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    Endings FAQ by DSimpson

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                 Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (BG2 Expansion, PC)
                                      Endings FAQ
                                   January 17, 2005
                                      Version 1.01
                            Written by:  Dan Simpson
                                 Email:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
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    This is a list of the "epilogue" texts that tell of what happens to your
    companions after the Throne of Bhaal ends.  As such, it is rife with spoilers,
    and if that bothers you, don't read any further.  This is mostly intended for
    the curious who have already beaten the game, to see what they missed.
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    This Document is Copyright 2000-2005 by Dan Simpson
    Baldur's Gate II is Copyright 2000 by Bioware/Black Isle/Interplay
    BG2: Throne of Bhaal is Copyright 2001 by Bioware/Black Isle/Interplay
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    In case you didn't read it earlier, there be SPOILERS ahead, matey.
    Table of Contents:
      Good "Godly" Ending
      Evil "Godly" Ending
      Non-"Godly" Ending
      Aerie Romantic
      Jaheira Romantic
      Viconia Romantic
      Final Words...
    Good "Godly" Ending:
      Your mortal essence fades away as you embrace your divinity.
      Through friends and enemies, you have conquered your heritage, turning shadow
      to light, and now the infernal power of Bhaal no longer holds sway
      You will take your place among the powers, as a force of balance and good.
      It is the close of many things, but a new destiny stretches endlessly before 
      There are greater evils to fight than you might have dared imagine and sights 
      among the planes that you had never thought possible.
      In the years to come, your name shall be a beacon in times of darkness.
      Tales of your life shall inspire and guide, while servants of darkness will 
      flee your wrath.
      It is a legacy that will forever change the face of the Realms.
    Evil "Godly" Ending:
      Your mortal essence crumbles as you embrace your fate, and take the legacy of 
      Bhaal as your own.
      You welcome the divine power, and feel your dark influence flow over all that 
      you know.
      The Abyss welcomes you, and you know you can shape it to your darkest 
      All your enemies have been crushed, but there will be more to come.
      You are one of many in the crowded planes, but you are certain to destroy any 
      You have stolen the destiny of a god, and none shall stand in your way.
      In time, all will know your terrible name.
      Your tyranny shall be renowned, your strength and guile legendary.
      You are the Bhaal-spawn, Lord of Murder, and the mark you have carved upon 
      the Realms shall never fade.
    Non-"Godly" Ending:
      Your divine essence slowly fades, and for a moment you feel empty, 
      It is frightening, but soon yields to a new sensation, one of hope.
      With your closest companions at your side, you are free to live out your 
      mortal life, no longer a pawn of Bhaal's Prophecy.
      The adventure draws to a close, but there will be more to come.
      Even as a mortal you are to be looked upon in awe, and your power commands 
      attention, both friendly and otherwise.
      Your life is yours, as are the trials to come.
      As years pass, tales of your exploits shall spread far and wide, and bards 
      will sing your name along with heroes and villains of legend.
      Your life may be mortal, your time now finite, but the mark you have left 
      upon the Realms will endure.
      Aerie continued adventuring after leaving <CHARNAME>'s company, driven in her 
      travels to oppose slavery in any form. Her compassion grew tainted by 
      revenge, however; revenge for what had been taken when she was in chains. She 
      might have lost herself entirely had she not stumbled across a group of 
      Avariel winged elves enslaved in Cormyr. They compelled her to come to 
      Faenya-Dail, the home she was originally stolen from, and she learned much 
      while there. Most importantly, she learned she was no longer one of them, and 
      stopped pining for wings she wouldn't use anyway. Aerie eventually became a
      high priestess in Understone, a gnomish village her mentor Quayle had 
      sometimes spoken of. He had been her true family, and it was among his people 
      that she finally found peace.
    Aerie Romantic:
      Aerie and <CHARNAME> would prove inseparable, their adventuring careers 
      becoming secondary to the raising of their son, and eventually a daughter as 
      well. Their later years would hold one last great trek, however, as Aerie 
      still suffered a sadness from her time enslaved and the loss of her wings. 
