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    FAQ/Walkthrough by voodoogirl

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 04/24/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ==============================Evil Dead: Hail to the King=======================
    Author: Amy Balot voodoogirl@deadites.net
    Version: 2.5: added to walkthrough, one-liners, added boss fighting strategies
              1. Walkthrough
              2. FAQ
              3. Fighting Strategies
              4. Weapons list
              5. Weapons Upgrades
              6. List of Items
              7. List of Bosses
              8. One-liners
              9. Credits
    Wander around the cabin. Check out the kitchen for food items, and the room with 
    piano for a Necronomicon page. Go to the bathroom and relieve yourself, but 
    check the medicine cabinet before you head on your way. Head out back and pick 
    up the two shiny items on your way: a crowbar and some gas for your chainsaw. 
    Watch out for flying deadites, as they will vomit on you. Go in the shed, 
    there's a chest there. You can only save with a tape when you're at a chest.
    Now go back through the cabin and out the front door. Keep going straight and 
    you'll come to a path (though not before meeting a few deadites). You'll find 
    your car, and notice a Necronomicon page just out of your reach. Forget about 
    it, you'll deal with that later. Pick up the large gas can and continue to the 
    path just past your car. This will take you to the campground.
    You'll see some cute little flying skulls. Don't worry about them, killing them 
    is a waste of your time. The scouts are fairly troublesome, but you can have 
    some fun with your chainsaw. There's some jerky on the picnic table. Take a 
    right (Ash's right, straight toward you) and arrive at the campfire/tent area. 
    You're not alone here. Check out the tents when you get time, then head across 
    to the other side of the campground. Take the path back until you see a big pile 
    of rocks. Use the shovel. Don't ask me how Ash got through that tiny hole in the 
    barrier, but he did. You find an interesting book. Well, maybe not terribly 
    exciting, but now you know how to convert those brown mushrooms into health. 
    Very useful, indeed. Fight your way back to the tents, then the picnics tables, 
    and leave the way you came. The other paths lead to a dead end and a locked 
    Go to the path to the left of the cabin. You'll see a grave and maybe a familiar 
    face, er... body, will pay you a visit. Pick up the shovel and take the path 
    just beyond the grave. "Nice place.. for an undead redneck." Check out the still 
    if you have a few empty spaces in your inventory, otherwise it can wait. Check 
    out the the generator. Hmm, how to start it? Keep going and you'll see another 
    path on the other side. Pretty soon you'll find yourself cussing out whoever 
    designed that stupid map; all these paths around aren't shown on it! Take a left 
    at the intersection and keep wandering until you find a sort-of "s"-shaped road. 
    This'll tell you you're on the right path. Then there's a "v"-shaped path, and 
    you'll be coming down the left hand side of it. Go up the right side, if you go 
    straight you'll hit a dead end, pun intended. Keep going until you find the 
    lawnmower. Check it out and find the draw cord. Go back the way you came. Just 
    remember that when you come to the three way intersection with the rocks on one 
    road, take it. It goes back to the Hellbilly House. 
    Now use that cord on the generator. The undead rednecks hear you screwing around 
    out in their yard, but they're not too tough. Pick up the save tape and go 
    inside the house. Anyone reminded of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Ah, your 
    trusty old boomstick. There's a weird green light coming from a vent above that 
    little table, better see what's up with that. Hmm, what could Ash use to pry 
    that trapdoor open with?
    Granny gives you a sob story about how her boys have been treating her badly, 
    and gives you a rusty key (and if she doesn't, go back and get it from the ole 
    hag!). Go check out the rest of the house. Swell bunch of folks, it seems. Use 
    the key to get into the pigsty. You'll get a pump motor. Go back to the room 
    with the blood and use the motor and the crank to reassemble the pump. Looks 
    like you're gonna need new shoes... Check out the drainage vent to get the 
    amulet, and go back to Granny's room.
    Let Granny out and, hey, what's she doing now? Well, she's pretty tough for 
    being the first boss. Shoot her when she stoops down and turns green. She'll 
    give you another Necronomicon page and some herbicide.
    Go back into the woods, but turn to the right this time. When you see an 
    intersection, go to the right again (the other is a dead end, you'll be able to 
    tell). Head around the "v" and turn right again. Keep going until you see a big 
    weird door. Inspect it, you'll know what to do.
    I hate those evil trees... When the "tree bitch" strikes at you, hit it with 
    your chainsaw (and ONLY your chainsaw). I knew that baloney sandwich would come 
    in handy... When it's dead, go to the chest and save.
