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    FAQ/Walkthrough by White_Pointer

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    Unreal II: The Awakening
    Version 1.1
    Copyright 2003
    Written by White_Pointer
    Contents of this Guide:
    1.0     Introduction
    2.0     Legal Information
    3.0     About the game
    4.0     What's in this guide?
    5.0     Weapons
    6.0     Enemies
    7.0     Walkthrough
    8.0     Frequently Asked Questions
    9.0     Acknowledgements and Credits
    1.0	Introduction
    Unreal II: The Awakening is the much anticipated sequel to the original Unreal, 
    largely regarded as one of the greatest First Person Shooters of all time. 
    Unreal II uses an amazing new graphics engine to deliver an exceptional 
    experience, and you'll see classic Unreal elements in the game as well as a 
    whole bunch of new ones as well. Unreal fans and any fan of FPS games will be 
    right at home. I made sure I preordered my copy and received it 2 days before it 
    was released in Australia, and at the time I started writing this, Gamefaqs did 
    not have a walkthrough for the game. So, this guide was born.
    2.0	Legal Information
    This guide is intended for personal use only. No profit can be made from this 
    guide under ANY circumstances, it is to be used for non-profit only. This guide 
    will ONLY be hosted on Gamefaqs, unless you have my written consent to publish 
    it on your own site and you MUST e-mail me to request my permission to use it. 
    Please explain in your e-mail what the theme of your site is, the approximate 
    amount of unique visitors you receive each month and what materials the site 
    covers. This guide may not be altered in any way, shape, or form.
    3.0	About the game
    Unreal II: The Awakening is a First Person shooter, where you take on the role 
    of John Dalton, an ex-marine assigned to patrol the edge of human space as a 
    Marshal for the Terran Colonial Authority. Your ship receives a distress call 
    from a mining plant on one of your assigned planets, and you get more than you 
    bargained for when you go down there to investigate. Load the ammo into that gun 
    and let's shoot us some aliens!
    4.0	What's in this guide?
    What's in this guide? Basically everything you'll want to know about the game: A 
    description of the weapons and enemies, followed by a complete walkthrough and a 
    section of FAQ's. What more could you ask for? Let's get moving! The Walkthrough 
    is for NORMAL difficulty only, but can also be used for the other difficulty 
    levels, you'll just encounter more or less enemies depending on which difficulty 
    you are playing.
    5.0 Weapons
    You're going to need some way to tackle the bad guys in Unreal II, and with this 
    wide variety of weapons, you've got all bases covered.
    Your basic run of the mill FPS weapon, otherwise known as the "Popgun". Primary 
    fire is a single low powered shot. Secondary fire allows you to charge up and 
    shoot off a more powerful shot, but it needs time to charge. Doesn't need any 
    ammo, it recharges automatically. Not very powerful, and so should only be 
    used as a last resort. It does have some practical uses though, in some 
    levels there may be annoying little enemies running around, and rather than 
    wasting ammo on them, the popgun is perfect. The popgun is also useful for 
    destroying Plasma Shields...again it's not worth wasting ammo on them, so use 
    the popgun to destroy them.
    The CAR, or the "Duster", is a very useful weapon and will no doubt be a 
    weapon you'll be utilising the services of very often...probably being your 
    main weapon of choice in many levels. It carries a lot of ammo and does 
    good damage. Primary fire shoots out the ammo at a very rapid rate and 
    makes a rather good machine gun. Secondary fire fires out a single shot, 
    which is a cluster of 5 ammo shards bound together, which breaks apart on 
    impact and can bounce off walls.
    A supposedly useful weapon, but not a weapon I found myself needing to 
    use all that often. The "Hydra" is your basic grenade launcher you've 
    had in previous FPS's, but has been extended to accommodate more than 
    one type of grenade. Primary fire will fire the grenade which explodes 
    on impact, if you hold the fire button down the grenade will bounce 
    around a little before exploding. Secondary fire switches between your 
    grenade types: Fragmentation (your basic exploding grenade), Toxic Gas 
    (emits a cloud of toxic gas when it explodes), Incendiary (your basic 
    grenade, but fires out phosphorus that ignites anything within close 
    quarters), Smoke (Lays down a cloud of smoke so you can make a getaway), 
    Concussion (sends out a shockwave...also spreads the clouds of toxic gas 
    and smoke) and EMP (disables anything mechanical within it's blast radius).
    5.4 SHOTGUN
    You'll be using the shotgun, or "Crowd Pleaser" in a similar way to the 
    Duster. It'll be a main weapon you'll be using quite a lot once you pick 
    it up. With good reason too, as it's nice and powerful, although it's 
    rate of fire is somewhat slow. Primary fire fires off a single shell 
    that is devastating at close to medium range, but not much use at far 
    range. Secondary fire fires off a group of slugs that ignite when they 
    hit an enemy, that covers more area, but has a shorter range. You can 
    only load up 8 shells in one hit though, so make sure it's loaded before 
    going into battle.
    The Flamethrower seems to be becoming a regular weapon to appear in 
    FPS's, and in Unreal II, the "Vulcan" is indeed a worthy addition. 
    Primary fire shoots off a jet of flaming gas, secondary fire allows 
    you to spread unignited napalm wherever you want, which can be ignited 
    by firing off primary fire or shooting it with another one of your 
    weapons. Great for setting up traps. The Primary fire is extremely 
    good at close range and will take care of just about anything.
    5.6 MAGNUM
    The "Avenger" is a weapon that is given a big wrap in the game, but 
    isn't a weapon that really lives up to that hype. You'll be given 
    Aida's Magnum she's nicknamed "Grace", but it's hardly worth the 
    trouble. Yes, it fires off quick, powerful shots, but you'll find 
    very little ammo for it so you'll find yourself preferring other 
    weapons that have ammo more readily available. Primary fire firs 
    off a single shot, alternate fire fires off a 3 round burst that 
    is slightly more powerful, but less accurate.
    What's an FPS without a rocket launcher, huh? Unreal II has one, and 
    the "Shark" is a great weapon. Primary fire allows you to lock onto a 
    target and fire off an excellent, accurate, long range (or short range), 
    powerful shot, which is actually 4 rockets strapped together. Secondary 
    fire allows you to shoot off these 4 rockets independently that follow a 
    drunken path. That is, until Isaak modifies it and allows you to lock 
    each individual rocket onto a separate target. The weapon of choice for 
    destroying turrets and enemies that carry Sharks themselves.
    The ultimate long range weapon, the Sniper Rifle or "Widowmaker" is a 
    weapon you'll be using a lot once you find it. Primary fire shoots out 
    a very fast paced, accurate, powerful shot. Secondary fire initiates 
    the snipe, or zoom feature, to zoom in on the target, and what's even 
    better is that you can use the mouse wheel to zoom even further in, 
    or back out again, to get incredible firing precision at incredible 
    distances. In either mode, if you get an enemy in the head, most of 
    the time it's an instant kill. The downside is its slow rate of fire.
    The first Alien weapon you'll find, Isaak modifies it so it's a little 
    more powerful for you and dubs it the "Shock Lance". Primary fire generates 
    two fast moving plasma bolts that don't do a hell of a lot of damage on 
    their own, but can be fired very rapidly and can bounce off walls. Secondary 
    fire is an EMP ball that explodes on impact and disables most mechanical or 
    electrical devices. You'll only be using this very occasionally - it's a 
    better alternative to the popgun as a fallback weapon if you have no other 
    5.10 SPIDER GUN
    Okay, so I can't remember the exact name that Issak gives this thing, but it 
    shoots spiders, so what else would you call it? Primary fire shoots out a 
    spore that covers the enemy is swarm of small spiders. Secondary fire fires 
    out a blob that gestates and after a few seconds a little spider pops out and 
    attacks nearby enemies. A fun weapon to use, but generally not terribly 
    5.11 TAKKRA
    These are strange metallic balls you find on Na Koja Abad, and you won't find 
    many of them. In their Primary fire state, they'll fly out and shoot at any 
    nearby enemies, circling them as they do so. Secondary fire means they 
    actually circle you, and they do their best to prevent any projectile shots 
    hitting you. You'll only find about 3 of these...and at no point are they 
    really necessary to use, so use them whenever you feel like a bit of a change.
    5.12 DRAKK LASER
    A weapon that Isaak creates for you out of Drakk parts you find on Na 
    Koja Abad, and is quite powerful too, it's a pity you can only use it 
    for the last few missions in the game. Primary fire shoots out a single 
    laser blast that is very powerful and does substantial damage to any 
    enemy you fire it at. Secondary fire, when Isaak develops it, fires out 
    a short-range beam that works kind of like the flamethrower. Watch your 
    ammo consumption on this weapon though.
    You'll only find this elusive weapon in the last mission in the game, and 
    you won't use it very often, but it's a powerful weapon to have in your 
    arsenal, and happens to be the only way you can kill a Tosc. It only has one 
    firing mode, and it fires out a kind of small black hole that swallows 
    up any enemy it comes in close proximity to. Unfortunately, the Tosc also 
    carry these weapons and know how to use them, so they can just as easily kill 
    you if they see you first.
    6.0 Enemies
    Unreal II has a variety of enemies. I best introduce you to them so you know 
    what I'm referring to in my walkthrough :) For the record, there are some 
    enemies in the game that aren't mentioned anywhere, so therefore I don't know 
    their "official" names, in which case I just use my own names for them :)
    6.1 IZARIANS
    The Izarians are a strange race that somewhat resemble the Aliens from the 
    "Alien" series of movies. Nicknamed "Space Monkeys" by the in-game characters 
    - probably due to their annoying hyena-like laugh, they are a race that have 
    been pressed into slavery by the Skaarj - but they don't seem to mind that too 
    much, and seem to in fact enjoy it. They carry energy rifles and know how to 
    fire them. Don't worry too much though, because they don't seem to know how to 
    aim very well, so they'll be little threat by themselves. If you meet them in 
    groups though, especially in an enclosed area, they are a bit more of a problem due to 
    the fact that their shots bounce off walls. Izarians don't take a lot of killing 
    though, and will go down after only a few shots, so you really needn't concern 
    yourself with these guys much. Just brush them aside and continue along your 
    merry way.
    6.2 SKAARJ
    The Skaarj were your number one enemy in the original Unreal, and they are again 
    a prominent force in Unreal II, although you won't be encountering them nearly 
    as often as you did in the original, which can be seen as a good thing. The 
    Skaarj are a brutal warrior race, and will definitely give you a run for your 
    money, being bigger, faster and meaner than they were in the original. At far 
    range they'll fire off energy shots at you from the tips of their hand blades. 
