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    Game Script by Athawolfus

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    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
    Game Script
    Copyright 2007 Cem Gulduren
    E-Mail: cemgulduren at yahoo.com
    This document was written for the GameFAQs website. It may not be placed on any
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    author. This document may be used for private, non-commercial purposes only.
    "Horror - the true horror that paralyzes the mind and scars it with nightmares
    - is never truly healed."
    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is one of the best computer games I
    have ever played. Although I am actually not very much into horror stories and
    not a reader of Lovecraft, I found the storyline of the game fascinating, with
    its unnerving atmosphere and the sense of uncertainty that never goes away. It
    was especially so for someone who does not already know much about the Cthulhu
    Mythos. I liked the game so much that I began reading some of the works of
    Lovecraft after I started playing. That is why I have decided to write this,
    the full script of the game, which includes all the dialogue and the documents
    found throughout it. I hope you will enjoy it. If you want to point out a
    mistake I've made, have a suggestion about the document, or if you just would
    like to drop your comments, you can send me an e-mail. There will probably be
    no updates to this in the future, but perhaps I might fix some errors if you
    point out any.
    0. Version History
    1. The Game Script
    1.1. Dreams of the Future
    1.2. Prologue
    1.3. Mysterious Phone Call
    1.4. A Visit to the Old Town
    1.5. Shadow Out of Time 1
    1.6. Attack of the Fishmen
    1.7. Jailbreak
    1.8. Escape From Innsmouth
    1.9. Feds in the Asylum
    1.10. The Marsh Refinery
    1.11. The Esoteric Order of Dagon
    1.12. A Dangerous Voyage
    1.13. Shadow Out of Time 2
    1.14. Devil's Reef
    1.15. The Air-Filled Tunnels
    1.16. Shadow Out of Time 3
    2.1. Interpretation of the Ending
    2.2. List of Journal Entries
    2.3. List of General Evidence Documents
    2.4. List of Mythos Tomes and Manuscripts
    3. Credits
    v. 1.0  May 11, 2007
    The first (and most probably the final) version
    1.1. Dreams of the Future
    "Was it a dream? I cannot say. But I hope so. For if the things I saw and
    experienced were more than the imaginings of a disordered brain, then surely
    does madness hold sway over the universe."
    Arkham Asylum
    16th February 1922
    (The camera shows the front gate of the mental asylum.)
    Jack Walters: Now... at my end... I can fully see.
    Jack: My last case opened in me a new fear... a real fear... a fear of myself,
    of what I am... and of what I have always been.
    (Jack Walters, the protagonist, is sitting on the floor in a small cell,
    holding a small notebook, apparently his journal, in his hands. He looks
    delirious and there are strange symbols and writing on the walls and the floor.
    On the floor, just in front of Jack, there is a large star sign with an eye
    symbol in the middle. All the symbols in the room appear to have been made with
    Jack: All that I was, is now lost. Hope? Purpose? Pleasure? All meaningless.
    Jack: I now walk in the shadows between worlds... and it is there I have
    finally glimpsed upon what lives in the dark corners of the Earth...
    (Jack steps on a chair to hang himself. The camera shows a doctor walking
    through a hallway with several hysterical inmates. The doctor sees that Jack is
    committing suicide and quickly enters the cell, trying to stop him. Jack's
    journal falls onto the floor from his hands.)
    1.2. Prologue
    "The ignorant and the deluded are, I think, in a strange way to be envied. That
    which is not known of does not trouble us, while an imagined but insubstantial
    peril does not harm us. To know the truths behind reality is a far greater
    Six and a half years ago...
    (Jack is sitting in his car, reading his journal and smoking a cigarette.)
    A Local Disturbance
    September 6, 1915
    I guess I'm becoming a victim of my own success. After closing the last five
    cases so fast, the papers have been calling me a local hero. But I just had a
    run of lucky hunches, that's all. I'm just another cop doing his job.
    So there's a disturbance at a local residence. It's probably just a bunch of
    kids hopped up on moonshine. Why call in a detective?
    Maybe the uniform boys are sore at being out in this weather, and they want to
    share the joy with the "local hero." It wouldn't be the first good-natured
    prank I've had to take since those newspaper reports.
    I don't know, though - something doesn't feel right. It's more than just a
    regular bad feeling - it's hard to explain, but it's strong.
    I'm probably just tired. Those dreams don't help. I can't remember when I last
    got a good night's sleep - must be a month, at least. Right about the time I
    started my run of lucky hunches.
    The dreams have been getting worse lately. I'm almost afraid to close my eyes.
    Bourbon helped at first, but not any more.
    The lack of sleep must be affecting my nerves. Well, jitters or not, I better
    get going.
    (Jack closes his journal and then takes a final drag on his cigarette. He then
    steps out of his car. It is a rainy night and he is before a police barricade.
    The camera shows a set of stairs leading to a hilltop manor behind the
    6th September 1915
    (A police officer arrives and Jack talks to him.)
    Jack: Robert... this had better be good. What's the beef?
    Officer Robert Armstrong: Sorry, Jack, we had to call. This fella will only
    talk to you... name's Victor Holt.
    Jack: Don't know any Victor.
    Robert: He's the leader of this weird cult that moved in here a few months
    back... got about 20 followers. They've been causing trouble all over town.
    Stealing... going through folk's trash... hanging around outside people's homes
    at all hours.
    (The camera shows the manor on the hill. It looks deserted.)
    Robert: No one ever presses charges though. They're a screwy bunch. They've got
    the locals scared. So, tonight... we were just passing, doing the normal
    rounds, when we heard gunshots fired from their property.
    Jack: Gunshots? Hang on there... no one said anything about gunshots. Who have
    we got out here?
    Robert: Just me, Nichols, and a few new recruits.
    Jack: Well, that's just great! Lead the way, Robert. I'd better check out this
    crazy gang of yours.
    (They start moving towards the stairs. Jack talks to Robert on the way.)
    Jack: Did you call for backup?
    Robert: Yep. You're it.
    Jack: Great.
    (Jack talks to a young police officer at the base of the stairs while Robert
    goes up.)
    Jack: How you doing, kid?
    Officer: Good, sir. Is it true what they say about you?
    Jack: Depends on what they're saying.
    Officer: That you've cracked cases... where there was no evidence.
    Jack: You shouldn't believe everything you hear.
    Officer: Err... right.
    (Jack goes up the stairs. Robert is waiting halfway up.)
    Robert: Jack. Officer Nichols will brief you at the top. Be careful!
    (Just before reaching the top, Jack overhears a conversation between Nichols
    and another officer.)
    Officer: What's taking him so long? Something must be wrong.
    Officer Henry Nichols: I think I saw him with Officer Armstrong. Just take it
    Officer: We're wide open here.
    Nichols: It's okay. I've got you covered.
    Nichols: I don't like this. Something's not right.
    Officer: Something's not right? Nothing's right about this!
    (Jack gets to the top and talks to Nichols.)
    Nichols: Evening Jack. Glad you could join the freak show.
    Jack: How's it looking, Henry?
    Nichols: I don't like this one bit, Jack. Check the alley on the right. Victor
    Holt's over there in the shadows. He's waiting for you.
    (The camera shows a man in the alley to the right of the manor. He is waving at
    Jack: Can we trust him?
    Nichols: Nope, but we've got you covered. You better take it slowly, though.
    They're a bit twitchy.
    Nichols: (to Holt) Try to stay calm.
    Nichols: You better hurry, Jack. (to Holt) He's on his way. (to Jack) We've got
    you covered, Jack. Take it slowly. Victor's just over there... on the right.
    (Jack starts to move towards the alley.)
    Officer: Be careful, sir.
    (Suddenly, the cultists in the building open fire from the windows. A firefight
    breaks out between them and the policemen.)
    Cultist: DIE!
    (Nichols gets shot and dies.)
    Cultist: DIE! You pathetic bastards!
    Officer: Take cover!
    Cultist: Keep shooting!
    Officer: Watch your aim, you sap!
    Cultist: I'm running low on ammo.
    Cultist: That one to the right, taking cover. Kill him!
    Officer: We're all gonna die!
    Cultist: Where's Victor? He must be inside by now!
    Cultist: Kill them all.
    (Robert comes to the top to join the firefight.)
    Robert: The alley on the right. Get inside! Get inside, Jack. Do your job!
    (Jack moves towards the alley.)
    Robert: We can't hold them forever, Jack! Get inside!
    (Jack enters the manor from the side door in the alley. He is in a dark
    Cultist: I think Walters must be inside. I can't see him.
    Cultist: Shit! Philip's been shot. He's dead.
    Cultist: There's one over there... on the left...
    (Jack enters a large, well-lit room with a long table, a podium to the other
    side and several paintings on the walls. He examines one of them that seems to
    depict a big, monstrous eye.)
    Jack: It looks like an eye, but the rest of the painting has no real shape.
    (He examines another painting depicting a large, tentacled monster and other
    creatures worshipping it.)
    Jack: This blasphemous image makes me feel uneasy.
    (He looks at another picture of a humanoid creature.)
    Jack: The depiction of some alien creature. It's a strange painting... but, it
    reminds me of... something.
    (He examines yet another painting of a very large monster.)
    Jack: A powerful painting of some cosmic horror.
    (He examines another painting.)
    Jack: That's an unusual design. These fellas have one curious art collection.
    (He goes to the other side of the room and checks a board with writing on it.)
    Jack: The board is covered with strange writing. I can't understand the
    (He checks another board with a diagram.)
    Jack: The board has been used to illustrate a diagram. The illustration is
    quite scientific. Looks like a blueprint for some kind of room.
    (Jack approaches the podium and reads the handwritten sermon paper that has
    been left on it.)
    Podium Sermon
    As I continue to translate the Pnakotic fragments, I become more and more eager
    to contact my Yithian masters. These beings truly are gods to us.
    Their intellect and knowledge surpasses ours in ways impossible to comprehend.
    I know now just how insignificant mankind is in the universe... a doomed and
    simple species thrown up as a side effect of an experiment by the Elder Things.
    It is a blessing that such flawed creatures as ourselves have such a short and
    limited future.
    (Jack goes out back into the hallway. He then continues and comes to a well-lit
    hall. He sees a white symbol that looks like an eye on the wall. It is the same
    eye symbol that was with the star in the intro.)
    Jack: That symbol's real strange. Looks almost like a flaming eye... I should
    take a closer look.
    (He goes and tries to open a door in the hall.)
    Jack: It's locked.
    (He tries to open another door.)
    Jack: It's locked.
    (He then sees the front door is barricaded.)
    Jack: The front door has been barricaded with tables and chairs. There's no way
    of getting to the door. They clearly didn't want anyone coming in this way.
    (He goes up the stairs from the hall and enters one of the rooms. Inside, he
    sees a dying, bare-chested cultist.)
    Cultist: At last... it's you...
    (The cultist dies.)
    Jack: He seemed to recognize me. I don't get it. His body is covered in
    tattoos, and they were carved into his flesh with something sharp. The body's
    still warm, but he's definitely dead.
    (The room has strange symbols all over the walls.)
    Jack: What a nut house! The walls have been covered with glyphs. Those glyphs
    seem to have some semblance to mathemathical symbols.
    (He enters a dormitory with many dead cultists, lying on beds. He examines one
    of them.)
    Jack: Poisoning, by the looks of it. He's dead, they're all dead. Suicide. Or
    rather, mass suicide. These nuts had some serious issues.
    (He finds tiny bottles on the table in the middle of the dormitory.)
    Jack: Poison appears to have been on the menu.
    (He then finds a diary on the table and takes it.)
    Jack: A diary. This will make interesting reading.
    Diary of a Cult Member
    August 20, 1915
    We have been watching him now for two months. I can feel my anticipation
    growing as the day of contact draws near. Victor has not yet divulged his final
    plan for bringing Mr. Walters to us; all I know is that we must succeed.
    August 24, 1915
    The sermon today was inspiring. Victor enlightened us with a story of The Great
    Race transcending the bounds of time to visit his dreams.
    Of the conscious things on this earth, and in the ocean depths, we are but
    servants of a greater design. I can only hope that my faith during these last
    days will win me favor when our masters step through the gate.
    August 29, 1915
    The experiments below have claimed one more of our order. Another volunteer is
    needed, but many are willing. We are truly blessed through our faithful
    service, now that his coming grows so close.
    September 3, 1915
    The preparations are complete, and Victor's plan is in motion. He will arrive
    soon. Surely by now he must suspect his true nature, or at least question the
    nature of his gifts.
    September 6, 1915
    He has come. Finally, it begins.
    (He then leaves the dormitory and enters another room with a dead cultist on
    the floor and another shooting with a shotgun at the window. The cultist turns
    to him.)
    Jack: Don't shoot... I'm unarmed.
    Cultist: Aaaa... We've been expecting you, Mr. Walters...
    (The cultist gets shot by the policemen outside and dies.)
    Jack: Damn. He recognized me, and it sounded like he was gonna get on the level
    with what's going on in this joint.
    (He finds a key on a chair.)
    Jack: A key. This should help downstairs.
    (He looks at the cultist that was already dead when he came into the room.)
    Jack: He's dead. Looks like a bad case of lead poisoning.
    (He then looks out the window.)
    Jack: I better keep my distance from the window, or I'll end up like this nut
    job. I should keep back.
    (He goes back downstairs and uses the key on one of the doors in the well-lit
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (He goes inside the room. The room is filled with his photos. Many are strewn
    on the desk and there are yet more on the boards on the wall. Jack panicks with
    the shock and his heartbeat audibly increases.)
    Jack: I don't understand. I'm in all of these photos. All of them. There must
    be some kind of mistake. Why would they want ME here? It must be an old case.
    Something I've forgotten... some screwball with a grudge maybe. Think... I've
    gotta THINK!
    (He examines the photos further.)
    Jack: All these photos and clippings are of me. I just don't get it. From the
    dates on some of these clippings, this crazed mob must have been following me
    for years. Jesus! I'm a detective and I had no idea. They seem to know so much
    about me, and I've got nothing on them. Aside from their eccentric taste in
    paintings, and their cheerful indulgence in self-mutilation, I know exactly
    zilch. A Jack Walters collage.
    (He finds a board with a timetable on his movements in a day on the other side
    of the room.)
    Jack: What the hell is going on? It seems they've been tracking my movements.
    It's a timetable of my movements. Looks like it's from two days ago.
    (He finds a key on a desk. There is also a newspaper under the key. He takes
    both of them.)
    Jack: Another key. This should fit the door across the hall.
    The Boston Globe, 20th August 1909
    Enlightened or Duped?
    Inside Boston's Strangest Church
    Those of our readers who live near its headquarters in an ordinary-looking
    Boston residence will need no introduction to the Fellowship of Yith (or
    whatever the cult's name is).
    For those who have not encountered this mysterious, semi-religious group
    before, a few words of explanation are necessary.
    Since our country's founding upon the basis of religious freedom, its shores
    have been home to many small religious groups outside the mainstream.
    No small number are headquartered in the states of New England, where the
    Pilgrims themselves sought a new world free of religious persecution.
    But the question must be asked: At what point does a religion become a cult,
    and its trusting adherents - not to mention its blameless neighbors - become
    victims? That is the question this journal poses in regard to the Fellowship of
    In a month-long investigation, our intrepid reporters have diligently sought
    out the truth behind this so-called church.
    Its origins are somewhat mysterious - the more so since the group's leaders
    declined to be interviewed, or to assist our investigation in any way.
    However, it seems that the Fellowship was founded more than twenty years ago by
    one Victor Holt, based on a revelation he had received from beyond the confines
    of this world.
    Holt has not been seen for almost six years; his followers apparently believe
    that he is communing with the mysterious powers behind his faith, and that he
    is shortly to return with new insights and teachings.
    All this sounds like a harmless, if eccentric, spiritual group, little
    different from many others. However, those who make their homes near to the
    Fellowship's headquarters tell a different, more sinister story.
    The adherents of this obscure sect are to be found loitering on street-corners,
    casting menacing glances at their innocuous neighbors and frequently engaging
    in acts of petty crime, which the local police seem powerless to prevent or
    Strange lights have been observed burning in the windows of the old house at
    all hours of the day and night. They change color unpredictably, and cast
    weird, unintelligible shadows.
    Even more disturbing are the noises which have been heard to issue from within
    the mysterious building. They include chanting, unearthly music, and - worst of
    all - screams like those of lost souls in agony.
    Many of the sect's neighbors are convinced that its services include human
    sacrifice or similar atrocities.
    Those few who dared complain to the police were told that because the house is
    private property, and because there is no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing,
    the most they can do is file a noise complaint.
    Are the horrors of Salem being re-enacted in our city, more than two centuries
    on? Is this Fellowship of Yith engaging in unspeakable - and criminal - acts of
    worship involving torture and sacrifice?
    Why is nothing being done to ease the fear and distress they cause to the local
    A source within the Police Department, speaking on the condition of anonymity,
    tell the Globe that the Fellowship is suspected of involvement in a number of
    local crimes but so far the lack of evidence and the reluctance of nervous
    witnesses to come forward have thwarted any official investigation.
    Very well, we say. Where the police cannot - or will not - investigate, the
    Globe shall continue to act in the interests of Boston's citizens, fearlessly
    exposing the truth about this so-called church and its followers.
    Our findings will be published in these pages over the following monts, so that
    all may know the truth!
    Editor's note: It is with great sorrow that the Globe announces the death of
    reporter Howard Addlestone, who was leading the paper's investigation into the
    Fellowship of Yig when he apparently drowned in Boston Harbor.
    The Coroner has ruled his death a suicide. Our condolences go out to his
    (Jack goes back to the hall and opens the other door.)
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (The door opens to a library.)
    Jack: For nutcases, they seem quite literate. Those books are really old, and
    most of them are in strange languages I don't understand.
    (Inside the library, he finds a desk with a document in the drawer and takes
    Jack: The drawer holds an ancient manuscript. The symbols on the front seem to
    be written in classical Greek.
    This manuscript looks medieval, but claims to be a translation from classical
    Greek of a far older work from before the time of the first humans.
    The pages are stained, faded, and even burned in some places, making reading
    difficult. The legible sections tell the history of unthinkably distant
    They speak of races so strange as to be beyond human comprehension, and wars
    fought across vast gulfs of time and space.
    There are concepts so utterly alien that they sound like absolute madness. Time
    travel, Flying Polyps, mental projection, Great Race of Yith - it makes you
    dizzy just to read it.
    (Jack walks to one of the walls of the library, facing a broken mirror.
    Suddenly, strange sounds and screams are heard from the other side of the
    Jack: There are definitely some strange sounds coming from this side of the
    (He finds a trapdoor near the wall and opens it. A loud scream is heard.)
    Jack: Shit. That did not sound good.
    (The trapdoor opens to a secret tunnel. As Jack goes down, the ladder
    Jack: Well, that's just swell.
    (He begins to follow the tunnel, but it is shaking and looks like it is about
    to collapse. On the way, Jack finds a dead cultist with a wooden beam on him.)
    Jack: He's dead. The beam must have fallen and crushed his skull. This tunnel
    is not safe at all... I'd better watch my step.
    (He finds several corpses buried behind beams in the walls and in the floor.)
    Jack: My God! There are bodies buried in the walls. At least that explains the
    stench. Some of them have been here a while. It's hard to say... but, from the
    look of the bodies, I'd guess they're from the same crew of nut jobs. What the
    hell next? They've been burying bodies in the walls... crazy bastards. The
    stench down here is sickening. The bodies must be rotting.
    (He reaches the end of the tunnel, arriving at an ominous room that looks like
    a morgue. Several bloody corpses, covered with sheets, are lying on stretchers.
    There is a bloody sink in the room and there are also some anatomical charts on
    the walls.)
    Jack: Dead bodies, and plenty of them. Something dreadful has been going on
    down here. In all my time on the job, I've never seen anything like this
    before. It looks like the bodies have been mutilated. If my instincts are
    right, I'd say they've been experimenting on each other. The stench in here is
    even worse. Most of these corpses have been here a while.
    (He sees a dead cultist lying on the floor near the stretchers.)
    Jack: From the markings, he must have been one of their own. I wonder if he
    volunteered? From the look of the corpse, he must have died a few weeks back.
    (Jack walks on, goes through a door and finds himself in a large chamber. To
    one side of the chamber there is a twitching, emancipated man suspended to the
    wall, with his internal organs and brain removed and kept in vats near him and
    connected to his body with wires and tubes. A large futuristic machine in front
    of the man seems to operate this system that keeps him alive.)
    Jack: Good God! What the hell is all this? I've never seen such equipment
    before. Who could've made such a machine? His internal organs have been removed
    and spread across the room. This insane contraption looks like it's keeping him
    alive. He must be in terrible pain. How could anyone have done this to him?
    Surely he couldn't have volunteered for this torture? What the hell am I
    dealing with?
    (He examines the machine in front of the man.)
    Jack: I've never seen equipment like this before. Looks like some sort of
    generator for the machinery in this room.
    (There is a green, glowing crystal held in a socket near the man. Jack tries to
    take it.)
    Jack: Owwww... It's too hot to pick up. It's too hot to touch. I think it's
    being used as a power source for the machine.
    (There is also a device that looks like a control pad in front of the man. Jack
    activates it, and the chamber starts to shake.)
    Jack: Oh, shit...
    (Electrical waves hit the man and kill him. Jack tries to use the pad again.)
    Jack: There's no power.
    (He checks the suspended man that is no longer twitching.)
    Jack: The machine must have overloaded. He's dead. At least he's out of his
    (He picks up the green crystal from the socket.)
    Jack: The crystal's still warm.
    (He leaves the chamber and enters another tunnel that leads down even further.)
    Jack: This tunnel feels like it's gonna collapse at any moment.
    (The tunnel eventually gives way to a strange room with a mechanical gate, a
    control pad and a green crystal in a socket, like the one in the previous
    chamber. Jack opens the gate by activating the control pad and takes the
    crystal from the socket. He enters another huge chamber with a deep, dark pit,
    around which there are metal columns. Large green crystals also hang from the
    ceiling. The chamber looks quite alien in architechture. Jack checks the pit.)
    Jack: Odd. It looks like it's full of mercury.
    (There is an empty socket near the pit, like those that held the green
    Jack: It looks like something's been removed from it.
    (He puts the crystal he has taken from the mechanical gate in the socket and
    activates a pad to the other side of the pit. The mechanical gate closes and
    the chamber begins to shake. Suddenly, a magical portal appears over the pit.
    Jack tries to shield his face from the bright light that comes from the portal
    with his hands. Giant, unnatural creatures with elongated necks and tentacles
    start to come out of the portal. Jack screams and blacks out.)
    1.3. Mysterious Phone Call
    "Just as the body can, given time and rest, heal itself from injury, so, too,
    does the mind have its own defenses. The chief among these is oblivion: the
    merciful darkness that shields mind and memory from the greatest of horrors."
    The Diary of Jack Walters
    6th February 1922
    (Jack is seen sitting at his desk in his office, studying his journal.)
    Jack: It has been more than six years since I entered that strange house in
    Boston. But... to me... it was just five months ago. Amnesia, the doctors
    called it... probably brought on by acute mental stress. I remember
    investigating the far side of the library... there was screaming. According to
    the police report, they had searched the house for hours, only to find me
    later, collapsed on the floor. When my eyes opened and I spoke, my colleagues
    recoiled in fear; there was something unnatural in my voice and blank gaze.
    (He has a flashback of the house, and then of a mental asylum.)
    Jack: They committed me to Arkham Asylum, where I was diagnosed with severe
    (The camera goes back to his office.)
    Jack: As it became clear that I presented no danger to either myself or others,
    I was released from the asylum's care. I have learned little of my activities
    in the six years that followed. The accounts I have been able to piece together
    show much of my time was spent in travel and study.
    (The shows books in German, French and English in the bookcases in the office.)
    Jack: I maintained a fanatical infatuation with the occult, delving deep into
    volumes concerning witch-cults and dark legends, often in languages unfamiliar
    to my own.
    (He has a flashback of a cell in the asylum.)
    Jack: When I reawakened five months ago, exactly six years after entering that
    house in Boston, no trace was left of what had been a second personality. I was
    myself again, or at least what I believe myself to be. Return to normal life
    has been a painful process. In recent days my dreams have been plagued by
    cosmic landscapes, and I've become fearful of my own reflection. I am beginning
    to remember things from that day, more than six years past, that I have told no
    one else.
    (He closes and puts away the journal, revealing a sketch he has made of one of
    the giant creature that came out of the portal in the cult house six years ago.
    The phone rings. Jack answers it.)
    Jack: Jack Walters.
    Man: (on the phone) Hello, Mr. Walters. My name's Arthur Anderson. I need your
    help finding a missing person.
    Jack: I don't take that kind of job.
    Anderson: Did you get my package?
    Jack: Errr... hold on.
    (He takes a package from the floor and puts it on the desk. He opens it,
    finding some money, two newspaper clips and a key. He returns to the phone.)
    Jack: What exactly do you want from me, Mr. Anderson?
    Anderson: It's one of my store managers, you see... Brian's his name, Brian
    Burnham, nice lad. He disappeared recently from the First National Grocery
    Store in Innsmouth.
    Jack: Innsmouth? Never heard of it.
    Anderson: It's a small fishing town on the coast. Not far from Arkham. I'd like
    to see you in person before you leave.
    Jack: Hold on there a minute... I didn't agree to take this j... hmm... ...
    What the hell? I'll be here all day anyway.
    (Jack puts down the receiver. He then takes one of the newspaper clips from the
    package. The header reads STORE MANAGER REPORTED MISSING.)
    1.4. A Visit to the Old Town
    "I do not expect the reader to believe what I am about to relate. Any sane mind
    must reject such a fantastic tale. And yet I do not know which would be worse:
    for my story to be the truth, or for my mind to be capable of imagining such
    7th February 1922
    (Jack is riding in a bus through the town. He is the only passenger.)
    Jack: Driver, how far to the stop?
    Joe Sargent (Driver): Almost there. I'll drop you at the town square of
    Jack: Why lock the gates?
    Sargent: Keeps out wanderers looking for work. We don't want folks like that
    interfering with our affairs.
    Jack: Is the bus from Arkham always this empty?
    Sargent: Aye. And we prefers it that way. Not many come to Innsmouth.
    Jack: But, what about trade? Surely the port needs business.
    Sargent: Innsmouth has the means to look after her own.
    (The bus reaches the square and stops before a large building. The sign on the
    building reads "The Gilman Hotel".)
    Sargent: This is it, stranger. End of the line.
    (Jack steps out of the bus. There are three new entries in his journal, one of
    which he has read in the Mysterious Phone Call chapter.)
    Missing Entries
    1916 - 1921
    I'm completely unable to recall what led to my confinement in the Arkham
    Asylum, or what happened to the six years between my two visits there.
    They tell me I had some kind of personality change that night in Boston - they
    watched me for a while, decided I wasn't dangerous, and let me go. After six
    years, I switched back, just as mysteriously.
    They admitted me again, found nothing wrong, and here I am. Among the personal
    effects they returned to me is a leather-bound journal - perhaps it will tell
    me what I've forgotten.
    Looking through the journal, all I can find is my life as a police detective.
    There is no hint of any illness, or mental strain, or anything else that could
    explain my change of personality - or the equally sudden recovery that still
    baffles my doctors.
    However, a number of pages have been torn from the journal. Who did it, or why,
    I can't tell. Did I destroy them myself, to suppress some horrific memory? Or
    did the asylum staff judge their contents detrimental to my treatment?
    Why was part of my life erased? What is it that I can't remember, and who wants
    it to stay forgotten? Is it a precaution to protect my sanity - or the key to
    something I need?
    A Shadowed Past
    February 6, 1922
    Early Evening
    It has been more than 6 years since I entered that strange house in Boston.
    But to me, it was just 5 months ago. Amnesia, the Doctors called it, probably
    brought on by acute mental stress.
    I remember investigating the far side of the library, there was screaming.
    According to the police report they had searched the house for hours, only to
    find me later, collapsed on the floor.
    When my eyes opened and I spoke, my colleagues recoiled in fear; there was
    something unnatural in my voice and blank gaze.
    They committed me to Arkham Asylum, where I was diagnosed with severe
    As it became clear that I presented no danger to either myself or others, I was
    released from the asylum's care.
    I have learned little of my activities in the 6 years that followed.
    The accounts I have been able to piece together, show much of my time was spent
    in travel and study.
    I maintained a fanatical infatuation with the occult; delving deep into volumes
    concerning witch-cults and dark legends, often in languages unfamiliar to my
    When I reawakened 5 months ago, exactly 6 years after entering that house in
    Boston, no trace was left of what had been a second personality.
    I was myself again, or at least what I believe myself to be.
    Return to normal life has been a painful process.
    In recent days my dreams have been plagued by cosmic landscapes, and I've
    become fearful of my own reflection.
    I am beginning to remember things from that day, more than six years past, that
    I have told no other.
    New Client
    February 6, 1922
    I have a new client: Mr. Arthur Anderson, the regional manager of the First
    National Grocery Store chain.
    It appears that the First National Grocery Store in Innsmouth was recently
    burglarized, and its manager, one Brian Burnham, is missing.
    From what I have been able to gather, Burnham is something of a young rogue. A
    friend of the family, Mr. Anderson gave him the job as a favor.
    Burnham is looking like the prime suspect for the robbery, but there are a few
    things that don't add up - not to Anderson, and not to me.
    For instance, why would Burnham force an entry into the store when he had a
    full set of keys, free access to the cash register, and the combination to the
    back-office safe? To misdirect any investigation? If that was his plan, why did
    he disappear?
    Following my conversation with Mr. Anderson, I found out what I could about the
    ancient town of Innsmouth. For generations, the crumbling sea-port and its
    people have been shunned by neighboring communities.
    Outsiders are unwelcome there, and there are superstitious tales of a strange
    element in the town's oldest families. They are of mixed blood, so the stories
    go. Whatever that's supposed to mean. The usual hick-town prejudice, no doubt.
    After making a brief visit to Innsmouth, my client came away distrustful of the
    local authorities. He isn't buying their line that Burnham robbed the place,
    and wants to know what happened to him.
    Only one bus goes to Innsmouth, and tomorrow afternoon I'll be on it. It feels
    good to have a purpose after five months trying to break through my amnesia.
    I also feel a little apprehensive - maybe it's the wild stories about the town,
    or maybe it's just because I haven't had a case in so long.
    (There is also a newspaper article in his inventory of documents.)
    Arkham Advertiser, 6th February 1922
    Grocery Store Robbed
    Manager Missing
    Thieves have robbed the First National Grocery Store in Innsmouth, breaking
    down the door and forcing open the cash register. The newly-appointed manager,
    Mr. Brian Burnham, has been missing since shortly before the robbery.
    "This is a very disturbing turn of events," said Mr. Arthur Anderson, First
    National's regional manager, from his Arkham office.
    "This branch had only recently opened, and First National Grocery had high
    hopes for its success, given the general lack of modern stores and amenities in
    Innsmouth. The robbery is a definite setback, and more worrying still is the
    fact that the branch manager remains unaccounted for."
    Innsmouth authorities could not be reached for comment.
    (Jack talks to the driver who is standing by the bus. The driver looks strange,
    as if he is suffering from an illness. His skin is pale and blotchy, also being
    creased at the neck. His eyes are strangely misshapen, and he has a stooped
    Jack: Could you direct me to the First National Grocery Store? I hear they have
    a shop in town?
    Sargent: I don't know nothing 'bout that.
    Jack: Oh... You see, I'm looking for a young lad called Brian Burnham. I'm a
    friend of the family... he worked in the store.
    Sargent: Dunno who you're a'talking about, fella.
    Jack: The First National's a large chain... you sure you haven't seen it?
    Sargent: I'm sure. Stop bothering me with questions.
    (As Jack starts to walk away, the driver talks to himself.)
    Sargent: Outsiders coming snoopin' around where they ain't wanted. Fog's thick
    tonight, damp enough to put out a fella's smokes. Something's coming. Ain't
    seen fog like this since...
    (Jack enters the Gilman Hotel and talks to the proprietor, who is doing some
    paperwork at the desk. He also looks strange, like the bus driver.)
    Jack: Evening.
    Proprietor: Aye.
    Jack: The name's Jack Walters. I'm just visiting.
    Proprietor: You don't say, sir. Gilman. Charlie Gilman. I run this here hotel
    of an evening.
    Jack: You got any rooms?
    Gilman: I'd not rightly know that for sure... old Habbit's cleaning rooms at
    present. Them's from outta town can leave an horrid mess.
    (Gilman returns to his paperwork.)
    Jack: Hello, again.
    Gilman: Yeah.
    Jack: I'm after directions to the First National Grocery Store.
    Gilman: And I'm busy... so stop your pestering me with questions.
    (Gilman again pulls his face away from Jack and starts reading his papers.)
    Jack: Hello, Gilman.
    Gilman: What you wanting now?
    Jack: Strange thing about that Burnham lad.