      Together she and <CHARNAME> sought the Avariel of Faenya-Dail, the winged 
      elves she was stolen from so long ago. They discovered not only her people, 
      but loving parents that had spent years searching for their lost child. With 
      no more mystery or confusion to cloud their lives, it was there, among the 
      clouds, that Aerie and <CHARNAME> would finally be married. Their union, it 
      is said, was blessed by visions of Aerdrie Faenya and Baervan Wildwanderer 
      Anomen was troubled after his time in <CHARNAME>'s company. He had closely
      witnessed the dark power inherent in the Bhaal child, and no matter 
      <CHARNAME>'s intent, it caused a crisis of faith. His confidence in Helm 
      shaken, Anomen traveled without aim until arriving in the frontiers of 
      Maztica. This was during the revolt of Yamash, an evil cleric that raised a
      demonic conquering horde. Anomen was drawn into the conflict, helping to 
      organize the besieged Maztican soldiers, but he found he could not 
      effectively train them without speaking of duty and the role a guardian must 
      play; he was teaching the doctrine of Helm, and understanding it more as he 
      did. In the end, his words rang true, and Yamash fell to the Disciples of 
      Anomen, a new Order for a new land.
    Anomen Romantic:
      Anomen and <CHARNAME> continued adventuring until they were known as heroes 
      almost everywhere they went. So prolific were their careers that the proposed 
      date of their wedding kept getting moved back, either due to impending crisis 
      or some lucrative adventure that one or the other would insist on 
      investigating. Finally a date approached that both <CHARNAME> and her beloved 
      were determined to keep, and the much heralded event drew heroes and 
      dignitaries from across Faerun. The couple had touched the lives of many, and 
      those people arrived in droves to watch Elminster himself unite the two in 
      one of the grandest ceremonies the city of Baldur's Gate had ever seen. 
      Anomen and <CHARNAME> retired from public life shortly thereafter, although, 
      if tales be true, their adventures never truly ended.
      With his guidance no longer needed, Cernd left <CHARNAME>'s company and 
      reunited with his son, Ahsdale. His duty to nature constantly called him 
      away, however, and the boy grew bitter. Years later Cernd attained the title 
      of Grand Druid, but stopped the ascension when he learned that his
      long-estranged child now wielded twisted magics, and commanded an army 
      threatening the Sword Coast. Cernd abdicated, citing that he could not hold 
      such responsibility when he had been so grossly deficient in his personal 
      obligations. Neither Cernd nor Ahsdale would survive when they finally met in 
      battle. They were strangers to each other, and the only common ground they 
      found was where they fell, a spot that gave rise to a wondrous oak that turns 
      the gravest of reds at season's change.
      Edwin gained great renown in his travels with <CHARNAME>, and in the years 
      following their association he would exploit that infamy. In time he achieved 
      enough influence to subjugate even the Red Wizards themselves, becoming the 
      greatest leader they had known in recent memory. Very recent memory, it turns 
      out, as he was deposed scant days later. Such is the brief nature of 
      conquerors in Thay, practically lining up for their turn in power. His only 
      notable appearance following this embarrassment was in battle with Elminster 
      of Shadowdale himself, a short affair that saw the end of Edwin's existence 
      in the Realms. Edwina, however, tends bar in a Waterdeep tavern. She is a 
      bitter, bitter woman.
      Haer'Dalis found traveling with <CHARNAME> a fine introduction to the Realms, 
      and once they parted company he was eager to see more. He visited such varied 
      locales as Waterdeep, Neverwinter, and Thay, eventually fleeing each one 
      after innocently immersing himself in local troubles. Later he would befriend 
      a female Cambion and return with her to the Abyss, only to unintentionally 
      end up leading a revolt on several layers of the hells. For a time, 
      Haer'Dalis was the most-hunted man among the planes, but the ire of his 
      enemies could not match his wanderlust, and he eventually found his way back
      to the city of Sigil unharmed in any permanent fashion. There he rejoined 
      Raelis's acting troupe and was pleased to finally settle down - until the 
      next misunderstanding, of course.
      And what of Imoen, the eternal child? She had long stood in the shadow of 
      <CHARNAME>, but she was her own person, and would find her fate where she 
      pleased. She returned to Candlekeep for a time, her formidable skill in magic 
      granting a greater appreciation for its tomes. It was smaller than she 
      remembered, however, and she did not stay long. Later she was seen in such 
      vaunted company as Khelben "Blackstaff" and Elminster, by all accounts 
      encouraging them to not be such stick-in-the-muds. Her influence grew over 
      time, and she may have founded a thieves' guild that now operates all the way 
      to Neverwinter. When asked of this she always answered with a smile of purest 
      innocence. "Heya," she would say, "it's just me, Imoen."