    At close range, they'll leap at you and slash you with their hand blades. The 
    Duster's primary fire isn't much good here, because they'll very quickly start to criss-
    cross their hand-blades in front of themselves to block your shots. Instead, use the 
    secondary fire, or use a different weapon, but remember that they are exceptionally good 
    at dodging your shots just as they were in the original, so make sure you utilise a 
    weapon with a fast firing rate. You'll also run across several varieties of Skaarj too, 
    from your quick and nimble kind to your more powerful but slower kind. Always exercise 
    caution when taking these guys on, they also have a habit of jumping out at you 
    from around corners and scaring the crap out of you, and when they are up 
    in your face, they'll inflict a lot of damage very quickly.
    6.3 SNOW PIGS
    You'll encounter these strange creatures on Hell before you enter the base, 
    and they kind of look like little pigs with big mouths. They aren't much of 
    a problem, even your popgun is enough to see the end of them. You'll see a 
    bigger one too...and it's probably best to let it sleep and avoid it.
    6.4 SNOW SLUGS
    You'll also find these on Hell, before you enter the base, and aren't any threat 
    to you unless you decide to shoot them a number of times. If you do, they'll 
    turn on you and attack you, but a few more shots and they are squished slugs.
    6.5 ARAKNIDS (small)
    You'll encounter hundreds of these little yellow spiders within the Hell base. 
    By themselves or in a small group they aren't a problem, in a large group, they 
    can be a big problem. They won't jump at you or anything like that though, 
    they'll just skuttle up to you and try to bite you. Best way to take these 
    things out is with a flamethrower, and if you find yourself running low on 
    napalm, the Duster is the next best weapon to use. Just don't let them get close 
    enough to bite you and you'll be fine.
    6.6 ARAKNIDS (large)
    These guys, on the other hand, are a bit more of a problem. They are much larger 
    than their smaller brothers and sisters and are a browny-red colour. Not only 
    will they bite you at close range, but at far range, they'll leap high into the 
    air and try to land on top of you. They can jump incredible distances so never 
    think that you are out of their range of attack. Naturally they take more 
    punishment than the smaller ones, but still don't like the flamethrower too 
    much, so use that as much as you can.
    Fancy name, but these are the guys you'll be encountering most often, being your 
    basic mercenaries. There's two types, those that wear heavy armour, and those 
    that don't. The armoured type generally carry powerful weapons like Sharks and 
    Flamethrowers, the unarmoured type usually carry Dusters, Shotguns or even 
    sometimes Popguns, and can occasionally be seen with Sharks as well. They don't 
    really make an effort to dodge your fire though, so the best way to take them 
    is from a distance with some accurate shots. If you find yourself cornered in a 
    group of these guys, you'll find yourself overwhelmed very quickly...the 
    combination of the Sharks and Shotguns firing at you will kill you very rapidly. 
    Occasionally you'll come across a Sniper too...keep an eye out for them, because 
    a few head shots and you're done for.
    Again your basic mercenaries, except they are female mercs. Generally the same 
    story as with the Izanagi Ghost Warriors, although they seem to be a little more 
    stealthy and tactical, unlike the ghost warriors who seem to prefer the full-on 
    approach. You'll also encounter Liandri Angel snipers, and they are particularly 
    nasty, so take them out as soon as you can with a taste of their own medicine.
    6.9 GASBAGS
    These things will appear on Acheron, and will only appear once you have grabbed 
    the artefact. They are ball-like organisms which chase you down in large 
    numbers, and attack you by bouncing into you. Give them a shot or two with just 
    about any weapon and they'll burst, but don't stop running or you'll be 
    overwhelmed by sheer numbers.
    You'll encounter these on Na Koja Abad, and are next to no problems. I never 
    managed to actually hit one of these with any fire, so I don't know if they turn 
    and attack you like the Snow Slugs do.
    Again, on Na Koja Abad, you'll find quite a number of these little critters 
    running around. They just look like little dinosaurs and like to eat the Giant 
    Mosquitos, but it seems they enjoy taking a few bites at you too. They are slow 
    and weak, and 2 shots from your popgun will be all they'll take, so they 
    shouldn't be a problem if you can see them. The problem is, sometimes they can 
    sneak up behind you and be biting you from behind. Usually your instinct tells 
    you to look around for anything firing at you. If you can't see anyone, look 
    down, and one of these little buggers is probably biting your legs.
    6.12 DRAKK
    The Drakk are a robotic race that learned to self repair and recreate themselves 
    and have since destroyed their original creators. They are intelligent robots 
    too and seem to be conducting experiments. Your basic Drakk warrior will launch 
    themselves at you, then when they get close enough they will emit strong 
    electrical pulses from their bodies and will give you quite a nasty electric 
    shock. They aren't too strong though and don't take a lot of punishment before 
    they explode.
    These things though are an entirely different kettle of fish. They float around, 
    constantly scanning the vicinity with some kind of heat seeking laser, and when 
    they find you, they lock on and fire a powerful laser beam at you. Another 
    problem with these things is that you don't destroy them straight away. After a 
    few powerful shots, or an EMP blast, they'll curl up into a ball. When they do, 
    little spider-like robots will rush out of their little dome structures to 
    repair them, so they need a few more good shots to be destroyed before they are 
    repaired. You can also take out the little spider robots when you can to make 
    life easier, but they do regenerate. Make sure that when you make an overseer 
    curl up into a ball, that you destroy them quickly to prevent them being 
    repaired. The best strategy I found is to get up close and give them a shot 
    with the shock lance's secondary fire, then three good shots with the shotgun.
    6.14 TOSC
    The hardest enemies in the game, bar none, due largely to the fact that they 
    carry Singularity Cannons and are more or less impervious to your regular fire. 
    The only weapon that can kill them is the Singularity Cannon. They are huge 
    behemoths, and if they see you before you see them, then consider yourself dead 
    after they fire at you. They are rather slow moving though and are easy enough 
    to hit with the Singularity Cannon. But as I said, apart from the first one you 
    encounter (you'll find out why), don't try any of your other weapons on them as 
    they'll have no effect. Luckily you won't encounter many of these so they 
    shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.
    7.0 Walkthrough
    Remember this walkthrough covers the NORMAL difficulty, so when I'm describing 
    where the enemies are, it's where they'll appear in NORMAL difficulty. The level 
    layouts and order and exactly the same in the other two difficulty modes, the 
    only differences being you'll encounter less enemies on easy (and they are 
    easier to kill) and you'll be encountering more enemies on Unreal (and they are 
    harder to kill).
    Terran Colonial Authority HQ:
    Not much to say here really. After the short intro, speak with Hawkins and you 
    can take the training if you like, I won't write it down here because it's all 
    just straightforward, or head back to your ship. Either way you'll need to walk 
    outside and down the ramps to the elevator. Activate it and you'll finish the 
    level. Wasn't that exciting?
    Atlantis (Post Avalon)
    Once you get back to your ship, speak with Aida and take a tour if you like, 
    it's a second chance to get yourself used to the controls. When you're ready, 
    head into the briefing room (it's the first room on the right as you entered the 
    ship) where Aida will brief you on your search and rescue mission to the Liandri 
    mining facility (If you took the tour with Isaak, Aida will be waiting outside 
    the briefing room). Walk across the hall to get the lo-down on some weapons if 
    you want from Isaak, although this is a waste of time if you have already done 
    the training because he'll just run through the weapons you used during the 
    training. When you think you're ready to kick some Alien butt, walk back into 
    the first room you were in when you entered the ship, and enter your little 
    craft to start the Sanctuary mission.
    Sanctuary - Mining Complex Entrance
    After the short cutscene, you'll be placed in a small open area. There's nothing 
    to do here but head through the door at the far end. Head down the stairs and 
    through the door, to see a guy stuck underneath a door. He'll get dragged under 
    before you can help him, and to top it off, when you try and open the door, the 
    switch fizzes out. Looks like you'll have to find another way through. Face the 
    fizzed out door, then turn right and you'll see a dark passage. Head through it, 
    around the corner, and you'll emerge in another walkway. Head right and around 
    the corner, and you'll be in a large area with a black and orange coloured 
    floor. You'll notice something strange on the far side of the room...what looks 
    like someone who needs help. Of course, it's a trap, and when you get close 
    enough, the Izarians that you have been following all this time will jump out 
    and attack you in numbers, so be prepared for a real test of your gun firing 
    skills. Once they are disposed of, an annoying little scene will play where the 
    boy on the cameras will contact you. He'll open the hatches, so, you guessed it, 
    it's time for a swim. Jump in, swim around to collect some ammo, then find the 
    longest passage and swim down it. Don't worry, you can't drown while you are 
    wearing the combat armour. When you see a dead body floating in the water, you 
    know you're going the right way. Surface at the end and walk along the 
    passage to find the guy that was dragged under the door, now obviously dead. But 
    hey, at least you got around the other side of the door, right? Head up the 
    stairs to find a health pack at the top, then head through the door, and prepare 
    yourself you shoot some more Izarians. Once they go to Izarian heaven, head 
    through the doors at the end of the room. Now guess what you'll be doing in this 
    room? Yep, Izarians are fast becoming your best friends, and they'll be plenty 
    to shoot in here, so head in and go crazy. The first will be on the right as you 
    enter the area, most of the others will come up the stairs after you but there's 
    one or two that'll stay down the bottom, so get rid of them too before heading 
    up the long ladder. Make sure you turn around on your way up to blast the 
    Izarians trying to gun you down on your climb up. Go through the doors at the 
    top of the ladder to enter a long area with crates and explosive tanks around. 
    Watch out, because you'll be finding a quite a few Izarians in here, so make 
    sure you're loaded as you approach, and try to keep your distance from the 
    exploding tanks. About halfway down the passage, a group of Izarians will attack 
    from behind you, so be alert. Head all the way down the passage, and through the 
    door at the end to finish the level.
    Sanctuary - Mining Complex
    Head into the open area, don't listen to the idiot on the loudspeakers because 
    this place is swarming with Izarians. Kill them all, then head forward until you 
    come to a small opening and closing door. Crouch and crawl through it when it 
    opens, and head down the hall. The guy on the loudspeakers again contacts you 
    and tells you the next room is full of Izarians. This time he's right, so 
    prepare yourself and head through the door. It's easy to get hurt a lot in this 
    room because you need to be facing directly at the Izarians to shoot them, don't 
    try shooting across the guardrails because you'll only shoot the guardrails. 
    There was a health pickup before you walked through the door, in case you need 
    it. Head to the end of the room and the guy will open the door for you, and head 
    into the elevator and witness the kickarse entrance scene of the Skaarj. Ahh 
    yes, our old friends from the original Unreal are back, bigger, badder and 
    meaner than ever. This is a better Skaarj entrance than in the original, in my 
    opinion. Exit the elevator after is crashes and dispose of the Skaarj, and then 
    head into the other elevator next to the one you just exited from as there's no 
    other way out of the room (the door at the end of the room jams when you try and 
    open it). Nothing will jump down on you this time, so head into the room at the 
    top, grab the health and shield recharge if you need it, and head up the stairs. 