    Gilman: Burnham? Can't rightly says I know what you're talking about.
    Jack: That's odd. It was all over the Arkham press... must've been a bit of a
    local scandal.
    Gilman: Them's matters for the police, stranger. Innsmouth's not a town for
    rumouring and talking.
    Jack: How's business?
    Gilman: Can't you see I'm busy? Stop bothering me with your talking.
    Jack: Sorry.
    Gilman: Aye. I'm plenty sure you are.
    Jack: (to himself) He's not gonna be any help, and only a crazy fool would
    spend the night.
    (Jack tries to enter the back office near the desk.)
    Gilman: Stop your snooping... in there's for hotel staff only.
    (Jack leaves the hotel and returns to the town square. The town looks quite
    dilapidated; there are run-down buildings all around and they look abandoned.
    Also, most of the citizens that are wandering around the square look strange
    like the bus driver and the hotel proprietor. Jack tries to ask questions to
    the weird-looking men.)
    Jack: I'm looking for Brian Burnham.
    Citizen: Can't help you.
    Jack: Do you know the Burnham lad... he worked in the First National?
    Citizen: Can't rightly says as I know him.
    Jack: This town's deserted. Where is everybody?
    Citizen: If you don't like it, just turn around and leave.
    Jack: Where is everybody? It's very quiet.
    Citizen: It's getting late, outsider. Folks as know what's good for 'em are
    safely bolted in their homes by now.
    (Asks another weird citizen.)
    Jack: I'm looking for Brian Burnham.
    Citizen: You're in the wrong place, asking the wrong questions, outsider.
    Jack: Do you know the Burnham lad... he worked in the First National?
    Citizen: Can't say as I noticed what you're saying, stranger.
    Jack: This town's deserted. Where is everybody?
    Citizen: I reckon you might've scared 'em off with that ugly face of yours.
    Heh, heh.
    Jack: Where is everybody? It's very quiet.
    Citizen: Can't say as I noticed what yer sayin', stranger.
    Jack: I'm looking for Brian Burnham.
    Citizen: I never heard of no Burnham.
    Jack: Do you know the Burnham lad... he worked in the First National?
    Citizen: Stop your bothering with questions.
    Jack: (to himself) They won't talk to me. I need to find someone who will.
    (There are also some few normal-looking citizens. He tries to talk to them.)
    Jack: I'm looking for Brian Burnham.
    Citizen: Stop pestering me, stranger.
    Jack: Do you know the Burnham lad... he worked in the First National?
    Citizen: Sorry, stranger. I can't help you.
    Jack: I'm looking for Brian Burnham.
    Citizen: Please, stop bothering me, stranger.
    Jack: Do you know the Burnham lad... he worked in the First National?
    Citizen: Just leave me be, stranger.
    Jack: I'm looking for Brian Burnham.
    Citizen: I can't be seen talking to you.
    Jack: (to himself) The normal-looking folk of this town are terrified of
    something. They just won't talk to me.
    (Jack looks around the square. There is an abondoned office next to the hotel.)
    Jack: These are the offices of the local newspaper. The Innsmouth Courier. It
    appears to be shut down. Looks as if it's been shut down for quite some time.
    (He examines another building to the other side of the hotel.)
    Jack: The sign says, 'Innsmouth Poorhouse. In memory of Lady Warnes.'
    (He tries to open the door.)
    Jack: It's locked.
    (He looks at the store adjacent to the poorhouse.)
    Jack: It's a Variety Store, and it's closed.
    (There is a street next to the Variety Store named Dock Street, and it is
    blocked by a police barricade. Jack talks to the policeman guarding it, who,
    too, looks strange like most of the citizens.)
    Jack: Excuse me, Constable. Jack Walters.
    Policeman: Ropes. Elliot Ropes. What do you want?
    Jack: Could you help out a stranger to this fine port?
    Ropes: Are you being funny?
    Jack: No. Not at all. I'm after directions to the First National. I hear they
    have a store in town.
    Ropes: Innsmouth don't take too kindly to 'em from outta town... git lost,
    Jack: What happened here, Constable?
    Ropes: Nothing.
    Jack: Oh, swell. You can let me pass, then?
    Ropes: No. You'll have to go another way.
    (The conversation ends. Jack talks to the policeman again.)
    Jack: Constable Ropes.
    Ropes: Aye... what you want now?
    Jack: You ever meet Brian Burnham?
    Ropes: I couldn't rightly says as I remember.
    Jack: The burglarizing of the First National is big news in the Arkham press.
    The Burnham lad must be one of your prime suspects. Any luck tracing his
    Ropes: No. That'd be a matter for the Order.
    Jack: The Order? Isn't this a matter for the police?
    Ropes: Yup... that, too.
    Jack: Who is the Order?
    Ropes: Them's that look after affairs here in Innsmouth. And you'd mind your
    business not to be asking too many questions.
    Jack: (to himself) He either doesn't know nothing, or isn't gonna tell me
    nothing. Whichever, it won't help my case. He's nothing more than a thug, and I
    don't feel like pushing my luck.
    (He examines the barricade.)
    Jack: That way's blocked by a police line. I wonder why they cordoned it off?
    (There is a huge building near Dock Street, across the Gilman Hotel. It has a
    clock tower and is well-lit, and it is not in bad condition like the rest of
    the buildings. A large sign near its front door reads "The Esoteric Order of
    Jack: This grandiose structure is the Esoteric Order of Dagon. It's the only
    building in Innsmouth that doesn't look like it's about to collapse. It must
    serve some significant purpose.
    (Across Dock Street, near the Esoteric Order of Dagon is the First National
    Grocery Store. Its front door is barricaded.)
    Jack: It's the First National grocery store. It's a crime scene... the local
    law enforcement has blocked the main entrance.
    (There is another police barricade guarding the small alley that leads to the
    side door of the store. Jack talks to the strange-looking policeman guarding
    Jack: Evening, Constable.
    Policeman: Can't you see I'm busy? No time for talking to strangers.
    Jack: I'm Detective Jack Walters. I've been hired by the regional manager of
    the First National.
    Policeman: Aye... And I'm Constable Nathan Birch, and I'm the law round these
    parts, and I'm still not talking to you. Now... git lost!
    Constable Nathan Birch: Move along, outsider.
    Jack: If you could just answer a couple of questions?
    Birch: I already told you the once, git lost. Afore I have you arrested.
    Jack: What the hell for?
    Birch: Disrupting the peace.
    Jack: I just want to know if you have any leads on the Burnham lad?
    Birch: Nope... but I'm reckoning he's fled to Boston. Plenty of his type that
    Jack: His type?
    Birch: Troublemakers... them's not respecting the law.
    Jack: There's no proof he did anything wrong. If he had the keys... why break
    into his own store?
    Birch: Just details. A missing manager and a robbed store makes him guilty by
    my reckoning.
    Jack: What's with the police cordons?
    Birch: I don't see that as being any concern of yours.
    Jack: Look, Constable. I used to be on the force, a long time ago. I was the
    best there was working a crime scene.
    Birch: Yeah... your point?
    Jack: If you could let me have a look, just for a minute. I might be able to
    help, perhaps even get you a lead on this Burnham crook?
    Birch: Well... no... that would just not be right.
    Jack: What's with the cordons over the other side of the square?
    Birch: Them's police affairs. Ain't nothing to warrant your concern.
    Jack: Nothing too serious, I hope?
    Birch: Probably a mugging. An outsider wandering the alleys after dusk, maybe
    come across something he wasn't expecting?
    Jack: You telling me someone's been murdered?
    Birch: Perhaps... it's not always that simple. Could of been a wild beast just
    as easy.
    Jack: Can I snoop round the crime scene?
    Birch: No.
    Jack: I'll be real quick.
    Birch: I haven't changing my mind.
    Jack: (to himself) That mug ain't talkin' to me for anything.
    Jack: Look Constable. The First National hired me to investigate this incident.
    Got it?
    Birch: Have you got a warrant?
    Jack: Well... no... but it's their property, and if you'd just make a call...
    Birch: No... I already told you. Git lost!
    Jack: (to himself) There's no point in talking to him. I'll need to figure out
    a different approach.
    (Jack tries to go through the barricade.)
    Birch: Stop... you can't come down here.
    Jack: (to himself) The police clearly don't want me snooping around. I need to
    be more careful.
    Birch: This ain't the place to be stood about. Move along.
    (Birch leaves the barricade and goes on a patrol. Jack sneaks behind him as he
    goes through the side door. At the end of the hallway Jack enters a small
    office and closes the door behind him. There are some shelves by the door.)
    Jack: These shelves look light enough to push. Perhaps I can use them to block
    the door, to give me more time.
    (He pushes the shelves in front of the door, blocking it. He then goes through
    another door that leads to the store. Inside, he checks the cash register.)
    Jack: The till's empty. No real surprise.
    (He finds a trapdoor behind the counter.)
    Jack: It looks like I need some sort of lifting handle to get it open. It
    probably leads down to a storage cellar.
    (He enters a back office through a broken door. There is an open safe inside.)
    Jack: There's a bottle of bootleg rum and a wooden handle.
    (He takes the bottle and the handle from the safe. Just as he returns to the
    main store area, Birch breaks down the blocked door. Jack opens the trapdoor
    with the handle and starts to descend a ladder, but it collapses. Jack blacks
    out for a moment, and when he regains conciousness, he sees Birch looking down
    through the trapdoor.
    Birch: Whoever's down there. You can rot.
    (Birch closes the trapdoor.)
    Jack: The ladders and stairs have collapsed. I'll never get back up.
    (Jack is in the storage room of the store.)
    Jack: The storage area is clutter-free and well-organized.
    (He finds a notebook on one of the shelves.)
    Jack: It looks like a diary... it's gotta have some clues.
    Diary of Brian Burnham
    Well, I agree with the locals on one thing - I shouldn't be stuck in this
    miserable excuse for a town. I can see why nobody comes here, that's for sure.
    Another slow day at the store. At first I thought people were staying away
    because First National isn't local, but I haven't seen anyone go into any of
    the other stores either.
    Come to that, I haven't seen the other stores open for business. This place is
    deader than dead.
    Still, it won't be long before I'm out of here - before we're both out of here.
    She's the one good thing about Innsmouth. We'll bust open Old Man Waite's safe,
    take a car - and then it's New York City!
    Bright lights, nightlife, everything. I'll show her all of it.
    (One of the walls in the room looks damaged. He examines it.)
    Jack: I can feel the air through holes in the brickwork here.
    (There is a ladder in front of the damaged wall. He pushes it into the wall and
    the wall collapses.)
    Jack: The wall's collapsed... it must have already been badly damaged on one
    (Jack finds himself in an old cellar. There are several charred skeletons lying
    on the ground.)
    Jack: The cellar's filled with human remains. These people must have died a
    long time ago. There must have been a fire down here.
    (He walks on and finds himself in a dark room. He removes some wooden planks
    from a box, revealing some newspapers underneath. He takes them.)
    Jack: There are some issues of The Innsmouth Courier lying here, and they're
    dated 1846.
    Innsmouth Courier, 19th June 1846
    Innsmouth Patrician Arrested!
    Tales of Heathen Ceremonies!
    by John Lawrence, Editor
    Obed Marsh, the head of Innsmouth's wealthy and influential Marsh family, now
    sits in the City Jail accused of devil worship and other unspeakable practices.
    The whole community is left in a state of shock by the horrifying revelations
    that accompanied the arrest.
    The readers will no doubt be aware of the deep reservations expressed by the
    Courier's editorship and other decent citizens concerning the Esoteric Order of
    Dagon, which was founded by Captain Marsh after his return from the South Seas
    and is said to be based upon a primitive religion he encountered among the
    uneducated natives of certain distant Pacific Islands.
    The Captain's arrest seems to lend strength to those suspicions, and a full
    investigation is expected to unearth more.
    (Jack looks at some old photos hung on the wall.)
    Jack: Old photos of Innsmouth. Most of them have faded beyond recognition.
    (He goes through a door, climbs a set of stairs and comes to an abandoned
    newspaper office. There are piles of old newspapers all around.)
    Jack: Newspapers lay scattered in molding heaps.
    (He checks the damaged printing press in the office.)
    Jack: This old printing press appears to have been sabotaged. I don't suppose
    the fire helped it much either.
    (He examines the notice boards on the walls.)
    Jack: General notices. They're all dated 1846.
    (He opens a door to another room and sees a hanging woman inside.)
    Jack: Holy shit...
    (Examines the corpse.)
    Jack: From the stench in here... this noosed broad must have kicked it a few
    months back. The poor woman must have taken her own life. I wonder what could
    have driven her to such a desperate act.
    (He returns to the newspaper office and goes through another door, reaching a
    small courtyard. There is a black-suited, normal-looking man there. The man
    approaches him.)
    Man: Jack...
    Jack: Do I know you?
    Man: Lucas Mackey. Sorry to startle you. Innsmouth doesn't get a lot of
    visitors. New names spread fast. What you doing in town, Jack? Here about the
    missing Burnham boy?
    Jack: Not bad. I'm a private detective. My client's a friend of the Burnhams.
    Mackey: Seen the latest press from Arkham? Your boy's been quite busy.
    (He gives Jack a newspaper.)
    Arham Advertiser, 7th February 1922
    Innsmouth Robbery: Missing Manager Accused
    In yesterday's edition, we reported on a burglary at the recently-opened First
    National Grocery store in Innsmouth.
    The case took a new turn today as authorities in the town named Brian Burnham,
    the store's manager, as a suspect in the case. Burnham has not been seen since
    the robbery, and is thought to have left the area.
    "It is a very straightforward case," said Chief Constable Andrew Martin in
    response to inquiries by the Advertiser. "This young man simply robbed his
    employer and fled. I imagine he's out of the county now, if not the state."
    The Chief Constable dismissed concerns expressed by First National Grocery's
    regional manager, Mr. Arthur Anderson, that Burnham may have been kidnapped or
    Jack: Hmmm... What about you, Mackey? You're obviously not a local. What's your
    business in town?
    Mackey: Ha ha... True enough, Jack. Nothing too exciting, I'm sorry to say...
    I'm a government factory inspector. They posted me in this rotten hole to check
    over the old Marsh Refinery... speaking of which, I've got an appointment with
    the manager, Jacob Marsh.
    Jack: Okay... maybe I'll catch you later.
    (Mackey leaves.)
    Jack: That's the first friendly face I've seen in this damn town... but I've
    been in this business long enough to know he's hiding something.
    (Jack leaves the courtyard and returns to the alley near the store. The police
    barricade has been removed, and Birch is not there. Jack suddenly has a blurry
    vision, as if he is seeing from the eyes of a monster who is watching the town
    square from a roof. The heavy breathing of the monster can be heard during the
    vision. The vision ends, and Jack hears two citizens talking near the alley.)
    Citizen 1: You better keep your trap shut.
    Citizen 2: I won't tell him anything.
    (Jack walks out of the alley and sees that a strange-looking and a normal-
    looking man were talking. Then he moves a bit ahead and sees Constable Ropes
    talk to another normal-looking citizen at the barricade at Dock Street.)
    Ropes: If I see you talking to the outsider... you'll git thrown in jail.
    Citizen: I've told him nothing.
    (Jack goes and talks to Ropes.)
    Jack: Seems like the Burnham lad had some doll along for company on this little
    Ropes: All sorts of nonsense and hearsay be gossiped 'bout such affairs.
    Jack: But, there was another robbery... at Waite's Variety Store. That much is
    Ropes: That's for certain.
    Jack: How did they break in?
    Ropes: Just down them there steps. Old Tom Waite had locked up for the night.
    Jack: Right... thanks.
    Jack: Do you know where I could find Mr. Waite in the evening?
    Ropes: It's getting late. Folks as know what's good for 'em are generally
    bolted in their homes by now.
    Jack: Where is Waite's house?
    Ropes: Look stranger... git lost and stop your bothering me with questions.
    Jack: (to himself) He isn't gonna tell me anything useful.
    (Jack goes down the steps and tries to the door to the Variety Store.)
    Jack: It's locked. It must lead to the back of the Variety Store.
    (He returns to the front of the Gilman Hotel and talks to the bus driver.)
    Jack: I'm looking for a young lad called Brian Burnham. He worked in the First
    National. I'm a friend of the family.
    Sargent: I ain't heard of no Burnham lad.
    Jack: Right... What's the grand building across the square?
    Sargent: That's the old Masonic Temple. Not that the Masons use it no more.
    Jack: Why? Who uses it now?
    Sargent: Them's that'd take grave offense at strangers asking too many
    Jack: What time are you leaving?
    Sargent: Next ride ain't 'til late, stranger. If you've a mind to leave.
    Jack: (to himself) I should leave him alone... he's in no mood for talking.
    (Jack walks to South Street, a wide street leading away from the square. He
    then enters an alley. Peering into a basement, he sees a corpse being dragged
    away. He goes further and sees at a window that a man is carrying the corpse
    away. He goes a bit further and comes across a normal-looking, young woman.)
    Jack: Evening. Err... the name's Jack Walters. It's a pleasure to meet you,
    Woman: Miss will do for now. Welcome to Innsmouth, Mr. Walters.
    Jack: Thanks... I think.
    Woman: Take my advice. Do what you must and then leave... tonight. This port
    does not cater well to visitors.
    Jack: While I appreciate your concern, Miss, I can handle lousy hospitality.
    Woman: Very well, Mr. Walters.
    Jack: (to himself) This doll seems more open than some folks round these
    parts... but she isn't gonna talk to me right now.
    (The woman walks away. Jack follows her and talks to her again.)
    Jack: Hello, again.
    Woman: Mr. Walters.
    Jack: Look, Miss. I only want a conversation, there's no harm in that, right?
    Woman: There's plenty harm. It's not wise to be seen gossiping with outsiders.
    Jack: How about playing dumb for a few minutes?
    Woman: No.
    Jack: Can you at least tell me if you knew the Burnham lad? He worked in the
    First National.
    Woman: Look here, Mr. Walters... I can't answer your questions, and your
    harassment is putting us both in danger. Please, leave me alone.
    Jack: In danger? From whom?
    Woman: The Order. Now go!
    Jack: (to him) She isn't gonna tell me anything useful right now.
    (He leaves her alone and follows the street, eventually coming to an open gate
    with a large sign that reads "The Marsh Refinery". He goes through the gate and
    finds himself in a storage yard. Lucas Mackey is also there. Jack talks to
    Jack: Hello, Mackey.
    Mackey: Jack... swell to see you again. Any leads on the Burnham case?
    Jack: I don't suppose you knew the Burnham lad at all?
    Mackey: Just pleasantries. Seemed a nice enough fella... if a little rough
    around the edges. Strange business, though. I'd never of fingered him as a
    crook. The First National was a well-run store... a rare thing here in
    Jack: Okay, Mackey... thanks.
    Mackey: Goodbye, Jack. Be careful what you're doing... very careful!
    Innsmouth's a dangerous place. Not everyone who visits here ends up leaving by
    the old bus route.
    Jack: (to himself) This Mackey character knows plenty... but I don't think
    grilling him for scraps of information is gonna crack this case.
    Jack: What do you know about the break-in at the Variety Store?
    Mackey: Only what was in the press. You should speak to Thomas Waite. He owns
    the joint.
    Jack: Where's his place?
    Mackey: I think the Waites' house is over on Dock Street, near the back of the
    Jack: Thanks!
    Mackey: Though I warn you, Innsmouth's driven old Waite a bit crazy... he
    doesn't talk a lot of sense.
    Jack: That's my sort of fella... he sounds just perfect.
    Jack: What's this Jacob Marsh like?
    Mackey: Ahhhh... he didn't show up for our appointment, but then again, the
    Marshes never do.
    Jack: Seems like we're both having some lousy luck.
    Mackey: I've only met Jacob the once... he's not the prettiest picture, and a
    real slimy character.
    (The conversation ends. Then, Jack talks to him again.)
    Jack: Mackey.
    Mackey: Hello, Jack.
    Jack: What's the government's interest in the Marsh Refinery, anyway?
    Mackey: It's just domestic affairs. You ask a lot of questions, Jack.
    Jack: I'm a detective... what the hell do you expect?
    Mackey: What you're after comes under official secrets... if you know what I
    mean... But... I can tell you that our government has become increasingly
    suspicious of Innsmouth, and the Marsh family.
    Jack: I've heard of the Marshes. Rumours of that family are rife, even on the
    streets of Arkham. None of what's said is pleasant.
    Mackey: That I can believe... the Marshes have been ruling this port for nearly
    a century, ever since that plague swept these streets in the forties.
    Jack: A plague? Is that why the place is so deserted?
    Mackey: Masses died, so that would figure. There's gossip that old Captain Obed
    Marsh brought the disease onto this port from foreign trade... deliberately.
    Jack: Oh, my God... Is that why so many of the townsfolk are suffering from
    that hideous affliction?
    Mackey: Perhaps. Those from out of town call it the 'Innsmouth Look'.
    Jack: Where did you say Waite's house was again?
    Mackey: I think it's over on Dock Street, near the back of the poorhouse.
    (Jack returns to South Street and goes into a side street named Broad Street.
    He looks into a basement and sees a hanging woman.)
    Jack: Oh, God... Some poor soul's hung herself. Why the hell hasn't she been
    taken down? It's no wonder the town's deserted!
    (He enters a narrow street named Washington Street and sees a church poster in
    an alley.)
    Jack: It's just an advertisement for the local Methodist Church. From what I've
    seen of Innsmouth, I bet they don't get many takers.
    (He follows the street and comes to a dead end. There is a normal-looking old
    drunkard there, singing near a closed bar.)
    Drunkard: Who's that there? Can you spare a few pennies, young mister? I can
    give you something for your generosity.
    Jack: Who are you?
    Drunkard: Zadok, that be my name, though too few use it now. Zadok Allen.
    Jack: Do you know Brian Burnham?
    Zadok: Just a youngun, worked over the store. He's gone. Killed, I reckon.
    Jack: Killed? What makes you think that?
    Zadok: Them's from outta town running a store. Taking business from the Order
    of Dagon. They'd not accept that.
    Jack: What else can you tell me about this port?
    Zadok: You just bring old Zadok a bottle of something nice, and old Zadok will
    fill your ears.
    Jack: If you pardon my asking, have you lived here in this port all your life?
    Zadok: Yup. Last thirty-seven years in old Lady Warnes' house. Afore that over
    by fishing cannery.
    Jack: Old Lady Warnes'? You live in the town poorhouse?
    Zadok: Go and fetch me a bottle of something to wet old Zadok's whistle, and
    I'll tell you all.
    Jack: What do you know about the Variety Store robbery, old timer?
    Zadok: That be Tom's old store... stacked with all sorts of knick-knacks and
    Jack: So you know Tom Waite?
    Zadok: I know he took the third Oath that I wouldn't... aye... I'd have rather
    died than take that.
    Jack: What Oaths? I don't understand?
    Zadok: Just fetch me a bottle a fine likker, young feller, and I'll tell you
    Jack: Where can I find this Thomas Waite?
    Zadok: Dock Street... Back of old Lady Warnes' house, and my home. Now,
    mister... You just bring old Zadok a bottle of something nice, and old Zadok
    will fill your ears.
    (Jack gives Zadok the bottle of rum he found in the grocery store. Zadok takes
    a sip from it.)
    Zadok: Why, you're uncommonly kind, young feller. Here be a little something in
    gratitude that may help you in your search.
    (He gives Jack a key.)
    Zadok: Now you'll be calling me crazy, like's them's that're rumouring in
    Arkham and Ipswich. But old Zadok's seen all manner of wicked things since
    afore you was born. Old Cap'n Obed where it all begun. Telling desperate folks
    they'd oughta git better gods... them's that'd answer their prayers...
    Jack: Didn't the Christian folk of Innsmouth object to such blasphemy?
    Zadok: Aye, they did. It were round forty-six that many folks in town were done
    with Obed and his ways. All that wild preaching, and too many missing, you see.
    A party of good folk followed Cap'n Obed's crowd out to reef. Shots were fired.
    Next day, Obed and some thirty of his followers were in jail. And for weeks all
    were quiet... till that awful night of forty-six. Them's from outside reckon on
    it being a riot. But I see'd 'em... swarms of 'em.
    Jack: Look, old man... I don't have time to listen to these fishing tales.
    Zadok: 'Twas a massacre... the jail thrown open... mounds of the dead and the
    dying. Shooting, screaming, and shouting all across the town square. Come
    morning, the mess was cleaned up. Old Obed and his family takes charge, they
    did. Folks were told to keep shy of strangers if we were knowing what was good
    for us.
    Jack: Zadok. Who did all this? Who did all the killing?
    Zadok: 'Cept the old Cap'n was now deeper in debt to his heathen gods. They
    were hankering for more than just sacrificing... Obed told folks they had to
    take the Oaths of Dagon.
    Jack: What the hell are these Oaths?
    Zadok: You just ask old Waite 'bout Oaths of Dagon. Aye. He took third Oath.
    Just head over to his hole in Dock Street, then you'll see... for definite.
    Jack: (to himself) He's given me a key to the town poorhouse... it could come
    in handy.
    Jack: Where did Captain Obed Marsh learn of these heathen matters?
    Zadok: It were in foreign parts the old fool learnt of ways of making gains
    doing heathen things. He found a tribe of Kanakies in the South Seas led by a
    savage chief went by name of Walakea. And his tribe never went without food,
    for they had all the fish they could catch. Old Obed learnt from this Walakea
    that they's things of this Earth as most folks never heared about. Seems these
    Kanakies was worshipping undersea gods, with heaps of human sacrificing and
    other heathen things. But they's were gitting all kind of favors in return.
    Plenty of fishing, and even gold now and then.
    Jack: Human sacrifices? Maybe you've had just a bit too much.
    Zadok: I don't blame you for not believing it, young feller. But, just answer
    me this... Why'd Cap'n Obed row out to the old Reef of Satan and chant a lot of
    rites and incantations in the dead of night, so loud you could hear him all
    over port? He cast something in water that eve out t'other side of Devil's
    Reef, some kind of thingumajig crafted out of lead... 'twas given to him by
    Jack: So what happened?
    Zadok: Well... not long after that, smoke started coming out the chimbly's at
    the old gold refinery. The Marsh family and those that would join with Obed and
    his ways started prospering, and the Esoteric Order of Dagon came into being
    with its heathen ceremonies... that shit they do.
    Jack: What kind of ceremonies?
    Zadok: Git outa of here, lad! Don't wait for nothing... they'll know now.
    (Zadok dozes off.)
    Jack: I think he's had his fill for the night. Zadok... Zadok...
    Zadok: Curse you, lad, staring at me with them eyes. The old Captain in hell,
    and he's staying there! He can't git me. I ain't done nothing nor told nobody
    Jack: Are you okay, old timer?
    Zadok: Get off! Leave me be.
    Jack: (to himself) It's no use. He's totally smoked, and it'll take him all
    night to sleep that off. I don't suppose he'll be awake any time soon. He reeks
    of rotting fish and liquor.
    (Jack checks the closed bar behind Zadok.)
    Jack: A seedy looking bar called The Garden. Unfortunately, it's shut. From
    that fine smell of liquor, I'd say it's gotta be a speakeasy. No doubt it's
    well stocked with bootleg rum. My kinda joint.
    (Jack goes back through the street. On the way, he runs into the young woman he
    has talked to earlier.)
    Woman: Mr. Walters... I must speak with you.
    Jack: It's Jack... and just hold on there a minute, sweetheart. Are you gonna
    even tell me your name?
    Woman: My name's Rebecca Lawrence, and unless you want to join Innsmouth's long
    list of missing, I'd urge you to follow me.
    Jack: Missing, huh? Like Burnham?
    Rebecca: Of that, I'm not sure... you'd be better off asking the Billinghams'
    daughter, Ruth. She was dating Brian.
    Jack: What? Who's Ruth?
    Rebecca: Quickly... we don't have much time... you've got to follow me.
    (They go into the alley with the church poster.)
    Rebecca: Jack... Innsmouth is a strange place. There are things that have no
    business being here. Foul, reeking things.
    Jack: Strange? Trust me, I'm good with strange.
    Rebecca: That remains to be seen. But I can help you.
    (She pulls down the church poster, revealing a secret symbol. It is the eye
    symbol Jack saw in the cult house six years ago, but it is also surrounded by a
    Rebecca: My father discovered this strange sign while studying an old
    manuscript. It seems to ward off the more unusual elements in Innsmouth.
    Whenever you find one, you can use it to find a moment of sanctuary. Now I must
    leave, before we're seen together.
    (Rebecca leaves.)
    Jack: I've seen that eye-like symbol somewhere before... but never surrounded
    by a star.
    (Jack suddenly has a "monster vision" similar to the one he had outside the
    grocery store. This time he is viewing Broad Street from a balcony. The vision
    then ends. Jack goes back to the main street and finds Rebecca there. He talks
    to her.)
    Rebecca: Jack. We can't be seen talking together. What is it?
    Jack: Why do you stay in Innsmouth, Rebecca?
    Rebecca: My grandfather, John Lawrence, was editor of the Innsmouth Courier. He
    was murdered in the slaughter of forty-six. He had always despised the Marshes
    and their blasphemous doings, and it was he who led the party out to the Reef
    that night. They arrested Captain Marsh and his Order and tossed them in the
    old jailhouse. A few weeks later he was dead. My father saw him die, him and
    many others... burned alive in the Courier's basement.
    Jack: All the more grounds to leave.
    Rebecca: To leave would be to fail my own legacy. I have a duty to protect the
    good in Innsmouth... at least what little good remains.
    Jack: Rebecca. Maybe you know. What happened at the Variety Store?
    Rebecca: Ah... Tom Waite's place. The gossip on the streets is that the store
    safe holds a great treasure. Since the Order got wind of the rumours, they've
    been desperate to get their filthy hands on it. But... it seems they can't get
    Jack: Odd... Do you suppose Burnham knew about it? Maybe he pocketed it before
    breezing out of town?
    Rebecca: I don't know, Jack. He'd only been in town a few months, and we can't
    be certain he even managed to leave. Ruth Billingham must be involved in all of
    this... somehow. She was desperate for a way out of Innsmouth.
    Jack: What do you know about her?
    Rebecca: Only that she and Brian were close... much to the Order's disapproval.
    You should speak to Tom Waite. Find out for certain if the treasure's gone.
    Jack: Where can I find him?
    Rebecca: He lives on 803 Dock Street... just by the back of the old town
    (The conversation ends. Jack talks to her again.)
    Jack: Where did you say I could find Waite again?
    Rebecca: He lives on 803 Dock Street, by the back of the poorhouse.
    (He leaves and returns to the town square. There, he opens the door to the
    poorhouse with the key given to him by Zadok.)
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (He is at a small yard surrounding the actual poorhouse. At a corner he sees
    one of the odd-looking citizens talk to a normal woman.)
    Man: If I see you with the outsider, I'll report you to the Order.
    Woman: I'll not say nothing.
    (Jack walks on.)
    Jack: I have a strange feeling I'm being watched.
    (He looks up and sees a hooded figure looking down at him from a catwalk
    between two buildings. Moving on, he comes across a crouched, hooded man by the
    entrance to the poorhouse. His face cannot be seen and his hands are bandaged.
    Jack tries to talk to him.)
    Jack: Do you need any help?
    (The man does not respond.)
    Jack: (to himself) Disease is rampant in this town.
    (Jack enters the poorhouse building. Then he has another monster vision,
    watching the poorhouse yard from a roof. The vision ends and Jack sees an old
    man who is looking out the window, talking to himself.)
    Man: (to himself) Since old Lady Warnes passed away, the food is rotting. But
    we'll die soon enough.
    (Jack talks to him.)
    Jack: What are you looking at there, old timer?
    Man: Nothing. I'm just looking. What you doing in old Lady Warnes' house, young
    feller? This hole is for the broke and the dying.
    Jack: I'm trying to find Dock Street.
    Man: It's out back of house. Everything in Innsmouth's rotten and dying.
    Windows boarded up, and all sorts of curious barking and crawling around black
    cellars and attics. How'd you like to be living in a town like this, feller?
    Jack: I've been to more welcoming places.
    Jack: (to himself) I don't think he's been outdoors for years. He isn't gonna
    know anything.
    Jack: That Zadok Allen tells some wild tales?
    Man: Aye... Zadok's a troublemaker, I tell you. If he weren't such a drunken
    old fool, the Order'd have sorted him out afore now.
    Jack: Innsmouth must have an intriguing past?
    Man: Innsmouth's an historic town, stranger. Plenty of history here.
    Jack: Do you know anything about the robberies of the two stores in town?
    Man: Nope. Can't help you there, fella. I can only tell you what I seen from
    this here window, and that ain't much of nothing.
    (Jack walks on and enters a small dormitory.)
    Jack: This almshouse is home to the old and the destitute. These beds reek of
    sweat and urine.
    (He sees a sick, sleeping woman on one of the beds.)
    Jack: Her sleep is restless and erratic. I'm not gonna wake her.
