How do I improve guest happiness?

  1. I'm on an Intermediate level called Endangered Species Zoo and to complete it I need to
    1. Earn a suitability rating of at least 70 for 12 exhibits.
    2. Achieve a zoo rating of 70.
    3. Achieve an average guest happiness of 93.
    4. Achieve an average animal happiness of 90.
    5. Possess a baby black leopard, okapi, and white Bengal tiger.

    Ok the baby animals are do I make guests happiness go up??? I've tried putting in all animal houses, I've tried putting in lots of shopping and restraunts, and I've tried adding alot of different exhibits..The guests are still not happy enough...most say this zoo isnt all that great i'm going home..or something like what exactly do I need to do to make all the guests happy so I can get a guest happiness of 93??? Mine is somewhere around 74 or sclose to that and its always that way no matter what I do. Help please.

    User Info: FLASHPUPPY3348

    FLASHPUPPY3348 - 5 years ago


  1. If you have a decent amount of money, try lowering your prices. This will make the guests far more happy. Also, add toys for any animals that you can, as guests like to watch animals interact with them. Try to use themed fencing, paths, and buildings, too; guests seem to like coordinated themes.

    User Info: megageeklizzy

    megageeklizzy - 3 years ago 0 0

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