    Head through the door into an open area, and dispose of the Skaarj and Izarian 
    here before heading into the door at the far end, grabbing the ammo near the 
    plant in the far left corner if you need it. Into the power plant we go.
    Sanctuary - Power Plant
    Open the two sets of doors in front of you and head out into the large, open 
    area, where you'll be greeted by another Skaarj and 3 Izarians firing at you 
    from on top of the cliffs. Once you have taken them out, dive into the small 
    pond to the right of where you came out of the door for some ammo, then keep 
    heading forward. Head over the metal bridge to be greeted by a large Skaarj, and 
    another as you get closer to the swamp. Wade into the swamp and get yourself 
    onto dry land, following it along and taking any Skaarj out along the way. 
    There's also some ammo in the far left corner of this area, but there is a 
    Skaarj guarding it. Keep moving until you get to the camera, where the idiot 
    that's been talking to you all this time will tell you he's coming out. Walk 
    around the circular structure to find that you are too late to save him. Oh 
    well, no great loss, I guess. Now, of course there isn't a direct route to the 
    generator room, so you'll need to take the scenic way. Head all the way back 
    around the circular structure to where the camera was, and head up the stairs, 
    all the way to the top until you reach the emergency hatch at the top. Open it 
    up, take out the Izarian waiting for you then jump down, collecting the health 
    and grenade launcher before heading through the door. Walk over the metal bridge 
    and through two sets of doors before entering a room with an elevator. Two 
    Izarians are hanging from the ceiling in here, they'll jump down as soon as you 
    look at them, so take them out and get into the elevator. At the top, head along 
    the hallway and you'll be attacked by two Skaarj, one will smash through the 
    window while the other will jump out from behind the crates. Kiss them goodnight 
    and open the door at the far end. In the next room, you'll see a guy being 
    killed by a Skaarj through the glass door. It's another fizzed out door though, 
    so head to the end of the room and look to the left, you'll see a little hole 
    next to a severed hand that you can climb down. Once down there, take out the 
    Skaarj waiting for you them head along the small passage, turning right and 
    jumping up onto the metal meshed floor when you can to kill the Skaarj that just 
    killed the dude you saw through the glass door. Switch the two override 
    switches to start the computer, then push the button when prompted to start the 
    generator. Head back now (you can open the fizzed out door from the inside) all 
    the way back outside to the generator, just watch out for Izarian guards that 
    have come to the party. Once you're back outside, you're going to need to jump 
    into the generator, there ain't no other way, so dive in. Try to land on some of 
    the moving parts to lessen your fall at the bottom. Pick up the artefact and 
    kill the big super Skaarj that appears. After Aida contacts you, look around the 
    centre pillar for a door, head inside and take the elevator to the top where 
    you'll meet the marines. Mission complete...or so you think.
    Sanctuary - Speedship Crash Site
    Well, your marine buddies were shot down, so time to go and rescue them. This 
    first part is pretty easy, just find the first beacon and follow it until you 
    reach the crash site. Converse with the marine, and you'll soon be ready to go, 
    but go through the barrier and collect the health, shields and shotgun before 
    you go. Follow the marines to the clearing, and wait for their signal before 
    progressing with them. All you need to do here is follow the marines and gun 
    down all the Izarians that attack. There's lots of them, so be wary. Keep going 
    until you finally reach the clearing. Activate the machine on the small hill, 
    and wait for the marines to set up defences. Aida will contact you and tell you 
    that she'll be there in 5 minutes. Time to test your firepower. Your first 
    attack wave will be Izarians, and those puny little defenses won't hold them 
    long. Once they are taken care of, the Skaarj come into play. You can't really 
    avoid getting hit here, the best strategy is to make sure you pick up the 
    Skaarj's armour recharges after you kill them. Keep your shield levels high, and 
    surviving 5 minutes shouldn't be a problem. This time, your Sanctuary mission is 
    finished and you'll be back on the Atlantis.
    Atlantis (Post Sanctuary)
    After the humorous conversation with Ne'Ban, head down the ladder and back into 
    the briefing room where Aida will inform you about your next mission to Hell. 
    Sounds fun, huh? What, you can't even kick back after that last mission with a 
    schooner before you leave? Sheesh. Walk across the hall to Isaak who'll give you 
    the run down on some new weapons, then you'll be ready to start your next 
    mission. Walk into the room where your little ship is, and off you go.
    Hell - Descent
    Time for some mountain climbing...or at least...descending. You can fall down the 
    sharp drop right in front of you as you start and go the long way back up the 
    mountain to the bridge, or you can simply turn around from your starting 
    position and head through the small tunnel until you reach the bridge. You'll 
    meet little creatures I call Snow Pigs (and there's a number of small snow slugs 
    as well) along the way that are pushovers, but halfway across the bridge, there 
    is a real big one sitting there asleep. You can actually sneak right past it and 
    just head onto the elevator at the end of the bridge. Aida will contact you as 
    it's going down, and at the bottom, head through the door. Walk along the 
    passage, where your path forwards and backwards will be blocked by laser beams. 
    Thankfully, Aida hacks the security just in time, so you can progress and head 
    through the door at the end. As the door opens, the level finishes.
    Hell - Discovery
    As you walk into this big room, you'll notice something isn't right. Dead bodies 
    on the floor and a big wall of flames. Looks like they had uninvited visitors. 
    Walk to the left to the far gold door. As you try and open it, you'll receive a 
    transmission from Aida. Looks like we'll be coming back here. Head back to the 
    first gold door and the elevator will take you downstairs. Head along to the far 
    side of the room, making sure you pick up the flame thrower on the way, and 
    through several sets of big round doors. As you enter the last room, you'll 
    receive a new mission objective to heal the surviving patient. He's on the bed 
    in the far right corner. Just approach the console on the bed and he'll be 
    scanned and them inform you he knows the code to that door. How convenient. Get 
    him to follow you out of the room and back to the large room with the fire, up 
    the elevator, and into the previously locked room. Playback the log entry if you 
    want to find out where the fire came from, pick up the gun and ammo and head 
    through the door on the other side. Walk along the metal platform to the end to 
    nab some guns and ammo, then go back to the elevator and go down. Turn around at 
    the bottom and head through the big circular door to find some more dead 
    scientists dressed in the same pyjamas your travel buddy is wearing. Walk 
    through this area and you'll run into the reason why everyone is dead...giant 
    killer Spiders that don't seem to enjoy your company.  Fill them with lead and 
    push on. The flame thrower is very effective here. Keep heading through the big 
    round doors, taking out the big spiders along the way, until you finally reach 
    the last door which will end the level. Were those big spiders cool or what?
    Hell - Desolation
    What's with all these levels beginning with 'D'? Anyway, in this entrance room, 
    there are two big round doors, but you'll only be able to go through one of 
    them, so head in and burn all the spiders inside. There's a small door off to 
    the right, and it's the only exit to this room, so through you go. There's a 
    lift waiting inside, so head upstairs and take out the big spiders up here, 
    grabbing the health and shield recharge as you'll probably need it. If you head 
    to the left, Aida will contact you and tell you about the gas, and inform you 
    you'll need to vent it to get by. Head back around to the other side to see a 
    large fan, but it's broken. So, what now? Well, jump behind the fan blades and 
    you'll end up in low passage. Flame all the spiders that come out at you, then 
    follow the passage around until you reach the <drum roll> ventilation controls! 
    Switch them on, and now you'll be able to get past that gas, so backtrack into 
    the area with the gas and walk past it. As you approach the door, a scientist 
    will come out and be attacked by another obstacle that you'll be needing to look 
    out for now...spores colonies. Oh, the joys of being a space Marshal. Head 
    into the door, fry all the spiders and head along the passage. About halfway 
    down, enter the door to pick up some ammo, health and shield recharges, just 
    watch for those spores and a few spiders in here. Continue along the hall, 
    through a round room and emerge on the other side, kill a lot of spiders in the 
    next area, into the door on the other side, and up the stairs to find a whole 
    bunch of pods. Take out all the big and small spiders, and head through the big 
    round doors at the top of the next flight of stairs. Take out the spiders 
    in here and pick up the health and shield recharges on either side of the room, 
    make sure you shoot the pods first. You might notice you are now directly above 
    the room where you had to ventilate the gas. Head through the big round door on 
    the other side and take out the last few spiders in this room. Walk past the 
    dead scientists and into the door on the other end of the hall. Step onto the 
    elevator, and finish level.
    Hell - Disclosure
    Prepare yourself for the longest level so far. If you try and go through the 
    door directly in front of you, you'll be told that security is preventing you 
    getting through. Aida then informs you that you'll need to get upstairs to the 
    control room to override the lockdown. Not like you had a choice. About face and 
    head into the lift, and enter the new area. If you try the doors, you'll find 
    they are locked, but there's another elevator in here. If you get in, you'll 
    find that it can't really go very far, and Aida informs you that you'll need to 
    find another way up. Wow, Aida's a real genius. Go back down and you'll see a 
    section of wall that's been blown away. Crouch and crawl under it and you'll 
    enter the laboratory area, which is in a big mess. Needless to say, those laser 
    beams are gonna hurt, so you need to avoid them. Unfortunately though, you need 
    to negotiate them to get through and get up to the control room. Duck and jump 
    over them as you can, jump across the lava like substance at the back of the 
    room by jumping on the pillars sticking out of it, and do some more laser 
    beam avoiding until you reach a big pillar that's fallen over and conveniently 
    smashed into the control room window. Clamber up that and you'll be in the 
    control room. The first thing you want to do is turn off those laser beams so 
    you don't need to negotiate them on your way back, and then shut off the 
    security lockdown. Head out of here now and back down the elevator you came up 
    here in, back down to the door that was previously unopenable. Enter, 
    and it's time to shoot more spiders. Fun fun. Make your way through this 
    hallway, into a large room with a pillar of energy in the middle that you can't 
    get to yet. Enter the only door you can enter here, shoot some more spiders and 
    head down the passage. Follow it down through a circular room, and into another 
    elevator. You can't open any of the doors here, but this time, you can use the 
    lift to get to the control room, so do so, and you'll be treated to a choice of 
    buttons to press. Press them all, it doesn't really matter what order you do it 
    in, and watch the spiders explode in the side chamber :) After you've 
    pressed them all, head back down the lift and into the side chamber the spiders 
    were in to grab some ammo and health, then enter the middle chamber. Fall down 
    the hole in the middle, then crouch and crawl into the glass pipe. You'll be 
    greeted by a whole stack of mini spiders, so dispose of them all and get to the 
    end of the pipe. If you try the left hatch, it'll fizz out, but the right hatch 
    will open, so head in and fall out. Take care of the spiders in here, and head 
    over the far side for some ammo. You'll notice you are now on the other side of 
    the energy beam. Head into the door now, take out the spiders in the hall, 
    enter the door at the end and take out the spiders in here too before heading 
    into yet another elevator. Enter yet another laboratory area, and get into the 
    second elevator to take you up to the control room to see what's going on. So 
    this is where the spiders are coming from! Time to put a stop to it. Switch the 
    four switches on the left first and release the animals from their cages. 