    (He gets out of the dormitory and comes across a dead, insect-infested woman in
    a hallway.)
    Jack: The old woman's dead. She must have kicked it a week back... or more.
    There's no sign of a struggle, or any external injuries.
    (He leaves the poorhouse by a door at the end of the hallway and comes out at a
    street, right before a house. He reads the sign on the fence of the house that
    has the number 803.)
    Jack: Number 803, Dock Street.
    (He knocks on the door. A young girl answers after a short while. She also
    appears to have some of the strange features that most of the citizens have.)
    Jack: Hello, there, little lady.
    Girl: Hi... sir...
    Jack: Are your parents at home?
    Girl: Daddy's at work, and Mummy's upstairs... in the attic. She's been bad.
    Jack: I see. So... what's your name, little lady?
    Girl: Ramona...
    Jack: Well, Ramona... could you get your Mummy for me?
    Ramona: Nope... Mummy bites. Daddy says we've got to keep her up there for her
    own good.
    Jack: Excuse me?
    Ramona: When I go near the door, she growls. I don't love Mummy like I love my
    Jack: You don't say... Ramona, I really need to speak to your Daddy. Do you
    know when he'll be home?
    Ramona: Soon, I think. You can wait inside if you like. Daddy won't mind. I'm
    drawing pictures with my crayons.
    Jack: That would be great, thanks.
    (Ramona lets him in and walks away.)
    Jack: I should check the place over while I've got the chance.
    (He goes and talks to Ramona, who is drawing pictures in a coloring book on the
    Jack: What are you drawing, Ramona?
    Ramona: Pictures of Mummy and Daddy.
    (He goes upstairs. There, he finds a framed family photo that only shows Thomas
    Waite and his daughter. The part of the photo where the mother is supposed to
    be has been torn off.)
    Jack: It's a recent family photo. The corner's been torn off. I can only see
    Thomas and Ramona Waite in the picture.
    (Jack suddenly has a monster vision of a growling creature pacing around an
    attic. When the vision ends, he goes up the stairs and sees that the door
    leading to the attic is fortified with planks and strong locks. It also has a
    small eyeslit. Jack opens the eyeslit and looks around the attic, but he cannot
    see anything. Suddenly, a monster begins to pound on the door. Jack steps back
    in fear but the monster manages to break down the door. He can barely see it
    before it tramples him. The massive monster seems to have a bluish skin and
    some features of sea animals. It leaves the wounded Jack alone and heads
    downstairs. Ramona's screams are heard as he blacks out. As he is unconscious,
    Jack has a flashback of his cell in the mental asylum. He then awakens and
    treats his light injuries with the medical supplies he carries. Sobs can be
    heard from downstairs. Jack enters the attic and checks the wall.)
    Jack: There's blood and scrape marks on the walls.
    (He finds a notebook on a crate.)
    Jack: Looks like a diary.
    Diary of Thomas Waite
    The last entry in the diary is from today. It reads:
    Another sleepless night. I lay awake, listening to the movements of that...
    thing... that I married pacing about her locked room. Damn the Esoteric Order
    of Dagon! Damn the oaths!
    And damn the town fathers for not hanging Obed Marsh when they had the chance!
    No, burning him - him and his whole filthy clan!
    I wish I could just leave, abandon my sham of a marriage, leave the store to
    rot, and start a new life far, far away. But I'm trapped here.
    Every time I look at Ramona I know it. Watching her sleep, in her beauty and
    innocence, my heart feels like breaking. She has no idea of what she will
    Yesterday was her tenth birthday, the change cannot be far off. Her birth gave
    me such joy - so much that I still use the month, day and year as the four
    number combination for my safe: in that order, starting clockwise.
    It is as though I am trying to preserve that date forever, and deny the
    inevitable horror.
    I sometimes think of killing her - an act of mercy before she starts to
    manifest the horror. God forgive me. But she is my daughter, and I could never
    harm her. She is blameless in all this.
    When the time comes, Innsmouth will be the only place for her, and until then,
    I must stay here to watch over her.
    It is my penance, my atonement for creating her life with... her chosen mother.
    After she joins... them - if the grief does not kill me - my life will be my
    own once more. Not that I know how I will have the strength to go on without
    (Jack examines a mattress on the floor.)
    Jack: An old mattress. Whatever was locked up inside this attic... it must have
    slept here.
    (He leaves the attic and goes downstairs, finding Thomas Waite holding the
    mutilated, bloody corpse of Ramona in his arms.)
    Jack: Oh, God, no...
    Thomas Waite: They've taken the last thing I loved away from me.
    Jack: I'm sorry... I didn't realize what was up there. What the hell was that
    Waite: There's no time to explain. They'll be here soon. Listen to me closely.
    You've been the talk of the town all day, asking after the Burnham lad. I heard
    he never made it to Boston... that he was copped by the Order of Dagon.
    Jack: Did he pocket anything from the store's safe?
    Waite: Thankfully, no! It's sturdy... he'd never have wrenched it open with a
    crowbar. There's something in there that needs protecting from the Order.
    You've got to get it out of Innsmouth. Take the key to the back of my store.
    The safe combination's in my diary, upstairs. Hurry, Jack.
    (Waite gives him a key.)
    Jack: What the hell's in the safe anyway?
    (Suddenly, two policemen, Ropes and Birch, break into the house.)
    Ropes: You've gone too far this time, Waite. We're taking you in for murder.
    You'll swing for this.
    (Ropes starts to drag him away.)
    Jack: Wait... he didn't do anything wrong.
    Birch: He killed his own daughter, his own flesh and blood. There's plenty
    wrong with that. I'm reckoning you'd do well to mind your own business,
    stranger. In Innsmouth, we handle things by the old ways.
    (Birch shoulders Ramona's corpse and the policemen leave with Waite. Before
    leaving himself, Jack picks up Ramona's coloring book.)
    Jack: It's Ramona's coloring book.
    Ramona Waite's Coloring Book
    The drawings that fill Ramona's book are like things from a nightmare. It is
    hard to believe that a young child could imagine such horrors.
    There are pictures of strange, unnatural creatures - crudely drawn, but still
    able to provoke visceral feelings of revulsion. One of them is captioned with
    the word "Mother" - what can it mean?
    These profoundly disturbing images raise grave concerns about the girl's state
    of mind.
    (Jack leaves the house. He runs into Rebecca outside.)
    Rebecca: Jack! Jack, thank God I've found you! Waite has been arrested for the
    murder of his own daughter!
    Jack: I know... it's my fault, Rebecca.
    Rebecca: What are you talking about, Jack? What's your fault?
    Jack: There was... something in the attic... some kind of animal, and I let it
    loose. It's all my fault. The police dragged Waite off. He can't take the fall
    for this; he's done nothing wrong. We've got to do something!
    Rebecca: Guilty or not, the Order will see him lynched for it. There's nothing
    you can do!
    (Rebecca walks to Waite's house and stands by the fence. Jack talks to her
    Jack: Before they could drag him off, Tom Waite gave me the key to the Variety
    Rebecca: If you are going to snoop around in there, be careful! It's just off
    the main square. There's a back way down a flight of stairs.
    Jack: He told me to protect whatever's in the safe... to get it out of town.
    (The conversation ends. Jack talks to her again.)
    Jack: Rebecca. I saw the oddest tramp... just by the poorhouse. He wore old
    shawls over his head... but, Jesus... the skin on his arms and hands were... I
    don't know... tainted in some way.
    Rebecca: The poor wretch. It's the Innsmouth curse... and probably the latter
    stages of it.
    Jack: This curse... plague... or whatever you call it. Is it some form of
    Rebecca: I fear not. Those of the leprous condition at least have the salvation
    of death upon them.
    (Jack returns to the town square. The police barricade in Dock Street is now
    lifted. He talks to some of the normal-looking citizens.)
    Jack: Did you hear about Thomas Waite?
    Citizen: You best not asking about that, stranger.
    Citizen: Waite's killed his daughter. Don't go telling folks otherwise.
    Jack: (to himself) Talking to that fella isn't gonna crack this case.
    (He then talks to some of the odd-looking citizens.)
    Jack: Did you hear about Thomas Waite?
    Citizen: I heared when they caught him, he was caked in her blood.
    Citizen: Nothing I want to talk to you about, stranger.
    Citizen: Murdering his own blood... crazy old fool.
    Citizen: Aye... Waite'll swing for that.
    Jack: (to himself) These odd-looking folks are pretty hostile. They don't want
    to talk to anybody.
    (Jack goes to the bus in front of the hotel talks to Sargent, the bus driver.)
    Jack: Will you be leaving soon?
    Sargent: This bus ain't going nowhere tonight, fella. Engine's blown, you see.
    Have to wait 'til morning.
    Jack: Damn! Is there another bus out of Innsmouth?
    Sargent: Nope. But, there's the hotel behind me. Gilman'll have board for the
    night. I already told you... it'll be at least tomorrow morn 'fore we can git
    off. There's the hotel behind me, or the gutter. Take your pick... just leave
    me alone. Stop bothering me, stranger.
    Jack: (to himself) There's still some loose ends that need tying up before
    checking in for the night.
    (He tries to go to South Street, but the way is blocked by a police line
    guarded by Birch.)
    Jack: Constable... what's with the blockade?
    Birch: You'd better be minding your own affairs.
    Jack: What have you done with Tom Waite?
    Birch: Them's police affairs. Ain't nothing to warrant your concern.
    Jack: (to himself) Chit-chatting to him's gonna get me no place fast. There's
    no point in talking to him... he's not going to help.
    (He returns to the town square and enters the Variety Store from the side door
    by the key given to him by Waite.)
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (Inside, he sees a young woman trying to open the safe.)
    Jack: You don't look like your standard crook, sweetheart.
    (The woman is startled and turns to face him.)
    Woman: Jesus... You crazy sap, who the hell are you?
    Jack: Jack Walters... Private Detective... and considering your recent breaking
    and entering, how about I ask the questions?
    Woman: Have you any idea who I am?
    Jack: No... and I really don't care.
    Woman: My family has influential contacts in the Order, so I wound advise you
    to mind your manners, sir.
    Jack: I'm from out of town. The Order doesn't hold much sway with me.
    Woman: Really... out of town, you say? How interesting. I'm Ruth... Ruth
    Jack: Huh... you're Brian's broad? That figures...
    Ruth: Brian? I don't believe I know a... Brian.
    Jack: Yeah, right... I've been fed that line a thousand times, and from much
    better liars than you. Look, Ruth... the rumour round town is that your lover
    boy's in the hands of the Order.
    Ruth: What? No... that's not true... they'll have him killed. It was all my
    idea... I just wanted a clean break from here.
    Jack: What do you want me to do?
    Ruth: I don't know... you're the detective, you think of something. I'll be
    waiting out at the old fishing cannery the next two nights... just past the
    abandoned railway station to Rowley. When you find him, give him this... he'll
    know it's from me.
    (Ruth gives him a photo. The description of it in the inventory reads: "A photo
    of Brian Burnham with Ruth Billingham. There's a message on the back. It reads
    'I love you, BB'." Ruth leaves and Jack opens the safe by using Ramona's
    birthday as the combination.)
    Jack: Yes, that's it!
    (There is an old book in the safe. He takes it.)
    Jack: The safe holds a heavily bound manuscript... the front is embossed with
    the words 'Book of Dagon'.
    Book of Dagon
    This book is hand-written, and heavily bound. Its cover is embossed with the
    title "The Book of Dagon." It seems to be a religious work, translated from a
    series of ancient tablets.
    It tells of an entity called Dagon - apparently some kind of sea-god - and his
    consort Hydra.
    They are the greatest of an underwater race called the Deep Ones, who worship
    them with sacrifices and other rites. The descriptions of the sacrifices are
    particularly shocking, and there are details of magical spells and other
    strange rituals.
    If this incredible manuscript is to be believed, their history stretches back
    beyond the remotest human origins, into unthinkably remote antiquity.
    A few individuals are so incredibly old that they have seen continents rise and
    fall, for they do not die of old age as humans do. Father Dagon and Mother
    Hydra are such individuals, and are greatly revered for their age and size.
    Their greatest awe, however, is reserved for a dark god named, Great Cthulhu,
    who is said to sleep and dream in the underwater city of R'lyeh.
    The book seems incomplete. The last chapters tail off, as though the
    translation has not been finished.
    (Jack leaves the store by the side door.)
    Jack: It's getting late. I'd better find someplace to check in for the night.
    (He goes over to Waite's house and talks to Rebecca there.)
    Rebecca: Jack... you're in perilous danger. You've got to get out of town. The
    Order is onto you. It's not safe for you in Innsmouth anymore.
    Jack: The bus is not going till morning. Seems like there's a problem with the
    Rebecca: That's not good, Jack.
    Jack: Isn't there another way out of this crazy shit hole?
    Rebecca: There's no friendly folk in Innsmouth with transport. And you can't
    walk it. The marshlands bounding this port are a full night's journey, and more
    perilous than the streets and alleys of the town.
    Jack: Oh, swell. Well... any ideas?
    Rebecca: The Gilman Hotel's your only option. But bolt your doors, Jack...
    those taking board don't always see out the night.
    (Jack leaves her and goes to the hotel. Inside, he has a monster vision of a
    creature jumping down onto the street from a roof. He walks to the lobby and
    overhears a conversation between Gilman and Sargent at the desk. He listens in
    on them secretly from the corner.)
    Gilman: Evening, Joe.
    Sargent: Did you hear Waite's killed his own daughter, his own flesh and blood?
    Damn shame.
    Gilman: Maybe... maybe not.
    Sargent: What you mean maybe, Charlie? I see'd Elliot dragging him off... caked
    in blood, he were.
    Gilman: Aye. But Birch reckoned she were ripped open, Joe. I don't reckon Tom'd
    have the strength for that sort of killing.
    Sargent: I ain't got much time for talking, Charlie. I got instructions from
    Order to make certain the outsider don't leave tonight.
    Gilman: The strange fella you brought into Innsmouth couple of hours back?
    Sargent: Yeah.
    Gilman: Heh heh. I'm reckoning on him asking for lodgings here.
    (Sargent leaves. Jack goes to the desk and talks to Gilman.)
    Jack: It seems the bus has been delayed till morning.
    Gilman: Has it, sir? That's an awful shame.
    Jack: Do you have board for the night?
    Gilman: We have plenty on the top floor of the house. Nice views over town, I'm
    (While the conversation is going, Jack has a monster vision of someone plunging
    a hatchet down onto a heart in an office.)
    Jack: Err... great... that sounds just swell.
    (He has another vision of the same person closing the door to the office. This
    person seems to be Gilman, coming out of the back office near the desk.)
    Gilman: Hey, you... you all right there, sir? You're starting to look kinda
    funny there for a while, face as white as bone and eyes as black as coal...
    like you'd seen a ghost or something.
    (Jack has another vision of the man coming behind the counter. It is clearly
    Jack: I'm fine, thanks. It's just the sea air round these parts... makes me
    Gilman: The Innsmouth breeze is not for you outsiders.
    (Constable Birch comes into the lobby. He stops for a moment when he sees Jack
    Birch: Charlie... can you come with me? I need to be telling you something...
    Gilman: Excuse me, sir. The Innsmouth law don't like to be kept hanging about.
    I'll be right back with you shortly.
    (Gilman leaves with Birch. Jack has another monster vision of a monster jumping
    down from a roof onto a street. After the vision, Jack sneaks behind Gilman and
    Birch and listens in on their conversation at the entrance.)
    Gilman: What's it you're wanting, Nathan?
    Birch: Whereabouts you lodging the outsider?
    Gilman: Top of the house... plenty of rooms up there. Heh heh... probably four-
    Birch: Instructions from the Order are to make certain he don't leave the
    hotel. That's a direct command of Robert Marsh himself... they're reckoning
    that the outsider's seen too much of Innsmouth ways.
    Gilman: You can tell Robert he can always rely on Charlie to see things done
    Birch: Aye... you'd better be certain of that.
    Gilman: What you done with old Waite?
    Birch: That's a matter for the Order to settle. He's in jail for the present.
    They're out looking for her now.
    Gilman: Something was always wrong with that Tom Waite. Not right betwixt ears,
    if you get my meaning.
    Birch: Well, if he don't swing for it. They'll probably take him out to the
    Reef... make proper use of him there.
    Gilman: If you ain't needing anything more, I'll be getting back to my... work.
    Birch: I think we're done for now, Charlie.
    (Jack goes to them.)
    Gilman: I'll be with you in just a moment, sir. If you'd mind waiting in the
    Birch: There's a curfew tonight. Command of the Order of Dagon.
    (Jack goes back to the lobby and takes a key from behind the counter.)
    Jack: It's the key to the back office.
    (He opens the door to the back office with the key.)
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (He enters the office. The room is quite messy. There are pieces of broken
    glass lying around, the cabinets are overturned, and the rug on the floor is
    smeared with blood. Jack examines it.)
    Jack: The rug is caked in dried-up blood and guts. The stench is sickening.
    (He goes into the adjoining room of the office. Inside, there are severed body
    parts, heads, internal organs and bones, kept in glass jars or in the open
    drawers of the cabinets.)
    Jack: This office is a mess. There are severed body parts strewn all over the
    office. What in God's name has been happening in this place?
    (He checks the desk, on which there is a hatchet plunged into a heart. It is
    what Jack has seen in his vision.)
    Jack: That hatchet is encrusted with blood. I'm not touching it. I've seen this
    before... just now, when I was talking to Gilman.
    (There is a notebook on the desk, near the heart and the hatchet. Jack takes
    Jack: I wonder what secrets this book holds.
    Post Mortem Records
    She were a lively one and no mistake. I kept her going as long as I could, for
    the music she were making. Such a pair of lungs. And after she were done, I
    found those lungs on her look as good as they sounded.
    Maybe I'll keep them. Her liver was particular sweet as well.
    I never much wanted to go to New York, but if they all talk as much as this one
    I reckon I aint missing much. Soon as he woke and saw the knives, he was away
    talking and pleading and bargaining for his life.
    All them words made me dizzy, and I had to take his tongue first to stop him.
    In future I better wait a while after they eaten dinner, for his innards stank
    The bones was nearly all out before he died. I was real careful around the
    arteries, so as he didn't lose any more blood than could be helped, and he
    lasted a lot longer for it.
    The flesh moved on its own as he tried to work his arm, but with the bones gone
    there weren't nothing it could do, just twitch. I took it out the strap so it
    could move free and I watched. The new gag worked much better and he was more
    quiet than the last.
    (Jack returns to the lobby from the back office and closes the door. Gilman
    comes back.)
    Gilman: If you'd just follow me, sir. I'll show you to your lodgings.
    (They go upstairs. Gilman talks on the way.)
    Gilman: I heared there was a killing over at old Waite's house tonight. They
    reckon the old fool killed his own daughter. Caked head to toe in her blood,
    they says... had to be dragged away screaming and crying. I reckon there'll be
    a lynching for what he done.
    (When they get upstairs, Gilman opens the door to a hallway with his keys. Then
    they enter the room where Jack is going to stay.)
    Gilman: You're still looking pallid, sir. You're needing to have yourself some
    rest. Sleep well, and keep down the racket. Us in Innsmouth are quiet folk.
    (Jack has a monster vision of Gilman shooting a woman with a shotgun and then
    slashing at her with hatchet in this room. Gilman has already left the room
    when he comes back to reality.)
    Jack: I just don't feel safe going to sleep yet.
    (He bolts the door to the hallway and another door that leads to the adjacent
    Jack: Better... not exactly safe, but the best I'm gonna get in this infernal
    (He then goes to bed.)
    The Gilman Hotel
    February 7, 1922
    Early Evening
    Innsmouth turned out to be more dilapidated, depressed and unwelcoming than
    initially expected.
    The stench of rotten fish fills the air, while poverty and disease lie
    festering in every cobbled back-street.
    Only a few of the inhabitants have been at all co-operative; the others are
    evasive, and sometimes downright hostile.
    My detective's instinct tells me they're trying to hide something. Of course, I
    could simply be prejudiced by their look and manners - they're almost ugly
    enough to get me believing those local tales of the "Innsmouth Taint."
    Even so, I've been able to make some progress. Finding Ruth Billingham was a
    lucky break. She's convinced lover boy is still in one piece, and being held in
    the town Jailhouse.
    Rebecca Lawrence is clearly afraid of something. She doesn't come across as the
    type that scares easily - but then, I guess she's not afraid enough to leave.
    She seems more worried about me.
    Then there's Zadok Allen, the old rummy. He was willing to talk, all right. I
    wish I knew whether he turned to drink because of what he saw, or whether he
    saw things because he was drinking.
    The Order of Dagon some heathen religion, brought back from the South Seas by
    Obed Marsh? Rituals on Devil's Reef? Those who wouldn't join massacred by some
    kind of monsters in 1846? It's all so far-fetched.
    But what else could explain the thing that charged out from Thomas Waite's
    attic? If I hadn't spoken with Thomas himself, I'd be sure I was seeing things.
    Whatever's really going on, this place gives me the creeps. The dreams are
    becoming stronger. I seem to spend each night in weird, fantastic landscapes,
    with immense buildings like no architecture I've ever seen.
    And my body in the dreams - it's so strange I can't begin to describe it. Maybe
    it's some buried memory of all the occult stuff I studied when I - wasn't
    And this spooky vision thing is acting up worse than ever. Used to be, I could
    kind of see what people were thinking sometimes, but now it's going crazy. It's
    like someone's watching me all the time, tracking me from the rooftops and the
    I'm so edgy I can hardly think straight. If only I could get some decent
    bourbon in this miserable town.
    I need to track down Brian Burnham, and fast - the sooner I get out of here,
    the better. I'll make an early start in the morning.
    1.5. Shadow Out of Time 1
    "Horror - the true horror that paralyzes the mind and scars it with nightmares
    - is never truly healed. Even if the mind draws a protective veil over
    unbearable memories, still one is left with an impaired ability to withstand
    such horror again."
    (Jack has a flashback of the end of the Prologue chapter. The giant creatures
    come out of the portal. Then everything goes black, and a mysterious voice is
    Voice: The great city of Pnakotus. Rest now, Jack. You are safe.
    Voice: What was in the light, Jack? Where do you want to go?
    (He is in a large, strange chamber with several of the same creatures around
    Voice: We are your history, Jack... and your future...
    Jack: I don't understand.
    Voice: You will... in time...
    (Then the vision switches to Gilman and a group of armed citizens talking at
    the front desk in the lobby.)
    Citizen: Gilman... where have you put the outsider?
    Gilman: Top of the house... room four-oh-one.
    (Gilman gives them a key.)
    Citizen: Come on. Let's have him.
    (Jack has a vision with the creatures all around him in the large chamber. His
    view spins and the vision goes back to the hotel. The citizens are seen opening
    the door to the hallway that leads to Jack's room.)
    1.6. Attack of the Fishmen
    "I scoffed when I first heard it said that there are things Humanity is not
    meant to know, assuming it to be a clumsy ploy by the illuminated to guard
    their wisdom and power from others. But now - too late - I know that it is
    (The citizens approach Jack's room in his vision.)
    Citizen: There's his room... just keep the noise down.
    Citizen: Here... take the keys.
    (Jack wakes up coughing. The citizens can be heard from the hallway.)
    Citizen: Curses... It's locked... probably bolted on t'other side.
    Citizen: He's awake in there. I can hear him moving about.
    Citizen: Break the door down, you damn fool.
    (They start to pound on the door to the room.)
    Citizen: Hurry up!
    (Jack runs into the adjoining room, closes and bolts the door after him.)
    Citizen: Quick... I see him heading for four-oh-two, check the door.
    (In the next room, he pushes away the bookcase before the middle door and runs
    into the other room.)
    Citizen: The next room, quickly! The door won't be bolted!
    (Jack closes and bolts the door behind him. Then he goes and bolts the door to
    the hallway. After that, he runs into the next room, closes and bolts the door.
    He then pushes a bookcase in front of the hallway door because the bolt is
    broken. There are no more rooms left to run to. The citizens start to pound on
    the hallway door.)
    Citizen: Stop.
    Citizen: Outsider, stop!
    Citizen: We've got him.
    (Jack opens the window and leaps out to the balcony.)
    Citizen: He's clumb out the window.
    (He then jumps across to the balcony of the adjacent building. He goes through
    a door, closes it behind him and pushes an old clock in front of it. He is now
    in a long hallway.)
    Citizen: He's on t'other side... shoot him.
    (Citizens open fire on the hallway from the windows of the hotel. )
    Citizen: We have him now.
    (Jack crawls across the hallway to avoid the bullets. The citizens break
    through the door as he reaches the end of the hallway.)
    Citizen: Don't let him get away.
    (He goes through a door, goes down one flight of stairs at the stairwell. There
    are other citizens on the floor below, so he does not descend another flight of
    Citizen: He's up there!
    Citizen: After him!
    (He runs into a nearby hallway and goes into a room to the left. There is a
    sleeping woman on the bed there. She wakes up when Jack comes in and starts to
    cry. Her skin is very scaly and she is completely bald, obviously she is in the
    latter stages of the Innsmouth curse.)
    Jack: Oh shit! She's hysterical... I'd better get moving.
    (He opens a window and hops out. He then jumps across to the fire escape of the
    other building.)
    Citizen: I see him!
    (Jack climbs the ladder at the fire escape and gets to a rooftop.)
    Citizen: Don't let him get away!
    Citizen: He's here.
    (Jack walks across a plank to another rooftop.)
    Citizen: He's going across the roof.
    (He climbs another ladder and gets to the roof of a warehouse. Citizens
    pursuing him climb onto this roof too. Jack finds a hole on the roof with a
    ladder and climbs down, finding himself in a room of the warehouse. He then
    sneaks behind some wooden crates. There are two guards here, patrolling the
    building. Jack overhears a conversation between them.)
    Guard 1: The racket outside has stopped. You reckon that he's been caught?
    Guard 2: I'm not certain... keep your looking.
    (Jack sneaks past them and gets to another part of the roof by an open window.
    He crawls on the roof not to be seen and reaches a vent. When he enters it, he
    has a monster vision of guards talking in the large warehouse area below.)
    Guard: They've flushed him off the roof. He's got to be somewhere in here.
    Guard: Spread out. Search the floor.
    Guard: He's hiding somewhere.
    (A hole is seen in the vision. Jack drops down from the vent and slowly crawls
    to the hole.)
    Jack: The flooring is damaged here. The hole leads under the floorboards.
    (He hops into the hole and, crawling among some rats, comes to a small ladder.
    He climbs up and reaches an office. He then has a monster vision of the
    Guard: Curses... we lost him!
    Guard: Open the front door! In the name of the Order of Dagon, find the
    outsider and kill him!
    (They open the front door and some of the men leave the warehouse. The vision
    Jack: Shit! This Order really wants me dead. I'd better watch my step.
    (He sees a storage crate behind a door in the office.)
    Jack: A storage crate has been pushed in front of the door.
    (He pushes the crate out of the way and goes through the door. He is again in
    the warehouse. He quietly leaves by the now open front door and comes to the
    streets. There are many armed citizens on patrol. He sneaks through the dark
    alleys, avoiding contact with them. In a narrow street, he has a monster vision
    of a guard watching the street from a balcony. Going on some more, he sees the
    man from the vision on a balcony.)
    Jack: Christ, they're everywhere. I need to keep my head down.
    (After much sneaking, he comes to another warehouse, which looks abandoned.
    Suddenly, a scream and a loud crash are heard. A man then begins to shout in
    the building.)
    Man: William! Say something, William! Are you all right? Say something!
    (Jack enters the building. A normal-looking man lies dead on the floor whil
    another man looks down at him from the upper floor, which has just collapsed.)
    Man: William! For God's sake!
    Jack: Your friend is dead.
    Man: Jesus Christ, no! You're a fool, Willie. I told you it warn't safe in
    Jack: Look, fella. I know you're upset, but I really need some help.
    Man: Ah... you're the outsider they're hunting tonight. You don't have a hope,
    stranger. The Order's mob'll be every way you turn! Down sewers is the only
    place that them folks balk at venturing... and for good cause at that, mind
    Jack: I can cope with foul air; it'll be a change from the stink of dead fish.
    Man: You're not getting my meaning, stranger. There is rumouring of real
    horrors in the black dankness 'neath these streets. Maybe them folk with the
    taint are devils, but at least they're devils of this Earth. You ever hear tell
    of a shaggoth, stranger?
    Jack: Just tell me where I can get into the sewers.
    Man: Aye, right. You've been warned. Just t'other side of this here building is
    a road leading down to a filtration plant. There's an open sewer pit down
    there. Good luck, stranger.
    (The man leaves. Jack checks the corpse.)
    Jack: He died recently... the body's still warm. The building collapsed... from
    that height, he never stood a chance.
    (He leaves the building through a hallway and comes to another part of the
    town. He is in a street that slopes down to the filtration plant that can be
    seen from where he is. However, there are also three guards down there.)
    Jack: The filtration plant must be down there. But there's no way I'll be able
    to sneak past them without cover.
    (He goes up the street in the opposite direction. There is a parked truck
    there, held in position by a brick under one of the front tires.)
    Jack: Seems like a dangerous place to park.
    (He tries to enter the cabin.)
    Jack: The door's locked... I can't get in the cabin. To get it moving, I'll
    need to figure out something else.
    (There are some large doors behind the truck. He examines them.)
    Jack: I won't be able to force my way through these doors. These doors appear
    to be bolted securely from the other side.
    (He also examines some dead animals hanging by the doors.)
    Jack: It's a slaughter house... the stench of rotting flesh is overwhelming.
    Seems like the people of Innsmouth don't care much for the quality of their
    meat. This carcass must have been decomposing for a few weeks.
    (He then checks out the back of the truck.)
    Jack: This would give me some good cover, if I could only get it to move.
    (He removes the brick from under the tire and jumps into the back of the truck.
    It slowly begins to move.)
    Jack: I'm not so sure this was one of my better ideas.
    (The truck goes down the street, accelerating. The guards notice it.)
    Guard: He's in the truck!
    (The truck breaks through the fence of the filtration plant and falls down.
    Jack wakes up with the guards firing down at him from above.)
    Guard: Kill him!
    Guard: Don't let him escape!
    Guard: Take him down!
    (There is a giant fan at the sewer entrance right next to him. He examines it.)
    Jack: The fan's old and rusted... the sewers mustn't have been maintained for
    some time. This old drainage pipe must lead down into the main sewers. If I
    could only find some way to stop this fan, I'd be able to get out of this jam.
    (He then finds a metal bar nearby.)
    Jack: A sturdy-looking metal bar.
    (He tries to stop the fan with the bar. One of the wings gets broken and it
    slows down.)
    Jack: The fan's broken. If I time it just right, I should be able to slip
    through. It's risky, but anything's better than giving those bastards shooting
    practice. I'm sitting real pretty down here; I've got to get into the sewers.
    (He crouches and slips through the fan, finally getting into the sewers. He
    advances through the sewers to a catwalk. Suddenly, the crying of a girl is
    heard. Jack follows the voice and sees Ramona behind some metal bars.)
    Jack: Hello?
    (She runs away.)
    Jack: No... Wait...
    (Jack continues on his way. He sees some greenish brown sludge covering the
    walls and the floor.)
    Jack: What the hell is all this... stuff?
    (He steps on it. It hurts.)
    Jack: Shit! It's corrosive!
    (Some unnatural gurgles are heard. Jack has a monster vision of a creature
    looking from underwater at a metal grating above.)
    Jack: There's something down here.
    (He goes some steps and sees a skinned corpse above a flight of stairs with a
    trail of blood behind him. Jack examines the corpse.)
    Jack: His skin's been corroded from his body. He must have died in agony. He
    must have dragged himself up the stairs; I wonder what he was escaping from?
    His body is covered in this slimy muck.
    (He goes by a room with two levers, to another room with a tank full of
    Jack: The tank's full of slimy water. There's no way I'm getting in.
    (He tinkers with the levers in the previous room so that clean water replaces
    the sludge. He then has another monster vision of the monster watching the
    grating. After that, he examines the water tank.)
    Jack: The water looks reasonably clean... I just need to drain it away.
    (He drains it away with a crank in the room. He hops down into the tank and
    follows the water tunnel to a large pit full of corpses and skeletons and
    insects. There is a metal grating in the middle. Suddenly, a body is dumped
    down onto it from above. Jack has a vision of his cell in the mental asylum,
    filled with the same insects from the pit. The vision ends, and he sees that
    the dropped corpse belongs to Zadok Allen.)
    Jack: Oh God... it's the old fisherman, Zadok Allen.
    (Suddenly, some monstrous tentacles snatch the body away through the grating.)
    Jack: This must be the Order's punishment for him talking to me. I wonder how
    many others have been dumped down here over the years for defying the Order of
    (He looks down the grating.)
    Jack: Looks like the main sewer pipe... the grating has been heavily damaged. I
    can't make out anything in that blackness.
    (He climbs up through the pit by some ladders and examines it from above.)
