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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Demon-Fighter Ash

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 04/09/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "But as for myself, I have seen the dark shadows moving in the woods and 
    I have no doubt that whatever I have resurrected through this book is 
    sure to come calling for me..."
              --Professor Raymond Knowby's last words, "The Evil Dead"
    for the Sony Playstation
    by J. Moore <akimo1@aol.com>
    Unpublished work Copyright 2000 Jeff Moore
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be 
    reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be 
    altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice 
    appears in full.  This FAQ may not to be used for profitable/promotional 
    purposes in way without prior permission from the author.  This FAQ was 
    created and is owned by Jeff Moore <akimo1@aol.com>.  All copyrights and 
    trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this 
    Evil Dead, Evil Dead: Hail to the King and all related characters are 
    (c) Renaissance Pictures and (c) THQ Inc.  All rights reserved.
     1. The Evil Dead Storyline
     2. How to Play
        2.1 Controls
        2.2 Screens
        2.3 Fighting Enemies
        2.4 Saving the Game
        2.5 Using the Converter
     3. Weapon List
        3.1 Level 1 Guns
        3.2 Level 2 Guns
        3.3 Chainsaws
     4. Item List
        4.1 Health Items
        4.2 Conversion Items
        4.3 Ammunition
        4.4 Puzzle/Event Items
     5. Monsters
        5.1 Disc 1 Monsters
        5.2 Disc 2 Monsters
     6. Disc 1 Walkthrough
     7. Disc 2 Walkthrough
     8. File Descriptions
     9. Hints and Tricks
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    11. Updates
    12. Special Thanks and Contact Info
    This game is a continuation of the Evil Dead movies, so it definitely 
    helps to know the trilogy's story.  Since the game's introduction rushes 
    through that part, here's a more involved description:
    It all began when Professor Raymond Knowby and his wife Henrietta rented 
    a small cabin in the woods where he could rest and concentrate on 
    translating the Book of the Dead, an ancient demonic text he'd excavated 
    in the ruins of Kandar earlier that year.  He recorded aloud the 
    phonetic translations of the demon-resurrection passages, spells 
    designed to awaken an evil presence that slumbers in the forests and 
    dark bowers of man's domain, and in doing so unwittingly unleashed an 
    evil force that possessed his wife and tried to kill him.  He survived 
    the attack, but mysteriously died later that week; whatever evil was 
    revived by his translations returned to its slumber.
    A week later five college kids, including S-Mart employee of the month 
    Ash, rent the cabin for a weekend of partying, or hunting, or whatever.  
    They find the book, an ancient bone-dagger that was unearthed with the 
    book, and the tape-player of the professor's translations.  They play 
    the tape that night and the evil force awakens again, possessing each of 
    them one by one and changing them into undead cackling monsters.  The 
    only way to stop a possessed victim is to totally dismember them, and 
    since there's a chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun handy...
    "Why do you bastards keep torturing me like this...why?!"
    Ash is the only one to survive the night and he tries to escape the next 
    morning, only to find the bridge leading back to civilization has been 
    totally destroyed.  The sun sets and he retreats back to the cabin, 
    where his mirror image briefly comes to life to taunt him.  Eventually 
    his right hand is infected with the evil--it keeps trying to kill him 
    and he finally has to cut it off with a chainsaw.
    "Who's laughing now, huh?  Who's laughing now?!?  Aaaaaaggggghhhhh..."
    Soon Annie Knowby, the professor's daughter, shows up along with a few 
    others, expecting to meet her parents.  They band together that night 
    against the evil and, in the course of the battle, Ash goes to the 
    workshed, using metal-braces and leather straps to connect the chainsaw 
    to his right arm.
    After an encounter with the ghost of Raymond Knowby, Annie uses the Book 
    of the Dead to open a vortex and banish the evil...but is stabbed in the 
    back with the ancient dagger by Ash's demonic severed hand.  She 
    finishes the spell with her dying breath and the vortex opens, sucking 
    the evil, Ash (chainsaw-arm, shotgun and all) and his Delta '88 into the 
    He lands in fourteenth-century England, where King Arthur is under siege 
    by the monsters that he and his wise-men call "deadites."  They suspect 
    Ash of being a rival king's soldier and take him prisoner.  They try to 
    toss him into a pit of deadites, but he fights his way out and sets 
    things straight.
    "Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up!  This...is 
    Now convinced that Ash is the "Hero from the Sky" prophecied by the Book 
    of the Dead to save them from the deadites, Arthur and the wise-man send 
    Ash into a haunted graveyard to retrieve the book so they can destroy 
    the evil once and for all.  He doesn't remember the spell that would 
    have allowed him to safely remove the book from its altar and so 
    accidentally awakens an army of skeletal deadites.
    "Did you say the words?"
    "Yeah, basically."
    "Did you say the EXACT words?"
    "Look, maybe I didn't say every single tiny little syllable, no, but 
    basically I said them!"
    Ash leads the knights into battle with the army of the dead, using 
    gunpowder-tipped arrows and the souped-up Oldsmobile to fight against 
    them.  They win the battle and the wise-men use the book to send him 
    back home, where he returns to his job as S-Mart housewares clerk and 
    meets a new girl, Jenny, assistent manager of Arts and Crafts and S-
    Mart's employee of the year.
    "Hail to the king, baby!"
    Eight years have passed and Ash is beginning to have nightmares and 
    hallucinations of the deadites and the evil in the woods.  Jenny 
    convinces him to go back to the old cabin in the woods, to face down his 
    fears and prove to himself that nothing's there.
    This may be Ash's worst decision yet: his possessed hand emerges from 
    the shadows, switches on the old tape-player, and awakens the evil.  
    Jenny is kidnapped, Ash's dark half breaks out of the mirror and now Ash 
    has to find the missing pages to dispel the evil.  The good news is that 
    there's an axe hanging on the wall and the old chainsaw's waiting out in 
    the workshed...
    "Come get some."
    This FAQ has spoilers, so read at your own risk.
    2.1    Basic Controls
    Directional Pad
    Up - Moves Ash forward in the direction he's facing.
    Left/Right - Turns Ash left and right.
    Back - Ash takes a single hop backwards.  Hold to make Ash walk 
    Analog controls are the same as digital.
    L1 - Hold down while pushing left or right to hop left or right.
    L2 - Turns off the chainsaw.
    R1 - Hold down the button to make Ash run.  You'll be using this one a 
    R2 - Starts the chainsaw.  Pushing R2 while the chainsaw is on revs it 
    O Button - Open doors, search the area, pick up items, look at an object 
    and occasionally talk to people.  When the chainsaw's turned on, pushing 
    this will turn it off...the same as L2.
    X Button - Swing the chaninsaw.  You can do this even when the 
    chainsaw's turned off, although it does much less damage...about the 
    same damage as the axe.  This is the confirm button in the menus...it 
    uses selected items.
    Square Button - Uses the left-handed weapon, which is selectable.
    Triangle Button - Ash says a one-liner.  You can use this while running 
    around to make Ash ramble insanely as he roams the woods--be warned, 
    though, sometimes a deadite will erupt from the ground in response to 
    his taunts.  This is mainly used during battles--see "fighting enemies" 
    for more details.
    Start Button - Pauses the game and open the game-options screen for such 
    things as closing credits and sound settings, vibration 
    function...nothing related to actual gameplay.
    Select Button - Pauses the game and opens the inventory screen.
    2.2    Inventory Screen
    Weapons are displayed in the top row, selectable items in the right 
    column.  Select an item using the control pad and push X to use it.  
    Some items have to be combined with another item; when you push X the 
    selected item will change color and you'll have to select the item you 
    want to combine it with.
    The left column holds five options.  TEXT goes to the file screen, where 
    you can read letters and journals found so far by selecting them and 
    opening them with the X button.  MAP shows a crude map of the cabin and 
    the surrounding woods--this feature also works on the second disc, 
    showing the city of Damascus and the major buildings.  CHEST will rarely 
    be used, since you automatically go to this screen when you open a chest 
    and you can't use it otherwise.  SAVE is used to save the game on a 
    memory card--you can only select this at an inventory chest when you 
    have a save tape.
    2.3   Fighting Enemies
    Although enemies constantly respawn, they're not random--it's usually a 
    good idea to scout out an area and take note of where the enemies are, 
    then reload the game and get the chainsaw ready before you run into 
    When fighting an enemy with a hand-weapon like the chainsaw and axe, 
    keep pushing against them...it doesn't do any good to wave around a 
    chainsaw if you're not shoving it in their faces!  Keep alternating 
    between attacks, even if you're just using the axe and chainsaw--enemies 
    will often dodge attacks from one hand after a few hits so you'll need 
    to keep switching them.
    Although you'll want to keep pushing at the enemies with hand-held 
    weapons, guns are the exact opposite.  They don't do very much damage 
    and the main purpose of them is to keep monsters at bay.  You'll 
    virtually never use the handgun and you should save the rifle and 
    shotgun for fights against the bosses, when it's important to do damage 
    without letting the enemy get too close to you.  Most of the enemies 
    recoil when hit with gunfire and, if you time it right, you can kill 
    some bosses without ever going near them or even starting the chainsaw.
    The legless floating apparitions that you fight will usually respawn, so 
    there's no point in trying to clear out an area.  The only reason to 
    fight them or the skeletons in the forest-maze is to either clear enough 
    room to make a run for the next screen or to build up your health-kit 
    supply.  Many other monsters won't respawn, however--possessed Wolverine 
    scouts don't come back once you defeat them, for example, and it's worth 
    the time and trouble to kill them and clear out a safe area to catch 
    your breath.
    The one-liners are actually pretty important to fighting.  When you 
    weaken a deadite, they'll stagger for a few moments and, much like 
    Mortal Kombat, you'll have a chance to finish them off by gutting them 
    with the chainsaw.  Once you've got them on the chainsaw, use the 
    secondary weapon to finish them off and use the one-liner as you kill 
    them.  The better the one-liners and the more you use them during the 
    battle, the more health and gas items the enemy will leave behind after 
    dying.  There's a random element to it, though, and be careful--if your 
    secondary weapon isn't loaded, Ash will just have to shake the dying 
    deadite from his chainsaw.  This takes a few moments and leaves you 
    vulnerable to anything else that might wander up to you while you're 
    trying to shake your chainsaw loose.
    2.4   Saving the Game
    This game takes three blocks of memory on a Playstation memory card.  To 
    save the game Ash has to have a save-tape, an item that looks like a 
    roll of audio tape, and be at one of the inventory chests that are 
    scattered about the game.  Open the chest and in the chest's inventory-
    screen select SAVE.  Saves deplete the save-tape, so you'll have to find 
    a new blank tape each time you want to save the game.
