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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DSimpson

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                         Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (PC)
                         & Throne of Bhaal (BG2 Expansion, PC)
                                      May 18, 2009
                                      Version 8.72
                            Written by:  Dan Simpson
                                 Email:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
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    You will find the most up to date version of this FAQ at:
    I also have an Item List FAQ & a Class FAQ both of which you can also find at
    If you're having any sort of technical problem with the game, there are some
    patches you should consider getting:
      BG2:  http://www.bioware.com/games/shadows_amn/support/patches/
      ToB:  http://www.bioware.com/games/throne_bhaal/support/patches/
    Please patch your game. The duplicated NPC bug when you go down the stairs is
    fixed in the patch. Please stop emailing me about it.
    There has been some fan made work in fixing the game, which you can find here:
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    This Document is Copyright 2000-2009 by Dan Simpson
    Baldur's Gate II is Copyright 2000 by Bioware/Black Isle/Interplay
    BG2: Throne of Bhaal is Copyright 2001 by Bioware/Black Isle/Interplay
    I am not affiliated with Bioware, Black Isle, Interplay or anyone who had
    anything to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any
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    What's New in 8.72:
        Some very minor edits.
      For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
      of the FAQ.
                                  Table of Contents:
        To navigate quickly, double click the code, press CTRL-C, then CTRL-F,
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      I.        [NTRDCT]  Introduction
      II.       [WHTSNW]  What's New in Baldur's Gate II
      III.      [THRNFB]  Throne of Bhaal Information
      IV.       [MDNFRM]  Tweaking Baldur's Gate II
      V.        [CRTNGM]  Creating a Main Character (or a Party)
      VI.       [CMPNNS]  Companions
      VII.      [GMPLYS]  Gameplay Strategies and Tricks
      VIII.     [GNRLMN]  General Monster Fighting Strategies
        VIII.1  [GLMSVI]  Golems
        VIII.2  [DMNSV2]  Demons
        VIII.3  [NDDSV3]  Undead
        VIII.4  [DRGNSS]  Dragons
        VIII.5  [NMYSPL]  Enemy Spellcasters
        VIII.6  [BHLDRS]  Beholders
        VIII.7  [MNDFLY]  Mind Flayers
        VIII.8  [WRWLVS]  Werewolves
                [FRQNTL]  Frequently Asked Questions
                [WLKTHR]  Walkthrough
      1.        [RNCSDN]  Chapter 1: Irenicus' Dungeon
        1.1     [DNGLV2]             Irenicus' Dungeon Level 2
      2.        [WKNSPR]  Chapter 2: Waukeen's Promenade
        2.1     [THSLMS]             The Slums
        2.2     [BTWNRS]             Between Areas
        2.3     [DRNSHL]             De'Arnise Hold
        2.4     [WNDSPR]             Windspear Hills
        2.5     [THPLNR]             The Planar Sphere
        2.6     [THGRVY]             The Graveyard
        2.7     [CTYGTE]             City Gate
        2.8     [THBRDG]             The Bridge
        2.9     [GVRNMN]             Government District
        2.10    [MRHLLS]             Umar Hills
        2.11    [TMPLRN]             Temple Ruins
        2.12    [TMPLDS]             Temple District
        2.13    [THSWRS]             The Sewers
        2.14    [THDCKS]             The Docks
        2.15    [TRDMTT]             Trademeet
      3.        [THGLDW]  Chapter 3: The Guild War
        3.1     [WRKNGF]             Working for the Shadow Thieves
        3.2     [WKNGFB]             Working for Bodhi
      4.        [BRNNLW]  Chapter 4: Brynnlaw
        4.1     [SPLLHL]             Spellhold
        4.2     [MZBNTH]             Maze beneath Spellhold
        4.3     [SCPFRS]             Escape from Spellhold
        4.4     [SHGNCT]             Sahuagin City
      5.        [THNDRK]  Chapter 5: The Underdark
        5.1     [STNTHA]             Ust Natha (Drow City)
        5.2     [BHLDRC]             Beholder City
        5.3     [THLLTH]             The Illithid Lair
        5.4     [XTFRTU]             Exit from the Underdark
      6.        [BCKTAT]  Chapter 6: Back to Athkatla
        6.1     [3NWARS]             Three New Areas
      7.        [SLDNSS]  Chapter 7: Suldanessellar
        7.1     [TH9HLS]             The Nine Hells
     X1.        [STRNGH]  STRONGHOLD Walkthroughs
     X2.        [THLMTD]  The Limited Wish Adventure
                [THRNFB]  Throne of Bhaal Walkthrough
      1.        [WTCHRK]  Watcher's Keep
      2.        [GRVFTN]  Grove of the Ancients
      3.        [SRDSHH]  Saradush
      4.        [GRMNRR]  Gromnir
      5.        [YGSHRA]  Yaga Shura
      6.        [MKTHRN]  Amkethran
        6.1     [SNDFMN]  Sendai
        6.2     [BZGLAA]  Abazigal
      7.        [BLTHZR]  Balthazar
      8.        [THFBHL]  Throne of Bhaal
                [PPNDCS]  Appendices
      A.        [CMPLTK]  Complete Kit Descriptions
      B.        [CHRTSA]  Charts & Analysis
          >     [THVNGM]  Thieving Money Charts
          >     [DLWLDN]  Dual Wielding Analysis
      C.        [CHTSSS]  Cheats
      D.        [TRNRSN]  Trainers and Editors
      E.        [MNLCRR]  Manual Corrections & Addendums
      F.        [BGSZS1]  Bugs
      G.        [STRNGT]  Strange Things
                [FNLWRD]  Final Words....
      I.        [NTRDCT]  Introduction
      In Baldur's Gate, your character faced the harsh light of reality.  Pushed
      violently out of your home after the death of your foster father, you had to
      discover the truth of his killing, and your own past.  What you discovered
      was that you were the offspring of the deceased Lord of Murder, the dark god
      Bhaal.  He had foreseen his own imminent demise and so had spread his seed
      across the land.  You were one of those children.  So too was the evil
      Sarevok, the murderer of Gorion.  He sought to become the new Lord of Murder,
      and sought to start a war between Baldur's Gate and Amn.  It would not matter
      who won this war... so long as people died by the thousands.  Fortunately for
      the world you were there to stop Sarevok and end his schemes.
      But the world doesn't stop for one heroic deed.  Soon after your adventures
      around Baldur's Gate a mysterious force captures your adventuring party.
      Could this be another spawn of Bhaal?  Or perhaps something worse...
      Baldur's Gate II: The Shadows of Amn takes place just a few months after the
      events of Baldur's Gate.  You have been captured and placed in a cage.  All
      your equipment and money is gone.  Your companions have been scattered.  Who
      is behind this?  And more importantly... why?
      There are two "bonus" CD's out there, one people got with the Collector's
      Edition and another for Preordering (either from EBworld or from the
      Interplay Store).  These add new shops and items.  You can also download
      these files from http://www.sorcerers.net/index.shtml (you can also check out
      the Frequently Asked Questions for more information)
        Collector's Disc:  Aurora's Emporium in the Adventurer's Mart
          Sells all manner of Torment related items, such as Dak'kon's Zerth Blade
          and Vhailor's Helm.  Best yet, it has the almighty Robe of Vecna.  Talk
          to Deidre in the back of the Adventurer's Mart.
        Preorder Disc:  Joluv in the Copper Coronet
          Sells all manner of Icewind Dale related items, such as Hrothgar's Axe
          and the Defender of Easthaven.
      You can just use the cheats to create the merchants (see the Cheats section
      if you don't know how to do it):
      to make the two merchants appear in the current area. [from John Howard]
      II.       [WHTSNW]  What's New in Baldur's Gate II
      Here's a list of what's new in Baldur's Gate II (as compared to BG):
        - Familiars.  Mages can cast the first level spell "Find Familiar" to get
          themselves a little intelligent creature called a Familiar.  Not only
          do you get a permanent little scout/thief/monster, but you get a bonus
          to your Mage's HP as well.  If your Familiar has 24 HP, then you get +12
        - Strongholds.  Each class gets their own specific stronghold to call their
          own.  A fighter gets a castle, a bard gets a playhouse and a thief gets
          a thieves' guild.
        - New Playable Race: Half-Orc.  Half-orcs get a bonus to their strength
          and constitution and a penalty to their intelligence and charisma.
        - New Playable Classes: Monk, Barbarian and Sorcerer.
          Monk.  The Monk is one of the more interesting new classes.  They are
          very skilled at fighting without weaponry, and as they go up in levels
          their fists grow in power.  At the 14th level they start gaining Magic
          Resistance.  They also have other special abilities, such as Lay on Hands
          faster movement and some thief skills.  The drawback?  They can't wear
          armor or use two-handed weaponry.
          Barbarian.  The Barbarian is a brute compared to the fighter.  More
          vicious but less refined.  He gets more HP, can berserk and moves faster.
          Drawbacks?  Can't wear Full Plate or Plate Mail, and cannot gain more
          than Specialized in Proficiencies.
          Sorcerer.  Normal mages have to first learn a spell, then memorize it,
          then spend time to cast the spell.  The Sorcerer does none of these.
          They simply get a set number of spells per level and can cast a number
          of spells.  This works more like "mana" systems of other games.
        - New sub-classes, called Kits.  These represent different philosophies
          within each discipline.  For example, the Wizard Slayer (Fighter) won't
          wear magic items, but gains a bonus magic resistance and can disrupt
          magic spells permanently.  For more information see the Kits section in
          the Appendix.
        - More thief skills, such as Set Trap, Detect Illusion and more.
        - More spells, including Delayed Blast Fireball and Time Stop.
        - Gem bags to hold gems and necklaces, Scroll cases to hold spells and
          parchments and Bags of Holding to hold everything else.
        - Bigger, fiercer monsters, including Dragons, Beholders and Liches.
        - Better resolution.  The game officially supports up to 800x600, but
          unofficially it can go up much, much higher.
        - Higher experience cap, set at 2.95 million experience points allowing
          your character to become as gods. (not quite, but that sure sounds good
          doesn't it?)
      III.      [THRNFB]  Throne of Bhaal Information
      Throne of Bhaal is the official Expansion Pack to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows
      of Amn.  It has one area (Watcher's Keep) that can be reached in either game,
      and many other areas that take place after the events in BG2.  ToB can be
      purchased in any store that sold BG2.
      Once you enter the Expansion areas (with the exception of Watcher's Keep)
      you cannot return to the original game areas.
    What's New in Throne of Bhaal:
      - TAB key will now highlight doors, containers and items for you. (use it
      - Wild Mage kit.  Just like a mage, but with one key difference, Wild Surges.
        These are near unpredictable alterations of the magic.  It might just make
        you itchy (or your enemies itchy) or it could even change your gender.  You
        just never know.
      - New areas.
      - Completes the Baldur's Gate saga.
      - Experience Cap set much higher at 8,000,000.  This allows most characters
        to get to level 40.
      - Many new items, and more items that can be built from other items.
      - More spells.
      - You can now remove spells from your spellbook.  This is intended to get rid
        of unwanted spells when you can't learn any more.
          Tip:  If you have duplicate Spell Scrolls, learn the spell once, then
                Erase it, then learn it again.  This way you get the experience
      - New high level abilities (HLA) for level 20+ characters.  These abilities
        are extremely strong and useful, such as Deathblow, Whirlwind attack and
        Summon Planetar.
      - Evil clerics can Turn Paladins along with Undead. (which adds an
        interesting conflict when you have Viconia and Keldorn in the same party)
      - Cloak of Mirroring no longer reflects spells back to their caster, merely
        blocks the spells.
        David Gaider (one of the senior designers of ToB) has released a few minor
        additions to Throne of Bhaal, which you can find at Baldurdash:
        They include new Bhaalspawn abilities, and tougher Demogorgon and Balthazar
          Baldurdash:  http://www.baldurdash.org/
    The Wish Spell
      The WISH Spell is much like its lesser brother, the Limited Wish, but a
      whole lot more powerful.  As such it is very tricky to use.  The Djinn you
      summon is pretty much out to get you, so having a good WISDOM is essential.
      18 or more will get you the best responses, 9 or worse will get you some
      pretty awful responses.  However, which wishes you get is also partly random.
      He then picks from a list of wishes that you can get (not all will be what
      you want), and if you have really bad wisdom, you'll be picking from a list
      of nothing but bad choices!  Here is a list of all the wishes, sorted from
      the really bad to the sorta awful to the surprisingly good:
        'Improved Haste' on all enemies in the area.
        Level Drain two levels from each party member.
        Bring a 'Meteor Swarm' down upon the caster.
        Temporarily remove half of the caster's HP.
        Caster loses all memorized spells.
        Party loses 10,000 gp.
        Temporarily reduce the Strength of all party members to 3.
        Temporarily reduce the Dexterity of all party members to 3.
        Temporarily reduce the Constitution of all party members to 3.
        Temporarily reduce the Wisdom of all party members to 3.
        Temporarily reduce the Intelligence of all party members to 3.
        Temporarily reduce the Charisma of all party members to 3.
        Heal all enemies in the area.
        Temporarily remove 15% of all party members' HPs.
        Summon an extra hostile monster into the area.
        Everyone in the area, both party members and enemies, become intoxicated.
        'Breach' on everyone in the area, including the party.
        Blow all people, including party members, away from the caster.
        Heal everyone, party members and enemies included.
        Temporarily set Strength to 18 for everyone in the area, including enemies.
        'Miscast Magic' on everyone in the area, including party members.
        'Magic Resistance' on everyone in the area, including enemies.
        'Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting' on everyone in the area, including the party.
        Incur bad luck on everyone in the area, including party members.
        'Silence' on everyone in the area, including party members.
        'Haste' everyone in the area, including enemies.
        'Improved Haste' on all party members.
        'Breach' on all enemies in the area.
        'Restoration' on all party members.
        Raise all party members' characteristics to 25 for 4 rounds.
        'Resurrection' on all dead party members.
        All party members gain the temporary ability 'Greater Deathblow'.
        All party members gain the temporary ability 'Hardiness'.
        Create a random wand in caster's inventory.
        Create a random potion in the caster's inventory.
        Make it as if the entire party has just rested a full night and
           re-memorized all their spells.
        Cast a double-length 'Time Stop' and 'Improved Alacrity' on the caster.
    Upgraded Familiars:
      Familiars are upgraded when you complete the regular game by beating
      You can now "feed" the familiars to heal them.  You can also ask them for
      If you want to see the old BG2 familiar list, it is in the Gameplay
      Strategies section below.
      Alignment        Familiar       AC   HP    Abilities
      ---------------  -------------  --   --    ----------------------------------
      Lawful Good      Pseudo Dragon   0   48    35% magic resistance, renders
                                                 victims unconscious, casts Blur,
                                                 Ghost Armor, Detect Illusion, 2
                                                 attacks per round
      Neutral Good     Pseudo Dragon   0   48    (same as above)
      Chaotic Good     Fairy Dragon    0   24    45% magic res., casts Invisibility
                                                 10' Radius, Imp. Invisibility &
                                                 Mirror Image 1/day
      Lawful Neutral   Ferret         -4   48    65% magic res., 95% Pickpocket,
                                                 60% Stealth, 60% Detect Traps
      True Neutral     Rabbit          1   48    85% Detect Traps, 60% Stealth,
                                                 65 magic res., 50% detect illusion
                                                 always haste
      Chaotic Neutral  Cat            -4   48    Pickpocket, 99% Stealth,
                                                 65% magic res, 60% Find Traps.
      Lawful Evil      Imp            -2   48    Polymorphs, 35% magic res., poison
                                                 attack, regenerates 1 HP/second
      Neutral Evil     Dust Mephit     3   48    Casts Glitterdust 2/day, 25% magic
                                                 res., Prismatic Spray, Stoneskin,
                                                 60% damage resistant, immune to
      Chaotic Evil     Quasit         -2   48    Casts Horror, 35% magic resist.,
                                                 immune to fire, cold and elec.,
                                                 regenerates 1 Hp/second, 3 attacks
                                                 per round, attack reduces target
    Romances in Throne of Bhaal:
      Yep, they all are continued, even if you ended them (such as Aerie saying at
      the end that you should just be friends).
      Viconia > You can convince her to change her alignment (you simply have to
                say "good" things, like killing is wrong, etc.)
      Aerie   > You can have a child with her
      Anomen  > Asks to marry you
      Jaheira > n/a
      Viconia's alignment switch:  When she offers to sleep with you again, turn
                                   her down because the "time isn't right", then
                                   when she asks what you think of her, be very
                                   very nice.  When she asks you what it's like
                                   having the blood of Bhaal in your veins, tell
                                   her that you don't like the killing.
                                   Between meeting her wraith-brother and the
                                   destruction of Saradush (I told you there were
                                   Spoilers in here), you need to have at least
                                   ONE romance talk occur.  If you skip this, you
                                   can't get her to switch alignments.
                                   When she sees the battle, tell her that you
                                   don't like it.  Then when she asks if you want
                                   her to change, say yes.
      IV.       [MDNFRM]  Tweaking Baldur's Gate II
    Tired of always knowing how to do everything in the game? Want a new challenge?
    Try a mod! All the significant Unofficial Add-On's (most of which are top-
    notch) can be found here:
    The first thing's that I would install are the Fixpack and the Tweak pack, both
    of which can be found at Gibberlings 3. These fix the remaining annoying bugs,
    as well as some ease of use enhancements. The tweak pack can do things like
    unlimited arrow stacking, and remove the experience cap. Every component is
    optional, so if you like one thing, but not another, you can just install what
    you want.
    If you have a widescreen monitor, be sure to pick up the widescreen mod from
    Gibberlings 3.
    Some of the Mods that I've tried:
      Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Combines all the Baldur's Gate games into one
        package. (The "third" game it refers to is Throne of Bhaal) Works really
        well, although there are a few bugs. (Don't memorize any new spells
        until you're sure that they work) It's really fun to play from Candlekeep
        to the Throne of Bhaal in one game.
      Banter Pack - Makes the NPCs more interesting.
      Big Picture - combines several of the largest BG2 mods into one. Includes
        The Darkest Day, Shadows Over Soubar, Never Ending Journey and Tortured
        Souls. Combine this with BGT above for a really massive gaming experience.
      Dark Side of the Sword Coast for BG-BGT - technically a BG1 mod, but played
        in the BG2 engine through BGT.
      David Gaider (one of the senior designers of ToB) has released a few minor
        additions to Throne of Bhaal, which you can find at Baldurdash:
      Freedom's Reign / Reign of Virtue
      Gibberlings3 Tweak Pack - awesome, awesome mod. All of its components are
        optional, so you can pick the ones you like. Some of which are:
          Remove Helmet Animations
          Imoen/Nalia Avatar Change (to a mage)
          Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items
          Change Avatar when Wearing Robes or Armor (to mage or fighter)
          Add More Bags of Holding
          Multiple Strongholds
          Bonus Merchants (from the Pre-order & Collector's edition)
          Remove Experience Cap
          Allow thieving in armor (with appropriate penalties, of course)
          Allow mage spellcasting in armor (with penalties, of course)
          Infinite arrow stacking
          Infinite potion stacking
          And so very much more!
      Imoen Romance
      One Pixel Productions - Redoes the artwork in the game to be more like BG1.
        I liked going back to the original "paper doll" look from the first game.
      Secret of Bone Hill (BGT)
      Unfinished Business - puts several quests and things back into the game that
        were dropped by Bioware.
    If you need a walkthrough for the Unofficial Add-On, the Darkest Day, you can
    get Suburban Jub's fine walkthrough here:
      V.        [CRTNGM]  Creating a Main Character (or a Party)
      The hardest decision in the game is also the first decision, and the one that
      has the farthest reaching effects as well.  What you decide here will change
      everything and affect how easy your game is.
        What Class Do You Play??
      Such a simple question, but no easy answers.  A lot of which class you want
      to play has to do with your individual style as a player.  If you like just
      rushing into the thick of battle without planning, maybe a Barbarian is the
      way to go.  Meticulous planner?  Think mage.  Finesse fighter?  Kensai or
        Trick:  When you are rolling the "Attributes" for your character, if you
                press CTRL-8 the game will set all your stats to 18 (and 18/00 for
                STR).  This ONLY works if you already have the Debug Mode enabled
                (see the Cheats section below).
        Tip:  If you're going to import from BG1, and you, like me, reloaded your
              BG1 game everytime you gained a level to get maximum hit points,
              you might be dismayed to learn that BG2 will AVERAGE OUT YOUR
              HIT POINTS.  That's right, my level 8 Fighter got nerfed from 120
              hit points to 81!  The only way I found to get around this is to,
              when selecting a kit for your imported character, select BACK
              instead of a kit.  You keep your hit points but lose the ability
              to take a kit.
      Favorite Kits:
        Fighter -- > Kensai (great fighters, and when dualled to a mage become
                     extremely powerful, I've also heard good things about
                     Kensai/Thief combinations)
        Mage    -- > Conjurer (you lose some spells, but you can summon with the
                     best of them! This is more subjective than the others)
        Druid   -- > Shapeshifter (If you've played Cernd then you know that he
                     is one of the weakest HUMANS, but when he becomes a werewolf
                     he is very powerful)
        Priest  -- > Priest of Lathander (This is subjective, I just like the
                     Boon of Lathander spell)
        Bard    -- > Skald (this has a LOT of good effects, and only one bad effect
                     a low pickpocket score)
        Thief   -- > Swashbuckler (this guy is awesome, practically a fighter!)
        Ranger  -- > Archer (gives this guy a bow, and 5 proficiency in it and you
                     have the best sniper in the game)
        Paladin -- > Inquisitor (used to be Cavalier, but I changed my mind.  This
                     guy's major plus is his Dispel Magic ability, which he casts
                     at twice his level, plus with immunities to Hold and Charm)
      Keep in mind that only the Protagonist (main character) can have a Familiar.
      So if you aren't a Mage, and can't Dual to a Mage later, no one in your game
      will have a Familiar.
        Tip:  When creating a character, one thing to consider is the desirability
              of covering a niche that isn't handled by any of the recruitable
              NPCs.  For example, there's no point in creating an inquisitor or
              ranger PC because the game already includes strong NPCs for these
              classes.  On the other hand, the game doesn't include any thieves
              capable of standing toe-to-toe with enemies in melee combat, so a
              fighter/thief would be a good choice to fill this niche.  Or there's
              always the versatile ranger/cleric, who is able to cast druidic as
              well as clerical spells because of a quirk in the BG2 engine.
              [from jsaving]
      Multi-Class and Dual-Class options:
        When you multi-class you are 2 or 3 classes simultaneously. Your experience
        is divided among your classes, so you do level up slower, but you get the
        abilities of all the classes at the same time. Keep in mind that you still
        have to follow the rules of your class, that is, a fighter/mage still can't
        cast spells in armor, and a thief can't sneak in armor greater than studded
        leather. Then, when you get at high level, you get access to both of your
        class's high level abilities (HLA) at the same time. The triple classes
        only get some of the HLAs, for example the Fighter-Mage-Thief gets most of
        the Fighter and Thief HLAs but almost none of the Mage's.
        In dual classing, you switch from one class to another, and forevermore
        will gain levels only in the new class. When the new class level is higher
        than the old one, you gain the abilities of both again, but still only
        level up in the new class. Thus, depending on what level you switch over,
        you may only get 1 set of HLA.
       Trick:  When you dual your main character to the Mage Class, try this.  Kick
               everyone out of the party, then learn as many spells as you can.
               You gain experience for each spell you learn.  I was able to gain
               MANY levels this way!
       Dual Class Note:  Can't get your character to dual class?  You probably
                         don't have sufficient STATS for it.  Dualling requires
                         your character have 15 of his current class's prime STAT
                         (i.e. STR for a Fighter) and 17 of your desired class's
                         prime STAT (i.e. INT for a Mage).  See the Frequently
                         Asked Questions section for more details.
                         And again, only humans may dual class.
      Here's the character I played through when I wrote the walkthrough:
          Male  -->  To have the romance with Viconia
       Half-Orc -->  For the STR and CON bonuses
       Barbarian ->  A very powerful class, gets 2 extra HP per level (over what a
                     Fighter gets), can Rage, moves faster and at level 11 gains
                     various weapon resistances.
         Lawful -->  To get that high starting reputation.
       Dual Wield >  Then I had him dual wield Katanas (the Celestial Fury is just
                     awesome) and Long Swords.
      And here is the party I used when I wrote the walkthrough:
      (slight SPOILER)
            Me -- Barbarian, as a Half-Orc to get me 19 STR and CON, then dual
                  wielded long swords and katanas.  Very strong.
       Jaheira -- Fighter / Druid, The best Druid in the game since she is the only
                  one who can Raise Dead (with Harper's Call).
       Viconia -- Cleric, she is an awesome cleric (much better than Anomen) plus
                  she has natural magic resistance.
         Edwin -- Conjurer, the only true mage in the game, also gains a bonus to
                  the number of spells he can cast.  Not only gains the +1 spell
                  per level as a Conjurer, but gains another +2 spells per level
                  from his Amulet (which can't be removed).
         Mazzy -- Fighter, Her bow ability is her best feature, but she also has
                  a number of extra powers (such as Courage) that I found useful.
       Yoshimo -- Bounty Hunter, oh sure he isn't a long term solution, but that is
                  exactly where Imoen returns.
       Here's a straight-good aligned power-party:
       Main Character -- play as a Kensai/Mage
       Valygar -- Stalker dual wielding katanas, can also backstab really well. If
                  you aren't using his backstab, drop for Mazzy.
       Keldorn -- The only Paladin in the game, thus the only person who can use
                  the Holy Avenger
         Minsc -- The strongest character in SoA, fights well with the two handed
                  sword, or with two weapons.
        Anomen -- Once you get past his bizarre personal issues, he's not that bad.
       Yoshimo -- To be replaced later with Imoen (or use Jan if you prefer)
       Note:  There are several things any party should be able to do: disarm traps
              (thief), remove level drain (lesser restoration), and remove combat
              protections (breach).  If the main character can't do any of these
              things, then the player is restricting his NPC choice set to a
              certain degree because he has to reserve party slots for characters
              with these capabilities.  Playing a character that has some of these
              capabilities provides extra flexibility, which may be desirable if
              the player wants to try out a wide variety of NPCs without being
              "locked in" to a party composition he may not really want.
              [from jsaving]
      STRENGTH (STR)     =  Melee damage and ability to hit with melee weapons
      DEXTERITY (DEX)    =  Ranged to hit, and increases Armor Class
      CONSTITUTION (CON) =  Increases hit points per level
      WISDOM (WIS)       =  Gives bonus spells castable per day to clerics, adds
      INTELLIGENCE (INT) =  Improves chance to learn spell for mages, increases
                            maximum number of spells known per level
      CHARISMA (CHA)     =  Discounts at stores, and improved rewards for quests
      So, you can see that a melee fighter would want STR, DEX and CON, and has
      no real reason to get WIS or INT. Everyone benefits from DEX and CON.
      On STR, the 18/xx scores go from 01 to 00. It's easier to think of the 00 as
      100. So, 18/00 is the highest possible, and better than 18/99.
      With CON, only warriors get use of the stat beyond 16. So, a mage with 16
      CON gets just as many HP as a mage with 17 or 18 CON. But a Fighter, Ranger,
      Paladin or Barbarian gain a benefit on every increase in CON.
    Hit Points at Higher Levels:
      For the first 9 (or 10) levels, you can gain either 4 (mage) 6 (rogue)
      8 (priest) 10 (fighter) or 12 (barbarian) hit points per level. This is
      randomized, so you can get less. You also gain bonus hit points based on your
      CON (see above). However, at level 9 (or 10, depending on your class) you
      start to gain fewer hit points per level. This is part of the AD&D rules.
      So, when you gain 3 HP at level 11, this is why. No amount of reloading will
      fix this. The game is balanced around this fact, so you won't be weaker
      than your enemies.
        Fighters / Rangers / Paladins - normal to level 9, then +3 hp per level
        Priest / Druid / Monk         - normal to level 9, then +2 hp per level
        Rogues / Bards                - normal to level 10, then +2 hp per level
        Mages / Sorcerers             - normal to level 10, then +1 hp per level
    Weapon Proficiencies:
      Proficiencies give various bonuses, and you can place 1-5 points in each
      weapon. The first point simply makes you proficient so you don't suffer any
      penalties to hit with the weapon. You suffer a -4 to use any weapon that you
      lack a proficiency.
             points spent          to hit bonus        damage bonus      attacks
                1 (Proficient)           0                   0               1
                2 (Specialized)         +1                  +2              3/2
                3 (Master)              +2                  +2              3/2
                4 (High Master)*        +2                  +3              3/2
                5 (Grand Master)        +2                  +4              3/2
             * Improves weapon speed.
      Note:  Only fighters can get all 5 proficiency points. Most classes are
             restricted to 1 point, while Rangers, Paladins and Barbarians can get
             2 per weapon. Since there is an extra 1/2 attack at 2 points, it
             has the greatest benefit.
      There are nice weapons for each type, so choose whichever one you like, then
      focus in it.
      If you have a thief, mage or a character that cannot use a shield due to a
      class restriction then allocating a point or two into single weapon style
      will give an armour class as if equipped with a shield. Very useful but
      obviously must have a one-handed weapon equipped. It also increases the odds
      of getting a critical hit. (a roll of 19 or 20). [from Carl Wear]
    Charisma is your friend:
      So what does Charisma really get you?  Well if you have a low charisma you
      may not be able to get NPC's to join you, if you pass a quest, the treasure
      may not be as good as it normally would be, (or there may be no treasure at
      all!) and shops WILL charge you more.  So don't skimp out on the charisma.
      On the other hand, you only need ONE PERSON with good charisma, and it
      needn't be your main character.
      SPOILER: Plus, just outside of the first dungeon you find a ring that sets
               anyone's Charisma to 18.  You will find this ring by finish the
               circus tent quest in the Promenade area.
      After maxing my reputation, I had my leader (with a charisma of 18) wear some
      charisma-enhancing items (nymph cloak, sword of the roses, helm of glory) to
      boost his charisma up to 23 before he talks to shop owners, and got a
      significant further discount from the increased charisma above 18.  Useful
      for all those expensive items from the bonus CD's. [from RCL]
    Creating all Six Characters:
      It is quite beneficial to play every game as a multiplayer (although it does
      create a bit of a hassle).  It gives you the benefit of being able to create
      all 6 players in your party rather than depending on NPC's, and you can also
      Export and Import characters in and out at any time.  Potentially, then,
      you could have a party of as many people as you want, just import and export
      as needed.
      To create a Multiplayer game just click the Multi Player button.  At the next
      menu click "Connect".  Now you have to set the type of Multi Player (the top
      button), using Serial is fairly easy (although it requires that you have some
      Networking installed...) Now click "Create Game" (whenever you are playing by
      yourself in the Multiplayer always use "Create Game", never use "Join
      Game"!).  Name the session to whatever you want, and enter in your own name.
      Finally click "New Game".  Now you can create as many characters as you want.
      Then once they are all created, click the little Check icon by each created
      characters, and then click the "Done" button.
      If I created six characters, this would be that party:
        Human  Monk   --  These guys are just awesome at the higher levels.
        Human  Kensai --  To be dualled to a Mage at level 9 or 12, can be very
        Human  Skald  --  Bards are fun, but this one is great.  Useful for the
                          great Bard Song.  At high levels gives everyone +4 to
                          hit, damage and AC!
        Elf    Archer --  The best ranged weapons expert in existence!  This guy is
                          ridiculously powerful.
        Human  Swashbuckler  --  A thief with great offensive abilities.
        Human  Sorcerer --  Great magical abilities, don't have to memorize or
                          learn spells.
      Or I might replace the Monk with a Half-Orc Barbarian (or Kensai) -- A
      hit point powerhouse.
      But naturally in Baldur's Gate II, I prefer to have most of my party consist
      of the pre-made NPC's that you find in the game.  They're just more
      interesting to me.
      Warning:  I don't recommend creating all SIX characters in the game.  You
                will miss out on character specific quests (and there are a lot of
                these early in the game) as well as the fun interactions these
                characters have with each other.  At most I would create 5
                characters, then bring in an NPC, do their quests, then go on to
                the next NPC.
      Trick:  To play with your own characters, but avoid the hassles of
              Multiplayer, simply copy the saved game out of the \MPSAVE\ directory
              and into the \SAVE\ directory.  You can then play with your own
              party in the normal single player mode. [from Grack]
    Thoughts on Kensai/Mages and other Combinations:
      [from RCL]
      While I can imagine how high level Kensais can be killing machines, I do not
      believe they are worth it if you dual them out at level 9.  At that time,
      compared to normal fighters they only have +3 to hit and +3 damage (plus 3
      uses of the Kai ability and -2 speed factors) - which is, in other words,
      about an additional 15%-20% bonus depending on your stats, skills and
      weapons.  However, this is at the expense of not being able to use missile
      weapons and more importantly, not being able to use bracers, gauntlets,
      helmets, shields and armors.
      Even if you, for example, use the shield amulet to make up for the horrible
      AC, you won't be able to utilize other abilities offered by the equipment
      (such as super fire protection by wearing the whole set of dragon
      helm/shield/armor; increased charisma with the Helm of Glory;
      missile/beholder ray protection from the reflection/fortress/Balduran's
      shields, etc.).  After you dual the Kensai to a mage, the inability to use
      bracers and missile weapons can make him a liability to the group for a long
      while until he regains his Kensai abilities.
      A Berserker warrior will be better mage-dualling material.  First of all, he
      is almost equivalent with a level-9 Kensai in melee abilities with his +2
      Thac0/ +2 damage during his rage.  In addition, during his rage he will gain
      15 hp and have very important immunities (which alone IMO makes up for the
      Kai ability); he can use ranged weapons if you want, and he has zero
      limitation to his equipment - even if you don't feel like enabling/disabling
      your magic casting abilities with heavy armors all the time, Bracers AC3 can
      help a lot.  Personally, I will take all these advantages and additional
      flexibility over the Kai ability and -2 speed factors any day.
      Currently I have my Berserker/mage dual wield the Celestial Fury and
      Dak'kon's Zerth Blade, wearing the Bracer AC3.  I used the editor just to
      change his appearance to a mage, and wear the traveler's robe just for the
      looks.  Looks great (especially when he attacks), and is probably the best
      member in my team.
      Editor:  http://www.mud-master.com/shadowkeeper/
    Other People's Party Strategies:
      If Geoff Ulreich created all 6 characters, this is how it would look:
        Paladin - Inquisitor (can't dual or would start as fighter for max weapon
                  prof.)  Definitely the only worthwhile paladin kit, immunity to
                  hold and charm are PRICELESS, as is true seeing, and paladins are
                  typically worthless as spellcasters, healers and undead turners
                  next to clerics anyway (hence his disadvantages aren't really).
                  Spec. in two handed sword, style, and longbow or crossbow (or
                  both).  He's a madman with the Avenger (a DMs worst nightmare).
        Fighter - to be dualled to a Priest at 9th level.  Grand Mastery in
                  Warhammer for the Crom Faeyr, the rest in sling (Priests can use
                  it).  Invaluable for healing, turning, summoning fodder, and
        Monk    - (can't dual, wouldn't anyway) This class is even more unbalanced
                  than in the first edition AD&D rules, truly heinous by 15th
                  level, a dervish of destruction at 20th.
        Thief   - Bounty Hunter to be dualled to Mage (can't dual to specialist or
                  I would do Conjurer - Divination (their opp. sphere) spells suck)
                  at 11th, when his special traps have the Hold ability) - also
                  allows him to hit max level in mage.  Give him longswords, two
                  wpn style (or one if you're gonna use a bow a lot), short bow
                  (and/or crossbow for the light crossbow of speed).  This will
                  allow you to use most of the good long swords in the game. Get
                  set snares, F/R traps, and open locks to 100, 100, & 95
                  respectively, ignore the rest).
        Bard    - Skald (can't dual or would start as a fighter)  Basically for his
                  kick-ass song, but makes a nice 3rd mage as well.  Give him
                  longsword, 2 handed sword, 2 weapon style, 2 handed sword (for
                  the vorpal).  Nice for Lore skill (saves hassle), cast Friends
                  before shopping.
        Sorcerer - (can't dual or would start as a fighter) A VERY powerful mage.
        All the characters should have 18/00 (fighters) or 18 strengths, 18 dexs,
        16 cons (18 for the fighter and paladin).  Mages get 18 intelligence (incl
        bard and bounty), and one of them needs an 18 (or close) wis for limited
        wishes.  Priest needs 18 wis as well, and paladin and bard should be 18
        charisma (save that ring slot for something better).  Only took me 2 hrs to
        get 6 characters with the above stats.  I made them all Lawful or Neutral
        Good to allow 20 rep.  Have the Sorc. as your main character for the find
        familiar spell (use a scroll), this will net a psuedodragon (the best
        familiar).  This party is a bit slow until the fighter duals to cleric
        (lack of healing), but this doesn't take long at all, and soon after it is
        unstoppable.  Also, Archers are WAY overrated.
        By the by, my first character (single player) was a kensai as well, but
        used two longswords.  Foregoing a second sword for a measly AC bonus is
        silly, he was AC -6 by the end (using the shield amulet, which has more
        than enough charges to carry you through the end of the game.  Also, not
        much lived long enough to swing more than once at him; he splattered
        creatures faster than Keldorn and Jahiera combined.  That's 9 (NINE)
        attacks per round if improved hasted and using the dancing sword, 8 if you
        think the sword doesn't count :), 4 normally (still obscene).  The best
        defense is, well, you get the picture...I was going to dual him to mage,
        but was having far too much fun with him as it was, and already had 3 mages
        by that point.
        My sorcerer spell picks:
          I have seen many people on the BBSs asking what spells their sorcerers
          should learn, especially at the higher levels, and I have also seen some
          truly awful replies.  That said, here are my picks.
          1st: -magic missile*
          -identify (even with a bard, no other great picks)
          2 others ( I did protection from petrification and charm person)
            Editor's Note:  I would take Chromatic Orb here.  It has some awesome
                            powers and grows in strength as your sorcerer levels
          2nd: -melf's acid arrow
          -mirror image
          -resist fear* (actually an area effect, contrary to what it says in the
          -horror/web/stinking cloud (pick one - I chose horror since it allows you
          to take enemies out of action without affecting your party)
          3rd: -fireball*   __
          -dispel magic  ]__*
          -remove magic__]
          4th: -ice storm
          -minor sequencer*
          -stone skin*
          -minor globe of invulnerability
          5th: -breach**********
          -lower resistance
          The above are not set in stone, but really are the best picks for a well
          rounded sorcerer, to be used for heavy artillery, fighting enhancement,
          and dispelling (with some defense set aside, mainly for the contingency
          spells).  The offense is balanced for single target and area attack
          spells; the area attacks are balanced between damage-dealing and
          disabling (the latter of which won't hurt your party, good for in-close
          fighting.  For the last three levels, I will list a small group of
          possibilities, with the first 3 (6th), 3 (7th), and 2 (8th) spells listed
          being the ones I chose.  I found summoning spells to be fairly useless
          later in the game, especially against mages (death fog and death spell),
          with the possible exceptions of the nishruu and hakeashar.
          6th: -contingency*
          -improved haste
          -pierce magic*
          -(chain lightning)
          -(death fog)
          -(summon nishruu)
          7th: -delayed blast fireball
          -mass invisibility*
          -spell sequencer*
          -(limited wish (depending on your Wis))
          -(ruby ray of reversal)
          -(summon hakeashar)
          -(khelben's warding whip)(great spell, but...no room:))
          8th: -incendiary cloud
          -spell trigger (I actually chose pierce shield, now regretting it)
          -(pierce shield)
          Again, these are not set in stone; they are just the spells I found my
          mages using over and over again the first time I played).  The 2nd level
          knock is essential, by the way, if you use the party I suggested (monk or
          cleric detects traps, sorc knocks to unlock, paladin triggers traps until
          your dualled thief/mage hits 750,000 exp and gets his thief skills back).
          I marked with an * the spells I thought absolutely necessary.
      Brian Camley has a spell recommendation:
        I'd also like to add a suggestion for Sorcerer spell picks - I used
        "protection from magical energy" - with this spell, I gave 100% protection
        from magic energy to all my characters, making the first battle with
        Irenicus a breeze... yes, it isn't as good as the scrolls of protection
        from magic, but you can cast spells, while being protected from a lot of
        damage that's coming your way.
      Max Chen has some spell picks of his own:
        1.  Identify is a waste to learn cause you can use a scroll, pay a shop
            or get identify glasses to do it for you and if your lore is high
            enough than you won't need any of those.
            I just stick with magic missile and chromatic orb(At lvl 10 it has
            possibility turn victim into stone and at lvl 12 instantly kill victim)
        2.  Lvl 2 Blur and Vocalize (Must-have, because once silenced your mage is
        3   Lvl 3 Lighting Bolt, bounce it off walls a couple time or reflect
            lighting protection and you will see dead body every where.  Good for
            close combat.  There is also another reason, coming up.
        4.  Greater Malison, no save throw and cause opponents under the influence
            of this spell make all saving throws at a penalty of -4.  Combine this
            with lvl 5 lower resistance.
            Otiluke's Resilient Sphere can be use both as offensive and defensive.
            Offensive is to take 1 enemy out and Defensive protect your weak or
            near death party member from getting kill.(Not that major but somewhat
            Wizard eye is a very good spell for lvl 4.  Heck it's better than all
            other summon spell.  Wizard eye can tank like no other, as long you get
            the monster to attack it.  As far I can tell wizard eye is unkillable.
            Tried killing it myself and send it after lich and dragon, even with
            cheat instant kill.  Plus it is immune to most spell and unsummon
            spells, I think only dispel works.   Also it is good to explore with
            wizard eye.  HEH oh yeah demilich tried to imprison wizard eye many
            times but fail miserably.
              Editor's Note:  ToB eliminates most of the Wizard Eye strategies
                              listed above. Now they die quite easily.
        5.  Oracle.  60' instead of 20'(book misprint?)  Get rid of those invis
        6.  Death fog instantly kill all summoned creature, regardless of hit dice
            or immunities(Haven't seen much computer summon monster) but hey they
            sure use it on my summon creatures.
      If P.K. created 6 characters, this is how he would do it:
        Cleric/Ranger  Half/Elf (I love those too)
        Fighter        Human (Dualled to Cleric at level 9)
        Fighter        Human (Dualled to Druid at level 9)
        Fighter        Human (Dualled to mage at level 10)
        Fighter        Human (Dualled to mage at level 9)
        Thief          Human (Dualled to mage at level 12)
        This team is really cool, plenty of hit points for everybody, weapon
        grandmastery for most of the characters and everyone of the team is a
        spellcaster! (This is especially useful in BG2, since there are A LOT of
        spells and one gains XP when learning them)
        The (minor) drawbacks of this team is its (relative) weakness in the
        transition period but if you look closer you will see that you will always
        have at least 3 strong melee fighters in the team, and you can always live
        without a trap disarming thief (especially in BG2) since you can do the
        quests that do not imply dungeon crawling meanwhile.
      If jayhc created all 6, he would do this:
        I see that you have other people's full-party strategies on your FAQ, so I
        thought - hey, I may as well send in my own.  It may not have as much
        damage-causing potential at the end of the game as, say, a bunch of
        fighters dualled to mages and clerics, but I would bet that it can hold its
        own just the same – and would be more easily pulled off, to boot.
        1) Dwarfish Berserker with grand mastery in axes.  He should have a
           seventeen dexterity and a nineteen constitution; a high strength is
           preferable, too, but not necessary for the sheer tanking power.  Give
           him a fortress shield, dexterity gauntlets, some variant of full plate,
           a spell-bouncing cloak, a ring of regeneration … he could well have –11
           or –12 ac by a fairly reasonable level, and have amazing saving throws
           and hit points to go along (at level nineteen, his median amount of hp –
           with a nineteen constitution – would near 125; and most people would
           take steps to be certain that it's at least somewhat more than that).
           Heh.  He'll just sit there and soak up blows.  For extra fun, let him
           don that shape-changing cloak found in the sewers – and turn into a
           troll for a moment or two when he seems near the brink of death.
        2) Half-orc Kensai.  I would either give him grand mastery in two-handed
           sword, and specialization in two-handed weapon style; or grand mastery
           in long sword, and mastery in two-weapon style.  He would get an extra
           attack per round with the latter, but the former would give him extra
           damage and double the chance of scoring a critical hit – and a half-orc
           with a nineteen strength and grand mastery in two-handed sword who
           scores a critical hit with, say, Lilarcor – ouch.
        The Berserker could soak up damage and lead enemies away, while the Kensai
        demolished everything in sight.
        3) An elven Stalker with specialization in long bow and long sword, and
           mastery in two-weapon fighting.  If possible, give him a nineteen
           dexterity: this increases his ability to hide in the shadows by a
           considerable amount; and that is crucial to any strategy involving him.
           At level twelve he gains the ability to haste himself – so he can haste
           up, hide in the shadows, and backstab any annoyingly difficult enemies
           who don't have too many friends around.  With a girdle of strength and a
           successful backstab at level nine or ten, he does at least forty-five or
           so damage - keep him perpetually hidden for extra backstabbing fun.  His
           main drawback – for which he is constantly being knocked - is a lack of
           metallic armor, but plenty of magical leather-class protection is
           available during the course of the game.  His nineteen dexterity makes
           him quite an arrow slinger, too.
        4) A half-elven Ranger/Cleric, whose physical attributes I shall leave
           open to suggestion.  My choice of this no doubt explains itself: he has
           access to both ranger and cleric spells; he offers a decent fighting
           ability, in a pinch; he can hide in the shadows to avoid any unnecessary
           conflict until he wants to reveal himself (so as to heal team-members
           and not be killed himself beforehand).  Add to this holy power, iron
           skin, negative plane protection, draw upon holy might, and a disruptor
           mace – you've got yourself an undead-killing machine.
        A human ranger could dual to cleric if you don't want to end the game at
        13/14.  A Ranger dualled at nine, could still reach twenty in Cleric.
        5) A gnome Illusionist/Thief.  There is never any need, in BG2, to have a
           straight thief: this alternative gives you hefty magical power in
           addition to more than enough ability to perform necessary thieving tasks
           (finding and disarming traps, and unlocking doors and chests).  A thief
           hidden in the shadows can't actively detect traps; but an invisible
           thief can, and this power makes him ever so much more valuable than a
           meandering normal thief.
        6) A human Sorcerer, who can launch chromatic orb and magic missile all day
           long.  Give him breach and greater malison - and enemies are yours to
           try practically any magical strategy you'd like.
        You could replace the stalker with an inquisitor, to make mage-killing even
        easier; or a cavalier, to have effective leadership and ridiculous
        immunities.  You could also try an archer, here – I've not tested the kit
        myself; but I'm told it's ridiculously powerful, at any given level.
        A monk would be nice, but is a veritable liability until level fifteen or
    Throne of Bhaal Notes:
      [from Duncan Clay]
      The High-Level Class Abilities added in Throne of Bhaal gives many new
      possibilities to character creation.
      For example the Rogue High-Level Class Ability "Use Any Item" allows them
      to use any weapon and shield, wear any armor and helmet, use wands and
      cast spells from scrolls.  But it goes beyond that, a dual class
      Kensai/Thief can now wear Full Plate Armor, have a familiar and wield the
      Paladin sword "Carsomyr".
      Since THAC0 progression stops at level 22, there isn't much difference
      between a Level 22 Fighter with THAC0 0 and a Level 40 Fighter with THAC0
      0.  A Level 40 Thief would have a THAC0 of 10 the same as a Level 22
      Thief.  This suggests Dual and Multiclass characters are the way to go.
        Here are some outstanding high-level character abilities
        Level 39 Kensai - THAC0 & Damage Bonus = 13 (Melee Weapons)
        Level 33 Archer - THAC0 & Damage Bonus = 10 (Missile Weapons)
        Level 40 Wizard Slayer - Magic Resistance = 84
        Level 40 Monk - Base Armor Class = -6 (-19 vs. Missiles)
        Level 40 Monk - Lay Hands heals 80 hit points
        Level 40 Swashbuckler - Armor Class Bonus = 9
        Level 40 Swashbuckler - THAC0 & Damage Bonus = 8
        Level 21 Assassin - Backstab Multiplier = x7
        Level 25 Bard - base Lore ability = 250
      VI.       [CMPNNS]  Companions
      Some companions don't like each other.  For example, Minsc and Edwin will
      eventually come to blows.  Anomen (if he fails his test) will try to hurt
      Reputation Note:     Good characters will leave your party if your reputation
                           is too low (1 or 2), and Evil characters will leave your
                           party if your reputation gets too high (19 or 20).
                           When they leave, they cannot be re-acquired.
      Proficiencies Note:  When I list the proficiencies the character has, that
                           is not a recommendation as to what I think they should
                           have, those are the profs the character starts with.
                           These are listed by the level you get the character at.
                           If you want to decide on your own proficiencies, it is
                           always better to get that character as soon as possible.
      Irenicus' Dungeon Characters:
        Imoen     S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                  9    18  16  17  11  16      Human   Thief/Mage     Neutral Good
          Imoen is your old childhood friend from Candlekeep.  In the first game
          she was a Thief, and now she has dual classed to become a Mage.
          SPOILER:  Don't let Imoen memorize any spells as she won't be with your
                    party for much longer.
          Profs:   [*] Dagger, Dart, Quarterstaff, Shortbow
          Grade:  B+  She is the third best thief you can get in the game and the
                      second best mage.  This averages out well, especially since
                      this game doesn't require that much out of a thief.  I list
                      her as "third best thief" because she can't level up in it
        Minsc    S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
               18/93  16  16  8   6   9       Human     Ranger       Chaotic Good
          Minsc is a little loopier than last you saw him.  This may be due to the
          death of Dynaheir -- whom he was sworn to protect -- but he seems to
          rely far too much on Boo, his pet hamster.  Minsc will adopt Aerie as
          his witch if they are in the party at the same time.  Then when she is
          injured or killed, Minsc has some... reactions.
          If kicked out:  You can find Minsc again in the Copper Coronet
          Profs:  Lvl 7 -  [**] Long Bow, Mace, Two Handed Sword, Two Handed Style
                  Lvl 9 -  [*]  Axe
                           [**] Long Bow, Mace, Two Handed Sword, Two Handed Style
                  Lvl 12 - [**] Axe, Long Bow, Mace, Two Handed Sword, 2 Hand Style
          Grade:  A-  Minsc is one of the best investments you can have in the
                      game.  He is the strongest of the NPC's and has decent
                      abilities as well.  Plus he soon begins learning Priest
                      spells which further his power.
                      His Berserker Rage ability also makes him immune to the nasty
                      spell Imprison.
        Jaheira   S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                  15   17  17  10  14  15   Half-Elf  Fighter/Druid   True Neutral
          Jaheira has some problems with authority, which in this case would be
          you.  She believes that she should be leader.  She is also a member of
          the Harper's, a "do-gooder" organization that also claims Elminster as a
          If kicked out:  You can find Jaheira in the southwest of the Docks
                          district, near the Harper's secret base.
          Profs:  [*]  Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Sling, Sword & Shield Style
                  [**] Club
          Grade:  B  A good solid performer, but nothing to write home about.
                     There are better Priests out there, and better Fighters out
                     there as well.  The best reason to keep her is her Druid
                     abilities as she is the best druid for some time.  At the
                     moment you really have no choice but to take her.
                     Jaheira has a couple of advantages that aren't immediately
                     apparent. She's the only druid in the game who can raise dead
                     (Harper's call) and can also wear the full range of armor
                     (because of her fighter multiclass).  She's also the only
                     druid in the game who can eventually select the fighter's
                     critical strike ability at high levels, which is incredibly
                     powerful when combined with touch-range spells like harm.
                     [from jsaving]
        Yoshimo   S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                  17   18  16  13  10  14     Human   Bounty Hunter  True Neutral
          Yoshimo, feared by all, somehow managed to get himself captured and
          thrown into this dungeon with the rest of you.  Why Irenicus would be
          interested in him is beyond me.
          If kicked out:  You can find Yoshimo in the Copper Coronet.
          Profs:  Lvl 7 -  [*] Dagger, Katana, Shortbow, Single Weapon Style
                  Lvl 12 - [*] Dagger, Dart, Katana, Shortbow, Single Weapon Style
          Grade:  B+  There are several reasons to like Yoshimo:  First he is the
                      best thief in the game (he is the ONLY pure thief class and
                      has a good Dex score as well) and second he can Dual Class
                      to a Fighter later.  If only he could dual to a mage as
      Athkatla Characters:
        Aerie       S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class        Alignment
                    10   17  9   16  16  14      Elf    Cleric/Mage   Lawful Good
          Aerie is a winged elf.  Well former winged elf as her wings were removed
          some time ago.  She had been a slave before meeting up with Quayle and
          joining the circus.
          Found at:  Waukeen Promenade Circus
          Profs:  Lvl 6 - [*] Mace, Quarterstaff, Sling
                  Lvl 7 - [*] Club, Mace, Quarterstaff, Sling
          Grade:  C+  A cleric/mage combines all magics into one (not Druid spells,
                      but nobody's perfect), which is an incredible bonus.  Except
                      that she has rather weak stats.  She doesn't excel anywhere,
                      no single one stat stands out.  As such she isn't worth
                      keeping around for very long.
        Anomen    S    D   C   I   W   Ch    Race       Class          Alignment
                18/52  10  16  10  12  13    Human  Fighter/Cleric   Lawful Neutral
          Anomen may not be a Paladin but he is deeply involved with the Order of
          the Radiant Heart.  He believes in Law over all other concerns, making
          him neither good nor evil.
          Found at:  Copper Coronet (Slums)
          Profs:  Lvl 6 -  [*]  Warhammer, Sword & Shield Style
                           [**] Mace, Sling
                  Lvl 10 - [*]  Quarterstaff, Warhammer, Sword & Shield Style
                           [**] Mace, Sling
          Grade:  C+  At the point in the game when you run across this guy is just
                      won't fit into your party.  As you can see by his wisdom
                      score he doesn't make for a good Cleric, and with his DEX
                      score, he doesn't make that great a Fighter either.
                      Anomen later gets a chance to "upgrade", when he can either
                      join the Knights or fail.  If he joins he gains a +4 to his
                      Wisdom score, which improves him as a Cleric.  If he fails,
                      he becomes emotionally unstable and may attack other party
                      members. (after a conversation, of course)
          Upgrade:  B-
        Edwin       S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                    10   10  16  18  10  10      Human      Mage        Lawful Evil
          Edwin was with you on your last adventures, and he and Minsc don't like
          each other in the least.  Edwin had wanted to kill Minsc's witch,
          Dynaheir, and now that she is dead, Edwin won't leave Minsc alone about
          Edwin gets the most spells of any mage, +3 for every level (1 from his
          Conjurer bonus, and 2 from his non-removable amulet).
          Found at:  Shadow Thieves Guild (Docks, talk to Renal Bloodscalp)
          Profs:  Lvl 7 -  [*] Dagger, Quarterstaff
                  Lvl 12 - [*] Dagger, Quarterstaff, Sling
          Grade:  B+  What his stats don't tell you is that Edwin gets bonus spells
                      making him the best mage in the game.  The downside is that
                      he is weak as a kitten and has so very little HP.
        Haer'Dalis   S   D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class       Alignment
                    17   17  9   15  13  16   Tiefling     Blade    Chaotic Neutral
          Haer'Dalis is not from around here.  In fact he isn't even from this
          plane of existence!  He is a Tiefling, born with part demon blood.  It
          gives him an odd appearance and an even stranger attitude about life.
          Found at:  Sewers (follow the Raelis Quest from the Five Flagons)
          If kicked out:  Haer'Dalis will go to the main floor of the Five Flagons.
          Profs:  Lvl 10 - [*]  Dagger, Dart
                           [**] Short Sword, Two Weapon Style
                  Lvl 13 - [*]  Dagger, Dart, Longsword
                           [**] Short Sword, Two Weapon Style
                  Lvl 15 - [*]  Dagger, Dart
                           [**] Longsword, Short Sword, Two Weapon Style
          Grade:  D+  The ONLY Bard in the game, and he happens to be lacking the
                      one thing that makes Bards extra special, their Lore ability.
                      That said, he makes a great warrior, for a Bard.  But if I
                      wanted a warrior, I'd take a warrior
        Jan         S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race     Class        Alignment
                    9    17  15  16  14  10     Gnome   Thief/Mage  Chaotic Neutral
          Jan loves turnips.  Almost literally!  And like most gnomes he is very
          eccentric, and loves to ramble on with stories that never get to the
          points.  He wants to steal Boo from Minsc, and if he ever succeeded, one
          would imagine he wouldn't live long after that.
          Found at:  Government District (near the Government offices)
          Profs:  [*] Crossbow, Dagger, Quarterstaff, Shortsword
          Grade:  B+  My favorite Thief/Illusionist in the game!  The only Thief/
                      Illusionist in the game!  Unlike the other thief/mages he is
                      a multi-class rather than a dual class, which is both a good
                      and a bad thing.  He keeps improving his thief skills, but
                      gains levels slower.  Plus he can make his own ammunition for
                      his crossbow. These "flashers" work like Skull Traps and
                      will stun enemies, but not party members.
        Keldorn     S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                    17   9   17  12  16  18     Human     Paladin       Lawful Good
          Keldorn is a dedicated man.  So dedicated that he goes months without
          seeing his family.  This will lead to conflict, and may cause Keldorn to
          leave your party forever.
          Found at:  Temple District Sewers (MUST start the Unseeing Eye quest
          Profs:  Lvl 8 -  [**] Crossbow, Longsword, Two Handed Sword
                  Lvl 9 -  [*] Bastard Sword
                           [**] Crossbow, Longsword, Two Handed Sword
                  Lvl 12 - [**] Bastard Sword, Crossbow, Longsword, Two Handed
          Grade:  B+  The only Paladin in the game.  If you want a Paladin this is
                      the way to go.  He starts out with decent armor and an
                      interesting sword (if he is hit, it deals 5 damage to what
                      hit him).  As an Inquisitor gets immunity to Charm and Hold,
                      which is very useful, and his Dispel Magic is very powerful.
        Korgan    S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                18/77  15  19  12  9   7      Dwarf    Battlerager    Chaotic Evil
          Although his alignment is listed as Chaotic Evil, Korgan is more Neutral
          Evil than anything (mercenary type that he is).  Korgan is always on the
          lookout to make a buck, no matter the cost (of lives).
          Found at:  Copper Coronet (Slums)
          If kicked out:  Will be at the Copper Coronet, but requires a Bribe to
                          rejoin you.
          Profs:  Lvl 8 -  [*] Warhammer
                           [*****] Axe
                  Lvl 9 -  [**] Warhammer
                           [*****] Axe
                  Lvl 12 - [***] Warhammer
                           [*****] Axe
          Grade:  A-  The best fighter-type in the game.  Good Strength, good
                      Constitution and adequate Dexterity.  And unlike Minsc (the
                      other "strong" character), Korgan can be a Grand Master in
                      a weapon making him very lethal indeed.  Would be an "A"
                      except that he is Evil, which makes it hard to keep him in a
                      Good aligned party. Doesn't get along with Aerie.
        Nalia       S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                    14   18  16  17  9   13     Human    Thief/Mage    Chaotic Good
          Raised as a Noble, Nalia fancies herself as a "compassionate" noble, out
          there working for the good of the common man.  She is incredibly naive
          about the world to the point of almost being stupid. (not quite, though)
          The way she is presented in-game is more Neutral Good than Chaotic Good.
          Found at:  Copper Coronet (Slums)
          If she leaves:  If you accept her quest, but don't do it right away, she
                          will leave on her own.  You will then find her near the
                          De'Arnise Hold in a wooden palisade (SW of the Hold).
          Profs:  Lvl 8 -  [*] Dagger, Quarterstaff, Shortbow, Shortsword
                  Lvl 13 - [*] Dagger, Dart, Quarterstaff, Shortbow, Shortsword
          Grade:  C+  Nalia has very puny thief skills (she dualled over to Mage at
                      level 4), making her primarily a Mage with SOME thief skills
                      thrown in for good measure.  However, as a Mage she doesn't
                      have 18 INT (which helps) and doesn't gain Edwin's spell
        Viconia     S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                    10   19  8   16  18  14    Drow Elf    Cleric      Neutral Evil
          Viconia DeVir was forced out of the Underdark and has been living as an
          exile on the surface ever since.  She journeyed with you in your earlier
          Fount at:  Government District (near the prison)
          If kicked out:  Viconia goes to the Graveyard
          Profs:  [*] Mace, Sling, Warhammer
          Grade:  B+  Personally I think she is the best Cleric in the game.  Start
                      with a great Dexterity and Wisdom and you have a great
                      character.  Give her the Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (or a
                      similar Strength enhancing item) and she moves up to an A
                      grade.  Also, the Girdle of Fortitude can be used to improve
                      her lowly constitution for 8 hours a day. (The Gauntlets are
                      part of the Planar Sphere quest, and the Girdle can be found
                      in the Unseeing Eye quest)
        Cernd       S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                   13    9   13  12  18  13     Human   Shapeshifter   True Neutral
          Cernd was investigating the strange occurrences around Trademeet when he
          was brought in by the locals.
          Found at:  Trademeet (talk to the Mayor)
          Profs:  Lvl 10 - [*] Dagger, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Sling
                  Lvl 13 - [*] Dagger, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Sling, Single Weapon
          Grade:  C+  At first glance you might think Cernd is the worst character
                      in existence.  Though not entirely true, it does have some
                      merit.  He is a good Druid due to his high Wisdom.  The
                      rest of his stats are abysmal, HOWEVER when he turns into a
                      Werewolf, his stats LEAP upwards to the point of superhuman
                      strength, dexterity and constitution.
        Mazzy       S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                    15   18  16  10  13  14    Halfling   Fighter       Lawful Good
          Mazzy is not your typical halfling.  For starters, she's not a thief of
          any sort.  Plus she's lawful good, heroic and no-nonsense.  Very atypical
          for halflings.
          Found at:  Temple Ruins (follow the Umar Hills quest from Delon at the
                     Government District)
          If kicked out:  Mazzy will return home to Trademeet
          Profs:  Lvl 8 -  [*] Shortsword
                           [*****] Shortbow
                  Lvl 9 -  [***] Shortsword
                           [*****] Shortbow
                  Lvl 12 - [****] Shortsword
                           [*****] Shortbow
          Grade:  B-  A good Halfling fighter, but... in all actuality she is
                      closer to a Halfling Paladin.  She has several special
                      abilities such as Lay on Hands and Haste. She's still best
                      used as an archer.
        Valygar     S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
                    17   18  16  10  14  10     Human     Stalker      Neutral Good
          Valygar's family has long lived in the shadow of magic.  His own mother
          went mad with the power of it and was destroyed.  Valygar escaped this
          fate by becoming a Ranger, albeit the only Ranger with mage spells
          Found at:  Valygar's Cabin (Umar Hills, NE of the town)
          Profs:  Lvl 8 -  [**] Katana, Longbow, Spear, Two Weapon Style
                  Lvl 9 -  [*] Dagger
                           [**] Katana, Longbow, Spear, Two Weapon Style
                  Lvl 12 - [**] Dagger, Katana, Longbow, Spear, Two Weapon Style
          Grade:  A-  I would have preferred that Valygar had been an Elven Archer,
                      but this is almost as good.  Valygar comes with several
                      magical items, such as his family Armor, that makes up for
                      his being a mere Stalker.  Don't get me wrong, Stalkers are
                      neat, but to get the most out of them, you need to really
                      hide in shadows and backstab a lot. If you don't want to do
                      that, pass on Valygar and use Mazzy or someone else.
      VII.      [GMPLYS]  Gameplay Strategies and Tricks
    Increase the Brightness Setting:
      The "normal" brightness setting is so dark that at times you can't see things
      that should be quite obvious.  So go into the Graphics options and move up
      the Brightness and Contrast settings!
    Save a Lot:
      The most important strategy in the game:  Save often!
      There are 3 times when you should definitely save the game.  When you win a
      battle, before you go to sleep, and everywhere else.  You never know when you
      will go to a new area, have your best warrior charmed, and have half your
      party killed.  So save often.  Also don't just save over the same slot over
      and over, use at least 10 slots.  This also means you should probably avoid
      the Quick Save.  Well... not avoid, just don't use it exclusively.
      What I would do is to create an "Archive Save" whenever you enter a new major
      area.  So when you get to the beginning of a new area save it as "Starting
      out in..." and so forth.
    Start with All your Old Items:
      [from Dranyth]
      When importing a character from BG, or even re-importing a character from BG2
      to go through again, you can retain your character's equipment in the
      beginning of the game (I imagine this would work in multiplayer as well as
      single player, but I've only tried it in single player).  First, give your
      character all the great stuff you want to start with and then Export him to a
      character file, then start BG2 and start a single player game, importing your
      freshly exported character with all his goodies as your new character.  Then
      when you finish your character creation it begins loading the first area, as
      soon as the loading screen completes but before it actually starts the game,
      hit the Spacebar once, now when the game starts you should be on a black
      screen and paused.
      If the game isn't paused, you'll have to start over after the whole in-game
      sequence is over, but if the game is paused you should have your sidebars up
      and everything (if it's a completely black screen you'll need to hit H to
      reveal the hidden sidebars), and you can go into your character's inventory.
      Immediately put all of your character's stuff on the ground, then exit his
      inventory and unpause the game, that first cry you give is where you lose
      everything that is on your character.  Now, after the sequence is over and
      you're finished talking with Imoen (when you first have control over
      yourself), go back into your inventory and you'll see that all of your stuff
      is on the ground right where you left it, actually sitting on the floor of
      your cage.  Take your advanced equipment and go forth to kick evil butt!
      (hey, if Minsc can hide Boo...)
      Editor's Note:  Another way to do this would be to start a new Multiplayer
                      Game with a new character.  As soon as the game starts, then
                      delete this character and import your old one.
    Magic Items and the Monsters who Require that you Have One to even Hit Them
      Moderate SPOILERS
      At some point in the game, you'll get the "weapon ineffective" message.
      This usually means that you need a MORE magical weapon than the one you are
      using in order to hit that monster.  For example, Iron Golems require that
      you hit them with a +3 weapon or better.  Kangaxx the Lich requires +3
      weapons or better, but his Demi-Lich form takes a +4 or better to hit.
      Generally you can tell what "enchantment" a weapon is by looking at its
      bonus to damage or THAC0.  If a sword grants +5 to THAC0, it is probably
      considered a +5 weapon.
      Some weapons, however, have an "enchantment" far beyond their bonuses.  Here
      is a small list of weapons that do more than advertised:
        Staff of the Magi, +1 THAC0, hits as a +5
        Melf's Minute Meteors, hit as a +5 (and ignore magic resistance)
        Mace of Disruption +1, hit as a +4
        Mace of Disruption +2, hit as a +5
        Daystar +2/+4 vs. Undead, hits as a +2 (boo!)
        Flametongue +1, hits as a +4
        Hammer +1/+4 vs. Giants, hits as a +4
      Alignment        Familiar       AC   HP    Abilities
      ---------------  -------------  --   --    ----------------------------------
      Lawful Good      Pseudo Dragon  -2   24    50% magic resistance, renders
                                                 victims unconscious, casts Blur
      Neutral Good     Pseudo Dragon  -2   24    (same as above)
      Chaotic Good     Fairy Dragon    4   24    32% magic res., casts Invisibility
                                                 10' Radius & Mirror Image 1/day
      Lawful Neutral   Ferret          0   24    50% magic res., 75% Pickpocket,
                                                 40% Stealth, 20% Detect Traps
      True Neutral     Rabbit         -4   16    50% Detect Traps, 30% Stealth,
                                                 75% resistance to fire, cold, elec
      Chaotic Neutral  Cat             0   24    20% Pickpocket, 99% Stealth,
                                                 50% magic res.
      Lawful Evil      Imp             2   18    Polymorphs, 25% magic res.
      Neutral Evil     Dust Mephit     6   24    Casts Glitterdust 2/day, 10% magic
      Chaotic Evil     Quasit          2   24    Casts Horror, 25% magic resist.
        Note:  To get items that were pickpocketed by a Familiar, talk to the
               Familiar and ask for any items they have.
               Also, familiars get upgraded in Throne of Bhaal, see that section
               above for more information.
      Familiars are great.  Sure, only the Main Character can have a familiar
      (which means that if your Main Character can't cast Magic, you won't get one)
      and sure if they die then you permanently lose one point of Constitution.
      But Familiars make the best spies.  They move faster than anyone else.  Cast
      invisibility on a Familiar and you can scout out an entire area. (too bad
      they can't check for traps)
      The best feature of Familiars?  They add HP to their mages!  Say you summon
      a 24 HP Pseudodragon (size-wise think of that little dragon Eddie Murphy
      voiced in "Mulan").  Then your mage gets a bonus of half that dragon's HP
      added to himself, or a bonus of +12 HP.
      Familiars are NOT fighters.  Never use them as such.  At best they have
      special attacks that can render opponents helpless.  In fact, unless you have
      a specific task you should keep your familiar in your Backpack.  To put them
      there, talk to the Familiar (you have to click the Talk icon) and ask them
      to go in your pack.  They are completely safe in the pack.  To get them back
      out again, simply right-click the Familiar.
        Note:  If you are a Sorcerer, DO NOT LEARN THE SPELL FIND FAMILIAR!!  You
               can only learn a maximum of 5 spells per level and you don't want
               to waste it on a spell that you cast ONCE.  Buy a scroll and cast it
               from the Scroll. (Put it in the Quick Item slot, then at the main
               screen click that scroll)  You will also find this scroll in the
               De'Arnise Hold if you are having trouble finding it.
        Warning:  Familiars can be LOST during transitions to and from various
                  areas.  Some that I know of are the Planar Prison and Jarlaxle's
                  pocket dimension.  What happens is your party is automatically
                  teleported to a new area, but the Familiar is left behind.  That
                  familiar is then lost for good.
        Trick:  The easiest way for a non-mage character to gain a Familiar is to
                use Alex Malano's "Anyone can cast Mage Scrolls" strategy.  Just
                pause the game, go to your inventory, right-click a potion in the
                backpack to drink it, then swap slots with the Find Familiar scroll
                and the potion.  Leave the inventory and unpause.  You will cast
                the spell and get a Familiar.
        Trick:  Using familiars as a bag of holding: Certain familiars can
                pickpocket people, including party members. There seems to be no
                limit to the amount of stuff they can keep on them. Drop all the
                stuff except what you want to get store in your familiar. Have him
                pickpocket you until he gets all of it. Interesting way for a solo
                mage to get all the loot in a dungeon out in one go.
                [from Xander77]
        Trick:  You can, of course, export a character after they got the HP from
                the familiar.  Then when you start a new game, you'll still have
                the extra HP and can then summon a new familiar.  Repeat as
                desired.  However, at that point, you're better off just getting
                ShadowKeeper (http://www.mud-master.com/shadowkeeper/) and setting
                your HP as high as you want.
    Keeping Summoned Monsters
      [from Xander77]
      The take away monster: The trick for taking a group of summoned creatures
      through a doorway and into another area is fairly simple. Concentrate your
      party near the doorway. Concentrate the monster group farther away from the
      doorway. Pause your game. Have the monster group attack a character in the
      party. Select the entire party (NOT including the summoned monsters). Click
      on the doorway to enter it. Voila! You are now in the new area and your
      summoned monsters have followed you there. At this point, they are colored
      green, but are not under your command - the talk icon is shown when you click
      on them (they have nothing to say, if you wonder). They will attack any
      enemies they see, though. But this is not quite over. Save your game. Load
      it. The summoned creatures are now under your command.
      This works with 80% of the doors that only have a "Loading" screen when you
      enter them, and 40% of the doors that have both "Saving" and "Loading" screen
      when you enter them.
    Duplicating items via Simulacrum
      [from Xander77]
      Have the book of many spells in your quick item slot. Summon a Simulacrum.
      Make him turn the page in the book. The book should disappear from his quick
      item slot. Kill the Simulacrum. The book is amongst his remains.  This works
      ONLY with the book of many spells and ONLY in SoA.
    Full strength Simulacrum
      [from Xander77]
      The mechanic which the game uses for creating a Simulacrum is fairly
      simple -- create a duplicate of the caster and afflict him with level drain.
      If you cast a Simulacrum then cast restoration on him, you will get a full
      strength duplicate of the caster. This obviously works best with a fighter
      using Vhailor's helm. Make sure the Simulacrum has a couple of healing
      potions in his quick item slot.
    Weapon Effects While Shapeshifted:
      [from K.C.]
      When a character shapeshifts the effects and equipped abilities from whatever
      weapons were equipped will still be in effect.  I found this out when my main
      character turned into the Slayer and his claws still had the stunning effect
      of the Celestial Fury.  Later I gave Cernd the Staff of the Ram and sure
      enough when he turned into a werewolf he was still able to knock opponents
    Cromwell the Smithy:
      Throughout the game you will get spiffy little pieces of great items.  These
      pieces can then be put together by Cromwell the Smithy.  His average price
      is 5,000 gold and it takes a day or two to make.  Oh, and you have to stay
      and help him (so, I hope you weren't already late for something).
      Here is a list of things he can make:
        Item                    Needs (where it is)
        The Equalizer Sword --  Pommel Jewel of the Equalizer   (Irenicus' Dungeon)
                                Hilt of the Equalizer (Mind Flayer City, Underdark)
                                Blade of the Equalizer   (Beholder City, Underdark)
        The Wave Halberd    --  Wave Blade                          (Sahuagin City)
                                Wave Shaft                          (Planar Prison)
        Gesen Short Bow     --  Gesen Shaft                (Tanner's House, Bridge)
                                Gesen String                            (Spellhold)
        The Crom Faeyr      --  Scroll of Crom Faeyr                (Shadow Dragon)
                                Hammer of Thunderbolts      (Illithid Lair, Sewers)
                                Gauntlets of Ogre Power             (Planar Sphere)
                                Girdle of Frost Giant Strength          (Underdark)
        Mace of Disruption +2 - Mace of Disruption +1                (Bodhi's Lair)
                                Illithium Ore           (Athkatla, Bridge District)
        Vorpal Sword        --  Silver Hilt      (On a Githyanki, Slums, Chapter 6)
                                Silver Blade           (Saemon Havarian, Spellhold)
        Ankheg Plate Mail   --  Ankheg Shell                      (Windspear Hills)
        Shadow Dragon Leat. --  Shadow Dragon Scales             (Abandoned Temple)
        Red Dragon Plate    --  Red Dragon Scales                 (Windspear Hills)
      These are without a doubt the most powerful artifacts in the game.  The Crom
      Faeyr is probably the best of these, since it sets one's strength to 25.
      (it's a War Hammer with +5 to hit)
      The Wave Halberd should be kept for ToB as it kills elementals in one hit.
    Cromwell Trick, Don't Lose your Ingredients!
      [from Alessio Ronchi]
      Cromwell takes your scales away only after he finishes his work and not when
      he begins.
      Of course this method works with EVERY artifacts Cromwell can forge. So if
      you are disappointed because you have to give up the girdle of frost giants
      to make the Crom Fayer, just kill and resurrect your player who carries the
      artifacts and that's it! (I used Harper's call because it costs nothing and
      doesn't make you lose 1 point of CON). Oh, you should attack someone who has
      few HP, otherwise you just risk to injure him and nothing else... and your
      stuff is are gone.
      So this is my procedure:
      1 - make someone attack your "carrier" before talking to Cromwell
      2 - talk to Cromwell and have him forge your artifact
      3 - watch...
      4 - resurrect and recollect!
      Editor's Note:  I hear you can also just pause the game and remove the item.
    Other Assembled Items:
      These have nothing to do with Cromwell, but are assembled nonetheless.
      Flail of the Ages       -- Flail Head (Cold)                 (De'Arnise Hold)
                                 Flail Head (Fire)
                                 Flail Head (Acid)
      Bronze Horn of Valhalla -- Silver Horn of Valhalla     ("Fish" House, Bridge)
                                 Diamond                                 (anywhere)
      Iron Horn of Valhalla   -- Bronze Horn of Valhalla        (Maheer, Promenade)
                                 Beljuril              (In a Chicken, Umar's Hills)
      Human Flesh Armor       -- Human Flesh               (Tanner's House, Bridge)
                                 Silver Dragon Blood                    (Underdark)
      The Horns of Valhalla are made by Maheer in the Waukeen's Promenade.  See
      that section for more details.
    Mordenkainen's Sword has a Greenstone Amulet:
      [from Dranyth]
      I was in Firkraag's Temple in the area just past the Orcish-Archers-behind-
      the-walls ambush, in the hall where you get attacked by the various golems.
      I happened to get attacked by an adamantite golem and two stone golems and
      backed off to let the stone golems into the room to take them out first, then
      went back up to see what I could do about the adamantite golem.  I cast
      Mordenkainen's Sword and sent the sword after it while I sat back and
      watched.  The golem had just coughed up one of his mini-Cloudkills and after
      a round or two my sword somehow got poisoned by it and began taking 1 damage
      a second.  After it took 36 damage, the sword died.  On the sword's body was
      a Greenstone Amulet!
      While I was writing this it occurred to me that if it had it when it died,
      perhaps you could pick pocket it... so I just summoned a Mordenkainen's
      Sword, had Yoshimo quaff a potion of Master Thievery to ensure success, and
      sure enough, when I pick pocketed the sword it gave me a Greenstone Amulet!
      I believe this is a very regular occurrence then, I hope it will be useful.
      As I haven't fought Illithids yet, I'm not sure if these Amulets are that
      useful against them or not, but from their description I'd imagine so...
        ToB Note:  This was removed for Throne of Bhaal.
    Healing Flame Trick:
      [from Mike O]
      Slight SPOILER
      It turns out that raising a character's resistance to something above 100 not
      only blocks all damage by that kind of element, but actually heals the
      character by a small amount relative to the amount of damage that should have
      been done. The place I discovered this is also probably the best place to
      take advantage of it - in the Temple Ruins. If you stand on the incorrect
      letter of the room where you are supposed to spell out Amaunator's name you
      will get nailed repeatedly by a Flame Strike spell. But when I used the Red
      Dragon Scale in conjunction with a Fire Resistance ring and one other item I
      can't remember to raise different character's resistances to fire above 100,
      I could just sit them there and watch their health bars quickly raise. If you
      are evil in alignment you also get to enjoy their screaming in pain as they
      roast :) Any trap that causes damage of a certain type repeatedly will work,
      though fire traps are probably the most useful since items that provide fire
      resistance are more common than any other kind.
      Editor's Note:  There are also Fire resistant spells.  Further, this works
                      with any Resistance over 100%, including weapon resistances!
      You really want a high reputation.  The higher the better.  Even if you have
      an evil party you want a high reputation.  If you have a good or neutral
      party, try for a reputation of 20, if you have an evil party, you still want
      a reputation of 18 (the highest you can go before all the evil people start
      leaving).  Because of these various things, I would not recommend having a
      mixed alignment party.  By mixed I mean good and evil combined.  The best
      part about a good reputation is that everything is given the "hero discount",
      up to 50% off of items in stores!
        Note:  If you get an Evil person to join and your reputation is ALREADY
               above 18, then they will stay.  Unless your reputation changes
               again.  If you start at 20, get someone to join, then go down to 19
               they might leave anyway. [from Moby]
        Trick:  You know how if your reputation hits 19, evil people will leave the
                party? You can prevent this if you have Viconia. Whenever Viconia
                joins you, you lose 2 Rep. Whenever you dump her, you gain 2 Rep.
                So, whenever I found a quest where I would get a reputation point
                reward (after my reputation had reached 18), I would just load the
                game to a saved game before getting the reward, dismiss Viconia
                (and ask her to wait right there). My reputation would become 20.
                Then getting the reward would not change the reputation (since max
                rep is 20). Then get back Viconia, and rep falls to 18 again. This
                means that rep will always be 18 (you can always dump her to buy
                and sell stuff, then get her back). I don't know if you need to
                remove Edwin and Korgan too, but I believe they should be removed
                before your rep hits 20 when Viconia is removed. They may not gain
                some of the quest xp. Still, Viconia's level was good enough for
                turn undead [from Jafar Sadeq, sharktooth@hotmail.com].
    Level/Ability Drain:
      One of the more annoying abilities of Undead creatures (Shadows, Wraiths,
      Vampires) is their ability to drain your characters stats or levels.  First,
      it should be noted that Stat drains are TEMPORARY and given some time your
      stats will return to normal.  No special action need be taken.
      However, LEVEL drains are NOT temporary.  They must be reversed with a
      Restoration spell.  Priests get the spell "Lesser Restoration" with their
      4th level spells (A Priest must be on level 7 to cast 4th level spells).
      There are also Restoration scrolls and temples offer that service as well.
      Until they are restored, your people will be operating as though they were on
      a lower level, however they still accrue experience as normal; so once
      restored they will be fine.
      The main character can have a bit of a romantic subplot with certain
      companions who join you.
        Male Character   -- Viconia, Jaheira or Aerie
        Female Character -- Anomen
      Romances can only start in the city, or outside, NOT in a dank dungeon.
      (usually, there are exceptions) I'm not entirely sure how these work and
      assume that they just "happen".  There is a slight consequence to having a
      romance with someone, but it doesn't come up until Chapter 6.
      Romances are essentially just the NPC and your character chatting.
      Relationships develop depending on your reactions to what they say.  For
      example, Viconia respects strength, Jaheira honesty and Aerie niceness.
      Also, Romances have various subplots related to them:
        Viconia:  attacked by a Drow and a Yochlol
        Jaheira:  attacked by Bandits*
        Aerie:    no subplot
        Anomen:   Seeks revenge for the death of his father
        * I'd recommend downloading the Jaheira Improved Romance file, which you
          can find here:
        The Viconia romance has a "bad" ending no matter what you do.  That is, you
        sleep with her, and she then decides to break up with you.  Nothing you can
        do about it, really.  It should also be noted that Viconia sleeps with you
        really fast, then treats you bad before giving in to you once more.
        In order to get a positive ending with Aerie, you must choose to NOT sleep
        with her.  This still ends the romance (completes it, you could say), but
        on a more positive note.
      Haer'Dalis and Aerie can even have a little "fling."  (I've heard on the
      official boards that Haer'Dalis was originally meant to be the second male
      romance, but that it was taken out due to time constraints.  That is, in fact
      why he has a fling with Aerie, it was meant to be a Love Triangle, where he
      eventually chooses your character)
      Some things to keep in mind about romances:
        The gender of the main character for romance purposes is fixed at the
        very beginning of the game. This means that the girdle of gender bender
        will not have any effect on romances, and that you can start a multiplayer
        game with a male character, then switch to a female character and pursue a
        lesbian romance with Jaheira, Aerie or Viconia (or vice versa with
        Anomen - perish the thought).  (Per Jorner)
        Dropping a love interest from the party will terminate the romance, so
        don't start one with someone you aren't willing to keep around permanently.
        This means that you won't be able to juggle Viconia for the reputation
        shifts if you're seeing her. (Alan Cherry)
        Also, a bug in Jaheira's script will break the romance off if she gets
        petrified after you're been summoned to the Harper Hold. After you de-stone
        her, Jaheira immediately takes off for the Harper Hold when you try to have
        her rejoin the party, even if you've already gone there.  You can pick her
        up at the Docks, but the romance is still over. (I didn't know this had
        happened until Aerie started flirting again). You'll have to reactivate the
        romance from the console to proceed with it. (Alan Cherry)
        Editor's Note:  You could reactivate it with the console:
                        or you could just download the program Shadowkeeper.
        The romance talks work on real time not game time, for instance if your
        having a romance with Aerie and she talks to you on day 10 you couldn't
        rest in an inn for 10 days and then she'd speak to you. Rather it seems
        you have to wait about 30 min to 1 hour of your time before she speaks to
        you again. Unfortunately this doesn't mean your romantic NPC is going to
        speak to you every time sometimes you have to do something else before they
        talk to you again e.g. Jaheira won't talk to you after a while if you
        haven't done the bandit quest. (Miguel)
        Jaheira Note:  Firstly if you buy Jaheira a necklace from a merchant in the
                       docks area (next to the temple) and then tell her you have
                       feelings for her this will start a romance with her, however
                       you will not get summoned to the Harper hold (after the Xzar
                       quest) until you have done the bandit Quest. Then After
                       being summoned to the hold and completing that section the
                       entire Harper quest is then tied up with Jaheira's romance
                       talks, after 2 or 3 chats the next part of the Harper quest
                       continues. (Miguel)
      Romances will be continued in Throne of Bhaal.
      Also, you might want to visit the BG2 page at:
      To find some interesting utilities dealing with romances.
    Limited Wish:
      The limited Wish spell can be very powerful... however it can also have some
      pretty dire consequences.  When cast it summons a Genie who will grant two
      types of wishes: repeatable and one-time wishes.  By repeatable it means that
      you can wish for that again (such as healing your party), a one-time wish
      disappears after it is cast once.  Whether you can wish for something at ALL
      is determined by how much WISDOM the caster has.  Then whether the wish
      is successful is also based on WISDOM.
        Andrea Nicoli has this tip:
          I experimented them with Nalia (little dumb girl with only WIS 9) and
          lost all my spells.  Then I discovered that, if you do not wait
          for the Dao to speak with you, but talk to him yourself quick with
          another character (I used Aerie who has WIS 17) you can get the whole
          list! (I think that in this way you can get your big fighter to receive
          the shapechanging ability, but I could not try because I had already used
          the one time wish).  In this way you do not need a high WIS mage to cast
          this spell.
        Repeatable Wishes:                          Wisdom         Result
          I wish for my entire party to be healed. (WIS 10+) -- Heals the party
          I wish that none of my party would die   (WIS 9-)  -- poisons the party
          of their wounds.
          I wish that spells I have cast would be  (WIS 16+) -- get Spells back
          restored, that I might cast them again!
          I wish for my spells to be restored!     (WIS 15-) -- lose Spells already
          I wish to make my party invulnerable.    (WIS 12+) -- casts Globes of
                                                                Invulnerability for
                                                                the party
          I wish that magic would fail to affect   (WIS 11-) -- Party can't cast
          me or my party.                                       spells
          I wish to summon a horde to overrun my enemies.    -- Summons a rabbit
          I wish to be protected from the undead.  (WIS 10+) -- Negative Plane
                                                                Protection, Party
          I wish to be protected from undead       (WIS 9-)  -- Summons Vampires
          right now.
        One Time Wishes:
          I wish to be rich.                       (WIS 10+) -- gives 2000 gold and
                                                                several gems
          I wish for a powerful magical item.      (WIS 11+) -- Full Plate +2
          I wish to be more experienced.           (WIS 3+)  -- summons several
                                                                Golems to fight
          I wish to see all as it really is.       (WIS 12+) -- Glasses of
          I wish for an adventure like none        (WIS 10+) -- starts the "gong"
          I've ever experienced before.                         quest, and gives
                                                                you a scroll
          I wish for control over time.            (WIS 14+) -- casts Time Stop
          I wish to be anything I desire.          (WIS 6+)  -- Allows you limited
          I wish to be prepared for anything.      (WIS 10+) -- casts Chain
          I wish that all my enemies will die.     (WIS 11+) -- casts Wail of the
    Dual Wield Meteors:
      [from Lani Weaver]
      Here's a great tip for those dual or multi-classed fighter-mages:  Put all
      the slots you can into dual-wield, dual wield your best weapon in your off
      hand, then cast Melf's Minute Meteors.  You will throw the meteor, then
      attack with the weapon in your off hand, from any distance!
    Lockpicking for fun and Profit:
      [from George Adam III]
      Since your party gains experience for doing simple things, such as detrapping
      and unlocking, there are naturally a few tricks to maximize this.
      If you want to behave yourself and not steal from the shopkeepers, you
      can still gain the experience from lockpicking their chests.  There are no
      consequences (rep. decrease, guards summoned, etc.) as long as you don't
      actually open the chest.
    Pickpocketing Strategies:
      [from Henning Roes]
      I spent some hours and pick-pocketed nearly everybody in the game who was not
      hostile. It's easy even in the beginning with Jan and a potion.
      Commoners and Peasants: Nothing, 1-10 gold and minor spells
      Amnish Soldiers: 20-40 gold and a 30% to get a scroll (up to level 8)
      Nobleman/Noblewoman: jewels and gold
      It's worthy to take several trials on the last two categories if you need
      money and spells in the beginning.
      Special items:
      Ribald in the Adventurer's Mart, Waukeen's Promenade:    Ring of Regeneration
      Guardian Telwyn in the Temple of Helm, Temple District:        Helm of Glory*
      Tolgerias in the Council of Six Building, Government District:  Ring of Ram**
      Taquee the Djinn in Trademeet:                              Bottle of Efreeti
      Lord Feveron, in the Bridge district:                    Scroll of Simulacrum
      Lady of the Keep, de'Arnise hold:    Scroll of Protection from Normal Weapons
      * Quest reward, if you want to have it before completing the quest
      ** He will drop another one after defeating him in the Planar Sphere
      Regardless of how high the thieving skills are, there's always a 1% of
      failure.  Quicksave is a must.  It's possible to steal from everybody who has
      a cyan circlet. So you can steal the Ring of Gaxx and get another one by
      killing him (but this seems to be cheating). Charming the creature increases
      the chances of pick-pocketing, but don't do this to important NPCs.
    A Stealing Trick:
      [from David Weldon]
      Here is a strategy that I used to great effect once I got the thieves
      guild stronghold.  It actually only requires that you find a merchant
      who will buy stolen goods.
      First, save up 20K or so to buy the most expensive item you can find in
      Athkatla.  Buy that item, then go sell it to the merchant who will buy stolen
      goods.  (for example, Jayes in the right part of Waukeen's Promenade)
      Have a thief drink 5 or 6 potions of master thievery (you won't need any
      more after this, so use all of them that you can buy from local
      merchants if you want.  I generally stopped at around 250 or so Pick
      Proceed to steal and sell back the same item over and over to the
      merchant.  You can rack up any amount of gold that you would want, and
      then never have to worry about stealing anything again.
      I actually bought and sold 4 items at a time, because that's what you
      can click on the interface screen without moving the slider.  I netted
      about 30000 from the four items each time, and in less than 5 minutes I
      had more gold than I will ever need.
      It's a lot more rewarding to rip off the thieves' guild and laugh at how
      stupid their merchants are than it is to just edit your gold amount with
      a cheat or editor.  At least, I felt so!
      [from Clayton a.k.a. Lord Nazgul, Monk Savant]
      What you need:
      - some gold (the more the merrier)
      - a store selling high quantities of the items you want (i.e., selling 5
      fireball spells as opposed to selling 5 single different spells)
      - something to sell (that short sword the goblin had works well)
      - a buyer with lots of room for the purchase
      What you do:
      - Select the items you wish to purchase (taking multiple copies where
      available).  The cost will go up as normal, but don't worry about the cost
      yet.  Notice the cost though.
      - BEFORE purchasing, sell the short sword (or whatever else).  Upon
      completing the sale, you'll notice the cost will drop to the price as if you
      only selected a single copy of each item.
      - Complete the purchase.  You will be allowed to make the purchase as long
      as you have enough money to cover the "cost" that is displayed.  The game
      however still tries to charge you what it should cost.  However, it will not
      leave you with a negative gold value.
      I've tried this in a number of stores now, and it has worked well.  Works
      especially well with the merchant at the city gate.  He had some nice
      scrolls, but I didn't have enough to purchase for all my mages.  I figure
      he's owes me one after I stopped him from getting killed.
    Leveling up a Dual-Classed Mage Quickly:
      If your main character was one class, and is now being dual classed to a
      mage, you will be at quite the disadvantage until your old class abilities
      resurface. (which happens when your current level, exceeds your old class'
      level)  To speed things up, we take advantage of the Experience for Spells
      First, save it.  Then kick everyone out of the party.  Now buy every spell
      you can, and learn every possible spell.  Not only are you gaining
      experience, but you will be quickly gaining whole levels.  This probably
      won't get you above your Dual Class requirement, but it will help a lot.
    Learning more Mage Spells than Normal:
      Normally mages are limited by their Intelligence as to how many spells they
      can learn per level.  For example, someone with 17 INT can learn only 14
      spells per level.  To get around this, simply drink a Potion of Genius (or
      other INT raising potion) and learn all the spells you want.  This also works
      to increase the ODDS that you successfully learn the spell.
      Although an easier way to increase the odds that you learn a spell is to
      temporarily drop the difficulty of the game to 'normal' where all spells are
    Anyone can cast Mage Scrolls:
      [from Alex Malano]
      First, go into the inventory screen and drink, use a potion (may work with
      other use items, however I have not tested this).  If you're playing in
      multiplayer you'll need to pause first.