    Jack: What the hell is this place? It's like some sort of mass grave. It looks
    as if scavangers have started picking at the bodies. Poor wretches. Their
    remains left to rot in this hellish pit. The odor of death and rotting flesh is
    (At the top, Ramona is heard whispering.)
    Ramona: There are things here, things that I don't like. I miss my Daddy.
    (Jack advances a bit in the new sewer tunnels above. To the right he suddenly
    sees Ramona behind some bars, but she disappears. He goes on to the left
    through a damaged sewer gate.)
    Jack: Someone... or something... cut through this sewer gate.
    (He proceeds and jumps down onto a scaffolding. Behind bars he sees the same
    sludge on the walls in another area.)
    Jack: There's slime all over the walls... the quicker I can get out of here the
    (He avoids some poisonous big spiders and enters another tunnel. Two citizens
    are overheard talking above in the streets.)
    Citizen 1: They lost him over t'other side of town. They reckon that he escaped
    into the sewers?
    Citizen 2: Yeah... that's what I was told.
    Citizen 1: Then he's already dead. Why all the bothering? We should just go.
    Citizen 2: 'Til we hears different from Marsh hisself, we ain't going no place.
    Citizen 1: We could be here till morn.
    Citizen 2: You're always whining. Maybe you should take the matter up with the
    Order of Dagon.
    Citizen 1: Don't be talking foolish.
    Citizen 2: Shut up, then! We'll never git him with your constant chattering.
    (Jack goes to a ladder and sees some metal grating.)
    Jack: The grate doesn't seem to be fastened securely. The grating is loose; it
    hasn't been tightly fixed in place.
    (He shakes the grating, making noise. The citizens hear it and come to
    Citizen: What was that? Did you hear it?
    Citizen: Can you see anything?
    Citizen: I can't hear anything else.
    (Jack keeps doing it on other ladders and lures them away.)
    Citizen: I heared something over there.
    Citizen: It come from over there.
    Citizen: Are you down there, outsider?
    (Jack then goes out by the first ladder while they are away. Outside, he sees a
    burning building.)
    Jack: It's just been left to burn. The building must have been on fire for a
    few hours. The heat is still intense.
    (He enters the building by the fire escape and gets to the second floor. There
    is a crank here.)
    Jack: The fire will have weakened some of the wooden struts. I had better watch
    my footing... this floor doesn't look too sturdy.
    (He activates crank and clears the entrance by lifting a platform that was
    blocking it. He then goes out into an alley and enters a small shed with
    gardening tools. He examines them.)
    Jack: These gardening tools are too blunt to be used for weapons. I wouldn't
    have figured the folks of this town to be interested in gardening.
    (He goes back into the alley and then goes into another building, getting to a
    well-lit hallway. He goes upstairs and sees a painting that depicts the
    crucifixion of Jesus Christ.)
    Jack: It's a strong image of Christian iconography. I can't see this meeting
    with the Order's approval.
    (He then finds a diary in a small room.)
    Jack: It's the minister's journal.
    Diary of the Church Minister
    The evil began in 1846 - the same year Obed Marsh was first arrested, and the
    same year he founded his blasphemous order. It is hard not to assume a
    As the congregation here diminished, the townsfolk began to develop the
    unnatural characteristics that outsiders have to come to call "the Innsmouth
    look." It started in the Marsh family, but spread across the town.
    For want of any other, I coined the name "ichthyosis" for the condition, and
    began corresponding with a few medical men I had known in my student days. I
    was unable to determine the nature of the condition, how it spread, and whether
    I was in danger from it.
    Although my flock had deserted me, I could not desert them - I had to stay and
    fight this evil, or at least try to understand it. They do seem to avoid the
    ancient sigil that I discovered in one dusty tome, which called it "the Elder
    Though it troubles me to rely on this instead of the Cross, it does appear to
    offer more protection.
    Soon, it became apparent that the condition was regarded as some sort of
    blessing by the adherents of Marsh's ungodly faith.
    I noticed that those most heavily disfigured by it commanded respect from the
    others, and from time to time I overheard snatches of conversation about "the
    pure blood" - which, from their context, seemed not to refer to the blood of
    those untainted and healthy-looking.
    There was talk of marriages, but no-one came to me to be wed. Wives were
    sometimes mentioned, but never named. They seemed not to be from Innsmouth, and
    yet no-one has moved to the town since Marsh's reign began.
    As I walk the streets at dusk - which I seldom do, except at great need - I
    seem to hear strange noises from unlit, curtained upper rooms in the town's
    houses. I hear of births, but conduct no baptisms.
    Those few who shun Marsh's temple are fearful, and I am fearful too. We must be
    strong in our faith and in our lives, for we are all that remains of the true
    Innsmouth, and its only hope of awakening from this nightmare.
    (Jack then goes downstairs and sees Rebecca praying at a fireplace in a large
    room. He enters and she greets him.)
    Rebecca: Jack! You're alive... thank God.
    Jack: Just barely... the Order has got half this blasted town on my heels.
    Rebecca: I warned you, Jack... I told you the Order wouldn't stand for your
    Jack: Save it, sweetheart. You found anything more on Brian?
    Rebecca: He never made it out of town. The Order has him holed up in the old
    jailhouse... until he's needed.
    Jack: Needed? Needed for what?
    Rebecca: Sacrifice, Jack... to Dagon. They'll take him out to Devil's Reef, and
    he'll never be seen again.
    Jack: Dagon? Sacrifice? This is crazy talk. Innsmouth's old fishing tales have
    muddled your mind. But... I don't want another death on my conscience. Where's
    this jailhouse?
    Rebecca: It's out the back of the merchant's bank, just past the old water
    tower. We'd better keep off the streets... the tainted are roaming everywhere.
    There's a secret crypt under the church that leads out to someplace safe... we
    can use that. My father built it when he was minister.
    Jack: Okay. Get your father, and let's go.
    Rebecca: I can't... I mean... he wouldn't pledge himself to Dagon... he called
    it blasphemy. The Order found him and... and...
    Jack: Jesus... I'm sorry Rebecca... Did your father ever show you how to get
    into this crypt?
    Rebecca: No. But he gave me this. I think it'll help.
    (Rebecca gives him a postcard. Its description in the inventory reads: "An old
    postcard pierced with four handmade holes.")
    On the back of the postcard there is a handwritten religious verse. It must be
    a coded message. It reads:
    I ring the bells unto Thy glory, O Lord;
    From the lowest unto the highest.
    And by the sacrament of baptism
    Shall I enter into your secrets.
    The postcard must also serve some other purpose. It is pierced by four handmade
    holes, each circled with a number of arrows. The arrows seem to signify some
    sort of order.
    (Suddenly, some armed citizens break the window and open fire on Jack and
    Jack: Shit! They've found us. We have to leave now!
    Rebecca: The church is this way. Follow me.
    Citizen: We knows you're in there, outsider.
    (Rebecca opens the door. The church is across the street.)
    Rebecca: God help us! We'll have to make a run for it.
    (Rebecca runs towards the church.)
    Rebecca: Follow me, Jack!
    (They get to the door of the church under fire.)
    Rebecca: We'll be protected inside.
    (She opens the door.)
    Rebecca: Quick, Jack!
    (Rebecca gets shot and dies.)
    Jack: Damn it, Rebecca! Noooo!
    Citizen: Don't let him get away!
    (Jack enters the church, closing the doors behind him.)
    Church Refuge
    February 8, 1922
    There's no going back now. The locals want me dead, that's clear enough, and
    they can't afford to let me get away now.
    Even in the sanctuary of the church, I don't feel safe, though it looks like
    Rebecca was right - they're not making any effort to break in like they did at
    the hotel. I'm going to miss her.
    Still, at last I have a lead on Brian Burnham. Rebecca was convinced he is
    alive, and being held the town's Jailhouse.
    But where is the Jailhouse? According to Rebecca's directions, I need to find
    the Merchants' Bank, and then the Water Tower, in order to reach it. That's
    easier said than done, though - those things have me pretty much trapped in
    Eventually one of them may think of burning the place down, or they may
    overcome their fear of the place and come busting in. I need to find that
    secret way out. Rebecca said her old man's postcard would help, but I don't
    know how.
    I just hope I don't have to go back through those sewers. There's something
    down there, for sure. I thought it was just another tall tale at first, but I
    could feel it. And that slime... it was like a trail from something...
    something not natural. What did that hick call it? ... a shoggoth?
    The Order's grip on the folk of this town is strong, and they'll stop at
    nothing. Rebecca's murder proves that. And old Zadok - looks like they beat him
    to death for talking to me. I should have left the poor old rummy alone.
    (Jack is in the church. The citizens cannot enter because of the eye sign with
    the star drawn on a wall inside and shout threats at him from outside.)
    Citizen: You can't git away!
    Citizen: Open these doors, outsider.
    Citizen: Just give yourself up, outsider. The Order'll have mercy on your
    rotten soul.
    Citizen: You're trapped... there's no place you can run.
    Citizen: Give yourself up, outsider. There's no way out of there.
    Citizen: If you're willin' to come out now, we'll not gut the gal's carcass.
    (The church is damaged, most of the pews are overturned. There are also blood
    stains on the pulpit.)
    Jack: The defacement of the church must have happened many months ago. The
    pulpit is stained with blood.
    (A dead man is hanging from the giant cross above the pulpit.)
    Jack: It must be intended as a warning to the Christians of Innsmouth. It's the
    minister of the church... he's been hung up and disembowelled, as some sort of
    obscene spectacle.
    (Jack checks the baptismal pool near the pulpit. A section looks like a
    Jack: There's a raised section of tiling in the baptismal pool. There is a
    strong draft of air coming from the drainage pipe. The tile appears to be on
    runners... it won't budge.
    (He goes up to the belfry and rings the bells in order according to the code on
    the postcard. The trapdoor in the baptismal pool opens. He gets down and goes
    through into some catacombs. There are strange markings on the walls.)
    Jack: There are markings everywhere... it must have been down here that
    Rebecca's father figured out that mysterious sign.
    (He proceeds and enters a small room that looks like a private study. He takes
    a book from the desk.)
    Jack: It's a 'Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages' in Innsmouth.
    Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
    Births: 7; 6 baptized, 1 died.
    Deaths: 6; 5 buried, 1 lost at sea.
    Marriages: 5.
    Births: 9; all baptized.
    Deaths: 7; 5 buried, 2 lost at sea.
    Marriages: 3.
    Births: 12, all baptized.
    Deaths: 243; 235 in the disturbances and the epidemic. 240 buried, 3 lost at
    Marriages: 2.
    Births: probably 7; no baptisms.
    Deaths: 3 reported; 2 burials. One coffin upon being accidentally dropped broke
    open and was found to contain rocks and logs. This was not buried.
    Marriages: none registered.
    Births: none registered, probably 10; no baptisms.
    Deaths: 5 reported; 1 funeral, others not certain.
    Marriages: none registered.
    Births: none registered, thought to be 7 or 8; no baptisms.
    Deaths: none registered, 4 believed; no funerals.
    Marriages: none registered.
    (He then checks the clipboard near the desk. It appears that there are
    newspaper clips on it.)
    Jack: All these articles relate to the deaths of Innsmouth citizens. In the
    clippings, the year 1846 has been circled several times.
    (There is a small stone plaque on the desk in the room. He examines it.)
    Jack: A small stone plaque engraved with a series of numbers. The numbers seem
    to be random.
    (He puts the postcard on it and the holes show some particular numbers.)
    Jack: The postcard fits exactly over the plaque. I can see some of the numbers.
    (He then opens the safe in the room with those numbers.)
    Jack: Yes, that's it! I've cracked it.
    (There is a cross in the safe. Jack takes it.)
    Jack: The safe holds a stone cross.
    (He continues and comes to the end of the catacombs with some coffins and a
    stone disc on the wall that has the shape of an inverted cross.)
    Jack: There is a small stone disc here, hollowed out with the carving of an
    upside-down cross. The disc is raised a little from the rock... I can't move it
    by hand. The edges of the disc are slightly worn.
    (He puts the cross he took from the safe into the disc. The disc turns to
    normal position and one of the coffins is lowered, revealing a secret passage
    into the sewers. Jack again goes into the sewers and Ramona's voice is again
    heard, albeit intelligibly. At an intersection Jack finds has a vision of the
    asylum cell. It feels more real than usual, and he moves around a bit in the
    cell before coming back to reality. Eventually, he climbs a ladder that leads
    out of the sewers and finds himself in a street near the church. Two citizens
    are talking nearby.)
    Citizen 1: Keep your eyes peeled. He'll maybe pass this way.
    Citizen 2: He'll have to come out sometime.
    Citizen 1: Don't matter. There's only one way out of church... he's trapped and
    can't git away. I don't reckon on it being long now. Marsh's got many men
    stationed all over the town.
    Citizen 2: Why such a fussing over this outsider?
    Citizen 1: Dunno. Just keep your eyes peeled.
    (There is a bank nearby and Jack enters it to avoid being seen by the men.
    However, the building is on fire. One of the citizens outside is heard
    Citizen: We should take a look inside of the bank.
    (Jack makes his way upstairs, avoding the fire while a few citizens search the
    ground floor. He eventually gets to the vault area. The boxes nearby are empty.
    He examines them.)
    Jack: Nothing of any value remains. The deposit boxes have been ransacked long
    (The vault itself is also open and empty.)
    Jack: The main safe is empty.
    (He goes upstairs and starts to walk on some planks to get to the other side of
    the building. One of the planks breaks down.)
    Jack: Shit... Some of the planks look weak, I better watch my step.
    (He leaves the bank, getting to a balcony that sees the water tower. He then
    has a monster vision of citizens on the ground.)
    Citizen: In the name of the Order of Dagon, find the outsider and kill him!
    (Jack descends a ladder and jumps across to the ladder of the tower. Getting to
    the top of the tower, he hops across to a balcony and then jumps to another
    roof from there. On the roof, he enters the building from the open attic window
    and then goes into another house by an open door on a balcony. In this
    building, he heads downstairs and runs into Mackey.)
    Mackey: Hello, Jack.
    Jack: Mackey? Have you been tailing me?
    Mackey: You could say that. Drop me a line next time you're planning on taking
    the stealthy approach. I'll watch and take notes... ha ha.
    Jack: Funny. I don't get it, Mackey... what's your angle on all of this?
    Mackey: I already told you. I work for the government. I've got friends at the
    top... friends who've invested a lot of time and dough in Innsmouth. They don't
    want to see their investigation set back by some private op turning up the heat
    with some mindless caper.
    Jack: If you mean the Burnham boy... they're gonna kill him, Mackey... you know
    it, and I know it. I can't let that happen.
    Mackey: You're not thinking about breaking him out? He's just a punk, Jack.
    Jack: Where's the jailhouse, Mackey?
    Mackey: Very well... it's your funeral. The window over there to your left
    looks over the jail back alley.
    Jack: See you 'round, Mackey.
    (Jack talks to him again before leaving.)
    Jack: What can you tell me about the Order?
    Mackey: They control all aspects of life in Innsmouth, Jack. Law, business,
    religion, politics... everything. Robert Marsh is the man at the top. He's a
    real recluse. No one born out of Innsmouth has set eyes on him in decades.
    Jack: The government has nothing on this Marsh fella?
    Mackey: Only that he's an intensely religious man, obsessed with fanaticism and
    witchcraft. He's evil, Jack... rumours round these parts reckon even Beelzebub
    himself lies in fear of Robert Marsh.
    Jack: What about the rest of the Marsh family?
    Mackey: Well, there's Sebastian... Robert's elder brother. He's the manager of
    the Marsh Refinery... he's more of a businessman. There's gossip on the streets
    of a feud between the brothers.
    Jack: Hold on a second, Mackey. I thought Jacob Marsh was the refinery manager?
    Mackey: Well... yes, he is. Jacob is Sebastian's son. He handles the day-to-day
    running of the place, but the real power lies with Sebastian.
    Jack: Where's the jailhouse?
    Mackey: At the end of the main corridor... just through the window.
    Jack: Thanks, Mackey.
    (Jack hops out of the window at the end of the corridor.)
    February 8, 1922
    Early Hours
    Everything in this god-forsaken town is out to kill me. Around every corner,
    some hideously tainted thug is searching. I've managed to avoid them so far,
    though poor Rebecca wasn't so lucky. It's starting to look hopeless.
    Only Mackey doesn't seem to want me dead - and maybe he has an ulterior motive.
    His mention of investors in this town - and his knowledge of the Esoteric Order
    - clearly point to some level of involvement.
    Still, he told me where to find Brian Burnham, and he seems to pose no
    immediate threat. Even so, his apparent understanding of things in Innsmouth is
    Am I becoming paranoid? After what I have seen and experienced, how could I
    know? The strain is certainly having an effect on my nerves. I'm beginning to
    hear and see things that can't possibly be real.
    I need to ignore these distractions if I want to get out of here alive. My best
    chance is to find Brian and break him out of the Jailhouse. To do that, I'll
    need a plan.
    1.7. Jailbreak
    "Some say that the worst monsters reside in the imagination, drawn from the
    greatest fears of those who imagine them. I say there are horrors beyond mortal
    imagining, and they are far worse. And I have looked on both."
    (Jack is in an alley. He climbs a ladder to a catwalk. He makes some noises as
    he climbs, and the voice of a guard is heard.)
    Guard: What was that?
    (The guard comes into view with his flashlight, searching for Jack. It is
    Constable Ropes. Jack keeps his head down on the catwalk.)
    Ropes: Probably nothing.
    (Ropes walks away and Jack drops down into the alley. He then has a monster
    vision of a street with a burning car, viewed from a roof. After the vision, he
    proceeds around a corner and sees Ropes and Birch talking. It is clear that
    this is the front yard of the jailhouse.)
    Birch: You got anything to report?
    Ropes: Nope... We should be out there, Nathan. Helping with the hunt.
    Birch: You have your orders. We're to stay with the sacrifices. They'll yield
    us much favor with the Order.
    Ropes: I'a Dagon. The chief's always up there napping. Why ain't he out here
    with us?
    Birch: His time draws nigh. Martin can't shut his eyes properly no more...
    he'll take to the water soon. Then it'll be me taking charge round here... and
    things'll be done different. Now git inside... and mind that you don't forget
    to bolt the door.
    (Birch leaves, and Ropes goes into the jailhouse. Jack walks on and sees a
    Jack: A crowbar. That could come in handy.
    (He takes it and then checks a wanted poster near the door. It reads: "Brian
    Burnham, Wanted for Theft".)
    Jack: A wanted poster for Brian Burnham.
    (He then tries to open the door to the jailhouse.)
    Jack: The door's bolted shut.
    (Jack continues on the way Birch has gone. There are cell windows on the wall.
    He checks the first one. The bars are broken.
    Jack: Some of the bars have been damaged, but it's still sturdy. It's probably
    from an old break-out. I won't be able to get in through this window.
    (An inmate in the next cell hears him and calls to him.)
    Inmate: Who's there? I can hear you.
    (Jack comes to his window. A young man sits inside, his face slightly stained
    with blood.)
    Jack: Shhhh... I'm a private detective. My name's Jack Walters. I'm looking for
    Inmate: Look fella... I'm Burnham. What the hell is it you want?
    Jack: Why did you knock off the First National and the Variety Store?
    Brian: What? I'm the manager of the First National. Why the blazes would I rob
    my own store? They haven't even charged me with anything. Look... just clear
    off before you get me in trouble. If Garrison spots you, he'll scream this
    joint down.
    Jack: Garrison?
    Brian: Yeah... Henry Garrison, he's the crazy fella in the next cell. Whenever
    he throws a fit, one of Martin's mob are all over this alley like a rash.
    Especially tonight... they seem incredibly twitchy, much more than usual.
    (Jack talks to him again.)
    Jack: What is it you said about this Henry Garrison?
    Brian: Just that he's off his nut... if he lays eyes on you, he'll likely throw
    a fit. You'd think the ugly lugs in the front office would've learned to ignore
    it... but they come and check outside every time.
    (Henry is heard talking to himself in the next cell.)
    Henry: I'a k'nark Cthulhu! I'a! I'a! Restlessly he sleeps at his house at
    R'lyeh! I'a! I'a! Cthulhu fhtagn!
    Henry: I will not do as you ask. Never. I will not consort with the
    Henry: I remember... Henry... Henry, they call me... my father called me
    Henry... my real father... Nooooooo... not him... no... I'a Dagon... I'a...
    I'a... ftaghn... ftaghn.
    Henry: Out... out... deep in the abyss... beyond the Reef of Satan it lies.
    Y'ha-nthlei... lair of the Deep Ones!
    Henry: I can hear them... hear them in the walls. Rats... rats in the walls...
    I hear them... so very tasty...
    Henry: I'a Dagon! I'a Hydra!
    Henry: The Oaths. I won't take them. I won't take the accursed Oaths.
    Henry: I feel the call inside me... it draws me to the dark ocean... I dream of
    Dagon... and of Hydra... I'a! I'a! Cthulhu fhtagn!
    Henry: Rats... I hear them in the walls... scratching... yes, scratching...
    stop mocking me... grubby little rats with their fleshy tails.
    (Jack checks the last cell before going to Henry's window.)
    Jack: There appears to be somebody asleep on the bed. I can't really make
    anything out in the blackness.
    (Jacks goes to Henry's window.)
    Jack: Hey.
    (Henry turns to him.)
    Henry: I sees your eyes at the window... hiding in the blackness.
    (Henry jumps to the window and starts to shout hysterically. Ropes comes to the
    hallway to check him. Jack crouches to avoid being seen.)
    Ropes: Shut your trap in there! Something outside must've sent him crazy. I
    suppose I had better check it out.
    (Jack goes and hides near the door to the jailhouse in a dark corner.)
    Jack: Back here would be a great hiding spot.
    (Ropes goes out, leaving the door open. Jack goes in.)
    Brian: He'll be back at any moment. Hide.
    (Ropes checks the outside of Henry's cell.)
    Ropes: There ain't nothing here.
    (Jack hides near the stairs. Ropes returns and enters the front office.)
    Ropes: It were nothing. Just another one of Garrison's fits.
    (Jack talks to Brian.)
    Jack: Brian... where do they keep the keys?
    Brian: Why should I trust you?
    Jack: What? In case you hadn't noticed it, fella, you're in a bit of a jam
    Brian: It could be a trap.
    Jack: Are you crazy?
    Brian: Stop bothering me. I don't trust you. Why should I trust you? What is it
    you're really doing in Innsmouth, Jack? They're going to find you, Jack... and
    the Order shows no mercy.
    (Jack gives him the photo Ruth has given to him.)
    Jack: Ruth Billingham gave me this.
    Brian: What? This is the photograph I gave her before... before... oh, damn...
    I've been so foolish. I'm sorry... If Ruth trusts you, Jack, then so do I.
    Jack: Where are the keys to the cells?
    Brian: They'll be upstairs with Andrew Martin... the Chief Constable. He's
    usually asleep or in the bath around this time. His skin's badly diseased from
    the Innsmouth taint... keeping it wet seems to help his suffering. How was
    Ruth? Is she safe?
    Jack: She seemed fine.
    Brian: We're planning to get married. In Arkham. There are no Christian
    churches in Innsmouth.
    Jack: What a beautiful fairy tale. You gonna vow to take the fall for all her
    Brian: It's not Ruth's fault. Her father's a powerful man in the Order. He
    never approved of her taking up with an outsider.
    Jack: You planning on asking for his blessing?
    Brian: You're a funny man, Jack.
    Jack: What did you say was wrong with Constable Martin?
    Brian: The 'Innsmouth Look', Jack. You must have seen how many folks in this
    town are tainted. It's the subject of many tales in Arkham and Ipswich.
    Martin's in a bad way. He's got to sit in the bath for hours every day... it
    stops his skin drying up, you see. I hear the others talk about it sometimes;
    they say he's nearly ready to leave. Whatever the hell that means. Be careful,
    Jack. Martin's sleep is restless. He's always moving around, washing his skin.
    Brian: They call me the 'sacrifice', Jack. For God's sake, you've got to get me
    out of here. Listen, Jack, you can't leave me here. I don't know what they'll
    do to me if you do.
    (Jack checks Henry's cell.)
    Jack: The poor wretch has lost his mind. It's no use. I can't get any sense out
    of him.
    (Jack listens the policemen's conversation in the front office.)
    Birch: I reckon that they'll have caught the outsider by now.
    Ropes: What if they ain't? If he gets out of Innsmouth, he'll bear tales to
    others of what he has seen.
    Birch: Shut your trap, Elliot. The Order'll make certain the outsider don't
    leave town.
    Ropes: I heared gossiped the other night that Sebastian Marsh is returning from
    foreign parts tomorrow.
    Birch: Do you reckon wind got to him 'bout what Jacob's doing with the
    refinery? A shaggoth, some folks reckon.
    Ropes: Mind it were Robert's idea.
    Birch: Rumourings that Sebastian's got different plans to Robert on getting
    Innsmouth prospering again.
    Ropes: Did you hear that the Order had old Zadok killed? He were see'd talking
    to the outsider.
    Birch: He were warned plenty of times to keep shy of strangers. He wouldn't be
    told. He had what were coming to him.
    Ropes: Do you suppose the Burnham boy'll be ready for another beating? Heh
    Birch: You had better leave him alone for the present. The Order generally
    prefers an unsoiled sacrifice.
    Ropes: The boy's been asking why he ain't been charged yet.
    Birch: Maybe we should tell him... tell him he's to be killed for Dagon's
    Ropes: I'a! I'a Dagon! Cthulhu fhtagn!
    Birch: Have you gave the sacrifice his feed yet?
    Ropes: You were supposed to do it.
    Birch: I ain't doing it. Get on with it, Marsh wants him alive for the
    Ropes: He's far gone, that Garrison... not right betwixt ears.
    Birch: Aye... he balked at having to take the Oaths. Marsh wasn't having that.
    He come here to have talk with him 'specially. After that, Garrison has just
    been like a crazed man.
    Birch: Martin'll have already been down for a little spell, I reckon.
    Ropes: He'll be tiring of the dry land. I'a! Dagon. I'a! Y'ha-nthlei.
    Birch: It won't be long 'til I can take charge of things.
    (Jack goes upstairs and peeks into one of the rooms. It is a bedroom and Martin
    is washing his face at the sink.)
    Martin: Water!
    (Jack enters the bathroom at the other end of the hallway and checks the
    Jack: The bath is encrusted with filth, and there appear to be shreds of...
    skin. After the sewers, I'm in need of a bath, but getting in there won't make
    me any cleaner.
    (He then examines the towel.)
    Jack: It's encrusted with something, and it smells terrible.
    (He turns the lever nearby, turning off the water and leaves the bathroom to
    hide near the stairs.)
    Martin: So dry! Damn pipes!
    (Martin leaves his bedroom and enters the bathroom. Jack goes into the bedroom
    and gets the keys.)
    Jack: The keys to the cells. Now I can free Brian.
    (He examines the sink before leaving.)
    Jack: The sink is grimy, and there are traces of some sort of discolored
    membrane. Martin seems to be shedding layers of skin.
    (He goes back downstairs before Martin returns. In the main hallway, he checks
    the last cell. Thomas Waite lies dead on the bed inside, his throat slit and a
    razor in his right hand.)
    Jack: It's Thomas Waite. Ramona's death must have driven him to cutting his own
    throat. They've not even had the decency to clear away the body. Just swell...
    another death on my conscience.
    (He opens the cell door and sees a doll on the floor. He examines it.)
    Jack: This doll... it must be Ramona's.
    (He leaves the cell and checks a clipboard on the wall.)
    Jack: According to this, there have been many arrests lately, but no charges
    (Jack enters the first cell and finds a notebook on the floor.)
    Jack: An old ship's log, marked with the name Obed Marsh.
    Ship Logs of Captain Obed Marsh
    March 6th, 1823
    Still en route to China. Eastward from Otaheite, or Tahiti as it is also
    called, we have encountered an island that does not appear on our charts. I
    ordered the anchor dropped close inshore, and we sent the longboat for fresh
    water and supplies.
    The islanders are not interested in trading for gold, of which they have
    apparently a great quantity. I asked after its source, in the hope of setting
    up a mining and milling operation on shore.
    In response to my questioning, I was taken to a smaller island nearby, and
    shown some stone ruins, apparently of great antiquity. The designs carved upon
    them are like nothing I have ever seen, in all my travels.
    This, they say, is the city of the sea-gods, who can be prevailed upon to give
    them gold for the asking. I suspect it is a remnant of a higher civilization,
    now lost; the natives evidently find gold among the ruins.
    I questioned the island's chief elders at length about the ruins, and was
    answered with the retelling of legends so savage and fantastic that I wonder at
    Perhaps, when the gold is secured and with it my own fortune, I shall reveal
    the island's location and open it to scholarship.
    Having traded for a large quantity of gold in addition to the needed water and
    fresh food, we resumed our voyage. I impressed upon the crew the need for
    absolute silence about this island; for if word were to get out others would be
    sure to go there.
    Shortly before our departure, Chief Walakea made me a gift of several small
    metal discs, evidently of the same workmanship as the ruins. By means of these
    and certain chants, he said, the sea gods could be summoned and induced to
    bring their gifts.
    June 4th, 1838
    Revisiting the mysterious island, we could find no trace of the people with
    whom we have traded for so many years. Their villages are razed to the ground,
    and no trace can be found of them.
    It appears that some other tribe has attacked and destroyed them.
    The men are so much dismayed that we shall no longer be able to obtain gold
    here, unless we discover its source for ourselves. A day's searching among the
    ruins availed us nothing, although certain of the crew were troubled by
    nightmares subsequently.
    It appears that this voyage is destined to be without profit, and we must
    return to Innsmouth with both hands and pockets empty - a most troubling turn
    of events.
    The town has come to rely upon us, and the gold that we bring back, to make up
    for the trade that was lost when the War of 1812 ended. What shall become of
    our home port now, and us along with it?
    August 18th, 1838
    While looking over the souvenirs and curiosities I collected on my Pacific
    voyages, seeking some comfort in happier memories, I happened upon the strange
    metal discs given to me by old Walakea and his people.
    I had quite forgotten them, and the stories he told about the gold-bearing gods
    from the sea. But now, an idea is stirring within me. I do not know whether to
    embrace it as Innsmouth's last hope, or to concede that desperation has driven
    me insane.
    Am I mad? The gold we brought from the island was real enough; perhaps the sea-
    gods are real also. A sailor to far ports sees many strange things, and learns
    to keep an open mind.
    After much effort in recollection, I have remembered the chants Walakea taught
    me. Tonight, I shall row out to Devil's Reef and try them, along with the
    Perhaps the sea gods will save us - or if not, I shall acknowledge my folly,
    and retire to the asylum.
    Later that night: The sea gods are real. I have seen them, and spoken with
    them. I carry some of their gold - a token of more to come, I am assured.
    But the price - yet can any price be too high, when one's home is at stake?
    Innsmouth shall rise again
    July 23rd, 1846
    This is a day of crisis for Innsmouth. I, and those loyal to me, have been
    seized and thrown in jail by our pious neighbors.
    Ready enough to enjoy the prosperity I have returned to the town, they scruple
    at the means I use, and the power I wield. They must be taught a lesson.
    They have no idea of the powers they seek to defy. The terrible bargain I made
    was irrevocable, and by locking me up they bring great peril to the town - the
    very town that they would "save" from my influence. But it is too late for
    As surely as I know the morning tide will rise, I know that those from the reef
    will come to Innsmouth. They will come in search of those things I have been
    prevented from giving them, and they will come to punish those who have
    prevented me.
    Little do the righteous dream of the horror that will visit Innsmouth this
    night. There will be great destruction; 1846 will be recorded in the town's
    annals as a year of unparalleled calamity.
    I shall make certain that 1846 also marks the beginning of a new age - an age
    in which no threat to our pact is tolerated. From this year on, I shall play
    the tyrant, and my descendants shall do so after me - but we do so to avert a
    greater evil.
    (He then goes to Brian's cell.)
    Brian: What are you waiting for? Unlock the damn door. Quick, Jack. Let me out
    of here.
    (Jack opens the door with the keys.)
    Brian: The garage on the main street holds an old automobile. It should be able
    to get us clear of town.
    Jack: Should be able to?
    Brian: Follow me.
    (They leave the jailhouse and come to the garage in a street nearby.)
    Brian: This is it.
    (Brian tries to open the doors.)
    Brian: Damn it... They're not normally locked. We'll have to find another way
    in. Where to now, Jack? There's got to be another way into the garage... that
    car's our only hope of getting out of here alive. We should have another look
    round the streets.
    (They search the streets. There is a burning car there, so this appears to be
    the street Jack has seen in his vision. He looks up at the roof from the vision
    and a figure that was watching them scrambles away.)
    Brian: The streets have no cover, Jack... we'll get caught.
    (There is a police vehicle in the street. Jack tries to open its door.)
    Jack: Locked tight. I can't get inside.