      The events of the Bhaalspawn saga affected Jaheira deeply. It was her duty to 
      protect the greater balance of things, but in the years to come she found an 
      increased portion of that fight occurring within her own mind. Witness to 
      great change while in <CHARNAME>'s company, she had become acutely aware of 
      how fleeting life was, and how the loss of those she held dear ate away at 
      her thoughts. In time she would be known as a tireless champion of balance, 
      one that sometimes acted in concert with the Harpers and sometimes did not. 
      Always, however, she remained distant and guarded, never staying long in any 
      one place. Jaheira would cross the Realms thrice over, but she never did 
      return to Tethyr or the Sword Coast.
    Jaheira Romantic:
      The years following the Bhaalspawn saga were kind to Jaheira. They couldn't
      be called peaceful, by any means, but her relationship with <CHARNAME>
      weathered it all. Theirs was an unshakable union, and while duty or adventure
      might separate them for even years a time, they always returned to one
      another. Her friends would marvel at how secure in this Jaheira seemed to be,
      especially considering her initial reluctance, but she would chuckle when
      thinking back on those first cautious days. After all, she and <CHARNAME> had
      literally been to the hells and back, and when the gods themselves couldn't
      separate the two, what were simple months and miles going to do? She lived
      long and well. Not always with <CHARNAME>, but never truly apart from him.
      Jan Jansen's life following his association with <CHARNAME> was typically 
      convoluted, the barest of details hidden amidst his half-truths and whole 
      lies. According to his published memoirs, "A Jansen in Every Port", after a 
      short prison term for monkey smuggling, he returned to his first love... 
      monkey smuggling. This led to the now infamous Gibbon Riot of '72, a 
      tumultuous and altogether unclean event that seemed to center on the estate 
      of the Shadow Thief Vaelag. Jan would deny that he had planned the downfall 
      of the rogue, but he was unable to explain what practical application he had 
      intended for a horde of knife-wielding simians. Nevertheless, the death of 
      the admittedly disliked and generally suspect Vaelag could not be attributed 
      to the young gnome. Strangely enough, Jan had alibis for each and every 
      second of the day in question, and what a day it must have been! Relatives 
      from across the Realms came forward to say that he had stopped in for tea and 
      turnips. At his later wedding to Lissa, Jan was asked how he managed to be in 
      so many places at once, and yet still so far from the scene of the crime. 
      "Well," Jan would say, "when you have that many monkeys, anything is 
      Keldorn Firecam thought his travels with <CHARNAME> marked the end of his 
      active career, both as an adventurer and in service to the Order. He retired 
      to Athkatla, hoping to live in as much peace as an old warrior can expect, 
      but the call to serve came one last time. It was years later, and Amn was 
      besieged by giants. In his 60th winter, Keldorn and five knights held a 
      strategic pass until the main Amnish force could arrive. He won the day, but 
      his wounds were severe and the old paladin fell on the battlefield. As his 
      knights watched, the hand of Torm descended upon the scene, and when it 
      departed, Keldorn was gone. From that day, visions of the True God were 
      accompanied by the stalwart ghostly form of Keldorn at his right hand.
      After leaving <CHARNAME>'s company, Korgan Bloodaxe lived in as bloody a 
      fashion as he could manage. He took control of an entire dwarven clan, 
      killing their leader in secret and guiding their revenge to a target of his 
      choosing. He could have lived in luxury, but his thirst for carnage was 
      immeasurable, and he stunned the Realms by pushing deep into the Underdark. 
      The blind fury of the clan took even the dark elves by surprise, but holding 
      territory in the home of the drow is a hopeless proposition. Korgan was last 
      seen burying his axe in the gullet of a high priest of Lolth, laughing as he 
      struck. Dwarven legend immortalized the image, and his bloodlust is now 
      called a crusade. History, it seems, finds more heroes than madmen.
      The perils that Mazzy Fentan faced at the side of <CHARNAME> did nothing to 
      dissuade her thirst for adventure. In fact, it was not long after the events 
      in Tethyr that she formed the Fentan Knights, a stalwart band of heroes that 
      spawned tales across the Realms. They battled trolls to save endangered 
      towns, turned back tides of orcs to preserve ancient forests, and faced a 
      rogue dragon in its own lair just to make the world a better place. Their 
      legend was larger than life, especially so for Mazzy, and it was said on 
      occasion that if valor were inches, she'd be twenty feet tall. For all her 
      risks, Mazzy eventually passed peacefully at a ripe old age, knowing she 
      could take pride in everything she had done.
      With the saga of the Bhaalspawn closed, Minsc fulfilled a long promised oath.