      Then, replace the location of the "drunken" potion with any scroll of your
      choice, and exit the inventory screen.
      If done correctly, the character should start to cast the spell, and the
      potion is not used up.
      Editor's Note:  Also an interesting way to get a non-mage main character a
    Gem Replication Trick
      [from K.C.]
      Remember that bug cheat in BGI that let you replicate gems?  You would place
      a potion in your quick item slot, replace it with a gem, and then "use" the
      gem twice to change the number amount.  It still works in BGII.  Just R-click
      on a potion in your inventory to drink it and swap it for a rogue stone, for
      example.  The number will disappear.  Now do it again and the number changes
      to 65535, which is FFFF in hexadecimal notation.  This is more than enough
      gold to finance your entire game all the way through ToB.
      Editor's Note:  If you're in multiplayer, make sure that game is PAUSED
                      before doing this trick.
    "Fake Talk" as Applied to Stealing from Shopkeepers:
      [from Aleph]
      Kudos to your "talk-fight" strategy.  I have expanded on this a bit, and
      would like to give you another way to use it beyond dragonslaying...
      it's called the "Absent-Minded Shopkeeper".
      1)  Enter store.
      2)  Save game.
      3)  Ask to see goods and start stealing away from the Steal screen.
      4)  The second you are caught and the steal screen disappears, hit space
          bar.  Don't even wait for the normal screen to come back.
      5)  While paused, click on the storekeeper again (talk function) and
          unpause.  If timed right, you will be able to talk to them again, and
          thus continue stealing.  You can also quicksave while paused if you
          doubt your reflexes.
      6)  At the end, talk to the shopkeeper without getting caught and you
          should be able to walk away without their turning red, rep loss, etc.
      Great places to steal are the armorer in Waukeen's Promenade, the mage at
      the back of Ribald's, the scroll guy in the Promenade, Gareth's contact
      (for glasses of ID), Trademeet (for acid club, inertia belt, others),
      and Underdark.  Also note that while you can't steal from Ribald's
      goods, you can pickpocket him for a ring of regeneration.
        Note:  There are times when this strategy will fail, causing the people to
               go hostile anyway.
      Stolen items can then be sold at any shopkeep whose goods are "stolen".
      (Roger the Fence, the Thieves Guild, etc.)
    Manipulating Things, without anyone Noticing:
      [from Rolander]
      For some reason, if you are stealthed or invisible and you manipulate those
      objects, you do NOT come out of stealth/invisible mode and enemies (if
      present) will remain ignorant of your presence.  Dunno if it's a bug, but
      it can avoid some unnecessary battle if you use a stealthed/invisible
      character to go in, activate and get out.  (e.g. in the Shade Lord quest, I
      used a stealthed character to grab the 1st sun gem and snuck him past the
      gathered shadows without a fight)
    Getting an object from someone without killing him:
      [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
      Not wanting to kill off the fellow captive clonewoman who mistakes you
      for Irenicus I charmed and then used pickpocket on her to get the key
      needed to remove one of the wands in the later wand-trap room.  I used
      the same trick on Mook (the only Shadow Thief that detected as good)
      in order to steal the shipment from her for Bodhi.  It may help to
      cast doom or greater malison on the target to make sure the charm
      spell works.  Keep in mind that you may need a high (potion enhanced)
      pickpocket skill to do this and Mook's shipment weighs 50 pounds.
    Getting hostile people out of the way without fighting:
      [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
      After I pickpocketed Mook I wanted to put her someplace she wouldn't
      attack me when the charm spell ended.  I brought us over to Mae Var's
      guild (which I had already cleared out) used the trick where I told
      her to attack a party member just before we went through the door.
      Once inside I left Mook and hand the party leave.  Mook stayed inside
      and wasn't around to attack my party when the spell wore off, this can
      be used on other hostiles as well.
    Another way to get rid of people without losing Rep:
      [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
      Use a charm person or dominate spell on someone you want to get rid of
      (this turns their circle green and makes them an ally under your
      control).  Then send them to fight the nearest monster without a good
      weapon in hand.  If there is no nearby monster just cast summon
      monster spell and shoot one is a ranged weapon this turns summoned
      monsters (except dire wolves) hostile (shown by their circle turning
      red).  The monster usually attacks party member or ally that is
      closest to it (which will be the individual you want to get rid of if
      you position them right).
      Why do this?  You don't get any exp but you get rid of bad people that
      hide behind the rest of society.  One example is the merchant that
      tries to blackmail you into paying for his caravan in one of the
      fighter stronghold subquests.  People you sometimes give items or gold
      to, such as this merchant may drop it if they die-thus you can give in
      to the merchants demands and then get your money back (don't think of
      trying this on shopkeepers as this will not work and you will not be
      able to shop there again).  Note:  If you get rid of people important
      for later subquests (like the Roenalls) before you do them then you
      loose the chance to do that particular subquest (which can mess up
      some of the fighter stronghold subquests as well as freeing Nalia when
      she gets arrested).
    Monks can wear Keldorn's Armor:
      [from ROB]
      If you read the description for Keldorn's Armor it mentions that "few others
      than" he can wear it.  Interesting.  Turns out that Monks can wear it, if
      they have these stats:
        15 STR
        17 CON
        12 INT
        18 CHA
      You can, of course, improve your stats via items.  Say you have only 14 STR
      and 3 CHA.  So, if you put on the Girdle of Hill Giant Strength and the Ring
      of Human Influence, you will raise your stats and could then wear the armor.
      This is the ONLY armor that Monks can wear!  It has an AC of 0, +1 to Saving
      Throws and Free Action on its wearer.  Of course, when your Monk hits level
      18 his natural AC is just as good as the armor, making it almost pointless.
      (You still get the Free Action and Saving Throw bonus, of course)
      So, if you have a Monk, go find Keldorn and swipe his armor.  If you want
      Keldorn in your party and feel bad about this, just remember that he can wear
      any armor he wants, while your Monk can only wear Keldorn's.
    Fighter/Mages and the Corthala Family Armor:
      [from Henning Roes]
      The Corthala Family Armor can be equipped by your main char if you can wear
      leather. But you cannot wear it if your WIS is too low. Drink a potion of
      insight, equip the armor. Then try a dispel magic on him and the additional
      WIS is gone but the armor is still equipped. Good armor for a fighter/mage
      early in the game since you can cast spells while wearing it, and it doesn't
      evaporate in the sun like Drow armor.
      Editor's Note:  The minimum requirements for wearing the armor are:
                         6 STR, 18 DEX and 11 WIS
                      Also, this only seems to work on dual classed Fighter/mages.
                      (Multi-Classed Elves and Half-Elves can't wear it)
                      Fighter/Clerics with the above stats can also weaer the
    Special Abilities:
      Your main character (Protagonist) starts the game with the special abilities
      that he/she had in Baldur's Gate.  THESE ARE NOT SET IN STONE.  If you
      created a new character from scratch these will be: (based on main
      character's Alignment)
        Lawful Good:              Neutral Good:             Chaotic Good:
        -----------------------   -----------------------   -----------------------
        Cure Light Wounds     2   Cure Light Wounds     2   Cure Light Wounds     2
        Slow Poison           2   Slow Poison           2   Slow Poison           2
        Draw Upon Holy Might  2   Draw Upon Holy Might  2   Draw Upon Holy Might  1
                                                            Vampiric Touch        1
        Lawful Neutral:            (True) Neutral:          Chaotic Neutral:
        ------------------------   ----------------------   -----------------------
        Larloch's Minor Drain  2   Cure Light Wounds    2   Cure Light Wounds     2
        Horror                 1   Horror               1   Horror                2
        Slow Poison            1   Slow Poison          1   Draw Upon Holy Might  1
        Draw Upon Holy Might   1   Draw Upon Holy Might 2   Vampiric Touch        1
        Vampiric Touch         1
        Lawful Evil:               Neutral Evil:              Chaotic Evil:
        ------------------------   ------------------------   ---------------------
        Cure Light Wounds      1   Larloch's Minor Drain  2   Larloch's Minor...  2
        Larloch's Minor Drain  1   Horror                 1   Horror              2
        Horror                 1   Slow Poison            1   Vampiric Touch      2
        Slow Poison            1   Draw Upon Holy Might   1
        Draw Upon Holy Might   1   Vampiric Touch         1
        Vampiric Touch         1                       (new charts from Death Crow)
      Souma has an interesting Evil Abilities strategy:
        I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how useful some of those evil
        powers are.  Well, it is when you use the Call Woodland Beings spell (with
        Jaheira natch).  Not only do you get to cast Mass Cure as a Level 4 spell
        instead of a Level 5 (sort of), but if you don't need the Nymph getting in
        your way afterwards, you can use those evil Larloch's Minor Drain and
        Vampiric Touches on it and gain big hit points temporarily.
        Eventually you will lose these special abilities when Irenicus finishes
        what he began at the beginning of the game.  Soon after you will gain a
        new ability, to become the Avatar of Bhaal, the Slayer.  The Slayer is
        immensely powerful, and immune to just about everything.  However...
        There are a couple things to keep in mind about the Slayer.  First, you
        lose 2 reputation points every time you become the Slayer.  Not much, but
        it can add up if you use it too often.  Second, if you stay the Slayer for
        too long at one time, you will die and the game will end.
    Larloch's Minor Drain Trick
      Casting Larloch's Minor Drain on yourself has some wonderful effects. You'd
      think that you would lose Hit points, but you gain it back from the spell...
      and more! You can actually heal yourself with an offensive spell.
    Gain More Hit Points at Level Up
      Casting Draw Upon Holy Might before going up a level (until level 10, after
      which this becomes pointless). This increases your CON, which for most
      characters, will give them bonus Hit points. Because your CON is higher
      when you gain a level, you will actually gain more hit points than normal.
      These hit points even stay with you when the Holy Might goes away. Very
      useful way to use the main character's special abilities. This is especially
      useful for fighter type main characters as they gain the full bonus from
      having a high CON.
    Dual Classing Restores Traps
      [with generous assistance from the Lord of Fire]
      One way to get Yoshimo's (or anyone's) Set Traps ability back (after having
      set a trap) is to dual class, then cancel that dual.  When that is done your
      old abilities are restored to you, including your set traps.
      Note:  Kicking a thief out of the party will reset their traps as well,
             however, any monster killed with the trap will NOT give you
    "Sandman's Ring" and the Solo Thief
      [from Xander77]
      Most people I know, sort of disregard the "Sandman's rings" (the ones that
      allow you to become invisible once per day). I found the invaluable for a
      soloing thief char. You can hide in the shadows, walk into a battle, backstab
      someone, turn the ring on, and then either walk out of the screen (if
      somebody starts casting a True Sight spell or some such, or if you want to
      let their defenses drop) then walk into the battle and backstab again. There
      are 6+ such rings throughout the game, so you can make 6+ backstabs per
      battle. And you don't have to use up potions or spells. (I really love
      once-per-day use items, because I don't feel that I "wasted" something when I
      use them)
    Raid Watcher's Keep Early
      [from zambkptkn]
      Because Watcher's Keep is a high level dungeon, most people avoid it entirely
      until late SoA or sometime in ToB.  This is a mistake.  Hit the first level
      of Watcher's Keep early in Chapter 2.  You probably won't be powerful enough
      to take out the level's final guardians, but that can wait until later.  All
      you want to do at first is snag some of the fairly lightly guarded items on
      the first level that will make your adventuring life much easier.
      Specifically: The Golem Manual, the Case of Plenty +1, the Quiver of Plenty
      +1, and the Ammo Belt.  All can be acquired by a party of even 8-10th level
      if properly equiped and played.  At the very least, buy the Potion Bag from
      Sister Garlena.  You don't have to fight anyone for this and it is more than
      worth the trip!  The only downside to this strategy is having to keep track
      of the Ritual Scroll and the Vigil Stone so you can have them when you are
      ready to clean out the rest of the keep.
    Project Simulacrum Images
      [from Timy Gadeholt]
      I discovered a neat little trick while playing BG2. If you have a sorcerer or
      mage cast Simulacrum, both the caster and the simulacrum can cast Project
      Image. Even better, the images can then cast Simulacrum on themselves (so
      you now have 4 duplicates), which in turn can cast Project Image on
      themselves. You can keep going on like that to get a huge army of simulacrums
      and images, all of which can cast spells individually. So you could have one
      group of copies casting insta-death spells on enemies, another group casting
      spells like Greater Malison and Breach, and another group casting summoning
      VIII.     [GNRLMN]  General Monster Fighting Strategies
      Basic monster fighting strategies (ones that tend to work well against all
      monsters) are in this section.  The following sections have specific advice
      for dealing with the tougher monsters.
    Basic strategies
      [from Xander77]
      Backstab from someone powerful is always good.
      Melf's Minute Meteors/Bolt of Glory/Ram's ring ignore magic resistance.
      The Inquisitor's Dispel makes every mage battle a lot easier.
      Greater Malison + Doom + Instant death spell (Finger of Death, Polymorph
      other, heck - even Chromatic Orb) = (usually) instant death.
      Slayer kills everything.
    The Invisible Door Blocker Strategy:
      [from Phobia]
      What you do is make a guy invisible with a ring, potion, stealth, etc. and
      have him stand in a doorway (if the doorway is too big, you can have two
      people standing there side by side, this only works in doorways that you
      can stand in, the HUGE ones don't count).  Then you send someone into the
      room, the invisi-guys will move to let him through, then go back into
      place, when the enemies see you, run back through the doorway.  The enemies
      will run into your invisible characters and not attack them because they
      can't see them, then you can take the enemies out with spells and ranged
      Editor's Note:  I would turn the Party AI off for this strategy.  You need
                      to prevent your invisi-guys from attacking and becoming
    A Defensive Spin Trick:
      [from Tim Marshal]
      Blades can move while in defensive spin.  All that is needed is to have the
      free action effect on the Blade before or during the spin (i.e. potion,
      spell, ring).  Haer'Dalis has become one of my best lure characters.  Equip
      him with Stoneskin, several items that grant magical resistance, and the
      ring of free action. Have him go into defensive spin and you are nearly
    The "Fake Talk to the Enemy" Strategy:
      This is one of the bigger exploits in the game, and it is incredibly
      simple to pull off.  Many enemies start out with the Light Blue circles
      around them indicating that they are neutral, which means you talk to them
      and they become hostile later. (Or sometimes they talk to you)
      What you do is this.  First make any normal battle preparations (cast
      protective spells, haste and whatnot), then PAUSE the game.  Now click on
      every enemy as though you were going to TALK to them.  Then switch over to
      attack mode and Force-Attack your enemies.  When you unpause the game they
      won't attack you.  And if there are more than one enemy, the others will
      wait a while before attacking, watching you take out their comrades!  This
      can be repeated as often as desired, and if you want to keep doing it, be
      sure to pause about every 5 seconds and continue it.  (they will become
      hostile after 6 seconds -- one round -- and attack you)
      Where is this strategy MOST useful?  Dragonslaying, of course!  The three
      dragons in the game all start out with Light Blue circles around them.  So,
      do the fake-talk to them, and start attacking.  You will get quite a lot of
      time before they raise their defenses, time that you can use to do some
        Note:  There are times when you absolutely should NOT use this strategy.
               Some monsters don't die, instead they start talking when they
               get close to death.  With the Fake Talk, you won't reach this
               point and the monsters will never die.  Don't use it on Lassal,
               Kangaxx, Lavok, Irenicus and anyone who is particularly crucial to
               the plot.
    Tough Battle Tips:
      [from Adar]
      Some basic strategies that I have heard of to kill tough monsters:
        - Back away from the monster so that you can't see it anymore, then cast
          Cloudkill.  If you're a sorcerer or have the wand, drop as many
          Cloudkills as you can. Their effects stack.
        - Use a Monk's "Quivering Palm" attack to kill it.
        - Have a Kensai/Thief backstab it.
        - Have a Cleric cast Thac0 modifying spells on self, then cast Slay
          Living on target. (Adar)
        - Summon forth a Pit Fiend, then keep the party out of the battle.
    Jan's Bruiser Mates in Overdrive!
      [from Nolan Wright]
      Jan's Flasher Master Bruiser Mate work exactly likes glyphs or skull traps.
      One way to take advantage of this -- in battles with most liches or dragons
      when you have to speak to activate the fight -- one can fire his amunition at
      your own party. They will hover next to where the party member was but won't
      explode because they aren't hostile. I've found that if you make a stock of
      these it can make some of the hardest battles easier.
    Project Image and Cloudkill:
      [from Jafar Sadeq, sharktooth@hotmail.com]
      I rested once before killing the black dragon. I used the cloudkill
      strategy, had Nalia memorize 3 project images and 6 cloudkills (using a
      ring of wizardry). Then just project image, hit 6 cloudkills in general
      direction of dragon, quickly kill the image with the best fighter (my
      beastmaster dual-wielding the bone club and gnasher) so I could get another
      image and set off more cloudkills as soon as possible. It took all three
      images' cloudkills, otherwise the damage would be so slow that it would
      cast heal before it could be killed. (I once managed to get an image to
      project another image, but wasn't been able to repeat it.) I did not rest
      once after this and finished the game without using any spell other than
      one Protection from Evil 10'.
      Editor's Note: Project Image is probably the most useful spell in the game,
                     and the easiest one to abuse as well. Using Project Image
                     you can have the image cast every spell you have, and when
                     the Image disappears, you will still have all those spells.
                     Also, the Image has no summon limit, it can summon as many
                     monsters as it wants. Very useful to summon up a dozen
                     Skeletal Warriors (or in ToB, a half dozen Planetars).
    Infinite Lightning Bolts:
      [from Brawny Lam]
      I was fighting Kuo-Toa in the underdark exit:  In the heat of battle, I
      accidentally got Imoen to cast lightning bolt on my ranger PC.  Luckily
      enough my ranger was wearing the Cloak of Mirroring, so the lightning bolt
      got reflected back to Imoen, who was wearing the Cloak of Reflection, so
      the lightning bolt kept being reflected back and forth from my ranger to
      Imoen and vice-versa.
      Now here's where it gets interesting.  Every time a lightning bolt got
      reflected, the original lightning bolt would continue to bounce around the
      room. So after a couple of reflections, I had about 4 to 5 lightning bolts
      bouncing all over the place vaporizing everything in their path.  I was
      quite happy that the Kuo-Toa were being turned into ash before my eyes, but
      not quite so happy when it killed my entire party as well, except for my
      ranger and Imoen, who were still reflecting lightning bolts back and forth.
      Not sure how useful this trick is, but I thought I'd mention it since its
      cool looking at all those lightning bolts flying all over the place.  It'll
      probably be more useful if the party was protected from electricity.
        Editor's Note: This doesn't work with a fully patched ToB game, where the
                       cloaks no longer bounce the lightning bolts.
    Set Snare Tricks:
      Strategy tip for dragons and other tough battles:  I went to the
      Windspear Hills right after doing Nalia's Keep on my first run-through,
      and when I reached the Red Dragon. I was still quite low level, as I hadn't
      done any of the town quests except Aerie's circus and the slaving ring in
      the Copper Coronet.  I figured, oh what the hell, I'll give it a go anyway,
      and proceeded to prep for battle.  By chance, I remembered Yoshimo's set
      snares ability, and strung snares all around the big lizard before
      attacking.  They must have accounted for at least half the damage I did to
      it, and I managed to kill it without any severe injuries to my party.  And
      there I was with a +5 Holy Avenger and no freaking paladin to wield it!
      Anyway, I thought I should mention this as it seems many people have
      overlooked this ability on the BBs I've looked at, and it can prove
      invaluable in any number of combats (especially those you can prep for).
      IMHO it makes the bounty hunter far superior to the other thief kits.
      [from Geoff Ulreich]
      To expand on that tip, lets consider this:  with not only Bounty Hunter
      kit's Set Special Snare ability, even a regular snare cannot be stopped by
      any creature's resistance stats or saving throws.  What that means is
      thieves' snares are, in actuality, the best weapons in the game for
      defeating just about every boss and mini-boss.  What I usually do is to set
      traps around dragons (they never initiate attack), rest, set some more,
      rest, and set more....  Since snares do not 'expire' when you rest, you can
      essentially blanket an entire area with snares.  Not only can you do this
      around tough enemies such as the dragons (Yoshimo killed the first two
      dragons for me without a single member of my party having to go on attack),
      but also such as the Mind Flayers, Beholders, and other tough(er) enemies
      in this game, some of which you can not even go near without layers and
      layers of protective spells.  Just lure them to an area FILLED with traps
      and Voila!  [from Willis Su]
      As you can see, this is so unfair it runs into game-balance issues --
      another reason I was reluctant to share the tip.  One warning to anyone
      trying such a tactic:  be diligent in removing snare notations on area
      maps, or the map WILL cause the game to crash, since it's NOT designed
      to handle so many snare notations.
      Juky & 649 of 711 have a better Snares Strategy:
        My cousin and I have found a really neat trick.  With any thief or bounty
        hunter, you can set infinite traps. Have the thief set all his/her traps,
        and then reform your party. Remove the thief from the party. The thief
        will then move to talk to your main character. He/she will ask your main
        character if his/her services are still needed. Say yes. The character
        will rejoin the party, and all his/her traps skills are refreshed.
        I have tried this many times with Yoshimo, and it has made certain tough
        battles a lot easier.
      Note:  You can also just click Dual Class, then Cancel to get your Snares
             back. [from SMShadow]
             This method is actually preferred, as the traps of a kicked-out party
             member (even if they return) won't net you any experience.
    How to Kill Civilians (without really trying):
      [from Willis Su]
      For those that are able, cast the necessary protection spells (Protection
      from Evil), and summon forth a demon (Cacofiend, Gate, etc.).  The demon
      that you summoned will tear everyone in the vicinity to shreds without
      affecting your reputation.  Just make sure your party can contain the demon
      so it kills whom you wanted it to kill, or else you may start to lose
      quest-vital NPCs.  This is in response to those neutral
      characters/townsfolks that sometimes turn hostile either through thievery
      on your part, or due to some other scripting bug.  Use it cautiously.
    The Death Spell
      The Death Spell kills all monsters with 8 or fewer hit dice. (A "Hit Die" is
      roughly the equivalent of a level) There are a great MANY monsters in the
      game that fit this bill, including, but not limited to:
        Trolls (although they'll still need to be hit with Fire or Acid, but you
          get double experience for killing them twice)
        Umber Hulks
        Mind Flayers
      The Death spell will instantly kill these bad guys.  However, Mind Flayers
      have Spell Resistance at 90%... which does limit its usefulness against them.
      (Although the Flayers guarding Phaere are considered "summoned" and will die
      instantly against this spell)
    RCL has many battle tips and strategies:
      "Um, seeya" strategy
      I just wanted to emphasize that many groups of enemies (especially ones
      with mages, such as the Slum Slavers or the second-floor enemies in the
      Guarded Compound) will be much easier to kill if you move immediately back
      downstairs/out the door, etc. (into another game area map) after they
      decide to attack you.  Some will follow you and some will not, and even if
      they do, they do it one at a time instead of moving as a group like yours,
      giving you windows to take them out one at a time.  Also, if the
      spellcasters do not follow you out, that gives you an opportunity to wait
      until their protective spells expire before you go back in.
      "Not another summoned creature!" strategy
      For some of those monsters that have special attacks or cast spells, send
      in a lot of little summoned creatures (one at a time) to bamboozle them
      into wasting their memorized spells and special attacks (such as Dragon
      breath), which I believe are limited in number.  If you can control the
      creatures, make them walk around the monsters a bit to induce the monsters
      to cast spells instead of using physical attacks.
      Marking enemies' location with junk
      There are times when you want to move out of the enemy's sight and use
      spells like cloudkills, etc. to kill him.  An easier way to remember where
      they are so that you can cast those spells is to drop some junk as markers.
      Even with the fog o' war you will still be able to see the junk from far
      For example, I killed the red dragon while virtually no one was severely
      hurt by:
      1.  Walked right next to him and dropped some junk and set some snares.
      2.  Made him hostile, by sending in one character to talk to him.
      3.  The character then got out of the dragon's sight immediately.
      4.  Summoned any creature at spots where you know the dragon can see them
          rising but cannot touch them without walking up to them.  The dragon
          naturally chose to use his breath on that creature, usually killing it
          before it even started to walk.
      5.  Repeated with summoning creatures large and small, until the dragon
          stopped using his special attacks...
      6.  Cast some area-attack spells where the dragon was, and then
      7.  Haste -> breach -> group charge -> dead dragon -> holy avenger and
          dragon scales.
    The 3 basic high level insta-kills
      [from Xander77]
      1)  Chain Contingency + 3 Horrid Wiltings. Basic for killing groups of
          enemies. If used to kill a single tough enemy, a spell sequencer - 3
          pierce shield or 3 lower resistances is good beforehand. Also - Set the
          contingency, rest, trigger the contingency in battle, then immediately
          set the same contingency again.
      2)  Timestop + Improve Alacracity. Make sure your PC auto pauses after a
          spell is cast. Lower Resistance, Pierce shield, then go Whacko. With a
          Robe of Vecna + Amulet of power, your level 1 spells Magic Missile and
          Chromatic Orb will have a casting time of zero, so cast the whole lot of
          the first, then go with any kind of (overkill at this point) spell you
          feel like.
      3)  Shapeshift + Timestop. Once Timestop kicks in, Shapeshift into the
          Mindflayer. During Timestop, all your attacks are auto-hits. So once
          timestop ends, your enemy is dead.
      A stat drain will kill most of the unkillable "vital to game progress"
      NPC's - even the ones immune to the CTRL-Y insta-death cheat. So,
      Shapechange - Mindflayer kills all.
        VIII.1  [GLMSVI]  Golems
    Golem Trick:
      [from Greymane]
      There is a great little trick for defeating any Golems you might run into.
      Simply take the Ring of Earth Control and use it's Control/Charm Earth
      Elemental ability on the biggest Golem around.  Despite the description of
      the spell, it actually works on the golems too! It might take a couple of
      tries, but you can rest in the same room as the golems and try again. After
      you've gotten the biggest on there charmed, let him kill off the others and
      then loot the treasures before the spell wears off.
    Clay Golems:
      Clay Golems MUST be hit by BLUNT weaponry to score effective hits.  Sample
      blunt weapons are: Clubs, Maces, Morningstars, Fists and Staves.  Hit them
      with anything else and you will get the "weapon not effective" shtick.
      One exception to this are weapons that have bonus damage, such as +1 fire
      damage.  The weapon itself won't hit, but it will still do its fire damage.
    Iron/Adamantium Golems butchering
      [from Xander77]
      You can just engage the golem in hand-to-hand with +3 weapons, of course, but
      I wouldn't recommend it - they deal massive damage and are usually contained
      in rooms with exits through which they can't fit. The only place where they
      run free is Suldanessalar, and there you can use the invisible door blocker
      to keep them at bay - just have her move away a meter or 2 when the golem
      uses the gas attack.  A character wielding a +3 two-handed sword can
      reach the golem and hurt him, while the golem can't hurt him.  The gas attack
      is sometimes capable of hurting him and sometimes not - haven't quite worked
      it out.  If it does hurt, just move the character away until stops.  Go back
      to hacking away at the golem.
      - Personally I don't care for this one, but if you're desperate for the
      experience and don't have any other means of handling the golem, you can
      lower his MR once or twice then magic missile him to death. The golem only
      has 80 hp or so - not too tough a task.
      - Melf's minute meteors - ignore magic resistance. One casting is enough to
      kill a golem (some kind of ThacO spell is preferable beforehand, though).
      Great for killing magic resistant creatures.
        VIII.2  [DMNSV2]  Demons
    Demon Fighting:
      Find yourself fighting some mighty demon? Pit Fiend? Glabrezu?  Well fear
      no more!  Simply cast Protection from Evil on your party and they will
      ignore you!  This is not a guaranteed strategy, some demons will attack
      you anyway.
    Demons killing
      [from Xander77]
      - As this FAQ mentions, protection from evil 10 feet radius works wonders.
      Most random (non quest related) demons won't see you, thus giving plenty of
      time to ambush them.
      - Going hand to hand. Actually not that bad of an idea. By the time you start
      running into demons, you should have several +2/+3 weapons in you party (if
      you don't, you probably won't manage to get through the area where the demon
      is) so you're capable of hurting him. There are often several annoying
      distraction - quasits, genies, and such - around the demon. Get rid of them
      using some are destruction spells. Then your buffed up (haste, chant, chaotic
      commands on the main char [hold and stun protection] etc) party charges the
      demon. A few ruffled feathers later, he should be dead.
      - Bolt of Glory - 2 of those should handle most any demon. Possibly an extra
      shot from the Rams ring and/or Melf's minute meteors. The reason all the
      aforementioned work is because they ignore magic resistance (which the demon
      has a plenty).
      - Desperate measures (if you have to rely on this, then you aren't quite
      ready to face demons yet) surround the demon with aerial servants and fire
      elementals. They get stunned and slaughtered, but they have plenty of hp, so
      you'll have some time before he turns to you. Now lower his resistance and
      magic missile him to death (damn, this game would be a lot harder is some
      monsters just bothered learning Shield)
      - Slayer change. Also counts as desperate measures for handling one measly
      demon, but it does the job quite effectively.
        VIII.3  [NDDSV3]  Undead
    Turning Undead Strategies:
      [from Xander77]
      Cleric undead turning is really awesome - much easier killing them off with
      tanks. One turning - and the undead explode. What's even better then is an
      evil clerics (I.E - Viconia) undead turning - you don't blow up undead, you
      turn them to your side. Generically speaking, your cleric level is usually
      more then enough to turn the weaker undead you're facing to your side.
      Beginning with level 20 you can turn Liches to your side.
      Now to my point. Turning undead DOES NOT interrupt invisibility. So you can
      cast one level 2 spell (which lasts 24 hours) on Vicky, and have her run
      around turning undead. Its really fun walking around with 20-30 undead
      allies following you. No risk involved.
    Vampire Fighting:
      [from Jeremy Treanor]
      I found that having two clerics (Viconia + Aerie, my first time through)
      does absolute wonders in the vampire dens and other places where there are
      undead creatures affected by sunlight. Two simultaneous castings of false
      dawn knocked out every vampire that swarms around you. If they should
      survive, they're still confused and more than a little vulnerable.
    The Mace of Disruption and Vampires:
      [from Xar]
      In Chapter 3, get into the lair, get the Mace of Disruption and pull back.
      Upgrade it with the Illithium.  With the Mace +2 and a Helm of Charm
      Protection (or similar), one character can clear the entire nest.  (The
      vampires will obligingly leave their door open while you spend a day or so
      with Cromwell.)
        Editor's Note: You get the Illithium as part of the "Sir Sarles" quest that
                       the Temple gives you.
    Fighting Monsters who Level Drain:
      [mostly from Travis Archer]
      There are many types of undead that will "drain" your levels when they
      attack.  You may be a level 12 fighter, but that vampire just made you
      into a level 10 fighter.  This is easily fixed with a Restoration spell,
      but there are some other consequences of level drain as well.  When a
      spellcaster is drained, they lose their higher level spells.
      So, to protect against this:  Memorize your most important spells first. That
      way, they're the last spells to get level-drained.  Examples of Important
      Spells: Lesser Restoration, Raise Dead, Heal.  This makes mopping up after
      vampire encounters a lot less annoying.  When you restore levels, spells are
      not re-memorized, so don't forget to do this before you rest.
      Negative plane protection, which protects from level drain, has a
      disappointingly short duration, and having to memorize and cast it 6 times
      before a fight is obnoxious, so I recommend that you do one of the
        1)  Cast it only on your spellcasters (re-memorizing spells is annoying)
        2)  Keep your casters in the rear and don't cast it at all
        3)  Use limited wish instead to protect your whole party with one spell.
            (best choice)
    Lich hacking
      [from Xander77]
      - Sunfire. It's a shame that you can't have 2 daystars, since that option
      doesn't hurt party members. Move your entire party except for the mage and
      the guy with the daystar into the corner. Make sure that the guy with the
      daystar won't be hurt with the mages sunfire. If possible, try to make sure
      that both sunray and sunfire go of just as the lich appears. That usually
      does the trick. If extra assurance is needed, then use ring of the ram before
      the sunfire/sunray combo.
      - Turn undead. If your cleric is level 20+ you can either blow up or control
      the lich. This goes through all his protections. If you control him, either
      use his spells against another enemy, or have him waste them into thin air,
      then attack him.
      - Annoying long way - have a bunch of summoned creatures mob the lich where
      he first appears. If he manages to kill them all, summon a few new ones,
      (better waste summon spells then to have him sling instant death spells at
      the party). Now take your time while dispelling his protection. Ruby ray of
      reversal, Khelban's warding whip (though if you have access to those, you
      probably can just turn him with your cleric) breach, etc. Eventually he runs
      out of protection spells and you can just pepper him full of bolts and
      arrows. Cast a true sight before the lich appears, to dispel the
      invisibility/mislead that he is sure to cast.
      - Summoned creatures. Already outlined in this FAQ and my favorite strategy
      for dealing with mages. Move your entire party, except for one guy, into the
      corner. Put a summoned monster or 2 where the lich is supposed to appear.
      Have the lich appear, talk to the char and turn hostile. Now have the char
      run to the corner. The lich should turn up a few defenses, then fry the
      summoned creatures. Then. it just sits there, waiting for its protections to
      go out, because it sees no enemies on the screen. Wait a minute or 2, and
      send another summoned creature in. If the lich's defenses have run out, he
      should cast some new ones. Just keep doing this until he runs of out defense
      spells (or, if you're extra cautious, until he runs out of major attack
      spells) then charge him with your entire party. PS - Using a wizard eye or
      farsight to supervise, make sure that the creatures gradually move him
      towards the party. This strategy depends on the lich not seeing the party.
        Note:  The above works only if your summoned monsters keep the enemy well
               away from the party.
      - Stoneskin + Protection from evil + Polymorph self. Turn into a jelly and
      just sit there. The lich's pit fiend can't hurt the jelly and the lich should
      take care of him himself. The efreet's first few opening numbers are spells,
      so you don't have to worry about that. If he hangs around long enough to run
      out of spells and start attacking you physically (unlikely) just have your
      party take him out. Your Stoneskin should absorb a few blows anyway. By the
      time you Polymorph ends, the lich should run out of defenses and use up most
      of his spells. Now go and kill him.
      - Protection from undead - the lich doesn't even see you. Wait until his
      protection from magical weapons runs out, and just wallop on him. The only
      drawback is having to refresh the spell. If you have the protection from
      undead amulet, then it's just unfair.
      - Mace of disruption +2. Ignores all protections (even protection from
      magical weapons) on a critical. Also known as BOOM.
      - Lich in the in at the town gates - door skipping cheat. Run through the
      door whenever he begins to cast a spell. The spell is wasted. Run back in.
      Wash-rinse-repeat until he runs out of spells. Doesn't work in ToB.
      Fighting against liches and especially against time stop.  Use fog of war to
      your advantage, hide in the "fog" and summon creatures to attack the lich
      (don't follow yourself, only send your new minions).  You won't be able to
      see anything but you will get message at the bottom to know what's going on.
      The Lich will waste some of its spells, usually wasting its Time Stop as
      well.  Don't cast all your summoning spells at once, Death Spell will get
      rid of them all. [from Max Chen]
        VIII.4  [DRGNSS]  Dragons
    Dragon slaying
      [from Xander77]
      Luckily enough, most dragons in the game allow you to surround them and buff
      up before taking them on, except for the lame black dragon and the even lamer
      abyss dragon. They still alert you to their presence and give you time to
      buff up, though.
      Buff up and surround him is actually all you need, but here is a more
      detailed game plan:
      Note where the dragon is, and do the following just outside his sight (for
      the shadow dragon specifically). Drink any potions you feel like drinking
      (some stuff to raise your resistance to his breath weapon is good). Summon up
      5 long-term monsters. Fire elementals (druid) invisible stalker, skeletons,
      Killthix (the spider figurine). Cast protection vs evil 10 feet (most dragons
      are evil, it will protect both you and your summons, and should last you
      until the end of the battle and then some). Now get your personal buff spells
      up: Stoneskin, Blur, Mirror image, Fireshield for mages. Ironskin, Barkskin,
      Armor of Faith and maybe celestial protection for druids/clerics. You can
      also do draw upon holy might/ strength of one, but I usually don't bother -
      it does little good, and wastes one round of protection spells. Maybe a
      Simulacrum from Vhailor's helm and a lesser restoration on it now. Now for
      group buffing spells: Bless, Chant, Defensive Harmony for druid's clerics
      (you should have 2 clerics/druids and 2 mages/sorcerers in the party). Haste
      for the mages and maybe mass invisibility (level 6), and. that's it. The
      preparations are over. (You should start casting the next spell as soon as
      you're done with the previous, except from Bless Chant and Defensive
      Harmony - those should be cast just before you run into combat)
      Run up to the dragon and make 2 circles around him. One circle, which touches
      the dragon - summoned creatures. One circle, which uses ranged weapons - the
      party members. The point of this arrangement is to make sure that if the
      dragon uses his breath weapon, he can't hurt more then 2 summoned creatures/
      1 party member at the same time and to make sure that if the dragon uses wing
      buffet on the summoned creatures he doesn't hurt your party members. Note:
      The shadow dragon will cast a death spell on summoned creatures if he sees
      them, so its best that they go into the 4 corners of the room while hugging
      the walls, and converge on his location when you're ready to begin the
      Now issue a formal challenge to the dragon (or not. Doesn't make much of
      difference). Personally I prefer to challenge him when everyone has just
      began casting their spells. Have everyone attack. The Dragon should go
      Stoneskin + haste + greater malison + lower resistance to breath weapon
      (btw - if your resistance if equipment based, you can get it back up by
      taking your stuff off and re-equipping it) + (maybe) immunity from magic
      weapons. You go: remove magic to handle the haste and the immunity to magic
      weapons. Pierce magic to handle to Stoneskin and take his magic resistance
      down. 2-3 Lower magic resistance. Now just magic missile him to death. (Did I
      say that this game would be a LOT harder if monsters bothered learning
      Shield?) You can add smite evil/silence/bolt of glory/lighting bolt and other
      damage spells to the mix just for the hell of it, but magic missile is the
      greatest dragon killer of them all (fireball happy guys - ice storms aren't
      that bad of an idea. Especially since summoned creatures that get caught up
      in the damage don't seem to turn hostile). When and if he manages to kill
      some of your summoned creatures, take a moment to summon a few more. Make
      sure that he's always boxed in between at least 3 monsters, and is therefore
      unable to move up to one of your characters and attack her.
      Note:  You can, of course, have you fighters attack the dragon in hand to
             hand. Makes it a bit more exciting and a lot more dangerous. Magic
             missile-ing him to death is a lot easier. If you do go for the hand to
             hand - good resistance to breath weapon is nice. So is improved haste
             on your main dragon slayer. Make sure to surround him from several
             sides, so that he won't be able to breath on 2 or 3 characters at
             once. And when he blows you off the screen with the wing buffet,
             consider it as a break in the action and take a round or 2 to fully
             heal up.
      That should handle any dragons in your path. The black dragon and the hell
      dragon give you time to buff up and summon, but you can only form a
      half-circle around them (try to get the summons to circle them, though).
      PS - The greatest Dragon slaying tip I ever got, from Charlie Yeah Charlie:
      Polymorph him. Ok, so it's the toughest squirrel you'll ever have to fight,
      but at least he don't look so tough.
      3 of the 4 Dragons (in SoA) have no resistance to electricity and even the
      4th one is weak against it.  This is where lighting bolt come in.  Bounce it
      off the wall a few times and watch their HPs go down. [from Max Chen]
        VIII.5  [NMYSPL]  Enemy Spellcasters
      Mages have increased in power by LEAPS and BOUNDS since Baldur's Gate.
      They're much more annoying now.  Two spells in particular make them tough
      to fight: Contingency and Sequencer.  These allow mages to cast spells
      almost INSTANTLY at almost any time.  Then add in their new protective
      magics -- Protection from Normal Weapons springs to mind -- and defeating
      mages in Baldur's Gate II becomes much more difficult.
      Mage does:  Protection from Normal/Magical Weapons
      Counter with:  Breach (lvl 5)
      Mage does:  Shadow Door/ Invisibility AND Protection from Normal Weapons
      Counter with:  Purge Invisibility or Glitterdust or Remove Magic
                     THEN Breach
        You cannot Breach anything that is invisible, so you have to get them
        to be seen first.
      Note:  True Sight dispels any and ALL protections from the illusion school.
             That's right, no more Mirror Images, Simulacrums or Invisibility!
             (or thieves hiding in the shadows, for that matter)
             Dispel Magic is more of a "clean up" dispeller to be used in sequence
             with Breach. It usually takes care of whatever Breach doesn't,
             leaving your enemy mage wide open. I like this spell for its
             versatility (removing negative and positive status) but you're
             better of using Remove Magic in sequence with Breach as you won't
             end up removing your own protections, plus you'll want to save your
             Dispel Magics when baddies start throwing out Maze spells.
             Generally, Ruby Ray of Reversal gets rid of everything that protects
             from spells while Breach takes care of anything that protects from
             weapons and elements. [entire NOTE from John Winkleman]
      I let my archers take care of mages most often, so countering their Globes
      of Invulnerability is not a priority.  A Spell Thrust could be used to cut
      a Minor Globe out, however.
      Two spells that work wonders against mages are Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
      and Skull Trap. Don't target the mage directly, but drop the spell just
      off to the side, this bypasses their direct protections, and can hurt
      them pretty severely.
    Summon Nishruu/Hakeashar
      Leo Wang recommends summoning Nishruu (and their higher level counterparts,
      Hekaeshars) to deal with mages.  Nishruu are mage-eaters for the most part,
      as they are drawn to mages like bees to pollen.  Magic attacks heal the
      Nishruu and best of all, Nishruu cause mages to forget spells.  Summoning
      up these bad boys make the end game mages (such as Irenicus) pretty easy.
      Nishruu are a 6th level spell, and Hakeashars are 7th.
      Cyrille Artho doesn't think too highly of Nishruu's:
        Just a comment about the usefulness of Nishruus and their "relatives": I
        used them now and again vs. wizards, but did not like it very much when
        one of my Imoen was charmed and turned against me (incidentally she had
        summoned the Nishruu herself). What would the Nishruu do? After I killed
        the enemy mage, it would "home" on Imoen. Until I had realized that and
        disposed myself of the Nishruu, it had already eaten some magical items
        (among them the Bracers of Protection!). That really pissed me off, and
        I didn't use Nishruus anymore. Not to mention that they might also
        degrade items that you would otherwise pick up after the battle.
      Henning Roes has an interesting tip for fighting mages:
        Normally the high-level mage casts heavy protections on himself and it
        takes some time to take them down.  In my second game I found a new
        strategy to get rid of their protection-from-magical-weapons like mantle
        etc:  I used normal weapons in that case.  I didn't do that in my first
        game because I wanted enchanted weapons as much as anyone. So I never
        thought about how useful non-magical weapons are.
    Fighting the Cowled Wizards for Fun and Profit:
      [from JP]
      You can't cast spells in Athkatla unless you want to face the Cowled Wizards.
      And if you want to get them off your back you must pay Corneil at the Council
      of Six building.  I finished the game as a paladin (I imported my character
      from Baldur's Gate) and then played it again as an Invoker.  I didn't want to
      pay Corneil the 5,000 gp because I saw the cowled wizards as a potential
      source of both gold and exp.  If you want to face off with the Cowled
      Wizards, here's what I recommend:
        1. Isolate your mage from the rest of your party.
        2. Go to a spot anywhere in Athkatla (I did this near the archway in the
           bridge district) where there are only a few people, lessening the risk
           of killing someone accidentally.
        2B. Drop a bit of Junk on the ground to mark this spot.
        3. Cast a summoning spell, preferably summon nishruu. The "spokesperson"
           for the cowled wizard should appear shortly after the nishruu
           materializes. Don't expect the nishruu to do heavy damage. His only
           purpose is to distract the cowled wizards from attacking you.
        4. Don't wait for him to appear! Quickly walk away from him and then
           attack him using your nishruu.
        5. He'll say something short and three or four other cowled wizards will
           appear to attack you.
        6. Walk away until you don't see them anymore (or until they're covered
           by the fog of war). Your nishruu will attack them and they'll attack
           your nishruu.
        7. Look for your Junk. It marks their position.
        8. Wait for a few moments to let some of their protective spells expire.
           You don't have to wait that long anyway. Cast shadow door.
        9. Cast area effect spells like death fog, cloudkill, web, ice storm,
           skull trap, etc. On the ground near where you last saw them. You can't
           see them and they can't see you, but you know where they are, so use
           that to your advantage.
        10. Use multiple web spells if you have to so that they don't approach
           you. In time, they'll all die and you get around 14000 exp. Search
           their corpses for potions, scrolls and gems.
      I did this a lot times and it paid off rather well. It's not infinite.
      You'll eventually face a high level wizard, who will cast time stop and
      summon a pit fiend. Before I could beat him he cast dimension door and
      The final fight with the cowled wizards will occur when their spokesperson
      tells you that the highest members of their order have come to fight you.
      To beat them, simply repeat the process I said about defeating them. But be
      careful! One of them (her name's Zalladora, I think) can (and probably
      will) cast two time stop spells at the beginning of the battle! Keep your
      distance from them. When Zalladora is near death, she'll attempt to cast
      her third time stop spell. If she does, she'll cast gate and summon a pit
      fiend and cast dimension gate to get out. It's up to you if you want to
      prevent her from escaping or if you want to fight the pit fiend instead.
      Either way, if you survive, the cowled wizards will never bother your
      spellcasting in Athkatla again.
      Matt Warner has an easier way to cast spells in Athkatla:
        I've just found a neat little way to rid yourselves of the
        interference of the Cowled Wizards without paying the hefty 5000
        gold bribe, or going through the effort of killing wave after wave of
        wizards until they give up on you, though that will probably yield a
        bit more treasure than my method. If you just want to be done with
        them quick and easy, do this:
        Have a mage cast any spell that will attract the attention of the
        wizards, stoneskin or mirror image work well. Of course, so does
        everything else but those spells are nice and non-offense.
        A lone wizard will dimension door in to yell at you before bringing in
        several more wizards to kill you. He'll have some kind of hefty
        enchantment up (stoneskin?).
        The *instant* he actually shows up (i.e. has the blue ring around
        him), pause. Employ the fake talk strategy: Have someone talk to him
        and unpause. Pause again (before anyone actually walks over and
        starts talking to him) and force-attack him while he still has the
        blue circle around him. You probably won't be able to hit him due to
        his powerful protection spells, but this doesn't matter. Every 5
        seconds or so, back off and fake-talk him again. As long as you keep
        doing this, he won't go hostile and his friends won't gate in.
        Within a short period of time, his spell wears off and he returns to
        a more normal-looking color.  He will now fall easily.
        After this, no more wizards will show up and attack you for
        spellcasting. Apparently, since he never gets to speak, the game
        never triggers any more attacks since the first attack was never
        completed. Since more wizards won't show up in the middle of a wizard
        attack if you cast spells, this catch gets applied for the rest of
        the game. This doesn't appear to screw anything up (it's just a flag
        not getting set to "true", shouldn't affect anything else. Hasn't yet
        in my game, anyway.)
    Protection from Magic Scrolls
       Protection from Magic scrolls make whoever they are used on immune to magic,
       but also removes any buffs from the target, and makes it impossible for
       them to cast spells. So, instead of using them on yourself, you can also
       use them on an enemy mage and completely shut them down.
        VIII.6  [BHLDRS]  Beholders
    Beholder Tactics:
      [from Paul Dickinson]
      Beholders have interesting behavior patterns.  If any party member
      is visible (and hostile), a beholder will immediately start pelting them
      with gaze attacks, cause wounds, slow, paralyze, petrify, or whatever.
      If not too busy pelting party members with nasty magic, they will move
      towards the nearest foe and chew on them.  Note the distinction between
      foe and party member.  Beholders don't seem to want to waste their gaze
      attacks on summoned creatures.  This means that one can have a stealthy
      or invisible party member observing (and thus allowing control of the
      battle), while one or more summoned creatures trash the beholders, who
      have really pathetic physical attacks.  The moon dog figurine works
      quite well here.  It moves fast, can heal itself, and stays around for
      long enough to kill quite a few beholders.
      [from Xar]
      Give the Cloak of Reflection or Balduran Shield to a berserker and then sit
      back and watch.  Why a berserker?  Elder Orbs have Imprisonment and
      Berserkers are immune while berserk.  (Managed to complete the Underdark
      Beholder zone with one character – Korgan)
        VIII.7  [MNDFLY]  Mind Flayers
    Invisible Stalker Strategy:
      [from Mishael]
      An easy way to kill Mind Flayers is to summon a bunch of Invisible
      Stalkers, then cast Haste on them.  Invisible Stalkers are immune to all
      sorts of Mind control spells including charm, domination and confusion.  As
      far as I know, they cannot be mind devoured.  You may see some marks of
      confusion on their head, but they are not confused.  You can control them
      as long as they are alive. :)
    Archery Strategy:
      [from Jonathan Zimmerman]
      I wanted to share my battle strategy for the mind flayers in the Underdark.
      I use both pairs of boots of speed on my two best bowmen, and cast chaotic
      commands on them.  I move the rest of my party off in a corner.  The bowmen
      pop into a room with the flayers and start shooting arrows.  While the
      flayers take time using their psionics, my fighters are pumping them full
      of arrows.  Once they try to close and drain your intelligence, just back
      up and start firing again.  They will never catch you.  This works best if
      you've cleaned out the entire city, up to the first door you need a flayer
      to open.  That way, you have plenty of room to run around.  This strategy
      does use a lot of arrows, though.
      Editor's Note:  Not if you have the Tansheron's Bow (from one of the
                      Merchants in Trademeet).
    Bottleneck Fighting Strategy:
      [from Henning Roes]
      Only one spell (chaotic command) and one fighter are involved. Cast it on
      your best melee fighter and he's protected from psionic blasts. This spell
      lasts for a long time. Then give him the best AC (-11 does it). Since Mind
      flayers have to hit your Fighter in melee they have to make a critical hit
      to drain the fighters brain. Just slaughter them while standing in the door
      so only one or two of them are able to attack. The INT-lowerance disappears
      after a short time so there's no need for a restoration-spell. Ullithids
      drain 4 or 5 levels (better than the usual Mind Flayer) - INT 5-6 is a
      must. Don't care about the Umber Hulks in the Under Dark. Use them as a
      shield while fighting and healthy. I finished the Mind Flayer City with
      only 1 spell and some healing potions. Even in the sewers in the Temple
      District it's very easy. Equip a shield to get a low AC. My fighter wasn't
      hasted or othwerwise improved.
    Kill Mind Flayers with Undead:
      [from James Victor]
      Let someone cast Wizard's Eye and have it position itself wherever the
      mind flayers are situated.  Have your mages/clerics cast animate dead and
      let the wizard eye guide them the way.  Since animated skeletons have no
      brain, flayer's psionics are useless and since mindflayers have weak stats,
      they are easy to slaughter.  For better results, have a cleric cast
      Strength of One and another spellcaster cast Haste for better results.  A
      couple of batches of "enhanced" skeletons would do the trick.
      Editor's Note:  The Wizard's Eye doesn't do anything itself, it is simply
                      used so you can see where the skeletons are going.  This
                      way you can keep your party well away from the battle.
                      Skeletons and Skeletal Warriors will still fall to Mind
                      Flayers, so send in as many as you can. Use the Project
                      Image trick if you need to. (Project Image, Animate Dead,
                      Animate Dead, etc., repeat
    Mind Flayer Mind Control Collars:
      [from Travis Archer]
      Some SPOILERS ahead.
      These devices are one-shot mind control items which never fail.  Only 1 is
      necessary to get to the Elder brain, maybe 2 if you're unlucky.  Which
      leaves 2 or 3 extra.  These come in very handy in tough fights.  These
      devices make the most impossible combats _easy_.  The mob stays under your
      control until attacked.  It won't leave the map, but it's still your pet
      when you come back.
      I used one on the Demilich, and one on Shangalar, because:  The Demilich is
      probably the single hardest opponent because he Imprisons at will. He's
      immune to almost every spell, and he's beefy like an Adamantite Golem.
      (Weapons do 1-5 damage depending on enchantment) With one of these devices
      I made him my pet!  On a funny note, you can make him Imprison himself, but
      then you don't get his loot or experience. :( So, I used Freedom and then
      just ambushed him while he was still "green". By the time he turned red he
      was dead.
      I used this on Shangalar and he wasted his buddies while I watched, then I
      finished him off. (Wait until he gets all his defenses up before you use it
      on him)
      This can be used on Dragons as well, which is amusing as hell, but not the
      Avatar of Rillifane who is immune to everything. :(
        ToB Note:  This strategy doesn't work in ToB.
        Note:  If you give the collars to your mage, then cast Project Image, you
               can use the image's collars and keep the real ones forever.
    Ring of Free Action:
      [from John Welch]
      As I was going through the Illithid city in the underdark, I discovered
      something interesting that you have not mentioned. The ring of free action
      grants the wearer complete immunity to the flayer's psionic blasts. I realize
      that when you think about what psionic blast does (holds the person, to be
      killed), it makes perfect sense, but I thought it should be pointed out for
      those who may have more rings than they do fingers.
        VIII.8  [WRWLVS]  Werewolves
    Regenerating Monster Fighting:
      [from Jeremy Treanor]
      I've found a lot of the battles with the monsters that regenerate quickly
      (greater werewolf, the prince in underdark, etc.) rather annoying when you
      can't seem to do enough damage to hurt him to 'barely injured', but I did
      find one trick that seems to work consistently. Firstly, you need to knock
      down some of its magic resistance. Cast harm and hope that your priest/druid
      is good enough to make contact. (Having autopause when a weapon becomes
      unusable helps too.)  If you make contact, the creature should be down to
      about 1 point, so you hit him with a magic missile. Since his resistance
      should still be down, he should die.
              < < < < <  [FRQNTL]  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS > > > > >
    Technical Questions:
      Q:  How can I use the cheats in Vista?
      A:  Disable UAC, install somewhere other than the default location, or Run As
          Administrator. Or, you can follow this:
          Vista users need to open C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA and then
          click on the 'Compatibility Files' tab.  This will then take you to the
          location of the baldur.ini file that needs to be edited.  Editing the
          baldur.ini file that appears when you first open
          C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA will have no effect.
      Q:  Is there a patch?  What does it fix?
      A:  Yes.  This patch fixes all the major gaming problems I ever experienced
          with BG2, and since installing it I haven't had any major crashes.
      Q:  Is there a patch for Throne of Bhaal?
      A:  Yes, and you can find it here:
    General Questions:
      Q:  What does 1d8+3 mean? Or any of the weapon damages?
      A:  It means one 8-sided die is cast (random 1-8) then 3 is added. This is
          the same for any weapon. So, 1d8 is better than 1d6, etc. You can see
          more about this in my AD&D Rules FAQ found at GameFAQs.
      Q:  Why does my armor class go down when I put on armor?
      A:  You can find a more detailed answer on this in my AD&D Rules FAQ on
          GameFAQs. In short, low (or even negative) armor classes are better.
      Q:  How do I backstab?
      A:  Hide in Shadows (or drink an invisibility potion, or spell), get behind
          your target and attack.
      Q:  How do I recover from level drain?
      A:  Use the restoration or greater restoration spell. If you don't have that,
          head to a temple.
      Q:  How do I recover from "Fallen" status on my Paladin / Ranger?
      A:  Complete the stronghold for your class and that should clear you right
          up.  Or, just keep your reputation from falling, and you will never fall.
      Q:  Why aren't I gaining experience any more?
      A:  Shadows of Amn has an experience cap at 2.95 million experience, and
          Throne of Bhaal has a cap at 8 million. Any experience gained past that
          is lost. You can use mods to remove this cap. The BG2 Tweak Pack by the
          Gibberlings 3 has a method to let you get to level 50.
      Q:  In the spell descriptions it lists durations in terms of "Rounds" and
          "Turns."  What are these?
      A:  A round is 6 seconds long.  When the game says you get "2 1/2" attacks
          per round, it means you get that many attacks every 6 seconds.  A Turn is
          10 Rounds long, or 60 seconds (1 Minute).
      Q:  I'm a mage in the first dungeon, but I can't cast my spells! Help!
      A:  Mage spellcasting is a 3 step process. First, learn the spell from a
          scroll. Second, choose which spells to "memorize" in your spellbook
          (default key: W). Third, rest to actually get the spells. This is the
          same for Bards as well.
          Sorcerers automatically learn spells when they level up, and merely need
          to rest to get them.
          Clerics / Druids will automatically learn spells as well, but need to
          select which spells to "memorize" for the day, and rest as well.
      Q:  What is Imoen's Belt for?
      A:  It prevents her from getting killed.  It is used to prevent the game from
          going nowhere as she needs to survive the first dungeon.  After that
          it isn't needed for plot purposes, and is taken away.  As near as I can
          tell, it makes her immune to the following:
            Slay (& Instant Death magic)
            Hold Person
      Q:  I can't get Find Familiar to work.  It keeps saying "FF must be cast by
          the Protagonist".  What's wrong?  How can I get it to work?
      A:  The Protagonist is the main character.  In the Single Player Game it is
          whoever you created yourself, while in the Multiplayer it is whoever is
          in the First slot.  If this character CANNOT cast magic, then they can't
          Find a Familiar.  Only the Protagonist can find a Familiar.  So, if your
          Protagonist can't cast magic, you won't get a Familiar in your game.
          Even if you start with a Fighter, you can always Dual Class over to a
          Mage later and THEN cast Find Familiar.  Works just the same.
      Q:  When I fight an enemy, it says that my weapon is "ineffective".  How
          then can I kill anything?
      A:  Two reasons your weapon can be ineffective:  One, that monster requires
          a magical weapon of certain magnitude to hit (say a +1 weapon), or Two,
          they have Magical Defenses around them (such as Protection from Normal
          Weapons).  In the first case you need to find a better weapon, or try
          casting spells.  In the second, you have to lower their defenses first,
          try casting the Breach spell. (Mage Lvl5)
          Also, any monster that has 100% resistance to a type of weapon will
          result in a "weapon ineffective" notice.  Clay Golems are a good example
          of this, as they can't be hurt by blades.
      Q:  I want to Dual Class, but the button is grayed out on the Records page.
          How can I Dual Class?
      A:  In order to Dual you must meet these requirements:  First your character
          MUST be Human.  Only humans can dual class.  Second your character must
          START from a class that CAN dual.  (Bards, Paladins, Sorcerers, Monks
          and Barbarians CANNOT dual)  Third you must have good stats in both your
          current class, and the one you wish to dual to.  This works out to at
          least a 15 in the prime stat of your current class, and a 17 in the
          prime stat in your desired class.  (Prime stat is what that class uses
          most, for example, STR for fighters, DEX for thieves, WIS for priests,
          and INT for mages)
          So, to dual a Kensai to a mage, you must have 15 STR and 17 INT.  To
          dual a Fighter to a Thief you must have 15 STR and 17 DEX.
          There are also Alignment restrictions on which class you can become.
          Thieves, for instance, cannot be Lawful Good.  So if you have a Human
          Kensai with the appropriate stats, but are Lawful Good, then you CANNOT
          dual to a Thief.  Druids must be True Neutral, etc.
      Q:  Okay, I dual classed my thief, but now I can't use my thief skills!
      A:  Yes, while you are leveling up your new class, your old abilities are
          "retired." They come back when your new class level exceeds your old
          class level. So, if you were a level 2 thief, you must level 3 or more
          in the new class to be able to use your thief skills again.
          Also, you cannot gain levels in your old class ever again. So, make sure
          you are done with the class before moving on, and make sure as well
          that you won't need your old class's skills for a while as well.
          For instance, if you dual Yoshimo to fighter, you could consider picking
          up Jan to be your thief for a while.
      Q:  I dualled a Berserker to a Mage, but I can't cast spells.  Why not?
      A:  You need to download the patch to get that combination to work:
          Once that patch is installed, your Berserker/Mage should work fine.  Also
          remember that you can't cast spells while in armor.
      Q:  How do I recharge Wands and other items with limited Charges?
      A:  Sell them to the store and rebuy them.  Sure you take a financial hit,
          but the items come back with 50-100 charges to them.
      Q:  What does a weapon's speed factor do?
      A:  Influences when your character can attack, the lower the number the
          better.  Let's say that there are two identical characters facing off.
          Each has 3 attacks per round.  One is using a Heavy Long Sword with a
          Speed of 10, the other is using a Superlight Long Sword with a Speed of
          0.  The lighter sworded warrior will get to attack first, possibly even
          attacking twice before the other warrior gets in one attack.  Thus having
          a low speed can allow you to kill monsters before they even touch you.
          Note:  Speed does not affect how many attacks you get per round.  If it
                 says 3 attacks per round, that is how many you get, regardless of
      Q:  What do I do with all these gems I get?
      A:  There are very few gems with a purpose.  Most are just for sale to get
          yourself some money.  However, you might want to save a Diamond, Beljuril
          and Rogue Stone as these can be significant later.  The Diamond and
          Beljuril are used to upgrade the Silver Horn of Valhalla and the Rogue
          Stone is used to enter the Mysterious Door in the Bridge District.
      Q:  I cheated to create a Familiar for a character that normally doesn't get
          a Familiar (Fighter, for instance).  Now, when it is created and put into
          the pack, everything is fine, however if I release it again, it vanishes.
          Also the Familiar changes from the one I created, to a different type
          (one that now matches my alignment).  What's up with this?
      A:  [from Harry Smith]  I've played around with the familiars more, and it is
          the mixed alignment problem that kills it.  The trick works just fine as
          long as the familiar that you are getting is the proper one for your
          alignment.  It also appears to work fine for other alignments, as long as
          you don't put the familiar in your backpack.  That's a pretty big
          limitation, but perhaps some people would be willing to live with it.
          This might be something to add to the FAQ to let people know what they're
          getting into before they waste their time on something that can't be
      Q:  Why can't Imoen (or any other dual/multi classed Mage) cast spells?  The
          entire icon is grayed out.
      A:  You can't cast mage spells while wearing any armor.  So, if you are
          wearing some Studded Leather Armor, your mage spells will be deactivated.
          Also note that Robes do not count as armor.
      Q:  Where is the bag of holding?
      A:  In the maze beneath spellhold. (Chapter 4)
      Q:  What is fatigue?
      A:  It penalizes your party by -1 to luck.  Luck affects all your party's
          "rolls", such as THAC0 (your ability to hit), Saving Throws (your ability
          to not be affected by spells and such), Damage, etc.  Your luck gets
          worse the longer you go without resting.
      Q:  I didn't preorder or buy the Collector's Edition.  Is there a way that
          I can get those items anyway?
      A:  Yes, just download a little fix.
          Quick Fix:  http://www.sorcerers.net/index.shtml  and check the Games >
          Baldur's Gate II > Editors, Hacks & Custom Characters >
      Q:  Will there be an Expansion?  Sequel?
      A:  Yes, it is called Throne of Bhaal and you should go out and buy it.
          As for a sequel, well... maybe.  Though, if there is a sequel, I really
          doubt it will use the same game engine.
    Shadows of Amn Questions:
      Q:  What is the broken sword for in Irenicus's dungeon? Can I repair it?
      A:  It's just a broken sword. Probably a reference to the first game and the
          iron shortage. No, you can't repair it. Just ignore it.
      Q:  Anomen just left to deal with his sister's muder. Where did he go?
      A:  You can see the whole walkthrough on this in the Slums section of the
          walkthrough. If he leaves, you may find him at the Delryn home in the
          Government District.
      Q:  Where is Edwin?  I searched the Shadow Thieves Guild, but couldn't find
      A:  You have to talk to Renal Bloodscalp on the second floor of the Shadow
          Thieves Guild.  Then in the course of doing his quests you will run into
          Edwin.  This is the ONLY way to get Edwin to join your party.
          And if you have already joined up with Bodhi, you can't get Edwin to
          join you.  So, if you want to do both, get Edwin first.  John Messinger
          states that if you have Yoshimo in your party, when you visit the Docks
          he'll let you talk to Renal again.
      Q:  I have Viconia, Edwin or Korgan in my party and a reputation of 18.  How
          can I lower my reputation to keep these people in my group?
      A:  Go hit a peasant.  Preferably one in a house where other people won't
          see you (if too many people see you, they all go hostile and you can
          potentially ruin the game).  It isn't necessary to kill the peasant,
          simply hitting them should be sufficient (use your fists, unless you are
          a monk).  Or you could find a shop somewhere that you don't have much
          respect for, and steal from it.  They catch you stealing and your
          reputation suffers.
          Finally there are several quests that if done in an EVIL manner will
          drop your reputation somewhat.  These are noted in the walkthrough.  Just
          do a document search for "reputation". (in IE, do a CTRL-F)
          Be careful not to let your reputation drop too low.  For one thing, it
          will cause Paladins and Rangers to become "fallen" (lose their abilities)
          and another, at really low reputations you become a target for every
          law enforcement person in the area.
          Notably, if you get one of these people to join when your reputation is
          already higher than 18, they will stick around.  If your reputation
          changes and is still higher than 18 (such as going from 20 to 19) then
          they will leave.
          Once you can turn into the Slayer, you can drop your reputation by 2
          points any time you please.
      Q:  Viconia/Edwin/Korgan just took off and left, how do I get them back?
      A:  They likely left due to reputation concerns (see the above question).
          When they leave like this, there isn't a real way to get them back.
      Q:  I've messed up the Drow city (they won't let me in, etc.), how can I
          get out of the Underdark?
      A:  2 ways:  1.) After talking to Adalon and taking the form of a Drow, talk
          to the Drow guards in the Kuo-Toa dungeon. If you have high charisma, you
          can convince them that you are joining the war topside, and they let you
          out.  2.)  Kill Adalon and loot her corpse. (answer from Khadgar)
      Q:  I'm having difficulty with the Harper's and Jaheira.  Every time I leave
          the Underdark, I'm attacked by the Harper's, which in turn makes the
          elves hostile.  How do I deal with this?
      A:  Answer from Baldurdash's Bug List page.  Download the Improved Jaheira
          Romance Script:
          This fixes several buggy aspects of the romance.  You can find the
          Baldurdash Bug List here:
          The Baldurdash patch has been largely replaced by the Gibberlings 3
          Fixpack found at:
      Q:  How do I open the un-pickable door in the Graveyard?
      A:  It's a plot-opened door. It opens when it needs to.
      Q:  How do I get back into Bodhi's Lair?  The door won't open!
      A:  Referring to Baldurdash's nifty Buglist, we find a small download to
          fix this problem:
          The address for Baldurdash's Buglist is:
      Q:  Phaere told me to go to the SE corner of Ust Natha to fight some
          Beholders, but when I get to her, she has nothing to say to me!  What do
          I do?
      A:  With the Cheat Console, type in this:
          This resets her conversation about the beholders allowing you to talk to
          her again about it. [from Marc Oliver]
      Q:  Who is this Malchor Harpell chap that I keep running into?  Every time I
          go somewhere, he teleports after me.
      A:  Malchor is the game's built in defense to you killing Drizzt and stealing
          his stuff.  He should only appear after Bodhi has been finally dealt with
          to reclaim any gear from any member of Drizzt's party who has died.  If
          you refuse to simply give the gear up, he will simply steal it back
          anyway.  From what I have heard, this doesn't work quite right and he
          is unable to talk to you.  To get rid of him, simply dump all of Drizzt's
      Q:  Help me with these romances!  How do I get Viconia/Aerie/Anomen/Jaheira
          to like me?
      A:  They will automatically start a romance with you by virtue of your
          main character's gender.  If you show interest in Jaheira, (or anyone)
          then you are stuck with them (at least until you stop showing interest).
          The main reason I don't mention the romances in this guide much is that
          it is completely optional, and doesn't help your game out much.  Sure,
          it will affect your game a lot if you are suddenly attacked by Bandits
          (Jaheira), but you won't get anything significant out of it, save for the
          love of one half-elven druid.
      Q:  After restoring my lover after the mess in the Graveyard, I can't find
          their stuff. Where is it?
      A:  Anytime someone dies, their stuff is merely dropped to the ground. So,
          when they died their stuff was left where they fell. If you didn't grab
          it then, it's gone. Waiting for them to be revived later is too late.
    Throne of Bhaal Questions:
      Q:  I'm playing through Shadows of Amn, should I install Throne of Bhaal now,
          or wait until I'm finished?
      A:  Install it right away. Then you get the benefits from the expansion, can
          play through the Watcher's Keep dungeon, and get the higher experience
      Q:  The deck of many things has silenced/drained me. How do I remove the
      A:  Remove Curse.  Generally speaking, if Greater Restoration doesn't get
          rid of something, try Remove Curse.
      Q:  I forgot to do Watcher's Keep before starting ToB. Can I go back?
      A:  Yes, you can. After you complete the first area and open up the world
          map, you'll find it in the upper section of the map.
      Send in all questions to:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
              Use this subject:  Baldur's Gate II v 8.71
           (emails with improper subjects MAY BE DELETED!)
                     < < < < <  [WLKTHR]  WALKTHROUGH > > > > >
      This walkthrough was written on my second go-through of the game.  The first
      time I played as a Kensai who dualled to a Mage at level 12.  She was very
      powerful, able to cast spells and fight all with a -5 AC (by the end of the
      game).  Not bad since she can't wear armor.  The second time through the
      game (when I wrote this walkthrough) I played as a Half-Orc Barbarian.  19
      STR & CON, plus 2 extra HP each level.  Then for fun he dual-wielded the
      Celestial Fury Katana and the Equalizer Long Sword.
    Location Note:    Throughout the walkthrough I use various locations listed in
                      the (x 900 y 400) format.  This means that what I am talking
                      about is 900 pixels from the left and 400 from the top.  To
                      find your location press the X button on your keyboard.  This
                      displays the x,y at the mouse cursor.  You can change the
                      location key to anything you want by opening the Baldur's
                      Gate II Configuration Program in the start menu.
    Battles Note:     If you go somewhere at a lower level the enemies will be
                      easier than if you go there at a higher level.  Say, for
                      instance, that you go to the Windspear Hills and fight an
                      Iron Golem.  Then you reload before that, go level up a lot,
                      and return.  Now you might be facing a tougher Adamantite
                      Golem.  In other words, the battles are more difficult the
                      higher a level you are.
    Options Note:     There are a number of options that I would HIGHLY recommend
                      anyone playing the game use.  First is the "Rest Until
                      Healed" option which lets your party rest until everyone has
                      full Hp's.  It is implied that your Priest's cast healing
                      spells on everyone.  This can be found under Game Options.
                      Second I would recommend turning the Brightness and Contrast
                      up a bit in Graphics options.  Makes things a LOT easier to
                      find.  Lastly, if you are constantly saving/reloading to get
                      more HP per level or to memorize spells successfully, you
                      should probably play at the NORMAL difficulty level.  Those
                      things are the ONLY differences between NORMAL and CORE.
                        Note:  Bioware/Black Isle recommends turning up the
                               Brightness on your monitor itself, rather than
                               in-game as low end computers can suffer from
                               performance problems. (Blackhawk)
    Experience Note:  When completing quests throughout the game, there are two
                      types of experience that can be given to your characters.
                      The first is when it says "The Party gains 20,000
                      experience".  In this case, that experience is divided
                      equally amongst party members.  So, if you have 5 people in
                      your party (including you), then everyone gets 4,000 exp.
                      However, there are times when it says "Edwin gains 20,000
                      Quest Experience Points" and may even list such for everyone
                      in the party.  In these cases everyone gets that amount of
                      exp.  Finally there are some times when it won't list in the
                      status window how many experience points you gain.  I list
                      these, and will mention whether they are mere experience to
                      be divided, or whether everyone gets that amount.
    Items Note:       If you leave items on the ground in the game world, they will
    (from the Readme) disappear after a period of time (with a few special items as
                      exceptions).  Bodies will begin to decay from the world after
                      about half a day.  Items will begin to decay from the world
                      after a day or two.  Some game critical items will never
                      If you want to stash items, put them inside any container.
                      For example; a chest, bookshelf, or box.  All container
                      contents (with the exceptions of piles of treasure on the
                      ground) are saved for the duration of the game - just be sure
                      you can easily return to retrieve your favorite goodies.
                      I would heartily recommend using the containers in your
                      Stronghold to store any item you wish to part with.  For
                      example, with the Fighter Stronghold, every week you get 500
                      gold placed in one container in the library on the second
                      floor.  Since you are going that way anyway, why not stash
                      items there?  You can really put the items in any container,
                      just so long as you remember where you put your things.
                        Warning:  Do NOT stash items in a stronghold BEFORE IT IS
                                  YOURS.  This is because the AREA number actually
                                  changes, and your items become inaccessible.
                                  Wait until you actually take possession of your
                      Finally, if you are given items in dialogue, but don't have
                      room in your inventory, you will drop items to make room.
                      Make sure not to lose them!
      1.        [RNCSDN]  Chapter 1: Irenicus' Dungeon (AR 0602)
        The game starts as you are being tortured by a mage (Jon Irenicus, though
        you don't learn his name until later) for no apparent purpose.  He mentions
        that you have much untapped potential.
        Soon his experiments are interrupted when a Golem informs him of an attack.
        He teleports away.  You can watch as a Thief gets blown to bits.  Funky.
        Soon Imoen rescues you.  She tells you what she knows, which isn't much,
        before opening your cage and letting you out.
                  S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
        Imoen     9    18  16  17  11  16      Human   Thief/Mage     Neutral Good
          Imoen is your old childhood friend from Candlekeep.  In the first game
          she was a Thief, and now she has dual classed to become a Mage.
          SPOILER:  Don't let Imoen memorize any spells as she won't be with your
                    party for much longer.
          Grade:  B+  She is the third best thief you can get in the game and the
                      second best mage.  This averages out well, especially since
                      this game doesn't require that much out of a thief.  I list
                      her as "third best thief" because she can't level up in it
        Minsc   18/93  16  16  8   6   9       Human     Ranger       Chaotic Good
          Minsc is a little loopier than last you saw him.  This may be due to the
          death of Dynaheir -- whom he was sworn to protect -- but he seems to
          rely far too much on Boo, his pet hamster.
          Grade:  A-  Minsc is one of the best investments you can have in the
                      game.  He is the strongest of the NPC's and has decent
                      abilities as well.  Plus he soon begins learning Priest
                      spells which further his power.
        Jaheira   15   17  17  10  14  15   Half-Elf  Fighter/Druid   True Neutral
          Jaheira has some problems with authority, which in this case would be
          you.  She believes that she should be leader.  She is also a member of
          the Harper's, a "do-gooder" organization that also claims Elminster as a
          Grade:  B  A good solid performer, but nothing to write home about.
                     There are better Priests out there, and better Fighters out
                     there as well.  The best reason to keep her is her Druid
                     abilities as she is the best druid for some time.  At the
                     moment you really have no choice but to take her.
        Minsc - (AR 0602, x 4030 y 2760)
        You need some companions to help you out, and it's quite convenient to have
        two of them just to the north of you.  Go east and north and Minsc will
        automatically talk to you.  Tell him that you don't think much of his
        talents to enrage him and get him to break the bars that hold him in.
        (1,2,3,1)  Minsc breaks free, and luckily enough, he realizes what you were
        doing and doesn't stay berserked.  You can have Minsc join you, if you will
        (and I would).  For freeing Minsc you get 3000 experience.
        Jaheira - (AR 0602, x 3900 y 2675)
        Getting Jaheira out requires only a little more effort.  First go north and
        talk to Jaheira. (4,2) Agree to free her.  Now you just need to find a key
        to free her.  Go left into the room there (x 3250 y 2850).  There are three
        containers in this room: a table with weapons, a chest with armors and a
        TRAPPED painting with potions.  The key to free Jaheira is on the table
        (x 3050 y 2815).  Freeing Jaheira nets you 3000 more experience.
        The next thing you need to do is to go back to the northern room and equip
        everyone with the items there.  Have Imoen de-trap the painting to get
        those treasures as well:
          Dagger +1
          3 Healing Potions
          (If you imported from BG1 with the Golden Pantaloons, they'll be here)
        Talk to the Jailkeep Golem (x 2950 y 2850) and pump him for information.
        He won't attack you and you have no possible way to damage him yet.  He
        won't reveal much to you, just leaving you with more questions than before.
          Note:  If you want to kill the Jailkeep Golem, have a Priest use the
                 spell Spiritual Hammer and attack him with that.  He is worth
                 5000 experience.  You can also use the Quarterstaff +1 found
                 later in the level.
        Open the northern door (x 2865 y 2815).  Go north a ways to find your first
        enemy of the game, a lowly Smoke Mephit (420 exp).  There's nothing you can
        do in this passage, so go back to the torture room.
        Head into the southwest passage (x 3315 y 3235).  There your character will
        note the many bodies in the hall.  Continue.
        After the passage turns north, there will be a big glowing Lightning
        Machine (x 2650 y 3160).  What this does is spit out Lightning Mephits,
        which shoot Lighting Bolts at you. (naturally)  To deactivate the machine,
        click on its control panel twice (once to see what it does, and another
        time to do it). (x 2835 y 3060)  Also, you MUST be standing RIGHT NEXT TO
        the machine to turn it off.  You get 2000 exp for doing so.  Turning it
        off immediately means you won't get experience for fighting the mephits.
        Don't worry about losing a few hit points, you'll get healed by the genie
        in the next room.
          Note:  Most "manipulatable" items like the Lightning Machine require 2
                 clicks.  The first tells you what the thing is, and the second
                 actually uses it.
        Then just kill the Mephit (420 exp) and be on your way.  Go northwest
        into the Crystal Room.
        Almost immediately you will be confronted by Aataqah, a genie.  There are
        several options on what to do with this fellow.  If you talk to him he will
        want to ask you questions.  If you answer that you will "Push the Button"
        he summons an Ogre Mage (650 exp) for you to fight you also get 3500 exp.
        If you answer to NOT "Push the Button" he summons Gibberlings.  Or you
        could ignore him and he'll leave you alone.  Beat his monsters and he tells
        you to seek out Rielev.
          Note:  There are three pools of water in this room.  Clicking on each of
                 them several times will result in several different "visions".
                 These offer you nothing but an interesting read.
        The northern passage leads to a locked door, so we go west (x 1450 y 2660).
        In this western passage you will be attacked by goblins.  Goblins are super
        weak enemies, who can only hurt you with their bows.  Rush their archers
        and they're done for.
        This passage ends in a threeway fork.  We're going up and right (northeast)
        first. (x 890 y 2200)  Within this room we find another Golem, this time a
        Sewage Golem, along with a Radiation Mephit (420 exp).  Talk to the Golem
        and impersonate its "master".  Try and tell it to get to work (to open that
        door we passed by) and it informs you that you need a certain GEM to get it
        to do anything. (Technically, you can just pickpocket it to get the Sewer
        key, however this loses you some experience later) There are four
        containers in this room: the center table, another table and bookcase to
        the left, and a chest to the right:
          Spells - Flame Arrow (Mage)
                   Dispel Magic (Mage)
          Healing Potion
          3 Potions Extra Healing
          5 Arrows
          War Hammer
          Medium Shield
          2 Scimitars
          Long Sword +1
        We're done in here, on to the lower left room (x 600 y 2400).  In here
        there are a lot of tanks, though you won't find out what these are until
        a little later.  There is a Steam Mephit (420 exp) in here.  Shortly Imoen
        will pipe up about this place.  At the end of this room is an Ice Mephit.
        There are three containers in here: a crate (x 675 y 2705), a barrel
        (x 825 y 3045) and another TRAPPED crate (x 1033 y 3025):
          1 Gold
          5 Arrows
          Short Bow
          6 Bullets (for a sling)
          Quarterstaff +1
        We're done in here for the moment, now into the last corridor (x 580
        y 2280).  There is a door (x 520 y 2000) here, but there's only a couple
        lesser Clay Golems in it.  They won't attack you... yet.  If you want you
        can fight them now, but you're better off waiting.
          Clay Golem Note:  When fighting Clay Golems use BLUNT weaponry.  Bladed
                            weapons have no effect, but Blunt weapons work as
                            normal.  Clubs, maces, morningstars, staves, etc.
        Further along the corridor splits again, one end leading to a door, the
        other to goblins.  Kill the goblins first, then go open the door (x 1010
        y 1745).  There is only one Tube in here, walk up to it and Rielev will
        talk with you.  If you agree to help "free" him and the others in the tube
        he gives you a Crystal so that you can talk to the Tube-people and you also
        get 4000 experience.  Search the table (x 1280 y 1585) to find the Sewage
        Golem's Activation Stone.  There is also a barrel (x 1275 y 1400):
          2 Healing Potions
          8 Bullets
          War Hammer
        Go back to the Sewage Golem, impersonate the Master again and give him the
        Activation Stone.  You get 3000 experience, and he runs off to open the
        center doors.  You can then go back to the Tube Room and use the crystal on
        every tube that you can. (not necessary)
        Back to the corridor along to the next door (x 1040 y 1085).  Open it and
        enter the library.  In here there are goblins, a Smoke Mephit and a Fire
        Mephit.  Most of these bookshelves hold only books, but some have more.
        The shelf at (x 950 y 760) has an:
          Agni Mani Necklace
        The shelf at (x 850 y 850), which is the next one to the left, has:
          Spells - Larloch's Minor Drain (Mage)
          5 Healing Potions
        The shelf at (x 1050 y 820), the one to the southeast, has:
          Spells - Know Alignment (Mage)
        The shelf at (x 1450 y 820), which is eastwards, has:
          Oil of Speed
        And the last shelf (x 1650 y 950) has:
          Potion of Extra Healing
        Now we have two choices on which direction to go, and we're going to take
        the south and east passage to the sewer section first.
      - THE OTYUGH
        Take this passage all the way into the next room, which is the sewer area
        for this dungeon.  You will find an Otyugh here, which has the annoying
        tendency to Disease and Slow your people (650 exp).  Search its body to
        find the:
          Wand of Frost Key
        This is the first of several keys like this.  Others include the Wand of
        Missiles Key and Wand of Cloudkill key.  These are used on the next level
        of this dungeon.  The passage to the left is filled with goblins and leads
        to the Crystal Room, and the passage down leads back to the Torture Room.
        Neither place we want to be.
        There are three openable chests in here, all around the stairs to the
        northeast passage.  Open them (x 2725 y 2735), (x 2735 y 1810), (x 2900
        y 1880): (one is TRAPPED)
          Spells - Vocalize (Mage)
                   Clairvoyance (Mage)
          Splint Mail
          Oil of Speed
          7 Potions of Healing
          Light Crossbow
          10 Bolts
          Helm of Infravision
        Open the northeast door (x 2815 y 1725) and go up that passage.  Kill the
        goblins and go through the door at the end of the tunnel.
        There are three traps in this room, one on the carpet and two on the
        containers in here.  There are four containers in here around his bed and
        fireplace:  2 Bookcases, a chest and a drawer:
          Spells - Chromatic Orb (Mage)
                   Burning Hands (Mage)
          Helm of Balduran (+5 HP, +1 AC) **
          Wand of Lightning Key
          Air Elemental Statue
          Metaspell Influence Amulet
          ** If you imported from BG1, this item could be one of these (depending
             on what you had): (Carl Pettersson)
             Default  HELM07, Helm of Balduran (it's this if you didn't import)
                      MISC72, The Claw of Kazgaroth
                      MISC73, The Horn of Kazgaroth
                      RING25, Koveras' Ring of Protection
        Go east and later south to find the Dryads.  They beg you to help them, so
        agree to it.  At the moment, however, we head south into the next chamber
        (x 3500 y 2150).  Be sure to check for traps here, as there are many.
        When you enter the room an alarm goes off that sends those Lesser Clay
        Golems out this way.  There are four containers in here:  a drawer north of
        the bed (x 3075 y 2210), a chest at the foot of the bed (x 3110 y 2300), a
        bookshelf south of the bed (x 3010 y 2390) and a table east of the shelf
        (x 3170 y 2470):
          Spells - Monster Summoning I (Mage)
                   Dire Charm (Mage)
          Potion of Extra Healing
          Bracers AC 8
          Pommel Jewel of the Equalizer (part 1 of 3 Equalizer parts)
          Portal Key (which allows us to leave this level)
          Potion of Master Thievery
        Go back to Irenicus' Room.  Right now we have everything we need to
        complete this level and go on to the next.  However, there are two more
        quests to complete (see Quests below) and some more rooms to explore.
        Go northwest into the Portal Room.  Here there are many more goblins to be
        slaughtered mercilessly.  There are a couple of containers here.  A vase
        (x 3120 y 820) and a barrel (x 3344 y 810):
          Spells - Armor (Mage)
                   Fireball (Mage)
          20 Bullets
        When you are done with this level, enter the Portal to go to the next one.
        (You can come back at any time until you leave the dungeon)
        You may want to do some of the quests below first.
        QUEST:  Free the Dryads
                Dryads - Irenicus' Dungeon (AR 0602, x 4141 y 1370)
                Fairy Queen - Windspear Hills (AR 1200, x 4050 y 3050)
                This quest is really divided into two parts, one we can do now and
                the other we must do later.  The first part is Getting the Acorns.
                From the library take the northwest passage up.  It then turns
                right and then south.  This leads to a room with 6 Duergar in it:
                Ilyich (fighter), 2 fighters, 2 crossbowmen and a mage.  Search
                Ilyich to find the Acorns.  The rest of the Duergar have piddling
                treasures such as Gold.  There are also a number of containers in
                this room, with a spell and some Potions of Extra Healing. (and
                some non-magical equipment.)  Take the Acorns back to the Dryads
                to learn what you must do with them.  They tell you to take the
                Acorns to the Windspear Hills and give them to their Queen.  For
                this you get 9500 experience.
                  Ilyich's Armor is one of these things: (Carl Pettersson)
                    Default  CHAN03, Mail of The Dead +2 (if you did NOT import)
                             LEAT03, Protector of the Second +2
                             PLAT02, Plate Mail +1
                             LEAT06, Missile Attraction +2 (CURSED)
                             CHAN07, Chain Mail +3
                You can't get to the Windspear Hills at the moment, but you will
                once you exit this place.  Go to the Copper Coronet in the Slums
                and talk to a man named Jierdan there. (Warning!  Jierdan's quest
                is difficult and annoying, so you may want to do this later!)  He
                has a quest for you to do, and updates your map to include the
                Windspear Hills.  Then you have to travel to the Gate section of
                Athkatla, and from there you can exit and go to the Hills.  You
                will find the queen in the southeast part of the map.  Give her the
                Acorns to free the Dryads.  You get 32,500 experience and 9750 exp.
        QUEST:  Free the Genie
                Plane of Air Door (AR 0602, x 1967 y 264)
                Genie             (AR 0601, x 310 y 560)
                Dryads            (AR 0602, x 4141 y 1370)
                Just north of the Duergar chamber, where we killed Ilyich to get
                the Acorns is a door.  The key to this door is the Air Elemental
                Statue that we got from Irenicus' chamber.  Open the door and enter
                the Elemental Plane of Air.
                There are many, many different types of Mephits in this area.  Be
                cautious, some have nasty powers.
                Go north along the path.  Take the first left (x 1720 y 1300) and
                follow this path all the way to the left to a big giant fan.  Just
                under the fan is a container full of treasure:
                  Spells - Conjure Air Elemental (Mage)
                Go back to the first path, and then head north.  Fight your way
                through the Mephits here to get to the path to the left.  At the
                end of this path is a lamp.  Manipulate the lamp to talk to the
                genie.  He offers you a trade, you free him and he gives you an
                item of yours.  All he needs is a Flask.
                  Note:  Gunslinger points out that you could just Pickpocket the
                         Genie to get the Sword he carries.  You may need to use
                         some potions of master thievery, but it is possible.
                Leave this place and go find the Dryads.  Talk to them to get the
                Flask from them, then return to the Genie and give him the Flask.
                For your trouble you get 15,000 experience and a Two Handed Sword
                of Chaos +2.**
                Note:  The dryads will NOT give you the flask until you have gained
                       the acorns.
                **  If you imported from BG1, you may get a different item:
                    (Carl Pettersson)
                    Default  SW1H24, Two-Handed Sword of Chaos +2
                             HAMM03, War Hammer +2:  'Ashideena'
                             AX1H07, Bala's Axe
                             HALB03, Halberd +2:  'Suryris' Blade'
                             DAGG04, Dagger +2: Longtooth
                             STAF07, Staff Spear +2
                             STAF06, Staff Mace +2
                             SLNG03, Sling +3
                             SW1H06, Long Sword +2:  'Varscona'
                             BLUN10, The Root of the Problem
                             BLUN09, Kiel's Morningstar
        QUEST:  Kill a Cambion
                Cambion (AR 0602, x 2600 y 1030)
                Past the Duergar chamber and the Plane of Air door (careful of the
                trap in the passage) is a room with a weird machine, and a Cambion
                trapped in a bubble.  Get close to the machine and manipulate it
                two times to free the demon.  Kill it and steal its treasures:
                  Cambion - 6000 experience
                            Bastard Sword +1
                            146 Gold
                            Chainmail Armor
        1.1     [DNGLV2]             Irenicus' Dungeon Level 2 (AR 0603)
        When you arrive here, Yoshimo comes up and talks to you.  He can join with
        you and you probably should take him.  Further he offers some advice as to
        what you will face on this level, what traps and so forth.
                  S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class         Alignment
        Yoshimo   17   18  16  13  10  14     Human   Bounty Hunter  True Neutral
          Yoshimo, feared by all, somehow managed to get himself captured and
          thrown into this dungeon with the rest of you.  Why Irenicus would be
          interested in him is beyond me.
          Grade:  B+  There are several reasons to like Yoshimo:  First he is the
                      best thief in the game (he is the ONLY pure thief class and
                      has a good Dex score as well) and second he can Dual Class
                      to a Fighter later.  If only he could dual to a mage as
        Just left of the Portal (x 315 y 2875) is a small box with:
          Spells - Hold Person (Mage)
        Open the door to the right (x 885 y 2820) to enter the Mephit Portal Room.
        Here you will battle many different Mephits.  Also there are four big
        portals that must be destroyed (fight them as enemies) to keep more Mephits
        from teleporting in.  Each Mephit Portal is worth 5000 experience to
        destroy for a total of 20,000 exp!
          Trick:  The portals produce an infinite number of mephits, which can be
                  a great way to level up if you dual-classed your character at the
                  start of the game.  If you destroy three of the four portals and
                  then cast the appropriate energy-protection spell on yourself,
                  you can easily gain a level or two within 5-10 minutes.
                  [from jsaving]
        On a table is a body, and when Jaheira gets near it she realizes that it is
        Khalid, her husband.  And he's quite dead.  She is distraught over this for
        a time, but refuses to try to raise him. (something about it being
          Note:  If you are "insensitive" to Jaheira here, she will leave forever.
                 By "insensitive" I mean, repeatedly telling her to try to raise
        There are 6 containers in this room, bookshelves, barrels, tables and
        chests.  (x 775 y 2650), (x 875 y 2650), (x 1040 y 2515), (x 1260 y 1350),
        (x 1420 y 2520), (x 1350 y 2580):
          Ziose Gem
          Andar Gem
          Cursed Scroll of Weakness
          40 gold
          Gold Ring
          2 Extra Healing Potions
          Wand of Cloudkill Key
          Wand of Fire Key
          Wand of Summoning Key
          Bastard Sword
          5 Arrows
          3 Bolts +1
          Silver Ring
        We now have almost all the keys we'll need.  There are two doors along the
        northeastern wall.  Open the left door (x 1125 y 2375) and go in.  Here is
        yet another Tube Room, where an assassin is fighting an escaped clone.  She
        kills the assassin and turns on you (there's nothing you can say to avoid
        a fight).  Kill her.
          Escaped Clone - 1250 exp
                          Wand of Missiles Key
        There are 2 searchable barrels in here, with such things as a Fireball
        spell and a Pearl Necklace.  Return to the Mephit Room, and open the last
        door (x 1300 y 2230).
        Along this passage you find an assassin fighting an Ice Mephit.  Kill the
        Mephit and the assassin turns on you.  Not very thankful since you just
        saved his life!  Kill him for 750 experience.  Continue up the passage.
        There will be a group of goblins with a Mephit just before the door to the
        Great Wand Trap (x 560 y 1390).
        There is a trap on this bridge, disarm it, cross and go through the next
        door.  There is an assassin here facing off against several Duergar.  The
        assassin gets himself killed by the Great Wand Trap.  And if you wait long
        enough the Duergar will kill themselves the same way as well.