    2.5   Using the Converter
    Once Ash has found two special files, he'll learn how to change certain 
    otherwise-useless items into health-kits and gasoline.  Simply select 
    the item you want to convert with the X button, then select the 
    converter, as though you were combining them.  The new item should 
    replace the old one.
    The items that can be converted seem to be:
    White Mushrooms - Small health kits
    Red Mushrooms, Lighter Fluid, Moonshine, Jug - Small gasoline cans
    3.1   Level 1 Guns
    Knowby's Handgun
    Ammo: Bullets
    Ammo Limit: 8
    Range: Medium
    Power: Low
    Location: Default item
    Ammo: Shotgun shells
    Ammo Limit: 2
    Range: Low
    Power: High
    Location: Hellbilly cabin
    Ammo: Rifle ammo
    Ammo Limit: 6
    Range: High
    Power: Medium
    Location: Archery range
    3.2   Level 2 Guns
    Nail Gun
    Ammo: Hangun clips and nails
    Ammo Limit: 15
    Range: High
    Power: Medium
    Location: Made from Knowby's handgun with an upgrade kit
    Rock-Salt Shotgun
    Ammo: Shotgun shells and rock-salt
    Ammo Limit: 4
    Range: Medium
    Power: Very high
    Location: Made from shotgun with an upgrade kit
    Spike Rifle
    Ammo: Rifle ammo and rifle spikes
    Ammo Limit: 8
    Range: Very High
    Power: High
    Location: Made from rifle with an upgrade kit
    3.3   Chainsaws
    Ammo: Gasoline
    Ammo limit: 30 seconds
    Range: Very low
    Power: Medium
    Location: Default item
    Demon's Chainsaw
    Ammo: Gasoline
    Ammo Limit: 70 seconds
    Range: Low
    Power: High
    Location: Sacred-Heart Church
    Ammo: Gasoline
    Ammo Limit: 35 seconds
    Range: Low
    Power: Very High
    Location: Armory courtyard
    4.1   Health Items
    Small Health Kits
    Location: Random
    Used For: Healing 1/3 of your health-bar.
    Large Health Kits
    Location: Random
    Used For: Healing 2/3 of your health-bar.
    Save Disc
    Location: Various
    Used For: Allows you to save the game once at an inventory-chest.
    Location: Refridgerator in Knowby's cabin
    Used For: Restores some health
    Location: Kitchen counter in Knowby's cabin
    Used For: Restores some health
    Location: Medicine Cabinet in Knowby's cabin
    Used For: Restores some health
    Beef Jerky
    Location: Picnic tables north of campground
    Used For: Restores some health
    Sausage Links
    Location: Roasting room in hellbilly cabin
    Used For: Restores some health
    Strawberry Jam
    Location: Fruit cellar, Knowby's cabin
    Used For: Restores some health
    4.2   Conversion Items
    Location: Default Item
    Used For: Reading certain files will allow you to use the converter to 
    change some items into gas and health items.
    White Mushrooms
    Location: Random
    Used For: With a certain file, the converter can change these into small 
    health kits.
    Red Mushrooms
    Location: Random
    Used For: With a certain file, the converter can change these into small 
    gasoline cans.
    Location: Still outside hellbilly cabin
    Used For: With a certain file, the converter can change this into a 
    small gasoline can.
    Lighter Fluid
    Location: Fireplace beside picnic tables, north of campground
    Used For: With a certain file, the converter can change this into a 
    small gasoline can.
    Location: Market square, nether-beast lab
    Used For: With a certain file, the converter can change this into a 
    small gasoline can.
    Upgrade Kits
    Location: Market Square, Celestial Temple and Armory
    Used For: Makes one of the guns more powerful
    4.3   Ammunition
    Pistol Clips
    Location: Random
    Used For: Ammo for pistol
    Shotgun Shells
    Location: Random
    Used For: Ammo for shotgun
    Rifle Ammo
    Location: Random
    Used For: Ammo for rifle
    Small Gas Can
    Location: Random
    Used For: Filling 1/3 of your chainsaw's tank
    Large Gasoline Can
    Location: Random
    Used For: Filling chainsaw tank completely.
    Rifle Spikes
    Location: Random, disc 2
    Used For: Ammo for upgraded rifle
    Rock Salt
    Location: Random, disc 2
    Used For: Ammo for upgraded shotgun
    Pistol Nails
    Location: Random, disc 2
    Used For: Ammo for upgraded pistol
    4,4  Puzzle/Event Items (CONTAINS SPOILERS)
    DISC 1
    Location: Drainage pit in the hellbilly shack
    Used For: No in-game purpose--give it to Grammy
    Location: Inside Ash's Delta 88
    Used For: Lighting the mines south of the campground
    Car Keys
    Location: Sacred-Heart Church
    Used For: Opening Ash's Delta 88
    Location: Beside rusted cars outside hellbilly cabin
    Used For: One of two pieces to fix the pump
    Location: Behind the Knowby cabin
    Used For: Entering hellbilly shack's attic
    Evil Sapling
    Location: Church Graveyard
    Used For: Solving grave-puzzle in front of the church
    Location: Church Graveyard
    Used For: Solving grave-puzzle in front of the church
    Location: Hellbilly attic
    Used For: Clearing vines in the maze of trees
    Linda's Sweatshirt
    Location: Church Graveyard
    Used For: Solving grave-puzzle in front of the church
    Pig-Sty Keys
    Location: Grammy in the hellbilly shack attic
    Used For: Opening the pig-sty in the hellbilly shack
    Location: Maze of Trees
    Used For: Switching on generator outside hellbilly cabin
    Pump Motor
    Location: Pig-sty in the hellbilly cabin
    Used For: One of two pieces to fix the pump
    Location: Knowby's fruit cellar
    Used for: Tightening pipe in Knowby's fruit cellar
    Wolverine Hat
    Location: Church Graveyard
    Used For: Solving grave-puzzle in front of the church
    DISC 2
    Battlement Key
    Location: Constructed
    Used For: Operates battlements in armory
    Bridge-Pulley Mechanism
    Location: Market square
    Used For: extends rope-bridge from market square to prison
    Broken Track
    Location: Battlements
    Used For: Can be fixed with a hammer and anvil
    Earth Key
    Location: Celestial Temple
    Used For: Unlocks the Earth Door
    Earth Orb
    Location: Earth Room, Celestial Temple
    Used For: Solving Celestial Temple eclipse-puzzle
    Your Hand
    Location: Nether-beast lab
    Used For: Give to Abdul Alzeez
    Exotic Jug
    Location: Market square in Damascus
    Used For: Can be converted into chainsaw fuel
    Fuel Tank
    Location: Merchant in Damascus
    Used For: Combine with rope and white powder to make bomb
    Location: Soldier's quarters, armory
    Used For: Straightens broken track
    Location: Market square
    Used For: Combines with pin and spool to make pulley mechanism
    Location: Soldier's quarters, armory
    Used For: Opens door to inner chambers in the armory
    Location: Captain's quarters in the armory
    Used For: Can be used to make a battlement key
    Length of Rope
    Location: Merchant in Damascus
    Used For: Combine with white powder and empty fuel tank to make bomb
    Makeshift Bomb
    Location: Constructed
    Used For: Blow down the door to Abdul Alzeed's cell
    Location: Market square
    Used For: Combines with handle and spool to make pulley mechanism
    Pump Lever
    Location: Armory courtyard
    Used For: Activates pump in aquaducts
    Location: Market square
    Used For: Combines with Pin and handle to make pulley mechanism
    Skull Key
    Location: Battlements
    Used For: Unlocks captain's quarters in the armory
    Location: Arcane library
    Used For: Give to Abdul Alzeez
    Sun Key
    Location: Celestial Temple
    Used For: Unlocks the Sun Door
    Sun Orb
    Location: Sun Room, Celestial Temple
    Used For: Solving Celestial Temple eclipse-puzzle
    Location: Arcane library
    Used For: Can solve library puzzle when lit
    Location: Constructed
    Used For: Fixes battlements in armory
    White Powder
    Location: Celestial Temple's foyer
    Used For: Combine with rope and empty fuel tank to make bomb
    5.1   Disc 1 Monsters
    Legless Deadites
    Attack: Low
    Speed: Medium
    Stamina: Low
    Intelligence: Low
    Respawn: Yes
    There are three kinds of legless deadites, the red deadites being the 
    most powerful.  Even they don't pose much of a threat, but they do spawn 
    quickly, making it easy to be overwhelmed by them.
    Wolverine Scouts
    Attack: Medium
    Speed: Fast
    Stamina: Medium
    Intelligence: Medium
    Respawn: No
    Quick and deadly, but they don't respawn and there aren't many in the 
    game.  There are two kinds: one carrying a knife, the other bow and 
    Deadite Pigs
    Attack: Low
    Speed: Low
    Stamina: Medium
    Intelligence: Medium
    Respawn: No
    There are only four in the game and they're all in the hellbilly shack.
    Attack: Low
    Speed: Low
    Stamina: Medium
    Intelligence: Low
    Respawn: Yes
    They're not worth the gas it'd take to kill them.
    Attack: Medium
    Speed: Medium
    Stamina: High
    Intelligence: Low
    Respawn: No
    Much like the scouts, but won't run away from Ash when damaged.  There 
    are two kinds of hellbillies and four hellbillies in the game.
    Attack: Medium
    Speed: Fast
    Stamina: Medium
    Intelligence: High
    Respawn: Yes
    They'll ambush you, chase you, gang up on you and run away when they're 
    about to die.  A pain to deal with, but they're only found in the maze 
    of trees.
    Attack: Medium
    Speed: Medium
    Stamina: High
    Intelligence: High
    Respawn: No
    Linda has the same attacks and strategies as the skeletons, but moves 
    slower.  She only makes one appearance in the game.
    5.2  Disc 2 Monsters
    Legless Deadites
    Attack: Low
    Speed: Medium
    Stamina: Low
    Intelligence: Low
    Respawn: Yes
    They're back for a second round and every bit as annoying as they were 
    on the first disc.  Physically, they're exactly the same as before.
    Skeleton Guards
    Attack: Medium
    Speed: Medium
    Stamina: High
    Intelligence: High
    Respawn: No
    Much like the forest-skeletons, but not as quick.  They'll play dead, 
    leaping back up when you let your guard down.
    Guild Monks
    Attack: High
    Speed: Medium
    Stamina: High
    Intelligence: Medium
    Respawn: No
    They can be devastating, but they aren't very bright. The red monks only 
    have long-range attacks so stay close and keep hacking at them.  The 
    grey monks have long and short range attacks--watch your health during 
    the fight.
    Nether-Beast Familiars
    Attack: Very Low
    Speed: Medium
    Stamina: Low
    Intelligence: Low
    Respawn: Yes
    Strange, almost-cute creatures summoned to serve the Guild.  There are 
    three kinds of nether beasts, but they're all pretty harmless--just use 
    your axe and build up your health-kit supply with them.
