Review by lordkor

Reviewed: 08/20/04

A flying angel that can't fly well.

Archangel had the potential to be a really good game but falls flat on it's face. The concept was good, where you would travel from a medieval type setting into a future time, with weapons evolving as each time progresses. Unfortunately, the game lacks luster, and it lacks a lot of things that are common in these types of games. One stupid (among many) things about the game was the water. You can't swim. You fall in the water and the whole screen turns blue and wavy then you die.

Real lame effects and there isn't even a splash when you fall in. I guess they forgot common physics. The camera angle is horrible especially when trying to shoot an enemy. Unless they are far away forget it, once they are right on you, you find yourself shooting the floor more than anything else.

The enemy also never misses, you always get hit which is another lame thing about the game. There are also a ton of doors to buildings none of which open they are solely for decoration. Why put all those doors if none of them ever open? You can't climb ladders either, anything "climbable" needs to be on a slant to walk on.

The gameplay is very boring. You wander around aimlessly not knowing exactly where to go. There is a journal that tells you what you need to do, but not where to go. There is no map either. You'll find yourself wandering about the same area over and over again.

Somewhat dated. For the type of game this is I would rate it on the "eh ok" level. There really isn't much variety for the textures, especially when you go in the caves everything looks the same. As least a little water dripping or moss would change the pace a little. The character models stink. They all stand around like they have stiff backs when speaking to you. Their shoulders move up and down to simulate breathing. They are poorly drawn

Pretty boring for both. The sound effects for the weapons could use quite a bit of work. I think the only thing that sounded good was the sniper rifle. Everything else was kinda "ho hum". There really isn't much dialog in the game. The NPCs say the same thing all the time and it's all poorly scripted. The music sounded like some cheap porn movie. It was repetitive and boring.

Bad. The storyline needs work. And your special powers need a major overhaul. Most of them you will never use because they are so pointless. Everything runs on "spiritual energy" So when you use a power this drains, or when you use your special sword it also drains. It replenishes VERY slowly and you often find yourself running from a fight, hiding while your energy replenishes, going back into battle, then repeating. It's downright boring like the rest of the gameplay.

There are no breakable objects which is totally stupid. You can shoot a glass table with a RPG and nothing happens. There is no in game map or even a compass to give you some direction. The weapon damage stinks. Each "better" weapon doesn't seem to do much more damage than the "weaker" weapons. And this "special" sword you have which is supposed to be this all powerful weapon stinks. You chop and chop something with it and the creature takes forever to die.

The controls are terrible. You can only use certain keys for mappings it doesn't recognize all of them. The inventory, special powers, and weapon select are downright terrible. There are no hotkeys for the powers or inventory items which makes it completely fustrating especially when your in the middle of a fight.

Save anywhere at anytime.

The concept, and that's being somewhat generous.

Boring gameplay.
No maps or compass.
Ho hum textures.
Cheesey dialog.

Flunky controls.
Poor physics.


Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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