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"A great final game in the original series!"

Here is the final game that goes along with the original Half-Life plot. This game puts you in as a cop in the Black Mesa Research Facility. As the back of the box says, ''It started off as a normal day at the office, and then hell broke loose'' (or something like that). Which it really did. Although you are not there to see anything happen, you know what happened. A bad thing about this game is the fact that you can not have fun like you did in the original. (Blowing up scientists with tripmines and stuff) You will get booted from the game for doing that stuff. While I'm on the topic of bad points of this game, may I take the time to say that it does not have multiplayer! (Bom Bom Bom!) But, it isn't all that bad. Blue Shift comes bundled with Opposing Force, another Half-Life game. (see my other review) Another good thing is that they remodeled all of the weapons. In fact, they included the HD(High-Definition pack) pack. Which is just a fancy synonym for big, new, remodeled, better looking, kick ass gun pack. Everything is new! The sounds of the guns. Heck! They made the MP5 look like the M-16! The sounds rule. Instead of the traditional grenade explosion, there is a huge boom. With a nice looking explosion. But, enough about all these explosions and guns and good stuff like that, on to the real review.

Graphics-10/10-Just plain great. The flashes from guns are good. The blood is real looking. The body parts after the blood are. It's so real, I puked after playing it the first time. And I have a 300 MHZ! So, even for you crappy PC people, Valve was thinking of you in this game. The player models have also been redone. Walter looks better now. Instead of being close to bald, he has a nice backfro!

Story-8/10-I know I said it was great...but, it is way too close to the original. Normal day, running late, everything is messed up, then it becomes 10 times worse with some sort of blast and you ending up having to save some scientist ass while covering your own from aliens and military. We could use some new stuff, Valve!

Gameplay-9/10-It's all good here. The fact that all the controls are the same makes it alot easier for you, the player. Although, in my opinion, this game is not for a n00bie or a n0vice. This is a rough & tough game. Be going around every corner prepared to fight. This is not some game where you can sit back, eat Doritos and come back and everything be okay game like the original was.

Overall-9/10-Overall, this game was good. But, the storyline and objectives get old after 3 games. Valve needs some new ideas. This was a great way to end the original series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/04/01, Updated 11/04/01

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