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    Priest Spell List by AquaWarlock

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    Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn &
    Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal
    version 1.52
    created on 8/23/01
    last updated on 9/25/01
    Priests Spell List & Analysis by AquaWarlock (WarlockofAuras@aol.com)
    Comments:  Comments on this FAQ are well appreciated, so as long as they are
    not flames.
    Copyright Info:  This document is copyrighted to AquaWarlock 2001.  Plagarism
    is bad.  So if you want to use part of this (or the entire) document here,
    e-mail me at the above address.  I'll probably give you the permission fer it.
    This FAQ is a run-down on the priest's spells in Baldur's Gate II and its
    Expansion.  Spells are graded on a 1-10 scale (1 being least useful and 10
    being most useful); they might also be graded on '-' or '+' scale, which means
    as the party furthers along the game, the spell's usefulness gets better/worse
    (respectively).  In addition, numbers surrounded by asterisks (e.g. *4*) means
    my opinion on that particular spell changed quite significantly in light of
    feedbacks and thus, a significantly improved/regressed score.
    School Symbols: ABJ. = Abjuration  ALT. = Alteration
    CON.=Conjuration/Summoning  DIV. = Divination  ENC.= Enchantment/Charm
    ILL. = Illusion  INV.=Invocation/Evocation  NEC. = Necromancy
    1. Armor of Faith (Casting Time: 1  Duration: 3 rounds + 1/level) ABJ.
    What it does- Absorbs part of the damage from magical/non-magical attacks.  For
    every 5 levels, another 5% of damage is absorbed (up to 25% for a 20th-level
    Usefulness- (6+)  This defensive spell is pretty useful if you find your priest
    in a direct line of fire.  Its quick casting time allows this spell to be
    pulled off 99% of the time, and it improves as your priest levels up.  Its long
    duration (which also goes up with level) also allow your priest to cast this
    ahead of time as a preventive measure, so its a good idea to save a slot or two
    for this spell.
    2. Bless (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 6 rounds)  CON.
    What it does- All allies within 25 feet of the spell's target will be blessed,
    giving them a +1 bonus to attack roll and a +1 bonus to save against fear
    Usefulness- (5) A +1 bonus is better than none, and this spell affects multiple
    allies. Because of its long casting time tho, it is not a very good spell in
    the heat of battle.
    3. Command Word: Die (Casting Time: 1  Duration: 1 round) ENC.
    What it does- The targeted creature will sleep for a single round.  After one
    round it awakens again.
    Usefulness- (*3*) Previously a 5, Roman informed me that this spell does have a
    save (save v. spells, no bonus/penalty).  Despite the short casting time, the
    possibility of a save and the short duration of this spell makes it
    not-so-worthy to cast.
    4. Cure Light Wounds (Casting Time: 5)  NEC.
    What it does- Heals 1d8 damage to target
    Usefulness- (2-) Pretty cruddy, considering that the healed amount is not a set
    level.  Also, as you progress along the game even the max. 8 hp allowed by this
    spell won't matter much.
    5. Detect Evil (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 1 turn) DIV.
    What it does- Detects Evil-aligned creatures and marks the general direction
    they are in with red arrows, and the type of creatures will appear in text box
    Usefulness- (*4*) Most creatures you'll fight would be evil, so this spell
    would be somewhat an indicator of where your next battle will be.  However, it
    does not tell you how far away the enemies are; thus making it hard for
    deciding when to cast "pre-battle" spells.
    6. Doom (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 1 turn) ALT.
    What it does- Penalized the target's saving throws and attack throw by 2.
    Usefulness- (6) This spell is kind of like a priest's version of mage spell
    Greater Malison, except its a single-target spell, affect attack as well as
    saving throws, and lasts only a fixed amount of time.  Would be a decent spell
    had its casting time been shorter.
    7. Entangle (Casting Time: 4  Duration: 1 turn) ALT.
    What it does- All creatures within 20-feet of the spell's target must make a
    save vs. spell (+3 bonus) or be entangled.  Entangled creatures stay fixed in
    one place but can still attack (and as far as I know, cast spells).
    Usefulness- (3) This spell is good on melee-weapon-wielding enemies because
    they really can't attack when they're entangled, giving you a chance to shoot
    missiles/spells at them.  However, the saving throw is very easy to make and
    missile-using enemies can still attack you while entangled, making this spell
    8. Magical Stone (Casting Time: 4  Duration: Special) ENC.
    What it does- Summons one small pebble at priest's hand, which can be thrown
    for 1d4 damage.  The pebble is considered +1 when determining whether target
    gets hit, but confers no to-hit/attack bonuses.
    Usefulness- (1-) This is a total waste of a slot.  The damage is crap, and the
    spell still has a chance of being interfered.  Enough said.
    9. Protection from Evil (Casting Time: 1  Duration: 1 turn) ABJ.
    What it does- When evil-aligned creatures attack the target of this spell,
    their attack rolls get penalized by 2.  Also, when the target of this spell
    makes saving throws as a result of attacks, he/she makes it with a bonus of 2.
    Usefulness- (4-) This spell is pretty useful since it gives some magical
    protection to the target of this spell.  However, the higher-level spell
    "Protection from Evil 10' Radius" is much more useful, especially if this spell
    is cast to prevent Demon attacks.
    10. Remove Fear (Casting Time: 1  Duration: 2 turns) ABJ.
    What it does- Maximizes morales of spell's target (and a number of his allies,
    depending on level), preventing fear from morale loss, including morale loss
    induced by spells.
    Usefulness- (*6*)  Formerly rated a 1, but I improved this score significantly
    in light of A. Sisto & Roman's comment.  This spell not only prevent fear from
    morale loss (which, as I mentioned before, RARELY happens), it also remove any
    fear (magical or not) the target has to begin with.  However, on feared people
    this spell is also somewhat difficult to cast, considering how fast they run.
    11. Sanctuary (Casting Time: 4  Duration: 1 turn) ABJ.
    What it does- Basically makes the priest invisible until spell expires or until
    the priest performs an "offensive action" (casting spells targeted at others,
    Usefulness- (6) This spell is useful if your priest run low on HP and need some
    time to heal himself.
    12. Shillelagh (Casting Time: 2  Duration: 4 rounds + 1/level) ALT.
    What it does- Creates a magic +1 cudgel that has a +1 attack bonus and inflicts
    2d4 damage on opponents.
    Usefulness- (2-) This spell is only good in the very beginning of the game when
    your priest doesn't have magical weapons.  However, as the game progresses,
    you'll definitely find better weapons, making this spell obsolete.
    1. Aid (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 1 round + 1 round/level) NEC./CON.
    What it does- The target of this spell receives the benefit of a bless (+1 to
    Attack and Saving Rolls) and an additional 1d8 hit points (which can go above
    target's normal max. hitpoints) for the duration of the spell.