    What do you know? Another page. Just beyond where the tree was, you'll see the 
    priest. "Nice hat."  He bosses you around a bit and gives you your car keys. 
    Pick up the save tape and you'll notice the map is now correct. Keep going 
    straight until you're at the cabin. Head straight through the cabin and out the 
    other side. Keep going straight until you see your car. When you use the keys, 
    it'll crash and you can reach another Necronomicon page. But, you may ask, was 
    the bargain worth it? Oh well, the bridge is out anyway. Pick up your car 
    Maybe that car battery would power the lights in the mine?.. hmm... You can save 
    here. In fact, you should save here... When the lights go on you can continue 
    through the mine. The Wolverine Scout leader is there to greet you, but Ash's 
    scouting days are over. When a pillar blinks, head over to it. When he follows 
    you, hit the pillar. Make sure he's close or the rocks will fall on Ash. Done 
    properly, you can get through this battle with very little damage. Just keep 
    running around and hitting pillars. Then check out the rocks, and once again Ash 
    gets through an impassable barrier.
    Use the newly-obtained key to get into the archery range (turn left at the 
    intersection). Kill those pesky scouts after getting the last Necronomicon page. 
    You'll get a rifle here. That could come in handy. Take the foggy path back up 
    to the church.
    The padre lets you in this time, leaves and locks the gate behind you. The wuss. 
    Check out the crypts. You'll find a save box, a headstone, a brown hat, and a 
    cute little evil sapling. Even this young, you know it'll grow up to be a bad 
    tree. There's some graves in front of the church, must've run out of room in the 
    cemetery. Read the inscriptions, and use those questionable items you just 
    picked up.
    The church is now unlocked. Go inside to find yet another Ash: Bone Ash. Slash 
    at him with your chainsaw, or shoot him if he's out of reach. 
    What's this? "A tunnel, probably evil." Ash has such good luck. Head down the 
    tunnel to find a path to a familiar old basement...  Kill the deadites that 
    appear and pick up the save tape. In the next room you'll find the projector, 
    keep going to the room with the scalding hot steam. Look for a wrench. The pipes 
    are in the projector room, they're shining now. What's up with those bloody 
    pipes anyhow? Go back past where the steam was.
    Uh oh, that Kandarian dagger in the ground was attached to a deadite. It's Annie 
    from Evil Dead 2! The family resemblance is a bit more apparent now... Corner 
    her and slash repeatedly. She has this annoying habit of healing her health 
    completely. My fingers were very tired after this fight, thankfully it's 
    followed by a long CG sequence.
    Arg! I knew that priest was a traitor. Not only is a traitor, he's Bad Ash in 
    disguise! Watch the sequence, and follow him back in time.
    Some nice fellow fills you in as to where/when you are, and talks about some mad 
    poet. There's a tape and a chest here. Go up the hill on your left. Some 
    skeleton guards will appear. Keep fighting the suckers off. They'll give you 
    some bridge parts. Find the bridge and combine all three parts. The bridge will 
    lower and you can cross.
    Kill the guard and pick up the Notice of Execution. Talk to the Mad Poet. He 
    tells you to go find a merchant.  Head back across the bridge and into the door. 
    You'll see some merchant who's set up shop in your old car! He'll give you some 
    things. Keep looking around untill you have upgrade parts (for any weapon) and 
    your gas tank. Come back in a minute and he'll give you a rope. There's a switch 
    around the corner which lowers a drawbridge.  Go back out the door and through 
    the large bluish grey door. You'll see a weird fountain and some deadites. Kill 
    them and you'll get some "White Scimitar" (heh heh). Combine all this stuff to 
    make a bomb and bust the old guy out of his cell. He talks for a while and 
    brings you back to the fountain place.
    Go through the door. There's a save chest. Take the hallway on your right. Kill 
    the chickens and go down the little hall on the left. The first door is locked.  
    In the next room you'll find Astronomical notes and a doorway. Kill the guy in 
    the robe and take the Earth key. Head back to where the save chest is and take 
    the other hallway.  Take the first door and find some ammo and Guild Research 
    Notes. Go into the planetarium, where you'll find another robed deadite and a 
    Sun key. 
    Use the Earth key in the hall. You'll get an Earth Orb. Then head back to the 
    other large hallway and use the Sun key to get a Sun Orb. Head back to the main 
    hall, and set the Orbs on the pillars. 
