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"Half-Life, only.......shorter."

Half-Life Blue Shift was originally intended for release as an extra story in the Dreamcast version of Half-Life. This, as you know, was never released meaning that the whole thing was a waste of time and money. So here it is, in an attempt to recoup development costs they ported it to the PC.

Graphics: We all know about the Half-Life graphics by now, so i wont bother going into those. Blue Shift, however, comes with an optional graphics upgrade, and very nice it is too. All of the weapon models have been replaced, making them look a lot better than before. The mp5 has been removed completely in favor of an m16, but the other weapons are still intact, they just look a whole lot better.
The character models have also been upgraded. The scientists and security guards now look a lot more human than they did before. The enemies also look a lot smoother.
Still getting on a bit though.

Sound: The sound is practically the same as the other Half-Lifes, nicely done and fit the scene perfectly. The mp5 has also had its sound replaced and sounds better than it did.

Story: Almost exactly the same as the originals, but this time with your character being the security guard Barney Calhoun. You're doing your rounds when the freak accident occurs, you attempt to fight your way out and save as many people as you can on the way.
Unlike, Half-Life and Opposing Force, the story seems under developed. It doesn't go as deeply as it should do, and is a bit of a let down.

Gameplay: Theres one word to describe this and that word is ''short''. This game seriously shouldn't last you much longer than a day, which is obviously a huge let down. You hardly get any of the guns either. No crossbows, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, none of the more interesting weapons. Again a huge let down.
The game plays the same as it ever did, the mix of all out violence and puzzle solving. Its still as fun as it ever was which is undoubtedly a good thing. Not really a gameplay issue, but the game is stand-alone so you dont need to reinstall Half-Life if you want to play it.

Replayablity: You're not likely to playthis through again once youve finished it, and finishing it wont take you long either. The multiplayer isn't too good either, but its worth a go.

Buy/Rent: Although the game is a let down, it doesn't cost much and the add ons you get with it are worth the price anyway. Its still as fun as the other Half-Lifes so its a worthwhile buy.

Overall: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/20/02, Updated 06/20/02

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