    Usefulness- (4+) This spell isn't as useful as bless because it affects only
    one target, and the bonus hit points are pretty much negligble.  However, it
    does get progressively better (lasting longer than Bless) and its casting time
    is shorter than Bless.
    2. Barkskin (Casting Time: 5 Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/level) ALT.
    What it does- Makes target's skin tough as bark, setting base AC to 6, and an
    additional -1 to AC every 4 levels.  This spell also grants a +1 bonus to
    saving throws.
    Usefulness- (6+) This spell is powerful considering its level.  A level 20
    priest can make its target get an AC of 1 (equivalent of full plate) which
    lasts 24 rounds.  Great on mages.
    3. Chant (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 5 rounds) CON.
    What it does- This spell affects 30-feet radius of the target. 
    Attack/Damage/Saving Rolls by friendly units in this radius receive +1 bonus,
    and enemy units receive a -1 penalty to these rolls.
    Usefulness- (6) This spell's dual effects (a Bless on friendly units and an
    "de-Bless" on enemy units) is useful; but like Bless, its long casting time and
    not-so-long duration hinders its usefulness in midst of battle.
    4. Charm Person/Mammal (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 5 rounds) ENC.
    What it does- Allows the priest to charm one person/mammal.  If target fails
    save v. spells, it will be an ally of the caster for 5 rounds.  However, the
    charm is broken if the caster or his allies tries to harm the charmed creature.
    Usefulness- (2) The charm in this spell is too easily broken, and even if not,
    the short duration and the possibility of a save makes this spell not
    5. Draw Upon Holy Might (Casting Time: 2 Duration: 1 turn) INV.
    What it does- Raises Strength, Constitution & Dexterity by 1 point for every 3
    levels of priest.
    Usefulness- (7+) This somewhat longlasting spell makes the priest a bit more
    muscular, hardy, and agile, increasing damage amount, armor class, resistance
    to various things.
    6. Find Traps (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 3 turns) DIV.
    What it does- Detects traps within 10 feet of the priest.
    Usefulness- (3) A good party should have a thief around to detect traps, thus
    eliminating the need for this spell.  However, this spell's advantage is that
    traps are revealed instantly at start of each round.
    7. Flame Blade (Casting Time: 4  Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/2 levels) INV.
    What it does- Summons a Flame Blade that deals 1d4 + 4 damage to regular
    creatures, 1d4 + 6 damage to fire-susceptible creatures (e.g. Water
    Elementals), and 1d4 +2 damage to fire-resistant creatures.  Fire dwellers and
    such take no damage from this blade.
    Usefulness- (4-) This spell is useful early on for creature that needs fire
    attacks (e.g. trolls that need to be killed), but as the game progresses you'll
    find much better weapons.
    8. Goodberry (Casting Time: 1 round) ALT./INV.
    What it does- summons 2d4 goodberries which shows up in caster's inventory. 
    Each berry can be eaten for 1 hit point recovery.
    Usefulness- (1) This spell is crap, as a Lvl. 1 Cure Light Wounds can work the
    same effect.  Only usefulness I see in this spell is to sell the berries to
    merchants for money.
    9. Hold Person (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 1 turn) ENC.
    What it does- Holds 1-4 humans or humanoids (man-sized or smaller) who fail a
    save.  While being held, the target cannot use any ability that require speech
    or motion.
    Usefulness- (*7*) This spell is good for "putting aside" some enemies if you're
    fighting a pack.  However, a save negates the spell's effects.  UPDATE: GT40
    Rockerz mentioned this this spell is useful for ally mages who get controlled
    in some way and is going berzerk.  Hey, its better to have a mage held than for
    the mage to wildly throw spells at you 'cause they got dominated.
    10. Know Alignment (Casting Time: 1 round) DIV.
    What it does- allows the priest to see the alignment (good, neutral, evil) of
    one creature of his choosing.
    Usefulness- (*2*) It has limited use in non-battle situations so you can figure
    out whether NPCs are more likely to lie (Ross Bannerman).  However, in battle,
    the only possible use I can think of for this spell is to determine whether to
    use Holy Smite/Word or Unholy Blight/Word.  But most enemies you encounter will
    be evil so even for that function this spell's not worth keeping.
    11. Resist Fire/Cold (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 1 round/level) ALT.
    What it does- gives the target increased resistance to fire and cold.  For the
    duration of the spell, all fire/cold damages are halved.
    Usefulness- (5) This is a relatively good preventative measure against
    fire/cold magics/attacks, which occur somewhat commonly, but unless you're
    fighting Ice Salamanders or Fire Elementals its hard to know when to cast this
    12. Silence, 15' Radius (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 2 rounds/level) ALT.
    What it does- All creatures within 15 feet of target area has to make a save or
    be silenced, disabling them from carrying conversations or casting spells.
    Usefulness- (6+) This spell is good against those pesky enemy mages and
    clerics, and it improves in duration over time, making this spell progressively
    13. Slow Poison (Casting Time: 1) NEC.
    What it does- Dramatically detoxicate the poison of one creature, reducing or
    eliminating damage/duration of the poison.
    Usefulness- (7) Being poisoned by attacks, magics, and traps is common Baldur's
    Gate, and this spell will save you a lot of healing spells/potions.
    14. Spiritual Hammer (Casting Time: 5 Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level) INV.
    What it does- Summons a magical hammer that inflicts 1d4 + 1 damage and a +1
    bonus to attack and to damage for every 6 levels, capping at +3 to hit and +3
    damage for a level 13 priest.
    Usefulness- (4) A decent magical weapon that improves in duration and ability,
    but there are a plethora of permanent weapons in the game that functions
    1. Animate Dead (Casting Time: 1 round) NEC.
    What it does- Using human or demi-human remains in the area, this spell
    re-animates them as skeletons or zombies, which fight on behalf of caster.  One
    skeleton/zombie can be animated for every level of the caster.
    Usefulness- (*5+*) This spell is weak at first for it summons mere skeletons,
    but A. Sistos mentioned that as the game progress, more powerful versions (like
    the magic-resistant Skeleton Warrior) are summoned
    2. Call Lightning (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 1 turn/level) ALT.
    What it does- Calls down a bolt of lightning every turn, dealing 2-8 damage
    plus 1d8 damage for every level.  The first target will be of the priest's
    choosing, but thereafter the lightning bolt will strike any of the priest's
    enemies within 360 feet of initial strike.  Must be cast outdoors.
    Usefulness- (3++) This spell is extra powerful as the priest goes up in level,
    increasing both duration and damage big-time (max. being 2-8 + 20d8 damage
    bolts that last for 20 turns).  However the major drawback of this spell is
    that it must be cast outdoors, preventing its use in dungeons and in caves.
    3. Cure Disesase (Casting Time: 1) ABJ.
    What it does- Cures a single target of blindness, and deafness, and most
    Usefulness- (5) This instant-cast spell is only good if one of the
    party-members is afficted with the above conditions in the midst of battle. 