    You'll find a Toga boss. This guy is pretty tough.  When you finally blast the 
    sucker, you'll see a CG sequence involving Bad Ash, Jenny, and some Robed 
    deadites. Then you find yourself at the fountain again, but now it's been 
    drained. Alzeez tells you to go down, and for some reason you listen. There's a 
    save chest. Check out the doors and watch an amusing segment where Ash blows 
    apart some machinery. Through the door you'll find a really wimpy Bone boss. If 
    you got this far, you'll have no trouble with him. Check out the pump. Hmm, 
    needs repairs.. Leave that room and go further underground. Pull the level to 
    pull down another drawbridge. Go back up the steps and out of the building. The 
    new area is straight ahead.
    You'll see a sequence with a really large boss guy, but don't worry, Ash 
    escapes. You'll find a save tape and a save chest. Go through the door on the 
    left and kill the guards. Go into the next room and get the hook. Leave these 2 
    rooms. Use the hook on the door across the hallway. You gain access to another 
    hll. Go through the first door and up the steps. Kill the deadites to get the 
    Skull key. Note the machinery. You'll have to come back here later. 
    Go back down the steps and pick up the upgrade parts. Head out the door, and use 
    the key on the locked door. Look around for useful items and read the Captain's 
    Log. *Carefully.* Then reread. I'm serious, rereading would have saved me about 
    half an hour my first time through. Go into the next room. You'll find a deadite 
    and a key mold. Go back out into the hallway, and back to the room with the 
    steps (next door). Check out the items on the tables, and make yourself a key.  
    You'll find some strange liquor around here also. Head upstairs and use it on 
    the machinery. Great, one of the tracks it runs is bent. Get the Bent Track and 
    go back downstairs. Leave the room and run down the hall, past the diagram, and 
    into the next room. Some deadites are there to greet you. You'll get some ammo. 
    The door to the right is now unlocked. Go inside, kill the deadite, and go into 
    the weapons room. Kill this last guard and you'll get a hammer. Leave these 
    rooms, back past the diagram, and into the room with the steps again. Go toward 
    the fire. You'll need a hammer to bend the track back into shape. You have one 
    now. Combine the hammer and track, then head back upstairs to the machinery. Um, 
    maybe Ash really *is* an idiot...
    Now you have to fight that Armored Boss you saw a while ago. It's kind of like 
    the Scout Leader. Go to the doors and pull the chain when he's near. One's 
    filled with hot metal, the other water. Remember the Captain's log? Don't try to 
    fight him any other way, it's a waste. He's a lot easier to kill than he looks. 
    Go through the door and save. You'll get a lever.
    Leave that room, find the other door, and leave the building. Go back to the 
    fountain building and head underground. Use the Pump lever on the broken pump 
    and leave the room. The water is draining and Alzeez is there. A CG sequence 
    Now you have to fight a Dark One. He's no Yog-Sothoth, reminds me of Noman the 
    demon from "Dogma"... And likewise, he's not too difficult to defeat. Go through 
    the door and talk to Aleez again. Great, now you need a "familiar." Go through 
    the portal. Fight through those pesky chickens until you find an old friend: 
    your hand.  Go back to Alzeez. Watch the sequence and go to the library. Kill 
    the robed guys to get a torch. Light it off another torch, and go up the steps. 
    Look off the balcony. You'll notice some dots on the tables and some shiny 
    books. Make a note of the numbers on the tables and press the books in that 
    Go through the door and get the Spell Book. Save your game here. A CG sequence 
    follows where you go in a trance, telepathically control your severed hand, and 
    get some weird symbol to open another portal. Hey, it's all in a day's work... 
    You jump through the portal and finally get to fight Bad Ash. Hopefully you have 
    a lot of medicine packs here. Use the chainsaw up close, or a gun from further 
    away. As you may have expected, he's pretty tough.
    Oh no, he's.. mutating. And yes, he gets even tougher. Back to hitting those 
    pillars with your chainsaw I guess. After hitting all four pillars, the Boss 
    gets transparent. This is the only time he'll take damage. Slash a few times 
    with the chainsaw and hide behind a pillar before he turns back to normal. He'll 
    bite at you and spit fire, so grab those shrooms as they appear; you'll need 
    them. Keep doing this and he'll eventually keel over.
    A vortex opens up. Hail to the king, baby. Jenny is there, and Ash opens up yet 
    another vortex to get them back to present time. And they lived happily ever 
    after. No, wait.. what's that in the bookstore window?!
