you can rescue a lvl.25
    General. Cross the bridge and capture the RED PLAYER'S town (60,54) and head
    NW to capture yet another of his towns and eliminating him (55,31).
     Go back to the first town you captured and go S and over the bridge. Keep
    going S don't mind the towns, just keep going S until you hit Glen's Garrison
    Cross over the bridge to the N of the garrison (68,117) and take another bridge
    to the S (75,117). Be prepared to take on a lot of 3rd and 4th Might Creatures
    (Behemoths and Thunderbirds). Once you deal with them head further S past
    a QUEST GUARD to a one-way portal (82,138). Enter the portal and you'll be
    transported to the other side of "Glen's Garrison" visit the QUEST HUT
    (62,136) to the NE to find Desette once you've talked with her you'll finish
    the scenario.
    CHAPTER IV: Seeking the Steel
    Objectives: Find and Defeat Mastero
    Lose Conditions: Lose Lysander, Proetho or Desette OR If Wortons forces
    reaches Mastero first.
    Special: XP cap at lvl.33
    Carried Over: Lysander, Proetho, Desette and 2 of your most powerful heroes
    with all Spells, Levels and Skills
     You gain yet another Hero on this mission: Dessete (lvl. 27 Monk). Despit
    its small size this map is extremely challenging. For one you don't have a
    town and you'll never get one. Second the only units you can train here are
    Crusaders and Pikemen. Third, your only sources of income are the resources
    scattered around the map, a gold mine and a trading post. To top it all off
    your in competition with another player!
     You start off at the S portion of the map. You have to make your way to the
    N where Mastero is hiding out.
     Make your way W and go N to recruit some Champions and Pikemen. Resume your
    course to the W. It is imperative that you capture the Gold Mine here (56,53)
    and defend it all costs, this is your only source of income for this entire
    god forsaken scenario. You'll pass by a BLUE BORDER GUARD (60,38) and an enemy
    town (which you can't get to). Follow the path and it curves to the NE you'll
    encounter a trading post (51,17) so you might want to consider leaving a hero
    to guard it. Keep going E until you reach a garrison (31,32). If you fight
    through the garrison and proceed you'll find Mastero. Once you defeat Mastero
    the scenario ends.
    The garrison is EXTREMELY WELL GUARDED and with your limited supply of
    Crusaders it's pretty slim that you can successfully fight the garrison
    without crippling your army. So try and wait outside the garrison and let
    the BLUE PLAYER take it out. Chances are that after the combat both armies
    will be severely weakened and you'll have an easy time taking the remnants
    of their armies out. Once you take out the other armies you can then deal
    with Mastero.
    CHAPTER V: The Rightful Heir
    Objectives: Defeat Worton
    Lose Conditions: Lose Lysander, Proetho, Desette or Sir Kentaine
     You'll be controlling 6 lvl. 30+ heroes right now and I recommend that you
    stack them all up in one group (Feels more like an RPG than a strategy game).
     Make your way to the E and visit the window of the magi. Keep going E until
    you get to a QUEST GUARD (23,80) that requires you to show the parents of
    Worton. Since you have them in your party you get to pass and gain the town
    of Rasan Hill. Once you have the town, build up your army and head out. Once
    your ready go back to your starting location and go W.
    *Side Quest*
     Visit the QUEST HUT and the guy requests you to "evict" some peasants to
    the NW. Head in that direction and encounter some 400 peasants with a blue
    flag in front of a Trading Post. Once you defeat them return to the QUEST
    HUT to gain 8 healing potions.
     Proceed to your southern town (it should join you in a few days) and head
    SE of it. You should fight some heavy battles here but your main objective
    is to get Paledon (84,113) and capture it. Once you capture Paledon you find
    out that Worton has escaped. You can find Worton beyond a QUEST GATE (69,134)
    to the SE. Unfortunately, ONLY Lysander may pass and take on Worton 1 on 1
    so dump all your artifacts on Lysander and proceed through the QUEST GATE
    to take on Worton. Once you've defeated Worton you beat the scenario and the
     Plus, we see the last off Milton the Gay squire (ohh Lord Lysander... he's
    so dreamy!)
                               Glory of Days Past
    This campaign is the shortest one so far that I have played. It only consists
    of 4 scenarios and is pretty much based on defeating heroes and capturing
    towns. Nothing really special, one thing that I don't like about this campaign
    is that there is no mage class heroes for might, but they're heroes start
    of with 3 skills. I really like turning Waerjak (the main hero) into a Warlord
    (Grandmaster Nobility + Breeding Pens = 100% increase in creature growth!!)
    but if you're the hasty type you can also turn him into a General.
    CHAPTER I: A New Way
    Objectives: Capture ALL ENEMY towns
    Lose Conditions: Lose Waerjak
    Special: XP cap at lvl.12
    Carried Over: Waerjak with all Levels and Skills
     Go N of your current location and recruit some Berserkers at the longhouses.
    After you recruit them go S (you should gain some centaurs on the way). Keep
    going S until you reach a town guarded by a QUEST GUARD (43,21). Visit the
    QUEST GUARD and you'll get a quest to get back the "Cart of Ore".
     The "Cart of Ore" is with Screaming Tom (hehehe). Go E to a Shipyard (17,32)
    and buy a ship. Sail E to the Island and make Screaming Tom SCREAM! Once you
    take out Screaming Tom take the "Cart of Ore" behind him and return to the
    QUEST GUARD. Don't forget to visit the GRENN KEYMASTER here (3,36). Once you
    return the cart you gain control of Kilmar.
     Go SW of Kilmar and pass through the GREEN BORDER GUARD (61,35). Then go
    W you should pass a portal guarded by an ORANGE BORDER GUARD (69,37). Keep
    going W until you reach another town that is once again guarded by a QUEST
    GUARD (44,58). To complete this quest, just follow the river up-stream, pass
    the QUEST GUARD and eliminate the medusas at (19,54). Don't forget to visit
    the ORANGE KEYMASTER here (17,52).
     Once you eliminate the medusas return to the QUEST GUARD and you should have
    control over Frunag. After you take control of Frunag head NW and enter the
    portal. Once you exit the portal you'll find yourself topside, beside the
    blue player's base town. Capture the blue player's town of Remrick and
    hopefully you'll eliminate him.
    *Side Quest*
    Go back under ground and back track to the portal that's guarded by an ORANGE
    BORDER GUARD at (71,37) pass through the portal and head E to Battlepeak
    (54,42) you'll get the quest to eliminate some behemoths to the E. Pass the
    QUEST GATE at (25,52) and battle the behemoths once you take down the
    behemoths you can visit the PURPLE KEYMASTER. Return to Battlepeak and take
    control of it.
    Once you either eliminate your opponent or take all of his towns wait three
    days and victory is yours! Or you can simply annihilate everybody on this
    CHAPTER II: A Necessary War
    Objectives: Defeat all Enemies (Green and Blue)
    Lose Conditions: Lose Waerjak
    Special: XP cap at lvl.20
    Carried Over: Waerjak + Second Best Hero with all Levels and Skills
     I recommend that you immediately find another barbarian and turn him into
    a Warlord if you didn't do so with Waerjak.
     Once you start you'll notice that there's a lvl.4 enemy hero standing to
    the S of your town I strongly recommend that you take him out right now. After
    that go to town and build up and capture resource building in the vicinity.
    Once your ready head S to a tavern at (78,49) and hire a hero I would recommend
    a Barbarian to be turned into a Warlord. Continue SW and visit the QUEST GUARD
    that requires you to defeat some Evil Eyes (109,47). Visit the Window of the
    Magi nearby to find out where the Evil Eyes are.
     Head over to the Evil Eyes and take them out. Once your get rid of them DO
    NOT go back (yet) instead go NE and visit the BLUE KEYMASTER (35,44). After
    you visit him go E and collect the artifact then go SE to capture a neutral
    Stronghold (29,81)
     Keep going S until you hit Green's Stronghold (51,111) capture his town and
    then head S. Keep heading S until you reach a garrison capture the garrison
    then pass through. From here go NW until you get to another neutral Stronghold
    (84,121). Capture it if you like. Go NW of this Stronghold and descend through
    the tunnel at (92,97).
     Once under-ground head to the ORANGE KEYMASTER at (97,100) after you visit
    the ORANGE KEYMASTER return to the surface and head W. Keep going W until
    you hit an ORANGE BORDER GATE blocking the town of the Blue Player (138,78)
    Pass through the BORDER GATE and capture his town once you capture his town
    and eliminate all his heroes your done!
    CHAPTER III: A King's Choice
    Objectives: Defeat Hundric
    Lose Conditions: Lose Waerjak
    Special: XP cap at lvl.25
    Carried Over: Waerjak and 2nd best hero with all Levels and Skills
     Hundric is a level 21 General
     First things first scour the your starting area for fresh recruits and
    resource building. Defeat some neutral creatures that you think you can take
    on for XP and claim any artifacts and other sorts of goodies. Once you're
    done head W and capture the Stronghold (73,26). This Stronghold will be your
    primary base of operations. Build up your town and army and once your ready
    go W.
     Keep going W until you get to the ORANGE KEYMASTER (79,11). Return to your
    town and go S to a BLUE BORDER GUARD (95,58) be sure to take note of this.
     Go E through the volcanic terrain and visit the window of the magi by the
    TEAL BORDER GUARD (51,70) to reveal the location of the TEAL KEYMASTER.  Head
    N of this area to the TEAL KEYMASTER (10,74). Return to the TEAL BORDER GUARD
    and go down the tunnel.
     Once under-ground visit the GREEN KEYMASTER at (44,79). Re-surface and
    proceed to the SE to the GREEN BORDER GUARD (65,104). Pass through the GREEN
    BORDER GUARD and visit the window of the magi to reveal Hundric's location
    make your way W to Hundric.
     Defeat Hundric to end this scenario.