    But if not, a Rest would be just as effective.
    4. Cure Medium Wounds (Casting Time: 5) NEC.
    What it does- Heals 14 hitpoints to target creature but not going above maximum
    hitpoint amount.
    Usefulness- (4-) This spell is not that useful even in the beginning of
    Baldur's Gate, and as 14 hitpoints become less and less significant, so will
    the effects of this spell.
    5. Dispel Magic (Casting Time: 6) ABJ.
    What it does- Removes all magic effects (except inate or equipped effects) from
    target area (circle with 30 feet radius).  If the creator of the effect and the
    caster of this spell is same, then there's a 50% chance of removal.  If the
    caster of this spell is higher in level, chance of removal is 5% higher per
    level difference.  If caster of this spell is lower, chance of removal is 10%
    lower per level difference.
    Usefulness- (7+) I find this spell exceedingly useful even though it isn't
    foolproof.  It is even more useful later on in the game, when enemies will
    cause your party to suffer various effects (confusion and fear, just to name a
    6. Glyph of Warding (Casting Time: ??) ABJ./INV.
    What it does- creates a magical inscription that is used to guard a chest,
    doorway or path.  It stays until triggered by an approaching creature, after
    which the creature must save vs. spells or suffer 1d4 electrical damage per
    level of caster.
    Usefulness- (4+) Enemies in Baldur's Gate do not open doors & chests and rarely
    follow you, so this spell's use as a guard is obsolete.  I do, on occasion,
    cast this spell from a distance at approaching hordes of slow-moving enemies
    (like undead) for some decent damage, which increases significantly with priest
    7. Hold Animal (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 2 rounds/level) ENC.
    What it does- Immobilizes a normal or giant-sized animal, provided they fail to
    make a save.  Certain animals like wyverns are not affected by this spell.
    Usefulness- (3) Considering the majority of your enemies are human or humanoid,
    there's rarely an occasion when this spell will come handy.
    8. Holy Smite (Casting Time: 3) NEC.
    What it does- Opens a holy channel upon a circular area (20 ft. radius).  Any
    evil-aligned creatures will suffer 1d4 damage per level of caster and be
    blinded for 1 round.  If save is made, damage is halved and blindness will not
    Usefulness- (7+) The first offensive priest spell I find that can be used with
    any sort of frequency, for most of your enemies are evil anyways.  However, be
    ware of any evil-aligned party members and allies getting caught in the smited
    9. Invisibility Purge (Casting Time: 8) DIV.
    What it does- Detects & dispells invisibility and invisibility-type magics
    (e.g. Shadow Door) in area of effect (30'-radius circle).
    Usefulness- (4) This is a good spell especially for priests who sancutaried
    themselves or the various enemies who disappear by "quaffing potions".  The
    main drawback is the spell's long casting time, by which the invisible creature
    probably made itself visible anyways.
    10. Miscast Magic (Casting Time: 5 Duration: 1 turn) ENC.
    What it does- If targeted creature fails to make a save v. spell with -2
    penalty, he will suffer a 80% casting failure rate for the duration of the
    Usefulness- (6-) This spell is great initially in preventing mages and clerics
    from spewing out spell after spell.  However, as the game progresses, the
    enemies will have an easier time making their saving throws, thus making this
    spell harder to take hold.
    11. Protection from Fire (Casting Time: 6 Duration: 1 turn/level) ABJ.
    What it does- Grants invulnerability to normal fires (oil & torch fires) and a
    great resistance to magical fires, reducing its damage by 80%.
    Usefulness- (5) This spell is good only as long as you know you're facing
    enemies who are routinely using fire to attack.
    12. Remove Curse (Casting Time: 6) ABJ.
    What it does- Removes curses on targeted creature.  In addition, the creature
    may be able to un-equip its cursed items.  Some curses, however, cannot be
    removed by this spell.
    Usefulness- (2) I don't see a need to memorize this spell unless someone is
    actually cursed.
    13. Remove Paralysis (Casting Time: 6) ABJ.
    What it does- Frees creature from paralysis type effects (e.g. spells like
    Usefulness- (5) This spell is useful on held/stunned creatures and during the
    middle of a fight, otherwise I'd just let the paralysis slide on its own.
    14. Rigid Thinking (Casting Time: 5 Duration: 24 rounds??) ENC.
    What it does- If the target fails a save v. spells, it will be subjected to
    Rigid Thinking, which will make it wander, attack nearest person, or stand
    Usefulness- (4-) This spell is not that great to begin with since it only
    affects 1 creature-furthermore it can be easily saved against by the higher
    level enemies.
    15. Strength of One (Casting Time: 3 Duration: 1 turn) ALT.
    What it does- sets every party member's strength to 18/76; if a member's
    strength is higher than this, it will be lowered to 18/76.
    Usefulness- (3) Unless you plan to send your mages and priests out to melee
    battle (which is hard even with this spell considering their low HP), I
    wouldn't have this memorized, as you might be lowering your fighters' ability
    to attack.
    16. Summon Insects (Casting Time: 9  Duration: 7 rounds) CON.
    What it does- summon a swarm of insects to attack one enemy, who must make a
    save v. breath weapons at -4 penalty or suffer its effects: a -2 Penalty to his
    attacks and +2 Penalty to Armor class, suffering 1 hitpoint damage per two
    seconds, and a 50% chance failure when casting spells.
    Usefulness- (5-) Initially this spell is really useful for tough to beat
    enemies, but when you get the more powerful Insect Plague later on, this spell
    becomes obsolete.
    17. Unholy Blight (Casting Time: 3) NEC.
    What it does- opens a gate to negative planes, causing all good-aligned
    creatures within 20-feet of the target area to suffer 1d4 damage per level of
    caster and receive a -2 penalty to attacks for 4 rounds.  If the target saves,
    the attack penalty is negated and damage is halved.
    Usefulness- (2+) The majority of enemies in BG2 are evil-aligned, so this spell
    will more likely hurt your party and allies rather than the bad guys.  Even tho
    its damages does increase significantly with level, I personally wouldn't use a
    slot to memorize this.
    18. Zone of Sweet Air (Casting Time: 3) ABJ.
    What it does- removes toxic vapors (like Cloudkill or Stinking Cloud) in a
    30-yard radius from the caster.
    Usefulness- (4) Usually the party will be able to move out of the area of
    cloud's effect, but if not, this spell would be pretty dandy.
    1. Animal Summoning 1 (Casting Time: see below Duration: Special) CON.
    What it does- Summons up to 3 animals with 4 Hit Dice or less.
    Usefulness- (2) The animals this spell summon are weaklings, probably getting
    killed in one hit of the enemy.  Not worth memorizing.
    Note: The manual said the casting time is 24 turns but I seriously doubt it;
    perhaps 1 turn?