    #############minor baddies#########
    -----Flying Deadites---
    These guys are real pests. They show up everywhere, hitting you and vomiting 
    green stuff on you. On a path you can sometimes dodge the attacks; they'll dive 
    back into the ground after a while. If you try and kill every single one, you 
    won't last long. When you do fight, use whatever weapon you have the most 
    ammo/fuel for, and run away when it's about to puke on you. It'll disappear or 
    die, and hopefully leave you a medipack.
    ----Deadite Linda----
    When you go to pick up the shovel, your old girlfriend may pay you a visit. 
    Don't waste your time and health, just run away and she'll disappear eventually.
    You'll meet the hellbilly family when you stop by their humble abode. There 
    aren't too many of them, and they aren't too tough.
    --Evil Pigs------
    You find them in the pigsty, where else? A few shots will kill them. Also one in 
    the living room. They look scarier than they fight.
    You'll meet these guys in the woods and in the churchyard. They spin around and 
    can do a lot of damage. Worse yet, you can't lose them like you might lose the 
    flying deadites; the skeletons will just keep following you and will possibly 
    gang up. Bad situation. Use the chainsaw, or the gun if you have enough ammo.
    ---Wolverine Scout Troop------
    Arg! I hate these kids! You'll meet them in the campground.  Some of them have 
    bows & arrows, they're all fast, and it takes too friggin' long to kill the 
    suckers. Just run around and hit/shoot them like a maniac. If you try and outrun 
    them, they follow you. They look really cool on the end of your chainsaw...
    ----Flying Skulls----
    These things are pretty laughable. You'll see them on the way to the mine and in 
    the cemetery. Just outrun them, or, if you must kill them, use the pistol. Two 
    shots will knock 'em dead. You're better off ignoring them though.
    ---Skeleton Knights-------
    Just like in Army of Darkness. These boneheads are a lot like the skeletons in 
    thewoods, except they have swords. That's a problem, but at least they don't do 
    that spin-attack thing. They tend to gang up also, try using a combination of 
    the pistol and chainsaw.
    ---Chickens and Lizards---
    These show up in the temple, and they're actually harder to kill than they look. 
    If you can, just run away and don't waste your time. Otherwise, try the chainsaw 
    or axe. It's kind of tough to aim at them with a gun, and they'll avoid your 
    hits and jump up to bite your face. Ouch.
    ----Blue-robed Deadites--------
    These deadites are hiding around the temple in Damascus. They show up in pairs, 
    and can throw fireballs and make magical explosions. Use a gun if at all 
    possible and keep your distance. They generally give you goodies like rock salt 
    or rifle spikes.
    ----Red-Robed Deadites------
    Same abilities as the blue-robed deadites, but a bit stronger. There's a pair of 
    them in the library. Again, try to use a gun.
    %%%%%%%%%%%% Spider Granny %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Arguably difficult for a first boss, you'll meet up with her after getting 
    through the Hellbilly House. Give her the amulet, and well.. i don't think she 
    wants to have milk and cookies with you after all. She'll pace back and forth, 
    stopping now and again and turning green. These are really the only time she is 
    vulnerbale to attack. Use the chainsaw on her legs, or the shotgun on her 
    head/body. She's really not all that tough, just make sure you have several 
    medicine packs and ammo. It just takes too long for her to die is all.
    %%%%%%%%%%%% Scout Leader %%%%%%%%%%%% 
    After powering the lights in the mine with your car battery, you discover this 
    guy. All you really need to do is outrun him, and hit the blinking pillars while 
    he's right behind you. Keep moving at all times so Mr. Nugent and his flying 
    skulls don't hurt you.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Tree Boss  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    I hope you collected all the health kits and brown mushrooms on the way, because 
    if you did you'll have little trouble here. Just  try and dodge the attacks 
    without getting too far away, then attack with your chainsaw.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Bone Ash   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Your evil triplet is fairly easy to beat. When he gets close, use the chainsaw. 
    When he flies away, use your boomstick.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Deadite Annie   %%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Geez, Annie really sucks! This fight drags on forever. You get her health almost 
    done to nothing, then it goes back up to full. She probably wouldn't be so hard 
    to fight, but after fifteen minutes of this crap, your hands get tired! Just 
    'saw her, shoot her, whatever like there's no tomorrow. And if you win, you can 
    relax and watch the long CG sequence.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Purple Toga Boss   %%%%%%%%%%%%
    I had some trouble with this dude. He attacks pretty fiercely. I shot him a lot, 
    and used the chainsaw up close.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Armor Boss   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Wimpy! Just run to one end of the area, pull the rope (either metal or water 
    will pour onto the Armored one), then run to other side and pull the rope. 