    CHAPTER IV: One Tribe
    Objectives: Defeat Vogel
    Lose Conditions: Lose Waerjak
     You start with two towns and one has a GRAIL!!! This scenario is pretty much
    the same as the previous one there's a lot of KEYMASTERS and LOTS of BORDER
     Start out the usual way by building up your town and army while flagging
    down resources and creature dwellings. Once your ready, move out and head
    N of your non-grail town to visit the RED KEYMASTER (64,15). Proceed E of
    the RED KEYMASTER to the window of the magi (54,22) to reveal the GREEN
    KEYMASTER. Head E again to the BLUE KEYMASTER, which is guarded frankly by
    Devils. Once you take the Devils out visit the BLUE KEYMASTER (52,30). Go
    to the middle of this area to a window of the magi (83,53) to reveal the ORANGE
     Now there are 3 QUEST GUARDS surrounding your area one to the E at (57,39)
    which requires 5K gold and 12 units of wood (weird, it said ore). Another
    to the S requires you to bring 40 Orcs (82,66). And the last one to the SW
    requires you to pay 6K gold (107,58)
     Do the E one first and capture the Asylum to the E (36,81) capture this town
    and train at least 40 orcs. Go N of this town and defeat the Blue Hero to
    visit the GREEN KEYMASTER.
     Return to your "area" and visit the SW QUEST GUARD and open it. (I would
    advice that you leave your orcs near the S QUEST GUARD) Pass through the QUEST
    GUARD and make your way to an Asylum to the S (118,85). Do what you will with
    this town but be sure to defeat the Blue Hero NW of the Asylum and visit the
    ORANGE KEYMASTER (121,75) he's guarding.
     Return once again to your "area" and open up the final QUEST GUARD by paying
    him 40 orcs. Head S and pass through the triple BORDER GUARDS (BLUE, GREEN
    and ORANGE) and make your way to the tunnel at the bottom-right corner of
    the map (74,141) go down the tunnel.
     Once your under-ground head N and fight your way through the two garrisons.
    Fight your way to the NE to the QUEST GUARD at () you need to dump all other
    heroes except Waerjak to pass. Pass through the QUEST GUARD and combat Vogel.
    Once Vogel and his goons are down for the count
    You've defeated this scenario and the campaign!
                              The Price of Peace
     This campaign is a little complicated (and irritating) because you control
    one hero then suddenly on the third mission your controlling a different hero.
    Both are mages so it's kinda confusing (you kinda mix their spells up). This
    campaign is also the LONGEST one (8 scenarios). This campaign also deals with
    a LOT of KEYMASTERS and BORDER GUARDS and PORTALS. And BTW in case you're
    wondering Emilia is the chick from the intro.
     In case you didn't know Order has the some of the BEST-ranged units you can
    get in the entire game! (Titans, Mages and Genies to be exact.) Second, Order
    has some of the most whoop a** spells in the game like Town Gate (yes, it
    can be used in combat, for those sticky situations) and Phantom Image and
    Mass Precision (to beef up your Titans!)
    CHAPTER I: At the Crossroads
    Objectives: Defeat ALL other players
    Lose Conditions: Lose Emilia Nightghthaven
    Special: XP cap at lvl.15
    Carried Over: Emilia with all Spells, Levels and Skills
     After the Intro move to the S and Dwarves and Halflings should join you move
    further SW and capture your first town (woohoo). Since the Primary objective
    here is total annihilation for the other players let's move on further W.
    Once you reach a Windmill (113,93) surrounded by crops move NW. There is a
    town controlled by the red player here (113,70). Capture it and you will
    eliminate him and you get a storyline.
     SW of your recently capture town is a neutral town (141,73) although I think
    its required to finish the scenario.
     Go E of the town (might) and visit the window of the magi to reveal the PURPLE
    KEYMASTER, PURPLE BORDER GUARD and a 1-way portal.
     Follow the road NE until it splits into an Alchemist's Lab and a Library.
    Go directly N between the two mountains and capture another neutral town
     Go NE of the town and collect 2 artifacts and other goodies but importantly
    visit the TEAL KEYMASTER.
     Keep going E (you should pass the 1-way portal) mentioned earlier until you
    reach the orange players town at (33,94) capture it you should eliminate him.
     Don't forget to visit the PURPLE KEYMASTER (17,90)
     Go back to the 1-way portal and take the exit to (96,44) It's usually named
    Armageddon's Gate.
     Go N and you'll get another storyline. Pass the TEAL BORDER GUARD and capture
    another town (79,17) to the NW.
     Now Head E to a 2-way portal. Once you exit fight through the monsters and
     Keep heading E until you encounter Lord Lorne and his town (9,76) capture
    it and eliminate the last player.
     Hold ALL your towns for 3 DAYS and victory is yours!
    CHAPTER II: An Enemy's Trust
    Objectives: Defeat the Solymr Hero
    Lose Conditions: Lose Emilia Nightghthaven
    Special: XP cap at lvl.20
    Carried Over: Emilia and Gen. Tharj with all Spells, Levels and Skills
     Go into your town to get a storyline and pick up Gen. Tharj.
     Follow the "Purple Brick Road" (to the wonderful wizard of OZ hehe) and
    collect the goodies littered upon it.
     You will notice a "fort" guarded by a PURPLE BORDER GUARD containing a lot
    of useful artifacts. Be sure you come back here later on for the artifacts.
     Keep going S and find some resource buildings gurded by QUEST GUARDS that
    requires you to capture Sollington (88,73)(it's to the E)
     Travel to the SW and you'll see a bunch of Minotaurs threatening a bunch
    of farmers by a QUEST GUARD defeat the Minotaurs and visit the QUEST GUARD
    (120,84). So now we need Medusas.
     Anyway, go back to Sollington and follow the road S to another "bricked"
    area with a power-up and a 2-way portal. Remember this area!
     Go back again to Sollington and this time follow the road E it should split
    into two one going NE the other going SE go NE first and build a sulfur mine
    if you like then go SE to the PURPLE KEYMASTER (55,73)
    Anyway, go back to the 2-way portal previously mentioned. Go to the odd-shop
    and buy the medusas for the quest.
     Go back to the QUEST GUARD that required Medusas and open it.
     Now, would be nice to collect those really cool artifacts.
     Once you opened the guard go W until you reach the town of the "Minotaurs
    King" capture it. There should be a 2-way portal to the NE of this town
    (130,74) go in and capture the other town to eliminate player orange. Now
    go N of the first orange town there should be a lot of artifacts here and
    a 1-way portal (129,55) this portal leads back home to your primary town go
    back if you wish to re-supply.
     Go back to the PURPLE KEYMASTER and go further to the NE. You'll pass a BLUE
    BORDER GUARD (54,91). Keep going N until you hit the town (20,72) capture
    it and go N to the BLUE KEYMASTER. Go SE (don't forget to pick up the goodies!!)
    and keep going S until you circle back to the BLUE BORDER GUARD there is a
    town here (60,96) capture it. Go W and follow the canyon S you should hit
    a bridge eventually. Cross the bridge and follow the road into the final town.
    Solymr should be in the town when you capture it but if not you have to find
    him. Once you defeat Solymr your done with this scenario.
    CHAPTER III: The Servant
    Objectives: Find the Black Dragon Graveyard and Defeat the Teal Player.
    Lose Conditions: Lose Solymr
    Special: XP cap at lvl.15
    Carried Over: Solymr with all Spells, Levels and Skills
     First of all you'll be controlling Solymr for this mission he starts at level
    3 and is a mage plus he's working for the bad guy (for now).
     Let's start shall we first go E to the window of the magi (76,121) it reveals
    a tunnel, an oracle and the dragon graveyard. Go N of this location to another
    window (66,104) this one reveals another oracle to the W and two more to the
     Go back to town and from there travel E capture the necropolis to eliminate
    the green player early on. Keep going E until you encounter another town this
    time it's an asylum capture it if you like. And from there go N to the oracle
     Return to your starting town and this time go W you'll eventually encounter
    another oracle (63,125) so that's 2 down 4 to go. NE of this oracle is an
    academy town you can capture it if you like.
     Go back to the Necropolis town you captured previously and head N through
    the snow until you reach another asylum (78,56). Capture it.
     Go E and work your way to the oracle to the NE (45,60). Keep going E and
    eventually going SE to a necropolis (55,90). Capture it.
     Return to the oracle at (45,60) and follow the road W to yet another
    necropolis. Capture it and you defeat the orange player. To the NE of the
    necropolis is another oracle that you should visit.
     Make your way to the NE corner of the map to find Bloth the Hatcher and his
    town (11,77), defeat them both and proceed to the quest guard adjacent to
    the town. Visit the oracle (that's 5 down 1 to go) and enter the 1-way portal.
     Once on the other side of the portal visit the final oracle and dig for the
    treasure (All that for this piece of crap. Sheesh!)
     Anyway just go down the tunnel and find a violet, teal, blue and red 2-way
    portals. All four of them lead to various undead and death related monsters
    and a bunch of resources and goodies.
     Just go SE to the 2-way portal at (72,94) enter it and go through another
    2-way portal (101,112) on the other side once you get out.
     After you exit the portal head SE to the dragon graveyard. Defeat the teal
    dragon army and your done.
    CHAPTER IV: The Rainbow Crystal
    Objectives: Defeat Old King Dreggar.
    Lose Conditions: Lose Solymr
    Special: XP cap at lvl.20
    Carried Over: Solymr with all Spells, Levels and Skills
     Go down S until you reach an academy (36,66). Try your best to capture this
    town early on as this will be your base of operations.
     NW of the academy is the GREEN KEYMASTER (37,47) to the E of the KEYMASTER
    is a "Scale Mail of Strength".
     Now head N from your academy until you encounter a PURPLE BORDER GUARD (6,39)
    and a window of the magi (14,28). The window reveals a tunnel, which we have
    to go through later on. (You can go on there now but you'll be skipping a
    lot of cool artifacts and experience.