      He returned to Rashemen, hoping to regale the Icedragon Berserker Lodge with
      the tales of his deeds, and earn a place within its hallowed halls. His words
      were not needed. Every tavern in Faerun had a bard singing of the valiant
      ranger, and he was welcomed as a hero. Eventually he formed his own
      adventuring company, the Justice Fist, striking fear in the hearts and faces
      of evil until, in his advancing age, he again set out across the Realms...
      and disappeared. And what of Boo? Well, what is Minsc without Boo? The two
      would never be separated, and some say they are together still, up amongst
      the stars where hamsters are giants and men become legends.
      Nalia grew quite powerful after her association with <CHARNAME>. Initially 
      she traveled, learning magical lore and making influential friends, but after 
      a year she returned to Amn and her family home of de'Arnise Hold. She found 
      it in the control of none other than Isaea Roenal, but she was no longer the
      wayward child that he expected, and single-handedly brought him to justice 
      for his indiscretions. She declared herself the inheritor of her father's 
      ducal title, becoming a beloved ruler, respected archmage, and eventually 
      earning a seat on the Amnish Council of Six itself. She would become a 
      prominent figure in Amn for many years, constantly fighting for the good of 
      the common folk and making many frustrated enemies among the nobility and 
      Cowled Wizards both.
      In the years following his resurrection by <CHARNAME>, Sarevok never settled 
      in any one place for long. In Berdusk he is said to have routed an army of 
      invading orcs, displaying such fearsome power and rage that terrified locals 
      weren't sure whom to fear more. In Westgate he arrived as conqueror, brutally 
      enforcing his will only to mysteriously vanish months later. He acted like a 
      man that did not know himself, and all the stories agreed that Sarevok was a 
      tortured soul, balancing between life and death, never to achieve either. 
      Eventually he disappeared, said to have assaulted the Abyss itself, or even 
      taken his own life. In truth, he journeyed to Kara-Tur to bury his one true 
      love, the warrior Tamoko. He never returned, though the stories endure.
      Valygar continued adventuring for several years after the Bhaalspawn saga, 
      traveling among the wilds and becoming a common sight near Waterdeep. In time 
      he would retire to Athkatla, content to assume a contemplative life on his 
      family estate, but admirers among the nobility would not let him rest. He was 
      pressured into assuming the title of Chief Inspector, a responsibility he 
      didn't want, but corruption within the city soon gained his ire. Surprising 
      even himself, Valygar became an effective leader, and it was this term in 
      office that truly restored the Corthala family name. Valygar eventually
      married and his only son, the pride of his life, took the lessons of the 
      father to heart. He would go on to lead the Cowled Wizards, becoming its 
      greatest agent of reform.
      No longer with <CHARNAME>, Viconia went on to found a cult dedicated to Shar 
      in the city of Waterdeep. One of her followers betrayed her, however, 
      prompting the slaughter of the whole tainted lot. Shar admonished Viconia 
      strongly for this, but she was unrepentant and again wandered the Realms. 
      Viconia was still formidable, and went on to prevent an attempt by the 
      Knights of the Shield to take over Calimport, and even worked with Drizzt 
      Do'Urden to save the elven city of Suldanessalar from a Zhentarim plot. For 
      this last act, the elves accepted her, and Queen Ellesime bestowed the 
      highest honors of the Seldarine, an accolade never before given to one of her 
      dark kind. Viconia reportedly bowed once without emotion, and then left. Her 
      fate remains unknown.
    Viconia Romantic:
      <CHARNAME> and Viconia continued adventuring long after leaving Tethyr. He 
      became an important political figure, and she was his trusted counsel. 
      Eventually Viconia bore <CHARNAME>'s child, which first served to strain 
      their relationship. The birth, however, changed her, and she dedicated 
      herself to raising the boy, teaching him both the ways of the drow and of 
      <CHARNAME>'s people. She marveled at the understanding in his eyes, but,
      unfortunately, didn't live to see him grow. Viconia was poisoned by a servant 
      of Lolth, her last words whispered to her loving mate in private. <CHARNAME> 
      raised his son in secret, and tales vary on the result. Some say they waged a 
      crusade against the drow, but all agree that the former child of Bhaal never 
      forgot the love of his dark maiden.
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      Viconia: "You do love the sound of your own voice, don't you gnome?"
      Jan:     "My own voice?  Heartless wench!  Do you not know?  I am deaf.  I
               have never heard the sound of my own voice.  I read lips... (sob)...
               only lips..."
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