    They'll walk into the mutating room and be turned into mutants themselves, and 
    they'll in turn stop any more little spiders turning into big ones. Now shut 
    down the security override and head back down the elevator. Don't concern 
    yourself with the left and middle rooms, you want the right room, so head in 
    there and fall through the hole in the floor. Turn around and head down the 
    piping into a sewer-like area, blasting the spiders on your way. Pick up the 
    health and ammo and follow the passage down to a break in the wall where you can 
    see the energy beam. Aida contacts you and tells you how to shut off the energy 
    beam, but warns you that there is something "big" in there. That's your queue to 
    prepare your heavy artillery, and right now may not be a bad time to save your 
    game either. When you're ready, drop through the hole into the energy beam room 
    to meet the Queen Spider! The Queen is one mighty tough customer. As her 
    attacks, she'll spit out pods that in turn hatch little spiders, which usually 
    walk into the plasma beam to turn into big ones. She also has a ground pound 
    move where she'll smash the ground and damage you if you get too close. At close 
    range, she'll smack you around with her claws. Even though there's other spiders 
    around, you can't waste too much ammo on them, only shoot them if they are 
    causing you problems, otherwise, concentrate all your fire on the Queen herself. 
    I emptied out all my flamethrower and assault rifle ammo, and most if my shotgun 
    ammo on her before she finally kicked the bucket, so she takes quite a bit of 
    punishment. There's one health pack in the room, one spare assault rifle, a few 
    random bits of ammo and a shield recharger on one side. Use this recharger as 
    often as possible, it'll save your life. Once she submits to death, she'll 
    bellow an almighty scream so loud it smashes the glass on the plasma beam 
    control panels, so you can just mosey on down to the panels and disable the 
    plasma beam. In case you're wondering, once the Queen dies, so do the other 
    spiders. Once you disable the plasma beam, grab the artefact to finish this 
    level, and the mission.
    Atlantis (Post Hell)
    Aida doesn't seem pleased to see you, but oh well. As you exit the room, you'll 
    hear Ne'Ban and Isaak talking. Climb up the ladder to join in on the 
    conversation. When they split up, talk to Ne'Ban, and you can learn some 
    valuable and interesting information about the different terran factions and 
    other races. When you're done, head into the briefing room where you are 
    awaiting to be spoken to. Talk to Aida, then engage in the conversation with 
    your commander to find out that your military rank has been reinstated and a 
    quick run down on the artefacts and who is after them. After the conversation, 
    talk to Aida, who'll brief you on your next mission, which apparently is some 
    kind of recon assignment with no combat. Hmmmm, sounds fishy. When you are 
    done talking to Aida, head across the hall to Isaak to get the run down on your 
    new weapons, and talk to Ne'Ban if you haven't already done so, then you know 
    the drill. Walk into the room where your trusty ship waits, and get in to start 
    the Acheron mission.
    Acheron - Outside the Terraforming Plant
    After the cut scene, you don't have a lot of time before you are attacked. They 
    start firing at you straight away, so I guess you've blown the 'no combat' part 
    of Aida's briefing. Shoot who you can and head up the road to the top of the 
    hill. Kill the guys around here and head into the building that opens for a 
    health and shield recharge, some ammo and a rocket launcher! Exit the building 
    and head left, shooting the guys here. Here's the crane with the lift that the 
    guys went down, but there's no lift, so you'll need to find a way to bring it 
    back up. Turn around and head up the hill a bit to the man-made hole and fire 
    a rocket at the turret on the platform above you or it'll fire rockets at you, 
    then climb up the ladder near where the turret was. There's a few soldiers up 
    here, some ammo lying around and a health recharger if you need it, then pick up 
    the radio next to the health recharger. Answer the questions (it doesn't really 
    matter what you choose because the end result is the same) and the soldiers will 
    come up after you on the lift. There's your way down. Get off the platform and 
    gun the soldiers down, then walk across the bridge and onto the lift. It'll send 
    you down into an eerie green area, and there's soldiers a plenty down here, and 
    they are more accurate with their shots too. This part is tricky, so make sure 
    you go slowly and take them out at a distance without sustaining much damage. 
    Don't step on those plant things either. This is a long passage, about two 
    thirds of the way down you'll find some health, ammo and shield recharges, then 
    keep pushing forward, remembering to go slow. When you reach the dead-end with 
    the strange dome, head to the left and go up the side path onto the platform 
    above, picking off the soldiers and you'll find more ammo and probably some much 
    needed health and shield recharges. Once you've got everything up here, head 
    back down to the dome object, and arm all three detonators around it. Run off to 
    a safe distance and wait for them to explode to reveal the artefact you had come 
    down here for. Collect the artefact, but now you gotta get out of here fast. 
    Gasbags will come flying out the walls at you, so shoot any that get in your 
    way, but don't stop for anything because there will be 50 million behind you. 
    You'll reach a point where you'll be forced onto higher ground as this green 
    liquid has been oozing out of the lifeform, and get yourself back onto the lift 
    and get out of there. Once outside, retrace your steps back to your ship, 
    avoiding the toxic green gas, to find a soldier trying to get into your ship. 
    Gun him down and hop in to end the mission.
    A short sequence plays with Ne'Ban, Aida and yourself on the bridge of the 
    Atlantis, and you'll be sent on a rescue mission. No time to rest, down you go 
    onto Severnaya.
    Severnaya - Waterfront
    This level will no doubt bring back memories from the original Unreal, the 
    scenery, ambient sound effects and landscape is reminiscent of the outdoor areas 
    from the original. Head up the hill as you listen to the soldiers arguing. As 
    you make your way up, one of the guys you were sent to rescue will come out and 
    be gunned down. Kill the guys responsible, then your remaining ally soldier will 
    approach you. After the conversation, head behind the rock to pick up the EMP 
    grenades, and find the place where the other soldier was killed nearby to nab 
    his sniper rifle. Now you're ready to rock, so continue along the path up the 
    hill. Make your way around to the dam on the other side of the lake, and cross 
    the bridge to find that the door is locked, sniping the guards that try to shoot 
    you from the windows above the door. Looks like you need to find another way in. 
    Climb down one of the ladders, then climb down again as far as you can go until 
    you reach the little piped area with water flowing through it. Jump into the 
    pipe and kill the guard and destroy the turret in here, then climb up the ladder 
    behind the bridge and then cross it into the new area. As soon as you walk 
    through the door, it'll be locked behind you and you'll receive a message that 
    you have been detected. Not to worry. Head through the next door and up the 
    stairs, and meet your welcoming committee with a nice big gun. Once they are 
    taken care of, if you continue up the stairs you'll see that all the doors are 
    locked, so head back down to the first room with the staircase. At the base 
    of the staircase, there's a metal door, open that and go through into a red-lit 
    area. Climb the ladder and arm the detonator there, then head up a few more 
    ladders until you can see two hatches. Open either one and blast the guys inside 
    before jumping down. Open the lockers to collect the ammo and health from 
    inside, then activate the door controls on the console. Time to head out and 
    find those last two detonator charges. Head out of the door opposite the control 
    panel, down the stairs and enter the first door you come to. Walk down the ramp 
    and through the next door, turn right and you'll see the big entrance door, 
    which can now be opened. There's also a lift around the corner to the left and 
    right if you are facing the door, head up there and collect the sniper rifles, 
    health and shield before heading back down, and around the corner. This time 
    walk past the door you came into this hallway through and into a new area with 
    lots of big pipes. Snipe what guards you can, and walk in, where you'll be 
    trapped by laser barricades. Kill any soldiers and destroy any turrets you see, 
    then destroy the barricades and head up the ramp. Walk around the circular 
    structure and back down the other side, destroy the turret and kill the guy 
    behind the laser barricade by lobbing a grenade over it before destroying the 
    barricade and the turret around the corner. Your path is now seemingly 
    blocked. Well, see those big metal pipes on the wall? Jump up those like big 
    stairs, then walk along the piping and jump down the other side to find another 
    shockwave detonator. Activate it, and then exit this room either by retracing 
    your steps or jumping over the pipes near the detonator. Watch yourself, there's 
    a couple of new guards waiting for you. Right, now, where could that last 
    detonator be? Well, you actually passed it earlier. Retrace your steps back to 
    the room with a large metal device in the middle of it and a ramp (it's the 
    first room you enter by taking the door bhalfway up the staircase 
    if you are going forwards.) Walk to the corner where the health pickup is/was, 
    depending if you picked it up, and look forwards and up a little, and you'll see 
    the detonator there. Jump onto the pipes and make you way to it, and activate 
    it. That's all three shockwave detonators charged, and you've only got 5 minutes 
    to get out. It's not going to be easy either. Immediately jump down off the 
    platform, head through the door, turn right and head out the big orange door. 
    You'll see a dropship flying away as you run outside, and you'll find it's 
    dropped off two soldiers and a rocket-firing turret. You'll need to take 
    these out or they'll pose a problem to you. Once you do, head back down the hill 
    the same way you came up, gunning down any guards you meet along the way, until 
    you get back to your ship and get out of there. Mission complete Marshal.
    Atlantis (Post Severnaya)
    Watch the cutscene, then let Ne'Ban give you your briefing on your next Marshal 
    duty. Hmm, I guess he's not as adept at the briefing computer as Aida is. 
    Anyway, after the briefing, you know the drill by now. Head across the hall and 
    talk to Isaak to get the lo-down on the new weapons and a modification he's made 
    to the rocket launcher and get some more info on the artefacts and seagoat. When 
    you're done, Aida is on the ship's bridge, but she doesn't seem to want to talk, 
    so instead make your way to your little room where your ship normally is, but 
    this time it isn't there, so walk down the ramp to start the next level.
