Review by Yoshi X

"One of the latest Half-Life's out there, but not worthy of a prize or anything..."

Blue-Shift...Not one of the best mods out there...Very short...

Game Play
In short this game should be called, ''Counter Strike: Short Version''. This game definetely could of added more guns, and definetely good of added more features. Just like the other Half-Life mods, you shoot stuff.

All you really are is a cop, security guard, or however you would like to put it. Stuff happens, not much, not exciting, whatever...Decent game play.

The new NPCs are neat though, very detailed, but pretty much no selection of guns at all.

The bad thing about this game is... NO MULTI-PLAYER.

Yep, this game has no multi-player, so unless your some ultimate hardcore Half-Life fan, do not get this game, Multi Player is what Half-Life is all about :P.

After playing through the game once, it gets boring, so just borrow it from someone if you want to play it, not that fun at all.

The controls are horrid, and take a long time to get used to. After playing 2 years of Half-Life games, I still am not used to these damned controls. There must be 30-40 different controls for this game, but that adds many features, such as communication and whatnot. You're able to duck, run, swim, and just about anything else you can think of. Very realistic indeed. Except in Blue Shift, there are quite a few glitches, such as the flashlight not turning on, and some others.

I think they have stepped up the sound on this a bit. It's more realistic, you can still hear every detail, such as footsteps, jumping, ducking, etc... Sound has got better. You can even here things such as the flashbang exploding, others quietly tip-toeing at some points, and other stuff like that...

The video is getting better as well... More realistic NPCs and enemies, and you can see the detailed flash when you fire a bullet. You can even still see the smoke from the grenades, and it's very realistic. Very good here...

This game's re playability sucks. Once you beat this game, you won't want to play it again, it's that bad. This game is pretty much for those really obsessed with the series, heh...

Should I buy it?
No. Borrow it if you can to beat it once, but after that, you won't ever play it again. It's not good. And to think it's the latest mod out there (As of 8/13/02).


Game Play: 5/20
Controls: 10/20
Sound: 20/20
Video: 20/20
Re Playability: 1/20

Overall: 36/100

4/10. Bad. Don't get.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/13/02, Updated 08/13/02

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