    (They move to enter one of the alleys.)
    Brian: Hanging around here for too long is dangerous, Jack. We'll be spotted.
    C'mon, Jack. We need to get off the streets.
    (Jack has a monster vision of something watching the alley they are about to
    enter from an open sewer grate. They go into the alley and the grate closes.)
    Brian: What the hell was that?
    (Near the grate, behind some bars, there is another alley with a mess of blood
    stains all over.)
    Jack: From the mess, it looks like something... or someone... was killed here
    recently. There's blood splattered everywhere.
    (Jack tries to open the sewer grate.)
    Jack: The grate's too heavy to lift with my bare hands.
    (He then opens it with the crowbar.)
    Brian: Nice work, Jack.
    (They enter the sewer by a ladder.)
    Brian: The stench here is sickening, and it smacks of more than just the
    (Police whistles sound outside.)
    Brian: Damn! They must have realized I escaped.
    (They continue through the sewer tunnel.)
    Brian: There's something wrong down here. Something very wrong. Let's not
    linger here, Jack.
    (There are dead rats around. Jack picks up one of them.)
    Jack: The rotting corpse of a rat... I suppose it might come in useful.
    Brian: This place is giving me the creeps. Let's get out of here quickly!
    (Suddenly, a monstrous groan is heard.)
    Brian: What the hell was that noise? What manner of creature makes such a
    (They ascend a ladder and reach the garage from a trapdoor. Mackey is there, as
    if he was waiting for them inside. There is also a truck there.)
    Mackey: Bravo, Jack... Congratulations on your new promotion to Innsmouth's
    enemy number one.
    Jack: Shut your trap, Mackey. You're not a factory inspector. Who do you work
    Mackey: Okay, detective... I'll come clean. I'm an undercover agent for the
    United States Treasury Department. We've been working closely with the FBI on a
    secret investigation of Innsmouth... I'm the inside man.
    Jack: Really... what you been able to find out?
    Mackey: The 'Innsmouth Look', Jack. It's at the heart of the problems in this
    town. More than half the population must be infected by now. The spreading of
    that contagion, or whatever the hell you want to call it, is the key... I just
    know it.
    Brian: This is all very interesting, fellas... But we have to get out of
    Innsmouth... with Ruth.
    Jack: She's waiting for us at some old fishing cannery, just past the station
    to Rowley.
    Mackey: Listen, Jack... there are some agents watching the road not far past
    that spot. If you can make it there, you will be safely picked up. This is
    strictly off the record... but... if you want to survive, I'd pick up some
    Brian: I need you to do something for me. You can do it while I get this thing
    started. When they arrested me, they took a brooch I was carrying. It belonged
    to Ruth... it carries her picture inside. I won't leave it behind.
    Jack: Are you crazy? We don't have time for this.
    Brian: They'll be holding it in the jail office safe.
    Jack: I don't know the combination.
    Brian: I overheard Ropes talking to one of the other guards... he said
    something about an important date, and someone called Captain Obed Marsh. If
    you want to get in through the back door, just knock and I'll open it for you.
    (Jack talks to Brian again as he starts to work on the truck.)
    Jack: I don't know the combination to the safe.
    Brian: I reckon on it being a date... something to do with that Captain Obed
    (Jack talks to Mackey before leaving.)
    Jack: The government must have known about Innsmouth for a long time. Why the
    sudden interest?
    Mackey: A few years back some new hot shot was made head of the FBI... his
    name's Hoover. He's on a personal mission to wipe crime from this country. He's
    a good agent. Just don't tell him any jokes.
    Mackey: You've got guts, Jack. You'd have made a good agent.
    (Jack sneaks into the jailhouse through the streets, avoiding the policemen and
    the citizens on patrol. Inside, he shows the dead rat from the sewers to
    Jack: Look, Henry. The rats are dead; there are no rats in the walls.
    (Henry takes the rat and eats it. Then he starts banging his head violently on
    the bars.)
    Jack: Jesus, no! Stop it, you crazy bastard.
    (Henry dies. Jack enters the cell and checks him.)
    Jack: The wretched creature had no other possessions. I doubt there was a shred
    of sanity left in the pitiful creature.
    (He then takes a paper from the floor.)
    Jack: The lunatic dropped a piece of paper.
    Oaths of Dagon
    I'a! Dagon! I submit to the authority of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. If I
    should betray these sacred oaths, I am theirs to try, and to punish, according
    to the ancient laws and the extent of my transgression. I'a! Dagon!
    I'a! Dagon! I swear that I shall keep faith with the Deep Ones in all things. I
    shall not resist their will, nor shall I betray their secrets.
    I'a! Dagon! I swear that I shall serve the Deep Ones in all things, as they
    shall command me, to the furthest extent of my ability.
    I'a! Dagon! I'a! Hydra! I take this child of Dagon and Hydra as my (wife or
    husband), to take into my home, to beget and raise children; so that the race,
    and the faith, shall continue to prosper.
    (Jack enters the front office and finds guns in a cabinet. The policemen are
    not there as they are out looking for Brian.)
    Jack: A pistol and a shotgun. At last!
    (He then takes a whistle from the desk.)
    Jack: A police whistle... could prove useful.
    (He pushes away a cabinet, revealing the safe. He opens it with the combination
    1-8-4-6, as the most important date in Marsh's journal is 1846. As he opens the
    safe, he has a monster vision of a large, green, webbed monster's hand putting
    the brooch into the safe. After the vision, he takes the brooch, which has an
    odd shape and a whitish gold color.)
    Jack: This must be Ruth's brooch. Nothing else in the safe seems of value.
    (Before leaving, he overhears the patrolling men talking outside.)
    Cirtizen: Maybe he's got away.
    Citizen: Don't be talking foolish. He's maybe hiding somewhere.
    Citizen: Thars no chance of that. Marsh has got men watching all roads out of
    Citizen: Have you seen the sacrifice?
    Citizen: I ain't seen any trace of nothing.
    Citizen: Just keep looking.
    Citizen: Someone'll be for lynching when Marsh learns the prisoner has escaped.
    Birch: Aye... that's for certain. Keep looking.
    Citizen: Stay alert. He can't have gone that far.
    Citizen: You got anything to report?
    Citizen: Not much. I ain't seen hide nor hair of him.
    (Jack returns to the back door of the garage, all the while avoiding being seen
    by the men. He knocks on the door.)
    Jack: Brian! It's me. Open up.
    (Brian opens the door.)
    Brian: I'm still not done with the car yet, Jack.
    (Brian returns to his work at the engine. Jack gives him the brooch.)
    Jack: Here it is.
    Brian: Thanks, Jack. Ruth would have been heart-broken if I'd lost it. I'll be
    done in just a second. Hold on.
    (He works on the engine for a few moments.)
    Brian: I'm finished. Get in the back... I know the way.
    (Brian enters the cabin of the truck.)
    Brian: Quickly, Jack. Get in the back and we can blow this joint.
    (Jack gets in the back.)
    Brian: Jack. I think I saw some ammo in the back of the truck. We'll need it!
    (Jack takes some ammunition from a crate in the back.)
    1.8. Escape From Innsmouth
    "Our dull, embyonic science pales beside the understanding of beings vastly
    more ancient than ourselves. The things we say cannot be are merely the nearest
    edge of truths far beyond our capacity to reason."
    (Jack has a monster vision of armed citizens guarding a railway station. The
    vision then ends. He is in the back of the truck, with Brian in the front
    Jack: Get us out of here.
    Brian: Hold on, Jack.
    Jack: To what?
    Brian: Whoooooaaa!
    (Brian drives the truck out of the garage, breaking through the doors.)
    Brian: Get ready, Jack.
    (The citizens notice the truck and open fire.)
    Citizen: Stop him, don't let him get away!
    Citizen: It's the outsider and Burnham... stop 'em.
    Citizen: They're in the car.
    (Jack crouches to avoid being hit by the bullets. Brian then accidentally
    crashes the truck into a parked police vehicle.)
    Brian: Shit!
    Jack: Jesus, Brian... watch the road. This is not good... get us the hell out
    of here, NOW!
    (Brian gets the truck on the road again, but the citizens are getting close.)
    Citizen: Quickly... get 'em now.
    Citizen: Don't let 'em get away.
    Citizen: The outsider's on the back of the car... kill him.
    Citizen: Cut 'em down.
    Citizen: They're coming this way.
    Citizen: The sacrifice is escaping.
    (They crash again into a wall.)
    Brian: Son of a bitch!
    Jack: Oh, great.
    (They get on the way again and come near the railway station Jack has seen in
    his vision.)
    Citizen: Burnham's coming... Quickly!
    (The truck has another accident near the station.)
    Brian: COME ON!
    Jack: Hurry the hell up, Brian! I'm not sitting too pretty back here.
    (Brian gets the vehicle back into position and speeds along the railway. They
    are now almost out of the town. However, there are still guards around.)
    Jack: Phhhheww!
    Citizen: In the car... the sacrifice is getting away.
    (They stop before a parked truck that is blocking the road. Its back is filled
    with canisters.)
    Citizen: They've stopped... kill 'em now.
    Brian: Hey, Jack! You'd better check this out.
    Jack: Oh, hell... just force your way through.
    Brian: It's too dangerous, Jack! The canisters on that truck are explosive.
    Citizen: They're trapped... don't let 'em escape.
    (Jack shoots the canisters. The parked truck explodes, and Brian drives on.)
    Citizen: Burnham's coming this way, and the outsider's with him.
    (They speed away from the last guards. As they continue to drive, Jack has a
    monster vision of Thomas Waite and Ramona driving along the same route in a
    truck. The two are in the front cabin, and the vision is from the back,
    apparently from the eyes of Ramona's monstrous mother. The vision ends, and
    Brian stops near the fishing cannery. There are many guards around, patrolling
    the area.)
    Brian: Get out, Jack. The old fishing cannery is just round the corner. Hurry
    Jack: But it's swarming with the Order!
    Brian: Just find Ruth. I'll meet you at the other side.
    (Jack fights his way through the citizens to the cannery. At the entrance he
    has a monster vision of someone watching the guards in one of the buildings
    from the rafters. Jack sneaks into the cannery. A few guards are talking
    Guard: Seen anything?
    Guard: No.
    Guard: He's close... keep looking.
    Guard: Noticed anything unusual?
    Guard: No. It all seems okay.
    (He then makes his way to an empty storage area of the cannery. There, he finds
    some keys. Ruth's voice is heard as he takes them.)
    Ruth: Jack, I'm up here.
    (Jack looks up and sees her on a wooden ledge by the rafters.)
    Jack: Ruth! What the hell you doing up there?
    Ruth: I must have been followed. They stormed inside just moments ago. There
    was gunfire outside. I only just managed to climb up here, and threw the ladder
    down to escape. I'm trapped up here, Jack! The door's padlocked, and this ledge
    isn't going to hold for much longer. I don't want to die, Jack... Help me!
    Jack: Keep back! I'll figure something out.
    Ruth: I can hear something!
    (Suddenly, a group of armed citizens storms the building through the main
    doors. Jack hides behind a pole to avoid being seen.)
    Citizen: Spread out!
    Citizen: Search everywhere.
    (One of them spots Jack.)
    Citizen: It's you... come here! In the name of the Order of Dagon... I'll gut
    you where you stand.
    (They open fire on Jack.)
    Citizen: You there! Hold it!
    Ruth: I can feel it moving... HELP ME!
    (Jack runs out of the building through the door, all the while avoiding the
    bullets, and makes his way to where Brian has parked the truck. He is still
    sitting inside the cabin. Jack talks to him.)
    Jack: Sorry. There's nothing I can do... the dumb broad's got herself trapped
    in the rafters.
    Brian: Well get her down. I'm not leaving without Ruth.
    Jack: Look, Burnham, you idiot... Pa's not gonna let anything happen to your
    little girlie.
    Brian: Just rescue Ruth... then we can leave. I'm not leaving 'til you rescue
    * There are two possibilities at this point
    Possibility 1
    (If Jack wastes too much time without saving Ruth, he has a vision of the ledge
    collapsing and Ruth falling down. He goes inside the storage building and
    checks her body, which lies limp on the floor.)
    Jack: Ruth's dead... looks like she broke her neck in the fall.
    (He returns to Brian.)
    Jack: I'm sorry, Brian... Ruth's dead. I tried to save her... but...
    Brian: No, damn it. That's not possible. If it wasn't for me... she'd still be
    Jack: Shut it... you don't have time to be angry. If we don't get out of here
    right now, we're gonna end up the same way.
    Brian: Get in the back.
    (Jack gets in the back of the truck.)
    Possibility 2
    (Jack runs back to the cannery, climbs a flight of stairs, breaks a window and
    hops out. Outside, he unlocks a door with the keys he took from the storage
    area and finds himself on the other side of the rafters in the building. The
    men are still searching the area below. He begins to slowly move to the ledge
    with Ruth.)
    Jack: Just swell... I hate heights.
    Ruth: It's about to collapse.
    Ruth: Please! Help me!
    (Jack reaches her.)
    Jack: Come on, sweetheart. Brian's meeting us out back.
    Ruth: I'll never be able to make it across the rafters. You'll have to get that
    door open.
    (Jack goes and checks a padlocked door that leads out of the building.)
    Jack: The padlock's old and rusted.
    Ruth: Hurry, Jack. Get that door open. There's not much time.
    (Jack breaks the padlock with his crowbar.)
    Jack: Let's get the hell out of here!
    Ruth: Lead the way.
    (They go downstairs and climb out the window near where Brian waits.)
    Jack: Come on, Ruth... hurry the hell up.
    (The scene ends. They are next in the truck with Ruth with Brian in the cabin
    and Jack in the back.)
    (They are riding in the truck.)
    Brian: There's a bridge out of town not far from here. Just hold on.
    (The citizens watching the road notice the truck and open fire. Brian gets
    Ruth: Brian!!!!
    Jack: Shit!!!
    (The truck rolls over. It explodes as Jack falls off. Then several gunshots are
    heard and, a few men who look like FBI agents are seen rushing to the scene as
    Jack blacks out.)
    * This last part is the same for both possibilities, the only difference being
    that obviously Ruth is not in the truck if the first possibility takes place.
    1.9. Feds in the Asylum
    "This language of ours is too poor a thing to describe what may be seen when
    one stares down into the Abyss of primal horror. For language is but the
    handmaiden of thought, and thought itself recoils from what it sees."
    (Jack has a flashback of going down the stairs in Waite's house and see him
    holding Ramona's corpse. Then he awakens. He is being carried on a stretcher by
    a doctor through the main hallway of the Arkham Asylum. He sees Waite in the
    hallway as he is carried. They enter a room and the doctor closes the door. He
    then straps him to the stretcher and then Jack faints. Two men are heard
    Man 1: Did I ask for your damn opinion? Remember who funds this damn nut house.
    Man 2: Very well.
    (Jack awakens with a blurry vision and the doctor gives him a shot.)
    Doctor: He's awake.
    (There are two men who look like FBI agents in front of Jack, with a bright
    spotlight behind them that shines right in his face. The agent to the left
    Agent: Ahhh... Mr. Walters... Our friends in the Boston PD hold you up as quite
    the hero... before you went all screwy, that is...
    (Jack's vision clears.)
    Agent: I don't like heroes, Mr. Walters.
    Jack: And I don't care for your opinions... whoever the hell you are.
    Agent: J. Edgar Hoover, from the bureau. And considering your position, Mr.
    Walters, you'd best mind your manners... Now... what was your business in
    Jack: Just stopping in on some broad... I was feeling down on my luck, and
    needed the company.
    Hoover: Ah, bullshit... There are only two types of folks that visit
    Innsmouth... criminals and fools. And you don't seem like a fool.
    (The second agent punches Jack in the face.)
    Jack: Appearances can be deceptive.
    Hoover: I see... Dr. Hardstrom... if you'd be so kind.
    (The doctor gives Jack an electrical shock with a taser. He faints.)
    Hoover: Wake him up!
    (Jack awakens again with blurry vision.)
    Jack: Just charge me with something... 'cause I don't know nothing.
    Hoover: This is not going to stop, Mr. Walters, so you may as well level with
    Jack: I already told you... it was nothing... a missing person case, and I
    needed the dough.
    (His vision darkens. He then hallucinates, seeing Ramona from the back in the
    place of Hoover. The doctor gives him another shot, and his vision again turns
    blurry. This time he sees Waite's bloody corpse in the place of the second
    agent for a moment. Then the hallucination ends and his vision reverts to
    Jack: I was only checked in for one night, and I had to blow the joint in the
    early hours. Seems the locals didn't take kindly to my snooping.
    Hoover: For Christ's sake, Walters! Is it normal in your line of work to break
    a punk out of the can, then breeze out of town in a stolen car?
    Jack: Only on the good days... but not normally, no. I've had a shitty night,
    Hoover, so I'd really appreciate you cutting me some slack. What's the bureau's
    beef with Innsmouth anyway?
    Hoover: Widespread criminal activity, Mr. Walters. And half the damn town's
    involved. Our government's never had to handle something on this scale before.
    But... they won't sanction a full scale operation without more evidence.
    Jack: While I appreciate the bedtime story... I don't see where I come into
    Hoover: Thanks to your meddling, Mackey's gone missing... And he was close to
    something... something we could use.
    Jack: Missing? What do you mean, missing?
    Hoover: He was supposed to check in hours ago. Our plans have now changed.
    You'll be accompanying us back into Innsmouth, Mr. Walters, on a small scale
    raid. Our target... the Marsh Refinery.
    Jack: I'm not your lap dog, Hoover. I don't work for the bureau.
    (The doctor gives him another shock with the taser.)
    Hoover: I'm not in the business of making requests, Mr. Walters. Or have you
    forgotten your past so quickly? A signature here, a signature there, and we can
    make you a permanent fixture of this delightful establishment.
    (Jack's vision turns entirely black and white, and he sees imaginary insects
    flying around the room.)
    Hoover: I could even arrange for you to have your old room back.
    Jack: Fuck... you...
    (The second agent punches Jack in the face.)
    Hoover: Goodnight, Mr. Walters... pleasant dreams.
    (Jack blacks out.)
    The Feds
    February 8, 1922
    During my interrogation, it became clear apparent that the FBI has been
    watching Innsmouth for some time. Mackey was the Bureau's inside man; now he's
    missing as well.
    Hoover and his boys are going to mount a raid on the Marsh Refinery - and I'm
    invited whether I want to go or not. As if I haven't been through enough in the
    last twenty-four hours.
    I tried to tell Hoover what's waiting for them in that refinery - what's
    lurking beneath the surface of the town - but he didn't believe me. I can't say
    I'm surprised; I wouldn't believe me either, if I hadn't seen it for myself.
    And Hoover hasn't seen what I've seen.
    From the questions Hoover asked me, the Bureau knows next to nothing about
    Innsmouth or the Refinery, even though the FBI has been watching Innsmouth for
    some time.
    That's not surprising, since it cut itself off from the outside world more than
    fifty years ago and no-one outside of Innsmouth's been inside the Refinery
    since then.
    I guess Mackey didn't tell him much - or he didn't believe Mackey any more than
    he believed me.
    Hoover thinks the old gold Refinery is the main source of wealth for the Marsh
    family and is a base of some kind of criminal gang.
    He figures that a lot more gold comes out of the mill than is possible from the
    amounts of raw ore they buy, and he wants to know why.
    I guess I thought things were pretty simple too, when I first came to
    Innsmouth. Now, I envy him his ignorance.
    I must have been a sight when they found me; they certainly loaded me up with
    sedatives. They've almost worn off now, but I'm feeling drained.
    I wish I could blame the drugs for the dreams I had while I was out, but they
    were just like the dreams from the other night at the Gilman Hotel.
    The dreams keep on getting clearer, more like memories. I'm getting fleeting
    images of other things, too - they just seem to pop up from somewhere in my
    mind for no apparent reason.
    I have no idea what they mean - except that I need to keep a grip on myself. I
    don't want a return trip to the Arkham Asylum.
    The raid is set for tomorrow. I'd give anything to avoid going back to that
    town. The Feds handed me back Ruth's brooch, which they found in the wreckage
    of the car crash... another painful memory.
    1.10. The Marsh Refinery
    "Its form was utterly beyond my comprehension, and even now I cannot form a
    clear mental image. Beyond the impression of great size, immense speed, and a
    malignity greater than the human mind can conceive, I remember nothing."
    (Jack is in the back seat of a car in an FBI convoy driving towards the
    refinery. They stop before the main gate. Hoover is sitting next to him.)
    Hoover: Look here, Walters! Your profile shows that you're a man to be
    trusted... even allowing for your stint in the nut house. I've packed you with
    armaments... I demand your complete cooperation. Our reconnaissance reports
    have confirmed Sebastian Marsh, the manager of the Refinery, will be out of
    town on business. He's left his son, Jacob, in charge of operations.
    (Two agents open the gate.)
    Hoover: We won't get a better chance to launch this raid. Our mission is to
    capture Jacob Marsh. He may be our only chance to get under the skin of the
    Marsh family. We must secure him alive!
    (The cars go through the gates into the refinery yard.)
    Hoover: Even with Sebastian away, we expect the Refinery to be heavily guarded.
    I'll fill you in with more details when we have breached the main doors.
    (The cars stop, and all the agents except Hoover get out.)
    Hoover: Jack... you better stay in the car while my agents secure the entrance.
    (Two guards are seen on the roof over the main entrance of the refinery. Hoover
    gets out.)
    Hoover: Get in your positions, agents! Keep sight of the loading bay!
    (The two guards open fire on them. The agents take cover behind the wooden
    Hoover: On the roof, sustain your fire!
    (A firefight breaks out.)
    Hoover: Take them down!
    (Jack has a monster vision of a machine gun emplacement before some big doors.
    Then the vision ends and the two guards get killed.)
    Hoover: Hold your fire! Cooper! Get those damn doors open!
    (Jack has another vision of the same place with the doors opening and a guard
    running towards the machine gun. As the door is opened, Cooper is seen. The
    vision ends abruptly.)
    Jack: NO!!! Wait!!!
    (The machine gun operated by the guard in the vision kills Cooper and opens
    fire on the agents.)
    Agent: Cooper!
    Agent: Take cover!
    Hoover: Get clear of the car, Jack! Now!
    (Jack gets out of the car.)
    Hoover: Get over here, Jack!
    (He goes to Hoover, avoiding the bullets.)
    Hoover: That gunner is too holed in... none of us can make a clean shot.
    Jack: For God's sake, Hoover! Get your men out of there... they're sitting
    Hoover: Nonsense! We'll lay down some covering fire... you get your ass up
    there, and show us what you can do!
    Jack: What?!?
    Hoover: You heard me! Now, GO! We'll cover you! Move it!
    (The firefight continues.)
    Agent: We'll get cut to pieces if we stay out here much longer!
    Agent Scott Nelson: I can't get a clean shot!
    Hoover: Hold your positions, agents!
    Nelson: We should fall back!
    Hoover: Take him down!
    Agent: He's too well protected!
    Hoover: Sustain your fire!
    Agent: I can't hit him from here!
    Hoover: You're gonna get cut to pieces!
    (Jack runs over to Nelson.)
    Nelson: Jack! What the hell you doing?
    Jack: Hoover's orders! He wants me have a chat with our gunner friend.
    Nelson: That's too risky. You'll be cut in half before you can make five yards.
    Good luck, Jack... I'll cover you... maybe you can figure out some way to get
    Agent: He's tucked in too tight!
    Agent: It's no use!
    Nelson: The bay doors are giving him too much protection!
    Agent: Someone needs to get in close... we'll never hit him from this range!
    (Jack tries to shoot the gunner from range.)
    Jack: It's no use... I'll never hit him from here. He's too well protected... I
    can't make a clean shot.
    (Jack sneaks through the crates and gets to a door facing the gun from the
    side. He then shoots the gunner.)
    Jack: He's down... the area's clear!
    (The agents arrive.)
    Hoover: Well done, Jack... wait by me while my men secure the area.
    (There is a closed door there.)
    Hoover: Check reception.
    Nelson: It's locked, sir!
    Hoover: Break it down... then secure the area. I want Marsh alive. Everything
    else is a viable target. Fall out.
    Nelson: Understood, sir!
    (Nelson breaks down the door. The agents storm inside.)
    Jack: Okay, Hoover... What's the plan?
    Hoover: I want to know where the hell they're getting all this gold! Come on...
    let's take a look around.
    (They go through the broken door. Jack finds a shotgun and a rifle in the
    offices they come into, and Hoover moves more quickly ahead of him. Jack then
    arrives in the main area. A loud scream is suddenly heard.)
    Jack: What the hell was that noise? It came from somewhere below.
    (He has a monster vision of someone frantically using an elevator. He then
    advances in the main area and sees Hoover at the elevator doors. The door opens
    and a wounded agent, his clothes shredded and blood all over his body, steps
    Agent: HELP ME!
    Hoover: What the hell?
    (Hoover struggles with the agent.)
    Agent: PLEASE!
    Hoover: What happened down there, agent?
    (The agent is hysterical and does not answer him.)
    Hoover: Did you find Marsh?
    (Hoover shoots him. Jack comes close.)
    Hoover: What you staring at, Jack? He was just a field agent. He knew the
    Hoover: The power's been cut from the elevator. It must have been shut down
    from the mains. You try the next floor down; see if you can find the generator.
    I'll secure this floor.
    Hoover: Find the generator for the elevator, and power it up! The stairs,
    Jack... get moving! You've got your orders, Jack. Stop your dawdling.
    (Jack checks the dead agent.)
    Jack: His skin has been corroded from his body. He must have died in extreme
    pain. What the hell could have happened to him? His body is covered in the same
    slimy muck I found in the Innsmouth sewers.
    (He goes down some stairs and encounters armed guards in the level below. After
    much searching and fighting, he finds a drive belt in a workshop.)
    Jack: It's a drive belt for heavy machinery.
    (He then makes his way to the generator room and tries to use the lever but the
    generator does not work.)
    Jack: The generator is not running.
    (He fixes the generator with the drive belt and uses the lever called Track
    Generator to restore power to the ore buckets nearby. Then he goes to the
    bucket control console and activates the buckets.
    Jack: The bucket track is running fine.
    (He gets into one of them and then gets off after some way by jumping onto some
    wooden crates. Suddenly, a loud scream is heard.)
    Jack: Oh God, what the hell now?
    (He climbs a ladder and reaches the Pressure Control room. There, he sees a
    valve that reads "Pressure Release Valve".)
    Jack: It's a valve for releasing pressure.
    (He goes through some double doors into a hall. Steam blocks the entrance of a
    hallway while a burned corpse lies under some broken pipes.)
    Jack: Turning that pressure release valve seems to have re-routed the steam.
    (He checks the body.)
    Jack: The dead body of a federal agent. His body has been burned to a crisp. I
    better watch my step... this refinery's a death trap.
    (Jack proceeds, fighting more guards on the way. Then has a monster vision of a
    man falling into a grinder. The vision ends abruptly and the same man screams
    and a body falls dead from a machine some distance in front of Jack.)
    Jack: Damn it! That sounded like Agent Nelson.
    (He checks the badly mutilated corpse below the machine, which is the grinder
    he has seen in the vision.)
    Jack: I can't be certain... but that looks like the remains of Agent Nelson. He
    must have fallen into the ore grinder... or been pushed.
    (Jack goes up a ladder and sees some ore chutes.)
    Jack: For a gold refinery, the levels of raw ore seem very low.
    (He then sees that the main chute is sealed.)
    Jack: The main ore chute has been sealed up. It must not be part of the current
    refinery operations. Strange.
    (He also checks some containers.)
    Jack: Large wooden containers for holding raw ore... most of them are empty.
    (He proceeds and comes across the grinder from above. He examines it.)
    Jack: The grinder is smeared with Agent Nelson's blood and guts. Aside from the
    recent grinding of human bone and tissue, the machinery hasn't been used in
    (He climbs up and starts advancing on the conveyor belt leading to the grinder.
    As he walks on, he has a vision of the asylum hallway. It floods with blood and
    then Jack equally abruptly returns to the reality. At the end of the belt he
    sees a suited man at a control console. He is apparently Jacob Marsh.)
    Jack: Stop right there, Marsh!
    Jacob Marsh: Goodbye, Mr. Walters.
    (Marsh starts the belt to kill Jack in the same way as Agent Nelson, and the
    belt begins to move towards the grinder. Jack jumps off to a broken catwalk
    just before the grinder. From there, he moves back to the conveyor belt, which
    is now inactive, and goes to where Marsh stood. From there, he gets to a ladder
    while fighting his way through many enemies. He goes up the ladder and goes
    through a trapdoor. He then finds himself in the administration room.)
    Jack: This must be the Marsh family office.
    (He picks up a note from a desk.)
    Jack: It's a letter from Sebastian Marsh.
    Letter from Sebastian Marsh
    My dear family,
    I expect to return home shortly. I look forward to seeing you all again.
    I believe my trip has been a fruitful one. I have met with many potential
    buyers for our product, and as I predicted, met with few concerns. All are
    aware that history is written by the victor, and that treaties and laws must
    bow to the fact of conquest. And what, indeed, is so moral about a bullet or a
    bomb, that sets them above other means of death?
    I shall speak with you all further upon my return. I shall have much to say to
    Robert, in particular; it is of the utmost importance that our personal beliefs
    and agendas remain subordinate to the overall good of the family and the town.
    As the time draws ever closer, it becomes more imperative that we act as one.
    If he is unwilling to do so, he must be compelled, for all our sakes. In
    particular, he must remove his beast to another part of the refinery without
    My love and blessings are upon you all.
    I'a Dagon! I'a Hydra! I'a! I'a!
    (Leaving the offices, Jack finds a generator in the outside hall.)
    Jack: This must be the main generator for the elevator.
    (He presses the button of the generator.)
    Jack: This should get the elevator running again.
    (He then goes through a door to the elevator area. He calls it and pushes the
    Foundry button once he is inside. At the destination he goes through a door
    that says Gold Processing. Suddenly, Marsh is heard.)
    Jacob Marsh: Kill him, men!
    (The guards attack Jack.)
    Marsh: In the name of the Order, protect the refinery! Cut him down!
    (Jack kills the men. Then he goes to the Gold Purification area.)
    Jack: A vat of molten gold... the heat is tremendous. Where the hell did all
    this gold come from?
    (He continues and comes to another chamber with a large vat of molten gold.
    Suddenly, Hoover's voice is heard.)
    Hoover: Jack! I'm up here... do something, for Christ's sake!
    (He looks to the right and sees Hoover in an elevator with Jacob at the control
    panel next to him.)
    Marsh: Shut it, Hoover! As for you, Mr. Walters... we've just about had enough
    of your meddling in Innsmouth affairs.
    Jack: It was my pleasure to inconvenience you, Marsh.
    Marsh: After you've watched your copper friend here die... I'm coming after
    Hoover: Shoot him! Shoot the screwy bastard!
    (Marsh activates the elevator, it is lowered slowly. He then opens fire on
    Jack. A gunfight erupts.)
    Hoover: For Christ's sake... just shoot him.
    Hoover: Hurry up, Jack!
    Hoover: Quickly, Jack! No time like the present!
    Hoover: Just kill the crazy bastard!
    (Marsh gets wounded by Jack's bullets.)
    Marsh: Aaargh... Damn it! I'll get you for this, Walters!
    (Marsh retreats from the chamber.)
    Hoover: We're on a time limit here!
    Hoover: I'm going to fucking die here, Jack!
    Hoover: Hurry the hell up, Jack!
    (Jack runs to the control panel and brings the elevator back up.)
    Jack: Phew. That was too close!
    Hoover: You have my fullest gratitude, Walters! You'd make a first-rate agent.
    Too bad you've got that stinking attitude.
    Jack: A lousy night of torture can really grate on a man's mood.
    Hoover: If your aim was as sharp as your wit, then Marsh wouldn't have gotten
    Jack: Your orders were to take him alive, not blow his brains out!
    Hoover: That was before the crazy psychopath tried to kill me. Besides... he
    left his briefcase by the controls. There's probably enough evidence in there
    to sanction a full-scale raid. So, I couldn't care less if you bring him back
    in small boxes. Just get the bastard!
    Hoover: Marsh won't come back this way, Walters. You're going to have to hunt
    him down. So get a move on! What you waiting for?
    (Jack checks the door through which Marsh escaped.)
    Jack: Damn it! Marsh must have locked it behind him. I'll have to find another
    way round.
    (He goes to the Gold Casting room, and there he has a monster vision of
    something climbing through the elevator shaft. After the vision, he checks the
    huge casting machine.)
    Jack: All this machinery must be used for casting the gold. The foundry seems
    to be the only floor that's fully operational. Where the hell is the Marsh
    family getting such a rich supply of gold?
    (He enters an area called Chemical Storage. Then he has another monster vision
    of the same creature moving into the Gold Casting room. Jack then advances and
    has another vision of it moving closer.)
    Jack: There's something coming... I can feel it.
