2D ArtistAllan Bednar
2D ArtistLinda Smith
AnimationSteven Gallagher
AnimationVeno Prendergast
AnimationMichael Ryan
AnimationMark Thackeray
ArtistJason Haddington
ArtistMichel Montecchio
ArtistEmanuele Salvucci
ArtistGurmita Singh
ArtistJohn Stopforth
Artistic DirectorSteven Gallagher
Audio DirectorBen McCullough
Audio System ProgrammingJonathan Mitchell
Director/Section DesignCharles Cecil
Effects ProgrammingLaurie Cheers
Effects ProgrammingFrancisco Viciana
Head of Development/System ProgrammingFrancesco Iorio
Lead ArtistSucha Singh
Lead Character ArtistDemis Trevisson
Lead Section Design & ImplementationSteve Ince
Project ManagementRichard Lilley
Section DesignRoss Hartshorn
Section DesignJonathan Howard
Section DesignDale Strachan
Section Design/AI ProgrammingTony Warriner
Sound EffectsMichael Kelly
Sound EffectsStuart Rimell
Sound Effects/MusicBen McCullough
System ProgrammingAndrew Boskett
System ProgrammingPatrick Skelton
System ProgrammingChris Stewart
Tools ProgrammingDavid Sykes


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold, odino, oliist, SuperLorenzo, and ccurcillo.

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