     Go W until you get to the tunnel but don't go down go S and you'll see the
    RED KEYMASTER (46,13) the path is blocked so it looks like you have to do
    a quest. Go SE of the KEYMASTER and pass through the GREEN BORDER GUARD to
    collect the goodies. Go SW of the GREEN BORDER GUARD and visit the PURPLE
    KEYMASTER (58,30)
     Now backtrack to the PURPLE BORDER GUARD and take the "Cap of Knowledge".
    Head to the WITCH'S FARM  (46,47) and give the seer the "Cap of Knowledge".
    Now head back to the RED KEYMASTER (the boulders should no longer be there)
    and talk to him. Now we're ready to go under-ground. But there's a problem
    the road to the tunnel is sealed. So visit the sapper brothers at the Quest
    Hut (38,17) and buy their explosives for 6 thousand gold and 20 units of
     Once under-ground head E and eventually S you'll eventually get to a
    cross-road one leading N another to the W and another to the E. The N path
    leads to a "Crusader's Mace" and other minor goodies. The path to the W leads
    to a necropolis, a neutral hero and a "Brimstone Breastplate" and finally
    the path to the E leads to the Lich-King Dreggar and his town. This is where
    you have to go to finish this scenario.
     Assuming you took the path E you simply pass through the RED BORDER GUARD
    (22,42), capture the town and hunt down Dreggar (if he was not in the town)
    who should be in the area. Once you defeat Dreggar your done with this
    CHAPTER V: An Unusual Betrayal
    Objectives: Defeat Sir Landrew
    Lose Conditions: Lose Emilia Nightghthaven
    Special: XP cap at lvl.30
    Carried Over: Emilia and Gen. Tharj with all Spells, Levels and Skills
     This Map is generally larger than any other map we've played so far and we're
    using Emilia again.
     Scour the area around you and collect the minor artifacts and capture
    resource buildings. Visit the window of the magi (29,130) to reveal a prison,
    a town and a shipyard. Enter the 2-way portal nearby take the exit to
    "Ungthor's Path" visit the PURPLE KEYMASTER there and take the portal again
    but this time to "The Gate of The First Elves". Go S of the exit and capture
    the town here (78,66).
     Go SW of the town and enter the ORANGE portal (105,61) and go NW to find
    another town (149,44). Capture it.  Return to the portal and this time take
    the GREEN portal (91,75) it's to the E of the ORANGE portal. After you exit
    take the 1-way portal to the N to go under-ground.
     Once under-ground head E and capture the town to eliminate the teal player.
    Explore this entire area for some really nice artifacts and bonuses. The exit
    is a 1-way portal to the SE of the town (127,147). Take the exit at the S
    portion of the continent it's usually named "Dragonlock".
     After you exit go S to capture the town previously revealed (125,180). After
    you capture it go W to the Shipyard (130,170) and buy a boat. Sail DIRECTLY
    W to a quest hut named "Salty Dog Shanty" (143,154). Kiss the sailor and go
    S to "Asp Isle" free the poor sod then sail N. until you reach a lighthouse
    land on this patch of land and defeat the thief and his band of goons.
     After you defeat the thief hop back into your boat and sail NW of your current
    location to a beach. Land here and capture the town to the N. After you capture
    the town follow the road N first to collect some good ranged artifacts or
    follow the road S to a garrison that eventually leads to Sir Landrew.
     Follow the road to the W into a QUEST GUARD (179,100) who should open if
    you have Reed (the guy you busted out of prison). Keep following the road
    until it branches to the N and S. Go S and find the town (207,119) of Sir
    Landrew. If his not in town he'll be in the vicinity since he cannot pass
    the QUEST GUARD. Once you defeat Lord Landrew your done!
    CHAPTER VI: Slave to Fear
    Objectives: Find Emilia Nightghthaven
    Lose Conditions: Lose Solymr
    Special: XP cap at lvl.30
    Carried Over: Solymr and all Spells, Levels and Skills
     This scenario perhaps is the easiest one in the entire order campaign but
    it takes a lot of time since you have to recruit 50 genies (hint)
     You are now controlling Solymr again. You start in the bottom-right corner
    of the map so make your way W then N and visit the Altar of Wishes for a little
    dialogue. Just keep following the road as it twists and winds until you reach
    an Academy to the E (97,118). We need to capture this early on since we don't
    have a town of our own. Once you capture this town start building up your
     Once you're good to go head W and enter the quest hut (108,91). So you need
    to capture "Cauldron Hill". To get to "Cauldron Hill" you have to make your
    way all the way to the W. Once you get to "Cauldron Hill" (129,66) and
    re-captured it. Return to the quest hut and visit the window of the magi for
    clues on Emilia's location.
     Try and capture as many Academy towns in this map as your gonna need them
     Now let's go to the Woodcutter's Cabin that the window revealed. Make your
    way N into the snowy wastelands. But we can't access the Woodcutter's Cabin
    just yet because it's blocked off by friggin trees.
    So go W until you encounter a QUEST GUARD (74,14) and a town. Capture the
    town and pass through the guard. Visit the quest hut here and find Gen. Tharj.
    He requires 50 genies to get you to Emilia. Once you have 50 genies come back
    here and give the to Tharj. After you give them to Tharj the path to the
    Woodcutter's Cabin should be clear now so proceed there. Once there talk to
    Emilia at the Woodcutter's Cabin and your done with this scenario!
    CHAPTER VII: To Slay an Immortal
    Objectives: Find the Sword of the Gods and defeat Mazellian
    Lose Conditions: Lose EITHER Emilia or Solymr
    Special: XP cap at lvl.36
    Carried Over: Solymr, Kodge and Emilia with all their Spells, Levels and
     First of all your controlling both Emilia and Solymr (yipee! The best of
    both worlds!) Solymr will be under-ground while Emilia is above-ground. Since
    you can't get Solymr above ground or Emilia unger-ground I split this portion
    into two one covering Emilia the other covering Solymr. First let's do Emilia
     The first thing you'll notice is that you have a lot of hero's and no
    creatures or reinforcements for that matter so I recommend you stick them
    all into one group. Fighters in front spell casters and archers at the back.
     Go N there is blacksmith nearby (43,91) purchase some plate mail for the
    dwarven brothers and crossbows for everybody. Keep going N until it bends
    to the W keep following it pass by the BLUE BORDER GUARD (25,72)
    But keep traveling W. You'll eventually reach a rally flag (39,59) let's make
    this a land mark you'll notice that the terrain is divided by a mountain range
    into two, N and S the N area is snowy and the S grassy. Let's head S first
    collect all the artifacts here until you reach a dead end. Return to the rally
    flag and this time go N.
     Keep going W then eventually S you'll see an asylum on the way but there's
    nothing you can do about it. You'll also pass by a ferry (88,44) take note
    of this. Just keep going S you can go to the window of the magi (116,46) to
    find a tunnel, a QUEST GUARD and an under-ground town.
     Keep going S until winds to the E you should reach a 2-way portal eventually
    (106,100). Enter the portal and once on the other side go S then W when your
    at the bottom of the map to the QUEST GUARD (93,128) previously revealed by
    the window of the magi. Pass through then fight through the garrison and get
    to the portal on the other side of the garrison. Enter the portal and you
    should exit beside a tunnel. Enter the tunnel.
     Once under ground you instantly fight bone dragons so be prepared. Once you
    defeat them check the pandora's box and claim the sword of the gods!
    The portal to the W is a portal leading to all the KEYMATER tents in this
    scenario you can go there if you like to capture the towns above ground.
     So now we start with Solymr. Visit the QUEST GUARD in front of you and bring
    back 8 Earth Elementals from an Earth Portal (78,5) to the W. Once you bring
    the 8 Elementals to the spirit at the QUEST GUARD travel S. After a little
    walking you should encounter the spirit of Daeraphena again. After that you
    gain a town to the E.
     Make your way to your recently acquired town and scour the area for resource
    when that's done go S (you should encounter some bone dragons, take note of
    their position) and take a turn to the W and visit the RED KEYMASTER (87,70)
    Go back to where the bone dragons were and go E. go to the window of the magi
    (52,105) then proceed NE through the RED BORDER GUARD and capture the town
    of Mazzak (15,84). Return to the window and pass through the QUEST GUARD
    (49,108) and keep going S until you hit the town previously revealed by a
    window above ground. Go S capture the town and if Mazellian isn't there he
    should be in the area.
    Once you defeat Mazellian your finshed with the scenario!
    CHAPTER VIII: The Price of Peace
    Objectives: Defeat Gavin Magnus
    Lose Conditions: Lose EITHER Emilia or Solymr
    Special: XP cap at lvl. none
    Carried Over:
     Wow the final mission! You get an ally (yippee!) to the NW but usually more
    often than not he gets annihilated in the first month alone.
     All right, let's get started by first visiting the window of the magi that's
    right outside your base. It reveals a ferry, a bridge, a 1-way portal entrance
    and exit. Make your way NW towards the ferry. On your way there you should
    encounter a town (108,150) do what you like. SW of the town is a garrison
    (130,151) punch through it and head SW to the green players town. Once you
    capture his he will be eliminated.
     Now head back to the ferry (92,125) that the window revealed earlier. Before
    you go through though there is a piece of chaos armor to the SW (108,127).
    Once on the other side of the ferry make your way E to the bridge. Once over
    the bridge go E to capture and eliminate the red player (32,136). Once you
    take over his town go NW through the mountain path. Make your way to the 1-way
    portal to the N (7,114) Its guarded by some titans with the Mind Shield! Take
    the titans out and enter the portal.
     Once you exit the portal take the road in front of you W. once it splits
    head to the NW. Keep going NW until the dirt road merges with the stone road
    follow the stone road and you'll eventually wind up in Gavin Magnus's town
    (159,65). Once you put Magnus out of his Misery your done with this scenario
    and the campaign!
                                 Elwin and Shaera
     Ahh, Nature... This faction has a lot of Summoning spells and a bonus to
    summoning they also have a wide variety of troops to choose from due to the
    Creature Portal. The only downside however is that every single one of their
    creatures are organic therefore very susceptible to Death oriented spells.