    DISC 1
    The first disc is somewhat non-linear; you can get the items and pages 
    in any of several different orders.  For this walkthrough, I've chosen 
    the quickest and easiest path--but there are other ways.
    6.1    Exploring the Cabin
    6.2    Outside the Cabin
    6.3    Wolverine Campground
    6.4    Hellbilly Land
    6.5    The Maze of Trees
    6.6    The Hellbilly Shack
    6.7    BOSS: Grammy
    6.8    Back to the Maze of Trees
    6.9    BOSS: Tree-Monster
    6.10   The Page on the Bridge
    6.11   BOSS: Scoutmaster Nugent
    6.12   The Archery Range
    6.13   The Church Graveyard
    6.14   BOSS: Skeletal Ash
    6.15   Knowby's Fruit Cellar
    6.16   FINAL BOSS: ?????
    6.1 Exploring The Cabin
    The game begins with Ash making a tape-recording of his plans to find 
    the missing pages and rescue Jenny.  As soon as he gets finished, you 
    have control.  Pick up the save-reel flashing on the professor's desk 
    and go to the inventory screen.  Load the gun, but use the axe as your 
    secondary weapon--you won't need the handgun for awhile.  Walk to the 
    right of the desk to the next screen and quickly turn on your chainsaw--
    your first battle is coming up.  On the wide-view of the cabin, walk 
    down a little bit and one of the legless deadites will leap up from the 
    ground to attack you.  Keep pushing down into the monster and alternate 
    between swinging your chainsaw and hitting it with the axe.  Keep 
    attacking it and it shouldn't have time to respond or hit you back.  
    Make sure you use the chainsaw to finish it off and use a one-liner as 
    it dies--you'll usually get a large health kit.
    That deadite never respawns, so you now have the living room to 
    yourself.  The first thing to do now is to search out the cabin.  Walk 
    to the left of the fireplace until you see two doorways.  Go through the 
    left door and into the old bedroom.  If you don't want to fight, quickly 
    run up through the room to the door on the opposite side--otherwise a 
    deadite will erupt from the window and attack you.  Unlike the living-
    room battle, this one will constantly respawn.  The good news is that 
    the respawning deadites here only replace each other--they won't gang up 
    on you.  This room is a good place to build up your health kits later, 
    but for now just run through the room into the adjoining piano room.
    Ash will notice a Necronomicon page sitting on the piano (how the heck 
    did the professor miss that page?!).  After that slightly spooky 
    sequence, pick up the page and read it--it lets you know that really bad 
    things are happening, just in case you hadn't figured it out already.  
    There's nothing else to do--Ash just won't play the piano, maybe because 
    of that clunky chainsaw on one hand--so leave through the door opposite 
    the window and you'll find yourself in the hallway.  The door at the end 
    of the hallway leads outside and you don't want to go out there yet.  
    Instead, go to the room across from the piano room.  It's a bathroom--
    inside the medicine cabinet are some vitamins (orange-flavored, no less) 
    that will work like a large health kit when you use them.  You can also 
    check out the toilet if you want--it makes no difference to the game, 
    but considering some of the bosses you're going to face, you may want to 
    take care of business first.
    Now go back to the hallway and walk toward the camera to the next 
    doorway on the right.  This leads to the kitchen, where you'll find a 
    sandwich in the fridge.  Ash doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact 
    that it must be at least eight years old, so take it and use it as a 
    small health kit.  Also check out the counter on the right side of the 
    kitchen to find a biscuit.
    You now have everything you need from the cabin, so it's time to venture 
    out into the demon-haunted woods.
    6.2   Outside the Cabin
    Leave the cabin through the back door, the door in the hallway.  You'll 
    emerge in the back of the cabin with a mushroom, a small gas-tank, and a 
    crowbar.  Pick all of them up--the red mushroom may seem useless now, 
    but you'll definitely want it later.  Then head to the right of the 
    cabin to the old workshed, slashing away any deadites that pop up on the 
    way.  They respawn here so don't try to kill them all--just clear a path 
    to the workshed as fast as you can and run through the door.
    Here you'll find your first inventory chest.  Definitely save the game 
    here and put away the converter, the mushrooms and crowbar--you won't be 
    able to use them until you get to the next chest.  You'll notice that 
    you can still hear the deadites snarling outside.  Take a deep breath 
    and run outside, switching on your chainsaw as you step out the door.
    Fight off the two deadites waiting for you and run to the other side of 
    the cabin as soon as a path clears.  Run up along the side of the cabin 
    and grab any mushrooms you find along the way.  You're now in front of 
    the cabin--just dodge the deadites while you pick up the mushrooms and 
    run to the left side of the cabin; be careful to not pick up the shovel 
    lying on the grave, no matter how tempting it looks.  Run down the side 
    of the cabin to grab a large gasoline can--you're probably going to need 
    it by now.  Since this is a narrow dead-end path, you're going to have 
    to fight your way out.  Just hack and slash through the deadites and go 
    back to that smoking grave.  Pick up the shovel and get ready for a 
    Man, and you thought YOUR old girlfriends were bad!  Stay on the 
    headless dancing corpse of Linda and whack her with the chainsaw and 
    axe--if she gets too far away, pull out the gun and start shooting.  
    After a few hits she'll leap away into the night, never to be seen 
    6.3   Wolverine Campground
    Run south from the cabin entrance and follow the dirt road to the 
    bridge, dodging or killing any deadites that get in your way.  You'll 
    find your car and a Necronomicon page hanging from the wrecked bridge.  
    You can't open your car (Jenny had the keys) and you can't reach the 
    page--hmmm, just a coincidence?  At any rate, run left from the bridge 
    to find an old hiking trail.  Follow the trail along a ridge--a new 
    enemy is waiting on the ridge for you, flapping skull-headed bats, but 
    they'll respawn and are so easily dodged that it's not worth the time 
    and health to fight them.  Just keep running along the ridge and they 
    probably won't hit you.
    As you arrive at the park, you'll hear an evil cackling sound.  Walk a 
    little further and you'll discover the awful truth--evil cackling demon-
    possessed Boy Scouts!  Okay, so these are technically Wolverine Scouts, 
    but either way the kids at Camp Crystal Lake had it easy compared to 
    these guys.
    Two deadite-scouts will rush in to attack you.  You might want to draw 
    your gun on them, although a few quick slashes will take them out.  
    Don't try to kill them both at once--just focus on killing one deadite 
    and let the other run around until you're ready to go after it.  They 
    shouldn't pose too much of a threat and there's a stick of beef jerky 
    waiting for you on the right picnic table to help heal you after you're 
    Check out the firepit to find some lighter-fluid and follow the trail to 
    the right.  You'll find a crossroads; go east and you'll see a locked 
    chain-link gate and a file.  Read the file to learn about Father Allard, 
    Knowby's old friend.  Encouraged by the thought of "meeting new friends" 
    at Allard's old church, go right back to the fork and head south.  If 
    your chainsaw's nearly empty, fill it up now--you're gonna need it.
    You've just stumbled onto Camp Evil Dead!  Yikes!  Two deadite scouts 
    will attack you at a time, some flinging arrows while others slash at 
    you with knives.  They won't respawn but there are aLOT of them, so you 
    may want to just run through the camp and follow the trail leading up 
    the mountain.  Still, you're going to come back here several times, so I 
    recommend killing them off now.
    Just use the same strategy that you used at the picnic tables, attacking 
    one and then killing the other after the first is down.  Keep using 
    health and gas items when you need them.  There's eight or ten scouts to 
    kill, after which a save-tape will appear on the ground and legless 
    deadite-spirits will start attacking.  These will keep spawning so just 
    search the tent to the left of the big tent for a letter and the big 
    tent for rifle shells.
    Now cross the campground to find a rocky trail leading up the side of a 
    cliff.  Follow the trail to a caved-in mine entrance.  Have Ash search 
    the rocks for a sudden flash of insight from Ash and then use the 
    shovel; he'll clear out a small tunnel and crawl into the old mine.  
    Here you'll find the Wolverine Scout guide and an inventory-chest.  Save 
    the game and take out the converter, the crowbar and the mushroom you 
    put in the chest.  Put the rifle shells and lighter fluid in the chest 
    for now.
    Now that Ash has read the Wolverine Guide, you can use the converter to 
    change white mushrooms into small health-kits!  Take note of the missing 
    battery in the control panel that should light the mines, and then head 
    back out into the campgrounds.
    6.4  Hellbilly Land
    It's time to go back to the cabin, the same way you came.  Leave the 
    camp, turn west at the crossroads, go past the picnic tables, up the 
    ridge with the skullbats, walk down below the bridge and follow the dirt 
    road back to the Knowby cabin.  From here you'll want to go west, past 
    Linda's old grave.
    There's really no way to avoid fighting the deadites on these trails, so 
    just pick up all the mushrooms and health-kits you find and keep 
    swinging at them until your path is clear.  Keep following the trails 
    and you'll finally come to the old shack Knowby mentioned in his 
    journal.  Nice place...for an undead redneck.  One of the possessed 
    hellbillies will float toward you--use the gun to take it down before it 
    gets too close.  Be sure to pick up the crank lying beside the old 
    rusted cars south of the shack.
    You can't get into the cabin yet--it's locked from the inside.  Instead, 
    pick up the mushrooms lying about and walk past the cabin to find a 
    generator.  It needs a pull-string to get it started--the sort of thing 
    you might find on a lawnmower.  Anyway, go down from there to find a 
    still and have Ash search it to find a jug of moonshine.  No, you can't 
    drink it...Ash doesn't even want to risk touching it!
    Now go down past the still to find another trail, one leading up into 
    the maze of trees that nearly killed the good professor.  Pick up the 
    gas-tanks you'll find along the way and brace yourself.
    6.5   The Maze of Trees
    It's time to see if Ash can survive where Professor Knowby and several 
    of Ash's friends have all failed; the undead forest-labyrinth.  The 
    skeletons you'll face here are some of the hardest enemies in the game 
    and can run as quickly as Ash.  You should pick up every mushroom you 
    find, avoid every fight you can, and if you don't want to read the 
    directions for getting through the forest, you'll also probably need to 
    draw a map of the maze--it has at least three different entrances.
    Once you get into the forest (you'll know you're there when the 
    landscape changes to a dull brown vine-covered forest and the music 
    changes slightly), run up the trail and turn left down the first fork in 
    the trail.  Try to stay on the right side of the paths--skeletons will 
    erupt from the ground if you walk over their graves and there seem to be 
    less of them on the right-hand side of the trails.
    Follow the left trail until you reach an up-down fork in the path.  Go 
    up until you seem to reach a dead end.  It's really not--just run left 
    of the wall and you'll see a small clearing with a lawnmower.  Check it 
    out and you'll find a pull-string...just the kind you might use to start 
    a motor.