        Along the left wall are several columns.  Sneak up to these columns and
        manipulate them.  One of your keys will vanish and be replaced by the
        appropriate Wand (with only one charge).  Even better is the fact that part
        of the trap is disarmed making this room a little safer to traverse.
        Disarm all 6 columns and the room is safe.
          Note:  If you find that you are missing one of the keys, it's usually the
                 one from the Otyugh on the previous level.
        The statue at the end of the hall (x 2000 y 350) has a Ring of
        Protection +1.
        From this point there are four passages out of this room (not counting the
        one we came in from).  The passage nearest to the entrance on the right
        leads to the exit.  The other three lead to monsters and treasures and are
        covered in Quests below.
        Once you're done with the other passages (assuming you did any of them),
        go down the first passage on the left (x 1380 y 1125).
        The next room (x 1750 y 1750) has an assassin in it who talks to you, but
        there is no way to avoid a battle here.  Beat the 4 or 5 assassins and
        swipe their gold.  Leave this room to the southeast.
        This is a part of the sewer system of Athkatla.  Follow it northwards to
        the exit at (x 3450 y 1415).  I would make an Archived Save here as you
        can't come back once you leave.
        QUEST:  The Doppleganger Passage
                Go southeast along the middle passage on the right (x 1740 y 900).
                Open the door into a storage room.  A little further south you will
                see a fat old man in a glass cell, Frennedan.  He talks to you and
                begs for you to release him.  Agree to do so. (If you refuse to
                help him, he turns into a little boy!)
                Search the storage room.  There are three containers, a TRAPPED
                bookcase at the top of the room (x 2500 y 1200), a TRAPPED chest
                to the left (x 2240 y 1340) and a normal locked chest under that
                (x 2240 y 1400):
                  Frennedan's Key (in the trapped chest)
                  Spells - Invisibility (Mage)
                           Knock (Mage)
                  5 Potions of Healing
                  4 Elixirs of Health
                  1 Potion of Firebreath
                  Scroll of Protection from Electricity
                Once you have the key, open the cell and let Frennedan out.
                There are two times when Frennedan will attack you, at a set amount
                of time from being freed and at a set range from his cell.  So,
                no matter what he will transform and attack you.  May as well kill
                him now. (3000 exp)
                Search his cell for more treasures.  There are 5 containers in
                here, two bookcases, a TRAPPED chest and two tables:
                  Spells - Color Spray (Mage)
                           Blindness (Mage)
                           Blur (Mage)
                  4 Bolts +1
                  4 Arrows +1
                  6 Bullets +1
                  2 Potions of Extra Healing
                  Oil of Speed
                  Cursed Scroll of Foolishness
                  101 gold
        QUEST:  The Vampire Passage
                The vampire passage is easy to find as it is the only door on the
                left side of the Wand Trap Room. (x 1330 y 590)  Open the door and
                go in.
                There is a battle between assassins and a Vampire going on here.
                Kill the vampire to get 8000 exp (though you should notice that she
                simply turns to mist and flies away).  Any surviving assassins
                must also be killed.  There are no treasures in here, but 8000 exp
                isn't bad.
                  Note:  You can have Imoen cast web (or do it yourself if you are
                         a mage) into the room where the vampire kills a few of the
                         attacking shadow thieves.  Wait until the vampire is stuck
                         and then charge in and hammer it or have Imoen hang back
                         casting spells at it (like magic missile and fireball).
                         Killing this vampire will not stop Bodhi from letting you
                         join later.  Also using a web spell to trap enemies and
                         then hitting them with a fireball or two is a good tactic
                         for mages. [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
        QUEST:  The Duergar Passage
                Head southeast down the farthest passage (x 2085 y 640).  There
                will be a group of goblins in the middle of a forge room.  Go
                northeast from here to find a group of Duergar, including one mage.
                Kill them.  There are 4 containers in here, a small box to the left
                (x 3375 y 630), two chests on top of each other (x 3585 y 685) and
                a big table to the right (x 3550 y 825):
                  Spells - Charm Person (Mage)
                  100 Gold
                  Dagger (after this, such things are listed as "Minor Treasures")
                  2 Extra Healing Potions
                  3 Potions of Healing
                  80 Arrows (Minor Treasure)
                  Short Bow (Minor Treasure)
                  40 Bolts (Minor Treasure)
                  7 Bolts +1
                  Heavy Crossbow (Minor Treasure)
                  Splint Mail (Minor Treasure)
                  Mace (Minor Treasure)
                  Chainmail (Minor Treasure)
                  Girdle of Bluntness (AC +4 vs. Blunt weapons)
      2.        [WKNSPR]  Chapter 2: Waukeen's Promenade (AR 0700)
        You emerge from Irenicus' dungeon to find Irenicus himself battling with
        several shadow thieves.  He easily bests them.  Imoen then tries a magic
        missile out on Irenicus.  It doesn't do much and looks like you might be
        captured again.  Then the Cowled Wizards arrive and battle Irenicus.
        Although he might have beaten them, he decides to go with them... if they
        take Imoen as well.  This starts Chapter 2 and everyone in your party gets
        34,500 experience.
                    S    D   C   I   W   Ch      Race      Class       Alignment
        Aerie       10   17  9   16  16  14      Elf    Cleric/Mage   Lawful Good
          Aerie is a winged elf.  Well former winged elf as her wings were removed
          some time ago.  She had been a slave before meeting up with Quayle and
          joining the circus.
          Location:  The Circus (See below)
          Grade:  C+  A cleric/mage combines all magics into one (not Druid spells,
                      but nobody's perfect), which is an incredible bonus.  Except
                      that she has rather weak stats.  She doesn't excel anywhere,
                      no single one stat stands out.  As such she isn't worth
                      keeping around for very long.
          Event:  3-5 days after you get Aerie, a messenger will arrive from Quayle
                  telling her to return to the circus.  Once there, Quayle merely
                  tells you to talk to Raelis Shae in the theatre beneath the Five
                  Flagons.  Aerie will naturally complain if you don't go visit
                  Quayle, however.
        Talking with some of the people nearby will net you some information on
        where Imoen might have been taken by the Cowled Wizards.
        What you need to do now is increase your strength in three ways:
          Experience for more levels.
        Generally speaking most of Chapter 2 is just running around doing Quests
        trying to get Gold and Experience.  This area only really has one good
        Quest (The Circus Tent & Aerie below), but it also has the best shop in the
        game, the Adventurer's Mart.
        When you're ready, leave this area and go to the slums.
        QUEST:  The Circus Tent & Aerie (AR 0600, 0604, 0605, 0606)
                Giran  (AR 0700, x 2790 y 1550)
                Circus (AR 0700, x 2975 y 1525)
                Just a little southwest of where you appear in this area is a big
                circus tent.  If you talk to Harrold and Fearghus around here you
                can discover that something is wrong with the circus.  Talk to
                Giran just to the left of the entrance and he'll complain about his
                mother being inside the tent and not coming out.  Go to the
                entrance and convince the guard to let you in.  Go inside.
                You will be met by a Genie who wants you to answer a riddle to
                cross the bridge.  The answer is (3) The prince is 30 and the
                princess is 40.  Answering correctly gets you 19,500 experience.
                If you fail that riddle he asks another, to which the answer is
                (6) Nothing.  Answering the second riddle gets you only 14,500 exp.
                Failing that riddle he will attack you.  (5000 exp)  Enter the
                giant dome.
                Once inside an Ogre named Aerie will tell you to flee this place.
                Pump her for information if you want.  Then go left to the spider,
                then north until you find the two peasants.  They will attack you.
                Kill them (they are Orcs, actually).  One of them has a Friends
                spell, the other has a Sword.  Take this sword over to Aerie to
                restore her humanity.  For this you get 18,500 exp, and she'll
                offer to join you.
                Go north and talk to the Pleasure Slave.  She offers no useful
                information.  Go up the stairs (x 1067 y 390).
                On this level there are werewolves and shadows.  Kill the shadows
                if you want, but ignore the werewolves, they are illusions and will
                not give you any Experience.  The werewolves can't hurt you unless
                you attack them.  Search the two vases on the sides of the
                staircase to find:
                  Spells - Web (Mage)
                           Protection from Petrification (Mage)
                           Dispel Magic (Mage)
                Go near the stairs (x 920 y 260), where a genie talks to you again.
                He offers to let you rest on this level.  When you're ready go up
                the stairs to the final level.
                Ignore the other enemies here, some are illusions, and concentrate
                your attack on Kalah himself.  Once he is dead the illusion dies
                with him and you'll be back in a regular circus tent. (2000 exp)
                Listen to his little rant and you get 25,000 exp.  If you didn't
                restore Aerie earlier then Quayle asks to let Aerie travel with you
                permanently, which is totally up to you.  Search Kalah's body:
                  Spells - Stoneskin (Mage)
                           Identify (Mage)
                           Infravision (Mage)
                           Magic Missile (Mage)
                           Stinking Cloud (Mage)
                  Girdle of Piercing (+3 AC vs. piercing)
                  Ring of Human Influence (Sets CHA to 18)
                  Garnet Gem
                  724 Gold
                  Minor Treasures (bullets, sling, flail)
                Talk to the woman, Hannah (x 100 y 300) at the left of the tent.
                This is Giran's mother.  She'll rush out of the tent.  You get 500
                experience from her.  Go outside and talk to Giran again to get
                2500 more experience.  Talk to the Amnish soldier to get a
                Reputation Increase (+1).
                  MISC:  If you talk to Harrold again, he and his wife are both
                         thankful (although at night she seems to disappear).  Also
                         if you talk to Fearghus again he will leave and
                         theoretically go back to the circus.
        QUEST:  Cernd's Child
                Cernd's Former Home - Promenade (AR 0700, x 1900 y 1830)
                Fennecia's House - Promenade (AR 0700, x 1800 y 900)
                Deril's Estate - Government (AR 1000, x 3500 y 2650)
                  Note:  You pick up Cernd in Trademeet, and you get to Trademeet
                         by talking to the man in the City Gates area.
                Enter any of the major city districts with Cernd in the party and a
                man will come up and talk to Cernd.  It is a former neighbor and he
                has lost all respect for Cernd.  It seems that when Cernd left his
                former wife, she was with child and Cernd never knew this.  This is
                quite upsetting to him and he wants to go visit with his former
                wife, Galia.  If you aren't in Waukeen's Promenade, get there.
                You will find Cernd's house just left of the Adventurer's Mart.
                Enter.  You find a squatter living in Cernd's house.  He will
                (eventually) tell you that Galia has moved in with some "bastard"
                but he offers no more details than that.  Go up to Fennecia's
                House, which is higher up on the wall.  Enter.
                Talking with Fennecia she tells Cernd that Galia is dead.  Send
                Cernd out of the house and talk to her again.  She fills you in on
                the rest of the story.  Shortly after Cernd left, Galia moved in
                with a noble named Deril.  He treated her badly.  Eventually she
                died in mysterious circumstances, and Cernd's son is likely to be
                raised to be evil like Deril.
                Go to the government district and find Deril's Estates.  Enter.
                Cernd convinces Deril's Golem to get Deril (although he kills the
                golem for the interruption).  You then have to choose how to react
                to things:  Threaten him with the guards, threaten him with an
                attack, do nothing, or just attack him.  If you simply threaten him
                he will hand over the child (although they will reappear in 3 days)
                Or you could attack him.  He is a mage and brings in a Lich to help
                  Deril - 26,000 experience
                  Lagole Gon - 26,000 experience
                               Cernd's Baby
                Take the child and Cernd seems happier.  Cernd gains 50,000
                experience and the party gains 20,000 exp.  Cernd then takes off
                with the boy to the Druid Grove.  If you want Cernd back all you
                need to is head out to the Grove and pick him up again.
        OTHER:  The Horns of Valhalla                      (modified from Max Chen)
                Silver Horn of Valhalla - Bridge (AR 0500, x 2985 y 750)
                Madeer, Shopkeep - Promenade (AR 0700, x 1875 y 2066)
                In the game you will find the Silver Horn of Valhalla, which
                summons a level 5 Berserker Warrior for a short duration. (The horn
                is found in the Bridge District, in the house by the fish seller)
                This is great and all, but there is a way to upgrade this horn to
                two better ones.  What you need is the Horn, a Diamond and a
                Beljuril. (you can obtain a Beljuril from Umar Hills, see the
                Chicken's Gem quest)
                Talk to Maheer (he isn't labeled as such) just southwest of the
                Adventurers Mart with a diamond and the horn in your possession.
                Ask him about what types of things he sells, and whether he does
                anything "special."  He'll mention that he does indeed make a fair
                horn.  If you have the diamond and silver horn on you he offers
                to make you the Bronze Horn for 2000 gp.  The Bronze Horn can
                summon a level 7 Berserker Warrior.  If you have the Bronze Horn
                and a Beljuril he will upgrade the Horn again for 5000 gold.
                This creates the Iron Horn which summons a 9th level Berserker
                Warrior who will fight for you for one minute.
        OTHER:  Night Guild War
                This won't necessarily happen here, but during the night you can
                see the Shadow Thieves and Vampires battle it out for supremacy.
                You can take sides in these battles if you want, just force-fight
                whichever side you don't like.  Bear in mind that Vampires take
                magic weapons to hit, and at this point you only have the Two
                Handed Sword +2 (Chaos Sword).
                Also, if you join the fight AGAINST the vampires, then you won't
                be able to find Bodhi in the graveyard later.
        OTHER:  Ribald's Ring of Regeneration
                If you successfully pickpocket the owner of the Adventurer's Mart,
                Ribald, you will get the spiffy Ring of Regeneration (1 HP every
                6 seconds).  [from Steotia]
        OTHER:  Sleep in the Street
                Who needs an Inn?  Not us, that's for sure.  Simply set the option
                to "Rest until Healed", then when you are in the street hit the
                REST button.  Instant Inn.  Free too.  This doesn't always work,
                but usually does near the circus.
        OTHER:  The Town Crier
                Whenever you find a Town Crier you can listen to their little
                stories, or you can insult them.  Nothing else comes of this, no
                new quests.
        OTHER:  Promenade Containers
                Although there are many searchable containers in this area, not a
                single one of them has ANYTHING in them.  So don't bother looking.
        OTHER:  Belmin Gergas, the Elf Hater
                Belmin - Promenade (AR 0700, x 1115 y 950)
                If you talk to Belmin with an Elf in your party he spouts off some
                stupid prejudice.  That's pretty well it UNLESS you have Viconia in
                your party, in which case he attacks you.  If you kill him you lose
                reputation, and not only that, everyone around will attack you as
                  Trick:  Let Viconia talk to him. Make sure that the party AI is
                          turned off before that. He turns hostile, and the nearby
                          guard attacks him. At this point you can either try to
                          get the guard to hold him back while you run out of
                          sight, or move everyone out of sight and have Viconia
                          cast sanctuary on herself. The guard should kill him now.
                          Kudos - you've just rid the world of a racist bastard and
                          lost no reputation for it. (Xander77)
        OTHER:  Mencar Pebblecrusher
                Seven Veils (AR 0700, x 3325 y 430)
                Mencar (Second Floor of the Seven Veils, AR 0712, x 300 y 240)
                On the second floor of the Seven Veils is a band of mercenaries led
                by none other than the infamous Mencar Pebblecrusher.  When you
                first meet with him, he insults you.  If you respond in kind you
                will get into a fight.  Don't do that, instead calm him down.
                  Note:  If you talk to Mencar with Korgan, he'll immediately
                         attack you.
                Now get ready for a fight.  Cast every protection spell you can
                (Haste is especially helpful!).  Then position your people
                strategically around the room.  The idea is to assassinate several
                of his goons before they even start attacking you.  Take out the
                mage first if you can, then the imp.  I also used Hold Person to
                keep Mencar from doing anything.  Brennan Risling will attempt to
                flee if he gets hurt.  If you trap the room, remember the traps
                will all trigger at once, usually all hitting whomever turns red
                (hostile) first. Thus, if you want the traps to all hit Mencar,
                you should shoot him with a bow. I also once used a thief/mage to
                drop Cloudkills in the room, then duck around the corner and Hide
                in the Shadows.
                  Mencar - 10,000 experience
                           Full Plate Mail
                           Potion of Fire Giant Strength
                           89 Gold
                           Hammer +1
                           2 Potions of Extra Healing
                  Smaeluv Orcslicer - 4000 experience
                           Hide Armor
                           Flamedance Ring
                           42 Gold
                           Cursed Berserking Sword +3
                  Sorcerous Amon - 6000 experience
                           Potion of Extra Healing
                           Wand of Lightning
                           Cloak of Non-detection
                           Minor Treasures
                  Pooky (Imp) - 4000 experience
                  Brennan Risling - 4000 experience (flees if damaged)
                           Studded Leather +1
                           Ring of Invisibility
                           Short Sword +1
                           Oil of Speed
                           Potion of Invisibility
                           2 Potions of Extra Healing
                           Minor Treasures
                  Note:  The Cloak of Non-detection is supposed to protect your
                         invisible characters from being revealed. This doesn't
                         work that way, but it does protect your hidden thieves
                         from being found out.  Invisibility granted from items
                         is also protected by the cloak. (with thanks to Andrew
                There are three chests to be searched, one of which is TRAPPED.
                These net you some minor treasures.
        OTHER:  The Fence
                Jayes - Promenade (AR 0700, x 4880 y 1850)
                Steal something and need to sell it?  At night, go to the far right
                side of the promenade to find Jayes, the thief.  He'll buy your
                stolen goods.  And, if you are in a really thievery mood, you can
                steal directly from him, and then sell him his own goods back to
                him.  I drank a Potion of Master Thievery to get my pickpocket
                skill up to 175 (I also had the Gloves of Pickpocketing from the
                upper floor of the Copper Coronet), then just stole the Chain
                Mail +2, and sold it, stole and sold, stole and sold, and so forth.
        2.1     [THSLMS]             The Slums  (AR 0400)
        When you first enter the Slums a thief by the name of Gaelan Bayle
        approaches you.  Hear him out and follow him to his home.  He represents
        an organization that may help you out, for a price.  20,000 gold.  That's
        a tidy sum of money.  He offers some advice as to how to make some money,
        and depending on your class will direct you to your appropriate stronghold
        (i.e. a Bard to the Five Flagons).  This also begins chapter 2, and you
        can watch as Imoen and Irenicus are sent to Spellhold by the Cowled
        Anomen    18/52  10  16  10  12  13   Human  Fighter/Cleric  Lawful Neutral
          Anomen may not be a Paladin but he is deeply involved with the Order of
          the Radiant Heart.  He believes in Law over all other concerns, making
          him neither good nor evil.
          Found at:  Copper Coronet (Slums)
          Grade:  C+  At the point in the game when you run across this guy is just
                      won't fit into your party.  As you can see by his wisdom
                      score he doesn't make for a good Cleric, and with his DEX
                      score, he doesn't make that great a Fighter either.
          Upgraded:  B  (see Anomen's Quests below)
        Korgan    18/77  15  19  12  9   7     Dwarf    Battlerager   Chaotic Evil
          Although his alignment is listed as Chaotic Evil, Korgan is more Neutral
          Evil than anything (mercenary type that he is).  Korgan is always on the
          lookout to make a buck, no matter the cost (of lives).
          Found at:  Copper Coronet (Slums)
          If kicked out:  Will be at the Copper Coronet, but requires a Bribe to
                          rejoin you.
          Grade:  A-  The best fighter-type in the game.  Good Strength, good
                      Constitution and adequate Dexterity.  And unlike Minsc (the
                      other "strong" character), Korgan can be a Grand Master in
                      a weapon making him very lethal indeed.  Would be an "A"
                      except that he is Evil, which makes it hard to keep him in a
                      Good aligned party.
        Nalia       14   18  16  17  9   13    Human    Thief/Mage    Chaotic Good
          Raised as a Noble, Nalia fancies herself as a "compassionate" noble, out
          there working for the good of the common man.  She is incredibly naive
          about the world to the point of almost being stupid. (not quite, though)
          Event:  A week after clearing the De'Arnise hold, if you are in a city,
                  a messenger will arrive telling her to go to the Graveyard.
                  (more information can be found on this in section 2.3 De'Arnise
          If she leaves:  If you accept her quest, but don't do it right away, she
                          will leave on her own.  You will then find her near the
                          De'Arnise Hold in a wooden palisade (SW of the Hold).
          Grade:  C+  Nalia has very puny thief skills (she dualled over to Mage at
                      level 4), making her primarily a Mage with SOME thief skills
                      thrown in for good measure.  However, as a Mage she doesn't
                      have 18 INT (which helps) and doesn't gain Edwin's spell
        Now we have a purpose to our lives, gather enough money to get Gaelan's
        friends to help us.  The set amount is 20,000 gold.  Getting this gold is
        a matter of following the various Quests throughout the city, which also
        conveniently get you Experience and Items at the same time.
        Once you reach 15,000 gold you will be immediately confronted by two
        different people, a woman and a boy.  This represents a slight split in the
        game as you must choose which side to play.  The major walkthrough ends
        here for the moment, and picks up again in section 3. The Guild War
        (Chapter Three).  From here until there is almost exclusively devoted to
        Go outside and talk to Brus and he'll direct you to your Stronghold Quest.
          Fighters -- >  Nalia in the Copper Coronet
          Priests  -- >  New Cult in the Temple District
          Mages    -- >  Cowled Wizard with a Quest in the Government District
          Rangers  -- >  Boy complaining of monsters at the Government District
          Paladins -- >  Lord Jierdan in the Copper Coronet
          Thieves  -- >  Shadow Thieves at the Docks
          Bards    -- >  Playhouse beneath the Five Flagons at the Bridge
          Druids   -- >  Man at the City Gates has a problem at Trademeet
        Finally, throughout this chapter there are three dream sequences that
        occur randomly when you sleep.
        OTHER:  Fight some Brigands near Copper Coronet
                Brigands - Slums (AR 0400, x 3100 y 2130)
                Just to the right of the entrance to the Copper Coronet are a duo
                of not so bright brigands, Cohrvale and Bregg.  They attack you
                before realizing you are fully armed and dangerous.  Take them out.
                They are worth 6000 and 4000 exp each.
        QUEST:  The Mystery of the Copper Coronet
                Entrance to Coronet - Slums (AR 0400, x 2470 y 2250)
                Lehtinan            - Coronet (AR 0406, x 410 y 1215)
                Hendak              - Coronet (AR 0406, x 2685 y 500)
                Beastmaster         - Coronet (AR 0406, x 3550 y 2000)
                Enter the Copper Coronet, and talk to the owner and proprietor of
                the place, Lehtinan. (If you need to rest, talk to his associate,
                Bernard)  Ask him about ways to "spend a coin", and about his
                other types of entertainment.  This will allow you to visit the
                back rooms.  Open the door near Anomen at (x 1400 y 1480).  A guard
                in here will welcome you to the "exclusive" entertainments offered
                here.  Turn right and open that door.  A man here talks to you
                about the Pit.  He tells you all about the slavery, fighting, and
                so forth that goes on here.  Go further down the passage to see a
                  Note:  It may be weird, but if you just go up and kill Lehtinan,
                         not only are there no negative consequences, but Bernard
                         starts acting like Hendak took over, and begins selling
                         the new stock of items!
                Go back to the guard, and go up the north (x 1600 y 1370) passage.
                Be prepared for a fight.  There will be two secret doors on the
                left.  One leads to a pillowed room, the other to a set of stairs
                to the sewers.  Ignore it for now and continue to the end of the
                passage.  There's no way to avoid conflict with the 5 guards here
                (2 mages), so kill them quickly.
                Go near the center cell to talk to Hendak, the gladiator.  Agree
                to free him and he'll tell you that the Beastmaster has the key.
                Go to the southeast end of this room, and open the southern door
                (x 2720 y 875).  This leads you past the gladiator pits (complete
                with a violent winter wolf to kill) to the area where the monsters
                are kept.  There you will find the Beastmaster with his pet tiger,
                Tabitha.  He opens up all the monster pens to let them at you.
                Kill the Beastmaster: (2000 exp)
                  Beastmaster Key
                  Spells - Stone to Flesh (Mage)
                  Plate Mail
                  Tuigan Bow +1 (3 Shots per round)
                Kill the other monsters if you wish.  Return to the cells, open the
                non-Hendak cells first for some (5000) experience.  Then go to
                Hendak's cell with the key and free him, this gets you 7500 exp.
                Hendak is rightly pissed off about his recent situation and runs
                off to kill Lehtinan.  Follow and help out (clearing out the guards
                and whatnot).  Don't worry, Hendak won't kill Lehtinan until you
                get there. (on an interesting side note, Nalia will join the fight
                against the guards even if she isn't in your party)  When Lehtinan
                is dead you get 48,750 experience.
                  Tim Lou has an alternate way to free Hendak:
                    After you talked with Hendak, you can head back to Lehtinan and
                    tell him that Hendak is a slave in prison.  Lehtinan will give
                    you the key of the cell and asks you to kill Hendak for him.
                    You can agree for the time being.  Then you go back to free
                    Hendak and you decide let him go (Tell him that you get the key
                    from Lehtinan and pretend to kill him) or kill him for
                    Lehtinan.  By this way, you don't need to deal with the
                    beastmaster and get the cell key (Although the beastmaster is
                    not a tough guy).
                  Editor's Note:
                    If you wanted to do both methods, you could kill the
                    Beastmaster first, then skip Hendak and talk to Lehtinan.  You
                    can get a reward of a Plate Mail from Lehtinan when you tell
                    him about the escape attempt.  Then he'll give you a key to
                    deal with Hendak.
                  Evil Note:
                    If you do what Lehtinan suggests and kill Hendak, then you get
                    420 experience for killing Hendak and a reward of Bastard
                    Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters from Lehtinan. (Oh and your
                    Reputation drops 1 point)  By the way, you would get that item
                    later anyway when you freed the slaves.
                Hendak asks you to help free more slaves (see "Free the Slaves"
                below), agree to do so.  Search Lehtinan's body:
                  Spells - Summon Nishruu (Mage)
                           Death Fog (Mage)
                  1287 Gold
                Also, Bernard now gives you a discount on his items.
        QUEST:  Free the Slaves
                Entrance to Sewers - Coronet (AR 0406, x 2070 y 660)
                Entrance to the Slavers - Sewers (AR 0404, x 2900 y 2500)
                Exit to the Slums - Slave Galley (AR 0405, x 750 y 1900)
                Remember that set of stairs we skipped by earlier?  Go down them.
                While you are down here, you might want to do the Sentient Sword
                Quest (described below).  Go through the sewers until you reach
                the exit (x 2900 y 2500).  This is the back entrance to the Slavers
                Compound (the beached ship in the Slums).
                You appear in the middle of a good deal of enemies.  Don't wander
                too much around this area during your fight, as there are TRAPS
                that can kill you.  Also new guards can come in from other areas.
                Once this fight is over, search the Captain's remains for:
                  Haegan's Key
                  Studded Leather Armor +2
                  Minor Treasures
                There is also a box of gems here (x 1815 y 1330).  Open the door to
                the northeast (x 2136 y 1205), kill the two trolls in here and talk
                to the slave girl.  If you give her 100 gold you get 3500 exp and a
                Reputation +1.  Go back.
                Now go up the little steps to the northwest (x 1720 y 1066) and
                into the hallway.  On each side of the passage are cells with
                slaves in them.  Free them for 2500 exp.  Go into the room to the
                northwest (being ever mindful to check for TRAPS, of course).
                There are 3 containers with minor treasures here.  The next room to
                the north has several Yuan-ti in it, as well as some minor
                treasures (Arrows, Gold, Spells, etc.).
                The next room to the south has the Slaver Mage in it, and provides
                a bit tougher battle.  The slaver wizard has a Cloak of
                Protection +1 on him.  The rest have mostly minor treasures.  There
                are two containers in the north of this room with some good
                treasures (Spells, Rings and such).  Careful, the chest is trapped.
                Then just go southwest (careful of traps), then southeast.  Ignore
                the side room.  There will be three shelves here, the trapped one
                in the middle has a sling.  Also there is a barrel left of that.
                (It has a spell and some gold)  Just past that is the exit to the
                Slums. (x 750 y 1900)
                Return to Hendak to get your reward:  38,000 quest experience per
                character, Plate Mail, Bastard Sword +1 +3 vs. Shapeshifters,
                Reputation +1 and 3900 gold.
        QUEST:  The Sentient Sword (Lilarcor)
                Hand   - (AR 0404, x 515 y 950)
                Ring   - (AR 0404, x 1640 y 850)
                Staff  - (AR 0404, x 2360 y 1300)
                Blood  - (AR 0404, x 2330 y 2722)
                Quallo - (AR 0404, x 2240 y 2760)
                Sword  - (AR 0404, x 2790 y 1790)
                From the Coronet entrance, head south.  Clear out the Hobgoblins
                here, then go west (x 900 y 650).  There will be an Otyugh here,
                kill it. (5000 exp)  In the center of this little room is a grate,
                (x 515 y 950) click the grate twice to get the first object, the
                Back into the main passage, and head southeast.  This leads to a
                small room.  On the north wall are two skeletons pressed together.
                Click them twice to get the Ring. (The stairs to the NE lead to a
                Myconid area, but there is no real reason to go that way) 0418
                Go down the southwest passage, and follow it to the little bit of
                water.  The little bridge is trapped.  Go north up the water until
                you reach the kobolds (x 2360 y 1600).  Kill them to get the Staff.
                That leaves just one object left.
                  ShirouKyoji has a different way to get the staff:
                    Talk to the Kobold Shaman after reading the clues, and choose
                    option number 3.  Then, choose option number 1.  Then, choose
                    option number 4. I *KNOW* It says to offer 2000 gold pieces,
                    just do it.  Then, choose option number 1.  The other Kobolds
                    will get mad and kill him. Then, you can loot the 2000 gold.
                    Tada! Plus, you get to hear some funny Dialogue.
                Go back south, cross the bridge and go southeast (x 1835 y 2000).
                At the fork, take the southern path until you find the odd little
                man, Quallo (x 2240 y 2760).  Talk to him to try to learn
                everything you can.  Then kill the Carrion Crawler there to get
                its blood, the final object.  We now have everything we need.
                Go up the northern passage (x 2275 y 2790), through the enemies
                until you reach the Pipe room (x 2666 y 1915).  The Glowing Pool
                has a few things to say, but if you're reading this then you don't
                need to care.
                There are four pipes in this room, corresponding to each of the
                items.  We will number the pipes from top to bottom, with the top
                pipe being pipe number 1.  Double click each pipe in this order:
                  Pipe 3 (Hand)
                  Pipe 1 (Ring)
                  Pipe 2 (Blood)
                  Pipe 4 (Staff)
                Do that and the Sentient Sword will appear and everyone gets 18,000
                quest experience points.  Lilarcor (its name) is a Two Handed
                Sword +3, with immunities to Charm and Confusion.  If you talk to
                Quallo after this, it turns out that he was charmed himself, and he
                will leave.
        QUEST:  Nalia's Quest (Fighter/Barbarian Stronghold)
                Nalia - Coronet (AR 0406, x 900 y 1500)
                Nalia is one of two people who walk right up to you and ask for
                help (the other being Anomen, who doesn't really want help).
                Anyway she wants your assistance in helping clear out her ancestral
                castle of monsters.  Agree to help her.  Let her join if you
                wish it. (It's usually better to have the person whose quest you
                are working on with you)  You will then have to leave the city.
                So, first go to the City Gates and from there exit to De'Arnise
                This Quest is continued in section 2.3 De'Arnise Hold.
        QUEST:  Korgan's Quest
                Korgan - Coronet (AR 0406, x 1850 y 960)
                Crypt  - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 640 y 1830)
                Pimlico Estate - Temple District (AR 0900, x 4315 y 1015)
                Talk with the dwarf near Surly and listen to his tale.  He wants to
                break into a crypt and steal a book found within.  This book will
                then be sold to a book dealer for a great profit.  Agree to his
                proposal and let him join you.  To the graveyard!
                There are many entrances to this crypt, but the one listed above
                works best, I think.  Open it and descend into darkness.
                One of the pots to your right has a Mislead spell.  Enter the
                passage (being doubly sure to check for traps, of course).  There
                is a trapped chest in the passage here, and another one just before
                the passage ends.  These chests have spells and other minor
                treasures.  The second one also has some Wooden Stakes.  Makes you
                wonder what is done here.  You don't need the stakes right now, but
                feel free to take them.
                Going right you'll have to contend with some spiders.  Take them
                out and go right.  There's another group of spiders here along with
                some Ettercaps.  North of here is the Spider Queen (no, not Lolth,
                see Quests in the Graveyard section), and to the south is the crypt
                we want. (x 2750 y 3250)
                This is a large Egyptian looking chamber, with a figure of a woman
                on the floor (who is trapped).  Also, when you step on a certain
                spot, all the doors fling open and release many nasty undead.
                These guys will drain your levels, stats, or disease you.  There
                are four traps on the figure, 2 on the eyes, one on the necklace
                and another on the hand.
                Search for the secret door in the bottom corner (x 900 y 800).
                There are more traps within this passage, as well as more undead,
                mummies and the like.  This passage then forks, with a passage
                going right and another continuing south.  At the fork, there is a
                pot with some treasure (x 533 y 1290).  Go right (checking for
                traps, of course) and click on the coffin at (x 815 y 1325).  This
                releases its occupant who doesn't like you.  Kill it.  It has a
                spiffy spear on it.  Further right are a group of mummies and
                ghasts and past them is a small room with treasure.  Nothing great,
                but it's better than nothing.
                Back at the fork, this time go south.  Be careful to search for
                traps, there are three between you and the next room.  Within this
                room are mummies and a big already looted coffin.  Korgan notes
                that the tomb is looted (11,250 exp).  Kill the mummy there and
                Korgan comes up with a plan of action to get the people who looted
                this tomb ahead of you.  He wants to hurry to the Temple District
                to the home of the Book Dealer (whose book was in the tomb).  There
                are two pots in here with very minor treasures.
                Leave the crypt and go over to the Temple District.  Go to the
                Pimlico Family Estate (just past the Temple of Lathander).  As you
                approach, Korgan tells you that the place has been looted (you took
                too long, even if you came right here that was too long!).  Go
                inside anyway.  Despite what Korgan said there are a few gold
                pieces laying about.  Take Korgan into the bedroom and he'll
                mention that this looks like the work of Shagbag, who can probably
                be found on the roof of the Copper Coronet. (8750 exp)
                To the Slums!  The stairs that lead to the roof are at (x 1530
                y 2815).  Go up the stairs until you find Shagbag and his party.
                (5000 exp) Korgan has some words with them and a fight breaks out.
                Search Shagbag's corpse to find the Book of Kaza.  The only thing
                that remains is to sell it (to any retailer).
        QUEST:  Anomen's Murdered Sister
                House Delryn - Government District (AR 1000, x 4300 y 2175)
                About a week after you gain Anomen in your party, a messenger
                approaches him and tells him to return home as his sister has been
                murdered.  This quest may influence whether Anomen can become a
                Knight later, which increases his abilities.
                Go to the Government District, Anomen's home.  The Delryn Family
                Estate is the large orange building south of the Council building
                (by quite a bit).  At the door the guard tells you of how tense
                things are between Anomen and his father.  Enter.  You will find
                Cor Delryn, Anomen's father, in the kitchen.  He accuses Anomen of
                letting Moira -- his sister -- get killed.  He then says that the
                only way for Anomen to make this up to them is to avenge her by
                killing those responsible.
                You must advise Anomen on what to do:  1) Kill Saerk out of
                vengeance, 2) seek a legal resolution to things, or 3) Kill Saerk
                for the money.  Convince Anomen not to kill Saerk, and then tell
                him that perhaps his father's quest for revenge has tainted his
                judgment (10,500 exp).
                Go to the Government Building and talk to Bylanna there.  She says
                that there is insufficient evidence on Saerk to convict him of
                much of anything.  Again Anomen looks to you for advice.  Convince
                him to let bygones be bygones for (7500 exp).
                From the time you talked to Cor, you have 10 days before Anomen's
                next quest begins.
        QUEST:  Anomen and the Knights of the Radiant Heart
                Radiant Heart - Temple District (AR 0900, x 3300 y 3400)
                  Note:  This quest can be delayed if you are in a romance with
                10 days after the completion of Anomen's first quest (dealing with
                his sister's death), if you are in the city, Sir Ryan Trawl will
                approach Anomen.  He tells him that it is now time for Anomen to
                take the tests of knighthood.
                Go inside the Order of the Radiant Heart and the Judging will
                begin.  Whether Anomen is accepted as a Knight depends on how
                you solved his Sister's Quest.  If you sought out the non-violent
                solution, then Anomen is a Knight, otherwise he is not.
                Anomen's Wisdom is increased to 16 and his name changed to Sir
                Anomen.  The party gains 10,000 experience and Anomen gains another
                50,000 experience on top of that.  With the increased Wisdom he
                also gains +2 1st and 2nd level Priest spells.  Have Anomen speak
                with Sir Ryan Trawl. (nothing much is said)
        QUEST:  Jierdan's Quest (Paladin Stronghold)
                Lord Jierdan - Copper Coronet (AR 0406, x 725 y 1400)
                Within the Copper Coronet, you will find a man in fiery red who
                offers you an outrageous sum of money to do a minor monster
                fighting quest.  He wants some ogres cleared out from his holds
                near the Windspear Hills.  He marks it on your map.  Leave the city
                and head out to the Windspear Hills. (on a side note, the voice of
                Jierdan is provided by the same person who did Minsc)
                This quest is continued in the Windspear Hills section below.
        OTHER:  Amalas' Duel in the Coronet
                Entrance to Coronet - Slums (AR 0400, x 2470 y 2250)
                Amalas (70 hp)      - Coronet (AR 0406, x 1090 y 1870)
                In the southern end of the Coronet is a group of three idiots led
                by Amalas. (near Korgan)  Talk to Amalas and insult his honor.
                Beat him one-on-one to get 1800 and 9500 exp.  Then you can tell
                his lackeys to take a hike.  Only the main character can duel with
                Amalas, so if your main character is a Sorcerer (or whatever) you
                will have a more difficult time with it.
                If you free Hendak and the slaves before dueling, Amalas will
        OTHER:  Mazzy and Gorf [from Vladislav Brkic, and a number of others]
                Copper Coronet      - Slums (AR0406, x 200 y 1400)
                I was selling some goods to Bernard in the Copper Coronet, after
                which I left through second door.  Outside an Ogre pit fighter
                called Gorf the Squisher started talking to Mazzy and said how
                halflings don't know how to hit.  Then he started hitting some
                commoner and talked to Mazzy again and challenged her to a duel in
                the Copper Coronet pit.  When I entered the Copper Coronet Mazzy
                talked to pit manager Surly and he sent us to talk to Gorf's
                girlfriend Bunkin.  After that I then talked to Festule the
                Alchemist (same area x 915 y 1240) and bought a potion to disable
                Gorf for 400gp.  He also said to try giving it to Bunkin.  Then I
                talked to Bunkin (x 1200 y 1820), complimented her and she
                complained that Gorf never does that, so I gave her Festule's
                "love" potion and said that it will solve her problem (for this
                the party gained 11,500 exp).
                Then Gorf arrived and said that his ale tasted funny but still
                entered the pit.  Mazzy killed him easily (2500 xp).  Then she said
                something like "Virtue has won again" and party received another
                5000 exp.
        OTHER:  Dog Fighting
                Surly - Coronet (AR 0406, x 980 y 1800)
                Talk to Surly and for 10 gp you can set up a Dogfight.  You get
                20 gp if you win, although Good party members seem to be upset by
                You can kill Surly with no penalty (250 experience).
        OTHER:  Gloves of Pickpocketing                                [from Snark]
                Gloves - Coronet (AR 0406, x 750 y 610)
                In one of the rooms at the top of the stairs, the room with the
                retired pickpocket, you will find a trapped table with the Gloves
                of Pickpocketing.
        OTHER:  People around the Sphere
                Waylane near the Sphere tries to sell you the sphere. (it's even
                more amusing when he tries to sell it to Yoshimo or Viconia)
                Another fella wants to worship the sphere, a woman lost her home to
                the sphere and a landowner thinks he owns the sphere.
        2.2     [BTWNRS]             Between Areas
      While traveling between areas in the city (or between city and country)
      there are two major events that happen.  The first is that you are attacked
      by slavers who have some interesting objects on them:
        Spells - Minor Globe of Invulnerability (Mage)
                 Vampiric Touch (Mage)
                 Domination (Mage)
                 Shocking Grasp (Mage)
                 Magic Missile (Mage)
                 Flame Arrow (Mage)
        Plate Mail +1
        Arbane's Sword +2 (short sword)
      The second is more serious.  You encounter a group of thugs killing a guy.
      Kill the thugs and talk to the guy.  Agree to help him.  Now you have to take
      him to the Docks. (This is covered more in the Docks section)
      These aren't the only between area conflicts, but they are the only
      noteworthy ones.
        2.3     [DRNSHL]             De'Arnise Hold  (AR 1300)
          If you're here, then there's only one thing to do, and that is to attempt
          to clear out the De'Arnise Hold.  This can be done whether you are a
          Fighter/Barbarian or not, although only they gain possession of it later
          as their Stronghold.  In order to even be here, you must have talked to
          Nalia.  If you didn't join up with her, or if she left, you can find her
          in the Palisade (x 770 y 3225).
          Nalia tells you that you are fighting Trolls and Yuan-ti (although she
          doesn't know those by name).  Which means that you will want Flame/Acid
          based weaponry.  Talk to Captain Arat, and as you are about to say
          goodbye to him he gives you some Flame Arrows (see Quests below for a way
          to get infinite Arrows off of him).  Once you are done there, it is time
          to enter the De'Arnise Hold.
          Leave the palisade, and go northeast a little until you find the Secret
          Entrance (x 1300 y 2750).  It is a secret door, so having a Thief do
          Find Traps could help you find it.  Open it and go inside.
        - THE SECRET PASSAGE (AR 1302)
          There's nothing in this first room.  Nalia simply reminds you of your
          goals in here, find Daleson and open the Drawbridge.  Unlock then open
          the only door.
          This room has 2 containers with treasure (neither are trapped nor
            Spells - Agannazar's Scorcher (Mage, to kill trolls of course)
            Light Crossbow of Speed
            Heavy Crossbow
            Arrows +2
            Bolts +2
          Open the next door.  This leads to another secret door (x 600 y 1400),
          which is actually inside of the De'Arnise Hold (we were in the secret
          passage before that).  Open the secret door.
        - DALESON
          A Troll is in this room and he kills the servant here.  You don't really
          have a shot at saving him.  Kill the troll (being sure to hit it with
          Fire or Acid when it falls down).  Search the table (x 850 y 1265):
            Spells - Protection from Normal Weapons (Mage)
            Bullets +2
          There is a secret door on the northwest wall (x 700 y 1230), open it to
          find Daleson.  This guy provides all sorts of information about what you
          are facing, who you must save, the relic of the Keep (the Flail of the
          Ages) and where you need to end out (in the "cellar").  If Nalia is with
          you then she does most of the talking.
          Go into the room that Daleson was in.  There are 2 containers in here
          with mostly minor weaponry, although you will want to take the magic
          arrows here (and possibly the magic long bow).
          There is another secret door in the northwest wall (x 410 y 933).  At the
          end of this passage is another secret door which leads to the Secret
          Forge of the Flail of Ages.  There are three pieces to the Flail of Ages.
          Whenever you get one, bring it to this forge to add it to the whole.
          It can exist just fine with one, two or all three parts.  There is a
          chest here with some minor treasures. (x 560 y 400)
          Search the northeast wall for another secret door (x 630 y 380).  Just
          past that is another secret door.  Search the lion statue (x 950 y 175)
          to find:
            Flail Head (Cold, 1 of 3)
            Ring of Earth Control (AC +1, Summon Earth Elemental, Control E.E.)
            810 gold
          Go back to Daleson's Room and open the (normal) door.  Directly in front
          of your party is the main Eating Hall, but it isn't important.
          Drop south and east.  There is a chest here (x 1430 y 1370): (TRAPPED)
            Dagger +2
            450 gold
          The room at (x 1325 y 520) has some very minor treasures in it.  The only
          worthwhile treasure is found on the bed near the bathroom, which has a
          couple of spells (Protection from Normal Weapons and Breach).  However,
          if you go from there and open up the door to the bathroom, you can find a
          Star Sapphire in the toilet (x 1765 y 500).
          The next room southwards (x 1835 y 885) has some minor treasures to be
          found on a fish (x 1790 y 675) and it has a stove.  If only you had
          something to cook.  Hmmm... seems that Daleson mentioned feeding some
          great beasts.  Now, what did he feed them...
          Yeah, that's right.  Go out the door (x 1950 y 1140) to the exterior of
          the Keep.  Kill the Otyugh (5000 exp).  Then track down and kill the four
          family dogs and take their "dog meat".  Pleasant.  Go back inside and
          operate the stove to create a thick, meaty stew.  (The main character
          must have all 4 meats on him in order to make the stew)  For this you get
          11,500 experience.
          Go back outside.  Then find the stairs (x 2175 y 1640) and go up that
          until you are on the Keep's walls.  Ignore the door for the moment.
          There will be an ice troll on the wall.  Kill it and keep going.  You
          will find the switch to open the Drawbridge at (x 2833 y 1840).  Click it
          once to open.  For this you get 29,750 experience.
          Go back to the main level (keep on ignoring that side door).  There you
          will see Humans battling it out with Giant Trolls and Greater Yuan-ti.
          Join the battle if you like (good experience).  Then go back into the
          main door to the keep.  The battle continues inside, but once these
          trolls are beaten, the guards leave.
          Open the door at (x 2000 y 1050) to get to the stairs.  Another servant
          gets whacked in here.  Go up the stairs.
          Nalia provides some more information on what needs to be done here.  She
          recommends finding her auntie's bedroom and finding the secret passage
          that leads to the cellar. (Why would the cellar be connected only to the
          second floor anyway?)  In this room are 2 containers with treasure,
          although the only good thing is the Spell Turning spell.
          Open the southeastern door (x 2100 y 1000) and enter that passage.  The
          side room here has some minor treasure.  Open the southwest door
          (x 2075 y 1425) to enter the Library.  In here you will find one
          mini-troll, a big troll that becomes two smaller ones when killed, and a
          Yuan-ti mage.  Take out the mage first.  The stairs here lead up to the
          roof (which is where that door we ignored goes as well, there's nothing
          up there worth looking at).  Search the 3 bookcases here:
            Keep Key
            Spells - Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental (Mage)
                     Minor Spell Turning (Mage)
            Bolts +1
          Since the western door cannot be opened, that leaves only the southern
          door (x 1730 y 1650).  The first room along this passage has 1 container
          with minor treasures (Detect Illusions, 20 Arrows, etc.).  Go along down
          to the second door to find the Lady of the Keep.  She isn't too impressed
          with you.  Eventually she'll go away.  Remember this room, as we'll be
          coming back here in a moment (we have more looting to do first).
          Continue to the end of the passage and open the door (x 375 y 1035).
          Continue through this room into the next passage.  Kill the Ice Troll.
          This passage eventually goes all the way back to the library.  Ignore the
          northern door for the moment, and open the southern door (x 1550 y 630).
          Search the Fireplace: (TRAPPED)
            Wand of Frost
          There is a Secret Door on the southeast wall (x 1480 y 830).  Follow this
          passage all the way to what looks like a dead end.  It isn't.  Open this
          secret door and enter a small room.  There are 2 chests in here with
          mostly minor treasures (although the spell Spell Thrust is nice).  Detrap
          the next door and go in.
          Within this room is a former guardsman by the name of Glaicas.  There is
          a non-violent way to end this, (see below) but only if you have Nalia in
          your party.
            Glaicas - 9500 exp
                      Flail Head (Acid, 2 of 3)
                      Full Plate Mail
            Non-violent Solution: [from Sergio Le Roux]
              In the de'Arnise Hold, in the secret room where Glaicas is located,
              you have to charm him to "normalcy". But there's a bug with the game:
              a couple of seconds after you charm him, he turns blue for about 1
              second, then turns green again. So, basically, your own charm spell
              is interfering with the script that would lead to him talking to
              If you want to save him (and earn 22,550 xp), you have to time it
              right so that when you charm him (he turns green) one of your attacks
              will hit him (this must happen BEFORE he turns blue). He will turn
              red again... pause the game and make sure you stop all your
              characters! He will continue being hostile, but then the script will
              kick in. He'll talk to you and give you the last part of the flail.
              [from Hatchedcross]:
              I found it is much simpler to just charm him and then rest as soon as
              possible.  That way you can talk to him normally and save much
              frustration from timing it correctly.  I've also noted that it
              doesn't matter wheter Nalia is in your party at the time you talk to
          There is absolutely nothing in the next room, so go back out.
        - THE GOLEMS
          Go back to the Lady's room and search for traps until the secret door
          (x 833 y 1033) shows up.  This leads to a very small room with nothing in
          it.  There are two secret doors from this place, one to the west and one
          to the north.  Open the west one and go in.
          This is what I like to call the "Golem Chapel."  Depending on what level
          you are on you face different Golems.  If you are a high level then you
          are facing the tough Adamantite Golem.  I, however, faced an Iron Golem.
          At the end of this chamber are three Statues that can be searched for
          some pretty good magical items.  However, when you take those items, you
          WILL be attacked by some of the golems.  So, naturally, the best strategy
          is to kill the golems BEFORE taking the treasure.  If you don't have any
          +2 or better weaponry, you might want to go take the treasure first so
          that you have weapons that can harm them.
          One odd way to kill the golems in this room is to drop Cloudkills on
          them and shut the door. Wait. Repeat as needed.
          Remember, if you're frustrated you could always use my patented "fake
          talk" strategy.  Move your fighters into position (only the ones with +2
          weaponry, or weapons that have extra damage).  Adamantite Golems require
          +3 weapons or better to damage (Lilarcor, the Hammer in this very room,
          Melf's Minute Meteors, etc). Then PAUSE and "talk" to all the golems.
          Then press F2 and have your fighters attack one golem.  Unpause.  Wait 5
          seconds, pause again and repeat. Doing this you can avoid getting
          attacked at all.
            Note:  Remember Clay Golems need to be hit with Blunt Weaponry.  The
                   Flail of the Ages works well.  Stone Golems need piercing
                   weaponry.  And the only weapon I had that affected an Iron Golem
                   was Lilarcor, the Sentient Sword.
            Trick:  It's also possible to get the treasure without fighting the
                    golems at all. I just had Aerie cast "Sanctuary" on herself
                    before filching the weapons (all the other characters were in
                    another room). As stealing the items isn't counted as a hostile
                    action, the spell prevents the golems from acknowledging her
                    existence. I think they're still activated, though, leaving the
                    option to fight them available if you so wish (they just won't
                    chase after Aerie).  Swift 'n' sweet. [from SpookyScarecrow]
                    Also, you can take the Flail part without the golems attacking
                    you.  You can even look in each of the statues to see what is
                    there, as long as you don't take anything you won't be
          Once the golems are gone you can search the three statues at your
            Flail Head (Fire, 3 of 3)
            Axe +3: Frostreaver (extra Ice damage)
            Elven Court Long Bow +3
            War Hammer +1, +4 vs. Giants
          Then you can open the other secret door and descend to the Cellar, I
          would, however, finish the Flail of the Ages first.
          Go back to the Secret Forge and use it with all 3 heads to create the
          completed Flail of the Ages.  Oh, and you get 22,350 experience as well.
            Note:  If you wait to finish the Flail until AFTER you take control of
                   the Stronghold (if you are a Fighter type character) then you
                   get NO Exp for finishing the Flail.
        - THE CELLAR (AR 1301)
          Back upstairs, open the other secret door and descend into the Cellar.
          There are three containers in here, most of which have merely minor
          treasures in them (magic arrows are fun).  The TRAPPED chest at
          (x 875 y 265) has a:
            Shield Amulet
          Open the door and go into the next Troll-ridden room.  There's a new type
          of troll here, called the Spectral Troll.  Search two of the Iron Maidens
          at the top of the room to get an Identify Scroll.
          The next room is crawling with Umber Hulks.  To prevent your entire party
          from being Confused and Slaughtered, send only one person in and have
          that person protected from Confusion (Mind Blank, Chaotic Commands, or
          have the Sentient Sword equipped, the Barbarian Rage command also works).
          Then draw the Umber Hulks into the previous room where they can be cut
          down.  There are 4 containers in here, with mostly minor treasures, but
          some things stick out:
            Orc Leather +3 (-1 CHA)
            Bullets +2 and Bullets +1
          Now I bet you're wondering what we're doing with that Dog Food.  I know
          you are.  Enter the southwestern passage (the one that is already open)
          and open the second cell door (x 850 y 1280).  There is a tunnel here
          that searches like a container.  It has some dog bones.  Put the Dog Food
          here to get 18,750 experience.
            Note:  If you want to avoid the Umber Hulk battle all you have to do
                   is have someone sneak past them (invisible or hiding in shadows)
                   and place the Dog Stew in its place.  The Umber Hulks will then
                   run out of the room to feed.  But you can place the Dog Food
                   there whether you have already killed the Umber Hulks or not.
          Through the northeastern door (x 2000 y 770) is the BOSS of this area,
          TorGal.  TorGal seems to indicate that he was hired by someone to kill
          the Arnise family here.  But who would do such a thing?  Before you can
          find out you have to fight.  You have to fight TorGal and his Giant Troll
          cronies.  Many people like the spell "Cloudkill" here.
            TorGal - 15,000 exp
                     Minor Treasures
          Then search the pedestal under the statue:
            Spells - Feeblemind (Mage)
            2126 Gold
            Gems & Necklaces
          Leave the Keep and Nalia will give you your reward: 10,650 gold and
          45,500 experience.  Anything past this point is part of the Fighter's
          Stronghold Quests (and covered in the Strongholds section at the end of
          the walkthrough), and so if you are not a Fighter, you won't get it.  In
          fact, if you aren't a fighter, Nalia can't stay here and the Keep will be
          seized by the Roenalls.
        QUEST:  Nalia's Father's Funeral
                This Quest can only happen AFTER you have cleared out the De'Arnise
                Hold AND Nalia is in your party.  A week must pass after the reward
                for clearing the Keep is given.  Then if you are in a city, a
                messenger will arrive and tell you to go to the Graveyard for her
                father's funeral.  This is time based, you must go to the Graveyard
                or Nalia will go without you.
                Once at the Graveyard you will be met by the messenger who shows
                you to the Funeral site.  Go up the stairs.  There you will meet
                Isaea Roenall, her former fiance.  Talking with him reveals the
                sort of person that he is, and why Nalia was in no rush to marry
                him.  He ends his tirade with a threat and leaves.
                Nalia has an amusing little rant about him and you can go.
        QUEST:  The Return of the Fiance & the Abduction of Nalia
                Barg - Docks (AR 0300, x 2380 y 2500)
                Roenall Estate - Government District (AR 1000, x 2810 y 140)
                24 hours after the Funeral, Isaea tracks you and Nalia down and
                demands that she honor her commitments.  He then places her under
                arrest using his authority as an Amnish official.  She is taken
                into custody and he laughs at you.  It is suggested (for me it was
                from Yoshimo) that I attempt to find some evidence of his wrong-
                doing and present it to his superiors.
                  Note:  On my latest journey through the game, I managed to
                         trigger this event before it was time (in the middle of
                         the funeral, in fact), such that he didn't kidnap her at
                         all, merely repeated what he had said during the funeral.
                         Why?  Bodhi grabbed me and made her offer before Nalia
                         could make her rant about Isaea being a bastard.  So, to
                         get Nalia kidnapped, I did a quick cheat with a
                         CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("isaea") to get this quest.
                Then Khellor Ahmson comes up to you with a plan to get back at
                wicked Isaea.  You are told to watch a man named Barg at the docks,
                to search Isaea's home in the Government district (which he will
                unlock) and to present any evidence you find to Corgeig Axehand,
                Isaea's superior.
                Go to the Docks and find Barg (he's near the Sea's Bounty).  Talk
                to him and get him to reveal information on Isaea.  He mentions one
                Officer Dirth, who happens to be in the Sea's Bounty right now.
                Enter the tavern and talk to him.  This will end in violence.
                  Dirth - 3200 exp
                          Full Plate Mail
                          Spells - Simulacrum (Mage)
                          Slavery Documents
                We have evidence, but not enough yet.  Go to the government
                district and go to the very top of the map.  The building there is
                the Roenall building.  Open it and go inside.  Inside the bedroom,
                search the drawers there to get Isaea's financial records.  Leave
                the house.
                Enter the Government Council Building and talk to Corgeig Axehand.
                Present him with all of your evidence (especially the financial
                records) and he will summon Isaea forth.  Corgeig launches a major
                investigation towards Isaea, which frees up Nalia to rejoin you.
                Isaea promises that this isn't over yet. (yet that appears to be
                it for him)
        OTHER:  Infinite Flame Arrows
                Captain Arat - De'Arnise Area (AR 1300, x 675 y 3320)
                This can only be done BEFORE the keep is liberated.  Talk to
                Captain Arat and when you say farewell he gives you some Flame
                Arrows.  Now simply talk to him again (3,3) and you will get
                another set of Flame Arrows.  You can repeat this as often as you
                wish to get as many arrows as you wish.  I would replace all of
                your regular arrows with Flame Arrows here.  Once the Keep is
                liberated Arat leaves forever.
                  Note: I've heard this doesn't work in ToB, but haven't confirmed.
        2.4     [WNDSPR]             Windspear Hills  (AR 1200)
      Can't get to the Windspear Hills?  Go out through the City Gates first.
          If you are here, then that can mean only one thing, that you are here
          because of Jierdan Firkraag. (There is also one Quest that can be done
          here, the Dryad's Acorns, see Quests below)  When you arrive you will
          find the ogres you are looking for right away, and although a
          conversation starts, there is no way to avoid this battle.  When they
          are all dead, the bodies turn into Knights and Garren Windspear
          approaches.  You have been fooled into killing these Knights (you saw
          them as ogres, and I would imagine they saw you as the same).  If you
          have Keldorn in your party, he'll mention that one of these knights is
          named Ajantis (who was in Baldur's Gate).  Well, great, you just killed
          Ajantis.  Garren offers to help.
          Follow him into his house and talk with him.  He agrees to tell your
          story to the Order of the Radiant Heart, so that they don't think you are
          a simple evil-doer who kills their knights.  When he leaves, you get to
          talk to his daughter (or son, it depends on what gender your main
          character is).  You then automatically rest.  Soon a halfling approaches
          and warns of bandits in the area.  These bandits soon appear inside,
          kidnap the daughter (son) and attack you.  Once they are dispatched,
          Garren returns and asks that you retrieve his daughter.  Well, since it
          IS your fault...
          Well, now we have to find the daughter (son) of Garren.  Go up and right
          all the way to the corner to find Firkraag's big impressive Temple.  You
          can't miss it (x 4300 y 500).
          Enter and you will find yourself in a Hobgoblin ambush.  Hit the Shaman
          quickly and he turns back neutral and flees the battle.  Just past them
          is another Hobgoblin group.  Now go left and up.  There will be many
          Kobolds here.  Hit them with arrows from afar, as they explode into
          fireballs.  Then kill their leader, Rukh.
            Rukh - 7000 exp
                   Ring of Fire Resistance
          To the left is a pit which is guarded by Ogrillons (maybe not all the
          time).  Below the Ogrillons is a smaller cavern with various types of
          Vampiric Mists (1000 exp) and Crimson Deaths (9000 exp) in it.  You can
          search the pool (x 800 y 1600) to find some treasure:
            Amulet of Protection +1
          Go back north to where Rukh was open the door and go through.
          Well you will find yourself in the middle of a room, with Orc Archers
          shooting at you from behind the walls.  There are secret doors on each
          of the walls that can be opened to even the odds somewhat.  You could go
          up these side passages, but I wouldn't recommend it.  Open the main
          door (x 1860 y 2180) and go through that into a room.  There is another
          door past this.  Open it and go through.
          Now, depending on what level you are on, there are monsters here.  If
          you are on a high level you will face an Adamantite Golem, otherwise
          you face only a couple Stone Golems.  If you are fighting an Adamantite
          Golem, remember that it can't fit through those doors.  Thusly you can
          hit and fade all you want.
          Go down the right passage, open the door and go in.  Here we find the
          Troll Cook, who naturally wants to eat you.  If you object to being eaten
          he has his goons try to kill you.  Search the broken table to find some
          magical missiles (by which I mean arrows and bolts) and the Orcish
          Cookbook.  This merely offers advice as to what types of monsters you
          will face here. (you don't need it)  The next room has an Otyugh, but
          nothing else.  Back to the passage, now we take the left door. (x 2050
          y 1680)
          Here you find a couple of really scared Orcs.  They don't want you to
          kill them, yet they obviously fear Firkraag more.  Kill them if you wish.
          Now open the main door (x 2360 y 1820).  There is another group of Orcs
          in here.  Kill them and open the next door.
          To the right is a horde of vampires (sometimes it's mummies), most are
          worth 8500, but one is worth 12,500 experience.  There is one trapped
          chest in here with treasure.  Follow the passage right to another room.
          Within is a Greater Wraith (8000 exp).  Search the floor to find a
          container with a Key and some bullets. (x 3140 y 2630)
          Go back to the main passage and take the left door this time (x 2600
          y 1400).  Samia will talk to you here (see Quests below), but she isn't
          crucial to what we are doing. (most of the doors here don't go anywhere,
          and are trapped to boot, which means you can get some easy experience
          off of them!)  I would do the Samia quest, however, as there is good
          treasure to be had.
          Open the south door (x 2450 y 1400) and go through.  Within this passage
          are several Wolfweres, which requires magical weapons to hit.  Open the
          next door and enter the Well.
          Click the winch twice (x 1250 y 1230) to raise the bucket in the well to
          get yourself an item.  This also raises an Air Elemental.
            Dragon Helm (sets Electrical, Fire and Ice resistances to 25%)
          Go through the southern door.  There is a big hole in the wall here, go
          up it.  Some monsters will be fighting it out here, join the battle and
          kill them all. (better experience that way)  There is a secret door here
          (x 500 y 1050) along the north wall.  In this room there are several
          Golems (including an Adamantite Golem) to be dispatched.  Go back out and
          hold them in here if you need to.  At the end of the room (x 800 y 450)
          is a thing of treasure:
            Heartseeker +3 Composite Long Bow
          Go back to the previous room, and from there back to the passage and
          then through the southern door.  Here are some "adventurers" (actually
          they are monsters disguised as adventurers, don't be fooled).  They
          turn into Greater Wolfwere's (15,000 exp).  There are some treasures in
          this room.
          Open the next door and fight off these wolfweres as well.  The final
          room is a bit of an office and has some interesting treasures:
            Spells - Hold Undead (Mage)
                     Hold Monster (Mage)
            Horn of Blasting
            Arrows (etc.)
          Go back to the well, and go north.  There will be Orogs up here and a
          small room on the right.  Open the next door (locked).  This little
          staircase here is trapped.
          Within the next room you will find Chief DigDag (2000 exp, Delver's
          Plate +2) and your old buddy from Baldur's Gate, Tazok (6000 exp, Full
          Plate +1) as well as some goons.  Tazok also has the mysterious Sewer
          Key, which although is pointless now, has a great use back in the
          Athkatla Sewers (see that section for details).  Be sure to check this
          room for treasures, there are a lot of good gems and some good spells.
          You will find Garren's child in the right cell here (x 2380 y 700).
          However, she is locked in and cannot be freed by conventional methods.
          Find the stairs down.
          This is Firkraag's lair.  Move forward and all becomes apparent.
          Firkraag is a Dragon.  A red Dragon to be more specific.  He talks to you
          and spills his entire diabolical scheme to you.  Your duty is to Garren's
          child, so don't force a confrontation just yet.  He sends his mage,
          Conster up to the previous level.  You must go up and battle Conster to
          save her (him).  Kill Conster, take the key and free the child. (23,750
            Evil Note:  If you are one of the three Evil alignments you can offer
                        to swipe the Deed off of Garren in exchange for treasure.
                        Conster immediately kills the child of Garren, and you are
                        sent to Garren.  Steal or kill Garren to get the Deed.
                        Return to Firkraag to get your reward. (40,500 exp, Cloak
                        of the Shield)  This has no effect on reputation, however,
                        some party members will leave when you accept this quest.
                        [from Nick McIsaac]
          Go back to Garren's Cabin and talk to Garren.  If you are a Paladin he
          says that he will put in a good word for you at the Order of the Radiant
          Heart. (everyone gets 44,500 experience)
          If your main character is a Paladin then your paths will cross with this
          Dragon again (as part of the Paladin Stronghold, see that section at the
          end of the walkthrough).  Or even if you aren't a Paladin, and simply
          want to try your luck killing a dragon, you can.
            Note:  If you ARE a Paladin, don't kill Firkraag until your stronghold
                   asks you to.  If you kill him before reaching the Stronghold
                   they won't give you experience for killing him. (David Lyons)
          In any case, when you go back to Firkraag's Lair, he doesn't attack you.
          He still has the Cyan Circle, meaning that you can talk to him.  Which
          means that you can easily use the "fake talk" strategy (see Attack
          Strategies above) to kill him.
            Firkraag - 64,000 exp
                       Red Dragon Scales
                       Holy Avenger +5
                       Cloak of the Shield
                       1500 gold
        QUEST:  Give the Fairy Queen the Dryad's Acorns
                Fairy Queen - Windspear Hills (AR 1200, x 4050 y 3050)
                This is the finale of the first Quest we got, waaay back in
                Irenicus' dungeon.  Simply go right from Garren's house and you
                will find the Fairy Queen.  She automatically talks to you, give
                her the acorns and you get 32,500 experience.  You get another
                9750 experience when the Dryads arrive.  They thank you and leave.
        QUEST:  Samia and the Tomb of King Strohm III
                Samia - Firkraag's Dungeon (AR 1202, x 2500 y 1300)
                You meet Samia deep within Firkraag's dungeon.  She claims to be
                searching for information on the old King Strohm III.  You can
                agree to help her if you wish, or you can be suspicious and
                accuse her of being more than she seems.  (After taking the Quest,
                if you talk to her again and say that you want all the treasure for
                yourself, she and a group of ruffians will attack you.)
                Anyway, on to the Tomb.  Open the first door (x 2600 y 1300).  Open
                the first door on your left, enter this room, and open the next
                door on the left to find the First Guardian (x 2500 y 900).  Talk
                to, then kill the Guardian to get the first piece of the Burial
                Mask.  Go back to the previous room (you can find a book and some
                scrolls here), and open the top door (x 2733 y 900).
                  Tip:  Use the Mage spell 'Protection from Fire' on someone in
                        your party and have them go in alone.  Without their fire
                        damaging you, you can easily beat them. (Rolander)
                In the room opposite of this door is a Beholder-like creature
                called the "Director".  Kill it, but don't go through the other
                door yet.  Go back into the hall, and down.  There are four rooms
                on this hall, each has a "Guardian" in it, and each of these has
                another piece of the mask.  Then go back to the Director's room
                and open the next door.  Then open the left door to find the last
                of the Guardians.  Kill it and take the last of the pieces of the
                burial mask.  It will then fuse together into the completed
                product. (24,550 exp)
                Equip the Mask on someone and open the next door.  An invisible
                Fire Elemental is in here, and you can only see it (and attack it)
                if someone is wearing the mask.  Kill it to get 10,000 experience.
                  Note:  Keldorn's 'True Sight' ability has the power to reveal
                         this invisible elemental. (Rolander)
                Open the last door and enter.  This is the all that remains of
                King Strohm III.  As you can see there's nothing here.  However,
                you can search the other end of the room to get some good Dragon
                hunting treasure:
                  Dragonslayer Sword (immunity to fear, regenerate, 2xdmg to Drgns)
                  Dragon Scale Shield (resistances to fire, ice, electricity)
                Of course, if you didn't deal with Samia before, she now will bring
                her merry little band to you and attack.  Kill her and her goons.
                (6000-9000 exp each):
                  Plate Mail +1
                  Studded Leather +2
                  Other minor treasures
                Tetrazome has an interesting way of dealing with this:
                  If you didn't deal with Samia before, and you grab the two pieces
                  of treasure, she and her goons appear to attack you. Before you
                  pick up the treasure, first put everyone in your party into the
                  room where it is (so none are in the room where Samia appears).
                  Then take your mage, and have him cast skull trap 3 times into
                  the middle of the room where they appear, then grab the treasure.
                  They'll appear and instantly die.
                You may wonder what you can do with the Burial Mask.  Well, Henning
                Roes discovered that not only can thieves and other non-helmet
                wearing classes wear the Mask, but it seems to protect against
                Critical Hits!
        OTHER:  Ankhegs
                There are several Ankhegs in the hills area. Kill them to get their
                shells which can be turned into an armor by Cromwell the Dwarf
                (at the Docks).  It's not a very good armor, but it's better than
                Plate Mail.  Although Plate Mail + Ring of Protection is better
                than Ankheg Mail.
        OTHER:  The Werewolves
                Werewolves - Windspear Hills (AR 1200, x 2020 y 1080)
                You will find a group of "fighters" fighting another group of
                Gnolls.  They bicker about things for awhile, then turn into
                werewolves and attack you.
        2.5     [THPLNR]             The Planar Sphere
          Starting from the Slums, you have to enter the house right next to the
          Sphere first.  This takes you right next to the Sphere.  Now you must
          have Valygar in your party (or his corpse) in order to open the Sphere.
          Once it is opened, you don't NEED Valygar to continue, although I would
          take him in just the same.  Enter the Sphere.  You will be in a small
          hallway that leads to a door, open it.
          There are now three doors in front of you.  Open the leftmost one first
          (x 2700 y 2700).  It does a little double door thing.  Here you find
          a Clay Golem, kill it. (blunt weaponry works best)  There are four
          containers in here, one of which has the Golem Arm and Planar Key, both
          of which you will need.  Another container has Coal, which you also need.
          There are also minor treasures here, mostly spells.  Back to the previous
          The top right door leads to a map room and a Steam Mephit, but we don't
          need to go there.  Open the top door (x 2800 y 2500) and go through.
          This activated the Planar Sphere and sent it to the Abyss, if you were
          wondering.  In this room you will encounter three knights of Solamnia
          who are trapped in the Sphere.  They warn you of Halflings.  Evil
          Halflings.  You can search their table:
            Spells - Khelben's Warding Whip (Mage)
            Minor Treasures
          Unlock the top door and go into that room.  This is the water room, I
          suppose, and is filled with Sahuagins.  These guys have only minor
          treasures (although one has a Cloak of Protection +1).  Go back to the
          Knight room, then open the left door and go through.
          This is the famous Feral Halfling room.  You have to fight 3 halflings
          right away, followed by more as you go left.  There are also Halfling
          Mages and Priests farther left.  One of the Halflings has:
            Coal (which we need)
            Gauntlets of Ogre Might (sets STR to 18/00, part of the Crom Faeyr)
          Continue leftwards on the path, it curves up into a new room.  There is
          a big bloody machine here used to create Golems, all you need is a Head
          and an Arm.  Well, we have an arm.  Search the table (x 500 y 1425) to
            Golem Building Book
            Coal (3 of 3)
            Minor Treasures
          Open the north door, go up the passage and into the Furnace Room.  Here
          there will be more Halfling Warriors.  (I found only a +2 dagger on
          these goons)  Each of the three furnaces in here requires coal to
          activate.  So walk up to each of them, and click them twice.  When each
          one is activated, a Fire Elemental (or similar creature) will appear from
          it and attack you.  Once those are active (those are to power the Golem
          making machine), go through the right passage (being careful to check
          for traps, of course).
          Within this room are several golems (I fought an Iron Golem, a Clay Golem
          and three Stone Golems).  Then search the box to the left of the gears
          (x 1620 y 480):
            Golem Head
            Coal (useless now)
          Now that we have the head, back to the Golem making machine.  You must
          click on the machine three times (once to identify the machine, twice
          to build the golem, and three times to set it free). (23,500 exp)  The
          Golem senses an intruder, opens the door to the right, and rushes out to
          go get the intruder.  Follow the golem.  The first passage is trapped.
          The golem finds an Elder Orb Beholder, you can help kill it if you want
          the experience (14,000 exp).  But more importantly, he opened the door
          for you.  Open the door to the right and go through.
        - LAVOK
          We are now one door away from the evil mage, Lavok.  Make your
          preparations, open the door and take him down.  Use Pierce Magic to
          remove his spell immunity, and Breach to get rid of his Weapons Immunity
          and he is a piece of cake.  Soon he has a change of heart (saying that
          the evil has left him) (28,750 exp).  Although Valygar is skeptical,
          Lavok says that all he wants now is to die on the Prime Material Plane,
          i.e. home.  This coincides with your goals of getting home as well.  In
          order to do that we have to repair the Sphere, and that requires getting
          a Demon's Heart.  Convenient that we happen to have traveled to the
          Abyss, no?
            Warning:  Do NOT use "Fake Talk" on Lavok!  If you do this, then you
                      will never be able to get him out of the Sphere!
            Note:  Once Lavok has been defeated, and is lying on the floor, you can
                   pick his pocket to get the Ring of Acuity.
          Before you do that, there are two rooms connected to this one with some
          monsters and treasures you might want to look at.  (Mostly +1 and +2
          stuff, which depending on where you are in the game, might be worth your
          There is also some treasure at: (x 1050 y 550)
        - GET A DEMON'S HEART (AR 0414)
          Anyway, return all the way to where we first came in, and exit the
          Sphere.  Welcome to Hell!  One version of it, anyway.  We are here for
          one (ONE) demon heart.  There are about 3 possible hearts for you to
          choose from, but we only need one.  There are also various Imps, Quasits
          and Salamanders wandering around here.
          The first demon is found just left and up from the Sphere.
            Tanar'ri - (x 1080 y 2020) - 10,000 experience
          The others are found to the right of that first one within the main area.
            Lea'liyl - (x 1910 y 1350) - 16,000 experience
            Tanar'ri - (x 2150 y 1760) - 10,000 experience
          Once you have a heart, return to the Sphere.
          Go to the Orb Room (the room just after where we built the golem and
          just before where the golem killed the Beholder).  There are four symbols
          on the ground that must be pressed in order to open the south door.  The
          Runes must be clicked on.
                4       3
          (Step on the top one first, then the bottom one, the right one and
          finally the left one, 24,500 experience)  Go down the southern passage,
          and down the stairs.
          Within the first room here you will meet Tolgerias again.  (remember the
          Cowled Wizard we got this quest from in the first place?)  He isn't happy
          to see you, and he and his flunky attack you.
            Tolgerias - 18,000 experience
                        Ring of the Ram
          From here there are two doors, an Iced over door and a Hot door.  Each
          eventually leads to the same place, so we are going to search one, then
          the other, and finally enter the engine room.  Open the Ice Door first
          (x 900 y 1000).  In here are various monsters (Ice Salamanders, Imps,
          and Trolls).  Then search the machine in the center to get some
            Helmet of Defense
            Ice Arrows
            Spells - Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (Mage)
          Go back to the previous room, and open the Fire Door (x 1450 y 1100).
          This room has worse monsters (Greater Fire Elemental, Efreeti, etc.), but
          also has better treasure.  Search the base of the thing in the center to
            Spells - Spirit Armor (Mage)
                     Globe of Invulnerability (Mage)
            Staff of Fire +2
            Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles
            Fire Arrows
          When you are ready for another battle, head up to the next door (x 1750
          y 500) and go out.
          The only thing we have to do here, is get the Demon's Heart into the
          machine which is right in front of you.  Standing in your way are
          whatever Golems happen to be in here right now.  Feed a Heart into the
          machine and the Planar Sphere returns to Athkatla (45,500 experience).
            Trick:  I replayed the sphere for testing, and this time I entered the
                    room where you have to place the heart through the cold room.
                    No golem. I walked near the machine. Nothing. But when I went
                    back there were 3 golems waiting just where I entered the room.
                    Reloading and another try. This time I left my party waiting
                    there and walked with a fighter to loot the stuff in the
                    north-eastern part. There was a golem. But the other golems
                    didn't appear. If you're on low level this is an easy way to
                    get through this part. (Henning Roes)
          There is a TRAPPED thing of treasure off to the right (x 1230 y 350):
            Ring of Danger Sense (+25% Trap Detection)
            6000 gold
            Lots of Gems
          Return to Lavok, talk to him and agree to take him outside the Sphere.
          You will be automatically taken outside where Lavok dies. (everyone gets
          45,500 experience)  Valygar wonders about life and asks to join you
          permanently.  Search Lavok for:
            Ring of Acuity (Learn extra 2nd, 3rd and 4th level spells, Mage)
          And at this point, a Mage would gain the Sphere as his Stronghold. (see
          the Strongholds section at the end of the walkthrough)
        2.6     [THGRVY]             The Graveyard  (AR 0800)
        QUEST:  The Mournful Paladin and the Little Girl
                Paladin - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 920 y 820)
                Arenthis - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 2345 y 1875)
                Just to the right of the entrance to the graveyard you will find a
                Priest named Arenthis (x 2345 y 1875).  He has been given charge of
                a young girl, Risa, whose parents are dead.  She is very sad.  He
                can't really take care of her and asks for help in this matter.
                Can you find someone that can take care of her?
                Go northwards through the graveyard until you find the Paladin,
                Kamir.  He recently lost an adopted son and mourning for him.  He
                could not protect him and blames himself.  Tell him that he didn't
                fail.  Then mention the orphan girl with the priest and he perks
                right up.  Maybe he could save her!  You get 12,250 experience from
                Follow Kamir down to the little girl where the two meet.  He
                decides to help her and the two leave.  For this you get 3000 exp.
                Then the Priest talks to you, and is very pleased himself.
        QUEST:  Buried Alive
                Open Grave - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 1000 y 685)
                Gravekeeper - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 1550 y 400)
                Red Garment Man, Am Si - Bridge (AR 0500, x 1680 y 3515)
                In the northern part of this graveyard, near Kamir the Paladin is
                an open grave where someone was buried alive.  Click on the grave
                to get Tirdir out of it.  Agree to help him, and ask him for any
                information he can give you.  He gives you a piece of a Red Garment
                (6500 exp) and tells you it belonged to his kidnapper.
                The first step in this is to talk with the Gravekeeper, a man who
                looks very much like a beggar.  You will find him north of the
                grave and a little east.  Talk to the man.  No reason for subtlety
                here, just threaten him and demand answers.  He points you to the
                bridge district.
                At the very southern end of the bridge district, just a little to
                the right you will find Am Si, the infamous "man in red."  Talk to
                him.  Pretty much anything you say is going to result in him
                running into the nearby building to your left.  Enter it.  Here
                you will find Am Si's employers, Camitis and his goon.  They kill
                Am Si and flee.  Go out after them.  Take Camitis out before he
                manages to escape the area (FORCE-attack them).  The only good
                treasure on the two is on his goon, the Boots of Avoidance.
                Go back inside, and upstairs to find another kidnap victim, Lady
                Elgea.  You get 16,750 experience for freeing her.
                  Note:  If you have Keldorn in your party, he won't allow you
                         keeping Lady Elgea and asking for the ransom. He'll say
                         something like "Forgive my friend's rudeness, my lady, of
                         course you're free to go" and will give you 10,000 xp
                         instead of 16,000. [from RedCodeKevin]
                Alternatively, you could force her to remain here until you collect
                the Ransom.  Check the dresser by the bed to get the Ransom Note,
                which tells you where and when.  Then go at nightfall to the Copper
                Coronet.  Talk to Welther there and he gives you the "agreed upon"
                item, the Silver Pantaloons.  Oh, and your Reputation Drops by 2.
                The Silver Pantaloons is one of the best treasures you can get...
                if you have Throne of Bhaal that is.  Take them with the other
                2 Pantaloons to Amkethran and have the Smith assemble them there.
        QUEST:  Wellyn the Halfling Ghost Child and his Teddy bear "Littleman"
                Wellyn's Grave - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 1625 y 1740)
                Llynis - Copper Coronet (AR 0406, x 665 y 545)
                When you visit the Graveyard at night you may notice a little
                ghost wandering around.  That is Wellyn.  Let him talk to you and
                hear his sad tale.  A thief broke into his house, stole his bear,
                and killed him.  Now you need to find his bear so that he will be
                at peace and roam no more.
                You will find this evildoer in one of the rooms in the Copper
                Coronet.  Talk to Llynis and ask about him having seen ghosts
                recently.  You can demand the bear, but he may attack you anyway.
                Give Wellyn the bear for 15,500 experience.
                During the day you can then talk to the parents of Wellyn (who
                stand near his grave) for another 5000 experience.
        QUEST:  Find the Nether Scroll for Edwin                   [from Blackhawk]
                Crypt   - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 640 y 1830)
                Neveziah - Lower Crypts (AR 0802, x 2160 y 1300)
                Edwin's quest comes up when you enter the graveyard with Edwin in
                your party.  He'll mention rumors of the Nether Scrolls hidden in
                the graveyard, more specifically the Lower Tombs.  Now in the
                Southern Dungeons of the Lower Tombs (the area where you have to go
                for Korgan's Quest but in the opposite branch -- east instead of
                south) you'll find a lich named Neveziah (8000 XP). He'll talk with
                you and hint he has the Nether Scrolls, at which point Edwin will
                try to forcibly take them.  Now with Neveziah dead, Edwin has the
                Nether scrolls (11,750 exp).
                  Per Jorner adds this:
                  Whether or not Edwin's Nether Scroll quest can be completed
                  depends on what you say to him when you find the scroll. If you
                  tell him that the scroll is "party treasure", for some reason the
                  quest won't proceed beyond that point.
                Now after 5 days he'll talk about a translation in his Nether
                Scroll and Edwin will receive a +1 bonus to all Saving throws, +20
                to his lore, and 50,000 XP. (you won't see that he gained anything,
                but he did) One note on this is there is a sound attached to the
                bonuses, but has a save vs. death on it (checked the coding of it
                out), so sometimes you'll not hear the sound and save vs. death
                pops up. So the Save vs. Death is nothing suspicious or special.
                Now 24 hours after the last event Edwin will come up with another
                revelation saying it's a transformation spell like a mage to lich
                but more powerful. He doesn't understand it completely but wants
                the power so he casts it and screws up.  Hence Edwin becomes a
                woman.  They change his entire voice set.  One attack quote is
                funny as hell. (I feel your stares! Die! Die!) And as far as I know
                he has Yoshimo, Cernd, Jaheira(2?), Minsc(2 or 3), Aerie, and
                Anomen (funny one) all have one or more special reactions over this
                Now quite some time (20 days or more) after the transformation a
                Red Wizard named Degardan will visit you.  He will be searching for
                Edwin.  You can turn him in (5000 XP, 5000 GP) or cover for him.
                Degardan will return 2 days later and will know that Edwin is
                "disguised" as a woman. He then proves it by dispelling the Nether
                Scrolls magic and turns Edwin back.  Edwin then thanks Degardan for
                this. Then he proceeds to destroy Degardan (8500 experience,
                Quarterstaff +2, Wand of Monster Summoning, 2 potion extra healing,
                death spell, 2 random treasures) for witnessing the humiliation.
        OTHER:  Nevin's Not-so-dead Uncle Lester
                Nevin - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 715 y 1580)
                If you follow the left path upwards you will run into Nevin's
                funeral service for his dear departed Uncle.  Except his uncle
                refuses to stay dead.  Uncle Lester rises from the grave and starts
                complaining at his nephew.  If you kill Lester (he never turns Red)
                you get 1000 exp + 6500 exp and some gold.  Nevin isn't very
                grateful that you saved his life, and only complains about you.
        OTHER:  Crypt King
                Crypt King - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 750 y 850)
                If you search most of the crypts in the graveyard, you find minor
                monsters guarding minor treasures.  Mummies guarding an Axe +2, or
                whatnot.  However, there is one notable exception, and that is the
                Crypt King.  You find him in the crypt just to the right of the
                top left crypt.  He appears to be a paladin of some sort and
                requires magical weapons to hit.
                  Crypt King - 15,000 experience
                               Spells - Simulacrum (Mage)
                               Namarra +2 (Long Sword, casts Silence 15')
                You can then search the two containers in here for some minor
                treasures. (rings and necklaces)
        OTHER:  The Spider Queen
                Crypt   - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 640 y 1830)
                Egg Sac - Main Crypt (AR 0801, x 2400 y 2500)
                Within the main crypt here, in the center of the area you will see
                what looks to be a giant spider egg sac.  As you near it you will
                be attacked by several Giant types of Spiders.  Within this place
                is a Drow woman who is about to sacrifice a bunch of commoners to
                her spiders.  They die, and about 30 small spiders attack you.
                They aren't bad themselves, but they are all poisonous.  One
                Cloudkill will kill them all.
                  Pai Na - 4000 exp
                           Spider Figurine (summons a Giant Spider)
                Spider Figurine - Kitthix
                  STR  DEX  CON  INT  WIS  CHA
                   14   9    9    9    9    9
                  THAC0  HP  AC  Attacks  Weapon
                   14    44   4    1.5     1d8 (plus poison)
                  Saves: Death - 12, Wand - 14, Poly - 13, Breath - 14, Spells - 14
                  Resistances:        Magic - 10%
                  Immunities:         Hold, Web
                  Special Abilities:  Web Tangle - 2
                Search the center of this area for treasure:
                  Pale Green Ioun Stone (+10% HP, +1 to THAC0)
                  Spells - Spider Spawn (Mage)
                           Spell Immunity (Mage)
        OTHER:  Night Thieves
                Thieves - Graveyard (AR 0800, x 1720 y 1065)
                If you come here at night, you will find several thieves attempting
                to break into one of the crypts.  Since that is YOUR job, kindly
                tell them to stop it.  They attack you.  They aren't too tough to
                dispatch. (non-violent solution? Stein)
        2.7     [CTYGTE]             City Gate  (AR 0020)
        The only reason to come here is to leave Athkatla.  This area will lead you
        out to the Windspear Hills, Trademeet, Umar Hills, etc.
        QUEST:  Flydian and Trademeet (Druid's Grove)
                Flydian - Gate (AR 0020, x 500 y 680)
                In the center of the Gate area is a man named Flydian who is
                seeking Adventures to help out his hometown of Trademeet.  Agree
                to help him if you want.  You can go to Trademeet at any time.
                See section 10. Trademeet for the continuation of this Quest.
        OTHER:  Two Star-Crossed Lovers
                When you first enter the Crooked Crane Inn, an annoying fellow
                named Rilmi blabs on about some lovers who aren't meant to be.
                Upstairs you'll find this duo, and despite being a complete
                stranger, you can convince them that they should really be
                together.  It's amusing but nothing else.
        OTHER:  Lich in a Wall
                Secret Door - Crooked Crane Inn (AR 0021, x 515 y 160)
                Within the Crooked Crane you will find a Secret Door that leads to
                a small Crypt.  Within is a Lich.  Very powerful.  You probably
                won't want to tackle it until you are a fairly high (11+) level.
                Liches are well know for their casting of Gate (summons a Pit
                Fiend, a nasty demon, but one you can avoid by casting Protection
                from Evil 10' Radius before the battle), Time Stop (which allows
                the Lich to cast about 4 spells really quickly) and Meteor Swarm.
                The best strategy would go something like this:  Prepare a trap
                in the Inn in case the rest fails, Haste everyone, cast other
                protective spells, send in only the warriors with +2 or better
                weaponry.  Quickly pause before the Lich talks to you.  Now we're
                going to employ my patented "Fake Talk" strategy.  Click on the
                Lich as though you were going to talk to it.  Now do a Force-attack
                on the Lich and Unpause.  The Lich will wait at least 6 seconds
                before attacking.  (You can try pausing again and doing more Fake
                Talks if you want)  If he snaps out of it and starts casting
                spells, retreat to the Inn.  The Lich MAY follow you out, but
                probably won't.  Then you can go in at your leisure. (He WILL
                follow you out if he's finished casting his spells)
                  Lich - 22,000 exp
                         Ring of Invisibility
                         Wand of Cloudkill
                         Wand of Lightning
                         Rod of Terror (Quarterstaff +3)
                         Wand of Fire
                With him out of the picture, you can then search his crypt for
                treasure.  The chest has:
                  Daystar (Long Sword good vs. Undead)
        OTHER:  The Merchant and the Thug
                This one only happens if you have visited the Gate once, then come
                back 5 days later.  There will be a merchant and a thug standing
                just outside the Inn here.  There are three ways to handle this
                situation, one good, one evil and another crafty.  Offer to help
                defend the Merchant and the Thug will leave, then the Merchant will
                sell you his wares for cheap.  WARNING!  He will only sell you
                things ONCE, after that he LEAVES FOREVER.  To be Evil, stand aside
                and do nothing.  To be Crafty, encourage the Thug to kill the
                merchant, he won't and leaves.  You don't get to buy items that
        OTHER:  Bribery and Guards
                At the Gate itself, a shady merchant (possibly a Shadow Thief)
                bribes the City Guard to let him pass with his contraband.  You can
                ask the guard about this, but he won't talk.
        2.8     [THBRDG]             The Bridge  (AR 0500)
        QUEST:  Solve the Murders
                Tanner's House - Bridge District (AR 0500, x 2700 y 2600)
                Rampah - Bridge (AR 0500, x 2633 y 1185)
                Rose Bouquet - Bridge (AR 0500, x 2950 y 1980)
                Bel - Bridge (AR 0500, x 2650 y 2050)
                When you first enter the Bridge District you will be confronted
                by Aegisfield, an officer of Amn.  He is investigating a series of
                murders in the area in which the victims were skinned alive.
                Pleasant.  Tell him that you intend to solve these murders.  Just
                west of that point some peasants are commenting on the murders.
                Hmmm... skinned alive... well the first suspect would be the person
                who skins animals alive for a living, the Tanner.  So go into the
                Tanner's Shop and talk to him.  Rejiek, the tanner, acts very
                suspiciously, but doesn't really do anything illegal.  At this
                point there is an easy way and a not as easy way to get him to
                reveal himself as the murderer (and a near infinite experience bug
                if you know how to do it).
                  Easy:  Fail to pick his pockets (or attack him) and he reveals
                  Trick:  Surround Rejiek on all sides such that he can't move
                          anywhere.  Then get him to reveal himself (pick his
                          pockets, attack him, etc.).  He then talks to you and you
                          get experience for revealing him.  But since he cannot
                          move, he cannot leave the area.  PAUSE quickly.  Talk to
                          him again to get the experience again.  PAUSE, talk.
                          PAUSE, talk.  Keep on doing that until you get the "he
                          appears to be busy" message.
                  Not So Easy:  Once you have talked to Rejiek, you need to go
                                gather evidence to present to Aegisfield.  Start
                                with the beggar by the arch, Rampah.  Either
                                threaten or bribe him until he reveals that some
                                leather was found with the bodies.  Next visit the
                                courtesan, Rose Bouquet, in the Market Square. You
                                will have to buy her time (20 gold) but she tells
                                you that she smelled Guril Berries at the murder
                                sites.  Next talk to Bel, the merchant, about both
                                the leather and the berries.  Return to Rose and
                                she will identify the smell as Bark, not berry,
                                which is also used in making leather goods. (there
                                are other people to talk to, but they lead you to
                                red herrings)
                                Note:  If you talk to the child Faraji, he accuses
                                       Mrs. Cragmoon of being an evil witch.  You
                                       can talk to her and she admits to being a
                                       mage.  Then you can turn her in to Aegis.
                                       No reward, and in 2 days or so, she will
                                       attack you.
                                Go back and talk to Aegisfield at the entrance to
                                the bridge district.  Give him your evidence and
                                he agrees to go check out the tanner's.  Go to the
                                tanner's yourself.  You will notice the Tanner,
                                his thugs (if you accused him beforehand), and
                                whatnot, but you won't see Aegis.  Talk to the
                                tanner and confront him with the evidence.
                                Alternatively, you can confront the Tanner with the
                                evidence yourself.  The only real difference is
                                that Aegis doesn't get killed (and thusly you can
                                collect a reward from him as well). (Craig Gibbens)
                You get 23,250 experience for getting the Murderer to reveal
                himself.  Follow him down the stairs.
                This level is very, very heavily trapped.  De-trap the room and all
                the containers.  Search his dresser to find the Tanner's Letter
                (useful if you want to find out what he intended to do with the
                human skins).  Search the top bed to find his unfinished "work"
                (human skin).  The other bed has some treasures in it (gems and the
                like).  The container near the stairs will have Aegis' body (if you
                did things the "non easy" way, that is).  Go down the next stairs.