    2. Call Woodland Being (Casting Time: 7  Duration: 3 turns) CON.
    What it does- Summons a nymph (with spells of her own) to aide the party.
    Usefulness- (7-) The nymph is pretty useful in the beginning for she has some
    spells (including level 4 domination and even level 5 Cure Party) at her
    disposal.  However, as you progress on the nymph's spells will be less
    effective as her casting level and stats aren't that high.
    3. Cause Serious Wounds (Casting Time: 7) NEC.
    What it does- after casting this spell, the priest has 2 rounds to inflict an
    attack.  If the attack is successful, the target takes 17 hitpoints of damage. 
    If not, the spell fizzles.
    Usefulness- (4-) I favor the Cure Serious Wounds spell over this one for 2
    reason: a shorter casting time & Cure Serious Wounds almost always work.
    4. Cloak of Fear (Casting Time: 6) CON.
    What it does- The caster radiates an aura so fear.  Enemies within 3 feet need
    to make a save v. spells or run in fear for 4 rounds.
    Usefulness- (4) It might seem like a great spell, but its range is very short,
    making the caster come dangerously close to his enemies.
    5. Cure Serious Wounds (Casting Time: 5) NEC.
    What it does- restores 17 hitpoints to the target.
    Usefulness- (6-) A good healing spell at first, but like most other curing
    spells, 17 hitpoints will be less significant as the game progresses.
    6. Death Ward (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 1 turn/level) NEC.
    What it does- protects one creature from death magic such as Disintegrate or
    Power Word Kill.
    Usefulness- (5) A good preparatory spell if you're planning to send a fighter
    against a high-level mage, but since those events don't occur often, I won't
    have this memorized on a day-to-day basis.
    7. Defensive Harmony (Casting Time: 1  Duration: 10 rounds) ENC.
    What it does- gives a -2 bonus in armor class to allies within 10 feet of
    Usefulness- (8) An overall nice spell to have; its short casting time enables
    the priest to cast this at the first sight of battle.
    8. Farsight (Casting Time: 4  Duration: 3 rounds + round/level) DIV.
    What it does- enables the priest to view an unexplored area of the map,
    revealing creatures for the spell's duration.
    Usefulness- (5) This spell can be somewhat useful in dungeons so that the party
    can prepare for itself before rushing into battle.
    9. Free Action (Casting Time: 7  Duration: 1 turn/level) ABJ./ENC.
    What it does- makes target immune to the effect of hold/paralysis/slowing
    spells, from Web to Hold Person.  In addition, if the target is already under
    the influence of such a spell, casting this dispells it.
    Usefulness- (4) Nice when used in combination with Web (which would hold
    enemies but not the one under this spell), but for Dispelling purposes I would
    rather use Dispel Magic (which negates a wider range of conditions).
    10. Holy Power (Casting Time: 6  Duration: 1 round/level) INV.
    What it does- makes the caster into a fighter of the same level by: 1)
    adjusting his/her strength of 18/00 (even if it is normally higher) 2)
    adjusting the THAC0 to that of a fighter of same level and 3) gaining and
    additional hitpoint/level for duration of the spell.
    Usefulness- (6) This spell is a decent spell to cast before sending the priest
    off into hand-to-hand combat.  Just be aware that armor class is unchanged by
    this spell.
    11. Lesser Restoration (Casting Time: 2) NEC.
    What it does- restore lost levels (from level drains by a vampire, for
    example).  This spell is also very likely to render the caster fatigued.
    Usefulness- (8) There'll be encounters with level-draining creatures in BG 2,
    and having this spell at hand will prevent a detour to the temple.  However, be
    sure to re-memorize those spells if the level-drained target is a mage or
    12. Mental Domination (Casting Time: 4  Duration: 3 rounds/level) ENC.
    What it does- If target fails to save v. spell at a -2 penalty, it will be
    dominated by the priest.  It will be able to do various tasks for the caster as
    long as its within the caster's sight.
    Usefulness- (6-) Useful if you need one less enemy and one extra ally. 
    However, the likelihood of it turning hostile again is a bit more frequent than
    the mage's domination spell.  Also, as the game progresses the chances of
    enemies saving against this spell is easier.
    13. Negative Plane Protection (Casting Time: 3  Duration: 5 rounds) ABJ.
    What it does- protects targeted creature from energy drains.
    Usefulness- (4) This spell is worth memorizing only if you're traveling through
    undead areas (who are most likely to drain energy levels).  Even then the spell
    isn't extremely useful due to its short duration.
    14. Neutralize Poison (Casting Time: 4) NEC.
    What it does- the targeted creature will be neutralized of poison and restored
    1d8 hit points.  In addition, disease, blindness, and deafness would be rid of
    as well.
    Usefulness- (7) This spell is like Slow Poison, Cure Light Wounds, and Cure
    Disease combined.  So by memorizing this spell, you'll have three extra slots
    to memorize other spells.  Pretty dandy, if you ask me.
    15. Poison (Casting Time: 4  Duration: 1 turn) NEC.
    What it does- if the victim fails save vs. poison, they will be poisoned and
    suffer damage according to the caster's level.
    Usefulness- (8) A very damaging spell, going up to 8d8 + 6 damage per round for
    a level 17 priest.  However, this poisonous effect can always be dispelled by
    slow/neutralize poison.
    16. Protection from Evil 10' radius(Casting Time: 7 Duration: turn/level) ABJ.
    What it does- All within 10 feet of targeted area are protected from evil: all
    evil creatures who attack them receive a -2 penalty & all attacks they make
    against evil creatures receive a +2 bonus.  It also protects the affected from
    being attacked by a demon.
    Usefulness- (7) A definite pre-requisite if you're planning to gate a demon to
    do your bidding.  In addition, this spell offer good bonuses to your allies if
    they're facing evil creatures (which are most of the enemies).
    17. Protection from Lightning (Casting Time: 7  Duration: 5 rounds/level) ABJ.
    What it does- Grants the target immunity to all lightning based attacks.
    Usefulness- (3) While it does protect against one of the more damaging
    elements, it is hard to know when to cast this spell.  Even if it is cast, the
    enemy mage can always attack with another element.
    1. Animal Summoning II (Casting Time: 8  Duration: 24 turns) CON.
    What it does- summons up to 3 creatures that has 8 Hit Dice or Less.
    Usefulness- (3-) While more potent than Animal Summoning 1, the creatures
    summoned by this spell aren't very substantial for fighting.  At best they'll
    distract your enemies attention away from you for a short while.
    2. Cause Critical Wounds (Casting Time: 8) NEC.
    What it does- Upon casting, the priest has 2 rounds to make an attack on the
    target, after which the target will suffer 27 points of damage with no save. 
    If the priest misses the target, however, the spell fizzles and nothing occurs.
    Usefulness- (6) A more substantial attack than Cause Serious Wounds, however
    I'd prefer Cure Critical Wounds for the lower chance of failure.