    (He goes into Electrolysis Maintenance and has another vision of the monster
    coming to the Chemical Storage chamber. Jack moves down the hallway and then
    hears a loud noise like a crash. He is suddenly knocked out when he goes
    through a door. He wakes up on the floor, facing Jacob Marsh.)
    Marsh: Wake up, Mr. Walters! You fool. You've got no idea what you are dealing
    with here. I want you to witness the power of the Order of Dagon. I'a Dagon!
    I'a Hydra!
    (He goes to work on a control panel.)
    Marsh: Ooooo... Jack, you're not looking so good. Don't worry, it'll all be
    over soon.
    (Marsh leaves. Jack tries to crawl after him.)
    Jack: I'm gonna kill you... you creepy bastard!
    (Suddenly, a giant monster of green-brown slime with many eyes and tenctacles
    springs up in a large vat nearby and sticks to the ceiling. It is clearly the
    shoggoth, which has been mentioned before and the traces of which have been
    seen in the sewers.)
    Jack: Oh, fuck...
    (The monster swings its tenctacles against Jack. Jack runs to an area and hides
    behind some crates.)
    Jack: This looks like a reasonable hiding place.
    (He waits there for a while.)
    Jack: I gotta get moving!
    (He runs across some stairs near the shoggoth and gets to a control panel that
    reads Vat Pump Control. He activates it.)
    Jack: Hmmm... this must activate the vat pump.
    (The pump vacuums the shoggoth out of the vat.)
    Jack: I don't see that improving its mood.
    (He moves back to where Marsh stood and checks the contol panel that reads
    Electrode Activate.)
    Jack: The machinery must have overloaded and blown the fuse. It's no use. It
    needs a new fuse. There's no power going to the electrodes.
    (He checks the fuse box nearby.)
    Jack: A blown fuse and the smell of burning metal.
    (He runs to an office evading the monster which has arisen in the other vat and
    finds a spare fuse.)
    Jack: Ah, a spare fuse.
    (He goes back and fixes the blown fuse box.)
    Jack: That should fix the problem.
    (Jack then activates the electrodes.)
    Jack: Perhaps a touch more stimulation is needed.
    (The electric shock subdues the shoggoth into an inactive mass of slime. Jack
    enters a hallway to leave the area. Suddenly, a loud noise is heard behind him.
    It is the monster pursuing him.)
    Jack: Oh shit! What the hell was that?
    (He closes a door behind him, runs and closes another and comes to the Chemical
    Storage area. He then climbs a ladder and sees a hole in the air duct.)
    Jack: Must be the main route down to electrolysis.
    (He crawls into the duct and starts advancing. The shoggoth shakes the duct but
    Jack reaches the end. At the end is a room and he climbs another ladder leading
    to a room filled with slime. There is another open duct here and Jack enters
    it. The monster shakes it again but Jack reaches the elevator. There, he
    presses the Shipping button.)
    Jack: I gotta get out of here now!
    (The elevator shakes and stops halfway through. The emergency alarm goes off.)
    Jack: For God's sake! Come on!
    (He presses the Emergency Door Release button, and the door opens. He gets out
    by jumping on some crates. The elevator falls off in the shaft just as he gets
    out. Jack suddenly runs into Hoover in the main Shipping area.)
    Hoover: Ah... Mr. Walters. I see you made it at last. Seems Marsh managed to
    give you the slip. Fortunately, we had him picked up as he tried to flee.
    (Jack looks and sees another agent holding Marsh down with his hands on his
    Marsh: The Order of Dagon will make you pay for this, Hoover. I'a Cthulhu. I'a
    Hoover: Get this ugly bastard out of my face, Agent Harper.
    Agent: Yes, sir! Come on, Marsh, move it!
    (The agent takes him away.)
    Jack: Hoover! You gotta evacuate the building! There's something down there!
    Hoover: All in good time. We found a key in Marsh's possession... a key he was
    most reluctant to give up. It must have been for the elevator panel, giving
    access to an additional floor at the very foundation of this refinery. All my
    agents are busy planting explosives to flatten this place to the ground. I want
    you to find a way down there and check it out.
    Jack: Not a chance! I already told you, there's something down there... I
    barely got out alive.
    Hoover: I made it clear back in the asylum, Mr. Walters. I don't make requests.
    Jack: Okay. But I'll be needing another gun.
    (Hoover gives him a pistol.)
    Jack: How am I supposed to access the lowest floor with the elevator out of
    Hoover: You're a detective, Mr. Walters. I'm sure you'll figure something out.
    I'm gonna blow this place, whether you're in it or not. So... I'd hurry it up
    if I were you.
    (Jack goes to a door with an agent in front of it.)
    Jack: Let me pass.
    Agent: I only take commands from Hoover... and my orders are not to let you out
    till you've checked the basement. You have your orders... find a route to the
    bottom of the refinery. The clock's ticking... Hoover will leave you behind.
    (He checks the elevator.)
    Jack: That drop wrecked the elevator. The elevator is out of order. It may be
    some time before I get into another elevator.
    (He then goes to the Administration area, and talks to an agent before a door.)
    Jack: I need to get through... Hoover's orders!
    Agent: Explosives are being laid through here, Mr. Walters. The area is
    restricted. You'll have to find another way.
    Agent: I already told you. This area's restricted. Only official personnel are
    allowed through here.
    (He finds a padlocked gate reads Elevator Maintenance Access. He shoots the
    padlock and enters. He opens the hatch by pressing a button that says Hatch
    Release and goes through it, ending up on the trapdoor in the elevator shaft.
    He jumps to a ladder from the platform and climbs up. He then gets to a room
    and sticks to the elevator cable and starts going down. Halfway down Hoover
    opens the hatch and calls to him.)
    Hoover: The fuses are primed. You've got twenty minutes before this place
    blows. Move!
    (Jack gets down to the wrecked elevator with gold strewn all over from the
    broken crates. He checks the gold bullions.)
    Jack: Strange... The gold is an odd whitish color. The clock's ticking... I
    really don't have time to steal gold. Stealing is still a crime... even if they
    are psychopaths.
    (He hops down from a hole in the floor of the elevator to a hallway. Proceeds
    and climbs a ladder blocked by a trapdoor.)
    Jack: It's some sort of trapdoor, but there's no handle on this side. I can't
    open it.
    (He gets back down, presses a button and goes through the now open trapdoor. He
    then comes to a large area with huge double doors and slimy material and gold.)
    Jack: It's a secret gold vault... this must be where the Marshes hoard their
    (He checks the damaged doors to Gold Vault C and presses the button.)
    Jack: It's sparking... I better keep back. I won't be able to get through this
    way. The door mechanism is too heavily damaged.
    (He checks Vault B but there is no button, only damaged cables.)
    Jack: There are some broken cables hanging here. They were probably the wiring
    for the door opening mechanism. I won't be able to open Gold Vault B from this
    (He gets into Vault A and sees the shoggoth occupying all the area. A tentacle
    blocks the catwalk across the room. There is a valve on his side of the chamber
    named Gas Flow Control 1. He uses it. Gas on the catwalk forces the monster to
    retract its tentacle.)
    Jack: This pressure valve controls the flow of gas.
    (He goes to the second valve but there is no valve.)
    Jack: It's a valve for controlling the flow of gas. I can't turn the bolt with
    my bare hands.
    (He turns off the first gas valve. He then goes across the catwalk, finds his
    way to the lower level, evades tentacles and eventually comes to an area with a
    corpse and a wrench nearby. He checks the body.)
    Jack: The body's cold. He must have been dead for some time.
    (He takes the wrench.)
    Jack: He won't need this anymore.
    (Jack gets to the other side and activates the two valves with the wrench. Then
    he goes back to the first side and turns on the first two valves. Gas fills the
    area. He goes back to the beginning with the doors leading to gold vaults. Here
    he presses the button for Vault C and the sparks cause an explosion in the
    nearby area with the monster which throws the doors off the hinges. Jack enters
    the damaged area with the shoggoth destroyed and burning crates on the floor.
    Here he opens a door with the key taken from Marsh. It leads to a temple area.
    He heads down the hall to a strange, shrine-like room with a large, winged
    monster statue and a pedestal with a red gem. The door closes behind him and he
    suddenly has a flashback of the asylum room as he enters. In the vision, he
    leaves the room and moves down the hall with a man in a wheelchair and the
    vision abruptly ends. After the vision, he tries to pick up the gem from the
    Jack: I can't pick it up. The gem is firmly locked to the pedestal by an
    ornamental claw. The claw can't be prised open with my bare hands.
    (His vision blurs as he starts to go insane with the unnatural influence of the
    room. He checks the statue with glowing red eyes.)
    Jack: Staring at the statue is making my head pound. It's a magnificently
    carved effigy of the great priest Cthulhu. I gonna go crazy stuck in this
    chamber... I gotta get out of here!
    (He checks a control panel near the statue and red rays emit from the eyes of
    the statue.)
    Jack: Hmmm... Interesting.
    (He pushes the pedestal closer to the door. He then uses the panel and the rays
    hit the gem and then the stone over the door. The claw opens. Jack picks up the
    gem and the door opens. Suddenly, two agents enter.)
    Agent 1: At last... we've found you.
    Jack: It's nice of you fellas to show up.
    Agent 2: What the hell is this place?
    Jack: It's some sort of shrine... probably used by the Marshes for private
    Agent 2: And the oversized gargoyle?
    Jack: That's no gargoyle, agent. That's Cthulhu.
    Agent 1: Fellas... this chamber's about to be buried under four floors of brick
    and metal.
    Agent 2: Okay, Walters. Let's get out of here before this place blows!
    (They get to the entrance of the refinery barely in time and the massive
    compound explodes. Jack throws himself onto the ground to avoid being hurt by
    the blast.)
    The Order of Dagon
    February 9, 1922
    That was one big explosion in the refinery. One moment I was running for my
    life, the next I was face down with a mouthful of dirt. I just hope everything
    inside was destroyed.
    What the hell was that thing in there? Some kind of monster jellyfish? How
    could it move out of water? How could it even exist? My ears are still ringing
    with the screams of Hoover's men as the acidic slime engulfed them.
    Despite the casualties, though, the raid hit paydirt. The Feds recovered a
    briefcase with some very incriminating papers. It seems that among other
    things, the Marsh family - Sebastian in particular - has been trafficking with
    enemies of the State.
    He's been offering a contagion - some kind of germ weapon - to the highest
    bidder. This is in violation of all kinds of international treaties, but that
    didn't surprise me.
    Even if the Marshes care about such things - which I doubt - I could well
    believe that news of the treaties hadn't ever reached Innsmouth.
    But I know there's more to the story. Like that shrine on the lower floor of
    the refinery. The carvings of those hideous gods are one more thing that will
    probably haunt my dreams for some time to come. Why did they seem familiar?
    In any case, the evidence of arms dealing gave Hoover the what he needed to
    bring in the big guns - literally. Innsmouth is now under martial law. A Coast
    Guard Cutter is stationed in the harbor, with a company of Marines on shore.
    Led by Robert Marsh, the surviving members of the Esoteric Order of Dagon are
    holed up in the old Masonic Hall. I suggested pounding the place to dust with
    the Marines' artillery and the cutter's guns, but Hoover wants Marsh alive.
    That's not going to be easy. The Marines who attacked the main entrance to the
    building went into some kind of psychotic seizure before they could reach it.
    The brass thought Marsh had laid down some kind of gas in the area, but gas
    masks didn't help the second storming party.
    That was when Hoover remembered a report of an old smugglers' tunnel, close by
    the banks of the Manuxet River, that was said to lead into the building from
    It seems my good luck just never ends. With so many agents killed and wounded
    in the refinery, Hoover has decided that I'll have the dubious honor of
    representing the FBI in an attack through this secret entrance, in company with
    a squad of Marines.
    I have to meet up with a Sergeant Carter and his men by the refinery gates;
    then we'll set out along the frozen river looking for the tunnel. I may never
    sleep again.
    Not that it would make much difference - the waking sounds and visions are
    getting worse all the time. Though if they are linked with the events here in
    Innsmouth, maybe getting to the bottom of this horror will help me recover my
    lost memories.
    1.11. The Esoteric Order of Dagon
    "Our dull, embyonic science pales beside the understanding of beings vastly
    more ancient than ourselves. The things we say cannot be are merely the nearest
    edge of truths far beyond our capacity to reason."
    (Jack is talking to Sergeant Carter outside on a catwalk on a cliff near the
    Marsh Refinery. The frozen river is seen below. Gunfire sounds in the
    background. It is clear that the whole town has become a battleground.)
    Jack: Have your men been able to determine the location of this old smuggling
    Sergeant Sam Carter: Not yet. Our intelligence estimates the most likely site
    would be further downstream. The Manuxet is frozen over, so we should be just
    fine on foot. Let's get moving.
    (There are three soldiers on the cliff near them. One of them carries a flame
    Carter: Move out, marines... secure the area.
    Lance Corporal Norman Flynn: Yes, sir! You heard the man. Move out!
    Flynn: Hodge! You take point!
    Private Charlie Hodge: Understood, Corporal!
    Flynn: Parker! You cover our flank!
    Private Joe Parker: Yes, sir!
    Carter: Keep your eyes peeled, and your weapons ready.
    (They start moving.)
    Parker: Clear!
    (The soldiers start to get off the cliff onto the frozen river via a rope. Jack
    and Carter are behind the three.)
    Flynn: Hodge! Go! Go! Go!
    Carter: Hurry up, Jack! It's your drop. I'll be right behind you, Jack. Move
    (Jack suddenly has a monster vision of a group of armed Innsmouth citizens
    Carter: What you waiting for, Jack? Get moving!
    (Jack has another vision of the gunmen getting to the catwalk they were on just
    a minute ago.)
    Carter: Get down the damn rope, Jack! That's an order!
    (The gunmen see them and open fire. Jack gets down the rope as Carter holds
    them off with his pistol. When Jack gets to the bottom Carter calls to him from
    Carter: Move out the way, Jack. I'm coming down! It's my drop... get the hell
    out the way! Get out the way, Jack!
    (As he tries to get down, Carter falls off the rope onto the ground. The ice
    breaks and he plunges inside. Jack advances on the ice as parts of it are
    Jack: Damn it, the ice is breaking up... I better get moving.
    (As he carefully advances, he sees two of the soldiers beating a few strange
    monsters that have features of fish, like Ramona's mother in the attic. They
    are whimpering on the ice just near the sea and the soldiers are kicking them.
    As he runs past them towards the smuggler route entrance, the ice portion
    connecting them to the rest breaks. Jack enters the route and advances through
    a narrow path. As he moves, he has a monster vision of the inside of a cave.
    Eventually he comes to a cave entrance with a soldier. The flame thrower that
    he was carrying is near him on the ground. Jack talks to him.)
    Soldier: They're all dead... aren't they?
    Jack: They were trapped... there was nothing anyone could have done.
    Soldier: Damn it. I tried to tell them... but the corporal wouldn't listen.
    They just wanted to slaughter those... things.
    Jack: What's your name, soldier?
    Soldier: Private Parker. Private Joe Parker.
    Jack: Well, Parker... it looks like you've found the old smuggling entrance.
    Parker: The door's frozen over... I already tried to open it... but it's stuck
    fast. We'll have to melt the ice. You operate the flame thrower. I'll cover the
    Jack: We could try knocking?
    Parker: Shut up, Jack. Just operate the flame thrower.
    (Jack uses the thrower on the ground and melts the ice of the door. Then he has
    a monster vision of something or someone coming closer to the entrance of the
    cave from the inside. The vision ends and he sees Parker approaching the door.)
    Jack: Parker! Hold it!
    (Parker opens the door. Suddenly, the arm of a monster snatches him and throws
    him off and then pulls him inside the cave by the arm.)
    Jack: Oh, shit!
    (Jack enters the cave and advances a bit through the torch-lit tunnel. He then
    sees a humanoid monster with tenctacles over its head that is shaped like the
    head of a squid eating Parker's corpse. The monster suddenly turns to him and
    begins to pursue him. Jack gets out of the cave and uses the flame thrower on
    the monster when it steps outside. The monster dies, and Jack checks its
    Jack: What the hell could have spawned such an abomination? Its body is similar
    to the more tainted of the Innsmouth population... but the head reminds me of
    Cthulhu. It's dead.
    (He walks on and examines Parker's mutilated corpse.)
    Jack: Looks like I'm on my own again. Parker must have died in agony. His chest
    cavity has been spread open for feeding.
    (He then finds some dynamites near Parker's body.)
    Jack: A hefty chunk of dynamite.
    (He proceeds in the tunnel, turns left at an intersection and comes to a prison
    area with cells on both sides. Some of them are empty but monstrous groans are
    heard coming from a few. Jack checks one of them.)
    Jack: There's something inside this cell, but it's too dark to make anything
    out. The prisoner seems to be chained up... it must be an animal of some sort.
    Whatever's dwelling in the darkness... it sounds like it's in great pain.
    (He walks on and hears Mackey's voice from one of the cells.)
    Mackey: Jack? Is that you?
    (Jack goes to the cell and Mackey comes to the door.)
    Jack: Mackey. Where do they keep the keys to the cells?
    Mackey: I don't know for sure, probably somewhere up in the main hall... what
    the blazes is going on?
    Jack: A few hours ago the government sanctioned a full scale operation into
    Innsmouth. It seems you were right about the contagion.
    Mackey: I knew it... why the delayed assault on the Order? We have to arrest
    Robert Marsh now.
    Jack: They can't breach the doors... anyone who gets close is driven mad.
    Mackey: The guards were discussing some potent mural that Robert Marsh had
    etched onto the main doors. They said it was powered by a sacred ceremony to
    the... Old Ones. Whatever the hell that means.
    Jack: We have to stop that ceremony. Sit tight, Mackey... I'll be right back.
    Mackey: Hurry up, Jack... you've got to get me out of here. We have to stop
    that ceremony. Find the keys and get me out of here.
    (Jack finds a key and a rifle at the end of the prison hall.)
    Jack: It's a large bronze key.
    (He goes back and heads to the right at the intersection. He eventually comes
    to a hallway with a large number of monstrous starfish on the walls. When he
    goes near them, one of them jumps on his face and slightly hurts him. At the
    end of this hallway there is a door but it is entirely covered by the starfish.
    There are also some wooden barrels nearby. Jack checks them.)
    Jack: These barrels are filled with bootleg rum... highly flammable stuff.
    (He places the dynamites on the barrels.)
    Jack: The fuse'll only last a couple of seconds. I better find cover... and
    (He quickly gets away to avoid the impact. The dynamites detonate, and the
    blast kills all the starfish and destroys the door. Jack then goes through the
    destroyed doorway into a damaged storage cellar with filled with burning
    barrels, all of it caused by the explosion. He examines the barrels.)
    Jack: This was a storage cellar for bootleg liquor... it's a shame I had to
    blow it up. All the liquor's been destroyed. Pity.
    (He opens a door in the cellar with the key he has found in the prison hall.)
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (He goes up a circular set of stairs into a hallway. He is now in the Order
    headquarters, which he has seen before in the town square. He then has a
    monster vision of armed guards at the main hall of the building.)
    Jack: I better watch my step... this place could be crawling with guards.
    (He enters a door into an office and checks the desk.)
    Jack: A few assorted documents and letters lie on the desk... but nothing of
    any significance.
    (He checks the bookcases.)
    Jack: Books and ancient manuscripts... most of them in foreign or strange
    languages. From what I can figure, most of these volumes cover the occult.
    (He examines a safe in the room.)
    Jack: I'll need the combination before I can open it. It's no use. I don't know
    the combination.
    (He goes back to the hall and checks a door.)
    Jack: It's locked.
    (He enters another door to the right to a meeting room with a big table.)
    Jack: This large table is most likely a meeting place for the Esoteric Order.
    (He picks up a knife from the table and then he sees an empty bookcase on the
    Jack: I can feel a draft of air from behind this bookcase.
    (He pushes it away, revealing a secret hallway.)
    Jack: It's a hidden passage.
    (Entering this secret hallway, he goes through a door at the end and comes to
    the main hall with patrolling guards, as he has seen in his monster vision.
    Artillery fire sounds in the background.)
    Jack: I don't like this one bit.
    (Staying hidden, he overhears a conversation between two guards.)
    Guard 1: Is everything okay with you?
    Guard 2: All's clear.
    (He kills the two guards with the knife and then kills the rest in the hall
    with other weapons. He then examines some overturned tables.)
    Jack: The tables have been tipped over to provide cover.
    (The main doors are inscribed with a large, glowing yellow glyph. He checks
    Jack: Being this close to the doors is making my head pound. This must be the
    mural that Mackey was talking about. I won't be able to open these doors...
    they're tightly sealed.
    (On the other side of the hall there isanother door sealed by a blue glowing
    Jack: The doorway is sealed by some mystical force. I won't be able to open the
    door with this barrier in the way.
    (There is a stone plaque next to the door. He examines it.)
    Jack: It's a small stone plaque engraved with text from some ancient language.
    I don't understand the symbols... I'll need to decipher it.
    (He uses the Book of Dagon on the plaque.)
    Jack: According to the text, only a prayer to Dagon can break the seal.
    (He enters a door from the hall and gets to a small study. Then he picks up a
    key from the desk.)
    Jack: It's an old rusty key.
    (He checks a portrait by the fireplace.)
    Jack: It's a portrait of one of the Marsh family. He was suffering from the
    Innsmouth taint.
    (Jack leaves the study by a door which leads to the first hall where he has
    entered the building. There, he opens the locked door with the rusty key.)
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (He enters a small storage room. In the room he climbs a ladder, opens a
    trapdoor and goes out. The trapdoor closes behind him. He tries to open it
    Jack: The trapdoor has no handle on this side. I can't open the trapdoor from
    (He goes to a room that has the same blue barrier on a door, and the same stone
    plaque next to it. He then goes back to the hall and heads to a storage room
    with a window looking down into a chamber with a stone disc in the middle. Many
    guards around notice him and attack the room. Jack kills them. Then he checks
    the winch mechanism in the room.)
    Jack: It's some sort of winch mechanism... it must be for raising the stone
    disc. The winch is operated by hand.
    (He operates it but it does not stick. The disc goes back down.)
    Jack: The lock on the winch mechanism is broken... I'll need some help to keep
    it raised.
    (He returns to the hall and goes to a strange room with a green archway by the
    wall. It seems to have an unnatural glow. Jack examines it.)
    Jack: I don't understand the purpose of this archway. The style of the arch is
    almost alien in construction. I can't do anything with it at the moment.
    (He heads on to the balcony overlooking the main hall. Some new guards are down
    there, and Jack kills them. Then he enters a room from the balcony. The room
    has a notebook on a chair. Jack takes it.)
    Jack: It looks like the diary of Robert Marsh.
    Diary of Robert Marsh
    The translation of the tablets is progressing well. Soon, the Word of Father
    Dagon shall be known to us in its entirety, as it is to those below in Y'ha-
    Then, armed with knowledge of the Divine Purpose, we shall be able to take our
    place beneath the waves on equal terms, and the Great Design set in motion more
    than eigthy years past shall draw toward its completion.
    I'a Dagon! I'a Hydra! I'a! I'a!
    Poor Darwin - to be so completely wrong! For the higher forms of life are those
    who return to the sea, not those who forsook it for the land!
    And in generations to come, as the last remaining taint of human blood leaves
    our strain, we shall ascend to true knowledge, and true power, in the love and
    service of Father Dagon and Mother Hydra.
    But there is much still to be done, before that glorious future is assured. The
    outsiders could still ruin everything. The one will be sacrificed, but the
    other who has come looking for him must be dealt with.
    Innsmouth must remain undisturbed until everything is complete. That which
    eluded my ancestor Obed on his death in 1878 shall not escape me.
    If only Sebastian understood things as I do. His science - his meddling in the
    surface world - how meaningless they all are! Once we take our place alongside
    the Elder Ones, how small his endeavors will seem!
    But he has been deaf to the word of Dagon, no matter how I have tried. Perhaps
    upon his return, with the translation so much further advanced, I can make him
    see the truth.
    (Jack goes back to the balcony. A crying girl is heard behind a stained glass
    window with the image of a fish-monster.)
    Jack: The stained glass window is decorated with an image of Dagon.
    (He breaks it and hops through into a large room. Strangely, Ramona is there
    crying with her head in her hands. Jack approaches her.)
    Jack: Ramona?
    (Ramona suddenly turns to him. Her face has scratch marks and is bloodstained.
    Her left eye is also missing from its socket.)
    Ramona: Daddy...
    (She disappears. Jack checks another stained glass window in the room. It says
    Hydra at the top.)
    Jack: The stained glass window is decorated with an image of Hydra.
    (He breaks it and hops through it to a study with a stone mural on the wall
    with ancient symbols.)
    Jack: The large mural is engraved with text from some ancient language. I'll
    need to decipher the symbols to understand it.
    (He uses the Book of Dagon on it.)
    Jack: The Book of Dagon is missing a few of the symbols... it's a prayer of
    some sort, but I can't complete the translation... It's titled 'Hail to
    Dagon'... but I can't decipher the rest. I won't be able to fully decipher the
    text without figuring out the missing symbols. I'll need more information to
    complete the translation.
    (He leaves the study and goes back to the office in the first hall. There, he
    suddenly has a monster vision of someone chanting before a statue under which a
    sign reads "Cthulhu". After the vision, Jack opens the safe with the
    combination 1-8-7-8, as 1878 is an important date written in Robert Marsh's
    Jack: Yes, that's it!
    (He then checks the contents of the now open safe.)
    Jack: The safe holds a pistol, a crumpled scroll of paper, and a heavily bound
    manuscript embossed with the word 'Ponape'.
    (He takes both papers and the pistol.)
    I'a Dagon
    This scroll of paper holds a prayer to Dagon, translated into English. It
    'In thy name let us behold the father.
    From the depths of the waters I come,
    And from the depths the Deep Ones also have come.
    Hail to the ancient dreams.
    Hail to Dagon.'
    Ponape Scripture
    This heavy, bound manuscript is embossed with the word "Ponape." It claims to
    be a reprinting of an original manuscript written by Captain Abner Ezekiel Hoag
    in 1734, describing his encounters with a strange cult in the islands of the
    Hoag claims that the islanders worship - and even interbreed with - strange
    beings from the sea, and reproduces much of the lore of this unspeakable
    There are harrowing passages that tell of unspeakable sacrifices by which these
    "Deep Ones" are appeased, and of objects cast into the sea to summon them.
    By means of the correct rituals and offerings, they can be induced to bring
    fantastically-worked jewelry of gold for the islanders, although this conforms
    to their own strange anatomy rather than that of any human being.,
    Hoag recounts the islanders' tales of fantastic underwater cities constructed
    according to some obscure and inhuman laws of geometry and architecture.
    Some legends tell of islanders transforming into sea-creatures as they grow
    old, and going to live forever beneath the sea.
    The greatest of the Deep Ones, Father Dagon and Mother Hydra, are said to be
    fantastically old, hailing from a time before the first human walked upright.
    Strangely, he stresses that these stories are not primitive metaphors for an
    afterlife, like similar tales from other island cultures, but recounts them as
    actual fact.
    He claims to have seen and conversed with these creatures himself, and
    witnessed several of the islanders' ceremonies and offerings to them.
    (The description of the pistol Jack has taken from the safe in the inventory
    reads: "This pistol looks like it's been personalized. The letters M A C K E Y
    have been engraved along the barrel." Jack then goes back to the office with
    the mural and uses the prayer scroll on it.)
    Jack: The prayer to Dagon reads, 'V'hu-ehn n'kgnath fha'gnu n'aem'nh. V'naa-
    glyz-zai v'naa-glyz-zn'a cylth. I'a ry'gzengrho. I'a Dagon.'
    (He goes to the blue, sealed door in the main hall and says the prayer.)
    Jack: V'hu-ehn n'kgnath fha'gnu n'aem'nh. V'naa-glyz-zai v'naa-glyz-zn'a cylth.
    I'a ry'gzengrho. I'a Dagon.
    (Going through the door, he gets to a room with a few guards. He kills them and
    checks a podium in the room. He finds some keys there.)
    Jack: These look like the keys to the cells. Now I can free Mackey.
    (He checks an open book on the podium.)
    Jack: This book contains details of a blasphemous ceremony. The text is
    difficult to read, but there are passages of a sermon referring to the Old Ones
    and the coming of the great priest Cthulhu. Most of the text is hand-written,
    and barely legible. I don't need it.
    (He then goes to the prison area. On the way, he has another monster vision of
    the chanting before the Cthulhu statue. After the vision, he goes and opens the
    door to Mackey's cell.)
    Mackey: Well done, Jack! Did you find the ceremony?
    Jack: Not exactly... I think it's being held in some underground chamber. A
    great stone disc is covering the entranceway. I'm gonna need your help to get
    Mackey: I'll need a gun.
    Jack: No problem. It didn't take much detective work to figure out who this
    belongs to.
    (Jack gives him the pistol.)
    Mackey: First rate work, Jack! Let's go.
    (They go to the Order headquarters, fighting the guards on the way, into the
    room with the stone disc. They then go upstairs to the room with the winch
    Jack: Okay, Mackey, this is it. You raise the lid, and I'll crash the party.
    Mackey: Good luck, Jack.
    (Mackey operates the winch and lifts the stone disc, revealing a spiral
    Mackey: Hurry up, Jack! You have to stop that ceremony! What are you waiting
    for, Jack? The entrance is open.
    (Jack goes down the staircase. A stone gate opens and a small temple is
    revealed with three sorcerers in robes with wands bowing and chanting before
    three monster statues. The sorcerers turn to Jack. The middle one is apparently
    the chief sorcerer.)
    Chief Sorcerer: It's the outsider! Destroy him!
    (The chief sorcerer retreats by a stone gate and the gate closes after him. The
    other sorcerers throw magical fireballs at Jack and also create a strong wind
    to slow him down. Jack kills them and the unnatural wind stops.)
    Jack: That must have been Robert Marsh leading the ceremony... I better get
    after him!
    (He checks the gate.)
    Jack: The doors are tightly sealed. I won't be able to pry them open.
    (He checks the largest statue in the center, that says Cthulhu under it.)
    Jack: It's a statue of Cthulhu.
    (He checks statue to the right, saying Hydra.)
    Jack: It's a statue of Hydra.
    (He then checks statue to the left, saying Dagon.)
    Jack: It's a statue of Dagon.
    (He sees that there are symbols on the back of the statues for them. There is
    also a broken mural to the right, with three symbols on it and two broken ones
    on the floor. If the missing symbols are replaced, the code is anchor, anchor
    turned to left, anchor, flower, anchor, flower.)
    Jack: The mural is broken, but I can still make out some of the symbols. It's
    some sort of secret code.
    (He tries to use the Book of Dagon on it.)
    Jack: The symbols are not in the Book of Dagon.
    (There is another mural with ancient text on the right wall.)
    Jack: The mural is engraved with text from some ancient language. I'll need to
    decipher the symbols to understand it.
    (He uses the Book of Dagon.)
    Jack: It reads, 'To leave the temple, bow to the deity of the Order.'
    (He bows before the statue of Dagon, since it is the deity of the Order, and on
    the floor he sees a key deciphering the symbols on the mural. The key shows
    that anchor is Dagon, anchor turned is Hydra and flower is Cthulhu. He presses
    the buttons in the order of the code on the first mural on the wall, and the
    gate opens. Jack goes through the open gate to a room with a plinth with two
    missing tablet sockets.)
    Jack: This plinth would have held the tablets of Dagon. Marsh must have taken
    them with him.
    (He proceeds to a torch-lit cave. Running water is heard.)
    Jack: I can hear running water... these must be old smuggling tunnels leading
    out to the harbor.
    (A portion of the ground breaks as he walks, and he falls into water and blacks
    1.12. A Dangerous Voyage
    "By far our greatest strength is not the vaunted power of our science, but
    rather the almost boundless depths of our ignorance. For should we come,
    unprepared as we are, to a true understanding of the universe, it would drive
    us mad."
    (Jack struggles in the water. Two seamen are seen holding onto a ship ladder,
    looking at him with a flashlight.)
    Seaman: Hey! Swim over here and we'll pull you aboard!
    (Jack swims toward them.)
    The Cutter Urania
    February 10, 1922
    I've had a little time to recover since the Coast Guard Cutter Urania fished me
    out of the sea. I'm still shaking, but no longer from cold. Although I can
    think of a thousand better places to be, back in the freezing water isn't one
    of them.
    But then, neither is the place where I think this boat is headed.
    The crew seem like a good bunch. Commander Winter, the first officer, has gone
    out of his way to make sure I am well taken care of. They seem to have no idea
    where we're going, or why.
    I have my suspicions, and I hope to God I'm wrong. I guess I'll find out for
    sure when I talk to Captain Hearst.
    I don't know how much more I can take. Before today, I would never have
    believed that a human mind could stand up to the things I've seen and what I've
    been through. I should be insane; maybe I am.