    Another downside is that their creatures are not very strong and therefore
    rely on numbers to defeat a foe. This flaw is very hard to deal with especially
    for a level one hero with no troops aside from summoned wolves and tigers,
    which at the end of combat disappear into thin air. Try to utilize as many
    elves as possible since they are the one of the best ranged units in the game
     I would recommend that you let Elwin learn Grandmaster Summoning ASAP then
    turn him into a Warden to bolster your troops defense and offense.
    CHAPTER I: The Lovers
    Objectives: Find Shaera's Father: Gramin
    Lose Conditions: Lose Elwin
    Special: XP cap at lvl.15
    Carried Over: Elwin with all Levels and Skills
     You start at the bottom-left corner of the map. Head E and recruit some
    sprites and wolves to the N of where you started. From there continue E and
    collect the "Mage's Robe" (113,67). Head NW to the Preserve and capture it
    (113,46) this will be your base of operations in this scenario. Do the basic
    stuff (build up army, collect resources, fight of monsters in the area, etc).
    Once your ready head E and visit the window of the magi to see the ORANGE
     Keep going E and you can capture the Asylum (97,67). Once you've captured
    the Asylum you can follow the road NE or SE. To the NE is a Stronghold (70,57)
    that you can capture and to the SE is a tunnel (80,77) and some nature
    power-ups. There is also a level 11 Sorcerer (83,99) carrying a "Ring of
    Strength" which you could trade at the QUEST HUT just to your N (78,94) I
    prefer doing the SE area first though.
     Once your done with the SE area go N to capture the Stronghold that was
    previously mentioned (if you haven't done so yet) from the Stronghold return
    to the tunnel to the S (80,77).
     Once you're under ground you'll notice your smack dab in the middle of the
    tunnel. First go W to visit the ORANGE KEYMASTER (116,70). After you visit
    the ORANGE KEYMASTER go E by taking the 2-way portal. You'll be transported
    to the other side of the cavern and you won't have to fight the monks anymore.
    Once you're done looting this area return to the portal and go back to the
     Once above ground head back to your Asylum and head NW to the ORANGE BORDER
    GUARD (99.53). To the NW of the BORDER GUARD is an Asylum and to the N of
    the Asylum is a Preserve and to the E of the Preserve is a Stronghold. Do
    what you will with these towns but I suggest you capture them. Go E of
    Stronghold and follow the road once the path splits take the S path where
    there's no road. You'll eventually get to a QUEST GUARD to the S (53,75).
    Pass through the QUEST GUARD and travel E to meet Gramin. After you talk to
    Gramin you end the scenario.
    CHAPTER II: Mark of the Tiger
    Objectives: Control all towns on the map and eliminate all other players
    (except TEAL).
    Lose Conditions: Lose Elwin or Killing a White Tiger (Teal Player)
    Special: XP cap at lvl.22
    Carried Over: Elwin with all Levels and Skills
     You start with a town (nice) so build your town up and start collecting
    resources. Once you cross the bridge Elwin gets pissed on (literally) by a
    White Tiger. So now you'll lose the scenario if you kill a single white tiger
     On this map you are at serious disadvantage since there are 2 one-way portal
    exits just S of town so that means barricading your town heavily and making
    local patrols to secure your resources.
     Head SE and then N over the bridge to battle some trolls after combat head
    NE to the window of the magi to reveal 4 more stacks of trolls and a blue
    hero. Proceed further N and a falcon will bring you a message from Sheara
    once you've read the letter you gain "Breeze the Falcon" which is an artifact
    that improves your scouting radius by 2. Further along you can trade 15 units
    of wood for an increment in your Nature Skills at a QUEST HUT (24,88). There
    is also a 2-way portal to the E of the QUEST HUT be sure to take note of it.
     Go N and pass through the QUEST GATE (10,79) and eliminate the trolls. Once
    you've eliminated the trolls head W and enter the 2-way portal (32,55). Once
    your on the other side make your way N then S you'll encounter yet another
    QUEST HUT (55,50) willing to upgrade your skills for 15 units of wood. Just
    keep going W and pass through a QUEST GATE (72,43) to eliminate another band
    of trolls. After you've dealt with the Trolls head SE to capture a neutral
    Preserve. Once you've captured the Preserve head SW.
     To the SW corner of this island are 4 bridges two leading NE and SE another
    two to the NW and SW. Take the one to the SE and take the town of the GREEN
    PLAYER (111,107). Backtrack to the bridges and take the NW to capture one
    of the towns belonging to the BLUE PLAYER (113,55) to the W. From hear head
    N to take out another one of the GREEN PLAYERS towns (81,22). To the NE of
    this town is a 1-way portal leading back to your starting town, enter the
    portal and head E to a 2-way portal (23,97).
     On the other side of the portal you can capture an Asylum to the W. Just
    head down S and capture the last of the BLUE PLAYER'S towns (unless he captures
    more). To the W of this town id the last bunch of trolls take them out and
    enter the one-way portal to get back home. Once your home take the portal
    to the W (32,55). And make your way to a QUEST BORDER GUARD to the bottom
    left corner of the map (130,94) defeat the troll lord and visit the QUEST
     After the QUEST HUT the mountains to the W should part and you can visit
    the RED KEYMASTER. After visiting the RED KEYMASTER take the tunnel to go
    underground. As soon as your under-ground you get ambushed by a bunch of
    undead, take them out and make your way E to a Necropolis. Once you take out
    their leader you'll put an end to this scenario.
    CHAPTER III: True Love
    Objectives: Construct a Mirror of True Love
    Lose Conditions: Lose Elwin
    Special: XP cap at lvl.28
    Carried Over: Elwin with all Levels and Skills
     From your starting location go N and a bunch of white tigers should join
    you. Keep going N and try to capture the Preserve (you can recruit wolves
    to the S). Once you've captured the Preserve build up your army and town.
    When your ready head to the QUEST HUT and find out that you need to bring
    back 4 potions (visiting here also clears the trees to the SE that were
    previously blocking the road).
     Go through the previously blocked road and head S there should be a Potion
    of Endurance there but is guarded by a bunch of Cyclopes and Ogre Magi. If
    you can take from them then that's good but if you can't come back for it
    later. Head N from this location and stop by the Tree of Knowledge and take
    the Potion of Mirth that's guarded by a group of Satyrs. From here go N and
    visit the window of the magi (102,45) to reveal the location of the Jeweler.
    From the window go W and notice that the BLUE KEYMASTER is blocked off by
    a bunch of rocks, from this location go NE and take out the Waspworts and
    take the Potion of Resistance they were guarding. Go NE of here and defeat
    the Elves to take the Potion of Quickness, once you have all four potions
    return to the alchemist and give them to him and the boulders that were
    blocking the BLUE KEYMASTER will vanish.
     Head on over to the BLUE KEYMASTER then proceed to the Jeweler to the N.
    He'll require 40 units of gems so take control of the gem mine to the E. While
    your waiting for gems you can try and capture the Preserve to the S (76,17).
    You can also try and take the "Gem Casket" to the NE of this town to speed
    up gem production. Don't wander to far S though since that's enemy territory
    and right now they can and will destroy you. Once you've gathered up enough
    gems talk to the Jeweler again and visit the window of the magi to the W to
    reveal your next destination.
     Going there is extremely simple (no portals or whatnot) but it isn't easy
    the path to that location is crawling with high-level monsters and enemy
    heroes and armies. But once you've made it there talk to the merchant and
    realize that you're going to need 10K gold. Once you've got the money he'll
    tell you to visit a Red Dragon. Visit the window of the magi near him to reveal
    the location and travel there. Once you get there talk to the Red Dragon and
    he tells you to rescue his mate.
     To get to the Red Dragons mate you have to go back to the Merchant's house
    and go NE of there (the path between the mountains that is guarded by Earth
    Elementals). From there Head NE through the QUEST GATE (31,79) and capture
    the RED PLAYER'S Preserve (19,78) to gain a Black Dragon unit, take him back
    to the Red Dragon to end the scenario.
    CHAPTER IV: Reflections
    Objectives: Find Mirilass and Capture Harke Manor
    Lose Conditions: Lose Elwin
    Special: XP cap at lvl.32
    Carried Over: Elwin with all Levels and Skills
     You start of in the corner of the map. I recommend that you secure this area
    and flag all creature dwelling and resource buildings, once that's done build
    up your army and town. Once your ready head N to capture Splitoak (10,76)
    once you capture this town Mirilass' brother reveals that he's hiding to the
    SW near the BLUE KEYMASTER. Visit the window of the magi nearby to reveal
    Mirilass' hide out.
     Travel W and spot Harke Manor but unfortunately it's blocked of by a BLUE
    BORDER GATE. So travel SW in the direction of the BLUE KEYMASTER going there
    however will not be easy since the area leading to it is heavily patrolled
    by the ORANGE PLAYER'S armies. But once you get there you have to pass through
    a QUEST GATE (142,77) however you get attacked by a large group of Nature
    class monsters. Beat the living daylights out of them and proceed to the BLUE
    KEYMASTER. Once you've done that take the 1-way portal to get transported
    to an area just SW of the Harke Manor. Pass through the BLUE BORDER GUARD
    and take Harke Manor, once you've taken it victory is yours!
    CHAPTER V: Together
    Objectives: Defeat Lord Harke
    Lose Conditions: Lose Elwin
     You start with a "Bow of the Elven King" artifact in this scenario (yippee!)