    3. Chaotic Commands (Casting Time: 3  Duration: 1 turn/level) ENC.
    What it does- Makes one target immune to magical commands such as charm,
    confusion, sleep, and domination.  Lasts for duration or until dispelled.
    Usefulness- (9) A VERY useful spell especially in dungeons.  Because of its
    long lasting duration, this spell can be cast way ahead of time as a
    preventative measure.  Only drawback is that the spell affects one creature.
    4. Cure Critical Wounds (Casting Time: 8) NEC.
    What it does- Heals 27 hitpoints to the selected creature.
    Usefulness- (7-) A potent healing spell, but like previous cure spells, its
    effectiveness would be less as game progresses.
    5. Champion's Strength (Casting Time: 2  Duration: 3 rounds/level) ALT.
    What it does- Grants to the target a THAC0 bonus of 1 every 3 levels & adjusts
    the target's strength to 18/00 (even if it was higher before).
    Usefulness- (3) Sounds great, but the major drawback to this spell is that the
    priest is unable to cast any other spells for the duration of this spell.
    6. FlameStrike (Casting Time: 8) INV.
    What it does- strike the target with a column of flame, dealing 1d8 damage per
    level of caster, half if saved v. spells.
    Usefulness- (6+) The first instant-damage all-purpose spell.  Its damage
    increase with levels makes it a keeper for memorization.  However, later on
    you'll meet more fire-resistant and fire-immune enemies, thus favoring other
    spells over this one.
    7. Greater Command (Casting Time: 1  Duration: 1 round/level) ENC.
    What it does- This affects a circular area with 20-feet area.  All creatures
    within are commanded to sleep for 1 round per level of the priest.  If the
    creature saves or is protected, then this spell has no effect.
    Usefulness- (4) Useful when facing a big horde; in the very least some of the
    enemies will take a nap for awhile, giving you a chance to defeat whoever
    that's left standing (and perhaps cast a few healing spells before they wake
    up).  The MAJOR drawback is that it affects allies and party members as well.
    8. Insect Plague (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 6 rounds) CON.
    What it does- summons a swarm at insect towards a targeted enemy, after which
    the swarm spreads out, covering the 5 nearest enemies.  Spell casting is
    impossible, 1 point of damage is inflicted every 2 seconds, and enemies that
    got caught in the swarm must make save v. breath weapon or run in fear for a
    Usefulness- (9) One of the best druid spells in the repetoire.  It covers
    multiple enemies (even invisible ones) and disable their ability to cast spells
    (with few exceptions).  Furthermore, the fear effect will reduce the load your
    party will have to battle for awhile.
    9. Iron Skins (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 12 hours) ALT.
    What it does- covers the druid in a skin of iron.  For every 2 levels the druid
    gains an extra skin when casting this spell.  Each skin will block a physical
    attack or magic physical attack (like magic missile) but not area-effect
    attacks like fireball.  The skins can also be dispelled by Dispel Magic.
    Usefulness- (7+) This is identical to 4th level mage spell stoneskin, and is
    very effective in preventing the druid from taking damage while facing
    hand-to-hand combat.
    10. Magic Resistance (Casting Time: 1 round Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level)
    What it does- adjusts the target creature's resistance to twice that of druid's
    level (e.g. a 10th level priest will imbue his target with 20% resistance). 
    Note that if the target's magic resistance is normally higher, it will be
    lowered to the amount provided by this spell.
    Usefulness- (6+) The maximum 40% resistance allowed by this spell is way better
    than none, but in BG 2 you will encounter many items that will provide magic
    resistance anyways.
    11. Mass Cure (Casting Time: 5) NEC.
    What it does- Cures all allies within 30 feet of targeted area by 1d8
    hitpoints.  An additional 1 hitpoint is cured per level of the priest.
    Usefulness- (10) One slot must be saved for this spell for any druid/priest. 
    The amount it cures is quite significant (21-28 for a 20th level priest) and it
    affect multiple targets.  A definite keeper.
    12. Pixie Dust (Casting Time: 1 round) ILL.
    What it does- the priest throws pixie dust into the air and all within 10 feet
    will become invisible.  This invisibility lasts until dispelled, 24 hours have
    passed, or until the invisible creature performed an offensive action such as
    attacking or casting offensive spells.
    Usefulness- (4) I don't recommend making the entire party invisible because
    certain defensive spells cannot be cast because even those require a visible
    target to use.  But then again, you can always move one or two characters just
    very far away from the priest...
    13. Raise Dead (Casting Time: 1 round) NEC.
    What it does- raises a dead party member to life.  However, that member will
    have only 1 hitpoint.
    Usefulness- (6) While this spell will be use once in a while and is a pretty
    important spell, there's not big need to have this memorized (you can always
    memorize this after the guy's dead, rest, then raise him afterwards).
    14. Repulse Dead (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 1 turn) ABJ.
    What it does- sends out an anti-negative energy wave each round, which pushes
    undead creatures away from the caster for several seconds.
    Usefulness- (6) While this spell does nothing more than delay the battle, it
    does give you time to cast a few protective spells and to deal damage to a few
    before this spell wears off.
    15. Righteous Magic (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 1 round/level) ALT.
    What it does- enhances the priest's fighting ability by 3 ways: gaining 1
    temporary hitpoint per level of priest, gaining 1 temporary point of strength
    every 3 level of priest (up to 24), and making the priest inflict maximum
    damage with his/her weapon if attack succeeds.
    Usefulness- (6) When use in conjunction with other self-benefit spells (which
    benefit AC or THAC0), the priest can be a serious contender to even the best of
    16. Slay Living (Casting Time: 1) NEC.
    What it does- when this spell is cast, the priest has 3 rounds to make an
    attack upon target.  When attack succeeds, the target takes 2d6+9 damage and
    must save v. spells or be killed.  If attack misses, the spell is wasted and no
    effect occurs.
    Usefulness- (8) This spell is pretty painful even if saved, and I would
    recommend saving a slot or two for this spell in case fighters need some
    17. True Seeing (Casting Time: 8  Duration: 1 turn) DIV.
    What it does- dispells all illusion type spells 70 feet around the caster. 
    Magic resistance of the target will not hinder the effectiveness of this spell.
    Usefulness- (7+) Not very useful early on the game, but as it progresses,
    you'll encounter more magic-users who would use illusion spells, which would
    make this spell more important.
    1. Aerial Servant (Casting Time: 9  Duration: 1 turn/level) CON.
    What it does- summons an aerial servant for duration of spell
    Usefulness- (6) It really depends on the player's taste, really.  With Fire
    Elemental Summoning, you get some randomness (sometimes its 12 Hit Dice,
    sometimes 16, and sometimes 24), but Aerial Summoning conjures up the same stat
    creatuer all the time.  I personally prefer the former.