    Kalydon - Obolus Repair Facility
    Isaak will brief you on how to use the shield generators and turrets, and then 
    inform you that you need to find the supplies the dropship left because it 
    overshot the mark. Not only that, but some marines are on your arse, and you'll 
    need to hold them off long enough for Isaak to repair the ship. This is going to 
    be very interesting...it's made even more interesting by the fact that you start 
    off with very little ammo, so you'll need to rely on how good you set up your 
    defences. Here we go then! Walk around till you find the stuff the 
    dropship...err...dropped, it's not too hard to find, then you need to hot tail it 
    back and set up your defences pronto. The first attack comes from directly in 
    front of the door, so set up your turrets to best take care of that. When the 
    mercs die they'll drop assault rifles and rocket launchers that you can pick up 
    for some much needed ammo. The second attack comes from the direction the 
    weapons cache was in, the third attack again comes from the front, the fourth 
    attack from the same position as the second. Watch for the rocket firing mercs 
    that drop from the sky. The key here is to move your turrets into position as 
    fast as you can, before the next wave arrives, and you'll need to do some gun 
    firing of you own to assist your turrets, they can't do it all themselves. 
    There's a health recharger and shield recharger on either side of the door, 
    they are your best friends in this level, hop onto them after each wave to make 
    sure you can survive the next. Once all four waves are held off, that's it, and 
    you can finish the level. This level is pretty difficult, and it may take you a 
    few tries before you finally finish it - I know I needed several attempts at it. 
    It's all about where you place your turrets and when you move them - trial and 
    error will get it right.
    Watch the short cutscene where you receive your new orders, then away you go to 
    the next mission.
    Sulferon - Secret Izanagi Facility
    Watch the cutscene, and then get ready to tackle this new level, and you'd 
    better believe it won't be a walk in the park or you'll be in for a rude shock. 
    Again, you don't start this level with a lot of ammo, so you need to pick out 
    your targets wisely. Kill the two guards near your starting position, and snipe 
    another off near the bones on the far left. As you walk a little closer to the 
    facility, you'll see that it has some turrets guarding the entrances. You've got 
    two choices here, either go in the front way or the back way. I prefer the back 
    way, but there isn't a lot of difference. If you go the front way, destroy the 
    turrets and get yourself in. If you go the back way, destroy the turret on the 
    far left, then snipe the two guards near the door and enter the door through 
    there. Once inside the facility, they'll set off a distress call, you'll need to 
    get to the tower to disable it. Destroy all the turrets and kill all the guards 
    around here, and inside the two small halls and the room with the control panels 
    where one guard makes them explode. Once you've cleared them out, go back to the 
    front door and face it, then look right and you'll see another passage. Walk 
    down here, kill the two guards and get into the lift. Let the lift take you up 
    and kill the remaining two guards here, before walking around to the control 
    panel and deactivating the transmission. The level will soon end.
    Sulferon - Defend
    No prizes for guessing what you need to do here. Watch the cutscene, and then 
    get ready. Grab all the ammo and powerups, then go and talk to your marines. 
    Send the rocket launcher marine and one of the skinny marines to the front door. 
    Send the other skinny marine and the flamethrower marine to the back door. Don't 
    worry about guarding the front wall or control room, because you'll be doing 
    that yourself. Wait at the front door for the first wave to come. When you see 
    the dropship, get out your sniper rifle and head out the front wall. Pick off 
    the attackers as they come over the dunes with the sniper rifle, then use the 
    assault rifle or shotgun to take out any that get close. Retreat back, use the 
    health rechargers if need be inside the facility, and get ready to defend the 
    second wave, which also comes from the front. Arm yourself with your assault 
    rifle or shotgun and assist your marines by taking out as many attackers as you 
    can. Soon after that, you should get a transmission saying that there's 
    intruders at the back door. Time to run back there and assist the guys you sent, 
    killing any attackers you can. Be quick getting back there though or you'll 
    arrive too late and both your marines will be dead, meaning you'll have an 
    extremely hard time fighting them off. After you've held off the back door 
    attack, get yourself into the control room. Wait in the middle of the room so 
    you can see both doors, and arm yourself with the shotgun or assault rifle. 
    The next wave will attack the front door, but don't worry, if you were good 
    enough not to let the two marines get killed in the first two waves, leave them 
    to hold off the fourth. Pick off any attackers that get into the control room as 
    soon as they come through the door, that way you can get them single file one at 
    a time before they group up. After you take them all out, that should be all 
    you need to do and the level will end.
    Atlantis (Post Kalydon)
    Watch the cut scene with yourself and Ne'Ban, and then you know what to do. Go 
    downstairs and you hear Isaak shooing the seagoat out of his workroom. If you 
    want some fun, approach the seagoat until it gets jittery and runs away. Follow 
    it, get it to do the same thing again. Follow it again, and then you can finally 
    "talk" to it, and it's a little humourous. Anyway, run along into Isaak's 
    workroom to see what he's done. He'll give you the run down on a new grenade 
    type, and he's made a cool new weapon that shoots spiders! Head across the hall 
    to the briefing room where Aida will give you your briefing. Talk to her after 
    the briefing to discuss a couple of other things, then time to head out and back 
    to your trusty ship to start the Janus mission to recover not one, but two 
    artefacts. The job of a space Marshal is never complete, it seems...
    Janus - Outside Polaris
    You've definitely not landed in a good spot here, as no sooner does the level 
    start that you are fired upon by a rocket marine high up on a watchtower to your 
    right. Shoot him off his platform with the rocket launcher, and then snipe the 
    guy that comes walking in front of you a way off.  Walk forward a little into 
    the clearing, a soldier with an assault rifle will come after you, so gun him 
    down. Now that the area is relatively safe, it's time to do some exploring. To 
    the left of your starting position, there's a crate with some goodies behind it. 
    Now head across the clearing to the watchtower you shot the guard down from, 
    climb all the way up the ladder and grab the goodies from here before heading 
    back down. Now we can move on. Head towards the bridge, but don't go too far 
    because there's a rocket turret waiting for you. Shoot some rockets of your own 
    at it, and it'll be a piece of burning rubble, so now cautiously make your way 
    towards the bridge. As you approach it, you'll see two guards come out, one sets 
    up a rocket turret while the other puts up an energy field. Snipe the guy next 
    to the turret then get rid of the turret itself, then approach the plasma field 
    and destroy that using repeated blasts from your popgun. Keep your distance 
    though, the second marine carries a flamethrower that can be shot through the 
    plasma shield. Take him out and walk through the opening, there's some ammo and 
    shield recharges to your right as you walk through, then walk alongside the 
    crane, taking out the soldiers as you go. Watch out for the two turrets at the 
    end. Destroy the second plasma shield as you did the first, kill the marine that 
    sits right behind it, (there's some more goodies if you walk through the opening 
    and turn around to your left) then approach the entrance to the building 
    cautiously. A rocket firing attacker comes out, snipe him, and destroy the 
    turret on the staircase. Snipe the guard that comes out from behind the 
    turret (he may or may not appear before you destroy the turret) then head on 
    inside. You only need to worry about one more thing in here. There's one more 
    turret as you walk up the stairs onto the metal pathway and make your way around 
    the corner. Pick up the goodies, and enter the lift. Level complete.
    Janus - Polaris Entrance
    Get out of the lift and talk to the scientist, and he'll open the doors for you. 
    Run on through and shoot the lone guard a couple of rooms down, and there's a 
    full health powerup on the right in the room before the guard. Head on into the 
    next room where you'll meet several Mercs and a couple of turrets. This room is 
    actually a bit tricky to negotiate due to the crates around, but there's a 
    couple of health powerups in here on the left wall as you entered so you should 
    be fine. Once all the mercs are attended to, enter the door at the end of the 
    room to complete this short level.
    Janus - Polaris Geologics Research
    Well, now you're finally into the research base, so it's time to find those two 
    artefacts you came down here for. Grab the grenades on the right of the door, 
    then head through the door and down the hall. Pick up a few goodies in this room 
    with the blue table in the middle, and then open the only other door in the 
    room. Take out the turret and the big armoured merc waiting for you when you 
    open the door, and listen to the mercs torturing the scientist. You're going to 
    need to find a way in to rescue him, although you can't go the most obvious way 
    of taking the door because it's locked. If you try talking to the Kai behind the 
    glass doors through the intercom, he isn't really helpful, so turn around and 
    head through the door at the end of the hall. Take out all the mercs in here as 
    well as the turret in the little tunnel to the left of where you entered the 
    room. Once the turret is destroyed, grab the goodies behind the right most rock 
    in the room then head back into that little tunnel. Crawl in and there's an 
    elevator to take you up. Once you're up to the higher level, turn right and 
    you'll see a gap in the floor where the mercs are torturing the scientist. Jump 
    down and blast them, grab the health pickups and then talk to the scientist. 
    He'll then get the Kai to open the door and he'll get the artefacts for you, but 
    you need to get him out of the facility alive. No sweat, just retrace your steps 
    back to your ship, right? Wrong! As you are about the leave the room, you 
    discover that the mercs have blown up the bridge. Now you need to get to the 
    roof to get out. Follow the scientist down the hall, back into the room with the 
    big rocks, and he'll open the previously locked door on the other side of the 
    room. Through you go.
    Janus - Polaris Geologics Research Exterior
    Allow the scientist to open the door for you, then head into the next room. It's 
    empty except for a health powerup on the other side of the room. Go through the 
    door though, and it's far from empty. Kill the mercs in here, and the scientist 
    will run in and try the far door. It's locked, so he opens the other door, and 
    get ready for another firefight. Three mercs greet you in here, so take them all 
    out, grab the goodies in the room as well as in the little room in the corner, 
    and the scientist will tell you what to do and open the way for you. There's 
    only one way to go, and that's outside. Step outside and take a moment to 
    observe your new surroundings, then head to the right and walk along the 
    platform, taking out any mercs and turrets as you go. When you reach the end of 
    the walkway, that'll be that, all you need to do it wait for the scientist to 
    catch up, step onto the elevator with him and ride the lift up to the roof.
    Janus - Polaris Geologics Research Rooftop
    Talk to the marine and he'll give you the bad news, however the scientist has an 
    idea. Follow him around the corner and inside, where you'll discover that yep, 
    this is another defensive level. Joy of Joys. Grab the goodies in this room and 
    then head back out onto the roof where your team of marines are waiting. Grab 
    all the defensive materials out here, and now it's time to set up your defences. 
    There's three doors into the room where the scientist is, so you'll need to 
    cover all of them, plus try and keep the mercs from getting close enough to the 
    doors to be a problem. Set up plasma shields in front of every door, and 
    strategically put your turrets down to cover all these areas. I believe there's 
    two good ways to do this. The first way is to run on top of the control room 
    building and put your turrets on all three sides facing the gaps in the wall. 