    Gramin also joins your forces but you have to get near him or else he'll just
    stand there doing nothing. Do the basic stuff (capture resources, flag
    creature dwellings and build up both your town and army). Once your ready
    head to the NW of your town and visit the QUEST HUT they poor little leprechaun
    will give you 8K gold if you get his 4-leaf clover back. To get his 4-leaf
    clover simply take the 2-way portal leading to the W on a small desolate
     Go S of your town and purchase "Spider Silk Arrows" if you want from a QUEST
    HUT (131,74) for 5K gold. Visit the window of the magi (139,70) to the SW
    of here to reveal Lord Harkes location. Explore your entire area and capture
    all the towns you encounter especially the Preserves at the following
     Take out all neutrals in the area but DO NOT defeat the bunch of behemoths
    to the SE (142,112) because for one they are extremely tough right now and
    they protect you from the TEAL PLAYER (Harke) do them in later on. Be sure
    to visit the 2-way portal that leads to a lot of treasure troves to bolster
    your level and skills (57,61). Once you think you can take on a level 39 hero
    and his entire goon platoon pile every single troop and hero you have into
    a single army and take out the behemoths previously mentioned and fight (or
    do the sneaky approach which I definitely prefer) your way to the Teal town
    that was previously revealed. Once you get there be ready for a long and
    extremely difficult battle with Lord Harke. After Harke goes down head to
    a QUEST GATE to the NE (197,107) and visit the RED KEYMASTER after you visit
    him take the Teal 1-way portal to get transported to the BLUE KEYMASTER. Visit
    him and take the purple 1-way portal to get back near the town where Lord
    Harke was and travel all the way to your starting town. To the W of your
    starting town are 2 BORDER GUARD one is RED another is BLUE, pass through
    the BLUE BORDER GUARD and take the BLUE ship. Make your way to Shaera who
    should be on an island to the N to end the scenario and NATURE CAMPAIGN!
     Now this scenario is much more simpler since it mainly deals of land combat
    and your undead so more often than not you get to go first in combat since
    your opponents suffer morale failure. The Necromancy sjill that's available
    to you ensures you that you have a lot of troops plus, almost every map size
    on this scenario is SMALL!! So it's very short, a very good storyline and
    easy to play. All newbies should try this campaign first.
    CHAPTER I: Eater of Children
    Objectives: Capture Vitross
    Loss Condition: Lose Gauldoth
    Special: XP cap at LEVEL 12
    Carried over: Gauldoth and all spells, skills and levels
      I recommend you turn on the stationary guards mode for this campaign.
     First recruit your troops from the Barrow Mound and Cemetery. Then move N
    and capture the Stronghold (29,57). There is a tunnel at (28,63). Go down
    if you wish to recruit more undead units and a couple of minor artifacts.
     Anyway, head W to another Stronghold (66,38) and capture it. Once you capture
    it backtrack to the first town you captured and take the ferry to its NW
     Once on the other side of the ferry go NW to capture the Druid's town of
    Greenwood (22,39). Once you've captured the town head N to another tunnel
    and go down (14,26). Visit the BLUE KEYMASTER here and return above ground.
     Pass the BLUE BORDER GUARD (24,26) to the W and follow the Enchanted Road
    to Vitross. Once you capture Vitross your done with the scenario!
    CHAPTER II: The Fiery Realm
    Objectives: Rescue Kalibarr
    Loss Condition: Lose Gauldoth
    Special: XP cap at LEVEL 18
    Carried over: Gauldoth and all spells, skills and levels
     First pick up your army, then head N to the window of the magi. This reveals
     After that head E and follow the road to a Necropolis (66,37) and capture
    it. Once you capture the Necropolis head W then S then E to a 2-way portal
    (81,56). Enter the portal and once you exit head S (you should pass a QUEST
    GUARD return hear once you have the "Angel Blade") then eventually E to
    another Necropolis capture this town then proceed N to yet another
    Necropolis. Capture this town and soup up your army. After all your
    preparations are done head to the QUEST GUARD to the SE (74,89) and visit
     Level Gauldoth to the MAX then go to the QUEST HUT (83,140) via the GREEN
    BORDER GUARD (70,105) claim the "Angel Blade" and go back to the QUEST GUARD
    I previously mentioned if you forgot just head to the bottom-left corner of
    the map. Once you take the QUEST GUARD out of the way take the portal to "HELL"
    once under-ground take the 1-way portal the succeeding 1-way portals until
    you reach an island with a lvl 20 General and a Prison once you defeat the
    General go to the Prison and bust Kallibar out and that's it!
    CHAPTER III: Points of Power
    Objectives: Flag all 5 Points of Power
    Loss Condition: Lose Gauldoth
    Special: XP cap at LEVEL 24
    Carried over: Gauldoth and all spells, skills and levels
     In this scenario you'll have to flag ALL 5 points of power. A point of power
    looks like a tower with a light on top and has the description of quest hut.
     Start by capturing resource building, training troop, the usual stuff.
    When your ready go NE of your town and defeat the venom spawns to get to your
    first POINT OF POWER (2,76).
     Now go SW of town to a window of the magi (40,77) It reveals another point
    of power (fifth) to the W side of the map. Go to the area with your two
    garrisons and pass through the garrison on the N and make your way W you should
    encounter an enemy Necropolis (99,34) to the N of this Necropolis is the
    second POINT OF POWER (76,3).
     Backtrack to a QUEST GUARD (82,52) and go N of it to a 2-way portal.
    Enter the portal and once you exit go W to a bridge cross over the bridge
    and go W to the third POINT OF POWER (108,109). Once you activate it head
    back to the road and follow it E, over the bridge and capture the town
     Go N of this town and over the bridge to the fourth POINT OF POWER (51,122).
    From here go NW to the area where your to garrisons are take the N one again
    and go W but try to stick to the mountains to the S and you'll get to a garrison.
    Pass through the garrison and go SW to a QUEST GUARD (106,73). Go through
    the QUEST GUARD and unto the fifth POINT OF POWER. Once you capture this your
    CHAPTER IV: Life and Death
    Objectives: Defeat Malvich
    Loss Condition: Lose Gauldoth
    Special: XP cap at LEVEL 30
    Carried over: Gauldoth and all spells, skills and levels
     You start on the NE corner of the map. Head S then visit the window of the
    magi to reveal a tunnel. After you reveal the tunnel head W then eventually
    N to a town (49,62) capture the town since we don't have one. To the W of
    the town is a QUEST HUT that requires you to bring back "Death Armor" in
    exchange for a "Life Shield" which we need.
     Go W of your town to a window of the magi that reveals a garrison. Follow
    the road W to another garrison. Capture the town here if you like. Then go
    to the garrison that was earlier revealed. Pass through the garrison and go
    S to a QUEST GUARD (100,64). Defeat the Black Dragons and claim the Death
    Armor. Go back to the QUEST HUT and trade the armor for the shield.
     After you have the Shield return to the area where you got the armor and
    head E. Simply make your way E to the tunnel and go down. Once there, make
    your way W to the RED KEYMASTER (79,47)
     Go back to the QUEST GUARD and head SE of the tunnel to a RED BORDER GUARD
    (65,101). Make your through this area until you get to Malvich's town to the
    SW (98,115). Once you put Malvich out of his misery your done!
    CHAPTER V: The Unholy Breath
    Objectives: Capture Nekorrum and defeat Kalibarr in 4 months
    Loss Condition: Lose Gauldoth
     The only tough part here is that there IS a time limit of four months so
    try your best to avoid any casualties, heck even a few skeletons can make
    the difference between life and death against Kalibarr.
     The first thing you notices is that there is a town that's blocked of by
    a wall. So you'll have to deconstruct the wall by finding a QUEST HUT. Go
    visit the window of the magi to the W to reveal a 2-way portal, a 1-way portal
    and a QUEST GUARD.
     Go and make your way to the 2-way portal to the N (19,22). Enter the portal
    and once on the other side you'll notice that there is no portal leading back.
    You'll be transported on the NW side of Nekorrum. Go S then W to the one-way
    portal mentioned earlier. Enter the portal and head W to capture Rija. This
    will be your town of operations.
     Head N of Rija and follow the road then eventually E to a 1-way portal (4,34).
    Enter it and follow the road E pass by the QUEST HUT(CAVE) at (55,53) to free
    Hadrin and his zombies. Remember the town that was sealed of by a wall
    previously well it ain't sealed no more. Head over to that direction and take
    the town if your lucky Kalibarr will be in town and you won't have to hunt
    him down here. Once you find Kalibarr go back through the portal that's
    guarded by a QUEST GUARD at (14,24)
     Once above ground again go E and capture Nekorrum once you've captured
    Nekorrum you've beaten the CAMPAIGN!!
                               A Pirate's Daughter
    This by far is the toughest campaign I have ever encountered since it mainly
    deals with sea combat and you always never start with a town plus the maps
    are to big also the XP cap is to small for the missions.
    The only good side I can see is that since your playing Chaos you gain the
    ability to train BLACK DRAGONS. Not only that but Chaos has almost every spell
    known to wipe out anything on screen: Disintigrate, Chain Lightning, Inferno
    and of course the perfect companion to a Black Dragon, ARMAGGEDON.
     Pete Girly WILL become your enemy later on so be very careful on what skills
    you give him. Don't give him Armageddon or Chain Lightning or any other 5th
    level Chaos spell for that matter. Don't even turn him into a mage. If you
    like to ease things up a little bit screw his stats up (hehe) but it's not
    very advisable since you get to fight him on the second to the last scenario.
    and that's a LONG way so just give it some thought.
    CHAPTER I: The Pirate's Daughter
    Objectives: Capture BOTH Frigston (Might) and Yanathrae (Nature)
    Loss Condition: Lose EITHER Tawni Balfour or Pete Girly
    Special: XP cap at LEVEL 12
    Carried over: Tawni and Pete + all skills and a "Steadfast Shield"
    After the story you are set on a little island, and you don't have a town
    (boo hoo). So lets get one shall we. First go to the XP stone and then the
    window of the magi you'll get a glimpse of the town we're gonna capture. Get
    the goodies down below (fight through the pirates) then capture the sulfur
    mine. There's a chaos shrine down here so you might consider going back here
    if you have a sorcerer. (But it's really not worth it since by the time you
    get a sorcerer you'll have your own town) Get on you're ship then sail NW
    recruit pirates here. Then sail E and capture the Gem mine. Proceed N (hitting
    goodies as you pass them).