    Now head back out the same way you came: go back down the trail, then go 
    left onto the first path you see, follow this path, then go right onto 
    the first branching trail you find.  That'll take you back to the 
    hellbilly cabin.
    If you're lucky you won't see any skeletons--if you do, just stay close 
    to them and keep swinging the chainsaw.  Your pistol really doesn't do 
    much damage to them, so keep the axe handy for finishing moves.
    6.6   The Hellbilly Shack
    Before you use the rope, look around the shack for any mushrooms.  This 
    is the last chance you'll have to search this area without any 
    distractions, so make the most of it.
    Now walk up to the motor, then select the rope from your inventory and 
    use it.  Once you use the rope on the motor, two of the possessed locals 
    will emerge from the shack to see what's going on.  They move very 
    slowly, so just back away while you ready the chainsaw, then attack the 
    first one that reaches you.  By the time the second one arrives, you'll 
    be cleaning the first one off your saw.
    When these two are out of the way, quickly run to the door of the cabin, 
    grabbing the save tape in front of the cabin on the way.  Legless 
    deadites will start to spawn, so just get off the screen fast by going 
    through the open door.  You're now in the hellbilly cabin, and what 
    should be waiting for you but your old boomstick!  Now Ash is ready to 
    kick serious deadite...
    Try to ignore the horrible screams and groaning chants long enough to 
    pick up the file on the ground and read about the family's misadventures 
    with Grammy.  Then walk away from the fireplace until you see a door 
    leading into the next room, then walk to the right of that, into the 
    corner.  You'll see a table propped beneath a trapdoor--climb onto the 
    table with the O button and select the crowbar to climb up into the 
    A strange skeletal old granny says her deadite boys trapped her in the 
    attic with a magical amulet and now you have to rescue her.  The 
    deadites never seemed to shy away from killing before and you've never 
    seen one keep a journal, but since she does claim to have one of the 
    pages, there's not much to do besides look for that amulet.  Before you 
    go, she'll give you the key to the pig-sty, which lies deeper within the 
    Now go back to that door on the left side of the wall and follow the 
    long hallway down into the next room, where Ash will automatically find 
    a moonshining magazine.  The good news is that you can now turn red 
    mushrooms, lighter fluid and moonshine into chainsaw-fuel!  The bad news 
    is that there are two possessed hellbillies waiting for you when you 
    return to the main screen.  Run back down the hallway you came, killing 
    the deadite blocking the hall with a combination chainsaw/shotgun 
    attack, then turn back around and brace yourself for the other 
    approaching deadite.  As long as you attack it first and stay on it, it 
    shouldn't give you too much trouble.  Now go back up into the room where 
    you found the magazine, and head left.
    In this roasting chamber, you'll find a glittering sausage-link beside 
    the table on the far side of the room, which works like a small health 
    kit when you use it.  Forget the chainsaw hand--Ash must have an iron 
    stomach!  Anyway, go out through the left door, where Ash'll find 
    himself ankle-deep in a room flooded with blood.  If you're wondering 
    where all this blood came from, just check out the walls...
    There's an inventory-chest and a pump in this room.  First save your 
    game with the save-disc you found outside the cabin, then check out the 
    pump.  It's missing two parts--you have one of the parts already.  Use 
    the crank and the pump's half-fixed.  Now you can unlock the door to the 
    left of the inventory chest with the pig-sty key and check out those 
    strange growling noises coming from behind it.
    You're in the pig-sty and when you walk half-way up the screen a demon-
    pig's going to erupt from the mud to attack you.  There are two pigs in 
    the pig-sty and, unless they corner you, you should try to avoid 
    fighting them--you'll never come back to this room again anyway.  Run up 
    to the far side of the room and you'll find one of the pieces of the 
    pump lying in the mud--look for the glitter.  Grab it and run back the 
    way you came.
    Now use that piece on the broken pump and it'll work, draining the blood 
    away to reveal a grate in the floor.  Check out this grate and you'll 
    find a drainage pit.  There's a pig in here and since the room's so 
    small, you'll have to fight it.  Just keep chainsawing it until it dies.  
    Then grab the shining amulet on the other side of the pit and climb back 
    up the ladder.  It's time to talk to Grammy again.
    6.7   BOSS-BATTLE: Grammy
    Surprise!  Grammy is really a gigantic deadite monster and you've just 
    released her from her prison!  Okay, so absolutely nobody is surprised 
    by that, but this is nonetheless going to be one really hard fight, 
    featuring perhaps the coolest boss-theme music in the game.  Grammy is a 
    monster-spider with tall spindly legs and normally her tiny body is out 
    of reach.  The trick is to stay beneath her and swing the chainsaw when 
    she swoops down to attack you--fortunately, she'll flash green just as 
    she starts to attack.
    You'll only get one hit each time she ducks so be patient and stay on 
    her, preferrably between her hind legs so she can't slash you.  When you 
    hit her she'll recoil and rise without swinging back so the battle 
    shouldn't take too much health, though it might drain your gas-tank dry, 
    since Gram's attacks come randomly and you can't afford to turn off the 
    chainsaw while waiting for them.  Don't bother with the guns--Ash fires 
    them too slowly and she'll usually rise by the time he pulls the 
    trigger.  Besides, the chainsaw does more damage to her than bullets.  
    Just keep slashing with the chainsaw every time she ducks and she'll 
    finally keel over.
    It turns out she was telling the truth about one thing: she really did 
    have one of the pages of the Book of the Dead.  Pick up the page and the 
    herbicide she leaves behind and then get out of the cabin, watching out 
    for both a save-tape and a single deadite-pig in the cabin's living 
    6.8   Back to the Woods
    Now it's time to go back to the maze of trees.  Go back the same way you 
    went there the first time and follow the path until you reach the first 
    left-right fork.  Go right this time, and introduce any skeletons you 
    meet to your old boomstick--it'll sometimes kill them in one hit and 
    makes a great finisher.
    Keep going down that path until you see a second path branching off to 
    Ash's right side.  Turn down this path and follow it until you see a 
    path branching off to the left.  Turn down that path and you'll come to 
    an intersection of four paths.  Take the left trail and follow it 
    straight down.  You'll finally reach a path blocked by thick green 
    vines.  Use the weedkiller on those vines and get ready to meet every 
    lumberjack's worst nightmare.
    6.9   BOSS-BATTLE: The Tree-Monster
    This is really one of the easiest battles in the game, despite an 
    impressive-looking boss.  It can swing its tree-trunk like a scorpion's 
    tail so stay close to its mouth and just keep digging that chainsaw into 
    it like a dentist looking for cavities.  It'll lash its tongue at you 
    every few seconds--just keep healing and it'll die long before you do.  
    Once this tree's toppled, you'll get yet another page and you'll meet 
    Father Allard.
    6.10   The Page on the Bridge
    While Father Allard cowers behind his church-gate, you'll have to go 
    back and find the last two pages of the Necronomicon.  The only good 
    news is that you now have your car-keys and the forest-maze has changed 
    back into a normal forest now that you've killed the tree-monster.  
    Alright, no more skeletons!  At least, not for a little while...
    Save the game at the church gate and follow the trail from the church 
    down to the picnic table area, going south from the church until you 
    reach a fork in the path.  Going south takes you back to the cabin and 
    west takes you to the hellbilly shack; follow the trail to your right 
    and keep going straight to go back to the picnic tables.  Go left past 
    the picnic tables to the ridge-trail with skullbats, then follow the 
    trail up to the wrecked bridge, where your old Delta 88's waiting for 
    Use the keys to get into the car.  After Ash rams the car into the 
    bridge--he's gotta take his frustration out on something--use the O 
    button to climb on top of the car and get the page hanging from the 
    bridge.  Be sure to pick up the battery and head down to the campgrounds 
    along the hiking trail.
    Run back through the campground and along the ridge to the mine-
    entrance.  Go back to the mine and use the car-battery on the wall-
    socket you saw earlier.  The mine-shafts will light up and you'll be 
    able to follow the tunnels down into some really cool camera-angles and 
    lighting effects.  Once you get past those, you'll meet a demon-
    possessed Mr. Nugent--hey, we all knew it was gonna happen someday, 
    6.11   BOSS-BATTLE: Scoutmaster Nugent
    Scoutmaster Nugent apparently got a special badge in deflecting bullets 
    because he'll laugh off every attack you throw at him.  However, the 
    small cave-in he caused when he banged on the support-beams at the start 
    of the fight gives you a clue as to how to beat him--you have to hack at 
    the wooden columns and crush him with falling rocks.  Just run from one 
    beam to the next and position yourself on the opposite side of the pole 
    as he approaches you.  As he nears the column, hit it with your axe or 
    chainsaw and falling rocks will crush him.  You'll have to do this 
    several times to kill him, though.
    The scoutmaster moves pretty quickly so between hits you may want to run 
    around the area, leading him away from the four support beams so you'll 
    have time to position yourself when you run to the next one.  Also, Mr. 
    Nugent is accompanied by skull-bats who constantly fly in to help 
    him...since they hang around the boss, they're not much of a threat, but 
    they'll give you health-kits if you crush them in the rock-slides.
    Once the scoutmaster's retired, you'll get yet another page of 
    the...just kidding!  Actually, you'll only get the key to the archery 
    range and a save-tape.  Save the game at the inventory-chest, pull out 
    the rifle shells and get out of the mine, running back to the picnic 
    tables and crossroads.
    6.12   Moving-Target Practice at the Archery Range
    The archery range is behind the locked gate where you found the church 
    pamphlet, on the right path at the crossroads.  Unlock it and you'll 
    find an eerily quiet archery range and a page waiting for you at the 
    far-side of the range.  We all know where this is going, but since you 
    don't have any choice, fill up your health, load the shotgun, and walk 
    over to the page, being sure to pick up the save-tape on the way.
    Of course, as soon you pick up the page, a couple of deadite kids show 
    up to practice their archery skills on Ash!  You can hide behind the 
    targets--but since you'll have to get out somehow, run back to the 
    archery gate and fight the kids.  Don't try to leave, you can't until 
    all three are dead; just hack at them with the chainsaw until they drop.  
    You'll get the rifle the deadite-scouts neglected--this is the best gun 
    on the first disc, since it has a farther reach than the pistol and is 
    almost as powerful as the shotgun.
    You now have all the pages of the Necronomicon and it's time for another 
    talk with Padre Allard.  Go north at the crossroads and head back to the 
    church by turning north again at the next four-way intersection.  Save 
    the game at the chest by the church gate, then press O at the gate to 
    talk to Allard.
    6.13   The Church Graveyard
    Whenever an evil undead force is possessing corpses, I always like to 
    hang out in old deserted cemetaries!  Allard has come to his senses and 
    realized that's really not the best place to hide, but of course he's 
    making Ash go in there to find ye old Kandarian dagger.  Your goal here 
    is to search out each and every crypt on both the left and right sides 
    of the cemetary, killing the monsters and getting each of the items.