    Next, set up your plasma shields in front of each door, but make sure you leave 
    enough room in front of the main door to get in yourself so you can recharge 
    your health and shield in between waves. Send your marines out to cover the 
    outside areas as best you can, and you're set. The second way is a little 
    simpler but a bit more risky. Send all of your marines in to guard the control 
    room. Set up a turret in front of each door on the inside of the building, and 
    only set up a plasma shield right at the control room entrance. Sit inside and 
    wait for the attacks to come and wipe them out as they come through the doors. 
    After the first couple of waves, you'll be asked to find the antenna, which is 
    on the opposite side of the roof as you initially climbe dup the ladder into 
    this level. Once you activiate it, you'll be greeted by several more waves.
    Either way you decide to defend yourself, once you hold them all off, head back 
    into the control room to finish the mission.
    Atlantis (Post Janus) 
    Watch the cutscene to learn about your next point of call, then speak to Aida to 
    find out what's going on with Ne'Ban. Walk outside and talk to Ne'Ban to get 
    some more details, and then head into Isaak's workroom to learn about his new 
    smoke grenade. You can play with it on the table if you like. Finally, when you 
    are done talking, it's time to start the next mission, so head on to your trusty 
    ship again to start the Na Koja Abad mission.
    Na Koja Abad
    The first part of this level is very atmospheric. Make your way forwards, don't 
    worry about the flying insect things because they can't hurt you. You will need 
    to worry slightly about the little pygmy dinosaurs that attack you though. Two 
    shots with your popgun will be all they need, mind you, so don't bother wasting 
    ammo on them. Explore the area a little to find a grenade launcher and 
    grenades, then head along the clearing, shooting any little dinosaur things you 
    see until you can hear two soldiers talking. Stay out of their way and let them 
    finish their conversation, then take them out with the sniper rifle. Don't just 
    go barging in though, there's two turrets on top of the archway on the left 
    you'll need to destroy first. Once you're rid of them, you'll notice the path to 
    the left is block by red lasers, so you'll need to find a way to disable them. 
    Head in the opposite direction, and snipe all the guards you can, finishing the 
    last one or two off with the shotgun. Now you can explore this area a bit, 
    although there isn't much to do. There's two doors, one on each side of the 
    large building, but you'll only be able to open the one on the left. Inside is a 
    shield and health recharger, a turret you can pick up and a fuse box. Inside the 
    fuse box you'll find the force field controls, so push the button and head back 
    down the hill to where the laser beams were. Get rid of the guards patrolling 
    the area outside on the other side of the archway as you walk through. As you 
    walk through this next area, you need to keep your wits about you, and utilise 
    the services of your sniper rifle to their maximum. You'll pass a small 
    installation and walk under a bridge (kill the sniper that fires at you from 
    inside it) on the way with some ammo, health and shields to pick up, then 
    continue through the valley until you reach another laser-beam gate. Watch it as 
    you walk through this one, there's turrets on top of it that you'll need to turn 
    around and destroy as you walk through. Make sure you take out the sniper on the 
    bridge to the right, and there's also quite a few of those annoying little pygmy 
    dinosaurs around this area too. Once there's gone, jump into the water and face 
    the facility, there's a big pipe you can swim up to and jump in. At the end of 
    the pipe is a ladder, climb up as far as you can to exit the level and enter the 
    Na Koja Abad - Izanagi Xeno Research Facility
    You're deep in enemy territory now, so whatever you do don't blow it. Luckily 
    there isn't many enemies in here that you need to worry about. You'll start on 
    the ladder you entered the level on, so continue climbing up through the next 
    gate. As you do, you'll receive a new mission objective...find the bridge entrance 
    to the alien dig site. So, that's your next stop. If you walk down the hall to 
    the door at the end, you'll see that it's been locked and you can't get through. 
    Retrace your steps back and you should see a gate on the left wall. Walk up to 
    it and it'll open, step on through and climb up the ladder inside. Once you're 
    at the top, walk along the platform and you'll hear two scientists talking about 
    what could only be the artefact you have come for. Walk through the door and 
    look down over the railing, and you'll see them hard at work. There's also a 
    merc standing guard at the door on the left down there. Time to get out your 
    trusty sniper rifle again, but don't miss! Chances are you are already pretty 
    low on ammo for this puppy, so use it sparingly. Once you've taken the merc out, 
    the scientists will be quivering with fear, so walk along to the left or right 
    edge of the platform you and standing on and jump over the railing down into the 
    research area. Grab the gun the merc was carrying and play with the hologram 
    switches if you must, then it's time to get out of here. You'll notice the door 
    that the merc was standing next to leads you back out into the original hallway, 
    so, obviously you need to take the other door, so open it up and head on 
    through. Walk along the bridge to the door at the end, you'll see this one is 
    also locked, so turn around and head back to about halfway along the bridge, 
    where you can see a big gap and steam vents on one side. There's small platforms 
    on each side, so you need to try and jump onto those. Hold the jump button down 
    because you probably won't make the distance on the full. If you miss, don't 
    worry, just turn around, climb up the ladder and try again. Once you are onto 
    the platforms, watch the steam vents as they'll hurt you...wait for the steam to 
    stop spraying then walk past to the other side and climb up the ladder. At the 
    top, you'll see another entrance on your right, so head on through. Take out the 
    two turrets on your way through this tunnel, cross the bridge and you'll emerge 
    on the top level of another research room. As you approach, you'll again hear 
    scientists talking, walk to the edge of the platform and pear down to see the 
    action. When it's over, take out the merc, and jump down as per before. Jump 
    onto one of the tables to pick up two Takkra, then observe your surroundings. 
    There's three doors in this room. The door next to where the merc was standing 
    leads down another hallway. You can walk down here and there's a few goodies in 
    here, three locked doors and a merc waiting for you. The door opposite where the 
    merc was standing leads back onto the bridge you were on before. The door that 
    would have been on the right as you entered the room leads into a big machine 
    room of some kind. So, that's where you're gonna need to go. Walk on in and the 
    door will close behind you, and you'll be welcomed by a couple of mercs you'll 
    need to take care of, and there's also a turret in here, so watch your back. 
    There's another door on this top platform, but of course it's locked, so you are 
    going to need to find another way out. If you fall down, you can get back up via 
    the ladder inside the little door. Your way out is apparent after you have 
    walked along the top platform...there is a centre dome with a round opening, with 
    some health inside and a ladder. So head on in. Climb up the ladder as high as 
    you can go, and you'll emerge on top of the dome-like machine. Head across the 
    bridge into yet another familiar looking room. Let's see what the scientists are 
    up to this time, shall we? Walk in and take a look downstairs, and watch the 
    fireworks, before jumping down yourself. Again, we have three doors. The door 
    nearest the laser gun heads back down the hallway to the previous research room. 
    The door that would have been directly beneath you as you entered the room leads 
    back to the machine room. So, it must be the third door, the only one left in 
    the room, so head through that. Walk into the next short hallway, and you'll 
    hear two mercs talking as the next door opens. Dispose of them, then destroy the 
    turret down below with some well placed grenades, then take the lift down and 
    collect the goodies from either side of the room. There's only one other door in 
    here, so head on in. There's a rocket merc waiting for you on the other side of 
    the door, so take him out then head across the bridge, which you should 
    recognise because you walked under it in the previous level. Walk across, and 
    into the next door, and you'll enter a darkened room. Grab the health and the 
    grenades, then activate the lift to finish the level.
    Na Koja Abad - Excavation
    You aren't done yet. You've found the dig site, but you still need that 
    artefact. Wait for the lift to finish, then take a look through the bars 
    outside, and snipe any guards you can see. Then turn around and head along the 
    platform, and jump onto the lift at the end. Get off the lift and walk along the 
    metal platform, killing the guard here if you didn't snipe him, then head to the 
    left to grab the goodies. You'll see some mercs on the ground, take them out if 
    you can, but don't fall down or you'll get ripped to shreds by turrets. Instead, 
    walk to the end of the platform where the big door is and fall off, then turn 
    around and look up and you'll be able to destroy them before collecting the 
    good stuff down here. Climb up the ladder to where the turrets were for a shield 
    recharger. That's about all you can do down here, so find the ladder underneath 
    the main metal pathway and climb up to get back up. Walk along the path to the 
    end to a door, which has got some flashing red lights around it that go beep 
    when they flash on. There's a button on the left hand side of the door, push it 
    to open the security hatch, wander in and it'll close behind you before the next 
    hatch opens to reveal a very disturbing looking site. This place looks like one 
    of the Alien movies! Not good! Fortunately, you don't need to tackle any aliens 
    in here...yet, but there are several mercs waiting for you, so blast them then 
    head into the passageway that's opposite your entry point in the room (it'll 
    open as you approach it). Walk through the short hallway, then enter the next 
    room. You'll hear a merc talking, so run through the door and blast him. Now 
    head up the series of ladders, all the way to the top, and you'll come to a 
    tunnel with a light source at the end...so, you know where to go. As you approach 
    the end of the tunnel, you'll hear two mercs talking. Jump across onto the metal 
    platform and peer down the hole where the ladder is and you'll see them. Dispose 
    of them as you like, then climb down the ladder and observe your new 
    surroundings. Pretty spectacular, huh? You'll notice the way forward is blocked 
    by laser beams. You need to pick a side (I found the side where the smouldering 
    carcass is the easiest) and deftly duck under and jump over the laser beams 
    until you reach the other side, where you'll finally be able to nab the artefact 
    you came all this way for. However, you're definitely not out of the woods yet! 
    Now you need to face off with one mean looking alien! This is actually a Drakk 
    Overseer, and without any little helper robots to repair it, it shouldn't be a 
    problem. Watch the cut scene, and then your foe appears. He may look mean, but 
    he isn't that bad. He'll fire lasers at you, which don't hurt you all that 
    badly, and all you really need to do is just give him a good dose of 
    concentrated fire from your weapon of choice and he's as good as destroyed. 
    Now you need to retrace your steps out of here, but the place is now crawling 
    with those smaller Drakk that attacked the mercs in the cutscene. Get out of 
    here, plowing your way through the Drakk as best you can, and then exit via the 
    security hatches you came through to finally finish this lengthy mission.
    Atlantis (Post Na Koja Abad)
    Watch the cutscene, and this time you'll be starting from your room on board the 
    Atlantis. As you walk around the ship, you'll notice it's pretty empty. Jump 
    downstairs to Isaak's workroom, and you see Ne'Ban and Isaak talking inside, but 
    you can't get in. Guess there's only one other place to go...you guessed it, the 
    briefing room. Head into the briefing room to talk to Aida, to learn more about 
    the Drakk. Interesting. Finish talking to her, then she'll go off and sulk, so 
    head across the hall and now you can talk to Isaak and get the scoop on his 
    latest weapons. If you're interested, Ne'Ban is on the bridge, but he doesn't 
    say anything interesting so head to your ship to head down to NC962VIII, and 
    make sure you're prepared.