                Here you will find an enemy mage (who teleports out later), a Rune
                Assassin and 2 Ghasts.  When the mage leaves, he brings in a new
                Assassin for you to deal with.  The Assassins are worth 4500 exp
                each, which isn't bad.  The big crate in the center of the room
                is TRAPPED, but has the:
                  Gesen Bow Shaft
                There are a couple other treasures here, but nothing noteworthy.
                Now, if you did this the Easy way, go to Aegis and tell him what
                has happened.  He gives you a reward:  45,000 experience and 500
                gold.  If you collected the evidence anyway you still get the
                reputation +1.
                If you did things the Not So Easy way, go to the Government
                District and enter the council building.  At the very back is Chief
                Inspector Brega, tell him what has happened and give him the body
                to get your reward:  45,000 experience, 500 gold and a Reputation
                Increase +1.
                There is more to this in Trademeet later.
        QUEST:  Raelis Shae Begs for Help (Bard's Stronghold)
                Five Flagons Inn - Bridge (AR 0500, x 3200 y 2000)
                In the basement of the Five Flagons there is a theatre that is
                currently run by a group of wandering players.  Go watch the show
                and you will see Biff the Understudy in the role of a lifetime...
                screw up royally.  Raelis Shae comes out and apologizes for this
                farce and begs for any adventurers to come see her.  She begs you
                to rescue their friend Haer'Dalis from the wizard Mekrath who is
                holding him somewhere in the Sewers.
        QUEST:  Rescue Haer'Dalis from the Mage, Mekrath
                Secret Door - Sewers (AR 0701, x 1080 y 550)
                Imp - Sewers (AR 0701, x 2530 y 2120)
                Head out to the Temple District and enter through one of the sewer
                grates there.  Go to the top of the sewers area, and search for the
                left secret door there (the right one leads to the Mind Flayers
                Quest, see the Sewers section for more information).  This secret
                passage leads to a set of stairs to Mekrath's Lair.
                Once here you have to fight through a bunch of Mephits.  Place look
                familiar?  Yep, it's reused from Baldur's Gate (Durlag's Tower).
                You can find a couple of spells in the left library.  In the right
                room are two trapped chests, and above that are some monsters.
                (one time they were Yuan-ti and Yuan-ti mages, the other time they
                were Umber Hulks and Minotaurs)  The chests have minor treasures
                  Necklace of Form Stability
                There is another trapped chest in the monster room with some gold
                a spell and a potion.  North of that is a temple looking room, that
                is doubly trapped (on the floor and the pedestal).  Beyond that
                you will find Haer'Dalis, but he seems to be a little out of it
                right now.
                From the main room, go south.  This leads to a room where a
                skeleton is lying on a table.  There are two containers in here
                (one trapped) with more minor treasures. (spells and potions
                mostly)  Past this is a passage to the left that leads to Mekrath
                the mage.
                There are two ways to handle this situation, the violent way and
                the non-violent way.  We'll do the violent way first.  While
                talking with Mekrath, if you piss him off (I merely mentioned the
                Gem) and he attacks you.  I found that using a Chaotic Commands on
                myself beforehand worked well.
                  Mekrath - 14,000 experience
                            Mage Robe of Fire Resistance
                            Minor Treasures
                Just past Mekrath, you can search some containers for treasure:
                  Rod of Resurrection
                  Wand of Cloudkill
                And the non-violent way.  Talk to Mekrath and ask for the release
                of Haer'Dalis (don't mention the gem).  He will bargain Haer'Dalis'
                release if you track down an imp for him and retrieve a magical
                mirror from it.  Return to the sewers.  You'll find the Imp
                skulking about in the bottom right portion of the sewers.  Approach
                and he yells at you that the mirror is his.  Kill him and take
                the mirror.  Return it to Mekrath for 18,750 experience.  He
                releases Haer'Dalis (who you will find in the center area now) and
                leaves.  You can then take the items behind him anyway.
                Finally go back to the templey room and take the gem from the
                pedestal (as well as the Harp and Necklace).  Once you have that
                you can return to Raelis Shae.  She gives you 1000 gold for
                rescuing the actor and the gem. (more for the gem)  And they begin
                preparations to leave this Plane. (21,250 experience)
        QUEST:  Rescue Haer'Dalis from the Planar Prison
                Raelis asks for your help to defend them while they summon the
                portal to the next plane.  Agree to help and then kill anything
                that comes through the portal.  After battling quasits, fire
                elementals and shadow fiends, a bounty hunter comes through and
                steals the group.  You then have to follow them into the Portal.
                Welcome to the Planar Prison, one of the worst spots in the
                multiverse.  You will find yourself quickly in a battle with the
                Bounty Hunter and his cronies.  Keep the mages out of the battle
                and you won't have too much trouble with them.  Be sure to search
                them for treasure:
                  Boots of Speed
                  Cloak of the Shield
                  Melodic Chain +3 (Elven Chainmail, Bards only)
                  Wand of the Heavens
                Afterwards Tagget, a prisoner here, fills you in on the details of
                this place.  The only way out is to kill the Cambion who runs this
                place, who is located directly above you.  However, going up
                against him directly might be too dangerous so you might want to go
                right, up, and left to find the Master of Thralls to free the
                slaves here.  Then they could assist you in defeating the cambion.
                Complicating things are the Ground Portals, pulsating heart like
                things in the ground that pull you into small guarded areas.  These
                should generally be avoided.
                Go right and you will have to fight a group of Thralls.  In the
                center of this area is a Brazier that glows hot.  If only you had
                something that needed destroying in it.  Continue right and you'll
                see the first ground portal.  Just past this are a bunch of enemies
                (not just Thralls, some are monsters).  Search the female Thralls
                after they are dead for treasure:
                  Kundane Short Sword +2 (very fast)
                  Ring of Protection +1
                  Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (improves THAC0)
                Go up to the Wyvern's Nest, and then left to find the Master of
                Thralls.  He likes to summon Air Elementals (if you had the Ring
                of Air Mastery, this would be a lot easier).
                  Master of Thralls - 16,000 experience
                                      Staff of Air (Summons or Controls Air Elemen)
                                      Mastery Orb
                                        Note:  The Staff of Air might look like it
                                               only has one charge on Summon
                                               Elemental, but this is ONE CHARGE
                                               PER DAY.
                When he dies, the thrall nearby tells you to destroy the orb
                somehow.  If only there was a brazier around here.  Go back right,
                down and left to the brazier and click it to destroy the orb.
                (24,750 experience)  With that destroyed, all the Thralls will turn
                on the Cambion.  So, either hurry over there and join the battle,
                or let them get killed by the Cambion so that you can steal their
                things later.  Either way, you'll find the cambion just north of
                your starting position, and just left of the Master of Thralls
                  Warden - 10,000 experience
                           Ajatha the Drinker (Long Sword +2, immune to charm)
                           Wave Shaft (part of the Wave Halberd)
                           Planar Prison Key
                Kill the Warden (10,000 exp) and all his monsters and Tagget will
                appear, say thanks and give you 5000 more exp.
                  Note:  There are actually three containers of treasure on this
                         level, one of which is in the Warden's Room.  These all
                         have things such as arrows or bolts.  See if you can find
                         all three! (they're hidden in the moss on the walls)
                Go over to the left to free Raelis Shae and Haer'Dalis.  Haer'Dalis
                wants to stay with you and follows you back to the Prime Material
                Plane.  He can then join you if you wish.  Also, if you are a Bard,
                Raelis gives you the deed to the Theatre before she leaves.
                (everyone is given 44,000 experience)  See the STRONGHOLDS section
                for more details.
        QUEST:  The Rogue Stone Doorway and the Twisted Rune
                Door - Bridge (AR 0500, x 1800 y 3345)
                I would highly recommend leaving this one alone until chapter 6,
                it is one of the hardest battles, if not the hardest battle, in
                the game.
                On the side of the Elemental Lich's building (see below) is a door
                that seems to lead nowhere.  You can't enter it.  That is, unless
                you have a Rogue Stone in your possession.  Then you enter into a
                strange place, where a Lich named Shangalar confronts you.
                This is NOT an easy battle by any definition.  He quickly summons
                forth many difficult creatures (Beholders and the like).  All of
                which are tougher than their normal versions.  What you must do is
                try to fight only one of the monsters at a time.
                  Note: The battle with Lich Shangalar turned out to be the easiest
                        of all after I figured out I could cast "mass invisibility"
                        on my party. He and his mage assistant Layene wasted all
                        their time stop but couldn't cast anything on my party
                        members. This only works with Shangalar because the other
                        liches are smarter and cast true sight or some other spell
                        to get rid of invisibility. [from Sonia]
                For my preparations I set 8 traps around the alcove where you first
                appear.  Then when Shangalar attacked, he was instantly killed
                (sweet!).  Then I cast Protection from Magical Energy on everyone
                to keep us safe from various spells, Death Ward to protect from
                others, Invoke Courage (Mazzy) to prevent Fear, Haste, Protection
                from Evil and Defensive Harmony.  Then I ducked everyone as far
                away from the table as possible.  I moved one person out to trigger
                the Lich, then as soon as that conversation was done I moved him
                back.  The lich was killed by the traps (fun).  I then moved out
                the person wearing the Shield of Balduran (one of the Collector's
                Edition items) to attract the notice of the Beholder.  The rays
                were reflected by the shield back at the Beholder and it turned
                itself to stone.  I then huddled everyone back in the corner to
                take out their warrior.  Then I moved out, took out the Vampire.
                Finally I confronted Layene and her Pit Fiend.
                  Shangalar - 50,000 experience
                  Layene - 4000 experience
                           Staff of the Magi (+2 AC, Invisible, Immunities, etc.)
                To exit this area, take the Beholder Eye, put it in the Cauldron.
                Then use the machine at the top of the room to teleport out.
        OTHER:  Valeria's Band of Goons
                Building - Bridge (AR 0500, x 4000 y 1525)
                Within one of the buildings you will find yourself locked in combat
                with some goons for no apparent reason. Who are they?  Why are they
                "red"?  Who knows.  Take them out.  The goons don't have much in
                the way of treasure ON them, but are worth a fair amount of exp.
                (Valeria is 12,000 exp)  Then search the room for treasures, mostly
                gems and spells.
        OTHER:  Captain Dennis and the Mercenaries of Riatavin
                Delosar's Inn - Bridge (AR 0500, x 2060 y 3040)
                  Note:  Killing Captain Dennis now prevents you from being able to
                         do the Limited Wish adventure later.
                Within the Delosar's Inn on the second floor you will find the
                second group of mercenaries in the game, this one lead by Captain
                Dennis.  Again they make a tempting target for you to take out.
                First I would ignore what they say and calm them down.  Then you
                can make whatever battle preparations you wish.  Then simply attack
                them when you are ready.
                  Captain Dennis - 7300 experience
                                   Throwing Dagger +2 (Boomerang)
                                   Full Plate
                                   Potions (etc.)
                  Mercenaries of Riatavin - 3200 to 7300 exp
                                            Full Plate (etc.)
                The three chests in here have minor treasures (spells, gold, etc.)
        OTHER:  The Elemental Lich
                Lich's House - Bridge (AR 0500, x 1600 y 3350)
                At the very south of this area there are two houses.  One leads to
                the kidnappers of Tirdir (the bottom one) and the top one leads to
                our second lich (assuming you went by the city gates and met THAT
                lich).  If you're feeling up to it, unTRAP the door and enter.
                Go into the basement.  There you will see a great sarcophagi in
                the center of the room.  You need to click on it twice to release
                the Lich.  This is the Elemental Lich (and part of the Kangaxx
                Quest, see the Docks section).  He is easily dispatched with the
                "Fake Talk" strategy, where you PAUSE, click on him as though to
                talk to him, then kill him. (Pausing every 5 seconds to do another
                "fake talk")  22,000 experience.  Then click on his sarcophagus
                again to get Kangaxx's Torso.  Another "cheese" strategy is to use
                a "protection from undead" scroll (you can get some in the
                Adventurer's Mart and most temples).  Undead, including liches,
                won't even look at you.
        OTHER:  Boots of Stealth & a Gem
                In the Five Flagons, if you talk to the barkeeper with Mazzy in the
                party he'll give you some Boots of Stealth.  If you talk to him
                with Haer'Dalis he'll give you a gem. (many people mentioned this)
        2.9     [GVRNMN]             Government District  (AR 1000)
        Jan         9    17  15  16  14  10   Gnome    Thief/Mage   Chaotic Neutral
          Jan loves turnips.  Almost literally!  And like most gnomes he is very
          eccentric, and loves to ramble on with stories that never get to the
          points.  He wants to steal Boo from Minsc, and if he ever succeeded, one
          would imagine he wouldn't live long after that.
          Found at:  Government District (near the Government offices)
          Event:  15 days after joining, Jan is summoned back home.  This event is
                  covered below.
          Grade:  B+  My favorite Thief/Illusionist in the game!  The only Thief/
                      Illusionist in the game!  Unlike the other thief/mages he is
                      a multi-class rather than a dual class, which is both a good
                      and a bad thing.  He keeps improving his thief skills, but
                      gains levels slower.  Plus he can make his own ammunition for
                      his crossbow.
        Viconia     10   19  8   16  18  14   Drow Elf    Cleric      Neutral Evil
          Viconia DeVir was forced out of the Underdark and has been living as an
          exile on the surface ever since.  She journeyed with you in your earlier
          Fount at:  Government District (near the prison)
          If kicked out:  Viconia goes to the Graveyard
          Grade:  B+  Personally I think she is the best Cleric in the game.  Start
                      with a great Dexterity and Wisdom and you have a great
                      character.  Give her the Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (or a
                      similar Strength enhancing item) and she moves up to an A
                      grade.  Also, the Girdle of Fortitude can be used to improve
                      her lowly constitution for 8 hours a day. (The Gauntlets are
                      part of the Planar Sphere quest, and the Girdle can be found
                      in the Unseeing Eye quest)
        QUEST:  Jan Jansen
                Jan - Government District (AR 1000, x 2750 y 1740)
                You will find Jan in the southeast corner of the government park
                selling his turnips (and other contraband).  Jan will try to sell
                you some of his patented "Bruiser Mates" (crossbow ammo) when Trax
                arrives from the government to shut down the poor working gnome.
                Trax and Jan talk a bit, then Trax asks you what Jan was talking
                with you about.  The easiest way to answer this is to say "the
                weather", at which point you can get Jan to join up with you.  You
                can also turn in Jan for a small reward (100 gp), and then Jan is
                thrown in the prison.  You can get Jan out for 800 gold (on an
                interesting side note, you can borrow 200 of that 800 from the
                Prison Keeper).  If you bust Jan out of jail you get 11,500 exp.
                If you ever pay back that 200 gold you get 2000 experience.
                15 days after getting Jan, he will be summoned back home.
        QUEST:  Jan Jansen Summoned Home
                Jansen Home - Slums (AR 0400, x 3533 y 1350)
                Jysstev - Government (AR 1000, x 2865 y 2865)
                The Hidden - Sewers under Coronet (AR 0404, x 1075 y 2230)
                Fifteen days after joining, a messenger comes up to Jan to tell him
                to get home right now.  Agree to help him with his troubles and
                then high-tail it back to the Slums and to his house.  His lost
                love, Lissa has returned with her daughter, who is now deathly ill.
                Jan tells you to talk to his Uncle in the basement.  Talk with the
                uncle to learn that you need to talk to the Hidden.  To find the
                Hidden you must talk to Lady Jysstev in the Government District.
                (3300 exp)  For most of this quest, Jan stays at his house.
                Go to the government district, and talk with Lady Jysstev about
                what you need.  She tells you that the Hidden will meet with you
                (despite you not being an "Enlightened One") in the sewer beneath
                the Copper Coronet. (8900 exp) To the slums!
                Enter the Copper Coronet, go into the back rooms, and find your
                way down into the sewers (see the above Quests).  You will find
                the Hidden on the southern end of the little sewer river.  Talk to
                him, but keep things no-nonsense and simple. (He doesn't like to
                talk to you)  You can ask about him, but that won't get you
                anywhere.  He agrees to help the girl if you take care of his
                enemies for him.  To locate his enemies you need to talk to the
                proprietor of the Sea's Bounty Inn in the Docks district.  Talk to
                him and pass the secret word on to learn that the two you seek are
                on the second floor of the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District.
                You will find the two Gith in the second room on the right in the
                second floor of the Five Flagons.  They will realize that you are
                there to harm them and attack immediately.  They have both magic
                and melee attacks, which make them annoying to deal with.  Once
                they are dead, return to the Hidden and talk to him. (17,500 exp)
                You can ask questions about him and he will reveal that he is a
                Mind Flayer (Illithid).
                Return to Jan and the girl will be healed.  The plot continues
                downstairs (15,500 exp).  Jan asks your opinion on matters.  Agree
                to support him and he rejoins the team.
        QUEST:  Save Viconia's Life
                Viconia - Government District (AR 1000, x 1800 y 1075)
                Dark Elves are not very well looked upon in Faerun (the continent
                you are on).  With the exception of Drizzt all Drow are evil, which
                doesn't help their reputation as evil killers with no remorse.
                Even though Viconia is relatively "evil free", she is about to be
                burned at the stake like a witch.  Sure, she's evil, but she
                doesn't actually ACT on her evilness.  Much.
                To rescue Viconia, you must click on the pile of wood under her
                twice.  That frees her, but angers the mob.  You then have to
                fight off the Fanatics to keep her alive.
                If you let Viconia join you, you gain the best Cleric in the game,
                but lose 2 reputation points.  Also she has a low strength,
                however, if you buy the Mauler's Arm at the Copper Coronet that
                will improve her Strength to the point where she is able to wear
                any armor.
        QUEST:  Keldorn's Family Troubles
                Firecam Estate - Government District (AR 1000, x 1550 y 1950)
                Mithrest Inn - Waukeen's Promenade (AR 0700, x 3000 y 450)
                When you first enter the Government District with Keldorn in your
                party he mentions that he maintains an Estate here, and asks if you
                would like to go see it.  From that point you have four days before
                he complains about it, after that you have three days before he
                leaves to go home.  So, you're better off visiting his home
                Within the house, Keldorn talks to his girls (who don't seem to
                like him) and to his wife (who is cheating on him with Sir
                William).  Keldorn is a little upset by this recent turn of events.
                He asks you for advice, tell him to confront Sir William over the
                matter.  William is found in the Mithrest Inn in the Promenade.
                Talk to Sir William, and he will chastise Keldorn for not being
                there for his family.  Now go with Keldorn back to his estates to
                get some closure on this one.
                Talk to his wife again, and they will realize they still love each
                other.  Of course, now Keldorn wants to spend some time with her.
                You get 15,500 experience no matter what you tell him, let him
                spend a day, force him to go with, or release him from your service
                forever (however, he is gone for good).  If you want to keep him,
                then force him to stay with you, otherwise you may as well let him
        QUEST:  Track Valygar for the Cowled Wizards (Mage Stronghold)
                Valygar's Home - Docks (AR 0300, x 2450 y 1150)
                Country Estate - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 1400 y 550)
                Just outside of the council building is Madeen who has a quest for
                you.  He wants you to go inside and talk to Tolgerias about doing
                some work for the Cowled Wizards.
                Go inside and talk to the mage in light green.  He wants you to
                agree to do his quest before he even bothers to tell you what the
                quest is.  Typical.  Agree to it anyway.  He says that several
                Cowled Wizards were killed, and he wants you to bring the murderer
                in for justice.  Notice how he seems to want the body one way or
                the other?  The target of your manhunt is Valygar Corthala, and you
                can find his home in the Docks section of town.
                Valygar's house is the one just to the left of the Temple of Oghma,
                enter it.  Talk to the servant and pretend to be a friend and he
                tells you that the "master" owns property in the Umar Hills area.
                If he doesn't tell you that, you can learn it by searching the
                house and finding the "Corthala Tax Notice" which says much the
                same thing.
                Head out to the Umar Hills.  You will find Valygar's home in the
                top left of the area.  He has some goons outside his house.  Just
                tell them that you aren't here to hurt Valygar and they should
                leave you alone.  Enter his house and talk to Valygar.  He tells
                you that he acted is self defense against the Cowled Wizards when
                he killed two of them.  They wanted his body to open up the Planar
                Sphere, which was created by his ancestor, a Lich named Lavok.
                Valygar would like to finish Lavok, with your help.  Let him join
                for 9500 experience.  (The only real alternative here is to kill
                Valygar and use his body to open the Sphere, giving him to the
                Cowled Wizards results in a less than spectacular gain for you)
                  Note:  If you tell him to "proceed as he will" he will go to his
                         home in the Docks.
                Now whenever is convenient, go to the Slums and enter the Planar
                Sphere (see the Planar Sphere section under the Slums).
                  Trick:  Getting 3 Rings of the Ram (modified from Xander77)
                          You get the first Ring by pickpocketing Tolgerias
                          successfully (save first).  You pick up the second by
                          killing Valygar and stuffing him in the Bag of Holding.
                          Go to Tolgerias and claim Ring 2 as your reward.
                          However, Valygar didn't disappear from the bag.  Go to
                          the Planar Sphere, enter, and play as normal to get
                          number 3.
        QUEST:  Talk to Delon about the Umar Hills (Ranger Stronghold)
                After a certain set amount of time, Delon will talk to you, so by
                the time you get here you might have already talked to him.  He
                can appear anywhere.  If not, then you can find him in front of the
                Council building.  Talk to him to learn of troubles around the
                Umar Hills area.
                This quest is continued in the next section "Umar Hills."
        OTHER:  Bribe the Cowled Wizards
                Tired of not being able to cast magic in the streets of Athkatla?
                Well who isn't.  Simply enter the Council building and talk to
                Corneil.  He mentions that for a "monetary sacrifice" you and your
                party will be able to cast magic freely.  It costs you 5000 gold.
        2.10    [MRHLLS]             Umar Hills  (AR 1100)
        When you first arrive in the Umar Hills area, you get to see a town
        meeting.  Everyone is complaining to the mayor about various goings-on
        about town.  Strange things are going on here.  Some people blame their
        problems on wolves, others on ogres and still others on the elusive Umar
        Witch (who may be a folk legend).  Seems like they could use a hero!
        QUEST:  Investigate the Deaths in Umar Hills
                Mayor - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 5000 y 2550)
                Ranger Cabin - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 600 y 2800)
                Talk with the mayor to attempt to gain some information about how
                things are going.  He and his wife mention three possible suspects:
                Wolves, Ogres (see the Ogres and Imnesvale below) and the Umar
                Witch.  You are also told of a good place to start, the old ranger
                cabin to the west.
                Go over to the cabin, and enter.  Search the floor of the bedroom
                to find a note from Mazzy that offers some clues.  Then search the
                kitchen table to find Merella's Journal the has some more clues.
                Both of these items can be left here.  Leave the cabin, then leave
                the area and go to the Temple Ruins.  (This is continued in that
        QUEST:  The Ogres and Imnesvale
                Madulf - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 3290 y 720)
                Mayor - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 5000 y 2550)
                Just north of town, across the little stream, you will find Madulf
                the Ogre Mage and his other ogre cronies (some aren't ogres, but
                whatever).  He automatically talks to you.  Listen to what he has
                to say.  Turns out his people are getting killed as well and he
                doesn't know what is doing it.  When you try to leave he wants you
                to tell the village that they mean no harm and merely want to
                coexist peacefully.
                Go talk to the mayor about Madulf's request.  He is a little
                reluctant to trust ogres, but agrees to talk with them nonetheless.
                (27,500 experience)
                After a period of time, the Mayor returns from talking with them.
                Then go talk to Madulf again, and as thanks he gives you an item:
                  Shield of the Lost +2 (5% magic resistance)
        QUEST:  Idle Hands in Imnesvale
                At the north end of town are three youths who want you to buy them
                either swords, ale, or both.  Do what you will here.  If you get
                them anything you will find them in the cave to the west where they
                get chased out by a gibberling (which they mistake for a dragon).
                This is not instantaneous, it takes them some time to get into that
                cave.  I got 2000 experience for buying them 3 bastard swords and a
                thing of Ale. (from the Merchants)  You can get 1000 exp for giving
                them one of the items, and 0 exp for telling them to go away.
                  Note:  If your main character is a Ranger, DON'T give these kids
                         anything, as it will negatively impact your stronghold.
                         (such as getting you kicked out of it) [from ShirouKyoji]
        QUEST:  A Mage needs Mimic's Blood
                Mage - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 4433 y 2060)
                Umar Cave - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 1600 y 1300)
                The house just north of the mayor's house belongs to a mage.
                Outside of his house you will see some fool in love with the mage's
                daughter.  Enter and talk to the mage.  Ask him about the thing
                that he is making and he will ask you to fetch him some Mimic's
                Blood so that he can complete it.  Exit.
                The cave with the mimic in it is westwards of here.  Within you
                will see what appears to be a chest.  It isn't, it is a mimic.
                Wait a moment and then you can attack it.  When it is dead, search
                it to get its blood.  (The rest of the cave has some Umber Hulks
                and some more minor treasures to be found)
                Return to the mage and give him the blood (19,250 experience) and
                he gives you the Short Sword +1, Ilbratha.  Of course, then he
                animates his golem, which goes amok and you have to kill it.  Kill
                the Golem.  Then the fool from outside comes in and takes his
                daughter away, the mage talks to you saying how foolish he was and
                you get more experience (21,250 exp).
        OTHER:  The Chicken's Gem
                Jeb - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 3775 y 1550)
                Erlin - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 3225 y 1900)
                At the north end of the village talk to the farmer Jeb and tell him
                that you are an adventurer.  Turns out for a little money (20 gold)
                he has a little adventure for you.  He says that he saw the chicken
                farmer putting something in his chicken.  Doesn't know what, but
                it must be worth something.  Go left and talk to the chicken
                farmer, Erlin.  The jig is pretty much up, and you can end out
                buying whatever is in the chicken.  It is a Beljuril, with a rough
                value of about 600 gold.
                  Tip:  Before talking to the farmer, pick the chicken's pocket to
                        get one Beljuril, then buy it again from the farmer to
                        get two! [from Brad Beacham]
                Don't sell it, however, there is a way to use it to get an upgraded
                horn.  (see Waukeen's Promenade, The Horns of Valhalla quest)
        OTHER:  Fael and the Human Flesh Armor
                Fael - Umar Hills (AR 1100, x 3500 y 2850)
                If you solved the murders in the Bridge District you may have ended
                out with an incomplete set of human flesh armor.  There was also a
                note that told you how to contact the person who was to finish the
                armor, one Fael who is currently in the Umar Hills area.  You'll
                find him with the other merchants.  Talk to him and buy the History
                of the Zhentarim.  Then tell him his name, 5) Darcin Cole and he
                says that all he needs is one final ingredient, the blood of a
                silver dragon.  You won't find a Silver Dragon for QUITE some time,
                but you will run into one eventually.  Can't miss her.  Bring him
                the blood and he'll finish you the armor (Leather AC 3, magic
                resistance 20%).
                Oh, and he'll recognize that you aren't the Tanner and call in some
                mages to attack you.  Therefore this is best done at night when the
                merchants are indoors and won't get blown to bits by the mages.
        2.11    [TMPLRN]             Temple Ruins  (AR 1404)
        Mazzy       15   18  16  10  13  14   Halfling    Fighter     Lawful Good
          Mazzy is not your typical halfling.  For starters, she's not a thief of
          any sort.  Plus she's lawful good, heroic and no-nonsense.  Very atypical
          for halflings.
          Found at:  Temple Ruins (follow the Umar Hills quest from Delon at the
                     Government District)
            Warning:  If you're dropping someone off here to add Mazzy to the
                      party, *don't* leave them topside at the Temple Ruins.
                      Destroying the Shade Lord swaps the daylit version of the
                      area for the shadowed version, and anyone in the shadowed
                      version is just gone. (I lost Nalia that way - after her
                      kidnapping, she doesn't go back to the Copper Coronet when
                      kicked out). [from Alan Cherry]
          Event:  Some good deal of time after Mazzy has joined your party, Danno
                  will come up to you with Mazzy's quest.  This is covered down in
                  the Trademeet section.  If you kick Mazzy out then have her
                  rejoin this timer is restarted.
          If kicked out:  Mazzy will return home to Trademeet
          Grade:  B-  A good Halfling fighter, but... in all actuality she is
                      closer to a Halfling Paladin.  She has several special
                      abilities such as Lay on Hands and Haste.
          If you're here, then there's only one thing to do, find out what is
          killing people back at Umar Hills and put a stop to it.  Based on the
          evidence at hand we believe that there are wolves involved.  Werewolves
          in all likelihood.
          Go right a little, then up to find a Werewolf, Anath, flee into her lair.
          Follow her in. (x 600 y 600)  Tell her that she has preyed on her last
          innocent and she won't know what you are talking about.  Seems that
          someone called the "Shade Lord" has been doing all the killing, including
          killing her entire pack!  Agree to help her take down this Shade Lord
          menace and she says to meet her far to the right at the Temple Ruins.
        - THE TEMPLE RUINS (AR 1401)
          You will find her far to the right (x 4420 y 320) at what remains of the
          temple.  There are many shadows and shadow deviant creatures crawling
          about here.  She tells you that this was a trap, and to use the mirror.
          Then she dies.  You can find the mirror she was talking about just to
          her left, and it is used by clicking it when close.  When that is done
          several new shadows appear and attack, but they shouldn't present a
          challenge.  Go down the stairs and enter the ruins.
          There is one door on this passage, open it and go through.  Fight through
          the Shadows and Skeletons.  Search the coffin (x 1850 y 650) to find the
          skeletal remains of the last priestess of Amaunator.  Naturally this will
          be very important later.
          Continue up to the next room where you will fight the Shadow Jailor.
          Search his remains for the Shadow Jail Key.  And conveniently there are
          some locked doors right here.  Open them to find Mazzy the Halfling
          Fighter.  Talk to her to learn all you can about the Shade Lord.  She
          tells you that he has a tame Shadow Dragon with him.  She will also join
          with you to defeat the Shade Lord if you want. (12,250 exp)  Also in her
          cell you can find some treasure (nothing great, just a journal piece and
          some ammo).
            Note:  The journal piece is actually part of the Ranger stronghold.
                   See the STRONGHOLD walkthroughs for more information.
          Continue upwards to find the really big statue (x 900 y 200).  Talk to
          it.  There are three tests for you to take here, a morning test, noon
          test and evening test.  Here are the answers to the tests:
            Morning:  2, 3, 1
            Noon:     3, 1, 1
            Evening:  1, 3, 2
          When that is finished it gives you one third of the symbol of Amaunator.
          (45,500 experience)  We actually don't learn what these rituals are until
          a little later, but we're here already.
          Head down the passage (x 580 y 540), it turns east to a room with a big
          crystal in it.  If Mazzy is with you, she'll explain the significance of
          the crystal.  You need to take it to pass onwards in the temple, but when
          you do take it, the shadows will attack you.  Take the crystal. (x 760
          y 1260)
          Go north into the next room.  If you are curious about how to learn the
          Morn Ritual the actual way, search the column to get a scroll on it.  If
          not, then continue north and from there back to the main passage.
          Now go south down the main passage to the Shadow Door, which will be
          dispelled when you click on it with the Light Gem in your possession.
          Head south just a little until you see the wooden bridge extending from
          the right. (x 1400 y 1300)  Shadows will appear in your midst when you
          cross this bridge.  The next room has lava for a floor, so don't spend
          too much time lingering around.  Search the ground (2 broken columns) to
          find some treasure:
            Pearly White Ioun Stone (Regenerative)
            Arrows of Ice (etc.)
          On the northern wall is a symbol of a Chinese dragon, which is trapped
          and has some minor treasures (x 2240 y 1320).  In the next room to the
          north are Bone Golems (18,000 exp), Greater Mummies and Skeletal Warriors
          (some with bows).  You could always lead them across the lava floor to
          damage them. (You can hug the wall to avoid damage, they will make a
          beeline for you and go across the lava)  Search the column here to find
          more Amaunator items (Books and scrolls), these aren't that important.
            Note:  If you are on a high level, do NOT have the "Turn Undead"
                   ability on here, else you will kill the good ghosts in the next
                   room. (David Lyons)
                   Also, using the "Protection from Undead" scroll seems to have
                   the effect of making the "good" ghosts ignore you as well.
                   Sure, they talk to you, but they won't give you the wardstone
                   and symbol piece.
          From the lava room, go south and enter the next room.  When you enter,
          a ghost of one of the priests talks to you and asks for the bones of the
          priestess that you possess.  Give them to them to restore her.  For this
          you get the second symbol of Amaunator and 17,750 experience.  Also you
          get the Shadow Dragon wardstone to prevent the Shadow Dragon from
          attacking you.  We now have 2 of 3 symbols.  You can search her coffin
          for some minor treasures (including the best Bullets in the game).
          Continue south.  This leads back to the main passage, but we've now
          skipped one of the shadow doors.  Sweet.  Go right.  At the first
          northern fork (x 1840 y 2260) are a large group of undead, with more
          Bone Golems.  Kill them and go north.
          This is an interesting chamber.  Remember Indiana Jones and the Last
          Crusade where they had to walk only on the letters that spelled "Jehovah"
          in Latin?  Well similar idea, you can only step on the letters in
          Amaunator's name.  Start at the bottom right at the A and end out at
          the top middle at the R.  Simply step from one letter in the name to the
          next. (if you step on an incorrect letter, you get hit with flame)
            A - M - A - U - N - A - T - O - R
          There are two doors here that lead to two rooms (that follows).  Go in
          the right one, open the door, to find a Shadow who wants to bargain with
          you. (x 2750 y 1740) You will end out fighting him either way.  Then
          search the walls of the room for the final piece of the Symbol.  Once
          you have all three pieces, they fuse into the Symbol (21,250 exp).
          Enter the left room and take the items from the Statues hands (x 2615
          y 1620).  These include some spells, a sling, but more importantly the
          Sun Gem which will allow us to dispel the final Shadow Door.  Return to
          the main passage. (remembering to step on the correct letters, of course,
          which in this case is R O T A N U A M A)
          Follow this passage right, through the shadow door, and up to a normal
          door, which opens to a stairway.  Go down the stairs.
          This is the lair of the Shadow Dragon.  This is the easiest dragon in
          the game to fight, and is definitely the first one you should try to kill
          (without using the Fake Talk, anyway).  Array out a series of traps in
          front of it, cast all your protective spells (Mazzy has some too!) and
          fight it.  Cast Breach on it quickly as it will get protective spells of
          its own up.
            Thaxll'ssyllia - 45,000 experience
                             Shadow Dragon Scales
                             Crom Faeyr Scroll (one of the 4 parts of Crom Faeyr)
                             Gems (and gold)
          If you have the wardstone you do not have to attack the dragon (and
          it makes attacking the dragon a LOT easier!).  Go left and up the next
          stairs to the Shade Lord.
          The Shade Lord will taunt you for awhile (especially if you have Mazzy
          in your party) and then battle will break out.  Take out the Shade Lord
          first as he is the only real threat here (seriously).  Then you can take
          out Patrick and the Statue at your leisure.
          When that happens everyone gets 44,250 quest experience points and the
          area will be restored to a more sunny clime.  If Mazzy is around she
          wonders what it all means, and you can make the place a memorial to her
          fallen comrades.  After that talk to the near dead Merella.  When she
          is dead, search her for treasure:
            Cloak of Stars (creates +5 darts)
            Rogue Stone (useful for a certain Door in the Bridge area)
            4000 gold
          Also search Patrick's corpse for more treasure:
            Halberd +2 Duskblade
            Darkmail +3
          Return to Umar Hills and talk to the mayor again to get your reward:
            The Night's Gift +5 (Leather Armor, +20% stealth)
            28,000 experience
            100 gold
            Reputation +1
        2.12    [TMPLDS]             Temple District  (AR 0900)
        QUEST:  The Cult of the Unseeing Eye (Priest's Stronghold)
                Cultist - Temple District (AR 0900, x 3250 y 1750)
                This Quest is the only method to obtain the Paladin Keldorn for
                your party.
                As you walk down the path for the first time, a group of people is
                listening to an unconventional speaker.  He tells them that the
                gods are false, and that only his new religion has the answers.
                A great many of the people follow him.  Then a Priest (if you are a
                Cleric of Lathander it will be a Lathander Priest, etc.; if you are
                not a priest then it will be a Priest of Helm) approaches you and
                asks that you follow him to his temple.
                Once there he asks that you investigate this cult to see what it is
                up to.  The cult is based in the sewers and this Quest will be
                continued in that section.
                If you wish to pick up Keldorn (the Paladin) into your party, then
                the best entrance to the sewers is at (x 3950 y 2150).
        QUEST:  Gain the Services of Sir Sarles for the Temple
                Jystev Estate - Government District (AR 1000, x 2875 y 2855)
                Jerlia - Waukeen's Promenade (AR 0700, x 733 y 2200)
                Neb's House - Bridge (AR 0500, x 500 y 2550)
                If you are a Cleric, you will be gaining the services of Sir Sarles
                for the temple you are employed by, otherwise you are working for
                Guardian Telwyn at the Temple of Helm.  What happens is that every
                temple in the city wants this artist to create a work of art for
                their temple, but Sarles will only work if he is given Illithium
                to work in.  Sir Sarles is in the Jysstev Estate in the Government
                Go inside and talk to the Butler of the house and ask about Sir
                Sarles.  You can talk to the Lord and Lady as well.  You will
                find Sarles in the kitchen.  Talk to him and he will refuse to
                work with anything less than pure Illithium, which can only be
                obtained from Jerlia in Waukeen's Promenade.  Wander over that way,
                and you will find Jerlia on the southwestern portion of the
                promenade (check your map for "ore merchant").
                Jerlia doesn't have 200 pounds of Illithium.  In fact, that is
                pretty well impossible for her to attain.  She has two ideas for
                you to try:  Go to her source and try to get some for yourself
                (you have to pay 1000 gold to get her source), or she'll give you
                an "Illithium Substitute".  We're going to do the expensive one.
                Pay the gold to learn that her source is a Duergar named Unger who
                is currently in the Copper Coronet.  (You COULD try the Substitute.
                Pay her 200 gold to get her to make an alloy to fool Sarles.  She
                leaves and promises to return in a day with the alloy.  Come back
                24 hours later and she'll have raised her price to 500 gold.  Pay
                it and get the Alloy.  However, if you try to give this to Sarles
                he will get really angry and leave.)
                Go to the Slums, and into the Copper Coronet.  You'll find Unger
                near the bar. (x 300 y 1400)  Talk to him.  Tell him that Jerlia
                sent you.  Talk to him about Illithium and he'll mention that he
                has none, as he was robbed by someone who worked for him.  Agree
                to help him get rid of this bandit.  He then tells you the name of
                the bandit, Neb, and says to look for a Derelict House in the
                Bridge District.  So, that's where we're going.
                Enter the Derelict House (located in the southern part of the
                bridge).  Inside is Neb, the Child Killer from Baldur's Gate.  He
                will pretty much attack you no matter what you say.  He also
                summons the spirits of the children he has killed to defend him.
                Ignore the spirit children, and concentrate on Neb.  You'll find
                him invisible hiding (and chuckling) behind the counter.  Once he
                is dead you get 2500 experience for each child spirit still alive.
                  Neb - 3500 experience
                        Neb's Nasty Cutter (weak dagger)
                        Neb's Head
                        Illithium (200 pounds)
                  Note:  Another one of those profitable ventures is Neb's nasty
                         cutter. You can sell it to a merchant in Trademeet for a
                         very high price and he sells it back for cheap.  [from
                         James Victor]
                There are some small treasures around the house, including some on
                the TRAPPED painting.  I bet you are wondering what to do with a
                HEAD.  Well take it to Inspector Bregg (Council Building in the
                Government District) to get a reward:
                  2500 gold
                  Reputation +1
                We now have both the Illithium and the Alloy.  Return to the
                Jystev Estate to talk with Sarles again.  If you even HAVE the
                Pure Illithium in your inventory he will automatically take that
                (21,750 experience).  If you try to fob him off with the Alloy, he
                won't take it and will leave town.
                Return to the temple to get your reward.  If Sarles skipped town,
                the temple will take your Alloy and give you 10,000 experience and
                the Helm of Glory.  If you got the real Illithium to Sarles you
                get your 1000 gold back and another 20,000 experience (yes, and
                the Helm of Glory as well.)
                Why would you want to keep the Illithium?  It is one of the pieces
                to make the upgraded Mace of Disruption.  It's up to you whether
                to do that, however.
                If you are a Cleric, you will be given an additional reward.  You
                get to pick from these three items:
                  Ring of Holiness (1 extra spell for spell levels 1-4)
                  Armor of Faith (AC 1, +1 to saving throws)
                  Staff Spear (1d8+3)
        QUEST:  Another Mission for the Temple
                Travin - Slums (AR 0400, x 1525 y 770)
                Borinall's House - Slums (AR 0400, x 2250 y 1600)
                This mission can only be done after you have finished the Sarles
                quest.  I am pretty sure this is also only done if you are not a
                Cleric (as they would have this as part of their Stronghold).  Talk
                to Telwyn to get another assignment, this time to go talk with the
                Dawnbringer Sain at the Temple of Lathander.
                Sain tells you that one of their artifacts was stolen by thieves
                working for the Temple of Talos.  What he wants you to do is to
                intercept this ring before the Talassians get it.  The exchange
                will happen in the Slums, he says, so go there.
                Wait until after dark, and look for Travin.  He will be standing
                near the northern exit from the Slums.  Talk to him.  Simply ask
                him if his name is Travin and he'll talk to you.  He will want
                money from you, but threaten him instead and you won't have to pay.
                He then tells you where you need to go to get the item, a red
                bricked house on top of the Copper Coronet (Borinall's House).
                Enter the locked house and Borinall will talk to you.  He has the
                Ring but wants to make sure that you are followers of Talos.  He
                wants you to swear allegiance to Talos.  If you do that, however,
                you will be magically attacked by the god, and pretty well revealed
                anyway.  So refuse to do it and attack Borinall instead.  He has
                some goons with him, but nothing difficult.  Search Borinall
                afterwards to get the Dawn Ring.  There are some other minor
                treasures in here (such as a War Hammer +1 and some gold).
                (notably, if you are a Priest of Talos, you can pass his test and
                easily get the ring)
                Return the Ring to Dawnmaster Sain to get your reward:  16,250
                experience and 1000 gold.
        QUEST:  Hunt Anarg for the Order of the Radiant Heart
                Radiant Heart - Temple (AR 0900, x 3300 y 3375)
                Fallen Paladins - Bridge (AR 0400, x 4800 y 750)
                In order to even get this quest you must have a reputation of at
                least 10.
                Enter the Order of the Radiant Heart and talk to Sir Ryan Trawl.
                He has a Quest for you, to hunt the fallen Paladin Anarg, who has
                apparently stolen out some members of the Order and formed an evil
                group.  You must pose as warriors to gain their trust, and try to
                bring Anarg to justice.  Anarg's group is found in the Bridge
                Head over to the Bridge District, and go into the open area in the
                top right of the area.  Here you will find the group of fallen
                paladins.  They are meeting with a group of thieves, and the
                meeting soon turns violent.  You can join the battle against the
                thieves, if you want, but it isn't necessary.  The leader of the
                Fallen Paladins will approach you after the battle and offer you a
                job.  He wants you to go retrieve Anarg's Cup from the Order.
                Agree to this, and head back to the Temple District to get it.
                Talk to Ryan Trawl again and ask him for the cup.  He is a little
                reluctant to give it to you, but he will, if you promise to return
                it.  Return to the Fallen Paladins.  Give the head paladin the
                cup (10,250 experience) and he introduces you to Anarg.  I am
                pretty sure that Anarg will always recognize you as what you are
                and attacks. (If you have Keldorn in your party, he definitely
                Alternatively:  [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
                  If you cast "know alignment" on the fallen paladins in the bridge
                  district they all detect as neutral except for the 2nd in
                  command, who you talk to in order to try to join them.  He
                  detected as good and when I returned with the Cup (from the Order
                  of the Radiant Heart) I told him I had the cup to make the leader
                  (also detected as neutral) to appear.  I then said that I didn't
                  want to join their group after all.  The leader (and most of the
                  fallen paladins) decides to attack you because you know too much
                  about them.  However, the good 2nd in command says that the
                  leader isn't the knight he thought he was (because he is
                  attacking you without just cause) and walks away disgusted with
                  his fallen brethren.  They still attack you but not him.
                Return to Ryan Trawl to get your reward:  17,500 experience each
                player, Reputation +1 and the Gloves of Healing.
        OTHER:  The Guarded Compound
                Compound - Temple District (AR 0900, x 4200 y 2050)
                Within the Guarded Compound are a wizard and a thief, who tell you
                to shoo, or face a private lesson.  Ask for that lesson and they
                When you reach the end of this hallway, you will be attacked by
                many summoned creatures, including (but not limited to), Efreet,
                Nishruu, Vampiric Mists, and Ogres.  The treasures in the rooms on
                this level are for the most part minor.  There is a Morning Star +2
                Go up the stairs.  You now have one of the more annoying battles in
                the game.  You have to find a very tough party of adventurers (that
                is what I'm assuming they are) that include Minotaurs and Orogs.
                Not ordinary enemies by any count.  To add to the mix, your party
                will be surrounded by some devious traps that need to be disarmed.
                Keep the mage and priest out of the battle, then just whack
                everyone else until they fall.  Search them afterwards for some
                really great treasure:
                  Celestial Fury (Katana +3, best Katana in the game)
                  Helmet of Defense
                  Battle Axe +2
                  Large Shield +2
                  Two Handed Sword +2
                  Leather Armor +3
                  Short Sword +2
                  Helm of Charm Protection
                  Full Plate +1
                  Plate Mail +1
                  Mace +2
                  Lots of Gold
                  Lots of Potions (unless they used them in battle)
                With them out of the picture, the rest of the level is quite open
                to be looted by you. (Spears, Wands, gold, arrows, etc.)  A large
                number of the containers here are trapped, so be careful.
        2.13    [THSWRS]             The Sewers  (AR 0701)
        Haer'Dalis  17   17  9   15  13  16   Tiefling    Blade     Chaotic Neutral
          Haer'Dalis is not from around here.  In fact he isn't even from this
          plane of existence!  He is a Tiefling, born with part demon blood.  It
          gives him an odd appearance and an even stranger attitude about life.
          Found at:  Sewers (follow the Raelis Quest from the Five Flagons)
          If kicked out:  Haer'Dalis will go to the main floor of the Five Flagons.
          Grade:  D+  The ONLY Bard in the game, and he happens to be lacking the
                      one thing that makes Bards extra special, their Lore ability.
                      That said, he makes a great warrior, for a Bard.  But if I
                      wanted a warrior, I'd take a warrior
        Keldorn     17   9   17  12  16  18    Human      Paladin     Lawful Good
          Keldorn is a dedicated man.  So dedicated that he goes months without
          seeing his family.  This will lead to conflict, and may cause Keldorn to
          leave your party forever.
          Found at:  Temple District Sewers (MUST start the Unseeing Eye quest
                     first), near the Old Tunnels
          Grade:  B+  The only Paladin in the game.  If you want a Paladin this is
                      the way to go.  He starts out with decent armor and an
                      interesting sword (if he is hit, it deals 5 damage to what
                      hit him).  As an Inquisitor gets immunity to Charm and Hold,
                      which is very useful, and his Dispel Magic is very powerful.
        QUEST:  The Cult of the Unseeing Eye
                Entrance to Old Tunnels - Sewers (AR 0701, x 150 y 450)
                Gaal - Old Tunnels (AR 0202, x 2500 y 2150)
                Door - Old Tunnels (AR 0202, x 2780 y 500)
                The Cult is hiding in the Old Tunnels, which are in the top left
                of this area.  You will also find Keldorn near this place.  Enter
                the Old Tunnels.
                Go down the side passage (x 3400 y 300) and follow that into a
                room.  There are Shadows here.  When you get to the end of this
                room Ettercaps will appear in it.  Past this room is another large
                room, with wooden planks as flooring.  More Shadows in here.  There
                is also a trap at the entrance.  After that is another long and
                dark passage that leads to the Gas Chamber.  When you reach the
                center of the room, the doors slam shut and it fills with Gas
                (roughly a Cloudkill).  Turn the wheel in the center to get the
                Gas to stop and the doors to open.  You also have to fight off some
                Vampiric Mists.
                Go into the next room and talk to Gaal the Prophet.  Ask about how
                one might join up with the Unseeing Eye, and mention that putting
                your own eyes out makes you uncomfortable.  He agrees to let you
                try a different quest, to go get them an item from the sealed off
                sections of the old tunnels.  He gives you a key to accomplish this
                Go back to the main tunnel, and then down this to the door.  Open
                it and go through.  Be very careful to check for traps on the
                floor.  Very soon you will come up to a Sarcophagus room and meet
                a man named Sassar.  He was a member of the cult until he realized
                just how evil the Unseeing Eye Beholder really was.  Now he wants
                to retrieve the Rod himself to destroy the beholder.  Agree to his
                ideas.  This is the sarcophagus of the Shade Lich, part of the
                Kangaxx quest (which you can read about in the Docks section).
                Head down the southern passage (careful to look for Lightning
                Traps).  This passage leads to a set of stairs that go down.
                (AR 0204)  This area looks rather impressive, with giant blue
                arches.  You can search the nose of the statue (trapped) for a
                spell scroll.  Go forward, then right.  This leads to a Yuan-ti
                gathering and a strange building.  De-trap the stairs and go up the
                building.  When you are on it, click on its roof and you will have
                to answer its set of questions.  If you fail any of its questions,
                it sends a monster to kill you.
                  Question 1:  7) Life
                  Question 2:  9) Time
                  Question 3:  4) The Current One
                Solve that to get 42,250 experience.  Across the bridge are quite
                a large number of enemies, such as the mini-beholders (Gauth) and
                Shadow Fiends.  There is a nook (x 3715 y 2485) with some treasure:
                  War Hammer +2 (+1 Electrical Damage)
                  minor treasure
                Take the north passage.  Just before it opens up into a large
                watery room there is a TRAP.
                There are many "diseased" people around here, but only the one in
                the center says anything valuable.  Enter the temple behind him.
                Here you will find the dastardly Empathic Manifestation.  No matter
                how many times you hit it, you cannot kill it.  Cast "Cure Light
                Wounds" on it and it will die. (He feeds on Hate, so give him a
                little "lovin'")  After that the Avatar appears. (25,750 exp)
                Talk with him and soon a plan will be developed between him and
                you.  You will take his piece of the Rod up to the beholder to
                destroy the beholder with, then you bring the two assembled pieces
                back to the Avatar so that he can destroy it.  He gives you his
                piece and tells you to talk to his people outside the temple.
                Return to Sassar (the former high priest of the Unseeing Eye) and
                he has a plan to get the other half of the device.  Talk to Tad
                within the cult and he will help you get it.  Do not talk to Gaal
                or your plan is doomed!  Go to the Unseeing Eye.  Past the guards,
                turn left to find Tad, who will automatically talk to you.  Tell
                him the code phrase ('the eye is blind').  Go down into the pit.
                (AR 201) Ever wonder what a lone Beholder's lair looked like?  Well
                now you know.  There will be monsters down here (I fought Mummies
                and Ghasts).  Follow this passage.  Go up the stairs and a zombie
                will say "must go tell the mayor" and wander off.  Odd.  There will
                also be more undead here to fight.  Go inside the large building
                just ahead of you.
                There are lots and lots of undead here.  They have a city of sorts.
                Kill them all, then search them for treasure:
                  Skin of the Ghoul (Leather Armor, AC 4)
                Search the bone pile (x 575 y 475) in the next room to find:
                  Gauntlets of Dexterity
                  Spells - Dire Charm (Mage)
                Leave this building, and continue right on the bridge.  There will
                be more monsters, of course.  Continue right and enter the Lair.
                (AR 205)  Searching in the first room, you will find some minor
                treasures, but no piece of a Rod.  Continue upwards.  There will
                be a Gauth when you round the bend.  The Beholder Lair is shaped
                like a Beholder.  It has a large central body, and 4 eye shoots.
                You came in through one "eye shoot", and at each of the three
                others there is another thing of treasure guarded by a Gauth or a
                Beholder.  In the center of this area are a group of cultists.
                The top eye shoot (x 2000 y 300) has:
                  Dragons Bane +3 (Halberd, +6 vs. Dragons)
                  Spells - Protection from Acid (Mage)
                  Gems, etc.
                The far right eye shoot (x 3050 y 1500) has:
                  Rift Device Part (the final Rod piece)
                * From this point, there is an ALTERNATIVE path you can take, see
                  Lucas's note below.
                The other eye shoot has but gems and such in it.  When you get the
                Rift Device Part it becomes a wand with one charge.  The game
                recommends that you equip this in your Quick Item slot. (26,250
                exp)  As soon as you move from this spot, you will be attacked by
                the Unseeing Eye.  Use the Rift Device to remove his protections,
                then hit him once to kill him.
                  Unseeing Eye - 30,000 experience
                                 Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance
                Just to the left (x 1860 y 2120) you will find the exit.  This puts
                us right near the stairs down to the Avatar's area. (so that we can
                return the Rift Device to him)  Go back to the Temple and let
                things unfold there.  Once inside you have to convince the people
                to accept their god and he will appear.  They all vanish and you
                get your reward:
                  47,250 experience
                  Saving Grace +3 (Medium Shield)
                Return to the Cult.  There you will see Gaal trying to keep
                everyone within the cult.  He naturally blames you and his forces
                attack.  Kill them, then search them for treasure:
                  Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
                  Bracers AC 7
                  Girdle of Fortitude
                With him out of the picture, the other Cultists leave.  You can
                then loot the entire place.  It mostly has Gems, Arrows and Spells.
                Return to the Temple of Helm (or Lathander ...) to get your
                reward for clearing this out:
                  45,750 Experience (everyone gets that amount)
                  Mace +1: Ardulia's Fall
                  7000 gold
                  Reputation +1
                And, of course, if you are a Priest this will then lead you to
                your Stronghold. (see the Strongholds section at the end of the
                Lucas has an alternative method to handle the above quest:
                  After you talk to the Avatar and get the first half of the rift
                  device, go and talk to Tad.  You'll give him the pass phrase
                  'the eye is blind' and he'll open up the entrance to the pit.
                  Now, go and talk to Gaal.  You'll get the XP for bringing him the
                  rod, and then you can waste him, and get his goods.  Now go back
                  to where Tad was and go down into the undead city, complete that
                  area and onto the beholder's lair.  Do everything normally and go
                  pick up the other half of the rod.  You'll get 26,250 for
                  assembling the rod, and the Unseeing Eye will appear.  Grease
                  that sucker with the rift device and head back to the Avatar's
                  temple via Sassar's area.  Get down to the Avatar and present him
                  with the rod.  Now, go back to the cultist's living quarters.
                  Every enemy will go off running and disappear, but the unseeing
                  eye will be there.  This is where you summon up what you can
                  (fire elementals if possible) and take out the Unseeing Eye all
                  over again.  Get 30,000 more XP and another amulet.  Life is
                  Editor's Note:  This Alternative doesn't seem to work with Throne
                                  of Bhaal, that is, the second Unseeing Eye
                                  doesn't appear.
        QUEST:  The Windspear Key  (AR 0711)
                Secret Door - Sewers (AR 0701, x 1865 y 440)
                That key you got off Tazok in Firkraag's dungeon opens a secret
                door down in the sewers.  Enter the sewers and go to the most
                northern point.  The right secret door is the one we want.  As you
                move down this passage, several of your party members will be
                paralyzed by psychic vibrations.  There are also many dead
                adventurers littering the passage.  Looks bad, eh?  Go up the
                stairs here.
                This leads to a circular chamber.  There is a door to the far left.
                Open it and you will find another circle room with a Mind Flayer,
                Umber Hulk and lots of dire charmed enemies. (with such generic
                names as "Fighter" or "Cleric")  The best strategy is to sneak up
                to the room until 2 or 3 enemies see you, draw them back to the
                previous room and kill them.  Then save it and rush the Mind Flayer
                and hope that it doesn't instant kill you. (9000 exp)  I find that
                using some protective spells works great.  (Protection from Evil,
                Haste, Chaotic Commands, Improved Invisibility and Death Ward)
                Open the door, go through the passage, and open the next door.
                Here is a far worse battle with 5 mind flayers (some are Ulitharids
                which is a tougher type of Flayer) and an Umber Hulk.  Take them
                out (rest and save), then open the north door, go through the
                passage to find the rest of the Flayers (about 8, and 2 or 3 Umber
                Hulks).  There is a Mind Flayer Lich here (called an Alhoon) who
                was forming an army.
                Search the center cauldron for some treasure:
                  Wand of Wonder (random effects)
                  Hammer of Thunderbolts +3 (part of the Crom Faeyr)
                  Spells - Shocking Grasp (Mage)
        QUEST:  Rescue Haer'Dalis from the Mage
                (see the Bridge district for details on this quest)
        QUEST:  Roger the Fence and the Troll
                Roger - Sewers (AR 0701, x 1680 y 2300)
                Troll - Sewers (AR 0701, x 160 y 2550)
                In the southern tunnels you will find an odd fellow named Roger the
                Fence.  He is there mainly to sell goods (as well as to buy the
                crap you get).  But he also has a problem. (3,1,1,1)  He came down
                here to avoid the guard, but he has been having trouble with "the
                beasties."  Agree to take care of his problem, for a little gold,
                of course.  Then head left along the southern tunnels.  Follow the
                first tunnel you find to get to the Sea Troll.  Kill it (it has
                more HP than its experience value would let on) and return to
                Roger for a reward:  500 gold and 9500 exp. (don't try to trick
        OTHER:  Tarnor the Hatchetman's Mercenaries
                Mercenaries - Sewers (AR 0701, x 1700 y 460)
                At the top of the sewers you will confront Tarnor and his merry
                band of bandits.  They'll let you go for 1000 gold, or you get
                yourself into a big old fight.  The "fake talk" works great here,
                but any strategy is fine.  I'd put an insect swarm on their mage
                to prevent him from casting spells. Then search them afterwards for
                  Plate Mail +1
                  Full Plate +1
                  Full Plate Mail
                  Helmet of Charm Protection
                  Wyvern's Tail +2 (Morningstar)
                  Small Shield +2
                  Hangard's Throwing Axe +2
                  Gems, Potions and Gold
        OTHER:  Rakshasa
                Rakshasa - Sewers (AR 0701, x 1600 y 1600)
                In the very center of this area you will find a horde of kobolds
                and their Rakshasa master.  This isn't a tough fight, especially
                when compared to the mercenary battle, but it does yield a pretty
                good item:
                  Cloak of the Sewers (AC +1, can be worn with other magic items)
        2.14    [THDCKS]             The Docks  (AR 0300)
      Yoshimo Exposition:
        When Yoshimo first comes with you to the Docks he explains that this is
        Shadow Thief territory and that he needs to go see Renal Bloodscalp to
        settle things between them.
        Edwin       10   10  16  18  10  10    Human      Mage        Lawful Evil
          Edwin was with you on your last adventures, and he and Minsc don't like
          each other in the least.  Edwin had wanted to kill Minsc's witch,
          Dynaheir, and now that she is dead, Edwin won't leave Minsc alone about
          Edwin gets the most spells of any mage, +3 for every level (1 from his
          Conjurer bonus, and 2 from his non-removable amulet).
          Found at:  Shadow Thieves Guild (talk to Renal Bloodscalp)
          Grade:  B+  What his stats don't tell you is that Edwin gets bonus spells
                      making him the best mage in the game.  The downside is that
                      he is weak as a kitten and has so very little HP.  And the
                      other wrinkle is that he is Evil making him hard to fit in a
                      good party.
        QUEST:  Take the Body of Renfield to Rylock
                Rylock - Docks near Galvarey Estate (AR 0300, x 1440 y 2950)
                The second of the Between Area events dumped the body of Renfield
                in your possession, and it is here that we can get rid of it.
                You will find Rylock standing near the large building in the SW
                corner of the map.  You will get: 14,550 exp and 125 gold.
                This leads us to the next quest...
        QUEST:  Rescue Montaron from the Harpers
                Xzar        - Steps near the Sea Inn (AR 0300, x 2370 y 2475)
                Harper Base - Docks (AR 0300, x 1320 y 2930)
                Prebek's House - Docks (AR 0300, x 1860 y 1260)
                Once you have delivered Rylcok and gotten your "reward", go right
                and you will find Xzar (a Necromancer who joined you in the
                previous game).  He wants you to rescue his friend, Montaron (who
                also joined you in the previous game) from the Harpers (a group of
                "do-gooders", of which Jaheira is a member).  Agree to his odd
                demand, but you might want a reward for doing something so
                  Warning:  If you refuse Xzar's request you cut off any future
                            Harper Plots for Jaheira as well as any romance
                            potential with her.
                Go back and talk to Rylock.  Ask him to see inside and tell him
                because you always wanted to see a Harper. (this is a lot easier
                with Jaheira in the party as she is a Harper herself)  He doesn't
                trust you, and to earn his trust you have to do a Quest for him
                (but of course).  He wants you to get rid of a "vile" mage named
                Prebek, whose house is directly to the north.  Agree to this,
                although Yoshimo "smells a rat."
                Head north to Prebek's house (it's marked on the map).  When you
                enter you might notice that this is not some great Archmage.  Seems
                the Harpers didn't tell you the WHOLE truth.  Kill them, then loot
                the house.  There are three containers here with good spells
                (Invisible Stalker, Fire Elemental, Resist Fear, Horror, etc.,
                for instance), however everything here is TRAPPED.  Go back to
                Rylock to get 14,500 experience and gain admittance to the Harper's
                There are three Harpers in this main hallway, talk to them if you
                wish, although they won't be very forthcoming with the information.
                If you ask Berinvar about his Necklace, Jaheira will be very
                curious as to why Harper's would wear such things... how odd.
                There are 4 rooms to the right, the entrance to which is in the
                south.  There are all manner of treasures to be found here, spells
                gold and potions.  The Eye Painting is both TRAPPED and LOCKED and
                has a Helm of Charm Protection.  In the northern room on the table
                you will find your own Harper Amulet (x 1000 y 300).  How
                convenient!  Put the Amulet on and go upstairs.
                Here you will meet up with some Spectral Harpists.  Since you are
                wearing the Amulet they will answer most any of your questions.
                You can ask them about Montaron (thief), but they answer in
                riddles.  Search the bookshelves here for some treasures (the
                spell Phantom Blade is most useful).  Open the door to the southern
                room (x 760 y 1030) and then the next door as well.  Search the
                desk here (x 710 y 1200) to find the Note.  Read it.  Well that
                explains Montaron.
                Open the northern door (x 915 y 530) to find the Giant Bird Cage.
                Open the door to the cage, and send someone inside, as far north
                as they can go.  You will notice that the mouse cursor makes as
                though you can grab something in here, do so and you will catch a
                bird (20,000 exp).
                Return to Xzar and give him the Bird (Montaron).  He mentions that
                someone broke into his laboratory and killed his apprenti.  Hmmm...
                Anyway he turns Montaron back into human form.  But it wasn't
                really Montaron, it was Lucette, an assassin meant to kill Xzar for
                spying on the Harpers for the Zhentarim.  In other words, the
                Harpers used you to get back at Xzar.  You killed his apprenti,
                you were allowed to see what they needed you to see, and you
                delivered the assassin right to him.  You will want to search Xzar
                for treasure (Staff Spear, Spells, Gems, Bracers, etc.).
                Also, if you go back into the Harper's and search the second floor,
                you will find Montaron's body in a chest.  This is worth 20,000
                After that Jaheira is summoned to the Harpers by Meronia.... (if
                you are in a romance with Jaheira, Meronia may take longer to show
        QUEST:  Summoned before the Harpers
                When Jaheira returns she tells you that the Harpers want to meet
                with you.  Head back to the Harpers place and go inside.  If you
                are in a "relationship" with Jaheira, then Meronia won't show up
                immediately after Xzar.
                  Trick:  Although "fake talk" doesn't work in here (Galvarey has
                          to talk to you before he can die), you can use the spell
                          Silence in a similar manner.  (Gareth Embrey)
                You will then be questioned by Galvarey. No matter what you say to
                him in answer to his questions, he sees what he wants to see.  Soon
                it becomes obvious that he means you harm.  Jaheira decides to
                break with the Harpers and help you out (quite the lifestyle
                change!).  You will then be forced into a deadly conflict with
                Galvarey and his Harper Goons.
                Once they're dead, be sure to check them for treasures.  Some of
                which are:
                  Ring of Wizardry
                  Two Handed Sword +1
                  Plate Mail +1
                  Cloak of Protection +1
                And that is that for the Harpers within Athkatla.
        QUEST:  Revianne & Dermin the Harpers
                This doesn't necessarily happen in the Docks as Dermin will track
                Jaheira down, but this only happens if you do the previous Quest
                (killing Galvarey).
                Four days after the events in the Harper's Hold, Revianne appears
                and wants to fight you.  Handle this how you will. (Oddly, she
                didn't show up the first time through the game, but did the second)
                About a week after the events in the Harper's Hold, Dermin appears
                and tells Jaheira that he has been sent to kill her.  She doesn't
                want to fight him as he was her friend.  Instead they talk things
                through and she renounces her standing as a Harper.
                Dermin leaves for now.
                Then later he returns and says that Jaheira's death has been
                arranged unless she goes with him.  If she does that then you will
                be spared.  She agrees to think about it, no more.
                Dermin leaves again.
        QUEST:  Jaheira Leaves the Party (again)
                Harper Base - Docks (AR 0300, x 1320 y 2930)
                The next time you sleep, Jaheira will have left the party.  Soon a
                strange Mage arrives and gives you a note explaining why she has
                left.  She didn't want to burden you with her problems with the
                Harpers.  She has gone to Harper Hold in Athkatla and wants you to
                NOT follow her.
                Return to the Harper Hold.  Inside you must deal with a group of
                mercenaries.  Go upstairs and you will find Jaheira.  She is
                surprisingly happy to see you.  She doesn't believe that the
                Harper's here are Harper's any more.  As evidence she points to
                the disappearance of the Spectral Harpers.  Jaheira joins with you
                again, but a new group of Mercenaries (a much tougher group)
                appears downstairs waiting for you.  These mercenaries are more
                annoying having a Mage and a Cleric with them.  Be sure to check
                them for treasure when they are dead.
        QUEST:  Jaheira & Dermin Finale
                Again this quest can take place anywhere.  About two weeks or so
                after you have finished getting Jaheira out of the Harper Hold,
                Dermin will appear with several goons.  Jaheira and him have it out
                with a war of words first, then the actual battle begins.
                  Dermin - 5000 exp
                           Amulet of Protection +1
                           Bracers AC 5
                           Other minor treasures
                Also be sure to check out his goons for more minor treasures.
                After the battle Jaheira is quite a bit upset about this recent
                turn of events.
        QUEST:  Terminsel the Harper
                A long, long time (Real Time, so you can't just Rest to get this)
                after this last event, Terminsel appears and asks Jaheira if what
                she did was right.  Did she feel that following you, a child of
                Bhaal, was the right thing to do in that situation.  She says,
                "yes" and Terminsel gives her the Harper Pin, a nifty little amulet
                with some special powers.  This requires that you have at least
                a 15 reputation.
                Also, if you and Jaheira are in a romance, and your reputation is
                at least 10, then your main character will also be given a whopping
                100,000 experience.
                Oh, and Terminsel?  His name is an anagram for... Elminster.
                Impatient?  Force Terminsel to show up via cheating:
        QUEST:  Renal Bloodscalp, the Shadow Thief (Thieves Stronghold)
                Renal's Entrance - Docks (AR 0300, x 900 y 1200)
                Mae'Var's Guild - Docks (AR 0300, x 3050 y 2500)
                Rayic Gethras - Docks (AR 0300, x 1515 y 2222)
                Enter the Shadow Thief guild through the Side Door to get right to
                Renal.  Talk to him and he'll have a quest for you, naturally.  He
                doesn't trust Mae'Var, who runs the other Shadow Thief guild in
                this area.  He wants you to go and infiltrate Mae'Var's guild and
                find some evidence of wrongdoing.  He gives you papers with which
                to infiltrate the guild and instructions on what to do.
                Head out, and south, then east to get to Mae'Var's Guild.  Enter.
                Talk to Gorch behind the counter and give him the documents.  We
                can now open the doors behind him.  Open the top door.  Then go
                down the stairs.  Open the secret door on the wall, and go forward
                until you meet Mae'Var.
                Mae'Var's first job for you is to steal the amulet off of the
                Weathermistress Ada, priestess of Talos.  Go to the Temple District
                and enter the temple.  You have two options, either wait until she
                is asleep and steal it from the chest by her bed, or if she is
                awake, pick pocket her until you get it. (20,000 exp)  Return to
                Mae'Var and give him the amulet for another 29,500 exp.
                  Evil Note:  If you are Evil you will be sent to steal a Statuette
                              of Lathander from their temple.  You must break into
                              their safe and swipe the statue.  During the daytime
                              the safe is guarded, so go at night when the guards
                              are asleep.  This depends on Reputation, not
                For the next job, you need to go talk with Edwin, who is on the
                top floor of this building.  He wants you to kill a local Cowled
                Mage by the name of Rayic Gethras.  Rayic's home is far left of
                here, just above the Harper's lair.  If the door is open, invite
                yourself on in.  The main floor is covered in Mephits.  There are
                a couple of spells on this level (one in a trapped bookcase).  Go
                up.  There are several Golems on this level.  You can also search
                the middle bed for some gold.  Go to the next level. (but be ready
                for a Mage battle)  Kill Rayic.  Then search his table to find a
                Mislead spell.
                  Rayic Gethras - 9000 exp
                                  Bracers AC 7
                                  Staff +2
                  Trick:  I found that when I confronted Rayic, he asked me to
                          leave. I agreed, but instead of leaving, I proceeded to
                          attack him. He spouted something off along the lines of
                          'I warned you, you should have left', but strangely did
                          not turn hostile. I attacked him, but he still did not
                          turn hostile. Therefore, he did not cast any protective
                          spells (his contingency stoneskin kicked in but that was
                          it), and was that much easier to dispatch. (David Haire)
                          The patch should fix this bug.
                Return to Edwin. (20,000 exp)  Edwin has one last job for you to
                accomplish for him.  He wants you to get some Documents off of a
                pudgy man named Marcus, who is at the Sea's Bounty Inn.  Well,
                that's close.  Enter the main level of the Inn.  You have three
                options to try: steal the documents, threaten him to get the
                documents and buy them for 200-250 gold.  Female characters can
                also charm the documents from him.  Take the documents to Edwin for
                10,000 exp.  He then refers you back to Mae'Var.
                Mae'Var wants you to take out a "traitor" named Embarl who is at
                the Sea's Bounty Inn.  All you need is his dagger, so you needn't
                kill Embarl.  You can ask him for his dagger if that makes you
                happier.  Give the dagger to Mae'Var for 18,750 experience.
                He then tells you to talk to Edwin again.  Do so, and Edwin
                threatens to tell everyone who you are and why you are here.  Agree
                to Edwin's demands to be in on the action and let him join (if you
                want).  Either way he has the Key to Mae'Var's strongbox which
                contains the Evidence we need. (remember why we came here in the
                first place?)  Go downstairs.  You will find the Strongbox at
                (x 500 y 300), use the key to open it and take the incriminating
                evidence.  There are also some:
                  Boots of Stealth
                Go back to Renal and present him the evidence. (48,250 exp)  All
                that remains now is to go back and kill Mae'Var.  Of course, now
                every thief within Mae'Var's guild is your enemy.
                  Mae'Var - 14,000 experience
                            Shadow Armor (AC 4, +15% Hide in Shadows)
                            Gems and Gold (etc.)
                You can then go through the entire compound and loot it extensively
                to get lots of neat items:
                  Buckler +1 (found in the safe on the second level)
                  Studded Leather +1
                  Short Sword +2
                  Spear +1
                  Lots of Gold & Gems (be sure to check the "doors" on the 2nd lvl)
                Return to Renal to get your final reward:
                  Short Sword of Backstabbing +3
                  10,500 gold
                  45,500 quest experience
        QUEST:  Jaheira gets Cursed
                Sea's Bounty Inn - Docks (AR 0300, x 2125 y 2133)
                Baron Ployer     - Sea's Bounty Inn (AR 0313, x 475 y 340)
                Bernard          - Copper Coronet (by the counter, he moves around)
                Derelict House   - Slums (AR 0400, x 2425 y 720)
                When you enter the Sea's Bounty Inn main floor, Baron Ployer talks
                to Jaheira.  He was apparently ruined by her and the Harpers for
                doing evil things and he isn't too pleased about it.  So, he had
                Jaheira cursed.  Once Ployer has his magelings curse Jaheira, he
                teleports away.  Jaheira can think of three ways to track him down:
                Search for his house in the slums, talk to Bernard in the Copper
                Coronet about Belgrade and talk to a Clerk in the Government Ward.
                  Warning:  You have 2 weeks before the curse kills Jaheira.
                Head out to the Government Ward.  Enter the Council building and
                talk to Corneil.  Then go outside.  Just outside of the Council
                Building you will find the Mage Terrece, one of the three who
                cursed Jaheira in the first place.  Talk to him. (3,2,2)  He will
                turn on Ployer and allow you to attack him without the mages
                getting further involved.  His price?  1000 gold.  If your Charisma
                is at least 14 you can barter him down to 500.  For this you gain
                10,250 experience.  Or, you can talk him into killing Ployer for
                you for 2000 gold and get 19,750 experience.  Then immediately
                afterwards, kill Terrece to get 5000 exp and your money back.
                Now we go to talk to Bernard in the Copper Coronet, so off to
                the Slums!  Bernard tells you that Belgrade is dead, and by
                the looks of things by a curse similar to what Jaheira is under.
                He mentions that the body was found in the east part of the slums,
                so that is where we will go.  Head out of the Coronet, east, then
                north to the derelict house just to the left of the Slaver's ship.
                Enter the house and you'll find Ployer.  If you didn't go out and
                bribe Terrece you will have a large Mage battle on your hands.
                (Silence 15' works wonders.) However, with the bribe in place,
                Ployer attempts to summon help, but ends out with nothing.  If you
                bribed Terrece, then you can either let them kill Ployer, or you
                can kill the Mages first to get their experience and items (using
                the "Fake Talk" strategy, they will die quickly).  Then you can
                deal with Ployer.  His attitude changes quite a bit when no one
                shows up to help him.  No matter what you do at this point you end
                out with a Lock of Jaheira's Hair and Ployer is a corpse.  If you
                chose to let Ployer live, Jaheira will whack him anyway and you get
                another 21,250 exp.  Once Jaheira has her Hair back in her
                possession she starts feeling better and you gain 21,250
                experience.  There are some other minor treasures to be found here
                as well.
                To uncurse Jaheira, simply sleep at an Inn until she is no longer
                cursed. (may take more than 1 rest)
        QUEST:  Restore Kangaxx the Demi-Lich                       [from Taganath]
                Kangaxx's House - Docks (AR 0300, x 2700 y 2270)
                Arms & Legs     - Sewers (AR 0202, x 1700 y 500)
                Torso           - Bridge (AR 0500, x 1600 y 3340)
                The house to the right of the Sea's Bounty Inn holds a terrible
                secret.  De-trap and unlock the door, go into the house and into
                the basement.  When you double-click on the sarcophagus, Kangaxx
                asks you to retrieve his body, which has been scattered around
                Athkatla.  His arms and legs are in the sarcophagus in the sewers
                under the temple district on the same screen as the cult of the
                eyeless.  You have to fight the Shade Lich for them.  His torso is
                located in the basement of a house in the Bridge section in yet
                another Sarcophagus and is guarded by the Elemental Lich. (you can
                find more detailed instructions on these Liches in the appropriate
                Once you have both pieces, return to Kangaxx and he gloats at you,
                then attack you.  When you kill him he becomes a Demilich.  I think
                the Demilich is only hit by +4 weapons or better and you need be at
                a very high level to have any chance of killing him.  The easy way
                to kill him (or any creature that relies on magic) is to get
                several green scrolls of protection from magic and use them on your
                party, then simply surround him with your protected characters and
                attack until he is dead, as all of his offensive magic is useless
                and he has no physical attack.  Your reward for doing this is the
                excellent Ring of Gaxx (Regen., Protection from Poison, AC +2) and
                55,000 experience.
                  Warning:  You CANNOT use the "fake talk" strategy on Kangaxx!
                            Doing so will prevent him from EVER dying!  You must
                            beat him normally!
                  Note:  Berserked characters, like Minsc or Korgan, also can't be
                         imprisoned. Protection from Undead scrolls also work
                         (he'll ignore you), as does the mage spell Immunity to
                         (Abjuration) to beat imprison.
                  Tip:  I found out an awesome way to kill the demi-lich. The
                        ring of the ram does full damage to the lich. That can
                        take out about thirty of his hit points right there.
                        The best new thing I just found out is not that
                        though. The Slayer can not be imprisoned! You just do
                        the Slayer change and then keep wailing on the lich
                        until he is dead. You just have to do it quick before
                        being the Slayer kills you. [from Drew NA]
                Most of the lich fighting strategies found in the Undead sub-
                section of the Monster Strategies above will work as well.
        OTHER:  The Mad Cleric
                Cleric - Docks near Shadow Thieves (AR 0300, x 1680 y 790)
                Those crazy followers of Cyric have a strange approach to
                conversion.  Pretty much anything you say to this guy results in a
                fight. (750 exp, very minor treasures)  You can avoid this fight
                if you say that he's "preaching to the choir," but then you lose
                the mighty 750 exp!
        OTHER:  Pirates of the Sea's Bounty
                Sea's Bounty Inn - Docks (AR 0300, x 2125 y 2133)
                Secret Door      - Sea's Bounty (AR 0313, x 515 y 160)
                Within the Sea's Bounty is a secret door (northwestern wall, main
                floor).  Inside that there are several Pirates.  They aren't worth
                much, but hey, it's better than Goblins.  Once they're dead, search
                their pool for treasure: Pearls, Pearl Necklace, 1100 gold.
        OTHER:  Free Battle Axe +1
                Box - Docks (AR 0300, x 2240 y 2825)
                Just east of the Harper's (Galvarey Estate) is a small box that has
                a Battle Axe +1 (and some minor treasures).  Nothing great, but
                it's better than the other treasures around here.
        OTHER:  Ring of Lock Picks
                [from Skithee]
                In the docks area, there is a door on the far northeast side. You
                can get there by either walking along a platform, or by entering
                the western entrance of the barracks (the arch building on the east
                side of the docks) and exiting out of the other side. Through this
                door is part of the underground portion of the thieve's guild.
                There is only one guy in there. If you talk to him, he tries to
                convince you to overthrow Aran Linvail. In the middle of his
                conversation, another shadow thief that you can't see starts
                talking to him, threatens him, and says to help. He then backstabs
                the guy and runs off saying he needs to report. The dead guy drops
                the Ring of Lock Picks; +25% to Lock Picking.
                If you go into this room and you do not have the Shadow Thieve's
                Cellar key, which I believe is the key you find on the other side
                of the Vampire room in the Red Dragon's area, then you will be
                absolutely stuck. As soon as you enter the room, the door locks
                behind you, it can't be picked, forced, or knocked; it gives you
                one of those "this door does not have a conventional lock and may
                be warded against simple spells." or whatever.
        2.15    [TRDMTT]             Trademeet  (AR 2000)
        When you first arrive in Trademeet you find a city under siege by nature.
        Something has caused the animals to attack the city, and the people suspect
        that the Druids are to blame.
        Cernd       13   9   13  12  18  13    Human   Shapeshifter  True Neutral
          Cernd was investigating the strange occurrences around Trademeet when he
          was brought in by the locals.
          Found at:  Trademeet (talk to the Mayor)
          Event:  When Cernd enters any of the major districts in Athkatla he
                  learns that he is a Father. (See the Waukeen's Promenade section)
          Grade:  C+  At first glance you might think Cernd is the worst character
                      in existence.  Though not entirely true, it does have some
                      merit.  He is a good Druid due to his high Wisdom.  The
                      rest of his stats are abysmal, HOWEVER when he turns into a
                      Werewolf, his stats LEAP upwards to the point of superhuman
                      strength, dexterity and constitution.
        QUEST:  Wilfred the Red                                 [from John Knudson]
                Tent - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 315 y 3015)
                At a tent outside of Trademeet, you can find an arrogant sop named
                Wilfred the Red.  Talk to Wilfred, who asks who you are, then when
                he offers to tell his story tell him you're listening and last say
                his story is a lie.  You receive 1000 exp and 1000 gold.  Correct
                conversation thread is 1,1,2.  This requires a character with high
                WIS to talk to him.
        QUEST:  Solve the Animal Troubles of Trademeet
                Mayor's House - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 1300 y 2300)
                Druid Temple - Druid Grove (AR 1900, x 850 y 300)
                Since we were originally asked to come here to solve this problem,
                it should be the one you work on first (although you should also
                work on the Genie Embargo at the same time, see below).  Head over
                to the Mayor's House and go inside.  You will find the Mayor in a
                side office to the right.  Talk to Logan Coprith.  You will learn
                of their troubles and that they have captured a druid.  Logan
                thinks that this Druid had nothing to do with it, and asks that
                you go talk to him and escort him out of the city.  Go into the
                Talk to Cernd and let him join for the moment.  Sure he is the
                weakest human in existence, but he isn't a bad guy.  Transform him
                into a werewolf and leave him like that.  Exit the town and go over
                to the Druid Grove.
                  Evil Note:  There is an alternative way to do this quest, see the
                              next quest, 'Evil Method of Druid Removal', below.
                There are trolls around, so be sure that you have a way to kill
                them (fire or acid).  There are two structures that we must pass to
                get to our goal, the Druids.  First we go by the Troll Mound.  This
                plays a part in various other plots (notably the Druid Grove
                quests), but isn't important to us right now.  You can go in it and
                kill the trolls if you want.  Second we go by a large building.
                This building contains the Rakshasa's needed to finish the Genie
                Embargo quest (see below).  Past those is our goal, the Druid
                  Note:  Just below the Rakshasa's house is a small tower, within
                         you will find the Scimitar of Speed +2: Belm.
                So, from the entrance, head left to the Troll Mound (x 900 y 2500).
                Along the way you may meet a "helpful" druid.  Once there you can
                go in if you want:
                  Bracers of Archery
                  Spear of the Unicorn +2
                Go up, then right. (x 1340 y 1200)  This leads to a group of
                Druids fighting trolls.  If you help the Druids and fight off the
                trolls for them, then the druids turn on you and attack.  So, you
                may as well not do anything, let the druids get killed then kill
                the trolls.  Go down and right, then right to another group of
                stupid druids.  Yes, they must be killed as well.  Head right
                across the rock bridge (x 3400 y 1500).  This leads directly to
                the Rakshasa house if you want to do that quest now.  Go up, then
                Cross this bridge then keep going left (fight the Myconids if you
                feel like it).  You will soon reach the final group of druids
                (not the leader) who again attack you:
                  Flame Tongue +1
                  Club +2: Gnasher
                Enter the temple.  Go left to find Faldorn the Shadow Druid.  (Save
                it here)  Have a Druid in your party (Either you, Jaheira or Cernd)
                challenge her for supremacy.  They will be thrown naked into a pit
                (by naked I mean no armor) to fight it out.  Before they challenge,
                you can cast any spells you want on your Druid, such as Iron Skins,
                Haste, or whatever.  When Faldorn dies the first time, she turns
                into a fiercer panther.  When that dies you get 14,000 experience
                and have cleared out the Grove.  If your main character is a Druid
                you can challenge for leadership of the Grove.
                Duncan Clay has a battle tip for dealing with Faldorn:
                  Before you fight Faldorn, stand your party next to the pit.  Get
                  your druid (I used Jaheira) to give their stuff to someone in
                  your group.  When your druid enters the pit, pause the game and
                  equip all their stuff.  Interestingly, although you are in combat
                  (can't save) you can equip your armor.  Jaheira had AC-11 and the
                  Gnasher club and won easily without casting a single spell.  I
                  didn't even see a panther.
                Head back to Trademeet. (the easiest way out of the Grove is to go
                left after you leave the temple)  Talk to the Mayor to get your
                  2000 gold
                  18,000 experience for each character
                He will also ask that you help them out with their Genie problem.
        QUEST:  Evil Method of Druid Removal                         [from Dominic]
                The first thing I did when I entered Trademeet was talk to
                Guildmistress Busya. She is in the Mayor's house. Then I talked to
                the Mayor, he asked me to talk to Cernd. I didn't take Cernd into
                my party, instead we agreed on meeting each other in the druid
                Anyway, a halfling (Lord Khellon Menold) walks up to me and
                initiates a dialog. This is the guy who gives you the poison. He
                asks if I'm the mercenary hired to save them, and whether or not
                I'm capable of defeating the druids.  Unless I tell him to get out
                of my way he will answer that he is to become the next High
                Merchant. I ask him about Logan knowing about his position, he asks
                me what Logan wanted me to do. I tell him about Cernd and our
                investigation. After that, he will show his dislike for nature and
                druids and whatnot. Then, he proposes an alternate quest.
                  "Allow me to present a bit of background to you. It will help you
                  understand the trials ahead and what you must do."
                  "This is not the first problem we've had with these freaks, these
                  tree-huggers. Far from it. Last year, my company was to open a
                  caravan route through the forest."
                He tells you about how he attacked a druid (who was defending the
                forest), and killed some other druids. Jaheira wants you to ignore
                him.  The druids went to Trademeet and blamed Lord Khellon Menold
                for instigation and murder. He wants his revenge by poisoning the
                grove. At this point he will give you the poison should you choose
                to accept his task.
                Meet him again outside the tavern after you accomplished the task.
                Meet Cernd in the grove and tell him Jaheira will take up the
                The party gets 24500 exp. for pouring the poison in the font (could
                be some more or some less). Doing so will make all the druids
                complain and attack you. The Guardian of the Font (4000 exp.) will
                call Faldorn (I didn't get exp. for her... strange?) and they both
                attack you.
                When Faldorn is dead, Master Verthan (2000 exp.) warps in and wants
                you dead. He summons some creatures: 2 grizzly bears and 2
                panthers. Kill them. You won't get the Staff of Lightning this way.
                None of the druids have any treasure (well, not exactly true... one
                of them had a Charm Person Scroll).
                When you get out, Cernd will have nothing to say to you. As in, you
                can't initiate a dialog with him. Weird.
                Back in Trademeet Lord Khellon Menold rewards you with 1000 gold
                and a Shield of Harmony +2. At this point you'll probably get some
                exp., but I don't know how much. The Guildmistress thanks you, but
                Logan is quite angry with you (reputation decreased 1). I haven't
                found a way to calm him down. Which means that you won't be heroes
                of Trademeet and you don't get the family feud quest.
                Some other information:
                At the beginning of the quest I had an evil party with reputation
                12. It consisted of Jaheira (leader, lvl 10/12), Korgan (lvl 12),
                Yoshimo (lvl 16), me (kensai mage, lvl 12/11), Viconia (lvl 12) and
                Edwin (lvl 12). (again, this Quest was from Dominic)
        QUEST:  The Genie Embargo
                Genie Tent - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 3500 y 2900)
                Rakshasa House - Druid Grove (AR 1900, x 4400 y 900)
                If you talk around everyone will be talking of one of two things,
                the animals assaulting the town, or the genies preventing the
                normal flow of trade.  Near the eastern entrance to town is a blue
                tent that holds these genies.  Go in and talk to them.
                  Tip:  Pickpocket the genie outside of the tent to get a Bottle of
                        Efreeti Summoning (Ken Adams).
                Talk to the Khan about what they are doing there and he'll reveal
                that they are there hunting a Rakshasa and until they do they are
                holding the city's trade hostage.  Agree to bring him the head of
                the Rakshasa in exchange for letting the city go (and some treasure
                to boot).  You can also buy items from him. (of course, until you
                solve this they are the only people you can buy from)
                After you talk to Khan Zahraa, if you go outside Trademeet's
                Northeast Gate (near the City Crypt), you will meet up with a
                Shadow Thief who wishes to impart to you information on the
                Rakshasa location for free (they want business to return to normal
                so that they can have their 'share').  She will disclose some
                information on the potion seller that suggests that she has been
                'replaced' by the Rakshasa. (Rolander)
                When you get to the Druid Grove (you have to do the above quest in
                order to get there) follow the path past the Troll Mound, and
                across the bridge to find the Rakshasa House.  Enter it.  Talk to
                the woman here and she turns into Ihtafeer and teleports in two
                Rakshasa friends to help out.  (If you have Keldorn -- or Jan -- in
                your party, he'll detect Ihtafeer's evilness, regardless of whether
                you accepted this quest)
                  Ihtafeer - 15,000 experience
                             Periapt of Proof Against Poison
                Another Rakshasa had a Cleric's Staff.  There are also some magic
                arrows in a chest on the upper level.
                Return with the Head to the Djinn to end the Embargo.  The Khan
                also gives you a Scimitar +2: Rashad's Talon and 10,000 experience.
                Then go to Guildmistriss Busya in the Mayor's house to get a
                further reward:
                  7500 Gold
                  Gems and Necklaces
                  Small Shield +2: Harmony (immune to charm)
                Finally talk to the mayor to get another 2000 gold and become the
                Heroes of Trademeet!
                  25,250 experience for each Character
                  10,750 Gold
                  Reputation +1
                You will also be approached by the two leading houses of Trademeet,
                each of whom want you to do them favors (see The Two Feuding Houses
                below).  Also your likeness now graces the town statue, as you
                are the Heroes of Trademeet. (If Cernd was a Werewolf at the time
                his statue is particularly... lifelike!  Similar things happen if
                other party members are polymorphed.)
        QUEST:  Tiris the Frightened and the Return of the Tanner
                Tiris' Home - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 1275 y 900)
                Darsidian Moor - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 80 y 2860)
                Rejiek - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 3715 y 2030)
                After you have completed the first two quests, Jenia will approach
                you, the Hero of Trademeet, and ask that you go talk to Tiris.  Go
                up to Tiris' home (the one just to the left of the Smithy) and talk
                to Tiris.  He tells you that he left his love to die (not on
                purpose) and that the evil-doer is Rejiek, who we all know and love
                as the Tanner who flayed peasants alive in Athkatla.  He tells you
                to check by the southwest gate.
                Go out the western gate and go south near the tent to find a
                "hunter" named Darsidian Moor.  He is hunting what he calls a Skin
                Dancer, who may be Rejiek and could use your help.  He tells you
                to follow him eastwards.
                From the main plaza (with the tiled face on the ground) go east
                and you will find Darsidian and "Raissa".  They tell you to finish
                off Rejiek.  Talk to him instead and it turns out that Rejiek and
                Raissa are reversed.  The ruse fails and Darsidian and Rejiek
                attack you. (They steal the skins of people, if you are wondering)
                Kill them.
                The real Raissa then rises up and asks you to help her.  In order
                to prevent her from becoming like Rejiek she needs someone to cast
                Restoration on her. (or Lesser Restoration) If one of your Clerics
                doesn't have that spell go to the Temple and buy the scroll.  Come
                back and cast it on her. She returns to normal and you get 30,000
                experience. If you don't heal her in time, she'll go hostile on
                  Infinite Exp Bug:  When you kill the two skin dancers, talk to
                    Raissa and she gets up and tells you she is one of the skin
                    dancers, and asks you for a restoration spell to "fix" her.
                    She doesn't have the money, so she wants you to cast one on
                    her. If you don't have one, you can go buy one, and she will
                    wait right where you found her.  I took the opportunity
                    to surround her, so she couldn't get away.  Then cast the
                    spell, and she says thank you and you get 30,000 exp points.
                    Pause, and talk to her, and she repeats her "thank you" line
                    and you get another 30,000 exp. (wvfoos)
                Return to Tiris' Home and talk to his parents to get a Reputation
                Increase of 1.
                Rolander found a few different ways to handle this quest:
                  Not-so-good and bad ending for this quest.  If you kill off the
                  disguised Raissa, 'Raissa' would want to return to Tiris herself.
                  If you insist on escorting her back, the skin dancers would break
                  cover and attack.  Then you return to Tiris to tell him about the
                  bad news.  If you let 'Raissa' go off herself, when you return to
                  Tiris's home, Tiris would have been conned into leaving with
                  'Raissa', for good and his parents fear that he would never be
                  seen again.  In both these outcomes, you don't get the Rep+1
        QUEST:  The Two Feuding Houses
                Alibakkar Estate - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 1000 y 1280)
                Crypt - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 3200 y 550)
                At the little party they throw you for being the Heroes of
                Trademeet, two nobles approach you and ask for your assistance in
                becoming the only noble house in Trademeet.  Go to one of their
                homes afterwards (I went to Alibakkar).  Talk to the noble there
                and they will give you the key to the city crypt.  They want you
                to obtain for them the Mantle of Waukeen, which will prove their
                superiority over the other house.