    Run to the left side first and go into the first building--here you'll 
    find a Wolverine hat and a forest-skeleton...did ya miss them?  Kill the 
    skeleton, grab the hat and go back outside.  Continue up the path until 
    you see an odd, darker headstone that glitters.  Pick it up.  Now go 
    into the next building on your left.  It's a save-chest.  Get anything 
    you need from it and remember this room--you'll probably want to come 
    back here later.
    Take note of the glittering tombstones in front of the church and 
    Linda's Michingan sweatshirt set atop the middle grave.  Now go back 
    down and along the other side of the cemetary, killing any skeletons you 
    Go into the first crypt on your left and you'll find a skeleton, a save-
    disc and a skeleton in a coffin with a medical bag.  Creepy, but since 
    you can't get the bag and he doesn't come to life, just head back to the 
    Keep going down the path and enter the next crypt--inside you'll find an 
    evil sapling and a skullbat.  If you decide to kill the skullbat, 
    remember to stay beneath it and swing your chainsaw.  It'll take three 
    hits to bring it down.  Grab the evil sapling and go back outside.
    You'll end up with a save-disc, a Wolverine hat, a strange-looking 
    tombstone that says "mother," and a sapling possessed by the evil.  At 
    the top of the cemetary, in front of the locked church, you'll see three 
    graves with hollow pits in front of them--your next puzzle.  The middle 
    grave already has Linda's college sweatshirt in it, so use each item at 
    each of the other two tombstones: from left to right you should use the 
    Wolverine hat and the evil sapling.  Just left of Linda's grave is a 
    perfectly-spun doily on the ground.  Take a step or two from the doily 
    toward the church, until you're lined up with the other headstones, then 
    use Mother's tombstone to finish the puzzle and unlock the church (if 
    you've seen the movies, this puzzle will probably make a lot more 
    Arm your shotgun, take a deep breath, make sure you've saved your game 
    in the top left-hand crypt, and then step into the haunted church.
    6.14   BOSS-BATTLE: Skeletal-Ash
    Just when you thought two Ashes were bad enough...now you've got this 
    eerie levitating rotted-skeleton thing pretending to be you!  He's not 
    very hard to beat as long as you stay against him, keep attacking him 
    without giving him a chance to react, and use your med-kits when you 
    need to--also, be sure to load your shotgun after two shots: otherwise 
    you'll waste time and leave yourself open to attack when you reload on-
    After he dies, Ash will check out the demon-chainsaw and decides it's a 
    perfect fit for his own arm; this boosts your chainsaw's reach and 
    power.  The floor collapses and you'll find yourself in...
    6.15  Knowby's Fruit Cellar
    Now anyone who's seen the movies knows this is really bad, and anyone 
    else will quickly figure it out after a few fights.  Enemies will 
    respawn here but since the rooms are small and you'll only go through 
    them once, and since you're soon going to need all the health-kits you 
    can get, go ahead and kill them, then move on to the next room before 
    they come back.  Be sure to pick up the save-tape and any mushrooms you 
    find on the way.  Eventually you'll come to a creepy room with a 
    projector.  Go to the next room, the door to the right of the movie 
    screen, and search the shelves in this room for some strawberry jam and 
    a wrench.  Check out the steam blocking the door at the top of this 
    screen, then head into the projector-room, saving the game at the 
    inventory-chest first if you want.
    A legless deadite will attack you, but just hack him up and walk to the 
    pipe to the left of the projector.  You'll see a bit of steam coming out 
    of it--use your wrench on it.  If you did it right, things just got a 
    bit creepier.
    Now go back into the room with the inventory chest and you'll notice the 
    steam blocking the upper door is gone.  If you haven't saved the game 
    yet, do it now: you're about to face the hardest boss in the game.
    Oh no, not Annie--I liked Annie.  It looks like the professor's daughter 
    has taken after her demon-possessed mother Henrietta and now it's up to 
    Ash to help her rejoin her deceased parents.  This is by far the most 
    disturbing boss in the game--just look at its marionette-like walk and 
    its almost-Satanic taunts: "your precious Annie's soul is with us now!"  
    And then reload the game, because if you had time to check out either 
    one of those things, then she had more than enough time to kill you!
    Annie moves fast and her dagger does massive damage...you do not want 
    her anywhere near you.  Arm the rifle before you enter this room and 
    stay by the door.  The second you see her bouncing onto the screen, 
    shoot her; she'll jerk back with a cry then come at you--shoot her 
    again.  After two or three hits Annie will step left or right--adjust 
    your aim and keep shooting at her, waiting for her to start walking 
    before you take the next shot.  Always make absolutely sure you count 
    the rifle's six shots and reload on the inventory screen when you run 
    out; otherwise Annie'll have enough time to run up to you while you're 
    trying to reload and things will get really ugly.  Once her life-meter 
    is half-gone--by then you'll probably be out of rifle shells and working 
    your way through shotgun-rounds--she'll change form.
    Now you're fighting the snake-headed beast from Evil Dead 2, and to make 
    matters worse her health has been totally restored.  Run around the 
    cellar to get some distance between you and Annie, and then head to the 
    corner on the left of the entrance door.  Brace yourself against the 
    corner and keep taking shots at Annie just as you did before--she'll hop 
    from side to side every once in awhile, so just swivel a bit to adjust 
    your aim and keep shooting her.  Her head's the only vulnerable part of 
    her body now, so make sure you don't waste any shots--don't shoot her 
    while she's recoiling and make sure you count your shots, pushing select 
    and reloading when you need to.
    You'll probably use up all your ammo in this fight--that's fine, you'll 
    get plenty more later.  Once you've empied the handgun, yank out the 
    chainsaw.  By this time her health-bar should at least be purple, so 
    just run up to her and start swinging wildly while pressing against her.  
    A few hits should finish her off.  Take a deep breath and watch the next 
    You've finished the first disc!  After a few surprise twists, you'll 
    find yourself in a strange wind-swept land that looks like it's in 
    ruins.  Where is Ash?  Where's Jenny?  Will he get back home?  It's time 
    for disc 2...
    DISC 2
    Unlike the first disc, the second disc is very linear: there's only one 
    way to get through the second half of the game alive and this is it...
     7.1   Damascus in the Afternoon
     7.2   How to Make a White Scimitar
     7.3   The Celestial Temple
     7.4   BOSS: High-Priest of the Guild
     7.5   The Aquaducts
     7.6   BOSS: Deadite Mechanic
     7.7   The Armory
     7.8   BOSS: Skeleton Captain
     7.9   Arming the Battlements
    7.10   BOSS: Possessed Guild-Armor
    7.11   Entrance to the Lair
    7.12   BOSS: Fungus-Humongous
    7.13   The Nether-Beast Labs
    7.14   The Arcane Library
    7.15   BOSS: Evil Ash
    7.16   FINAL BOSS: Kandarian Demon
    7.1   Damascus in the Afternoon
    Ash lands in an open stable that looks like it's been deserted, while a 
    wierd old man in a cell prophecies his coming.  Ash meets a nearby 
    merchant who is every bit as freaky-looking as the deadites--check out 
    that smile, it looks like he had a run-in with the Joker!
    Anyway, after you've found out about Alzeez, you'll go back to playing 
    the game.  Pick up the letter and the save-disc, then save the game in 
    the nearby inventory-chest.  Now follow the left road up to the plateau, 
    and try not to be too awed by the stunning matte-effects in the 
    background, because you're going to have a lot of fighting to focus on 
    in a moment.
    Two of the skeleton-guards you read about will appear and run up to you 
    when you pass by the old well.  Try to stay behind the well so they'll 
    come at you single-file...these guys can be really tough when they gang 
    up on you.  Hack at them with your axe and chainsaw--it's unlikely 
    you'll have anything else to fight with at the moment.  Even when they 
    fall down, keep your distance unless they've dropped an item--these 
    enemies will fake their deaths two or three times, seeming to die before 
    leaping back up to attack you again.
    Once the two have truly died and dropped items--one of which will be a 
    pulley or pin--pick them up and walk slowly onto the plateau.  Other 
    skeletons will appear, two at a time, to attack you.  Walk backwards to 
    the well and block their sword-swings with your chainsaw, then let them 
    run at you single-file once you reach the well.  Once they've dropped 
    their items, pick them up and walk cautiously back up the plateau, 
    retreating again when the next skeleton warrior appears.  Some of them 
    will drop ammo for your guns--if the skeletons gang up on you, use the 
    shotgun to knock them back.  Keep doing this until they're all dead--
    you'll have to kill six or eight skeletons.
    By this time you should be fairly well-stocked again and you'll have 
    three pieces of a medieval device.  Go to the south side of the plateau 
    after you look at the ornate door on the north end--remember the picture 
    of the eclipse on the locked door.  On the right side of the south end 
    of the plateau you'll find a small path leading down to a smaller ledge.  
    Follow it, taking down a legless-deadite that'll pop up on the way, to 
    find the drawn rope-bridge that the merchant told you about.
    Now go to the inventory-screen and combine the three machine-pieces you 
    found to make a pulley for the bridge.  Walk up to the round pedestal 
    near the edge of the bridge and select the pulley--the bridge will 
    automatically extend so you can cross.  Cross the bridge, check out the 
    beautiful palace looming over the city, and kill the single skeleton-
    guard waiting for you on the other side.  Once that's done investigate 
    the cell-door for a cut-scene.
    7.2   How to Make a White Scimitar
    To blow down the door and free Alzeez you're going to need to make some 
    White Scimitar, a primitive version of TNT.  Cross the bridge back to 
    the main city and notice the door on the same side of the plateau as the 
    bridge's ledge; it was locked before but is open now.  Go in and you'll 
    find the merchant, who's become the world's first used-car salesman 
    thanks to Ash.  He'll tell you the   White Scimitar is in the palace and 
    you'll need a fuse.
    You'll also find your first upgrade kit.  You can combine this with any 
    one of your three guns to make it more powerful.  Personally, I always 
    upgrade the shotgun first.  You'll going to start finding rock-salt ammo 
    pretty soon, which you can't use without an upgraded shotgun, and it can 
    hold four shots, removing the shotgun's one weakness and making your 
    boomstick the best gun.
    Now go up along this screen until you see a small side-alley running to 
    the right.  Go up this alley and you'll see a set of gold levers on the 
    wall that control the palace entrance.  Switch the levers to open the 
    doors--this looks like a puzzle but it's not, Ash knows which one to 
    hit--and then go back out the door onto the main streets.
    Out here you'll probably run into a few legless-deadites, but they're 
    pretty easily dispatched with your new-and-improved boomstick.  You'll 
    see a roll of tapestries along the top wall--check them out to find some 
    exotic wine, which Ash pours into his chainsaw as fuel, of course (hey, 
    wouldn't we all?).