    A little N of the pirate camp is bandit camp recruit if you wish. Directly
    E of the bandit camp is an island with an Alchemist's Lab but is guarded by
    water elementals, which right now is TOO tough to handle. Come back later
    when you have efreetis or nightmares. There is also an artifact here wich
    is guarded by elves (160,83) who are also tough right now. Now go N to the
    town (136,32) but beware of a hydra that lurks near the shipyard! Capture
    the town! This should be pretty easy considering they only have Minotaurs
    as their strongest unit. If you can't punch through, just recruit more
    pirates/bandits. So now we have a town (whoopee!)
    (IMHO I would recruit a sorcerer here.)
    Hero Note: I prefer turning Tawni into a Ranger then Pete Girly into
    a Guildmaster (for the Dragons) or a Fire Diviner if you don't want an
    additional hero. Also ALWAYS equip Tawni and Pete with a POTION OF
    I prefer to build a Labyrinth (Minotaurs are very useful in sieges) then a
    Dark Wood (I feel nightmares are better than efreeti) then finally a Dragon
    Cave (duh).
    So now we have to gather resources. There is a Lumber yard NE of your town
    and an Ore Pit SE. Go N recruit Medusas if you like at the statuary garden
    there is also a gold mine to the N of here. Visit the BLUE KEYMASTER'S TENT
    (106,13) to the E of the Gold Mine. E of your town in the grassy area is War
    Academy and Training grounds if you have the resources you can turn Tawni
    into a Ranger here. Try not to wander off into the grassy area since it's
    literally crawling with enemy troops and HEROES! Which would probably crush
    you like a bug. S of the Ore Pit are some Orc towers (recruit if you wish).
    NE of the Orc Towers is a 2-way portal(123,54) that leads to other portals
    guarded by the GREEN BORDER GUARD(s).S of the Orc Towers is the BLUE SEA BORDER
    GUARD(138,59) since we visited the BLUE KEYMASTER hop into your ship and
    unlock the gates(border guard).Before you pass through however it is
    advisable to bring a formidable army (i.e. 50 black dragons,100+ Minotaurs
    and 500+ Orcs) since you have a steady supply of sulfur it's no problem you
    can also trade the your gems for the gold. You may also want to re-visit the
    island with the elves and water elementals for the "cloak of distraction"
    and the Alchemist's Lab. Sail down S until you see a Town(Nature)(165,115).
    Capture it since you'll want to cripple all enemy attempts to use boats. This
    island frankly has a shipyard there is also a suit of "Elven Chain Mail" on
    this island it is however quite annoying to keep this town due to the #&%*@
    1-way portal at the S tip of the island (174,141).
    To the E of this island is big island skim the coast (avoid the whirlpool)
    of this island and you will find Yanathrae (128,109) one of the towns your
    supposed to capture on the N tip of the island. There is apparently no entrance
    into the island since it's blocked of by ORANGE BORDER GUARDS so it looks
    like we're gonna have to find the ORANGE KEYMASTER (71,183).
    To the E of the "Yanathrae Island" is an island with wolf dens, a sanctuary,
    tavern, shipyard, trading post and a bunch of goodies.
    Stop by here if you want to recruit or trade or etc (104,109).
    Either way go NW of the previous island to find a School of Magic (109,94)
    N of the school you can recruit pirates if you like and further N is the PURPLE
    SEA BORDER GUARD.(100,79)
    SE of the island with a lot of wolf dens is an archipelago with the PURPLE
    KEYMASTER'S TENT(85,134) it is however guarded by black dragon's (*sigh*
    SQUISH 'EM!!)
    E of the PURPLE KEYMASTER'S TENT island is another island that is "snowy"
    it's another of the "shipyard" islands. Land on it and capture the town
    (might) on the island. You will probably face a lot of Nomads so be prepared
    Now head SE of the second "shipyard island" and you will find a "desert island"
    (or is it sand)(79,182) find the ORANGE KEYMASTER'S TENT (71,183) at the N
    area of the island and talk to him.
    Okay, so now we have access to both Frigston and Yanathrae
    Let's do Frigston (122,81) first since it's easier to defend later on. Head
    back to the PURPLE BORDER GUARD (100,79) and open the gate. Sail until you
    reach land land on the W side of the cove you enter. Punch through the garrison
    and overrun Frigston (though it's easier said than done. hehehe).
    If you want to sidetrack a bit for XP or to recruit some dragons visit the
    GREEN KEYMASTER'S TENT (123,65) it's to the N of the garrison then go through
    the portal to the W and exit to the upper-right corner of the map (129,64).
    There is an enemy town (10,109) here once you exit the portal (4,116) you
    can capture it if you like but it's not necessary (although it decreases the
    chance of a retaliation) follow the road NW until you find a bunch of
    thunderbirds (49,75) whack them and enter into the forested area recruit here
    if you want. Enter the portal if you like some dragons (39,76).
    Since we captured Frigston sail down to the "Yanathrae Island" enter either
    to the SE (180,157) or SW (126,192) it doesn't really matter so just hack
    and slash your way N into Yanathrae. You will pass through some garrisons
    just kill everything that stands in your way and capture Yanathrae. Capturing
    Yanathrae is really annoying due to the f****d up farie dragons who shoot
    fire balls at your heroes. So every time you start combat drink a potion of
    immortality. Faerie dragons however are seriously outmatched by Black
    Dragons since they're immune to magic and faerie dragons cast magic. So the
    basic strategy to defeat this town is to crank out a lot of black dragons.
    If it's still to tough you can try and capture 1 of the nearby towns and recruit
    dragons there via caravan. And keep sending a suicidal army (preferably with
    the town portal spell) to take out a fraction of their defences followed up
    by the main attack force to Yanathrae.
    And that's that for scenario 1
    Chapter II: Bloody Cove
    Objective: Defeat Captain Swift
    Defeat Condition: Lose EITHER Tawni or Pete
    Special: Start with "Steadfast Shield", XP cap at lvl.18
    Carried Over: Tawni and Pete with all skills and lvl.
    Start of by collecting the two Boots in front of you. Go S to the window of
    the Magi (50,87). You will see 2 KEYMASTER TENTS and 2 shipyards (one guarded
    by a quest guard). Go down either through the SE or SW garrisons and capture
    the two towns located there one to the SE (32,110) and another to the
    SW(60,81).Explore the vicinity and capture all necessary resource buildings
    and the like(goodies, creature dwellings etc.)
    Note-I would split Tawni and Pete having Pete go through the E side of the
    island and Tawni W side of the island.
    Anyway, go S via the coastline on the (E or W) part of the island. You will
    eventually hit a town on either side (E= 74,149 and W=104,123). You must
    capture both one on the E and W to eliminate the purple player (it's required
    later for a quest guard). There are portals here that leads back near your
    base towns one to the SW of the W town (139,125) and one to the S of the E
    town (94,164)
    Go further S until you reach a Garrison on the middle of the map (123,148).
    Fight your way through here and capture the final town for the green player.
    There is a 1-way portal to the E of the town that leads to "Bloody Cove"
    There is a GREEN KEYMASTER'S TENT to the W of the garrison (131,144). Go to
    the W of the keymaster's tent and you will find a shipyard (finally) Go to
    the PURPLE KEYMASTER'S TENT(it should be revealed now)(215,105) it's to the
    W in case your wondering. After that head N of Bloody Cove(if you went there
    You should be at the upper-left corner of the map land on the the narrow sandy
    part of the island (118,38). capture the town to the E to eliminate player
    blue (86,56). Head W, now fight through the garrison and capture the town
    here (116,10) if you wish or if it's occupied by blue then imperative that
    you capture it. NE of this town is the ORANGE KEYMASTER'S TENT (0,0).
    Since we vanquished all three opposing players we can now pass through the
    QUEST BORDER GUARD (119,206). Head over there now and pass through then grab
    a boat sail N until you hit an island land there and pass through the PURPLE
    BORDER GUARD it should be open now (69,179) and visit the BLUE KEYMASTER'S
    TENT (65,169).
    Head N until you get to the BLUE SEA BORDER GUARD (13,119) open it and go
    down the whirlpool (6,115).
    Now we're face to face with Captain Swift he's a lvl 18. Ranger and is backed
    by Black Dragons (20+) Beholders (300+) Pirates (400+) and Bandits (600+).
    This could be tough since it's sea combat plus some of your troops got whacked
    in the whirlpool.
    Once you beat Capt. Swift and his gang you're done with scenario II.
    Chapter III: The Strait of the Lost
    Objective: Build an Eye of Chaos in the town of Rumport + eliminate RED PLAYER
    Defeat Condition: Lose EITHER Tawni, Pete or the town of Rumport
    Special: Start with "Steadfast Shield" and 2 "Croc. Boots", XP cap at lvl.23
    Carried Over: Tawni, Pete and Cyrca with all skills and lvl.+ "Giantslayer
    Important Locations:
    Red Keymaster (119,159)
    Blue Keymaster (189,79)
    Prison (26,136)
    Gold Oracle (115,219)
    Grail (115,224)
    This part of the walkthrough is rough at best so pls. DO NOT mail me complaints
    about this section since I'm working on it. Helpful E-mails however will be
    very appreciated.
    You start off on a small desolate island with three ships and a few pirates
    and bandits. Visit the Window of the Magi and locate Rumport and the area
    your supposed to land to get to Rumport. Head S to Rumport and you'll encounter
    the QUEST BORDER GUARD (only tawni may pass). Pass through it and through
    the garrison and capture Rumport. Build a shipyard, create an army and move
    to the RED KEYMASTER (119,159). Head to the
    RED BORDER GUARD (40,140) and pass through and into the PRISON and free Cyrca.
     Cyrca is a full time mage (woohoo!) so my advice is to keep it like that
    for a while till she gets some really damaging spells. Once she gets
    Disintigrate or Chain Lightning I usually turn her into a Fireguard or
     Now go to the QUEST GUARD (190,83) at this point 50 medusas join you near
    **Grab the "Giantslayer" to the S (200,89) it's guarded by behemoths
    Now that we have the keywords head to the BLUE SEA BORDER GUARD (147,125)
    Land on the island in the middle of the cove (125,146) and enter the portal
    Talk to the GOLDEN ORACLE and dig for the GRAIL now that you have the GRAIL
    bring it back to Rumport and begin construction.