    2. Animal Summoning III (Casting Time: 9  Duration: 4 turns) CON.
    What it does- summons 2 or 3 12-Hit Dice creatures
    Usefulness- (6) This spell, on the other hand, is a little too random. 
    Sometimes you get ranged-attack creatures (hobgoblins) and sometimes you get
    melee-attack creatures (ogres).
    3. Blade Barrier (Casting Time: 9  Duration: 1 turn) INV.
    What it does- summon a blade barrier around caster.  Any creature passing
    through must make a save v. spells or take 8d8 damage.  If saved, no damage is
    Usefulness- (4) This spell affects party members and worse yet, allies (who
    might turn against you upon getting hurt by this spell).  Unless you plan to
    send your priest off a solo trip, I wouldn't recommend memorizing this.
    4. Bolt of Glory (Casting Time: 9) INV.
    What it does- sends a brilliant bolt whose damages varies depending on type of
    creature (Undead: 8d6  Demon: 10d6  Elemental:3d4  Others:6d6).  No save is
    Usefulness- (7) A powerful spell indeed, considering magic resistance doesn't
    lower or negate the damage.  However, the long casting time for this spell
    makes the priest very vulnerable to attack (and spell disruption).
    5. Conjure Animals (Casting Time: 9  Duration: 4 turns) CON.
    What it does- summon two mountain bears for duration of the spell.
    Usefulness- (7) A pretty substantial summoning spell.  The mountain bears, in
    the very least, can distract the enemies for several rounds, giving time to
    cast a few protective spells.
    6. Conjure Fire Elemental (Casting Time: 9  Duration: 1 turn/level) CON.
    What it does- summon forth a fire elemental (60% that its 12 HD, 35% that its
    16 HD, and 10% that its 24 HD).  Unlike the mage's variation, no time is wasted
    in trying to link with the summoned elemental, and there's no chance of the
    elemental turning hostile for no reason.
    Usefulness- (7) The fire elemental is one of the best creatures in the priest's
    repetoire of spells, its fire will damage enemies who are immune to normal
    7. Dolorous Decay (Casting Time: 1) ALT./NEC.
    What it does- Slows the target for 2 rounds, and the target must save v. poison
    (-2 penalty) or suffer 1 point of damage per second for 50 seconds.
    Usefulness- (7) This spell can totally be a pain to an enemy mage (who has low
    HP and will get his/her spells disrupted).  It is also equally good on
    fighters, whose attack speed will be slowed for awhile with this spell.
    8. False Dawn (Casting Time: 9) INV.
    What it does- Calls upon a reddish light which emulates sunrise.  All undead
    within 30 feet suffers 6d6 damage and be confused the round after.
    Usefulness- (5) A very damaging spell to the undead, but not worth memorizing
    unless you're actually in an undead-infested area.
    9. Fire Seeds (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 3 turns) CON.
    What it does- creates 4 fire seeds in caster's inventory.  The seeds can be
    thrown at target, causing a fireball.  All in affected area (20-ft. radius from
    target) will suffer 2d8 fire damage.  If saved, the damage is halved.
    Usefulness- (3) The damage for this spell is dinky for this high of a level. 
    Furthermore, there's a risk of hitting party members and allies.
    10. Harm (Casting Time: 1 round) NEC.
    What it does- After casting, the priest has 2 rounds to make a successful
    attack upon target.  If it succeeds, this spell will reduce the target's
    hitpoint to 1.  If it misses, the spell fizzles.
    Usefulness- (6) This spell is extremely useful against creatures with high
    hitpoints.  But then again, you'll have to get close enough to them and attack
    successfully.  Furthermore, creatures with that many hitpoints probably have a
    few healing spells at their disposals (which they might use right after the
    Harm spell).
    11. Heal (Casting Time: 1 round) NEC.
    What it does- Restores all hitpoints to targeted creature.  Also cure diseases,
    blindness, deafness, and mind-altering effects (caused by spells or injury).
    Usefulness- (9) A definite keeper, this spell can bring a brink-of-death party
    member back to perfect health.  Would have been a 10 if not for the long
    casting time.
    12. Physical Mirror (Casting Time: 6  Duration: 9 rounds) ALT.
    What it does- surrounds caster with a physical mirror.  If someone directs a
    missile attack towards the caster, this spell will reflect it back to the
    sender of the missile.
    Usefulness- (6) This spell's effective is reflecting missile strikes, good
    against bowman and mages while fighting hand-to-hand with melee-fighters.
    13. Sol's Searing Orb (Casting Time: 6) INV.
    What it does- creates a glowing stone in the caster's hand, which must be
    thrown at a target in 1 round.  The attack gets a +3 bonus, hits for 6d6
    damage, and blinds target for 1d6 round.  The target may save to avoid blinding
    effect and for half the damage.  Undead creatures take 12d6 damage and are
    blinded for 12 rounds when hit with this glowing rock.  If saved, they take 9d6
    damage and are blinded for 6 rounds.
    Usefulness- (7) Though much more effective for undead, this spell is also handy
    to use against any other enemies.  However, there's always the chance of being
    disturbed while casting the spell, and the even more disappointing chance that
    the priest missed the attack (even with the +3 bonus).
    14. Wondrous Recall (Casting Time: 9) ALT.
    What it does- brings back two previously cast spells from 5th-level or lower.
    Usefulness- (4) Its a somewhat useful spell, since it is two spells for the
    price of one.  But since a lot of good spells are in sixth level, I would
    rather not use a sixth level slot just to re-memorize two 5th-or-lower ones.
    1. Confusion (Casting Time: 7  Duration: 1 round/2 levels) ENC.
    What it does- renders all enemies confused for duration of spell unless they
    make a saving throw v. spells (at -2 penalty).  Confused characters either
    wander away, stand in one spot, or attack nearest creature.  They will also
    retaliate and attack their assailants.
    Usefulness- (2) It would be a pretty neat spell, but its rather low-effect for
    a level 7.  Also considering that mages learn this spell at level 4 (or the
    more powerful Chaos at level 5), I'd let the mages cast this spell and let the
    priest use a level 7 slot for something more powerful.
    2. Conjure Earth Elemental (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 1 turn/level) CON.
    What it does- summon forth an earth elemental (60% that its 12 HD, 35% that its
    16 HD, and 10% that its 24 HD).  Unlike the mage's variation, no time is wasted
    in trying to link with the summoned elemental, and there's no chance of the
    elemental turning hostile for no reason.
    Usefulness- (3) Its probability is just the same as 6th Level Spell summon Fire
    Elemental, so you're basically summoning the same creature but from different
    planes.  Maybe effective on enemies who are immune to fire.
    3. Creeping Doom (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 6 rounds) CON.
    What it does- summons a horde of insects to bite and sting the target enemy
    (and nearby enemies) for 6 rounds, dealing 2 pts. of damage per *second* and
    disabling the enemy's ability to cast spells.  If the victim save v. breath
    weapon (-2 penalty), the duration is halved.