    To the right of these tapestry rolls is another merchant.  Talk to her 
    and she'll give you some rope.  Be careful--right after she gives you 
    the rope she'll be possessed and a legless-deadite will attack you!
    Now open the ornate locked door you saw earlier while fighting 
    skeletons--it leads into the palace foyer.  Inside you'll find a horde 
    of legless-deadites and some of the worst graphic-slowdown you'll ever 
    see this side of the SNES.  Fight off the deadites and take the bowl of 
    white powder lying on the floor.  The door on the far end of the room is 
    mystically sealed, so just leave the way you came, combining the rope 
    and powder before you go.
    Go back to the merchant who told you about White Scimitar and he'll give 
    you a...well...he'll give you something that you can use as the casing 
    to make a bomb out of the White Scimitar.  Of course, he'll then fade 
    out of existence, unleashing one of the legless-deadites.  Get rid of 
    it--or just run, since you'll never have to come back--then combine this 
    item with the rope and powder.  Take the makeshift bomb back across the 
    bridge to Alzeez's cell.  Stand at the prison door and use the bomb to 
    free the mad poet.
    7.3   The Celestial Temple
    Back at the temple, Alzeez will open the locked door you noticed while 
    you were getting the White Scimitar.  The first things you'll notice are 
    a save-tape, a chest...and an upgrade kit!  You can upgrade either of 
    the remaining guns, but I'd choose the rifle since it's more effective 
    against bosses.
    Run down to the end of this room and take note of the statues--there's a 
    Sun and Earth missing from the display.  Now go down the left-hand side-
    passage by the entrance.  You'll run into strange gurgling creatures in 
    the hallways; you'll learn more about them later.  Right now just think 
    of them as walking, warbling happy-meals: they barely attack you and 
    they occasionally give you small health-kits when you kill them.  Don't 
    even draw the chainsaw for them, since the axe will kill them just as 
    Run to the door at the end of the passage and you'll find an office with 
    some astronomical notes.  Read them and head into the adjoining room 
    where you'll find a strange robed creature guarding the planetarium.  
    Stay close to it as you fight and it won't hurt you, despite its 
    impressive-looking pyrotechnics.
    Once you defeat it, it'll drop the Earth Key.  Now run back through the 
    side passage and go back to the main chamber. There's another passage 
    running to the right of the entrance.  Go down this one, hacking apart 
    any of the little warbling beasts that get in your way.  Follow this 
    passage until you reach a door on the right-hand wall.  In here you'll 
    find a letter about the Guild's recruitment problems and another 
    planeterium, this one guarded by another robed figures.  These things 
    are pushovers--just press against it, alternating between chainsaw and 
    shotgun, and you'll be fine.
    Surprise, surprise--this one dropped a sun-key.  You may be tempted to 
    run back and try to solve the puzzle with these items, but don't--the 
    keys won't solve it.  Instead, go back into the hallway and follow it 
    all the way up to the purple-green stained-window.  There's a door on 
    your left, locked with an Earth symbol.  Use the Earth key to open it.
    Inside you'll find a wierd chamber and two grey-robed figures hovering 
    to either side of a blue orb.  They won't bother you unless you try to 
    take the orb which, of course, is exactly what you have to do.  They 
    have a powerful medium-range attack similar to Annie's dagger and they 
    like to gang up on you--focus on one of them at a time, using the 
    chainsaw and shotgun, and heal when your health goes to red.  They'll 
    usually give you enough health-kits to make up for what you lost.  After 
    that, grab the save-disc and blue orb.
    Run back to the main chamber and down the right-hand passage until you 
    reach the first door on your right.  It's locked with symbol of the sun 
    on the door so use the sun-key to open it.  Two robed figures await, 
    guarding an orange orb.  Fight them off the same way you did the first 
    two and take the orb.
    Now go back to the main chamber, save your game in the inventory chest 
    and place the two stones on their pedastals--Sun on the brown pedastal, 
    Earth on the green one.  The wall will open to reveal the first boss...
    7.4   BOSS-BATTLE: Mr. Fancypants (Celestial High-Priest)
    This is a fairly easy boss once you know the trick to beating him.  He 
    has a long range dagger attack and a medium-range light-circle blast 
    that can put a serious hurt on Ash.  But if you stay within arm's reach 
    of him, slashing him with the chainsaw, his only effective attack will 
    be his kick, which doesn't do much damage.  As long as you stay within 
    chainsaw's reach, even his light-circle blast won't actually touch you.  
    Save your ammo--the chainsaw does enough damage to finish him in five or 
    six hits.
    Once he dies, you'll open the fountain and venture into the aquaducts.
    7.5   The Aquaducts
    Once you're in the aquaducts, you'll find an inventory-chest and an 
    insanely difficult puzzle.  Once Ash has taken care of the puzzle, 
    venture through the large iron door to find the next boss: an undead 
    7.6   BOSS-BATTLE: Deadite Mechanic
    This boss has a pitchfork that can do major damage, and your health-kits 
    are probably still pretty low from that last battle, so pull out the 
    rifle.  Keep taking shots at it as it tries to walk up to you--it moves 
    pretty slowly so if it gets too close run to the other side and start 
    over.  If you haven't used any rifle shells yet you'll kill it without 
    ever needing to turn on your chainsaw.  Once it dies, check out the two 
    water-pumps on the far side.
    7.7  The Armory
    One of the levers is in the armory and you need it to clear the tunnels.  
    Go down into the lower level and you'll find a small room with a lever; 
    pull it to lower the drawbridge to the armory.  Now get out of the 
    aquaducts, killing all the warbling little happy-meals you find on the 
    way for health and ammo, and run back across the plateau, into the 
    armory on the other side.
    After Ash proves he's not as dumb as he looks, you'll find yourself in a 
    long hall with an inventory chest.  Take note of the chain on the right-
    hand wall and the picture at the end of the hallway.  You can't open the 
    door on the right without hooking the chain somehow, so head through the 
    left door.
    You're now in the skeleton-guards' quarters--oh joy!  After killing the 
    two guards waiting for you, check the cabinet beside the door for some 
    rock salt ammo.  Now go to the far side of the room.  The door on the 
    right is locked from the inside, so go through the left door.
    Kill the skeleton in this room, then check out its room.  You'll find a 
    hook, some pistol nails in the cabinets, and a save-disc.  Go back to 
    the main hall and save your game.
    Go back to the chain you noticed earlier and use the hook on it--this 
    opens the door to your right.  Follow this door into another hallway and 
    enter the first door on your left.  You'll find the armory itself and 
    the third upgrade kit!  Now you can boost all your guns.
    Notice the anvil on the left side of the room and climb the stairs 
    beside it to reach the battlements.  Take down the single skeleton 
    waiting for you and grab the captain's skeleton-key (get it, "skeleton" 
    key?!  um, nevermind...).
    Now go back through the armory into the hallway and follow it all the 
    way to the door on your right.  These are the captain's quarters and 
    they're locked, but since you now have the key, unlock it and go inside.
    Pick up the notes to learn about an upcoming boss, then check the chest 
    near the front of the room for some rock-salt.  Load your gun and brace 
    yourself before you enter the door on the left--you're about to meet the 
    7.8   BOSS-BATTLE: Skeleton Captain 
    This is a ridiculously easy boss.  Just use your chainsaw to back it 
    into a corner, and then keep hacking at it--once it's in the corner, it 
    won't have a chance to counterattack.  Keep slashing until it dies.
    7.9   Arming the Battlements
    Pick up the key-mold and run back to the armory, watching out for the 
    legless deadites that are now roaming the hallway.  Run straight into 
    the armory-room without turning, and look at the second table on your 
    left.  The key-mold did say molten metal, but I guess metal crumbs lying 
    on a wooden table will just have to do.  Use the mold and you'll get the 
    battlements key.
    Now go back up to the ramparts, where you got the skeleton key, and look 
    at the lever-box.  It needs a battlement-key.  Since you conveniently 
    have one, use it to start the cauldrons.  You may wonder why Ash thinks 
    doing this is so important, but trust him...he's Ash.
    A cut-scene reveals skeletons emerging from the locked door you saw in 
    the soldier's quarters.  Go to the stuck cauldron, pick up the bent 
    metal track and go back down into the armory, then into the hallway.  
    Run left into the first hall and go into the opposite door.
    Once you've killed the two skeleton guards, go through the right door, 
    the one they politely left unlocked for you.  There's one more skeleton 
    waiting for you in the next room--get rid of him and check the dresser 
    for some rock salt.  Now go through the door in the right wall.
    After a long wistful look at all those axes and swords locked in their 
    racks, kill the remaining skeleton and pick up the hammer he leaves 
    behind.  Now go back through the rooms to the hallway and back to the 
    armory.  Walk up to the anvil and combine the hammer and broken track--
    since Ash was always good at metallurgy, he fixes the track.  Maybe he's 
    not such an idiot after all...
    Now go up to the broken cauldron and use the track.
    Okay...so Ash really is an idiot.  And now you're going to pay by facing 
    the very same creature that chased him into the armory to begin with...
    7.10  BOSS-BATTLE: Possessed Guild-Armor
    This boss is similar to Scoutmaster Nugent--you can't hurt it directly 
    but you can use the environment to your advantage.  In this case, there 
    are two cauldrons hanging over the two doors opposite this courtyard.  
    Run to the one nearest you, pull the rope to load it with molten iron, 
    then run to the other one and pull the rope to fill it with water.
    Ah, so that's why you went through so much trouble to fix them!
    Remember the notes that said the Guild's armor is weak to temperature 
    change?  Now Ash is going to find out if they ever fixed that.  Run to 
    the molten-iron cauldron and wait for the armor to reach you.  Just as 
    it gets within arm's reach, pull the rope and molten metal will cover 
    it.  Now run as fast as you can to the other side and wait for it at the 
    second rope.  Once it's within arm's reach, pull the rope and water will 
    fall on it, cracking the armor.
    It will take two hits to completely shatter the armor.  Afterwards Ash 
    will notice a buzz-saw on the armor's gauntlet and decide it makes a 
    good fashion-statement; it becomes your chainsaw-weapon for the rest of 
    the game.
    Grab the save-disc, save your game in the chest past the open doorway 
    and grab the pump lever.  Now go back to the armory courtyard, run out 
    the left door onto the market square and go back to the aquaducts.
    7.11   Entrance to the Lair
    Once you're in the aquaducts, go through the doors beside the inventory-
    chest and use the lever to operate the pump on the right.  Once the 
    water's been drained, go down the path, where Alzeed is waiting for you 
    at the ladder.  After the next cut-scene, Alzeed will be knocked away 
    and you'll find yourself face-to-face with a...