    I'm able to take some comfort in the fact that I'm still in one piece -
    physically, at least. Maybe some deep-seated survival instinct is keeping me
    going in spite of my weakening sanity.
    (Jack is in the chart room of the ship with the captain and an officer. The
    captain is examining the map.)
    Officer Winter: Jack... our friends in the FBI have been putting the screws on
    some of the locals. They're a crazy bunch, but all evidence points to a
    stronghold somewhere below Devil's Reef. Just twenty minutes ago... we lost
    contact with the sub that was patrolling those waters.
    Captain Stephen Hearst: Thank you, Officer Winter. Their last communication was
    just some garbled message about an underwater city. We've got to make our way
    to the reef and find this stronghold... the old smuggling tunnels that lead
    below the sea bed will be our best option.
    Jack: Look, I appreciate you pulling me aboard, but what you're talking about
    sounds like suicide!
    Hearst: Nonsense! Lieutenant, let's plan the landing in my office.
    (They leave. Another officer in the room talks to Jack.)
    Officer: It's a good job we spotted you; the waters round these parts are no
    place for swimming!
    Officer: Stay alert... it's not far to the reef. Something's giving me a bad
    feeling about this mission.
    (Seamen are heard talking outside.)
    Seaman: How's it looking up there?
    Seaman: I dunno... It all seems clear, but I can't see much in this bloody fog.
    Seaman: It's still clear. But, this fog... I've never seen anything like it.
    Seaman: No sign of any danger!
    Seaman: All clear ahead!
    (Jack checks the map of Innsmouth Bay in the room.)
    Jack: Looks like Devil's Reef is about half a mile from Innsmouth harbor.
    (He checks a larger map on the wall.)
    Jack: This map covers most of the Atlantic ocean. Normally this ship must be
    stationed quite a distance from Innsmouth.
    (He tries to open the door to the infirmary near the chart room.)
    Jack: It's locked.
    (He goes up to the bridge and talks to a seaman there.)
    Seaman: Stay alert... it won't be long till we reach the reef. Keep on the
    lookout. Stay alert.
    (He then talks to the officer handling the wheel.)
    Officer: There's not much you can do up here, Jack. See if you can give the
    guard a hand on deck.
    (He tries to talk to him again.)
    Officer: Not now, please, I'm busy.
    (A seaman is operating the light near the bridge.)
    Light Operator: Okay... I'm gonna take a break... keep your eye out.
    (The operator climbs down onto the deck. Jack goes out onto the deck through
    the chart room and talks to the light operator near the door.)
    Light Operator: You got any smokes, Jack?
    Jack: Fraid not. Water ruined them.
    Light Operator: Shit.
    Light Operator: Stay alert, Jack. It won't be long till we reach the reef. I
    don't mind telling you, I've got a bad feeling about this mission.
    (Jack then talks to the officer who has been in the chart room before but is
    now looking at the water by leaning over the railing.)
    Jack: What you looking at?
    Officer: I could have sworn I saw something in the water earlier. Something's
    giving me a bad feeling about this mission.
    (He then talks to a seaman on the deck with a Tommy gun.)
    Jack: How you holding up, Henson?
    (He suddenly has a monster vision of some creatures advancing towards the ship
    from the water. The officer at the railing is seen.)
    Seaman Gene Henson: Listen, Jack. I've been to a lot of places, and I've seen a
    lot of screwy shit, but there ain't nothing that's ever been standing once this
    baby's starts throwing lead...
    (He has another vision of the monsters climbing onto the ship. Suddenly the
    officer that was looking at the water gets pulled into the water.)
    Henson: What the hell was that?
    Light Operator: Johnson? Where'd he go?
    (The light operator that was talking to Jack near the door looks at the water
    to investigate. A fish-monster jumps onto him and kills him, and then nother
    monster jumps onto the ship. They are the Deep Ones, like Ramona's mother, and
    more of them get onto the deck and start attacking the seamen. Henson kills the
    first two with his Tommy gun.)
    Henson: Get the rifle, Jack... we're under attack!
    (Jack takes the rifle that the operator has dropped. More seamen arrive from
    below to join the battle. Henson defends the door to the chart room.)
    Henson: We've gotta stop them from getting in the ship.
    Seaman: Over there! Kill it!
    Seaman: We're under attack!
    Seaman: Help us!
    Seaman: Stop them getting inside!
    Henson: Jack! Help me guard the entrance!
    Seaman: Watch out! Behind you!
    Seaman: Don't let them get inside!
    Seaman: Behind you! Noooo!
    Henson: Jack! Come over here!
    (Jack goes to Henson.)
    Henson: We're running out of ammo fast. There'll be more in the storage room.
    Here, take the keys.
    (He gives him the keys.)
    Jack: (to himself) I've got the keys to the storage. I'd better hurry.
    Henson: We don't have much time! Hurry!
    (Jack goes to the storage room through the chart room and unlocks the door.)
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (He collects ammo from the room.)
    Jack: Rounds for the Tommy Gun. I need to get these to Henson.
    (Jack gets to Henson.)
    Henson: Jack! The ammo... quickly!
    (He gives him the ammo.)
    Henson: Thanks, Jack. One of them got me... my leg's bleeding bad. I need a med
    kit. There should be one in the infirmary. Hurry!
    Jack: But it's locked.
    Henson: Well find a way in!
    Seaman: Kill them! Kill them all!
    Seaman: They're everywhere!!
    Seaman: Watch out!
    Seaman: Please! Help me!
    Seaman: We're all gonna die!!!
    (He goes to the infirmary and sees a dead seaman before the door. He goes and
    checks the corpse.)
    Jack: The body's still warm... he hasn't been dead long. He's dead... and the
    stench in here is sickening.
    (He enters the infirmary through the door that has been broken open. Inside, he
    sees a huge Deep One feeding on a seaman on a bed. He kills it, and then checks
    the mutilated, headless corpse on the bed.)
    Jack: My God! His guts have been torn open. Those things sure don't have a
    charming bedside manner. I don't think he's gonna get any better.
    (He finds a medkit in the infirmary.)
    Jack: An emergency medical kit. I need to get this to Henson quickly.
    (He goes to Henson.)
    Henson: Quick, Jack! Give it to me!
    (He gives the medkit to him.)
    Henson: Thanks, Jack. We've got to hold them off as long as we can.
    (The monsters attack again.)
    Seaman: My God! The water's full of them!
    Seaman: The sides!! They're coming up the sides!!
    Henson: Jack! The entrance... we've gotta defend the ship.
    Seaman: Jesus, no! They just keep coming.
    Seaman: Oh, my God!!!
    Henson: Stand your ground.
    (The Deep Ones eventually retreat to the water after a bloody battle in which
    many seamen are killed.)
    Henson: Where'd they gone? Come back, you fish-faced bastards!
    (Jack gets to Henson.)
    Henson: Phew! That was a close call.
    Jack: Well done, Henson.
    Henson: Most of the crew are dead, Jack... why they'd retreat?
    Jack: I don't get it either.
    (Officer Winter too comes onto the deck. After a few seconds, a giant wave is
    seen coming towards the ship from the direction of the reef.)
    Seaman: INCOMING!!!
    Officer Winter: EVERYONE TAKE COVER!
    (Jack holds onto a railing to prevent being thrown off by the wave. The wave
    hits the ship, killing a few seamen including Henson. It then subsides.)
    Seaman: Look! There's lights on the reef!
    (Winter looks at the reef with his binoculars.)
    Winter: That wave was no natural incident. It looks like there's some sort of
    witchcraft happening on the reef.
    (There are three strange blue lights on the coast of the reef.)
    Winter: Jack! Try using the cannon's scope to get a better look.
    (Another wave comes.)
    Winter: Damn it, Jack! TAKE COVER!
    (The wave hits the ship, kills all the remaining seamen on the deck and then
    subsides. Winter is also injured.)
    Jack: What now, Winter?
    Winter: Use the cannon's scope, Jack. There are some strange lights coming from
    the reef.
    (Jack uses the cannon on the front of the ship and sees three sorcerers with
    wands creating blue lights. They are apparently casting a spell that causes the
    waves. Jack hits and kills them with the cannon, evading the waves that come
    about every thirty seconds. When the last sorcerer is killed, Jack has a
    monster vision of a Deep One inside the bottom hull of the ship. Then the
    vision ends and a seaman comes running onto the deck.)
    Seaman: OFFICER WINTER! Officer Winter!
    Winter: Take it easy, Thompson. Now tell me slowly... what's the situation?
    Thompson: Thank heavens you're alive, sir! There's hardly any of the crew left,
    and... and... it looks like some of those... things managed to get below deck.
    Winter: Have you seen Captain Hearst?
    Thompson: He's gone delirious, sir! Locked himself in his quarters! He won't
    answer the door to no one. With respect, sir. He's off his nut!
    Winter: Urggh! We need him to open the armory.
    (The Deep Ones board the deck again from the sea.)
    Winter: Get inside!
    (They get inside the chart room.)
    Winter: Shut the door!
    (Thompson shuts the door. The monsters start to attack it.)
    Winter: Damn! I'm almost out of bullets. We gotta get below deck. Head for the
    Thompson: The mess hall's locked, sir... we'll have to head for the stern.
    (They get moving from the chart room.)
    Thompson: Jack! You keep back and look after Officer Winter. I'll make sure the
    infirmary's clear.
    (The Deep Ones break down the door and burst inside.)
    Thompson: This way! Shut the doors behind you!
    (Thompson moves ahead of Jack and Winter. Jack shuts the door from the chart
    room to slow down the monsters. Winter slowly moves toward the infirmary.)
    Jack: It's not far. Keep moving! Hurry up! We're gonna make it.
    (They enter and Jack closes the door. Thompson is already there.)
    Thompson: Bolt the damn door, Jack! We're gonna die!
    (Jack bolts the door. There is another door to the other side of the infirmary.
    Thompson tries to open it.)
    Thompson: It's locked.
    Winter: I've got the keys.
    (Winter opens the door, which leads back onto another part of the deck.)
    Thompson: Run!
    (Deep Ones start to climb again onto the deck. They go through another door.)
    Winter: Shut the door!
    (Jack shuts the door.)
    Thompson: Bolt the door!
    (Jack bolts the door. They wait a little there. The monsters start attacking
    the door.)
    Winter: We need to keep moving!
    Thompson: That door won't hold forever. We've got to keep moving. The armory's
    not far... it's just through the main engine room.
    (Winter goes down the stairs. A gunshot is heard.)
    Seaman: Wait... I'm sorry, sir... I thought you were... one of those things.
    (Jack and Thompson go down and see a seaman with Winter.)
    Winter: That's okay... no one got hurt. Just calm down.
    (A Deep One suddenly attacks the seaman.)
    Seaman: Arrrghhhhh!
    (A steam pipe blows and the steam kills the monster, but it also blocks the way
    now. Jack talks to Thompson.)
    Jack: How you doing?
    Thompson: We should never have shelled the town. It was crazy... and now... now
    we're the ones being punished.
    Jack: At least we're still alive.
    Thompson: We've got to keep Officer Winter alive.
    (Jack checks Winter.)
    Jack: (to himself) He's badly wounded. He needs all his strength just to keep
    moving. He won't last much longer.
    (Jack checks a trapdoor.)
    Jack: It's locked.
    (He enters an adjacent room which happens to be the sleeping quarters. There,
    he finds a notebook on one of the beds.)
    Jack: It's a personal diary of one of the crew.
    (Jack goes back out, turns a valve and stops the steam.)
    Thompson: This way!
    (They go through a door and move through the engine room.)
    Thompson: The Captain's room's through here.
    (The captain's voice is heard.)
    Captain Hearst: He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, he leadeth me
    beside the still waters.
    (They get to his door.)
    Hearst: He restoreth my soul; he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for
    his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff; they comfort
    (Winter knocks on his door.)
    Winter: Captain Hearst. It's Officer Winter. It's all right now, Captain.
    Everything is under control. We're just checking through the ship...
    Hearst: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life...
    Winter: Captain Hearst! Open the door! Captain Hearst. It's Officer Winter.
    Hearst: And I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. Amen.
    (A shot is fired and blood splatters on the window.)
    Winter: Damn it! We need that armory key. We've got to find another way in.
    (Winter walks a few steps and then collapses.)
    Winter: Arrrrggghhh.
    Thompson: You go! I'll stay and look after him.
    Jack: How's he holding up?
    Thompson: He won't make it... he's lost too much blood. Don't stop!
    (Jack checks Winter.)
    Jack: (to himself) There's nothing I can do. He's as good as dead.
    (He checks the armory door across the Captain's room.)
    Jack: It's locked, and the key's in the Captain's room.
    (He then checks the mess hall door at the end of the hall.)
    Jack: It's locked.
    (He goes down through a trapdoor through a ladder and gets to the engine room
    of the ship. There are two open air vents. He enters the left one and runs into
    a working fan.)
    Jack: I need something to break it open.
    (He goes back and enters the right vent. There, he has a monster vision of
    something approaching Thompson and Winter.)
    Thompson: What the hell?
    (The vision ends, and Jack hears screams and noises of struggle. He then comes
    to the Captain's room at the end of the vent. Captain lies dead on the floor in
    a pool of blood. Jack picks up a key from the desk.)
    Jack: At last, it's the key to the armory.
    (He goes out of the cabin and sees the mutilated corpses of Winter and
    Thompson. He then heads into the armory. There are many weapons inside. He
    picks up some dynamites.)
    Jack: Some sticks of dynamite. Always useful.
    (He also takes a Tommy gun, and, suddenly, two Deep Ones burst in. Jack manages
    to kill them. Then he goes back to the furnace and enters the left air vent.
    When he comes across the fan, he blows it up with the sticks of dynamite.
    Continuing to crawl in the vent, he eventually comes out into a storage room.
    There, he opens a door to the mess hall. There are some seamen inside, one of
    them badly wounded. The other one looks very surprised to see him.)
    Seaman Roy Baker: Oh shit! How the hell did you get in here?
    Jack: A small vent, a few sticks of dynamite, and a minor explosion.
    Baker: You idiot! Sealing the exits is the only way we've kept those damn
    things out.
    (Baker closes the door through which Jack has come. Then the lights suddenly go
    Baker: What the hell?
    (Jack has a monster vision of a Deep One killing a seaman in the cargo hold.
    After the vision, the lights come back on.)
    Baker: It's switched to auxiliary power... there must be an engine fault. Just
    great... we're sitting real pretty now. You'd better go and sort it out.
    Jack: Lay off. Have you been hitting the pipe? You're the engineer... you sort
    it out! I know nothing from nothing about ship engines.
    Baker: No way in hell... those bloody things are everywhere! I already tried to
    get the welding kit from the cargo hold. We got jumped... Jesus, it was so
    fast... only me and Paul got out alive. We had to lock Barry down there with
    it. Take these keys. With the welding kit, at least we could seal these doors.
    You know... give ourselves a bit more time.
    (He gives the keys to Jack.)
    Jack: A key to the cargo hold.
    (Baker goes and opens a door on the other side of the mess hall. The door looks
    into the hall with the corpses of Winter and Thompson.)
    Jack: You locked someone in the cargo hold? With one of them? Are you off your
    Baker: Look fella... I don't mean to crash in on your party of righteousness...
    but I'm looking out for number one.
    Jack: (to himself) He's given me the keys to the cargo hold, and he's not about
    to give me any more help.
    (Jack sees the entrance to the catwalk of the engine room is blocked by steam.
    He heads down a ladder through a trapdoor into the lower part of the engine
    room. The engines have apparently stopped. He closes the door of the furnace
    and heads on through. He then climbs a ladder and gets to the other part of the
    catwalk. After that, he goes through a door to the hallway with the sleeping
    quarters. There, he has a monster vision of a mutilated corpse floating on the
    water. After the vision, he opens the trapdoor that was locked before with the
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (The trapdoor leads to the cargo hold. Jack heads down and sees the mutilated
    corpse of the seaman in the flooded area. He finds the welding kit and is
    suddenly attacked by a Deep One, but he manages to kill it. Afterwards, he goes
    back to the door of the mess hall near the Captain's room.)
    Jack: Open the damn door.
    Baker: Not 'til you get this ship moving again.
    (Jack returns to the engine room and turns a valve next to the furnace but the
    furnace starts shaking when he does that so he turns it off again. He then goes
    up the ladder to the catwalk. There, he turns a valve that stops the steam that
    comes from a pipe on a higher catwalk. There is a crank on the catwalk. He
    tries to use it.)
    Jack: A winding mechanism for a maintenance ladder. It's jammed. I can't force
    it... it's gotta be locked from somewhere.
    (He looks up and sees a maintenance ladder that cannot be reached because it is
    padlock. He shoots the padlock and the ladder drops down.)
    Jack: The ladder is down.
    (He climbs the ladder and sees the damaged pipe from which steam was coming
    before but he has now stopped it with the valve.)
    Jack: I think I've found the problem. That'll need repairing before this ship's
    going anywhere. It's fractured... I'll need to seal it. From the look of the
    markings, the engine must have been sabotaged.
    (He seals the crack with the welding kit.)
    Jack: The crack's been sealed.
    (He drops down to the lower catwalk. Then he climbs down and turns a valve next
    to the furnace. He goes back up the ladder and turns the valve on the catwalk
    that he has turned off earlier to stop the steam from the damaged pipe, and the
    engines start. After that, he returns to the door of the mess hall. Baker opens
    the door.)
    Baker: Thank goodness you're back.
    (Baker takes the welding kit from him.)
    Baker: Give me that. We've got to seal the doors. There've been noises at the
    other entrance... they're trying to break in.
    (Two monsters break into the mess hall from the stairway that leads to the
    chart room. Jack kills them. Then he finds Baker cowering on the floor.)
    Jack: Come on, Roy... they're dead.
    Baker: I'm not moving!
    Jack: We've got to check out the deck.
    Baker: You look outside. I'm staying right here!
    (Jack checks the wounded seaman before going out. He has died.)
    Jack: He's gone. At least he's out of his misery. The body's still warm... he
    hasn't been dead long.
    (Jack comes out onto the deck through the chart room, and the door suddenly
    closes behind him. He then has a monster vision which shows that it is Baker
    who is sealing the door to the deck with the welding kit. The monster kills
    him. In the vision, a Deep One approaches him from behind and kills him. Then,
    a massive giant creature emerges before the ship in the sea. It is clearly
    Dagon himself, because its body and head are the same with the statues and
    stained glass images seen earlier.)
    Jack: Oh, God... oh, God... please no...
    (Dagon shakes the ship with amazing strength and tries to hit Jack with his
    hand, diving down the water and surfacing back out from time to time. Jack
    shoots him with the cannon on the deck when he surfaces in front of the ship.
    After three hits in the face, Dagon reaches for the deck with most of his
    weight and shakes the ship. Jack is thrown about the deck with great force and
    blacks out.)
    1.13. Shadow Out of Time 2
    "It was then that the true horror dawned on me. For if these things were truly
    real, then what others might there be: lurking in the sea, or among the stars,
    or even standing beside us, a little past the edge of our perception?"
    (Jack is floating deep in the water. Then he has a vision of a strange chamber
    with blue crystals on the ceiling. Then another green chamber is seen, with
    strangely-shaped tiles that look quite alien in style on the floor. A book on
    the floor opens and strange symbols are seen in the pages.)
    Jack: ... when our foe moved on land, we would track them by the strange
    footprints they left in their wake, consisting of five circular toe marks.
    (The vision switches to a large cavern with a strange dead creature. Then
    another page is seen from the book in the chamber.)
    Jack: They were blind, yet had exceptional sensitivity to both motion and
    (The dead creature is again seen in the cavern.)
    Jack: In battle these creatures could harness the power of the winds with
    terrifying precision. It wasn't until the great energy weapon was developed
    that we had the means to fight their evil.
    (A page in the book shows the sketch of a strange, highly-advanced weapon that
    looks like a ray gun of some sort.)
    Jack: Then we were able to drive them down deep into the catacombs beneath
    their basalt towers, sealing all routes with impenetrable trapdoors.
    (A circular trapdoor with strange markings is seen being closed over the
    entrance to the cavern. The camera then speeds through different caves. And
    then the underground chamber in the cult house from the Prologue chapter is
    seen. The portal opens and Jack is sucked into it. After that the vision
    switches to what appears to be a small islet with rocky hills and ponds with
    strange trees, plants and a small waterfall, and soon afterwards the vision
    1.14. Devil's Reef
    "The land itself seemed wrong, in some subtle way that I could not precisely
    define. The moonlight fell at an unnatural angle, casting distorted shadows
    from trees that were not shaped quite as trees should be. Even the hills were
    somehow different."
    (Jack awakens coughing and stands up. He is in a small lagoon on Devil's Reef
    with wooden planks and other wreckage from the ship around him.)
    The Reef of Satan
    February 10, 1922
    Early Evening
    Did I really see what I think I saw, or was it another hallucination? I can't
    be sure any longer. Surely these things can't exist in any rational universe,
    but then, how could any human imagination - even an insane one - produce such
    And why do some of the things - the shapes, the words they use - seem so
    familiar? That's the question that's eating at me.
    Are they connected to my lost memories - and if so, what on Earth happened to
    me during the six missing years? Or was it even on Earth?
    I need to get a grip on myself and look for any other survivors from the wreck
    of the Urania. I hope I'm not alone on this hellish rock, with these - these
    things. I must be careful, though. I've seen for myself what they do to
    unwelcome visitors.
    (Jack examines the wreckage around him in the lagoon.)
    Jack: Some of the wreckage from the Urania has floated ashore. It doesn't look
    like much survived.
    (He starts to move inland by entering a small cave. The cave gives way to a
    small pond and then to a narrow pathway with ledges on both sides. The pathway
    is lit with torches on the walls. Suddenly, a dead seaman is thrown before Jack
    from the upper ledge, and the groans of a monster are heard. Jack checks the
    Jack: It must be a warning... I better watch my step. The body has been
    (He proceeds and comes to a pit with spikes at the bottom.)
    Jack: Falling in would mean certain death. The base of the pit is filled with
    (He jumps across the pit to the other side, onto a lightly-colored stone.
    Suddenly, a noise is heard.)
    Jack: What the hell?
    (Spikes spring up in front of him. He ducks, and a plank with spikes swings
    over him.)
    Jack: This entire reef could be laden with traps. Great. This stone slab must
    be some sort of pressure plate.
    (He walks on, and eventually comes to an opening with strong winds. There are
    two narrow ledges here; the left one leads inland, while the right one leads to
    a jetty on the edge of the reef.)
    Jack: The winds here are fierce, and there isn't much shelter ahead... I need
    to be careful.
    (He follows the right ledge. Parts of the stone fall off as he walks but he
    jumps over them. On the way Zadok Allen's voice sounds as Jack remembers his
    description of the ceremonies and the human sacrfice performed on the reef. He
    then has a monster vision when he comes to the jetty. The vision begins in the
    water with small discs being cast from above. Then the mighty monster surfaces
    from the water, and three sorcerers and a prisoner are seen on the jetty. This
    monster is clearly Dagon, about to take his sacrifice. The vision then ends,
    and Jack finds a similar disc from the vision on the jetty.)
    Jack: A strangely carved disc.
    (He checks the blood-stained shackles on the rock.)
    Jack: These shackles would have been used to chain people to the rocks. This
    jetty must have been where they carried out the sacrifices to Dagon.
    (He goes back and this time follows the left ledge. He comes to a pathway and
    there is a way to the left leading down. He goes through it, through a tunnel
    filled with the monstrous starfish, and ends up in a small chamber with
    shackles and a skeleton. He finds a pulley near them.)
    Jack: An old pulley.
    (There are five crude murals on the walls. One of them depicts three men hung
    on stakes.)
    Jack: The rock surface the mural is set on seems to be slightly worn. This
    depicts a scene of sacrifice.
    (The second one depicts a woman with a small creature in her womb and a Deep
    One standing next to her.)
    Jack: This is how the population was infected with the Innsmouth taint. It
    depicts the fish-men breeding with humans... this would have happened to those
    in Innsmouth that took the third Oath of Dagon.
    (In the third mural a man casts discs into the water on a cliff. Two discs are
    on the wall but the third one is missing.)
    Jack: There is a disc missing from the engraving. It seems to depict the
    summoning of the fish-men by the casting of discs into the ocean waves.
    (Jack places the disc he found on the jetty in the socket and a secret door
    opens on the wall. Before going there, he checks the fourth mural, which shows
    humans prostating on a cliff with Dagon and other Deep Ones in the water.)
    Jack: The mural shows humans worshipping fish-men and Dagon.
    (The last mural depicts a battle between two groups of warriors armed with
    spears, and one side includes Deep Ones.)
    Jack: The mural shows conflict between two groups of people. One is on the side
    of the fish-men. This reminds me of Zadok's story of the battle between the
    good folk of Innsmouth and Captain Obed Marsh.
    (He enters the hidden chamber. There is a hanging man and a small heap of
    golden trinkets there. Jack picks up an ornamental lever from amongst the
    Jack: This lever is the only object in the hoard of treasures not constructed
    from gold.
    (He examines the heap.)
    Jack: The gold in these treasures has an unusual whitish color. This whitish
    gold reminds me of the hidden vault in the Marsh Refinery.
    (He then examines the hanging corpse.)
    Jack: Poor soul... he was probably a fisherman from the port. I doubt he is the
    only one to have suffered sacrifice in this chamber.
    (He returns the way he came, this time continuing inland through the main
    pathway. He proceeds evading plank-covered pit traps and wooden spikes on the
    walls. He eventually comes to the shore but there seems to be another pressure
    plate and thus another booby trap on the way. He goes into a small vine-covered
    alcove to the right and sees a socket on the wall.)
    Jack: There is a hole in the plate... it seems to be part of some mechanism.
    There is a plate in the rock here... something has been removed.
    (He places the lever from the hidden chamber into it and pulls it. He goes back
    and proceeds the way, and the booby trap does not function. He then goes along
    the shore as the pathway gives way to the sea, holding onto some iron rings to
    prevent himself from being swept away by the strong waves. He eventually comes
    to another pathway. There is a collapsed bridge on the way.)
    Jack: Only a single rope remains of the collapsed bridge. The rope still seems
    fairly sturdy.
    (He swings along the rope using the pulley, falling off halfway through onto a
    ledge. He follows the ledge and enters a cave and comes to a small chamber with
    a pad, a green gem and a socket. He tries to pick up the green gem held by
    Jack: I can't pick it up. The claws are locking the gem firmly in place.
    (The pad contains strange symbols and a diagram that seems to depict a maze. A
    green crystal is at the beginning and a red one is at then end of it. There is
    writing above it.)
    Jack: I don't understand the symbols. Until I know what it's for, I'm not
    touching anything.
    (He uses the Book of Dagon to decipher it.)
    Jack: It appears to be a map. You need to press a button to activate the
    (The socket to the other side has a carving.)
    Jack: The design of the carving reminds me of something. There is an intricate
    design carved into the button... it must have held some sort of decoration.
    (He places Ruth's brooch into it. It fits very well in place, and then he
    presses it. A path lifts in the diagram that connects the two crystals and a
    bell rings.)
    Jack: I think I've activated some kind of timed mechanism.
    (Jack goes back to the site of the collapsed bridge and jumps across to a
    narrow ledge on the other side. By that way, he goes to the other side of the
    bridge. Glowing red crystals that have emerged on the floor with his activation
    of the mechanism on the floor guide him through the maze, and, killing some
    monster spiders on the way, he gets to a chamber with statues, an effigy of the
    head of Cthulhu on the wall, and an empty pedestal in the middle with open
    Jack: This looks similar to the pedestal in the other room.
    (He places the red gem he has taken from the temple room in the refinery on the
    pedestal. The claws close after some time, the gem glows and a hidden path
    opens in the wall below the head of Cthulhu. Jack checks the statue to the left
    before leaving.)
    Jack: It's a statue of Hydra.
    (He then examines the statue to the right.)
    Jack: It's a statue of Dagon... without the missile I lodged in his face.
    (He enters the new tunnel, and it leads down to a huge cavern with strange,
    glowing plants. There is a massive hole in the middle with strong winds coming
    Jack: There's heavy gusts of air coming from the hole. That updraft is too
    strong to be anything natural.
    (There is a rock next to the massive hole. Jack pushes it in.)
    Jack: That's one hell of a drop... I didn't hear it hit the bottom.
    (Jack himself jumps into the hole and falls down a great distance. Then he
    finds himself in the hallway of the asylum. There is a man in a wheelchair up
    ahead. Jack moves along the hall towards the window at the end, from which a
    white light comes. The man disappears as he comes close. Then the hallway is
    flooded with blood and there emerges another man further ahead. As he moves
    forward arms come out of the door slits of all the cells. He walks on and the
    second man disappears as well. The light coming from the window at the end gets
    very bright and fills his visage, and the vision ends.)
    1.15. The Air-Filled Tunnels
    "More than once, I have considered ending my torment, either with a bullet, a
    noose, or a vial of poison. But already I dare not sleep for fear of
    nightmares, and Hamlet rightly asks, 'in that sleep of death, what dreams may
    (Jack lands safely onto a large grate, from which strong gusts of air are
    issuing. He stands up, and sees that he is in a large cavern.)
    The Dark Depths
    February 10, 1922
    I have no idea how I've made it this far. In fact, I'm no longer certain where
    "this far" is, or if it even exists outside my imagination. Every step I take,
    I question what I see and hear.
    There's some kind of song traveling on the wind - like so much else, it seems
    familiar, and yet it fills me with such dread. I can't believe anything of this
    Earth could make such a sound.
    I must be insane. Any sane person would have turned back by now, but I have
    passed that point. I have to see this through to the end. I have to know what
    has brought me here.
    If there's no answer to be found in this maze, I'll do what I can to assist the
    submarine in blowing this whole place to hell.
    If there's no answer to this disease of my mind, if I can't find a way to
    understand what's happening to me, then I'm better off dead, buried beneath the
    sea forever.
    (A tunnel nearby in the cavern is blocked with rocks. Jack examines it.)
    Jack: It's sealed up... I can't get through.
    (He then goes into another tunnel that leads to a chamber with many windows.
    The windows look into the sea and show an underwater city of strange
    architechture, which is apparently Y'ha-nthlei, which has been mentioned
    before. A submarine fires a torpedo at it, but a magical barrier protects it.)
    Jack: I've got to shut down that barrier.
    (He heads on and comes to an open area. There he suddenly has a monster vision
    of a man with the Innsmouth taint coming through a green portal. The vision
    ends and Jack sees the man talk to a guard on a ledge above. The green rays
    from the portal can be seen from where he is. He hides behind some rocks near
    the ledge and listens in on their conversation.)
    Guard: Good evening, sir. We weren't supposing on your returning so soon.
    Man: Never mind that! Where the hell is Robert?
    Guard: Your brother's been leading the children in prayer with Mother.
    Sebastian Marsh: We don't have time for this religious nonsense. There are
    troops packing the streets... and the Order's been completely overrun! It won't
    be too long before they find out about this place!
    Guard: I've made certain the temple's well-protected. There's plenty of men
    patrolling the main hallway and prison.
    Marsh: Good... the barrier has got to hold. Keep on your guard, and check the
    entrance from the reef. I'm going to the lab.
    (Marsh walks away.)
    Jack: I'd better keep my head down. I've got a much better chance of survival
    if they don't know I'm here.
    (The guard walks down the ledge and into the tunnel from which Jack came. Jack
    hides and sneaks after him to the ledge. He sees that the portal is not there
    and that there is an archway in its place next to a rock wall. It is the same
    strange archway that he has seen in the Order headquarters. There is also a
    stone pedestal nearby. Jack examines the archway.)
    Jack: It looks like some sort of doorway into the rock. Maybe it's linked to
    the pedestal over there... somehow.
    (He checks the pedestal. There is a red crystal on it and also some strange
    Jack: It's written in some kind of ancient language. I'll need to decipher it.
    (He uses the Book of Dagon to decipher it.)
    Jack: According to the text, the gateway can only be activated by those bearing
    a sacred charm and uttering an ancient chant. I won't be able to do anything
    without first finding this so-called charm.
    (He enters a tunnel that Marsh has entered and follows it. A wooden portcullis
    suddenly closes behind him after some time. When he walks a few steps another
    portcullis drops down in front of him. A sorcerer appears behind it and draws
    Jack closer to it with by casting a spell. Then Sebastian Marsh comes there, as
    Marsh: Well, well... what do we have here? I don't believe you have an
    invitation to our little party.
    Jack: Just check the guest list. I'm under the section for fellas that ain't
    ugly freaks.
    Marsh: Throw our jester friend here in with the lab rats... I'll deal with him
    on a more intimate level later. Increase the security levels... check the area,
    make sure he's alone!
    (The sorcerer casts a spell that causes Jack to black out. He wakes up in a
    small prison cell. The Book of Dagon is not in his inventory, apparently taken
    away by his captors. After waking up, Jack has a monster vision of two guards
    patrolling the prison area. After the vision, he checks the open shackles in
    the cell.)