                Head out to the crypt and go inside.  Before you manage to do that
                the Mayor comes up to you and tells you not to give the Mantle to
                the nobles as it will only make their feud worse.  Enter.  You will
                find the Mantle on one of the Skeletal Warriors within.  Take it.
                Now you have two options as to what to do.  Give the Mantle to the
                Mayor is the non-violent solution. (Reputation +1, 8000 experience,
                and 250 gold)  Or there is the violent solution.  Give one of the
                nobles the Mantle, and they soon attack each other and YOU.  Then
                you must fight the nobles and their guards.  The Lord has a set
                of Elven Chainmail (AC 5).
                Of course, you could give the Mantle to the Mayor, then go kill the
                Lord anyway with no loss of reputation.
        QUEST:  Mazzy's Family's Quest
                Mazzy's Home - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 2740 y 1000)
                Some time after you have Mazzy in your party (this is Real time,
                not game time), Danno will approach her and ask for help.  Seems
                that he gave his girlfriend, Mazzy's sister, a Love potion that
                went awry and her life now hangs in the balance.  Return to
                Trademeet and enter the Fentan home.
                Pala, her sister, is on her death bed having been poisoned by
                Wallace, the gnome who sold the potion in the first place.  Now we
                must go out and find that gnome.  You will find the gnome in the
                marketplace in the southern part of town. When you approach, Mazzy
                automatically talks to him. (6750 experience)  He tells you that
                the potion came from a new Cleric of Waukeen.  Go to the temple.
                Talk to the priest here and tell him what you know of the other
                cleric, Barl.  He agrees to search his room.  He comes back and
                says that he found some evidence of wrongdoing.  Barl is summoned
                forth and very soon you are in a battle with him and some Poison
                Mists.  When he is dead, Mazzy finds a bottle (25,000 exp) that may
                be an antidote.
                You are automatically taken to Mazzy's home again, where the potion
                is used and Pala is cured.  Mazzy asks to stay with her for a day.
        OTHER:  Your Fortune
                Fortune-teller - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 1060 y 3030)
                There is a group of gypsies (not called gypsies, but that is what
                they are) outside the town.  The woman there will tell you your
                fortune, but she doesn't seem to like what she sees.
                Also you can have other party members talk to her and she will
                tell their fortunes as well. (Max Chen)
        OTHER:  Neeber
                Neeber - Trademeet (AR 2000, x 2433 y 1240)
                Talk to Neeber about 15 times and he'll give you some Bullets +2.
                And everyone also gets 1000 experience.
      3.        [THGLDW]  Chapter 3: The Guild War
        When the party has gained over 15,000 gold, while in the city, you will
        be confronted by two interested parties.  The first, a thief named Valen,
        tells you to meet her mistress in the Graveyard.  This is the evil track.
        The second, Brus -- whom we met before -- tells you to go back to Gaelan.
        There are many other examples of the guild war.  At night throughout the
        city you will see thieves and vampires conversing, attacking and whatnot.
        Sansuki, a thief, will beg you for aid.  You can fight off his vampire
        enemies to get 8500 experience (plus what the vampires are worth).  There
        are other fights as well, and you can get involved in them if you wish.
        The next two sections are mutually exclusive.  If you work for the Shadow
        Thieves, you CAN'T work for Bodhi and vice versa.  Bodhi also doesn't care
        for thief main characters.
        Once you pay your money you start Chapter 3 and get to watch as Jon
        Irenicus breaks free of the Cowled Wizards prison.  Spiffy.
        3.1     [WRKNGF]             Working for the Shadow Thieves
          Once you have paid your 15,000 gold to Gaelan, he gives you a key and
          tells you to go talk with Aran Linvail, the TRUE power behind the Shadow
          Thieves. (Renal Bloodscalp is for tourists)  Head over to the Docks and
          enter the Shadow Thieves guild from the main door.
          Open the northeastern door to reach the back room.  There search the
          wall to find the Secret Door (which is locked with the key Gaelan sold
          you). (x 1375 y 330)  Go down the stairs here.
            Note:  If you lost the key, the item code to create it is:  misc4s
          Welcome to the TRUE Shadow Thieves Guild.  On this level you will find
          all sorts of crazy things.  Thieves training with all manner of objects,
          spells, and whatnot.  We don't need to get involved in any of that
          (although it is quite interesting, and has a few items to boot), so just
          open up the secret door (x 1560 y 1800).  Go down this hallway all the
          way until you reach Aran's room.  Talk with him and agree to help him
          beat the other guild.  In exchange he gives you some items:
            Amulet of Power (5% magic res., reduces casting time)
            Ring of Protection +2
          Wait until nightfall and head down to where the ships are loaded where
          you will find the thief, Mook. (x 1700 y 3625)  Talk to her to get things
          rolling.  She has seen some guy wandering around looking suspicious.
          Soon the guy shows up and she goes up to talk to him.  Soon he kills her,
          and you must fight him.  When you get him beat, he turns to mist and
          floats away.  You will have to deal with Lassal again later.
          Return to Aran Linvail, and tell him what transpired.  He gives everyone
          in your party 28,500 experience and another job.
          Aran tells you that several of his thieves are suspected of wanting to
          leave the guild.  You are to meet with these thieves on the second floor
          of the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District where they are to meet
          with their contact from the rival guild.  You will find these thieves
          in the second room on the left.
          Pretend to be on their side (like you are switching as well), then when
          they ask you who you are there to see, turn the tables on them and
          accuse them of spying on you.  (3,3,1)  They accidentally reveal the
          name of their contact to be Gracen before attacking you.
          Then wait for the Guild Contact to arrive.  He asks what is going on.
          Reply with 4) Nothing, Gracen... and he thinks that you are they.  He
          tells you to meet under the graveyard, past the big blue doors.  Then
          kill the Contact as he is of no more use to you (plus whatever you say
          leads to him attacking you).  Return to Aran.
          Report to him what has happened and everyone gets 28,500 experience.
          Oh, and he has one last job for you.
          He wants you to go underneath the Graveyard, and clear out the vampires.
          In order to get the big doors open, he will be sending a mage to assist.
          He also gives you a lot of wooden stakes with which to kill the vampires.
          When you're ready, head on out to the Graveyard and go down into the
          crypts (x 650 y 1820).  Now we need to go to the top crypts to find our
          mage who will have his Golem open the big doors for us (x 1725 y 1475).
          Be prepared for a battle with vampires.
          Lassal soon appears, taunts you and vanishes.  He sets his Grimwarders
          to attack you.  They are like invisible skeletons. (4000 exp)  The mage
          always manages to get himself killed here.  He might not for you, but
          he always dies on me.  Oh well.  Forward!
          Take a left (x 1000 y 950) after Lassal taunts you again.  Here you will
          fight your first vampire, Gellal (14,500 exp).  Notice how it turns to
          mist.  That means that you haven't actually KILLED him, simply destroyed
          his current form.  Follow this passage left, then down.  Enter the first
          room on the left and kill the Clay Golem.  There are three coffins in
          here, one of which is now occupied by Gellal (x 340 y 1360).  Notice how
          the mouse turns to the sword icon?  Go up to the coffin and Stake the
          Vampire (9000 exp).  Every time you kill a vampire with a Name, come back
          here to finish it off.  If you need more stakes, you can find a pair in
          the room to the south.
          Open the big obvious secret door (x 450 y 1250).  Within this room are a
          Greater Ghoul, a Fledgling Vampire and another Vampire named Durst.  When
          Durst is dead, go back to the previous room to Stake him. (9000 exp)
          Search the pool of blood (click it twice) to get: (x 400 y 700)
            Mace of Disruption +1 (kills undead, can be upgraded with Illithium)
          Open the right wall to return to the main room. (x 700 y 750)  Go now
          right in the bottom passage (x 1630 y 715) until you bump into a few more
          vampires.  One of them, Tanova, casts spells and such. (10,000 exp) And
          despite having a "name" when you kill her she doesn't retreat to a
          coffin.  Further to the right is a Spiked Room.  Don't go here yet as
          there is nothing to see.  Now go down the stairs (x 1550 y 565).
          Follow this Ghoul filled passageway to the door.  This brings up a battle
          with 3 vampires and 4 Grimwarders.  Nothing tough.  If you have trouble
          with it, stay within the passage and fight the monsters one at a time as
          they come through the door (doesn't work on the archers).
          In the left room you will find a trapped chest of treasure (x 1040 y 200)
            Ashen Scale (AC 2)
            Katana +2
          In the right room you will find Lassal.  He taunts you and tells you to
          meet him upstairs in the bladed room.  Go upstairs and follow his
          instructions.  You will find him at the top right of the bladed room.
          Kill him (11,500 exp).
          Return to the room of coffins and Stake Lassal (9000 exp).  With that
          done, Bodhi appears.  She talks to you for a LOOOONG time about the
          Shadow Thieves (she says you can't trust them), Imoen (who escaped your
          notice) and Irenicus.  Then, of course, you do battle.  She soon flees
          (18,750 exp) leaving you to wonder about things.
          Keep a Stake around, you'll need at least one for later.
        - TO SPELLHOLD
          Return to Aran Linvail and talk to him.  He has a lot of explaining to
          do!  For this everyone in the party gets 50,000 experience points.  He
          explains how the Shadow Thieves found Irenicus and whatnot.  Then
          he has a plan to rescue Imoen.  You will sail to the island where the
          Asylum called Spellhold is located.  There you can formulate a plan to
          break in and steal Imoen out.  When you are ready, take his offer of a
          ship to Spellhold.  But, be warned, you won't be coming back to Athkatla
          for a VERY long time!
          This is continued in the Spellhold Section.
        3.2     [WKNGFB]             Working for Bodhi
          You cannot do this once you have joined with the Shadow Thieves.
          Conversely if you join here you won't be able to join the Shadow Thieves.
          Also, if the main character is a Thief, then Bodhi won't offer you a job
          at all.  Finally, if you attacked any of the vampires at night, she won't
          Once you have the 15,000 gold, merely go to the Graveyard at night to
          meet with Bodhi, the leader of the "rival guild."  Then meet with Bodhi.
          She knows much about you and your situation.  If you want, give her the
          money and she gives you a room in her crypt to rest in if you want.  You
          are also given a job.  Everyone in the party gains 36,750 experience.
            Note:  Bodhi doesn't stop you from attacking her henchmen and looting
                   her stronghold after you join her so long as you do it when she
                   is out of sight.  This gets you some exp plus you can get the
                   mace of disruption (just get it out of the pool were it is
                   already) sooner if you decide to work for Bodhi instead of the
                   Shadow Thieves.  Note that when you come back to get Imoen's
                   soul from Bodhi there are a fresh bunch of vampires fighting
                   alongside Bodhi (so this doesn't mean she is alone when you come
                   back). [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
          The first job is the reverse of what you would do with Aran, namely,
          disrupt the Shadow Thief shipment and take the cargo back to Bodhi.  Go
          to the Docks district.  Careful, as every Shadow Thief is now your enemy.
          Go to the southwest of this area, to the shipyards. (x 1850 y 3615)
          Kill the thieves and then search them for treasure:
            Shipment (needed for Bodhi)
            Rifthome Axe +3 (throwing axe, returns to sender)
            Short Sword +2
          Return with the shipment to Bodhi.  You'll find her in the crypt, main
          hall.  Give her the item and everyone in the party gets 28,500 exp.
        - JOB 2: PICK YOUR TASK
          Bodhi takes the shipment and has a choice of two jobs for you, a "noble"
          task and a "not so noble" task.  You must pick one as you can't do both.
          Good:  Rescue Palern Flynn from the Shadow Thieves.  One of the Shadow
                 Thieves turned traitor, but was captured and is currently being
                 interrogated.  You must break into the Shadow Thieves compound,
                 go to the second floor and rescue Palern.  You have about one day
                 to complete this before he is killed.
                 Go to the Docks.  This is easiest done by going in the side door
                 on the Shadow Thieves building (x 1000 y 1200) as this leads
                 directly to the second floor.  Clear out the thieves on this level
                 and then talk to Palern to free him.  There are also some minor
                 treasures on this level.
                 Return to Bodhi for 28,500 experience for everyone and another
                 job. (If Palern was killed, you get no experience)
          Bad:   Kill Senior Armagaran Vulova and implicate the Shadow Thieves.
                 Bodhi wants you to kill a member of the government and set the
                 blame to fall on the Shadow Thieves.  She gives you a Cloak and a
                 Dagger for you to place in Vulova's fountain once the deed is
                 done.  Oh, and if you have Good aligned players, they will
                 complain vociferously about this.  Head out to the Government
                 You will find Vulova's Estate at the very top of the map here
                 (x 2400 y 133).  Walk towards him and he'll automatically talk to
                 you.  You can tell him to just die, at which point you have to
                 fight his goons.  Once he is dead, place the Cloak and Dagger in
                 his fountain.  If you let him live you will not get experience
                 from Bodhi later.
                 Return to Bodhi for another 28,500 experience for all party
                 members and one last job. (and again if you didn't kill Vulova,
                 you get no experience)
          Your final job for Bodhi is to assassinate the secret leader of the
          Shadow Thieves, Aran Linvail.  You will first need to get the key from
          Gaelan, so go back to the Slums.  Gaelan's house is just to the left of
          Jan Jansen's tower (x 3140 y 1170).  Kill Gaelan and take his key. (He
          has several other magical weapons, etc.)
          Go now to the Docks.  Enter the Shadow Thieves Guild from the front
          entrance, kill everyone here and loot what you can.  Then open the
          northeast door and enter this small room.  Search for the secret door on
          the northeast wall (x 1380 y 330).  Open it and go in.
          After another battle with thieves here, you will find Tizzak (a member of
          Bodhi's guild) just past a door down and right (x 1333 y 2220).  He asks
          you to kill the torturer to get his key.  Go right to find the torturer.
          Kill Booter and take his key.  Return to Tizzak and free him.  He tells
          you how to get to Aran.  Aran's lair is protected by two magical doors.
          The first is opened via a button, while the second requires a key.  You
          can probably find that key on Haz, Aran's right hand man.
          Go up the northwest passage (x 1100 y 1600).  At the fork, turn right and
          go up.  Make your way across this bridge, through the enemies until you
          reach the room with the false buildings.  Beware of traps in here, they
          will Maze you.  Head up the northeast passage.  This will be heavily
          trapped.  Here you will find a big red glowing button (x 3550 y 300).
          Push it to open the first door.
          Back to the false building room, then take the southeast passage. (Beware
          of traps and orcs)  This leads to a couple of doors, go through those and
          up the next passage.  Past this passage is a room that contains Haz the
          mage. (x 3820 y 1175)  Kill Haz and his goons to get the key to Aran's
          lair.  Go all the way back to where we first entered this level. (x 1333
          y 2220)  On the way back I was ambushed by Dedral and some Shadow Thieves
          (10,000 exp).
          Open the secret door on the northeastern wall (x 1550 y 1800).  Go all
          the way down this passage, through the orcs and elementals through the
          first door (which we opened with the button) to the second door (which
          you can open with the key).  Open it to find Aran Linvail, the
          Shadowmaster.  Aran has many Shadow Thieves with him, including Mages and
            Aran Linvail - 17,000 experience
                           Elven Chainmail +1
                           Amulet of Power (5% magic res., -1 casting time)
                           Ring of Protection +2
                           Short Sword +2
                           Light Crossbow +2
          Also search his chest (x 4500 y 1930) to find more interesting treasures:
            Ring of Djinni Summoning
            Katana +2
          We're done here, head back to Bodhi.
        - TO SPELLHOLD
          She explains that while you want to help Imoen, she wants to get Irenicus
          and access his knowledge.  She admits that they are related, and that
          what he was attempting to do with you was to free your power.  She has
          arranged a transport for you to the Spellhold Island, aboard a ship.
          Whenever you are ready, tell her you want to go to the island.  Careful,
          you won't be coming back for a long, long time.
      4.        [BRNNLW]  Chapter 4: Brynnlaw  (AR 1600)
        First thing we get to see what Irenicus has been up to all this time,
        testing various things on Imoen (and that also explains why Bodhi captured
        all those Shadow Thieves).  Then you are taken across the sea to the town
        of Brynnlaw, which is a stone's throw away from the Asylum Spellhold.
        If you followed the Shadow Thieves, then Sime will say that she doesn't
        trust Saemon, your captain.  He does seem suspicious...
        If you followed Bodhi, then Bodhi will have Saemon show you around town
        before vanishing into the night.  Saemon tells you to seek the tavern,
        before ending his tour.  He isn't very motivated.
          Once off the Shadow Thieves ship, Saemon turns traitor and has some
          Vampires attack you, before vanishing himself.  Fight off the three
          vampires and Sime will talk to you.  She recommends talking to Sanik in
          the tavern to discover an entrance to Spellhold.
          If you got off Bodhi's Ship, Saemon merely waits by his ship.  He also
          recommends talking to Sanik in the tavern to gain entrance to Spellhold.
          Head out to the Vulgar Monkey Tavern.  It is up one level (seeing as the
          city is built on several terraced levels), about in the center of the
          map (x 2000 y 1550).  You will find Sanik inside, he is dressed as a
          green mage.  Talk with him.  He begins telling you some stuff, but is
          quickly assassinated in the name of Guildmistress Galvena.  The innkeeper
          will then talk with you.  He provides some details on the situation,
          telling you that Sanik's bride likely knows a way into Spellhold, but
          that she would be currently held by Galvena.  This would require getting
          into the Guild, one way or the other.
          We can now enter the Guild (x 1080 y 1485) on the first level of town.
          However, talk to one of the Courtesan's just outside the guild and get
          them to take you inside (which may require that you buy their services
          for 100 gold).  Once inside, tell the courtesan that you are there to
          rescue Claire and they should leave you alone.
          Leave that room.  You are in the main hallway, go leftwards.  Kill the
          guards (one has a Halberd +2).  Enter the room to the right of the guards
          (x 345 y 195), and search the wardrobe in the back to find Galvena's Key.
          Go back to the hall, and enter the last door.
          Search the jail until you find Galvena.  Tell her that her evil ways are
          over, then kill her. (4000 exp)  She also has her mage, Vadek, with her
          (8000 exp) and they have some minor magical treasures.
            Alternatively:  When talking to the Courtesans in front of Lady
            [from           Galvena's Festhall, offer to pay to pry information
             Willis Su]     about Claire.  You can complain about the high fee that
                            he/she charges you (200 gold!!) and the courtesan will
                            tell you what you need to know (reputation/charisma
                            influence?).  You will find that the courtesans are
                            sympathetic to Claire.  Offer to kill Galvena to free
                            the courtesans will also bring you into the Festhall.
                            Also ask how you might move about the Festhall secretly
                            without alarming people, and the courtesans will tell
                            you to obtain a guild pin that all courtesan masters
                            wear.  The Ginia quest can now be completed like it
                            Talk to the courtesan again and he/she will offer to
                            take you in (that or you can offer to go in on your own
                            with the medallion).  Once inside, the courtesan offers
                            you a sleeping potion that you can take to the cooks.
                            Before heading into the kitchen, the guards will stop
                            you, and now you can bluff them with your medallion.
                            Convince Ellie in the kitchen to help you save Claire,
                            and the courtesan in the kitchen will volunteer to slip
                            the drugged ale to the guards.  In return you have to
                            promise to rid them of Galvena.  Follow the courtesan
                            to drug the guards.  4,000 exp after they are all
                            drugged.  The Galvena Quest can now be completed as
                            usual.  When Galvena is killed, go back and talk to
                            Ellie and every one in the party will receive 2,250
                            exp.  There is a bug here, and if you keep talking to
                            Ellie, you can keep on racking in the 2,250 exp.  And
                            since the guards are drugged, you can finish them off
                            at your leisure without a nasty fight.
          Talk to Claire and she'll agree to take you to see Golin who may know
          how to get into the Asylum. (10,000 exp)  Golin thanks you and will even
          give you 22 gold (2000 exp).  He mentions that only 2 types of people can
          enter Spellhold, Cowled Wizards and Magical Deviants.  There is one
          crazy Cowled Wizard living in town, Perth the Adept who may have a way
          in.  You can also have the Pirate Captain throw you in there if you
          prove to be unstable enough.
          The best option is to go find Perth and take his wardstone.  You will
          find Perth's house at the top of the city (x 3000 y 1200).  Perth is
          apparently being Dominated by Irenicus as he wants to "test your limits."
          Interestingly, Yoshimo tells him that there will no testing with Yoshimo
          around, and Perth calls that inconsequential.  Hmmm...
            Perth - 20,000 experience
                    Wardstone for the Asylum
                    Book of Infinite Spells
          We can now go to Spellhold (x 3500 y 2).
        - PIRATE KING
          WARNING: As he is somewhat critical later, don't kill the Pirate King.
          Alternatively you can go seek the Aid of the Pirate King.  Head up to
          the pirate king's house, and talk to his door guard (x 1115 y 665).  Tell
          him that Golin sent you and he'll open the door to the house.  You get
          38,500 exp for convincing him that you are crazy.  And there is no reason
          that you can't get Perth's experience then have the Pirate King commit
          you.  Having trouble convincing him that you're crazy?  Let Minsc at him!
          Keeping Yoshimo Note: [from Accord]
            "If you really want to keep Yoshi, have him in your party, then before
            you enter the Spellhold, go inside an inn (or any building), put him
            near the doorway and drop him from the party (and tell him to wait for
            you).  Once you finished the whole Spellhold drama, head back to where
            you drop Yoshi off, as soon as you walk into the inn (or whatever
            building he is in), PAUSE the game and command your character to talk
            to him. When you talk to him, talk him back into the party. When the
            conversation ends and Yoshi is in your party, he will die from the
            geas. Just take him to a temple or resurrect him and he is as good as
            Note:  Yoshimo cannot be taken to Brynnlaw in order for this to work.
            Note:  I've heard that even if you keep Yoshimo, he can't be taken into
                   the expansion.
          "Nerfing" Yoshimo Note: [from Xar]
            Since you know when he will betray you, dual him into a mage just
            before going through the door.  When he reappears with Irenicus he will
            be nearly completely useless.
          END SPOILERS
        QUEST:  Liberate Ginia the Courtesan
                Ginia - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 3450 y 1700)
                Chremy - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 1820 y 1450)
                Calahan - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 1590 y 1740)
                At the top right of the city you will meet a woman named Ginia who
                was recently forced into prostitution.  Instead, she tries begging
                instead and says that she has done the deed.  Ask her what the
                trouble is.  You see, Chremy holds her brother captive, and as long
                as he does, she is forced to gather money for him.  Agree to help.
                You will find Chremy to the left of her.  Talk to him.  He doesn't
                see reason (did you think that he would?), forcing you to kill him.
                Interestingly, he has Galvena's Medallion on him, which you could
                use to get into Galvena's Guildhall if you wanted.  Now we have to
                smuggle Ginia out of town.  Drop down another level and find
                Calahan, the Smuggler.
                Talk to Calahan and ask him to get Ginia out of town.  For 200 gold
                he will smuggle them out to Ulgoth's Beard for you. (2000 exp)
                Return to Ginia and tell her the good news (9000 exp).
        QUEST:  Ason the Little Thief
                Ason - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 560 y 1170)
                In the western part of the city, a young boy will approach you and
                swipe 10 gold off of you.  He mentions that if he doesn't steal
                from you then someone will hit him.  This is related to the above
                quest about Ginia (Ason is her brother).
        OTHER:  Pirates
                This town is crawling in Pirates.  Some will attack you, others
                will attack each other.  None of them have any good treasures.
        OTHER:  Priestess of Umberlee
                Temple of Umberlee - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 2530 y 1600)
                Within Brynnlaw there is a temple to the goddess Umberlee.  Makes
                sense as Umberlee rules the waves.  Anyway, you can buy several
                interesting objects from her, like a Girdle of Bluntness, but you
                can also kill her for no loss of reputation and 14,000 exp.
        4.1     [SPLLHL]             Spellhold
        As there are two ways into Spellhold, there are two places you can end up.
        If you simply walked to the Asylum using Perth's Wardstone, you must enter
        the Asylum on your own.  In that case you enter through the front doors.
        (x 625 y 1050)
        If you asked the Pirate King to have you committed you will find yourself
        already inside one of the cell's in the Asylum.  However, you won't stay
        there long, as soon enough Irenicus teleports in.  You can talk to each
        of the inmates several times, and some give you items (gems and worthless
        If Yoshimo is in your party, he turns traitor.  Turns out that he was
        working for Irenicus the entire time.  Not that he was actually doing
        anything to hamper your efforts, but still.  Whether he was in your party
        or not, the results are the same.
        You are drugged and put to sleep, when you awaken you are in the tube...
          Remember the three dreams that you had in chapters 2 and 3?  Well now is
          the time for the (near) Final Dream, and this time you are given control.
          After listening to Imoen we're on our way.  First thing first, go through
          the gate to enter the castle (this is the Dream Candlekeep, and if you
          didn't play the first Baldur's Gate, Candlekeep is where that game
          If you don't want to lose a stat, see the Alternatively below.
          You will find a Demon barring your way.  He wants you to make a sacrifice
          to enter.  What will you sacrifice?
            Your mind      -1 INT
            Your Health    -1 CON
            Your agility   -1 DEX
            Your wits      -1 WIS
          Give up whatever you can afford to give up (fighters should drop Wisdom
          or Intelligence, mages Constitution, etc.  Try not to give up Dexterity
          whatever class you are).  You lose whatever you chose to lose, and can
          then enter the castle (x 2000 y 1500).  Go to the back of this room to
          find the dream Imoen.  She tells you to "lead the beast here."  Sounds
          easy enough.  Leave the castle.
          Go left to find Bhaal (about x 1000 y 1800).  Talk to him and get him to
          chase you.  Now return to the castle, go in and go to Imoen.  Don't worry
          Bhaal will follow you.  Imoen then says she will make it vulnerable.
          Attack.  Once defeated Bhaal gets irritated.
          Alternatively: [from K.C.]
            The demon has to take it away from you; you don't simply lose it.
            Therefore if the demon never has time to take away your stat you'll
            never lose it.  Fight Bhaal outside and weaken him to near death
            status.  Lure him over to the door and talk to the demon just as he's
            about to catch up.  Choose any stat to sacrifice (it doesn't matter
            which).  Quickly do a fake-talk as soon as the conversation ends and
            use the time to run inside.  If you're quick enough you won't lose the
            stat.  Now when you talk to Imoen the dream will come to an abrupt end
            and you'll be transported out of the area without losing anything.
          SPOILER:  The Imoen in your dream is actually your own soul taken form
                    to help you out.  This is why the dream ends with "Imoen"
                    screaming... your soul has just been sucked out of you.
        4.2     [MZBNTH]             Maze beneath Spellhold  (AR 1512)
        Bodhi was given the task of killing you, and instead she dumped you in a
        maze to play with you some more.  She says that she will give you time to
        escape and stop Irenicus from his evil plans...
        Also you can pick up Imoen again (and you really should, she IS your
        sister).  I assume that Yoshimo turned traitor to make room for Imoen to
        return to your party.  If you talk to Imoen, but don't take her with you,
        she simply heads back to the surface, where you could get her later.
        Due to the nature of this maze, all the optional items (the riddles and
        the portal) have been integrated into the walkthrough.  This is just for
        convenience sake.
          Ok, we are in a big evil maze, and need to find the way out.  Don't be
          afraid to rest.  Sure, Bodhi said you are on a clock but she is an evil
          vampire who can't be trusted.  Go down the southwest passage, kill
          whatever is there (for me it was Umber Hulks and Minotaurs) to find the
          big statue head (x 750 y 2100).  He asks you to find the Builder's Hand.
          Also you can search a pot near him for some spells.  Back to the
          There are now three directions we can travel:  Northeast, Northwest and
          Southeast. (we've been southwest)  Go up the northeast passage first,
          (x 2170 y 1200).  There is a door dead ahead, open it.  Kill the Clay
          Golem within.  Then you can search for treasure (trapped!):
            Bag of Holding (container that holds a lot)
            Opal Stone (keep this, it's a key, not a gem)
            Rogue Stone (useful if you want to go in that one Bridge door)
            Spells - Prismatic Spray (Mage)
            Arrows (etc.)
          If you go left from this room, it goes up to a corridor with a big nasty
          trap that squishes anyone who enters it.  So avoid that.
          Go back to the start, then go up the northwest passage (x 1300 y 1210)
          and open the door to the right (x 1350 y 960).  Kill whatever is in here
          (Gibberlings).  Search the 2 containers in here:
            Ruby Stone (keep it)
            Spear +3
            Magical Arrows (etc.)
        - RIDDLES
          Head west to the next room (x 760 y 1075) and go in.  Welcome to the
          riddle room!  In the center is a chest full of bizarre riddly objects.
          These objects are then placed in the arms of the statue that they solve
          the riddle for.  Starting from just left of the door and going around,
          the riddles are:
            Riddle:                                              Answering Object:
            At night I come without being fetched, at            Star Medallion
            day I am gone without being stolen.
            No beginning. No end. I am a symbol of the           Golden Circlet
            world's cycles.
            Two brothers we are, great burdens we bear,          Worn Out Boots
            all day we are bitterly pressed; Yet this I will
            say - we are full all the day, and empty when
            we go to rest.
            Here, in this place, you swallow me. Yet, were I     Jar of Water
            more, I could swallow you.
            I have seen the mountains rise. I have seen the      Sundial
            fall of Netheril. You shall die but still shall I
            march on.
            To those within the dungeon I am joy. To those       Sun Medallion
            fully beneath my gaze, I can be Hell.
            I will save your life but yet can you die by me. I   Sword Medallion
            will settle disputes yet not with words.
            Name me and so shall you break me.                   Gagged Man
            Always do I tell the truth, yet cannot speak. Look   Mirror
            to me and see what really is.
            I have two heads but one body. The more I stand      Hourglass
            still, the faster I run.
            Try to defeat me but try in vain. When I win I       Grinning Skull
            end your pain.
          Complete all the riddles to get 20,000 experience.  Then search the
          center chest again to find:
            Sapphire Stone (keep it)
            Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
          Open the next door (x 875 y 915), and then open the next door to the
          right (x 1033 y 700).  This is the second riddle room.  Go up and click
          each of the faces twice to be teleported into the center.  There you will
          be asked a riddle.  Get it right and you are rewarded, get it wrong and
          you are punished.  There are 12 faces and 12 corresponding riddles:
            Riddle:                                                   Answer:
            Lighter than what I am made of, more of me is             Ice
            hidden than is seen, I am the bane of the mariner,
            a tooth within the sea. Speak my name.
            A spirited jig it dances bright, banishing all            Fire
            but darkest night. Give it food and it will live;
            give it water and it will die.
            The man who invented it, doesn't want it for himself.     A Coffin
            The man who bought it, doesn't need it for himself. The
            man who needs it, doesn't know it when he needs it.
            The life I lead is mere hours or less, I serve all my     A Candle
            time by being consumed. I am quickest when thin, slowest
            when fat, and wind is the bane of the gift that I bring.
            The more that there is, the less that you see. Squint     Darkness
            all you wish when surrounded by me.
            They come to witness the night without being called,      Stars
            a sailor's guide and a poet's tears. They are lost to
            sight each day without the hand of a thief.
            They follow and lead, but only as you pass. Dress         Shadows
            yourself in darkest black, and they are darker still.
            Always they flee the light, though without the sun
            there would be none.
            I have holes throughout, from back to front and top       A Sponge
            to bottom to core. More nothing than something within,
            and yet I still hold water.
            I am free for the taking through all of your life,        Breath
            though given but once at birth. I am less than nothing
            in weight, but will fell the strongest of you if held.
            Alive as you but without breath, as cold in my life as    Fish
            in my death; never a thirst though I always drink,
            dressed in a mail but never a clink.
            Of all your possessions, I am the hardest to guard. If    A Secret
            you have me, you will want to share me. If you share me,
            you no longer have me.
            I can have no color, though there may be darkness         A Hole
            within. I have no weight and hold nothing, and if placed
            in a container it becomes all the lighter.
          When all 12 riddles are answered, then everyone gets 5000 experience
          points and you receive:
            Ring of Regeneration (regenerate 1 HP every 6 seconds)
        - THE PORTAL
          Go back to the previous passage, and open the other door (x 750 y 800).
          Fight the monsters in here (Rakshasa and Mephits).  Past them is a big
          portal.  Remember those gems that we gathered that I told you not to
          put in your gem bag? (Opal Stone, Sapphire Stone and Ruby Stone)  They
          are the key to this portal.  Click the portal once and a Greater Wolfwere
          appears, twice and a Demon appears, three times and a Djinni appears and
          gives you:
            Doomplate +3 (Plate Mail AC 0)
          We are done here, so go back to the start, then take the southeast
          passage to the next level (x 2100 y 1800).
        - LEVEL TWO (AR 1513)
          We start in a room.  That is ordinary enough.  Just ahead, the room
          narrows quite suspiciously.  When someone goes through that narrow, a
          gate shuts and lots of Umber Hulks appear in this room and the next.
          Which means that your party will probably be split in two for this
          battle.  To avoid this fate, I sent out a Wizard Eye to scout out the
          area, it triggered the gate and left my entire party on one side.  You
          can also have a thief pick the lock on the gate to open it.  One "Death
          Spell" will clear this room out.
          Prepare yourself for a big battle with a Lich.  Wander down the passage
          to the first door (x 2100 y 1800) and go in it.  Here you will find the
          aforementioned Lich and his undead buddies (Greater Mummies and Skeletal
          Warriors).  With Protective Spells active, you shouldn't lose any people
          (or if you do, you shouldn't lose too many).  Keep the Liches defenses
          down by Breaching, Piercing Magic, etc.  Also make sure you have good
          undead fighting weapons equipped (Daystar, Mace of Disruption, etc.)
          Liches are worth 22,000 experience.  After the battle you can search the
          pots here for some minor treasures (Cleric's Staff +3, etc.).
          Enter the room right here, and search it for treasure. (spells and gold
          mostly, as well as some arrows)
          Head further down the passage, it turns to the west.  Follow it to the
          door (x 1050 y 2070).  Open it to find Dace, a vampire.  This ends in a
          battle.  Kill him and he retreats to his coffin.  Then you stake him to
          get his Hand (the object we need to escape this place).  If you don't
          have stakes, then when you go by the library again, he reappears inside
          and tells you that your job is half finished.  You can find a Stake
          later on in this level when you get to the Kobold Shamans.  (the SECOND
          group of kobolds that appears... the one with the staff has the Stake)
        - KOBOLDS
          Back to the main passage, then continue north to the next room. (x 3000
          y 1100)  I found a Wandering Horror here to fight.  There are also 3
          containers in here with spells (Simulacrum, etc.) and other minor
          treasures.  Open the next door.
          In the middle of this room (x 2340 y 515) you will find a book on a
          pedestal.  Click it twice to turn the page.  Each time you do this it
          summons forth a "bloodthirsty" monster:
            Kobold Captain
            Sword Spider
            Umber Hulk
            Mind Flayer
            Treasures:  Ring of Free Action
                        Spells - Simulacrum
                                 Summon Fiend
          Search the wall (x 2030 y 520) for a secret door, open it and go through.
          This is the Kobold/Imp room.  Past this is the Crystal Room, which also
          has the Kobold Witch Doctor.  More Kobolds will appear around the
          Crystal, and summon forth its "defenders" (more kobolds... and one xvart
          looking guy).  When they are dead, you get a Piece of the Crystal.  You
          may need to click the crystal to get the second group to appear.
          Go back to the book room, open the door and go up the stairs.
          Go now to the southwest passage again to the big giant statue head.  Talk
          to it with both the Crystal from the Kobolds and the Hand from Dace to
          get it to open the passage.  For this everyone gets 29,500 experience.
          The head opens its mouth, and you can now enter the door behind it.
          (x 470 y 1890)
            Trick:  You may be able to talk to it again and again to get more
                    experience.  Cornelius Chesterfield did it 6 times.
        - FINAL LEVEL (AR 1514)
          There are two doors to the right, we want to take the bottom one (x 630
          y 820).  Open the secret door to the right (x 820 y 1020).  Inside is a
          switch, click twice to open the secret door to the left (x 560 y 1020).
          Within here are a group of trolls (including one 12,000 exp troll).
          Search the nearby pot to find:
            2 Mithril Tokens (used later to gain an item)
            Spell - Breach
            Arrows +2
          Back to the passage, and take it down to the next door (x 650 y 1500).
          There are Minotaurs (3000 exp) in here.  Near the door we came in is a
            2 Mithril Tokens (so we have 4 total now)
            Spell - Sunfire
            Bolts +2
          Open the door at the top of the room (x 1000 y 1450) and go in.  Search
          the pool in the center of the room to find:
            Minotaur's Horn (used much later)
            2 Mithril Tokens (6 total)
            Mind Flayer Painting
          There are 3 statues in this room, each of which has another "monster"
          painting.  So click on each statue twice to get their painting.  They
          WILL shoot spells at you, no matter what you do.  Once you have the 4
          paintings, head back to the beginning room.  Then open the top door
          (x 900 y 650), go through the passage and open that door too.
          This leads to a room full of monsters (for me it was Yuan-ti) that must
          be dispatched before anything can be done.  There are then four doors in
          here, each with a picture of a monster on it that corresponds with one
          of the paintings we got.  From left to right:
            Mind Flayer  - 11,000 experience
                           Flame of the North (2Hnd +2, 10% magic res., +4 vs Evil)
            Spirit Troll - 8000 experience
                           Katana +2: Malakar (+2 AC vs. Slashing weapons)
            Umber Hulk   - 10,000 experience
            Djinni       - 10,000 experience
                           Bloodstone Amulet
          The Umber Hulk door leads to the next passage to go in.  There were a
          number of Wolfwere's in this passage.  Go up and search the pot
          (x 2280 y 185):
            Arrows (Bolts and Bullets)
            Spell - Phantom Blade
          Then enter the room to the right.  In this room you will find 3 Clay
          Golems guarding the one treasure chest there.  Funky.  When you take the
          items from the chest, the door slams shut and the Clay Golems attack.
          Make sure you have Blunt weapons.  Then I would kill the Clay Golems
          first (Fake Talk works fine) and then unlock and take the treasures:
            4 Mithril Tokens (10 total)
            Gesen Bow String (final part of the powerful Gesen Bow)
          Back into the passage, now take the southern door (x 2025 y 515).  I
          found a Stone Golem in here.  Search the table:
            3 Mithril Tokens (13 total)
            Lots and lots of throwing darts and axes
          And also search the pot to the left:
            2 Mithril Tokens (15 total)
            Throwing Items
            Spell - Maze
          Open the next door to the south to find the Vending Machine.  This is the
          reason we are collecting Mithril Tokens.  Depending on how many tokens
          are put in, you get a treasure:
             5 Tokens - Boots of the North (50% cold resistance)
            10 Tokens - Boots of Grounding (50% electrical resistance)
            15 Tokens - Boots of Speed (Haste permanently on user)
            20 Tokens - Jester's Chain +4 (AC 1)
          Right now you should have 15 tokens.  There are more than can be found
          throughout the level.  I found the Jester's Chain to be quite useless,
          so I would get the Boots of Speed.  Then later come back and spend
          whatever tokens you have on the Boots of the North. (If you plan to come
          back, you should probably mark it on your map)
        - THE ORB ROOM
          Go back to the beginning, then back down the bottom passage to the
          Minotaur room. (x 933 y 1667)  Open the door on the southeast wall.
          This passage leads to another door, which opens up to the Orb Room.
          There are 4 orbs in here that will cast a spell on whoever is standing
          on the mosaic in the center of the room.  From left to right the Orbs
            Slow           (x 1400 y 1575)
            Heal           (x 1500 y 1500)
            Haste          (x 1750 y 1525)
            Lightning Bolt (x 1850 y 1600)
          A great place to Heal people, but the Haste Orb is probably more useful.
          Head up the next passage.
          Within the next room is a giant minotaur statue, some vampires, and, oh,
          Bodhi.  She has decided to kill you once and for all, well before you
          were supposed to meet (at least that is what I got out of that
          conversation).  A battle breaks out, but quickly, the main character
          changes into the Slayer.  This rightly freaks Bodhi out and she flees
          taking her vampire cronies with her.
          Which leaves you as the Slayer, and you aren't entirely in control of
          your power.  Keep everyone else in the party away from the Slayer else
          they might get killed by it.  Your party members will rightly comment
          on this when you revert to normal.  The Slayer is the Avatar form (mortal
          form) of Bhaal and if you are turning into Bhaal...
          The next time you rest after this, you turn in the Slayer again, and
          chase someone in your party around (possibly the person you are in a
          romance with).  You may even end out killing them.
          The next time you sleep after that, you MAY get the Slayer Dream, where
          you gain the ability to change into the Slayer.  The cost of turning into
          the Slayer is a reputation loss of 2 points.  Also you cannot stay the
          Slayer for too long else you will die. (It says "you feel yourself losing
          control" when it gets close)
          Open the door to your left (x 1965 y 1150).  There will probably be a
          Minotaur here to kill.  Then search the pool near the door:
            4 Mithril Tokens (19 total)
            Spell - Chain Lightning
          If you go further up this passage you will find a Gauth (small green
          Beholder like creature, worth 9000 exp) and more Minotaurs.  No
          treasure.  Back to the Statue room.
          Now take the lower right passage. (x 2330 y 1425)  This leads to a small
          room with yet more Minotaurs.  When they are dead, search the pot to
            Minotaur Horn (used on the statue)
            2 Mithril Tokens (21 total)
            Spell - Limited Wish
          You now have all the Mithril Tokens in the game, so you can go back to
          the Vending Machine and get whatever you want from it.
          Put the Horns on the Minotaur Statue (everyone gets 29,500 experience)
          to open the exit.  Go out.
          Oh, but we aren't free yet!  You will be in a small circular room with
          6 enemies, goblins and hobgoblins for you to kill.  Once they are dead,
          the Tester Apparition appears to administer the test to you.  These
          tests have right and wrong answers, a right answer makes your life
          easier (sends you to an easier area) and a wrong answer makes your life
          a little harder.  I will document only the easy path (although the hard
          path has nothing special in it):
            Agree to take the test and you will be teleported to a small room with
            a Spore Colony.  Kill it.
            Answer the next question with 'Splinter,' and be teleported to a room
            with a table:
              Cloak of Reflection (reflects electrical damage back to source)
            Then talk to the Apparitions around the table and answer their riddles:
              Rich have need of it, poor have it:  Nothing
              Runs as it wills:                    A River
              Dwell with weak, rarely brave:       Fear
              Shines laughter or tears:            Memory
              Note:  If you messed up the 'table riddlers' last question (memory)
                     you will be teleported to a room with a machine.  The correct
                     order of the machine is:
                       1. Mithril 2. Ruby 3. Emerald 4. Sandalwood 5. Jade 6. Onyx
                     This will get you a Bracers AC 5. [from Redd Barren]
            This takes us to the Troll room.  Kill the three trolls you find and
            take from one of them a Head.  Go up and the Apparition will appear and
            mention that this room isn't part of the test.  Tell him you'd like to
            stay.  Then put the Head in the Troll Altar.  This gets you the:
              Bone Club +2, +3 vs. Undead
            Talk to the Apparition to get out.
          You will then be judged.  If you took the Easy Path (the one I just
          described) then everyone in your party gets 51,250 experience points.  If
          you took a harder path, then he teleports in a Mind Flayer for you to
          fight.  (Everyone then gets 41,250 experience on the harder path)
          There is one thing of Minor Treasure (x 970 y 380), but nothing
          important.  Leave this area.
        4.3     [SCPFRS]             Escape from Spellhold
        Once you return to the Asylum, you will be met by Saemon (the captain who
        brought you to Brynnlaw, if you forgot).  He offers you one sage bit of
        advice, get the deviant mages to help you defeat Irenicus.
          Avoid the big room in the middle of this area for the moment, if you go
          in there you WILL be destroyed by Irenicus (it's not even a fight! He
          just kills you!).  There are some minor treasures in a northern room
          (x 1720 y 550).  Open the door at (x 1400 y 400) and go up the stairs.
          You will immediately meet up with Lonk the Sane.  Convince him to free
          the inmates (one way or another).  Then convince the Inmates that
          Irenicus should be killed and they will teleport you into his room
          downstairs.  Quickly a fight between you and him breaks out.  This battle
          is one of the larger battles in the game, as not only do you have
          Irenicus to face, but soon he summons forth a small army (of clones that
          look like your party) to help him.  Plus you have allies in the Deviants
          (so, if it says "Wanev casts Death Spell on Mazzy", it means that he
          is casting that on your evil clone).  Defeat Irenicus and everyone in
          your party gets 68,500 experience.
          Irenicus flees, leaving you to face another group of "murderers".
          (thieves mostly)
            Tip: At this point, you could close the door, preventing the thieves
                 from entering. Then you could rest and prepare to face them.  You
                 could also trap the outside of the room first, so that they get
                 killed before attacking you.
          If Yoshimo betrayed you, then he enters the scene after this and will
          attack you.  Kill him and take his heart.  This heart will allow you to
          undo the Geas on Yoshimo and give him peace in death.  To do that you
          have to take the heart to a temple of Ilmater (there's one on top of
          the Copper Coronet, and another in Waukeen's Promenade).
          Go back upstairs.  Follow the passage up and left to find Saemon again.
          He says that he wants to help you and that he knows a way out.  You have
          three options here:  one, trust him and go with him; two, kill him; and
          three don't kill him and enter the portal downstairs.  Do the first one,
          trust him and he will teleport you outside.  He goes to town and tells
          you to follow.  Don't, re-enter the Asylum.
            Note:  If you take the Portal you will skip the Sahuagin City (and its
                   wonderful treasures).  No matter which you choose, you will end
                   out in the Underdark eventually.
          Enter Irenicus' Office (x 1550 y 1000).  There was a Stone Golem here.
          Search the dresser for:
            Staff of Thunder and Lightning
          Search the desk for:
            The Complete Journal of Jon Irenicus (parts 1 and 2)
          Go into the next room.  Search the cabinet on the wall:
            Horn of Silence
          Then search the drawers south of the bed for:
            Rogue Stone
            Jon's Key (if you took the portal in the basement, this would open the
                       secret door, but don't do that)
          Leave the Asylum and head back to Brynnlaw.
          Go to the Vulgar Monkey Tavern and talk to Saemon again.  His ship was
          destroyed by the pirate lord (who probably had good reasons for doing
          that).  What he needs is for you to steal the Pirate Horn for him so
          that you can steal one of the Pirate Lord's ships.  Without the horn you
          will not make it out of the harbor.  He offers you the Vorpal Blade in
          exchange for doing this.  You will find the Horn on the lord's mistress
          Cayia at night.
          Go to Cayia's house (x 615 y 1475) at night, enter.  After listening to
          Cayia and her current lover's pillow talk, they call the guards and flee.
          Kill the pirates, then search her Table to find the Pirate Horn (and
          another Rogue Stone).  Leave her house.
          Head over to the Pirate Ship (x 1700 y 1900) where a group of pirates
          will attempt to enslave you as a rower.  Disabuse them of that notion.
          Continue east to find Saemon (x 2950 y 2500), and talk to him.  This gets
          you aboard the ship, but soon the Pirate Lord tracks you down.  There is
          a bit of a scene, and Desharik, the Pirate Lord, even kills his own
          mistress, Cayia.  Saemon, ever courageous asks you to kill Desharik for
          him.  Kill the pirates and Saemon rewards you with:
            Silver Blade (part of the Vorpal Sword)
          The ship casts off...
          Soon the ship is overrun by Giths looking for their sacred Blade.
          Although Saemon tries to get a non-violent solution to this, it isn't
          meant to be and a battle soon breaks out.  You have a very brief window
          to kill Saemon, if you want (18,000 experience).  Soon this battle is
          forced to a conclusion when the Sahuagin capsize the ship sending
          everyone overboard...
        4.4     [SHGNCT]             Sahuagin City  (AR 2300)
        Welcome to the underwater city.  At first you cannot understand what they
        are saying, but soon they cast a spell that allows you to hear them.  They
        don't seem hostile (for once).  They tell you that your coming was
        prophesized (they usually eat surfacers that they capture).  Their city
        will be destroyed lest you save them.
        Go willingly for the moment, as you are best served by listening.
        Paul Dickinson points out:
          In the Sahuagin City, I discovered that I was able to sell gems to
          the temple for 4/3 of the price at which they could be bought back.  For
          example, I could sell a rogue stone for 4000 gold, and buy it back for
          3000.  At this time I had 18 charisma and 20 reputation.  I could've had
          unlimited gold here, but that seemed to be cheating, so I just sold my
          rogue stone collection and left it at that.  This place also has a nice
          collection of spells to buy with all the money from gems.
        Gunslinger notes:
          You can pickpocket the key to the treasury of the Sahaugin city from the
          King, along with the rope needed to descend to the Underdark (Now you can
          leave without even caring about the issues of the Sahaugin people).
          You are brought before their King, who soon enough asks you whether you
          are the surfacers of prophecy.  It doesn't matter what you say as they
          think the same thing of you in any case.  Accept their challenge to
          fight one of their slaves.
          You are set to fight an Ettin, nothing that challenging.  Kill it (5000
          experience) to prove that you are indeed the prophesized one.  The losing
          priestess is sacrificed, and you are told about the Sahuagin Rebels.
          The King wishes the Rebels to be exterminated, while the priestess who
          sponsored you wishes them to be negotiated with.  Agree to the King's
          demands to bring back the heart of the Rebel Prince to him.  The
          Priestess wishes to speak with you before you leave to go do the deed.
          Head over to the temple (x 1335 y 225) and you can watch the losing
          priestess get sacrificed.  Then she gives you a couple of jobs to do,
          first retrieve a Tooth from a Drow temple.  This will allow you to leave
          the city later, and second to try to get the Rebels back in power within
          the city.  In other words, to do the opposite of what the King asked you
          to do.  Agree to do that as well and she gives you an orb that the Prince
          will recognize.  Now you have a choice of which plots to do, kill the
          Prince or kill the King.
          Head down then right (x 1350 y 1900).  You will be warned of Drow in the
          area.  Continue right, then down (careful to look for traps).  You will
          bump into some spiders.  Continue south and take out the Bone Golem
          (x 940 y 3470).
          Go left (careful to look for traps), then up.  Several Imps here have a
          game they want you to play in order to get the Drow treasure.  They will
          create images of 5 famous people of the realms in front of 5 chests.
          Each person has a treasure.  What you need to do is gather these
          treasures, then put them in the chest behind the person they belong to.
          Oh, and this entire platform needs to be deTRAPPED.
                           Needs:              Has:
            Alustriel -    Pendant             Elminster's Pipe
            Drizzt    -    Scimitar            Piergeiron's Helmet
            Elminster -    Pipe                Drizzt's Scimitar
            Khelben   -    Staff               Alustriel's Pendant
            Piergeiron -   Helmet              Khelben's Staff
          Once all the items are in their proper place, the Imps open the final
          chest.  For this everyone in your party gets 18,500 experience.  Within
          the chest you will find:
            Boots of Etherealness
            Cloak of Protection +2
          Continue up the passage until a Beholder named Spectator appears.  Talk
          to him.  He doesn't have a great existence as he was set to guard the
          treasure chest behind him for 99 years.  If you try to take the items
          in the chest, he will attack you.  But, you need the item.  So, ask him
          if there's no way that you could see the item.  With a bit of verbal
          wrangling (either you must have Cernd, Haer'Dalis, or Edwin in your party
          or have at least 13 Wisdom yourself) he agrees to let you check inside
          the chest.  Open it and grab the tooth.  Spectator seems disappointed in
          it, and leaves. (15,000 exp)
            Note:  Or you can have anyone with at least 13 Wisdom talk to the
          Head all the way north (x 2680 y 50).  Then go right until you reach the
          stairs (x 4600 y 1200).  Don't worry about killing the rebels on the
          way there, they're insignificant.  Go down the stairs.  Go through this
          ambush to the doors (x 3700 y 2340).
          Here you find the Sahuagin Chieftain who will take you to see the Rebel
          Prince (if you have the Priestess' Orb, that is).
          Now you have to make a choice which side to go with.  On the one hand you
          can go with the Prince's schemes, accept the Fake Heart and give that to
          the King. (if you want to do it the other way, see below)  If you have
          a Monk, I would recommend siding with the King.
          Take the Heart over to the King and give it to him.  He does fall for it
          and would reward you.  Then the Prince and his goons attack the city and
          you are forced into combat with the king.  Kill the king to get his
            The Impaler Spear +3, +10 piercing damage
            Key to Treasury
          The Prince then enters and takes control of the city.  He then rewards
          you for your efforts:
            60,500 experience for each person
            Magical Rope
          Go over and open the treasury (x 460 y 670) to loot the contents:
            Rod of Lordly Might
            Magical Rope
            Spell - Protection from the Elements
          Of course, now you can also double cross the prince and kill him.  That
          way you can still get the Wave Blade (you could probably also pickpocket
          it off him, but Imoen has a horrible Pickpocket rating, so if you have
          her, you probably can't do that).
          Or, you can assault the rebel prince and take his real heart.  He also
          has some treasure on him:
            Wave Blade (part of the Wave Halberd)
            The Impaler Spear +3, +10 piercing damage
          Return to the King with the Heart and he will take you to the entrance
          to the underdark.  He also gives you a fairly generous reward:
            Gauntlets of Crushing (+4 to THAC0, DMG, for unarmed combat)
            Rod of Lordly Might (can change into different weapons)
            Magical Rope
            2000 gold
            58,500 experience for each character
          In case you are wondering, you get nothing for turning in the Priestess.
          Also, the King vanishes so you can neither talk to him again nor double
          cross him and kill him.
          Once you are done here, you will be shown to the exit.  Simply go down.
        OTHER:  The Cloak of Mirroring
                Fish Head - Sahuagin City (AR 2300, x 2350 y 1140)
                There are many rebels throughout the city, and one of them has the
                fabled Cloak of Mirroring on his person.  Head to the giant Fish
                Head, and stand in the center.  You will then be ambushed by
                several Sahuagin, one of which has the cloak.  The cloak reflects
                spells back to their source.
        OTHER:  Sea Zombie Lord
                Zombie Lord - Sahuagin City (AR 2300, x 2630 y 3120)
                One of the stranger sights to see in the city is a bloody pit
                filled with zombies and the Zombie Lord. (6000 exp)  Not worth much
                in terms of experience OR treasure, but it is interesting.
      5.        [THNDRK]  Chapter 5: The Underdark  (AR 2100)
        If you took the portal from Irenicus' basement, you will come straight
        here.  The other way here is from the Sahuagin City.
        You get to watch as Irenicus has sided with the Drow to defeat the surface
        elves.  An ... interesting alliance to say the least.
          Walk east and a little south (x 1600 y 3700) to find a group of Duergar.
          These are traders, and they have seen Irenicus and Bodhi hanging around
          the Drow city, but believe that you wouldn't be able to simply walk into
          the city (and trust me, you can't).  One of them thinks he has a
          better way.  Then you get to shop if you want.  (You can also do the
          Imprisoned Mage quest while here)
            Note:  The Duergar merchants to the south offer a selection of scrolls
                   for you to buy... but they're holding out on you.  Go back to
                   them sometime during your Ust Natha quests (when you are spelled
                   to look like drow) and demand to see their wares.  The selection
                   now includes a handful of high level scrolls that wasn't there
                   the first time.  Nothing too special, but helpful if you need
                   them. [from zambkptkn]
          Head north, through the Drow, then west, through the Myconids and north
          to get to the Svirfneblin city. (x 630 y 1135)  The Deep Gnomes want you
          to talk to their leader, and say you "could be useful."  Enter the city,
          go around the passage, south, then west.  There are two rooms here, and
          the leader is in the right room.  Go in and talk to him.
          He wants you to deal with an otherworldly creature that they accidentally
          dug up, and in exchange he agrees to help you get into the Drow city to
          hunt Irenicus.  Within a deep dark cave is a creature called Adalon, who
          can help you enter the city.  However, you can't get in her cave without
          getting a gem from the gnomes. (Svirfneblin is another name for "Deep
          Gnome")  Agree to help them with their demon problem for the gem. (Of
          course, if you were Evil, you could just kill him and take the gem... IF
          you were evil)
            Note:  Gunslinger mentions that you could just pick this gnome's pocket
                   to get the gem... he won't like it, but then, you don't need his
                   approval for anything.
          He tells you that the demon can be found in the new passage to the
          northeast.  You will find the passage at (x 3600 y 600).  Talk to the
          guard there to open the door.  When you are ready, click on the pit and
          the Balor will appear.  He requires about a +3 weapon to hit. (But if
          you followed this walkthrough, you should have several +3 or better
          weapons by this point)  Kill him to get 26,000 experience.  But we aren't
          done yet!  Oh no.  Put that scroll (that the gnome gave you) in someone's
          Quick Item slot, and use it.  That seals up the hole.
          Head back to the leader Gnome to get your reward:
            Mace +3, Skullcrusher (extra damage to Humanoids)
            Light Gem
            25,000 experience for each character
        - TALK TO ADALON
          Leave the city, then head eastwards.  You may have to fight through the
          Kuo-toa's, but possibly not.  Then you go north to get to the bridge
          (x 3950 y 1890).  When you cross this bridge, a Drow war party ambushes
          you.  Make sure that everyone who can, is wearing some of the spiffy
          Drow armor. (Spiffy)
          This path then splits into two groups, take the left path. (x 4100
          y 1200)  Enter the cave.
          This is the lair of the Silver Dragon Adalon. (If you are evil, and need
          Silver Dragon's Blood to make the "Human Leather Armor"... WAIT and do
          it later!)  Go down and talk to her.  She wants your help (of course).
          Her eggs were stolen by the Drow to keep her from interfering with them
          as they invaded the surface for Irenicus.  In exchange for this she will
          help you get out of the Underdark to chase Irenicus at your leisure.  To
          assist with that goal, she casts a powerful illusion on your party making
          them all appear to be Drow.
          Leave the cave, go down then take the other passage up to the Drow Gates.
          The gates will automatically open and a Drow guard confronts you.  Be
          confidant and tell them that you are "Veldrin from Ched Nassad".  You are
          told to be in the Males Fighters Society within three days.
          Enter Ust Natha.
        OTHER:  Mind Flayers
                Mind Flayers - Underdark (AR 2100, x 200 y 2650)
                Just north of where you first enter the area you will find some
                Mind Flayers.  These three goons make for good practice at fighting
                them, which you might need if you want to take on the Illithid
                city. (9000 exp each)
        OTHER:  First Drow Battle
                Drow - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1735 y 2170)
                The first real battle against the drow occurs just north of the
                point where you free Vithal (see the next quest below).  Drow fight
                well with magic, summoning creatures to help them defeat you and
                casting spells fairly intelligently.  The most notable thing about
                them is their Drow Armor, which you should definitely take.  Drow
                Full Plate +5 is the best armor in the game.  It will dissolve
                when taken to the surface, but that will still give you a lot of
                good use with it.
        QUEST:  The Imprisoned Mage
                Uder Mordin - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1770 y 3800)
                Mage - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1930 y 2090)
                Svirfneblin - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1633 y 750)
                Vithal (later) - Underdark (AR 2100, x 2375 y 3320)
                Talking with the last Duergar, Uder Mordin, he brings up the story
                of a mage who was imprisoned in the earth after a battle.  Seems
                this fellow was looking for some artifact of importance.  Talk to
                the seller Duergar and buy a Freedom Scroll.  Don't scribe this
                to your spellbook, simply cast the spell, then move north to find
                the mage. (10,000 experience)
                Talk with Vithal to learn that he was searching for a great
                treasure of some sort.  He asks for your help in completing his
                work.  Agree.  He wants you to fetch his Book of Rituals from the
                Svirfneblin.  The Svirfneblin city can be found at the top left of
                the area.  You will find the book on the Innkeeper in the left room
                of their city.  You can buy it off him for 300 gold.  If you are
                currently in Drow form (having already been to Adalon) then you get
                the book for free.
                You will find Vithal standing just northeast of the Duergar
                position near one of the three portals in the area.  Talk to him
                and give him the book of rituals.  Agree to help him out.  Then a
                Greater Earth Elemental (10,000 experience) appears.  Keep it from
                killing Vithal.  Then Vithal enters the portal.  Wait a moment,
                then he reappears and tells you to come to the Fire Gate, which is
                just above this gate.  Talk to him again.  A Greater Fire Elemental
                (10,000 experience) appears.  Same thing happens with Vithal
                entering the portal.  Then you go leftwards to the Air gate.
                Talk to Vithal again and the same thing happens with a Greater Air
                Elemental this time. (11,000 experience)
                When Vithal returns (everyone gets 20,000 experience) he offers you
                some treasure:
                  Rod of Absorption
                If you complain, he will give you a couple of spells (Simulacrum
                and Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting).  If you complain further he will
                attack you.  Try to beat him quickly to avoid his Imprisonments.
                  Vithal - 20,000 experience
                           Skull of Death (Helm, casts Death Spell)
                           Spells - Wail of the Banshee
                                    Incendiary Cloud
                                    Time Stop
        QUEST:  The Giant Soul Gem
                Gem - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1940 y 1860)
                Dagglefodd - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1770 y 610)
                Just left of center in this area is a giant soul gem.  This gem has
                6 facets, when each facet is manipulated a new monster is freed.
                These will then fight you.  From left to right:
                  Facet 1 (x 1845 y 1862) - Madman Aganalo - 6000 experience
                                            Jhor the Bleeder (Bastard Sw +2)
                  Facet 2 (x 1872 y 1901) - Raevilin Strathi - 20,000 experience
                                            Spells (summoning)
                  Facet 3 (x 1920 y 1920) - Riti - 8000 experience
                                            Spear +3, Backbiter (Cursed)
                                            Spells - Improved Haste
                  Facet 4 (x 1980 y 1920) - Alchra Diagott (Lich) - 22,000 exp
                                            Spells - Summon Nishruu
                                                     Delayed Blast Fireball
                                                     Spell Turning
                  Facet 5 (x 2025 y 1885) - Bedlen Dagglefodd (don't attack him)
                  Facet 6 (x 2035 y 1850) - Gont of Riatavin - 7000 experience
                                            (if you let him go, you get nothing but
                  Note:  In the Underdark Soul Machine, there is a mad wizard
                         called Raevilin Strathi, who attacks you. His head has
                         been stuffed up, and if you cast the cleric spell Heal on
                         him, he will come to his senses, and give you the sword
                         Albruin +1 as a reward. [from John Howard]
                Then talk to the elder Dagglefodd up in the Svirfneblin city to get
                an extra reward:
                  Bracers AC 4
                  10,000 experience
                He will also sell you items from then on (not that he has anything
                that good).
        5.1     [STNTHA]             Ust Natha (Drow City)  (AR 2200)
        When you enter the city you get to watch a little display between a Drow
        and his slave.  He kills the slave, and is in turn killed by his mother.
        This just emphasizes that Drow are evil.  Really evil.
        Do NOT reveal yourselves as "non-drow" or the entire city becomes hostile.
        Worse than that, they might seal you in.
          We are here to do one thing and one thing only, get the Silver Dragon
          eggs to give to Adalon.  In order to do that we need to keep our ears to
          the ground and search for information.  Also we need to ally ourselves
          with a Family.  Once we are allied then the quests become available
          (for instance, you can't "Free the Humans" until you have become allied).
          Head over to the Male Fighter's Society (x 3535 y 1650).  Here you will
          meet up with Solaufein.  He asks for your name, tell him that it doesn't
          matter what your name is and he will be amused and like you more for it.
          He tells you that you are going to be working for the Matron Mothers, and
          to meet up with her handmaiden on a platform near the entrance.  From
          this point you have three days to get to that platform and meet with the
          On your way back to the entrance, you will see a meeting between some
          Mind Flayers (Ambassadors, no less) and Drow.  This isn't particularly
          important, but it is interesting.  Go to the platform. (x 1550 y 3300)
          Talk to Solaufein again.  He explains that some "devourers" have taken
          a priestess hostage.  He asks if you know what those are:
            Int 15+        - You can say "Illithid" and Solaufein likes you more
            Int 9 to 14    - You can say "Mind Flayers" and nothing happens
            Int 8 or less  - You say "Otyugh" and Solaufein likes you less
            "I don't know" - nothing happens
          You are to rescue that Drow from the Illithid before they take her to
          their city.  You have three days.
          So, exit the city, and head south.  I encountered an adventuring group,
          that naturally assumed that I was evil.  (x 3300 y 2225)  One of these
          goons has:
            Dragons Breath, Halberd +4 (+1 ice, fire, elec., poison & acid dmg)
          Continue south, then cross the bridge to find Solaufein (x 4715 y 3100).
          He asks if you have any questions.  If you apologize to him, he will like
          you more.  After which he tells you to get ready for battle.  Cast all
          your protective spells (Protection from Evil is very useful) and get
          ready for combat with some Mind Flayers.  You must fight 3 Mind Flayers
          as well as 2 Umber Hulks.  I would take out the Flayers first, one at a
          time, then the Hulks.  After the battle, Phaere (whom you just rescued)
          sort of thanks you. (20,000 experience)   Nothing you say to Phaere
          matters.  They both go back to the city.  You have three days to go back
          and talk with Solaufein again.
            Battle Tip:  Death Spell will annihilate your enemies here.  Don't
                         assume it will always work on Mind Flayers, it won't. It
                         works here because these Mind Flayers are considered by
                         the game to be "summoned."
          Enter the tavern and find Phaere and Solaufein.  Phaere automatically
          talks to you and asks you to join forces with her house.  Respond to this
          in the affirmative (say "yes")... you can also intimate that you would
          rather have her as a reward (if you know what I mean), but that has some
          bad consequences if you are currently in a romance with someone else.
          She wants you to meet her at the same platform as before... but not right
          now.  For now she wants you to enjoy yourself in the Tavern. (see the
          Quests below if you need something to do)  When she leaves the Tavern
          you have 3 days to get to the Platform.
          Get to the Platform and talk with Phaere.  She tells you that a Beholder
          is in the city smuggling Adamantite.  She wants you to go over there and
          kill it.  Solaufein and her will scout it out ahead of time.  You will
          find Phaere again in the Southeast part of the city (x 4200 y 3340).
          Talk with her to get the battle rolling.
          Kill the Beholder (14,000 exp) and Solaufein seems happy about things.
          Phaere mentions that the body is going to be collected for... other
          uses (20,000 exp).  Phaere tells you to visit her in the tavern within 3
          Phaere wants you and Solaufein to attack a Deep Gnome patrol to keep them
          properly fearful of the Drow.  Solaufein naturally hates being sent on
          such stupid missions, especially given how weak the Gnomes are.  You will
          meet up with Solaufein west of Ust Natha near the gnomish city. (x 890
          y 2225)
          Talk to Solaufein.  If Solaufein likes you, you can convince him to let
          you handle this on your own.  At that point he goes back to the city.
          (of course, if you have been cheesing him off, then he won't leave)  The
          Gnome Patrol arrives, tell them that you were sent to kill them, and that
          you won't.  Then ask for their helmets as a sign that the deed was done.
          Head back to the tavern.
        - PHAERE
          Phaere is pleased that you brought her the helmet, and asks that you meet
          her in her chambers at the Female Fighters guild within ONE HOUR.
          (everyone gets 28,000 experience)  Head over to the Female Fighters
          (x 2500 y 2050), enter and talk with Phaere.  She wants Solaufein dead.
          Why?  Lover's quarrel.  She wants you to enter his home in the Male
          Fighters guild, kill him, and take his Piwafwi Cloak as proof of his
          death.  Agree to her demands.  You now have 3 days to get to Solaufein.
          (x 3500 y 1575)
          Talk to Solaufein and tell him that you were sent to kill him, but that
          you don't want to do it.  Then ask him for his Piwafwi Cloak as proof
          that he is "dead."  Solaufein has a little speech, and he likes you more.
          You can then search his place, but there is nothing good here.
            Evil Alternative: [from Cyrille Artho]
              When you kill Solaufein, he obviously cannot give you his fake dragon
              eggs, which you normally use to trick Phaere.  However, not
              everything is lost.  When you give the real dragon eggs to Phaere,
              there are three possible outcomes:
              1) You interrupt the ritual (bad idea).  Matron Ardulace then casts a
                 spell that reveals the true identity of the party, and you are
                 chased out of the city.  It will be rather difficult to recover
                 the eggs and kill all the drows.
              2) You let the ritual be completed.
                 a) You prevent Phaere from handing over the eggs to the Demon Lord
                    (good idea).  The Demon Lord then attacks everybody.  He does
                    not have many hit points but you need a +5 weapon to hit --
                    which you probably don't have at that point (unless you have a
                    Paladin with the Holy Avenger).  A cleric with four Bolts of
                    Glory (10d6 damage to demons) works well enough, since that
                    spell ignores magic resistance (which is 95 or 100% for the
                    Demon Lord).  Killing the demon lord gives 26000 exp.  Pray
                    that his initial "Wail of the Banshee" does not kill anybody;
                    if it does, *hurry* and don't try to re-equip everything
                    perfectly -- just get your stuff and leave *quickly*!  If
                    nobody is killed, you actually even have time to sell Phaere's
                    gems to the drow before they all turn red and try to kill
                    you.  Incidentally, "Protection from Evil" will not prevent the
                    Demon Lord from casting his first attack spell, but he will not
                    attack you immediately.  Also, I could still get out of the
                    city just after the drow turned hostile -- probably it takes a
                    few seconds until the city gates are locked.
                 b) You let Phaere give the eggs to the demon lord (bad idea).  He
                    (being a mean guy) reveals the true identity of the party.
                    Immediately, all drows turn hostile and attack the party.
                    Again, this way is not the best (you will also have to deal
                    with an angry silver dragon then).
              Note:  If you have recovered the eggs, don't talk to Adalon --
                     otherwise you can never kill her for her blood (because she'll
                     teleport you away). Instead, attack her right away. This gives
                     you less experience and no crossbow +3, only some gold and a
                     scroll that allows you to proceed to chapter 6 :-(
              Personal note: I found it a pity that evil parties cannot let the
              drow ritual take place as planned - a duel between the silver dragon
              and the demon lord would have been a grand sight.  Also, the story is
              not very logical in the sense that the drow attack still happens,
              despite the loss of their leaders (and a few powerful warriors due to
              duels in the tavern and mysterious murderers) and not having the
              demon on their side. No surprise, they lose.
            /End of the Evil Alternative
          Report back to Phaere. (everyone gets 30,000 experience)  If you are male
          then she wants to talk to you alone... for a little nooky.  If you refuse
          her, she will sound the alarm and the entire city turns hostile.  Of
          course, you could try to convince her that you "*really* can't", i.e. are
          impotent.  In order to pull off one of these deceptions you need either
          17 INT or 13 CHA (and in some cases 17 CHA).
          After that (whether you talked your way out of it, did it, or didn't get
          offered because you are female) she wants you to meet the Matron
          Ardulace Despana, who is currently in the Temple.  You have 3 days to get
          there (everything takes 3 days, for some reason).  Oh, and if you did
          sleep with Phaere, then anyone you had a romance with is upset with you.
          Head down to the Temple of Lolth (x 4200 y 2350).  Enter, and walk
          forward until you find Phaere, who will automatically talk to you and
          introduce you to the Matron.  The Matron wants you to prove yourself to
          her, and in order to do that you must bring back the Blood of one of the
          "noble races", which are Beholders, Mind Flayers or Kuo-Toa's.  Oh, and
          it can't be any of them, it must be something special.
          So, depending on what you want to do:
            Beholders go to the next section "Beholder City"
            Mind Flayers go to the section after that "The Illithid Lair"
            or the easiest Kuo-Toa's "Exit from the Underdark"
          If you don't retrieve one of these items in a timely fashion, (three
          days) then Phaere will track you down (wherever you may be) and tell
          you that your disguise has failed, thus instigating a battle (and
          forevermore keeping you out of Ust Natha).  So don't waste time.
          Come back when you have one of these items and she will take them and
          reward you with 22,000 experience for each character.  Phaere then asks
          to see you in her rooms, within one hour. (she lives in the Female
          Fighter's Society, if you have forgotten)
          Phaere details her plans to overthrow the Matron Ardulace and set herself
          up as head of the house.  She wants your help in this, so agree to help
          her get rid of the Matron.  House Despana is going to use the Blood you
          collected along with the Silver Dragon's Eggs to summon a demon.  What
          Phaere wants to do is replace the Eggs with false ones so that Ardulace
          is destroyed when the demon is summoned.  She can then use the real eggs
          to gain control of the demon.  She gives you a key and a set of false
          eggs marked as "Phaere's".  Leave her house.
          Return to the Temple as that is where the eggs are kept.  If you did well
          by Solaufein, he will appear near the entrance with a further proposition
          for you.  He wants to give you a second set of false eggs that you can
          give to Phaere.  This way both the Matron and Phaere get killed by the
          Demon.  Agree to his plan and enter the temple.
          Brian Camley has an interesting strategy for the temple:
            While I was in Ust Natha, and was sent to retrieve and replace the
            dragon's eggs, I really didn't feel like fighting Drow and Golems, so I
            saw if SpookyScarecrow's trick for the Golems in the De'Arnise Hold
            would work in this case - I gave Aerie the Boots of Speed, and had her
            cast Sanctuary.  She got in and out quickly - this works for most
            encounters with guards of some sort - the exception being, of course,
            getting the Gesen Bow String - using this strategy will leave your
            cleric trapped in a room with some angry guardians.  Not a good idea.
          Once in the temple, take the passage immediately to your right, and take
          that up to the Egg Room (x 2067 y 780).  Kill the 2 guards and enter.
          There are 5 Golems in here, just waiting to pounce on you once you have
          taken the eggs.  Kill the Golems.  Take the Real Eggs and REPLACE THEM
          with PHAERE'S EGGS. (don't forget to do that!)
          Back to Phaere's.  Give her Solaufein's Eggs (20,000 experience) and she
          seems awfully pleased.  Well, that won't last.  Listen to the Imp when
          it appears, then get back to the Temple.  Phaere is right within the
          first passage and soon the Ritual of Summoning begins.  The Demon kills
          the two Drow women one by one, then will leave if you remain silent.
          (25,000 quest experience -- not verified) Be sure to search the two
          corpses for treasure:
            Ring of Spell Turning
            Gorgon Plate +4
            Lots of Gems
            4500 gold
            Evil Alternative: [from Daniel Pang]
              In the Drow City, if you give the Demon lord the real eggs after
              Phaere and Ardulace are gone you can ask him for a tithe in return.
              Asking him for a powerful magical item yields the Halberd +4:
              Blackmist, and asking him for safe exit from the Underdark will get
              you just that. Ask him for anything else however, and he attacks you.
          Now, QUICKLY, leave the Temple and get OUT of the city as fast as is
          humanly possible.  If you delay, you will be trapped in the city forever.
          (Actually, in that case, you simply have to kill everyone in the city,
          then you can leave)
          Return to Adalon and give her the real eggs.  She gives you an Item:
            Necaradan's Crossbow +3
            78,500 experience (for each character)
          And you are then teleported to the Exit from the Underdark.  The gate out
          is just to the left, but you can explore around if you didn't already.
          (see the "Exit from the Underdark" section for more details)
            Trick:  On the surface, Drow items are meant to turn to dust.  Want to
                    keep that nifty Drow stuff you got?  If you have NOT gotten the
                    Harper's Pin for Jaheira, you can give her all of your Drow
                    items, and kick her out of the party.  She should go out to
                    the Harper Hold in the Docks District. (If you have done all
                    the Harper quests already, then she just leaves for good)
                    Then when you pick her up again, all the Drow items are still
                    there and can be worn in the daylight!  As long as you never
                    take these items to the "Exit from the Underdark" area, you
                    can keep them forever. [from Gabriel]
            Alternate Trick: [from Chris Norman]
                    I noticed there was a trick to save the drow items
                    upon leaving the underdark.  I liked this idea, but did not
                    want to kick a member out of my party to do it.  Also, my main
                    character was in a romance with Jaheira so I didn't know what
                    kicking her out would do.  I decided to try to come up with an
                    alternate method of doing this.  What I came up with works, but
                    it is somewhat inconvenient to do if you're walking around with
                    full inventories due to having to trade the armor between many
                    people.  My trick works because the game only checks the items
                    every round or so and will not decay items on the ground.  Here
                    is what you do.  (When picking up items, use the inventory
                    screen instead of the overhead display method of picking stuff
                    1. Immediately pause the game when you gain control of the
                       party after leaving the underdark, before the drow equipment
                       decays.  Transfer ALL the drow stuff you want to keep on to
                       one person and have that person drop it all into a pile on
                       the ground.  You can then unpause it.  Adamantine dust will
                       appear in your inventory just like if the items decayed, but
                       they will still be on the ground.  Also, opening the bag of
                       holding seems to decay items as well even if paused, so do
                       not put anything you want to keep in there.
                    2. Next, string your characters to the edge of the map, and
                       have one of them as close as you can get without trying to
                       exit the screen.  The trick here is to have the people
                       close enough together that they may pass items still.  Keep
                       the character that dropped the items in the same spot so
                       that he can pass them all to the next person.
                    3. Now, repause the game, and have the character over the
                       stack of items pick them up and pass them down the line of
                       characters until the person near the edge has them.  Have
                       that person drop them all in a pile on the ground again.
                       (Since the game is paused here, you are in effect, moving
                       the items to the edge of the map before any time can pass,
                       so they do not decay.)
                    4. Move your whole party close enough to the edge of the map so
                       that you can leave the area with just a single click and no
                       one will have to walk.  Leave the guy on the stack of items
                    5. Pause again, and pick up all the equipment, passing some of
                       it to other people if you need to again.  Leave the
                       inventory screen, and click where the party will leave the
                       area.  Then unpause, and the party will leave before the
                       items decay.
                    Note:  I had to do this procedure again after the Drizzt
                           meeting.  I guess that the program checks for drow items
                           on that screen as well, so you will probably have to do
                           it again as well.  After leaving the Drizzt zone, items
                           stuck just fine though, just like with the Jaheira
                           Also note that normal Drow Longswords don't turn to
                    Yes, this is a somewhat complex method, but if you don't want
                    to kick out a party member, or have Jaheira's quest completed,
                    this will keep your drow armor intact.
                    Note:  Drow items aren't worth much, so unless you want to
                           wear them, don't bother keeping them.
                           Even if you keep the items perfectly, they can still
                           turn to dust later.
        QUEST:  The Duergar's Tank, the Aboleth
                Duergar - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1050 y 3150)
                Qilue - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 2725 y 1890)
                Just after freeing Phaere from the clutches of the Mind Flayers,
                a Duergar near the entrance will tell you to talk to his "master"
                who is in a big tank just behind him.
                Talk to the Aboleth, the creature in the tank, and he wants an
                exchange.  You get him Qilue's brain and he won't reveal that you
                are not Drow.  Sounds good.  You can find Qilue's home right next
                to the Female Fighter's society.  Enter.
                  Alternatively:  When talking to the Aboleth the first time, you
                                  can refuse to do his quest.  Then when he asks
                                  why, simply tell him that if he reveals you, then
                                  you will reveal his treachery as well.  For this
                                  you get 12,000 experience. [from Cyrille Artho]
                Once inside, kill everything that moves.  Besides Qilue, there are
                5 servants (mages mostly) to be killed.  You can find most of these
                to the right.  Search Qilue: (4000 exp)
                  Boneblade Dagger +4
                  Qilue's Brain
                There isn't really anything else here, so return to the Aboleth,
                who gives you 10,000 experience and promises not to tell anyone who
                you are.
        QUEST:  Free the Humans
                Slave Trader - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1111 y 1808)
                Just north of the tavern is the slave area, where humans are sold
                to Drow masters.  If you've been on the second floor of the Tavern
                you probably know that slaves don't have much to look forward to
                in Drow Culture.
                After you have talked to Matron Ardulace, talk to the Slave Trader
                and buy the slaves.  We want them armed, so pay him the full
                price of 2000 gold.  He will actually lower the cost to 1500 if you
                ask him.  The slaves will be teleported near you.  Tell them that
                they are now free, and that they should head to the surface.  For
                this you get Reputation +1 and 7500 experience.
        QUEST:  Defeat the Cultists
                Taso Kala - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 2480 y 2100)
                Cult - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 4200 y 3340)
                After accepting the quest from Matron Ardulace, you will find Taso
                Kala in front of Phaere's doorway.  She automatically talks to you
                and ORDERS you to find and destroy the Cult of Ghaunadaur.  Accept
                this (if you don't want your cover story blown).  You will find
                the "cultists" where the Beholder was earlier, in the southeastern
                part of the city.  You have one day to complete this quest.
                This battle consists of Drow, Otyughs and Oozes of all colors.
                Destroy them.  None of them have any significant treasure.  Go back
                to the Priestess to report your success.  Be subservient and she'll
                go away (you weren't expecting a reward were you?).
        QUEST:  The Trapped Djinn
                Dola Fadoon - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1930 y 3180)
                Just to the right of the entrance is a djinn being tortured for the
                fun of it (or whatever).  It begs for someone to destroy it.  I
                wouldn't do that until you have talked to Matron Ardulace.  Kill
                it.  Then the torturer will demand compensation.  She wants 4000
                gold as compensation and if you don't have it, you get a day to
                come up with it.  If you have talked to Matron Ardulace, then you
                can wheedle it down to a mere 2000 gold.
                This quest is best done just before you leave the Underdark
                forever.  That way you can kill Dola Fadoon, tell her that you
                don't have the money, and leave the Underdark before anything bad
                ever happens to you.  For all this you get a measly 5000 exp.
        QUEST:  Deirex the Lich and Jarlaxle the Mercenary
                Visaj - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 3000 y 2275)
                Deirex's Tower - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 3700 y 2850)
                House Jae'llat - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 3260 y 1460)
                Just after meeting the Matron Ardulace for the first time, Visaj
                appears on the path just north of Deirex's Tower.  He approaches
                you and wants to sell you a Rope.  Not just any rope, but a magic
                lich-defense negating rope.  Useful, no doubt, for breaking into
                Deirex's Tower and stealing his items.  There is the small chance
                that the famed mercenary Jarlaxle will come looking for it, but
                how likely is that?  Buy the rope for 1000 gold. (If you don't have
                that much he'll sell it for 750 gold.  If your charisma is 15 or
                higher, you can talk him down to 500, OR you could just threaten
                him and take the rope from him)
                Now head down to Deirex's Tower and enter.  Deirex is right there,
                and although the Rope does seem to do what it was advertised to do,
                you are soon teleported to Jarlaxle's Pocket Dimension®.  There
                isn't really any way to change how things turn out in here.  He
                tells you that he wants some Gems from Deirex, as his men are
                imprisoned within them.  He gives you a day to accomplish this
                before teleporting you back to Deirex's Tower.
                Fight with Deirex.  He is a fairly standard Lich and fights as
                such. (Time Stop, Abi Dalzim, etc.)  By this point Liches shouldn't
                present too tough a challenge for you. (22,000 experience)  Be
                sure to search his body for the Lich's Tooth and the Jae'llat
                Then search the place for treasures: (4 containers, not all in this
                room, and some are trapped)
                  Spells - Glitterdust
                           Wizard Eye
                           Remove Magic
                           Limited Wish
                           Melf's Minute Meteors
                  Leather Armor of the Viper +5
                  Jarlaxle's Gems
                Take the Gems and you will instantly be teleported back to his
                little Pocket Dimension.  Jarlaxle takes the Gems and thanks you
                for your efforts.  Now you can either accept his thanks (2500 gold
                and 10,000 experience) or you can attack and kill him and his
                mage (14,000 experience and 12,000 experience).  They don't have
                any good items for you to take.  In any case you will be teleported
                back to Deirex's Tower.
                Go up to the next door (x 3475 y 2730), and enter.  Search the lake
                for treasure:
                  Spells - Cacofiend
                           Ruby Ray of Reversal
                  Spear +3
                  Wand of Frost & Wand of Magic Missiles
                  Two Handed Sword +2
                  Crossbow of Affliction +4 (-2 STR, +4 DMG & THAC0)
                  Short Sword +2
                  Ring of Folly (cursed)
                That's it for the Lich's treasure (the other door on the outside
                leads in here).  Leave the tower, go up and right to reach the
                House Jae'llat (it's marked on the map).  The Wardstone will allow
                you entrance. (x 3260 y 1460)
                This is, of course, a fairly large battle against many Drow
                warriors and priestesses.  It just wouldn't be a Drow House
                without those elements.  Each Jae'llat Guard is worth 6000
                experience.  This is the first battle, there is another one when
                you go over to the right.  This battle has Hindra Jae'llat in it
                (14,000 experience) as well as Istar Jae'llat (16,000 experience).
                Then search the place for treasure:
                  2500 Gold
                  And a LOT of Gems (about 50)
                If you are wondering about the other warded door out there, it also
                leads into the Jae'llat house.
        OTHER:  The Running Girl
                Near the female fighter's society you will see a human girl running
                for her life.  Later a couple of drow warriors ask you which way
                she went.  You can lie or tell the truth, I've seen no real
                consequences of it.
        OTHER:  The Tavern Duels
                Tavern - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1835 y 2550)
                Sondal - Tavern (AR 2202, x 580 y 1133)
                On the main level of the tavern, to the left near the stairs, you
                will find Sondal, the Duel master.  Agree to watch the first duel.
                One Drow easily defeats four others, comes out and asks for your
                opinion on the matter.  Tell him that he shouldn't gloat over
                children and he challenges you to a duel.  Accept.
                  Note:  If you lose any duel, you will be permanently barred from
                         dueling.  Also, all the duels here are One-on-One (unlike
                         the Monster battles).
                When Lasonar is close to being defeated (30,000 experience) he
                yields the fight and gives you his sword.
                  Blade of Searing +3 (Bastard Sword, with extra "searing" dmg)
                After the battle, Chalinthra challenges you to a duel. (She was
                involved with Lasonar, and found insult in you beating him)  When
                you are ready, talk to Sondal again to get the duel going.
                Chalinthra is a Cleric of no small ability.  However, she dies just
                the same. (12,000 experience)
                The next fight is against a Mage, and requires a Mage from your
                party to duel him.  So send a mage over and let the battle begin!
                (6000 experience)  The next battle is also a mage battle, but this
                one is slightly more difficult (8000 experience).  After that there
                is one final mage (11,000 experience).  I won these battles by
                summoning a Nishruu and using the Cloak of Mirroring.
        OTHER:  The Tavern Monster Battles
                Tavern - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1835 y 2550)
                Szordrin - Tavern (AR 2202, x 1450 y 840)
                On the main level of the Tavern is a man standing to the right,
                Szordrin.  Talk to him if you want to duel some animals.  He has
                several combats, which must be done in order: (return to him after
                the battle to get a reward and another battle)
                  Umber Hulk - 4000 exp, 250 gold (from Szordrin)
                  Nabassu    - 16,000 exp, 500 gold (from Szordrin)
                  Sahuagin Prince - 2000 exp, 750 gold (from Szordrin)
                  Beholder   - 14,000 exp, 1000 gold (from Szorddrin)
                He then claims that he will go to the pens to find more challenges
                for you to fight, but he never returned (for me at least).
        5.2     [BHLDRC]             Beholder City  (AR 2101)
          You will find the entrance to the Beholder City in the Southeast part of
          the Underdark (x 4120 y 3700).  It is the passage that leads down. (The
          other one goes to the Illithid Lair)
          We are here to find a Beholder Eye Stalk, and conveniently enough, we
          can find it on one of the first Beholders here.  Kill the Elder Orb to
            Elder Orb Eye
            Blade of the Equalizer
            Amulet of Spell Warding
          Once you have the Eye, you can head back to Ust Natha and give it to the
          Matron Mother.  Or you can finish exploring in here and kill a LOT of
          Beholders.  If you have either the Shield of Balduran (from the
          Collector's Edition bonus shop) or the Cloak of Mirroring (from the
          Sahuagin City), then this place is a breeze.  Put those items on your
          two best fighters, and only send them out.  The Beholders won't be able
          to touch you.  Elder Orbs can still cast Imprisonment on you, so you are
          NOT invulnerable.  This just means that you should attack Elder Orbs
          Go up and right to find Drow battling a Beholder.  Explore the place at
          your leisure.  There are many Beholders, Gauths and a few Mind Flayers.
          Just above and to the left of the Drow (x 790 y 605) is a small nook of
          treasure: (all treasures here are hidden in "nooks")
            Minor Treasures
          Just to the right of the Drow (x 1213 y 770) is another nook o' treasure:
            Sling of Avoreen +4 (casts Sonic Boom once a day)
            Minor Treasure
          Along the path to the top of the map (x 2500 y 580) is some treasure:
            Greenstone Amulet (can protect user from Charm, Stun and Psionics,
                               useful against Mind Flayers, no doubt)
            Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
          There is treasure at the top of the map (x 2130 y 175):
            5200 gold
          Just left of that one is another treasure (x 1815 y 195):
            Minor Treasures
          Well south of that (x 2450 y 1080) in a passage to the left is a larger
          thing of treasure (it's not a nook, I mean):
            Minor Treasures
          That is that for the Beholder City.  Once you have killed all the
          Beholders, you can take your leave and know that you have done good work
        5.3     [THLLTH]             The Illithid Lair  (AR 2400)
            Note:  You WILL want to make an Archive Save before going in here!
                   So, do a normal save, and call it "Illithid Lair", and don't
                   save over it until the entire lair is finished.  That way, if
                   you screw up, you can easily go back to the beginning.
          The most difficult, and potentially rewarding, of the three lairs is the
          Illithid Lair, which you can get to via the Underdark.  It is located in
          the Southeast corner of the map, and you go right (x 5070 y 3400).
          Once you have entered, you will be quickly captured by a group of Mind
          Flayers who then enslave you.
        - ENSLAVED
          You wake up in a very small cell.  Despite being slaves now, you still
          have all of your items.  After all, Illithids don't really fear physical
          A minute or so later, an Ogre will open your door and tell you that it is
          time for you to fight.  Remember the Gladiators back in the Copper
          Coronet?  Same idea, except now YOU are the gladiators.  Soon enough you
          are thrown into a pit to fight 3 Umber Hulks.  Beat them and you will be
          put back in your cell.  When you are back, you will be given Healing
          Open the side door and talk to the Gith, Simyaz, inside.  These Gith were
          here to recover the Silver Blade (which you now possess, assuming you
          went with Saemon) and ended out here instead.  He offers no solutions.
          Soon the Ogre comes again and this time takes the Gith out to fight.
          Soon the Gith return and tell you that they are to fight you in the next
          battle.  However, they have a better idea.  They will keep the Mind
          Flayers busy, while you try to find an escape from the Lair.  You will
          soon be taken into the battle.  Defeat the Kuo-Toa's and then escape out
          to the right while the Githyanki keep the Mind Flayers busy.
        - ESCAPE
          Kill the Ogre Jailor here (10,000 exp).  Then search the table:
            Hilt of the Equalizer (which means that you probably have all 3 pieces)
          Go right into the next half of the room.  There are four doors here.
          Open the bottom one first (x 3390 y 1760).  Kill the 2 Kuo-Toa's here.
          Then open the top right door (x 3270 y 1515) next to kill a couple of
          Sahuagins.  Next open the right door (x 3380 y 1620) and follow this
          passage right.  Kill the Mind Flayer here.  Then go to one of the Vats,
          and manipulate it until you get the Goo.
          Go back to the Ogre Jailer room, and open the southern door (x 3050
          y 1960).  Go down this passage, fight the 2 Mind Flayers, and then go
          right into a weird slave-control room.  Find one of the smaller machines
          and pour the goo into it (via clicking it twice).  This frees the slaves
          from their stasis.  They tell you of a way to make Control Collars, as
          well as ask you to find them a way out.
