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"Since nobody else bothered giving this game an actually GOOD review, I'll do it."

Graphics:10! I'll start with graphics, because this is the best stuff of any of the games.
When I first played Half-Life, I was like ''Woah, computers can do this?''. I boot up the HD pack, and I fell out of my comfy computer chair.(Guess I need armrests) 'Nuff said. It's amazing. If you think these graphix suck, get a new computer.

Sound:10! Great Heebie-Jeebie. Next to Zelda's annoying-yet-lovable tunes and Final Fantasy VII's ''Just-gotta-find'em-and-play-them-onmycomp'' epic melodies, Blue Shift's, just like the rest of the series', are Rockin. I'm talkin 'bout Rockin the Casbah. The incredibly underrated CD music actually holds up well compared to some drabble you can get today(ie DiabloII or StarCraft--Sorry Blizzard), if you care to even listen to it. If you think these tunes suck, get new speakers.

Controls/Gameplay:10! Pure vanilla. But not that $.99 stuff. I'm talking Pure Vanilla right outta France. I mean, why not change any of it? Although I never use the Defaults, I still love the great level of customization.
I'm sick of people whining about having to jump a few easy times in not even every area. HEY, LOSERS, remember when nearly ALL action games composed of platforms that you had to JUMP to? Be glad that you get to do it in spectacular 3D now.

Story/Length:7 I won't say anything about the story, as there's nothing to be said. Well, I guess I'll say that the story is GREAT, and every BIT as GREAT as the other games.

Length, is the only--I mean ONLY downfall in this game. I beat it in a mere five hours or so. I don't care though, those hours were worth it. However, if you merely use the ''noclip'' console command, you can explore all those places in the beginning, AND some extra stuff, giving you even MORE goodness. I think most people would agree that a fun part of Half-Life was flying around looking at all the stuff in the beginning(And even screwing it all up!)

Price:8 Okay, so this is another downfall..However, if you DON'T have OpFor or Platinum, or the Adrenaline Pack, do this: Buy Half-Life: Game of the Year for about $15, download Counter-Strike, and then buy Blue Shift for about $30-40. HEY! You spend less you would on PLATINUM, AND you get more! Why didn't those whiners think of this.

Final notes: People looked for FAR too much in this expansion pack. I mean, HEY, you get OpFor! That's worth the $40 right there. Most of these BAD, somewhat-understandibly ANGRY reviewers were looking for some tricke-out box with so much Half-Life goodness that they wouldn't need anymore forever and ever. PLEASE, would it take only TWO MONTHS for Gearbox to do that? If you're poor or your mommy won't let you buy a game like that for $40, take comfort in the $10 rebate if you alreadyy own OpFor.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/21/01, Updated 09/21/01

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