    Jack: They must have released whoever was in here. The shackles have only
    recently been freed.
    (Monstrous groans come from the cell next to his. One of the prison guards goes
    to its door and reprimands its occupant from time to time.)
    Guard: Keep your whining down!
    Guard: Stop with your racketing, you pathetic fool.
    Guard: Shut up!
    (There is a grate in Jack's cell. He checks it.)
    Jack: There seems to be a sewage tunnel running below the grating. The grating
    is heavily rusted... but it won't budge.
    (He finds a chisel in the cell.)
    Jack: It's just an old chisel.
    (He opens the grate with the chisel and drops down. He crawls through the
    sewage tunnel and sticks his head out into the next cell from which the groans
    were coming. There is a person inside with the taint who has completed his
    transformation into a fish-man but has apparently gone insane because of it. He
    is shackled, and he starts to groan loudly and thrash about when he sees Jack.
    The guard hears it.)
    Guard: Right, that's it...
    (Jack drops back down into the tunnel. The guard comes into the cell and beats
    the fish-man.)
    Guard: If you make another sound, I'll rip you from limb to limb.
    (The guard leaves. Jack comes back out and examines the fish-man, who is now
    Jack: I don't want to disturb him again. I should probably leave him alone.
    (Jack sneaks out of the cell and makes his way to a wall, all the while
    avoiding the guards. There is a hole on the wall and he goes through it, ending
    up in a small tunnel. It leads out of the prison to a larger tunnel. Going
    through this tunnel, Jack finds himself in a large, cavernous area. There are
    two guards at a campfire right in front of him. They are heard talking as he
    sneaks to the left.)
    Guard 1: Afore much longer, they'll have to send someone down that abandoned
    Guard 2: You'd have to be not right betwixt ears to go down that place.
    Guard 1: Maybe... but Marsh reckons on it running right under temple of Hydra.
    It'd not be right to just leave it be. Not with what's down there.
    Guard 1: The old warning in Visitor's Hall has been covered with Esther's
    garden... you can barely see the passage now.
    Guard 2: Talking of overgrowing planting. Have you see'd the prison? There's a
    vine put a gaping hole in ceiling of one of the cells.
    (Jack sneaks his way up a ledge to the left, following a patrolling guard. The
    guard stops next to another stationed by an archway leading into a tunnel, and
    Jack sneaks past both of them and into it. Just inside he has a sudden monster
    vision of someone patrolling an area filled with strange plants and further
    ahead a chamber with rock columns. The vision ends, and Jack comes to the
    chamber with the columns, patrolled by a few guards. He hears two of them
    Guard 1: Have you noticed anything unusual?
    Guard 2: No. Everything seems fine.
    (There is also a closed door here. Jack sneaks past the guards and makes his
    way to the area filled with the strange plants. He examines them.)
    Jack: I've never seen plant life like this before. From their shape and
    texture, they look almost prehistoric.
    (He finds a bright blue plant among the others and takes it. Then he sees a
    passage leading out of the area. There is some writing next to it. He checks
    Jack: I'll need to decipher it. It's written in some kind of ancient language.
    (He cannot decipher the sign as he does not have the Book of Dagon with him, so
    he continues. He enters the passage, which leads to a rocky area. There are
    strange, bright green gems on the walls. One of them is smaller and within
    Jack's reach. He tries to take it.)
    Jack: It won't budge. I'll need something to pry it out.
    (He then tries to take it with the chisel.)
    Jack: The chisel alone won't be enough to loosen the crystal. I can't get
    enough force behind the chisel to break it out.
    (He continues on his way and gets to a ledge overlooking an area with a small
    waterfall. He makes his way through ledges that eventually lead to the bottom
    of the area. There are two tunnels that lead away from here. Jack enters one of
    them. This narrow tunnel is filled with water to the waist level. Further ahead
    he sees that its walls are filled with a large amount of the monstrous
    starfish. Since he cannot proceed, he returns and heads into the second tunnel.
    It leads up and eventually ends with a circular grate on the ground. When Jack
    comes close to it he has a monster vision of someone approaching Robert Marsh's
    desk. The vision then ends as abruptly as it has begun, and Jack hears a voice
    from below the grate. He looks down, seeing Robert Marsh talking to a guard at
    his desk, in a large and well-furnished room. However, the furniture is alien
    in style.)
    Guard: We have cleaned out the laboratory, sir. The temple doors are shut and
    sealed. The outsiders have not been able to rupture the barrier... Mother's
    song is holding. There are many joining in prayer.
    Robert Marsh: Excellent... dismissed.
    (The guard leaves, and Sebastian Marsh arrives, putting his briefcase harshly
    onto the desk.)
    Sebastian: What the hell do you think you're doing, Robert? We're in the middle
    of an invasion and you've got our Order singing hymns!
    Robert: You're a fool, Sebastian. I command the Order of Dagon... Not you!
    Sebastian: The research must be protected at all costs!
    Robert: I've shut the lab down, Sebastian.
    Sebastian: What? This is madness! Can't you see how far Esther's come?
    Robert: Your trivial experiments are of no concern to me. All energies must be
    directed at completing the translation of the tablets. The work of my great-
    grandfather must be finished! Take your worthless body back to shore... you are
    of no further use to the Order.
    Sebastian: That's not going to happen, Robert.
    (Sebastian takes out a pistol and shoots Robert in the shoulder. Robert, in
    turn, casts a spell on him that lifts him the air and kills him. Wounded and
    enraged, he then violently pushes the briefcase away. Just at that moment, the
    grate from which Jack has been watching them falls off and Jack finds himself
    in the office with Robert Marsh.)
    Robert: There is no escape.
    (He casts his spell on Jack and draws him, lifts him and throws him away.  Jack
    takes cover behind the desk then to hinder the spell and Marsh cannot draw him
    this time. Jack finds a knife on the desk and runs at Marsh from time to time
    to stab him, while Marsh continues to use his magic. He utters short phrases as
    the fight goes on.)
    Robert: You don't belong here.
    Robert: Cthulhu fhtagn.
    Robert: Your race is finished, it is our time now.
    Robert: You can't hide from me.
    Robert: You will kneel before Father Dagon.
    Robert: You will kneel before Mother Hydra.
    (Marsh dies after a few stabs. Jack opens Sebastian's briefcase on the desk and
    finds the Book of Dagon and a key inside. There is a large window behid the
    desk that looks out into the ocean. A few torpedoes are fired in its direction,
    but they hit an invisible, magical barrier and explode. Then the submarine that
    was trying to attack the underwater city comes into view. It is apparent that
    the area that Jack is now in is a part of this underwater city. Jack then
    examines the bookcases in Marsh's study.)
    Jack: Books and ancient manuscripts... I recognize some of the symbols from the
    Book of Dagon. Most of the volumes appear to cover witch cults and sorcery.
    I've got enough problems without experimenting with witchcraft.
    (Jack goes through the door of the study, which leads to a well-lit hall. There
    are a few guards and two sorcerers patrolling the part of the hall to the left
    so Jack goes to the right, where there are no guards. There, he sees a statue
    of Cthulhu and examines it.)
    Jack: It's an ancient statue of Cthulhu. This effigy must be thousands of years
    (This part of the hall also has a large window that looks into the ocean. As
    Jack looks out, a few torpedoes are fired at that part and are stopped by the
    magical barrier. A few moments later the submarine comes into view. Jack then
    follows the hall, which leads to a large stone door. Strange chanting comes
    from the other side. Jack checks the door.)
    Jack: The doorway is sealed by some mystical force. It won't budge.
    (He finds a rifle next to the door. Now armed, he returns to the other part of
    the hall, which is decorated with large statues of Dagon and Hydra, and he
    kills the guards and the sorcerers. He then heads into a tunnel at the end of
    the hall. It leads upward and halfway through Jack has a monster vision in
    which he sees the guards in the area next to the small garden with the strange
    plants. The tunnel eventually leads to the bolted door before this same area,
    and Jack kills the guards there with his rifle. Now that he has the Book of
    Dagon with him, he goes to the garden to decipher the sign that he has seen
    earlier. He examines it with the book.)
    Jack: It's some kind of warning message. It advises against going any further.
    The passage looks abandoned.
    (He moves back out into the large cavernous area with the campfire. There he
    sees that a few Deep Ones are also on patrol, as well as the guards that were
    there earlier. He fights his way through them to a higher ledge. There are two
    tunnels on this ledge. The one to the left is blocked by a portcullis, so that
    is apparently the one Jack has been going through when he has been captured by
    Sebastian Marsh. As he is about to enter the tunnel to the right Jack
    experiences two monster visions of a man frantically looking around in a room.
    He can only see the ceiling and the higher part of the walls. The tunnel
    eventually ends with a metal door, and a laboratory filled with equipment and
    strange plants is seen from the window of the door. Screams are heard from the
    inside when Jack comes close to the door.)
    Jack: Hmmm... looks like some kind of laboratory.
    (The key he has taken from Sebastian Marsh's briefcase unlocks the door.)
    Jack: It's unlocked.
    (Jack enters the laboratory. There are strange plants everywhere, on tables and
    in glass cases. There are also small diagrams of the plants on the walls. He
    examines them and the plants.)
    Jack: They appear to be trying to cultivate new breeds of plant life. Their
    surface texture is extremely rough.
    (He takes a green bottle from a table. Its description in the inventory reads:
    "A chemical weed killer". There is also a notebook on the table. He takes it.)
    Lab Notes of Esther Marsh
    Blue Tinfiblia: Further Observations
    The petals have some acidic properties, which are yet to be fully investigated.
    They are especially harmful to the beloved of Great Cthulhu, as tests with the
    prison tender's "pet" have shown.
    Although exposure was strictly limited, considerable skin disfigurement
    Because of this, all laboratory samples are to be removed. However, I will keep
    the specimen in the garden for now. It promises to be a fruitful object for
    further study.
    (Jack moves to the other part of the laboratory and sees a prisoner strapped to
    a table. His body is heavily disfigured, with a protuberance on his chest and
    scaly, bluish skin. He speaks when Jack comes close.)
    Prisoner: Cursed! I'm cursed with this vile plague.
    (The prisoner turns his head towards Jack, revealing his face. His eyes are
    completely white, his nose and lips are disfigured, he has jagged teeth and
    there are also gills on one side of his head. He is apparently a victim of the
    Order's experiments with the Innsmouth Taint contagion and clearly he was the
    man looking around the room in Jack's vision. Since Jack has commented earlier
    in the prison that the shackles in his cell have recently been freed, it is
    highly probable that the freed prisoner is the one strapped to the table, and
    that he has been given a heavy dose of the contagion and transformed only a few
    seconds ago, as evidence by the frantic vision and the following screams,
    resulting in his heavy disfigurement.)
    Jack: Oh... shit...
    Prisoner: Please... stranger... I beg you... put me out of this misery.
    Jack: I need your help. I have to get into the temple.
    Prisoner: Only those loyal to the Order have access through the main doors.
    But... there's an old passage... a passage that runs deep beneath the temple.
    Though I warn you now, outsider... tread cautiously. I've heard talk of ancient
    dwellers in those dark depths... an evil from a forgotten time.
    Jack: This just keeps getting better... so how do I get down there?
    Prisoner: Explore the abandoned areas... that is all I can tell you. Now...
    please... kill me... end my pain...
    (Jack talks to him again.)
    Jack: How do I find this old passage?
    Prisoner: I don't know for sure... you should search the abandoned areas. Even
    the tainted fear those depths.
    Prisoner: Kill me! Put me out of this misery!
    (Jack kills the prisoner and then starts to look around this part of the
    laboratory. There is a covered corpse lying on a stretcher and there are body
    parts on a table. He examines them.)
    Jack: Most of these experiments seem to have been carried out on humans. This
    must have been where they were developing the contagion.
    (There is a big hook hung from the ceiling in the other side of the room, along
    with a mechanism which is apparently used to raise and lower it. This is
    clearly a torture device. Jack examines it.)
    Jack: I'd rather not dwell on the purpose of this device. It must inflict
    tremendous pain.
    (He leaves the laboratory by the the door to the other side and follows the
    tunnel, which leads to the prison area. At that point he has a monster vision
    of the guards patrolling the prison, which is seen to have two levels. After
    the vision Jack enters the prison. He is on the upper level, as the lower level
    can be seen from above. He kills the guards on that level and enters one of the
    cells. Inside is a strange vine on the wall that has opened a large hole in the
    ceiling. It also has large, strange flowers that look carnivorious. Jack
    examines it.)
    Jack: There's some peculiar vegetation here... it doesn't look safe. Those
    vines look sturdy; they're growing through the rock.
    (He uses the weed killer from the laboratory on the vine, and the dangerous-
    looking flowers die.)
    Jack: That little spot of gardening seems to have worked. The vines should be
    safe to climb now.
    (He climbs the vines out of the cell. It leads to a massive, alien chamber just
    like the huge portal chamber in the cult house in the Prologue chapter. The
    hole where he has come into the chamber is where the central pit of the portal
    is located, with metal columns around it. Large green crystals also hang from
    the ceiling. There is a socket next to the pit, just like in that previous
    portal chamber. Jack examines it.)
    Jack: This looks familiar... I've seen machinery like this somewhere before. It
    looks like something has been removed.
    (There is a control pad to the other side of the pit. He checks it.)
    Jack: It doesn't work. There doesn't seem to be any power.
    (The large chamber has a mechanical gate, but the catwalk leading to it has
    collapsed. Jack sees a strange blue marking that seems to depict the opening of
    the portal and examines it.)
    Jack: I've seen a room similar to this somewhere before. This place doesn't
    seem to have been used for thousands of years.
    (Since he does not have a green gem in his possession, Jack cannot do anything
    with this portal at the moment. So he goes back into the prison by the vines.
    He explores the upper level a bit more and finds a window on the floor with
    iron bars that looks into a cell below. A hammer is seen in the cell, which
    could be used to take out that green gem. Going down into the lower level of
    the prison by a ramp, Jack finds all his weapons that have been taken from him
    when he has been captured on a table. There is also a bucket full of slop on
    the table next to the weapons, and he takes it as well. Its description in the
    inventory reads: "Prison food. It's just malodorous slop. Yuk!" Then Jack has a
    monster vision of someone prowling in a cell as he approaches a bolted door. A
    hammer on the floor can also be seen in the vision, so it is the cell he has
    seen from the window. Jack unbolts and opens the door. Suddenly, a humanoid
    monster with tentacles over his head bursts out of the cell. Jack closes and
    bolts the door in time to keep the monster inside. This monster is the same as
    the creature Jack has previously encountered and killed with the flame thrower
    in The Esoteric Order of Dagon chapter, and it is also apparently the "prison
    tender's pet" mentioned in the lab notes of Esther Marsh.)
    Jack: There's no way I'm trying that again! That thing is wild... I need to
    figure out a way to subdue it.
    (Going a short way around the wall, Jack comes across a barricaded metal door
    with a small hatch on it. The cell of the monster is apparently on the other
    side, and pounding comes from there. Jack opens the hatch. As he opens it, he
    has a monster vision showing the monster inside approaching the metal door.)
    Jack: It looks like a feeding hatch.
    (He puts some of the slop into the hatch and closes it. Then the noises suggest
    that the monster eats it quickly.)
    Jack: Whatever's behind it sure is hungry.
    (He opens the hatch again and puts some more slop into it. But this time he
    also puts the blue plant he has found earlier as well, as the plant is
    extremely harmful to the monster according to the notes in the laboratory. Then
    the monster eats it, and painful groans are heard as the plant affects it. Jack
    goes to the bolted door and goes into the cell. The monster lies dead next to
    the metal door. Jack checks its corpse.)
    Jack: I don't think he'll be bothering me again. Maybe he should have checked
    the menu first.
    (He then takes the hammer from the ground.)
    Jack: This hammer could come in useful.
    (Now that he has the hammer, Jack goes to the area where the gem is and uses
    both the chisel and the hammer to take it out.)
    Jack: That should do the trick.
    (He takes the gem and goes back to return to the prison. As he is about to come
    out into the cavernous area before the laboratory, beyond which the prison is,
    there is a tremor and a group of Deep Ones attack him. He kills them and moves
    on. Just as he enters the prison there is another tremor and more Deep Ones
    attack. Jack kills them too and climbs the vines to the portal chamber. There,
    he puts the gem into the socket and activates the control pad. With that, a
    white portal appears above the pit. Jack goes through it and suddenly finds in
    a cavern with a pond and small waterfalls. In the middle of the pond there is a
    small rump and on it a strange weapon. Jack picks it up. It is a highly
    advanced weapon of a high alien technology and fires energy rays. If it is
    fully charged before the shot, the ray is even more powerful. If it is fired
    into water, the ray electrifies it. Jack enters a tunnel, which leads to a
    ledge overlooking the big waterfall area that he has visited before.)
    Jack: It's too dangerous... I need to find another way out.
    (He goes back and enters another tunnel from the pond area. It leads to a large
    ledge with two guards, which overlooks the area with the garden of strange
    plants. Jack kills the guards. He then goes through a door, which leads to a
    small room with two makeshift beds. He examines them.)
    Jack: The furnishings here seem temporary. I think these quarters are for
    visitors rather than inhabitants.
    (The ledge contains another such room. Jack goes down to the garden area below
    and a group of Deep Ones attacks him after a tremor. The energy weapon kills
    them very easily, with just one shot. After that, Jack moves to the bottom of
    the waterfall from the passage in the garden and enters the narrow tunnel with
    the monstrous starfish. As the tunnel is filled to the waist level with water,
    Jack fires a ray with the energy weapon, which electrifies the water and kills
    all the starfish. The narrow tunnel gives way to a small stone bridge over a
    huge pit, the bottom of which cannot even be seen. As he goes over it the
    bridge collapses. Jack goes on and comes to a large circular trapdoor made of
    stone. There are strange markings on it. It looks quite ancient, and it is like
    the trapdoor seen in the Shadow Out of Time 2 chapter. One part of it is broken
    and Jack drops down through this hole. It leads to a massive cavern with many
    ledges. On the ledges there are strange footprints that consist of five
    circular toe-marks. There is also a stone bridge that connects the two sides of
    the area. As Jack traverses it, fierce winds suddenly start to blow and two
    strange, flying creatures appear in the air. These creatures have large heads
    and five legs and are apparently the ones that left the strange footprints.
    They attack Jack by creating fierce winds, and he kills them with his energy
    weapon after a long battle. After they are dead he goes up a few ledges and
    climbs some vines that lead out of the cavern through another broken trapdoor.
    This trapdoor gives way to some tunnels that eventually end at a large area
    with a catwalk that leads to a well-decorated door, two small shrines and a
    stone pedestal. Jack examines one of the shrines.)
    Jack: It's a shrine for worship. I must be near the temple.
    (He then goes over to the pedestal and translates the ancient writing on it
    with the Book of Dagon.)
    Jack: These are the Tablets of Dagon... this must be the original source text
    for Obed's translation... the Book of Dagon. I can now read some of the last
    passages... I'll write them down.
    Tablets of Dagon
    These ancient tablets are written in the strange glyphs of the Deep Ones. They
    include the final passages that are missing from the translations in the Book
    of Dagon.
    They seem to be a prophecy; further study would be needed to produce an exact
    translation, but the passage reads roughly as follows:
    'And the time shall come when the stars are right, and lo, we shall raise up
    that which has been sunken;
    So shall lost R'lyeh be lifted from the deep, and the waters shall recede from
    its palaces
    And the One Who Dreams shall be awakened, Great Cthulhu shall arise;
    And fear and madness shall be upon the face of the world.'
    (Jack goes through the decorated door into the lower floor of the temple.
    Chanting is heard from the upper floor. There is a large gong inside, flanked
    by two flags. Jack hits the gong.)
    Jack: This gong must be used as a call to worship. If I was to hit it with
    enough force, the sound would be deafening.
    (He goes upstairs through a ramp and finds himself in a large hall. There is a
    massive monster just in front of him, worshipped by a few sorcerers. The
    monster looks like Dagon but has four breasts. It is apparently Mother Hydra,
    conducting the ritual that sustains the magical barrier around the underwater
    city. She constantly makes a wailing sound. Jack kills the sorcerers but Hydra
    herself is protected by a magical barrier, which looks like a huge bubble.
    There are five statues in the hall, placed on high platforms. There are pipes
    under the statues which lead to a small pool just in front of Hydra's bubble
    and then to the bubble itself. Jack examines the pipes.)
    Jack: These pipes control the flow of water into the pool below. If I could
    release the water, then I might be able to flood the pool.
    (Only one of the platforms with the statues is accessible by a ramp. Jack
    climbs it and sees that there is a lever behind the statue. He pulls it and
    this releases water to the pool. However, he cannot reach the rest of the
    platforms. As Jack is in the hall, he experiences brief monster visions from
    Hydra's point of view, showing him standing in the small pool just in front of
    her bubble. When Jack moves to the pool he has another vision, this time from
    the eyes of a Deep One that has just entered the hall. Jack seems to control
    the monster for a moment via the link of the monster vision but the vision ends
    very quickly.)
    Jack: I can't concentrate with that damn creature's wailing. If I could block
    out that wailing sound, I might be able to sustain the link. That song's making
    my head pound... I've got to block it out.
    (Jack moves down to the lower floor of the temple and hits the gong there with
    a fully-charged shot from his energy weapon. This makes a deafening sound and
    blocks Hydra's wailing. Jack goes to the hall, kills the Deep Ones that have
    arrived and stands in the pool. He receives another vision of a Deep One but
    now he can control it. He makes the monster jump to one of the platforms and
    pull the lever before the sound of the gong ends, after which he kills the Deep
    One. He repeats this with the other three statues and when all the levers are
    pulled, Hydra's bubble gets flooded. Jack then fires a shot with the energy
    weapon into the pool and the shockwave kills Hydra, also destroying the bubble
    barrier around her. There is a small pedestal in front of her, on which there
    is a gold disc. Jack takes it. Then he moves to the back of the hall where
    there is a a large stone gate next to a pedestal. He reads the writing on the
    pedestal with the Book of Dagon.)
    Jack: According to the text, the doors can only be opened with an ancient chant
    spoken by someone in possession of a sacred charm. I'm not going to be able to
    get through it without that charm.
    (The gold he has taken from Hydra's pedestal is the charm mentioned here. He
    holds it in his hand as he recites the chant from the pedestal.)
    Jack: V'hu-ehn n'kgnath fha'gnu n'aem'nh. V'glyzz k'fungn cylth-a v'el cylth-
    Cthulhu k'fungn'i. I'a ry'gzengrho. I'a Hydra.
    (The gate opens and Jack finds himself in the area where he has found the rifle
    before. He moves up into the hall above and suddenly hears a loud crash. He
    turns to the window to the left and sees the submarine come into view and fire
    a torpedo at the underwater city. This time the magical barrier is gone and the
    torpedo hits its target, damaging the window. Debris starts to fall from the
    ceiling and there are random tremors as the submarine proceeds to destroy the
    underwater city with its torpedoes. Jack quickly moves up into the large cavern
    with the campfire, evading the debris that continues to fall around him. He
    gets to the ledge with the tunnel leading to the laboratory and the one where
    he has been captured. The tunnel to the laboratory is blocked with rocks and
    the portcullis in the other one is now gone, so he goes into it. Inside, he
    runs all the way to the portal and the pedestal that he has examines before in
    the beginning of the chapter. The pedestal is the same as the one in the
    temple, so he activates the portal by reciting the same chant with the gold
    Jack: V'hu-ehn n'kgnath fha'gnu n'aem'nh. V'glyzz k'fungn cylth-a v'el cylth-
    Cthulhu k'fungn'i. I'a ry'gzengrho. I'a Hydra.
    (The portal opens and Jack goes through it, ending up in one of the rooms in
    the Order of Dagon. Hoover and Mackey are there, and they are shocked to see
    Hoover: Jack? How the...?
    Mackey: Oh, my God! Is he okay?
    (Jack is breathing frantically and collapses onto the ground, dropping the gold
    disc that he has been clutching.)
    Hoover: What the hell happened to him? Check his pulse!
    Mackey: Jack? JACK? Can you hear me?
    Mackey: JACK!
    (Jack blacks out.)
    1.16. Shadow Out of Time 3
    "I do not know how to begin. Is it better that Humanity should remain ignorant
    of the horrors that haunt the dark places of the Earth, or should I tell what I
    have seen, as a warning to others? I fear I shall be dismissed as insane."
    (Jack is in a strange, alien chamber, like the ones in his previous dreams. A
    gate opens and he walks out, coming into a city with many towers. There are
    some strange creatures ahead, the same ones that have come out of the portal in
    the cult house and the ones he has seen in his dreams. These are Yithians, an
    alien race from millions of years before our time. As he approaches them, Jack
    looks at his hands. They are the same as the hands of the Yithians. He stops
    before one of the Yithians.)
    Yithian: Jack.
    Jack: Why have you summoned me?
    Yithian: There is something I must show you... We must hurry... time is
    Jack: Where are we going?
    Yithian: The great library.
    (Next, Jack and the Yithian are in a large chamber in the library.)
    Yithian: A terrible conflict is upon us, and our hosts will not survive it. The
    keenest minds are already projecting to later days.
    Jack: Who will be the enemy? There have been no ructions with either the mi-go
    in the north, or Cthulhu's kin to the south.
    Yithian: In your wanderings, did you come upon the vast sealed trapdoors at the
    foundation of the old city?
    Jack: Yes, but I didn't understand their purpose.
    Yithian: There was a terrible war between us and a race of half-polypous
    creatures that had been dominant until our arrival.
    (A gate opens in the library, and a large book flies through it, landing in
    front of Jack.)
    Yithian: This volume tells of that bloody period.
    (The book opens, and strange writing is seen in it.)
    Jack: Why are you showing me this now?
    (The book turns to another page that depicts the energy weapon Jack uses in the
    last chapter.)
    Yithian: They are still down there, Jack. Thriving in the darkness. They are
    plotting... plotting to break free of their bonds and wreak a terrible revenge.
    The end is inevitable... and close, very close.
    (The book closes.)
    Jack: How much time do we have?
    (Suddenly, a loud crash is heard.)
    Jack: What the hell was that?
    (Debris starts to fall from the ceiling as the library shakes.)
    Yithian: You are no longer safe. Follow me.
    (Jack and the Yithian move through a large hallway. Rubble continues to fall
    from the ceiling as they move.)
    Jack: If this is the end, where am I supposed to go?
    Yithian: It's time for you to go back.
    Jack: Back?
    Yithian: Yes, back to your own time. But, before you leave, there is something
    more you need to know.
    (They enter a room. There is a large machine, which looks like a cabin, in the
    middle of it.)
    Jack: What is this place?
    Yithian: The human mind is too delicate a fabric for the return displacement;
    it could easily tear. Your memories of Pnakotus must be cleaned.
    Jack: Will I remember nothing of this place? Six years of my life, and for
    Yithian: When the time comes, you will remember... we will be waiting in the
    shadows of your dreams.
    (Jack enters the cabin.)
    Jack: These riddles make no sense. What was it I needed to know?
    Yithian: Did you ever wonder about your visions?
    Jack: Nightmares... It came with the territory. Sometimes it helped with the
    Yithian: Bad dreams are never that accurate. You are different from the rest of
    your race, Jack. Your father could see it. Suicide was his escape from the
    Jack: What's this got to do with him?
    Yithian: He has been here too... he was displaced, just moments before you were
    conceived. I was the transferred mind.
    Jack: What are you saying... that you're my father?
    Yithian: Not entirely. You are not of our kind. But neither are you completely
    (The machine starts to work.)
    Yithian: I'm sorry, Jack... There is no more time.
    (Jack is then seen in his cell in the mental asylum, sitting on the floor, with
    a delirious look in his eyes. Ramona is seen behind him for a second, covered
    in blood. The camera then hovers above him, showing that he is looking at his
    journal and that there are many symbols drawn on the floor, including the Elder
    Sign, the eye symbol surrounded by a star. Then the camera shows Doctor
    Hardstrom walking in the hallway of the asylum. It switches back to Jack, who
    is seen climbing onto a chair to hang himself. Ramona is again seen for a
    moment, sitting by the chair. Jack kicks the chair away and drops the journal,
    which shows the last two pages that contain his suicide note. Dr. Hardstrom
    sees him hanging and rushes to save him. Then the screen goes black. After
    that, voices and sounds are heard.)
    Dr. Hardstrom: Mr. Walters... Mr. Walters... can you hear me? Mr. Walters...
    Doctor: He's convulsing... we're losing him.
    Doctor: Check his pulse!
    (The voices and sounds tail off.)
    Suicide Note
    February 16, 1922
    Now... at my end... I can fully see. My last case opened in me a new fear... a
    real fear... a fear of myself, of what I am... and of what I have always been.
    All that I was, is now lost.
    Hope? Purpose? Pleasure? All meaningless. I now walk in the shadows between
    worlds... and it is there I have finally glimpsed upon what lives in the dark
    corners of the earth...
    NOTE: The scene between the library of Pnakotus and the mental asylum, where
    the Yithian reveals that he is Jack's father, is part of the "extended ending"
    and is only seen if you finish the game with an A rank.
    2.1. Interpretation of the Ending
    So we came to the end of the script. Now let's make an interpretation of the
    ending: The Yithians, a highly-advanced alien race that dominated the world
    millions of years ago, have an affinity for projecting their minds to the
    future to possess the bodies of chosen humans for some time, during the course
    of which the human's mind is transferred to the body of the Yithian. Jack's
    father was displaced this way, and his body was being controlled by a Yithian
    when Jack was conceived (as explained in the extended ending), thus giving him
    some of the mental abilities of the Yithians. This is the reason for his
    visions, which give him clues to overcome obstacles, and he is even able to
    possess the body of a Deep One for a very short time at the end, just like the
    The cultists in the Prologue chapter, who worship the Yithians, are aware of
    Jack's alien parentage, and because of this they choose him to be possessed by
    a Yithian and lure him to their cult house with this aim. At the end of the
    chapter Jack's body is captured by a Yithian and his mind is transferred to the
    body of his captor in Pnakotus, the great city of the Yithians. He spends six
    years there, during the course of which he is educated in in their ways, as the
    Yithians like to share their knowledge with those they abduct. At the end of
    Jack's stay in Pnakotus, the city is attacked by the Flying Polyps, ancient
    creatures that the Yithians managed to defeat with their energy weapons and
    which were then driven into underground caverns sealed with impenetrable
    trapdoors by them. (Jack later encounters these Flying Polyps himself in the
    huge cavern beneath the temple in the last chapter, and defeats them with an
    energy weapon, which is itself a legacy of the Yithians.) Nevertheless, when
    Pnakotus is attacked, the Yithians send Jack back to his own body.
    However, the Yithians also erase Jack's memories of Pnakotus to protect his
    mind from the shock. These memories are later partially revealed to him in his
    dreams, as in the three Shadow Out of Time chapters. Jack experiences his last
    dream in the mental asylum after he manages to get out of the underwater city
    at the end of the game, and this completely reveals to him what happened in
    those six years and also the fact his father is a Yithian. This disclosure,
    combined with all the unnatural things he has encountered during his adventure
    in Innsmouth and his sense of guilt over Ramona's death, finally drives Jack to
    2.2. List of Journal Entries
    September 6, 1915 Evening          A Local Disturbance
    1916 - 1921                        Missing Entries
    February 6, 1922 Early Evening     A Shadowed Past
    February 6, 1922 Night             New Client
    February 7, 1922 Early Evening     The Gilman Hotel
    February 8, 1922 Night             Church Refuge
    February 8, 1922 Early Hours       Jailbreak
    February 8, 1922 Night             The Feds
    February 9, 1922 Night             The Order of Dagon
    February 10, 1922                  The Cutter Urania
    February 10, 1922 Early Evening    The Reef of Satan
    February 10, 1922 Morning          The Dark Depths
    February 16, 1922                  Suicide Note
    2.3. List of General Evidence Documents
    Podium Sermon
    Diary of a Cult Member
    The Boston Globe, 20th August 1909
    Arkham Advertiser, 6th February 1922
    Diary of Brian Burnham
    Innsmouth Courier, 19th June 1846
    Arkham Advertiser, 7th February 1922
    Diary of Thomas Waite
    Ramona Waite's Coloring Book
    Post Mortem Records
    Diary of the Church Minister
    Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
    Ship Logs of Captain Obed Marsh
    Letter from Sebastian Marsh
    Diary of Robert Marsh
    Diary of one of the crew
    Lab Notes of Esther Marsh
    2.4. List of Mythos Tomes and Manuscripts
    Book of Dagon
    Oaths of Dagon
    I'a Dagon
    Ponape Scripture
    Tablets of Dagon
    3. Credits
    I thank,
    OrhunCYC, for introducing me to the Cthulhu Mythos
    Headfirst Productions, for creating such a thrilling plot and for making such a
    good game
    2K Games, for publishing it
    and you, for (hopefully) reading this script
    That's all.

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