    Now simply eliminate the RED player (THE MERMAIDS)
    these are the following locations of the mermaids you need to eliminate
    CHAPTER IV: Bay of Maids
    Objectives: Defeat Pete Girly
    Defeat Condition: Lose EITHER Tawni or Cyrca
    Special: Start with "Steadfast Shield" and 2 "Croc. Boots", XP cap at lvl.28
    Carried Over: Tawni and Cyrca with all skills ,spells and lvl.+ "Giantslayer
    Important Locations:
    Green Keymaster (93,126 UG)
    Pete Girly (86,32)
     First things first head to the Window of the Magi and you'll see the GREEN
    KEYMASTER and a town.
     Head N and capture the town at (47,84) (DON'T FORGET TO CAPTURE RESOURCE
    BUILDINGS ON YOUR WAY THERE!!!) then move E of the town and enter the 2-way
    portal at (29,103). You will be transported to the S of the continent capture
    the town if you like (92,156)
     Go S of the town and go UG via the tunnel at (109,178)
     Go W then N to an underground ocean get take a boat and sail NE to (105,134)
    separate Cyrca and any Medusas into a separate party and send them through
    the QUEST GATE talk to the GREEN KEYMASTER and head to the portal to exit
    to the NW.
     Bring Tawni back to the shipyard and make her wait there. Bring Cyrca to
    the shipyard and link up with Tawni and this time head NW to (165,112) and
    go to the tunnel at (196,85).
     Above ground you can go SE of the tunnel and capture a town at (193,115).
     Either go N to a tunnel at for an artifact (141,106) or S to another tunnel
    at (176,141) and claim another artifact.
     Go back up and go thru the GREEN BORDER GUARD at (145,161) and capture the
    town at (136,151) build a ship and sail.
     Whack the following mermaids at these coordinates
     Now head to the QUEST SEA GUARD at (133,87) and open the gate. Head N until
    you spot three ships punch right through them and proceed N until you reach
    another QUEST GUARD at (105,11) go E until you see Pete Girly. KILL THE FAGOT!!
    Pete Girly WILL possess any skills you gave him in the previous scenarios.
    So if you gave him Grandmaster Chaos Magic and Armageddon or Disintegrate
    then your in DEEP S**T.
     And that's for scenario IV
    CHAPTER V: Never Look Back
    Objectives: Defeat the Mer-Queen and Destroy the Sea Monster Hatchery in no
    less of 5 days from each other (this means once you  defeat the mer-queen
    you have to defeat the hatchery within 5 days)
    Defeat Condition: Lose EITHER Tawni or Cyrca
    Special: (none)
    Carried Over(none)
    Important Locations:
    Palace of the Mer-Queen (141,132)
    Sea Monster Hatchery (135,93)
    Final Location of the Mer-Queen (75,147)
     OK, it's the FINAL mission so this is gonna be tougher than the others (duh)
    you have to simultaneously defeat the mer-queen and destroy the hatchery so
    that means splitting Tawni and Cyrca later on.
     Head E and land on the patch of land at (98,21) and visit the window of the
    magi, it reveals a town you will need to capture soon. Go near the town and
    notice that it is guarded by a PURPLE BORDER GUARD so now we need to find
     Go NE until you reach the old man with out pupils (39,83) trade your "Giant
    Slayer" for either a "Sword of the Gods" or an "Adamantine Shield" both are
    RELIC class Artifacts but you only get to choose one the former is the best
    army based offense artifact while the latter is the best army based defense
    artifact. Take your pick I personnaly go with the sword since you can always
    purchase potions of immortality and black dragons have the highest hit points
    in the game.
      Raid the Dragon City to the SE (36,96) for 8K gold and a "Golden Plate Mail"
     Follow the "lava river" E until you reach the end at (24,110) fight the
    elementals and take the "wand of haste" and a "brimstone armor"
     Go further SE to a ferry at (23,135). Once on the other side go W to the
    window of the magi at (48,130). Follow the "lava river" again but this time
    going W. You'll eventually see the PURPLE KEYMASTER visit him ang go NE of
    him past the garrison and capture the town. Open the PURPLE BORDER GUARD if
    you like.
     Since every other path is blocked the only way to go is a LONG WAY SW to
    another town at (162,62) capture the town. Go NE of the town to (130,66) and
    go S. Now go E then follow the shore S you should get to a town (194,113)
    capture it if you like.
     Go NE of the town pass the bridge and visit the window of the magi it should
    reveal the "Palace of the Mer-Queen" and the "Sea-Monster Hatchery" (damn,
    they're so far apart!) go to the QUEST GUARD to the S is a tunnel don't go
    down just yet but take note of it.
     Go N of the window of the magi and capture the town for a little story line.
    Now go back to the tunnel and descend make your way to the exit at the E (don't
    forget about the goodies here! They're kinda easy to miss).
     Above ground again go N and you'll see a portal wee will be going back here
    soon so make note of it. Follow the road until you see a garrison. Fight your
    way through and go to the window of the magi there is a town here capture
    it if you like. Go out the garrison and visit the BLUE KEYMASTER (74,169).
    There is another tunnel to the NE of here (49,155)
    Go down.
     Like the previous tunnel make your way to the other side whilst collecting
    goodies. Go back up through the exit at (113,105)
     Go S to the Palace of the Mer-Queen and capture it. It's time to split up
    Cyrca and Tawni. Buy a boat at the Palace and put Tawni in it. Now bring Cyrca
    S past the QUEST GUARD to a shipyard buy another boat here. And sail NW to
    the Sea Monster Hatchery at (195,93)
     Now for Tawni sail SE and navigate through the rocks to the QUEST GUARD.
    Open it up and go NE to a cove with the Mer-Queen at (75,147)
    KILL HER!!!
    V.                               APPENDIX
    A. The Basics
    B. The Artifacts
    C. Cheat Codes
    Appendix A: THE BASICS
     -Always capture towns that you see.
     -Always capture resource buildings you come by (even in enemy territory)
     -Always capture creature dwelling (You never know when you need them)
     -Always defend your town with at least 20 4th level units.
     -Have at least ranged hero (mage, archer) and one melee or two ranged heroes
    one mage one archer.
     -If handling a lot of undead opponents in a scenario equip lots of morale
    boosting artifacts and/or skills
     -If dealing with plenty of (compatible) creature dwellings consider
    building a caravan ASAP.
     -Sometimes 3rd level units are more cost effective than 4th level units (i.e.
    Plague Spitters are better than Devils when dealing with Behemoths.)
     -When sieging a castle try and use summoned troops to knock down the gate
    as cannon fodder. If not I usually prefer using Minotaurs since they can block
    any sort of attack except magic.
     -Take note that you do not have to see your target to use Poison
     -Ranged attacks and Magic can only hit enemies on the towers.
     -Try and wait for the enemy to bring down the gate for you.
     -Try to use Trading Posts instead of the "Trade Menu" since trading posts
    give you a discount of I think 40%.
    ppendix B. THE ARTIFACTS
    The following section is actually MY guide that can also be viewed separately
    from another file at www.gamefaqs.com
    I. Basic Equipment
    Basic Equipment can be bought in your local towns Blacksmith, Arsenal or
    +5 Melee/Ranged Def.
    Chain Mail
    +8 Melee/Ranged Def. -1 Speed +1 Casting costs
    Plate Mail
    +10 Melee/Ranged Def. -2 Speed +2 Casting Costs
    +3 Melee Ranges Def.
    +8 Melee -1 Speed
    Long Sword
    +3 Melee and Melee Def.
    +13 Melee (2hand)
    +5 Ranged Atk
    +3 Ranged Atk (longrange)
    Mage Staff
    -1 Casting Costs (2hand)
    +1 Scouting Radius
    II. Treasure
    Elven Chainmail
    +10 Melee and Ranged Def.
    Helm of Seeing
    Immunity to Blind (friendly creatures also)
    Cloak of Warding
    +30% Magic Resistance
    Cap of Knowledge
    +5 SP +1 SP Regen.
    Dwarven Shield
    +3 Melee/Ranged Def. +20% Melee/Ranged Def.(Friendly targets only)
    Dwarven Hammer
    +10 Melee
    War Sling
    +10 Ranged Atk
    David's Sling
    +50% more damage to 4th lvl. creatures (friendly creatures only)
    Ring of Health
    +50% HP
    Ring of Protection
    +20% Melee/Ranged Def. (friendly targets only)
    Ring of Wizardry
    +5 SP +1 SP Regen.
    Warlord's Ring
    +20% Melee/Ranged Atk. (friendly targets only)
    Ring of Strength
    +5 Melee/Ranged Atk.