          Go up to the big machine in the room and Use it to make Collars.  Keep
          using it until it no longer works.  You will get 4 Collars.  Equip these
          in your Quick Item slot to use them.  Then when you find a Mind Flayer,
          use the item on him to control him permanently. (Control ends when you
          open a door with him)
            Note:  How to get extra Mind Flayers (to open doors for you). There is
                   a room where you get the "Goo" which frees the slaves. In this
                   room a lone Mind Flayer will spawn once every minute or so (if
                   one is there, a new one won't spawn). There are at least two
                   doors that require a mind flayer to open and for both doors I
                   just went back to this room, controlled the mind flayer with one
                   of the collars and marched him over to the door. I didn't have
                   to turn into the Slayer once throughout the game (after the
                   first time which you don't control).  [from Rakhiir]
          Return to the right portion of the jail, and open the northern door
          (x 3050 y 1450).  Go through the passage and into the room.  Search the
          grate on the northern wall to find:
            Methild's Harp (Bards can dispel Hold Person effects, 3x day)
          Now try to open the door to the right and you get a strange message.
          Only a great mind or a creature with godlike strength can open this door.
          Which means either you go capture a Mind Flayer with the collars... or
          you turn into the Slayer and force the door open.  Turn into the Slayer
          (unless you managed to keep a Mind Flayer alive), lose the 2 reputation
          points, and go through the LEFT door.  Once you are in the next room, go
          up through the north door until you reach the Brine Room.
          The Githyanki will now be freed and will come out to congratulate you.
          Oh, and they aren't going to help you get out of here.  (everyone gets
          25,000 experience)
          Once in the Brine Room, try to capture some Mind Flayers (don't use all
          your collars).  Click on the 8 vats to create 8 Brine Potions, which can
          be used to protect your party from Psionic Attacks.  Give these potions
          ONLY to front line fighters, and use them ONLY when you are near Mind
          Flayers, they have a very short effectiveness.
          Go back to the previous room and open the lower left door (opening these
          doors requires only that you have a Mind Flayer in the party, x 1690
          y 1235).  Have only your best fighters proceed, each having taken a swig
          of the Brine Potion.  (or using the Greenstone Amulet from the Beholder
          City)  Continue left to find a large group of Illithid and Umber Hulks.
          From this room there are 3 doors, one to the north, one to the south and
          a secret door to the northeast.  Since we are being thorough, take the
          south door first.  This leads to a room with three bizarre Pod-like
          things in it.  Open each of them to reveal an enemy.
            Kuo-Toa Priest - 2000 exp, Magic Bolts, etc.
            Insane Dwarf - 1750 exp, Ring of Fire Control (50% fire res., spells)
            Umber Hulk - 4000 exp
          Back to the other room.  Now open the Secret Door (x 1140 y 1300).  Go
          up this way to find 3 Mind Flayers and several Umber Hulks.  Once they
          are dead, search the table to find:
            Staff of Command +2 (casts Domination once)
          Back to the other room.  That leaves only the northern door to go
          through. (x 950 y 1280)  I'm not sure why, but I had to turn into the
          Slayer to open this door.  What then was the point of taking control of
          several Mind Flayers?  If you have a Mind Flayer in your party, you can
          then Lockpick the door as normal.  Anyway go through there to find the
          Big Evil Illithid Brain.  Kill that first (40,000 experience), then
          concentrate on the other Illithids in there, then the Umber Hulks and
          finally the Brain Golems.  When the Brain dies you automatically gain
          some of its blood to give to Matron Ardulace.
        - EXIT
          Head back and then right to (x 3730 y 1100) to find the slaves who are
          now escaping.  They thank you (45,000 experience and a Reputation +1)
          and leave.  You should do the same.
          You will find the Githyanki outside in the Underdark under the Tent.
          If you have the Silver Blade on you, then they want it back and are
          prepared to fight and die to get it.
        5.4     [XTFRTU]             Exit from the Underdark  (AR 2402)
        - KUO-TOA DUNGEON (for the Kuo-Toa blood for Matron Ardulace)
          This one is by far the hardest to spot.  From the Underdark head west.
          Go to just south of the Svirfneblin bridge.  Then continue west into the
          darkness.  You will find that you can travel at (x 150 y 1840).  It's not
          marked on the map, and if you didn't know it was there, you might go
          right by it.
          If you did the Silver Dragon Quest, then you will appear at the END of
          this particular level.  In that case you may want to backtrack to find
          all the spiffy items.
          Anyway, go right.  There are many strange symbols drawn on the ground.
          The spiral indicates "danger".  Go up the northern "spiraly" path to find
          some beholders. (well one Beholder and 2 Gauth)  These things are easily
          killed by anyone with the proper Cloak of Mirroring (or Shield of
          Balduran).  Go back.
          Now go up the northeastern passage (x 1230 y 1315).  There are a group of
          Kuo-toans here, including some wizards.  Finish them off.  Then search
          the nearby pool to get some Tainted Tadpoles.  Go back.
          This time we go right.  The path will split, one portion going north and
          another continuing right.  We want to keep going right, however, the
          way is dangerous as a Flame Strike will hit you.  Cross over and open the
          big door (x 2800 y 1670).
          Within is an empty room with several statues.  At the top of the room is
          a gigantic statue of a Demogorgon.  It asks you to put a sacrifice in
          front of it to "awaken the five."  This is best done by casting "Animal
          Summoning" or a similar spell, and putting the animal in front of the
          statue.  The animals dies, and the five demon knights appear.
          Each of the Demon Knights is tough, does level drain and has some odd
          spell casting abilities (such as Horror).  Kill them.
            16,000 experience each
            Two Handed Swords +1
            Soul Reaver: Two handed Sword +4 (not usable by Good)
            Girdle of Frost Giant Strength (21 STR, part of the Crom Faeyr)
            Armor of the Hart: Full Plate +3
          Go back to the passage, and take the northern path.
        - BLOOD OF A KUO-TOA
          Just a little ways up the passage you will run into another large group
          of Kuo-Toa's.  Take these goons out.
          Continue northeast into a small round room.  It may have Kuo-Toa's in it,
          or they may be in its two side rooms.  In the right room you will find
          the Kuo-Toa Prince.  Kill him.
            Kuo-Toa Prince - 4000 experience
                             Bracers of Blinding Strike (casts improved Haste)
          Oh, and if you want to, you can put the Tainted Tadpoles in the pools in
          the right room. (If this is done before the battle, it weakens the
        - EXIT
          Now if you did the quest for Matron Ardulace, go back the way you came.
          However, if you need to, you can leave the Underdark completely to the
          left.  I wouldn't recommend that, but if you have to, why not. (Your
          disguise WILL fail if you attempt to leave, and then you can never
          return to Ust Natha)
          If you were merely teleported here by Adalon, then fight through the
          Drow guards (some have good EXP, but none have good items) to exit the
          area through the gates to the left.
        - TO THE SURFACE (AR 2401)
          This next series of passages leads to the surface.  You will first
          encounter a large Drow war party that needs to be taken out.  Go up to
          the next room to find Drow warring with surface Elves.  They tell you to
          get to the surface and talk to Captain Elhan.  There is another battle
          through the northwest doors.
          Open the southwest doors (x 800 y 520) and go through.  There is yet
          another battle with Drow here.  Continue through.  Open the last door and
          exit to the surface.
      6.        [BCKTAT]  Chapter 6: Back to Athkatla
        You exit and are confronted by Elves who at first think you are Drow, but
        even when they realize their error, still don't like you.  You are taken
        to see the Elven leaders, first a General, then Elhan...
          Elhan now will grill you on your various adventures.  He has a sage
          behind him who will verify the veracity of your statements (sort of like
          a polygraph test).  Just answer truthfully and things will go better.
          For example, on the first question I told him that I left the Drow
          "bloodied and battered... I did not flee."  The conversation at first is
          an exchange of information... mostly from you to them.  Then once they
          know that you know more than they, they want you to help them.  They need
          the Lanthorn to re-enter the city, but it was stolen by Bodhi.  You must
          find her and retrieve the item.  Ask for their help in this matter and
          get Holy Water and Stakes off of them.
          If Viconia is in the party they force her to swear a Geas to serve you.
          Naturally the first thing you will want to do upon exiting the Underdark
          is to head over to Cromwell to make the Crom Faeyr, Long Sword of the
          Equalizer and Gesen Bow. (all of which we have now found all the pieces
          However, on your way anywhere, you will bump into Drizzt Do'Urden and
          his friends: Bruenor, Wulfgar, Regis and Catti-Brie (from the Salvatore
          novels).  If you happen to have killed Drizzt in the previous game (and
          imported a save-game) then Drizzt is fairly hostile to you.  If your
          imported character had any of Drizzt's items, then he starts out fairly
          hostile to you.  Otherwise he is fairly friendly to you.  He is, after
          all, a force for GOOD in the world.
          The point of Drizzt is to ask him to help you fight down the evil Vampire
          Bodhi, which he promises to do.  If you do that, then you can simply
          meet him in her crypt in the Graveyard.
          EVIL Parties:  I'm betting, however, that many of you are going to fight
                         Drizzt to try to steal his nifty items.  First off, this
                         makes you EVIL, as Drizzt is good.  Secondly, several
                         party members will leave your party (or attack you) if
                         you do this:
                           Jaheira (leaves, goes to Athkatla)
                           Keldorn (leaves your party and attacks you)
                         Others aren't happy about it, but don't complain.
                         When the fight begins, Drizzt immediately summons forth
                         his spectral panther, Guenwhyvar to help him.  I'd take
                         out Drizzt first, followed quickly by Catti-Brie.  They
                         are the two fiercest here.  Then concentrate on Wulfgar,
                         Guenhwyvar and Bruenor.  Save Regis for last.  This battle
                         shouldn't be too hard for you.
                         Catti-Brie - 12,000 experience
                                      Tansheron's Bow +3
                                      Long Sword +2
                                      Chainmail +2
                         Regis - 1500 experience
                                 Leather Armor +1
                                 Mace +2
                                 Ruby Pendant (Dire Charm 1x/day)
                         Bruenor - 3500 experience
                                   Battle Axe +3
                                   Mithril Field Plate +2
                         Wulfgar - 3000 experience
                                   Aegis Fang (War Hammer +3)
                         Guenhwyvar - 1400 experience
                         Drizzt - 12,000 experience
                                  Scimitar +5, Defender
                                  Scimitar +3, Frostbrand
                                  Mithril Chainmail +4
                         If you DO kill them and steal their things, later Malchor
                         Harpell will appear and attempt to retrieve these items.
                         (This often leads to strange bugs, where he doesn't
                         actually do anything, but keeps hanging around).
          If you didn't want Drizzt as an Ally, there are other places to look for
          friends. (You don't actually need any allies if you are confident enough
          in your battle abilities)
          The Shadow Thieves:  Talk to Aran Linvail (basement of the Shadow Thieves
          Guild) and ask him to back you up when you invade Bodhi's place and he
          will send his "best" assassins out to help you.
          Order of the Radiant Heart:  Head over to the Order and a Squire will
          meet with you.  Then talk to Prelate Wesselan in the side room and ask
          for his help in defeating Bodhi and he will send a contingent of Paladins
          out to the Tomb to help out. (Interestingly, one of the Paladins sent has
          the Two Handed Sword +3: Harbinger, that when it hits may hit with a
          Fireball as well)
          You may also be able to convince a Temple to help you IF that Temple is
          your Stronghold.
          You can recruit all of them to help, or none of them. Up to you.
          WARNING:  If you are in a romance with someone, remove their equipment
                    before heading to the graveyard.
        - BODHI FINALE
          Head over to the Graveyard to listen to Bodhi.  If you are currently in a
          Romance with someone, that person will be turned Cyan (such that you
          cannot talk to them) and a battle between your party and Bodhi's vampires
          breaks out.  Your romantic interest will then be spirited away.
          Head out to the entrance to the lower levels (x 590 y 980).  The other
          entrances are mostly barred to prevent entry.  Go down into the crypt.
          If you have allies down here, you will find them fighting away.  I will
          assume that you have no allies, so any allies you have will merely help
          you. (although you get no experience for anything the "allies" kill)
          Search the two nearby containers to find some spells (and some Stakes if
          you need them):
            Spells - Finger of Death
                     Symbol of Death
          We're on the same battle plan as the first time we came here, namely kill
          Vampires with names, and Stake them when they retreat to their coffins.
          Go up the passage to find Valen and Del.  Kill them, then enter the room
          to the left to Stake the two of them.
          Go up the northern passage (x 360 y 1080) to the blood bath room.
          Here you will find more vampires (Salia, Meredath) and a pool of blood.
          Kill the vampires.  Neither of them deserve staking.  Then go up to the
          Pool and click it twice to use the Holy Water on it.  This cleanses the
          pool and weakens the vampires.
          Go through the passage to the right.  There you will find a HORDE of
          vampires (hence why you wanted the allies, I would think).  Simply go
          forward until a couple vampires come your way, kill them, go a little
          further forward, do some more, and so on.  When the last of this room's
          many vampires are dead, go back to the Coffin room and Stake it.
            Tip:  Other ways to kill vampires would be to launch Cloudkills into
                  the room, use Turn Undead (from an Evil priest you seize control
                  of Vampires and can turn them on each other).
          Head into the next passage to the right to get to the Spiky Room.  Here
          you find a Guard Vampire, who casts spells on himself.  Nothing a good
          Breach spell can't remove. (x 2150 y 675)  Enter the spiky room.  There
          are many Vampiric Mists and Traps in here.  Search the center blood pool
          to find:
            Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (+1 THAC0, +2 Damage)
          Back to the main room, and take the stairs to the lower level.
          (x 1575 y 550)
          If any of the three allies came with you (Drizzt, Eric the Paladin or
          Arkanis the Shadow Thief) then they will automatically appear with you
          (even if it didn't look like they understood what stairs are).  This
          first passage has 2 traps in it before you reach the door.  Arkanis will
          detrap these if he is with you.
            Michael Schneider has a battle plan:
              I recommend the following course of action if you have the
              Mace of Destruction +2: Allow NO ONE to fight in the final Bodhi
              battle save your strongest fighter with this weapon and some good
              armor equipped (you won't take much *physical* damage in this battle
              if your AC is -7 or lower), and a Cloak of Spell-turning (or Shield
              of Balduran). The Mace of Destruction renders him immune to
              level-drain (and the level-drain ability of the vampires and even
              fledgling-vampires are enhanced for this battle; presumably this is
              what the Holy Water weakens), which means that all of your party
              (being unaffected) will be eligible for the big XP payoff at the
              conclusion. Otherwise you'll need to cast a lot of Restorations
              before staking her.
          Open the door to find Bodhi.  She gives her final Evil Rant and attacks.
          If your lover was turned, you will find them here and they will attack
          you forcing you to kill them.  Make sure to loot them if you didn't
          remove their equipment earlier.  Go up to the Pool (any of them) and use
          a Holy Water on it to weaken the vampires further.  Kill Bodhi (91,000
          experience) and she will flee to her coffin in the top right room.  Go
          up there and Stake her. (x 1700 y 100)  This gets you:
            55,000 + 48,500 experience for each character
            Rhynn Lanthorn (needed to enter the elven city)
          Before leaving be sure to get:
            Bodhi's Black Heart
            Body of your Lover (if applicable)
            The Vapiricus Omnibus: Unabridged (from the top left room)
          Well, before we go to Chapter Seven we have to undo the rest of what
          Bodhi did, namely we have to reverse the vampirism.  The Vapiricus
          Omnibus mentions the god Amaunator, whose temple we restored when we
          defeated the Shade Lord (or, if you didn't do that, check out the Umar
          Hills section).  Go to the Temple Ruins area.
          Enter the temple ruins.  Make your way to the lettered-floor room
          (where you can only cross safely by stepping on the letters AMAUNATOR)
          cross and enter the left room with the giant statue.  Place the Body and
          Bodhi's Heart in the arms of the statue (x 2615 y 1620).  Your lover will
          be restored back to life and will be very thankful.
          Go back to the 'exit from the underdark' area and talk to Elhan again.
          Everything he says just reveals more and more that the elves knew
          Irenicus and Bodhi from before.  However, he does not wish to tell you
          the entire story, and says that if you can rescue the Priestess Demin
          from the city, Suldanessellar, then she will reveal all to you. (everyone
          gets 74,500 experience)  This is continued in the section titled
        QUEST:  Restore Yoshimo's Soul
                If you still have Yoshimo's (black) heart, you can try to remove
                the Geas that holds his soul.  Take it to any Priest of Ilmater
                (for example, the Temple that is on the Roof of the Copper Coronet)
                and ask that they help him.  For this you gain 200,000 experience.
                And no, Yoshimo cannot be resurrected after this.  But hey, you did
                save his soul!
        OTHER:  Find the Silver Hilt for the Vorpal Sword
                You've had the Silver Blade forever now (assuming you went with
                Saemon) and are probably wondering just when you are going to get
                that pesky hilt for it.  Well, when wandering near the Adventurer's
                Mart in Waukeen's Promenade I encountered Kruin, a mean Gith who
                needs the Sword to re-enter Limbo.
                Refuse to hand over the sword and he starts casting spells like
                crazy.  Did I mention that he has several Gith buddies around?
                Kill them to get the Silver Hilt, used to finish the Vorpal Sword.
                (Rhetorical question, why didn't the Cowled Wizards show up when
                the Gith started casting spells?)
        OTHER:  The Doppleganger Brigands
                While traveling between areas you will be "waylaid" by a group of
                what appears to be peasants.  They ask if you are the famous
                adventurer, renowned throughout the Sword Coast.  Say yes and they
                suddenly turn themselves into cloned versions of your party!  Who
                knows what diabolical scheme they have concocted to use with a
                cloned version of your party.  Kill them.  I didn't really find
                anything else remarkable about them.
        6.1     [3NWARS]             Three New Areas
        - AREA ONE: SMALL TEETH PASS (AR 1700)
          You probably couldn't help but notice that when you emerged from the
          Underdark there were 3 new areas on your map.  From left to right these
          are:  Small Teeth Pass, North Forest and the Forest of Tethir.  We'll
          hit them in that order starting with the Small Teeth Pass.  There is
          nothing in the Small Teeth Pass.  Sure, you can fight some Wolfwere's,
          or Vampiric Mists or even Gnolls, but other than that you won't find a
          single thing of significance here.  On to the next area.
        - AREA TWO: NORTH FOREST (AR 1800)
          This area is very small, but actually does have more significant things
          in it.  There is a grave (x 1550 y 525) near the top of the map that has
          some random treasures in it.  Yes, you heard me, random.  Nothing great,
          possibly some spells, potions or gems.  At night this grave is guarded
          by some Genies (a Djinn and an Efreet).
          Further down from that you will find another set of graves, this one
          defended by a Mage, a Priest and their goons.  I would take out the mage
          first to prevent him from casting his Time Stop and other spells.  You
          can search them, but they don't have any great treasures.
          Unlike the previous two areas, this one actually has something in it!  A
          Quest even!  With murder and intrigue!  You will likely start out at the
          top of the map.  Immediately to your right you will see a cage hanging
          from a tree (x 2320 y 225).  This is the Wolfwere camp and becomes
          significant later.  From there go south to the branch (x 2430 y 1630)
          go left onto the branch and from there onto the really big fallen tree.
          Go north up this tree to the next branch (x 1600 y 1180).  Go left on
          this branch to reach the Cabin.
          Here you will meet up with Coran (x 580 y 1130) who tells you that he
          wandered out here with Safana but now she has been kidnapped by
          Wolfweres.  Agree to help him out.  (Also you can search the left side
          of the cabin to find a minor treasure, it's on the wall)  If you enter
          his cabin you will find it overrun by Vampiric Mists and similar
          creatures.  There are also some +1 and +2 items in here, but by this
          point in the game that isn't very noteworthy!
          Leave the cabin and return to the Wolfwere camp to find Coran.  Lanfear
          has been "holding" Safana captive, but it turns out that they are in
          cahoots and are out to get you for some bounty or another.  Treachery!
          And you thought Yoshimo hurt! (Safana and Coran were with you in Baldur's
          Gate)  However, Lanfear has her own plot to steal Coran away, and kills
          Safana once he is there.  A battle soon breaks out.  Try to keep Coran
          alive if you want (isn't important).  If your main character was Female
          then Lanfear simply kills Coran before the battle. (such is life, I
          suppose)  And that is that for Coran.
          Back onto the left log (x 2020 y 1620).  This time take it south to where
          it intersects with another log (x 3040 y 2800).  Now there is a branch
          just to the south (and a little east) that leads south off of this
          log (x 3240 y 2960).  This leads to another branch that goes east.
          Go north once you are off the branch until you reach the Door (x 4500
          y 2220).  Enter.  Search the lake:
            Mana Bow +4 (20% magic resistance)
            minor treasures
          There's nothing else worth looking at in here, so leave. (If you did go
          into the back room, be sure to check for traps first)  We're also done
          with this area, so you can leave.
      7.        [SLDNSS]  Chapter 7: Suldanessellar  (AR 2800)
        Elhan uses the Lanthorn to open a hole in the tree to the Elven City of
        Suldanessellar (everyone in the party gets another 74,500 experience).
        The elves then re-enter their city and bid you to follow them...
          In case you are wondering, you are in the Forest of Tethir to start with
          (see the above section 'Three New Areas' if you haven't been here
          already).  Enter the city.  The elves move out to look for survivors, and
          Elhan tells you to be careful and look for Ellesime.
          We are currently in the bottom right portion of the map.  Go north to
          find the first building (x 4640 y 2500).  Enter.  Kill the three Golems
          in here to save the two elves.  They reveal that you will find Priestess
          Demin in a house in the Southwestern part of the city, then leave.
          Search the large bookcase on the right (x 680 y 270) to find the:
            Stone Horn (needed)
          The container just north of that bookcase holds a:
            Cloak of Elvenkind (Hide in Shadows +50%)
          The rest of the containers hold merely minor treasures.  Exit the
          Head up the northwestern path (x 4515 y 2450).  Beware Golems that may
          lurk around here.  There was a group of Rakshasa's (x 4060 y 1950) just
          outside the next building.  Be ready for a large battle, and enter the
          building.  If you cast Protection from Evil 10' on your party, then the
          Glabrezu will not attack you.  Once inside take out the mage first and
          the rest will be easy.  There is nothing else to be done here for the
          moment, but remember this place (Temple of Rillifane), we will be back.
            Note:  If you have the artifacts of Rillifane before coming here the
                   first time, and quickly placed them in the Altar, you could let
                   the Avatar of Rillifane fight this battle for you. (Rolander)
          Head down the southwest path to the unmarked building (x 3160 y 2730).
          There will probably be more Golems here to fight.  Go up the stairs on
          the building to rescue some elves.  Tell them to get to the gates.  South
          of this building is a platform where some elves and trolls are fighting.
          Once the trolls are defeated the elves "move out" to help out other
          sections of the city.
          Go down the next southwest passage to the next building (x 2080 y 3240).
          Enter the TOP room first, and search it until you find the Wardstone.
          Then leave that room and enter the lower room.  You can find the Meteor
          Swarm spell on the fireplace mantle.  To the right you will see three
          dead elves around an odd piece of furniture.  The answers to this thing's
          questions can be found on the wardstone.  Go up and use the thing:
            First:  Press the Rune of Corellan Lotharian
            2nd:    Press the Symbol of Rillifane
            3rd:    Press the elven Symbol of Water
            4th:    Press the Rune that denotes the Tree of Life
          Do that correctly to get the Symbol of Rillifane.  Leave this room.
          Go west (where you will see Elves battling skeletal warriors), then
          northwest to get to Demin's House (x 780 y 2140), which is guarded by a
          Drow and a Demon.  Go up the stairs and enter the building.  Inside you
          will find Demin fighting three Rakshasa's:
            Girdle of Stone Giant Strength (20 STR)
          On the shelf behind her you will find:
            Spell - Absolute Immunity
          Afterwards talk to Demin to learn all about Irenicus' past and why he has
          invaded the elven city.  She also has an idea to help clear the city of
          its current pest problem, to restore the Guardians of the forest.  What
          you need is to find the three artifacts of Rillifane:  The Cup, the
          Symbol and the Moonblade.  We already got the Symbol, all we need is the
          Cup, which is on the Dragon to the northwest and the Moonblade, which is
          in the Temple of the Moon to the east.
          Leave her house.
          Go up the northern path to the Harpist's House (x 1060 y 625).  Outside
          the house a group of elves are fighting some golems.  If you manage to
          save the elves they give you 13,000 experience.  Enter the building.
          Search the desk in the top left to find:
            Stone Harp (companion to the Stone Horn)
          Leave the building.
          Go up to the northwest passage (x 500 y 725).  This path leads to a new
          area with the Black Dragon that we must defeat to get the Golden Cup of
          Rillifane.  Take the passage.  Once at the new area, cast whatever
          protective spells you wish (I used Haste, Protection from Evil and
          Mazzy's Protection from Fear), then go southwest and fight the dragon.
          You can try to reason with him, but he won't fall for it, and a battle is
          inevitable.  Just keep his spell defenses down and attack.  By this point
          in the game you should be mighty enough to easily whack this pest.
            Nizidramanii'yt - 52,000 experience
                              Golden Goblet of Life (fancier name)
                              Bladesinger Chain +4 (elven chainmail, AC 1)
                              Minor Treasures
            Note: You can also trade all your possessions for the Goblet if you
                  would rather. You could drop all your items on the ground before
                  talking to the dragon, then he just takes all your gold.
                  I wonder what the Dragon would do with Boo, anyway...
          Once the Dragon is dead, head back the way you came.
            Alternatively:  You can give the Dragon everything you have (gold and
                            items) for the Goblet.  Naturally, you'll want to drop
                            all your items before doing this.
          Go southeast, past the Harpist's House, southeast down the next passage
          to get to the House of the Moon (x 1830 y 1450) and site of the final
          artifact of Rillifane.  Enter.
          Within the house you get to watch as an elf kills a Balor, but is
          destroyed himself in the process.  Search the elf's remains to find the
          Moonblade.  Then search the rest of the room to find:
            Boots of Elvenkind
            Spells - Gate
          Return to the Temple of Rillifane and place the three sacred objects
          (Cup, Moonblade and Amulet) in the Altar in the center.  This will
          create the Avatar of Rillifane who is irritated that his temple has been
          defiled by Irenicus. (everyone gets 65,000 experience)  After talking
          with you he summons forth the Guardians of the Forest, who clear out the
          city and unseal the Palace for you to enter.  You also get:
            Staff of the Woodlands +4 (+3 AC, best weapon for Druids)
          Leave the temple.  Just outside the temple will be a new elf, Reirra, who
          offers to sell you things.  When you are ready head up to the Palace
          (x 3450 y 600).  Near the House of the Moon you will find some elves in
          conflict with some monsters.  Help out (although the elves seem to get
        - THE PALACE
          Go up to the tree and keep using it until you get all the nuts (the
          screen will fade to black).  There is now only one door to go through,
          so go through it.  This leads to a pleasant garden with a waterfall in
          the center.  To the left are two statues, use the statues to put the
          Stone Horn and Stone Harp on them. (3000 exp each)  This removes the
          waterfall and replaces it with a staircase.  Go down the stairs. (after
          first talking to your party members about the upcoming battle)
        - THE TREE OF LIFE
          When you first enter this area, Ellesime talks to you.  She tells you
          that you need to slay 3 parasites on the tree in order to weaken Irenicus
          to the point where he can be defeated.
          From where you start, go all the way left (x 1970 y 450) and one of your
          Seeds will grow into a new branch that continues left.  Go left to find
          the first parasite (x 1430 y 140).  Click on it to try to kill it,
          however it has a defender that leaps out to attack you. (for me it was
          2 Earth Elementals)  Once they are dead, click on the parasite to kill
          it.  One down, two to go.
          Go a little left and down from the first parasite and a new branch will
          grow in.  Cross it and go down. (x 877 y 1070)  Follow this path down to
          find the second parasite (x 1180 y 1480).  Click on it until its
          guardians attack you (air elementals).  Once they are dead, kill the
          second Parasite and Ellesime will contact you again.  She is very excited
          now and thinks there is a good chance that you could kill Irenicus. (or
          as she calls him, Joneleth)  One more Parasite to go.
          Go down.  You will pass right by Irenicus (x 1800 y 2035), go past him
          on the path that leads eastwards. (x 2340 y 2400)  Another branch will
          grow in, cross it.  Keep going right until you find the final parasite
          (x 2875 2025).  Do the same thing to kill it.  When the last parasite
          dies you are automatically teleported over to Irenicus.
          There are many ways to fight Irenicus.  Some might suggest summoning a
          Nishruu or Hakeashar to deal with him.  Others would recommend using
          Protection from Magic scrolls.  An easy strategy that often works is to
          let him cast some spells, then just wander off for awhile.  Most mages
          don't follow you, and it can easily allow you to do what you will
          (protective magics, healing, etc.).  But perhaps the easiest strategy
          for dealing with Irenicus comes from Xar:  Since you can reach Irenicus
          before killing the parasites, fill his areas with the nastiest traps you
          have (either you need to be a thief or have Jan along – Imoen/Nalia’s
          trap skill is too poor).  The traps won’t activate until you get the
          arch-villain speech.  Seven traps (with some special snare or advanced)
          will kill him before he can raise a single barrier.  Next.
          When Irenicus is dead, everyone is sucked into hell with him. If anyone
          died, don't worry about their possessions, they will appear in hell
          with you.
        7.1     [TH9HLS]             The Nine Hells  (AR 2900)
        When Irenicus died, your stolen soul did not return to you and as a result
        you followed Irenicus into hell.  Imoen has a theory as to why the same
        didn't happen with her, that Bodhi's vampirism made the soul transfer
        easier.  In any case, you must find Irenicus and finish things, once and
        for all.
          Well that big giant door to the north seems like a likely place to have
          to end out eventually, if only you could open it.  Go over to the left
          (x 575 y 840) and down the stairs.
            Note:  Each of these "tests" has a GOOD and an EVIL way to accomplish
                   them.  Which you do has some fairly drastic effects when you
                   get around to opening the final doors.
            Alternate Route: [from Henning Roes]
              In your walkthrough you walked left and started with the Wraith of
              Sarevok. If you walk right instead it seems that whatever you do you
              will stay good.  In my first game I went left and everything was like
              you described. In my second and third game I went right and wasn't
              able to get the evil reward or become evil. I sacrificed a peasent
              for example by choosing the evil path to avoid the loss of DEX. When
              I placed the Tear my alignment didn't change and I got the 'good'
              reward. Same in every other cave.
              The exception is the Wraith of Sarevok. When I showed him my wrath I
              got the evil reward and my alignment changed.
              There is even a small benefit by going right beside the benefits
              mentioned above. Sarevok's Wraith is not able to hurt you when you're
              immune to 0/+1-weapons. You can kill him with a dagger or your fists.
          Walk forward a little to find Wraith Sarevok (he was the final bad-guy in
          the first Baldur's Gate, if you didn't play it).  Talk to him.  He tells
          you just about everything you will need to know about this hell you are
          in.  How you need to collect the Tears of Bhaal to open that door, and
          to confront Irenicus for your soul.  If you get really mad at Sarevok and
          yell at him and so forth, then your stats will be increased. (It's along
          the lines of you deserving the power of the Slayer)  My Barbarian gained
          +1 STR.  That, however, is the EVIL path.
            Note:  Choosing the evil path when fighting Sarevok's Wraith gives you
                   +1 STR. This is permanently added to your STR. The +2 reward is
                   added to your actual equipment. For example: You have STR19,
                   gain the +1 then you have 20. Adding the +2 gives you 21. If
                   you're wearing a girdle of STR21 then your STR is increased to
                   21+2=23. (Henning Roes)
          Go back up.  Then go down, and left to the next staircase (x 830 y 1830).
          You will immediately confront a demon by the name of Greed.  He greets
          you and gives you the Blackrazor longsword (a +3 weapon with many good
          Walk forward to find the trapped Genie.  He gives you a little riddle.
          The gist of which is that to free him and gain the Tear of Bhaal that you
          need requires the use of the Blackrazor.  You can either give him the
          sword (20,000 exp) or you can kill him with it. (11,000 exp)  In any case
          once you have the tear go back up.  Giving him the sword is the GOOD
          path, killing him the EVIL path.
            Note: I've heard you can pickpocket the tear off him, but haven't
                  confirmed it.
          Go right, then down the center stairs (x 2100 y 2200).
          Walk forward to find the demon Selfish.  It tells you that it has a Tear
          but that you have to prove yourself worthy.  It then steals one of your
          companions (and if you happen to HAVE no companions, then it steals a
          mortal from some random place... I have also heard that you can simply
          dismiss an NPC before going here and he will still summon the peasant).
          Then the choice becomes thus, if you go on the left path you must
          sacrifice to save this person, if you go right you sacrifice nothing
          (but the person being held is killed).
          If you take the Left path, you will lose:
            First Door:  2 HP from maximum
            Second Door: 1 point of Dexterity
            Third Door:  Experience
          Ard has an interesting alternative:
            I have found a way around it.  I came in with my main char and Imoen (I
            did the whole game with one but kept Imoen when she returned) so Imoen
            was taken hostage. She wore the boots of speed (perhaps haste works
            too).  I paused immediately when she appeared below and cued her to run
            to the bottom left door and open it *from the inside*.  Imoen could
            just reach this before being held.
            The demon was satisfied, gave up the tear and buzzed off without any of
            the damage described.
          Andrew Scarvell has another interesting alternative:
            I found this out quite by accident.  One of my multiplayer characters,
            a female gnome illusionist/thief (aka Wierdo), had a Dispel Magic spell
            stored away in a Contingency, set to go off if the character became
            "helpless". Anyway, Wierdo was spirited away by Selfish, and had the
            Hold spell put on her, thus rendering her helpless.  The Contingency
            spell therefore kicked in, and the dispel magic freed her.
            Now, with Wierdo free in the demon's domain, she could simply talk to
            the demon and the GOOD path was automatically chosen.  She was then
            able to open the final left door at her leisure, which caused the main
            character to lose some experience, but this was the only penalty I
            suffered as the other doors are now inactive.  No loss of DEX or HP.
            And I didn't cheat in any way - in fact it was positively in spirit
            with the game, as a very innovative (or lucky) application of the
            contingency/dispel magic combo.  This is quite similar to Ard's cheat
            involving the boots of speed, except that it isn't a cheat.
          If you take the right path, YOU lose nothing, but the person held dies.
          This is a permanent death (unless you have the Rules set to the easier
          levels).  Also if you are a Paladin or a Ranger you will become Fallen.
          Naturally making the sacrifice is GOOD, and getting them killed is EVIL.
          There is also some minor treasure by where your companion is held.  Time
          to leave this area, go back and get to the next set of stairs to the
          You will immediately encounter the Fear Demon.  He tells you that there
          are horrible fiends beyond him that will devour you alive.  Your only
          hope is a magical Nymph-skin cloak that he has.  Don't take the cloak as
          you don't need it.  Taking the cloak is the EVIL path, not taking it is
          the GOOD path.
            Tip:  Cast Remove Fear on your party ahead of time.
          Past this demon there are two paths, a northern one that leads to
          Beholders and a southern one that has a Fear aura on it.  Take the
          southern passage to the right, skip by the treasure chest.  At the end
          of the path is a bright red crystal.  Click it to get the Tear of Bhaal.
          Go back out, and there is only one last set of stairs to hit. (x 3385
          y 1000)
          Here you will meet with the final demon, Pride.  He has a big long speech
          since he is the last demon (actually any of them will give you this
          speech if you do them last).  Then he tells you that to get the last tear
          you must defeat a big evil monster.  Ask him what KIND of monster it is.
          Then keep bugging him about the creature.  Why does it deserve death?
          Keep bugging him until he admits that the creature might just give you
          the tear anyway.
          Go forward to find the Dragon and it will give you the tear.  That was
          easy, wasn't it.  Doing it that way is the GOOD path, fighting the dragon
          anyway is the EVIL path.
          There are some potions in a hidden container to the left by the red
          glowing crystals.
          If you chose to fight whatever was in there, it will be a Red Dragon and
          it will have some interesting treasures, but at this point in the game,
          it isn't really worthwhile.
          Go back out.
          I bet you're just saying to yourself, just how many times must I kill
          Irenicus before he finally dies!?  Well just this one more time, honest.
          Head up to the Big Door (x 2050 y 400) and click it.  Click it again to
          remove the seals. (and again...)  Depending on whether you did the
          tests as "Good" or "Evil" you get these bonuses: (bonuses from ANDY)
            FEAR TEAR (the Nymph cloak)
              Good:  Immunity to +1 weapons or less
              Evil:  +2 CON
            SELFISHNESS TEAR (sacrifice for companion)
              Good:  +10 resistance to magic
              Evil:  +2 to your AC
            GREED TEAR (the Blackrazor sword)
              Good:  +2 to all saving throws
              Evil:  +15 to HP
            PRIDE TEAR (the dragon)
              Good:  +20% resistances to fire, cold and electricity
              Evil:  Gain 200,000 experience
            WRATH TEAR (Sarevok)
              Good:  +1 to WIS and CHA
              Evil:  +2 to STR
          IMPORTANT NOTE:  If in any of the above tests you choose the Evil Path,
                           you lose one reputation point and also have the
                           alignment changed over to evil (if you were good or
          When the door opens, Irenicus blasts out to face you one last time.  This
          time, it's personal.
          This time Irenicus summons forth 4 demons and then becomes the Slayer.
          I ignored Irenicus and killed the demons first, then I concentrated all
          firepower on Irenicus.  I found this battle to be easier than the earlier
          battle with him, but that is just me.  He also will teleport around the
          area.  When he dies, he dies rather spectacularly.
          And so the game ends...
     X1.        [STRNGH]  STRONGHOLD Walkthroughs
      These do not tell you how to get the Hold, (though they do tell you where to
      start) these are intended to tell you what to do with the Hold when you get
      it.  Only the main character gets a stronghold.  That means if your main
      character is a Fighter, Monk or Barbarian, you get the Warrior Stronghold.
      Sorcerers get the Mage Stronghold.
      Warrior -->  De'Arnise Hold
                   Talk to Nalia in the Copper Coronet in the Slums to get this
                   quest started.  Then at the successful completion of the quest,
                   Nalia gives you the fortress as thanks.  You MUST accept the
                   Stronghold when she first offers it!  If you do not, it will
                   be seized by her enemies.
                   This stronghold's primary ability is to raise money, which it
                   does at a rate of 500 gp per week.  This gold is collected in
                   the library on the second floor.  You can also sleep anywhere in
                   the Keep.  Also you can "raise the tax rate," which results in
                   an instant 1000 gp gain, but makes the people less happy.  You
                   want to keep your people happy since when they get too unhappy
                   they will revolt.  And if they revolt you lose control of the
                   Plus about once a week someone will come to visit you at the
                   hold.  These are "mini-quests" and usually involve a choice on
                   your part.  Most of these are worth only experience.  The best
                   time to know when to return to your keep is when you get the
                   message saying that "Gold has been placed in your Keep".
                   Event 1:  Angry Merchant.  Tolmas Bendelia is here and he is
                             quite upset.  His caravan was waylaid by bandits in
                             your land and he wants restitution.  From you.  If you
                             do NOT pay him, he threatens to make life miserable
                             for your people.  The caravan was worth 1000 gold.
                             You can either pay him the money, buy the debts of the
                             farmers, or laugh him out of your sight.  Once that
                             is done you must decide what to do about the bandits.
                             You can hire mercenaries for 500 gold, 250 gold or
                             ignore them.  Depending on your answers you get exp:
                               Buy debts for 1000 and 500 for mercenaries: 15,000
                               Pay him 1000 and 500 for mercenaries:       15,000
                               Pay him 1000 and 250 for mercenaries:       0
                               Pay him 500 (CHA of 15+) and 500 for mercs: 15,000
                   Event 2:  The Guard Thief.  Captain Cernick has caught one of
                             your guards stealing.  Cernick, if asked, would have
                             the man executed immediately, but that won't gain you
                             anything.  Talk to the thief and learn his side of the
                             story.  Turns out he has a very good excuse (medicine
                             for wife).  You can execute him, expel him from the
                             guard or help him out.  The medicine costs 500 gold.
                               Forgive him:  15,500 exp
                               Expel him:    11,500 exp
                               Execute:      nothing
                             Buying the medicine makes the people like you more,
                             and less likely to revolt.
                   Event 3:  The Cleric of Tempus (Tempos).  A priest of Tempus
                             wants to set up shop in your Keep.  He's a very odd
                             character, and not someone that you will like.
                             Keldorn will recommend him, while Anomen doesn't like
                               Let him stay:                  15,500 exp
                               Don't take stranger into keep: 11,500 exp
                               Tell him to beat it:           nothing
                             If you do keep him, you can find him upstairs in the
                             Golem area.  It requires going through some secret
                             doors but it is your own temple.
                             Also letting him stay makes the people like you more.
                   Event 4:  Somewhere around 2 weeks later (for me it was 16 days)
                             a messenger appears and tells you to get back to the
                             Hold within the next week OR ELSE.
                             Once you are there you meet with Lord Farthington
                             Roenall who wants you to give up the Keep.  I suggest
                             you NOT do that.
                   Event 5:  Chanelle the Maid.  She has two men who wish to marry
                             her and only you can decide which she is to marry.
                             The first, Jessup, is poor but she loves him.  The
                             second, Malvolio, is rich but she doesn't love him.
                               Marry Jessup: 15,500 exp
                               Marry Malvolio: 11,500 exp
                             If you let her marry Jessup then you have the option
                             of providing a dowry.  A 500 gold dowry makes the
                             people like you more.
                             If you let her marry Malvolio, the people like you
                             less.  However, if you refuse his 500 gp, then they
                             like you more (however, the two cancel each other out
                             so you end out where you started).
                   Event 6:  The two moneylenders.  They claim that the previous
                             Lord De'Arnise borrowed money from them and that you
                             are responsible for paying it.  The Major Domo says
                             that there was no such debt, and that they could have
                             forged the documents themselves.  You can pay them
                             their money if you wish, but you get no experience
                             from it.  Either threaten them with executions or have
                             them executed.
                             Turns out they are blackmailers, but they might have
                             a hold over your people.  If you didn't buy off the
                             blackmailers, you have to pay your people.
                               500 gold:   11,500 exp
                               1000 gold:  15,500 exp (and people like you more)
                             And not paying makes the people angry with you.
                   Event 7:  Flooding.  The old dikes have broken flooding the
                             land.  Several angry farmers demand satisfaction from
                             you.  You need to spend money to repair the farms:
                               5000 gold:  15,500 exp
                               partial: 4500 exp
                               none: nothing (and this makes a revolt more likely)
                             If you do a partial amount, you get experience based
                             on how much you shell out:
                               4000 gold:  6500 exp
                               3000 gold:  4500 exp
                               2000 gold:  2500 exp
                               1000 gold:  nothing
                             And the less you pay, the more angry at you they
                             Then you need to spend money to repair the dike:
                               2000 gold:  the people like you more
                               none: nothing (possible bad effects with Roenall)
                             Listen to what the farmers say when they leave.  If
                             they compliment you, then the people like you, if
                             they say... not so nice things, beware.
                   Event 8:  Invasion.  Lord Roenall now intends to take this Keep
                             by force and has invaded your lands.  Your forces will
                             not hold up long.  What you are asked to do is go out
                             to the battle and kill Lord Roenall, thus ending the
                             invasion.  Captain Cernick asks that you go out to
                             help with the battle.
                             Just past the drawbridge you'll find the two opposing
                             forces.  After Roenall taunts you, attack him with
                             everything you have.  All you have to do is kill him
                             and the battle ends.
                               Roenall - 12,000 exp
                                         Full Plate Mail +1
                                         Bastard Sword +1
                             Back inside you are told the Keep is yours forever
                             more (assuming you don't tax yourself into a revolt)
                             and you get 50,000 exp.  Be sure to search Roenall
                   The Keep is now yours forever, to generate an income, and be
                   a base of operations.
      Priest  -->  Cult at the Temple District
                   Normally when you go to the Temple District you see a cult form,
                   and a Priest of Helm talks to you.  Well when you go here as a
                   Priest, a representative from your Temple (ie Lathander) tells
                   you to come with him.
                   Return to whomever gave you the quest to accept your reward
                   (I got 8000 gold from Lathander as well as a Reputation +1).
                   They then give you a room in the temple and you are part of the
                   temple now.  Then talk to their Acolyte to learn what you need
                   to be doing now.
                     Lathander - Acolyte Lara
                     Helm      - Acolyte Byron
                     Talos     - Acolyte Vilon
                   You then have to meet with some people and help them out.  Talk
                   to the person, decide on a course of action.  Then wait until
                   they return to tell you the results.  After 24 hours or so, the
                   Acolyte will return to grade your performance.  (The people are
                   the same in all temples, however the reward for what you have
                   them do changes)
                     Note:  If you do something that the church you are a member of
                            doesn't like (such as a Priest of Lathander telling
                            someone to "kill all the witnesses") then you will be
                            stripped of your title.
                   Lathander: (best choices)
                     Glinden - Wife is unfaithful.  Tell him to forgive her and let
                               her do as she will.  Later the Acolyte comes and
                               evaluates your performance. (20,000 exp)
                     Ti'Vael - Killed a man.  Have him pay restitution to the man's
                               family.  48 hours he returns. (20,000 exp)
                     Rania   - Lost her faith.  Give her time to think about
                               things.  48 hours later Acolyte Lara reappears and
                               gives you 20,000 exp.
                     Cortirso - You were instantly promoted over this gentleman in
                               the church, and he demands satisfaction (a duel).
                               Don't fight him and Lara will give you 20,000 exp.
                     Lara then gives you the task to assassinate the
                     Weathermistress Ada, chief of the Talos Temple.  Every
                     follower of Talos is now your enemy.  Head over to the Temple
                     and kill Ada.  Return to Lara for your reward: 1000 gold and
                     35,000 experience.
                   Helm: (best choices)
                     Glinden - Wife is unfaithful.  Tell him to remind his wife of
                               their vows.  Byron will return later and give you
                               20,000 exp.
                     Ti'Vael - Killed a man.  Tell him to turn himself in to the
                               authorities.  Byron gives you 20,000 exp.
                     Rania   - Lost her faith.  Stress the importance of duty and
                               following.  She doesn't like it that much, but
                               Helm does.  Byron returns later to give you 20,000
                     Cortirso - You were instantly promoted over this gentleman in
                               the church, and he demands satisfaction (a duel).
                               Accept his challenge and kill him.  Byron then gives
                               you 20,000 experience for following Helm.
                     You are then given the task of protecting the Temple of
                     Lathander from an attack of Talos.  Also you must prevent the
                     Lathandites from gaining revenge on Talos after the attack.
                     Head over to the Temple of Lathander and prevent the assault
                     from going through.  Then talk to Lara and talk her out of
                     assassinating Ada. (2,1)  Return to Byron to get 1000 gold and
                     35,000 experience.
                   Talos: (best choices)
                     Glinden - Wife is unfaithful.  Tell him to murder his wife AND
                               her lover, then when the Inspector shows up turn
                               Glinden in for a reward.  You get 200 gold and
                               20,000 experience when Vilon returns.
                     Ti'Vael - Killed a man.  Tell him to kill all the witnesses to
                               his crime.  Then when he returns to you, kill him.
                               Then take his head to the government district and
                               give it to the inspector.  Return to the temple.
                               When Vilon returns you get 500 gold and 20,000 exp.
                     Rania   - Crisis of faith.  Kill her for her lack of faith
                               (oh, and keep her head around).
                     Cortirso - You were instantly promoted over this gentleman in
                               the church, and he demands satisfaction (a duel).
                               Now take Rania's head to the Inspector and frame
                               Cortirso for the murder.  Vilon will give you 30,000
                               experience for this clever action.
                     Now you are told to go assassinate Dawnmaster Kreel of the
                     Lathander temple.  Go do so, and you have to attack every
                     follower of Lathander on your way there.  Return to get your
                     reward of 35,000 experience and 2000 gold.
      Paladin -->  Order of the Radiant Heart
                   Talk to Lord Jierdan in the Copper Coronet (Slums) to get this
                   ball rolling.  Finish the quest and return to Garren, who now
                   offers to help you enter the Order of the Radiant Heart.  Your
                   Paladin special abilities will also be increased.  Do NOT kill
                   Firkraag until you are asked to.
                     Note:  Although it says that your abilities are increased,
                            nothing appears to happen.
                   Go to the Radiant Heart and talk to Prelate Wesselan in the top
                   left side room.  Agree to what he says, then go talk to William
                   Reirrac.  You are given a small room in the Order and started
                   out doing quests:
                   Event 1:  Go to Umar Hills and rescue Knights from an attack.
                             When you arrive at the Umar Hills, a runner
                             immediately takes you to the site of the battle.
                             There are Orgs, Ogre Mages and Ettins around.  Kill
                             them and try to keep the other Knights alive.  Return
                             to Reirrac to get your reward: 10,000 exp.
                   Event 2:  Reirrac now wants you to go back to Umar Hills to meet
                             a Baron in the Inn.  This Baron wants you to remove
                             some Squatters from his land.  Talk to Brunson, Pardo
                             and Moreno outside of the Inn before going inside and
                             speaking with the Baron.  When speaking with the Baron
                             tell him everything you have learned from outside, and
                             Lanka will turn against him.  A fight breaks out, kill
                             the Baron.  Him and his goons range in experience from
                             3400 to 8000 and have some very minor treasures.  Go
                             outside and the farmers will thank you.  Return to the
                             Radiant Heart.  Tell Reirrac what occurred to get
                             25,500 experience. (If you didn't talk to the farmers
                             and help the Baron remove them then you get a mere
                             10,000 experience, if you DID talk to the farmers but
                             removed them anyway you get 15,000 exp)
                   Event 3:  The Morningales are being slaughtered for opposing the
                             slave trade.  Only one member of this family has
                             survived, Tyrianna.  Head out to the Docks district.
                             Enter the house just to the right of the Temple of
                             Oghma.  Once inside you get to meet the "pleasant"
                             Tyrianna.  Soon you will be attacked by assassins,
                             which can be easily dispatched.  Then Tyrianna's
                             godfather, Hurgis arrives.  There are two possibilities
                             here, 1) he may be an evil assassin, or 2) he has
                             no proof of his identity, but doesn't detect as evil.
                             So, cast Detect Evil to see which he is.  If he
                             detects as evil he is an assassin that must be killed,
                             otherwise hand her over to him and return to the
                             Order.  Talk to Reirrac to get a reward:  Pride of the
                             Legion +2 (Plate Mail with AC of -1) and a Large
                             Shield +2.  If you had "Fallen" then your Paladin
                             abilities will be regained.
                   Event 4:  The final event is to retrieve the Avenger from the
                             Red Dragon Firkraag.  Return to the dragon's lair and
                             go up to the dragon.  Make your battle preparations.
                             Now pause it, click on the dragon as though you were
                             going to talk to it, then switch over and have
                             everyone attack it instead.  If it works right, he'll
                             wait for you to talk to it, while you are busy
                             pummeling him!
                               Firkraag - 64,000 exp
                                          Red Dragon Scales
                                          Holy Avenger +5
                                          Cloak of the Shield
                                          1500 gold
                                          Spells - Invisible Stalker (Mage)
                             Return to Reirrac to get some experience (35,000).
                             Take the Scales to the Docks area and have Cromwell
                             make it into the Red Scale Armor. (AC of -1)
      Thief   -->  Shadow Thieves Guild (at the Docks)
                   Go over to the Shadow Thieves Guild at the Docks (they'll let
                   you in since you know Gaelan).  Go to the back of the Guild, and
                   up the stairs. (or you could just go in the side door) Talk to
                   Renal Bloodscalp and finish up his quests.  At the end of which,
                   Renal gives you control of Mae'Var's former guild as well as
                   10,500 gold to get it up and running.  When he says he wants a
                   profit out of you, he means it!  Everyone in your party also
                   gets 45,500 experience.
                   Go to your new Thieves Guild.  You now have a new guard outside,
                   Brannel (whom you can chastise if you feel like it).  Go inside,
                   and then open the top door to talk to Jariel.  Jariel explains
                   the workings of your guild, that you direct your thieves
                   activities (high risk or low risk), bail them out of jail, etc.
                   At the beginning the thieves are at the Low Risk level, just
                   covering the quota.  You are also offered the chance to change
                   your 5 thieving groups level of risks (one option at a time).
                   The more risk involved, the more money you can collect.  Once
                   that is done, come back in 5 days.  Collect your money from
                   Jariel, and possibly bail someone out of a jam.  Then wait for
                   Joster to arrive and pay him your dues. (You will receive a
                   message above your head saying that he has arrived.  When you
                   get that he appears next to Jariel)
                   Thieving Probabilities: (based on what you assign them in
                                            conversation with Jariel)
                                                                Gold Gained
                                      % success  % jailed   Hz:  Gh:  Kr:  Ma:  Va:
                     Thread: (2,1,2):    90%        10%     200  200  250  100  150
                     Thread: (2,1,1):    80%        20%     400  300  500  250  300
                     Thread: (2,2,2):    80%        20%     400  300  500  250  300
                     Thread: (1,1,2):    80%        20%     400  300  500  250  300
                     Thread: (1,1,1):    65%        35%     600  500  750  500  500
                     Thread: (1,2,2):    65%        35%     600  500  750  500  500
                     Thread: (2,2,1):    65%        35%     600  500  750  500  500
                     Thread: (1,2,1):    50%        50%     900  750 1000  750  800
                     Cost to bail out:   ................   100  200   50  250  300
                   Quotas:  1:   500 gold
                            2:   500 gold
                            3:  1000 gold
                            4:  1000 gold
                            5:   350 gold
                       Every time after is random:
                          50% -  500 gold
                          20% -  900
                          20% -  300
                          10% - 1000
                   If you fail to pay your Quota, then you lose your Thieves Guild.
                   To max out your returns, have all your first three thieves go
                   for the highest risk (1,2,1).  If you want to see some more
                   Money Charts to support this, check out the Appendix.
                     Note:  You can charm the person give the Shadow Thieves'
                            tribute to if you have the thief stronghold.  Then take
                            him out of your guild (using charm) and away from any
                            out of the sight of any of your guildmembers.  Then
                            attack him with no reputation loss.  As long as none
                            of your thieves see him die, you're fine. [from
                            Nathaniel Ragatz]
                   Beyond that there are also events to deal with:
                   Event 1 - Talk to Lathan (the other thief by Jariel) and he
                             mentions that he is your "eyes and ears".  He has
                             nothing to report, but soon another thief, named Ama,
                             appears.  She wants you to help take out a government
                             official.  Simply meet her any night after this in
                             Waukeen's Promenade.  If you saved Kamuzu from the
                             cells that Mae'Var kept, then he will warn you NOT to
                             trust her.  Gee, someone betraying you?  Haven't seen
                             THAT before!
                             Anyway, at night, wander over to Waukeen's Promenade.
                             She'll appear and ask that you put your weapons away,
                             supposedly to not scare someone.  Yeah, her.  Soon,
                             you will be attacked by 6 assassins.  They have some
                             minor treasures.
                   Event 2 - Talk to Lathan again, and tell him to never let such
                             things happen again.  Then he has a bit of a problem,
                             a pickpocket is keeping profits from you.  The
                             pickpockets know who is stealing but won't tell you.
                             You have four options here:  Kill them all, kill one
                             of them (your choice), dock their pay or let their
                             supervisor, Kretor, fix it.  It takes 5 days to get
                             results. (The thief is Darronal Gwin II)
                             If you dock their pay, the thieves will "fix" this
                             problem on their own, by killing the thief.
                             If you choose to do nothing or kill all the thieves,
                             Kretor will quit and you lose one of your thieving
                             divisions.  This will make getting your quota that
                             much harder.
                             If you kill the wrong thief, then Kretor will quit.
                             If you choose to kill Darronal Gwin then the profit
                             skimming ends.
                   And that is that for the Thieves Guild.
      Ranger  -->  Umar Hills Quest (start at Government District)
                   Talk to Delon in the Government District (near the statue) to
                   get the ball rolling on this one, then go to Umar Hills and
                   complete the quests there to gain control of the Ranger Cabin.
                   When you beat the Shade Lord talk to Minister Lloid and he'll
                   give you the cabin.
                     Note:  Do NOT give the kids in Imnesvale beer or swords, or
                            you could get kicked out of your stronghold!
                   Search the cabin again to find new magical items, some gold and
                   a scroll from the townspeople.  If you fail to make it back
                   after you are told of an event here, they will board up your
                   cabin and you won't be the Ranger Protector anymore.
                   Event 1:  After three days you can find Mairyn in your cabin.
                             Mairyn is a spirit of the forest and needs your help.
                             Humans are tearing down her forest in the Temple Ruins
                             area.  I found the "humans" in the south center of the
                             area.  Talk to Lord Igen Tomblethen.  Then search to
                             the east of him (x 3875 y 2315) to find a mithril
                             medallion and a note from his ancestor.  Give him the
                             medallion and don't accept a reward of gold to get
                             10,000 exp.  Return to your cabin, talk to Mairyn
                             again to get another 21,500 experience.
                   Event 2:  Three days later Delon comes up to you again and asks
                             you to come back to Imnesvale to deal with some Orcs.
                             You have three days from the time you get the message
                             to get back, else they strip you of your cabin.  Talk
                             to Minister Lloid who will apprise you on the
                             situation.  Head out to the cave (x 1600 y 1300).  At
                             the outside of the cave you will find Orogs.  Go
                             into the cave.  Talk to Madulf inside to get 21,750
                             experience.  Talk to Minister Lloid again to get
                             another 25,000 exp. (this works out a little
                             differently if you killed Madulf before, of course,
                             you only get 20,000 exp when talking to Lloid)
                   Event 3:  About 5 days later Delon comes to you and asks you to
                             return.  It seems that the Umar Witch has returned.
                             Go talk to Minister Lloid again.  Now go to the Temple
                             Ruins again.  Before you enter the ruins, Mairyn
                             appears and asks the same thing.  Enter.  There are
                             many undead in here, as well as a Glabrezu (demon).
                             You will find Umar at the Crystal (x 760 y 1250).
                             Talk to her, but be ready for a fight.  Turns out she
                             is just some minor mageling.  Kill her and return to
                             the surface.  Mairyn will then reward you with a
                             Moon Dog figurine, Reputation +1 and 26,750 exp.  If
                             you were a Fallen Ranger this will also restore your
                             Rangerhood.  Minister Lloid offers no reward this
                             Moon Dog -- Cerebus
                               STR  DEX  CON  INT  WIS  CHA
                                17   17   9    9    9    9
                               THAC0  HP  AC  Attacks  Weapon
                                11    74   0     1      3d4 (strikes as +1)
                               Saves:  Death - 6, Wand - 8, Polymorph - 7,
                                       Breath - 7, Spells - 9
                               Resistances:        All Physical Damage - 25%
                                                   Magic               - 25%
                               Immunities:         Charm, Fear, Poison,
                                                   Normal Weapons
                               Special Abilities:  Healing Lick                3
                                                   Moon Dog Howl               1
                                                   Moon Dog Sight (True Sight) 1
                                                   Improved Invisibility       1
                                                   Mirror Image                1
                   And that is that.
      Wizard  -->  The Planar Sphere
                   Talk to the Cowled Wizard in the main government building and
                   agree to track Valygar.  Complete this quest as normal (oh, and
                   keep the Solamnic Knights alive).  Once the Sphere quest is
                   completely finished, go back inside and talk to the Knights.
                   They want you to find them their way home (naturally), although
                   the Planar Sphere is no longer capable of such an action.  Then
                   the wizard Teos appears with an offer.  He proposes an alliance
                   between you and the Cowled Wizards.  Accept.  Then ask for his
                   help in returning the Knights to their home and he refers you to
                   Ribald at the Adventurer's Mart.
                   Event 1:  Return the Solamnic Knights to their home.  Go to the
                             adventurer's mart and talk to Ribald there.  For the
                             price of 9000 gold he will send a mage out to your
                             Sphere tomorrow.  Exactly 24 hours later, the mage
                             teleports herself directly into the room where the
                             Knights are.  Talk with her and send the Knights home.
                             You get 45,000 exp and a Golden Girdle as reward.
                             Exploit:  There is a way to get experience for this
                                       one repeatedly.  After talking to her once,
                                       before she is completely teleported away,
                                       simply talk to her again.  As many times as
                                       you can talk to her you get experience and a
                             Alternatively you can talk to Prelate Wessalan at the
                             Radiant Heart and ask him to let the Knights live
                             there.  Tell the knights and you get 45,000 exp.
                             (Therefore the Mage is better, not only do you get a
                             Girdle, but there's a chance for multiple experience!)
                   Training Apprentices:
                             16 hours after getting the Sphere (give or take), Teos
                             will appear in the Sphere with three apprentices for
                             you to train, Morul, Larz and Nara.  Teos leaves but
                             promises to return several times over the next few
                             You now have to decide what to have your Apprentices
                                                        cost       time to complete
                               Wand of the Apprenti  -- 1000 gold  --   4 days
                               Dagger of <yourname>  -- 250 gold   --   4 days
                               Ring of Protection    -- 2000 gold  --   4 to 5 days
                             There is a random chance that they will fail to make
                             whatever they are working on, no matter how easy.
                             When they make the Ring of Protection, Larz gets
                             vaporized (whether they succeed in making the ring or
                             Note:  You can tell if they are going to succeed in
                                    their tasks, if when they tell you how long it
                                    will take they say it will take a "few days".
                                    If they say "few days" then they will succeed,
                                    if they say "4 days" then they will fail. (this
                                    works for the final choice as well)
                             Next they want to know which spell to transcribe:
                               Mislead               -- 250 gold  --   4 days
                               Abi Dalzim's ...      -- 1000 gold --   4 to 5 days
                               Meteor Swarm          -- 2500 gold --   4 to 5 days
                             They will then give you a scroll of whichever spell
                             you assigned.  If learning Meteor Swarm, Nara will be
                             Finally there is one last artifact they want to try:
                               Robe of the Apprenti  -- 250 gold   --  4 days
                               Ring of Wizardry      -- 3000 gold  --  4 days
                               Staff of Power        -- 10000 gold --  4 days
                               Nothing (the only way they'll all live to graduate)
                             Whether these objects are completed depends on how
                             many Apprenti have survived: the more, the better the
                             odds.  But still whether the objects are completed is
                             random.  The Robe of the Apprenti kills Larz.
                             The Ring of Wizardry requires that all Apprenti be
                             alive, and it will kill Nara and Larz to make it.
                             The Staff of Power requires all Apprenti to be alive
                             to make. (else it results in a bug while creating)
                             Then it kills all three Apprenti, but you MAY get the
                             Staff! (random chance and all) A day after killing
                             them all, Teos returns to chide you (though he doesn't
                             seem to care).
                             If any of your Apprenti survived your training, then
                             Teos will hold the Graduation Ceremony in the Sphere,
                             about 5 minutes after appearing.
                             If all survived, then Graduation happens, but is quite
                             a bit more heartwarming.  Funny too.  For your trouble
                             you get 50,000 exp. (you only get Exp if you kept them
                             all alive, if only 2 survive you get nothing, if 1
                             survive you get nothing)
                             If Morul survives, he will return again after you
                             complete the rest of the Stronghold as an Apprentice
                             and every week he will make you potions.  I hear that
                             he won't appear if you have fought Cowled Wizards (the
                             ones who appear in the streets when you cast a spell).
                   Event 3 - Two days later a messenger tells you to return to the
                             Sphere (therefore if you are IN the sphere after two
                             days, you'll need to leave it).  Return to the
                             Sphere.  Teos appears, but he seems to be as confused
                             about this as you are.
                             Soon it becomes clear that you have both been set up
                             for an ambush as the messenger reappears with a lot
                             of backup.  Teos manages to hide during the battle,
                             and reappears when you have won.  This attack was
                             precipitated by an anti-magic fanatic, Lord Argrim.
                             Teos wants you to take him out, not kill, but remove
                             him from existence with a Rune that he gives you.  You
                             can find Argrim in the Inn at the City Gates,
                             upstairs.  Have someone use the Rune on him (put it in
                             the Quick Item slot), then kill his guards.
                             Return to the Sphere and talk to Teos.  Whether you
                             killed Argrim or Mazed him makes no difference, you
                             get 7500 experience either way.  Then he tells you
                             what happened to Imoen.
                             After that, Morul reappears and offers to join you
                             as an apprentice again.  He makes potions every week.
                             There are four random sets of potions that he can give
                             you, each has 5 potions in it:
                             Set One:                    Set Two:
                               2 Potions of Genius         Empty Potion Bottle
                               Oil of Speed                Potion of Firebreath
                               Elixir of Health            Potion of Agility
                               Potion of Fire Resistance   Potion of Defense
                                                           Potion of Cold Resist
                             Set Three:                  Set Four:
                               Potion of Extra Healing     Potion of Genius
                               *Potion of Invulnerability  Potion of Regeneration
                               Potion of Insight           Potion of Stone Form
                               Potion of Perception        Potion/Frost Giant STR
                               Potion of Master Thievery   Potion/Invulnerability
                             * Set Three's Potion of Invulnerability is Cursed
                             Note:  If you killed Agrim in the final Event, instead
                                    of imprisoning him, then Morul will NOT appear.
                                    (Henning Roes)
                   And that is that for the Mage Stronghold.
      Bard    -->  Theatre beneath Five Flagons
                   Go to the Bridge District and into the Five Flagons.  There you
                   will find a Theatre in the basement.  Watch the horrible show
                   and listen to Raelis Shai's plea for help.  Complete this quest
                   and you will get control of the theatre.
                   Once you are back in the theatre, the owner of the Five Flagons,
                   Samuel Thunderburp asks what is going on.  You can tell him that
                   you were given the Deed to the Theatre by Raelis before she left
                   for Sigil.  He also sends Higgold the famous director to talk to
                   you.  He tells you to bring money in half a week.
                   Whenever you are needed, Higgold sends a boy out to bring you
                   back in.  Each event is about 4 to 6 days apart.  Do NOT delay
                   in getting there once the messenger talks to you, else the play
                   quality will suffer.  You get THREE DAYS from the time you are
                   given the message until the play suffers from your absence.  The
                   Play Quality determines how well the play does in the end, and
                   how much money you will earn from it later.
                   To determine your Play Quality, talk to the actors in the back.
                   The more confidant they sound, the better the play.  They have
                   three separate comments: one is really depressed, the other is
                   unsure of themselves and the last they are super happy about
                   Here are the events:
                   Event 1:  Choose who to star: Naive Jenna or Actress Iltheia.
                             Sure, Jenna might be the sympathetic favorite, but
                             Iltheia will net you a better play in the end.
                             How much money to invest: the minimum is 1000gp, but
                             you can spend up to 10,000 gp.  Naturally the more
                             you spend the better.
                   Event 2:  Solve the jealousy between Jenna and Iltheia.  If
                             Iltheia is playing the small role and you put her in
                             the larger one you improve the quality of the play and
                             get 6750 exp.  Force Iltheia to accept her small role
                             for 15,750 exp and improve the Play Quality.  Expand
                             her role for a mere 6750 exp, however the Play Quality
                             will suffer.  If Jenna is in the small role and you
                             put her in the larger one, you get 6750 experience
                             but hurt the quality of the play.  Letting them solve
                             things on their own cuts the quality and nets you no
                             experience.  If Iltheia is in the lead, don't threaten
                             her or the play quality will dip.  Compliment her for
                             11,500 experience.  Then you have to give her 500 gp,
                             but it further improves the Play.
                   Event 3:  Zeran is improvising.  Allow him to rewrite the play
                             for 15,750 exp and improve the Quality of the Play a
                             lot.  Allow him to keep improvising for 11,500 exp and
                             improve the quality of the play slightly.  Stop his
                             improvisation and you get NO experience and the Play
                             Quality slips a little.
                   Event 4:  Everyone is rewriting their characters.  Have faith in
                             Zeran's changes, with a charisma of 17 or better and
                             the quality of the play improves.  Stop all
                             changes for 11,500 exp.  Stop the changes and pay them
                             500 gp as a bonus gets you 11,500 exp as well, this
                             also improves the quality of the Play.  Threaten to
                             "let them walk out" and you get no exp and the Quality
                             of the Play drops.  You can also take control of the
                             rewrites yourself, and if your Charisma is 17 or
                             better then you will also improve the quality of the
                             play and get 11,500 exp.
                   Event 5:  The curse?  Lots of weird things are going on, and a
                             Priest offers to cleanse the theatre for 1000 gp.
                             Give him the gold and get 11,500 exp and improve the
                             play quality.  If you have a high charisma you can get
                             away with giving her 500 gp for 11,500 exp, but no
                             change in Play Quality.  If you can't afford to pay
                             and have a high charisma you can give her nothing and
                             still improve the Play Quality.  If you send her
                             packing, or have a low charisma you will hurt the play
                             quality quite a bit.
                   Event 6:  Problems with the music.  Your musician has vanished.
                             Hiring Balmitance (the famous musician) has a great
                             effect on the Play Quality and nets you 15,500 exp at
                             a cost of only 500 gold.  Making Marcus write the
                             score hurts the Play Quality quite a bit.  If your
                             Intelligence is 15 or less then letting Marcus play
                             while you write really hurts the play and gets you no
                             experience.  If your INT is 16 or 17 you get 6750 exp
                             and a slight improvement to Quality.  At 18 INT
                             letting Marcus play the Harp while you rewrite the
                             music for 11,500 exp.  19 or better INT gets you the
                             best experience 15,500 and a better improvement to
                             play quality (thought not so good as hiring the famous
                   30 or so days later...
                   Event 7:  Barbarians have invaded the Theatre.  You meet Higgold
                             on the main level of the Five Flagons this time and
                             he begs for you to get rid of the barbarians who have
                             taken control.  Go downstairs, clean out the five
                             goons here (including one mage) and get 15,500 exp.
                   Event 8:  A day later you can watch the dress rehearsal.  (You
                             could take notes on what is being said... it's kinda
                             important! Or you could just continue using this FAQ)
                   Event 9:  Within three days (rather than the week you were
                             promised) you are summoned again.  And again he is on
                             the main floor.  Seems a major player at the City
                             Council is going to attend and Zeran is ill.  You
                             must take up the role of the wizard (whether you are
                             male or female it doesn't matter).
                   The Play:  Since you are now in the role of the wizard, that
                              means you have LINES to perform.  Weren't paying
                              attention in the dress rehearsal?  Your lines are:
                                2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1
                              The City Council person speaks, and depending on how
                              YOU personally did you get experience:
                                49,500 experience (near flawless)
                                35,500 exp (several mistakes)
                                19,500 exp (many mistakes)
                              If you get the "near flawless", you also are given
                              a gift, the Aslaer's Harp.
                              Next the overall quality of the play is judged:
                                50,000 experience (near perfection)
                                29,500 experience (not quite perfect)
                                19,500 experience (not even close to perfect)
                              Finally Higgold offers to buy the theatre off of you
                              for 10,000 gold. (If you got the "near perfection"
                              score, anyway)  This is totally up to you.
                              How much money the Theatre generates during a week
                              depends entirely upon how much you invested at the
                              start and the quality of the play.  The more you
                              invest, the better the return.  If you invested the
                              maximum of 10,000 and had a phenomenal play, the max
                              amount per week is 1800 gp/week.  Every week past the
                              first, the gold/week drops by 100 gold until it hits
                              500 gold/week where it will remain.
                   And that is that for the Bard's Theatre.
      Druid   -->  Druid Grove (start at City Gate)
                   Talk to the man at the city gate to learn of the problems at
                   Trademeet.  Complete that quest to gain access to the Druid
                   Grove.  Your Druid MUST be at least level 14 to take control of
                   the Grove (but it isn't necessary to clear the Trademeet quest).
                   At the normal completion of clearing the grove you get the
                   Staff of Thunder and Lighting.
                     Note:  If you complete the Druid Grove Quest, but are lower
                            than level 14 you can't take control of the Grove.
                            However, once you hit level 14 a Druid will arrive to
                            tell you to go to the Grove.
                   Challenge the Druid to a duel to assume control of the Grove.
                   For beating the Druid you get 10,000 exp.  For becoming the
                   Great Druid you get another 20,000 exp and 10,000 gold as well
                   as a Cleric's Staff +3 and a Ring of Protection +2.
                   Event 1:  Within 8 hours the Spirit of the Grove will come to
                             you and ask if you accept your responsibilities.  By
                             all means, accept!  She then challenges you to take
                             out the new leader of the Trolls, Nilthiri.  To help
                             you with this task she gives you a club, The Root of
                             the Problem, which has special powers vs. unnatural
                             creatures (like trolls).  If you didn't go by there
                             earlier, the Troll Mound is almost exactly south of
                             the Druid Grove. (though you have to go around to get
                             Don't bother with going inside the Mound.  Make sure
                             you have some method of killing Trolls, Fire or Acid.
                             (arrows, spells, weapons that do fire or acid
                             damage)  From the Mound go right until you find
                             Nilthiri, the Troll Shaman.  Kill Nilthiri and her
                             trolls (10,000 exp for Nil.) and the Spirit will
                             return and say "good job." (she also gives everyone
                             in your party 18,500 Quest Experience points) That's
                             it for now. (oddly, after this I went back to the
                             Grove and talked to the Challenge Master again, and he
                             gave me the reward for becoming the Great Druid again!
                             Very odd, but nice!)
                   Event 2:  About 9 days later (maybe 10) sleep within the Grove
                             again and the Spirit will ask you to do another task.
                             This time the descendent of a great druid is in
                             danger, the child Loren.  You must go to Trademeet to
                             protect this child.  Loren is found outside of the
                             city walls, just to the right of the Yellow Tent.
                             Ask the child about the voices he hears, and then tell
                             him to fight the voices so that you can face them.
                             (3,1,1,1,1)  Loren falls unconscious and Chaos
                             appears.  Chaos turns into an odd phased-Beholder like
                             creature and attacks. (12,000 exp)  When it is dead,
                             the Spirit returns and rewards you with a Golden Lion
                             Figurine (summons a Lion for 5 min, just like the Moon
                             Dog figurine).  Also every character is given 20,500
                             Quest Experience points.
                             Golden Lion Figurine -- Joolon
                               STR  DEX  CON  INT  WIS  CHA
                                18   9    9    9    9    9
                               THAC0  HP  AC  Attacks  Weapon
                                15    45   6     3      1d12 (strikes as +1)
                               Saves:  Death - 13, Wand - 15, Polymorph - 14,
                                       Breath - 16, Spells - 16
                               Resistances:        --
                               Immunities:         Charm, Fear, Poison,
                                                   Normal Weapons
                               Special Abilities:  Cloak of Fear - 1
                                                   Blur          - 1
                   Although the Spirit mentions a ceremony of Ascendancy (for
                   Archdruids), that appears to be all you can do in the Druid
      Vash (on the GameFAQs Message Board) found a way to get two Strongholds:
        I took a break from my main game to experiment with the much heralded
        dualled Kensai/Mage. Very powerful, and I can only imagine how powerful
        he'd be with his defenses after Tenser's Transformation kicks in.
        Anyway, part of the experimenting was to see if he can get a stronghold for
        each class and I found he can. He cleared out the de'Arnise keep first with
        Nalia in the group, but initially refused to take over (I believe the
        response used was something along the lines of ''I don't think I'm the
        right person for this'').
          Note:  You could also simply not talk to her after clearing out the
                 Stronghold. (Robert Pay)
        Then he went and cleared the Planar Sphere immediately after. At the end,
        he was granted the Sphere by Lavok and it became the character's
        stronghold. I found that if I accepted the keep from Nalia first, Lavok did
        not grant the Sphere.
        Then, I went back to the de'Arnise keep and told Nalia I would agree to her
        proposition to lend his name to the keep and the keep became his stronghold
        as well.
        So in the end, I ended up with two strongholds.
      Rabbit on the Shadowkeeper Message board has a cheating way to get all
        To get all 8 strongholds you must do the following:
        1.  When talking to the person who gives the stronghold quest, and when
            talking to the person who ends the quest, use Shadow Keeper to give
            yourself the appropriate class.
        2.  After getting each stronghold, you must set the stronghold flag back
            to zero by typing the following into the debug console:
     X2.        [THLMTD]  The Limited Wish Adventure
        This quest can be done whenever you feel like it, in either chapters 2, 3
        or 6.  You must have the Mercenaries of Riatavin still alive in Delosar's
        Inn.  Then cast Limited Wish, ask for a One-Time wish and select the
        Adventure like you've never had before (it does require 10 or better WIS
        to cast).  A scroll appears at your feet.
        - THE SCROLL
          Reading the scroll reveals several things about this quest:  One, it is
          about a gong, two, you should talk to the mercenaries of Riatavin at the
          Delosar's Inn (Bridge) and three, there is someone named Captain Dennis
          who should have the Gong.
          Head out to the Bridge District and go near the Delosar's Inn. (x 1830
          y 2880)  Just outside you will meet with a man named Vittorio who asks
          for your help in collecting money off of Dennis, who is inside.  Agree to
          help him and follow him inside.
        - DENNIS
          Captain Dennis and Vittorio are having a shouting match when you enter.
          Listen to what they say.  Seems that Vittorio stole and sold Dennis'
          mother's gong in order to buy ale.  That sounds bad.  Agree to help
          Vittorio find the gong.  He says that he sold it to one Roger the Fence,
          who you will find in the sewers beneath the Temple District.
          Go to the Temple District and enter the sewers.  You will find Roger in
          the southern part of the sewers (x 1680 y 2300).  Ask for a Gong and
          say that you want Vittorio's gong.  He doesn't have it, and won't tell
          you where it is until you take care of a small problem he has.  He wants
          you to kill a local Sea Troll before he'll tell you anything.  This troll
          can be found by going left from Roger (x 400 y 2366).  When it is good
          and dead, return to Roger.  Aside from whatever rewards you get for
          killing the Troll (see the Sewers section above) he will also tell you
          that he sold the gong to a Troll Shaman in the Troll Mound out by
          Trademeet (you will probably have to talk to him again to get him to
          reveal that).
          Head out of the city and over to the Druid Grove (which may require
          going through Trademeet).
          At the Druid Grove, head left to find the Troll Mound (x 1330 y 2210).
          Grae, the shaman, will be just outside of the mound.  When asked about
          the Gong she attacks you instead of giving it to you.  When it gets close
          to being defeated it tells you where the Gong is in exchange for its
          life. (you can always kill it anyway)  She says that she sold it to an
          Ogre Mage in a tower to the northeast of here.
        - OGRE MAGE
          Wander north, then east, across the bridge to find the big house.  We
          don't want to enter the house, we want the tower that is south of it.
          (x 4840 y 1270)  (There is a little path leading southwards just past the
          bridge)  Enter the tower.  This Ogre Mage is quite the peaceable
          sort and is quite willing to trade the Gong for a Wand of Frost.  If you
          have a Wand of Frost, then you can trade for the gong. (12,250 exp)
          Oh and don't mind the smell.  Also in here you can find:
            Scimitar +2: Belm (+1 attack per round)
            Tip:  Belm makes a great off-hand weapon, especially for Thieves (and
                  other characters who don't normally get multiple attacks).
          Return to the Bridge District and give the gong back to Vittorio.
          Everyone is happy and you get your reward:
            1500 gold
            16,500 experience for each character
            Boomerang Dagger +2
                < < < <  [THRNFB]  Throne of Bhaal Walkthrough   > > > >
      Note:  Throughout the game, Imoen will be developing powers like you did in
             the original Baldur's Gate.  These are small things, like Cure Light
             Wounds, but it is interesting to note.
      Bugs Note:  Due to a wide number of bugs in the game, it is HIGHLY
                  recommended that you NOT use the Quick Save feature, and simply
                  create new save slots as you go (from the options menu).
      TAB Note:  Remember to use your new TAB function.  It will highlight all
                 doors, containers and items around.  Very helpful.
      Duplication Bug:  I mention this here, because it can be very interesting.
                        Now, when you are in battle, then flee to another area,
                        not only will the enemies follow you (which they did in
                        BG2:SoA), but now the original enemies will remain in the
                        old area.  Result?  Two enemies of the same kind!
                        Therefore if you want to kill the City Gates Lich over and
                        over and over... you can.  Or if you want to get 2
                        Celestial Furies, you can do that too.  Just draw the
                        enemies to you, flee to the previous area and wait for them
                        to join you.
                        This was removed in the patch.
      I wrote this using my Barbarian.  Luckily for me (I'll explain why) I had
      kept a save at the VERY end of the game (just before you open up hell and
      fight the final battle).  So I just loaded this up, beat SoA and took that
      into the expansion.  If you simply start an expansion game, or even import
      a game into the expansion YOU WON'T GET ALL THE BONUSES from the end of the
      game.  Therefore I suggest you do what I did.  You should have a "Final Save"
      created when you beat the game the first time. (Although your alignment might
      be altered depending on how you beat the first game)
      If you start an Expansion Only game you begin down in section 2. The Grove of
      the Ancients.
      1.        [WTCHRK]  Watcher's Keep  (AR 3000)
      Note:  Most of the good items found in Throne of Bhaal are located right here
             in the Watcher's Keep. (and many can be made even better by your
             abyssal butler, Cespenar)
             Also, if you start the expansion right away, you'll be taken to the
             next section, the Forest.  Watcher's Keep is listed first since it
             can be accessed from the regular game as well.
          Go up and talk to "Brother" Ordren, who explains the whole sticky
          situation to you.  Helm has sealed some great and powerful evil in the
          Watcher's Keep, that is gradually getting free.  It is your job to enter
          the Keep and prevent the Evil from getting out.  Oh, and they tell you
          specifically NOT to kill it, as Helm has forbidden it.  Agree to help
          them and they'll take you to the top (Level 1).  They give you what
          you will need, and bid you good luck.
          Talk to Brother Pol to get the Holy Symbol and the Scroll.  These items
          are needed.  When you reach the evil, you are to perform a ritual to
          deal with it.  You don't kill it.
          At this point, you can talk to them again and ask questions, or talk to
          the Sister to buy items and so forth.
            Note:  Two of the items that she sells, Firetooth +4 and the Short
                   Sword of the Mask are items that can be upgraded by your
                   abyssal servant Cespenar (if you haven't gotten your Pocket
                   Plane, the Abyssal Fortress, then you won't know what I'm
                   talking about).
          When you're ready, enter the Keep.
        - LEVEL ONE (AR 3001)
          The difficulty of the keep depends on several things, your preset
          difficulty level, the number of people in your party, your level, and
          your experience.  The puzzles don't get any easier on the other
          difficulty modes... if you're wondering.
          The entrance to the next level is the Mirror Portal (x 1450 y 1150),
          however there are quite a number of things that must be done first.
            Note:  There are many traps on this level, most are attached to the
                   various containers, although there are 2 traps on the ground.
          Open the left door to find the ghost Archivist. (x 1925 y 1860)  Talk to
          him, but he is simply Cold.  We'll have to remedy that.  There are 4
          containers in this room, 2 are trapped.  Take whatever treasure you want,
          but be sure to get the:
            Paladin's Bracers (+10 HP, paladins only, upgradeable by Cespenar)
          The next room had a Stone Golem in it.  Not too tough.  Open the next
          door (x 1530 y 2010) and enter a library type room.  There will be some
          monsters here.  The shelves on the right side have some Notes with Clues.
          Also note Elminster's Ecologies (there's one in the next room as well),
          which explain some of the properties of the new Monsters.  Be sure to
          check the shelf at (x 1330 y 1590) for the wonderful:
            Golem Manual (creates Flesh Golems, upgradeable by Cespenar)
          Also check the Treasure chest near the end of this room for more treasure
          and another note.  Open the next door (x 888 y 1574) and proceed.
          Yes, that statue is watching you.  There are 3 containers in here, and
          the one at (x 625 y 1140) is trapped:
            Case of Plenty +1 (unlimited +1 bolts, upgradeable by Cespenar)
          You need to get the Bell at (x 450 y 1250).
          The final container in this room, a trapped chest (x 775 y 1200)
            Crimson Dart +3 (returns to owner)
            History of the Imprisoned One (in case you're curious)
            Potion of Superior Healing
            Chainmail +2
            more treasures...
          Open the door to the right (x 840 y 1220) and go through.  Depending on
          your level, there will be all sorts of statues in this, the central
          hall.  Worry about it later, go up to the door on the left side (x 670
          y 900).
          Get the Candle in the chest by the fireplace (x 340 y 1050).  There are
          other minor treasures in here, and a fireplace.  Go back.
          Across the hall, enter the middle door (x 1620 y 865).  This room has
          several traps on the floor, so beware.  Also, of the 4 containers in here
          2 are trapped.
          Get the Slippers from the left shelf (x 1550 y 750).
          The trapped armoire (x 1840 y 600) has:
            Quiver of Plenty +1 (unlimited +1 arrows, upgradeable by Cespenar)
            Handwritten Note
          The trapped alcove (x 1980 y 580) has:
            Ammo Belt (actually a container that holds arrows, bolts, etc.)
            Tinderbox (if only we had a fireplace... wait a second!)
          Open the lower door and enter another library.  Kill anything moving in
          here (I got spiders).  Search the shelf at (x 2240 y 920) to find:
          The other shelf in here has a Potion of Superior Healing.  Open the next
          door and hit the almost-final room.
          Search the Armoire (x 2775 y 1210) to find:
            Potion of Superior Healing
          The other container, a shelf, has the final Tattered Parchment, if you're
          curious.  Open the door to the left and hit the final room.
          Search the armoire by the door (x 2610 y 1485) for:
            4 Potions Extra Healing
            King's Tears
          The table has a Handwritten Note.  Go back to the large hallway.
          Almost ready to do the ritual.  Go back to the Fireplace room, and click
          on the fireplace to light it (Tinderbox...).  This summons the Archivist
          who is now quite conversant.  He'll tell you about the old Priest, and
          a little about how to reach the next level.
          Open up the large door on the top of the right side (x 1375 y 730).
          Enter.  This is the burial place of the High Priest, complete with
          Guardian Golems.  The alcove over to the left (x 1040 y 430) has the
          final Handwritten Note.  When you're ready, click the Sarcophagus to
          open it.  The golems come alive, and attack you.  They're each worth
          13,000 experience.  Open the Sarcophagus.
          This causes the resident of the tomb to arrive and chide you for waking
          him up.  He notices that you have his slippers, and asks for them.  Give
          them up.  This is worth 20,000 quest experience, and he leaves you alone
          to your graverobbing.  Click the Sarcophagus one last time to get the
          Mental Note.  This is worth 8,000 quest experience.
            Note:  If the guardians DON'T come alive, you can always force-attack
                   them later.
          Back to the main hallway.  Go up to the altar at the top of the room,
          open it and place the Bell and Candle in it.  When that is done, the
          statues come alive and attack you.  Destroy them.  When the statues that
          came alive are dead, the giant statue talks to you and asks for the
            Ring the Bell
            Ring the Bell
            Light the Candle
            Open the Book (only works if you opened the Sarcophagus)
            Ring the Bell
          That completes the ritual, and opens the Mirrored Portal to the next
          level.  This is worth 25,000 quest experience.  At this point, the rest
          of the statues came alive and attacked me.  This was a much more
          difficult battle, and you should definitely take care of the mages first.
          Also they had some interesting equipment:
            Usuno's Blade +4 (scimitar)
            Foebane +3 (Bastard Sword, upgradeable by Cespenar)
          Whenever you are ready, go on down.  This requires that you got the Vigil
          Stone from Pol.  If you don't have it, exit and talk to Pol to get it.
            Note:  If you want to rest (and this would be a good time), go to the
                   Protected Room in the right corner.
        - LEVEL TWO (AR 3016)
          As you appear, a Chromatic Demon talks to you.  He is the only thing that
          can get you to the next level, but he won't do that until you do a little
          something for him.  He has been trapped in this place for a thousand
          years and it isn't where he thought his life was heading.  Naturally he
          wants your help in getting out.  Sounds fair.  He needs you to get him
          out of his cage.  Agree to it.  You need to find the Four Scepters and
          place them in the slots around his cage.  Only then will he allow you
          entrance to the next level.
            Note:  If you want to go back, use the Portal to the Left.
                   Also, beware of Traps!  They're everywhere.
          Enter the room to the southwest (x 1670 y 1850).  Careful in here, there
          are many traps on the floor and containers.  Detrap the room.  Time to
          search for treasure, and clues.
          The top right shelf (x 1600 y 2130) has a Handwritten Note.
          The top left shelf (x 1325 y 1925) has:
            Wand of Spell Striking
            Star Sapphire
          The small shelf (x 1000 y 2110) has some good stuff:
            Right Horn (used by Cespenar)
            Ice Library Note (a Clue!)
          Read the Ice Library Note to learn how to clear out the Fire room.
          Essentially you need to deal with the Fire Elementals first, but you
          can't just kill them or they'd respawn, they must be lured into the Ice
          Room and frozen there forever.
          There are other minor treasures in here as well.
          Back to the center room, now take the upper left (northwest) door (x 1700
          y 1350).  There are some Fire Giants in here that need killing.  This
          place also has many traps to be dealt with.  Enter the room.  You'll find
          an imp in the upper passage here.  He'll tell you that the Fan is the
          key to everything before leaving.  Time to search the room.
          You'll find a Handwritten note on a table (x 1130 y 860).
          The top of the pillar (x 1260 y 760) has:
            Wand of Cursing
            5 Potions of Superior Healing
            more treasures...
          Search the small shelf (x 1370 y 870) to find:
            Fire Library Note (another Clue!)
          There are other minor treasures in here.  On to the next room (x 2420
          y 1350).
          This room is filled with various types of Golems.  It is again trapped
          quite thoroughly.
          The Handwritten Note is at (x 3210 y 1000).
          The Air Library Note is at (x 3000 y 900).  This note mentions how you
          might clear out the poison room, and the usefulness of lightning when
          dealing with the new slimes found therein.
          Nothing much else here, go down to the final room (x 2425 y 1840).  Here
          you must deal with some Mutated Spiders.
          Search the shelf to the right (x 2900 y 1900) to find:
            other treasures
          Search the far right shelf (x 3225 y 2120) to find:
            Slime Library Note (the last Clue!)
            5 Potions of Extra Healing
          Read the final note to learn that the demon's Air form is weak against
          poison and acid.  Also you'll learn how to set the fan to blow poison
          from the Slime Room into the Air room to kill weaken the creatures there.
          We have everything we need, time to make the most of it.
          To get to the Fan Room, go into the Red Room (upper left), and up to the
          door (x 1800 y 675) where the Imp was.  Go in and turn the fan.  This
          will get you attacked by several Air Elementals.  Kill them to get the:
            Air Scepter
          Go up to the fan and click it again to get more air going.  This allows
          you to open the door to the right, into the Slime Library.  From there
          continue going down-right and open the next door into the Slime Room.
          This room is filled with noxious vapors, and lots of slime/poison related
          monsters.  Quickly open the bottom door in this room to clear it of all
          its poison.  Kill the snake to get:
            Slime Scepter
          Also, search the pool of slime to get:
            Flail Head (Poison, Cespenar can upgrade the Flail of Ages with this)
            Note:  Getting too close to any of the "pools" results in damage taken.
                   In the slime room you get Acid Damage, for instance.
          Head down to the next, icier door (x 2350 y 2500) and open it.  Now,
          run back to the Fan Room, click the Fan control once to reset it, and
          click it again to shoot the poison from the poison room into the Ice
          Room.  Sweet.
          Go back to the Ice Room and kill the monsters there.  The poison didn't
          bother me too much, but you could just stand at the edge of it and attack
          from there.  When the Ice Golem dies you get the:
            Ice Scepter
            Left Horn (used by Cespenar)
            Note:  To clear the room of poison, just click the Fan again.  Also,
                   the Ice Room has a slowing effect.
                   I'd leave all of your party (save one) in the Ice Room.
          Open the door to the left, go through the library and up to the next
          door.  Open that.  Enter the room, avoid the giant.  Wait for a Fire
          Elemental to appear, then lead it back into the Ice Room, for your
          waiting party to kill.  Wait for the Elemental to FREEZE (there will even
          be some text to this effect), then attack.  The elemental shatters,
          letting you know you've succeeded.  Do this for 4 elementals (it doesn't
          have to be all at once, or one at a time, just lure as many as you can).
          Doing that gets you 22,000 experience.
          When that is done, go up and kill the Fire Giant:
            Fire Scepter
            Helm of the Rock (+25% fire, ice, elec. res., upgradeable by Cespenar)
            100 gold
          You now have all 5 scepters.  I'd rest, save, then go talk to the Demon.
          Everyone gets 20,000 experience, and he, of course, attacks you.  Who
          saw that coming?
            Chromatic Demon  -5 AC  140 HP  -5 THAC0  4 Attacks  95% weapon res.