    NC962VIII - Suspicion
    Watch the cutscene, and you'll see just how hostile the Drakk homeworld is. You 
    can tell this is going to be one hell of a mission right from the start. Get 
    ready to tackle the hardest enemies you've faced so far. One thing to note is 
    that even though that Drakk laser Isaak made for you is powerful, don't overuse 
    it because you won't be helped in the ammo department for it in this level, so 
    use it sparingly. In fact, you won't be helped in the ammo department for any of 
    your other weapons as well, so that's just a warning. After you exit your ship, 
    there's only one way to go and that's forward into the door you can see at the 
    end of the platform.
    NC962VIII - Scrutiny
    Well, that was easy...don't think this next level will be that straightforward. 
    Walk into the next room and you'll see why as you are attacked by three Drakks. 
    They may come out one at a time or all at once if you are unlucky. See to it 
    that you destroy them then walk towards the door at the far end. Grab all the 
    ammo (this is all you're gonna get for a while) from next to the tanks with the 
    dead bodies in there on both sides of the area, and observe the health packs. 
    When you're ready, head through the door. In the next big room, as you walk past 
    the blue pod thing, two Drakk overseers will pop up and attack you...destroy them 
    and don't be fooled when they curl up...they are self repairing, remember? Keep 
    blasting them until they explode. I found the best and easiest way to take out 
    the overseers is to hit them with the secondary fire on your shock lance, and 
    this will disable them. Blast them a few times with your shotgun, and they'll be 
    a pile of bolts. Watch for the little spider robot things, they'll run out of 
    their pod and try to repair the overseers. (If you want to risk it, there's some 
    laser gun ammo in this room. Fall down the hole but make sure you land on a 
    platform, and you should see a little entrance. Jump in and walk to the end to 
    grab the ammo, minding the steam as that'll hurt. Get back up by scaling the 
    platforms.) When both are destroyed, a door will open up on each side of the 
    room. Take your pick, because they both lead around to the same area, you'll 
    just be approaching it from a different side. Either way you'll face two normal 
    Drakks and a Drakk overseer, so dispose of them and head into the door at the 
    end of the corridor. Enter the next room with a lowered platform in the middle, 
    and an overseer will come up to greet you, dispose of it then jump down onto the 
    platform. Head into the narrow passage on either side, dispose of the overseers 
    and then push the button on the extreme left then the extreme right. Careful of 
    the one on the right though, lasers will block you as you approach it. Once 
    you've pushed both buttons head into the middle of this corridor, there seems to 
    be a gap in between and what looks like bubbles floating upwards. That's a hint 
    pal. Jump into the bubble things and you'll be propelled upwards. Watch it 
    though, it can be a little hard to control. There's two entrances at 
    the top, one on each side, enter either one and follow it around to the central 
    platform and destroy the overseer waiting for you. Head across the bridge and 
    into the next door to finish the level.
    NC962VIII - Subjugation
    You're getting pretty deep into the Drakk headquarters now, keep your guard up 
    and enter the next door. Grab all the ammo lying around, and push the buttons on 
    the consoles for some strange effects. Even a Skaarj came off second best in 
    here...so beware, this ain't gonna be a walk in the park. Enter the next area and 
    you'll see that two of the three entrances are blocked off, so head into 
    the only one that isn't. Walk in and take care of the overseer that appears, 
    before turning right and heading down, destroying a couple of Drakks on the way 
    and another overseer that appears. Head into the entrance on the right. Follow 
    the passageway until you reach another experiment room, where you'll finally be 
    able to recharge your health and shield, which are no doubt running pretty 
    low at this point. This might be a really good time to save your game before 
    progressing. Continue following the passageway, past another blocked door and 
    some Lasergun ammo if you need it, and you'll enter a larger area with a strange 
    structure in the middle. Destroy the two overseers in here and the barrier on 
    top of the middle structure will explode. If you look in, you'll see more rising 
    bubbles, so hop on in and float to the top.
    NC962VIII - Subordination
    A whole bunch of levels starting with 'S'...how original. Anyway, as you rise up 
    into the next room, dispose of the overseer that greets you and then take a look 
    at your surroundings. Not a lot do to but head through the door into the more 
    open area, where a towering structure looks like it's pulsing with raw energy. 
    Walk as far as you can go, then fall off either side and destroy the overseer 
    that comes out, then jump back onto the platform and fall off the other side and 
    destroy the other as well...may as well do it now so you don't need to worry about 
    it later. The room on the right side has some laser gun ammo, if you fall off 
    the left side, there is a corridor that you'll need to make your way down, but 
    there's lasers blocking the way, and they aren't solid this time either, 
    they'll flash on and off. You can actually predict where the lasers are going to 
    shoot out, just look at the little circles on the wall that they shoot out of, 
    and make sure you are standing in a spot where you won't be hit. Wait for the 
    lasers to disappear and move ahead, and you'll need to stop and wait several 
    times on your way through the tunnel. It may take you several attempts to get 
    through here, so stick at it and be patient. You'll soon learn where the best 
    places to stand are. When you emerge from the laser beam passage, you'll be in 
    an area with a bluish floor. There's a ramp up in the middle of the room, and so 
    run up the ramp and walk to the left. You'll come across what looks like another 
    experiment area, with what looks to be the end results of the Drakk's 
    experiments - a Human/Skaarj/Kai hybrid! This isn't looking good, but on the 
    bright side, there's ammo, health and shields on either side of the structure 
    the experiment subject is living in so grab that as you'll no doubt need it, and 
    press the 'sinister orb' to let the experiment down to the ground if you like, 
    although he doesn't seem to enjoy it too much. Turn around and head up the big 
    ramp that leads to what has to be the entrance to this huge structure that seems 
    to be the heart of the Drakk's world. Enter the door, if you dare.
    NC962VIII - Solitude
    Now might be a really good time to save your game if you haven't done so for a 
    while, then head through the door in front of you. As you enter, a short 
    cutscene will play, and it will show you the artefact on the other side of the 
    room, surrounded by another shield. You'll also meet the welcoming 
    committee...namely, a huge Drakk Overseer! (well, at least I think it's a huge 
    overseer...it behaves at least in it's first form very similar to an overseer) I'd 
    say this one is the big boss dude, what do you reckon? Unlike the overseer you 
    met at the end of Na Koja Abad (which was just a regular overseer), this one 
    DOES take some punishment, and it's quite accurate with its laser shots too. 
    However, it's big, which means it's an easier target to hit. That doesn't mean 
    it's going to be easy though. It has two forms of attack. First, it'll attack 
    you as one unit, lock on with its laser-sight then blast out high powered lasers 
    at you which aren't too difficult to avoid, but are extremely powerful, so make 
    sure you DO avoid them. Fire back and sooner or later it'll break apart. Now, 
    this second bit can be rather tricky. It'll stay still for a while, and then 
    shoot out a laser which it sweeps from side to side and is pretty much 
    impossible to avoid. The only way you can stop yourself being hit by this 
    sweeping laser is to hide behind a physical object in the room. However, this 
    isn't the part you want to concern yourself with. What you want to concern 
    yourself with is the partly transparent part that's floating around. Try and 
    keep your eye on the part that's firing lasers at you so you can position 
    yourself behind a solid object, and fire at the other part which will do it's 
    best to avoid you, but will attack you with electric shocks if you get too 
    close. The best way to do this, is to find one of the pillars and stand behind 
    it, because this will block the laser shots when it's in both modes. Watch for 
    the second part, watch for the laser firing part and stand behind one of the 
    pillars, and fire off rockets at the second part that mostly just flies around. 
    It'll take some punishment, but soon you should blow off one of its 'arms', and 
    then the other 'arm', and finally the body itself. Don't worry if it comes back 
    together as one unit, you just need to shoot it enough for it to break apart 
    again and continue from where you left off. When you see it spinning around and 
    making a high pitched noise...GET OUT OF THERE!! Get as far away from it as you 
    can, because when it explodes, it creates a huge err...explosion, and if you're 
    caught in it, it's goodnight...which would be very frustrating after having done 
    the hard work to destroy it. Once it's destroyed, you'll notice the explosion 
    has also destroyed the barrier around the artefact. Walk up to it and grab that 
    last artefact, which is surrounded by an eerie green glow. Congratulations, 
    you've finally got all seven artefacts!
    Atlantis (Post NC962VIII)
    Aida will give you the quick run-down of how you are going to deliver the 
    artefacts to Drexler...seems pretty straightforward. Talk to Ne'Ban, then wander 
    down to Isaak's workroom and he'll give you a quick description of an alt-fire 
    he's developed for the Drakk laser. You can also take a look at all seven 
    artefacts you have collected in here too, although they aren't doing anything 
    interesting. Hmmm, but why would you need a new firing mode on your Drakk laser? 
    Head down the hall and to your trusty ship. Something tells me this isn't going 
    to be as straightforward as it seemed...
    You're return to Avalon doesn't seem to be welcomed. Watch the cutscene to see 
    your ship shot down. Turns out the Skaarj are back, and have taken over the 
    planetary cannon. And yep, you guessed it. You need to disable the planetary 
    cannon. Get ready to meet your good old friends the Skaarj again! There isn't 
    much to do here from your crash site, except to slide down the steep hill. 
    Head up towards the structure, and you'll meet your first Skaarj. Once you're on 
    top of the hill you'll meet a few more, then make your way around to the right 
    of the building and you'll meet a couple more around here as well. After that, 
    the way is clear of Skaarj for now, so time to do some exploring. You can see 
    the planetary cannon on the other side of the water there and the controls are 
    at the top of the tower. (***If you need some health and ammo, follow this next 
    part of the walkthrough...if you don't, then ignore this part. Jump onto the 
    bottom platform (the one with the rails on the sides) and follow it all the way 
    along, and you'll eventually come to a hill you can walk up. At the top, head 
    down the other side and grab the ammo which you'll need every little bit you 
    pick up in this level, and health, don't bother walking further along the path 
    as it leads to a dead end, so time to backtrack. You're going to need to get all 
    the way back to the structure near your crash site, which is underneath the tall 
    tower.***) Make your way to the base of the tower, and you'll see an elevator 
    somewhere around here, so hop in, ignoring the scream you hear as you enter. As 
    the lift is rising you'll hear some more screams and what could only be a Skaarj 
    growling. When the lift comes to a halt, get out and look to the left to see the 
    Skaarj dropping the guy off the edge before coming for you, so give it the best 
    you've got, grab the ammo on the platform behind you then turn around and head 
    up the stairs. There's another Skaarj waiting for you up here, so dispose of him 
    and head up the flight of stairs in the middle of the platform you're standing 
    on. Walk up the stairs and look through the window, and you'll see two Skaarj 
    manning (or more appropriately, 'Skaarjing') the cannon controls. The best way 
    to take them is to stay at the window until one turns around and sees you. He'll 
    come through the door then you can take him out by himself, then take out the 
    second. It's easier to take them one at a time than both together. Then enter 
    the control room. There's a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher and some ammo on 
    the left side of the room, and a shield recharge and health pack on the right. 