    Repeat. Easy-peasy.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Skeleton Boss   %%%%%%%%%%%%%
    This dude is a joke. No harder to kill than the other skeletons you meet in the 
    level. Only difference with this chump is he's wearing overalls and has a blue 
    health meter.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Dark One   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Again, something of a joke. I slashed repeatedly with the chainsaw, and his 
    health went down pretty fast. Try the shotgun or rifle if your low on health, 
    but he dies pretty fast.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Bad Ash   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Let's hope you have plenty of health, and then he;s not too hard. Use the 
    chainsaw to get his health down. Then switch to your guns when your own health 
    gets lower.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%   Mutant Bad Ash  %%%%%%%%%%%% 
    Right when you were doing your victory dance, this thing pops up. It's not much 
    more complicated than the other "pillar" bosses, except this time you have to 
    hit all four pillars, wait for him to blink, then attack with your chainsaw. 
    This is the only time he's vulnerable, and it doesn't last very long. Mushrooms 
    will pop up in your path, pick them up, you'll need them. You can't avoid all 
    those fireball attacks. Overall, it's just a matter of surviving long enough for 
    the big bugger to die.
    Q: >>>>>>your tips have been helpfull but i can't seem to figure out what to do 
    or where to go after i beet the big spider. what is the herbicide used for, 
    because its not working on any weeds? could you help me out. Thank you.--  
    eek6359@aol.com <<<<<<<
    A: The walkthrough explains where to go after fighting the spider. The herbicide 
    is used on a door in the woods to get to the Tree Boss.
    Q:>>>>>>I'm having a lot of trouble fighting those Deadites at the beginning of 
    the game. THey just keep coming and kicking my butt, and I run out of the health 
    items too fast. Is there some specific strategy or pattern to use when fighting 
    them?<<<<<<<---Tenchi Jeff
    A:I wish I had one! All I do is slash with the chainsaw, back up, repeat; and 
    when it sounds like it's gonna vomit, I run. Quickly! I heard they fixed the 
    respawning deadites in the PC version, but I wouldn't know, haven't played it 
    Quit emailing me for the library "combination!" If you're in that part of the 
    game, just do what the walkthrough says and push the books. If that doesn't 
    work, try starting on the opposite end of the bookshelf.
    ==========================Weapons List=============================
    Weapon:/Where/When you get it:
    Chainsaw: Beginning of game
    Knowby's Pistol: Beginning of game
    Axe: Beginning of game
    Boomstick: Hellbilly House
    Rifle: Archery Range
    Big Tank Chainsaw: After fighting Bone Ash
    Damascene Chainsaw Blade: After fighting Armor Boss
    =======================Weapons Upgrades============================
    Pistol: turns into a Nail Gun
    Shotgun: turns into Salt Rock Shotgun--gives deadites their daily dose of salt. 
    The hard way.