          Your weapons will damage him, but they just won't do much damage.  As he
          is damaged, he will switch forms.  Just remember what each form is weak
            Red Demon        >  Ice
            Ice Golem        >  Fire
            Shambling Mound  >  Lightning
            Air Elemental    >  Poison
          If you're in ToB, this is an easy enough fight, buff-up beforehand,
          keep the fighters in the front and use whirlwinds. Three or four fighter
          types doing 10 hits/round at 4 damage a hit should knock it down fast.
            Tip:  After you have all 4 scepters, but before you free the Chromatic
                  Demon, close the lower door in the poison lab. Then turn off the
                  fan in the air lab so the poison lab is full of gas. Move all but
                  one of your party members out of the way (the fire library works
                  nicely). Then have your remaining character (preferably having
                  them hasted first) release the Chromatic Demon. Lure the
                  Chromatic Demon into the poison lab (via the air library), then
                  exit the poison lab into the air library, closing the door behind
                  you and trapping the Chromatic Demon in the poison lab. Then just
                  sit back and wait for the Chromatic Demon to die. It doesn't take
                  long. (Jeremy Hanson)
          When he is dead...
            55,000 experience
            Circlet of Netheril (Cespenar can upgrade)
            Portal Key
            Ixil's Spike (+2 dagger, Cespenar can upgrade)
          Whenever you're ready, enter the right portal to the Next Level.
        - LEVEL THREE (AR 3003)
           N    E
            \  /      Ooh, Isometric!
            /  \
           W    S
          Our informer on this level is a crazy elf named Yakman.  When you talk to
          him he becomes convinced that you are some demonic illusion out to kill
          him, causing him to run away.  Follow him through the portal (x 1350
          y 1100) and try talking to him again.
          (AR 3011)
          There is a pile of stuff (x 615 y 630) in the middle of the room:
            Bard's Gloves (Cespenar can upgrade)
          There is more treasure up in his tent (x 860 y 360, TRAPPED):
            Madman's Journal (a Clue!)
            Long Sword (you may want to take this... seriously)
            Scepter of Radiance (you definitely need to take this)
            other treasures...
          Once you're done looting, talk to Yakman.  You need someone with 16 or
          more Charisma, or an Elf to get him to trust that you aren't an
          illusionary demon.  Ask all the questions you can, about the Demons,
          why they fight each other, the level, the way out, the rod and its
          gems, etc.  Next tell him he needs some sleep, to learn that he never
          sleeps.  Offer to heal him, and the conversation ends. (the character
          who spoke to him MUST be a cleric for this offer to come up)
          Cast Heal on him and he is back to normal... although you might prefer
          the insane version (he's quite arrogant).  This gets you 5,000 quest
          experience points.  With that he exits the Watcher's Keep to find out if
          he can restore his old life.
          Enter the top portal (x 380 y 350) to return to the previous area (the
          other portal takes you back to the beginning).
            Note:  Resting anywhere in this maze will get you attacked by Succubi
                   (er...), Glabrezu or other types of demons, which makes this a
                   great place to get experience, as they give between 6000 exp and
                   24,000 exp each. (Later you fight devils, but they're not as
                   much fun)
          (AR 3003)
          Head into the East Portal.
          (AR 3008)
          There will be various demons fighting amongst themselves here.  They
          mention the Blood War (see: Planescape: Torment).  Kill the demons here.
          (pretty easy to do since they're fighting each other)
          Have someone of a lawful good alignment click on the Pillar to get: (evil
          people get Horridly Wilted)
            Purifier +4 (Bastard Sword, Upgradeable by Cespenar)
          Go "east" again (x 1070 y 150).
          (AR 3012)
          Here you are confronted by a Tanar'ri.  If you are evil, you can side
          with it.  It will want you to kill its enemy Ka'rashur.  If you are Good
          you will have no choice but to kill it.  From its body, take the Scepter
            Note:  When you return with the Heart of Ka'rashur he gives you the
                   mighty Thieves Hood (useless until Cespenar upgrades it). This is
                   the ONLY way to get this item, he won't have it on him if you
                   kill him.
          There is a trapped alcove (x 650 y 320) with some treasure.
          Head on down "south" to the portal at (x 880 y 720).
          (AR 3004)
          This is a "no magic" zone.  Kill off the demons in the area.  Also there
          are traps on the ground where the 4 hallways meet the center room. You'll
          have to pass one to fight the monsters.
          Go "south" again (x 1350 y 1100).
          (AR 3006)
          Welcome to the Succubus area.  Whee.  They'll attempt to tempt you, but
          don't bother with them.  Of course, if you turn them down, they attack
          you.  Ah well, demons just can't be reasoned with, I guess.
          Head through the south gate.
          (AR 3013)
          Here you'll find the Baatezu (the very same ones that you were asked to
          kill by the Tanar'ri earlier).  If you're evil you can side with them,
          otherwise prepare for a fight.
          Be sure to search the corpses for the second Scepter Gem.
          There is a small container (TRAPPED, x 960 y 360) above.  It has some
          minor treasures.
          Again, use the lower portal.
          (AR 3010)
          There are some Glabrezu lurking around here.  Also, if you go back
          through the portals you entered from, you'll get back to the beginning.
          We want to take the "western" portal, so head down and left to (x 150
          y 785).
          (AR 3005)
          We experienced a "no-magic" room earlier, now we have entered a
          "wild-magic" room.  Here, magic just doesn't work as you might expect,
          much like the "wild surge" effect you get if you play as a Wild Mage.
          There are some Tieflings in here, but they aren't important.
          Here's a twist, re-enter the portal you just came from (the "north"
          (AR 3007)
          There's a Cambion in here, but you don't have to deal with him.  If you
          do fight him, he'll summon several demon knights to help out.
          Again, like the last area, re-enter the portal you entered from (the
          "north" portal).
          (AR 3014)
          Right out of the portal are some really deadly traps.  Try to disarm them
          before engaging in battle.
          Here you must fight a Demon Wraith and his armies of the undead.  Kill
          There are lots of minor treasures in here.  There is also a really
          good item as well:
            (x 340 y 640) - White Dragon Scales (Cespenar can make armor of these)
          Again, take the portal you came out of (the "north" portal).
          (AR 3015, the "Exit")
          This is more or less where you would have been taken if you got abducted
          by a Succubus.
          Just for arriving here, you get 10,000 quest experience.
          When you first appear here, you'll find Aesgareth confronting you.  He's
          not from around here.  He also has the necessary Scepter Gem in order
          for you to move to the next level.  That is not of the moment.  Be civil
          to him, but don't reveal that you have a possible way out.  He wants to
          play cards with you, the stakes being the Scepter (essentially).  Agree
          to it.  The conversation ends so you can "prepare."
            Note:  Sounds like your cue to SAVE THE GAME.  If you lose the game,
                   reload.  After winning, save it again.
                   Also... You can pick-pocket Aesgarth for the deck of many
                   things during the "Let me think about it" time. Your pick-
                   pocketing skill should be at least 150+ though. (Xander77)
          Talk to him again.  The game involves attempting to survive whatever the
          Deck of Many Things hurls at you.  The stakes are, for him the Scepter
          Gem, a Wish Scroll or a Spectral Brand, and you get to pick:
              Note:  The Spectral Brand (Long Sword +4) is upgradeable by Cespenar.
            The Way Out (The Vigil Stone)... wager this!
              Note:  If you get the strength card and lose your Strength, use a
                     Remove Curse spell to dispel it. (thanks to Doug Scheurich)
                     In general, Remove Curse will dispel the negative effects,
                     should you get one.
          You win by picking the "higher" card, which usually means the "worse"
          card!  Winning a game is worth 25,000 quest experience.  If you win the
          first two games (for the Spectral Brand and Wish scroll), talk to him
          again and get an instant 20,000 quest experience.
          Try to get the Spectral Brand if you can.  Even if you lose the draw,
          Aesgareth will return the Vigil Stone to you (so you don't lose anything)
          and even give you the Scepter Gem to boot!  What a nice demon.
          For completing this you get 25,000 quest experience.
            Note:  The maximum experience playing the game is 95,000 quest
                   experience.  Remember quest experience is NOT divided among
                   the party, everyone gets that exact amount. (when you kill a
                   1000 exp monster, on the other hand, it is divided amongst
                   everyone in the party)
            Alternatively:  You could be hostile and attack him.
                            Aesgareth - 21,000 experience
                                        Deck of Many Things
                                        Scepter Gem
                            Tiefling  - 14,000 experience
                            Tiefling (2) - 18,000 experience
                            Tiefling  - 16,000 experience
                            Fell Cat (2) - 9,000 experience
                            As well as many small treasures...
                            Total experience 105,000. (divided among your party,
                            so if you have 6 people, each person gets 17,500 exp)
                            Also, it is possible to win the first two games, then
                            lose the last game, and fight him then.  You still get
                            less Exp for killing him than letting him go.
            The Deck of Many Things (if you killed Aesgareth and got it):
              Card Drawn      Effect
              Donjon          Imprisoned
              Ruin            Lose 100,000 gold
              Void            Disintegrated
              Magician        Transformed into a rabbit, Remove Curse to undo
              Skull           Summons a hostile death shade, harmed by +5 or higher
              Key             Random magic item
              Star            If you are a warrior then +1 to strength; if you are
                              a Priest, +1 to wisdom; if you are a wizard, +1 to
                              intelligence, if you are a rogue, +1 to dexterity
              Throne          Party gets 1,000,000 experience
              Moon            Character gets +10 to max hit points
              Euryale         Character loses 1 to all saving throws
              Flames          Summons a hostile Baalor and some fire elementals
              Knight          Summons in four demon knights
              Rogue           Charms the character (they become Red and hostile)
              Talons          Blinds character.  Remove curse to undo
              Fool            Lowers Wisdom to 3 and Confuses; remove curse spell
              Comet           Character gets +5 fire resistance
              The fates       Temporarily boosts +1 to all stats, lasts one day
              Gem             Get a rogue stone, king's tear, sapphire, diamond,
                              ruby, and emerald
              Vizier          Mantle spell for one day
              Jester          Character gains 50,000 experience
              Sun             Entire party gains 300,000 experience
              Balance         Deck vanishes
          Time to get out of this maze.  Before leaving this level, prepare for a
          battle with Mind Flayers.  Cast some protective magics on sensitive
          players, Haste, etc.  Enter the right portal.
        - LEVEL FOUR (AR 3017)
          Watch as a mage (MAD mage) forces some giths and illithids to fight a
          battle.  Then you get to talk to him, but this proves to be quite
          unfruitful as he simply sends some goons to attack you. (In my case, it
          was Illithids)
            Note:  When I encountered Carston on the fourth floor of Watcher's Keep
                   I asked him what happened to all his apprentices.  He got huffy
                   and he me with a lightning bolt (maybe chain lightning?) and
                   then left me alone.  Not so bad when the other option is having
                   him summon a bunch of Mind Flayers. [from Kevin Horan]
          Up above the machine, there are four large containers (x 3300 y 1550).
          Besides having the normal assortment of minor magical items, they also
          carry NON-magical items.  You might want to take some, you're going to
          need them.
          Open the door near here (x 3600 y 1660) and enter this room.  There are
          2 containers upwards, both are locked, the one on the left is trapped.
          They have only minor treasures.  There's another locked chest at the
          lower end of this room with more minor treasures.
          Open the next door (x 4100 y 1300) to find the Magical Golems.  These
          guys can be hurt ONLY by non-magical weaponry (hence the shelf full of
          that stuff), so be sure that everyone is equipped with something mundane.
          However, once you have normal weapons equipped, these golems are
          Enter their room, and search the giant Pool to get some Blue Oil.
          The three containers (the middle one is trapped) at the top of this room
          have more minor treasures.
          Back to Carston's Room.  This time, take the door to the south (x 2600
          y 2300)
          The container just to your south (x 2850 y 2600) has a large variety of
          healing potions.
          The treasure chests at the top of the room are not treasure chests at
          all, but Killer Mimics that attack you.  Once the mimics are dead, you
          can search the containers for more minor treasures.
          The final door (x 2130 y 2670) leads to several torches, which you can't
          light just yet.  Back to Carston's room.  Head up to the top stairs
          (x 2400 y 1500).  You'll be fighting more Mind Flayers, so be ready.
          Go down.
          (AR 3021)
          Once here, I summoned a Mordenkainen's Sword, and sent it down.  The
          enemies all attacked that (quite uselessly) allowing me to swoop in
          behind them and slaughter them.
          Open the door to the left, and go down the passage to a small circular
          room.  There were some Umber Hulks here that wanted to be killed.  Once
          they're dead, search the circular thing in the center for:
            Illithid Rod
            Wand of Cursing
            other treasures...
          Go back, then open the lower door and enter that room.  There are more
          Hulks and Illithids in here to be killed.
          Search the table at (x 1600 y 915) for:
            5 Potions of Extra Healing
            Handwritten Note
            other treasures...
          Open the cell door, and search the table in there for more small
          treasures.  Also the table to the right has more treasures, healing
          potions, etc.
          Enter the right cell and talk to the dying Apprentice.  Ask him about
          Carston and the exit to the next level.  The key is the Machine, of
          course.  He dies, and you can then search the table behind him for more
          small treasures.  For helping him die (I guess) you get 1000 quest
          Open the southern door, and go down the passage to another circular
          room.  There are 3 illithids in here and some Umber Hulks.  Kill them.
          One of the illithids has the second part of the Illithid Rod key, once
          you get it you get 4000 experience and the completed key.  The container
          in the center of the room here is TRAPPED and has minor treasures.
          Go back up to the cell room, then left (x 1200 y 1000).
          This is the Red Oil Room.  When you take the red oil from the vat you
          will be attacked by a couple of Vampiric Illithids (the best of BOTH
          worlds there).  They're each worth 14,000 experience.
          Head back up to Carston's level.
          (AR 3017)
          Drop down to the lower stairway (x 4000 y 2600) and go down.
          (AR 3022)
          If you thought that the Gith might be more reasonable than the Illithid
          were, well you're wrong.  They're not.
            Note:  Some of these Gith are considered to be Anti-Paladins.  Don't
                   you wish that you could be an Anti-Paladin?
          There are 3 chests in this first room, and the "middle" one is trapped.
          They mostly have minor treasures with one exception...
          Be sure to get the Flint and Tinder from the lower chest (x 880 y 550).
          The door to the right has more Giths and some minor treasures.
          Open the lower-left door and go through (x 900 y 800).
          Fight off the Giths in this room, then search it for treasure.  There is
          another Handwritten Note here at (x 400 y 950).
          Open the door in the lower right (x 900 y 1200) to go to the next room.
          You'll have to fight through a wave of Gith, but if you can take on the
          Illithids, the Gith should present no problems at all.  When they're
          dispatched, go further to the right to find the captain.  You can't talk
          him out of a fight, so don't bother trying.
            Captain - 7500 experience
                      Diary of Carston's Apprentice (a Clue!)
                      Angurvadal (Long Sword +4, upgradeable by Cespenar)
          Search the "teeth" of their ship (x 1350 y 1550) to find:
            Montolio's Clasp (part of Montolio's Cloak, upgradeable by Cespenar)
            other treasures...
          Search the purple pool (x 1550 y 1700) to get:
            Purple Oil
          Open the door in the bottom right corner here (x 1830 y 1960) and
          (AR 3018)
          Follow this down to find a great red Dragon, Saladrex.  In case you're
          planning on attacking him (don't yet), here are his general stats:
            244 HP  -12 AC  -6 THAC0  3 Attacks  30% all weapon res.  64,000 exp
              Staff of the Ram +4 (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
              Rogue Stone
              1500 gold
              other treasures...
          Anyway, let's just have a pleasant chat with him for a bit.  You can
          attack later if you want.  Try to use the "flattering" answers whenever
          possible ("oh mighty Saladrex") as he is a very vain dragon.  Ask him
          what he's doing here, and he'll tell you that he was summoned by the
          Mad Mage Carston like everyone else, but he found that he liked it here.
          Depending on how flattering you were, you'll be able to ask him some
          questions.  Ask him everything that you want...
          Then, if you so desire, you can attack.  Most of the "trick" strategies
          for killing dragons that worked in BG2, no longer work (Fake Talk,
          tossing out Cloudkills, etc.), so you might actually have to prepare for
          a real fight.  I'd make sure to cast Resist Fear on everyone, as Dragons
          tend to be frightening.
            Tips:  Killed the dragon by using one of the many spell striking
                   wands to lower its resistance (cast about 3 times), then
                   used wand of lightning a bunch of times.  Used cleric to
                   heal/cast resist fire/resurrect.  Important to note that the
                   dragon in watcher's keep cannot fit through its big doorway,
                   allowing you to stay out of range of all but it's fire
                   breath.  Fun stuff.  If you're really crafty, you can grab
                   some additional fire protections, and nix the cleric.  This
                   method is mainly for those who go straight from Irenicus'
                   Dungeon to Watcher's Keep.  [from Braden]
          Once you're done here, go back up.
          (AR 3022)
          Want to fight a Demi-Lich?  Whenever you've prepared, head over to the
          left, open the door (x 750 y 1850) and descend.
          (AR 3027)
          Nothing here, but a Demi-Lich!  I'd send in only one character and
          attempt to draw him out of his little hidey-hole.  I'd keep your mages
          WELL away from this battle so they can cast Freedom on anyone who happens
          to get imprisoned by him.  So, what I did was cast Simulacrum, and had
          that stay in the battle with me, and had my real mage go hide somewhere.
          I'd also send your main character away as well, this prevents him/her
          from getting imprisoned and ending your game.  Of course, if you have a
          Berserker in your party, just Berserk and hit him hard and fast.
          Berserking makes you immune to imprison.
            Note: There are all kinds of ways to kill a Demi-Lich, and the monster
                  strategies section above on Undead has them all.
            Demi-Lich - 55,000 experience
                        Star Dagger +4 (upgradeable by Cespenar)
                        20,000 gold
                        other treasures...
          Be sure to check his coffin for more treasures.
          Go back to the Gith level, and from there back to the main Mad Mage
          (AR 3017)
          Head left to the torches (x 1680 y 2860).  There are 6 torches, 3 on the
          left and 3 on the right.  Here's the color coding...
            Red       Blue
            Red       Purple
            Purple    Red
          Click on each torch and light them according to the pattern. (You get
          the pattern from the tiles in the two side rooms, if you're curious...
          it's easier to see if you look at the mini-map)  When all the torches
          light, the door opens and everyone gets 10,000 quest experience points.
          Enter the last room.
          Here you must fight two Minotaurs, Rock and Garock.  Somehow they also
          summon other monsters to help them.  But after clearing out a dragon and
          demi-lich, what are 2 minotaurs?
            Rock - 15,000 experience
                   Axe of the Unyielding +3 (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
                   2 Potions of Superior Healing
                   Battle Axe +3
            Garock - 10,000 experience
                     2 Potions of Superior Healing
                     Battle Axe +3
          Time to search the Vaults.  The left one is trapped, the right one is
          Get the Crystal Mallet from the left vault.
          Be sure to get the Clay Golem page from the right vault.  The other
          treasure is decidedly minor.
          Head back to the great machine, and click on it.  You need to hit the
          thing SIX times in order to get Carsten out of it.  Once he is removed
          from his cocoon, he isn't quite as arrogant.  Let him live and he'll
          give you his journal.  You get 10,000 experience for letting him live.
          (He's worth only 6000 to kill)  Read his journal to learn how to activate
          the portal to the next level.  However, we have a machine to play with
          Save it first, then use the machine.  All the handwritten notes you have
          been gathering are the formulas for what you can do with it.  Each
          valid combination requires 3 switches/buttons/whatever to be pressed.
          They can be done in any order.  The bonuses work on whoever used the
          machine, not just the main character.  So, if you need your priest to
          gain some wisdom...
          Here is a complete list of the valid combinations:
             Triangle  Green   Medium    > Storm Star +3 (Cespenar can upgrade)
             Blue      Green   Long      > Gain Magic Res.
             Circle    Blue    Long      > +1 INT
             Square    Blue    Short     > +1 DEX
             Red       Green   Short     > +1 CHA
             Circle    Square  Triangle  > +1 WIS
             Circle    Red     Long      > +1 CON
             Square    Short   Medium    > +1 STR
             Triangle  Red     Medium    > Exit to next level
             Note:  You can only do the Stat bonuses ONCE.
          If you enter in an INVALID combination, you get some really bad random
          effects (well, mostly bad):
            10% chance to gain a Potion of Superior Healing.
            10% chance to get 100,000 experience (only for whoever used it)
            10% chance to become Imprisoned (bad if it's your main character)
            10% chance for 50 fire damage
            10% chance turned to stone (bad if it's your main character)
            10% chance to lose 1 INT
            10% chance for 75 lightning damage
            10% chance to be poisoned
            10% chance to lose 15 levels
            10% chance to lose 1 DEX
          Anyway, use the machine's Triangle, Red, Medium combination to open up
          the portal to the next level.  This is worth 25,000 quest experience.
          The portal you want to enter is the Right Portal (x 2800 y 1400).
        - LEVEL FIVE (AR 3019)
          Well here we are on the final level.  In fact, you can see the Final
          Seal just ahead.  All you have to do is figure a way to open it.  The
          other portal here takes you out of the dungeon.
          There are 3 doors around this area, one below, one to the left and one
          to the right.  Open the lower door (x 2460 y 2460) and talk to the
          Helmite Ghost.  Be confident and tell him that you are ready for anything
          that might be ahead.  Tell him that you are ready for the challenge and
          he tells you to enter the 3 doors behind him.
          Enter the left door first (x 2300 y 2950).
          (AR 3025)
          You will be fighting orcs in here.  Lots and lots of orcs.  This area is
          on a timer.  As long as the timer is going, there will be a constant
          supply of orcs for you to fight.  So, until the end, there will be 10
          orcs in the room.
          After a short while, the spirit appears, congratulates you and gives you
          21,000 quest experience.
          Search the pool for:
            Ixil's Nail (Cespenar can upgrade)
            5 Potions of Extra Healing
            minor treasures...
          Go back up.
          (AR 3019)
          Now open the middle door (x 2640 y 3000) and go down.  You will be
          fighting a Dragon, so be warned.
          (AR 3024)
          This challenge is much more interesting, you get to fight a Green Dragon!
          I found this dragon quite a bit easier than the Red one earlier.  Anyway
          I simply summoned up some Mordenkainen's Swords (2), a Fire Elemental.
          Then I cast a few protection spells and hacked at the dragon till he
            Dragon - 62,000 experience
                     Warrior's Skull
                     Hindo's Doom +3 (upgradeable by Cespenar)
                     1500 gold
                     other treasures...
          With the dragon dead, you get congratulated by the ghost and another
          21,000 quest experience.
          (AR 3019)
          Time for the last door (x 2900 y 2900).
          (AR 3026)
          Here you meet up with a gaming imp.  No way out, you'll just have to
          answer her questions.  Oh, and if you fail, she Imprisons your entire
          First, here is her riddle:
            "I have as many brothers as sisters, but my brothers have twice the
            number of sisters as brothers. How many children do my parents have?"
            Answer:  Seven
          This is worth 10,000 quest experience.
          Next you play the Game of Coins.  Here is the way to win at this:
            You take:
            2 coins (he'll take 1 coin)
            3 coins (he takes 3 coins)
            1 coin (leaving him the last coin, so he loses!)
          Beating the Imp again is worth another 10,000 experience.  The Spirit
          appears again, congratulates you and gives you another 21,000 quest
          There are 3 containers in here with various minor treasures.  Also, the
          chest against the wall is TRAPPED.  When you're done looting, exit.
          (AR 3019)
          When you appear, the Spirit talks to you, and gives you the Heart Key.
          (actually, for me, he gave it to Jaheira)
          1 key down, 2 to go.
          Go up and to the left, and open that door (x 1240 y 1580).  Kill off any
          monsters in here.  This is the Orb Room, where colored balls shoot out of
          a machine to be deposited in large pillars.  Why, you ask?  For a key.
          Go up and examine the machine.  You'll have to go through the Notes
          before it actually lets you play with the machine.  You're going to have
          to press each of the 4 buttons 4 times.  Each time you press a button you
          get a new Orb of the same color as the button.  After you get an orb,
          place it into the same colored Pillar.  There are some side effects to be
          aware of:
            Note:  Despite what the machine says, you only have to put ANY ONE of
                   the colored globes into their proper Pillar.  That means you can
                   get away with pushing only 4 buttons total, rather than 16.
            Red 1:    Summons Hobgoblins
            Red 2:    Summons Kuo-Toas
            Red 3:    Summons Trolls
            Red 4:    Summons Greater Wolfweres
            Blue 1:   Summons a Mage (11,000 exp)
            Blue 2:   Summons a Mage (14,000 exp)
            Blue 3:   Summons a Mage (20,000 exp)
            Blue 4:   Summons a Mage (6000 exp)
            Purple 1: Summons Skeletal Warriors
            Purple 2: Summons Shadows
            Purple 3: Summons Vampires
            Purple 4: Summons Liches
            Green 1:  Summons Mutated Spiders
            Green 2:  Summons Umber Hulks
            Green 3:  Summons Earth Elementals
            Green 4:  Summons Beholders
            Note:  Each button pressed gives you 1000 quest experience for a total
                   of 16,000 quest experience.
            Tip:  With the "purple" undead monsters, I turned the script off of my
                  Cleric, and had her stand near where the monsters appear.  Then,
                  because of being at a high level, every undead was blown to bits.
          Here's a list of what the first 3 orbs do for each color: (Dave Loveland)
            Green - Summon Shambling Mound
            Green - Melf's Acid Arrow
            Green - Temporary +5% magic resistance (on caster)
            Blue - Cone of Cold
            Blue - Greater Restoration
            Blue - Protection from Normal Missiles
            Purple - Invisibility
            Purple - Mass Cure
            Purple - Cloud Giant Strength (on caster)
            Red - Fireball
            Red - Good Luck (temporary +1 to saves for each member of your party)
            Red - Heals 64 hit points
          When you're done, you get the Mind Key, which is worth 10,000 quest
          experience.  2 down, 1 to go.
          Go over to the right door (x 2900 y 1300) and go in.  You'll have to
          fight through some enemies, but nothing you can't handle.  Go up to the
          pedestal and click it to place the Skull you got from the dragon on it.
          This teleports you to a hidden realm ...
          (AR 3023)
          You cannot move.  In fact, all you can do is control the Spirit Warrior
          and tell him where to go.  This dungeon has been reduced to almost a
          Text Adventure level.  Your Spirit Warrior has 50 HP, 7 AC, 10 THAC0.
          Map: (start in Room 1)
            Room 12     --  Room 11      --  Room 10
            Mummy           Chest > Heal     Gibberling (use scroll)
                            (Req. Key)         |
            Room 7       --  Room 8      --  Room 9
            Ghost              |             Desk (Bracers +1 THAC0)
            Chest (Helm)       |             chance to be poisoned when opened
              |                |
              |                |
            Room 4       --  Room 5      --  Room 6
            Poison           Scroll          War Dog
            Fountain                         Search for Potion (Heal) & Key
              |                                |
              |                                |
            Room 1       --  Room 2      --  Room 3
                             Goblin          Treasure Chest (Wand)
                                             Skeleton attacks when opened
              Wand Note:  If you don't use your wand beforehand, it will be more
                          powerful when you fight the Mummy later.
              Fleeing Note:  If you flee the goblin you take 2 damage.
                             If you flee the skeleton or War Dog you take 5 damage.
                             If you flee the ghost you take 7 damage.
              Experiences:  You get 4000 quest experience for getting the Helm.
                            4000 QExp for getting the Potion & Key.
                            4000 QExp for getting the Scroll
                            4000 QExp for getting the Bracers
                            3000 QExp for using the Scroll on the Gibberling
                            4000 QExp for using the key and opening the chest
          As you can see from the map, there are many ways to do this one.  The
          route I favor is this:
            Room 1:  Go North to 4.
            Room 4:  Go North to 7.
            Room 7:  Kill ghost, open chest to get the +1 AC Helm.  Go south.
            Room 4:  Go south to 1.
            Room 1:  Go east to 2.
            Room 2:  Fight goblin.  East to 3.
            Room 3:  Open chest, fight skeleton, get Wand.  Go up to 6.
            Room 6:  Fight War Dog, search for Potion (Heal) & Key.  West to 5.
            Room 5:  Search for Scroll.  Up to 8.
            Room 8:  East to 9.
            Room 9:  There is a 33% chance to get poisoned if you open the desk.
                     The Bracers +1 THAC0 are nice, however.  North to 10.
            Room 10: Use Scroll to kill Gibberling.  West to 11.
            Room 11: Open Chest (needs the Key from room 6) to get healed.  Go
                     through the Arch to 12.
            Room 12: Fight the mummy.  Use the Wand first, then attack.
          If you don't want any of the items, the non-violent (at least until you
          get to the Mummy) route is:
            Room 1:  Go north to 4.
            Room 4:  Go east to 5.
            Room 5:  Search for scroll.  North to 8.
            Room 8:  East to 9.
            Room 9:  North to 10.
            Room 10: Use Scroll to kill Gibberling.  West to 11.
            Room 11: Go through Archway to 12.
            Room 12: Fight Mummy.  I believe the mummy is stronger if you don't
                     have the Helm and Bracers.
          Thus you are released from the Spirit Warrior, having succeeded in
          getting the final key.  For this you get 21,000 quest experience.
          (AR 3019)
          Go over to the great Seal on the floor.  There are 3 pedestals around it,
          click on each of these.  Each key used gets you 20,000 quest experience
          (for 60,000 total).  Now that we've stuck the keys in, we still have
          to turn them.  And when you turn the keys, monsters appear.  As soon as
          you turn the key, I'd pause it and survey your enemies.  If you have any
          mages, take them out quickly to avoid getting Time Stopped.
            Upper Right - Spirits of Priests (and one mage)
                          Items:  Club of Detonation +3
            Lower       - Lich (25,000 experience), Flaming Skulls
                          Items:  Erinne Sling +4 (upgradeable by Cespenar)
                                  Serpent Shaft (upgradeable by Cespenar)
            Upper Left  - Final Guardians
          The Final Guardians are meant to be very tough, and so they are.  They
          consist of:
            Nalmissra - Tanar'ri
                        25,000 experience
                        Scroll:  Wish
            The Huntress - Demonic
                        20,000 experience
                        Taralash Bow +4 (increases movement rate, Upgradeable)
            Y'tossi - Demonic
                        23,000 experience
                        Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization (+1 THAC0, +2 dmg
                          + 1/2 attack per round)
            Amerilis Zauviir - Cleric
                        20,000 experience
            Hive Mother - Beholder
                        50,000 experience
            Xei Win Toh - Fighter
                        28,000 experience
                        There are also lots of minor treasures too.
          To prepare for the final battle, I summoned up some Mordenkainen's Swords
          and placed them around the portal.  I then moved my party well over to
          the left, cast protective magics on them (and a Simulacrum as well).
          If you have the Cloak of Reflection or the Shield of Balduran, be sure
          to have those equipped on someone, and have them rush the Beholder.
          I had the Swords attack Y'tossi as she is very tough and requires high
          enchantments (the Swords are +5) to even hit.  I then hit Nalmissra
          (after doing a Remove Magic on her) since she was close before
          concentrating more fully on the Beholder.  Once those monsters are gone
          it's practically smooth sailing.
            Note:  Getting killed by Instant-Death attacks?  Try using the Death
                   Ward (cleric) before hand.
                   Saving after the battle is a GOOD idea.
          Alan Cherry has a good idea:  Keep everyone near the exit portal.  Take
          out one or two of the opponents, then use the portal and leave as soon as
          someone's hurt bad. Heal up and recharge spells, and come back in. As
          long as nobody's too far from the portal, you can exit anytime. Cast
          Resist Fear before entering, since you can't control a character who
          Konstantin has a more magical strategy:  All it requires is a Mage or a
          Sorcerer and the skull trap spell.  I call this the chain reaction.
          Anyway, the best kind of fight is when you get the XP for free.  So I had
          my thief set snares around the room and then using project image I had my
          Sorcerer pump the room full of skull traps about 12 in each of the places
          where the monsters would appear.  This of course took a few minutes.
          Then I took a rest and cast all of my protective spells, and got ready
          for a fight.  I carefully came up to the key thing (whatever it is) and
          turned the key.  There was a laugh, then my screen froze for a few
          seconds as the skull traps were going off, when everything was finished
          all the guardians were dead.  They did not touch me once.
          Xander77 offers the following strategies:
            To begin with. it may be a good idea to kill all the monsters at the
            monster machine except for the purple (undead) ones. Then start turning
            undead with a sanctuaried cleric and recruit a bunch of Vampires,
            Skeleton Warriors and Liches to your cause before going after the
            Finish the other seal guardians, rest-up and buff-up (For this battle I
            suggest summoning 1 planetar 2-3 skeleton warriors/hashekars and 1-2
            Mordenkainen's Swords. Cast a storm of venegance over the area if you
            feel like it. Now. arrange everyone according to the strategy of your
            choice and - open the last seal.
            Strategy 1 - General pile-up.
            Simple enough - send all the summoned creatures into battle. Let your
            characters stand back and use every area-damage spell they know
            (preferably summon-friendly ones). Chain-contingency + horrid wiltings
            might work here (it might work in any big combat). Timestop + Improved
            Alacricity is also nice.
            Strictly according to the rules. A bit-touch-and-go, but doable
            (especially if your level is 20+)
            OTOH - It does seem somewhat impersonal, doesn't it? Going on to:
            Strategy 2 - divide and conquer.
            Make sure that all your guys and summons take their assigned places
            (see below) except for one mage that opens the final seal. At this
            point we handle 3 of the guardians on a party-monster basis, while the
            summons distract the other 3. Simple enough.
            Nimarha - Send a guy with negative plain protection (IMOD for example)
            and charm protection against her.  All her attacks are ignored, while
            the guy uses a ranged weapon to help his friends. If you can find a
            mage with the above specifications - even better. We need all the
            fighters we can get taking down Ytossi and the Hive mother - the mage
            can just stoneskin, and sit there doing his thing.
            Ytossi - a fighter or 2. Breach her protection from magic weapons (a
            mage should alternate between breaching her, breaching the hive mother
            and magic missiling anyone who seems to be up to something).
            Hive mother - one guy with Cloak of reflection. An enraged Korgan is
            good - maze and imprisonment won't work. Possibly another guy with high
            MR\Cloak of Balduran to help him send her on her way before she starts
            targeting the other party members.
            BTW - If your main char is a fighter, you can distract them all the 3
            on the right by yourself, and let the summons help your party. Both the
            kensai and the archer have +1 weapons (the archer has a +2/ or maybe
            +3 sword, but she only uses it once she runs out of arrows) so they
            can't hurt you. You should carve the drow up bad enough that she won't
            have time to fire of a spell.
            Vice versa - you can handle the 3 on the right with your party (just
            run on in and keep hitting them. Keep a mage free to keep the 3 on the
            left in line) and let the summons handle the ones on the left in the
            meantime. In which case:
            Namirra - One skeleton warrior, or something else she can't charm and
            can stay alive after a level drain or 2.
            Ytossi - one mordy sword. 2 if you feel like breaching and letting them
            finish her.
            Hive mother - one skeleton warrior and one Hakeashar.  Both magic
            Planetar - wanders around and kills anything that needs killing.
            Cast a death word on your weaker party members in case a spell goes
            after the wrong person, and finish the whole thing quickly - they start
            turning to opponents other then the ones they're currently facing after
            a while.
          Once they're dead and gone, time to click the Wheel above the Seal to
          open it.
          Going down...
        - THE IMPRISONED ONE (AR 3020)
          Ah, finally we meet the elusive "Imprisoned One"...  He'll try to talk
          you out of using the Scroll you were given, at the moment we don't want
          to listen to that.  Get out of the conversation, put the scroll in a
          Quick Item Slot and use it.  This is worth 80,000 quest experience.
          Of course, the Imprisoned One was right, and you are now trapped down
          here.  You can go up the stairs and look at the portals, but you sure
          can't do anything about it.  Talk to the demogorgon again.  Listen to its
          plan, it will open a small rift in the seal to let you out, you go talk
          to the false-Helmites and trick them into coming to check on the
          Imprisoned One, he kills them and everyone is happy.  Sounds like fun.
          Agree, and he'll open the portals.
          Use the Right Portal to get back to the beginning.
          (AR 3000)
          You'll appear on the ground level, find the stairs up to the roof to
          talk to Odren.  Tell him what the Imprisoned One told you to tell him,
          (that you killed the Imprisoned One) and they'll go rushing down to
          check for themselves.
          After that a Specter appears and talks to you.  She tells you that Odren
          was indeed corrupt, that it was He who was supposed to do the ritual
          binding the Demogorgon (prince of demons) in the Keep.  He wimped out
          and thought to sacrifice you.  She says Helm has sealed his fate.  She
          gives you three options to do:
            Flee in Terror
            Enter the Keep and Save Orden
            Use a New Scroll to Seal both Demogorgon and Orden inside
          Pick either Enter the Keep or Use the Scroll and she'll give you the
          scroll (just in case).  This is worth 25,000 experience.
            Note:  If you tell Odren either that you understand why he did what he
                   did or that you cannot forgive him and that he should get out of
                   your sight (but you don't attack him), they both bring you +1
                   rep, 10,000 quest exp, and you hear the seal is now in place-
                   cutting off access to demigorgon.  You can tell Orden that you
                   want to be rewarded for 10,000 gold and 7000 quest exp.  After
                   you receive the gold you can say it wasn't enough and attack
                   Orden or decide that it is enough and receive +1 rep.
                   [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
          The easiest is to simply take the New Scroll, use it and seal both
          inside.  This gets you 80,000 quest experience.
            Note:  Once you seal the Demogorgon in with the Scroll, you can never
                   again attempt to kill him.
                   ... Except for a very small area on the door that still allows
                   you to enter, that is.
          Of course, many people might think it too easy to simply use a scroll,
          if so the it is time to go back inside.  Drop down the stairs to the
          ground, then over to the left and into the Demogorgon's Lair.
          If not, then congratulations on completing the Watcher's Keep.
          (AR 3020)
          Everyone dies really quickly around the Demogorgon, so you can't expect
          help from the "knights."  Demogorgon also summons up a pair of Mariliths
          (similar to Y'tossi from earlier) making this a very tough battle indeed.
          Anyway, before dropping down to his level, you'll want to prepare
          yourself.  Protection spells, summonings, anything you think might help.
          Make sure everyone has +4 weapons so that they can actually hit something
          down there (otherwise, just leave them up by the portals).  If you kill
          one set of minions, he'll summon more.  In order to hit the Demogorgon
          you'll need to lower his defenses.  I would suggest Khelben's Warding
          Whip.  Use all of your special abilities/items/spells that you can while
          in the battle.  There's no better time than now to try out your Whirlwind
          attacks.  It is not ESSENTIAL to take out his Mariliths, you could leave
          them be and just try to kill Demogorgon.  If you do kill his Mariliths
          he'll summon more... again and again.  Remember, you can't hurt him
          if he has protections on, so use Warding Whip!
          If you have the higher abilities, summon Planetars and other similar
          creatures (those can sure take a beating).  You may get poisoned, so
          either have an antidote, or a spell handy.  Set up Contingencies if you
          can, and Spell Triggers.
            Demogorgon - 290 HP  -12 AC  -8 THAC0  5 Attacks
                         36,000 experience
            Mariliths  - 23,000 experience
            Balor      - 26,000 experience
            Glabrezu   - 12,000 experience
            Cambion    - 18,000 experience
            Note:  This is probably the most difficult battle in any of these
                   games, so if you can't do it after several attempts, try
                   coming back later.
                   Also, you cannot cheat to kill the Demogorgon.  It won't work.
                   Demogorgon is not stopped by Time Stop, so unless your mage
                   can fight him on his/her own, don't use it.
                   Exploits work against Demogorgon quite well.  Drop a "Pit
                   Trap" in the center before he appears (Or, drop several). Or
                   if you're into magic, use the Project Image spell exploit to
                   summon multiple Planetars.
                   Find Demogorgon too easy?  Try David Gaider's (a senior designer
                   at Bioware) more difficult Demogorgon:
          Killing the Demogorgon is also worth 100,000 quest experience.  Talk to
          Orden to get 20,000 quest experience.
            Note:  If you kill Demogorgon, the game prevents you from sealing
                   Watcher's Keep by causing the sealing scroll to disappear, but
                   the scroll doesn't disappear until 1-2 seconds after you've left
                   the keep.  This is more than enough time if you're ready.  Save
                   the game after killing Demogorgon, but before leaving the keep.
                   The instant you appear outside the keep, pause the game.  Now
                   trigger the scroll and seal the keep.  You'll get the full
                   experience for sealing the keep on top of what you got for
                   killing Demogorgon!  The timing isn't all that hard, but if you
                   don't pause the game in time, reload and try again.
                   [from zambkptkn]
          Either way, you are done with the Watcher's Keep!
      2.        [GRVFTN]  Grove of the Ancients  (AR 4000)
        Any drow items that you were cheaply carrying around in the sunlight (from
        earlier tricks) will turn to dust.
                    STR   DEX CON INT WIS CHA
        Sarevok    18/00  17  18  17  10  15      Human    Fighter    Chaotic Evil
          Sarevok has been killed by you (twice), but now lives again thanks to a
          piece of Bhaalsoul.  He offers you information and help, but can you
          really trust your old nemesis?  Yes, actually, you can.
          Also, although he is Chaotic Evil at the moment, depending on how you
          treat him, you can get him to change alignments to Chaotic Good.  In
          order to get him to switch, don't ask for him to make the promise, then
          act good around him yourself, giving him second chances and whatnot.
          Found in:  Hell
          Grade:  A  There isn't a better fighter in any of the Baldur's Gate
                     games.  Plus if you're really crazy you can dual him to a mage
                     or thief for even more fun.  The only real problem with
                     Sarevok is his Chaotic Evil nature, which adds conflict to a
                     good-aligned party.
        - SACRED GROVE
          Time to talk to some big heads.  They give you the standard cryptic
          prophecy routine, then set you in a different place in this area.  You
          sense that you are about to be attacked and soon a woman named Illasera
          appears.  She is a child of Bhaal like yourself, and very quickly she'll
          turn hostile on you.  She appears to be a minor mageling (98 HP).  Take
          her out:
            10,000 experience
            Boots of Speed
            Dagger +2
            2 Extra Healing Potions
            Ring of Protection +1
            Sylvan Chain +2
            Note:  This battle, like many others, becomes more difficult based on
                   the strength of your party.
                   Also, don't worry about the items, they'll be teleported with
          After the battle, when you attempt to move, you will collapse and awaken
          in hell.
        - INFERNAL FORTRESS (AR 4500)
          You wake up and a Solar greets you.  She is as cryptic as the giant heads
          were (there must be a rule about this, all divine beings must be
          unintelligible) and offers no real answers... yet.  She does mention that
          Alaundo was her servant, and therefore might know something about his
          prophecy and your powers.  She vanishes, and Sarevok appears.
          Sarevok is not quite what he used to be, in fact, he is probably only a
          shadow of his former self, called into being because you happened to be
          thinking about him at the time.  In any case, he offers some sage wisdom
          on the nature of this place.  You have managed to create a subplane
          within Bhaal's realm, and this subplane is currently separating you from
          the greater plane.  Sarevok noticed this creation in progress, and came
          to wait for you with a deal.  He wants to live again, and only you can
          make this happen.  In exchange for this, he offers you knowledge.
          At this point you can try badgering him to give you the information right
          now, but he won't.  He needs some Bhaalsoul to get him up and running
          again.  If you have Imoen with you, you can ask her to do it instead.
          Either way Sarevok returns to life (and you don't feel any worse off).
          He has a good hearty laugh, then launches into some Vital Clues for you.
          He opens up a passage to a "challenge" that you must face, and tells you
          to not attempt it alone.  He then tells you that you must eventually get
          to the Tethyrian city of Saradush where all things will begin.  Next he
          wants to join with you, and even offers you an Oath of Fealty.
          There are several empty containers in here.  Use these to store your
          items that you don't know what to do with (such as Component Items for
          upgrading your weapons... see below).
          Summoning Party Members:  On each side of the Planar Exit are statues of
          people.  Click on them to talk to the Spirit.  Eventually it will reveal
          that it can summon people who are tied to you.  Use this to summon any
          party members that you would like to join you.
            Note:  Although Yoshimo appears on this list, he is regarded as dead
                   and cannot be summoned.
          Walk a little left and down to find Cespenar, your imp-butler blacksmith.
          His purpose is to upgrade your weapons and items. (like Cromwell, but
          better)  Here is the complete list of everything he can make, along with
          a list of ingredients required to make them:
          Note:  Unless I say otherwise, assume the item costs 5,000 gold to make.
                 Also, several items (such as the String of Gond) are used in the
                 making of several items.  This means you must choose which item
                 you want to upgrade, because once you upgrade one thing, you can't
                 do the other.
                 Most of these are found in the Watcher's Keep, unless otherwise
          Case of Plenty +2   --  Case of Plenty
          Heartwood Ring      --  Oaken Ring                            (Amkethran)
                                  Nymph's Tear                      (Forest of Mir)
          Thieves Hood (better)-  Thieves Hood
                                  Ring of Invisibility
                                  Antidote Potion
                                  10,000 gold
          Helm of the Rock    --  Helm of the Rock
          (better)                Horn (left)
                                  Horn (right)
          Montolio's Cloak    --  Montolio's Clasp
                                  Montolio's Cloak                      (Amkethran)
          Wondrous Gloves     --  Bard's Gloves
                                  Star Sapphire
                                  Rogue Stone
          Blessed Bracers     --  Paladin's Bracers
                                  10,000 gold
          Circlet of Netheril --  Bronze Ioun Stone        (Vampire Nest, Saradush)
                                  Circlet of Netheril
          Golem Manual        --  Golem Manual
                                  Clay Golem Page
                                    &  5,000 gold
                                  Stone Golem Page             (Marching Mountains)
                                    & 10,000 gold
                                  Juggernaut Golem Page           (Abazigal's Lair)
                                    & 15,000 gold
          Improved Cloak of   --  Cloak of Protection +2
           Protection +2          Scroll: Invisibility
                                  Scroll: Improved Haste
                                  20,000 gold
          White Dragon Scale  --  White Dragon Scales
          Blue Dragon Plate   --  Blue Dragon Scales                     (Abazigal)
          Aslyerferund Elven  --  Bladesinger Chain +4    (Dragon in Suldanesselar)
           Chain +5               Scroll: Protection from Normal Weapons
                                  40,000 gold
          Bag of Plenty +2    --  Bag of Plenty                (Marching Mountains)
                                  King's Tears
                                  10,000 gold
          Erinne Sling +5     --  Erinne Sling +4
          Fire Tooth +5       --  Fire Tooth +4
                                  Bowstring of Gond                 (Sendai's Lair)
          Quiver of Plenty +2 --  Quiver of Plenty
                                  Rogue Stone
                                  10,000 gold
          Darkfire Bow +5     --  Bowstring of Gond                 (Sendai's Lair)
                                  Darkfire Bow            (Capt. Erelon, Amkethran)
          Taralash +5         --  Bowstring of Gond                 (Sendai's Lair)
                                  Taralash +4
          Runehammer +5       --  Runehammer +4                        (Siege Camp)
                                  Rune of Clangeddin              (Sendai's Forest)
          Flail of Ages +4    --  Flail of Ages +3
                                  Flail Head (Poison)
          Flail of Ages +5    --  Flail of Ages +4
                                  Flail Head (Electric)                  (Abazigal)
          Storm Star +5       --  Storm Star +3
                                  Starfall Ore   (found in Kiser's House, Saradush)
          Club of Detonation +5 -  Club of Detonation +3
                                  Ring of Fire Resistance
          Hindo's Doom +4     --  Hindo's Doom +3
                                  Hindo's Hand                    (Abazigal's Lair)
          Spectral Brand +5   --  Spectral Brand +4
                                  Skull of the Lich                 (Sendai's Lair)
          Ravager +6          --  Ravager +4                    (Yaga Shura's Lair)
                                  Serpent Shaft
          Staff of the Ram +6 --  Staff of the Ram +4           (Watcher's, Dragon)
                                  Roranach's Horn
          Axe of the          --  Baalor's Claw                 (Marching Mountain)
           Unyielding +5          Axe of the Unyielding +3
          Ixil's Spike +6     --  Ixil's Spike
                                  Ixil's Nail +4
          Dagger of the       --  Dagger of the Star +4      (Watcher's, Demi-Lich)
           Star +5                Star Sapphire (5)
          Carsomyr +6         --  Carsomyr +5                            (Firkraag)
                                  Eye of Tyr                        (Sendai's Lair)
          Gram (improved)     --  Gram the Sword of Grief +5      (Abazigal's Lair)
                                  Heart of the Damned               (Sendai's Lair)
          Purifier +5         --  Purifier +4
                                  Eye of Tyr                        (Sendai's Lair)
          Foebane +5          --  Foebane +3
                                  Fflar's Scabbard                 (Saradush Sewer)
          Angurvadal +5       --  Angurvadal +4
                                  Liquid Mercury                    (Sendai's Lair)
                                  10,000 gold
          Sword of Mask +5    --  Short Sword of Mask +4
                                  Heart of the Damned               (Sendai's Lair)
          If you don't have a party, go summon one (the statues by the top door),
          then make your way up the stairs to the challenge.
          At the challenge you talk with a man called Gavid, a Bhaalspawn who died
          before learning of his heritage.  Gavid "dies" and you are beset upon by
          monsters.  They start small and work their way up in difficulty ending
          with Drow.  After which Gavid appears and tells you there is no way out
          of retribution... or is there?
            Note:  The challenge gets even more difficult if you are a higher
                   level.  Also the challenge differs depending on your alignment.
                   If you are good you fight evil monsters, if you are evil you
                   fight good guys (say, peasants, elves and so forth).
          The place where you are standing changes a bit, but you're still in Hell.
          Everyone gets 25,000 experience, while the main character gets 30,000
          exp.  The main character also gets the Pocket Plane ability, which will
          return you to your private dimension.
          Time to go...
      3.        [SRDSHH]  Saradush  (AR 5000)
        - MELISSAN
          You appear in the middle of a ... disagreement.  The authorities believe
          you to be hostile and attack on sight.  Better clear them out quickly.
          After they're all dead, Melissan talks to you.  She sums up the situation
          for you: the city is under siege by Yaga Shura (Bhaalspawn) preventing
          anyone from leaving, and the city is under control of Gromnir
          (Bhaalspawn) who is quite Mad and probably will get everyone killed.
          After that you can ask her some questions.  Ask everything you can.
            Note:  As this is a city under siege, don't stay in any place too
                   long... fire tends to rain from the sky.
                   There are various Minor Bhaalspawn in town.  Unless I
                   specifically mention them, they aren't important.
                   Also, there are various random treasures to be found in the
                   containers of the city.
                   The Harlot in the main city has nothing at all to do with the
                   Vampire Courtesan plot you'll find later.  In fact, she simply
                   wants to wish you well in getting to Gromnir.  There are some
                   interesting Romance notes here as well, if you do agree to go
                   with the Harlot it ends a romance with Aerie, however, Viconia
                   is simply amused and convinced that this will make you realize
                   just how much better she is.  After killing Gromnir, talk to
                   the Harlot again to get everyone 1000 experience points.
        - THE TAVERN (AR 5003)
          Enter the Tavern (x 1050 y 1550).  The first thing you'll notice are some
          soldiers pestering a waitress.  Confront them about it.  You can either
          bribe them off (500 gold) or fight them.  Once they're dispatched (1400
          exp, various +2,3 weapons and armors) talk to the waitress to learn that
          Gromnir has a secret entrance in the sewers.  Naturally.
            Note:  You'll also find Viekang in here... he's the guy who "blew up"
                   in a tavern back in Trademeet.  If you talk to him you'll learn
                   that he simply teleports away whenever he felt threatened.  He
                   has a quest too, see below.
                   Also you can find Volo in the back room.
          Talk next to Pyrgam Aleson.  Ask him for a secret way into the castle,
          and he'll tell you... for a fee (1000 gold).  Of course, if you have 14
          Charisma or more you can negotiate this down to nothing.  He tells you
          that there is a way through the old abandoned jail (which has become
          overrun with undead).  He refers you to the Temple of Waukeen for more
          There are 3 containers in this tavern: (x 420 y 530), (x 750 y 220),
          (x 420 y 900)
            2 Potions of Extra Healing
            2 Potions of Superior Healing
            Oil of Speed
            Random Treasures...
        - KEYS
          Go over to the temple of Waukeen (x 1280 y 1900) and talk to Farielle.
          (she won't help you willingly if you're evil)  Ask her about the key to
          the castle that Pygram mentioned and she'll tell you.  She gives you the
          key to the jail, and warns you about the undead there.  Everyone gets
          1000 exp.
          The pool behind her (x 370 y 350) has a:
            Water Opal
          Also the 2 bookcases to the side have some random treasures.  You may
          want to buy some Elven Holy Water if you don't have any... *hint*
          We now have the key to the Prison, let's get the key to the Sewers.  Exit
          Waukeen's, then head left to the Barracks (x 630 y 1800).
          Once in there, you'll be accosted.  Be as hostile as you wanna be, there
          is no way out of this fight.  Slaughter the troops.  Search the room for
          treasure (practically all of it is Random) and the Key to the Sewers
          (x 375 y 290).
          You now have 2 different keys, each leading to roughly the same place in
          the end, Gromnir.  They merely differ in their methods.  After finishing
          whichever of the Quests from below, enter either the Sewers (any of the
          entrances on the ground) or the Prison (x 1350 y 2250).
        QUEST:  Mateo's Imminent Execution
                Militia HQ - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1740 y 810)
                Countess's Manor - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1370 y 1370)
                Kiser's Home - Saradush (AR 5000, x 2080 y 1820)
                Errard - Saradush (AR 5000, x 2370 y 700)
                Enter the Militia HQ (x 1740 y 810) and watch the, um, trial take
                place.  A man named Mateo is taken away based on, well not much
                evidence.  Looks suspicious.  Talk to the captain and get him to
                agree to let you talk to Mateo and investigate this further.  You
                can also ask him more questions, but he doesn't know much.
                The bookcase against the wall has some:
                  2 Potions of Superior Healing
                Go up and into the prison.  Get the jailer to open the door, then
                go up and talk to Mateo, who is in the closest cell.  Ask him
                whether Kiser is involved and he thinks this somewhat likely.  He
                says that if Kiser is involved then the Countess is in trouble.
                You'll need to talk with her next.
                Also, search the back wall of the other cell for:
                  5 Superior Healing Potions
                Exit the building.
                You'll find the Countess's building just down the large stairs, to
                the left (by the Harlot).  Enter.  Talk to the Countess and mention
                that you have spoken to Mateo.  She quite quickly tells you that it
                was Kiser behind everything.  Kiser, you see, has kidnapped her son
                and the only way to get him returned was to turn on Mateo like
                that.  She also says that Kiser will never give up her son.  She
                wants you to visit with Kiser to somehow get her son back.  Sounds
                  Note:  Her treasure chests raise an alarm if you touch them.
                Head out, and down to Kiser's place.  Inside bug him about what you
                know.  Ask him about Mateo.  Now if you have a 15 CHA, or have
                talked to the Countess, or are evil, or are neutral with a bad
                reputation you can get him to divulge more information.  He says
                that he does indeed have the Countess's son, but he won't give him
                up unless you kill Errard, whom he says is the real evil force
                  Note:  You can pickpocket Kiser for a Shakti figurine. (Ken
                Kiser also has quite a bit of treasure in his house, many of which
                is horribly trapped (and all of it Randomized too).  I don't think
                that you can de-trap these either.
                  EVIL Note:  Following the evil path, he asks you to kill either
                              the countess or Errard.  If you do kill the countess,
                              he gives you 10,000 gold.  If you kill Errard you
                              get 2,000 gold.  Either way gets you 5000 exp for
                              every party member.
                              Errard:  20,000 experience
                                       Cleric's Staff +3
                                       Robe of Good Archmagi
                  Avoiding Errard Note:  In Kiser's basement, there's three hidden
                              switches that can be found by using 'detect traps'
                              (two in the main room and one in the small bedroom
                              behind a door).  When you press all three, it opens
                              the secret door that leads to Ardic, and Kiser
                              appears and attacks you like he normally would after
                              you talk to Errard. (Dave Loveland)
                Interesting.  Head out.  You'll find Errard at the top of the city
                standing on the wall.  Talk to him.  If we're following the Good
                path, tell him that Kiser sent you to kill him.  He is a little
                shocked, so fill him in on the details.  Errard will then track
                down the Countess's son for you, and tell you that he is within
                the home of Kiser himself.
                Return to Kiser's, and drop down to the basement.  Kiser threatens
                to kill both you and his hostage for revealing his intentions.
                Bah.  Kill him.
                  Fighter (2) - 6500 experience (various magical treasures)
                  Kiser       - 6500 experience
                                Shakti Figurine
                                Secret Jail Key
                                other treasures
                  Fighter     - 8000 experience
                  Thief       - 10,000 experience
                  Mage        - 10,000 experience
                Find and talk to Ardic for 7000 quest experience points.  Besides
                3 containers of potions and/or random treasures, search the
                cabinet at (x 650 y 350):
                  Starfall Ore (a component of a more powerful item)
                  King's Tears
                Return to the Countess for your reward:  2000 gold, 5000 exp for
        QUEST:  Tazit's Dead Father
                Tazit - Saradush (AR 5000, x 2425 y 1550)
                Just to the right and down from where you started, a man will get
                whacked by some fire from the sky.  Talk to his son, Tazit, who is
                quite distraught over this.  Offer to have a cleric help (or if you
                are a Cleric, to do it yourself).  Have your cleric talk to the
                boy, and offer to try the spell.  When he is raised everyone gets
                1000 experience and a Reputation +1.
                Alternatively, if you have the Rod of Resurrection you can use
        QUEST:  Save the Elves
                Elves - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1240 y 1180)
                Just above the tavern, some elves are having trouble with the local
                authorities (seems familiar).  Threaten the guard by telling him
                that you are a Bhaalspawn, then talk to the elves.  They believe
                that as soon as possible, the guards will make their move again.
                If only someone would offer them refuge.
                Head down to the Temple of Waukeen and talk to Farielle.  She'll
                help the elves out.  Return to the elves and tell them the good
                news.  You also get a reward:  Reputation +1, 3000 exp for all
                party members.
        QUEST:  Stop the Dwarves
                Dwarves - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1010 y 2180)
                Just below the Temple of Waukeen some dwarves are getting angry at
                the local authorities.  Talk them out of violence for:  1000 exp
                each.  You could side with the dwarves in a violent struggle, but
                you won't get much to make it worth your time.
        QUEST:  Help Viekang
                Tavern - Saradush (AR 5000, x 1050 y 1550)
                When you first talk to Viekang, the Bhaalspawn who "exploded" back
                in Trademeet, you learn that when he feels fear, he is
                uncontrollably teleported away.  So, you think he could just get
                out of a city under siege.  Problem is that Melissan cured him of
                his fear.  So, if you have an INT of 18 or more, talk to him again
                and suggest that maybe a Horror spell could make him feel fear
                again.  He thinks it could work.
                  Note:  The main character needs the INT of 18.  So, if you don't
                         actually have the Smarts for this one, there are always
                         potions for that.
                         Your main character dosen't have to have 18 intelligence
                         to make Viekang jump. Just simply have someone cast
                         Horror on him and Viekang will jump! [from Brock Meyer]
                Next, have someone cast Horror on him, and he'll be cured.  For
                this everyone gains 2000 experience points.
        QUEST:  Lazarus's Missing Spellbook
                Arcana Archives - Saradush (AR 5000, x 710 y 1280)
                Hectan          - Saradush Tavern (AR 5003, x 1070 y 530)
                Squip           - Saradush (AR 5000, x 990 y 1140)
                In the Arcana Archives, you'll discover its caretaker, Lazarus has
                had his spellbook stolen.  Therefore he can't really sell you
                anything.  Agree to help him with his problem.  He suspects that
                Hectan is involved, but can't prove it.  Ask for any other clues
                to learn of a set of VERY small muddy footprints.  Hectan is not a
                small man.
                You'll find Hectan in the Tavern, in the back.  Talk to him and he
                denies any involvement.  In fact, he has numerous witnesses that
                place him in the tavern.
                  EVIL Note:  If you have a low reputation (say, 8 or lower) just
                              threaten him and he'll cop to the whole story.
                Go outside, go up and talk to Squip.  Ask him about the spellbook,
                and he'll want 1000 gold to tell you anything.  You could be nice
                and give that to him (heh), but he'll settle for nothing.  He tells
                you that he did steal the book, and then immediately gave it to
                Back to the tavern.  This time Hectan admits to it, but says he
                only took it because he believes that Lazarus has a teleportation
                spell.  He wants you to get this from Lazarus.  Very well...  Go
                to Lazarus and get the scroll.  However, the scroll is useless as
                Yaga has powerful magics preventing anyone from teleporting out.
                Take the scroll to Hectan and he'll exchange that for the
                  Note:  If you tell him to TRY using the scroll right there you
                         lose 1 Reputation.
                Return with the spellbook and give it to Lazarus.  This not only
                reopens his shop, but also gets everyone in your party 5000 exp.
        QUEST:  Peltje's Vampires
                Peltje - Saradush Tavern (AR 5003, x 980 y 815)
                Inside the tavern you'll find a fellow named Peltje who believes
                that he is not insane.  Seems that he believes that all the
                "courtesans" have become vampires and have a secret lair where they
                drain the blood of innocent mortals like him.
                At night, enter the tavern, and go to the top left corner (where
                the elves and dwarves sit arguing) to find the Dark Courtesans.
                Conveniently, there is one of each gender.  Instead of doing the
                usual services, they take you to the vampire nest and attempt to
                kill you.
        OTHER:  Kill Fire Giants [from CY Lee]
                During the siege of Saradush. Go to northern end of the battlement
                where Errard is (the mage in Mateo's quest). You will notice that
                the militia is shooting arrows at some unseen Fire Giant. The Fire
                Giant is located behind the tower and is NOT selectable as a
                target. However, equip your men with missile weapons and set to
                aggressive scripts and they will start shooting at the Fire Giant
                (XP : 8000, instant re-spawning) and the best part is that the Fire
                Giant would not attack your party members and there's no random
                flamingballs from the sky (probably to avoid killing Errard). Leave
                them there for unlimited xp.
                Average : 8000 xp ( per kill ) every 20 sec.  i.e. ~ 1.5 million
                 - Unlimited ammo missile weapons (eg. Firetooth, Azure Edge,
                   Gesen Bow, Sling of Everard, etc.) would be useful.
                 - Be sure to check on your men occasionally as they get fatigued
                   (after a couple days of shooting at some giant) and also to
                   level up (to avoid wasting excess xp)
      4.        [GRMNRR]  Gromnir  (AR 5013)
        - SEWERS
          I'll assume you took the track into the sewers.  Wherever you entered,
          your goal is at the very top of the area, somewhat to the right of
          center. (x 2000 y 150)
          Of course, along the way, you have lots of monsters blocking your path.
          There are no major treasures (just +2,+3 stuff), and certainly no
          treasure chests.
          You'll find your way blocked by a Secret Wall (x 2140 y 550), which also
          needs to be lockpicked.
        - UPPER SEWERS (AR 5007)
          For getting through the sewers, everyone gets 3000 experience.  There is
          quite a bunch of treasure in these first two rooms.  Only one of it is
          really interesting (x 365 y 885):
            Fflar's Scabbard (a component for Cespenar to make a better item)
          The two doors to the southeast lead to the prison.  There are a bunch of
          enemies in there (mages, thieves and fighters) that can be pretty tough
          if you aren't prepared for it.  Also, in each of the cells are prisoners,
          and each time you free one you get a Reputation +1 (which could be a good
          or bad thing).  There is a container on the wall of the lower passage:
            20 Bullet +3
          Also, beware of traps in this passage.  In the top right cell (x 1600
          y 1260) is a passage to the vampire area.  You'll also meet a woman who
          is escaping from Gromnir.  She warns you to stay away, that Gromnir is
          quite mad.  Go to the vampire nest.
        - VAMPIRES (AR 5006)
          This is more or less where you would have appeared had you gone with the
          vampire Harlots.  Enter the cell to the left, and search the wall for
          a secret passage.  Open that to get to the upper hallway.  There's
          another vampire here.  Go left and up into the next hallway.  There are
          three cells here, the first tells you that it is a grave that is missing
          a skull, the second has a Rusted Amulet (x 480 y 730) and the third is
          Go up the leftmost hallway, open the door.  Here you'll find the Prison
          Spirit, who isn't terribly happy about his lot in unlife.  Anyway, about
          where he was standing there is some treasure: (x 1330 y 325)
            Random Item
          Keep the skull for the moment.  Open the secret (x 1175 y 300) on the
          nearby wall and enter.  There are two cells to each side of you, and
          another hall in front of you.  Ignore the cells, go forward and open the
          next hallway door.  The table here has some interesting arrows.  The
          first locked cell has some treasure.
          Back to the shallow grave (x 365 y 665).  The spirit appears again, and
          gives you a Clue.  Whatever.  Place the skull and rusted amulet in the
          grave container.  This causes the spirit to rematerialize, mention how
          great it would be if you had Elven Holy Water (hence why I recommended
          buying it), so put some of that in the grave as well.
          The spirit takes you to the one cell that you couldn't open, and opens
          it.  Everyone also gets 10,000 experience.  Enter the cell and get the:
            Bronze Ioun Stone (memorize extra 7th level spell, Cespenar also uses)
          Back to (x 125 y 975) and exit.
        - PRISON... AGAIN (AR 5007)
          Back to the large room, now open the upper door (x 875 y 750).  Kill the
          monsters in here, and up to the next room.  Kill the monsters here as
          well.  There are a couple of things of treasure in here (press TAB to
          see them light up).  Nothing major.
          Open the top door (x 1620 y 420), and go through.
        - GROMNIR'S CASTLE (AR 5001)
          When you get here, there will be 5 bad guys waiting for you.  These guys
          are fairly powerful (not YOUR level, but who is?).
            Battle Mage - 21,500 experience
            2 Soldier   - 12,000 exp each
            Solder      - 12,500 exp
            Soldier     - 12,300 exp
            And many small treasures...
          Once you're done here, go up the stairs to the next level.
            Note:  Be absolutely SURE to save it before going to fight Gromnir.
                   There is a bug in the script that can make it impossible to
                   complete the game, and if you get it you don't want to have to
                   start over, do you?
        - GROMNIR (AR 5002)
          Watch the little cutscene as Melissan and Gromnir argue about whether
          you are a Bhaalspawn assassin, and so forth.  You might notice something
          missing in Gromnir... his sanity.  They take her away, and Gromnir
          notices you ("hah! good fun!"... in case you're wondering, one of the
          regulars in the Interplay Message Boards was named "Gromnir" and that was
          how he closed each of his messages... looks like Bioware is having a
          little fun with their fans).
          Anyway, time for battle.  I'd take out his two mages first, then Gromnir,
          then his soldier goons that appear from out of nowhere (although the one
          with a Bow is a tempting target, isn't she?).
            Gromnir - 22,500 experience
                      Lavendar Ioun Stone (+1 AC, +4 save vs. death)
                      Roranch's Horn (item for Cespenar to use)
                      Rogue Stone
                      5 Potions of Superior Healing
                      Full Plate +2
                      Ice Star +4 (1 to 4 extra cold damage)
                      1200 gold
            Eler Had - 12,500 experience
                      Grandmaster's Armor (studded +6, works like Boots of Speed)
            (everyone else has the same exp and items as the goons on the previous
          Melissan arrives after the battle, a little upset at the violence that
          occurred here.  She wants you to help get the people out of Saradush.
          After all, you killed their best defender (Gromnir), it's the least you
          could do... well, short of doing nothing anyway.  The way to win, she
          claims, is to defeat Yaga Shura, who is invincible.  So, first you must
          travel to the Forest of Mir and the Marching Mountains to discover how he
          became so powerful in the first place.  Agree to help, and she goes away.
          To get directly out, just use the stairs that go Up.
          When you're done in Saradush, use your Pocket Plane ability.  Once there,
          all you need to do is leave, and it gives you the option to go to the
          Marching Mountains.
      5.        [YGSHRA]  Yaga Shura
        - NORTH FOREST (AR 6400)
          As you first pop in here, you get a little dialogue explaining what you
          are supposed to do here.  There are also some soldiers who need to be
          dispatched.  They were busy slaughtering some poor merchants.  The only
          one you can really save is, coincidentally, the one with a name, Karthis
          al-Hezzar.  Ask him for a reward to get 4240 gold.  Also ask him about
          the area (there is a temple nearby) and you can also shop here.
            Note:  This is the first opportunity in the Expansion to head over to
                   the Watcher's Keep.
          Go down and use the stones to cross the river.  There were some Fire
          Giants on this island.  Continue to the right.  Here there were many
          Yaga Shura soldiers, and one mage.  Besides the mage, they're all
          complete wimps.  Go up, fight through the Fire Giants and Officers.
          Once they're dead, exit this area to the east.  Head over to the Forest
          of Mir.
        - FOREST OF MIR (AR 5202)
          We are on a road, walk up it.  Gorion will appear and talk with you.  He
          is quite disappointed in the way you turned out, it would seem.  He even
          claims that you murdered him.  With a 12 WIS you can point out that
          Gorion would never say such things.  He then zaps you with some magic.
          (20 fire damage)  Next he chews out your companions, Sarevok and Imoen
          (if they're around).  Again if you have 17 WIS you'll be able to say that
          Gorion would not say such things.  If you do have the 17 WIS option you
          take no damage from his next spell.  He punishes you again, this time
          for 15 electric damage.
          Next he tries to pick apart your romance (if you have one anyway), and
          just to be cruel, he summons someone out of your loved one's past.  This
          person then says things designed to hurt your loved one deep down to
          their soul.  Big meanie.  With a 17 WIS you can try to tell your loved
          one that this isn't real.  Gorion punishes you yet again, by knocking
          everyone down (they even make the "dead" sounds, but are not dead).
          Finally you get to resist his efforts.  You get 5000 quest experience
          and he summons some monsters to attack you.
            Master Wraith - 30,500 experience
          After any conversation with your romantic interest, enter the temple.
          Here you'll find various undead running around.  They want to destroy
          you for some reason.  Ah well.  Not only do they have a Skeleton Cleric
          but a Skeleton Mage as well (aren't those called... Liches?).  Turn
          Undead works well enough here.
          Search the tile over to the left to find some treasure. (x 750 y 1250)
          Go over to the right side, and search the tile that is propped up against
          the wall: (x 1430 y 480)
            Nymph's Tear (upgradeable by Cespenar)
            other treasures...
          Go up the stairs to find Nyalee.  She is the one who raised Yaga Shura,
          and taught him how to be invulnerable.  However, she feels that he has
          disrespected her (by literally stealing her heart) and wants your help
          to kill him.  It just works out that you also want him dead, doesn't it?
          He is invulnerable because he keeps his heart outside of his body,
          eternally bathed in flames.  She asks you to find both their hearts and
          bring them to her.  Then she can douse the fire and make him mortal once
          more.  Ask where the hearts are and she'll tell you that they reside in
          the mountains.
          Time to go.  Leave this area and go up to the Marching Mountains.
        - MARCHING MOUNTAINS (AR 5200)
          You start in the very bottom of this area, and the entrance to the cave
          is in the top right.  Go up along the path.  You'll have to fight some
          giants.  Go right along the lava lake.
          Here you'll find a party of... interesting Bhaalspawn.  In short, they're
          all tiny.  How did Bhaal mate with a rabbit anyway?
          Go back left, then down the path to (x 1260 y 1500).  Here go up and to
          the right.  A Fire Giant along here (whom you should kill) is carrying
          many non-Magical weaponry.  Almost as if he's trying to tell you that
          you'll need these to kill Magic Golems.  Spooky.
          Go up across the rocks to the cave (x 2150 y 300).  Enter.
          There are many Fire Giants in here, including the brand new Elite Fire
          Giants (who have 250 HP and are worth 26,000 experience).  Also, don't
          walk on the lava, it hurts (a lot).  Finally be sure to constantly be on
          the lookout for traps, this place is covered with them.
          The 2 side rooms aren't important just yet, so go up.  As you go by you
          will see 2 barriers to the sides.  Keep going up.  In the center of the
          area is a great Machine (x 1930 y 1160).  There are passages to the left
          and right, with the blocked exit being up.
          Go left.  There will be a pool of lava here, with a container in the
          center (x 1200 y 700).  Oh, and it is completely surrounded by traps.
          Search the container: (you'll take damage from the lava)
            Girdle of Fire Giant Strength (STR set to 22)
            Hammer Wardstone
            other treasures...
          When you search this, monsters are summoned to fight you, including the
          brand new Fire Troll, which requires Acid or Ice to kill (once you knock
          it down).
          Head over to the right passage (which I found crawling with Fire Giants)
          and do the same thing as in the previous passage to get:
            Skull Wardstone
            other treasures...
          This time Golems are summoned at you, an Adamatite, Clay and Magic
          Head all the way back down to the beginning, enter the 2 side rooms
          and click the Plate on the wall.  This will open the 2 blocked passages.
          Each of these is worth 5000 quest experience (for 10,000 overall).
          Head up to the right side passage (x 1770 y 2100).  There are all manner
          of beasties in here.  Search the container here:
            Blood Wardstone
            Psion's Blade +5 (immunity to Psionic attack)
            other treasure...
          This summons more monsters to fight you, 2 Bone Fiends and a Cleric.
          Go across to the other passage.  There are other beasties in here that
          are just begging to be slaughtered.  Search the container for:
            Flame Wardstone
            other treasures...
          This summons up some fire elementals (and "Burning Men") for you to play
          We now have all the Wardstones, and can head up to the Machine in the
          center.  Click on it to open up the northern passage.  Using the machine
          gets you 20,000 quest experience points.  Go up (x 2400 y 540) to the
          next level.
            Note:  Respawning Fire Giants.  In the Marching Mountains area, if you
                   go to the left of the lava lake, there are two more Fire Giants.
                   They each carry a Full Plate Mail, King's Tear, Emerald and two
                   Potions of Extra Healing (if they didn't drink it themselves
                   while you're fighting them).  But it's not the treasure that
                   makes it interesting -- the Fire Giants respawn!  Kill them,
                   move away for a bit, come back and you can fight them again for
                   more experience and their items again (to sell).  Repeat.  It's
                   not quite as easy experience as killing them in Saradush, but
                   this way, you can earn a bit of gold from selling their items
                   too. [from Andy Kahn]
        - YAGA SHURA'S BEDROOM (AR 5204)
          I probably don't need to keep reminding you, but keep searching for
          traps.  There's a trap just above the stairs.  There are also some Fire
          Giants there too.  Once up the stairs, go left, when you see the lava,
          go up and into the main room.
          Search the container here (x 1000 y 1060) for some treasure.
          Go right and fight Berenn, a giant cleric, and his Fire Giants.
            Berenn - 40,500 experience
                     Balor's Claw (Cespenar can upgrade)
                     other treasures...
            Tip: The fire giants, including Berenn, can’t get through the low
                 arches near the start.  Draw them there and take them apart with
                 ranged weapons. [from Xar]
          Go right.  The treasure (minor) at (x 1750 y 1430) is trapped.
          Continue right and fight the bad-guys here.  Further right is another
          treasure (minor) (x 2500 y 1800).
          Go up to the Brazier at the top of this room (x 2075 y 1100).  Click on
          it to get Yaga Shura's Heart.  Getting this item gains you 20,000 quest
          experience points.
          Go over to the right, and find the door that leads up (x 2900 y 1400).
          In order to open this door, you must have the Strength of at least a
          Fire Giant (STR 22).  There are Fire Giant STR potions on the ground if
          you need them.  Open the door and enter.
          You'll find a slave woman in here.  Free her if you like (15,000 quest
          experience) and ask her any questions that you have.
          Just to the woman's left, on the wall is a TRAPPED container (x 3050
          y 840):
            Stone Golem Page (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
            3047 Gold
            other treasures...
          Go left to find Yaga Shura's mighty bed.  In the center of the bed is a
          TRAPPED container (x 2500 y 670):
            Bag of Plenty +1 (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
            Yaga Shura's Journal
            Beating Heart
          Yaga Shura's journal reveals one important Clue, that he is under orders
          from someone else.  Interesting...
          Go left to find and fight Imix, the Fire Elemental Prince (x 1620 y 450).
          He's a pretty tough battle, requiring good magical weaponry to even hit.
          He is standing pretty much right on top of some traps, which also makes
          the battle more difficult.
          Note:  The Wave Halberd kills all elementals automatically, making this
                 section fairly trivial if you kept it. [various sources]
            Imix - 50,000 experience
                   Ravager +4 (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
                   Amulet of the Master Harper (+20% find traps, pick locks, +3 AC)
          Time to go.  Leave the Marching Mountains and head back to the Forest of
        - FOREST OF MIR (AR 5202)
          Be ready for a fight here.  Go up and talk to Nyalee, give her the two
          hearts that you found.  This is worth 20,000 quest experience.  She'll be
          restored, and she'll make Yaga Shura mortal again, just as she promised.
          However, she begins to have second thoughts, and decides to attack you
          anyway.  She also summons a Nymph, and some Shambling Mounds to help.
            Nyalee - 12,000 experience
                     minor treasures...
            Shambling Mound - 16,000 experience
          Time to find Yaga Shura himself.  To the Siege Camp!
        - SIEGE CAMP (AR 5203)
          After a brief bit of text explaining the destruction of Saradush, and
          that you can't find Yaga Shura anywhere, you get control.  Be prepared
          for a large battle, it's not far off.  Go down and to the left, and some
          peasants will be fleeing some archers.  As you cross the bridge, Yaga
          Shura and his mighty army rush towards you.  Concentrate all fire on
          Yaga himself, as his army will keep on coming until you kill him.
          Yaga Shura can be found in camp at (x 1850 y 1570).  Once you wound him,
          he flees in terror, and returns a moment later with better troops.  Again
          concentrate on Yaga himself.
            Yaga Shura - 150 HP  -5 AC  -5 THAC0
                         30,000 experience
                         Runehammer +4 (upgradeable by Cespenar)
                         Shuruppak's Plate (AC of -2, +1 DEX, 20% fire res.)
                         Shield of the Order +4
          As soon as Yaga is dead, the Solar will summon you back to your Pocket
          Plane for your continuing education...
          (AR 4500)
          The Solar summons forth your mother who explains how you came to be.  She
          gave birth to you, son/daughter of Bhaal with the intention of
          sacrificing you on an altar to restore Bhaal after his death.  Gorion
          appeared and stopped this from occurring.  Gorion's disruption of the
          ceremony had some unintended consequences... like the other Bhaalspawn
          getting free as well.
          When the Solar talks to you again, if you are Good say these lines:
          (Whether you say Good or Evil things affects your ending)
            "I feel sorry for my mother.  Gorion did what he had to."  &
            "Yes, there is a debt.  I could have just as easily have had his life,
            and he mine."
          If you wish to get the Evil ending, just say any line that sounds
          particularly evil (as with anything, it is easier to be evil than good).
          For this you get 40,000 quest experience and are thrown back out to the
          army camp...
          (AR 5203)
          Melissan greets you when you return.  She tells you that all the
          Bhaalspawn in the city were destroyed, and that she and a few peasants
          were the only ones who could escape.  She has some information for you
          about the other Bhaalspawn who were allied with Yaga Shura:  Illasera,
          whom you already killed, Abazigal and Sendai.  She wants you to go
          after these guys.  She also shows you a new place you can go for help,
          Amkethran (ruled by her ally Balthazar).
            Viconia Romance Note:
              I don't normally take asides for romances, but this one is fairly
              major.  You can help change Viconia's Alignment here.  After
              Melissan leaves, Viconia will comment on the carnage of the battle.
              If you agree with her that this is quite impressive, she becomes LESS
              likely to change alignment.
              Tell her that this is horrible.
              Then, to get her to switch, say one of these lines:
              "Power doesn't automatically equal death and destruction, Viconia.
              This isn't me."   OR
              "Has killing *ever* pleased me?  What are you thinking?!"  OR
              "All this killing is wrong, Viconia.  And the fact it's happening
              because of me is worse!"
          Be sure to get the treasures from Yaga Shura before continuing onward.
          There are 2 containers of minor treasure in this area. (x 650 y 1630) &
          (x 2350 y 1550)
          Return to the Pocket Plane.
          (AR 4500)
          Time for the second challenge.  Head over to the left, to the passage
          that the Solar recently opened.  (x 1330 y 1660)  Here is where you face
          down what you would have been had Gorion taken Sarevok over you.  And
          of course, this incarnation of you doesn't care much for you, and
            Dark Version of You - 183 HP  6 AC  1 THAC0  4 Attacks
          Once he and his goons are defeated, the place is altered to fit your
          alignment.  You get 30,000 experience, everyone else gets 25,000 quest
          Return to the real world, then leave this area and head to the Oasis.
      6.        [MKTHRN]  Amkethran
        - OASIS (AR 6300)
          Note:  If your party is completely invisible, you can skip this fight.
          Hope you're ready for a battle, because you're getting one really quick.
          The Tethyrians here have apparently decided that you are guilty of
          destroying Saradush and must be killed.  This army consists of many
          pikemen, archers, battlemages and good clerics.
          Search the general's body after the battle:
            The Answerer +4 (slow, but powerful long sword)
            Long Sword +3
            Full Plate +2
            Note from Tethyr's Monarch
          The other troops have various minor treasures (like a Composite Long
          Bow +3).  There are also 3 containers here with minor treasures (and you
          can see the bounty notice they put out on you!). (x 1580 y 350) has the
          best treasure.
          Go across to the other side of the Oasis, and out.
        - AMKETHRAN (AR 5500)
          Walk up the path, and you will get an immediate audience with Balthazar
          the head of the city.  He'll give you directions to several new areas
          (where you might find some Bhaalspawn) then leaves you alone.  There is
          no sign of Melissan.
          Beyond the subquests here, nothing to see at the moment.  Pick one of
          the 2 new areas to go to, and go there.
        QUEST:  The Mayor's Daughter
                Asana - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 2340 y 1256)
                A short time after you arrive, the Mayor's Daughter will have her
                life threatened by some mercenaries.  The Mayor asks you to help
                out in this matter.  Agree to help out.  Talk to one of the
                mercenaries.  You can, if you want, offer to repay what she stole,
                however, the merc's want far more than she actually took, 5000
                gold.  With a Charisma over 16 your can convince them to take 3000.
                Of course, you could just fight them.
                Once she's safe, talk to the mayor again to get your reward:
                  Montolio's Cloak (upgradeable by Cespenar)
                  500 gold
                  Reputation +1
                  5000 quest experience
        QUEST:  Saemon Havarian ... again
                Saemon - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 2600 y 1916)
                The local mercenaries are quite upset at Saemon for stealing their
                items and selling them on the black market.  When you get near,
                Saemon manages to get them to believe that you somehow have their
                items, such that they attack you.  Well, at least you know Saemon
                hasn't changed any.
                Head over to the Smuggler's Cave and enter.  There you will find
                the Monks busting up the Smuggling operation.  They spot you and
                tell you to beat it.  Time to take out the trash.  Fight them.
                  Monks - 10,000 exp each
                In the back of this cave are 4 chests, 2 of which are trapped.
                They have minor treasures.
                Within a day, the smugglers will be gone.
                Special Items from the Smugglers: [from Dave Loveland]
                  Once the monks are dead, Carras will come up and talk to you.
                  Select dialogue options 2,1,2 to get into the buy screen.  You
                  will be able to purchase Enkidu's Full Plate, Gargoyle Boots, and
                  K'logarath (throwing axe).   If you leave the buy screen those
                  items will disappear, you will not be able to buy them if you
                  talk to Carras again.  Also, if you don't follow the dialogue
                  into the buy screen when he first comes up and talks to you,
                  those items will not be available.  The smugglers will disappear
                  if you leave the cave and come back in.
                  This is also the best place in the game to generate gold.  The
                  first time that you go into the buy screen they will pay you much
                  more than normal for items (4800 for a full plate mail instead of
                  1500, etc.).
                Getting Extra Equipment and Money from the Smugglers:
                [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
                  When you go into the smuggler's cave tell the monks you will let
                  them arrest the smugglers (the smugglers weren't going to be in
                  town long, I didn't seem to get a discount when I protected them,
                  and their leader, Carras, detects as evil anyway).  Then quickly
                  talk to the smuggler leader to make purchases before he is taken
                  away.  The smugglers will pay more for rare magical items they
                  don't have as well as gems then they will charge you to buy them
                  back-thus you have an unlimited money supply here.  Use it to buy
                  any good stuff the smugglers have, including the +4 K'logarath
                  Axe, Enkidu's Full Plate +3, and the Gargoyle Boots.
                  When you are done buying up the best of the smuggler's stock stop
                  shopping and attack Carras.  He isn't worth much exp (only 500)
                  but drops free copies of the +4 K'logarath Axe, Enkidu's Full
                  Plate +3, and the Gargoyle Boots when he dies.  This is the only
                  way that you can get 2 of each of these items without cheating.
                  If you stop the monks when they want to arrest Carras and
                  then kill him he doesn't drop these items.  The other smugglers
                  in the cave turn hostile but you don't loose any reputation for
                  killing them, Carras, or the other smugglers around town and the
                  monks don't stop you.  The smugglers usually minor magical items
                  like +2 leather and +1 long swords.
        QUEST:  The Cleric of Waukeen and the Monk
                Cleric - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 2974 y 2417)
                Near the temple, a Cleric will argue with a Monk.  He wants the
                monks to care for the town again, and the monk points out that
                Balthazar cares nothing for these people.  A fight ensues.  Kill
                the monk.  A mage will teleport in to chide you about this, but
                they don't seem to care too much.
                The cleric thanks you.  There is a standard reward here:
                  Oaken Ring (Cespenar can upgrade)
                  2000 quest experience
                You can also donate 1000 gold to him for a slightly better reward:
                  Oaken Ring
                  3000 quest experience
                  Reputation +1
        QUEST:  Marlowe
                Tavern - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 2730 y 1380)
                Marlowe's Home - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 3650 y 430)
                Cave of the Dead - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 1800 y 700)
                When you enter the tavern, the man Marlowe will come up to you and
                ask for help.  He won't talk more of it here, and tells you to meet
                him at his home at the cliff.  To get up there, you must go through
                the house to the right of the tavern, up the ladder, then across
                the roofs.
                Once inside, listen to what Marlowe has to say.  A powerful lich
                by the name of Vongoethe wanted to steal the soul of his daughter,
                so he had to beat a hasty retreat from whence he came.  However,
                this didn't stop the lich who sapped her soul anyway.  The lich is
                in this town's graveyard, which the monks sealed.  He says that
                he'll have a guard let you in.  Agree to his proposal.
                Head out, get back to the main level and head over to the Cave of
                the Dead.  You can talk to the Boy here for some info on the
                situation.  When you're ready talk to the guard and have him open
                up the sealed cave.
                Walk forward and the lich appears.  Talk to him.  He tells you that
                he and Marlowe had a deal, Marlowe would get 20 years of fortune
                and whatnot in exchange for his immortal soul.  When the 20 years
                was up, he refused to give up his soul and fled.  The lich
                eventually tracked him down and swiped his daughter's soul to get
                him to pay up.  At this point you can either fight him, or make
                a deal.  You go bring Marlowe here, and the lich will give up the
                girl's soul.
                  Note:  If you fight him before he gives you the soul, the girl
                         WILL die.
                Head back to Marlowe.  You may as well tell him the truth about
                this one, he comes quite willingly.  You and Marlowe are taken back
                to the Lich, and Marlowe gives up the ghost. (so to speak)  You
                are given possession of the girl's soul.  Once you have her soul,
                you can become as hostile as you wanna-be with the lich.
                  Vongoethe - 25,000 experience
                If you fought the battle, you can give Marlowe the soul for 15,000
                quest experience and a Reputation +1.  Or you can keep it yourself
                for a reputation -2 and 6000 quest experience.
                  Note:  When I tried protecting Marlowe from the Lich one of its
                         spells killed him anyway.  So I took the daughter's
                         soulstone back to her and gave her 5000 gold to help her
                         as she started out in life.  My party received 10000 quest
                         experience for everyone and +1 reputation for doing this.
                         If you give her less than 5000 gold you don't get the rep
                         +1. [from Nathaniel Ragatz]
        OTHER:  The Complete Pantaloons
                Smithy - Amkethran (AR 5500, x 3070 y 860)
                  Note:  To enter the smithy, you must go through the house to the
                         right of the tavern, up the ladder, then over.
                You may have noticed the various metallic pantaloons in the
                Baldur's Gate games, well they finally have some payoff.  Take all
                3 pairs (the Golden, Silver and Bronze pantaloons) over to the
                smithy here and talk to Kerrick.  He'll use these to construct one
                of the most interesting Easter Eggs in the game.
                Here's where you get the items:  Bronze Pantalettes are in
                Abazigal's Lair, you must send the Petrified Adventurers out to
                retrieve the Eyestalk.  Silver Pantaloons are a reward for the
                Buried Alive quest back in the Graveyard (hope you got them) and
                the Gold Pantaloons were in the Friendly Arm Inn back in the
                original Baldur's Gate.  (which means you would have had to import
                a party that carried the pantaloons)
                Having trouble finding the Pantaloons?  Here are the three item
                codes for them:
                  misc47  misc5o  misccb
                When he's done making the item, you get:
                  Big Metal Rod (gun)
                  Pulse Ammunition
                  Frag Grenade
                  Scorcher Ammunition
                  Big Metal Unit
                The BMU is usable by anyone, and gives an astonishing series of
                bonuses, not the least of which is the fact that you suddenly look
                like an Adamantite Golem.  As such, there are many places that you
                can't walk in it because it is simply too large to fit.
                  Note:  Once Kerrick finishes this, he leaves town forever.
        OTHER:  Archery Practice
                Near the lower part of the area, archers are taking some needed
                target practice... on monsters that are continually summoned up
                just to be killed.  Talk to the captain and get into a fight.  The
                only thing of importance you get out of this is the:
                  Darkfire Bow +4 (Cespenar can upgrade)
                With thanks to Dave Loveland.
        6.1     [SNDFMN]  Sendai  (AR 6100)
        - WOODSMAN
          Go up and talk to the "woodsman."  Ask him about the Bhaalspawn named
          Sendai, and he'll plead ignorance.  He did, however, see some "funny"
          looking elves in the southwest of this area and asks that you
          Enter the cabin.
          (AR 6111)
          Loot this place!  There are no traps, although some of the 5 containers
          in here are locked.  There are lots of minor treasures, and one more
          notable treasure: (x 520 y 340)
            Rune of Clangeddin (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
          (AR 6100)
          If you do wander over to the southwest part of this area, you will be
          attacked by Umber Hulks and Drow as well as a Hive Mother (Beholder).
            Hive Mother - 50,000 experience
            Drow (2) - 5000 experience
            Umber Hulk Elder - 18,000 experience
          Head up and to the right to find the Graves (x 2000 y 160).  Click on
          these, then head back to the Woodsman.  Ask him about the graves. (He'll
          also try to set up another ambush around the grave for you)  Keep
          pestering him and he'll turn into a Drow and attack you (with
          reinforcements, of course).
          When these Drow are dispatched, the hidden entrance to Sendai's lair
          appears.  This is worth 10,000 quest experience points.
          If you head up to the gravesite now, you will get ambushed by more Drow.
          Go up to Sendai's Entrance, just left of the graves (x 1500 y 100).
        - MONSTER PASSAGE (AR 6101)
          This area is mostly just a long running battle against Myconids, Spore
          Colonies, Spiders and Umber Hulks.
          Once at the platform (x 2650 y 1000) you have 3 choices on where to go
          next, two passages to the left and one above you.  You'll need a key for
          the 2 left passages.  Enter the upper passage first (x 2920 y 730).
          (AR 6109)
          Time for a nice battle against more Drow... and a Drow Kensai no less!
            Thelynn'ss - 15,000 experience
                         Amulet of Cheetah Speed (Speed +2, Improved Haste 1/day)
                         Drow Guard's Key
          Go back. (and see what Sendai is up to... which is worth 5000 quest
          (AR 6101)
          We can now open both of the doors to the left.  Each of the doors will
          lead us where we need to go.  The upper left door leads you through a
          spider infested area, the other through a slave infested area.  Since
          there are no treasures worth mentioning in either one, I prefer to take
          the lower, slave passage.