    Usefulness- (*9*) In light of new feedback, Creeping Doom turns out to be a
    more powerful variant of Insect Plague, rather than weaker.  It deals 2 HP of
    damage per SECOND, as opposed to per round (like the manual stated).  That
    equals to 12 HP per round and up to 72 HP if not saved.  Pretty heavy damage,
    especially on mages (which is probably whom you're using the spell on).
    4. Earthquake (Casting Time: 1 round) ALT.
    What it does- causes an earthquake and two aftershocks in area of effect.  The
    first quake causes 6d6 damage and makes everyone (friends or foe) drop their
    weapons and fall for 4 rounds.  If saved, the damage is halved and side effects
    are avoided.  The second quake causes 3d6 damage and makes everyone drop their
    weapons.  Again, a save v. spell is needed for half damage and avoidance of
    effect.  The third quake causes 2d6 damage and make everyone's weapons drop. 
    Yet again, a save is needed for half damage and avoidance of side effect.  In
    addition, there's a small chance this will summon a hostile earth elemental.
    Usefulness- (1) Its bad enough that this spell affects everyone, but you're
    also risking the chance of summoning another hostile creature.
    5. Finger of Death (Casting Time: 5) NEC.
    What it does- The caster sends out a life-snuffing projectile at the victim,
    who takes 2d8+1 damage.  Furthermore, unless a save v. spells (-2 penalty) is
    made, the victim dies.
    Usefulness- (8) More effective than 5th level Slay Living in that a
    hand-to-hand contact does not have to made for this spell and that the save is
    harder to make.  However, Slay Living has a shorter casting time and on
    average, does more damage if saved.
    6. Fire Storm (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 4 rounds) INV.
    What it does- fire and lava is soars through targeted area (circle with 20'
    radius), causing 2d8 + 1/level damage (e.g. a 10th level priest would cause 2d8
    + 10 damage) to all in area of effect.
    Usefulness- (5) Unless your party has members with great fire
    resistances/protections, this spell will end up harming them as well as your
    7. Gate (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 33 rounds) CON.
    What it does- calls a Pit Fiend from the abyss to perform services for the
    caster.  However, if the caster and his allies are not Protected against Evil,
    the Pit Fiend will attack them as well.
    Usefulness- (7) A Pit Fiend is certainly a powerful creature that can wreak
    major havoc.  When the description said anyone not protected from evil, it
    means just that.  Even innocent bystanders will be the target of this demon if
    they're not protected.
    8. Greater Restoration (Casting Time: 3) NEC.
    What it does- this powerful revival spell fully heals the target, reverse
    effects of level drains, cures poisons & diseases, and negate mind spells like
    berserk or domination.  However, the caster will suffer from fatigue after this
    very-draining spell.
    Usefulness- (*9*) Would be a 10 if it doesn't render the caster fatigued.  This
    spell accomplishes what Heal & Lesser Restoration do, but does it for the whole
    party (well, provided they're near the caster)(Alex Green).
    9. Holy Word (Casting Time: 1) CON.
    What it does- the caster hollers out a holy prayer to his/her deity.  All
    evil-aligned creatures within 30' of the caster will suffer the following
    effect, according to their Hit-Dice level: 3 or less (death), 4 to 7 (stunned
    for 1 turn), 8 to 11 (slowed for 1 turn with 75% spell failure), 12 or higher
    (deafened for 1 turn with 50% spell failure).  While there are no saves against
    this spell, the effects can be dispelled.
    Usefulness- (6-) It isn't that useful for me since I have Viconia in my party,
    so this spell will affect her too unless I move her really far away.  And as
    the game progress, most will fall under the 12 HD or more category... making
    this spell less useful.
    10. Nature's Beauty (Casting Time: 6) ILL.
    What it does- the caster transforms himself/herself into an ideal form of
    beauty for a brief moment.  All who witnessed it (5' radius) will go blind
    permanently (or until dispelled).  Furthermore, if they fail a save v. spells
    (+3 bonus), they'll die of pining for the beauty.
    Usefulness- (7) I wouldn't count on this spell to kill enemies because of the
    easy save.  However, it is a good spell if there's a team of fighter-type
    enemies, since blindness penalizes attack rolls and armor class.  To compensate
    for the long casting time, I would send a fighter type person to distract these
    enemies while druid casts this.
    11. Resurrection (Casting Time: 1 turn) NEC.
    What it does- raises a dead character (not imprisoned or petrified) and fully
    heals him/her.
    Usefulness- (5) This does the work of two lower-level spells: Raise Dead and
    Heal.  Since usually I don't raise dead characters in the midst of battle, I
    find no need to heal the recently raised (a good rest will take care of that).
    12. Shield of the Archons (Casting Time: 9  Duration: 3 rounds/level) ABJ.
    What it does- forms a magical shield that will absorb spells equal to half the
    level of the priest.  It absorbs both spells directed at the priest and
    area-effect spells that the priest happens to be in.  In instances where
    spell's level is higher than the levels remaining in the shield, that spell
    will be absorbed while cancelling the shield.
    Usefulness- (8+) Kind of a like priest's variant of spell trap.  This spell
    will be more useful later on, when mages and liches have a tendency to cast
    spells like Horrid Wilting and Imprisonment.
    13. Sunray (Casting Time: 4) ALT.
    What it does- a ray of sunlight beams upon the caster, and all within 20' of
    him/her takes 3d6 damage and must save v. spells or be blinded for 10 rounds. 
    Undead creatures take 1d6 damage for every level of caster and must save v.
    spells or be destroyed.
    Usefulness- (*6*) Formerly a 4, until Roman informed me this spell only damages
    foes.  But the damage (to non-undead) is still rather dinky.
    14. Symbol, Death (Casting Time: ??) CON.
    What it does- the caster inscribes a symbol into the ground (tho it looks more
    like a hovering rune on screen).  If a creature comes too close to it, it is
    activated.  All creatures under 60 current hitpoints must make a save v. death
    or die.  Those with more than 60 current hitpoints are not affected.
    Usefulness- (5) It is pretty hard to determine current hitpoints since look at
    status only give vague terms like "Injured" or "Badly Injured".  Furthermore,
    it can affect allies as well as foes.
    15. Symbol, Fear (Casting Time: ??) CON.
    What it does- the caster inscribes a symbol into the ground.  When a creature
    come too close to it, it will explode.  All within the area must make save v.
    spells at -4 or be sent panicking in fear at 1 round per level of caster.
    Usefulness- (4) I hate this for all the reasons I dislike Symbol, Stun but even
    more so than stun symbol because it sends victims in fear, making them much
    more harder to hunt down.
    16. Symbol, Stun (Casting Time: ??) CON.
    What it does- the caster inscribes a magical symbol on the ground.  If a
    creature comes too close to it, it is activated.  All in the area must make
    save v. spells (-4 penalty) or be stunned for 1 round/level of caster.