    Rifle: shoots spikes
    Chainsaw: after fighting Bone Ash, you get the Big Tank chainsaw. Holds more 
    ========================List of Items==================================
    1.  Chainsaw--your best friend and social interface with the undead
    2.  Knowby's Pistol--.45 caliber pistol, formerly owned by Prof. Raymond Knowby
    3.  Axe--a double-bladed axe
    4.  Pistol Clips--for Knowby's pistol
    5.  Shotgun Shells--12 gauge shotgun shells. Just the ticket for you boomstick.
    6.  Large Gas Can--completely fills your chainsaw tank
    7.  Small Health Kit--restores some health.
    8.  Large Health Kit--completely restores health
    9.  Necronomicon Page 1--found in cabin
    10. Necronomicon Page 2--after fighting Spider Granny
    11. Necronomicon Page 3--after fighting the Tree Boss
    12. Necronomicon Page 4--on broken bridge
    13. Necronomicon Page 5--in Archery Range
    14. Vitamins--generic multivitamins. restore health.
    15. Baloney Sandwich--too much mayo, but still restores health
    16. Shovel--used for digging, among other things.
    17. Save Tape--allows you to save your game at a save chest
    18. Converter--can be used to convert shrooms into fuel or health.
    19. Smelt Jerky--found in campground. restores health
    20. Archery Range Key--obtained from fighting Scout Leader.
    21. Rusty Key--obtained from granny. opens pig sty
    22. Car Key--your car keys. Allard gives 'em to you.
    23. Draw Cord--from the lawn mower. used on generator
    24. Wolverine Guide Book--tells you which mushrooms are edible
    25. Makeshift Bomb--made from your gas tank, rope, and gun powder
    26. Crank--used on the pump
    27. Small Gas Can--filled with a small amount of fuel for your chainsaw
    28. Shotgun--12 guage sawed-off shotgun, also know as your boomstick
    29. Rifle--the wolverine scouts weren't using this. you won't make that mistake
    30. Red Mushroom--can be convertd to fuel
    31. Brown Mushroom--can be converted to health
    32. Pumpkeeper Note--found near archery range
    33. Letter to Home--found in campsite
    34. Modern Moonshiner--tells you which mushrooms can be converted to fuel
    35. Hellbilly Journal--poor granny...
    36. Herbicide--powerful weed-killing poison. Outlawed in the United States.
    37. Pump Motor--in the hellbilly house
    38. Pump Lever--use this underground in the sewers
    39. Jam--strawberry jam. restores health
    40. Amulet--found in the drainage pit. take it up to granny
    41. Rifle Ammo--duh
    42. Car Battery--this falls out of your car
    43. Brown Hat--formerly owned by Mr. Nugent the Wolverine Leader
    44. Evil Sapling--even this young, you know it'll grow up to be a bad tree
    45. Headstone--larger and creepier than the others, inscription reads: "Mother"
    46. Pork Links--these look like they were made from the other grey meat. 
    Restores health. 
        found in hellbilly house
    47. Pistol Nails--can be used after upgrading pistol
    48. Rock Salt--too much salt is bad for you, esp. when launched from a shotgun
    49. Rifle Spikes--good for inflicting severe puncture wounds
    50. Biscuits--restore health
    51. Handle--bridge mechanism part
    52. Pin--bridge mechanism part
    53. Spool--bridge mechanism part
    54. Flammable Chemicals--convert these
    55. Track--bent track in castle
    56. Your Hand--currently unattached and possessed by evil.
    57. Hook--attach this to a chain
    58. Sun Orb--opens door in main hall of temple
    59. Earth Orb--opens door in main hall of temple
    60. Paint Thinner--convert this
    61. Explosive Powder--"white scimitar"
    62. Wrench--in basement. Use it to tighten the pipes
    63. Big Tank Chainsaw--holds more gas
    64. Damascene Steel Blade--after fighting Armor Boss
    65. Torch--found in library. used to light another torch
    66. Upgrade Parts (3)--can be used on any of the 3 guns
    67. Fuel Tank--your car's gas tank
    68. Sun Key--opens sun door
    69. Earth Key--opens earth door
    70. crowbar--used for prying things open
    71. exotic liquor--found in the blacksmith room
    72. moonshine--can be converted to fuel. found outside hellbilly house
    1.  Spider Granny
    2.  Scout Leader
    3.  Tree Boss
    4.  Bone Ash
    5.  Deadite Annie
    6.  Purple Toga Boss
    7.  Armor Boss
    8.  Skeleton Boss
    9.  Dark One
    10. Bad Ash
    11. Mutant Bad Ash
    "Come get some!"
    "Time out."
    "This, is my boomstick!"
    "You wanna taste it!?"
    "Say hi to disco for me!"
    "Time for a little pruning!"
    "Hold still will ya?!"
    "Awe! Your not gonna cry are ya?"
    "Uh oh, clean up: Isle five!"
    "Eat boomstick!"
    "Better buckle up bonehead, your goin' for a ride!"
    "Come to papa!"
    "Who's laughing now ya primitive screwhead!"
    "All right, who wants some?!"
    "Bring it on!"
    "You're going down!"
    "Lead sandwich, take a bite!"
    "uh huh ho! OUCH!"
    "Eat it!"
    "Lets go!"
    "Whatsa matter? You chicken? Bawk bawk bawk!"
    "Oooo! Thats gotta hurt!"
    "Swallow this!"
    "You want a little?"
    "That'll teach ya!"
    "The name's Ash, housewares!"
    "Hey, does that hurt? Try THIS!"
    "Stay dead!"
    "Have you had enough? OKAY, how about a little more?!"
    "Oh you like that huh?"!
    "Suck on this!"
    "Whew, inbred and undead!"
    "Come on, bring it on!"
    "Hey uh, whats that you got on your face?"
    "Come on! I've got plenty for everybody!"
    "Open wide!"
    written by amy balot aka voodoogirl
    my horror movie review site
    voodoogirl's evil dead site:
    deadites online:
    please don't use this on your site without asking.
    you can reach me through the above websites or at voodoogirl@zombiegirls.net

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