    Cart of Ore
    +2 Ore/day
    Cart of Lumber
    +2 Wood/day
    Purse of Gold
    +250 gold/day
    Bag of Gold
    +500 gold/day
    Viewing Crystal
    +2 Scouting radius
    Crystal of Memory
    Immunity to Forgetfullnes(all friendly)
    Badge of Courage
    Immunity to Fear (all friendly)
    Gambler's Deck
    +1 luck
    +1 luck
    4-leaf clover
    +1 luck
    Crest of Valor
    +1 Morale
    Spider Silk Arrows
    casts bind on target w/ ranged atk
    Arrows of stunning
    casts stun on target w/ ranged atk
    Apprentice's Handbook
    All 1st level spells
    III.Minor Artifacts
    Magic Amplifier
    -33% SP usage
    Mullich's Helm of Leadership
    +2 Morale, +1 speed
    Hideous Mask
    Fear atk
    Golden Platemail
    +25 Melee/ranged def, +1 casting costs
    Mage's Robe
    -1 casting cost
    Steadfast Shield
    +30% Melee/ranged def(all friendly), +3 melee/ranged def
    Angel's Blade
    +3 Melee Atk/Def +50% dmg vs death opponents
    Halberd of Swiftwatch
    +25 Melee Atk,+2 Speed,Pike Ability,(2hand)
    Crusader's Mace
    +30% Melee/Ranged atk (all friendly)
    +3 Melee Atk/Def 2X dmg vs 4th level creatures
    Sniper's Crossbow
    +3 Ranged atk,longrange,longrange(all friendly)
    Valder's Crossbow of Sloth
    +5 Ranged atk,longrange, casts slow on target
    Nomad's Blackbow
    +20 ranged atk
    Throwing Spear
    +3 Melee/ranged atk
    Barbarian's Throwing Club
    +5 melee/ranged atk, stun atk
    ignores snow terrain penalty
    Boots of the Crocodile
    ignores swamp terrain penalty
    Fireproof Boots
    ignores lava terrain penalty
    Surefooted boots
    ignores rough terrain penalty
    Sandwalkers Sandals
    ignores sand terrain penalty
    Cape of Protection
    +30% Melee/ranged def (all friendly)
    Cowl of Resistance
    +50% Magic Resist
    Cloak of Distraction
    ignores area threats
    Ring of Permanency
    Immunity to Dispel,Cancelation and Steal Enchantment
    Ring of Speed
    +2 Speed
    Ring of the Elementals
    2X more Elementals during summonings
    Ring of the Cobra's Eye
    Poisoned Attack
    Ring of Lesser Negation
    Ignores all "Wards"
    Leprechaun Ring
    +2 Luck
    Eqesitarian's Gloves
    +25% Movement on land
    Gem Casket
    +1 Gem/day
    Crystal Figuirine
    +1 crystal/day
    Flask of Mercury
    +1 mercury/day
    Braizer of Sulfer
    +1 sulfer/day
    Sack of Gold
    +750 Gold/day
    Purse of Penny Pinching
    10% discount on all creature purchases
    Poison Arrows
    Poisoned Attack
    Arrows of Slaying
    Slayer Attack
    d. Amulets
    Amulet of Fear
    grants user no retaliation ability
    Amulet of the Undertaker
    +10% Necromancy skill
    Statesman's Medal
    +10% Diplomacy skill
    Ankh of Life
    +5% Ressurection skill
    Necklace of Charm
    +10% Charm Skill
    Druid's Chain
    +1 lvl to summoning skill
    Medal of Honor
    +2 Morale(all friendly)
    e. Wands
    Wand of Weakness
    Cast weakness
    Wand of Illusion
    cast Create Illusion
    Wand of Ice
    cast Ice Bolt
    Wand of Healing
    Cast Heal
    Wand of Haste
    Cast Haste
    Wand of Fireballs
    Cast Fireball
    Wand of Fire
    Cast Firebolt
    Wand of Blessings
    Cast Bless
    Wand of Animating Dead
    Cast Animate Dead
    f. Tomes
    Logbook of the Master Sailor
    +25% Movement at Sea, +20% Melee/ranged atk w/basic seamanship
    2X More Demons are summoned
    Journeyman's Notebook
    All 2nd Level Spells
    IV.Major Artifacts
    a. Armour
    Armour of Chaos
    +20 melee/ranged def, Order Ward
    Armour of Death
    +20 melee/ranged def, Life Ward
    Armour of Order
    +20 melee/ranged def, Chaos Ward
    Armour of Life
    +20 melee/ranged def, Death Ward
    Unnatural Armour
    +20 melee/ranged def, Nature Ward
    Breastplate of Regeneration
    +20 melee/ranged def, regen. 20 HP/round +2/level
    Brimstone Breastplate
    +20 melee/ranged def, Fire Shield
    Dragon Scale Armour
    +25 melee/ranged def, Fire Resistance
    Gryphonheart Plate
    +30 melee/ranged def
    Scalemail of Strength
    +10 melee/ranged def, +10 melee/ranged atk
    Shield of Chaos
    +3 melee/ranged def,+30% melee/ranged def (all friendly),Order Ward
    Death Shield
    +3 melee/ranged def,+30% melee/ranged def (all friendly),Life Ward
    Shield of Order
    +3 melee/ranged def,+30% melee/ranged def (all friendly),Chaos Ward
    Life Shield
    +3 melee/ranged def,+30% melee/ranged def (all friendly),Death Ward
    Unnatural Shield
    +3 melee/ranged def,+30% melee/ranged def (all friendly),Nature Ward
    Dragon Scale Shield
    +3 melee/ranged def,+30% melee/ranged def (all friendly),Fire Protection
    Lion's Shield of Courage
    +3 melee/ranged def,+40% melee/ranged def (all friendly)
    Guardian's Robe
    Immune to first 3 attacks in combat
    b. Weaponry
    Tynan's Dagger of Despair
    cast's Sorrow on target when hit
    Flaming Sword
    +3 Melee atk/def,+30 fire damage +3/level
    Sword of Swiftness
    +6 melee atk/def, extra melee atk/round
    Soul Stealer
    +4 melee atk/def, for every 2 HP of damage dealt heal 1 HP
    Axe of Legends
    +8 melee atk, +40% melee/ranged dmg (all friendly)
    Spear of the Centaur
    +8 melee/ranged atk, gains Normal Melee ability (all friendly)
    c. Accesories
    Mantle of Spell Turning
    +70% Magic Resistance
    Boots of Travel
    +50% movement on land
    Boots of the Explorer
    ignores ALL terrain penalties
    Winged Sandals
    +2 to movement in combat(all friendly)
    Mirror of Revenge
    magic mirror
    Maranthea's Mug
    +3 Morale
    Shackles of War
    neither armies may surrender or retreat
    Ring of Regeneration
    regen. 20 HP/round +2HP/level
    d. Amulets
    Fizbin of Misfortune
    cast Misfortune on all opponents
    e. Staves
    Saint Ranan's Staff
    Doubles effect of healing spells,ressurects 20% of killed creatures after
    Staff of Wizardry
    Lower's all casting costs for ORDER spells by 50%,(2hand)
    Staff of Death
    all DEATH spells deal and increase in power level by 50%,(2hand)
    Mayhem Staff
    all CHAOS DIRECT DAMAGE spells do 50% more damage,(2hand)
    Staff of Summoning
    reduces casting cost on all SUMMONING spells by 50%,(2hand)
    Staff of Power
    Reduces casting cost of ALL spells by 1/3,(2hand)
    f. Tomes
    Tome of Life
    1st-5th level LIFE spells
    Tome of Order
    1st-5th level ORDER spells
    Tome of Death
    1st-5th level DEATH spells
    Tome of Chaos
    1st-5th level CHAOS spells
    Tome of Nature
    1st-5th level NATURE spells
    Master's Spellbook
    all 3rd level spells
    Guildmaster's Compendium
    all 4th level spells
    a. Armour
    Adamantite Plate
    +50 Melee/ranged def
    Adamantite Shield
    +50% melee/ranged def.(all friendly),+3 Melee/Ranged def
    Supreme Crown of the Magi
    +50 SP +10 SP Regen.
    b. Weaponry
    Thunder Hammer
    +8 Melee atk,+70 Electric dmg +7/lvl,(2hand)
    Bullrune Axe
    +50 Melee atk.
    Sword of the Gods
    +3 Melee atk/def, +50% dmg (all friendly)
    Horned Bow
    +50 Ranged Atk
    Bow of the Elven King
    +5 ranged atk, extra ranged atk per turn (all friendly)
    c. Amulets
    Scarab of Summoning
    +100% to summoning skill,raise dead and create illusion effect
    d. Accesories
    Ring of Greater Negation
    Ignores all Protections,Wards and Immunities (ALL targets)
    Neener's Invulnerable Cloak
    +100% Magic Resistance
    Flaming Arrow
    Attack all targets withing a 3x3 radius
    e. Tomes
    Archmage's Codex
    All 5th lvl spells
    If you have anything to add to this list of artifacts or have a comment on
    the items just
    E-mail me at ccgaston@mydestiny.net
    Appendix C: CHEAT CODES
    During game, hit [TAB] and type any one of those cheats, then press [Enter].
    Cheat Description
    Adventure Map Cheats
    nwcAmbrosia - free materials
    nwcValhalla - win scenario
    nwcRagnarok - lose scenario
    nwcPrometheus - reveal map
    nwcSphinx - reveal puzzle map
    nwcCityOfTroy - build all buildings
    nwcImAGod - access cheat menu (while town is selected)
    nwcGoSolo - auto play
    Hero Cheats
    nwcHermes - unlimited movement
    nwcAthena - gain skill
    nwcThoth - increase level
    nwcIsis - learn spells
    nwcSacrificeToTheGods - max luck
    nwcPan - max morale
    Item Cheats
    nwcHephaestus - elven chainmail
    nwcEtTuBrute - dagger of despair
    nwcExcalibur - ring_of greater negation
    nwcNibelungenlied - sword of the gods
    In-Combat Cheats
    nwcAres - win combat
    nwcAchilles - lose combat
    Summoning Cheats (5 units per cheat)
    nwcTristram - crusaders
    nwcLancelot - champions
    nwcStMichael - angels
    nwcSevenLittleGuys - dwarves
    nwcMerlin - magi
    nwcCronus - titans
    nwcBlahBlah - vampires
    nwcHades - devils
    nwcUnderTheBridge - trolls
    nwcKingMinos - minotaur
    nwcXanthus - nightmares
    nwcFafnir - black dragons
    nwcDoYouSmellBrownies - sprites
    nwcFenrir - wolves
    nwcFixMyShoes - elves
    nwcTheLast - unicorn
    nwcRa - phoenix
    nwcValkyries - ogre magi
    nwcGrendel - behemoth
    nwcPoseidon - sea monster
    PREVIOUS PUBLICATIONS- Heroes of Might and Magic IV Artifacts Guide
    -HELP WANTED! Anyone who can bring any useful info on any other campaigns
    can send them to me and I assure you that you gain full credit from it
    -HELP WANTED! If anyone can give me a detailed explanation on the coordinates
    and how it's used would be very appreciated
    -Comments, suggestions and other types of mail excluding flame mail with
    SWEAR words (well a little swearing would be nice to look at my mail box)
    are welcome at ccgaston@mydestiny.net

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