          (AR 6102)
          As you enter here, you are attacked by Derro slaves (they look like
          dwarves).  Fight your way along the passage.  As you go along, more
          monsters will be summoned, possibly even behind you (annoying if you have
          a weak archer back there).  Just keep moving until you get to kill the
          Slavemaster.  As long as the Slavemaster is alive, more monsters will
          continually be summoned.
          Go to the end of the passage, and exit to the next area (x 2500 y 1550).
        - INNER PASSAGE (AR 6104)
          Head out to the center platform.  We're going to have to go left first.
          Fight your way through the Drow there, to get to the door beyond (x 950
          y 770).  Before entering, be sure you are ready for a battle with a Lich.
          (AR 6110)
          Beware of traps between you and the Lich.
          Yep, there's a battle with a Lich in here, all right.  You can summon
          things without him seeing you, if you don't move.  I just attacked him
          with a Planetar and that worked pretty well.  In another game, my main
          character was a cleric of high enough level that her turn undead blew
          the lich to pieces.
            Odamaron - 22,000 experience
                       Drow Wardstone
                       Heart of the Damned (Cespenar can upgrade)
                       Eye of Tyr (Cespenar can upgrade)
          There is a trapped container near the stairs (x 800 y 100):
            Skull of the Lich (Cespenar can upgrade)
            other treasures...
          The other 2 containers in here have minor treasures.  Exit. (again you
          get to see what Sendai is up to.  This is worth another 5000 quest exp)
          (AR 6104)
          Go back to the center, then up. (there may be some Drow on the center
          platform)  Fight through the Umber Hulks here to get to the doorway
          beyond (x 2525 y 600).  This door is opened by the Drow Wardstone that
          we got from the Lich.  Whenever you're ready for a fairly large, battle,
          enter the door.
          (AR 6105)
          Diaytha confronts you here, and opens the door to the right.  Her idea
          is that you go over there and get killed by the mighty Ogremoch, an
          Earth Elemental Prince.  Concentrate your attack on Ogremoch as he is
          quite mighty.  Nothing tricky here, just straight-out melee.
            Ogremoch  220 HP  -7 AC  2 THAC0  3 Attacks
                      56,000 experience
          Once that is taken care of, go over to the room on the left to fight
          Diaytha and her goon squad (vampire, beholder, etc).  I'd prioritize this
          one a little, take out Diaytha and the Beholder first, then the Vampire,
          then the rest.
            Diaytha - 14,000 experience
                      Darksteel Shield +4 (10% fire, cold, acid, poison res.)
          When you're done, go through the main doors.
          (AR 6106)
          As you come through, Captain Egeissag wants to kill you, but is afraid
          that Sendai will take credit for his actions.  To remedy this, he has
          a suggestion for you:  The two of you fight alone in the pit, winner
          take all, loser dies.  Sounds like fun. (The alternative is to simply
          fight everyone in here)  If you have a good Fighter type of character,
          this will be easily winnable.  If you are a mage, you may want to
          reconsider.  The Spectator Beholder casts a Geas such that whoever loses,
          all his allies die as well.
            Captain Egeissag - 20,000 experience
                               Bowstring of Gond (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
                               other treasures...
          After the battle Spectator (the very same Spectator you met in the
          Sahuagin city) is very amused by how he got out of the service of the
          dopey drow.  You could ask to fight him as well, but he'd much rather
          not fight you.  And with that, he's gone.
          (a brief cutscene follows where Sendai sends out the last of her forces,
          the Mindflayer.  This is worth 5000 quest experience)
          Once you're ready, on to the next room.
          (AR 6107)
          Time for some Mind Flayer madness.  If you have anyone with the Psion's
          Blade, then you are going to have one easy time in here.  Just have them
          rush in and slaughter everything. (Psion's Blade was in the Marching
          Mountain so you SHOULD have it)  In fact, I gave the Psion's Blade to
          Sarevok and had him and him alone fight the battle.
          The small pool in here (x 600 y 600) has:
            Liquid Mercury (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
            other treasures...
          The two doors to the right have Vampiric Illithids in them (14,000 exp).
          Open the upper door.  Go through the passage, and the next door into the
          next room.  More Mind Flayers and an Umber Hulk.  Kill them.
          When you feel up to taking on Sendai, go up to the last door and go
        - SENDAI (AR 6108)
          Although you have quite mercilessly slaughtered her army, Sendai isn't
          about to let that faze her.  In fact, she used that time to prepare to
          fight you.  She creates 7 statues of herself (with either 122 or 130
          hit points) and vanishes.  They are of diverse Classes (1 Cleric, 2
          Fighter, 1 Thief, 1 Fighter/Thief, 1 Mage, 1 Mage/Cleric).  The statues
          can be defeated only one at a time.  Also, Drow will be coming in from
          the entrance.  I'd summon up some high level monsters to guard the
          entrance, then use your party to slaughter the statues.  Once the statues
          are defeated, Sendai reappears and should be killed on sight.
            Sendai  182 HP  8 AC  8 THAC0  1 Attack
                    18,000 experience
                    Wong Fei's Ioun Stone (+1 AC, +15 HP, Regeneration)
                    Studded Leather Armor of Thorns +6 (1d4 damage to attacker)
                    Wand of Cursing
                    other treasures...
          Sendai is a very dangerous Cleric/Mage, you will need to keep removing
          any protections that she puts on herself.  I find Khelben's Warding Whip
          works well for this purpose.  Once she has no protections, she is weak
          as a kitten.  You get 40,000 quest experience for killing her.
          Once she's dead, you are drawn into another Solar Dream.  The Solar wants
          you to wonder about the present, what is your role in this prophecy?  She
          summons a clone of yourself, who is irritated to be here. (10,000 quest
          experience)  There is only one GOOD thing to say here, the rest are evil.
          Good: (this has to do with Good-Evil choices only)
            "I would prefer to find a way to avoid my destiny, if I could."
          The dream-you then proceeds to explain the prophecy to you (the one
          that says Faerun will be ravaged by the Bhaalspawn) saying that you are
          the one set out to prevent the destruction, not to cause it.  At this
          point there are 2 Good things to say (and the rest are Evil):
            Sorta Good: "If I exist to stop the prophecy instead of making it true,
                        then so be it."
            Really Good: "That is a relief...I had no desire to cause the
                         destruction the prophecy tells of."
          This part ends, and the Solar asks what you will do now.  More good
            Sorta Good:  "The quicker I get this 'destiny' over with, the quicker I
                         can start the rest of my life."
            Really Good:  "I will prevent the destruction of the land because it is
                          the right thing to do."
          You get 10,000 quest experience, and the Solar opens another path in your
          Pocket Plane for yet another challenge.  Go to your pocket plane...
          Once you've rested up, head down the next path (x 1700 y 2000).  Here you
          meet with your lost innocence.  He wants you to forget your recent
          troubles and become innocent once more.  Of course, there isn't even the
          possibility of doing such a thing.  Your innocence then becomes the
          Slayer and attacks you.  It is worth 25,000 exp to kill, plus you get
          another 25,000 quest experience for completing the challenge (the main
          character gets 30,000 quest experience).
          Return to the real world, then take the portal out of Sendai's Lair.
        6.2     [BZGLAA]  Abazigal
        - DRACONIS (AR 6000)
          Prepare for a battle.  Summon anything you want, protection spells, the
          works.  I'd also go with a True Sight spell, in case a certain enemy
          casts Invisibility... repeatedly.  You'll be fighting a mage/dragon if
          that helps.  You want enough Summoned creatures to overwhelm someone
          very quickly... (I had a Planetar, an Elemental Prince and 2 Mordenkainen
          Walk forward to find Draconis.  He does not seem terribly happy to see
          you.  He will taunt you for a bit, then attacks.  He is a mage of fairly
          high level, so expect Time Stops and all manner of Protections.  When he
          cast Protection from Magic weapons, I simply switched over to the
          non-Magic weapons I got for dealing with Magical Golems, and that worked
          just fine.  When he goes invisible, hit him with a Remove Magic.
            Draconis  190 HP  -5 AC  4 THAC0  3 Attacks
          When his human form is defeated, he tells you that it isn't so easy to
          kill him and becomes a Dragon.
            Dragon Draconis  190 HP  -10 AC  -4 THAC0  3 Attacks
                             61,000 experience
                             Draconis's Head (used to open the door)
                             Tzu Zan's Bracers (+1 AC, +15 HP)
          His Dragon form is quite a bit tougher.  First he becomes Invisible at
          the drop of a hat, making it impossible to dispel his weapon's
          protections without first getting rid of the Invisibility (hence the
          True Sight earlier).  He knocks your guys unconscious a LOT, which
          complicates matters.  He'll even summon Invisible Stalkers to help out.
          I cast a Time Stop to get rid of his spell protections (Remove Magic,
          Khelben's Warding Whip, Breach, etc.), then just hit him a lot with
          fighters.  Whenever my guys got low on HP I used Potions of Superior
          My summoned monsters didn't last long against the dragon, but they'd
          gotten rid of his human form so quickly that it helped a lot.
          With Draconis dead, you can now enter the Enclave.  (You need his Head
          to enter)
        - ENCLAVE (AR 6001)
          There's a trap right near the entrance here.
          When you enter, Ekim Cyre yells out for help, then locks down the
          Enclave.  He is in a bit of a panic that Draconis is dead.  Then he will
          attack.  Did I mention that he is a Werewyvern?
            Ekim Cyre - 15,000 experience
                        Empty Breath Potion Flask (take it)
                        Stone to Flesh scroll
          You'll notice several pools around, only two of these can be used at the
          moment, the other two require that you fill the Empty Breath Potion
          Flask.  Go to the far left pool and click it twice to dive into it.
          (x 290 y 600)
          (AR 6008)
          This little area is crawling in Frost Salamanders.  Once they're dead,
          go down and through the door.
          (AR 6012)
          This little library is home to a couple of Bone Fiends.  They need some
          re-education on the true nature of bones! (ie dead and buried)  There
          are 3 containers in here, the dresser, the table and the TRAPPED
          bookcase.  They contain mostly minor treasures (but another Stone to
          Flesh scroll).
          Click the pool here to fill it with ... well Breath.  It becomes a
          Breath Potion.  Go back to the previous area.
            Note:  You never need to drink this potion, merely having it is enough.
          (AR 6008)
          Click on the pool here to get back to the beginning.
          (AR 6001)
          Go over to the far right pool (x 950 y 750) and dive into it.
          (AR 6002)
          This is a prison level, of sorts, and its guards are Kuo-Toas.  Kill them
          all.  Go left, kill them there, then go up and kill them there too.  To
          the left are some Water Elementals (and an Olhydra, which must be their
          leader, it's worth 27,000 experience).  Go over to the right.
          Kill the guard, then lockpick (or bash, or Knock) the jaildoor to talk to
          the Monk inside.  He was sent here on a secret mission for Balthazar.
          He is close to death, so he wants to help you with what he has:
            Rope (yay)
          Also, he tells you about a Dragon that guards Abazigal.  This dragon is
          being compelled to serve Abazigal.  Therefore you must find the Scroll
          that will release her from her service.  He won't reveal what his secret
          mission was... sounds suspicious.
          Be sure to search him later for:
            Hindo's Hand (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
          Go left then back down.  There will be a new door opened here (x 630
          y 820) that takes you back to the beginning.  Take it.
          (AR 6001)
          Take the top middle pool this time (x 570 y 640)
          (AR 6003)
          You're going to have to fight through a LOT of "eyes."  They're fairly
          annoying, but not terribly deadly.  Go left, then up to find Lycanth the
          Mad. (x 530 y 700) Ask him about the Scroll of Reversal, then explain to
          him what it is and what it does.  He does, in fact, have such an item,
          but he wants you to work for it.  Seems that he has taken a fancy to the
          eyestalk of a Gauth Beholder and wants you to go get it for him. (you
          could just kill the mage for the Scroll, but that's no fun)  Agree to
          this.  Tell him that this is a bit beneath you and he suggests
          subcontracting this out to the three petrified adventurers.
          Since the secret wall to his lab is barred, you'll need to find another
          way in.  Use the nearby pool (x 460 y 800) to enter the lab.  Search
          the Right Table for:
            Juggernaut Golem Page (Cespenar can upgrade)
            Stone to Flesh scroll
          Go down and open the "secret" wall.  Use the Stone to Flesh scrolls
          (that you've been getting throughout this dungeon) to bring the
          "adventurers" back to life.  Next you must convince them to take up the
          quest to get the Eyestalk.  This isn't terribly difficult, just convince
          them that this is to Save the World and they'll even do it for free....
          They'll return several days later and a very amusing cutscene unfolds.
          ("Bondari reloads" refers, of course, to the habit of players to try
          doing something stupid, then reloading and doing the smart thing... The
          designers seem to be having fun with the gaming public)  They'll give
          you the Eyestalk and...
            Bronze Pantalettes (yay!)
          Go up to the Mad Mage and give him the Eyestalk to get the Scroll of
          Reversal.  This gets you 30,000 quest experience.
            Note:  Clicking on the Eggs releases several Eye monsters.
          Head down, and just below where the adventurers were, take that pool
          (x 670 y 1170).
          (AR 6004)
          Head over to the left to find the Dragon.  It asks for you to free it
          with your Reversal Scroll.  In exchange, it will give you the Wardstone
          which will allow you to pass.  This gets you 10,000 quest experience.
            Alternatively:  You could attack the Dragon.
                            Fll'Yissetat  280 HP  -8 AC  -6 THAC0  5 attacks
                                          60,000 experience
                                          Ring of Improved Invisibility
                                          Abazigal's Wardstone
                            Or you could free it, THEN kill it.  (Amusingly, one
                            hit with the Ravager Halberd and it died to a 10%
                            vorpal effect)
          When you're ready, go further left and enter Abazigal's Lair.
        - ABAZIGAL (AR 6005)
          Before moving forward, prepare for a big battle against a Dragon.
          Summon.  Protective Magic.  You know the drill.
          You'll have to battle your way through some Frost Salamanders before you
          get to the Dragon.  You'll find Abazigal in the center of this area,
          looking a little blue around the gills.  Again, like his son Draconis,
          when you defeat his human form, his Dragon form emerges.
          You MUST defeat his dragon form quickly and efficiently as he can Heal
          himself fully.  Not sure why, but I found him easier than Draconis
          outside.  Again I had the Planetar, 2 Mordenkain Swords and an Elemental
          Prince (who didn't get blown away by the Dragon wing flap).  And again
          I used time stop to remove any protections (then I just attacked him
          while time was stopped... hey free damage).
            Abazigal  290 HP  -12 AC  -8 THAC0  3 Attacks
                      Gram the Sword of Grief +5 (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
                      Flail Head (Electric, Upgradeable by Cespenar)
                      Blue Dragon Scales (Upgradeable by Cespenar)
          When he dies, he tells you that your victory will be short lived...
          Defeating him is worth 40,000 quest experience.
          When you have defeated both Sendai and Abazigal then you get to see the
          cutscene of Balthazar betraying Melissan and ordering her death. (this is
          worth 4000 quest experience)
          Next, it cuts away to another Solar dream.  She tells you that you near
          the end of your journey.  The following responses are GOOD:
            Really Good:  "I only hope I will be able to hold onto what is good and
            Pretty Good:  "Then any help you could provide would be appreciated."
          She then tells you that the 5 most powerful Bhaalspawn gathered together
          to form the Five.  They plotted the Doom of their lesser siblings.  She
          then summons forth Yaga Shura to explain this to you.  He tells you that
          they plotted to rule the world and resurrect their father, Bhaal.  Time
          for you to respond with what you think:
            Good:  "It means that their plan is defeated...Bhaal will remain where
                   he is: dead!"
          He tells you that you have missed the most powerful of the five:
            Good:  "I'll just have to stop Balthazar and Bhaal, too, if it comes to
            Really Good:  "If I can kill Balthazar before he raises Bhaal, I'd
                   prefer not to deal with my so-called 'father' at all."
          When this is done you get 10,000 quest experience.
          Leave via the big blue portal to the left.  As you reach the outside,
          Elminster appears.  He tells you that you have grown so powerful, even
          he wouldn't take you on.  Sweet.  Anyway he also will advise you on who
          to go see to get into Balthazar's lair.  You are to find and talk to
          Saemon Havarian again. (Or if you killed him, Zakfee Rafeya)
          Head back to your Pocket Dimension.
        - CHALLENGE FOUR (AR 4500)
          Head over to the right to take the 4th challenge (x 2700 y 1700).  Here
          you meet up with Cyric, who teleports your party away.  He asks you if
          you recognize who he is, and depending on your WISDOM, you will recognize
          him as the current God of Murder (13 WIS min).  He explains the situation
          as it stands among the godhood, and how he is gauging your threat to
          his station.  He finishes by deciding to test you with some goons
          fighting you.
          Each of his "Favored" is worth 25,000 experience.
          Once the challenge is completed, you get 30,000 quest experience while
          your party each gets 25,000 quest experience.
          Leave the Pocket dimension and go back to Amkethran.
      7.        [BLTHZR]  Balthazar
        - BACK TO AMKETHRAN (AR 5500)
          Any mercenaries you find here will be hostile.  Head up to the Smuggler's
          Cave (x 2800 y 700).
          (AR 5504)
          Here you'll find Saemon Havarian yet again (unless you managed to kill
          him).  All his smuggling buddies have been slaughtered, thus giving
          Saemon some better perspective on life.  He has a proposal for you, one
          that will get you in to see Balthazar.  (Or if you prefer, you can
          refuse and ask for the alternative route that leads through the Cave of
          the Dead... you'll have to get the key for this one from Faheed)  Agree
          to go with Saemon and the dialogue ends.  Talk to him again when you are
          ready to proceed.
          Talk to Saemon again and agree to his proposal...
          (AR 5500)
          Saemon gets you inside the gates, the rest is up to you.  You'll have to
          fight through some monks immediately.  Head inside (x 1450 y 400).
          (AR 5505)
          This is Balthazar's throne room, so head up to his throne.  Balthazar
          will appear and explain a few things to you.  For starters, it was
          Melissan herself who created the Five, the group of powerful Bhaalspawn.
          Despite what you saw in that cutscene, he talks about her as though she
          is still alive.  Also, he plans on exterminating all Bhaalspawn, so
          you're going to have to defend yourself.
            Balthazar  280 HP  -10 AC  -5 THAC0  5 Attacks  Monk
                       40,000 experience
          Although everyone says that Balthazar is the most powerful of the Five,
          I found this battle pretty easy... it's almost a straight out melee
          fight as he has no good mage with him.
            Note:  Just like the Demogorgon, Balthazar is "immune" to Time Stop.
                   Finding Balthazar to be too easy?  Try David Gaider's (a senior
                   designer at Bioware) more difficult version:
          When he's dead you get 40,000 quest experience and another Solar Dream.
          The Solar tells you that you have beaten the Five (Melissan is not a
          child of Bhaal) but that Bhaal has not reawakened.  Melissan is summoned
          forth and it soon becomes obvious why she has been doing what she has
          been doing... by destroying Bhaalspawn she can step in and fill the void
          of power, thus becoming a Goddess.  She explains all of her recent
          wheelings and dealings for quite a while before you get to respond. Again
          there are Good things to say and Evil things to say.
            Good:  "I'll stop you, Melissan.  You won't get away with this."
          She says that she controls most of the Abyss, and wonders if you have the
          guts to face her there.  Well... duh.
            Really Good:  "I'd confront your kind of evil wherever I had to go...
                          and I will win."
            Good:  "I will never let you get away with this!  Someone has to stop
          When the dream ends everyone gets 10,000 quest experience.  Go to your
          Pocket Plane.
        - THE FINAL CHALLENGE (AR 4500)
          Head up and right to the final challenge (x 2650 y 1050).  Here you will
          meet up with the Ravager, a great big demon from the depths of your own
            Ravager  534 HP  -6 AC  -6 THAC0  5 Attacks
                     50,000 experience
          The Ravager will summon several Bone Blades (like Mordenkainen's Swords)
          to attack you.  The Ravager also has a great deal of weapon and magic
            100% to fire, electricity, cold and acid
            90% to magic
            50% to magical cold
            75% to magical fire
            75% to all weapon types
            Immune to Time Stop (if you cast it, he won't be stopped)
          I used some Mordenkainen's Swords to distract the Ravager, after all, he
          can't hurt the sword.  This allowed me to more or less get a free shot
          at attacking him.  Problems occur when he Dominates your people, or puts
          them to sleep.  Since he has a LOT of HP you need to hit him a LOT, so
          I would also suggest Improved Haste and any of your new Attack abilities.
          Luckily he doesn't use any protection from magical weapons spells.
          Once he is dead, rest up, and prepare to enter the Throne of Bhaal.  You
          can't come back to the Pocket Plane, so make sure that everything is
          finished (such as all of Cespenar's items being made, proper spells
          memorized and whatnot).
          Cast any protection spells you can, then when you're ready, go on through
          the gates.
      8.        [THFBHL]  Throne of Bhaal  (AR 6200)
        - MELISSAN
          Melissan talks to you here, but nothing important is said.  The result
          is a battle.  You need to knock off about 200 HP to get her to talk to
          you again.  She'll say that she can't waste time with you.  She goes into
          the center to gather more Essence of Bhaal.  This is your chance.  Go
          over to the Mana Pool to the left (x 600 y 1400).  Here you must defeat
          the guardians (Air Elementals).  Once they're dead, click the Pool.
          This cuts Melissan from her source of Essence, causing her to attack you
          once more.
          Concentrate all attacks on Melissan and she won't last too long.  When
          she is defeated, all her monsters go with her.  She needs more essence
          so goes back to the center.  Heal everyone, cast more summons/protections
          then head over to the right pool (x 2000 y 1400) to take on Cryonax the
          Prince of Ice Elementals.
          Again when her pool is cut off, she reappears and attacks you yet again.
          This time she summons up some Slayer Shadows, which are pretty neat.
          She'll even teleport away leaving you with this mess.  Defeat her again
          and she'll do the same thing with the pools.  Again, restore your party,
          then head up to the last pool (x 1950 y 450) to fight its guardians.
          This battle is the hardest in this level so far, having the awesomely
          powerful Fallen Solar as well as Mariliths, Succubus and Alu Fiends.
          Try to draw just a few of the monsters out and defeat them separately.
          You'll probably want to concentrate your fire on the Fallen Solar as he
          is the most powerful.  Cut off the pool to get to the Final Battle.
          After the nastiness of the previous pool battle, whacking Melissan here
          is practically easy.  When you get her down enough, the Solar reappears
          and tells her that it's all over.  You've won...
          You get to make the choice of whether to become a God or whether to give
          up the power and become a mortal.  This is where all that Good and Evil
          comes into play as it affects what type of ending you get.
            Ending 1:  Become a Good god.
            Ending 2:  Become an Evil god.
            Ending 3:  Don't become a god at all.
          Sit back and enjoy the end of the Baldur's Gate Saga.
                      < < < < <  [PPNDCS]  APPENDICES > > > > >
      A.        [CMPLTK]  Complete Kit Descriptions
    Fighter Kits:
      This is a warrior who is in tune with his animalistic side and, during
      combat, can achieve an ecstatic state of mind that will enable him to fight
      longer, harder and more savagely than any human has a right to. Berserkers
      tend to be barbarian-like in nature, but not always. Sometimes it is a
      conscious choice that a warrior in training makes. Regardless, opponents on
      the battlefield will be unsettled with they see the savage and inhuman
      elements of the berserker's personality. This class is common amongst
      dwarves, know to them as "battleragers."
        - May use Enrage ability once per day per 4 levels. While enraged: +2 to
          hit, +2 damage, -2 AC. The berserker at this time is immune to charm,
          hold, fear, maze, imprisonment, stun and sleep. He also gains 15 hit
          points while enraged. These hit points are temporary, and are taken away
          at the end of his berserk spree, possibly killing the berserker.
        - Becomes winded after berserking. While he's winded, he receives -2 to
          hit, -2 to damage and a +2 penalty to AC.
        - Cannot specialize in ranged weapons.
      This warrior has been specially trained by his sect to excel in hunting and
      attacking spellcasters of all kinds.
        - For each successful hit on an opponent, 10% cumulative spell failure
          penalty is applied.
        - 4% magic resistance per level.
        - May not use any magic items except for weapons and armor.
      This class is also known as the Sword Saint, and consists of a warrior who
      has been specially trained to be one with his sword. They are deadly and
      fast and trained to fight without encumbrance.
        - +1 to hit and +1 damage for every three levels.
        - -2 bonus to AC.
        - -1 bonus to speed factor for every 4 levels.
        - May use Kai ability one time per day for every 4 levels (starts at 1st
          level with one use). This ability lasts 10 seconds and makes all the
          attacks do maximum damage.
        - May not use missile weapons.
        - May not wear armor.
        - May not wear gauntlets or bracers.
    Thief Kits:
      This is a killer trained in discrete and efficient murder, relying on
      anonymity and surprise to perform his task. Assassins must be of Evil or
      Chaotic Neutral alignment.
        - May coat his weapon in poison once per day per 4 levels. The next hit
          with that weapon will inject the poison into the target, dealing out 1
          damage per second for 24 seconds (3 damage for the first 6 seconds).
          A saving throw vs. poison limits damage to 12 total.
        - Bonus +1 to hit and +1 damage.
        - Higher backstab multiplier, up to x7.
        - Only 15 points per level to distribute on abilities.
      This rogue is part acrobat, part swordsman, and part wit: the epitome of
      charm and grace.
        - Bonus +1 to AC.
        - Another +1 to AC for every 5 levels.
        - +1 to hit and damage every 5 levels.
        - May specialize in any weapon that a thief can use
        - May place three stars in two-weapon fighting style proficiency
        - No backstab multiplier.
      This is a hunter of men, skilled in tracking quarry and bringing them back
      alive--whether for lawful authorities or underworld masters. Bounty Hunters
      are specially trained at their task and make fearsome opponents. They have
      honed their trap-making abilities well beyond that of the average thief.
        - +15% to trap setting.
        - He can lay special traps (other than the ones that all thieves receive).
          The traps are more powerful than the typical thief trap, and the effect
          varies according to the level. The effects are listed below:
            - 1st: The trap deals out damage and slows the target (if save is
            - 11th: The trap holds the target if a save is failed.
            - 16th: The trap erects an Otiluke's Resilient Sphere around the target
              (if a save is failed).
            - 21st: The trap Mazes the target.
        - Gets only 20 to distribute between thief abilities each level.
    Ranger Kits:
      The archer is the epitome of skill with the bow. He is the ultimate marksman,
      able to make almost any shot, no matter how difficult. To become so skilled
      with the bow, the archer has had to sacrifice some of his proficiency with
      melee weapons and armor.
        - +1 to hit and +1 to damage with any missile weapon for every 3 levels of
          experience. TOB: at 18th level, bonuses slow to every 5 levels.
        - Every 4 levels he gains the ability to make a called shot once per day.
          When he activates this ability, any shot made within the next 10 seconds
          is augmented in the following manner (according to the level of the
            - 4th level: -1 to THACO of target
            - 8th level: -1 to save vs magic of target
            - 12th: -1 to strength of target
            - 16th: +2 bonus to damage
        - An archer can only become proficient in melee weapons; he may never
        - An archer cannot wear any metal armor.
      This ranger is a wanderer, and is not comfortable in civilized lands. He
      maintains a natural affinity for animals; they are his friends and
      comrades-in-arms, and the Beast Master has a limited form of telepathic
      communication with them.
        - +15% to stealth ability
        - Enhanced spell ability with regard to the following spells:
            - May cast the 4th level druid spell Animal Summoning I at 8th level.
            - May cast Animal Summoning II at 10th level.
            - May cast Animal Summoning III at 12th level.
            - May cast Find Familiar (special abilities menu)
        - Cannot use metal weapons (such as swords, halberds, hammers or morning
      Stalkers serve as covert intelligence gatherers, comfortable in both
      wilderness and urban settings. They are the spies, informants, and
      interrogators, and their mastery of stealth makes them deadly opponents.
        - +20% to stealth ability
        - May backstab for a lesser amount than the thief class (level 1-8: x1,
          level 9-16: x2, level 17+: x3)
        - Has access to three mage spells at 12th level. They are Haste, Protection
          from Normal Missiles and Minor Spell Deflection.
        - May not wear armor greater than studded leather.
    Cleric Kits:
      TOB:  All clerics at 25th level get a special ring from their god:
              +1 STR
              +5% Magic Resistance
              extra 6th and 7th level spells.
      Talos is the evil god of storms, destruction and rebellion. Clerics of the
      Stormlord warn that Talos must be appeased or he will rain destruction upon
      the land.
        - May cast Lightning Bolt once per day per 5 levels of the caster (starts
          at 1st level with one use).
        - May cast Storm Shield once per day per 10 levels of the caster (starts at
          1st level with one use). This spell lasts 6 seconds per level of the
          caster. It protects the caster from lightning, fire, cold and normal
        - None
      Lathander is the good god of renewal, creativity and youth, and is celebrated
      nearly everywhere. His followers are very popular throughout the Realms, and
      there are numerous wealthy temples devoted to him.
        - May cast Hold Undead once per day for every 5 levels of the caster
          (starts at 1st level with one use).
        - May cast Boon of Lathander once per day per 10 levels of the caster
          (starts at 1st level with one use). This spell lasts for 6 seconds per
          level of the caster. It gives the caster +1 to hit, +1 to damage, +1 to
          all saving throws and gives the caster 1 extra attack per round. It also
          protects the recipient from level drain.
        - None.
      Followers of the neutral God of Watchers and Protectors are warriors in their
      own right and are often seen as defenders of the innocent.
        - May cast True Sight once per day per 5 levels (starts at 1st level with
          one use).
        - May cast Seeking Sword once per day per 10 levels (starts at 1st level
          with on use). This spell creates a sword in the player's hand (that
          cannot be dropped or unequipped). The sword is +4 for purposes of
          determining what it can hit (but this bonus does not apply to damage),
          and it deals out 2-8 damage to any target it hits. The weapon sets the
          number of attacks of the cleric to 3. It lasts for 1 round per level of
          the caster. When equipped, the wielder cannot cast further spells.
        - None.
    Bard Kits:
      The blade is an expert fighter and adventurer, whose bardic acting abilities
      make him appear more intimidating and fearsome. His fighting style is flashy
      and entertaining, but is also quite deadly.
        - May use Offensive Spin and Defensive Spin abilities once per day per 4
          levels. Offensive Spin lasts 24 seconds, granting the blade +2 to hit, +2
          to damage, and an extra attack. As well, all of his attacks do maximum
          damage for the duration. Defensive Spin lasts 24 seconds, roots him to
          the spot, but gives -1 AC per level of experience. This armor class bonus
          does not go over -10.
        - May place three slots into two-weapon fighting style.
        - Only has one-half normal Lore value.
        - Only has one-half Pick Pockets percentage.
        - Bard Song does not become better with levels.
      This bard is well versed in the arts of ridicule and hilarity, and uses his
      abilities to distract and confuse his enemies, cavorting madly during combat.
        - Jester's song does not help allies. Instead, it affects every opponent
          within 30 feet, and they must save vs. magic at +4 once per round or be
        - None
      This Nordic bard is also a warrior of great strength, skill and virtue. His
      songs are inspiring sagas of battle and valor, and the skald devotes his life
      to those pursuits.
        - +1 to hit and +1 damage with all weapons.
        - The skald's song is different from the typical bard and varies with
            - 1st: Gives allies +2 to hit, +2 to damage and -2 to AC.
            - 15th: Gives allies +4 to hit, +4 to damage, -4 to AC, and immunity to
            - 20th: Gives allies +4 to hit, +4 to damage, -4 to AC, and immunity to
              fear, stun and confusion.
        - Pick Pockets ability one-quarter normal.
    Mage Kits:
      Mage specialists gain +1 spell per level, but can't cast spells in their
      opposition school.
                   Races                 Stat Required
      Abjurer      Human                 15 Wisdom
      Conjurer     Human, Half-Elf       15 Constitution
      Diviner      Any                   16 Wisdom
      Enchanter    Human, Half-Elf, Elf  16 Charisma
      Illusionist  Human, Gnome          16 Dexterity
      Invoker      Human                 16 Constitution
      Necromancer  Human                 16 Wisdom
      Transmuter   Human, Half-Elf       15 Dexterity
      Specialist     School                 Opposition School(s)
      Abjurer        Abjuration             Alteration
      Conjurer       Conjuration/Summoning  Divination
      Diviner        Divination             Conjuration/Summoning
      Enchanter      Enchantment/Charm      Evocation
      Illusionist    Illusion               Necromancy
      Invoker        Invocation/Evocation   Enchantment/Charm, Conjuration
      Necromancer    Necromancy             Illusion
      Transmuter     Alteration             Abjuration, Necromancy
      Wild Mage (TOB), no prohibited school, but chance of a Wild Surge.
    Paladin Kits:
      This class represents the most common picture of the knight: the gentleman
      warrior who epitomizes honor, courage, and loyalty. He is specialized in
      battling 'classical' evil monsters such as demons and dragons.
        - Bonus +3 to hit and +3 damage against all demonic and draconic creatures.
        - May cast Remove Fear 1 time per day per level.
        - Immune to fear and morale failure.
        - Immune to poison.
        - 20% resistance to fire.
        - 20% resistance to acid.
        - May not use missile weapons. (they CAN use throwing Axes, however)
      The inquisitor has dedicated his life to finding and eliminating
      practitioners of evil magic and defeating the forces of darkness, and his god
      has provided him with special abilities towards that end.
        - May use Dispel Magic ability once per day per 4 levels (starts at 1st
          level with one use). The ability is used at a speed factor of 1 and acts
          at twice his actual level.
        - May cast True Sight once per day per 4 levels (starts at 1st level with
          one use).
        - Immune to Hold and Charm spells.
        - May not use Lay on Hands ability.
        - May not cast priest spells.
        - May not turn undead.
        - May not use Cure Disease ability.
      This holy avenger has honed his abilities towards the destruction of the
      undead and other unnatural creatures, and is immune to many of their more
      devastating abilities.
        - +3 to hit and +3 damage vs. undead.
        - Immune to hold.
        - Immune to level drain.
        - May not use Lay on Hands ability.
    Druid Kits:
      TOB:  All Druids at 15th level are immune to poison.
            At 18th and 24th levels, Druids gain 10% resistance to elements.
      This druid is not called shapeshifter because he has access to a great
      variety of forms, rather because of his complete dedication to a single
      alternate form. This druid has willingly allowed himself to become infected
      with lycanthropy, but due to intense study and training he has the ability to
      control his affliction. The creature he becomes is that of the werewolf, the
      most famous of the lycanthrope shape changers.
        - May shapeshift into the form of a werewolf once per day for every 2
          levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
        - At 13th level, gains the ability to change into a greater werewolf once
          per day.
        - No other shapeshifting abilities due to the effort required maintaining
          balance in his primary forms.
        - Cannot wear any armor.
      This druid closely identifies with a particular animal, an animal that he
      feels represents his spirit. This grants him a special connection to the
      animal kingdom, and he is able to call upon their spirits to aid him.
        - May summon a special 'spirit' animal once per day per 5 levels of
          experience. Spirit animal is randomly selected from 'Spirit Bear',
          'Spirit Wolf', 'Spirit Lion' and 'Spirit Snake'.
        - Cannot shapeshift.
      A member of a special sect within the Druidic order, a druid of this type is
      dedicated to fighting those who would defile nature. Avengers have powers the
      average druid does not; additional abilities that have been earned through
      extensive rituals, a process that is very physically draining.
        - May shapechange into normal forms, as well as those of sword spider, baby
          wyvern and fire salamander.
        - 6 mage spells are added to his repertoire, all the way up to 6th level.
          These are listed below:
            - 1st: Chromatic Orb
            - 2nd: Web
            - 3rd: Lightning Bolt
            - 4th: Improved Invisibility
            - 5th: Chaos
            - 6th: Chain Lightning
        - May not wear better than leather armor.
        - On character creation, he receives a -2 to strength and constitution.
      Monks are warriors who pursue perfection through contemplation as well as
      action. They are versatile fighters, especially skilled in combat without
      weapons or armor. Though monks cannot cast spells, they have a unique magic
      of their own. They channel a subtle energy, called ki, which allows them to
      perform amazing feats. The monk's best known feat is their ability to stun an
      opponent with an unarmed blow.
        - The monk can make one unarmed attack per round; he gains one-half
          additional attack every 3 levels.
        - As the monk increases in levels, the damage his fists inflict does as
            - Level 1-2:   1-6
            - Level 3-5:   1-8
            - Level 6-8:  1-10
            - Level 9-14: 1-12
            - Level 15+:  1-20
        - A monk's natural armor class gets better as he goes up in levels. His
          armor class starts off at 9, and then decreases by 1 for every 2 levels.
        - Stunning blow, once per day for every 4 levels. All attacks in the next 6
          seconds force the victim to save or be stunned. Note: This special
          ability automatically modifies a monk's normal attack, no targeting needs
          to be done.
        - Monks have the Deflect Missiles ability. This gives them a -1 to their AC
          vs missiles for every 3 levels.
        - The monk gains a +2 to save vs. spells.
        - A monk starts off moving at +2 move, then +1 move every 5 levels.
        - 5th level: Immunity to all diseases, and cannot be Slowed or Hasted.
        - 7th level: Lay on Hands to heal 2 hit points per level.
        - 8th level: -1 to speed factor.
        - 9th level: +1 to all saves. Immune to charm. The monk's fist is
          considered a +1 weapon (+2 at 12th, +3 at 15th).
        - 11th level: Immune to poison.
        - 12th level: Another -1 to speed factor.
        - 13th level: Quivering Palm spell once per day. This spell gives them one
          hand attack. If they hit an opponent, the opponent must save or die.
        - 14th level: The monk gains 3% magic resistance per level (ie. 42% at 14th
          level, caps out at 78%).
        - 20th level: Immune to non-magical weapons.
        - TOB: 21st level: AC bonuses slow to every 3 levels
        - TOB: 25th level: Fists become +4 weapons
        - TOB: 30th level: AC bonuses slow to every 5 levels
      - The monk cannot wear armor.
      - A monk can only uses weapons available to the thief class (except 2
      Sorcerers are practitioners of magic who were born with the innate ability to
      cast spells. It is thought that the blood of some powerful creature flows
      through their veins; perhaps they are the spawn of the gods themselves, or
      even dragons walking in humanoid form. Regardless, the sorcerer's magic is
      intuitive rather than logical. They know fewer spells than wizards, and
      acquire spells more slowly, by they can cast spells more often and have no
      need to select and prepare spells ahead of time. Sorcerers cannot specialize
      in magic the way wizards to. other than these differences, a sorcerer is very
      similar to the wizard. Note: A sorcerer does not learn spells from scrolls.
      He chooses new spells with each level. A sorcerer's prime requisite is
      intelligence and they use the mage avatar.
      A barbarian can be an excellent warrior. While not as disciplined or as
      skilled as a normal fighter, the barbarian can willingly throw himself into a
      berserker rage, becoming a tougher and stronger opponent. The barbarian uses
      the fighter avatar.
        - They move at 2 points faster than the usual character.
        - Barbarians are immune to backstab.
        - Can Rage once per day for every 4 levels (starts at 1st level with one
          use). Rage gives them +4 to constitution and strength for 5 rounds. Gives
          a -2 armor class penalty and +2 to saves vs. magic (for 5 rounds). Rage
          also gives immunity to all charm, hold, fear, maze, confusion and
          level-drain spells.
        - At 11th level, the barbarian gains 10% resistance to slashing, piercing,
          crushing and missile damage. He gains +5% to this every 4 levels
        - The barbarian rolls d12 for hit points instead of a fighter's d10.
        - A barbarian cannot wear full plate or plate mail.
        - A barbarian cannot specialize past normal specialization.
      B.        [CHRTSA]  Charts & Analysis
          >     [THVNGM]  Thieving Money Charts
      Here are some extended Thieves Guild money charts, for use with the Thief
      Stronghold.  It works by probabilities.  Since at "Low" risk you have a 10%
      chance of your thief getting caught, I simply show that 9 times you gain the
      money and the 10th you must pay to get that thief out of jail.  Then I add
      that up and divide by 10 to get the average.
    Hanz Money Chart
      Risk      1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10     Totals / Avg.
      ---------------------------------------------------------    ----------------
      Low      200  200  200  200  200  200  200  200  200 -100  = 1700 or 170 avg.
      Med.     400  400  400  400  400  400  400  400 -100 -100  = 3000 or 300 avg.
      High     600  600  600  600  600  600  250 -100 -100 -100  = 3550 or 355 avg.
      V. High  900  900  900  900  900 -100 -100 -100 -100 -100  = 4000 or 400 avg.
    Goshan Money Chart
      Risk      1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10     Totals / Avg.
      ---------------------------------------------------------    ----------------
      Low      200  200  200  200  200  200  200  200  200 -200  = 1600 or 160 avg.
      Med.     300  300  300  300  300  300  300  300 -200 -200  = 2000 or 200 avg.
      High     500  500  500  500  500  500  150 -200 -200 -200  = 2550 or 255 avg.
      V. High  750  750  750  750  750 -200 -200 -200 -200 -200  = 2750 or 275 avg.
    Kretor Money Chart
      Risk      1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10     Totals / Avg.
      ---------------------------------------------------------    ----------------
      Low      250  250  250  250  250  250  250  250  250  -50  = 2200 or 220 avg.
      Med.     500  500  500  500  500  500  500  500  -50  -50  = 3900 or 390 avg.
      High     750  750  750  750  750  750  350  -50  -50  -50  = 4700 or 470 avg.
      V. High 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000  -50  -50  -50  -50  -50  = 4750 or 475 avg.
    Morsa Money Chart
      Risk      1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10     Totals / Avg.
      ---------------------------------------------------------    ----------------
      Low      100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100  100 -250  =  650 or  65 avg.
      Med.     250  250  250  250  250  250  250  250 -250 -250  = 1500 or 150 avg.
      High     500  500  500  500  500  500  125 -250 -250 -250  = 2375 or 237.5 a.
      V. High  750  750  750  750  750 -250 -250 -250 -250 -250  = 2500 or 250 avg.
    Varia Money Chart
      Risk      1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10     Totals / Avg.
      ---------------------------------------------------------    ----------------
      Low      150  150  150  150  150  150  150  150  150 -300  = 1050 or 105 avg.
      Med.     300  300  300  300  300  300  300  300 -300 -300  = 1800 or 180 avg.
      High     500  500  500  500  500  500  100 -300 -300 -300  = 2200 or 220 avg.
      V. High  800  800  800  800  800 -300 -300 -300 -300 -300  = 2500 or 250 avg.
    SloppyDogg came up with a quick way to find the averages for a Thief:
      (Gold gained * % Success) - (Bail * % Failure) = average.  So Hanz's average
      at "high" risk would be: ((600 * 0.65) - (100 * 0.35) == 390 - 35) = 355.
          >     [DLWLDN]  Dual Wielding Analysis
      Is Dual-wielding really worth it?
      Depends.  Let's start at the beginning.  No matter what, you can never
      ever have more than 5 attacks per round.  That is set in stone.  The
      second attack from your "shield" hand can only ever count as 1 attack
      per round.  Doesn't matter about proficiencies (although proficiencies
      do help determine your THAC0). (Actually you can get above 5 attacks per
      round using the Improved Haste Spell, which doubles the number of
      So, let's say that you are Dual-wielding the Celestial Fury (+3) Katana
      and Dak'kon's Zerth Blade (+2) Katana.  Also, let's say you normally have
      3 attacks per round.  Assuming you somehow did max dmg. every time, yet
      no critical hits, your Celestial Fury in a round (6 sec.) would be:
        (1d10 + 3) * 3 = 39 dmg.
      Yet you would also get one extra attack with your offhand weapon (at a
      penalty to THAC0), if you hit with it and did full dmg you would get an
      extra 12 dmg, which is about 30% more damage.  This is just one example.
      Your offhand weapon will never have as good a THAC0 (to hit) as your
      normal weapon.  With no points devoted to Two Weapon style your offhand
      gets a -8 penalty to THAC0 and even your main hand is penalized by -4.
      So, if your normal THAC0 is 18, your new THAC0 will be 22 and your
      offhand will jump up to 26.  (Remember lower THAC0's are better)  One
      point in Two Weapon reduces this to -6 offhand and -2 normal.  Two points
      to -4 offhand.  Only fighters can spend 3 points on Two Weapon style (and
      Swashbucklers and Blades as well), which has the smallest penalty at -2.
        Note:  If you are not proficient with your offhand weapon, you incur
               the normal penalty to hit (-1) and dmg. (-1)  I would recommend
               becoming proficient in only ONE type of weapon, then using that
               in both hands.
      Back to the hypothetical situations.  You have a Ranger (rangers
      automatically get two points in Two Weapon style) using a Long Sword
      right now.  He is currently getting 10 THAC0 (with STR and all other
      bonuses figured in already).  He puts another Long Sword in his shield
      hand.  His main hand stays at 10 THAC0, but his offhand only hits at 14
      THAC0.  At this point, he has 55% to hit a creature at AC 0 with his main
      hand, but only 30% to hit with his offhand. (This assumes that you have
      identical weapons in each hand, else your THAC0's would look different)
      Let's see what might happen in a few rounds: (again assuming that you
      always do max damage, no critical hits, and remember that the offhand
      only attacks ONCE per round)
                 main hand (1d8, 2.5 attacks)   offhand (1d8, 1 attack)   tot:
        round 1:    hit, 8 dmg.                      miss 0                 8
                    miss, 0 dmg.                      --                    0
                    hit, 4 dmg (the "half")           --                    4
        round 2:    hit, 8 dmg.                      miss 0                 8
                    miss, 0                           --                    0
                    miss, 0                           --                    0
        round 3:    hit, 8 dmg.                      hit, 8 dmg.            16
                    hit, 8 dmg.                       --                    8
                    miss, 0                           --                    0
        R1(12) + R2(8) + R3(24) = 44 dmg. in 3 rounds
      In three rounds, the offhand managed 8 damage.  It only hit the AC 0
      target 1 out of 3 times (technically that's above average for it!).
      So, is Dual-wielding worth it?  Yes, but really only if you get 3 stars
      in the Two Weapon style.  It also becomes much better as your THAC0
      improves.  And never, ever dual wield unless you have at LEAST 2 stars,
      else your main hand THAC0 is hurt.
    Jason Cha offers further analysis:
      Undoubtedly the most important question in whether to dual wield or not has
      nothing to do with just the extra damage associated with having a second
      weapon. It has to do with factors such as the tradeoffs between AC and
      damage, or the extra abilities the second weapon or shield may offer (such
      as my favorite, dual-wielding Crom Faeyr with Belm +2).
      Take Bill the human thief.
      He's not too strong, only 9 strength, so no strength bonus on his attacks.
      He's got the Blade of Roses (longsword +3) and a plain old longsword +1.
      He's level 10, and has one proficiency slot in longsword and one in two
      weapon use. He also has one proficiency slot in one handed weapon use.
      His base THAC0 is 16.
      Let's assume he's fighting a NPC with AC0. I'll leave the math for below,
      but just using the Blade of Roses his expected damage per round is 3.75
      damage per round.
      If he's dual wielding the Blade of Roses and the Longsword +1, his expected
      damage per round is 3.175.
      So Bill, under these circumstances, is best off just using the Blade of
      But suppose Bill gets the Gauntlets of Ogre Strength. The expected damage
      for just using the Blade of Roses alone is 8.775. On the other hand, dual
      wielding the Blade and the longsword +1 results in expected damage of 9.05.
      So here he is better off dual wielding.
      I haven't sat down to figure out exactly when the advantage turns to dual
      wielding, whether or not it hinges on just + to hit or + to damage, or some
      relationship between both. I welcome others to calculate the exact point.
      Also, this analysis does not include the AC bonus Bill would get with the
      single weapon use. It's decisions like that, that makes D&D such a rich game
      and not just numeric power gaming. Also when backstabbing, Bill is clearly
      better just using a single weapon. And let's not forget the additional
      powers of weapons (my personal favorite, with a fighter Crom Faeyr for 25
      str and the Scimitar of Belm for +1 attack).
      Here's the Math as promised
      Enemy = AC 0
      Bill - 9 Str and just the Blade of Roses
      THAC0 = 13 (16 base - 3 sword)
      Blade of Roses Average Damage = 7.5 (1d8 + 3)
      Attack Roll - Damage
      20 - 15
      19 - 15
      18 - 7.5
      17 - 7.5
      16 - 7.5
      15 - 7.5
      14 - 7.5
      13 - 7.5
      12 - MISS
      Expected Damage = 3.75 (75 (total of possibilities) /20 (any one
      Bill - 9 Str and dualwielding Blade of Roses and Longsword +1
      THAC0 = 15 (16 base - 3 sword + 2 penalty)
      Blade of Roses Average Damage = 7.5 (1d8 + 3)
      Attack Roll - Damage
      20 - 15
      19 - 7.5
      18 - 7.5
      17 - 7.5
      16 - 7.5
      15 - 7.5
      14 - MISS
      Expected Damage Main Hand = 2.625
      OFF HAND
      THAC0 = 21 (16 base - 1 sword + 6 penalty)
      Longsword +1 Average Damage = 5.5 (1d8 +1)
      Attack Roll - Damage
      20 - 11
      19 - MISS
      Expected Damage Off Hand = .55
      Total Expected Damage = 3.175
      With Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
      Bill - 18/00 Str and just the Blade of Roses
      THAC0 = 10 (16 base - 3 sword - 3 str)
      Blade of Roses Average Damage = 13.5 (1d8 + 3 sword + 6 str)
      Attack Roll - Damage
      20 - 27
      19 - 27
      18 - 13.5
      17 - 13.5
      16 - 13.5
      15 - 13.5
      14 - 13.5
      13 - 13.5
      12 - 13.5
      11 - 13.5
      10 - 13.5
      9 - MISS
      Expected Damage = 8.775
      With Gauntlets of Ogre Strength and Dual Wielding
      Bill - 18/00 Str and dualwielding Blade of Roses and Longsword +1
      THAC0 = 12 (16 base - 3 sword - 3 str + 2 penalty)
      Blade of Roses Average Damage = 13.5 (1d8 + 3 + 6)
      Attack Roll - Damage
      20 - 27
      19 - 13.5
      18 - 13.5
      17 - 13.5
      16 - 13.5
      15 - 13.5
      14 - 13.5
      13 - 13.5
      12 - 13.5
      11 - MISS
      Expected Damage Main Hand = 6.75
      OFF HAND
      THAC0 = 18 (16 base - 1 sword - 3 str + 6 penalty)
      Longsword +1 Average Damage = 11.5 (1d8 + 1 + 6)
      Attack Roll - Damage
      20 - 23
      19 - 11.5
      18 - 11.5
      17 - MISS
      Expected Damage Off Hand = 2.3
      Total Expected Damage = 9.05
    A statistic analysis using stochastic variables (by /Eathlon)
      (Useful notations:
      pc = chance for critical hit
      ph = chance for "normal hit"
      pm = chance for miss
      These can be trivially calculated as:
      pc = 0.05 if single wielding with proficiency in single weapon, 0.1 otherwise
      ph = (19 - THACO + to hit bonuses + enemyAC)/20 if single wielding with
           proficiency in single weapon
      ph = (20 - THACO + to hit bonuses + enemyAC)/20 otherwise
      (this is only valid when the number in the nominator is between 0 and 18, 0
      and 17 when single wielding with proficiency, if not ph equals either 0, 0.90
      or 0.85 respectively)
      pm = 1 - ph - pc
      we will see that in the end we do not need to calculate pm
      The damage (as a stochastic variable), D, dealt with one attack will be:
      D = H * X
      Where H is a stochastic variable I've chosen to call the Hit Multiplier
      it simply is 2 with probability pc, 1 with probability ph and 0 with
      probability pm.
      X is a stochastic variable describing the damage from a "normal hit".
      X can be divided into one stochastic part and one constant part. The
      constant part is simply all bonuses to the damage including the weapon's
      own bonuses and the character's bonuses.
      The stochastic part of X is simply a stochastic distribution depending on
      what die (dice) that are rolled to determine the damage dealt.
      In the future I will call the constant part d and the stochastic part Y.
      Thus, we can rewrite D as:
      D = (d + Y)*H
      The expectation value of D (denoted by E(D)) becomes:
      E(D) = d*E(H) + E(H)*E(Y)
      as H and Y are independent stochastic variables. Both E(H) and E(Y) can be
      calculated trivially. As E(Y) depends on the weapon used I will not give an
      expression for this but E(H) becomes:
      E(H) = pc*2 + ph*1 + pm*0 = 2*pc + ph
      E(D) = (2*pc + ph)*(d + E(Y))
      To achieve the expected damage that a character deals in one round we have to
      calculate E(D) for the weapons that the character wields and then multiply
      those by the number of attacks the character does with the respective weapons
      each round.
      All this is interesting but we are missing the big picture. It actually
      doesn't matter if your expected damage dealt is extremely high if your
      opponent's is ever higher.  To make a full analysis we need to divide your
      expected damage with your opponent's expected damage, if this number is
      larger than your opponent's hit points divided by your hit points - you will
      stand a fairly good chance of beating him.
      This is not the whole truth though. What we also have to take into account is
      how much D varies, a measurement of this is the standard deviation (denoted
      by s(D)).  These calculations quickly becomes messy and I will satisfy with
      giving the result in one of the earlier steps:
      s(D) = sqrt( (4*pc + ph)*E(X^2) - (4*pc^2 + 4*pc*ph + ph)*(E(X))^2 )
      (sqrt(x) denotes the square root of x, x^2 denotes x squared)
      If the standard deviation is large, the damage dealt will vary wildly and who
      wins the fight will become more random than if the standard deviation is low.
      If the standard deviation would be zero - you would always win if the damage
      you're expected to deal divided by the damage your opponent is expected to
      deal is greater than your opponent's hit points divided by your own.
      To continue Jason Cha's analysis of Bill:
      When single wielding, Bill achieves the following constants (not assuming the
      9 STR of Bill but assuming the final THAC0 to be t. Taking enemy AC to be
      denoted by e and Bill's hit bonuses to be h):
      pc = 0.1
      ph = (19 - t  + h + e)/ 20 = 0.95 + 0.05*(h + e - t)
      Assume Bill has n number of attacks per round with single weapon style, we
      get the following (when supposing Bill is using a longsword (a weapon
      rolling 1d8 in the damage roll), the weapon's + to damage will be included in
      E(D) = (0.2 + 0.95 + 0.05*(h + e - t))*(d + 4.5) = 1.15*d + 5.175 +
             (0.05*d + 0.225)*(h + e - t)
      Expected damage per round = n*(1.15*d + 5.175 + (0.05*d + 0.225)*(h + e - t))
      When dual wielding, the constants become:
      pc = 0.05
      ph = 1 + 0.05*(h + e - t)
      We will suppose the second weapon is also a weapon rolling 1d8.
      With t' denoting the THAC0 of the second weapon and d' difference in damage
      bonus between the weapons and assuming the primary weapon is the same as the
      single wielded weapon, we get:
      Expected damage per round with primary weapon =
        n*(1.05*d + 4.725 + (0.05*d + 0.225)*(h + e - t))
      Expected damage per round with secondary weapon =
        1.05*d + 4.725 + (0.05*(d+d') + 0.225)*(h + e - t')
      Observe that the term (h + e - t) changes for the primary weapon when
      changing to dual wield.  This results in severe complexity (although it
      really is trivial) in calculating what values of Bill's hit and damage
      bonuses that will make dual wielding deal more damage than single wielding
      per round on average. In the end it comes down to practically all factors
      such as Bill's proficiencies, his modifications from attributes, what weapons
      he's using and so on... almost everything counts, just as it should be.
      As we all can see from the amount of calculations involved (I've not nearly
      done a full analysis) that making a full analysis would be quite large and
      that the calculations probably would have to be redone for each fight. So I
      guess we should just play the game and "get a feeling" for when dual wield
      pays off.  Hey! It's more fun too... =)
        NOTE:  I have not checked all the calculations.  If you find something to
               be incorrect feel free to correct it.  Also note that I've got more
               experience in mathematical statistics than I do in AD&D rules. =)
    /End Jason Cha's Dual Wield Analysis
      C.        [CHTSSS]  Cheats
      Any of the following cheats may crash your computer, ruin your game, or just
      make the game less challenging (which is either good or bad).
    Item Copying:
      This isn't really a cheat, just taking advantage of a quirk with the system.
      You don't actually have to be playing multiplayer for this to work, it just
      really helps.  You also don't have to be actually playing with anyone else to
      be playing as multiplayer.  One thing to do when you find any item of value
      would be to:
        1. Save the game.
        2. Export the Character with the item(s) that you wish to copy. (only works
           with characters that you have created yourself, such as the main
        3. Give all of that character's items away, and then click the bottom
           button (Multiplayer Options), then click the Modify Characters button
           (only works if there are no enemies around, and you aren't in the middle
           of casting a spell), and then click on the Character Name to delete the
        4. Now immediately Import the character back, and you now have 2 of
           everything that person had.
      Similarly if you are doing this in a single player, you:
        1. Export the Character.
        2. Start a new game.
        3. At the Character Creation Screen press "Import" and the select your
        4. To keep all your items, quickly pause when the game starts, then drop
           all the items on the floor.  Pick these up later when you regain
      It is really helpful that when you Export your Character to name him/her
      something specific, not just "Character1" or something.
      This is really useful for the ultra-rare items like the Full Plate +1.  This
      also works well if you want to start over, simply export your character,
      start a new game, and import them there!
    Export Mage without his Familiar for Maximum HP Profit! (by Mr. C)
      Here's a way to explot the game's mage familiar mechanics to perminantly
      increase hit points. With this, one doesn't need to worry about rolling a
      good constitution for a mage (not that we can't just use the control-8 cheat
      anyway). I should probably note that I'm using Throne of Bhaal expansion and
      patched to version 2.5.26498. Haven't tried this with any un-patched version
      of BG2. Should work, though, since the familiar mechanics have mostly
      remained unchanged in the various patches.
      Start a game where your main character/protagonist is a kind of mage
      character you're going to play in a serious game (specialist mage,
      fighter/mage, mage/thief, etc).. when picking spells, it's actually important
      to start the game with the find familiar spell this time. I used to avoid
      starting the game with the spell since you can just get a familiar by using a
      scroll. But, you can just use potions of genius to allow your character to
      learn more than their allowed amount of spells, anyway.
        1. After the intro with Irenicus and you have control, memorize find
           familar, rest, then cast find familiar.
        2. Export your mage character _without_ the familiar in your backpack (so
           that when importing your character the game won't see any familiar in
           your pack).
        3. Start a brand new game, importing the mage character in question.
      You'll notice you still have the original bonus hit points, even though you
      have no familiar. Since you started a new game, the game's variables for the
      mage's familiar were 'reset' allowing you to cast find familiar again..
      getting more bonus hit points. One could probably exploit this multiple
      times, but once or twice is probably enough. At least one doesn't need to
      stress over the constitution statistic too much when making a character like
      a multi-class fighter/mage.
    Setting Up the In-Game Cheats:
      The cheat features are largely unchanged since the original Baldur's Gate.
      There are some minor differences, but that is to be expected.
      To get the cheats activated do these steps:
      Step One:)  Open the game's directory  C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA
      Step Two:)  Open the Baldur.ini file in notepad.
      Step Three:)  Find the line [Program Options].  Under it are a variety of
                    settings for your game.  Add this line:
                    Debug Mode=1
                    And it must be Debug Mode=1, not debug mode=1 or anything else.
                    Save and close notepad.
      Step Four:)  Now when you are in the game, press CTRL-SPACE to bring up the
                   Console.  This is where you will enter all the cheats.
        Note: When running Vista, either disable UAC, or Run As Administrator. You
              may also want to consider installing in a different directory than
              the default. I use D:\Apps\BG2.
      Anyone familiar with the original Baldur's Gate cheats will find that the
      cheats are mostly the same from this point.  At any point in the game, press
      CTRL-SPACE to bring up the console.  There you enter in your cheat and press
      ENTER to execute the cheat.
    Changing Experience Cheat:
      In the console window enter this cheat:
      Where 'number' is replaced by whatever number of experience points that you
      wish for the selected party member(s) to have.  It can normally go up to
      2.95 million. (The Exp Cap can be removed, see the next section "Trainers &
      Editors for more information)  If you had 2000 exp and you set it to 1000 you
      will actually lose experience, although this has no bearing on your level.
    Create an Item:
      In the console window enter this cheat:
      There MUST be quotation marks around the itemcode.  Sample item codes are
      "boot01" (boots of speed).  Once entered, that character will have that item.
      The number part of the cheat is NOT NEEDED.  And for most cheats you won't
      want it.  But if you want to create 5 potions, simply enter in 5 after the
      item code to get 5 potions created.  (The maximum is 65,536)
      This also works well for arrows and scrolls.  To get the maximum the easy
      way, use -1.  Example:
      ...would create thousands of potions of Storm Giant strength.
      If you want some Item Codes check out my Item List (complete with
      Descriptions) which is located at:
    Create a Monster:
      This works almost exactly like the CreateItem cheat, except you can't create
      multiple monsters:
      Again a list of monsters can be found at GameSages.  At least until I come
      up with my own list.
    Cheat Hot Keys:
      To activate the Cheat Hot Keys, enter this into the Console:
      And here are the Hot Keys:
        CTRL+1 -- change the armor of the paper doll (the armor class doesn't
        CTRL+2 -- fades screen to black
        CTRL+3 -- fades screen to normal
        CTRL+4 -- highlight the background-interactive objects
        CTRL+5 -- ???
        CTRL+6 -- shapeshift your character into the previous paper doll in list
        CTRL+7 -- shapeshift your character into the next paper doll in list
        CTRL+8 -- highlights the text boxes
        CTRL+9 -- highlight the sprites
        CTRL+0 -- ???
        CTRL+A -- do a sprite animation (see CTRL+S)
        CTRL+B -- view last FMV sequence
        CTRL+C -- jump to next chapter
        CTRL+D -- display some strange numbers
        CTRL+F -- turn the character
        CTRL+I -- random party conversation
        CTRL+J -- transport onto the position pointed by the cursor
        CTRL+L -- information on position (same as X)
        CTRL+M -- (Then press ENTER) DEBUG DUMP
        CTRL+Q -- Makes the creature at the mouse cursor join the party, works on
                  pretty much anything [from GOOD-ASH, Brian Phillips]
        CTRL+R -- heals the party member whose portrait your mouse is currently
                  over (doesn't have to be selected)
        CTRL+S -- select a sprite animation
        CTRL+T -- Advances the game time by one hour. This has the effect of
                  removing spell effects and such.
        CTRL+X -- information on position (more)
        CTRL+Y -- hurts/kills person mouse cursor is over
      Throne of Bhaal adds a new one:
        CTRL+H -- Fixes a wild mage to a specific surge, such that every time he
                  casts a spell he gets that surge.  Setting the Surge Number to 0
                  undoes the surge fixing and goes back to normal functioning (or
                  malfunctioning as the case may be).  One could be really cheesy
                  if they wanted and keep a wild mage fixed at the "spell cast at
                  normal, all spells refreshed as if rested" and keep the entire
                  spellbook "memorized" off of one Nahal's Reckless Dweomer (since
                  it would always work).  All of the advantages of Sorcerers and
                  Wizards rolled into one.  Really cheesy, as I said. [from Vash]
                  Note:  This affects all magic everywhere, even for enemies, so
                         use at your own risk.
        CTRL+I -- Invokes a random party conversation.  Quite useful if you play
                  "fast" and wouldn't otherwise hear all the funny dialogues.
                  Especially Imoen's and Jan's...) This can be used to speed up
                  Sarevok's "conversion" to Chaotic Good, too. (Corvus Albus)
    Other Codes:
        The area code MUST appear in quotes.  Just replace the XXXX with whatever
        the area number is where you want to be.  For example, to teleport to the
        Government District in Athkatla you would do:
        And you would be teleported there.  This allows you to go back to any
        otherwise inaccessible area, but beware of ill side effects!
      CLUAConsole:SetWeather(#) -- Use one of the following 3 settings:
                                          0 - No Weather
                                          1 - Rain
                                          2 - Snow
    Item Codes:
      The "short" item list has been removed to reduce the size of the FAQ.  You
      can find it at the beginning of my item list, which is at
      D.        [TRNRSN]  Trainers and Editors
      I would recommend that you play through the game at least once without
      cheating.  Most of the fun in games comes from the challenge, and if you
      make a SUPER party, then there isn't much challenge.
      As always most everything here can be found at:
      Right now there are two major Rules Fixes and a Beta Character Editor.  The
      two rules fixes are an EXPERIENCE CAP REMOVER -- for when that 2.95 million
      just seems too low -- and a fix for the Grand Mastery proficiency level,
      which adds an extra attack at that level.
      Another program -- the save game editor, Shadowkeeper -- is available here:
      This allows you to directly edit most everything directly from the Save
      Game, which is a little more versatile than a mere character editor.
      E.        [MNLCRR]  Manual Corrections & Addendums
      While looking through the manual, impressive as it is, I found quite a number
      of errors.
      Page 101, Specialization:
        Looking at the Specialization chart on page 101, one might get the idea
        that the proficiency system was completely nerfed from BG.  Well it was
        only partly nerfed.  Here is the accurate chart:
             points spent          to hit bonus        damage bonus      attacks
                1 (Proficient)           0                   0               1
                2 (Specialized)         +1                  +2              3/2
                3 (Master)              +2                  +2              3/2
                4 (High Master)*        +2                  +3              3/2
                5 (Grand Master)        +2                  +4              3/2
             * Improves weapon speed.
        This gives you an extra +1 damage at High Master.  Although if you
        installed TeamBG's weapon specialization "fix" it will restore this chart
        to what it was in BG:
             points spent          to hit bonus        damage bonus      attacks
                1 (Proficient)           0                   0               1
                2 (Specialized)         +1                  +2              3/2
                3 (Master)              +3                  +3              3/2
                4 (High Master)         +3                  +4              3/2
                5 (Grand Master)        +3                  +5               2
        This can be downloaded from http://www.teambg.eu/
      Sorcerer Spell Charts: [from Mark Darrah, Bioware]
        Number of Spell Levels that can be CAST per day:
                      Spell Level
        Char Lvl   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
            1      3  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            2      4  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            3      5  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            4      6  3  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            5      6  4  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            6      6  5  3  0  0  0  0  0  0
            7      6  6  4  0  0  0  0  0  0
            8      6  6  5  3  0  0  0  0  0
            9      6  6  6  4  0  0  0  0  0
           10      6  6  6  5  3  0  0  0  0
           11      6  6  6  6  4  0  0  0  0
           12      6  6  6  6  5  3  0  0  0
           13      6  6  6  6  6  4  0  0  0
           14      6  6  6  6  6  5  3  0  0
           15      6  6  6  6  6  6  4  0  0
           16      6  6  6  6  6  6  5  3  0
           17      6  6  6  6  6  6  6  4  0
           18      6  6  6  6  6  6  6  5  3
           19      6  6  6  6  6  6  6  6  4
           20      6  6  6  6  6  6  6  6  6
        Number of Spells per Level that can be KNOWN:
                      Spell Level
        Char Lvl   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
            1      2  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            2      2  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            3      3  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            4      3  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            5      4  2  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
            6      4  2  1  0  0  0  0  0  0
            7      5  3  2  0  0  0  0  0  0
            8      5  3  2  1  0  0  0  0  0
            9      5  4  3  2  0  0  0  0  0
           10      5  4  3  2  1  0  0  0  0
           11      5  5  4  3  2  0  0  0  0
           12      5  5  4  3  2  1  0  0  0
           13      5  5  4  4  3  2  0  0  0
           14      5  5  4  4  3  2  1  0  0
           15      5  5  4  4  4  3  2  0  0
           16      5  5  4  4  4  3  2  1  0
           17      5  5  4  4  4  3  3  2  0
           18      5  5  4  4  4  3  3  2  1
           19      5  5  4  4  4  3  3  3  2
           20      5  5  4  4  4  3  3  3  3
           (thanks to Kevin Logan for sending this in)
      Page 232, 234, Thieving Skill Base Scores, Bard Abilities
        Not really a mistake, but "Climb Walls", "Detect Noise" and "Read
        Languages" are not implemented in Baldur's Gate II, so they needn't be
        mentioned in the manual.
        The "Base Scores" for thieving skills should be as follows:
          Pick Pockets      15
          Open Locks        10
          Find Traps         5
          Move Silently     10
          Hide in Shadows    5
          Detect Illusion    0
          Set Traps          0
        Also, the Thieving Skill Racial Adjustments should include "Detect
        Illusion" and "Set Traps".  Here is the completed table:
          Skill              Dwarf      Elf     Gnome     Half-Elf     Halfling
          Pick Pockets         --        +5       --         +10          +5
          Open Locks          +10        -5       +5          --          +5
          Find/Remove Traps   +15        --      +10          --          +5
          Move Silently        --        +5       +5          --         +10
          Hide in Shadows      --       +10       +5          +5         +15
          Detect Illusion      +5        --      +10          --          --
          Set Traps           +10        --       +5          --          --
               Total ==>      +40       +15      +40         +15         +40
        On the next page comes the Thieving Skill Dexterity Bonuses, which should
        be extended to DEX of 25:
                    Pick    Open      Find       Move     Hide in      Set
            DEX    Pockets  Locks     Traps    Silently   Shadows     Traps
             9      -15      -10       -10       -20        -10        -10
             10     -10       -5       -10       -15         -5        -10
             11      -5        0        -5       -10          0         -5
             12       0        0         0        -5          0          0
             13       0        0         0         0          0          0
             14       0        0         0         0          0          0
             15       0        0         0         0          0          0
             16       0        5         0         0          0          0
             17       5       10         0         5          5          0
             18      10       15         5        10         10          5
             19      15       20        10        15         15         10
             20      20       25        15        18         18         15
             21      25       30        20        20         20         20
             22      30       35        25        23         23         25
             23      35       40        30        25         25         30
             24      40       45        35        30         30         35
             25      45       50        40        35         35         40
      Page 238, Upgrading Reputation in a Temple
        The costs for upgrading your reputation is incorrect at 13 and 14.  Right
        now it reads "200" and "500" respectively, when it should read "1200" and
        Here is the revised chart:
            Cost            Reputation Level
            1500   |             1
            1200   |             2
            1000   |             3
            1000   |             4
             500   |             5
             400   |             6
             200   |             7
             300   |             8
             400   |             9
             500   |            10
             700   |            11
             900   |            12
            1200   |            13
            1500   |            14
            2000   |            15
            2500   |            16
            5000   |            17
             --    |            18
             --    |            19
             --    |            20
      Page 89, Thief
        The thief gets 25 points per level to spend on Thieving abilities, not 20
        as the manual states.
      Page 99, Find Traps
        In my BG2 manual I found that on page 99 that Volo says "You should always
        be on the watch for traps in dundeons" It is right after Find Traps under
        Special Abilities.  Should be "dungeons." [from ?????]
      Page 93, Fighter/Mage/Thief
        In the manual's description for the Fighter/Mage/Thief multiclass it says
        that: "They cannot use their thieving skills while wearing studded leather"
        which is untrue.  They cannot use their thieving skills while wearing
        anything MORE than studded leather.
      F.        [BGSZS1]  Bugs
    A pretty comprehensive buglist/bugfixlist can be found here:
      I've experience a lot of crashes, usually when I QuickSave. [not so much now
      with the patch installed]
      For some reason when I try to rest in an Inn it will first say "cannot rest",
      even though the "Peasant" room is already selected.  Then if I click on
      "Peasant" again it will then let me rest.
      Sometimes when my computer is restarted, BGII will "forget" that it exists
      and make me uninstall and reinstall it.  This happens when the hard drive
      is defragmented and the computer is restarted.  Very annoying.
      [Fixed with the patch.]
      Ever notice how strange the Sensate Amulet is? I had one character using that
      and the Ioun Stone that adds HP.  Which means that that person should gain
      about +10% HP. However, when I equip the amulet first and then the Ioun
      Stone, I only got 5%, but if I de-equipped the amulet and re-equipped it, not
      only did I get the 10% but it healed the difference.  Which means that I
      could use it to heal a character.
      Throne of Bhaal adds a new bug:  While fighting the City Gates Lich, I
      decided to pull him out into the inn where I could lay traps for him to get
      killed by.  This is all well and good (having killed the lich), but when I
      entered his crypt to gather his treasures, there he was, back and ready for
      more.  In fact, as long as I kept leaving the crypt with him following me out
      he would continue to respawn inside the crypt.  In other words, I could fight
      an unlimited battle with the lich!  I believe that this bug works with any
      battle where you have the enemy follow you to a new area, but haven't tested
        Note: This is fixed in the ToB patch.
      Jae Jung had some bugs:
        1. Aerie dies (!) on random rests, loads or movement between areas. I don't
        know if this is a bug or intended. I'd load up, hear a death sound and the
        information bar would state "Aerie - Death". This has happened twice, once
        on load and once when moving OUT of Irenicus' dungeon. The second time, I
        hadn't even begun the Circus quest (obviously). Ideas?
        2. I don't have a manual on me so this may not be a bug at all. My
        characters sometimes (quite often actually, hence I don't think it's a bug)
        have their strength reduced to a meagre 2. I cannot restore that value
        either through temples or rest. There's no level drain icon either. It
        usually happens after equipping certain weapons with bonuses, but reading
        the weapon information gives no data about such reductions in your
        strength. It has happened once in Irenicus' dungeon (with Imoen) and is
        happening a lot (my specialist Thief especially and specialist Conjurer)
        while I'm looking for quests outside. Ideas again?
      Curtis Withers had more problems with Aerie:
        While I was resting in that area of the sewers with all the Mind
        Flayers, Aerie and Anomen started up a conversation, which resulted in
        Anomen turning Chaotic Neutral and attacking Aerie. I interfered and
        killed Anomen before he could finish Aerie off, but after that point
        Arie would not walk to a location without constant prodding, and would
        not pick up items anymore. It became really annoying, as you would be in
        the heat of battle and Aerie would be half a screen behind. I eventaully
        had to boot her out of the party in favour of Jan Janssen. I have had no
        similar problems with any other NPC.
        Editor's Note:  This conversation thread happens ONLY after Anomen has
                        FAILED his knight's test.  If he passes the test, it won't
      Geoff Ulreich found a weapon inconsistency:
        The Sun Sword (supposedly +2/+4 vs. evil creatures) will not hit
        the demilich as far as I can tell, yet the +4 dagger will.  In AD&D (second
        edition), the +4 change should apply to what it can hit as well as THACO.
      Geoff also found a Magic Resistance bug:
        Magic resistance items don't 'stack' correctly.  Only one of
        multiple MR items placed on your character will affect them.  I tried
        placing the Ring of Gaxx (10% MR) on my Holy Avenger(50% MR)-wielding
        paladin and at first his MR showed as 60% on the character record screen.
        Soon after (I think after either saving or moving to a new area) his magic
        resistance dropped to 50% again, until the ring was removed and put back
        on.  What a pain.
      P.K. came up with this script bug:
        By the way I noticed a small bug in BG2. I gave the "Trap detecting" script
        to the thief (Is it called Thief Adventurer Script ?), and when I dualled
        to mage, I forgot to change the script, but guess what... the Mage/Thief
        kept detecting traps even though the Thief class was inactive!
        Editor's Note:  Technically this script works for ANYONE, even those who
                        have no "find traps" ability. If the trap is a 0 level
                        trap, they can even detect it. (Not too likely, but still)
      Alexander Ferguson found a few:
        I wanted to report a possible Bug I have found with the some
        of the various Books that upgrade abilities.  (Tome of Clear Thought, etc.)
        On my system, only some of the books are actually usable.  The others
        can not be placed into the QuickSlots for use.  They fail with the message
        "Wrong Item Type".   In addition, when you pick them up to move them into
        the QuickSlot, the QuickSlot does not highlight, as it does with the usable
        I have noted below the status that I have found with them.
        Works Properly -      BOOK03 - Manual of Bodily Health +1 Con
        Works Properly -      BOOK04 - Manual of Gainful Exercise +1 Str
        Works Properly -      BOOK05 - Manual of Quickness of Action +1 Dex
        NOTE: When Picked up, it changes to a scroll icon, and then back to a book
        Works Properly -      BOOK06 - Tome of Clear Thought +1 Int
        FAILS   -      BOOK07 - Tome of Leadership and Influence +1 Chr
        FAILS   -      BOOK08 - Tome of Understanding +1 Wis
        Braden found the way around this:
          To use Tomes of Wisdom, or Charisma, or other ones that may
          not work, simply place one crappy healing potion, and the
          appropriate IDed tome, into the less-than insightful, weak, dumb
          clumsy, far from amiable, or frail character.  If in MP mode,
          pause the game, if in SP mode, not an issue. Open the inventory,
          from a personal items slot, drink a potion by right clicking on
          it and click Quaff/Drink (ensure that the same kind of potion
          DOES NOT exist in your quick items also), switch the Tome with
          the potion (pick up the book, put it down on top of potion,
          put potion elsewhere).  Return to game, unpause if needed. Wait.
          Viola, you now bite less.  This method can probably be adapted
          to activate any item that has an effect targeted on the caster.
        Only ONE Bag of Holding, Gems, Scrolls Bug:
        I also found another bug <?> about the various bags in a most strange
        There is only ONE container of each type.  Thus if you have (2) bags of
        holding; any item placed into the 1st, appears in the 2nd, and vice versa.
        I found this one out when my 1st bag was full of stuff, and I started to
        dump stuff into the 2nd bag.  It filled up in no time, and when I checked
        into the bag, a bunch of the "lower level" stuff from the 1st bag was gone,
        and the inventories of both bags were identical.
          Editor's Note:  If you think this sounds like a method for duplicating
                          items, think again.  An item taken out of one bag is also
                          removed from the other.
        Even if they are in separate people in the party... it works across people;
        just like the shopkeeper interface.
    Other Mistakes:
      In the Paladin Quest you are told that an artifact lies in the hands of
      "geat evil".  Heh.
      When Jon Irenicus is being held by the cowled wizards he tells Imoen to be
      quiet to let the "fool make his judgement", however it should be spelled
      as "judgment."  A lot of people have emailed me about this one, saying that
      judgement is just as valid as judgment.  This is probably one of those cases
      where a misspelling was so common that it became a valid spelling.
        David Lyons refutes that argument:
          Judgement (Middle English, from Old French 'Jugement') is the correct
          primary spelling. Judgment, however, is also valid, but if a persistent
          misspelling occurred, it was in the omission of the first 'e'. Unless
          you're American, of course, in which case it may well be the other way
          around (this was my first thought, but then, you spell theatre as, well,
          'theatre' and not 'theater' throughout the FAQ). This is supported by the
          large amount of anglo-centric slang in the dialogue (mainly in the
          insults), e.g. 'Arse' and not 'Ass', which sneaks me to the suspicion it
          may have been compiled by a stray Brit at Bioware.
      When Baron Ployer is about to curse Jaheira, he disdains the Hero by saying
      that "Khalid was a better compliment," when he should have used "complement."
      Compliment is a Praise (ie "you look pretty") while Complement means that
      one thing completes another or goes well with.
      In one of Viconia's Romances, she mentions that her sisters are "more of a
      danger and a rival then the next," when it should be "than the next."
      In another of Viconia's romances, she says:  "My mother wished me to recant,
      to prostate myself before the Spider Queen and beg forgiveness."  This should
      have been "prostrate", the missing "r" gives it a whole new meaning.  [from
      Cyrille Artho]
      If you attempt to leave the Underdark without doing the Silver Dragon quests,
      while still disguised as a Drow, the guards will stop you and tell you to
      go back, to which you can say "we will offer a significan increase..."
      They left off the 't' in "significant."
      In a conversation between Keldorn and Aerie, Keldorn tells Aerie: "Wrong?
      No, to some you be the ideal."  Should be "you are the ideal."
      Spelling mistake: While you're searching for the artifacts in Suldanessellar,
      if you attempt to pick the lock of the Castle door, it will say this:
      "....Them temple of Rillifane may hold the key" instead of THE temple.
      [from Cornelius Chesterfield]
      Spelling mistake: When the Guardian Telwyn (Temple of Helm) gives you the Sir
      Sarles quest, the character writes in his journal that he needs 200 pounds of
      "illuthium" instead of illithium. [from Snark]
      Grammar mistake:  In Brynnlaw when you pay Calahan for Ginia and Ason's
      passage he says, "There passage is assured" when it should be "Their passage
      is assured." [from John Jung]
      In the bard stronghold, if you speak to the players the first time you are
      able to, one of them will say "out rehearsal" instead of "our rehearsal".
      [from Xander77]
      During your first moment of weakness, after Irenicus took your soul, if Jan
      is the one you talk to, he says "upsidedown" instead of "upside down".
      [from Xander77]
      G.        [STRNGT]  Strange Things
      About  "Temple District - The Guarded Compound", I've seen this referred to
      as the Slave Lord's Headquarters in a few forums.  That name may come from
      something that was planned but never made the official game, since there's
      nothing in the place ties its inhabitants to the slavers. Or is there?  Two
      of the inhabitants are a male priest named Stalman and a female thief named
      Ketta.  Interestingly, back in the old AD&D "Scouge of the Slavelords"
      module, two of the Slavelords you go up against are a male priest named
      Stalman Klim and a female thief named Slippery Ketta. [from zambkptkn]
      Near the Circus is a cage with a Moose... and a Squirrel.  Rocky and
      Bullwinkle, anyone? (many, many people sent this in)
      Create an Elf and name him Drizzt.  Then by Chapter 6 have a reputation less
      than 12.  When you bump into Drizzt... he is annoyed that you swiped his
      name!  Sure, he fights you for his name's honor, but it sure is funny.
      Also if you imported from Baldur's Gate and had any of Drizzt's Items on you,
      then Drizzt will be very upset when he meets up with you.  He won't
      necessarily fight you, but it could lead to that (anyone who is GOOD in your
      party won't assist you, though).
      In the back of the Adventurer's Mart are two paintings.  Look at them closely
      and also click on them.  Recognize them?  They are taken from the old
      Dungeons and Dragons cartoon!
      There's also a picture of Elvis on the second floor of the Five Flagons.
      (again many people sent this one in)
      Fearghus (Waukeen's Promenade) is the name of the Black Isle division
      There is a commoner named "Neeber" in Trademeet who constantly pesters you
      with inane questions and comments.  Just like a certain "Noober" used to do
      in the first game.
      Biff the Understudy (in the really awful theatre play) is the character that
      would appear in Baldur's Gate when the regular character could not appear.
      (i.e. if that character was dead, but still had something to say)
      Ask the barkeeper in Imnesvale about the Umar Witch and he'll give you a
      book titled "The Umar Witch Project."
      The Knights of Solamnia in the Planar Sphere are from Dragonlance.
      There's another, bit more obscure AD&D reference in the Planar Sphere...the
      halflings.  Took me a bit to place them, but the cracked dry earth and the
      village built from bones...those are feral halflings from the old Dark Sun
      setting. (Bill Ray)
      One of Edwin's plots goes awry leaving him in the form of a woman.  Jaheira
      mocks, Anomen pretends to want to champion "Edwina", and so forth.  Then take
      "Edwina" to see Silvanus at the Copper Coronet (the Elf by the counter), who
      will be quite attracted to Edwin.  And Edwin is ALMOST attracted to Silvanus
      as well!  Not only that, but Bioware did up an entire FEMALE voice set for
      "Edwina" as well!  Hilarious!
      Cyrando the Gnome romantic (at the Temple District at night) provides the
      words for Garrick to woo a woman with.  Just like Cyrano the Big Nosed
      Romantic of literary fame.  There are actually 4 little mini-events attached
      to this one that take place over time.  Eventually Cyrando and the Lady
      get married and Garrick runs away with one of the bridesmaids.
      One of the Sentient Sword's battle cries is: "Murder! Death! Kill!!", which
      is the term for a homicide from the movie, Demolition Man.  Also a reference
      to the game MDK... MurderDeathKill.  Get it?
      In the Bridge section where the Five Flagon is located, there are a pair
      of thugs that fight each other for the love of a girl named Bubbles.  Their
      names are Shank and Carbos.  If their name is familiar, it's because they
      were in Baldur's Gate.  They were the thugs that tried to kill you in
      Candlekeep.  They hid inside houses.  I'm pretty sure it's them since they
      have a lot of trouble hitting each other.  I've spent a minute or 2 watching
      them trying to kill each other without any success.  It doesn't seem to
      affect the game in anyway, but it's funny to see. [from Death Crow]
      In the Asylum, one of the mages gives you a worthless scroll (memo) that says
      that that the scroll is worthless, that it is indecipherable and that it is
      most likely the ravings of a madman. Anyways, the scroll is decipherable
      although not within the game though. The text of the scroll says:
        "Qc terxepssrw evi jypp sj aiewipw. Mrjsvg xli Uyiir, ws xlex wli qmklx
        wlss xliq eaec. Livi ai ks ' vsyrh xli qypfivvc fywl. Ks qsioic KS!"
      This translates into:
        "My pantaloons are full of weasels. Inform the queen, so that she might
        shoo them away. Here we go 'round the mulberry bush. Go monkey GO!"
        [from Hector E. Meza]
      In Chapter 4, in Spellhold, Aphril (sp?) talks of seeing a walking corpse
      talking to a pillar of skulls. References to Planescape: Torment, the hero,
      the Nameless One, who'll just wake up within minutes of dying. [from Matri]
      Contributing to your list of Easter Eggs, on the top floor of the Five
      Flagons there are what appear to be Elvis pictures on the far wall, and
      guitars on other walls on the same floor.  [from Per Jorner]
      Here's one: William Reirrac's last name is "carrier" backwards. While
      it's likely intentional, it's not necessarily a reference or a pun (people
      make up fantasy names in the strangest ways). [from Per Jorner]
      The vampire named Durst is possibly a German pun - Durst is the German word
      for "thirst", and definitely a good name for a vampire to have.  Then again,
      I accidentally named a character "Darsteller" (actor in German) without
      thinking about it, so perhaps it's not intentional. [from Brian Camley]
      Rob DeCaire sent in this one:
        Here's a "strange thing" that I didn't notice in the FAQ, but I thought was
        a pretty good joke.  In the Vulgar Monkey tavern in Brynnlaw, there's a
        pirate named "Pirate Newf".  If you talk to him, he sings a little shanty
        that goes:
          "I'se th' b'y that builds the boat
          And I'se th' b'y who sails 'er
          And I'se th' b'y that catches th' fish
          And brings 'em home to Liza"
        This is a joke for all the Canadians in the audience, since it's a fairly
        well-known song from Newfoundland, sung by a character named Newf.
      Voreth has some "Strange Things":
        CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Boo") creates Boo (and we all know who Boo is).
        CTRL+Q him to add him to your party. He's very powerful, and even has his
        own paper doll. To keep him effective, don't equip any weapons in any
        slots, and DO NOT LEVEL HIM UP! (requires the EnableCheatKeys() cheat to
        be active)
        CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Gorion") is fun, though it does require you to
        exit your game once it works. If you create Gorion, talk to him and choose
        a few of the dialogue choices (it's keyed to a different dialogue, so
        you'll see some pretty weird, including NPC, dialogues). He'll bring you
        through the BG sequence with him (bringing you over, casting Cure Light
        Wounds, etc.) and bring you to a forest (area number is the same as circle
        of stones in BG). There, you get stuck on a tree. Too bad. I wonder if
        Sarevok would have appeared and all. Oh, and the BG loading screen appears
        in front of the BG2 one, though off center and much smaller.
        (Note: I've only tried this in the Docks, so if you try it somewhere else
        and get different results, don't be alarmed...)
        You can also create Kivan, from what I've seen, though he doesn't say
        anything, his dialogues are bad, and he says what he should say on the
        bottom of the screen. Still, it's pretty fun. You can do this with Drizzt
        too, and get him to say some of Korgan's (voice acted) lines. So you have a
        Drizzt with a Scottish accent who says "Cure Disease" at the end of his
        dialogue. Answer his first question with the description of Summon Monster
        I for the rest of Korgan's dialogue.
      Xander77 found something interesting:
        If you use CLUAConsole to teleport to AR2700 (Only works in SoA) you will
        find the remains of an unfinished test - an area with giant heads (not
        the one you find Illasera in) which force you to do battle with a slayer to
        get a terrifying sword.
        You can get the sword with CLUAConsole:CreateItem("Killsw01")  -
        It's sort of like PST's Eviscerator
      NPC's from Baldur's Gate found in BG2 (but who don't join):
        Ajantis (killed at Windspear Hills by you, identified by Keldorn)
        Coran (can be killed by Safana in chapter 6, or becomes a drunk)
        Faldorn (seizes control of the Druid Grove, killed by you to free it)
        Garrick (attempts to woo a woman, but fails)
        Khalid (found dead in Irenicus' Dungeon)
        Montaron (killed by the Harper's for breaking into their compound)
        Quayle (currently alive and well and running a circus)
        Safana (killed by Lanfear in chapter 6 after she attempts to kill you)
        Tiax (locked away in Spellhold, helps the main character beat Irenicus,
          dies in the attempt)
        Xzar (killed by a Harper assassin at the docks)
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      Sergio Le Roux for the FINAL Glaicas solution
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        added (http://www.baldurdash.org/).
      Version 7.0  December 10, 2001  848k
        After a very long break, finally updated this FAQ once more.  Went through
        my emails and added most everything I was sent.  Also updated some of the
        information in the Notes section above to include a link to the Darkest
        Day (unofficial mod) and Ascension (another unofficial mod).
      Version 7.1  January 18, 2002  848k
        Included a link to Suburban Mod's The Darkest Day walkthrough, which can
        be found in the above Notes section.
      Version 8.0  September 10, 2002  876k
        Added proficiencies to the Companions section.  Added information on some
        of the summoned monsters (see the end of the Ranger Stronghold).  Created
        some new Spell strategies for Larloch's Minor Drain and Draw Upon Holy
        Might (In the Gameplay Strategies section).  Added some neat tricks from
        Xander77 (in Gameplay Strategies and Monster Fighting Strategies).  Added
        a new Infinite Exp Bug from wvfoos (Tiris and Raissa in the Trademeet
        section).  Added a link to the Kelsey romance (in Notes above).
      Version 8.1  February 5, 2003  884k
        Sorted out the Monster Fighting Strategies into multiple sections.  Many,
        many edits and corrections all over the place.  Added Alessio Ronchi's
        neat Cromwell trick.  Added some new tips and tricks from Xar.  Added
        Andrew Scarvell's neat trick for the Selfish Tear.  Fixed the Baldurdash
        link (it is now at http://www.baldurdash.org/)
      Version 8.2  February 10, 2003  892k
        Added more strategies and secrets from Xander77.
      Version 8.3  February 19, 2003  896k
        Added the ForgottenWars unofficial add-ons to the Notes section.  Added
        two notes from John Howard, one on an easy way to get the "bonus" merchants
        (in the Introduction) the other on the Underdark Soul Gem.  Added a topic
        in general strategies on magic weapons.
      Version 8.4  December 22, 2004  902k
        Edited the Mod information and gave it a new section to call home.
        Reorganized somewhat, edited somewhat and added some stuff here and there.
        Added TOB information to the kits section.
      Version 8.5  January 17, 2005  902k
        Changed my email address.
      Version 8.51  April 23, 2009  904k
        Added the CTRL-F codes to the table of contents. Some other small edits.
        More updates shortly.
      Version 8.6  April 27, 2009  931k
        Moved the Frequently Asked Questions to just before the walkthrough.
        Added some notes on Vista & Cheats.  Removed the special thanks from
        the Notes above, it was looking like a big blob of names. The full special
        thanks can still be found at the end of the guide. Added a bunch of new
        FAQs based on questions I've been asked. Added lots of notes from various
        people as well.
      Version 8.7  April 28, 2009  942k
        Added some new notes from jsaving on Jaheira, creating a character to
        balance your party, and a mephit trick in the starting dungeon. Per his
        advice also wrote up a bit more on dual- multi-classing in the character
        creation section. Updated Kangaxx to include more ways to take him out.
        Replaced the Baldurdash fixpack with the Gibberlings 3 fixpack. Added the
        Ring of Lock picks in the docks section from Skithee.
      Version 8.71  May 6, 2009  942k
        Added a new FAQ. Other small changes and edits.
      Version 8.72  May 18, 2009  942k
        Some very minor edits.
      Viconia:  Minsc, that tattoo on your face.  Does it have tribal significance
                or did some nursery's fingerpainting class assault you with the
                blue pastels?
      Minsc:    I do not like the tone of your voice, Dark Elf.  The face I have is
                the face the ladies love!  Boo loves Minsc's face, too!  Don't you,
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