    Usefulness- (5) Unless you're sending this symbol at a mass of slow-moving
    creatures (like slimes or undead) I wouldn't recommend it because it affects
    all creatures.
    17. Unholy Word (Casting Time: 1) CON.
    What it does- the evil priest connects with his/her deity through a prayer. 
    All good-aligned within 30' will suffer an effect in accordance to their
    Hit-Dice Level: 3 or less (Death), 4 to 7 (Stunned for 1 turn), 8 to 11 (Slowed
    for 1 turn with 75% chance of spell failure), 12 or higher (Deafened for 1 turn
    with 50% chance of spell failure).
    Usefulness- (1) This spell won't do diddly squat to most of your enemies since
    they're primarily evil-aligned.  Enough said.
    QUEST SPELLS (Throne of Bhaal):
    These spells take up 7th Level Spell Slots (with exception of Elemental
    1. Aura of Flaming Death (Casting Time: 4  Duration: 1 round/2 levels)
    What it does- surrounds the caster with a fireshield that has 4 effects: 1)
    gives caster 90% fire resistance, 2) gives caster -4 AC, 3) grants caster
    immunity to normal missiles & melee weapons, and 4) gives all attackers within
    5'  2d10 -2 damage.
    Usefulness- (5) By this time, few enemies will use normal weapons and the AC
    may or may not be a bonus at all (it may even be a hindrance).  Only fire the
    fire resistance & damage effect worthwhile in this spell.
    2. Elemental Summoning (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 10 rounds) CON.
    What it does- summons 2 16-HD elementals (randomly chosen from fire, air, or
    earth) to do the caster's bidding for duration of spell or until slain. 
    There's a 10% chance this spell will summon an elemental prince instead.
    Usefulness- (8) The elementals summoned by this spell (either the 2 regular
    elemental or 1 elemental prince) are fairly formidable foes.  However, they
    last much shorter than the earlier Elemental Summoning Spells.
    3. Elemental Transformation (Fire/Earth) (Casting Time: 4  Duration: 5 turns)
    What it does- transforms the druid into the respective elemental (this is
    accessed via special abilities icon).  The elemental has -5 AC, THAC0 of 2, and
    2d10 damage (2d10 crushing for earth/1d10 normal and 1d10 fire for fire).  In
    addition, the caster is healed 30 hitpoints upon re-transformation into normal
    Usefulness- (6) Nice for transforming the caster into a real fighting machine. 
    However, transforming also means the druid can't cast spells.
    4. Energy Blades (Casting Time: 3  Duration: 4 turns) ALL SCHOOLS
    What it does- Creates special energy discs (1 per level) which are -10 in
    THAC0.  9 of these discs can be thrown in one round.  Each disc create 1d4 + 5
    missile damage and an additional 1d10 electricity damage.
    Usefulness- (8) This spell gives the priest tremendously effective missile
    weapons due to its low THAC0, moderate damage, and extremely fast rate of fire.
    5. Globe of Blades (Casting Time: 9  Duration: 1 turn) INV.
    What it does- surrounds the caster with a hemisphere of flying blades.  All who
    attempt to pass through must make a save v. spells (-2 penalty) or suffer 10d10
    Usefulness- (7) Slightly higher in damage than 6th level blade barrier, but
    still retains the drawback that allies get damaged as well.
    6. Greater Elemental Summoning (Casting Time: 1 round  Duration: 10 rounds)
    What it does- summons a random elemental prince (from air, fire, or earth) to
    do the caster's bidding.
    Usefulness- (9) A good spell, because the elemental princes have various spells
    and special ability at their disposal (the Air Elemental Prince, for example,
    has Globe of Blade ability and can cast Whirlwind which blow enemies away). 
    The duration for this spell is still short tho.
    7. Mass Raise Dead (Casting Time: 2) NEC.
    What it does- raises all dead members in party and cures them 3d10 + (1/level)
    in hitpoints.
    Usefulness- (7) More useful than resurrection in that multiple targets are
    raised and healed somewhat.  But since dead characters can be raised any time
    after they're dead, I wouldn't memorize this ahead of time.  Besides, what good
    does it do to raised characters who are unequipped in the midst of battle?
    8. Storm of Vengeance (Casting Time: 8  Duration: 3 rounds) ALT./INV. (?)
    What it does- causes an area (circle of 30' radius) to rage with a heavenly
    storm.  It poisons all enemies in first round, as well as causing 1d6 fire, 1d6
    acid, and 1d6 electrical damage.  The fire, acid, electrical damage will occur
    again each subsequent round.  Enemies of 6th level or lower are slain instantly
    by this spell.
    Usefulness- (10) Despite the moderate damage, this spell's ability to damage
    only enemies make it one of the best in priest's pool.
    9. Summon Deva (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/level) CON.
    What it does- opens a celestial gate and summons a angelic guardian to fight at
    caster's side.
    Usefulness- (9) Another great summoning spell.  Even though the Deva is not as
    powerful as the mage's planetar, it still has several good spells at its
    10. Summon Fallen Deva (Casting Time: 5  Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/level)
    What it does- opens an abyssal gate and summons a demonic guardian to fight at
    caster's side.
    Usefulness- (8) Every bit as powerful as the angelic variant.  The lower 1
    point tho, is due to its evil alignment, making it vulnerable to "Holy" spells
    that target evil-aligned characters (of which most enemies are).
    Rounds & Turns: 10 rounds = 1 turn
    Casting Time:  When casting time is just a number, it stands for x/10 time of a
    round (6 seconds).  So if a casting time is 5, it takes half a round (or 3
    seconds) to complete the spell.
    Version History:
    1.0 Basically everything
    1.1 Added sidenotes; corrected some grammar
    1.2 Further grammar corrections; re-rated Greater Command Spell.
    1.3 Made revisions of Animate Dead, Draw Upon Holy Might, and Remove Fear in
    light of comments made by A. Sistos.  Also revised Command Word: Die & Sunray
    in light of comments by Roman.
    1.4 Minor revisions; added a rating to Globe of Blades ability.
    1.5 Revision to Greater Restoration and Know Alignment.
    1.51 Revision to Creeping Doom
    1.52 Revision of Hold Person + change of email addy.
    Special Thanks:
    Dan Simpson for his super-thorough FAQ on BG: SoA and BG: ToB.
    GameFAQs for hosting a plethora of... well... game FAQs
    Black Isle/Bioware for releasing this wonderful game in my otherwise mundane
    JBolton (on GameFAQs), who released a mage's spell list, and kind of inspired
    me to release a priest's version
    A. Sistos for helpful feedback.
    Roman for feedback.
    Alex Green for feedback
    Ross Bannerman for feedback
    GT40 Rockerz for feedback
    Everyone else on BG game boards that provided me with pointers

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