    7.12   BOSS-BATTLE: Fungus-Humongous
    It looks kinda like a shroom, but whatever it is, it's pretty easy to 
    kill despite being really big and nasty.  It attacks by swinging its 
    fists down and as long as you stay in front of it and between its arms, 
    you'll be safe.  Keep sawing with your chainsaw and it won't give you 
    any trouble.  Once it's dead the door will unlock and you can enter the 
    Alzeed finally explains what's going on and, after some of the funniest 
    dialogue in the game, sends you off to find a familiar.
    7.13   The Nether-Beast Labs
    This is definitely the easiest sub-quest in the game.  Just kill the 
    nether-beasts that come at you, being especially careful with the green 
    reptilian ones--they can actually hurt you.  They may seem to be 
    respawning endlessly but they're not--just keep hacking them and they'll 
    finally die.
    Walk up through the rooms and you'll find an old friend lying on the 
    ground near one of the cages.  Pick him and the save-tape up, check the 
    blood-soaked tables for a wine-jug, then walk back through the now-
    glowing portal.
    7.14   The Arcane Library
    After some more hilarious dialogue from Ash, Alzeez sends you into the 
    Arcane Library to get the book of spells.  When you arrive, take down 
    the two robed guards waiting for you.  Once the room is clear you'll 
    find a torch lying on the ground.  Pick up the torch and then use it 
    next to on one of the burning torches on the sides of the staircase.  
    Place the now-lit torch on the empty spot on the right side of the 
    podium and press O button at the podium.
    This should spell out the puzzle for you: you have to push the four 
    sparkling books into the bookshelf in a certain order.  If you're 
    thinking about simply skipping the torch and going straight to the 
    books, don't--the game can sense cheaters and won't let you solve the 
    puzzle if you haven't lit the torch and looked at the books from the 
    The order is, from left to right: 2, 4, 1, 3.  Walk up to the second 
    book from the left and hit O on it to push it into the bookshelf.  Then 
    walk to the last book from the left and push it into the shelf, then the 
    first one, and finally the third one.
    Once this is done a bookshelf will slide away to reveal a secret room.  
    This room holds an inventory-chest and the spell-book.  Grab the spell-
    book, save the game and pull out any items you might possibly need--this 
    is the last chest you'll ever see in the game.
    Now go back to the opposite side of the room and run through the portal.
    7.15   BOSS-BATTLE: Evil Ash
    Now that you've gotten the spell-book and your hand, you can take 
    control of it and venture into the depths of the Lair!  Guiding Ash's 
    hand through the tunnels and catacombs is gonna be really, really 
    ...or maybe not.  I guess Ash didn't need our help after all.  Anyway, 
    after the next cut-scene you'll find yourself in the Cathedral of the 
    Dead, a kind of limbo between the human world and the dark-world.  This 
    is where you'll go mano a mano with your evil doppleganger and rescue 
    Evil Ash really isn't that hard to fight though his attacks are 
    devastating if he lands a hit.  The secret is to keep backing away from 
    him as you swing the chainsaw.  If he stops or raises his arms for a 
    second, he's about to use the light-circle attack, the same attack the 
    Guild priest used in the temple, so take a small backwards jump.  Just 
    don't turn your back on him and he'll fall without any trouble.
    7.16   FINAL BOSS-BATTLE: Kandarian Demon
    The demon that created and controlled Evil Ash will gruesomely rip 
    itself out of his body and attack you.  This boss is really fearsome-
    looking, like some kind of decayed dragon or worm.  This isn't really a 
    battle, however--it's more like a puzzle that happens to occasionally 
    take off life-points.
    Stay behind the pillar that you start off at; you're safe behind any 
    pillars since this boss can't actually move.  The boss is completely 
    invulnerable to attacks unless you first switch off all four of the 
    glowing pillars in the room.  Once you've psyched yourself up run all 
    the way down the room behind the pillars, picking up white mushrooms on 
    the way, unti you've reached one of the two dead-ends.  Heal whatever 
    damage you took on the way and use your turned-off chainsaw to whack the 
    pillar.  It will stop glowing.
    Now run from pillar to pillar, grabbing mushrooms and healing between 
    each one; the creature will launch a kind of poisonous breath at you, 
    but it'll only have time for one shot before you reach the next pillar.  
    Whack each pillar as you reach it and when you reach the opposite side 
    of the chamber, turn on your chainsaw and hit the last pillar.
    Now the creature will become transluscent and vulnerable to attacks.  
    Run up to its head and start slashing away with the chainsaw as fast as 
    you can; you only have a few seconds before it becomes invincible again.  
    Once it becomes solid again, turn around and run back to the corner of 
    the room, take cover behind a pillar and heal the damage you took during 
    the battle.
    Turn off your chainsaw and whack the pillar you're standing behind.  
    Wait a few seconds--mushrooms will usually randomly appear around the 
    court.  Run to the next pillar, picking up any mushrooms and converting 
    them to health items as you go.  Hit that pillar and run to the next 
    one, healing any damage you take from the poison-breath as you go.  Turn 
    on the chainsaw before you hit the fourth pillar, then rush back in to 
    slash at the boss the second he becomes transluscent again.  When the 
    pillars light up, run back to the corner column and start the process 
    over again.
    It'll probably take you three or four turns to completely kill this 
    boss.  After that, just sit back and watch the hilarious ending 
    sequence; it looks like Ash and Jenny have a lot of reading to catch up 
    Knowby's Notes
    Location: Default item
    "October 9th.
    The key to dispelling the evil I have unleashed lies somewhere in the 
    pages of the completed Necronomicon.  I have been working for a 
    sleepless week trying to reassemble and translate the pages when today, 
    alas, something terrible happened.  I sat down to rest and had fallen 
    asleep.  It couldn't have been long, but when I awoke, my work area was 
    in shambles and the pages were gone.  Someone (or something) had taken 
    them!  Perhaps the family of strange, awful people in the woods had 
    something to do with it.  I have seen them lurking about late at night.  
    I should investigate their old shack just west of the cabin.  In any 
    case, it's imperative that I get every one of those pages back.  A local 
    priest, Father Allard, has been assisting me.  I tried to reach him 
    today, but the Evil has horribly altered the path to his church!  I 
    wandered for hours in the labyrinth, but soon found myself lost.  I 
    barely made it back to the cabin alive.  I've got to find a way back to 
    that church."
    Church Pamphlet
    Location: Archery range gate
    "The congregation of Sacred Heart Church and Father Allard welcome all 
    to Sunday mass.  Early mass begins promptly at 8am followed by separate 
    services at 10am, 12pm and 5pm.  This Sunday's sermon, 'The Nature of 
    Evil' will be followed by a juice and cookie mixer.  Stick around and 
    meet some new friends."
    Wolverine Letter
    Location: Wolverine campground
    "Dear Mom and Dad,
    How are you guys?  Sorry I haven't written.  We've been really busy.  
    Troop Leader Nugent has had us out at the shooting range almost every 
    day.  I'm getting pretty good with the bow and arrow, but my rifle 
    skills need to improve.  Mr. Nugent says I just need more practice.  
    Speaking of Mr. Nugent, he's been acting a bit wierd lately.  He 
    disappeared into the woods last night.  He walked off towards an old, 
    abandoned mine.  It's ten in the morning and he hasn't returned.  Come 
    to think of it, I think some of the other Wolverines are missing as 
    well.  Oh, well. They're probably out hiking somewhere.  I'll try to 
    write again in a week or two.  See you soon.
    Wolverine Guide Book
    Location: Abandoned mine
    "The first thing any good Wolverine must learn is how to subsist in the 
    wild under less than favorable conditions.  A wilderness explorer must 
    be prepared to identify a wide range of vegetation that he will be able 
    to eat, thus maintaining the health and stamina required to survive any 
    number of obstacles Mother Nature might send his way."
    Hellbilly Journal
    Location: Hellbilly shack
    "I feel terrible 'bout what got done to Gram.  Pa says we ain't got no 
    choice and told us to forget about her.  I wish we hadn't found those 
    damn pages in the woods, 'cause things ain't been right 'round here 
    Modern Moonshiner Magazine
    Location: Hellbilly shack
    "The key to a great batch of ruckus juice is finding the right 
    ingredients for your mash.  Use your imagination.  Common food items you 
    wouldn't necessarily associate with a proper batch can actually enhance 
    flavor.  Common mushrooms and other plants have been known to produce 
    textured brews that defy description.  And remember, there's no such 
    thing as a bad mix.  Anything deemed 'undrinkable' could still be 
    bottled and used around the house as a powerful cleaning solution, paint 
    thinner or fuel!"
    Necronomicon Page
    Location: Knowby cabin
    "The initial manifestation of the evil is twofold: first, invisible 
    interdimensional forces are able to take control of humans.  Once in 
    full possession, all aspects of human form are lost."
    Necronomicon Page
    Location: Hellbilly attic
    "The second stage is the manifestation of deadites in the flesh.  These 
    creatures are full-fledged demons and have maintained their ancient 
    Necronomicon Page
    Location: Sacred-Heart Church
    "Long before man, the Dark Ones trod the ways of darkness...Their 
    maliciousness was great upon the Earth; all Creation bowed beneath Their 
    Necronomicon Page
    Location: Bridge
    "After being banished to their own realm, the Dark Ones could not cross 
    over into our dimension without the help of man..."
    Necronomicon Page
    Location: Archery range
    "The Warrior from the Sky fell, the one from my dreams.  He made a most 
    glorious entrance..."
    Merchant's Letter
    Location: Market square
    The state of affairs has grown worse.  The city has become a place of 
    bedlam and unrest, and we merchants must band together.  The robed 
    figures are going to and fro at all hours of the night--indeed there are 
    strange happenings at the temple.  And there have been sightings of what 
    can only be called unearthly guards.  These soulless, animated skeletons 
    have been seen roaming about the town.  How are we supposed to make a 
    living in this kind of climate?  We have to meet.
    Notice of Execution
    Location: Outside Alzeez's cell
    "Abdul Alzeez, having been convicted of a Crime against the City of 
    Damascus, has been condemned to Death.  Public Execution to take place 
    on Wednesday the 23rd of October, at 11:00am."
    Guild Research Notes
    Location: Celestial Temple
    "Some of our most gifted scholars have given themselves to the Cause.  
    The process of translating the book takes a heavy toll.  Within a week 
    or two of initially understanding the text of the Necronomicon, each 
    translator starts going a little mad.  Some of them babble and curse, 
    while the more extreme examples have started phase-shifting into other 
    worlds.  They disappear--literally--sometimes for hours at a time.  
    Others fade in and out of existence before your eyes.  Victims of the 
    unparalleled power of the texts, they are merely shadows of men now.  It 
    is quite worrisome.  Only a few scholars remain.  Alzeez has volunteered 
    himself.  He seems strong.  Perhaps we will give him a chance."
