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"I'm not killing Barney anymore."

Half-Life, that word makes me quiver with excitement among other things. Blue Shift is the latest installment of the great series, Half-Life. You play the role of one of the security guards you usually killed and stole their guns and ammo from in the normal Half-Life. The guys dressed in blue, hence the name “Blue Shift” anyway this game was a great game besides one thing it was lacking length, and I know how this game feels personally.

Graphics: 5-7

Just like any other Half-Life’s graphics: choppy, simple. I gave it a 5-7 because if ran in Open GL video mode the graphics do increase a lot. But this game shines in its gameplay, you don’t play games for graphics, hopefully.

Control: 8

Same controls as all FPS’s are: W = forward, left click = shoot, etc. They’re simple to learn and use, there isn’t a whole lot of them to remember like in Raven Shield (Go read my review, and click “YES” at the bottom) there are just basic commands.

Sound: 5

Decent, average; nothing to brag to I don’t really pay attention to the sounds. The music only goes on after an accomplishment or something going to happen or just for no apparent reason. The music is quite good though my head starts bobbing away at the sight…um…sound…sound of it. It’s like techno-rock or something like that; anyways music would get an 8 or 9.

Gameplay: 10

I love this game it is a great game, all the key points and memories of Gordon Freeman are in here. Like when you start off in the monorail thing (Don’t get me started on the monorail) you can see Gordon traveling to work also. There are great puzzles, enemies, level designing. But there is a big decrease of weaponry compared to Half-Life not a lot of alien-spacey guns. If you like realistic games then don’t get this game, because Half-Life is the only series where you can take 3 grenade blasts and survive. The game only lacked length there are only 6 chapters, but one is split in two and is really short. Anyways you can just pop the difficulty level to “Hard” and expand your playing time a little bit.


Well if you have any of the other Half-Life’s or just are a fan of sci-fi adventures pick this up. Overall it’s a great game and if you play Counter-Strike its great practice shooting those headcrabs is great practice.


+Great Storyline
+Good Puzzles
+Level Design
+Addictive Gameplay

-Lack of Weapons
-Lack of Length

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/20/03, Updated 07/14/03

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