    Once you have all those, walk to the middle of the room and find the cannon 
    controls. Deactivate the cannon, then Aida will contact you and introduce you to 
    some marines. You need to get to where they are, and you actually passed the 
    area before if you followed by above walkthrough to get to the ammo, (if you 
    didn't, don't worry, you'll make your way there soon enough) it was the small 
    building with the door on it, so you should know how to get there. But as you 
    walk outside into the lift, you'll learn that the Skaarj have cut the power and 
    the marines will be sending a guy out to fix the generator, and you'll need to 
    give him cover with your trusty sniper rifle. Walk out of the elevator and to 
    the left onto the platform, look down and to the left and you'll see a door with 
    fire burning outside it. Switch to the sniper rifle and zoom in, and the marine 
    will tell you where he is so you can cover his position. Take out the few Skaarj 
    that attack him before he gets to the fence, and then the challenge comes. The 
    marine will blow the fence down, and of course that allows the Skaarj to get in 
    at him as well, so take them out as they approach...the best strategy is to shoot 
    them as they come through the fence, that way you don't need to worry about 
    moving your aim too much. You'll need to deal with several waves of them, so 
    make sure you are accurate with your shots, but don't panic if you miss a few of 
    them because the marine is more than capable of killing a few himself. When the 
    marine has the generator repaired, grab the ammo that you can and head into the 
    lift, and he'll meet you at the bottom. Follow him along the path, taking out 
    any Skaarj you meet, until you get to the top of the hill, where you'll meet the 
    other marines. Aida is on her way down, but first you need to play Captain 
    Defender again and hold off attacks by some pretty tough Skaarj, and this is 
    your toughest defence mission yet. Don't rely much on the turrets and plasma 
    shield the marine sets up, they'll be destroyed very quickly (although if you 
    are good enough and quick enough you can prevent the turrets being destroyed 
    immediately - and this will be a big bonus, but forget about the plasma shield) 
    so you'll need to do most of this yourself with a little help from your marine 
    pals. Try and snipe them as they come over the cliff, then fire some toxic and 
    fragmentation grenades down to their landing spot. Get out your rocket launcher 
    and fire at will, if you can stop the Skaarj from destroying both turrets 
    immediately, you'll have a fighting chance. Don't relax after the first wave 
    though...because a second wave will come at you, much the same as the first. Use 
    the same tactic, utilising the Drakk laser or even your sniper rifle when you 
    run out of rocket ammo. Once you've held off both waves...the Atlantis will come 
    down to rescue you...or...not. It's shot down and all your crew is killed, so 
    instead you're picked up by The Dorian Gray. 
    The Dorian Gray - The Vault
    Listen to the loudspeakers, and you'll finally find out what the artefacts are 
    and what they mean. Watch as the final artefact is put into place, and you'll 
    see the Kai transform into the mighty Tosc...the hardest enemies in the game. 
    He'll soon break loose, then you have some serious work to do. Fire at the Tosc 
    as much as you can, with your most powerful weapons, until its arm falls off - 
    Rockets and Grenades are probably your best option. Turns out that arm is 
    actually a gun, and it's the only way to be able to rid yourself of the Tosc. 
    This cool gun fires a kind of black hole, and presents the only way to kill a 
    Tosc, by sucking them into it. Unfortunately you aren't going to need to use it 
    much. Try it out on the Tosc in this room, grab the health and ammo lying 
    around, then it's time to kick some Tosc butt. Keep in mind the Tosc are 
    carrying the same weapon you are, and can kill you in just one hit, regardless 
    of how much health you have, so you're going to need to be very careful when 
    taking them on. You'll notice that when you killed the Tosc, two doors opened at 
    one end of the room. Walk into the one on the left first (closest to the 
    turret), follow it around and enter a room with a window, and in this room 
    you'll find a shield and health recharger. Exit this area, and then head through 
    the other door that opened. Walk along the hall and halfway down you'll see a 
    door on the left, and an opening on the right which leads into the control room 
    where the guy assembled the artefacts. The only way out is through the door, so 
    open it up. As you walk into the next, a cutscene will kick in and you'll be 
    speaking to a hologram of Aida that was recorded before they were shot down. 
    Turns out it was Hawkins all along that wanted the artefacts. Not only that, HE 
    was the guy who shot down the Atlantis and killed your friends, not the Skaarj! 
    You cut the transmission short when you hear Hawkins speaking in the next room. 
    I think it's payback time!
    The Dorian Gray
    Walk up the ramp to the control centre to meet with Hawkins...and you certainly 
    give him what he deserves. Once he's done for, you'll push the button in the 
    cutscene to set yourself on a collision course with the sun (sorry, there's no 
    way to avoid it happening) Guess what you need to do now? Yep, get to that 
    escape pod. Now for some reason you are given a lot of health to pick up in this 
    level, which is strange since the only enemies are Tosc and they can kill you in 
    one hit anyway. Hmmm, strange. Anyway, turn around and open the door up here, 
    kill the Tosc waiting for you and head through the door on the other side of the 
    room. Walk through the small hallway and through the next door as the ship's 
    computer informs you how close you are from impacting with the sun...a million 
    kilometres, to be exact. Walk into the next area and as far forward as you can 
    to collect the ammo and health if you need it, then head across the bridge and 
    you'll see some marines firing at a Tosc. They aren't too successful at killing 
    it, so you have to. Once it's disposed of, walk across the now broken bridge to 
    the other side...but the door is locked. There must be another way out of here, 
    and there is. This room is actually zero gravity (and so is the rest of the ship 
    now), and you'll find you can jump really high. Use the platforms to jump up to 
    where you killed the Tosc. Once you're up there, the door on the right is 
    locked, but the door on the left isn't, so head through there. Head through the 
    small hall, and then enter an area which is above the first room you entered 
    after killing Hawkins which had a Tosc in it. The door at the far end will be 
    closed before you can get there, so again, time to find another way out. Head 
    through the door that you can on the platform you are standing on for health and 
    shields, then as you exit that room, look up and to the right and you'll see a 
    raised platform with a door on it (if you look up and to the left there is 
    another raised platform but the door is locked). Use the zero gravity to jump up 
    there, and you'll be informed that you're now 800,000 kilometres from the sun. 
    Open the door and push forward. There's two doors in the next room, but only one 
    is unlocked, so head through that, run down the hall and through the next door 
    and you'll be greeted by a choice of two doors. Pick either one as they both 
    lead into the same room, and you'll see two marines run out of the room opposite 
    and argue for a sort while. Enter the room they just ran out of, dispose of the 
    Tosc inside, then jump up over the railing above you next to either wall to land 
    on a walkway. Follow the walkway in the direction you just came from (that would 
    make it backwards) to reach a health and shield recharger, and also a door that 
    appears to be stuck slight ajar. You can go any further here, so head back into 
    the room that had the Tosc, and there's a door at the far end on one of the 
    platforms, (it would have been on the left side of the room as you first 
    entered) so enter it! Run through the next hall, and as you enter the door, 
    everything will be tiled to the side as the ship auto corrects itself. Ignore 
    the security protected rooms (one holds a Skaarj) and head through the next 
    door. The ship will tilt again as you approach the next door, and now you'll 
    find yourself really disoriented as you will be walking along the wall. Enter 
    the next room and run down the hall (you'll need to jump over some piping since 
    you're walking along the wall) and enter the next door, and you'll be in a 
    darkened area with a few red lights. As you enter this area, you'll be given 
    warnings and a countdown timer will appear in the bottom right corner, so now 
    you're pushed for time and you must get out now. Find a large hole in the wall 
    on the left hand side (which would actually be the ceiling if the ship wasn't 
    turned on its side) and jump through it, shoot the Tosc in here that's in flames 
    and jump through to land on the contraption at the end of the passage and get 
    into the escape pod. That's it, sit back, relax and enjoy the ending! 
    8.0 Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How do I get past <insert point in game here>?
    A: Check the relevant section of the walkthrough.
    Q: I always seem to be running out of ammo! What do I do?
    A: Try to be a little more conservative, and pick your targets. Certain weapons 
    are more effective against some enemies than others.
    Q: I'm always dieing in the levels where I need to defend. What's the best 
    strategy for these levels?
    A: It's all trial and error really. Look in the walkthrough and I'll give you a 
    general idea on what to do, but in the end, it's what you find easiest. 
    Experiment, and move your turrets and/or marines around to try and cover every 
    possible point of attack.
    Q: Can I kill the seagoat that gets onto the Atlantis?
    A: No.
    Q: Can the Tosc be killed without the Singularity Cannon?
    A: No.
    Q: What's the best way to destroy turrets?
    A: The best way is to fire at them with your rocket launcher or fire 
    fragmentation grenades at them. To make your job a little easier, you can fire 
    off a Secondary shot from your Shock Lance or an EMP grenade. It won't disable 
    them, but once you hit them with it, they'll only require one rocket to be 
    destroyed rather than 3 or 4.
    Q: What's the best way to destroy Plasma Shields?
    A: Use your Popgun. Yes, it'll take a short while, but it's better than wasting 
    ammo from your more important guns on them.
    Q: I keep being killed in a certain level! What do I do?
    A: The most obvious answer is try not to get hit so much. Especially in the 
    later levels, you won't be given a lot of ammo, health and shield pickups, so 
    the best way to tackle these levels is to adopt a more stealthy approach rather 
    than a full-on assault approach. If you've saved in the middle of a level 
    without a lot of health, it may be best to restart the level (you'll have an 
    option to restart it when you die) and try to make it to that point again with 
    more health.
    Q: I can't seem to kill the Drakk Overseers before they are repaired, any 
    A: Yeah, try to destroy them faster. Look in the enemy guide (section 6.0) for a 
    description on the best way to destroy them. Alternatively you can try 
    destroying the little spider robots that run out to repair them.
    Q: Are there any cheats for this game?
    A: Yes, but you'll have to look elsewhere if you want to know what they are, I 
    provide them in my guides. Cheating just takes the fun out of a game.
    Q: Are there any Easter Eggs in the game?
    A: Yes, there is, but I'm not going to tell you where they are :) You'll have to 
    find them yourself!
    9.0 Acknowledgements and Credits
    Epic Games, Atari and Legend Entertainment for making the game, and what a 
    fantastic job they did too!
    Myself, for writing this guide :) 
    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel free to 
    e-mail me.
    Copyright 2003 by White_Pointer

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