    Astronomical Notes
    Location: Celestial Temple
    "Months of research have led me to conclude that the study of heavenly 
    body alignment is crucial to learning the secrets of the universe.  When 
    the Earth's most influential celestial bodies are aligned properly, the 
    ability to travel between the planes becomes possible.  Unlocking the 
    doors between worlds is easiest during an Eclipse.  With this in mind, 
    we have scheduled another Experiment for the next Eclipse."
    Captain's Log
    Location: Captain's quarters, Armory
    "September 6
    We have been doing defensive drills should the city fall under siege.  
    Our work with the Guild to develop superior Armor for the men has 
    finally paid off.  This new heavy Armor can withstand almost any attack.  
    Only when the armor is newly forged is it vulnerable, if at all.  It was 
    when the smithy quenched the armor too quickly in water that it cracked 
    down the middle.  Protecting the armor from extreme hot-to-cold changes 
    should insure its longevity."
    (missing file?)
    Items and puzzles sparkle with a white glow against the background.  If 
    you see a sparkle, even if it seems to just be a background design, try 
    picking it up or using it with the O button.
    The game only gives you save-discs before and after major boss-battles, 
    plot-points and accomplishments.  Don't try to save up on discs, just 
    use them as you find them; they're a big clue that you've reached an 
    important point.
    The legless deadites will dive underground after a few swings and then 
    erupt from below to attack Ash; to counter this move, take a small 
    backwards hop as soon as they vanish.  They'll usually pop up again in 
    front of you and you can give them a second helping of chainsaw.
    The skeletal soldiers on the second disc will fake their own deaths--
    don't be fooled!  They'll fall down and seem to vanish after a few hits.  
    Hop back a step and wait for them to leap back up from the ground.  When 
    the skeleton-soldiers die, they usually leave items behind, so if they 
    haven't dropped anything, beware.
    If you're carrying a gun in your free hand while fighting off deadites, 
    make sure that it has at least one shot loaded.  Nothing's worse than 
    having Ash impale a deadite on his chainsaw, only to have to stand there 
    looking dumb--and vulnerable--because you don't have any bullets to 
    finish it off.
    Remember: when you go to inventory-screen or pause the game, your 
    chainsaw will be turned off when you start playing again.  If you're in 
    the middle of a battle, keep your finger over the button as you unpause 
    the game.
    Always use a one-liner as you impale a deadite.  While Ash will say a 
    line anyway, pushing the button boosts your odds of getting a large 
    Mushrooms respawn.  If you find mushrooms on a screen once, make a note 
    of that place--there will usually be mushrooms there again if you 
    revisit the area later.  Be patient--sometimes spawning takes a few 
    It's not necessary to fight Linda.  Once you pick up the shovel you can 
    run off the screen--when you come back she'll be gone for good.  But why 
    wouldn't you want to fight Linda?  It just wouldn't be "Evil Dead" 
    without chopping her head off at least once...
    Spawning mushrooms will often be accompanied by a whirring, wind-like 
    sound.  If you're exploring the screen and hear it, look around again--
    you'll usually find several new mushrooms. (thanks revilfan!)
    The game will only allow you to stockpile four large health-kits; after 
    that the enemies will stop dropping items.  Once you've gotten four 
    large health-kits, don't worry about finishing off the enemies. (thanks 
    There are places like that throughout Evil Dead, where you have to use 
    an item at the exact spot or nothing will happen.  One way to find that 
    spot is to just keep investigating the rock-pile with the O button until 
    Ash makes a comment about digging his way through.  Then, without 
    touching the control pad, go to the inventory screen and use the shovel 
    by selecting it and pushing the X button--he'll clear the passage.  This 
    works for other exact-spot puzzles as well: for example, search the 
    motor outside the hellbilly shack until the screen actually changes to 
    show it and say it needs a part, then select the part on the inventory 
    screen without moving Ash.
    I tested this and got exactly the same result.  It must be a glitch in 
    the game--when you reload a game, it takes away the surrounding 
    monsters, but in this case you have to fight the monsters to get the 
    pieces to the next puzzle.  I've written THQ about it and hopefully the 
    PC version will at least get a patch.  As for what to do...I hate to say 
    it, but you're stuck on that screen now.  Just reload the game as close 
    to Annie as you can and, when you reach the second disc, use the save-
    disc before you go up the cliff.  When you reload the game it'll show 
    the cinema again, then take you back to the chest in the middle of the 
    market stables.
    That's not as silly as it might sound--I had the same problem when I 
    played through the game the first time.  Those chests, and the save 
    discs, are very rare and they blend easily into the background.  Here's 
    the locations of the chests in the first half of the game...
    1.  Workshed behind Knowby's cabin - in the back of the workshed
    2.  Abandoned mine - on the right wall, across from the battery slot
    3.  Hellbilly shack - in the bloodsoaked room, between the two doors
    4.  Church entrance - to the left of the gate
    5.  Graveyard - in the second crypt on the left trail
    6.  Fruit cellar - in the room beyond the projector-room, against the 
    I'm sorry to say it but THQ has confirmed that there are no secrets or 
    codes built into the game.  There was talk of an infinite-gas code on 
    Playstation but it doesn't work.  There are several Gameshark codes 
    available for both the Playstation and Dreamcast, but since I don't own 
    a Gameshark and can't test the codes myself, I haven't included them in 
    the FAQ.
    I've updated the faq to make the answer simpler--press O on the 2nd book 
    from the left, the 4th book from the left, the 1st book from the left 
    and then the 3rd book from the left.  That opens the secret passage.  A 
    lot of people also get stuck when they try to skip lighting the torch--
    that's as much a part of the puzzle as the books and if you haven't done 
    that, it still won't work.
    Make sure that when you're on the menu screen you push the X button to 
    use the item--this can be easy to miss, since the use button is O in 
    every other part of the game.  I haven't experienced this myself so I'm 
    still hoping it's just a simple button-mistake and not another glitch in 
    the game itself.
    Also, I've heard that the Gameshark codes can interfere with the item 
    screen, making it impossible to use any item.  Try the game without the 
    gameshark to make sure that it's not glitching the game.
    The cave is designed like a room and you have to push the O button at 
    the door to get back to the mines.  The trick can be figuring out 
    exactly what spot the game considers to be the door.  Run to the right 
    of the screen until you get to a rock pile with two small wooden posts.  
    Stand between the posts and investigate the rock pile by pushing the O 
    button.  The game will say the rocks can be pushed aside and Ash will 
    automatically go back to the mine.
    The trap door in the cabin leads down into the fruit cellar.  Ash falls 
    down into the fruit cellar from the church and emerges from the trap 
    door into the cabin during the cut-scene at the end of the first disc, 
    when Evil Ash reads the spell and sends them all to Damascus.  There's 
    no in-game way to open that door, though--it's just there for Ash to use 
    during that cut-scene.
    Go to inventory screen with the select button, then move the yellow 
    cursor-box onto a white mushroom.  Push X and the yellow box will change 
    to a blue cursor-box.  Move this cursor up to the converter and push X 
    again--the mushroom will change into a health-kit.  The same applies to 
    red mushrooms, which will change into small health-kits.
    But this only works if you've found the right in-game files.  You need 
    the Wolverine Guidebook to change white mushrooms into health-kits and 
    you need an issue of Modern Moonshining magazine to use the red 
    mushrooms.  They are found in the mines south of the camp and inside the 
    hellbilly shack.
    That's a really good question--at first I thought maybe I'd gotten the 
    "bad" ending but the THQ website says the game only has one ending.
    It seems to be a reference or homage to the "original" Army of Darkness 
    ending that had Ash screwing up a potion meant to send him back home and 
    returning instead to a post-apocalyptic future.  That ending was 
    replaced when test audiences didn't like it, but it remained Sam Raimi 
    and Bruce Campbell's favorite ending for the movie.
    Now, as for the game itself...
    I think Ash definitely screwed up somehow and ended up sending the Book 
    of the Dead into the past where it got published and quickly overran the 
    world.  The sign in the window says it's been on the New York Times 
    best-seller list for 300 weeks, which is almost eight years.  Since 
    Raymond Knowby first found the book eight years ago, Ash may have 
    somehow altered history and made the professor's translations 
    successful, although I'm not entirely sure how.
    Ash let go of the Necronomicon while he and Jenny were in the vortex and 
    it seemed to fly ahead of him.  Since Evil Ash and Jenny arrived in 
    Damascus almost a week before he did after they leaped through the 
    vortex at the end of disc 1, perhaps the Book of the Dead ended up 
    dropping into the present seven or eight years before Ash and Jenny got 
    home, landing in Dearborne where some publisher found it and turned it 
    into a bestseller.
    Either way, with all these books around, it's a safe bet the Dark Ones 
    rule the world--which is why the sky has an evil face and the city is 
    Hope that helps some--and let me know any theories you have about the 
    12/30/00 - A quick and small update; due to a typo, the walkthrough gave 
    the wrong solution to the graveyard puzzle.  It's been fixed now--thanks 
    to Doozer810 and others who pointed this out to me!  I've also fixed a 
    few small spelling errors and done some light proofreading--nothing else 
    about the guide itself has changed, though.
    12/31/00 - Last update of the millenium!  I've proofread the FAQ and 
    played through the game to compare the two.  The walkthrough's been 
    updated with a much more thorough section on the graveyard.
    1/01/01 - Added a Frequently Asked Question section to the FAQ--thanks 
    to everyone who's written and made it possible!  I've also slightly 
    modified the walkthrough and added the mushroom-spawning tip to the 
    Hints and Tricks section...special thanks to REVILFAN for pointing that 
    one out!
    1/03/01 - Added one more question to the FAQ warning of a potential bug 
    in the game--watch out!  See Frequently Asked Questions for more 
    1/07/01 - Added a few more questions to the FAQ and some minor 
    1/10/01 - A tip from CCONRAD15 and some more proofreading...
    3/11/01 - Some grammatical changes and an extra question added to the 
    4/03/01 - Last update for the FAQ, since I feel confident that 
    everything in the game has been covered.  Finally checked and updated 
    the FAQ to include a biscuit in Knowby's cabin--several people wrote in 
    to tell me about that and thank you to all of them.  I've also added a 
    few more details to the infamous library puzzle, checked up on THQ's 
    website for last-minute revelations, and included links to both the 
    official game's website and to Bruce Campbell's official site.  Thanks 
    to everyone who helped contribute to this FAQ!
    Thanks to Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Renaissance Pictures for making 
    the coolest horror-series in existence!  Thanks to THQ for doing a truly 
    faithful translation of the series, and, since this is the first FAQ 
    I've ever done, thanks to everyone who's read it and to all who have 
    written with comments and suggestions.  Hopefully, as more secrets and 
    codes are uncovered, I'll have more updates and future versions of this 
    If you have any questions on the game, any information I might have 
    missed, or just want to talk about the game, e-mail me at 
    For the official game website, go to:
    And, of course, the official Bruce Campbell site:

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